Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K11A. Feathers turn into birds and humans.

. (.49.) .50.-.

The feathers of a (huge) bird that are torn out turn into current birds or humans emerge from them.

Moshi, Kurnai, Apatani, Wappo, Pomo, Yuki, Mountain, Lowland, Lake and Coastal Miwok, (Southern Utah, South Payut), Navajo, Western Apache, Jicarilla, Lipan, Chiricahua, Mescalero, zunyi, (papago), yaki, huasteki, sanema, wawai, (carinha), apinaye, kayapo, crajo, apaniecra, ramcokamecra.

West Africa. Mosi [the sorcerer told an infertile woman to cook porridge and not wipe a drop if she fell on her thigh; the drop fell, the abscess was swollen, and a boy was born out of it, said that his name was Kegenkargen-Biga-na- zengloanda; went on a journey, met a hero like him, they began to live together; shot birds, put them in a cage, put a forest animal (not identified) as a watchman; a huge the hawk, asked the watchman if he should eat meat or man, who replied that meat; the kite ate the birds; friends put another watchman - the same; K. himself remained guarded, replied that he was a man; his hawk swallowed it, but K. came out through the ass; the same time again; K. killed the hawk, his feathers gave rise to current birds]: Sissao 2010, No. 18:45-46.

Australia. Kurnai (NW Victoria) [an emu ogre pursues a crow man, a possum man; two Brahm Brahm brothers see a star, this is the eye of an emu; kill an emu with a spear; split each pen along these halves appear today's emus - males and females; only the wattlebird was able to raise an emu egg, got dirty with yolk; B. tell the emus to lay smaller eggs; emu is a dark spot between the Southern Cross and with the feet of the Centaur; Crow - Canopus]: Waterman 1987, No. 3860 (1): 99.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Apatani [was a giant tree, you can't see the top; a huge Arii Midii bird nestled at the top, and began to feed people and animals for its two chicks; people promised Palo Talo make him king if he kills a bird, told him not to kill the chicks; he climbed to the top, shot the mother bird, wanted to kill the chicks, but then people removed the iron pins he climbed upstairs; he became feed the chicks with meat prepared by the bird; tried whether the chick would raise a stone, only picked up one, killed the other; then the chick lowered him to the ground; he killed him too; a feather from a large wing the bird became a little eagle, the other a hawk, the heart a big eagle; PT was made king, but he returned to his country]: Blackburn 2008, No. 6:81-83.

California. Wappo: Powell 1878 [Everyone but the Coyote died during the flood; he collected many feathers of various birds and, moving from place to place, stuck a feather wherever the teepee stood before the flood; feathers took root and twigs, grew up, turned into men and women]: 200; Radin 1914, No. 7 [during the flood, Coyote and his grandson Hawk close themselves in a hole in the rock; after the flood, he builds a steam room, puts it there some feathers, they come to life; but they do not talk, move, laugh, walk, eat; every time Coyote goes to old man Month, brings him a bag of words, fleas (people start from bites move), laughing, walking, porridge and chowder; people are happy], 9 [Coyote builds a village, puts as many feathers in every house as people should be; the next morning feathers turn into people, but not they say; The Coyote goes to old man Cookes, who gives a bag of laughter, tells him not to open it on the way; the Coyote opens, writhes laughing, pours the leftovers on people; in the morning people laugh, but still not they say; K. gives a bag of lice, Coyote unties it again on the way, pours the leftovers on people; in the morning people start walking; the same with a bag of lice; then K. comes by himself, now people are running, saying]: 45-46, 65-69; Pomo: Angulo 1935 [Marumda makes the first humans out of wool, feathers, flint; they are strange, monstrous, M. destroys them with rain and flood; in his word he creates a village of people; they too not good, he tells the Fire Man to burn the earth; he saves himself every time in the sky; after the fire, he digs a hole near the river, places willow sticks around; falls asleep, goes to look; after the third attempt, they turn into people; he teaches men to hunt, women to dig roots, appoints elders, etc.; this third world is destroyed by snow and cold, the fourth by a hurricane; every time M. makes people again from sticks]: 239-260; Loeb 1926c, No. 1 (coastal central pomos) [there was no sea; Coyote wanted to drink, pulled out one of the marsh plants, the water poured, the sea filled, stopping where it was Coyote; Coyote: Sometimes it will be low tide so that people can collect what they need on the littoral; when I went to the place where I was going to set up a steam room, I found ready-made poles there and only told them to stand; around the steam room stuck black feathers into the ground, they turned into people; because of the color of the feathers, the Indians are now dark; Coyote celebrated a party, but they did not share food with him for a whole month; so he decided to burn the world; smeared tar was everywhere and set fire, he rose to the sky himself with fog; then, to extinguish the fire, he flooded the ground with a flood; it rained for four days, the water came down four days later; the Coyote made new people also out of black feathers, but in the middle of an open area; Coyote taught people to collect shellfish and people laughed at him; then he created waves at sea that did not exist before, but did not allow them to fill the land; put four people to the cardinal points telling them to blow are four-way winds; Coyote told the thunder to rattle in the rain; people still did not believe the Coyote, so he turned them into rabbits, gophers, birds; told the birds to put the sun in the sky; for this purpose he organized a competition; the vulture was the fastest and raised the sun; for this, people gave the vulture a basket of beads; then Coyote created stars and then the moon that grows acorns; there are four pillars near the ground; at the southern pillar, Coyote put Kuks and his wife to the Kuks woman; shamans will address them; at the northern pillar, Coyote put the Wind Man, gave him the crosshairs are like the blades of a mill; at first he blew so much that everything was demolished, hills formed on the previously flat ground; at the eastern pillar, Coyote placed the Fire Man responsible for daylight and heat; with him Man Day and Woman Day; Coyote put Water Man at the western pillar; Coyote put Thunder Man in the middle of the world; he produces thunder when he drags deer skin; then Coyote created villages and put a black feather in each; after that, the villages were filled with people; the Coyote gave names to all edible plants; when there is a lot of food, let people dance; after that, no one else saw the Coyote]: 475-484; Yuki [the first race was destroyed by fire and flood; the evil eagle Gilluk ruled the world, was also destroyed; Coyote, his wife Frog, Kingfisher, and Lizard were about to make new people; Coyote pulled out feathers from the body of an eagle, placed dugouts (roundhouse) on the floor in pairs; said that these people would be better than the past ones, made of sticks or clay; waited 4 days, then fasted for 8 days with their faces people did not come from the hearth; then they turned to the hearth, after 4 days the feathers began to move, after another 4 days they became human, each couple spoke their own language; Coyote told who where to live and what to eat]: Clark, Williams 1954:14-15; mountain mivok: Barrett 1919, No. 5 (mountain mivoks) [Coyote pretends to be dead; crows and vultures peck him, get inside; he catches them and plucks them; turns crows feathers are ordinary people, and vulture feathers are chiefs (human origin)]: 9; Merriam 1993 (plain miwok) [Coyote pretends to be dead, catches Vulture, Raven, and Raven; tells his grandson Falcon to pluck them; wanders with Falcon, leaving three feathers in place of future villages; vulture feathers turn into chiefs, crow into female leaders, crows into poor people]: 83-87; lake mivok [Falcon lonely; his grandfather Coyote tells him to bring the feathers of the geese that Falcon killed on the lake; both travel, wherever there is room for a household, the Coyote sticks a pair of feathers; each couple turns into man and woman, the country is inhabited]: Merriam 1993:146-149; coastal meats [the world is covered with water except Mount Sonoma north of San Francisco; Coyote comes on a long raft of sticks and reeds; throws it into the water with the long side along the north-south line; land appears; the center of the raft was on the mountain; the frog sits next to him, jumps into the water whenever he wants to grab it; when the water falls, not She has time to jump to the water; she is the wife of the Coyote; when the ground is dry, the Coyote planted bushes and trees; the Falcon wants people; the Coyote throws feathers into the air, they fly across the country, turning into people ]: Merriam 1993:203-205.

(Wed. Big Pool. Southern Utah [every morning a girl lies down with her legs apart towards the rising sun; she gives birth to twins from the Sun; they go to visit her father; an old bat woman carries them to the house of the Sun; wife The sun is angry; the Sun denies that it had connections with other women, suggests that the boys' father is the Month; quarrels with the Month, knocks out his eye; since then, the Month has been dim; the Sun cooks twins in boiling water, they are unharmed; he recognizes them as his sons; warns that the way back is dangerous; they are attacked by a giant eagle; the younger brother disappeared into the bush, the elder shot the eagle, pulled out feathers, but the birds took them for themselves; the brothers return to their mother]: Lowie 1924, No. 48:76-77);

southern payut (shivvitz) [The eagle tells the mother that he will go find a wife; The turtle (man) feeds him with flowers, he likes it; then he doesn't like the seeds of the same plant, they are too rude; comes to two girls who rejected women; but they accepted the Eagle; he gave a small bundle of meat for their father, and when unfolded, there was a lot of meat; the Turtle came, but he was beaten and wanted to be killed; he chipped in with a big stone and then left; kills many antelopes and mountain rams for relatives of his wives; all birds are his descendants, there were no birds before]: Lowie 1924, No. 18:151-153).

The Great Southwest. Feathers turn into all little birds. Navajo [the hero gives feathers to the bat woman; she opens the basket, the feathers fly away]: Haile 1938:123; Matthews 1994 [the older sister conceives Nyenezgani from the sun's ray, the youngest conceives from the waters of his younger brother N.; brothers are gods of war, visit the Sun, the elder receives lightning arrows from him; brothers kill monsters; N. goes alone to kill a four-legged monster with deer horns (his father is a horn antelopes); Gopher digs an underground passage under the monster, gnaws hair off the skin under his heart, explains that wool needs to warm the cubs; N. climbs under the tunnel, kills the monster with a lightning arrow; Gopher gets skin; N. fills the gut with monster blood, lets himself be carried away by a monstrous bird; she throws it into a nest on the rocks, but it does not break thanks to the pen given by the Spider; tears his gut with blood to make it seem as if he is dead; the chick says that the prey is alive, the bird does not believe; N. asks the chicks how their parents will arrive; Father with thunderstorm and rain (letter with "rain man"), mother with quiet rain ("rain-woman"); N. kills both parents with lightning arrows, turns the older chick into an eagle, the youngest into an owl; the Bat lowers it to the ground in a basket; for this he gives her the feathers of monstrous birds but they turn into all kinds of small birds]: 116-121; O'Bryan 1956:92; Western Apaches (White Mountain) [the grandson consistently asks his grandmother where to get a bow tree, a reed for arrows, tendons for the bowstring, feathers for arrows; she replies every time that it is far and dangerous; he goes after the bow tree, says to the Bear, Grandma, I will be your wife; the bear laughs, lets you take it; there are rocks in front of the reeds; Gopher digs a passage, brings reeds to the young man; the terrible male Antelope (Big Horns) lies on the ground; Gopher digs four underground passages, tells Antelope that he needs wool for freezing kids, gnaws hair under his heart, the young man stabs a knife in there, the Antelope plows his horn, dies; the young man takes his tendons, fills his stomach with blood; lets the Eagle carry himself away, thrown on a rock, from blood splashes the antelope's stomach, the Eagle thinks the young man is dead, does not believe the chicks that he is alive; the young man kills chicks except one; he replies that his brother, then his sister, will come with certain species rain; a young man kills those who have arrived; that his father will arrive with a man's rain; the same; turns the chick into an owl; the female bat lets the young man down in her basket; he opens his eyes ahead of time, she falls , is being healed; the young man gives her eagle feathers, tells her not to go under the trees; she goes, the feathers have turned into all kinds of birds; the young man makes arrows; a white feather descends from the sky, turns into a girl, he is on her getting married]: Goodwin 1994, No. 3:12-16; hicarilla [like Navajo]: Mooney 1898a: 207; Russel 1898 [see motif K10; little birds make their plumage out of eagle feathers]: 258; lipan [Fighter- The monstrous Eagle kills enemies; all kinds of birds emerge from its feathers]: Opler 1940, No. 1:19-21; chiricahua: Hoijer 1938:5-13 [A woman-Painted-White falls under a stream of water, gives birth to a Son of Water; hides it from the Giant; and an adult Enemy Killer is afraid of the Giant; the Son of Water invites the Giant, trying to take away his hunted deer, to shoot at each other; the Giant misses, arrows The Son of Water is broken one after another by four flint covers on the Giant's body, the latter hits the heart; the Ox kills with his gaze; Gopher digs four underground passages for the Son of Water under the heart of the lying Ox; The Son of Water pierces the heart; the Ox breaks three turns with a horn, dies; the Son of Water fills his intestines with his blood, wraps them around himself; the Eagle takes him away, throws him on the rock to his children, thinks that blood has splashed captured; the chicks say that the prey is alive, the Eagle does not believe; the Son of Water kills all the chicks, leaves the youngest; he replies that the father will arrive with men's rain and the mother with the woman's rain; the Son of Water kills both; descends on an eagle, kills him; turned Eagle feathers into all kinds of birds; Gophers were killed with his gaze; he blinded them by throwing salt into the fire, then killed them; created Indians, and the Enemy Killer Europeans] (episode with feathers turning into birds: No. 4:12); Opler 1942 [as in Hoijer]: 3-9, 13; mescalero: Hoijer 1938 [Woman Painted White lies under a cloud, gives birth to an Enemy Slayer (UV); hides him from the Giant; he tries to take meat from the HC, offers to shoot at each other; misses, UV arrows break four flint covers on the Giant's body one after another, kill him; Bison kills with a glance; Gopher digs four underground passages for UV under the lying Bison; where the heart gnaws its hair, says his children are cold; UV pierces the heart; Bison breaks three passages with a horn, dies; UV fills his intestines his blood, wraps it around himself; the Eagle takes him away, throws him on the rock to his children; UV kills three chicks, leaves the fourth, who can fly; he replies that the father will arrive when it rains mother is the same; UV kills both; goes down on an eagle, kills him; Orlov turned feathers into all kinds of birds; Owl killed with his gaze, Owl's house was guarded by Gophers; UV entered the Owl's cave, killed everyone there with a club; UV goes to the Killer Antelope; fires four arrows of different colors in four directions; each time a cloud of the same color appears there, and Antelope runs there; gets tired; UV tells her to be just an antelope, it will be hunted by people]: 183-188 (the episode with the feathers: 187); Zunyi [the girl does not marry; one of the rain gods entered her through a hole in the roof; gave birth to a boy, he grew up right away , he needs a bow; 1) his mother is forced to say that the bow tree grows in a cave; there is a bear, he teaches the young man to make a bow; he invites him to his place, offers to shoot him with an arrow with a tip from coal, in fact, the tip is obsidian, the bear is killed; 2) the young man asks his mother if there are any more monsters; these are lizards spitting poison, he kills them, hangs hearts next to the bear's heart; 2) kills an ogre giant, the children think that a hero has been killed, they eat their father, recognize them by a bunch of hair on their heads; the young man killed the children, threw two into the air, they turned into a falcon and an owl; 4) the gopher dug under a huge moose or bison, gnawed the hair under his heart, the young man pierced the heart; 5) made armor out of bison skin, wrapped a gut with bison blood around his neck; The eagle attacks, the gut burst, the eagle thinks that the prey dead, takes the children to the nest; the young man kills the Eagle, the eagles; the Bat began to let him down, he opened his eyes, both fell, but alive; he gave her eagle feathers, told her not to go where the flowers are; she went across the field with flowers, feathers turned into various small birds]: Cushing 1901:65-92; (cf. papago [Big Brother loses to the Player; makes a mixture of corn and bird feathers; after eating it, the player becomes an ogre eagle; Big Brother climbs his nest on the mountain; finds a woman there Orlenok, who gave birth to Orel; hides in a corpse with a fly; cuts off the heads of Eagle and Orlyonka who have fallen asleep; during the Eagle's agony, the earth shudders; the Elder Brother throws eagle feathers and fluff, they turn into clouds (white on east, black in the west, pink in the south); it revives the dead by spraying corpses with hot water; cuts through a crack in the rock, people descend it to the ground; the last to descend is a woman]: Densmore 1929a: 39 -53).

NW Mexico. Yaki: Giddings 1959 [The cannibal bird lives on the mountain, took the husband of a young pregnant woman; she gave birth to a boy; the bird took his grandmother, the mother; the grandfather told his grandson what happened; the young man takes shelter under the tree, where the nest is, kills the bird with arrows; from its feathers it makes four species of owls, then all birds; turns pieces of meat into a cougar, other cats, foxes, raccoons, coyotes, snakes - anyone with teeth; universal holiday]: 36-38; Olmos Aguilara 2005 [a terrible feathered creature carried away, ate a pregnant woman, two twins from her womb escaped, her grandmother raised them; they won, killed the monster; bones turned into a mountain (Cerro de los Huesos), feathers into all types of birds]: 210-211.

Mesoamerica Huasteci [the huge eagle (gavilám) ate people; the young man Heart of Corn promises to kill an eagle to be eaten; pulls out a grain of corn from his hand, cooked from it An atole in a large vessel; when the eagle descends, the SK collides it into a hot atol, people finish off the bird; from each feather a new eagle appears, but the usual size, not an ogre (the origin of eagles)]: Relatos Huastecos 1994:100-107; (cf. Nahuatl San Luis Potosi [body parts in birds? (the eagle was cut to pieces, they flew]: Croft 1957:329).

Southern Venezuela. Sanema: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990b, No. 82 [(Colchester 1981:39-40); it was night, people were trembling with the cold, the big curazo screamed sadly; he was hit by an arrow, feathers scattered, became different birds species depending on size; the day has come], 83 [(Colchester 1981:40-41); during a long night, monkeys painted uruku, charcoal, ash, and received their current color; people killed curasso, the bird of the night; his feathers turned into all songbirds, morning has come]: 175-176, 177.

Guiana. Waywai Fock 1963 [a man finds that another hunts monkeys in the guise of a harpy eagle; tells his wife, she tells his wife to the wife of someone who takes the form of an eagle; the eagle's wife tells her husband what is more will not eat the meat he brings because it has saliva; the husband turns himself and his son into a harpy eagle, both fly away; take people away; the old woman agrees to be bait; a rope is tied to her; the eagle takes old woman, the rope unwinds, people find a tree on which eagles sit; arrows fly by; those who go to look for them are carried away by eagles; only the wife's brother {brother-in-law; perhaps classifying, i.e. that man , where the story began} kills eagles with arrows; people rip off their fluff and feathers; feathers from their chest turn into hawks, wing feathers into eagles]: 79-81; (cf. Carinha on Orinoco [the man is jealous of his wife, she leaves; he comes to her father, lies down in a hammock; his son finds him dead; tobacco grows on the grave; the young man hides the wings of pigeons that have arrived; doves take it to heaven; there the old man and the old woman tell me 1) make a stone bench decorated with copies of the heads of the old man and the old woman; 2) dry the pond; 3) make a bridge; everything is done by an assistant spirit; reports that these old man and old woman killed the young man's father; when the young man knocked down the trunk to make a bridge, the chips turned into piranhas; the old man and the old woman stepped on the bridge, he fell, they were eaten by piranhas, their heads remain; the old woman's head went up to heaven, became the Morning Star; telling her daughters to avenge her; they gave the young man a drink, lifted the sleeper high up a tree; the eagle asks how he got here; a vine appears from the eagle's bowel movements, a man descends it; the eagle wanted to kill him, but he hid in the water, returned to his mother, gave her an eagle chick; he grew up to bring deer and fish to the woman; she organized a party clearing the site; people came to help, one asked the eagle to bring him an old woman, the other a young woman; so the eagle began to drag people; in one village they made a trap, a bait girl into it, the eagle was caught, killed; a woman came, an avenger feather fell on her chest: all his fibers turned into diseases; the woman blew on them, they scattered around the world]: Civrieux 1974:104-108).

Eastern Brazil. In all birds. Apinaye (Mehin): Wilbert 1978, No. 172 [a huge eagle settled on a jatoba palm tree, people fled, left a couple of old people and their grandchildren Kenkutá and Akréti, their parents were eaten by an eagle; grandfather is surprised how easily A. catches up and kills other birds; the brothers stay in a hut by the river, the grandfather brings food there, makes them clubs; the brothers call the tapir a rat; the grandfather builds a hut at the foot of the reaper, A. lures the eagle, hides in the hut; K. does the same less quickly; the eagle is exhausted, the brothers finish him off with clubs; the grandfather plucks him, blows his feathers down the wind, they turn into different birds; the other the huge Kukád bird lives on a rock, cuts off people's heads with its beak; the grandfather builds a hut there, A. lures the bird, hides; K. does not have time, the bird cuts off his head; A. leaves K.'s head on a branch, not can lure a bird more, goes to look for people, meets people with a series, black arar people, monkey people, each group tells what it does; A. finds fellow tribesmen, marries, brings father-in-law and mother-in-law meat (nandu ostriches); calls his wife for honey, offers to put his hand in the hollow, his hand gets stuck, A. kills his wife, roasts her meat, brings her to the village; the victim's brother realizes what he was given, finds sister's head and bones; people push A. into hot coals; his ashes turn into a nest of earth termites], 176 [Pompeu Sobrinho 1935:192-194; the huge Hoktí hawk devoured people; those who are still alive afraid to leave home, weak from hunger; Kenegumã and his brother Waiitôme asked his uncle and his wife to leave them in a well-built cabin for young men and feed them well; K. periodically slipped in finger; one day my aunt saw that the finger was plump, which means that the young men became strong; they built a house near Hokti's home, his uncle gave a wooden sword; K. was dissatisfied with the sword, the uncle made another one, heavier and bigger; V. went out and hid again, Hokti spent his energy trying to grab him; when he was completely tired, K. killed him with a sword; the carcass was brought to the village, plucked, and all the birds appeared from the feathers]: 451-454, 466-167; kayapo: Wilbert 1978, No. 173 [in front of two boys, the flying monster OK-tí carries away their father's sister; noticing that objects appear larger under water, the boys' father keeps them in a drawer under water; boys gain strength, easily catch game; hide in a shelter under O.'s nest, lure him out many times with the sounds of a horn, kill the exhausted with clubs; people eat O., brothers scatter his feathers, those turn into birds of different colors depending on what feather they came from; since then, men have been making a hut in the village where they prepare weapons and wear feathers in their hair]: 456-457; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 136 (shikrin) [Vidal 1977:224-225; in front of Kukrut-uíre and Kukrut-kako, the Okti hawk took their grandmother away; the grandfather put the boys in a pond and began to feed them well; they grow up fast; after 40 For days, their legs have already stretched out to the other side, fish and crocodiles think they are fallen trees; the grandfather made a club, a spear and a horn; the young man was wiped off the mucus and painted uruku red; his grandfather made a shelter hut ; one of the brothers went out and teased Okti, then hid again; Okty dived, but no one; when the Okti ran out of strength, the brothers killed him; the plucked feathers turned into various birds], 137 (paw d'arco) [Nimuendaju; in front of Akrët and Kenkut, the Agaikríti falcon took their grandmother away; put them in the river, left their heads on the shore, fed them; when they grew up so much that their legs almost reached another the shores, my grandfather washed them of mucus and painted them red with uruku; the grandfather built a shelter under a tree, where there was a nest, made a wooden club for everyone; the brothers whistled, the falcon dived, saw no one; when he was tired, His brothers killed him, his feathers became different birds; Nyére lived in the same village; he pestled children, fried them and ate them; his brothers killed him, others attacked them, but the brothers beat them]: 414-416, 417-418; crash: Wilbert 1978, No. 170 [(Schultz 1950:93-112); people lived near a tree that supported the sky; the boy was carried by a harpy eagle to a nest on a rock, fed to the chicks; nightgoats flew at night, cut off people's heads; people put a ladder to a tree, went up to a hole in the sky, went to heaven, threw away the stairs; the old man, his wife and two grandchildren accidentally stayed on the ground; older brother A- krey knew how to turn into animals, the younger Kengunã did not know how; his grandfather made his grandchildren a platform in the water, they lay in the water to become strong, to avenge the birds for their father's death; the brothers killed a huge emu, they scattered feathers, they became current birds; the same with a large partridge (my grandfather does not believe that the brothers will be able to approach monsters unnoticed); the grandfather took shelter under a rock where the birds lived; K. he jumped out and then hid in hiding, teasing the eagle; he was exhausted, K. killed him; A. also wanted to try it, but cut off his head with a nightjar; K. put it on the fork in the tree, his head became a swarm of bees; K. went to look for another tribe; saw emu, koati, monkeys, tapir burning grass and trees to get larvae and fruits; K. himself from the kraho tribe, i.e. Paki (kraho - paka); met a girl from the Koati tribe, became her husband; he is a good hunter, everyone is happy]: 424-446; Wilbert, Simoneau 1984a, No. 135 [cannibal feathers]: 411-412; apaniecra [Pompeu Sobrinho 1935:192-194; huge Hoktí hawk devoured people; those who were still alive were afraid to leave home, were weak from hunger; Kenegumã and his brother Waiitôme asked their uncle and his wife to leave them in a well-built young man's hut and good feed; K. periodically put his finger in; one day my aunt saw that his finger was fat, which meant that the young men had become strong; they built a house near Hokti's home, his uncle gave a wooden sword; K. was dissatisfied with the sword, uncle made another one - heavier and bigger; V. went out and hid again, Hokti spent his energy trying to grab him; when he was completely tired, K. killed him with a sword; the carcass was brought to the village, plucked, and all the birds appeared from the feathers ]: Wilbert 1978, No. 176:466-167; Ramkokamekra [Kokodyótómre's daughter and daughter's husband ate Hakti's giant harpy eagle; Kokodyótómre and his wife raise grandchildren Akréi and Kenkunã; they build a hut by the river, live there, become strong; take shelter at the foot of a tree on which X.'s nest; then show themselves to him, then hide in a hut, exhausting H., killing with a club; in a cave lives with a Nightjar, cutting off people's heads with his beak; he killed A.; Kenkunã left his brother's head at a fork in a tree where bees nest; looking for departed people, asks birds; Nandu says they have passed a year ago, series - that two or three days ago; Kenkunã finds people; Kokodyótómre and his wife were wandering around the savannah; by the mountain, the husband went to the right, told his wife to go to the left; when they separated, both turned into anteaters; Kokodyótómre was killed by hunters; wife waited, cried and left alone]: Wilbert 1978, No. 175:461-463.