Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K11D. A broken monster turns into ordinary animals.



pieces of flesh of a huge creature broken up or cut into pieces turn into ordinary animals, birds, or fish.

Eastern Siberia. Evenki (Podkamennaya Tunguska) [a huge oli-raven Korendev with iron wings took Ungyangi, the hunter's wife; Oli tells her to cook for him and the crows; her sister secretly came to her and stayed into the underground; when Oli takes off her iron wings when she arrives, she saws them; when K. is above the sea, the wing broke off, it fell and fell apart; they turned into current crows]: Suvorov 1956:30- 31.

Japan. Ainu (Hokkaido) [Tokara-kamui ("that" means lake, "kara" is to create") created Lake Shikotsu and let fish go to it; after soaking his hips in the lake, T. became angry and threw all the fish from the lake into the sea; one fish kunja (char, salmon, up to 1 m long) hid, grew up, began to starve deer and bears, sink boats; Oainurushi-kuru ("husband at the head of the Ainu"?) He threw a harpoon, but the kunja dragged O. into the lake; his daughter grew up and told her younger brother about it; he took out a golden harpoon, his father's inheritance, plunged him into the fish, tried to pull it out for 6 days, and his sister helped; they asked their father who had ascended to heaven for help; he went down, they took the fish out, cut it into pieces and threw it into the lake; the pieces turned into boys of kunja fish]: Zapasina 2014, No. 8:63-64.

NW Amazon. Chikuna [everyone who tried to leave the house at night was carried by a huge bat to its nest on top of a palm tree and fed it to the chicks; one person covered himself with a wooden trough; a bat she grabbed the trough, but did not carry the man away; then everyone began to escape in this way; one man came to the bottom of a palm tree; there was a pile of bones and wooden troughs; when the bat flew in, the man struck her from the sarbakan with four arrows; the poison worked, the bat fell into the wet clay; only a piece of leather was cut out, but so hard that it was impossible to eat; the man's children threw these pieces away and they turned into current blood-sucking vampire bats]: Nimuendaju 1952:149.