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K114. Brothers leave after the birth of their sister, (ATU 451).


Several brothers leave home immediately after or shortly before their mother gives birth to a baby girl (they usually want a brother and wait to hear about who she gave birth to them mother, however, accidentally or by malicious intent, a conditional signal was given that a boy was born). The girl grows up and goes looking for her brothers.

Songhai (Zarma), Arabs of Western Sahara, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya (Tripoli), (Zuahua Berbers, Kabylia), Spaniards, Italians (Campania), Basques, Germans (Grimms), Frisians, India (Hindi), Java , Greeks, Croats, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Voronezh), Lezgins, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Tajiks, Turkmens, Livs, Lutsi, Setu, Finns, Karelians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Norwegians, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs.

West Africa. Songhai (zarma) [mother gave birth to 6 sons; pregnant again; sons promise to return, if a girl is born, let them beat the drum played by women; and if a boy is born, let they hit the war drum and they will leave; a girl was born, but ill-wishers began to beat the war drum, the brothers left; the girl grew up, she is offended because she has no brothers; the mother admits that she does; the girl goes looking for them, finds them; everything is fine]: Calame-Griaule 2002:126-127.

North Africa. Western Sahara [seven brothers hope that their mother will now give birth to a daughter; a girl is born, but the maid mistakenly picked up a large spoon rather than a small one — a sign that a boy was born; brothers they leave; the girl Shreser Dahbú grows up, rides a camel to look for brothers; the black maid Kumba walks; makes the SD switch places — SD on foot, she is on a camel herself; swims in dairy the river, becomes white; tells the SD to swim in the resin river, the SD becomes black; the brothers (the eldest is Ahmed) take K. for their sister, the SD is sent to cook, herd camels; A. hit her, blood do not wash off clothes, cadi explains that this is because they are blood relatives; A. offers both girls goat meat; K. eats giblets greedily, SD takes a rib, does not eat; A. tells K. camels, takes her sister to the river of milk, she swam, turned white; other women, out of envy, forced her to swallow a snake egg; said that she was pregnant, A. hears sounds from her stomach, believes it The child moves, tells her to be thrown into the well; she hides in a cave, her hair sprouts with grass; the shepherd is surprised that camels do not eat grass there, tells the owner; he digs up the SHD, marries her; one of the brothers is trying to penetrate her, he has a snake assistant, whom he saved from the eagle; the SHD husband thinks that his lover wants to penetrate, he is trying to kill the young man, the snake has protected him; the husband gathers people to kill brothers, SD warns them of danger, they run away]: Aris, Cladellas 1999:39-46; Moroccan Arabs: Bushnaq 1987 [mother must give birth; her seven sons hunt; if she gives birth to a girl, let her hang her There is a spindle above the door if the boy is a sickle; then they will not return home; the mother gave birth to a girl, but the mother's sister did not like her nephews and hung a sickle; the girl was named Wudei's, who kicked Subei's out of the house (“seven”); when she was playing with the other girls, they told her so; she went to look for her brothers; her servant and maid were with her; the servant demanded that V.. get off the camel and give the maid a seat; V. the mother called out, she told the servant not to try to take the camel away from V.; the third time the mother did not hear; V. went on foot, her legs were covered in blood — not used to it; the maid smeared V. with resin; when they came to the brothers, the imaginary maid began to take out the insects from the elder, a tear dripped on her hand, her brother erased it, white skin appeared under the black; V. told everything; the brother hacked the servant and the maid; V. washed; when leaving, the brothers they tell you not to unlock the door and share any food with the cat; in room B. 6 wooden doors and the seventh iron one; “If anything, the cat and the pigeon know where we hunt”; V. swept and found a bean, ate it; cat: a Why didn't you give me half! went and extinguished the fire with urine; V. came to the ghoul for the fire; he gave a coal by the strip of skin from finger to chin; the raven followed V., covered drops of blood with earth; when V. entered the house, the raven flew up to the wall; V. was frightened and scolded him; the raven was offended and raked the ground off the drops of blood so that they could be seen; the ghoul comes on the trail and asks how V. saw him; she replies: on a golden bed, under with a silk blanket; the ghoul laughed, broke one wooden door and left; so six nights, only the iron door remained; V. sent a letter to the brothers with the dove; the brothers were in time before the gulya, dug a hole, filled with firewood, set on fire, closed from above; ghoul asks his question; V.: “the ghoul was under donkey skin, drank blood and sucked guts” (etc.); the ghoul broke in, the brothers greeted him, he sat down and fell into fire; the ghoul burned down, but the fingernail bounced and remained in the middle of the room; when V. swept, the fingernail pierced her and she lost consciousness; the brothers put the body on the camel and sent her to her parents; three the robbers stopped him on the way; one began to remove the ring from V.'s finger, accidentally pulled out his fingernail and V. came to life; returned to her brothers, and then they all returned to their parents]: 119-124; El Koudia 2003, No. 6 [ seven brothers are waiting for their mother to give birth to; she gives birth to a daughter, but the mother's sister does not put up a spindle, but a stick; brothers think that a boy has been born again, they leave; the daughter has grown up, asks why people call her sister of seven brothers; goes to look for them; a servant and a maid are with her; her parents gave her an amulet, it is in her hair, they see what is wrong with her; the servant finds it, breaks it; she is bathed in a black river, she is done maid; the servants themselves bathe in white, ride her camel; the elder brother is the sultan, the others are provincial chiefs; the elder recognizes the camel and the dog, believes that the woman on the camel is his sister; the real the sister was sent to herd the camels; she turns to the camels, telling him about herself, they listen to her, they do not graze, they lose weight; the sultan arrives, she tells him everything, the camels begin to graze; the sultan tells him everything, the camels begin to graze; the sultan tells him everything take the imaginary sister and husband and real sister to those streams; the imaginary husband and her drink black water, the sister is white, everyone regains their true form; the liars are burned; the brothers' jealous wives persuade them Sister swallow an egg if she loves her brothers; she is pregnant, her brothers drive her away; she comes to old people; they feed her salty meat, hang her upside down, she belches seven snakes; old people they send a letter to the Sultan; the sister is returned, the wives are executed]: 33-38; (cf. Berbers Zooahua (Kabylia) [seven brothers promise to stay if their mother gives birth to a daughter, but the mother gives birth to a son; they leave; along the way, the elders leave the youngest in the well {it is not clear if it is a grown baby or the youngest of seven}; he is sold to one person; a month later he turned white; the owner's wife invites him to run away with her, he refuses; she tells her husband to sell the slave, the husband lets him go; he comes to the village, where the many-headed dragon has locked the water, gives for the girls given to him to be eaten; the princess's turn; the young man breaks the dragon's heads with sticks as they appear out of the water; gets a wife and a kingdom]: Basset 1887, No. 35:72-74); Tunisia [Once upon a time there was a great king. He was a wise and fair ruler, but he had cunning viziers and a fortuneteller. They deceived him and robbed the people. One day, the king had a dream in which he saw seven of his sons uprooting roots from thorny trees and an angel hovering above them in the sky, as if watching and blessing them. The king asked the fortuneteller to explain to him the meaning of this dream. The predictor realized that this dream threatened him and the viziers with exposure, and together they decided to deceive the king. They said that this dream foreshadows that the queen is pregnant and will give birth to a daughter, and his sons will want to seize the throne, and if he wants to keep it, he must sacrifice his sons. Then the king waited for the baby to be born And on the day when the queen gave birth to a girl, the sons fled the kingdom, fearing their father. When Vadaa (“leave”; “b.meek, humble”) grew up, her mother told her a story about her brothers that she was to blame for their escape, so she decided to find her brothers and bring them back. She got on her horse and set off. She met an old man on her way. She felt sorry for him, gave him money and food, then he told her that he was the brother of an evil fortuneteller and revealed to her the whole truth that her father's dream foreshadowed the death of the viziers and fortuneteller at the hands of her brothers, and she there is the same angel my father saw in a dream. The old man told her that in order to find her brothers, she had to kill the seven-headed dragon, cross the river where the fire serpent lives, go through the magic forest without saying a word or a word turning back, don't be afraid of the old witch woman, catch a three-legged gazelle and pull out her heart, get the magic apple guarded by the lion, and sew 7 clothes from prickly plants to wear your brothers. Then he gave her a magic mirror to see her brothers, a magic ring to protect her from trouble, a sharp sword, poison, three apples, a shiny spear, and wished her good luck. She killed a dragon with her sword, distracted a fiery serpent with apples, went through a magical forest, did not succumb to the witch's magic tricks, caught and killed a three-legged gazelle with a spear, and put her heart in her bag, she poisoned the lion with poison and took out a magic apple. All she had to do was find thorny plants, but she couldn't find them, so cancer came to her and advised her to look for them among the graves. She found and woven them into clothes for her seven brothers. After that, the magic mirror jumped out of her hands and ran, she chased after him and found her brothers' home. The next day, she put on her brothers' clothes, put a magic mirror on the floor, and they found themselves in their home country with a good fortuneteller who was waiting for them. Then Vadaa gave him her bag and magic mirror, and they all went to the palace together. The king ordered the traitor viziers to be hanged together with the evil fortuneteller, returned everything they had taken from them to the people, and held a feast for the whole world, and finally came the age of justice and universal prosperity] : Al-Aribi 2009, No. 37 in Korovkina MS; Libyan Arabs (Tripoli) [seven brothers ask their father's sister: if their mother now gives birth to a girl, hang a spindle on the fence and we'll come back, and if the boy is a sickle, and we will leave home; a girl Udêa was born, but her aunt hung a sickle; 15 years later, W. once had a quarrel with her peers, who said that her 7 brothers left home because of her; her mother gave her a black camel a maid named Barka and her black husband; a day later, the maid demanded that W. get off the camel and let her sit down; W. called out to the mother, who told B. to walk; but the third mother no longer heard her daughter's voices, B. forced her to switch seats; the caravans sent them to the brothers' house; before approaching, the maid put W. on a camel, but smeared her with resin; the black man threatened to kill her if she will talk about it; her tear fell on her arm, her older brother erased the tar, W. admitted that he cut off the heads of a black man and a black woman; when leaving, the brothers tell her sister to always give the cat what she eats herself; one day she found and ate the bean; the cat demanded half — this particular bean, not the other; but the bean was already eaten and then the cat put out the fire; W. came to the ogre for fire; he covered him with one lip, the other put it under himself; by the coal he demanded from W. a strip of skin from ear to thumb; W. went home, leaving a trail of blood; the raven flew behind and covered the drops of blood with earth; W. scolded him: he frightened her; then the raven removed the ground, revealing blood; the ogre came and asked what W. saw; she replied that she saw him sleeping on silk and closing himself with silk; the cannibal laughed and left, breaking one of six wooden doors; so each time; when the seventh iron door was left, W. sent a letter to the brothers with a dove; the brothers rode before midnight, the cannibal had not yet arrived; they dug a hole that was hot in it coals; W. replies the cannibal that he covers himself with his own lip and sleeps on his lip; he broke the door, but fell into a hole, burned down; one nail bounced; pricked W. in his arm and she lost consciousness; the brothers told Take the camel's body home to his mother; three young men stopped him, found the body, one removed the ring from W.'s finger, his fingernail also fell out, W. woke up; returned to her brothers, and they returned to her parents together; stay with them]: Stumme 1898, No. 2:81-93.

Southern Europe. Spaniards [when daughter Mariquita is born, parents forget about their seven sons, they leave; M. gets lost, ends up in the brothers' house, secretly cleans it up; the brothers wait for her, recognize her sister by the ring ; M. forgets to feed the dog, he fills the fire with urine, M. follows the fire to the dragon; she gives a gun; the dragon comes after him, everyone sucks blood from M.'s finger; the brothers kill him, on his grave Parsley grows, whoever eats will become a black bull; M. forgets about it, puts it in soup, the brothers become bulls; the prince marries M., the bulls with her; leaves; the maid turns M. into a dove, sticking her in the head is a pin, takes its place, makes the bulls work; the dove flies to the prince, he accidentally takes out the pin, M. takes a human form; the brothers are spoiled with the same pin; the maid executed]: Malinovskaya 2002:210-214; Basques (recorded in French) [seven brothers leave home; after that, the mother gives birth to a girl; while playing, other children tell her that she would be the same as good as her brothers; the mother admits that her daughter has brothers, she goes looking for them; finds the brothers' house, cleans, cooks, hides; every night when the brothers fall asleep, she sews a shirt for one of them; the youngest wakes up; the brothers do not tell her to go to her neighbor; the sister goes to look for fire to cook; the witch gives fire and herbs to put in a basin to wash her feet; immersing her legs in there, brothers turn into cows, the youngest into a Breton cow; her girlfriend loves her more than others; the king sees her, she agrees to become his wife on the condition that he allows him to take care of the cows, especially Breton; she gives birth in the absence of her husband; a witch throws her into the abyss, goes to bed in her place; tells the king that he will recover if he slaughtered a Breton cow; the servant goes after the cows, they have abyss; he hears the Queen's voice; she says that she is suffering not for herself, but because of her child, husband and cows; the king pulls his wife out of the abyss; threatens the witch to burn her in the stove if she does not return her to the young men human appearance; it returns but is still burned; the ashes are scattered, the brothers married court ladies]: Webster 1879:187-191; Italians (Naples) [seven brothers announce to their mother that if This time she will give birth to a boy, not a girl, they will leave; they are waiting on the hill for a symbol: if she is a son, the mother must throw an inkwell and a pen through the window, and if the daughter, a spoon and a spindle; the mother accidentally she was mistaken; the brothers went to the forest and began to live in the house of a blind orc; for this they served as his guide one by one; Chianna grew up and went looking for brothers; found and stayed with them; they warned him to give a share to anyone food for the cat; one day C. ate a bean without sharing it with the cat; she jumped on the fire, extinguishing it; C. went to the orc to get fire; he began to sharpen his fangs because he hated women; C. locked herself in her room; brothers they promised to take him to the woman through the back door, pushed him into a hole and buried him; told his sister not to tear the grass where the orc was buried, otherwise they would turn into pigeons; one day a wanderer came in, who injured a cone that fell from a tree; C. chewed the rosemary growing on the site of the orc's grave, made a patch; the brothers turned into pigeons; they said that only Mother of Time knew how to restore their human appearance ; the whale leads to the upper reaches of the river and asks you to know what to do to prevent it from hitting the rocks; mouse: how to get rid of cats; ant: what to do to make them ants live longer; old oak: how restore honor (once acorns were the food of people, and now only pigs); C. met an old man she had healed; he carried Time rent from the field; he says that he sits on top of the mountain in the ruins of buildings mother of Time; her eyelids are so heavy that she cannot lift them; the watch weights must be pulled out; for if the old woman calls her son, he will eat the one who has come, but if the watch does not have weights, he will not be able to leave; C. She promises the mother of Time not to give her away; hides, and the old woman asks her son questions; there is a treasure under the roots of the oak tree; a bell must be tied to the cat's paws; ants will live up to a hundred years if they give up flying skills; a whale (valena, j.r.) must prettier her face and make friends with a sea mouse (mr. - some fish); pigeon brothers must make a nest at the top of the column of wealth; pigeons sat on the bull's horns, became young men (allusion to a cornucopia); the brothers dug a treasure from under the oak tree; they were attacked by robbers, took money and tied them to trees; but the mouse gnawed through the fetters, and the ant showed the dungeon where the thieves took the treasures; the whale took the brothers and C. to their parents]: Basile 2018:426-439.

Western Europe. The Germans [the king and queen have 12 sons; the king orders them to be killed if a daughter is born; the mother tells her sons to leave and see if she raises a white or red flag; brothers see a red flag, which means a girl is born, they go to the forest, promising to kill her sister; she grew up, saw 12 shirts, found out from her mother what happened, came to a house in the forest; there is his younger brother Veniamin, he hides her, takes her from her brothers the word is not to kill her; they see a sister with a gold star in her forehead; they promise to love her; she accidentally picks 12 lilies, the brothers turn into crows, fly away; the old woman says that it is necessary to remain silent for 7 years and not laugh; sister spins while sitting in a tree; the king finds her, marries her; his mother persuades her son to burn a strange beggar; crows arrive at the last moment, 7 years old, they become young men, they scattered a fire; the king's mother was put in a barrel of boiling oil and snakes]: Grimm, Grimm 1987, No. 9:32-36 (Russian per. Grimm, Grimm 1987:30-34); friezes [the queen has 12 sons; she sees a black calf being slaughtered in winter; wants a daughter with hair as black, blush as blood, snow-white skin; for this would give all her sons; an old woman enters: the wish will come true; the king, when his wife gave birth to a daughter, the king ordered the sons to be placed in a guarded room; they became wild geese, flew away through the window; when the girl was 12 years old, her mother told her everything; she secretly got out of the house, went to look for her brothers; came to the castle in the woods, got inside through the door; geese flew in, became young men; the eldest tells the girl that they they swore to kill the first woman who comes to them for what happened to them; the sister says who she is, the brothers do not change their minds; the same old woman comes in, shames the brothers: if their sister is killed, they will frogs; the sister must collect and spin the web for 6 years, sew 12 shirts out of it, all this time not talk, laugh, cry; then the brothers will become human again; one day a young man comes to the castle the king, takes the girl as his wife; she is silent and continues to weave and sew; gives birth to a child; the king's stepmother gives her sleeping pills, smears her lips with blood, throws the baby out the window, he is picked up and carried away by a bird of prey; the king's stepmother spreads a rumor that the queen ate her baby; the same after the birth of her second child; the queen was brought to the fire; at the last moment she finished her last shirt, shouted that innocent; 12 geese arrive, the queen throws shirts on them, the geese become young men, snatch her sister out of the fire; that bird brings the queen's two unharmed children in its claws, takes away the evil stepmother not know where]: Mürk 2014:56-74.

South Asia. India (translated from Hindi) [sadhu gives the queen a drink of ash and milk, she becomes pregnant; in order for a daughter to be born, the queen's 12 sons must go to the forest; the daughter sees the princes' children's shirts, the mother is forced to tell her about her brothers, she leaves, finds them; the 12-year spell ends; the sister comes to the garden, tears flowers, a witch appears, the brothers turn into ravens; to turn them back into people, the sister must remain silent for 11 years; the king finds her; his older wives smear her new mouth with the blood of an infant; the king orders to burn his wife; the vyrons who have arrived take her away from the fire, turn into princes; the king burned seven wives and counselor]: Zograf 1964:398-410.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Java [the king was told that if he wanted a daughter, he must sacrifice his 12 sons; the queen negotiates with her sons; if she raises a black flag, she has given birth to a son, if the red flag is a daughter; red rises, the brothers leave; the daughter grows up, goes to look for them, stays with the old woman; in her absence, the prince of spirits comes, the princess does not answer him, he takes her to his palace, to the garden offers treasures; asks in her hearts why she is silent like a dog; she becomes a dog; prince: if you agree to become my wife, you will regain your human form; she hears the bushes talking in garden: these are her enchanted brothers; she agreed to become the prince's wife, took on a human form, asked him to be returned to her brothers, it happened; asked where the soul of the prince of spirits was; in a throat in a cage for the palace; the brothers drowned the cage, the prince rushed to the grave and died, they took possession of his palace]: Kratz 1973, No. 20:125-131.

The Balkans. Greeks: Dawkins 1916 [12 brothers go to the mountains; ask their father: if a daughter is born, let him raise the flag, and if the son is born again, give a shot sign and they will not return; a shot was heard; when they found out that she has brothers, the girl went to the place where they built houses for themselves; cleaned everything, cooked everything, hid everything; the brothers took turns guarding, but only the youngest did not fall asleep; one day the girl went out fire; she came to the old woman for fire; {the old woman gave fire, but made sure that she found out where the girl lived}; the old woman came to the girl; the brothers found her sister pale; they waited for the old woman, killed; the girl she stepped on a bone and lost consciousness; the brothers thought that she died and gave the body to the caravans; they noticed the bone, took it out, the girl came to life; the brothers came, did not recognize her sister, but she recognized them; returned to them]: 347-351; Megas 1970, No. 31 [the father is happy that a daughter was born; she must be bathed; he sends seven sons to get water, they broke the jug; they were afraid to return, the father cursed them, turning them in ravens; repented, but late; sister learned everything from her mother, went to look for brothers; The Sun is too hot, the Month is cannibal; the Stars are friendly; the Morning Star gave the bone of the bat's foot to open the tower with it, where are the brothers; the servant let her in, prepared food and wine; she drank and ate from each serving, threw her mother's ring into her younger brother's glass; he realizes that her sister is there, brothers immediately become human]: 79- 81; Croats [the king has 12 sons, his wife is pregnant; king: if a daughter is born, I will kill all sons; sons are going to leave; mother: if I give birth to a girl, there will be a white flag on the tower, and if a son, red; when they saw white, they went away; one woman left them a house with a vegetable garden and moved to the city herself; 7 years later, the daughter saw her mother wash men's clothes, the girl found out that she had brothers , and went looking for them; came to their house; although the brothers had previously sworn to kill any woman who came to them, the younger one persuaded them not to do so; once she cut off 12 lilies to serve them to her brothers with food ; when they saw the lilies, they turned into crows and flew away; that old woman came: in order to restore the brothers to their human appearance, the sister must remain silent for 7 years; the king found her climbed the tree, lowered her down and took her wives; the Queen Mother did not like her; while the king was at war, the wife gave birth to a son, but the crows took him away; the mother said that the Queen ate her baby; the same second time; after the third she was sentenced to burn ; at the last moment, the Queen cried out, Jesus, Mary! , the crows flew in carrying her three sons; became young men; the brothers returned to their parents, the king gave up his intention to kill them]: Leskien 1915:153-158.

Central Europe. Russians (Voronezh) [Tsar Paltim has 12 sons, his wife Lisaveta is expecting another child, and the tsar promises to kill all his sons, if a daughter is born, prepares coffins for them. Lisaveta tells her sons about her father's plans, they leave home and climb a tree, and their mother knit shirts for them. When a girl, Lisaveta, is born, the mother raises a blue flag over the palace (which means that a daughter is born and sons cannot return, red would mean that they can return), the sons go to live in the forest. When her daughter, the Golden Star, grows up, she learns from her mother about her brothers, takes their shirts and goes looking for them. She comes to their forest hut, tells her brother who she is and he explains to others. She stays with them. The girl drops her brothers' shirts into the river, finds them and enchants them by Baba Yaga. Brothers turn into swans. Baba Yaga tells the girl how to heal her brothers: knit nettle shirts. Hunters notice a girl, one of them marries her, but she does not talk, she tears nettles at night. He decides (at the suggestion of his mother) that she is a witch and wants to burn at the stake. Twelve swans arrive, she puts shirts on them, and they turn into her brothers (she doesn't have time to tie her sleeve alone)]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 39:165-169; Russians (Pinega, p. Vozhegora, 1927) [The king has 12 sons, he decides to kill them if the queen gives birth to a daughter and prepares 12 coffins. She tells her sons about this, shows the coffin room and promises to hang a red flag if she gives birth to a girl and a white flag if she gives birth to a boy. The brothers see the red flag, go into the forest and build a hut. The daughter finds a room with 12 coffins, a chest with 12 shirts, asks her mother where her brothers are, she says. The girl goes looking for her brothers. They agree to kill every girl they meet because their sister is forced to live in the woods. The girl meets one of her brothers at the house, tells her who she is, he feels sorry for her and introduces her brothers, but forbids them to kiss. The brothers accept their sister, but she happily forgets the warning and kisses her brothers. They turn into crows and fly away, and she stops for 7 years and makes nettle shirts for them. The girl marries the prince, she weaves shirts day and night, they hate her silence, she does not have time to tie the sleeve of her last shirt when she is sent to the fire. She is rescued by her crow brothers (they extinguished the fire with their wings), she puts on shirts for her brothers, they become human again, only one brother is left without an arm. She starts talking and lives happily with her husband again]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 136:262-263.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Lezgins [=Ganieva 2011b, No. 29:288-284; seven sons of the padishah leave home since they do not have a sister; the queen gives birth to a daughter, she grows up, learns about her brothers, tells her father to buy her iron shoes, goes looking for brothers; the shepherd teaches her how to find the brothers' house, the sister hides there, cooks; the older brother finds the sister in the chest; the brothers tell her not to let the fire go out; she takes a red bead for the coal, does not notice that the fire has gone out; comes to the house of Azhdakh for fire; he gives fire in the sieve; when the brothers are hunting, he comes on an ash trail to suck the girl's blood; the brothers dig a hole, Azhdaha falls into it, they cover him with earth; they take their sister in a chest on a white camel, chase a hare, a merchant finds a girl, gets married; she gives birth to two sons, tells them to throw ash at the frog by the swamp, say who their mother is ; brothers hear, find their sister, and return home with the merchant]: Khalilov 1965, No. 69:211-215 (=Kapiyeva 1974:54-60, but a woman gives birth to only one son; inaccurate translation?) ; Georgians [nine brothers go hunting; tell their mother that they will not return if she gives birth to a boy again; a mother gives birth to a girl, puts a spindle on the gate; an evil neighbor replaces him with a yoke; the brothers decide that a boy was born, they leave; another girl tells the siblings that her brothers are missing because of her; the daughter bites her mother's chest, forcing her to reveal the truth; she comes to the brothers, who do not know who cleans the house; they find her; warn her not to let the fire go out; the girl comes to the mother of the devas; she gives smut and cilantro seeds, finds a house on them; dev bites off the girl's finger; the next day his brothers kill him; the mother of the devas asks them to put medicine in the brothers' food; they turn into deer, run away; one walks with her; the prince wants to shoot, the girl asks not to do so; the prince marries her ; a neighbor tells her servants to drown her, puts on her clothes, replaces her, tells her to stab a deer; he calls her sister, she answers, tells the king not to carry water, not to sharpen his dagger; the servants pull out the woman, the impostor is tied to the horse's tail]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 54:213-218; Armenians [seven brothers tell the mother to put a spindle on the roof if a girl is born, and a plow if it is a boy again; someone mistakenly put the plow, the brothers left; the girl grew up; someone lost the ball; all the girls swore to their brothers that they did not take the ball, and this one swore as a dog; the mother admitted that the girl had brothers; she came to the house in the woods, cleaned and cooked, hid; the younger brother began to guard, saw her sister; one day the fire went out, the girl saw smoke, came, and there was a terrible old woman, the mother of a deva; she gave coal and ash, the devil found a house on the fly; the girl refused to unlock it, but agreed to stick her finger out; the dev bit it off, she fainted; the brothers killed the deva, buried it; the deva's mother watered the grave, grass grew, the brothers put it in soup, turned into rams; the prince took the girl and promised to take her brothers; a relative of the prince pushed his wife into the water, put her dress on, her husband did not notice the change; The liar pretended to be sick, asking the sheep to be slaughtered; they came to the shore, asking her sister to go out; she swam out, the brothers became human again, the liar was tied to the tail of the mule, let him flee the mountain]: Nazinyan 1969:135-138; Azerbaijanis [mother is pregnant; her seven sons are leaving, promising to return, if a sister is born, let the mother hang a sieve at the door; if the boy is born again, let the mother hang a sieve at the door He will hang an arrow, they will not return; Nazdy-Khatun was born, but evil neighbors replaced the sieve with an arrow; NH went to spin her wool; one woman lost her shoes; everyone swore in the name of their father or brother that they did not take it, and NH was named after her dog; she was told that she had brothers; came to their tent, cooked and cleaned, hid; the next day one of the brothers remained guarded; the brothers recognized her sister, she stood by they were at home; one day her fire went out, she saw smoke in the distance, came, there was a girl hanged by her hair; she was Alta, the daughter of King Ugur, kidnapped by divas; NH took the fire and left, A. did not betray her, but the divas went for a ball, he came to the brothers' house; began to shout that his mother had sent NH a ring, she put her finger in the crack, the divas sucked her blood; the brothers found out (killed the diva), their head was walled up in the corner of the tent, 7 flowers grew; NH she put them in a chest, the flowers turned into 7 girls; the brothers married them, they gave NH poison, her stomach was swollen, the brothers drove her sister away; two shepherds argued who should get her, one gathered cut her in half, she vomited in fear, the poison came out; the shepherd Ahmed married her; her child plays, made a horse out of reeds, says she drinks; brothers: can a reed horse drink? boy: Can 7 brothers leave one sister? The brothers returned NH, the wives were thrown into the well, they took the good girls; three apples fell from the sky: one to the narrator, one to the listener, and one to the outside; they ate, went into the ground; you eat and live long]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:273-280; Turks [seven brothers want a sister; a mother gives birth to a girl, a midwife intentionally hangs a black flag rather than a red flag; brothers think a boy has been born, they leave; the girl grows up, her friends tell her about her brothers; her mother gives her a donkey out of ash, he brings her to her brothers; they do not understand who is cleaning the house; the younger one guards, finds her sister; brothers warn her not let the fire go out; the cat extinguishes the fire, the girl comes to the old woman, she gives a sieve of ash and coals, the ash trap now reaches the house; the brothers dig a trap hole, the old woman's dev-son falls into it, is killed ; an old woman comes, a cat brings her son's head, an old woman pulls out his tooth, pierces the girl's leg; brothers bring her body to their mother; someone pulls out a tooth, the girl comes to life]: Stebleva 1986, No. 39 : 160-163; Kurds [seven brothers ask the mother to put up a sieve if a girl is born; the woman's brother's wife hangs a gun out of envy, the brothers wanted a sister, they do not return; girlfriends tell the grown-up the girl to swear by her brother, they tell her that she has brothers; she comes to a house in the woods, secretly cooks there; her seventh brother is waiting for her, they recognize each other; Luna replies to her uncle's wife that the sister of seven The brothers are more beautiful than her; she finds her, throws the ring into the water, she drinks, dies; the brothers put her body in a golden box, let her into the steppe on a camel; the son of the padishah takes the ring out of her mouth, she comes to life, he is marrying her]: Rudenko 1970, No. 56:202-204.

Iran — Central Asia. Persians: Ottomans 1987:235-238 [seven brothers want a sister; a mother gives birth to a girl, mistakenly hangs a sling over the door, not a spindle; the brothers leave; the girl grows up, finds the brothers' house on top of the mountain; secretly cooks and cleans; younger brother hides, catches it; brothers tell me not to eat kishmish berries if found on the floor; give it to the cat; the girl eats it, the cat extinguishes the fire, puts it in the hearth red stone so that the girl thinks that the fire is burning; the girl comes to the diva cave for the smut; the next day, the diva comes to her, tells her to stick her finger into the slit to suck; the girl does not tell brothers, weakens; finally, he says, the younger brother breaks the diva's bottle of life, he dies; siblings return to their parents], 295-298 [12 princes promise to leave home if the mother does not give birth their sister; they left, and after 7 years their mother gave birth to 12 girls; they went to look for brothers, the youngest came to the youngest; his wife hates her; the neighbor advises to feed her husband's sister salty food and then let her drink from a jug with snakes in the water; the girl's stomach was swollen, her brother believed that she was pregnant and kicked her out of the house; the prince picked her up, she recovered, he married her; her brother's wife snuck into the marriage room rest, cut off the heads of the prince's little brothers and put a knife next to the young one; she was kicked out again; she met Peri; she revived the slaughtered boys and lodged them in a palace in the desert; the shah met them and everything is clear; brother's wife was burned at the stake]; Tajiks [seven brothers want a sister, go hunting; a mother gives birth to a girl Gulmokh, hangs a spinning wheel on the gate, an evil neighbor replaces her with a bow; friends tell G. that her brothers left when she was born; she asks her mother to hand her hot wheat, clamps her hand, makes her tell the truth; she comes to the brothers' house, they do not understand who is cleaning; only the younger brother does not fall asleep, the guard; the fire goes out, G. comes to Baba Yaga for him; she gives fire, tells him to throw wheat along the way, comes after the goat, tells himself to comb his hair, sucks G.'s blood; brothers they push baba yaga into a hole, cover it with earth; dill grows there; after eating it, brothers and sister turn into pigeons, fly to their father's house; brothers turn into poplars, sister into an apple tree; they do not produce apples to the prince, because he did not do good deeds; they let the old man rip off, brothers and sister get out of their trunks, hug their parents]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:87-93 (=1960:98-105); Turkmens [seven brothers- hunters tell a pregnant mother to hang a doll at the gate if a daughter is born; evil neighbors replace her with a bow and arrows; brothers do not return; born Ak-Pamyk does not know that she has brothers; neighbors tell her to squeeze her mother's hand when she takes hot wheat grains; her mother talks about her brothers, gives a rolling cake that shows the way; AP cleans up the brothers in the cave; the youngest does not fall asleep, grabs AP, she tells us who she is; eats the berry promised to the cat, he blows out the fire; AP comes to the diva for fire; he gives when he comes and kills his brothers; the old woman says that only camel milk will revive them- Ak-Maya's cannibal; her camel helps AP, sucks, pouring into a wineskin; AM chases AP, which splashes some of the milk, forms the Milky Way; AP revives the brothers, but the youngest does not have enough shoulder blade; brothers are married, wives hate AP, lead is poured into her ears, she is dumb and deaf; she is sent on a camel to look for a husband; she is married by a prince, a vizier's son takes a camel; advises the prince to look second wife; son pushes AP, lead falls out of her; when he learns that his wife has recovered, the prince sent a new one back; Uncle Bayram meets AP's son; she sends bags of scorpions to the brothers' wives, those die]: Sokali et al. 1955:69-81 (=Stebleva 1969, No. 47:257-266; =Erberg 1953:92; = Lebedev 1954, No. 11:136-146)).

Baltoscandia. Setu: Normann, Tampere 1989 [9 brothers ask their mother to hang a yarn frame on the gate if a sister is born, an ax if a brother; hell (vanahalb) changed the yarn with an ax, the brothers don't wanted another brother, went to live in the forest; the girl grew up, says that all the children have brothers, but she does not; the mother explains that they are gone, gives cakes; every day the sister and the dog go for the rolling with a cake to another fireplace in the brothers' parking lot; by the stream, the devil's daughter offered the girl a swim, exchanged clothes with her; both came to the brothers, the devil's daughter called herself their sister, the sister was sent herd pigs; younger brother hears her calling his dog to bring a box containing mittens for nine brothers, complains that she was made a maid; brothers call their sister, drive the hell away]: 37-43; Sandra 2004 [after learning that a mother must give birth again, 12 brothers move out, telling the mother to raise a spinning tool above the roof if a girl is born and an ax if a boy; a girl is born; hell replaced spinning tools with an ax, the brothers are disappointed, they go to live in the forest; when her daughter is 12, her mother sewed 12 shirts, baked 12 buns, sent gifts to her brothers; the girl found a place where she had lunch brothers, stopped eating herself; a damn daughter came, promised to take her to her brothers; took buns, exchanged horse manure; came with the girl to her brothers, declared herself a sister, and a true sister ordered to send pigs to herd, but not to give food; the elder brother hears her song, asks, secretly brings her into the house, gives them food and drink; shows the brothers the shirts her sister brought; the brothers filled a barrel with water, put a hot stone; when the water boiled, they offered the devil a drink, pushed her into a barrel, the devil cooked]: 234-235; Lutsie (Western 1925) [9 brothers went to the forest; if the mother will have a son again, let her hang an ax on the gate, if the daughter is yarn; a daughter is born, but vanakuri (devil or devil) changed an ax; sister goes to the brothers for a rolling kolobok; the devil's daughter joined, a piece of horse manure rolls in front of her; when they come to the brothers' house, she tells the girl to spit on her; she spit and took her form; the devil pretends to be her sister, and let the sister herd her cattle; she asks me to make her a swing; done; she swings and sings: Rikki-Rakki, bring my brothers' clothes from the forest; the brothers are surprised that she has so many clothes in her chest (each set); she talks about everything she told them; they made the hell spit on her sister, the sister took on her true appearance; gave clothes to the brothers]: Annom et al. 2018:182-184; Latvians [mother has 7 sons; she wants a daughter: let even after that, the sons will become wolves; so it happened; the girl grew up, prepared 7 shirts, sheets, towels each, went to look for brothers; the old man shows the way, gives a twig: she will turn into a boat swim to the island; brothers become human at night; brothers are happy with their sister; to spell them, you have to sit in a tree for 7 years, be silent, not cry or laugh; the deadline is almost over, but I saw the girl the king, ordered her to be removed from the tree, she shed a tear; the king married her; when she gave birth, the Queen Mother sent a letter to her son that his wife had given birth to either a dog or a cat; the king ordered his wife to be burned; 7 brothers who have become human come running, one brings his son to the king; the king burned his mother at the stake]: Grishina 1993:227-233; (cf. Livons [mother has 7 sons and a daughter; she cannot feed them, she turned her sons into eagles; when her daughter asked where her brothers were, her mother made her dumb for 7 years; she went to look for brothers and came to their cave ; there are 7 hats, plates, spoons, beds; she cleans everything up; the brothers suspect that it is a sister; on the third day they find her under the bed; the young master decided to marry the girl; his father is against (bride dumb), decided to hang her; her son dissuaded her, and the next time the seven-year sentence ended; she told me everything; got married, and the brothers also became people]: Setälä in Kippar 2002:53-54); Finns [when a mother is pregnant for the tenth time, her nine sons go to the forest; one comes to find out who was born; he tells the mother to leave a spindle in front of the gate if it is a girl, and an ax if it is a boy; the mother has left the witch changed the spindle with an ax; when her daughter grew up, her mother told her everything; the daughter cries all day long; her mother collected her tears, baked a pie on them, he rolled, the girl and her dog followed him; the witch met her, offered to swim in the pond; the dog did not allow her, the witch broke her leg; the same at the second pond, the dog walks on three, then on two legs; then on one; at the fourth pond there is a witch killed the dog; she had to swim in the fifth pond; the witch told her to splash water into her eyes, splashed her eyes herself, they changed their appearance and the girl was speechless; the brothers believed that the witch was their sister; when the sister was herding the cattle, her voice returned and she sang about her misadventures; the younger brother heard; the brothers agreed with her sister that she would return not in the evening, but in the afternoon, to say that she was in pain eyes; they told the witch to splash water into her eyes, the sister and witch changed their appearance again; the brothers dug a hole outside the bathhouse, filled it with burning resin, covered it with a rug; the witch did not want him they forced her to step, she failed, her brothers closed the door; when she burned, the witch said that her eyes would be grasshoppers (Grille), her ears would be vorons, her hair would be magpies, her fingers would be crows to torture people]: Salmelainen 1947:60-75; the Finns [the king has 12 sons, the queen is pregnant; the king decides to kill sons, if a daughter is born, then she will have a large dowry; the mother sends her sons to the cave, where can you see the castle tower; if a boy is born, a white flag will be raised, if the girl is red; then you should leave; a daughter was born; the brothers left, promising to kill the sister who was responsible for their expulsion; the sister grew up I found 12 men's shirts and went to look for my brothers; my younger brother met my sister, the others also fell in love with her; 12 red flowers grew in front of the house; the girl, without assuming the consequences, picked them off, brothers flew away in crows; old woman: it takes 7 years not to talk or laugh to restore their human appearance; the king found a girl and married her; his mother considers her a sorceress and tells her to be burned; when fire caught fire, turned seven, crows flew in and became young men, extinguished the fire; the king's mother was expelled]: Concca 1993:85-93; Karelians [(Europeus, 1845); the old woman has nine sons; began to give birth; sons tell me to hang a spinning wheel with a tow if a daughter is born; Xueyatar replaces the spinning wheel with an ax, the sons do not return; the girl grew up, kneaded a bun in her tears, went to look for her brothers, took it dog; S. invites the girl to swim five times, the dog does not tell her every time, S. consistently tears off the dog's four legs and head; suggests that the girl spit in her face, changes her appearance with her, taking away her memory; while the girl herds the cows, S. returns her memory; she sings about what happened, the brothers hear, tell S. to spit in the girl's eyes, the appearance becomes the same; the brothers cover the hole with a carpet with fire, S. falls into her, manages to tell her chizhiks to fly out of her eyes, magpies from her hair, from her ears, vorona from her toes]: Evseev 1981:239-241 (retelling to Petrukhin 2003:73 -74); Norwegians [the Queen has a drop of blood from her nose falling on the snow; she wants a daughter white as snow, red as blood, is ready to give her 12 sons for this; the trollich promises to fulfill her wish, will take her wish away her sons as soon as her daughter is around; the queen orders a silver spoon for her sons and daughter; sons turn into wild ducks, fly away; daughters are sad that she has no brothers; mother tells her the truth, she goes looking for her brothers; finds a home in the forest, secretly cooks and cleans; 12 ducks come in, become princes; take their silver spoons, see another one, realize that her sister is near; the elder offers to kill her because she is to blame for their transformation, the youngest says she is not to blame; the brothers find her under the bed; the elder promises to save her life if she helps them; the sister must hide the fluff thistle, sew 12 shirts, 12 capes, 12 scarves, then the brothers will find a human forever; before that she cannot talk, laugh and cry; when she collects fluff, the prince takes her away, marries her; stepmother The prince hates her; throws her child into a hole with snakes, cuts his finger, smears her mouth with blood, says that she ate the baby; so three times; the prince agrees that his wife be burned; the clothes for the brothers are ready, only The younger brother's shirt is missing one sleeve; the youngest is reborn without an arm; the sister can talk, explains everything; the stepmother was torn apart by 12 horses; three children were found alive and well in the pit]: Dasent 1970:51-59.

Volga — Perm. Chuvash [7 sons of a pregnant mother: if you give birth to a boy, throw a nomad on the road, if the girl is a spindle; the woman gave birth to a girl Piguet, but the neighbors replaced the spindle with a nomad; the brothers went for far away; girlfriends tease P. with a murderer — because of her, the brothers are missing; the mother does not confess; the old woman advises to go to the window, ask her mother to conquer the load, pinch her chest with a window frame; the mother confesses ; P. went to the brothers, the mother gave her two drops of her milk; with P., the daughter of Baba Yaga Harham; they are sailing in a boat, swimming, H. took P.'s clothes, P. complains to the mother, she shouts for H. to return; this is one a drop of milk; the third time there is no more drop, the mother does not hear; P. in the boat asks the daw, the magpie to take her earrings to her brothers; those: better die; the cuckoo carries; the brothers jumped in search, brought both girls, but P. is held for H. and H. for P.; imaginary X. is sent to water horses, younger brother hears her complaint song; the old woman told both girls to jump over the fire; the real P. jumped over H. burned down; the brothers' wives are jealous of their husbands for their sister; tied P. to a birch tree by the braids; the brothers found her; ask their wives if they want a greyhound dog ildi a stallion; wives: of course, a stallion; they were tied to the tails of four stallions and drove across the field; the head became a pomelo, his hands became a rake, his legs with a pitchfork; P. was passed off as a forest prince; the narrator feasted at the wedding]: Yukhma 1990:361-368; Kazan Tatars [ seven brothers go to look for brides; if a girl is born, let the mother put a spinning wheel and spindle above the gate, and if the boy, a bow and arrows; a seven-year-old neighbor replaced the spinning wheel with a bow; the brothers saw and did not returned home; Multal grew up; a neighbor advises to put hot wheat grains on her mother's breast — she admits that she had sons; a neighbor, along with M., tells me to take an arba, a dog, a cat and a rooster, go looking for brothers together; tells her to swim, makes them change clothes; without M., the arba does not go; the neighbor takes M., but passes her off as a stranger and herself as a sister; at night M. grazes horses, sings about what happened; alone brothers hear; brothers ask the liar if she wants a basket or a ponytail; she wants both; she was put in a basket, tied to a horse's tail]: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 19:182-186; Bashkirs [Bagribax learns from a neighbor that she has brothers; asks her mother to fry peas, puts hot peas to her chest, her mother admits that the brothers have disappeared across seven seas; B. goes to them look, her friend Kyunhylu is with her; they swim, K. offers to change clothes, mistook her sister, B. was sent to look after the horses; she sings a song about how the brothers' horses drink water, one of the brothers hears, they recognize her sister; tell their wives not to let her go from the yard; they lead B. for berries, wrap her in horseskin, hide her under the bridge; the younger daughter-in-law did not want to, cries; the brothers come back, sing about gifts for their sister, hear her song — let the wives take the gifts; the brothers find B., bring them in the chest; only the youngest daughter-in-law was able to pick it up]: Barag 1989, No. 27:143-145.