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K119b. Beasts as a gift to the king .16.23.27.-.

After deceiving wild animals, the fox brings them to the king under the guise of a gift from its wealthy master.

French, Konkani, Romanians, Moldovans, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Vologda), Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Podolia), Eastern Ukrainians (Poltava), Northern Ukrainians (Poltava), Northern Ukrainians ( Chernigovskaya), Belarusians, Balkarians, Terek Cossacks, Estonians, Lutsi, Mari, Komi, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Buryats, Mongols.

Western Siberia. The French (Limousin; also Nivernay, Landes, etc.) [Mr. Dickton lives in the hut but is happy because it is his own; he has three laying hens; the fox asks for the chicken to be given to her; he gives it, she promises not to remain in debt; tells the partridges that the king of everyone their tail will be gilded; let them follow her to the palace; tells the king that partridges are a gift from Mr. Dicton; asks for a second chicken, brings the king of snipes; after the third brings animals {who exactly ?} , promising to gild their horns; the king invites the generous Mr. Dicton to visit him; the fox tells the king that Mr. Dicton was robbed by robbers; the king sends new robes; the fox invites him to Mr. Dicton's castle; runs in front and tells everyone who works in the field or grazes cattle to answer that their owner is Mr. Dickton; in the castle he tells the owners to hide in a pile of straw, otherwise they will all be killed; after the feast, he offers to make a fire made of straw; Mr. Dickton settled in the castle; there are options with a cat instead of a fox; the owner promises to bury him solemnly in case of death; cat pretended to be dead, the owner threw out the carrion, the cat is outraged; he pretends again and now sees that the owner is really ready to bury him with honors]: Delarue, Tenèze 1964, No. 545:339-343.

South Asia. Konkani (Goa) [the fox steals yam from the field; the peasant made a stuffed animal out of straw, coated it with glue; the fox hit it with his paw, stuck, then with other paws; the peasant has already raised a stick to kill the fox, but he promises to marry him to a princess; on condition that he be given a royal funeral; brought a hundred elephants, horses and peacocks from the forest; ordered jewelry for the princess to the jeweler; in a luxurious outfit and sitting on an elephant, came to the king; said that elephants, horses and peacocks were given by the king who ruled in the west; told his forest friends to build a palace for the royal son-in-law; wanting to test the former peasant, the fox pretended dead; he tells his servants to throw carrion; the fox accuses him of ingratitude; forgives; when he really died, he was buried with honors]: Rodrigues 2020:189-191.

The Balkans. Moldovans [an orphan boy, he has a cat, gave him the name Penesh ("pen"), promises to marry a princess; persuaded the hare to gather 50 birds with one stone to go to the king together with a petition; the king believed that the cat himself caught hares and brought him; the same with foxes; with wolves; leads the boy to the river, puts him under the bridge, throws many hats and garments into the river, says to the king that the army has drowned; the king sends luxurious clothes, gives a new army; at the wedding feast, the cat explains that the groom's clothes were better, so he looks at the new one; when it's time for young people to go home, the cat runs ahead and tells the shepherds and herdsmen to tell that horses and cows do not belong to dragons, but to King Penesh; tells the snakes that the king is coming with guns, let everyone hide in the hay, in straw; set fire, snakes died; a year later, the cat pretended to be dead, P. ordered the dead meat to be thrown into the swamp; the cat burned down the palace, began to live among wild animals, since then there have been wild cats]: Botezatu 1981:138-146; Romanians [son The White King did not work and became impoverished; his cat promised to marry him to the daughter of the Green King; on the way he gathered a hundred hungry hares, brought them and said that his master gave them; then a hundred wolves; the king wants to see a rich man; the cat says that he was attacked by robbers and he is sitting naked under the bridge; the king sends a luxurious outfit and a golden carriage; a wedding; everyone goes to the groom's house; on the way the cat tells the shepherds cows, oxen reply that they are herding the cattle of the son of the White King, not giants; telling giants to hide in straw or they will be killed with cannons; sets fire to straw; young people live in the palace of giants]: Bîrlea 1966:438 -439.

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Ust-Tsilma, literate, Old Believer writer O.I. Yermolina, tells many fairy tales that ridicule the Orthodox Church, 1979) [Fedor Vysokoy catches a fox in his mouth, wants to sell it and marry her with the proceeds. Lisa asks her to feel sorry for her and promises to help Fedor. She steals money (from old women in baths), asks the tsar for a measure, measure Fyodor Vysokoy's money, puts coins under the hoops and returns it. In the forest, he calls the wolf to go with her to the king for a feast, who gathers a pack of wolves, and the fox tells the king that Fedor sends animals as a gift. He also collects 40 foxes and leads to the king. She leads Fedor to marry the tsar, puts him on the ship's bottom, tells the king that their ship has sunk, and only she and Fyodor have escaped. The king gives him festive clothes. He marries the princess, while the fox runs around the lands of Snake Gorynych, warns the shepherds (they herd cows, horses, sheep) that they must tell the tsar that they work on the land of Fyodor Vysoky, otherwise their king will kill. He runs to Snake Gorynych's house, tells his whole family to hide under straw, because the king is following him to kill him. She sets fire to straw and orders her servants to prepare food. She also returns after Fyodor's wedding with the princess, takes them and the tsar to the house of Serpent Gorynych, and on the way, the shepherds inform the tsar that he is traveling through Fyodor's lands. He occupies the Snake's house and becomes the owner]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 159:327-331; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, recorded on a steamer on the river. Pinega, N. Utkin is from Kemi, 1921)] Grigory Vysota lives in a dirty hut and never washes. The fox promises to marry him a royal daughter, he does not believe it. The fox goes to the king, bows from the GW, asks the measure to weigh the pearls, the king tells the servants to leave some resin on the measure, and the Fox stuck one pearl. He comes to the king again, asks the quadrangle to measure silver, sticks a piece of silver. He returns the quadrangle, brings the king a herd of forest animals from GW, marries GW for the princess, and the king invites GW. The fox finds him a shirt, he washes himself, sits in the bushes by the road, the Fox tells the king that robbers attacked them on the way and took away their property, asks for clothes and a carriage, and the king gives them. The princess falls in love with a washed and elegant GW. After the feast, they go to the groom's house. The fox runs forward and warns the shepherds that the king with thunder and the queen with lightning are coming and will burn them if they say that the land belongs to the Serpent, let them say GW. The fox runs to the house of ZL, warns that a king with thunder and a queen with lightning are coming to him, and advises him to hide in a hollow. The tsar and princess and groom learn from the shepherds on the way that they are passing through the GW lands and coming to the ZL house. The fox suggests burning a tree in which the hollow, the Serpent dies]: Ozarovskaya 2009, No. 29:281-283; Russians (North - Olonetskaya?) [The fox steals chickens from Kuzma; he waited for her, caught her; the fox promises to make him happy, tells him to fry a chicken for her; tells the Wolf that she feasted at the king; leads forty forty wolves to the king, says that Kuzma Skorobogaty sent; the same bears; sables and martens; the tsar tells Lisa that he is ready to give his daughter for the COP; the Fox cut her bridges, the COP fell into the water; Lisa asks the tsar to send the Constitutional Court new clothes; rejects ordinary, requires a front door; the Constitutional Court takes his wife home; the Fox answers the shepherds that they are herding sheep, cows, horses not Serpent Gorchnych, but CS; otherwise the Tsar Fire and the Lightning Queen are going; the ZG says the same, advises to hide in straw, sets fire, ZG dies; the Constitutional Court and his wife remain in the golden palace of the ZG]: Karnaukhova 1948:135-141; Russians (Vologodskaya) [two smart brothers and a third fool take turns guarding the haystack; the fool sees when the fox grabbed some hay and ran away; set a trap for the third time; the fox asks her to let her go, promises to make her king and marry her lordly daughter; let her call himself not Ivanushka the Fool, but Ivanushka Korolevich; meets a bear; "This is how I am trying for you and looking for you, because the prince of the local estate is making a great feast today and wants to see you bears at it"; bear gathered the bears, the fox brought them to the palace: I.-Korolevich marries and sends animals as a gift; the same with wolves; ("I am looking for you wolves, but I can't find you; see how I'm trying for you"); with foxes; prince: I. wanted to incognito check whether the princess was really so good; went alone with her servant, fell asleep; the robbers killed the servant and robbed him; the prince sent a carriage with clothes for I.; on the way, the fox teaches manners; after the wedding, they go to Ivan's kingdom; the fox runs ahead; the cow shepherds say that they are the Rasim state, and their king is Rigen; the fox tells them to answer that they are citizens of the Rasim State, citizens Ivan Korolevich, otherwise he, I., a great hero, will chop them up; Regen advises him to hide, and let the ministers go out to greet I.-Korolevich; he will not become angry and leave; when the guests arrive and feast , the fox tells I. to shoot through the hollow; "I think this hollow is in the wrong place; however, I want to see if a bullet falls through it"; although the ministers knew, they shot through it; then had fun for several months; and the fox lived alone the rest of the time for her services]: Burtsev 1895, No. 45:248-265; Belarusians [Ivan works for three owners a year, but takes only a penny and throws her into the well; sits down under a shock to eat; fox: hello Ivan, Tsar Kopitsky; he shared bread and bacon with her; the fox promises to marry him to Thunder's daughter; the fox tells the bears that Thunder is calling them to the holiday; then wolves; hares; Thunder says that Tsar Kpitsky gives him animals; but it's a shame to come himself: the robbers attacked and took everything away; Thunder sends clothes, a wagon; over the well where I. threw pennies, a church appeared with the inscription: Ivan, Tsar Kopitsky; after the wedding, the fox runs and tells the shepherds of different cattle to say that they are herding cattle not by a snake, but by Tsar Kopitsky; the snake says that the Thunder is coming by war, he hides in a hollow, the fox orders him to shoot a tree with a cannon; I. a hundred to reign with Thunder's Daughter]: Romanov 1887, No. 34:222-224; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [Ivan is a younger brother, sits on the stove, saved the kitten, the cat grew up, the name is Murlyk; the cat called the owner Ivan Pechevsky; decided to marry; met a hare, said that Iedt to feast with the king; the hare also wants; cat: if there were a hundred of you; hare gathered 99 other hares; the cat, taking on a human form, came to the king and said that Mr. IP was giving him a hundred rabbits; then the same with foxes; with wolves; told Ivan to ask his father to give him decent clothes and stroller; the king has to be silent; the cat tells how many cattle the individual entrepreneur has; the princess liked the groom; they go to the groom's house; the cat asked the king to take the army; runs forward tells the shepherds to answer that they are not herding cattle with Iron Women, and IP; Baba's castle on a duck's paw and turns; the cat gave the maid gold, even if she replies that Mr. Pechevsky's castle; Baba says that an army is coming, there will be a battle, we must hide in the hollow of a beech tree ; he himself tells the army to shoot at the beech tree with cannons; Ivan and his young wife still live there, if they did not die]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:260-264; Ukrainians (Podolia) [pan in mercy was going to marry the manager on his daughter, who replied that he did not need such a girl for nothing; the pan was going to hang him, but he ran away and was sitting outside the village in a clay shack; the cat brought him bread and told him to write to King Thunder : I marry your daughter, and send hares as a gift; signature: Tsar Glinsky; the cat carries a letter and says to the hare that it asks them not to oppress them and so that they are not afraid; let the hare go not alone, but with others; Thunder took hares, and his daughter gave her ring to Tsar Glinsky; then the same with foxes and wolves; the cat led Glinsky to the bridge over the river, bought a hat, threw it into the water and told Glinsky to climb into the water; told Thunder that Glinsky's army had drowned; the tsar sent new clothes; Glinsky was silent at the feast; the cat explains that he had better clothes; when it was time to go to Glinsky, the cat runs forward, tells to answer the shepherds that they are herding not the herds of the serpent queen, but the herds of King Glinsky; says to the snake that Thunder has taken up arms against her, tells her to hide in the willow; suggests that Thunder hit the willow, the snake spilled with resin; the commissioner went to his former lord and explained why he abandoned his daughter; he became a senator himself]: Levchenko 1928, No. 483:329-332; northern Ukrainians (Chernigov, Nezhinsky y.) [the three brothers began to share, the youngest took one ox; went to sell; the counter says that the ox is nothing, but the horns are superfluous; Ivan broke them off; the other: would tear the skin off his feet; ripped off; legs were extra; in the forest cut off, the ox fell under the birch tree; I.: Oh, damn it, money is under you! took off his skin from the ox, sold it, bought a shovel, began to dig under the birch tree, dug up a treasure; the brothers offered to share, sent I. to the ass for a measure; I. admitted that it was necessary to divide the money; told the brothers; they told the priest stop (until they hide the money); I. killed him; the brothers hid the body in the cellar; they are looking for the priest in vain; at the wake, I. drinks for the priest in the cellar; the brothers managed to put the goat there, and put the priest in under the stove; the brothers share again, I. chose the stove and told it to cover it there, leaving a small hole; the cat jumped there; promised to serve; tells the wolf that he is going to complain to the king; the wolf also wants complain; the cat advises to take 5 other wolves; the cat to the king: Ivan Pechersky sent animals to his fur coats, marries your daughter; the same with bears; the cat tells the king to fix the bridge: tomorrow the individual entrepreneur will go; when the individual entrepreneur will go; when the individual entrepreneur went, the cat took out his hat, threw it into the water, said that the IP army drowned; the cat pulled out the IP, the king gave him clothes, the IP looks back at his shoulders; the cat: he had the best; they go back, the cat is in front of the ogre, tells hide in the hollow of a pear, otherwise the king goes and kills; the king is told to shoot at a pear; IP lives well with the royal]: Malinka 1902, No. 39:318-322; Eastern Ukrainians (c. 1878, Poltavskaya, Mirgorod) [ After death, the father leaves his sons a mill, a stable and a cat, and the youngest gets a cat. The guy cries, the cat goes to the mill with a bag, puts cabbage leaf in it, lures so hares, brings it as a gift to the king, who gives flour and money in gratitude. The cat regularly brings flour to the owner. The mill owner's brother is not happy with the cat and threatens to kill him. The cat calms the owner, leads him to the river, tells him to undress, jump into the water and shout that he was robbed by robbers. A king and his daughter pass by, and the cat tells how Mr. Zapichansky was robbed, who sent them rabbits as a gift. The princess asks to bring him to the palace, he is dressed up, she marries him]: Rudchenko 1870, No. 6:12-13;

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Balkarians: Malkonduev 2017:566-570 [the poor miller has only 6 chickens; the fox tells her to slaughter one chicken, then the others; then tells her to heat the skewer and scorch it; climbed the hill, All the animals have gathered around; fox: the whole world is burning, I hardly ran away, there is only one place where you can hide from the fire; brings the animals to the khan's barn, locks it with a key; asks the khan for his daughter as her wife brother; he himself is a man, but in the form of a fox; said that he had brought the remains of animals; the khan is amazed: if these are remnants, then how many of them are there; the fox tells the miller to break the bridge, undress, throw everything into water; fox hanu: under the weight of a hundred wagons, the bridge collapsed; Khan tells tailors to sew clothes for the groom; Khan is surprised why his son-in-law looks at his clothes; fox: shy, he was much better; a hundred wagons with a bride and a good fox takes nine giants to the castle; the fox is to giants: the world is burning, we must hide under a shock of straw; the fox set fire to straw; 8 giants burned down, one half-burnt fled; later the miller drove the fox away; she brought the half-burnt giant; the miller to the fox: why are you driving a half-burnt man, not healthy; the giant smeared the fox on the ground and ran away], 630-632 [poor guy Chygyr, he has a mill; fox steals everything he is given for flour; C. watched for her, she promises to become his friend; promises to marry Khan's daughter; Khan promises a daughter for 200 wild animals; the fox burned its tail, shouted to the animals that the fire is near, brought 500 heads into the Khan's pen; the khan gave his daughter; the fox says that the palace and its owner's property burned down; the khan made up for everything; then says that all her master's people drowned when the bridge collapsed; wearing Khan's outfit, C. looked at himself, and the bride grinned; the fox explains that he had never worn such bad clothes; but C.'s wife is unhappy that he was bald and killed the fox by hitting it with a jug, and returned to her father; after that, all C.'s wealth was gone, only the mill remained]; the Terek Cossacks [the poor man wore his clothes so much that he settled in the forest like a wild animal; his cat reproaches him, promises to marry his master's daughter; stole cloth, thread, needles, ordered to sew soldier's hats; told the fox that the fox was waiting for his master for the ball; master: Mr. Pozhalevsky sends a fox as a gift; the master ripped off the foxes skins; the cat also sends him wolves, bears, hares; says that his owner asks for the hand of his lordly daughter; the cat tells the owner to throw his hats into the river, and the master says that the bridge has collapsed and the whole army drowned, one owner escaped and he was naked; the master sends the best; the lordly daughter Pozhalevsky liked it; the wedding; they go to the groom, the cat ran forward; the shepherds tell them that sheep, cows with gold tails, forest, fields - all Pozhalevsky; in the palace he says to the real Pozhalevsky that the tsar (already a tsar, not a master} is angry with him, advises him to hide; P. climbed into the hollow of a tree; the tsar's soldiers on the occasion weddings began to fire cannons and smashed the tree to pieces; the cat stayed with the young for a footman]: Baranov 1899, No. 2:200-205.

Baltoscandia. Estonians [parents are dead, the son inherited only a cat; he promises to get a wife to the owner; on the way to the Thunder King (piksekuningas) he shouts to the hares that trouble, let them run after him, the hares run, The cat locks them in a pen, tells the Thunder King that the Ash King (tuhakuningas) marries his daughter, sends hares as a gift; then also brings foxes and wolves; leading the groom, pushes him into the sea, reports To the thunder king, that the whole retinue drowned, the groom remained naked; the Thunder king sent clothes, asking why the Ash King looked at her in surprise; the cat replies that his clothes were better; while the wedding is feasting, the Cat runs to Vanahalb Castle, tells him to hide, for the Thunder King is coming; everyone hides in an oak tree, the youngest imp in a broom; the cat says that the broom and oak will not let the young live, The Thunder King breaks them with lightning]: Normann, Lätt 1968:142-144; Lutsie (West 1893) [poor guy, he has a smart cat, promises to marry; went to marry the Thunder King's daughter; hares: trouble, run after me; Thunder: The Ash King marries his daughter, sends hares as a gift; the next day, a fox; then wolves; leads the owner to the Thunder, pushes him into the sea, runs to the Thunder: horses and servants have drowned, only the owner has escaped; Thunder sends clothes; the cat rejects twice: the owner was better; the third time it's okay, good; the cat leaves the feast, resorts to the devil (tige): trouble, the Thunder is coming, it will destroy everything, hide in the oak tree that stands in the meadow ; one poor devil swept away, the cat to him: hide in this bone (luuakonts); Thunder: this bone will not allow him to live, and an oak tree in the meadow; thunder destroyed them with lightning; cat: now everything is fine, you can raise children]: Annom et al. 2018:255-258.

Volga - Perm. Marie [the fox asks Ivan to feed her, gets two chickens and a rooster, promises to marry the king's daughter; tells the king that the Forest Lord wants his daughter; the king demands a hundred wolves, hares and squirrels; tells wolves (hares, squirrels) that the king invites them to visit; they are locked; the fox stole the wagon, plants I., promises to jump out in the village, everyone will catch it, let I. steal good clothes, expensive harnesses ; tells I. to dismantle the bridge, hang clothes on stilts; the king believes that the wedding train has drowned; on the way back, the fox tells the shepherds to answer, a hundred herds, herds are not the Snake, but the Forest Lord; in the house, the Serpent tells he should hide in the hollow of an oak tree; invites the king to break an oak tree; he tells him to shoot a cannon - an oak tree to chips; I. and his wife and fox stayed in the Snake's house]: Aktsorin 1984:247-253; Komi [Thomas cuts a tree, a knot flew into Yome's eye, she made F. lazy; his mother asks not to lie on the stove, but to go dig a hole with a fox; F. dug, caught a fox, asks to let her go, promises to reward her; says to the wolf that visited F., ate; leads the wolves to the king, says that it is a gift from Thomas; then brings a hundred hares and ermines; asks for a measure containing a pound of grain, returns it, shoving two or three coins behind the birch bark; says that Thomas had about a hundred such measures of gold; the king agrees to give his daughter for F.; the fox washed F., cut him naked, put him on a raft; tells the king that the barque drowned along with its servants and property; the bride doubts why the groom looks around; fox: he does not like the new clothes; after the wedding, the fox warns the shepherd, herding horses, then cows, sheep, to say that they are not herding Yoma's cattle, but Thomas; tells Yoma to run: the king and his servants are coming, wants to cut Yome's head; Yoma hides in a haystack, the fox set him on fire, Yoma burned down; F. and his wife began to live in Yoma's house, her spell is over, F. hardworking]: Plesovsky 1972:7-11.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [Salakbay is poor, Lisa brings him clothes, promises to get a wife; tells Khan that Padishah's son Salakbay is marrying his daughter; Khan asks for a hundred saigas; Lisa tells saigas that they are being taken war, you can only escape in the khan's courtyard; Khan calls S., Lisa explains that he was attacked by robbers, Khan sends new clothes and entourage; after the wedding, S. takes his wife home; Lisa tells shepherds and shepherds answer that these are sheep, cows, horses, camels of Salakbay; the fox runs into the bay's house, shouts that a monster is coming, everyone is running away, all the property goes to Salakbay]: Bosingen 1985:136-138; Kyrgyz (1951, Tien Shan District; Russian influence is certain) [the poor man put his snares on animals every day; once a fox came across: "If you feed me chicken, I will make you rich, but I will give you the name Batbayyr (letters. Quickly rich, Skororich)"; the man brought the fox home, gave it a chicken; climbed into the mountains and began to lie; says to the wolf: "Khan arranged that one, I ate meat there, I ate meat there, I got crazy"; if the wolf wants to go too , let him grab thirty or forty more wolves," said the fox. The wolf gathered the wolves; the fox brought them to the khan and said that Batbayyr sent the wolves; the same happened to other foxes and lynxes; the fox asked the khan to weigh the gold; returning the bucket, she threw gold into it the coin; the khan gave B. his daughter; on the way she brought down the bridge, ran to the khan: "Your son-in-law crossed the bridge, suddenly the bridge fell, now your son-in-law is lying in the water. Tell him to deliver clothes to him." After the wedding, the fox rushed along the road, and punished all sheep, cow and horse shepherds to answer that they were Batbayyr's herds; in fact, they belonged to the padishah of snakes; the fox tells the Snake that it was going Khan with a thousand henchmen, wants to find and burn the padishah of snakes, tells him to hide on top of a tree. When B. settled in the palace, he shot the Serpent; the fox also healed for pleasure, overeating chicken]: Kebekova, Tokombaeva 2007:208-209.

Southern Siberia - Morngolia. Buryats: Eliasov 1959 [fox steals potatoes (!) from Khinkhunai's garden; he catches her, she promises to marry him to a princess; she asks Khartagan Khan to weigh the gold; drags him over stones and thorns to see how much he has been worked with, to the bottom of the scale glues gold; the khan agrees to pass off his daughter as X., but wants to see him; the fox attaches flowers and pebbles to X.'s clothes (to make it shine from afar), in the middle of the river tells him to overturn boat; H. receives khan's clothes; the fox feeds the wolf with good food, promises to give more if he brings 99 wolves, locks them in the khan's pen - this is H. sent; as well as 99 bears, hares, roe deer, deer, sables, martens, squirrels; after the wedding, the fox releases the animals, flees to the possession of Anghir Shara-mangathaya; tells the camel shepherds to answer that H.'s cattle are grazing, otherwise an army is coming to their owner; the same herdsmen, shepherds of sheep; says SHM that an army is coming to him, advises him to dig into straw; tells the khan that his son-in-law is worried about shulmus, he lives in straw; straw is set on fire, ASH is killed; the fox remains with palace]: 82-88 (=Dugarov 1990:330-335); Potanin 1883, No. 111 (Upper Irkut) [poor Boroldai caught a hare; he tells him not to beat him, the fox will deliver their 40 hares to the king to pass off the princess as a poor man; fox to the king: my son B. was traveling by sea to marry your daughter, a storm arose, the property died; the king asks for 40 roe deer, a bear and a wolf; the fox tells them that a hunter is coming, tells them to hide in the house, locks them; says Khan Tygyn Khan, who is coming, advises him to turn trees; B. comes with his wife and father-in-law; the fox advises to cut down those trees]: 381-382; Mongols: Mikhailov 1962 [after losing his father, the young man was left without property, wanted to shoot a fox, she promises to marry him to Khurmaster Khan's daughter; says that Bayan-bornoy ("accordion" is "rich") wants to take his youngest daughter; that B. is richer than H.; he will give a lion for the bride, a tiger, a panther, a bear; tells the animals that they are invited to the wedding as guests of honor; says H. that B. lost everything at the crossing; H. borrowed clothes; tells the animals to let them confuse them, put them into a cage - then they will not be afraid and invited; and B. will ride a lion; H. in admiration; time B. and his wife go to their place; the fox tells H. and his retinue to go north (the 95-headed mangas rules there Inderme; the fox tells him that another mangas wants to eat everyone - let I. and all his people hide in a hole and pile birch trees on top, wait 21 days; tells his subjects to meet B. - then they will become immortal; in 10 days, B.'s wife hears a noise from the pit; fox: these are dead devils, they must be destroyed; H. hit the hole with thunder and killed everyone who was in it; the fox remained a wise adviser]: 72-77; the fox asks the poor young man to hide her from hunters; helps her get rich; to get wolfskin, asks for a bell; tells the wolf to sit on the ice at night, an old man will come and will give; the wolf is an example, a young man killed him, sold his skin; the wolf wants to compete, the winner will eat another; the fox offers to squeeze the juice out of the white stone, extract water from the ground, uproot a growing tree ; teaches the young man to crush an egg, dig up a tree in advance, bury a vessel of water; the lion ran away in horror, told the tiger, that wolf; the fox tells the young man to say: "Cook the tiger's thigh, the lion's brisket and give it to the wolf; when the tiger comes, wear his legs"; the tiger ran away, the wolf died trapped; the fox promises to find a wife for the young man; comes on his behalf to Hormust to marry his daughter; H. demands dowry: the four strongest creatures - a tiger, a lion, a snow leopard and a wolf; the fox tells all four that X. divides his property and gives it to everyone; tells X. to prepare an iron tower; leads animals there, supposedly for treasure; says H. that she was going to cook a feast; she came to the 12-headed mangas herself, says that she married Khan Hormusta's dagina; mangas looks through the spyglass: the bride is really going; the fox: hide in a hole for three days, so that the bride would not be afraid; says Hormusta that mangas is hiding in his possessions, H. killed him with lightning; the young man began to live with his daughter H. in the former mangas possessions]: 3-8.