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K107a2. A shepherdess instead of a princess .15.16.31.

A noble person (king) is forced to promise a daughter or son to a demon (monster, predatory beast). He tries to replace her or him with other girls or boys, but he fails.

Spaniards, Germans (Harz), British, Scots, Irish, Norwegians, Icelanders, Latvians.

Southern Europe. The Spanish [the poor man goes for the bars, grabs the willow, the dragon tells him to bring him what he will meet first at home; he thinks it will be a dog, the youngest daughter comes out; he sends the eldest first, average, the dragon rejects them; at night she sheds her skin, becomes handsome; the dragon's wife visits the sisters, they are jealous, burn their skin, the husband tells them to look for him in a gilded castle, wearing out seven pairs of iron shoes; wife and son come to the old woman, she tells her to wait for the Moon Eagle to return; the Moon sends to her Sun Brother, he sends him to the Wind Brother, the Wind takes her to the castle, where her missing husband marries; wife consistently kindles three coal given by her husband, each fulfills a wish to have a beautiful spinning wheel; for three spinning wheels, the wife buys three nights in the prince's bedroom; on the third night, the prince does not drink a sleepy potion, returns to his wife and son]: Malinovskaya 2002:233-237.

Western Europe. The Germans (Harz) [when the king leaves, the eldest daughter asks for a golden salt keg, the middle daughter for a golden reel, and the youngest for what will hit him in the head; buying what the elders asked for, the king was returning through the forest and was hit in the head by a spruce branch; he wanted to break it off, but a lion appeared and demanded that the younger princess be given to him; first the king dressed up a shepherdess; the lion asks her what the time is now; girl: at this time my father is resting with the cows; the lion took her back; the same with the daughter of a pig shepherd; the king is forced to give his daughter; she replies to the lion that at this time her parents sit down for table, eaten with golden knives and forks; in the castle, a lion tells a girl to cut off his head, Prince Charming appears; wedding; the young lived happily ever after]: Pröhle 1854, No. 4:10-13; the British [ the king left, at which time the queen gave birth to a boy, decided not to baptize, but to call him Nix Nought Nothing; when the king went home, the giant offered to move him across the river, said that in return, he only needs nothing or nothing; when he returns, the king found out about his son; decided to give the giant the son of a poultry house; the giant carried the boy, asks what time it is; he replies that just at this time his mother collects eggs for the queen for breakfast; the giant killed him; the next time the same (the gardener's son; mother picks vegetables for lunch); when the queen is carried, he replies that the king father was sitting down for dinner at that time ; the giant's daughter fell in love with NN, helps him; the giant demands: 1) clean the stable (animals and birds did); 2) drain the lake (the fish drank water); 3) get 7 eggs from the nest on top of the smoothbore tree 7 miles tall; the girl cut off her fingers and toes, made steps out of them {exactly how her fingers reappeared is not said}; NN took out her eggs, but one broke; the girl tells her to run, the giant catches up, she tells him to throw the comb (thorny thickets), the dagger (the fence), the bottle (the wave, the giant drowned); leaving the bride, NN went to the castle alone; the poultry house bewitched him, he fell asleep, his parents did not found out that the king told him to marry someone who could wake him up; the giant's daughter climbed a tree, the gardener's daughter saw a reflection in the spring, decided that she was her own and that we should try to go beyond a sleeping young man; the poultry house taught him to spell him for a while; the gardener also saw the giant's daughter, brought him to see his daughter's groom; he sleeps, the giant's daughter tries to wake him up; he tells them out loud the story, naming the young man NN; the king and the queen hear, forced the gardener's daughter to spell NN; the poultry house was executed]: Jacobs 1890, No. 7:33-39 (translated to Shereshevskaya 1957b: 102-107); Scots [sparrow and the mouse quarreled over the seed; the war of birds and animals began; the Queen of Tetertyne came when the battle was over, the Raven and the Snake remained; the Queen killed the Snake when she was ready to kill in Raven's duel; the grateful Raven puts him on his back and carries him across valleys and lakes to his first, second, third sisters, the third becomes a young man (he was cursed); gives a bag, tells him not open on the way; a young man opens, a palace with a garden appears; a giant puts everything back for promising to give his son, who will be born when he is seven years old; the young man becomes king, marries, through a giant is behind the son for seven years; the boy's mother gives her son a cook instead of her son; the giant asks what his father would do if he received a rod; he replies that he would drive dogs away from treats and cats; the king has to give his promised son; the young man grows up in a giant's house, who offers him a choice of one of two daughters; the young man demands a third, Red-haired Mary; the giant demands 1) clean the barn (M. does everything), 2) cover the house with bird feathers (the same), 3) get magpies out of the nest on a pine tree and cook them (M. cuts off his fingers and toes, they turn into steps of the stairs, the young man pulls out eggs, fingers grow, except for the little finger, which the young man did not touch when he climbed); 4) recognize the bride among her sisters (she does not have a little finger); M. tells her to run, leaving apple slices to answer; M. tells her to get it from the mare's ear, throw behind 1) a branch of thorns (thorny thickets; the giant runs home for an ax, then carries the axe back, because the crow promises to steal the ax), 2) a pebble (mountain, the giant runs home for with a pickaxe and a hammer), 3) a bottle of water (the lake, the giant is drowning); M. tells the house not to kiss anyone, the young man is kissed by a dog, he forgets M.; M. hides in a tree, the shoemaker's wife and daughter see her reflection, they take it for their own, refuse to carry water, since they are so beautiful; the shoemaker takes M. into the house, says that the Queen is getting married, takes M. with him to a feast; two pigeons fly out of her glass, they say story M.; Korolevich marries M.]: Campbell 1890 (1), No. 2:25-38 (translated into Shustov 1994:363-373; =Kharitonov 2008:383-394 with minor differences; there is no quarrel between a mouse and a sparrow, a magpie's nest for spruce, not a quarrel between a mouse and a sparrow, a magpie's nest for spruce, not pine tree; episodes of escape and persecution in Clouston 1887:440-441); the Irish [giant to the childless king and queen: if you promise to give me your first child when he is 24 years old, I will give a necklace, which the Queen should not take off, and within 10 years she will give birth to 4 sons and 3 daughters; when the boy is 24, his parents sent a cook's son instead of him; the giant gives a whip and asks what the young man would do with him ; would drive cats and dogs away from the roast; giant: tell the king that I need their son, not a cook; another young man replies that he would drive dogs away from the fox he had received; giant: another deception, and I will destroy the castle and you and all the children; the prince has come; moving at lightning speed by boat and on horseback, they finally reached the castle on the mountain; the giant's assistant is the kidnapped princess; 1) clear the uncleaned stable for 7 years; the princess cleans instantly, she has magic that the giant does not know about; tame the horse (the princess took the leather bridle instead of the gold bridle that the giant gave the young man, and the horse stood up as if dug in); get 5 eggs from crow's nests; the princess gave two sticks to climb the smooth trunk; tells me to remain silent when the giant gives her to him as his wife and leaves her together for the night; left three dolls responsible for her; they galloped away ; the giant pursues; the princess tells you to take an elm twig out of the horse's ear and throw it behind; a dense forest; the giant has passed; a handful of water (the lake, the same); the princess gave an apple, ordered the giant to be thrown into the forehead; the giant has fallen dead; they are already near the prince's parents' castle; the princess sends the prince forward, he should not kiss anyone; the girl who used to be in love with the prince kissed him and he forgot princess; preparing a wedding with that girl; the princess settled in with a woman and began to knit by the window; the prince saw her but did not recognize her; she came to the wedding, took out the chicken and the cockerel, and they began to dialogue describing everything that happened; {missing page in pdf; apparently the prince remembered}]: Kennedy 1875:56-63.

Baltoscandia. Norwegians: Asbjíørsen, Moe 1960 [the youngest of three princesses wants a wreath; no one can do one; she sees a polar bear (BM, white) he has one; agrees to become one wife by the wreath, he will come in three days; the king puts guards in vain; gives his eldest daughter instead of the youngest; BM asks if she sat softer, saw better; she replies that the father has yes; he sends her back; the same from the middle; the youngest replies no; BM comes to his wife at night in the guise of a man; she gives birth to a daughter three times, he throws them away every time; she asks for permission to see her parents, BM tells you to listen to your father, not to do what the mother advises; the mother advises you to shine a candle on her husband at night, the father is against it; she shines, the fat is dripping, the husband says that in a month he would remain human, she flies away, she she grabs his wool, then falls; goes, comes to the house, where an old woman and a girl, a girl plays with scissors that create fabrics, gives her wife BM; in the second or third houses the same (a vessel with inexhaustible with a drink, a magic tablecloth); BM must marry a trollich; the wife buys three nights for her magic items, but the trollich puts BM to sleep; on the third night he did not drink the potion; tells him to file the bridge, a carriage with a troll falls into the river, it sinks; husband and wife are reunited, those three girls were their daughters, whom their father kept to help their mother]: 150-157; Icelanders [the king chased deer, the companions fell behind; the deer was gone, he saw the house, the door was ajar, there was a big dog in the room; food, wine and fodder for the horse were ready, the bed was free; in the morning again; the king sat on a horse and went home, but the dog stopped him; he did not even thank him for his hospitality and now let him give the one who would be the first to meet him at home; this is the king's youngest daughter; three days later the dog began to scrape into door; the king sent a maid instead of the princess; the dog took her away; on the way asks what time it is; she: at this time they are sweeping the room; the dog realized that it was not a princess, tore up the maid, returned to the next day; this time the princess went; replies to the dog that she was meeting her father at that time; the dog brought her into the house; at night, a man in the girl's bed; when it's time to give birth, the dog warns that the baby will be carried away immediately and that she does not cry; the princess gave birth to a girl, the kite took her away immediately; the princess did not cry and received a golden comb as a reward; the dog tells the princess that her the older sister is getting married; she can visit her, but she will return three days later and should not talk about herself; she gave two dresses - let her sister give one, the other she will wear herself; all the same after birth second daughter, received a precious necklace; released to her second sister's wedding; gave birth to a boy for the third time and shed a tear; the dog gave a mirror, but reproached that this time it was not so good; the princess's third sister is getting married; this time the princess's mother gave a pebble and taught him how to lower him over the sleeper's face to see him {incomprehensible}; the princess saw a handsome man, he woke up and said that now they would have to part; he is Prince Sigurd; after the death of his mother, the king found a hut in the forest in which the woman and her daughter; the woman called herself queen, her husband died in battle, kingdom broke; the king married her, but S. refused to marry her daughter and his stepmother turned him into a dog at 10, and then marries her daughter anyway; you can save yourself by marrying a beautiful princess, so that no one can see him, that the princess gives birth to three children and shed tears; that tear is a thorn (Staar) in the boy's eye, the princess will only wash him away with her own tears; it is his father's brother who has become a deer to lure the princess's father; let the princess go to his uncles, taking with her the comb, necklace and mirror she received as a gift; the princess came to the prince's first uncle; he sent the second; his wife and three children are with him; the boy has an eyesore; she washed him away with the tears that were in her scarf knot; uncle: let the princess go the short way through the mountains, then she will be in time before the wedding prince; gave a staff with an iron tip: the road would be smooth as a mirror; no one recognized the princess in the palace; she began to comb her hair with a golden comb, gave the bride the right to spend the first night with her husband; but she could not wake him up; the same on the second night, bought for the necklace; the prince's third uncle advised to quietly pour out the drink that would be offered for the night, it contained a sleepy potion; princess bought a third night for the mirror; she and the prince agreed; the next day a feast; the prince's three uncles brought the princess and her children in and asked if the prince knew them; he replied that he knew; the witch and her daughter turned into a giantess, but the prince's uncles put poles in their mouths, and the servants hidden under the tables put shackles on them; the prince married the princess; soon the old king died, the prince reigned, the uncle did Jarlami]: Poestion 1994, No. 3:21-38; Latvians [father promises a wolf (dog, bear) a daughter in gratitude for pointing the way; feeling sorry for his daughter, the father sends someone else twice; this causes anger beast; then comes the promised bride; at night the beast turns into a man; one day she lets his wife stay with her parents, gives a ring; when it starts to spin, the wife must return home; she also does not must talk about her husband; the wife violates the ban, the husband disappears; the wife goes in search; buys magic objects on the way; gives them to the witch, her husband's new bride, for permission to spend the night with him; the witch gives him a potion, the husband does not wake up; the third time he pours out the potion, recognizes his wife, the magic disappears]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 425A: 284.