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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K107A. Wear iron shoes, Q502.2.


Before reaching the goal, the character must wear an iron shoe or an iron staff.

Spaniards, Portuguese, Ladins, Sicilians, Sardinians, Corsicans, Italians (Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Campania, Basilicata), Maltese, French, Bretons, Germans (Pomerania, Upper Palatinate, Austria), Iraqi Arabs, Tibetans, Chinese (Henan), Croats, Romanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Albanians, Greeks, Russians (Terek Coast, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Pskov, Voronezh), Ukrainians ( Transcarpathia), Belarusians, Poles, Kalmyks, Karachays/Balkarians, (Ossetians), Avars, Lucks, Lezgins, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Shugnans, Uzbeks, Finns, Karelians, Eastern Sami, Norwegians, Lutsies, Lithuanians, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Eastern Khanty.

Southern Europe. Spaniards: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 425A [the childless queen wants at least a crocodile; he bites off the nurse's nipples; finally, Mariquita's girlfriend has agreed to feed her when her breasts are covered iron; he grew up, asked to marry the girl; Mariquita's older sister goes first; the crocodile tells her not to sleep, he will come at midnight; she falls asleep, he killed her; the same with her middle sister; M. does not sleep, crocodile says that this girl would spell him; took off seven crocodile skins, became handsome, told his wife not to touch her skin; M. told her mother-in-law, she came in, burned her skins; the husband flew to the castle Go, you won't come back, his wife will find, wearing out 7 pairs of iron shoes and the same number of her son, whom he will give birth; they are almost worn out; St. The virgin gave M. three nuts with valuables inside; the eagle carried M. and her son on her back from the eagle castle to the castle Go, you won't come back; M. opened the first nut, in which the spinning wheel, sells her husband's bride for the right spend the night, but she gives the young man sleeping pills, he does not wake up; the same second night (spindle); the third time a golden egg, the servant threw away the sleeping pill, the husband recognized M., the spell was removed; told everyone that found a lost key and a new one is no longer needed]: 241-246; Malinovskaya 2002 [the poor man goes for the bars, grabs the willow, the dragon tells him to bring him what he meets first at home; he thinks it will be a dog , the youngest daughter comes out; he sends the eldest, middle daughter first, the dragon rejects them; at night he sheds his skin, becomes handsome; the dragon's wife visits the sisters, they are jealous, burn their skin, the husband tells them to look for him in a gilded castle, wearing out seven pairs of iron shoes; a wife and son come to an old woman, who tells her to wait for the Moon Eagle to return; the Moon sends to her Sun Brother, who sends him to her brother The wind, the Wind takes her to the castle, where her missing husband marries; the wife consistently kindles three coal given by her husband, each fulfills the wish to have a beautiful spinning wheel; for three spinning wheels, the wife buys three nights at prince's bedroom; on the third night, the prince does not drink a sleepy potion, returns to his wife and son]: 233-237; Portuguese [the poor fisherman went to sea and hears a voice: give the one at home who will be the first to look at you eyes, then there will be a rich catch; the fisherman decided that it would be a dog, but it turned out to be a son; the young man went to the sea, the ship rose from the day, the young man sank to the bottom, there is a palace, everything is done in it by itself; at night someone lies down with him; one day a ship appeared and a young man went up to visit his parents; asked for matches and a candle; when he returned and lit a candle, a beautiful girl was next to her; a drop of wax fell on her; she told me to look for her in the Castle of Black Stones, wearing out seven pairs of iron shoes; he set off; an ant, an eagle and a lion are arguing over a dead sheep; the young man divided it, each gave him the ability to receive it appearance, two legs, feather, fur; the young man became an eagle, flew into an impregnable castle; allowed the girl to pull himself in his arms and put him in a cage; at night he got out of her as an ant, found himself with a girl; she speaks that the strength of a giant is in his hair, which grows on his navel and girds his waist twice; after that, a dove will fly out of the giant; the young man gnawed his hair with an ant, caught a dove with an eagle; in it an egg, he broke him in front of a giant, he died; wedding]: Dias Marques 2019, No. 101:151-153; Portuguese: Cox 1893, No. 89 [the widow teacher wants to marry the heroine's father; let the iron shoes rust first; the heroine wants her father to marry, pours water into her shoes; her stepmother and her daughter tyrant her stepdaughter; she is given bread for the day, which she must bring back in the evening; the cow touches the bitten places with a horn and a loaf becomes whole again; the cow has been stabbed to death; a golden ball falls out of her entrails, falls into the water; the heroine goes looking for it, finds herself in the fairies, cleans their house; they reward her: pearls will fall from her lips and gold, give a wish-fulfilling magic wand; the stepmother's own daughter also comes to the fairies, makes their house mess; fairies make dirt drip from her lips; the heroine in magical dresses three times comes to the party; runs away; loses a shoe; girls try on a shoe; wedding]: 35-36; Braga 2002 [the woman's son is a raven; there are three daughters next to the family; the raven marries the eldest, she refused, the raven pecked out her eye; the same with the middle eye; the youngest agrees; at night she throws her husband's feather outfit into the fire; he orders her to ask the birds to give him new feathers; becoming a bird again, she flies away; the wife will find it worn out iron shoes; she wanders for a long time at the source of crows teaches: you must take away the laundress's feather outfit, which she will come to wash, wash herself; there is a house nearby, there is an old man; he must be killed to free him from the cages of all the birds; she asked the old man to go to the window and pushed him into the sea; the birds turned into princes he had bewitched; including her husband]: 167-168; Pedroso 1882, No. 20 []: 81-85; frets [two the miller's eldest daughters are angry, the youngest is kind; in winter, the father went to the city, the eldest asked for dresses, the youngest asked for a bouquet of wildflowers; on the way back, the miller went into the castle; the doors opened themselves and closed; the cat ground coffee, set the table, other cats gathered; the miller was taken to the bedroom; in the morning he saw a rose in the garden, plucked it; a snake crawled out of the well, wrapped it around him; promised to kill him if he did not give his daughter; the father brought a rose to his youngest daughter; the younger ones scold her, she agrees to go to the snake; the cats greeted her courteously; at night someone came to her bed; on the third night she turned on the light: this is the prince, whom the witch turned him into a snake; drops of candle oil fell on his skin, so the witch's spell did not completely disappear; the prince disappeared, saying that the girl would find him, wearing out two pairs of iron shoes ; the old woman advised me to place the iron shoes in warm cow manure, they soon fell apart; the girl came to town, stayed with the Queen, gave birth to a boy; heard a voice: if the rooster did not he will scream and the bell will not ring, I will stay until morning; the Queen ordered to kill all the roosters, tie their tongues to all the bells; then the queen's son appeared, turned into a snake by a witch; married the girl]: Wildhaber, Uffer 1971, No. 53:179-182 (=Decurtins, Brunold-Bigler 2002, No. 44:122-125); Sicilians [a childless queen wants a child, even a pig, even if she has many children; gives birth to a pig, that grows up, wants a wife; parents negotiate with a laundress, she has three daughters; each time the young man comes out of pigskin when his wife falls asleep; the first two are beheaded; the third is affectionate with him; he lies down with her, but returns to pig skin before his wife wakes up; then she wakes up earlier; he asks not to let it slip, otherwise he wears 7 pairs of iron shoes in 7 years, months, days, until she finds it; she tells her mother, the prince disappears; the wife goes to look for him; three old men successively give her a nut, a chestnut, another nut; the fourth gives a magic wand to create a castle; for nut treasures (golden chicken with chickens, teacher with students, eagle) buys three nights from his new wife; she gives the Piglet King sleeping pills; on the third night, the king does not drink it (he was warned by prisoners in in prison under the bedroom, they heard the voice of a true wife, he has now pardoned them); the couple returned to his wife's parents]: Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 37:243-251; Italians (Lombardy: Bergamo) [father picks flowers for the bouquet; for this, the hog demands to give him his youngest daughter; at night the hog turns into a young man; the girl gives birth to a boy; goes to visit her relatives, forgets everything after kissing her aunt; father talks to her and she remembers, but comes back late, does not find her husband; the girl goes in search, taking three pairs of iron shoes {which must wear out}; comes to the Queen and stays with her {this ends}]: Aprile 2000:727; Italians: Calvino 1980, No. 19 (Piedmont) [the king has a pig son (King Crin), he asks to marry him one of the three the baker's daughters; the eldest agreed, but expresses her disgust, was found dead in the morning; the same middle; the youngest caressed him, at night the pig turns into a young man; the wife lit a splint (taper) to look at him, the coal fell, the husband woke up; said that his wife would see him if she cried 7 bottles of tears, stacks 7 pairs of iron shoes, wears out 7 iron raincoats and 7 iron hats; on the way, a young woman walks into mother of wind (she gives a chestnut), lightning (gives a walnut), thunder (hazel nut); comes to the palace, whose mistress is going to marry a prince, a former pig; breaks chestnut and nuts, in the first diamonds , the second has silk outfits, the third has horses and carriages; each time she exchanges treasures from the landlady for the right to spend the night in the prince's room; the first two nights he sleeps because the hostess gave him a drink sleeping pills, on the third night, the prince does not drink, hugs his wife, they return home]: 57-60; Crane 1885, No. 36 (Basilicata) [the poor fisherman curses everything; hell rises out of the water, promises a rich catch for life, if a fisherman gives a child who will be born when he is 13; the fisherman is sure that his wife will not give birth again, promises; Lionbruno was born; at the age of 13 he goes ashore, makes small crosses out of sticks; hell demands to destroy them, L. did not destroy them, the head of the fairies Colina took L. away from hell; raises him to make him a husband; L. wants to go see his parents, K. gives him a wish-fulfilling ruby, others fairies also give something; L. turns his parents' house into a palace; comes to town; with the help of a ruby, wins competitions three times; the king demands that he take his daughter; L.: my wife is much more beautiful; king demands to show it; L. turns to ruby; K. sends maids one after another; when she comes by herself, accuses L. of betrayal, he will find her by trampling 7 pairs of iron shoes ; three robbers stole speedboat boots, an inexhaustible purse and an invisibility cloak; they ask L. to judge them; he picks up items and disappears, the robbers continue to fight; L. stops at the old woman she is Borea, the mother of the winds; she hides it in a chest from her sons; in the morning she promises them not to harm L.; Scirocco brings L. to K.'s room, who hides under the bed, drinks coffee, chocolate and broth brought for K. by the maid; L. opens, wedding]: 136-147; Widter et al. 1866, No. 12 (Veneto) [the witch wanted to marry the king, but he chose another one, so the witch gave up so that the son who was born was covered in piggy skin; the son grew up and asked his father to marry him the eldest of three sisters; when the groom lay down in a puddle at the wedding and then sat down with the bride, she called him real a pig; in the morning she was found dead in bed; the same with her middle sister; the youngest did not disgust the groom, but called her a treasure; at night he took off his pigskin and turned out to be handsome; forbid his wife to do so tell; the prince comes to the tournament three times; seeing his daughter-in-law next to the handsome man, the prince's mother calls her a libertine and wants to kill; when she learns about the skin removed, she burns her; the prince disappears, the wife goes to searching; The evening star (Stella d'oro, man) gives a nut, sends it to the Sun; he also gives a nut, refers to the Wind; the mother of the Wind hides it, asks her son, who says that the prince lives behind the mountain, they are with The sun will go there tomorrow to dry clothes; the mother of the Wind gives a chestnut; the prince marries again, in his house an unrecognized wife was hired as a goose; split a walnut, wearing an Evening Star dress; gives it to a new one the bride overnight with the prince; she puts sleeping pills; the same on the second night (the dress is like the sun); the most beautiful chestnut dress; the prince just pretended to fall asleep; found out that his wife is looking for him wore out her iron shoes; returned to her and drove her new bride away]: 249-254; Italians (Campania, Capri) [when old, the father tells his daughter Rosinella that he can leave her only one a pig; she leads her to a golden tree; her father helps uproot him, puts him on a wagon; under the roots there is an entrance to the dungeon; R. goes down 365 steps; there is a shadow that allows her to stay; with her she will have everything she needs, but you can't go into the same room; in a year, R. enters, there is a beautiful young man; says that she has done a lot of harm to her actions; gives her a pair of iron shoes - until they are demolished, she will be alive; gives them dried figs; go with them to his three sisters who are spinning on the terrace in the city; they must put figs on their spindle, then they will not eat it, but will help; they They hide R. from their cannibal mother; they teach her to grab her by the hair and hold her until she swears on her son's name - Thunder and Lightning! cannibal mother gives tasks: fill the pillow with feathers; R. says Thunder and Lightning, the voice in response promises to help, birds are stuffed into the room, the pillow is full; next: divide a variety of dried vegetables by species; Thunder and Lightning, ants share; cannibal mother sends her sister to bring a box and gives her a letter; it instructs her to fry what was sent and send part of the roast; on the way, the young man teaches, immediately grab the box and run while the cannibal sharpens the oaks; gives oats for the horse and crackers for the parrot that will be at the entrance; R. did so but could not resist on the way back and opened the box; from there Many birds flew out; but the young man played the pipe and the birds returned to the box; the cannibal wants to marry her son; he tells R. to kiss him when he is taken to the aisle; R.: I can't in public; new bride: Look, I kissed a pig shepherd three times for three chestnuts; young man: If so, I will marry R., who has been waiting for me for a year, three months and three days, and you go out to the pig shepherd; when you see that her spell is scattered, the cannibal drowned in a well]: Zschalig 1925:88-94; Corsicans: Massignon 1984, No. 11 [husband and wife's son is a red pig; demands him to marry; the girl marries him; confesses to his mother that at night he becomes a handsome man; his mother snuck into the room, grabs the pigskin that had been thrown off and threw it into the fire; three times the skin jumped out of the fire, but then burned; the husband says that his wife did not she sees a pair of iron shoes without wearing out; the wife puts on her shoes, consistently comes to three old women who give walnuts (apparently walnuts), almonds and another walnut (hazel); the first walnut contains silk thread , for her she buys the night with her husband from his new wife; she gives her husband a sleepy potion; in almonds, a silver thread (the same); in the last nut, a gold thread; neighbors heard the wife try the previous night to wake her husband, they told him; he did not drink potions; the couple reunited and returned to her husband's parents], 42 [], 86 [a childless woman finally gave birth, but her son is a snake; when he grew up, asks him to marry; mother brings a poor girl, her son tells her to be taken back; richer is the same; from a good family; the wife is happy: at night her husband becomes handsome; warns that if the wife talks, she will have to wear out iron shoes and fill the vessel with tears before she sees it again; the mother asks her daughter-in-law and she confesses; the husband has disappeared; the old woman gives his wife a snake walnut, almond, hazel nut; in them golden spindle, tow, spinning wheel; wife buys three nights from his new wife for them; on the third, the husband does not drink a sleepy potion, he recognizes his wife; everything is fine]: 25-27, 97-101, 190-191; Ortoli 1883, No. 3 [three sisters hear a voice , demanding to climb the mountain; the youngest Catarinella goes, enters the palace; the owner shows her statues of petrified people, including a 20-year-old prince; K. must wear 7 pairs of iron shoes and 7 iron scepters to revive it; a month later, she consistently meets hermits who give her magic pears, walnuts and almonds (each serving as a musical instrument); almonds revive the deceased prince; the king asks her where his petrified son is; after wearing out his shoes and staffs, K. revives everyone, the king sees his son alive, he marries K.]: 8-18; Sardinians [ after the mother dies, the daughter asks her father to marry the teacher (she persuades the girl to persuade her father); first, the iron shoes must be worn out, the heroine pours water on her, the shoes rust; after the wedding, the stepmother Tyrannites her stepdaughter and tells her husband to take her to a deserted place; wild animals ate her there]: Cox 1893, No. 308:466; the Maltese [the sorcerer kidnaps the girl; the young man enters the palace, lights up against advice a candle; wax drips on the girl, she disappears; to save her, you have to kill a sorcerer; three women, one older than the other, direct him to the target; the oldest is the mother of the north wind; after the girl disappeared, the young man must wear 7 pairs of iron shoes]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 425P: 117-118.

Western Europe. The French (Dauphin) [the childless king tells the person he meets that he would like a son even with the head of a pig; the son is born, grows up, asks to marry him; the lumberjack's eldest daughter agrees, but then weddings do not allow herself to be hugged, the queen with a pig's head rips open her stomach; the same with the middle one; the youngest accepts her husband; ten months later she sees that he has become handsome; he warns no one talk about it, otherwise he'll be a pighead again for a year and one day; she tells her parents; her husband leaves, says she'll find him by changing seven pairs of wooden shoes and seven pairs of iron shoes ; the wife comes to the ogre, he sends her to his brother, this one gives a glass walnut, it must be broken when she finds her husband; this third says that the woman's husband today marries; gives a horse; he immediately takes the woman to the castle; every night she breaks a nut, wearing silk, silver, diamond dresses; she changes them for the right to spend the night with her husband (he is handsome, with with the man's head), but the new wife puts him to sleep twice; the third time the servant tells her husband that he does not drink a potion, returns with his real wife to his parents]: Joisten 1991, No. 12:119-126, 127-128; French (Pyrenees) [a green man with one eye in his forehead; he has three daughters; the youngest is 10 years old and she is the most beautiful; a huge raven has arrived, demands one of his daughters as his wife; all three do not want to; a raven pecked out the man's only eye; then the youngest daughter agrees; the big raven returned his eye, his crows took the girl to the castle; at night the husband is human; the sorcerer bewitched him and his people; the girl will become a real wife in 7 years; before that she should not see her husband; there is a sword between them on the bed; one day a young queen leaves the castle and comes to the laundress; she washes black clothes; the queen touches him and it turns white; laundress: my trials are over, and you will still ask me for help; the day before the end of her term, the Queen lit a candle and looked at her beautiful husband; she had to leave the castle, and the sorcerer chained the king to the top of a cliff in the middle of the sea, where a white wolf guarded him during the day and a black wolf at night; the Queen came to that laundress; she gave her iron shoes, an inexhaustible supply of bread and wine, and a golden knife to cut off the blue grass; she will find the king when her shoes wear out; the queen has come to a country where the sun always shines; one or two blue grass warns that they are not what they sing at night and in the afternoon, they break the iron; finally she found her shoes burst, she sailed in a boat to the rock, put the wolf to sleep with grass, stabbed him with a knife, broke the chain, the king is happy, the crows took human form; the king's friend Sailed for them by ship]: Carlin 1991:271-279; the Bretons [the señor's son has the head of a foal; the eldest, middle daughter of a peasant agree to marry him, say they will cut off his head, stabbed; he does it to them; the youngest loves him, he turns handsome at night; the wife should not talk about it until the last bell rings at their child's christening; he says he beats her drops of blood remain on his shirt; she finds him after wearing three pairs of iron shoes; when worn out, she sees laundresses who cannot wash the blood off the senor's shirt; she washes; finds husband; at a wedding with his new wife, he says he has an old one, leaves with her]: Luzel 1995:60-66; Germans (Pomerania) [returning from afar, the king told the fisherman to bring vendace fish immediately; he replied that they did not have it, but the king did not want to listen; the fisherman threw his net, but did not have vendace; someone came up and promised to help the fisherman if he promised to give him something that was not at home in 14 years knows; and let him sign in blood; the fisherman brought vendace and found out that the wife had given birth to a son and the queen had a daughter; when he found out what was going on, the king refused to eat the fish and ordered it to be thrown back into the sea; the fisherman's son grew up in the castle like a prince; when he found out that the devil had been promised, the young man cried; but a tiny man came and gave him a book and said it would help; the hell took the young man hundreds of miles away; demanded that he throw away the book He threatened to throw him into the sea, but he did not throw it away; and when they landed, the young man drew a cross sign in the sand to prevent the devil from leaving; he had to hand over a receipt and write another one stating that he did not has power over the young man; the devil flew away, and the young man went across the plain; after 6 days he saw a mound and a door; an old man in the room; he is ready to receive the young man, but when he goes to the hill, he must stay to the left and not to the right turning; but he was tired of it; the old man warned him that death was waiting to go to the right; the young man went, there was an iron gate in front of him; he seemed to be raised by someone's hands and he was in the room; whatever he wanted appeared immediately; in the evening a black woman came in and disappeared; at 11, three dwarfs came in, told the young man to play cards with them; he did not react; then they played him like a ball, and disappeared at midnight; the young man woke up when the sun was already high; on the second day, the same; the woman was half white; until 12, the young man was cut and slaughtered, and then he was whole again; on the third evening, the woman became three bright quarters; the young man was spoken to in the voice of his father, but he knew that it was all hell; the mother was the same; he woke up in the royal bedchamber; the disgraced princess threw herself around his neck; one day the young man wanted go home to bring parents; wife: here's a white horse, it will ride, but it can only carry one person - leave your parents where they are now; the horse flew above the clouds; the parents did not recognize their son; when he opened, he also met the king; he held a parade; but the young king told the old king that his kingdom was much larger and his wife was incomparably more beautiful than the king's daughter; his wife warned nothing tell, but the king violated her order and was now thrown into prison; he asked the children to bring his white horse, but he was not there; but then the old king received a letter from the young wife: let her husband go, otherwise the city would be turned to ashes; when he saw the young king's wife and her warriors, the old king realized that the young man was telling the truth; the wife disappeared, leaving her husband with iron shoes and a staff: she would find her when they are worn out; in the forest he came across three who shared the inheritance: an invisibility cloak, boots by leaps and bounds and a hat that shoots silently; the king put on his cloak, took everything and disappeared; came to the house, there mother of the month is an ogre; they had dinner; then to the Sun; on the third evening to the Wind; he knows where the kingdom of the king's wife is; she is now celebrating a new wedding; they immediately flew in and the wind caused a terrible storm; The Queen sent a master to repair the towers; the king agreed with him that he would give him a job in the queen's room; when the newlyweds came in, the king beat them while remaining invisible; the groom thought it was hell, and ran away; the king opened up to the Queen; the wedding took place, but they]: Jahn 1891, No. 54:281-298; Germans (Upper Palatinate) [gardener's son Hans went on a journey; saw a castle in the depths of the forest; woman in black, she served him dinner, showed him the bed and left; at night a black man came and tortured G.; in the morning the woman was in gray, the next night G. was tortured by two men; on the third morning the woman went out in white, begged him to wait for the third night; Hans was beaten and tortured by three, but in the morning the princess was disgraced; G. married her; wanted to visit her father; the princess gave a ring to summon her if trouble happened; G. came to In the appearance of the prince, the king held a ball in honor of him; but the guests did not allow his wives to dance with G., because he was too handsome; then G. called his wife with a ring to amaze everyone with her beauty; in the morning G. woke up alone, next to him his old clothes and a pair of iron boots; his wife wrote that she was leaving him as punishment, and if he wanted to see her again, he should wear his iron boots; G. went in search and saw how three are arguing for possession of an inexhaustible purse, speeders and an invisibility cloak; G. promised to resolve the dispute, but first asked permission to try the items; took them and fled; sees a runner a person is the wind that hurries to dry the princess who has a wedding; G. overtakes him, gives him the end of the rope, let him hold on to it and fly with him; in the tavern, G. found out that tomorrow the princess must choose a husband; stood invisible behind the altar and knocked the book out of the priest's hands; gave the groom a toothpick, he flew away; at the feast, remaining invisible, began to give all his food to the poor; dropped the ring, the servant picked it up and gave it to the princess, because it wore her name; she recognized G.; he showed his iron boots - they are not worn out yet; wedding]: Schönwerth 1981:20; Germans (Tyrol) [sorceress, taking the form of a beautiful girl, she hired a rich man; his son married her; before the wedding, she made it a condition never to look at her in the light of a candle; her husband broke the ban, a drop of wax fell on his wife's cheek; when he woke up, his wife was gone, and there was a pair of iron shoes by the bed; the note indicated that he would find her after wearing them out; he got an invisible cloak and a chair that he carried to anywhere; found a wife at the last moment when she should have married someone else; husband brought his wife back]: Hartland 1891:274.

Western Asia. The Arabs of Iraq [when dying, the sultan orders his three sons to give three sisters for three dervishes who will come to guard his grave; only the youngest guards, deyu descends from the black cloud, opens the grave , the young man cuts off his head, cuts him off, hides his lips, eyes, nose, takes the deva mare to his nanny; the same for the next two nights (the devil descends from the red, from the white cloud); the neighboring sultan gives away three daughters, tells them to get them out of a deep hole, the young man pulls out the girls three times on horseback and dressed as devas, leaves them with a nanny; gives the eldest two to the brothers; during the wedding, the youngest deva takes the bride; the young man leaves her search, consistently gets to sisters and their dervish husbands; the latter gives 7 pairs of iron shoes to reach the kidnapped; dev married the local king; the old woman promises to help young man; disguised as a girl, he enters the kidnapped; pulls out a sea mare, flies away with his wife in it; wedding again, stalker dev is killed]: Stevens 2006, No. 47:275-286;

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Sikkim) [King Soroka learns that the boy dreamed that he would become king in his place; tells the boy to leave the country and return when his shoes are worn out; they are not wear out; the boy sees white and black water snakes fighting, throws a shoe at black, carried away by an eagle, a white boy hides from black horsemen under his hat; grateful whites (naked) they invite him to the underwater palace; he pours food and drink into the crack by the hearth; from there comes an old woman, whose mouth was covered with an iron flap for chatter; thanks him for the food, tells him to leave as soon as possible, ask for a white dog, a curtain, a stick as a gift; a stick with a curtain turns into a tent, there is a lot of good inside; someone cooks; a young man waits for a girl, threw a dog skin into the fire; the wife tells disperse the ashes from the skin, the slope is covered with cattle and jewelry; Magpie offers competitions, the winner will get the young man's wife; 1) whose milk spilled from the mountain will reach the foot faster (nagas give a jug ); 2) who collects mustard seeds (nagas give a chest of pigeons, a dove with a broken wing collects); 3) the wife tells you to ask for a military chest of nagas; Magpie demands "a-pho-pho", they jump out of the chest little men, kill, eat the king, the young man reigns]: Krapivina 2001:15-33; Tibetans ("ghost stories") [the shepherd's eldest daughter hides from the rain in a cave, while the cattle go missing; a white bird behind the golden and silver door promises to return the cattle in exchange for marrying her; the girl refuses; the same middle sister; the youngest agrees; at the party she is handsome; the witch explains what this and there is a bird husband who orders to burn the birdskin; the wife must drive away demons for seven days, at the end of the seventh day, demons take her husband, he must tear off his shoes; the wife makes new feather clothes , husband returns]: MacDonald 1931:308-310; Vladimirtsov 1958 [Mongolian version of Twenty-Five Vetal Tales; looking for a missing buffalo, the older sister enters the door in the rock; there the bird asks to become his wife, she refuses; the same middle man; the youngest agrees; at the festival she meets an unknown young man every night; the woman says that this is the bird husband, advises him to return home early, burn his shell; the husband says that demons will now grab him if his wife cannot hit him with a stick for seven days in a row while sitting in the doorway; the wife falls asleep on the seventh day, the demons take her husband away; the wife finds him, he carries water, must wear out many pairs of boots; tells you to make a stuffed bird, returns to it, reunites with his wife]: 58-61.

China - Korea. Chinese (Henan, Wu. Lingbao, 1988) [there are two rich men in the village, both Liu {the hieroglyphics of spelling names are different}; one has a son and the other has a daughter; they married children in infancy, but the boy's parents fell ill and died; father the girls refused to recognize the marriage; the young man went to a foreign land and died there; the girl refuses to the grooms; once she saw a vague image of her lover among the flowers; at night she dreamed that he had turned after death in a bee; soon a bee flies into her room and turns into a man; she woke up - her husband is next to her; he told how he died and became a bee; since then they had spent time together; the girl told her father that angry, then she said she was joking; but at night the father overheard the conversation; ordered sharp bamboo sticks to be secretly attached to the window frame; at night the girl waits for her lover and suddenly hears: "What you're mean! We lived happily as spouses, but you have the same cruel heart as your father; we'll see you after you tear down your iron shoes and erase your iron beads." The daughter told her father she would agree to marriage to another fiancé, if her father gave her a pair of iron shoes and iron beads; after receiving them, she went in search; came to the mountain, her iron shoes were worn out, and her beads were worn out, she fell exhausted on the grass; when I woke up, I saw that the maids were lying in the palace and serving her tea and food; she began to live there with her beloved; the queen bee is the girl from the Liu family, and the drone bees that leads the bees workers, is that young man from the Liu family; there is a saying: "Wear out iron shoes looking for what you found later"]: Bai Gengsheng 2009:249-251.

The Balkans. Croats [a woman was going home when childbirth began, gave birth under the bridge; three Royenitzes came up {Women in labor?} ; one proposed to immediately take the baby's life, the second to kill him when he grows up, and the third to kill him if he does not marry the daughter of King Vilas; the blacksmith told the young man to go to the mother of the month, gave three pairs of iron shoes; after wearing out the first pair, the young man came to the mother of the month, who hid it, but the month did no harm and directed it to the sun; on the way, the young man wore out the second pair of shoes; the sun directed to the mare to the wind (third pair); the young man managed to stay on the mare's back, she brought a pitchfork to the castle; after the feast, the young man hides three times with the mare (in the tail, under the hoof), in the morning tells the king that he is drunk somewhere fell asleep; the third time the young man brought two eggs, the mare held them in his mouth, cockerels hatched from them, they sang in the morning, the demons who were looking for the young man disappeared; the mare orders to grab the king's daughter, they gallop away; the king pursues, the burden throws chips (forest), crest (mountains), glass of water (pond); the king struggles to overcome obstacles; however, the mare goes through the steps (not entirely clear), and the king cannot; he throws daughters a wish-fulfilling belt; wedding]: Wratislaw 1890, No. 53:278-283; Romanians [the boy is predicted that at the age of 9 he will be blown away by a frantic wind (Rasende Wind); the mother turned to the king and he lodged the boy in a palace with 99 cellars; but nine years later the wind blew away the palace and the boy (now like a young man} was on the mountain; the old man advised him to hide by the stone slab; at midnight he got out of the stove the girl tried to seduce the young man, but he did not move; the next night another; the third went out in the light of day; the girls gave a handkerchief, which again turned the pile of stones into a palace; the young man took one of them as a wife, this is a princess; after missing home, the young man returned there with his wife; his mother threw her magic whip into the fire; she flew away, telling her to look for her, wearing iron shoes; learned to play the flute, harmonica and accordion; the devils heard him play and invited him to the royal wedding; the guests only like the young man's play; the bride, i.e. the young man's wife, recognized him; in the church she announced that she had found the old key; let the guests decide which is better: new or old; everyone said old; she remarried a young man]: Bîrlea 1966:412-413; Romanians [when leaving, the emperor tells three daughters not to unlock one the room; the elder insists on unlocking; there is a table and a book, it says that the older sister will marry the emperor of the East, the middle sister will marry the Emperor of the West, and the youngest will marry the hog; father returns, royal matchmakers come to the eldest daughters, the hog comes for the youngest; she is obedient to her father; along the way, the hog lies in the mud and tells the bride to kiss him; at home she turns into a young man in the evening; the wife is pregnant; asks the old woman for help; she gives the rope to tie her husband by the leg at night; the rope breaks, the husband jumps up, says that if it were not for the wife, the spell would have ended in three days; she will see him, wearing out three pairs of iron sandals and three iron staffs; comes to the mother of the Moon (the moon is a woman), she sends the Sun to the mother (the sun is a man); the Sun advises you to ask the Wind; Mother of the Wind: your husband in a forest house like a bunch of fallen trees; the wife comes there and makes a ladder out of bones to get up; one is missing, she cuts off her finger and it turns into the last crossbar; husband He flies in like a dove, is frightened, then recognizes his wife, her child; explains that his emperor father fought dragons and killed a dragon; his mother turned the emperor's son into a hog to prevent predetermined marriage]: Kúnos 1901:222-243; Hungarians [a person with many children went to look for a godson for a newborn son and daughter; the merchant agreed, took the children; they grew up, brother and sister began to play; the sister lost, but her brother (his name is Miklos) returned everything to her; then her brother lost, but her sister refused to return what she had won; her brother cursed her and was immediately carried away by the dragon; the brother went in search; hired to herd the king's horses; 13 swans flew in and became girls; the most beautiful approached the young man; forbade talking about her; at the ball, a princess approached the young man, but M. refused to dance with her, saying that his fiancée is more beautiful; the king is furious; then M. showed him his girlfriend; she accused him of betrayal and flew away; M. went in search; the miller sends two to the magical kingdom every day a bag of flour, putting them on the wings of the neck; now, instead of flour, he put M. in one bag; when the neck was flying, it rained and the flour got wet; he threw off the lighter bag in which M. was; he fell into the forest; nearby a young man turned out to be, said that he had been waiting for him for a long time; told the blacksmith to make 24 pairs of iron shoes and gloves for them; while M. and his servant climbed the mountain, their shoes and gloves were demolished; they passed copper, the silver, golden forest came to the clearing where the swan maidens fly; but the servant blew into the flute given to him by the blacksmith's wife (she was a witch and wanted to marry M. to her speckled daughter); M. fell asleep unawakened sleep; the servant smeared his whiskey with ointment, which was also given by the blacksmith's wife, M. woke up, but by that time the swan maidens had flown away; so three times; the swan maiden said that she would not fly again; realizing what case, M. hacked down a servant, went to look for his beloved again; came to the castle of the dragon that kidnapped his sister; her name was Tlonka; her son was born strong, found where the wine of strength was hidden, gave her mother, her mother, her Brother M., drank himself, nailed the dragon to the wall in the room behind the iron door; they came to the castle where those 13 virgins slept; M. woke them up, stayed with his wife, his sister's son disappeared]: Curtin 1914:120-140; Hungarians [ Ibronka is prettier than everyone, but without a boyfriend; "God give me a lover - at least a damn thing"; now a guy is with her at the party; she accidentally bent over and felt like he has hooves; asks for advice from an elderly woman women; she suggests attaching a ball to the guy; on an unwound thread she comes to church, then to the churchyard; I. sees through a keyhole how her boyfriend took out the skull of the deceased, sawed in half and eats her brain; I. home, locked the door, the guy behind her: what did you see? - Nothing. - Your sister will die. - If you die, we'll bury you. It's the same with your father, it's the same with your mother. - You're going to die Woman: When you are buried, you should not dismantle the wall through a door or window; carry the coffin not along the road, but straight; dig the grave not in the cemetery, but in a ditch; hell asks the door, the window is those they answer that I.'s body was not carried through them; the devil puts on iron shoes, takes an iron staff: when he wears out, then I. will find; a rose has grown on the grave; the prince tells the servant to tear it off, she is not given; the prince himself easily tore it off, brought it to his room; someone eats the food left in the evening; the servant followed; the next night the prince grabbed I.; she agrees to live with him, but on condition not to take her to church; two the boys have grown up, everyone wonders why they come to church without a mother; I. has to go; hell sees her, promises to come; asks again what I. saw through the keyhole; I. in detail tells the whole story; and ends up like this: I tell the dead, not the living; the devil falls screaming terribly and dies; I.'s mother, father and sister come to life]: Dégh 1965, No. 4:46-57; Bulgarians [childless elderly spouses find and raise a snake (smok, pumpkin) as a son or a childless woman asks for a child, gives birth to a snake (smoke, puppy, pumpkin); the son grows up, demands a princess as a wife, performs the king's difficult assignments (to build a palace, road, bridge, church overnight); at night, the groom appears to be a handsome bride; the bride burns the animal's skin or reveals the groom's secret; the magical husband disappears; (pregnant) wife goes looking for him, wearing iron shoes; along the way, three old women (mothers of the Sun, Month, Wind) give advice and gifts (golden apples, chicken with chickens, spinning wheel- self-employed); for them he gets the right to spend one night with her husband; he recognizes her, the marriage is restored]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 425A: 145-146; Greeks (Lesbos) [the poor man has three daughters for marriage; the coffee maker advises not to grieve, but to throw a net in the name of the eldest daughter; the catch was unusually large and the proceeds of 800 piastres were enough to pass off the daughter as a mule driver; two years later, the same with middle daughter (2,000 piastres, greengrocer's assistant); when the net was abandoned in the name of the youngest, it contained a huge lobster, loaded on two carts and brought home; daughter's father: this is your husband; next to him at night beautiful young man Melidoni; drinks and food appeared, the girl is happy; mother and sisters feel sorry for her; they see Prince Charming three times, offering to marry him, and not look at the lobster; unable to stand it, girl replies that this is her husband; he leaves immediately: you are unlikely to see me again; the girl goes in search, taking three pairs of iron-soled shoes; a year later she sees a dried pond; in the mud a cannibal lies, long eyelashes cover her face; the girl put a wand under her eyelashes, cut them off with an ax, poured water on the cannibal and hid behind a tree; she couldn't see for 15 years; if you're a woman, I'll do it queen, if the man is king; the girl left after the cannibal swore not to harm her; explained that she was looking for M.; the cannibal told her to spend the night with her, tomorrow a son common to her and her will come two sisters; turned the girl into a button and put it in her pocket; son: I can feel the human spirit; Melidoni? I know that his beautiful wife betrayed him; the cannibal sends the girl to her sister, a year later she came, everything repeats itself; the cannibal says that M. is the son of her younger sister; gives a frying pan and three apples; it is necessary come and knock an apple on the pan, M. will appear in different guises; you can't let him kiss her; the girl did not allow herself to be kissed, but gives an apple every time; M. (he in the guise of another man) turned it into a button, brought it to his mother; took an oath from her that she would not eat his wife, turned the button again to the girl; she demands to sweep and not sweep the room; M.: litter and then sprinkle dust; cook and do not cook the meat (cook half and chop the rest and start cooking only when the cannibal returns); the cannibal tells you to go to her sister for yeast bread for her son's wedding; M. in the form of a boy (supposedly he is M.'s son); you have to walk barefoot on the thorns and grab them for their softness; praise wormy figs; in front of the donkey bones, in front of the dog hay - change; source blood and pus: drink and praise water; grab yeast at the top of the stairs and run; the cannibal tells you to detain the fugitive, the donkey, the dog, the spring, the thorns refuse; the cannibal tells you to fill the pillow with feathers, feed the dog, bring the donkey to dance, and bring bread intact; M. summoned the birds, they threw off their feathers; beat the donkey, let him lie; at the wedding you will be given torches; do not throw it, even if they will burn their hands and then throw them at the bride; the brides' hair flashed, everyone left to extinguish, and M. and his wife returned to her parents, who by then had burned the lobster shell]: Paton 1901, No. 16:86-93; Greeks: Dawkins 1916 (Cappadocia) [the prince asks his father to dig a well in front of the door; he marries the first one to come for water; an old woman came, the prince threw a stone at her, she told him fall in love with the Three Beautiful; the prince asks to make him a pair of iron shoes and an iron club and goes in search; came to the mother of 6 cannibals, she turned it into an apple, hid it; then showed it sons; they gave the young man a letter - let him show him to the 12 young men, they would direct him to the Three Beautiful; the young man read it, there was an instruction to eat him, he changed the letter; the mother of those 12 turned it into a broom; then showed it; they sent him to a thousand-year-old bird; the bird led him to the lake, including an orange tree; the prince picked an orange, a girl appeared, he did not have time to give her a drink, she died of thirst; the same with the second, and got the third drunk; went to his father for the warriors to protect her; at that time a maid, blind in one eye, came; first thought it was her reflection; she turned the beauty into a bird; said that she had turned black from the suns, and the crows pecked out her eyes; becoming the prince's wife, the liar ordered the bird to be killed; a tree grew out of a drop of blood; his wife ordered him to be cut down, make a cradle for the child; the old woman picked up the sliver; she turned into a girl; the king gave horses to raise; the horse given by the old woman is the best; it is not given to the king; the girl leads her; the king asks the liar if she wants 40 horses or 40 knives; she wants horses; she and her child were tied to their hooves by 40 horses, and the prince married Beauty of the World]: 305-315; Hahn 1864 (2), No. 73 [the poor woman has three daughters; she went to collect herbs, sighed, appeared Moor, asked why she called him; ordered to give one daughter, for which he gave gold; gave the girl a human head to eat, the girl hid her under the roof; the Moor called her head, she responded from under the roof, the Moor sent the bride home, telling her second sister to be sent; she received a human leg for dinner, hid it behind a keg of butter; the same; the youngest received a hand, but hid it under her skirt; the Moor thought that the hand responds from the girl's belly; they live well, but in the evening the husband gives his wife sleeping pills and she immediately falls asleep; the sisters learned to hide a sponge under her clothes and pour sleeping pills on her, not her mouth; at night she I saw a handsome man next to him; when her husband fell asleep, she noticed a gold lock with a key on his chest; she opened, there was a river, a woman was washing clothes, a pig came up and wanted to take away the laundry; the Moor's wife called out to the woman, The Moor woke up, said that he was now Filek-Zelebi, let a pregnant woman look for him; let him take three pairs of iron shoes and three golden apples; after wearing out the first pair, he would go up the mountain and throw an apple, it will lead to the older sister of the Federal Law; she weaves gold cloth for the child of her brother's wife FZ; then the second pair of shoes, the second apple, the second sister (the same, makes clothes for the son of the Federal Law); the third sister has a FZ wife gave birth to a boy with a lock on his chest; FZ appeared, everything is fine]: 80-84; Megas 1970, No. 28 [the tsar and priest agree that their future children will get married; the queen gives birth to a beautiful girl, the priest's wife is a crab ; The crab grows up, tells the mother to marry the princess; the king sets the condition to remove the mountain that blocks the sun; at night, dragons (drakoe) do the work; the Crab gets a wife; at night comes out of the shell as a man; tells her to keep a secret; the wife tells the mother, the Crab disappears; the wife wore out three pairs of iron shoes; the blind and the lame sent her; three pigeons flew in, dived into the pool, became young men; they usually drink to the health of a beautiful woman who has talked, windows and doors cry; and then they laughed; the husband saw his wife, she threw his wings into the fire, the husband and wife returned home]: 65-70; Paton 1899, No. 4 [ the queen and the poor woman agree to marry their children if they are of different sexes; the queen gives birth to a beautiful girl, the poor woman gives birth to a pumpkin; Pumpkin asks him to marry the queen's daughter; the queen commands three days to create 1) sources of gold and silver, 2) a palace, 3) a meadow and a lake on the site of the mountain; everything appears, Pumpkin gets a wife; when the wife is in church, the young man comes out of the pumpkin, comes to church, the wife falls in love , not recognizing him; he confesses that he is her husband, tells his mother not to tell his mother, otherwise he will fly away as a bird; she says he flies away, telling him to look for him, wearing three iron dresses and three pairs of iron shoes ; after wearing them out in three years, the wife meets an old man; he says that 10 cannibals and a young man live in the castle; she sweeps in the castle; cannibals and her husband come, she reveals herself; the young man tells you not to eat it, for this his wife]: 500-502.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [grandfather died of old age, from his daughter's grandmother Anna, Marya, Oleconida; A. was taken by someone who lives where axes fall, M. - where dogs bark, O. - where they fish; grandmother went look for daughters; A., don't approach M. - axes tear clothes, dogs rush; O. says that her husband flew in as a swan, she burned his "covers", he said that she would not see him again; O. ordered the blacksmith to tie her three staffs, came to the hut on chicken legs on the cockhead; there the old woman interferes with the coals with her nose, sends her to her sister, she teaches her older sister, teaches her what to do; O. does not go in front of hostess, spreads out a pickling tablecloth, gives him permission to spend the night with her husband; she gave him a drink, he did not wake up; O. laments: I broke three staffs, trampled three bast shoes, gnawed three times; hangs a cross around his neck; the next day her husband sees the cross, does not drink, quietly pours wine; O. pushed the witch and the bride into a cauldron with resin; began to live with her husband]: Balashov 1970, No. 1:35-39; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [Ivan Tsarevich sees how 12 swans flew to swim, shed their feathers, became girls; hid his clothes alone; she asks for return, promises to sail on two ships in 2 years; 2 years later, the envious uncle asked for a comrade, stuck a sleepy pin in I.; the girl did not wake up, left a note: I will sail in 3 years on 9 ships; the same; after the third time she wrote that will never see I.; I. ordered to tie 3 pairs of iron bast shoes, 3 staffs, hats, caftan, prospira; met, did not kill a lion, bear, pike, each promises to come in handy; bast shoes and the rest wears out; there is a hut on chicken legs, on birch bark heels; "Turn your eyes to the forest, the gate to me"; gives a ball, he rolls to her sister; the sister gives another - to the third sister; the bride I. comes to her once a month; her father put longing in an egg, an egg in a box, an oak turnkey box on the island, threw the key into the sea; you have to get an egg, the old woman will make scrambled eggs out of it, the bride will eat and remember I.; the lion moved I . to the island, the bear knocked down an oak tree, the pike took out the key, the old woman made scrambled eggs, Marfida (that's her name) ate, remembered I.; the old woman turned I. into a needle, stuck it into the wall, and now took it out; I. comes to her father M. marry her; he tells her to find a bride among the 12 sisters (a white fly will curl above her); M. tells I. to take the horses and run; turned I. into a chapel, a watchman herself; a well and an old woman with a scoop; a ruff and pike; the tsar is chasing perch; pike perch: gnaw the ruff from the tail; there are thorns, the perch is over; when he saw I.'s bride, the uncle died of envy]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:123-128; Russians: Karnaukhova 2008, No. 138 ( Arkhangelskaya, Mezen, d. Lebskaya, 1927) [Soldier Ivan (I.) was burdened with military exercises, left the guard and escaped from service. In the forest, he finds an equipped and empty house, eats and drinks there, goes to bed, and at night he has Golovnya (G.). G.: I am a bewitched royal daughter, and here is a provincial city, bewitched. What they will do to you for three nights, be patient, you will save everyone. For two nights, a comrade soldier, a feldfebel, an officer with soldiers, an executed man and a doctor come to I., persuade, threaten and bribe him to leave with them. I. is silent, and during the day the smut gradually becomes a girl. For the third time - general, colonel and army. In addition to promises and threats, they manage to cut off I.'s arms and legs. But morning falls, and with him G. finally turns into the Tsar Maiden (CD), the forest into a city, and I. is intact. The CD tells him about their engagement, but warns that she will be G. again at night, wearing a black dress. The townspeople do not know how to thank I., but he got bored a week later, because the CD at night is G. He burns her black dress. CD: You won't see me now until you pass through the loose sands, you won't have great power. I. takes his iron boots, a staff and a hat, goes looking for it, and three years later he finds a city beyond a mountain, a deep gorge and a river of loose sand. I. is desperate. The Mogoway bird arrives. I. cunningly drinks her with wine, Mogovey takes him to the city. I. finds a hut and tells everything to her widow mistress (V.), who turns out to be the godmother of the CD and says that foreign princes are marrying the CD. The godmother suggests waiting for the CD to visit her. I. goes out for a walk and sees the unburied Copper Hero (MB), arranges his funeral for the necessary 1000 rubles. At night, MB arrives on a copper horse to the hut and offers I. his strength. MB in his tent gives I. drink water with his strength, gives power over his three-hair horse and his armor. The same thing happened to Serebryany and the Golden Hero, but they did not give I. The SB was buried for 2,000, and the ZB for 5,000. ZB: If our strength is not enough for you, remember us, once we will rise from the grave for you. The next morning, V. says that the DC will come, and he realizes with I. that he will hide and jump out if the DC abandons its savior. Q: Then you beat her. The CD comes, answers V.'s questions that some soldier was bewitched, split her, but why should she marry him now if the generals marry her. Then I. jumps out and hits the CD, she turns into a snake, a lioness, a tigress, a bear, but I. wins. The CD is becoming beautiful again and tells you to come to marry tomorrow, I will be your faithful wife. I. tells the whole story to the king, the CD confirms that they are having a wedding. After the wedding, three foreign princes attack with an army. I. rides against the first one on a copper horse, against the second on a silver horse - and wins everyone. Against the third, with the largest army, he rides a golden horse, fights for two days, almost dies and, remembering the words of the ZB, summons the heroes and wins with them. She goes to bed, sleeps for three days, then goes out for a week. The father of the CD gives him the kingdom]: 312-320; Russians (Vologda) [the old man asks his three daughters what to buy; the eldest asks for a dress, a medium shawl, the youngest asks a scarlet flower; returning to leaving the city, the old man agrees to give the scarlet flower if his daughter marries his son - Finist is clear of the falcon; having received a flower, the daughter locked herself in the light, opened the window, F. flew in, became a young man; promises fly every night if you put a flower on the window; gives any outfits; in these outfits in a carriage, a girl comes to church; no one recognizes her; after the third time she forgot to take the diamond out of her hair a pin, the sisters recognized everything, put knives on the window; F. hurt himself, flew away; the girl ordered three pairs of boots, three staffs, three hats, three caps, three swirls to be made of iron, went to look for F.; Baba Yaga gave a hammer and 10 diamond carnations - to exchange F. from the bride for the right to look at him; sends him to her sister; she gives a golden saucer with a diamond ball (the same); the third Baba Yaga gives a horse, he eats hot coals; the girl gave a hammer with carnations, but F.'s fiancée stuck a pin in it, you can't wake him up; the same with a saucer; the girl got the third night by giving a horse that feeds on heat; found a pin and pulled me out; F. woke up; called the princes: should I be the one who sold me or the one that bought me? the one she sold was ordered to be hung at the gate and shot]: Gura 1965, No. 16:223-226; Russians (Vologodskaya, Kadnikovsky, from Afanasyev's collection, p. 6) [two daughters ask their father to bring updates and jewelry, the youngest is the Finist's feather, the falcon is clear; so three times; at first the father does not find it, the third time he buys a casket from the old man; the daughter pulls out a feather, it turns into a young man; the sisters overheard; the girl lets her lover out the window with a falcon, or holds a feather in a casket, their father scolds them for lying; then the sisters put knives on the window and a needle No. F. cut off his wings, ordered them to look for him far away lands in the thirtieth kingdom, and before that, trample three pairs of iron shoes, break three iron staffs and eat three stone swarms; at the end of her travels, the girl comes successively to three old sisters; one gave a silver bottom, a golden spindle - a gold thread will be spun; the second - a silver dish, a golden egg; the third - a golden hoop and a needle that embroiders itself; tells hire a virgin worker; for these items she buys 3 nights from her virgin daughter next to F.; she mixed F. with a sleepy potion and sent the girl to drive flies from him; on the third night F. woke up from who dripped tears; took the girl away, and became a feather again at her house; in the church, sisters see unknown spouses in a golden carriage; after the third time, the prince took human form forever; wedding]: Burtsev 1895, No. 7:34-44; Russians (Pskov) [there is no one to pump the baby girl; the woman asks for a dog, promises to marry her daughter; the daughter grew up, had to give it back; at night the dog becomes beautiful young man; girl burned her skin; husband: You won't see me again; old lady to girl: you'll see when you tear down three pairs of iron shoes; another witch tells you to eat these sieves of iron wallpapers first; old man: get it from the royal well of living water - jump off the place where the skin was burned; she jumped, her husband appeared; but the girl died of fear and greed]: Ploshchuk 2004, No. 13:29-30; Russians (Voronezhskaya, c. 1940, Toyda village, Anninsky district) [the sisters envy the beauty and economy of their younger sister Maryushka. They ask his father to bring boots from the city, M. asks for the feather of the Finist-Yasna falcon. It is only the third time that the father finds a hotel for his youngest daughter. He buys from a grandfather he met on the road, who explained that "the pen is cherished, but for a kind person it is possible wherever it goes." The sisters laugh at the youngest, at night she throws the pen on the floor, calls the kind groom, Finista-Yasna falcon, is great, in the morning he hits the floor, turns into a falcon, flies away. On the third night, the sisters are watching M., noticing a good job. They tell my father, but he advises them to take care of themselves. They put sharp knives into the frame of their younger sister's window, F. can't get into the room, hurts his chest, M. hears F. says that he can be found by demolishing three pairs of iron shoes, breaking three staff, tearing three iron caps. M. asks her father to let her go in search of her fiancé. On the way through forests and mountains, animals do not touch the girl. She comes to the hut, asks to turn around, inside "Baba Yaga has a bone leg, legs from corner to corner, lips in the garden, and her nose to the ceiling has grown" reports that F. married in a kingdom far away. She gives a silver saucer and a golden egg - she rolls on a saucer herself, orders her to go to the groom's kingdom, not sell the saucer, but exchange it for the night with F. M. the cat jumps into his arms, calms him down, advises not to be afraid and move forward. The girl goes into the huts twice more, the first one receives a silver hoop and a split needle, which she embroiders herself, after which a dog runs up to her and advises her not to be afraid. In the third hut, M. receives a silver bottom, a golden spindle - she spins the gold thread herself. Wonderful items should also be exchanged for the night with F., but not sold. From the last hut, M. enters the forest, meets a wolf, tells him not to be afraid, and carries it to the kingdom of far away. M. is hired by an employee at F. Swaps magic items three times for three nights with F. Only the last night does he wake up - she finds a gold pin in his head and takes it out. He turns it into a blue dove, becomes a falcon himself, and they fly away. F. gives her his pen and flies to the sky. M. returns to his city during the festival. The sisters go for a walk, M. calls F., asks her to let her go for a walk, servants appear and dress her up. The whole city and older sisters notice an unknown beauty in the city. At home, M. changes clothes, but forgets to take off his brooch. The sisters realize that she is hiding something, watching again, inserting knives into the frame again. M. does not hear the falcon beating at night, but he hears him repeating the old formula on how to look for it. M. comes to the first hut, learns from Baba Yaga that F. is married to the mistress of the sea, receives a brocade towel and a gold ball. She predicts that the lady will go ashore to dry herself and ask to sell her wonderful things, but they should be exchanged for the night with F. In the other two huts, the girl receives 12 diamond nails and a gold hammer ("sit on gold sand, hammer carnations") and a black horse, which feeds on heat, "danders" golden eggs. The horse takes the girl to the seashore, everything happens as three Baba Yaga predicted, Marya changes objects for three nights with F., only on the last night she manages to wake him up by dropping a tear on her shoulder. The Sea Queen gathers princes and merchants to judge her husband for treason. F. asks who the real wife is - the one who loves or the one who sells her husband. Everyone agrees that F.'s wife is M. They come to their country and have a lavish feast]: Korolkova 1941, No. 5:29-37; Ukrainians (Gorinchevo, Khust District, Transcarpathia) [Count's son goes hunting every day. In the morning he wakes up, opens the window, sees that a woman is walking down the street, bringing her son to eat in a pot. The count's son, to test his accuracy, shoots the pot and breaks it. Baba sees him laughing and says that she barely begged her son for food. She curses him to only marry Seipentel Ilona. The guy runs after his grandmother and asks where she is; she replies that where ninety-nine human heads are on the stakes, and leaves. The count's son does not find a place for himself, he is going to look for his betrothed. He sees how a bear crashes ants, feels sorry for ants, drives a bear into the thicket. Ants give him a pipe that he can use to summon them to help. The guy goes on, sees that the boys have caught a fox and hit it. He asks to keep it and pays them a crown. The fox gives him a pipe to play on, and she will come to his aid. The count's son comes to the water and sees the fish fighting. He throws bread to the fish. The fish calms down, thanks him and gives him a pipe to call for help. More often, he bumps into a hut, around 99 human heads on poles. He comes in and sees the woman he smashed the pot with on the stove. She serves him by telling him to look after her three mares. If he doesn't pull him back, his head will be on a pole. The guy falls asleep, and when he wakes up, he does not find mares. It causes ants with the help of a flute, who explain that the mares have become ants. Real ants will start biting them, then they'll start running away. When the first one runs and then the second one, you don't have to do anything, and when the third one runs, you have to whip it and say, "Be what you used to be!" That's what the guy does. In the evening, a woman checks, sees mares, gets angry and hits them with an iron club (these are her daughters). In the morning, she orders her daughters to go to the water and become fish. When the guy wakes up, he calls fish with the help of a flute. She reports that mares have become goldfish. Real fish will bite them. When the third one jumps out of the water, you should whip it and say, "Be what you were!" That's what the guy does. The woman gets angry in the evening, whips the mares with a fiery whip, accusing them of being in a romantic relationship with the guy. They deny it and tell their mother that she is wise and he is wiser. On the third day, the mares disappear again. The fox summoned by the flute explains that the woman turned them into eggs, put them in a basket on the stove, and sat on them herself. But the woman in the attic has a rooster. The fox will call the ferret, which will start chasing the rooster. The woman will get up from her eggs and climb to save the rooster. Then you have to run into the hut, whip the balls and say, "Be what you used to be!" The ferret starts chasing the rooster, the woman, when she hears a scream, climbs into the attic. The guy hits the balls, the mares are back in the barn, the guy sits on a chair. Baba is convinced that he is wiser than her. He says he served her faithfully and asks what he asks for his service. He wants to stay in service for three more years. Baba agrees, takes him to a big lake in the morning, gives him a wooden shovel, a wooden hoe, a wooden coinage, and tells this lake to fall asleep and walled up so that she can ride it on horseback, if not will do - be his head on the stake. His tools break immediately, he sits and grieves. Babina, Seipentel's daughter Ilona, brings him food and finds out the cause of his burning. After feeding him, she puts him into a deep sleep, whistling to the devils. They fall asleep and walled up the lake. When the guy wakes up, he notifies the woman, she checks, but the lake does not break through under the horse. She sends him into the thicket the next day. There, the wind scattered beech and oak seeds. They must be harvested, each seed separately. At noon, the girl brings food and finds out about the task. The guy eats up and falls asleep because Ilona sleeps on him, and she whistles, devils run, and in an hour all the seeds are collected as the woman wanted. On the third day, the woman orders to cut down the thicket, dig it up, and sow it with wheat. By evening, wheat must be ripe, and he must squeeze it, bring it, grind it, grind the flour and bake bread. The guy cuts down one tree and gets tired. SI wants to bring him an afternoon snack, but the woman yells at her, even breathes fire, suspects that she is doing all the work for him, and he's not so wise, let his sister carry it. But after a while she calms down and leaves her daughter alone. SI brings in an afternoon snack, finds the guy crying. When he has lunch, she falls into a deep sleep, and she cries the devils like sea sand. Everything is ready by evening. Ilona wakes him up, gives him a fresh roll and asks him to tell the woman when she asks what he wants for his service, what he wants to stay with her for another three years. Baba pretty agrees. The count's son stays with her, does everything well, but one day, when a woman falls asleep, SI and her boyfriend get ready for a long journey. SI turns herself and his boyfriend into pigeons, they're flying, and SI asks if you can see anything. The guy turns around and says he sees a cloud of fire. She replies that she is a mother and that she will turn herself into a mill and him into an old miller. The old woman will ask if he saw two pigeons, and he must answer what he saw a long time ago. Baba decides it's not them and comes home. SI turns them into pigeons again and they fly to its land. She asks again, and he sees a fiery cloud again. Then SI turns itself into grass and it into a braid. He tells Baba he saw two pigeons when he was clearing this field for a meadow. Baba is coming home. Two pigeons hit the road again. After a while, SI asks again who he sees. He says the woman is on a fiery horse. SI turns them into fish, but tells them not to stick their heads out of the water or they'll go blind and she'll talk to her mother. But the guy wants to hear what they're talking about, sticks his head out of the water, the woman steals his eyes and comes home. The girl cries, goes like a dove behind his eyes. At home, she gives her mother and sisters a deep sleep, climbs into her mother's bosom, reaches out her eyes, and instead puts pigeon eggs so that her mother thinks when she wakes up, that her eyes are in her bosom. She flies to the riverbank and returns the guy's eyes. They fly to his village. The guy is happy, he leads the girl by the hand. She asks where he's taking her. He replies to their homestead. She tells me not to do this, because she is not yet known there, asks to be taken to their innkeeper neighbor, who will serve him. In a month, let him tell his father and mother that she wants to get married. They'll get married then, but he must remember not to let anyone at home kiss him. The guy leaves his betrothed with the innkeeper, returns to his parents himself. They welcome him, they want to hug him and kiss him, but they don't give him. Tired, he goes to bed, in the evening an aunt comes to them and kisses a sleepy man in bed. He forgets the girl. It takes two weeks and two months. His relatives decide to marry him. They choose a bride, marry, and set a wedding day. SI knows everything, she cries, makes the guy fall and dislocated his leg. They send him for a doctor, and the innkeeper's maid says she'll heal him faster. This is what happens. The guy asks what to reward her with. She doesn't want anything but asks to be invited to the wedding. The wedding day is coming. She bites through a golden nut, takes out her gold clothes and comes to the wedding. The young ones are just about to get married. But when a young woman sees an innkeeper's maid, she refuses to get married until she gets the same dress. They start looking for silver clothes. They cannot find it anywhere and have to buy it from the maid, they promise to pay her dearly. She doesn't want anything, she asks permission to be with her young man. XI kisses the guy, talks about everything, but he doesn't remember anything. A servant hides under the bed and hears what the girl said. "I've saved your life six times and you've forgotten it all! But it's not all gone. At dawn, I'll be cuckoo at your house, and then you'll see me, then you'll recognize me..." She's going home. The servant crawls out from under the bed, tells the young master what he has heard. After that, the guy remembers everything. In the morning he goes out into the yard, sees a cuckoo, and immediately recalls SI. But the cuckoo is flying away. The count's son is going to travel. The bride is told that they will not get married, she can marry someone else. He orders iron tables from the master and goes around the world. Looking for a betrothed for seven years. One day he sits under the willow, looks - the tables are torn. She thinks this is the only place she should be if his tables are broken. The cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cucko The guy says it's his Ilonka. The bird says it's his. He calls her to his place. She asks me to be afraid that she won't invite her aunt to the wedding, who kissed him. He takes an oath. Then she flies off and becomes a girl. The guy is happy, takes her hand and brings her to his parents. They celebrate their wedding and live happily ever after]: Literature 1979:121-129; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [A childless wife dreams that if you eat the seed of a rose in the garden, children will be born; when she gave birth to 12, her husband left wandering; she continued to give birth, the last of a hundred sons was named Ruzha ("rose"); father returns, R. sends him to come half an iron club and iron skulls; he returns; the son sends again, again with a club and shoes; the father sees a man plowing on the holiday, reproaches him; he asks why the other is wandering on the holiday; because one hundred sons , the other has a hundred daughters; they agree to marry them, R. says that now the father of the children has added]: Pankeev 1992:133-136; Poles [(many records); due to a rash wish or spells in the family, a snake son is born; at night she takes on a human form; the girl promises to marry him or her father promises to give her (as payment for a flower picked for her); the girl breaks the spell from snake husband (snake, donkey, dwarf, hedgehog, toads, etc.) - burns skin, cuts off the head, etc.; due to the fact that the skin was burned ahead of time (due to the machinations of his wife's sisters, etc.), the husband disappears; going in search, the wife must wear her iron shoes; receives magic items from the old woman; learns where to go from the winds and stars, climbs a glass mountain; buys three nights for three valuable items next to her husband, returns him]: Krzyżanowski 1947, No. 325:70-71; Belarusians [Vladyka allowed the widowed ass to marry the one who will have the dress of his deceased wife; she had a daughter; she went to the forest in her cell; food was falling from the sky; the prince wandered there, married the priest; a son Ivan was born; popovna saw his father, he asked for alms; invited him to the palace; he stabbed the child and put a knife in her daughter's pocket; she was expelled; she brought her body to her cell; 15 years later she saw one snake revive another with grass; revived her son; I. found a devils' house, killed everyone, hung one on a hook; contrary to the ban, the mother went there; the devil asked for "a crack with his blood"; she filed, he jumped off the hook; became her husband; ordered his son to be sent first to Ryba-Koshchei for the pig, then for golden and silver apples to the garden of the 12-headed serpent; I. took the princess out of the garden; they fled from the snake in the monastery; the mother tests her son's strength: she wraps him in hemp, silk, then a copper "dart"; the devil began to beat him, blinded him, pinched him in a split pine tree; the cabbies released him, the "krinichnaya water" regained his sight; I. tortured the devil to death; married that princess; told his mother to wear cast-iron shoes: when you tear it down, then your son will be ]: Romanov 1887:66.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [the old man brought wormwood for fuel, a snake was in the wormwood; grew up quickly, ordered the khan's daughter to be married; the old man came to the khan on a yellow-striped bull; they put a brand on the bull, an old man they tore him apart; the Serpent revived him, sent him again; the khan orders to build a golden door-to-door bridge, on the sides there is a bush with fruits, both houses have poplar to the stars; by morning everything is ready, the khan gave his daughter; husband, leaving the snakeskin to his wife, became a swan, flew to frolic with Hormust-Tengri's daughters; the wife hid the skin in her hair; the sister-in-law began to burn it, forced her to give her skin, burned it; the husband flew in uniform swan, said that he must now fly to the place where heaven and earth merged; the wife went there, taking two iron staffs, two (pairs?) iron sandals; the bird taught me to enter the iron palace, hug her husband; they had a son, they came to see the khan, the husband tortured her sister-in-law to death]: Basangova 2002:114-117; Karachays /Balkarians: Aliyeva 1994 [From there he set off, swearing:/- Until this iron stick is worn off to tutum/ And my iron boots will not fall off their feet when worn out/I won't come home,/ I'm not getting married yet! /He traveled for a long time, /When he was driving along one large steppe, /He saw one emegensha./Her needle was a plane tree, /Her threads were a hair lasso. /She sewed up a crack in the ground, /She threw her breasts behind her back, and this is how she worked] : 414; Malkonduev 2017 [Avdilsheria's wife was stolen; he ordered two pairs of iron training and an iron staff, promising to look for a wife until they wear out]: 779; (cf. Ossetians [Rostov Khan had a mistress, he went to her on horse-wind; his wife quietly sat behind her husband, killed her rival; when she died, she asked to take the child out; R. took a child named Amiran from threw her belly into the water; R. fell ill with grief; he had sons Badri and Russia; they were fishing; a pretty boy jumped out of the water, began to play on the surface of the sea; R. taught his sons to catch him; let one will sit on the shore, and the other will shave him not along, but across; you have to touch the boy's head with a razor when he approaches to teach him how to shave properly; when A. is caught, he was locked for 7 with iron doors so that he would not hear the noise of the enemies in charge of the house - Voyugov and Gumirov; he heard and cut down enemies; only Avtsaron Pascondi remained; A. cut down his 6 heads, but the seventh remained and the AP flew away to heaven; together with his brothers A. went to fight the snake Zariag Kalm; let himself be swallowed, cut himself from the inside, came out all shabby; did not receive the field he wanted from the brothers, and left; Woyugi and Gumirs became again rulers; the brothers put on copper shoes, took iron staffs, went to look for A.; returned it, but on the way back, AP took the brothers to heaven; A. killed a sea bull, climbed into its skin; AP took the skin with A. inside to heaven; persuaded the brothers to tell AP as if they had a dream: A. tore off his head; he rushed at them, and A. killed him; the brothers went down to the ground by rope; A. again forced Voyugov and Gumirov to pay tribute]: Miller 1881, No. 10:145-147); Avars [the older sister promises to weave cloth for the tsarist army, the middle sister promises to bake bread, the youngest to give birth to a son with pearl teeth and a gold-haired daughter; king overhears, takes the youngest; while the king is at war, the sisters throw their children into the nettle gorge, report that the queen has given birth to a puppy and a kitten; the king orders her to be sewn in donkey skin, chained to the city gate, don't care about her; Doe feeds the children with milk, leaves them in an empty castle, tells the boy to cover her mouth, the girl's hair; the widow catches golden hair in the river, the evil sisters tell this woman to destroy survivors; she advises the girl to ask her brother 1) bring an apple tree branch that sings and dances; he slips on horseback between the crushing rocks, the tip of the tail is cut off, brings a branch; 2) marry beautiful Ezenzulhar; he sees petrified horsemen at her castle, calls E., stony himself; her sister has worn out her iron soles and staff; E. looks at her when she bares her hair, the petrified come to life, the brother marries E.; the tsar meets his children, frees his wife, the children take their mother to their castle]: Bulatova 1985:59-66; Lucky: Ganiyeva 2012b, No. 45 [stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter; the father sews his daughter into the skin of a white gazelle, the daughter turns into a gazelle; the old woman gives seven nuts, each with a new dress; the father sells gazelle to the son of a pachah; taking off the gazelle skin and wearing a dress , the girl appears at feasts; the son of the pachaha falls in love, gives her a ring; goes to look for her; the gazelle makes a churek, gives the servants, the son of the pachah finds a ring in the churek, understands everything; at night the gazelle in his the room turns into a girl; the old woman learns the secret, brings the skin of a gazelle to the pachaha, he burns it, the girl flies away with a falcon; after wearing out his steel boots, the son of a pachaha finds a cave, secretly eats the food prepared by the girl, grabs it before she flies away again, explains that it is not her fault; they return home]: 408-418; Khalilov 1965, No. 51 [an apple fell on the royal roof during the rain; The queen ate him in half with her husband, gave birth to 40 boys; the king was frightened and ordered them to be left behind the mountain; later he returned, 40 young men named him father, asked him to marry 40 sisters; the king put on iron boots, took a steel stick, went to look for brides; a father of 40 daughters, also with an iron stick and iron boots; a father and 39 sons went to pick up brides, and the youngest Susuna stayed at home; S. father: when snakes fall from the sky and stone rain, do not stop anyway; but when the stones fell, the young insisted on spending the night; at night they were surrounded by a ring of snakes, demanded their younger brother S.; tells S. to get the daughter of an overseas king; S. meets, takes as his companions a person who shoots birds into the sky, drinks and spews the sea; the king orders 1) to overtake the old woman; shooter ran, threw an arrow in the old woman's back and overtook him; 2) climb a tree with a full bowl and go down without splashing; S. completed the task, but from the top of the tree he saw his mother in mourning for him, dropped a tear; but the king was convinced that it was not water; 3) spend the night in the iron room; the king ordered a fire to be made around, but the water bread spewed the water and cooled the room; the princess did not want to see the snake; the shepherd advised to ask a snake rewarded with a sword in a felt sheath; S. cut this sword by a snake; half became a dog, the other became a pig, they began to chase each other; S. received two wives: the princess and the former bride]: 137 -142; Lezgins [=Mazaev, Kasumov 1997 (2): 102-109, =Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 43:386-389; the girl saw dew in the garden, wanted to marry a young man named Chigali ("dew"); the father put on iron shoes, took hands an iron stick, found C.; he gave a handkerchief, ordered the girl to wash it, and pour water on her roof and on her neighbor's roof; she would grow roses, and her neighbor would have a tree, C. would come to the house with roses; the bald neighbor changed the water, thorns grew on the girl's roof, and the neighbor had roses; the matchmakers came to the neighbor; the girl asked God to turn her father into a black snake and herself into a blue dove; arrives to C., annoys the bald one; she tells the dove to be slaughtered, the girl asks God to make her a plane tree; the bald one tells her to cut down the plane tree, one sliver bounced, the old woman picked it up; since then everything in her house has been cleaned; she stayed on guard, grabbed the girl; they fattened the khan's foal; the girl created a pasture and a spring in the stable; the foal grew up, does not let strangers in; went to C. when the girl told him to do so ; the girl gathered others, ordered them to tell stories, told her own; C. heard, married a girl, drove her bald girl away with a child]: Khalilov 1965, No. 71:218-222; Armenians [the old man brought it from the forest firewood, they contained a snake; demanded that the royal daughter be married to him; the king demands that a palace be built overnight, then a garden, a carpet from the palace to the palace, invisible musicians; each time the serpent tells the old man to go to forest, shout into the hole "Big Khatun, Little Khatun, Habrmani wants this and that"; after the wedding of snakes, he becomes man H. at night, tells his wife not to let it slip; incognito participates in races; in response to the sisters ridicule, the wife says, H. falls, orders to trample iron bast shoes and a steel staff in 7 years, then she will find it; disappears; H. is at the mercy of a witch, she wants to pass it off as he is his daughter; his wife, having passed the earthen, glass, copper fortress, reaches the gold fortress, her bast shoes and staff are worn off; she throws her ring into the maid's jug, H. finds it; the witch asks to iron her legs and fall asleep in her legs; H. tells me to put a deck in her place, at night the witch gives her foot; the witch tells her to bring fluff for the pillows, H. advises to ask the birds to lose their fluff; H. and his wife run away, the witch's daughter is chasing, they turn into a mill and a miller; a vegetable garden with a gardener; the third time the witch runs by herself, H. tells his wife to throw the comb, forests appear; H. turns his wife into a twig, herself into a snake wrapped around a branch; the witch found them, but took pity and let them go; H. and the princess are celebrating a new wedding in a new palace]: Nazinyan 2014:106-116; Azerbaijanis: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935 [ the daughters of the vizier and vekil teach the king's three daughters to send melons to their father: ripe, ripe, slightly unripe; the vizier explains that it is time to marry their daughters; the king tells everyone to fire an arrow; the eldest's arrow gets to the roof of the vizier's house, the middle one falls by the bush, the youngest falls by the bush; the girl finds a snake there, she turns into a young man named Shamsi-Kamar, he tells her not to reveal secrets; otherwise she will find it again him only when his iron shoes were worn out and her iron staff bent; the king invited his daughters; the elders put rice in their sleeves, when they were dancing, it fell down; precious stones fell down from the youngest's sleeves; mother persuaded her daughter to reveal the secret, threw a snakeskin into the fire; the husband disappeared with the house; the wife looked for him until she wore out her iron shoes and bent her staff; the SHK slaves came for water, the wife threw it in the jug is a ring; the HK recognized her, but told her not to open; his father thinks that the princess is one of the maids, tells her to bring firewood from the forest; the HK teaches her to say in the forest that the HK is dead; then the firewood gathered themselves; at night, the HK teaches her to say in the forest that the ShK is dead; then poured boiling water on the bride, which his father had prepared for him, rode off with the princess; wedding; the bride's relatives did not catch them]: 216-221; Bogoyavlensky 1892c, No. 7 [the wife disliked Gulchi-khanum, her husband's sister; cut off her baby's head, put her head in G.'s pocket; her brother kicked her sister out; she steals apples from the royal garden; the prince grabbed her and married her; in the absence of her husband, G. gave birth to a gold-haired son; the daughter-in-law changed letter - G. gave birth to a puppy; replaced her husband's letter - to drive G. out; she found an empty palace; when she returned, the prince put on iron bast shoes, went to look for G.; met Brother G., who became a dervish, too looking for a sister; they came to G.'s palace, where the prince's son, everything is fine; the daughter-in-law was tied to the tails of wild horses]: 319-322; the Turks [about the same in Kúnos 1901:74-83; the younger sister's horse secretly from others turn into a young man; she does not marry, meets an imaginary horse at night; burns his skin; he flies away as a pigeon, says she will find him when she wears out her iron shoes and staff ; at the source, the maid says she is collecting water for Chamber-Tiar; the wife, disguised as a beggar, throws her ring into the jug; Thu recognizes him, comes for her; the devas want to eat it, Thu's mother gives tasks; 1) sweep - do not sweep the room (collect garbage in the middle); 2) go to the neighbor behind the bars (give the meat lying in front of the horse to the dog, grass from the dog to the horse, venerate the neighbor's chest behind the back); 3) fill the cauldron with tears (add salt to the water); 4) fill the bag with fluff (the birds gave); during the wedding, THU tied the daughter of the devas to the pole instead of the padishah's daughter, runs with his wife; she throws the comb (spikes) soap (slippery), jug (water); Thu became a gardener, his wife became a garden; a tree and a snake wrapping around him (the devas broke the net and tore off their little finger); into flowers at the feet of the padishah; he gave them to the devas, they were grains, chickens they peck, two grains remain, turn into a young man and a girl, have a wedding]: Stebleva 1986, No. 27:105-109; Kurds [the shepherd's wife gave birth to Pumpkin, the Pumpkin Son asks his father to marry the daughter of the khakim; performs the condition to bring 40 horsemen with gold armor by morning gets a wife; the pumpkin splits, Mehmed Khan comes out of it, tells his wife to make coffee but not let it boil; the coffee boils, the young man disappears; the wife asks her father-in-law to make her iron sandals and an iron staff, promises to look for M. until she wears them out; wanders in vain for seven years; asks his father to build a palace, listens to the stories of travelers in it; the guide tells how he sat in a bucket that rolled out of the rock, got into the rock, where 40 pigeons flew in, turned into young men, one was sad; the wife penetrates the same way; M. tells them to run, his mother is not good will release; M. turns into a shepherd, wife into a sheep; the mother recognizes them, but since the bride turned out to be more beautiful than her son, she blesses]: Farizov, Rudenko 1959:23-28.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Osmanov 1958 [the dervish gives pomegranate to be eaten by the Shah's childless wife and the apple by the vizier's wife; the vizier gives pomegranate to his wife, she gives birth to daughter Bibi-Mehrnegar (B.), the Shah's wife - son in in the form of a black snake named Mirza Ustu-Humar (M.); the Shah orders the vizier to give his daughter for his son; at night, the serpent sheds its skin and becomes a young man; at the request of her father-in-law B. burns the skin; M. says that she does not finds it before she wears out seven iron dresses, a pair of shoes, staffs, chews seven boxes of chewing gum; on the way she meets seven divas, each throwing a box; throws the ring into the jug that the maid carries for M.; she pours water into M.'s palm, he recognizes the ring; to prevent his aunt from eating B., M. disguises her as a maid; opens it, taking a promise from the divas do not kill B.; aunt demands 1) sweep the yard with a broom covered with pearls so that no one falls (M. performs); 2) water the yard with a sieve (the same); 3) take the "play-dance" box to her aunt's brother, bring "grab and plant" from him; on the way she opens the box, cannot put the dancers back; burns a hair, M. comes, puts it back, tells her to do everything against her aunt's order; accordingly, B. throws straw horse, dog bones, calls a hole with mud and blood honey, opens a closed door, closes an open door, greets everyone, leaves one box, grabs another, runs, doors, etc. refuse it detain; M. marries her aunt's daughter, cuts off her head at night, B. says goodbye to all objects, forgets about the stone (a measure of weight); B. and M. run, the stone wakes up her aunt, she pursues; the fugitives throw 1) reed (reed thickets), 2) needle (needle forest), 3) salt (salt marsh), 4) sea foam (sea); aunt asks how they crossed; M. replies that on stones; she steps on foam flakes, sinks]: 15-24; 1987 [ a childless woodcutter wants to kill a snake, which promises to become his son Sabzkaba ("green caftan"); orders the ruler's daughter Shakarhava ("sweet wish") to be married; he requires 70 bags of jewelry, etc., S. sends, receives his wife, takes off her snakeskin at night; warns her not to burn; otherwise, in order to return him, seven iron dresses, shoes, staffs will have to be worn out; Sister Sh. skin into the fire; S. goes in search; meets women, girls, everyone says that their father S. went to S. and disappeared, they would kill her; one girl carries water S., S. throws a ring into the jug; S. meets Sh., tells his diva mother to venerate his breast; mother-in-law tells him to pour tears on the floor (S. performs); wash the black bag white (dip it in water when white water flows); bring a sieve from her sister- diva, she must break Sh.; S.: there are bones in front of the horse, straw in front of the dog, must be shifted; put cotton wool in every bell on the door; S. grabbed a sieve and ran away; at the wedding of divas in the arms of S. and Sh. put hot candles, but they did not throw the candles; at night S. killed the bride and groom, ran with Sh.; brother S. chases, S. became a broom, S. became a rope; uncle (garden and gardener); father (mill and miller); mother (cypress and dragon); S. killed her mother, everything is fine]: 301-306; Shugnans [an old man finds a baby girl with a ruby in her mouth; when she is 12 years old, she says that they will bring a rooster at night, let her father he gives him the royal daughter; the rooster says his name is Shoisilangor; at night he sheds his cock's guise; the king orders to create 1) a garden with fountains of water and milk, 2) a mill that grinds three at once type of grain, 3) a shady alley from the royal house to the groom's house (a girl and a rooster create all this easily); S. appears to the king in his true form, he is satisfied; after the wedding, the young mother persuades throw a cock's face into the fire; S. flies to Mount Kof, his wife will find him when she wears out her clothes; a hand from the spring gives her an invisible hat; finds S.; a feast; the young visit the king]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 20:223-235; Uzbeks [chasing a pheasant, the youngest of the old man's three sons enters a cave, spends 40 days with peri; when he returns home, Peri tells him to ask his father build a house for him, set up a yurt; when he comes to his son, the old man sees only a cat next to him; secretly spies, sees a beautiful woman; before a relative's wedding, the old man tells his daughters-in-law to sew dresses and bake cakes ; other peri do everything on the orders of the young man's wife; Peri replies to the other daughters-in-law that he will make clothes out of paper; they also make paper dresses, peri sends rain, dresses get wet; peri cakes are much better prepared by other daughters-in-law; the old man asks his son where he keeps the cat's skin; when he finds out, he throws it into the fire; Peri flies away, telling her husband to wear his iron boots and staff; a young man Almauz Kempir (AK) comes to the house, where his wife and boy are also; the young man asks the boy for water, he does not give it, the water in the jug turns into blood for the first time, into pus; peri tells the boy give water to a stranger; a young man throws a ring into a jug, recognizes it, goes to her husband; when AK is at home, turns it into a flower, hides it in his hair; then passes her husband off as a younger brother; AK tells look for her hair, sucks the young man's blood; peri tells her husband to give the dog meat, the camel hay (AK did the opposite); when the AK falls asleep, tie her hair to a pole, take a comb, scissors, a mirror, run; doors , the camel and the dog refuse to detain the fugitives; they throw the comb, answer AK that they need to pull out two teeth, make axes out of them, cut through the road; the same is scissors; AK has only four teeth; throw a mirror, it turns into a river; the fugitives say that you need to tie stones to your neck and put stones in their sleeves, walk along the bottom; AK sinks; the young man and the peri live in their home]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1) 415-425 (=Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:166-178); Uzbeks [elderly spouses are childless, the fox asks to make him their son; easily does any job; tells him to marry the Shah's daughter; the old man is executed, the fox is executed three times revives, the Shah has to give his daughter; he takes off his fox skin for the night, becomes handsome; the wife burns the skin; the husband leaves, the wife will find him by demolishing his iron staff and boots; she does so, meets her husband , when he hunts, the couple are happy]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (2): 122-126.

Baltoscandia. The Finns [three brothers and three sisters; the sisters were carried away by a whirlwind; the older brother went in search; three years later, the middle brother; the mother does not want to let the younger one go, but he insists; asks the blacksmith to make iron shoes, a club and a chain; reached the mountain, where his brothers were; one's hair grew to the ground, the other had a moss on his head; the youngest threw the chain up the mountain and climbed it; then heather plain, a brass house rotates on it; he told him to stop; there is a younger sister in the house; let the brother go around the house three times against the sun, then he will see a keyhole; the husband came; they agreed to help each other; everyone will know if there is blood on the headscarf; the same in the silver house of the middle sister; in the golden house of the elder; the young man came to the hero; she was sleeping, he grabbed her; let her go, when she agreed that he should not be her father or brother, but her husband; went to war; the blacksmith makes 300 warriors per night and, if the girl does not destroy them in a day, it will be bad; she forbids the young man to enter into one of the rooms; he entered: there are all kinds of animals hanging by the legs, some by the horns, asking for release; he freed one and the others; tore the young man to pieces and threw him into the river; on scarves blood came out of the brothers; they turned into a snake, mouse and fish; the man who became a fish found a young man; the girl poured elixir on the remains, everything grew together, the young man came to life stronger than before; persuaded the girl to take him to fight with himself against forged warriors; he went to the blacksmith, said he knew his craft and would forge him a new head; he smashed his head with a hammer, new warriors did not appear again; they went to the young man's homeland; the brothers took their sisters; but when the young man lowered the bride down the mountain, his brothers cut off the chain and took the girl; the young man spent several years on the mountain, overgrown with hair, dressed in reindeer skin; then I saw a blind old man with a huge beard below; asked for help; he held out his beard, the young man jumped on it like a soft blanket; touched the old man's eyes, he saw the light; old man: hurry up, yours brother is preparing a wedding with your fiancée; when he gets home, the young man climbed the floor of the shelves in the bathhouse; maid: hell! the bride understood, brought clothes, cut her hair and washed it; wedding]: Löwis of Menar 1927, No. 31:90-96; Karelians: Konkka 1959, No. 31 (Olonetskaya, 1886) [three girls threw off their clothes, became ducks and swam; the guy saw, hid her clothes alone; he is silent when a girl promises to be a sister, gives her clothes for a promise to become a wife; the girl promises to sail on three golden ships; a woman came out of the water, stuck sleepy needles in the guy's ears, he did not wake up; the same on 6, 9 ships; the girl leaves a note: to see her, you will have to wear 3 pairs of iron boots and 3 iron staffs; the guy goes looking, the hut is spinning on cock spurs, she is wearing a cannibal woman, her nose is a poker; she recognizes the boyfriend as her brother's son; she wore one pair of his iron boots and one staff overnight; the same with two other women; the latter sends hunting, the guy hides the foxes from the cold, then the cubs, the cubs, the cubs, threw a pike into the sea; the fox, the wolf, the bear, the pike promise to help; the guy comes to an old woman who has there are 8 heads in the pillars, the 9th is prepared for him; the old woman tells her 9 horses to herd, they run away; the fox, then the wolf, the bear are brought; the horse: at night we will give birth to foals, take the worst as a reward; the stallion tells me to go to the old widow; she says that his fiancée's love is in an egg inside the blue stone on the island; the horse jumped onto the island, the pike took out an egg that fell into the sea; the widow fed it to her goddaughter (i.e. that one girl), the guy married her]: 142-148; Onegin 2010, No. 24 [the elderly have a son, the second head is a snake; a widow is nearby, she has three daughters; the son demands one of them as his wife; they brought the eldest, he ate her at night; the same from the middle; the youngest ordered the blacksmith three iron bars and a hundred iron snakes; before going to bed, she put a snare under every door and every window; she began to beat the snakehead with rods; he calls demons, they climbed through windows and doors, died in snare; when all the bars broke, the serpent turned into a dog; the wife refused to lie down with the dog, the husband became handsome; said that he would be a dog during the day, a man at night; the wife broke the ban, told her parents everything; the dog husband ran away; the wife goes in search; her mother tells her to order three pairs of shoes, three staffs, three swirls, all made of iron; shoes, staffs, swarms (they must be kept in your mouth) must be worn out; if you find your aunt (i.e. widow's sister), she will tell you what to do; aunt says that Suoyatar's husband is now married; she has three barns of linen and wool, she will ask spin, if you can't cope in two weeks, she will eat; the aunt gives a pipe: girls will come to her sound, do the job; as a reward, ask S. for the night with her husband; you have to go to bed in the bathhouse, put five chicken eggs in heater, run away; S. will answer eggs; girls spin at night, husband sees wife, they negotiate; eggs answer S.; when she finally rushed in pursuit, the wife drew a line on the ground , she turned into a sword, cut off S.'s legs]: 260-264; Eastern Sami: Yermolov 1959 [childless old people dream of a son even with a dog's nose; a boy was born in dog skin; grew up asking his father marry; the girl eats the meat herself, throws the groom's bones like a dog; at night he tore it apart; the same with the second girl; the third gives the groom meat; at night he took off his dog skin, became handsome; the old woman tells his daughter-in-law Burn the skin; husband: you won't see me until you drown three pairs of iron boots, three iron buttons melt in your mouth, three iron staffs are worn off; the girl went, trampled one pair, melted, worn out; she sees a hut - turns around; "Turn to the forest with a window, and to me with a door!" ; in the hut they answered: they did not see the passers, only the wind missed; they gave copper and a copper scallop; the same in the second hut (the silver ones hung and the comb); in the third - gold; let him comb hair and will put up copper hangs and comb where beautiful Katerina and her husband are playing ball at the extreme hut; give the comb to sleep one night at the door at the doorstep; the same for the second night (silver); on the third (gold); then KK grabbed a box of needles, threads, beads, colored scraps and ran to the seashore; threw it all into the sea and ordered it to turn into shells; so shells, starfish, etc. scattered on the bottom; and husband and wife returned home]: 67-69; Kert 1961, No. 19 (Lovozero) [childless old man and old woman want a son, even in dog skin; son has grown up, wants marry; the old man has three daughters; the eldest comes; asks why the dog is barking; mother-in-law: this is your husband; the young woman throws bones to the dog; at night the husband ran over her; the same with the middle sister; the youngest caresses dog; at night she sheds her skin and becomes a young man; one day my wife burned her skin; husband: in three years I was destined to take off my fur coat; and now you will look for me while you wear out three pairs of boots and three staffs, three tin buttons in her mouth will melt; the wife wore everything out, came to town, where they play ball, her husband was playing among the players; she hid the ball; gave it back on the condition that her husband would take her to sleep in her sleeping bag (and he already remarried); the husband does not recognize her; the second time the wife says who she is; the husband turned away from the new one, turned to the old one; when they returned, the old woman burns fire at the end of the spindle, and the old man at the end of the knitting net needles; when they found out that their son and daughter-in-law had returned, the old people were happy and died]: 58-61; Charnolusky 1962 [a childless old woman is ready to give birth to at least a dog; gives birth to a puppy; son asks to bring him a bride; the bride is afraid of him, he tore her teeth; the old woman brings a new one, she takes a dog, at night he turns handsome; his mother and wife have burned the dog's skin; the handsome man left, saying that his wife will find him, after wearing out three iron jars; the wife comes to three old women sequentially, they give copper, silver, gold combs; the husband plays ball, the wife combs her hair, the ball flies into her window every time; she asks players to have her husband's wife Ulita let her sleep 1) on the doorstep of the house, 2) at their feet, between spouses; husband recognizes his wife, Ulita jumps into the lake; husband and wife return to his parents]: 171-175; Norwegians [before disappearing, a magical wife leaves her husband a pair of iron shoes that he must wear before seeing them again]: Christiansen 1959:131; Lutsie (1893) [old people are childless, they have found a white snake, at night she turns into a beautiful young man, and during the day she turns into a snake again; asks to marry him a princess; the old man went to the king; king: you will receive it if you come not full and not hungry; not naked or dressed; son: sip oatmeal; wrap yourself in a net; king: come in a horse-drawn carriage; create a palace, the road to my palace is covered with velvet, silver along the edges and golden apple trees with silver and golden apples; the church is made of wax, they serve in it, the candles light up themselves; the snake son does everything; the evening after the wedding, the serpent turned into a young man; the princess's sisters threw snakeskin into the fire; husband: now look for me with three pairs of iron shoes; also three iron hats, three iron beans in your pocket; go to my sister, she will teach me further; she in a room that turns on a chicken leg; turned the girl into a needle, hid it on her chest; an old devil came, the hostess said he was the one who was flying around the world; in the morning she gave me a gold spinning wheel, a silver spindle; sent it to her second sister (all the same, gave a precious handkerchief); the third (still the same) gave an embroidered tablecloth and gave a ball to follow; tyn around the apple orchard, only on one stake has not yet been planted; the damn daughter bought a spinning wheel with a spindle overnight with her husband, but gave him a sleepy potion; the same second night (handkerchief); on the third he quietly poured a potion; the husband killed the devil with an iron rod, took the precious items, he and his wife run to her older sister, her head is cut off; he revives her with dead and alive vodka; the same with her middle and younger sisters; yudas are chasing, husband threw down the tablecloth, it became a lake of fire, the Judes could not cross; everyone got home, they still live]: Annom et al. 2018:84-89; Lithuanians [the couple has 12 sons and 3 daughters, the youngest Egle ("spruce" ); the sisters were swimming, she had already climbed onto E.'s clothes, she has to promise to marry him; snakes crawl into the house; on the advice of a neighbor, they dress up a goose, a lamb, a chick as a bride; every time the cuckoo screams at deception; E. is taken to the seashore, she is greeted by a handsome man, he is; from the island they go down to the palace at the bottom; E. gives birth to sons named Oak, Ash, Birch, and daughter Osinka; He agrees to let his wife go with children should visit their parents if E. 1) hides a silk tow (the healer tells you to throw the tow into the fire, the toad releases yarn from his mouth in the fire); 2) wear out iron shoes (the healer tells so that the blacksmith calcines them in the furnace); 3) bake the cake (She hides the dishes, the healer advises you to cover the sieve with sourdough, knead the dough in it); She tells you to return to the tenth day, teaches you how to click it; if the sea will boil with bloody foam, which means he is dead; the brothers threaten Osinka with a rod, she gives out a call; the brothers hacked the Snake with braids; when E. comes to the sea, bloody foam boils; E. tells the children to turn into trees turn into spruce itself; aspen is now trembling because it betrayed its own father]: Lebite 1965:79-90 (=Bulatova 1985:375-379).

Volga - Perm. The Bashkirs [the bull tells the old master to marry the khan's daughter for him; the old man is beaten; after the third time, the khan agrees; at night the bull takes off his skin, the bride is happy, burns her skin; the husband orders to pour milk from the barn, go with an iron staff for the milk stream; flies away as a white bird; the khan's daughter comes to her husband's older brother, he sends to the middle, to the youngest, the elder gives food for the middle cow, the middle one is for the younger goose; all four brothers gather, the fourth (still in the form of a bull? or an ogre?) feeds and hides the girl; the elders say that honey and meat were not enough; the elder advises the girl to wrap herself in silk when her fourth brother executes her; she refuses, is ready to answer; the husband accepts human form, everyone is happy]: Barag 1989, No. 22:125-128.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [the old woman says she is pregnant, asks her husband to bring her dragon meat; he finds a yellow dragon killed by a black dragon, the old woman eats a dragon, gives birth to a snake son named Shakhimardan; he asks Nursula, Babakhan's daughter, to be married to him; Khan orders him to be chopped into pieces twice, S. revives him; then the Shah orders him to bring so many horses to fill the city; S. gives his father a diamond sword, tells his father cut off the head of a black snake, horses came out of his hole; the khan gives his daughter, who sheds his skin, turns into a handsome man; tells his wife to hide her skin; others spied, tried to take the skin away, S. snatched it out, he flew away like a swallow, told him to look for him until his iron hat and staff wear out; in the desert, N. comes to the daughter of Padishah Gulistan Marzhan, kidnapped by the Black Giant; she learns from her husband that the swallow flew to the city of Mertik, where demons reside; N. finds Sh.; he brings her and M. to their parents in the form of a bird, restores sight to the blind khan, lives with his wife]: Tursunov 1983:217-224; Kyrgyz [poor old man and old woman; an old man trapped a badger; asks not to kill: he will become a son, he will take care of them; a badger drags partridges to the elderly, old people eat up, raise cattle; a badger offers to move to the village; easily drives away dogs; Khan tells them to come with the badger; Khan has a daughter Aiperi; the badger speaks to her by name; a year later the badger begins to wither away, says he is in love, asks to marry A.; the khan ordered the old man to break his arms and legs, tie him to a mare and sent home; the badger tells the old woman not to worry: the old man is intact again; next time the old man is broken in half; the old man is broken in half; the old man came to life again; the old man was killed, burned, the badger revived him from a handful of ashes; the khan is advised to give the old man an impossible task; let him plant a Munaru tree and a plane tree before, and a lake of milk and a lake at the roots oils, let fish jump from one lake to another; let there be only sheep in one trough, yaks in the other, horses in the third, camels in the fourth, and even if their number is innumerable; let them be between two trees are a golden throne so that the khan can sit on it and admire the fish; at night, the badger asks the old man to slaughter and cut the mare, his ears turned into two trees, his eyes into lakes with butter and milk; cut the hair from the mare's mane turns into fish, the skull into the golden throne, the blood and contents of the intestines and stomach into four species of cattle, the legs into 4 golden horseback riding; in the morning the mare stands in its place whole and unharmed; the khan gave his wife to the badger; her good aunt cheers A., the angry aunt mocks her; at night the badger takes off his skin, turns out to be a young man of unearthly beauty; the good aunt rejoices; in the morning the badger puts the skin back on, tells his wife to wait; but the trouble that the evil aunt will bring will have to endure 6 years; the next evening an evil aunt serves, throws her skin into the fire; the young man turns into a bird and flies away through the upper opening of the yurt; an angry aunt is tied to the tails of 40 horses; A. goes to look for her husband; the khan gives her iron boots and an iron stick; she wanders for 5 years, in her sixth year meets a tall white-bearded old man; he advises to go to a hut at the foot of the mountain; an old witch in the hut; we must ask to accept her as a daughter; the old man will turn around in the wind, shake the hut until morning; in the morning the witch will get tired and lie down with her head on A.'s lap; let A. tear the witch's hair out until her eyes roll and turn white, but they should not turn red; the old man hands A.'s hair, tells A. run them over the witch's body when her eyes turn white, she will twist and freeze; after that A. must run; months later, the old man meets A. again, tells her to go to a hill that looks like a skullcap, there will be that white yurt in which A. spent her wedding night; in the yurt there is a golden stand (for birds of prey), A. must dig into the ground under it; her husband will arrive, he will circle for several days, saying that it smells human; saying "where can man come from here", will sit on a stand; the old man hands Aiperi a net and says that her husband is the son of Peri, who gave birth to a child on top of a tree near the Khan's yurt, in that the moment when Khansha gave birth to A.; seeing that the human child was a beautiful girl, Mother Peri spat on A.'s cheek, putting a mark; her peri husband's name is Aktilek; sitting on a stand, he will begin to say "fell asleep , fell asleep", but this means that he is awake; when he starts saying "woke up, woke up", then he will fall asleep; we must throw a net and hold it; Aktilek will fly out of the yurt and start wearing A. across the sky; three pigeons will arrive, also peri, talk to A.; the first will say, "Hey, long hair, short mind, are you an equal to Peri's son?!" ; the second will begin to feel sorry for A., and the third will offer help to go down to earth; Aktilek will ask A. to open his eyes, but only after the third sentence A. should open them; helping A. go down to earth, pigeons were bruised, which is why some pigeons are not white, but bluish; Aiperi and Aktilek have healed happily]: Sabyr uulu 2008:555-572.

Western Siberia. Eastern Khanty (b. Pim) [the only son is already 18 years old, he still sleeps in a cradle; wakes up, tells his father to marry the king's youngest daughter; 1) the king asks to build a palace painted with birds and animals, sparks fly when you enter; orders to cut the petitioner in half; when brought in, the son makes his father whole; turns into a handsome man, turns to his seven older star brothers, who make a palace overnight; 2) the king cuts the old man into three parts, orders to build a bathhouse; same; 3) cuts into small pieces, orders to create a river of hot water; the king sends a daughter, at night a snotty baby becomes handsome; the king visits the eldest, middle daughter, they sleep with his back to her husband; finds the youngest with a handsome man; he says that the secret is too early, he will have to leave; the wife has worn out three iron staffs, comes to the hut, the birds of prey Ekar and the hawk lets her in; the old woman's husband says that a man has appeared overseas, a Chinese woman gives him wine, does not let him go anywhere; the old man gives a needle, a woman swims across the sea on it; she smears coal, in appearance the dirty girl asks the old man and the old woman to take her to them; the old woman carries buns to the palace, the woman puts a note in the loaf, the king finds it; the woman spends three nights at her husband's bedside, finally he is hers finds out; they return, the tsar gives his son-in-law the kingdom]: Kulemzin, Lukina 1978, No. 113:125-132.