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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K12. Stolen and returned. .11.-.17.19.-.24.26.-.43.46.48.-.52.55.-. (.68.) .74.

The hero returns the woman that the opponent or rival tried to take away from him.

Comorians, Samo, Bambara, Tangale, Malgashi, Nubians, Arabs of Sudan, Western Sahara, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tuaregs, Berbers of Morocco (Fez), Kabiles, Spaniards, Catalans, Basques, Portuguese, Ladins, Italians (Ticino, Menton, Veneto, Tuscany, Basilicata, Calabria), Sicilians, Corsicans, French, Germans (Pomerania, Baden-Württemberg, Austria), Alsatians, Scots, Palestinians, Arabs of Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Mehri, Aramais, Kanaka, Marshall Islands, Nukuoro, Nauru, Ngulu, Palau, Yap, Woleai, Pulo Anna, Ifaluk, Kapingamarangi, Taumako, Tuvalu, Tokelau, Tuamotu, Hawaii, Marquises, Tibetans, Mustang, Lepcha, Minyong, Apatani, aka, Lushi, Chins (Meitei), Kachin, Vieta, Ede, Konkani (Goa), Sindhi, Punjabi, Kashmiris, Hindi (Kashmir), Nepali, Tamils, Sinhales, Baiga, Muria, Maria, Simalur, Minahasa, Chuan Miao, Meo, Chinese (place of recording not specified), Koreans, Ancient Greece, Greeks, Albanians, Serbs, Croats, Hungarians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Tver, Moscow, Tula, Ryazan, Voronezh, Kursk, Oryol, Tambov, Tyumen, Tomsk), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Transcarpathia, Galicia, Hutsulshchina, Ivano-Frankovshchina, Podolia, Volyn, Chernigov, Kiev, Yekaterinoslavskaya, Kharkiv), Belarusians, Nogais, Kalmyks, Adygs, Balkarians, Ossetians, Terek Cossacks, Ingush, Chechens, Nogais, Avars, Lezgins, Armenians, Svans, Megrelians, Georgians, Turks, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Lurs, Persians, Baluchis, Tajiks, Yagnobes, Turkmens, Burish, Norwegians, Danes, Swedes, Western Sami, Finns, Karelians, Veps, Estonians, Latvians, Chuvash, Mari, Mordovians, Udmurts, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Yellow Uighurs, Salars, Dungans, Siberian Tatars, Chulym Turks, Altaians, Khakas, Tuvans, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats, Darkhats, Mongols, Dongxians, Northern Khanty, Nenets, Northern (?) Selkups, Central Yakuts, Western Evenks (Kirensky, Podkamenno-Tunguska), Baikal Evenks (Barguzin), Olekminsky, Far Eastern (?) Evenks, Evenks of China, Evens, Nanais, Udege, Orochi? , Wilta, Nivhi, Ainu, Japanese, North Ryukyu, Tundra Yukaghirs, Itelmen, Chukchi, Coastal Koryaks, Asian Eskimos, Chugach, Central Yupiat, Northern Alaska Inupiat (Kotzebue, Anaktuvut), Copper, Netsilic, caribou, koyukon, tanana, upper tanana, tanaina, taltan, helmet, tlingits, haida, tsimshian, bellacula, heiltsuk, kwakiutl, nootka, makah, quarry, chilcotin, shuswap, thompson, lillouet, halkomel, sechelt, snohomish, skagit, Puget Sound, comox, quileout, quinolt, cowlitz, upper cowlitz, sanpual, okanagon, kurdalen, klikitat, ne perse, western sachaptin, yakima, lower chinook, vasco, tillamook, alsea, cous, Klamath, Modoc, Blackfoot, Teton, Arapahoe, Iowa, Osage, Skidy Pawnee, Kiowa Apache, Yokuts, Mountain Miwok, Eastern Pomo, Northern Payute (Owens Valley et al), Northern Shoshones, Utah, Yawapai, Havasupai, Walapai , Navajo, Jicarilla, Western Apache, Chirikahua, Hopi, Zunyi, Cochiti, Acoma, Laguna, Pima, Papago, Tewa (San Juan), Maricopa, Tarahumara, Kekchi and Mopan, Sicuani, Guayabero, Maciritare, Pemon, Carinha Guyana, napo, sekoya, yukuna, maku, kashinahua, (cashibo), chiriguano, (kamayura), araucana.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Comorians [Alimtru rejects all the brides offered by the mother; brings her own; she is amazed by her beauty, tells the Sultan that he takes her away; A. makes a woman out of an arek palm tree, she comes to life, the mother again tells the Sultan, he picks her up; A. asks the vulture to help, gives food to him and his children; he arrives and returns A.'s amulets; these are the branches of a palm tree that grow out of his wife's body; after the seventh palm tree pierces the roof, the sultan and his entourage die, A. takes his wife]: Haring 2007, No. 97:284-287.

West Africa. Tangale [a woman comes to marry Daniya; his father, chief, thinks she is too good for him; on the way she asks for water, D. goes down to the well, he is stoned; D. escapes (not it is said how), climbs a tree; the children below say that the chief is preparing the wedding, but the bride is silent; gives her ring, tells the bride to be thrown in a jar of milk; she recognizes the ring; with her retinue comes to tree; D. returns, kills his father]: Jungraithmayr 2002:160-179; himself [all women in the village are missing; the young man brought his wife, fell asleep in the morning, the creature took his wife away; the young man went to look for her; along the way stumbles over a stone, does not pay attention, the stone follows it; the same bees (bit), lion (hit with its paw), hawk (clutched); they come to the forest where Creatures and stolen women live; bees they bite Beings, a stone rolls, presses, a hawk bites, a lion finishes off; a young man takes his wife and other women; walks, leaving helpers where he meets; they do not want wives for themselves, but they demand the right to steal chickens (hawk), goats (lion), bite children (bees), lie under their feet to stumble over (stone); in the village, a young man is given three wives, the rest are dismantled by other men]: Platiel 1984:131-135; bambara [the snake takes the newlywed women, eats it on the seventh day; it cannot be killed: a new one grows in place of the severed head; Ntyi goes to look for his wife; at the lair, the snake N. hears his wife the snake asks what his life consists of; the serpent: there is a wild bull in the forest, there is a roe deer, a guinea fowl in it, a dove in it, an egg in it; a fly will fly out of a crushed egg, sit on me; a lion, a panther, an eagle, a hawk, a fly, a stone, are convinced of N.'s fearlessness and patience, join him; they consistently kill a lion, etc., the serpent dies; N. returns his wife, the leader rewards him]: Klipple 1992:126.

Sudan - East Africa. Nubians [lying in a puddle, a woman gave birth to a donkey from the seed; Ahmed Son of a Donkey (ASO) beats his wife twice a day, who confirms that he is brave; the old woman advises his wife to answer that there are daredevils better; ASO leaves, meets, takes as companions Eared, Glazed, Angry, Inexhaustible (irrigates the beds with his urine); everyone first replies that if he met ASO, he would fraternize with him; the king sprinkles poison, the Eyed takes away the poisoned pieces; the king sets fire to the house, the Inexhaustible floods; the angry almost killed everyone; the king is ready to give his daughter, the ASO only takes a receipt that they are brave; each the queue cooks, the giant eats everything; when it's ASO's turn, he throws him into the fire, the giant disappears into the well; the ASO goes down the rope, the beauty says that the giant's soul is in the chest, the ASO breaks it; twins pick up, share beauty and treasures, cut off the rope; ASO falls into the fifth underworld; there the crocodile closed the river, gives water in exchange for girls; ASO promises to cause ritual scars to the crocodile on the occasion of eating him and the girl, kills; hides with an old woman, leaving a handprint on the princess's thigh; the king finds the hero, tells the eagle to take him upstairs; there is not enough meat, ASO cuts off a piece from his thigh, gives eagle; he puts it back; ASO forgives his brothers, returns to his wife]: Katsnelson 1968:78-94; Sudanese Arabs [Mohammed Othman is the son of the Sultan; he raised him in a closed courtyard, behind him The slave looked after him; when he went out into the world, fell in love with the daughter of the nomads, his father married him; he hit the old woman's jug with a stone; she took revenge by telling his wife's relatives that MO was an idiot; they migrated; his wife wrote to him that in a week she would be given to another; MO bought a dead debtor who was not allowed to be buried; he was given the daughter of the redeemed one; then two roads, MO chose a difficult one; there was a woman who cut off her heads 99 men; Moe fights her, wins, marries her; through a maid, he passes the ring to his first wife, putting it in a jug of water, she returned to him; the Sultan envied that his son has three wives, decided it destroy; but the nomadic daughter knew everything in advance; ordered not to go to her father barefoot (poisoned nails), did not sit on a poisoned chair, not drink coffee from the proposed cup; but then he was blinded and thrown under a tree; two birds say he can be cured by mixing the liver with one another's lungs; he grabs birds, his eyesight returns; he comes when the sultan is preparing a wedding; the robber wife is the first to know he, she cut off the Sultan's head herself; the vizier was torn by camels; the Ministry of Defense became a sultan]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1920, No. 31:151-155; Somalis (recorded in Arabic) [the man took an Arab wife and an Ethiopian slave; both gave birth on the same day, the slave died during childbirth; the husband gave birth to a second child to an Arab woman, said that she gave birth to both; the boys grew up; an old woman came and told the Arab woman that one of them was not her son; offered check: you have to lie naked in front of the house door as if you fell asleep; the son who will cover his mother is real; the son of an Ethiopian woman (SE) told the son of an Arab woman (SA) to cover his mother; he covered it, his mother scratched him to then find out who covered it; the father tested the sons; told the mother to say that their father would give them breakfast; said that breakfast was in the stove and hid the lion in the oven; the lion bit SA, who complained to his mother; and SE killed a lion, his father praised him, gave him a sled mare; the Arab woman is offended, asked the old woman to bring poison, put SE in his food; tells her son that today he should eat separately; SE gives food to the cat, which exhaled; next time the mare warns SE that the poisoned needles are placed on 14 steps, you have to jump over them all at once; he jumps over; the old woman advises the woman to pretend to be sick - supposedly will recover by eating the mare's liver; the father tells SE to sell him the mare, he requires a lot of money, a spear and a sword; when the time comes, asks for permission to ride the mare for the last time, he jumps away; planted a tree, SA came to him; SE told him to watch the tree: if it dries up, he is in trouble; he comes to the girl, threatens her father, he has to let SE sleep with his daughter; the light is on the horizon, this is the daughter Sunrise; SE comes to the fortress, reads the Koran, gets inside; the girl says that the demon will eat them; SE teaches you to hide it, explain to the demon what the smell is from the prince who was yesterday; when the demon fell asleep, the girl explains to SE that a demon can only be killed with his own sword when his two small eyes are closed and two big ones are open; hit with his left hand; SE cut off his head; the demon asks to hit him again, SE refuses, the demon dies; SE has been living with Voskhod's daughter for 10 years; while swimming, she lost her hair, the water brought him to the king, he sent an army to bring the owner of the hair, SE killed everyone; the old woman promises to bring king woman; comes disguised as a beggar; his wife does not want to let her in, nor SE insisted; she gave him coffee with poison, he died; the warriors took the woman away; SA saw that the tree had dried up; came to SE's first wife, sleeps at night , turning his back to her; finds SE's body; sees how one raven brought the corpse of another, revived by dipping it in water; revived SE; brothers disguised as dervishes came to SE's wife kidnapper; lured the old woman to a hole covered with leather, threw earth; came to the kitchen, the wife recognized SE; the king invited them to serve as his warriors; gave them weapons, offered to choose horses; SE recognized his mare; they killed the king and his warriors; SE returned his wife and gave his first wife to an Arab son]: Reinish 1900, No. 1:259-277; malgashi [Ifaranimahery to a pregnant woman: if a boy is born, he will be my brother, and if a girl, his wife; born a girl who has grown up; goes to the king, but after learning her story, the king refuses to marry; she goes to another village, another king marries her; I. goes to war; during battle, they throw spears at him immediately die; I. gets a wife and a kingdom]: Haring 1982, no. 1.6.56-57:202.

North Africa. Western Sahara [two sisters are married to two brothers; when they leave, they say that if children of different sexes are born, one family should go east and the other west; one sister has a boy Nehry Bugam, they decide to dress him as a girl; NB has grown up, the truth is revealed; NB has grown up, goes looking for his cousin Dayesmus, with him an ostrich, a camel and a horse, a young camel with a camel, a dog and a raven ; snakes pulling the mountains let him pass, the mountains only cut off the tip of the young camel's tail; the NB gives the shepherd a ring to throw into a bowl of milk that the chief's daughter (i.e. D.) will take; the shepherd says that the seven-headed serpent demands girls, the last one is the leader's daughter; the NB tells the snake that he has come to see such a glorious creature, asks for permission to take one of his heads as a keepsake; then the other; the rest cuts off five in battle, hides him under a huge rock; no one else can pick him up, the NB gets D. as his wife; foreign warriors injure the NB, take his wife; animals care for him; he defeats enemies brings his wife back, the mountains and the snakes skip them again; everything is fine]: Aris, Cladellas 1999:65-73; the Tuaregs [Teschewa always washes her hair in a bowl; her older brother also washes his hair there when he leaves, promises marry anyone who washes her hair in the same bowl, even if it is his mother; T. continues to wash his hair in his bowl; when the brother returns, notices his sister's hair in her, marries her; T. runs away, turns into a bird; (apparently taking on his appearance again), combing his younger brother's grazing cattle; it is found, spotted on a tree, a tree is cut down, M. is placed in the belly of a donkey; the leader's son notices how she leaves the donkey to swim; hides her clothes; returns each item one at a time, takes M. with her; she returns, supposedly for a forgotten piece of jewelry, becomes a donkey again; the chief's son marries donkey, that night goes out as a girl; the leader himself, in the absence of his son, sees T., decides to kill his son; asks him to go down to the well, leaves it there; the son finds dates in his hair put there by his wife, from a palm tree grows, he crawls out of it; lures his father to a decked well, a fire at the bottom; the father dies]: Casajus 1982:15-17; the Berbers of Morocco (Fez) [the Sultan finally had a son Sidi Mohammed (SM); he imprisoned him in an underground palace, with him a servant to teach him; when his mother accidentally discovered SM, the sultan cut off her head in front of his eyes; after that, SM was able to go out into the city; one day I ran into an old woman; she yelled: I wish you to marry Aruaj bin Ilak! (AI); SM went in search; on the way he bought a young man named Sidi Mohammed Bu Rjilat (BR), whom the local sultan hung by the legs for not wanting to reveal the secrets of magic to him; he promised get AI - let the SM send his father's army back; get the guards drunk, they fell asleep; swapped the lamps at the AI's bedside; sent SM; AI gave him an earring, bracelets from his arm and leg; SM presented them her father; he agrees to marry if SM indicates which cocoon (the closed space where the bride is) - AI; BR suggested; on the way home, BR warns: until they reach his land own efreet, SM must not get off the horse, otherwise his wife will be kidnapped; but he got off his horse as needed, AI disappeared into the air; BR went to efreet, who kidnapped BM; asked the shepherd what he does when she brings sheep; shepherd: I knock on the gate with a stick; the new wife, who was kidnapped by Ifrit, lets me in and lets me out in the morning; BR changed clothes with the shepherd, found AI, told her to find out what life was like efrita; in the middle of the sea, a dove on the tree, three eggs in its nest; break the first, the efrita will be engulfed by a red flame, the second will be blue, the third will remain only ash; with the help of his efreets, BR obtained eggs; when Ifrit died, the prisoners were sent home; SM, AI and BR go three; two girls cut off the heads of travelers at the bridge; SM cut the bridge with a sword, took one girl for himself, gave the other to BR; now each has two wives; weddings; AI gave birth, and BR's wives fell ill; only the blood of a newborn would cure them; SM sent him to slaughter his son; but it turned out that BR only wanted to test his friend, he had a son himself; but wrote that he needed more blood; SM sent a daughter born to a second wife; friends are happy and have married children]: El Fasi, Dermenghem 1928:151-164; Kabila (Blida) [Emhammed lives with mother and brothers; began to kidnap treasures from the Sultan's treasury; having discovered a hole, the Sultan ordered to put a cauldron with resin there; the thief would fall into it; on this day, E.'s mother advised to take her younger brother with him - let him also learn to steal; brother fell into the resin; E. cut off his head and brought him to his mother; said that if she left the house today crying, he would kill her; the next morning the Sultan ordered the headless body to be crucified and all the inhabitants of the city brought there; E. told his mother to bring a jug of butter with her and drop it; everyone would believe that she was crying for the missing oil; the sultan tells the adviser to feed the ostrich with pearls and diamonds and bring it to the castle; the one who used to stealing if he noticed jewelry in the bird's feces, rushed to collect them; E. dressed up as an old woman, went to the castle and woke up the grains; the ostrich began to peck at them, E. lured him, stabbed him and took it out stomach jewelry; the adviser suggested sending an old woman around the city to say that the sultan would pay a lot of money to someone who has ostrich fat (considered a strong medicine) ; E.'s mother naively replied that she had fat; noticing this, E. killed the old woman and buried the corpse; adviser to the Sultan: arrange a holiday for the people, warning that the old, big and crippled should not come ; give everyone wine, their tongues will be untied; E. began to talk about his exploits; the Sultan ordered him to shave half his beard to find him later; E. took a knife and began to cut off half his beard to everyone he could; the Sultan ordered Put everyone in prison; at this time, the Sultan's son brought the horse to drink, pushing the old woman away from the water; old woman: it would be better to get King Cefretmâge's daughter ("King in Yellow Boots"); the prince demanded that he be released in search of the princess; E. admitted that he was stealing, asked the others to let go; the Sultan did not execute him, but ordered him to accompany his son; on the way, the prince fell asleep, and E. went to explore the surroundings and entered the castle of two gulas; they warned that if the prince wanted to drink, he should ask them for water; the stream was poisoned by the venom of a seven-headed snake; when the prince woke up, E. brought him to the castle; they did not find the guley, and the cellars are full of human and animal bones; when the prince fell asleep again, E. went to the stream and cut off 6 heads of the snake; the snake: for the first time such a brave man came; bring the prince and receive a gift; E. and the prince came to dungeon; there are two naked beauties; one is a princess, the other is the daughter of his vizier; 7 days ago someone kidnapped them from the royal garden; leaving the girls, E. and the prince rode on horseback; the old man herds camels; says that only guli live next; gives a razor, a comb and a mirror; if you get to the stove, pick it up, you'll find yourself underground; there's an old man whose eyelashes cover his eyes; he'll ask him to shave - shave and only then ask questions; spears are always ready; this old man gave a mirror and sent him to his older brother; and so 7 brothers who need to cut off their eyelashes are each sent to the elder; seventh - to an old woman, the mother of all seven; she will take the King in yellow boots to the gates of the city; but do not approach her if she pushes salt and a black dove flies around her; turn when she pushes grain and flies white dove; lie down on her breasts; E. and the prince did everything, the old woman had a feast for them; says that 90 young men have already been beheaded for asking for the princess's hand in marriage; leave my horses and clothes, put on rags; for money, a woman in town agreed to show the house where the princess lives; when he entered the sleeping princess, E. put together the chandeliers in the corners and left; so three times; when the princess grabbed his finger, the hair that Gulya wrapped around him turned into a shining ring; the princess changed it to her magic ring; it fulfilled any wish that was not intended to harm the princess; they came to the Sultan; he offers difficult tasks; 1) find out what three items are in the bundle inside the chest; E. learned this from the princess: the princess's mother's comb, her marriage contract and "black black ocean skin"; 2) holding a bowl of milk in his teeth, climb a palm tree without splashing it; E. ordered the ring to complete the task; 3) indicate which of the hundred closed palanquins the bride finds herself, grab her camel's reins and take her away; thanks to the ring, everything was successful; Gulya met them in the form of a young girl; when they got out of the dungeon, a cloud carried away the princess; E. turned to the ring, but it was gone; E. went in search alone; the camel driver and then the shepherdess send him to the Women Thief; overhears him as he succumbs to the princess's persuasion to report what his life; in a string in an ostrich egg in the dungeon where the ghoul king lives; the shepherdess agreed to take him there; after driving the ostrich to the ground, E. stabbed it, broke the egg and burned the thread; the kidnapper burned down with it; hundreds of kidnapped women are happy; E. brought herds to the prince; the magic ring was found again, the women were sent home, the prince married the King's daughter in yellow boots]: Desparmet 1912:241-251; kabila : Taos Amrush 1974 [Sheikh Smein gets three wives, one of whom may turn into a black warrior; his father tries to take wives for himself; an angel and wives give him the magical ability to escape poisons, trap pits; SHS himself tells his father that a silver chain cuts his hands; his father puts on a chain, pulls out his eyes, tells him to leave him in the forest; the eagle teaches how to cure blindness with tree leaves; all this time, the black man reflects the onslaught of the Sultan's warriors; the SS brutally executes his father]: 29-49; Grim 1983 [the prince came to the well to drink his horse; the old woman asks to wait for his jug to fill; they quarrel, old woman orders the prince to bring the Sun Maiden (SD) into the house; the prince lost his peace; called the old woman to make peace; put her hand in the hot soup: tell me how to find SD; she says that SD is the wife of the black king in high mountains (but SD herself is white); on the way, the prince sees a man who is being executed; the local king explains that he is a murderer, this is not the first time he has been tried, but the prince buys him four times more gold than his weight; Ali Demmu (that's his name) promises to be a loyal servant; in the city of blacks he enters the king's bedroom; he sleeps tied to SD (legs, belt and neck); Hell stabbed the king, SD advised put on his clothes, they left the palace, came to the prince; AD ordered to hide the SD in a box and not open it on the way; while he was going to get water, the prince opened the box, the spirit stole SD; they met a shepherd driving to a sea of sheep; Hell asks him, the shepherd replies that he serves the one who steals brides, has recently brought a new one; he lives overseas, you can get there on the back of a black sheep; Hell has changed clothes with the shepherd; the shepherd further explains that you have to go into the yard and call a woman to milk the sheep; this time a new wife of the spirit will come out; when SD came out, AD put the sheep head to her; SD is surprised, AD says who he is ( pretending) accuses her of running away, SD objects; they agreed to wait until night; the spirit tells SD that he is going to sleep with her that night; SD: then tell me what your life is; on a rock in the sea the dove is sitting on an egg, it has the life of the spirit; Hell sailed on a sheep to the rock, took out a dove with an egg, came back, broke the egg; however, inside the dove was a second egg, so that the spirit did not die, although it lost its strength; Hell brought SD to the prince; sent the shepherd to the island, let him take all the treasures of the spirit; Hell with SD and the prince spent the night under a tree; Hell hears the conversation of two birds: a snake will crawl, turn Hell into stone; so that it revive, the prince must strangle his son over the stone; when the son was born, the prince brought him to the statue and strangled him; AD came to life; birds: if you rub the child with droppings from our nest, he will come to life; Hell took out the droppings , revived the boy; everyone is happy; Hell stayed with the prince and he married him]: 99-119; Rivière 1882 [Sultan's son Mohamed kills the townspeople; the old woman promises to save the people; brings jugs to the spring, begins to fill them with acornshells; M. broke the jugs; the old woman tells him to marry Thithbirth - 70 suitors have already died; M. set off, met a fellow traveler; took off the ring from the dead the son of a cannibal, showed the ruler of the city, he demanded the second one, M. took it out; on the way they hear a talking bird; when they arrived at T., M. sings the same song as the bird, says he invented it himself; T. demands a bird; M. brings (the bird flew into the cage itself); Father T. will give his daughter if 1) M. finds her; the bird indicates to M. that she hid under her father's seat; 2) identify T. among 70 identical girls; T.: I will on a lame horse; having received T., M. took her home, giving her companion another woman; the cannibal stole T.; M. came, asked the ogre where his life was; the cannibal% in the egg, in the throat, in the camel, in the sea; M. got it the egg, the cannibal died; M. brought T. to his father's city, who promises a herd to whoever would kill his son; the warrior came to M., blinded him and left him in the desert; the eagle showed leaves that restore sight; the elders refused The Sultan has the right to take his son's wife; M. killed his father and reigned]: 187-192; Desparmet 1910 [{long text; the prince's wife is kidnapped by a ghoul; the prince goes in search; but in the end his fiancée's grandfather, who the spirit master himself, gives a magic ring, the spirits are brought to the bride and the ghouls, who are thrown into the pit where the fire is made}]: 280-305; Algerian Arabs: Belarmi 1990 (eastern Algeria) [the prince has 7 sisters; after his father's death, the uncle invited the prince to lock them in the castle for 7 years; after 7 years, the prince came - the castle was empty, the sisters were kidnapped by cannibals; the prince saw two doves; flying away, one shouted that she was Radia, the daughter For the sake of, and the other, that she is the daughter of Guellidi Lakhdar; if she wants them, let her look for them from their fathers; the prince went in search, found his 7 sisters; they said that their cannibal husbands would not harm him; cannibals asked their father to help the prince; he points out the mountain on which these girls are; one is guarded by the cannibal Salem, the other by Tamtam; the prince married the girls, brought them home; the uncle decided to take them away; sent servants take the prince to the desert; they gave him water in exchange for his eyes; the blinded prince stopped under a tree; vultures descended the tree; the old vulture talks to the young ones who point to him on the unfortunate sufferer under the tree; he orders to raise the stone: there is a spring under him; if you rub your eyes with the leaves of a tree, you will see the light; after picking up leaves, the prince set off; reached the house where the hostess has a wineskin full of milk; the prince threw a leaf into the milk, it turned into butter; the hostess held a feast in honor of such a guest; not knowing that in front of him is a prince, the woman's son says that the prince's uncle is trying to take away his wives; Salem and Tamtam protect them; the prince prepared two wineskins full of blood and, pretending to be one of his uncle's warriors, threw them at S. and T.; they all understood and pretended to fall covered in blood; when The uncle led his army, S. and T. suddenly jumped up and destroyed everyone; the prince returned his wives]: 63-72; Scelles-Millie 1963 [the prince sees the princess; with the help of the chief of the guard, he entered her; she was passed off as him; On the way to the prince's city, his wife is kidnapped by Khatafa el'araïs; a healer tells him to go to the sea, sit on a big eagle, he will carry him across 7 seas; on the way he must be fed meat; a silver chest overseas, it has the second one, it has an egg, it has hair; if the hair is burned, H. dies; during the flight there is not enough meat, the prince cuts off a piece from his thigh; H. has many kidnapped women, they are intoxicated by the smoke of incense burners; prince extinguishes incense burners, burns hair, takes his wife, sends other abducted women to where they were abducted from; a bird carries them back across the seas]: 269-277; Libyan Arabs (Tripoli) [the old man gave the judge 12 apples for his childless wife to eat them and have 12 children; she eats 11 and half of the last, giving it to another sister; gives birth to 11 normal sons and one half-boy; they go to marry 12 The daughters of the father's brother; the Half warns that they did not come to the uncle, but to the ogre; he covers his wife with red and his daughters with a white veil; the half put red on his daughters and white on his brothers; also changed the hats of the ogre's brothers and daughters; at night, the ogre's wife kills her daughters instead of the brothers, only the latter wakes up and talks to the mother about it; the brothers run away, come to their present uncle; brothers get a bride, Half is the youngest and most beautiful of them; brothers, out of envy, tell him to go down to the well and cut off the rope; the fish gives him scales to call her for help; on the way home Half meets the ogre's wife, who brings him to her place; he advises the ogre to fatten him first; then asks to invite other cannibals to a feast, remains to cut wood to bake it; asks the daughter help the cannibals, kills her with an ax, runs away, hides in an iron tower; tells the cannibal who runs up to gather all the cannibals - let them bring firewood, cover the tower, it will burn in it; when the tower is hot, The cannibals themselves burned down; and the Half upstairs was unharmed; he began to pick up the cannibal on a rope, cut it off, the cannibal fell, crashed; on the way home, the Half met another cannibal; she said that today his the wife is remarried; says that she will help for the promise to give her first child; put her older brother on her back, transferred her older brother to the wedding with his wife, Half; became a scorpion and bit her brother to death; the father tells Polovinka that his brothers said that he was killed; the boy grew up, the cannibal met him, asked him to remind his father of his promise; the boy forgot; then she put a ring on his finger; mother asked where it came from, he told me everything, his parents sent him to the cannibal; a year later, the father went to visit his son; he says he has found a better father and mother; the cannibal promises that she has new children with Half will not take away]: Stumme 1898, No. 3:93-104; the Arabs of Egypt [dying, the sultan gives three assignments to his three sons; the elder must replace him on the throne; the brothers must give their three sisters to three dervishes; three At night, sons must protect his grave; only the younger prince guards the grave, kills the demon every night; gives horses and demon equipment to the wet nurse; the sultan will give three daughters to someone who climbs on horseback to the mound; the younger prince takes horses and demon equipment, defeats Ingognito three times, takes the princesses to the same wet nurse; he and his brothers marry them; at the wedding, the elder's wife kidnaps the elder's wife demon; with the help of an old man, the young man returns her; the demon comes again, but his brothers kill him]: Nowak 1969, No. 122:136.

Southern Europe. Catalans (also Basques and Spaniards) [the father has three sons; at night someone steals fruits from a wonderful pear as they ripen; the eldest two fall asleep before midnight, ripe the pear disappears; the youngest sees something black picking the pear, runs away, hides in a deep hole; the older brothers try to go down, but immediately ring the bell to be pulled back; the younger goes down, there's an old woman with big fangs; a young man makes her tell her where the pear thief is; kills a black man, frees the princess, sends her upstairs, the brothers throw him; he cuts down an old woman's fang, that turns into a beautiful woman, explains that the exit is through a narrow hole in the distance; the young man returns to his father; there the older brother is going to marry the rescued princess; the youngest marries her himself]: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 301A: 21-23; Portuguese [the hero is powerful; he is the son of a bear from a woman kidnapped by him; he is fed by donkey milk; when he leaves home, he tells him to make an iron a club; he meets and companions heroes with unusual abilities (pulling pine trees, comparing mountains, etc.); they live in a house in the forest, each cooks in turn, the monster defeats the cook and spoils food; when it's his turn, the hero defeats a monster; follows him into a hole in the ground; or someone steals apples from the royal garden; the older brothers fail, the youngest manages to see the kidnapper, he follows him into a hole in the ground; below are three kidnapped princesses; the hero defeats several monsters, uses a rusty sword instead of a new one; the brothers raise the princesses upstairs, leave the hero below; that enlists the help of the spirit whose ear he bit; or flies upstairs in a huge bird, cuts off a piece of his flesh and feeds it; the hero returns to the princesses's scheduled wedding day; they recognize him by the ring etc., or only he can raise a rusty sword; he punishes traitors and marries one of the princesses]: Cardigos 2006, No. 301:56-57; Maltese (many options; difficult to tell in detail restore specific texts) [someone steals golden apples; the elder, middle princes fall asleep (or for some other reason can't grab the thief), the youngest injures a many-headed monster, follows a bloody trail to cave, failure, etc.; brothers lower him down on a rope; brothers go away and carry the rope; or companions, not brothers, they throw a rope, but the hero tied a stone for himself just in case; shepherd tells the hero to jump on a white ram, but he accidentally jumps on a black sheep, falls even lower; he feeds the mighty eagle's hungry chicks, they explain how to open the heavy iron door; or all explains their grateful mother; this eagle is the guardian of three girls; one of them tells you to choose the rusty sword to fight the monster; his body glitters as he eats gold; the eagle carries the hero and the girl to the ground, he feeds and water it, cuts off the last piece from his leg, the eagle puts it back; the elder prince wants to marry the youngest of the rescued girls; she demands a seamless dress from the groom, etc. . (the hero has it); the king asks the youngest son to punish the elders; they are boiled alive or skinned, used as a rug or napkins]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 301:33-41; ladins [younger brother Barba Giatken married a rich, childless, rich; the elder Barba Gionlin has many children and is poor; his son asked the priest godfather for 2000 ducats; when asked about bail, he pointed to the crucifixion; with these My uncle and I went to Turkey with money to buy fabrics; spent the night in a hotel, someone is threshing all night; this dead man, who owes 500 ducats, will threshing at night; a young man (his name is Gion) for he paid him; at another inn, he buys the princess and her maid for 500 ducats, who were captured and forced to sing at night; after learning about the useless expenses, the uncle went home, leaving his nephew in Turkey; he bought goods for 500 ducats, brought it, got rich; one woman worked in a warehouse, the other was his cook; his father overheard that the princess was the one in the warehouse, Gion married her; she gave birth Franz Gisep's son; Gion came by ship to his father-in-law, the King of Amsterdam, told him everything, and on the way back, the chief clerk (Hofschreiber) pushed him into the sea, swallowed him by fish; he offered the princess to marry him, but she asked for a 7-year delay; Gion swam out, hired to herd goats; when 7 days were left until the age of 7, the fox told him to hurry - his wife's wedding was being prepared with clerk; if he gives her half of what he has saved in a year, she will take him immediately to Amsterdam; he hired him in the kitchen, threw the ring into the princess's omelet; she recognized the ring; Gion came work for the mason and splashed the groom's solution; he ordered him to be grabbed; at the wedding table, the king asked what to do with someone else's wife; the groom: tear him apart with horses; Gion opened; A year later, the fox demanded that the baby be separated; Gion grabbed the sword, but the fox stopped him: it was the dead man who had been bought, she also became the fish that saved Gion from the sea; (disappeared)]: Uffer 1973, No. 35:131-139; Italians: Andrews 1880 (Menton) [the merchant's son went on business; saw the debtor's corpse thrown on the road; paid his debts to be buried; next time bought two women from Moorish captivity, one of them young and beautiful; she refused to give her name, and her governess Isabel; the father no longer gave money, only lodged his son and wife and I. a peasant house; the young man built the ship himself, the wife attached a portrait with her son to the stern, ordered her to sail to Portugal and pull the ship ashore aft; the king recognized his daughter, sent ships for her; one of them is the princess's former lover; on the way back he pushed her husband into the sea; someone on the boat rescued him; promised to take him to Portugal for promising to split the most precious thing in half; the husband came to his wife's wedding; she arranged it so much that the liar groom flew into the air when he set fire to the fireworks; everything is fine, but the stranger asks for half of the most precious thing; the man wants to cut his son, but the stranger stops his hand and explains that he is that buried dead]: 48-52; Widter et al. 1866, No. 8 (Veneto) [every year a many-headed dragon arrives, demands a girl; the princess's turn; the shepherd has three dogs - Forte, Potente and Ingegnoso; he kills the dragon, cuts off his tongues, promises to return in a year, month and day to marry a princess; the coal miner cut off the dead dragon's head, told the princess say that he saved her; she asks her father to postpone the wedding for a year, month and day; the shepherd tells the dogs to get the keys, comes to the wedding, the princess recognizes him, marries a shepherd, the coal miner is executed ; one day in the woods, the princess's husband went into an old woman's hut, she turned him into stone; his brother went in search; the princess mistook him for her husband, but he avoided sharing a bed with her; I heard a girl say to another: statues can be revived with the blood of an old woman; I came to an old woman and as soon as she turned away, cut off her head, sprinkled the statues, they, including his brother, came to life]: 128-132; Italians (Tuscany, Basilicata, Calabria), Sicilians: Cirese, Serafini 1975, No. 400:86; Corsicans [the sorcerer gave the jeweler a diamond ring, ordered, if he did not come for it himself, to give it back to the one who repeated the request three times; the young man overheard, received a ring, told him to create a castle better than the royal one; the king married him to his daughter; the sorcerer began to walk, offering new rings to replace the old ones; wife, not knowing the value of the ring, she gave it to the sorcerer; he moved it and the castle to Elbe Island; the husband goes in search; the King of the Winds, 100 years old, refers to the king of animals, he is 200 years old, that to the king of birds, he is 300 years old; them the subjects do not know where the island of Elba is; finally, an old eagle flew in, he knew, brought a man, who told his wife to find out where the sorcerer's soul was; there was a barrel in the sea, a dove in the barrel, an egg in the blue; when it was broken, the sorcerer died, the husband and wife took the ring, moved the castle back]: Massignon 1984, No. 73:61-63; the Maltese [the sorcerer kidnaps the girl; the young man enters the palace, lights a candle against advice; the wax drips on a girl, she disappears; to save her, a sorcerer must be killed; three women, one older than the other, guide him to the goal; the oldest is the mother of the north wind; after the girl has disappeared, the young man must wear 7 pairs of iron shoes]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 425P: 117-118.

Western Europe. French: Cosquin 1886, No. 15 (Lorraine) [three wandering shoemakers walked; the youngest took the middle road, the older two on the side; the youngest divided the dead lion between the lion, giving him three quarters, an eagle and an ant, which got a quarter; they gave a hair, a feather, a leg so that the young man could turn into any of them; becoming an eagle, the young man flew to the shepherd's hut; he says that the king will give her daughter to free her from the seven-headed monster and giant; the young man entered the princess's room as an ant; she says that others could not cut off the monster's seventh head, and if they didn't cut it down, the other six grow back; it took the young man 2 hours to cut down one head; the next day, 4 to cut down 2; then 8 to cut down 3; then 10 to cut down the seventh; the princess taught me how to get out this head has three eggs, throw two at the giant, he will die, and one against the wall, a luxurious crew will appear; the princess gave the young man her handkerchief; they boarded the ship, sailed to the king; the princess's former admirer pushed the young man into the sea, was swallowed by a whale; the deceiver forced the princess to say that he saved her; the beggar began to play the violin, the whale swam to listen; the beggar promised to play more if the whale showed his head prince; if up to the hips; to the knees; whole; the prince became an eagle, flew away; disguised as a beggar, came to the princess's wedding; she recognized her handkerchief; the deceiver was pushed into the fire with fireworks crackers; wedding hero with princess]: 166-170; Joisten 1991, No. 3.1 (Dauphine) [pregnant wife and husband went to the forest for firewood, the bear took the woman, closed her way out of the cave with a stone; the woman gave birth to a son when he is seven years old, he fell off the stone, he and his mother ran home; the children tease him Jean de l'Ours, Bear, he hits them; tells his father to order the blacksmiths a 10-ton iron stick, goes to wander; meets Companions 1) an ax felting trees with one blow (Jean-Woodcutter, Railway), 2) Jean the Fearless (RC); only MF can climb a huge tree, you can see an iron castle from it, they break through its wall, eat and drink; the next morning the railway remains to cook, the seven-headed cannibal (Mâgou) comes, beats the railway, the ogre's sister serves him food; the same with the RC; MF blows his head off, takes his healing ointment; brothers find cannibal sister, learn about three kidnapped princesses, kill her sister; only MF can go down through the hole leading to the lower world (RC and Railway tell them to pick them up, it's too hot or cold there); old woman advises to save the princesses, they are taken upstairs when they raise the MF, the twins cut off the rope; the MF crashed but was healed with the ogre's ointment; the old woman says that the cannibal climbed an eagle; MF prepares meat, throws an eagle into its beak while it carries it; the meat is over, it cuts off its buttocks, heals himself with ointment; MF prepares meat for the eagle again, she brings it to the mountain, from where you can see the city with princesses ; MF manages to take a seat at the altar instead of the railway, beats him, marries a princess], (Dauphin) 5.1 [an orphan boy herds three sheep, the hunter offers to change for three dogs; their name is Lomay Iron, Everywhere It passes, flies like the Wind; he wanders with them, stops at the shoemaker; there the Seven-Headed Creature is given girls to eat, the princess's turn; the young man's dogs kill the Creature, the young man cuts off, hides his tongues; promises the princess to return in a year and one day; when he returns, he finds out that the princess is marrying a shoemaker who has been declared the winner of the Creature; the young man sends a dog with a note to the princess; presents tongues, marries a princess, a shoemaker was torn apart by horses]: 58-64, 78-81; Germans (Pomerania) [a young man grazing pigs in the forest from year to year; once he came across a tree whose top went into the clouds; I climbed for a day, spent the night tied to a thick branch, then reached the fork where the village was; when I found out that the tree continued, I reached the castle; there was an enchanted girl: she must live forever in this castle; the young man stayed with her; she warns not to unlock one of the rooms; the young man unlocked, there is a raven nailed to the wall with three nails; asks to let him drink; the young man gave a few drops, the nails fell out, the raven flew out the window; the girl says that it was the devil who bewitched her; now he will carry her away; in the morning she is missing; the young man came down from the tree and went in search; he met a wolf; he gave three hairs call him for help; the same bear; lion; a young man comes to the princess; she says that she is being guarded by an old hunter (i.e. that sorcerer); he has a three-legged horse that knows everything and will easily catch up with the fugitives; they they run away, the three-legged screams, the sorcerer ran: are they far away? - Not far away, sit on me and catch up; sorcerer young man: this time I forgive because I gave me water, but next time I'll kill me; the young man teaches the princess: I'll come, get under the bed, and you ask where the sorcerer got it a three-legged stallion; the sorcerer and the princess call each other "daughter" and "dad"; the sorcerer replies that he got a three-legged three-day service; a witch nearby, she tells those who come to herd her foals; who she can, can choose a foal to her liking; sometimes she also lets 12 lambs throw them to 12 wolves to let them through the forest; but she did not give him, the sorcerer, so the wolves caught up with the foal and tore one off leg; whoever fails to herd, head off shoulders and stake; it's time to put around the house for the ninth time; the young man makes the witch a condition that, in addition to the foal, she also gives lambs; the witch gave supplies; the young man drank vodka and fell asleep; when he woke up, he remembered the wolf's hairs; he told him to sit on it, and after catching up with those who had run away, hit them three times, making the sign of the cross; the foals stood up as if dug in; the young man brought them the witch in time; she started beating the foals, but they talked about the wolf; the next day the witch gave the young man more vodka; he woke up later, but called the bear and he brought the foals back; on the third day the witch poured a full flask; the lion brought the foals; the witch had to let the young man choose his foal, who chose the most inconspicuous one; he barely jumps: the witch put the pies in her bag, leaving the foal hungry; the young man gave them to him, he found strength; the young man threw lambs to the wolves; when the sorcerer chased the young man on a three-legged foal, his four-legged did not convince him, but advised his foal to throw off his sister the sorcerer; she threw him off and the foals trampled him to death; then the princess drove a three-legged and the young man a four-legged one; the wedding; the king died and the young man received the throne; the four-legged tells him to cut off the heads of him and his sister; he did this and the horses became prince and princess; they were bewitched by the same sorcerer; the forest turned into a flourishing country with villages and cities; if the king and his wife did not die, still alive]: Jahn 1891, No. 3:19-29; Germans: Sozonovich 1898 in Tolstoy 1934 [Caesary Geistrbach, early 13th century; soldier Gerard lives in the village of Gollenbach, honors St. Thomas, gives the poor if asked in Thomas's name; the devil comes under the guise of a wanderer, G. gives him his fur hood for the night, the devil takes his hood away; G. goes to India to honor Thomas; tells his wife to marry , if he does not return in five years; five years later he remembers that tomorrow is the last day; the devil appears, says that he has been punished for the theft, must take G. home; at home G. prevents the wedding]: 510; Hubrich-Messow 1988, No. 2 (Baden-Württemberg) [the king sends three sons into the world; they break up by an oak tree with swords into it; whoever rusts is dead; the youngest goes straight through the forest, meets, does not kill, takes a bear, a wolf, a lion as an assistant; the seven-headed dragon demands sacrifice, it is the turn of the royal daughter; the prince and the beasts kill the dragon; the prince cuts off his tongues, promises the princess to return in a year and a day; the coachman takes the dragon's heads, attributes victory to himself; a year later, the prince returns, the city is preparing for the wedding; the prince shows his tongues, the princess shows the gold chains she tied around the necks of animals; the coachman executed, prince marries a princess]: 7-11; the Alsatians [the father sent his son to work by giving him three lambs; the old man offered to change them to three dogs and a whistle - the forest will be more useful; their names are Stronger than Steel, Attentive, Fast as the Wind; the sound of a whistle will be heard from afar; in the forest, the young man stayed at an old woman's house; 12 robbers came at night, the old woman warned that the guest had dogs; tomorrow she would send him to the forest to get the hare, keep the dogs with her; the robbers rushed at him; he asked permission to climb a tree and read a prayer; the dogs whistled, they tore the robbers, and then old woman; a young man came to a city where mourning; every year a seven-headed dragon is given a girl, it is the turn of the king's daughter; while the dogs held the dragon, the young man cut off his heads, cut off his tongues; promised to return through a year and marry the princess; the deceiver said that he killed the dragons; the young man returns when the wedding is being prepared; the princess recognizes dogs, the young man shows his tongues, marries, inherits the throne; the deceiver torn by four bulls]: Lefftz 2006, No. 13:209-212; Germans (Austria) [the king bequeaths three sons to give their three sisters as the first to ask; they are given to strangers; brothers go in search ; at night, the cloud almost extinguishes the fire twice, and when it is his younger brother's turn, it extinguishes it altogether; he goes to look for the fire, comes to the giants; they tell him to help them get the three royal daughters; young man kills giants one at a time, brothers marry queens; the king does not tell you to take his wife with him: she will be kidnapped immediately by a white knight; the young man leaves with his wife, the white knight takes her away; the young man comes successively to their sisters, they are married to three-, six-, nine-headed dragons; the latter summons animals, only a lame fox knows the way; the kidnapped wife explains that the white knight has a fast horse; you must hire his mother, ask for a bridle and a foal as a reward; on the way, the young man saved the fish, ants, bandaged the fox's leg; the old woman tells three mares to herd three nights; fish, ants, fox help (you need to throw a bridle for three fish, three ants, a basket of three eggs is mares); the young man gets a bridle and a foal; he is weak, tells him to let him get drunk, strong in the morning; the young man takes his wife away (the foal asks if to run like the wind or as a thought); the white knight's horse cannot catch up, throws off the rider; the sisters' husbands have taken human form]: Cerf 1992:183-192; the Scots [three giants were carried to the underworld the king's daughters; to get there, you have to build a ship that moves on water and on land; the widow's eldest son is going to build; the mother asks if I can give him a small bread with a blessing or a large one without, he chooses a big one; cuts down a tree, Uruisg (mermaid) comes out of the water, asks for bread, the young man does not give; the felled tree is reborn; the same with the middle brother; the younger takes a small loaf, feeds a mermaid, she tells her to come in a year and a day - the ship will be ready; the young man sails on it, takes opivala, eats, rumors; the rumor determines the place under which the giants are underground; they descend; the first giant will give the queen if anyone drinks more than him, the second one eats more; drink and eat, the giants burst; the third requires the young man to spend a year and a day with him; then the young man's companions go upstairs, raise the queens, leave the widow's son below; the giant tells the eagle to pick up the young man; he returns twice, because there is not enough food, you have to wait another year and a day; for the third time a young man cuts off a piece of meat from his leg; on the ground, an eagle blows a whistle to call him; he is hired by a blacksmith; the elder queen demands a golden crown from the blacksmith, as she had when she lived with the giant; a young man summons the eagle, he brings; the same with the second (silver crown), the third sister (copper); the king orders the one who made the crowns to be brought; the servants drag the young man, but bring a pile of stones; then a pile of garbage; For the third time, the servant politely asks the young man to the king; he tells the eagle to bring gold clothes; receives the eldest queen; the companions are hanged]: Campbell 1890, No. 16:244-251.

Western Asia. Palestinians: Lebedev 1990, No. 19 [the king gives his barren wife three apples to eat, she gives birth to a son three times; seeds grow three apple trees; every year the wind tears off their petals; the elders Sons Raid and Zaid guard, flee from the cloud; the younger Said shoots, follows a bloody trail to the well, descends; the kidnapped princess Dumia explains that a sleeping wounded giant can be killed only with his sword; S. kills; D. gives his dress and ring, tells him to sit on a white ram; S. sends D. and treasures upstairs; seeing D., R. and Z. throw a rope; S. accidentally sat on a black ram, got into seventh lower world; kills a snake that tried to kill piglets; the pig promises to take S. upstairs if he prepares 40 rams and 40 wineskins of water; the water is closed by the evil spirit of efreet, gives for girls; S. kills and. saves the princess; the pig takes S. to the ground; he puts lamb demand on his head, is hired as an apprentice; R. became king, expelled Z., is preparing a wedding with D.; she demands to make a ring and clothes; S.- the apprentice gives them to the owner, D. recognizes them; during the wedding, the elephant trampled R., S. killed the elephant (and the bear), D. recognized him, he reigned]: 109-117; Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 3 [the man has two sons from beloved wife, one from an unloved one; every night someone steals a sheep, sons guard from his beloved, fall asleep; chews melon seeds from an unloved one, sees a ghoul (evil spirit) carry the sheep to the well and, pushing the stone away , goes down; in the morning asks his brothers and father for help to move the stone, goes down his belt (the brothers refused to go down); below there are three kidnapped girls, the youngest says that the hum sleeps when his eyes are red ; says to the gulu that he brought the smell of man with him; the young man cuts off the drone's head, the girls are raised; the younger father wants himself, cuts off his belt; the young man finds a way out of the dungeon; the youngest girl agrees to marry the young man's father if he brings the same bracelet as hers; in the dungeon she gave a pair bracelet to a young man; he shows it, kills his father with a sword, marries]: 62-65; Palestinians [ the king's eldest sons Ahmed and Mohammed and the younger Khalil; the king wants them to marry; sons go on a journey; on the way, H. kills the monster and the seven-headed snake; H. sees a beautiful woman on the roof from a distance; comes to the city; this is the youngest of the king's three daughters; H. kills four guards, enters the princess's chambers and kisses her; confesses to the king that he killed monsters and kissed his daughter; the vizier advises agree to give his daughters to the princes, but for the youngest, let H. get a crown of gems from the jeweler Mahmud; H. comes to the green plain, there is a tree, he kills a snake that is going to devour the eagle's chicks; the eagle brings him to M.; he is the brother of the monster and the seven-headed snake, but 40 times stronger than them; I agree to give a crown if H. gets Aika, the daughter of the sorceress Lahhuj; the eagle flew to A.; she turned her into stone and H. bewitched half; but she felt sorry and disgraced both; asked her to be released from L.; they run, taking the castle with them, L. pursues; A. created the sea behind her, L. drank it; glass mountain - L . cut; extinguished a mountain of fire;; A. gave X. a firesword, he killed L. with it; they flew to M., H. and killed him, took all the necklaces; now the king asks him to cross the sea; the eagle turned into a horse and H. rode across the sea as if by land; got a princess; after the wedding, everyone said goodbye to the king, but H. did not, because of this his wife cries; H. returned to say goodbye, while the Jew took his wife; H. went in search; the shepherd became his companion; they killed the camel, H. climbed into his skin and the Jew believed that the shepherd was with the shepherd; the shepherd lured the Jew out of the house; at this time H. found out from the girl kidnapped by a Jew {not his wife}, that a Jew's life was outside his body; asked him to find out where; first he said he was in a broom; the girl began to take care of her; the Jew: no, his soul was in the lion's paw; H. killed a lion, there was a box in his paw, with a bird in it; the girl asked for a bird to be given to her; began to tear it up, tearing off the Jew's arms first, then his legs and then his head; H. returned to his father {apparently with three wives} and he handed him the throne]: Littmann 2016:5-26; Arabs Syria [parallels to the Palestinian fairy tale Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 3]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989:330-331; the Arabs of Iraq (southern Iraq) [the Sultan has a son from his unloved wife Hamdan, with his beloved two sons; Sultan blind, he will be cured by the leaves of the Sindh tree from Sindh; the eldest son reaches the island, the old man invites him to the palace, drinks wine, calls two girls; when the young man became intoxicated, the old man left him naked against the city wall, he was hired; the same with his middle brother; H. only pretends to drink; the old man falls asleep; the girls explain that it was the monster that kidnapped them, H. kills him; in Sindh he collects leaves; sees in a tree a sleeping beauty, changes rings with her; taking those two girls, finds brothers; they let him down into the well to get water, throw him there; but first H. stamps them with that beauty's ring; caravans raise H.; at home he changes clothes with a shepherd; at the wedding of brothers and girls, the Sultan (he saw the light from the leaves) offers to tell a fairy tale; H. tells his story, shows the stigma, The sultan promises him a throne; a big man turns into an eagle, takes H.; that beauty is the sister of three eagles; the elder eagle forgives H. for the stolen ring, the sisters of eagles and H. are preparing the wedding; H. they leave the keys, they don't tell me to open one room; he opens a pile of meat tied there; he hits her, she turns into a huge eagle, takes the bride X.; H. asks the eagles to take him to the palace kidnapper; asks the bride to ask the kidnapper where his soul is; in the brush; they burn it; the kidnapper returns, the bride explains that she wanted to drain his soul with hers; in a bottle in the hoof a lame gazelle on island; H. kills a gazelle; holds a bottle, forces the kidnapper to take him and the bride first to the eagles, then to the Sultan father, where he breaks the bottle; wedding and accession; H. forgives brothers, marries those girls]: Yaremenko 1990, No. 15:81-93; Arameans [someone steals a goose from Pasha's poultry house; Pasha, his brother, elder son are guarding, falling asleep; the youngest son scratches his hand, injuring a flying giant, a trail of blood leads to the well; only the youngest son did not suffocate from the stench, went down to the bottom; consistently meets three girls, the first tells the giant to hit the leg with a sword, not on the neck; the young man finishes off the wounded giant, sends girls and treasures upstairs; the third, the most beautiful, knows that the young man's brother will cut the rope, give three rings and a bird; if he falls, the young man will fall even deeper, must pull out the hairs from the tails of three horses (will be on the ground), tell the bird to take itself where it should be; pulls a goat bubble over its head; participates in competitions on the occasion of the wedding of his older brother; causes his hairs winged horses, wins by ripping a turban off her uncle's head; the bride says she will marry Pasha's eldest son if he gets a golden chicken with silver chickens pecking pearl grains, magical dress and shoe; these items come out of the rings given to the young man; they are brought by a jeweler; everything is explained; Pasha punishes brother and elder son]: Belov, Wilsker 1960:398-404; Saudia [wife asks Abu Salim should bring a ring as a gift; he ordered the ring without knowing that the jeweler was a sorcerer; his wife put on the ring and disappeared; the magician sheikh put the AU on his back, flew with him to that country, they took him kidnapped and returned; son Salim was born; the imam asked him to bring some hairs to his mother; she gave sheep hair instead, perfumed it; the imam began to conjure, but flew to him instead of a woman sheep skin; he had to flee town]: Lebedev 1990, No. 31:161-162; Saudia [two princes and two sons of a vizier played ball and hit an old lady; old lady: it would be better to go in search beautiful Shin-Shin; the young men reached the white-stone palace with a golden gate; agreed with an old servant; the younger prince dressed as a girl, the old woman brought him to the SS under the guise of her granddaughter; that I liked the prince, they began to feast, but at that time the SS father arrived; he also liked the prince and passed the SS off for him; on the way back, the robbers lured the young men to their ship, threw them overboard and took the SS; they got ashore, entered the robber's castle, killed the leader, took the SS, and returned home on a robber ship; they fulfilled their wishes]: Juhaiman 1999:103-109; Yemen [ Saint Saiyid 'Abdallah Al-'Aīdrūs of Aden was walking with his friend; predicted that he would help someone that night; a man from Baghdad got married; the newlywed Halīma went to the bathhouse, not for a long time went out; the husband jokingly told the lamp to pick her up; a genie named Lampa took her away; the judge told her husband to find his wife in three months, otherwise he would execute her; this man came to Aden; there 'Aīdrūs ordered the genie return H. and take the newlyweds to Baghdad; all is happy, H. gave birth to her husband many children]: Daum 1992, No. 24:216-221; mehri [when the dates are almost ripe, someone ripped them off; soothsayer to the owner: these are three Ginny girls, they come to swim, we must hide their clothes; the man hides, returns two, takes the third, takes the third, marries them; marries three sisters to the three genies who have come for them; leaves, leaving wife in the care of her mother; it was a holiday, people asked this man's wife to dance too; she says she needs her clothes for this; people persuaded her mother-in-law to give clothes; the woman danced and flew away; people buried the lamb, told the returning husband that his wife was dead; but he opened the grave, made his mother tell everything; soothsayer: feed brown, black, white camels for three years; then don't let them eat; the one who jumped over the fence will take them; jump over the brown one; take it to the sunrise until she is exhausted; then three days on foot; stays with her sisters every day, three The genie is given by the hair - they will come to the rescue; he sees his wife, she opens it to her father after he has promised not to harm; the wife's father demands: drink the stream, run from the water bowl to the mountain and back eat two camels without splashing; genies perform everything, man gets a wife]: Stroomer 1999, No. 37:99-104.

Melanesia. Vatut [two cousins ambush birds; one's arrow flies far away, he finds it in the presence of an old woman who says she baked and ate the killed bird; coconuts at night came down from the tree, became human, danced, returned to the tree; the old woman tells the young man to remove the walnut from the tree, not to throw it, but carefully lower it; the nut turns into a beautiful woman; a cousin wants one for himself; everything repeats himself, but he throws a nut on the ground, gets an ugly girl with a crooked mouth; she dragged him to the village; the young man decides to take possession of his brother's wife; invites him to climb the vine to the tree for the rhinoceros chicks, pulls off the vine, says why he did it, leaves; the person left on the tree asks various birds for help; each refuses because he hunted it, defecates it on the head; momoro birds first train by lifting a stone, then grabbing the young man with their beaks, lowering him into his field, cleaning him from bowel movements; his wife finds him, he tells him to bring his bow and arrows, do it in There is a hole in the wall of the house; when he came at night, he shot his brother, burned down his house, took his wife, organized a party in honor of the birds, gave them jewelry]: Fischer 1953, No. 21:162-166; Banks Islands: Codrington 1891 (Mota) [ Quat (Qat) began to cut down a tree to make a boat, during the night the felling disappeared; he hid under a sliver, grabbed Marawa (an old spider; Marawa); he made him a boat with his nails, it was better than the boats of the K. brothers; they lured him into a crab hole, pushed a stone from above; K. asked M. to take him to the village, met his brothers there; tied himself with boards, hung on a tree under the guise of a flying fox; brothers took turns they shot; each time K. spit blood, as if wounded, took off, returned; at home he showed their arrows to the brothers; the brothers invited K. to climb the tree for nutmeg, made the trunk thick, took it wife K. Iro Lei, sailed away with her; M. held out his hair, K. went down it; K. sailed for the brothers in coconut, cut their boat on another island; made peace with them; (translated into Permyakov 1970, No. 68:155 -159; briefly in Codrington 1881:272-273)]: 158-162; Coombe 191 (Motawala) [brothers are jealous of Quat; suggest putting bird traps on trees; Quat climbs a tree, one of the brothers makes a trunk fat so that it is impossible to descend it; the brothers take his wife K. Po Lei; she manages to blow into the sink, giving her husband a signal; the Marawa spider throws his long hair (or web) at Quata, he goes down; in coconut he catches up with the brothers' boat that arrived in Maewo; on the way, he throws a banana peel into the water, the brothers recognize the Quata banana; on Maevo, he rubs his face with red paint, crushed shells, attaches cock feathers to his head; only the Wise Brother recognizes him; K. says that a cannibal lives in Maevo; cuts his brothers' boat into chips; puts up with his brothers]: 96-100; kanaka [two sisters from Kasaméyeu weave mats, do not help their mother, she tells them to cook for themselves food; the eldest goes to marry Chief Soouma; wants to make his house rich, gives birth to a son; Révaridiri, covered with ulcers, removes his skin, takes the form of a chief, takes the woman and her son to him; the husband's younger brother finds them; the husband kills R.; one day he beats his wife, she hangs herself; as she predicted, a fly flies to her younger sister, the tree dries up; the sister comes to revive the hanged woman, both returning to Kasaméyeu]: Leenhardt 1932:414-420.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Pulap (Carolina, Truk County) [Fanur from Puluwat intends to take his wife Inhagur from Hagur from Pulap Island; sailed to Pulap, suggested that H. and his wife sail with him in his boat on Truk; quietly pushed H. overboard; H. magically placed himself in a piece of bamboo, sailed to Truk, opened to his wife; F. was to give a ceremonial dinner with a sacrifice to the gods; H. told his wife hide it at the bottom of the food basket; when F. put his hand in there, H. bit him with a poisonous bite, he died immediately; F. opened up and became a great navigator]: Mitchell 1973, No. 10:35-39; Ponape [ Souetiet and his wife Kedinetiet are fishing; does not tell you to put his hand in the water while he is diving; she lowers, Saudeleur feels the scent of rubbing, his people take K. to Pahn Kedira; husband is desperate; at the party two poor brothers say that if they were given dogs (this is the best meat), they would return K.; two pieces of wood hear and announce it; brothers are given dogs; they have been looking for a tree to answer for a long time, that it is light; they slaughter the bird, cover it with bird feathers; the second time the younger brother takes off; together with her husband they fly to the PC; K. recognizes the presence of her husband, drop by drop of his fragrant oil that has leaked out of the bird; negotiates to escape; when the kidnapper is sailing in a boat, a bird with K., husband and brothers inside sits next to each other and then flies away; K. sticks out of it; the kidnapper from grief died]: Mitchell 1973, No. 52:147-152; Yap: Müller 1918, No. 21 [Tśauon's wife and children, his wife asked him to catch fish; when the trap was full and everyone ate, C. ordered to wash their hands in water on at the bottom of the boat, not at sea, but the youngest girl washed it in the sea; other people noticed the trail, kidnapped C.'s wife; he made a wooden bird, climbed the mountain and asked the birds for feathers, they gave them, C. attached them to wooden base, climbed inside, flew to the chief who kidnapped his wife; let himself be caught, brought to the chief's house; his wife was cooking there; C. went out, took his wife, flew out over the roof with her, returned home], 22 [Tulevan went fishing with his wife, told him not to wash his hands overboard; the wife washed it, the blood floated on the water; while the husband was diving, people in the boat came, took his wife; T. asked for trees, from one he got what he needed answer, made a wooden bird out of this tree; a real bird gave its feathers and wings; T. flew in it to the kidnappers, they were not at home, he took his wife back], 23 [When leaving, Youl tells his wife not to leave fish scales in the sea; she threw it, half-hearted half-man took his wife to the lower world; Y. made a wooden bird, attached feathers, flew, found a wife {it's not entirely clear further}]: 482-484, 484, 484-485; Marshall islands, Nukuoro, Nauru, Ngulu, Palau, Yap, Woleai [there is a motive for saving his wife by her husband flying on a wooden bird; he comes to Pulo Anna for her in a boat]: Mitchell 1973:257; Marshall Islands () [Tolewe sails to the island to collect shells; agrees that his wife go with him, but if she puts incense on her head, even if she wears incense, let not a drop will fall into the water; the drops fell, people on the other island smelled, sailed, took the woman, the leader took her for himself; T. made a wooden bird - did not fly high; then from another tree, he flew in, as if giving a bird to the leader; the bird screams, T. explains that out of hunger, let all men go fishing for it; the men are gone, T. and his wife climbed into the bird, flew away; the leader shouted to give the bird fish, it threw all the fish, it swallowed it and flew on; the couple returned home]: Kelin 2003:83-89; Ifaluk [Galet lived in a man's house, lay there, did not go anywhere; his wife GanAuliwir was at himself at home; Virar kidnapped her, took her home; G.'s brother, married to his wife's sister, persuaded him to go pick up his wife; for this purpose, the first new-shaped boat was made; for this purpose, he told his wife to appear in better clothes and told G. that the kidnapped wife was still beautiful; on the way G. tried to flirt with his brother's wife; the kidnapped sister came to her; she doubted whether to return, but when she saw her first husband, I fell in love with him again, he brought it back; new-shaped boats learned how to make celestials, then taught people]: Burrow, Spiro 1957:71-74; Kapingamarangi [while Tinirau checks the tops, demon who has taken his form, takes his wife Hina to his country; gives it to two servants, who will eat her as soon as she falls asleep; H. ties a rope to him, gives the end to T. (apparently he came to her); T. pulls, keeps her awake; servants fall asleep, T. kills them by hitting them with their heads apart]: Elbert 1949:244; Taumako [a boy was born, died, his parents buried him; When Leiolo was born and grew up, his father did not tell him to swim in the direction where the grave was, but did not say why; L. comes; fires an arrow; the torso of the deceased rises from the grave with an arrow in his hand; tells him to do it bag; L. put his torso in the bag, carried it with him; came to where Hina lived; climbed a tree; H. followed his sister for water, she sees the young man's reflection; L. goes down, asks for a drink; Hina is left with a little ; she comes, takes L. as her husband; goes to L.'s parents; her torso brother tells me not to look at those who will ride the waves, but to swim straight; L. watches, goes for a ride, H. disappears, brother says that she was carried away by the Manu wind; tells her to cut two poles; M. took X. as his eleventh wife; L. comes in his absence, hides; H. puts M. to sleep, taking out his insects; D. plunges a sharp pole into the sand; M. feels this, L. tells, when he takes H., to build the same house as his, M.; L. is building; a hurricane hits, this is M., only L.'s house has survived, all the neighbors have gathered in it; three days later the wind has subsided, people have rebuilt themselves again]: Hovdhaugen, Næss 2006:109-122; Tuvalu (Niutao Atoll) [Tinilau was Niutao's favorite chief, with him his sister Sina; refused grooms for a long time, but she liked Luave's gifts; chief Tuifiti from another island stole S. from L.'s house; his nine-eyed uncle Mataiva was guarding her; when L. came, M. raised the alarm, but S. shouted to Tuifiti that M.'s eyes were too bright, let him close it; Tuifiti ordered to close 3 eyes; then 6; then all 9; L. hid S. under a net and carried S. away, pretending to be a simple fisherman, correctly answering the questions of the three guards; Tuifiti killed M. out of anger]: Koch 1966:81-82; Tokelau [Tui o le Mu sees Sina from the sky, rains down to earth, S. agrees to marry him; when she enters T.'s house, she sees rows of skulls; faints when T. takes off her head; T. leads her senses; one day asks permission to visit her family; T. tells her not to go to anyone on the way; in the first village she does not respond to invitations, in the second, Tinilau takes her home; at night T. took her back; at night she woke up to a cock scream and said that the roosters sing like Tuy's house oh le Mu; in the morning her husband scolds her, but forgives her when he found out how it was; next time she visited her family, not to see anyone going in]: Burrows 1923:160-162; Tuamotu: Beckwith 1970:234 [Ataraga sees Huahega bathe, takes her as his wife, their son Maui-tikitiki, catches the sun in a snare; recognized as a father; kills Mahuika; catches Tahiti and Little Tahiti; takes Hina away from the Tuna eel; T. sends a flood, M. stops the water by exposing his fall; kills T., the first coconut palm grows out of T.'s head; Peka takes Hina away; M. in the form of a golden pheasant, flies to P.; Peck's mother warns not to take the bird, but P. takes it; M. cuts off his head, returns with Hina; turns Hina Ri's lover into a dog; a friend goes to take revenge, also turned into a dog; M. sees that his mother Huahega's hair has turned gray; decides to swap stomachs with the sea slug Rori, then people would not die; at this time, the M. brothers scream, M. regurgitates the stomach, people remain mortal], 234-235 (Anaa) [Maui-tikitiki is the fifth son of Ataranga and Huahega (daughter of fire owner Mahuike); seeks his father's recognition, competes with Mahuike and kills him, catches the Sun in a snare from her mother's hair Huahega; with the help of her brothers, she fishes Havaiki's country from the sea; marries Tiki's daughter; she's Tuna's wife, Maui kills Tuna, his head grows coconut palm tree; Peka-nui (The Great Bat) takes Hina; Maui turns into a snipe, kills Peka, brings his wife back; gets sick; he is advised to climb into the shell of a Tupa crab to change his skin and continue living like a crab; to do this, he must swallow Rori-tau's insides; at this moment the Maui brothers enter, he belches his insides; turns Hina Ri's lover and Ri's friend Togio Maui into dogs; brothers Maui go to the Sun; one dies from the heat, the other comes back; Maui goes to bury his brother's body in the sky; meets two heavenly girls, Dawn-Maid and the Moon (Maid-of-the-Moon); the first sends home, marries a second], 289 (Vahitahi) [Tagaroa sails to the country of a Faumea woman; her vagina has acne that kills men; she teaches T. how to extract them; gives birth to him two sons; the wife of one of them - Hina; kidnapped by a demon octopus; T. and Hina's husband catch an octopus, kill her, bring the woman back]; Hawaii: Beckwith 1970:233 (Fr. Oahu) [Maui sees his wife being kidnapped by Pe-ape'a-Maka-Walu (eight-eyed bat); on the advice of his mother Hina, puts a stone on the back of a humpback old man, his hump disappears; a grateful old man teaches how to make a kite; in a kite, M. flies to the kidnapper, who takes a strange bird into the house; at night, M. waits for all eight eyes to close, cuts off the kidnapper's head, returns his wife], 263 (Fr. Maui) [before Laka is born, his father goes to get a gift for the newborn, killed, his bones are thrown into the Kaikapu woman's cave; the boys laugh that L. does not have a father; he cuts down a tree to make a boat, the next morning it is intact; the grandmother who raised L. tells two forest gods to be spared; he smears their lips with fat, they make a boat for him; L. takes his father Spacer with him to keep the entrance to the cave open, Father Stretch out (Stretch) get inside, Father Torch light the way in the cave, Father Look for bones; for a bowl of soup, the old woman opens the cave, but after trying it, she says that this is not enough; Father Reach out reaches to different seas, getting salt until the old woman is satisfied; as soon as the door opens, the Spacer stands in the entrance; the Torch lights the way, Seek finds bones, Stretch them out; they kill the old woman, return to Maui; L. puts his father's bones in a cave, leaves his companions there]; The Marquises [Maui-tiki-tiki is the youngest of Maui's seven brothers; the brothers made a boat, fished, then caught hook the mountain, pulled out Toka Eva Island; then Maui got fire from Mahuike; to dry his clothes, M. caught the Sun in a snare out of human hair, since then the world has been light; Tai-ana-e-Vau stole M.'s wife; he made a pigeon, climbed into it, flew to the kidnapped person; she recognized M., fed the bird; at night M. took a human life, took T.'s club, called him, killed him, took his wife home]: Handy 1930:103.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans: Lorimer 1931:109-110; Mustang: Kretschmar 1985, No. 24 [Men Dremu is a young wife, her husband Bu Atsung left for business; a year later, a man from the north wanted to marry MD; she sent the fox to BA to return as soon as possible; BA told her horse to throw off her fiancé when he wanted to ride it; came to the wedding unrecognized, his wife recognized him, told him to sit in the center; the groom got on a horse, he threw him into the abyss, MD and BA continued to live well], 36 [the king will give his daughter to someone whose arrow hits a tree from afar; two prince brothers win, take the girl together; along the way the youngest goes hunting, walks into the old woman's house; she asks about the brothers and their wife; finds out that the princess never takes off the clothes that cover her upper body; says she's doing the spouses will be better if the wife takes off these clothes; the younger brother asks to take them off, the princess tells me to repair all the cracks in the house first; the old woman manages to put a pin into the crack; through this gap she takes the princess to the land of demons; the younger brother goes in search, stops under a banyan, hears a monkey saying that her wife was stolen by a yeti and the brothers' wife by a demon; invites the monkey to join forces in finding wives; comes to his yeti wife, who has two children; a yeti came, a goldfish is moving on his forehead, the young man shot her, the yeti fell dead; the monkey's wife took the children with her, but the young man threw them off bridge, brought his wife to the monkey, who went with him to the land of demons; they made the princess queen; the monkey met the maid who came to fetch water, threw the ring into the young man's vessel; when the demons gathered at holiday, the princess gave the top of her clothes to the monkey, ran after the monkey; the princess remembered that she forgot the ring, the monkey came back for it, caught; says that she finally has time for meditations; she was released; when the young man brought the princess back, the dying older brother recovered, the grass turned green, the women conceived children]: 149, 206-209; Lepcha: Siiger 1967, No. 1 [(local version "Gesera"); see motif L15; mung (evil spirit) kidnaps his wife gye bu (GB); he takes the form of a boy, mung believes that this is the incarnation of one of his warriors, almost adopts him; the boy learns from mung that the power of this is in two fish in water lakes and milk lakes; in a bird (like a rhinoceros bird) on a tree; in beetles on the roof (wrap them in cloth, keep them above boiling water); GB killed a bird, threw hot stones into the lakes, the water boiled, the fish died; killed the beetles; cuts off the head of the mung, gives flesh to ants, grinds bones; kills his wife's son from the mung, cooks, puts the head of the mung on the edge of the cauldron; returns her wife divinity, she forgets what happened, they live well], 2 [{variant "Ramayana?} ; at ra so pu nu (PN), king of ra zo, wife of shing ra ni pun di (PD); she washed her hair in the stream, one carried water to the land of mungs (evil spirits); hair appeared there in the form of a rainbow; the Mung king sent his the sister looked for the mistress of the hair; she flew in as a crow, then tried to persuade PD to leave her husband in the form of a woman; she refused; while PD was hunting, the Mung king sent warriors, they brought PD along with the room, where she is locked in; PN goes in search; black monkey fights white monkey, PD kills black monkey; white monkey king; Mung king surrounds his palace with a lake; Monkey King tells PN to shoot at a wooden one a picture above the entrance to the palace, arrows pierce each other's tails; monkeys cross, carry PN, dismantle the bridge; the monkey king throws seed, mango grows to the PD room, the monkey king brings PD to her husband; Mungi warriors rush at him, he bounces, they kill each other; they catch the monkey king; he replies that you can kill him if you put his tail in oil and set him on fire; runs with a burning tail, palace burns, the monkey king extinguishes his tail in the lake; the monkeys killed all the mungs; they cursed the monkeys, they died at night except the king and queen; the monkeys were revived; the feast, PN awarded the monkeys]: 203-214, 215- 218; Stocks 1925, № XXVIII [In heaven in Rum, King Ling Gyaso's youngest seventh son; the eldest six want to take away his father's throne; the father decides to send him to earth to destroy demons; he takes a dog with him a horse, a goat, a golden rooster; these animals die in their heavenly life, become wheat grains in LG's pocket; he sees a virgin on the ground behind a spinning wheel, falls like a hailstone, her virgin swallows; gives birth to a bag; throws her off the mountain; the crow covers the bag from the scorching sun; the heavenly mother came down, took the boy out of the bag, threatened the earthly mother to kill her if she gave the child to strangers ; two demons demanded that he be handed over, put him in a cauldron to cook; LP got out, hacked them with a sword; became king, brought his wife to the palace; burned the demon; learned from the demon's wife that her husband's life was in two saga palms and in two flea bags, destroyed them, took the demon's wife; while he was living with her, his father's brother sold his first wife to King Hore; he said his wife had been kidnapped, went with LG to bring her back; they spend the night on the edge of a cliff; the uncle suggests that LG lie on the edge; he puts bags in his place, at night his uncle throws them off; LG invites his uncle to carry a stone; a rope is needed, LG offers a leather belt from his own back; the uncle picks up the stone, which gets heavier, presses it into the ground (the uncle was killed not by LG, but by a stone); in the country of Hore, LG turns into a baby, X. picks him up; he grows up; if LG is H.'s nephew in a new rebirth, he must identify X.'s weapons among others; mother H.'s sister turns into a white fly, sits on every object; H. recognizes LN as a nephew; LG is made a blacksmith, forges a sword around X. asks to send an army to enemies, all warriors X. are killed by magic arrows; LG tells H. that he eats his hand; he allows him to cut off his own, LG gives him rice, H. thinks he eats his hand; the same leg, nose, ears; cuts off his head, takes his wife; hangs son H. upside down over a plate of rice; leaves a cat, a rooster, a donkey, two crows next to him; answers the beggar that the prince eats, animals do this and that; but vizier H. Got it all; pursues, LG shot him]: 427-435; miniong abor [at first perfume (epom) and people were friends; man and epom made dumplings; epom invited the man to go to bed in a hollow; covered the other, tied him up, let him down the river; took his wife; two years later the man was saved by a bird, returned home when epom was not at home; waited for epom, climbing onto the roof; made a hole in the roof; it began to rain; his wife offered epom to repair the hole, the man killed him with a knife; began to live with his wife, their descendants were mipak (plebeian births); a similar motive in Dunbar 1915. Abors and Galongs. Mem. of the Asiatic Soc. of Bengal 5:63]: Fürer-Haimendorf 1954:590; miniong [Rabbo and Nibu brothers have agreed to bury a stone; whoever stone turns into a pengum bird will get good ones the lands, and whose peku-peku bird is, are bad; R. lost, but N. invited him to live with him; R. replaces the fish at the top, N. with garbage that fell into its top; replaces the deer in N.'s trap with a rhinoceros bird and his own trap; advises N. to sacrifice pig and beer to spirits, throwing them off the tree, eating them himself; N. tries to deceive R. in the same way, but he threw a stone from the tree on N. (since then people have pain in breasts); N.'s son is handsome, R.'s son is ugly; N. replies that he covered his son in a basket, poured boiling water over him; R. does this to his own; while N. sleeps, R. lowers him down the river in a boat, covering him with another boat and having tied him up, takes his wife; the Siggo-Pareng bird tore the ropes; N. returns to his wife; his daughter tells her mother that the father is coming, she does not believe at first, hits the girl in the stomach with a weaving shuttle, since then people with abdominal pain; N. drives R., he went to the spirits, works for the female spirit Nippong Wiyu; spirits attack N., R. rushes to help his brother, they kill Nippong Wiyu and carry her meat; N. sees that R. eats meat raw; says they must part, everyone will go blindly; R. closed his eyes with leaves with holes and N. with dense leaves; spirits are descendants of R., they see people, and people, descendants of N., do not see spirits]: Elwin 1958b, No. 12:188-191 (=1958a: 172-175); Apatani [Baro Piicha offers Abo Tani to kill their wives and children; really cuts his own to pieces, and AT wraps his own in a mat hides in the corner of the house, tells him to yell, cuts the dog, sprinkles blood on the house; they cook and eat meat, BP complains that it is tough and AT is delicious (because it's a dog); AT replies that he added pork, but The PSU does not taste good even with pork; both break rice, AT has a three-membered rhythm, the PSU has a two-membered rhythm of blows; AT explains that he has clamped three pestas between his fingers; the PSU does so, breaks his fingers; the PSU turns into a rooster, spies that AT's wife and children are destroying rice; BP makes a trough to feed the pigs - says that he will give AT, he just doesn't; AT goes to check if it's deep enough, AP closes the lid, lowers it slope; AT asks trees and grass to stop the trough, they hold it near the river; asks the fish to hold the trough with their fins, preventing them from falling into the river; asks the Hawk to hatch a hole; he begins peck, sees AT, says that AT drove him, flies away; the same with the Raven; The badger is unable to expand the hole, ask for help from the Sun woman; she tells him to wait three days, she will heat the trough, it will burst; for for its help The Sun asks AT to look after her children, tells her not to look into the restroom, under the house, etc.; AT looks in, sees tigers, bears, snakes, scorpions; the Sun agrees to bring him down to the ground thread; he enters his house, the children recognize him, his wife does not believe him at first; says that BP has now taken her; AT hides with a sword, chases the PSU around the house and yard, he falls into the ground]: Blackburn 2008:69- 73; aka (chrusso) [Ossin's older brother and younger Awa find a woman in the forest, fight over her, O. kills A., his corpse burns in a forest fire, the mongoose covers his bones with clay, revives A.; so three times; O. finds A. climbing the swing; he says he is watching the fish dancing from above; O. wants it too, A. throws the swing with his brother into the river; O. hits the top of the Month, replies that the Sun it shines brighter, the Month throws him back into the river; at the top of the Sun, O. tells her that the Sun is brighter; she promises to pick him up on the way back; O. overslept the first morning, and the next Sun picked him up at dawn by the hair; at home O. killed his brother, brought his wife back; A. came to life again, but left, found his wife elsewhere; he is the ancestor of aka, and O. is a bangny]: Elwin 1958b, No. 10:181-184; better [man split bamboo to do bamboo basket, put her hand, the girl Kungori was born from this place, became beautiful; all the guys wanted her; Keimi took her footprint, put it by the fire, she fell ill; her father promised her to the one who cured her; Keimi He did it, got a wife; he turned into a tiger, told him to hold on to his tail; now the father promises his daughter to someone who would free her from the tiger; two friends Photir (F.) and Hrangchal (H.) promised to do so; came to Kungori when her husband was hunting, hid; Keimi came back, smelled a man, his wife said she was from her; when he left again, the old man told him to run away, taking with him the seed of fire, the seed of thorns and the seed of water; the seed of fire has been thrown, the tiger waits for the forest to burn; the seed of water is the river; the tiger waits for the water to run off; the seed of thorns is thickets; the tiger breaks through, F. killed him with his dao (machete); friends take turns guarding at night; Kuavang came, F. answered him boldly; when it was H.'s turn, he answered, but afraid, Kuawang took Kungori; she threw cotton threads on the road; F. and H. came on the trail, went down under the ground, took Kungori back; she forgot her comb; F. followed him, and H. covered the hole with a stone; married Kungori and F. married Kuamang's daughter; planted a vine and it grew to the ground; cooked pebbles for Quamang's daughter's son, and while he was eating them, he got to the ground, came to H., cut off his head; Kungori and F. lived richly and happily]: Houghton 1893a: 78-80; Meitei (ranks) [king Shalmo accompanied by a servant, he went hunting; they only caught a pigeon; the king sent the servant somewhere to fry it; he came to the courtyard of Princess Upempu, King Kabo's daughter; he was so amazed at the girl's beauty that the dove was burnt; the princess crushed edible seeds and baked them like a dove; the servant brought them to the king, he liked it terribly; S. met W. and they fell in love; the king brought his wife to him, went hunting again; the old wife found a new one in the bedroom, pulled her out, dislocated her arm and drove her out; the king found W., but she refused to return; then he killed his old wife, left her body into a river, it turned into an oyster; W. returned to her parents, but there she was ridiculed, saying that she should have listened to them and marry whoever they offered; W. committed suicide; S. came and found out that his wife dead, also committed suicide; on the way to the world of the dead, both souls met on the lake shore; Lakong Louonba, one of the gods of the world of the dead, advised S. to swim so that in the world of the dead souls S. and W. could to be reunited, and at this time he kidnapped W.; after becoming his wife, W. gave birth to two sons; when S. found out what had happened, he asked Korou Nongningthou, king of the world of the dead, to return W. to him; he agreed and started a war with LL; he was defeated and flew away, turning into a butterfly; L. came to Sh., bringing her sons with her; S. said that he died only for her, and she betrayed him; cursed her: let your first child turn into a cuckoo; so it happened]: Singh 1985:297-301; kachins: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 30 [a young man catches a shrimp, she asks not to kill it; someone cooks at home; a young man with they find a girl as a grandmother, break the pot in which they kept the shrimp; the wife draws her portrait to the young man; the wind brings it to the king, he takes the woman away; she does not speak; laughs when a peasant comes to clothes made of chicken feathers (this is the ex-husband); the king asks him to be dressed like this; the servants beat him, kill him; the young man returns his wife], 32 [after the death of their father, Khrai Gai and Khrai No sail along the river; the raft falls apart, KG stays with gold, KN with onions; KN marries a poor beauty, kills a kite and a boa constrictor, becomes a prince; accidentally kills a monkey, the wife of KG; brings the KG to himself; he wants to take possession of his brother's wife; digs there is a trap pit in the forest, KN falls through; the wife throws pecatip seed into the pit, promises to go beyond the KG in three years if he pulls the KN onion; KN climbs the grown plant, pulls the onion, killing his brother]: 106- 109, 114-119; Gilhodes 1909, No. 38 [Lapiula and his wife Shawonem go fishing; the flying monster lepsanam takes S. to its cave in the mountains; L. follows the fly in search; the old man says L. does not he can get S. back, and if he does, let him make a fire on his head; Shingrang Lakang says that if L. returns his wife, he can make a bridge over Ayeyarwady out of his leg; L. comes to S., she hides him under a pile of brushwood; the kidnapper comes, eats, falls asleep, L. cuts off his head; those who did not believe in success and could not make a fire on their heads, etc., L. kills, they themselves turn into Lasa spirits; L. climbs to get fruit for a pregnant wife on a tree, accidentally cuts off her hand, also turns into Lasa; the same wife who committed suicide; these spirits are very afraid of]: 119-121.

Burma - Indochina. Vieta [hardworking poor That San learns from a magician; merchant Lee Thong invites him to his place, makes him a younger brother, uses his labor; LT's turn to sacrifice Boa, TS is coming instead of him, Boa kills; LT says that the Boa belonged to the king, advises the TS to flee, brings Boa's head himself, the king makes him prince; Princess Quin Nga is carried away by a three-headed eagle; TS sees in the mountains he is wounded with an arrow, reports LT; he lies to the king that he wounded the eagle; leads the army to the abyss; the TS descends, finds the princess, sends her upstairs; LT sends her home, throws stones down; TS kills an eagle leaves a cave in the Land of the Sea, kills a monster; the local king rewards him, but he returns to his native village; the dead shadows of the Eagle and Boa put the gold stolen from the palace in the vehicle; TS they grab it, but he tells the king everything; LT is expelled, killed by lightning; TS marries KN, defeats enemies, inherits the throne]: Karpov, Tkachev 1958:28-39 (=Nikulin 1970a: 42-47; 1990:75-81); ede [first Mathao Groe, then Mathao Masey kidnaps Dame Shan's two wives; he kills kidnappers, returns wives, takes the property and slaves of the killed]: Nikulin 1970b: 49-76.

South Asia. Konkani (Goa) [Moses and Edward sleep in a hut; a beautiful woman (a demon's daughter) enters, puts a ring on the finger of the good M.; the old man does not tell you to follow a certain path, M. and E. go; evil E. enters the house to dance, play, lose everything, is captivated; the daughter of another demon explains how to get to the beauty who left M. the ring; you must leave the grain and egg at seven gates for the seven demon guards; M. finds the owner of the ring; her father demands to identify her among 500 girls (she will take a pin in her mouth); gets a wife; buys E., he kills M., puts on his clothes; his wife does not believe, finds, revives M.; E. is executed, M. stays with his wife in the palace]: Davidson, Phelps 1937, No. 3:19-22; Sindhi [the fakir gives ash to the childless king Lalu: let him give his beloved wife a drink with water; a son Amul Malik will be born when he finishes his studies , let him come to the fakir; the fakir leads AM to another country, they see the radiance coming from the body of King Gulasta's daughter Princess Husini, AM asks the fakir, then the father to help marry her; Saiphal vizier comes to King G. to marry his daughter; H. makes it a condition to live with her husband in separate palaces; the fakir gives AM an invisible hat, says that H. loves a deva named Supped; every Thursday she and her the banyan enters the banyan as maids, who takes her across the seas to the deva's garden; the fakir teaches her to eat food brought for H. unnoticed, hide in a banyan; the dev will ask H. to dance, give jewelry and clothes, them you have to steal and hide it, pretend to be asleep at home; she will come to look for jewelry, she must jump up, pick up her wings; instead, AM tells H., she grabs her clothes and jewelry, flies away; fakir tells him to follow H. on a winged horse; on the way he takes out a splinter from a lioness, she gives him two adult lion cubs as an assistant; sister X. teaches that when H. and other peri arrive to swim in the lake, they must hide them her clothes; the lion sits on her clothes; H. gives AM his nose ring, tells him to come with him, throw it in the jug to the maid, who will give it back to H.; dev will say that if AM is H.'s legal husband, he must identify. a wife among a hundred peri; she will have this ring; dev made three attempts, H. attached the ring for the third time, dev gave X. Amul Maliku; on the way back, H. kidnapped a deva who lived in a well; the lions went down there (there's a whole country, a palace), tore the deva, returned from X. to the ground on a winged horse; everyone returned to King L., lived happily]: Kinkaid 1922:75-88; Punjabi [woodcutter finds a ruby in a bird's egg, catches a bird, becomes rich, goes on the Hajj; the wife has a Hindu lover; he asks her to slaughter the bird; two of the lumberjack's sons take her head and leave; the youngest is bitten by a snake, he dies; the elder goes to look for people, comes to the city where the king died; he is elected king; the youngest is revived by ascetics, he goes with merchants , sees a girl in the cave, goes down to the lower world for her; she hides him when the dragon arrives; pretends to be afraid if the dragon dies; he explains that his life is in a bird, a cage with a bird in a tree, a tree will grow when Solomon's sword is placed by the river; a young man kills a dragon; a merchant lifts a girl upstairs, leaves the young man at the bottom of the cave; he rubs the stain on his sword, two spirits appear, carry him to the city, where the older brother rules; there is the wedding of a merchant and a girl; the younger brother accidentally tells the king his story; the merchant is executed, the youngest marries a girl]: King 1926, No. 7:81-84; Kashmiris [the merchant's son on the last money buys the dog and the cat, saves the snake; the snake is the son of the king of snakes, tells him to ask his father for a wish-fulfilling ring; he asks for a palace and a beautiful woman; her hair floats away along the river, his the prince sees; the witch promises her hair owner; in the guise of a bee she flies to a woman, turns into an old woman, supposedly her aunt, the woman shows the ring, the old woman takes it away, the prince moves the palace and woman to her; woman asks to postpone the wedding for a month; cat and dog return the ring (cat pretends to be dead, rats celebrate their prince's wedding, cat grabs prince, rat tickles throat witches, she regurgitates the ring, the cat releases the rat prince); on the way back, the dog loses the ring twice, the cat returns it; the merchant's son returns his wife and palace]: Knowles 1888:20-28; Kashmir ( translated from Hindi) [Aath-thr 301+302+516 B+302B; Russian fairy tales such as "Three Kingdoms" Af., 128-130, "Koschey the Immortal", Af., 156-158; the childless king receives barley grains from the fakir, gives his wife food, is born Sherdil, goes on a journey, takes a blacksmith, a carpenter, a grinder as his companions; they stop at the palace, each in turn cooking dinner; a diva in the form of a dwarf and then a giant takes food, beats cook, everyone pretends to be sick and lunch is eaten by a dog; S. demands that the divas take the form of a warrior, cuts him in two; leaves the grinder king, gives barley grain; if the shoot dries up, it is necessary go to the rescue; the same in the second city (S. kills a witch, makes a blacksmith king); in the third he leaves a carpenter, marries a beautiful woman; finds the girl's head in a basket on a tree above the river; blood drips into the water, turns into flowers; finds a body in the palace, puts her head, the girl comes to life; she is stolen by a genie, separates her head during his absence; the girl persuades the genie to tell where his soul is (in the West there is a tree in the desert, in front of it a dog with a pile of grass and a horse with a pile of bones; a bee in a starling, a starling in a cage, a cage on a tree; the guards will miss if you give the dog bones and horses grass); the prince kills a bee takes the girl; her golden hair floats along the river; another king finds it, sends it to the old woman; she persuades the princess to find out where Sh.'s strength is; in a sword, the old woman throws her into the fire, takes the princess away; friends find the body, fix their sword, revive Sh.; under the guise of a carpenter, he takes his wife and old woman in a flying palanquin, throws the old woman on the rocks, returns to his native kingdom]: Zograf 1976:71-80; Nepali [King Suttalsingh's son, if he shoots an arrow, it will return to him; the son of the vizier remembers what he saw forever; the son of a brahmana can throw any object far away and return it; the blacksmith's son can return Each thing is its original appearance; they go on a journey; the prince hears a noise, fires an arrow, it has not returned; it turns out that he killed his beloved elephant, he fell on an arrow; the prince falls asleep near his body elephant, companions leave in the morning; the prince comes to the city where the monster ate everyone, the princess remains; she hides him, takes him out from the monster, where his soul is; in a cave in the west, a fire-breathing snake, on his head gem; you have to pierce the snake's throat with an arrow so that it does not fall to the ground; the prince does everything, kills the monster, marries the princess; she drops her hair into the river, another prince finds him; his father sends an old woman in a magic boat to get the owner of the hair; the old woman persuaded the prince's wife to tell me what his death was; there is a tree in the west, you have to tear off its splinters, burn his sword and shield on them, they they will become small, he will die; this is what happened; the prince's wife manages, as he asked, to put his corpse in a golden vessel and fill it with oil; the prince's friends found out that the brahmana's son in antelope skin had carried them to his body, the blacksmith's son restored his shield and sword to their former appearance, the prince came to life, brought his wife back, everyone returned home]: Heunemann 1980, No. 4:53-67; the Tamils [the prince and the minister's son went on a journey; one The elephant took the king's daughter; the elephant is surrounded by four circles of defenders: jackals, leopards, tigers, elephants; the prince defeated jackals and leopards; pulled the tigers out of the quagmire, who became his friend, recalled his tigers; the prince returned the princess, got him as a wife; he retired in the forest out of need, at which time the underground demon took the princess away, and the minister's son did not even resist; the tiger called the animals, they dug a hole into the lower world, the prince lowered the chain there, went down, killed the demon, sent his wife and another princess kidnapped by the demon upstairs; the minister's son threw off the chain, came to the princess's father under the guise of a son-in-law; the princess asks to postpone the celebrations for six months; the prince turned to the deity, became a kite, flew to the ground; began to live with a garland seller; made the best; threw a ring to his wife, she recognized him; everything was clarified; the minister's son was forgiven]: Natesa Sastri 1886:208-230 (a similar but worse quality variant in Blackburn 2005, No. 46); Singals: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 80 [Tsar Father and Stepmother Want to Kill Two Princes, Flower Girl advises to flee; brothers pick up a pigeon killed by Vedda; whoever eats the right half will become king immediately, whoever is left in seven years; the eldest is elected king; the youngest (MB) becomes a slave to the Hittirala ( member of the merchant caste); the king's youngest daughter identifies him as a prince, tells x. to bring him; MB catches fish, she promises to save him; x. pushes MB into the river, takes the princess; fish saves MB, he comes to the wedding x. and princesses, tells his story; the king turns out to be the older brother, MB marries, gets half the kingdom, x. torn into four parts], 92 [the youngest of the seven giants (MB) does not work, lies on ash; his brothers send him to the plot, he grows a giant field of rice; the brothers lie that there is no field, he leaves; he takes as companions a banyan picking his teeth, who is fishing with an elephant bait, feet blocked the river; the satellites take turns being killed by the woman they come to ask for coals; MB threatens to kill her, she revives the satellites; they throw fish bones, blocking the river; the river dries up; they take out the bone themselves; someone brings a piece of bone to the king, gets the princess promised by the king; MB exposes the impostor, gives the princess to the first companion; similar episodes with other kings, every companion gets a wife; MB marries the daughter of the cannibal king he killed; her hair is swallowed by fish, gets to the king; the old woman promises to bring a woman; asks MB's wife to find out where his life is; in a sword; the old woman puts her sword in the fire, takes the woman away; MB's companions see that lemon trees and lotus flowers have withered; they find and clean the sword; the living MB finds his wife, kills the kidnapper, takes his kingdom]: 176-182, 222-225; baiga: Elwin 1939, No. 4 [two gondi sisters went to the dried up body of water; the eldest asked the youngest for her ring, threw it into the pond and it was full; when they were drunk, the youngest demanded that her eldest got her ring; she went into the water and descended deeper; found the ring, threw it to her sister, but drowned herself; the youngest climbed onto the tamarind; Prince Baiga lay down to rest under it; a tear fell on him girls; the prince ordered to get the girl, brought her home, but his tsar-father took her away; then the prince burned the lock in which the axe was kept - the father's soul; the king died, the prince took the girl for himself and reigned with her happily]: 494-495; 1944, No. 3 [poor parents leave a newborn in the forest; he is raised by a tigress; he steals Raja's son's fiancée for him; tigers and leopards come to the wedding; they want to eat the newlyweds, a young man has shot animals with a bow; a young man and his wife come to people; a barber tries to kill him, puts on a young man's clothes, takes his form; his wife invites him to shoot the tigers, who kill the barber; The Raja promises to recognize as his son-in-law the one who pulls the young man's bow; he himself comes from a blacksmith who hides from a barber, pulls a bow, gets a kingdom]: 424-426; muria [Raja has seven wives, Each has a son; he ordered the youngest to live in a stable; the Raja goes blind, the wise man orders his sons to be sent for the liver of the Shining Goat; six brothers are reluctant to take the youngest; the Goat jumps into a deep hole; the older brothers are afraid to go down, there are snakes, tigers and scorpions; the youngest comes down, the creatures disappear, he marries his daughter Rakshasi, then her sister, then gets six more daughters Mahapurub, who gives also Goat; brothers pick up all this, cut off the rope, the young man falls, breaks; girls say that they must live alone for 12 years; Goat's liver makes his father's eyes even more sick (this is an imaginary liver); young man comes to life, a rope appears, he climbs upstairs, disguised as a dirty beggar, hires to guard the girls' house; he tells them his story, they wash and dress him; he heals his father with a real liver; Raja executes elder sons]: Elwin 1944, No. 1:3-13; buffalo maria: Elwin 1944, No. 1.9 [seven brothers go to look for wives, the eldest finds them, remains waiting for them; they return without getting married; The monkey says that Ghasia (a caste of tinkers) killed his older brother, took his wife away; the brothers revive the victim with a potion received from the Bear; promise the Monkey a wife for his help; he finds G.'s home. tells a woman to know where his soul is; he lies twice (brothers kill fish and crab in vain); when a crane is killed, G. dies; instead of his wife, the Monkey is given money to buy it among the monkeys; they drive him away; The monkey begs for money from the brothers, they kill him], 13 [Raja's seven sons decided to go look for brides; the Raja asked the youngest son to stay at home; six found Raja, who has 7 daughters, took them for themselves and for their brother, who stayed at home; they spent the night by the pond; Raxa (i.e. Rakshas) came out of him, turned the young men into stone; the girls said they were menstruating; the younger brother went in search, found girls; made a fly when Rax came; told the girls to find out what Raxa's soul was kept in; in a golden bird on a banyan across seven seas; on the way, a young man kills a snake that ate another's chicks birds; she brings him to the banyan, then back; the young man tells the Rakshasa to revive the brothers, then finishes off the bird; the brothers tear out the youngest's eyes; he hires to guard the field from birds; maidens coming out of the water at night they play with the young man, give him eyes for this time, take him away in the morning; the owner and his fellow villagers help drive the maidens away, the young man remains with his eyes; the young man's bride promises to marry the shooter into the sky; the young man under He wins with the appearance of a beggar, takes on his true form; the father expels six brothers, hands her throne to the younger]: 36-38, 53-56; Ancient India [Ravana kidnaps Sita, Rama returns her]: Ramayana.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Simalur [an elderly childless Raja and his wife promise that if they have a daughter, they will marry her as the Lord of the Upper Reaches; the girl is followed by a seven-headed serpent; two brothers take her free; the youngest is killed by a snake, the elder hides; on the way home, the youngest falls asleep, the elder cuts off his leg, pretends to be the winner of the snake; the younger brother falls to the top of the fisherman, lives with him; comes along with everyone at the wedding ceremony; his wife recognizes him, puts her hidden leg, the cripple recovers, is recognized as a son-in-law]: Koehler 1964:44-50; minahasa [Manimporok catches a white bird that she arrives to peck bananas; she asks to remove her ring from her leg, turns into the beautiful Wulan Kalenoan ("full moon"); Merentek, an acquaintance of Manimporok, goes hunting with him, returns, takes V.; Maniporok turns the ring on his finger, immediately a cockatoo flies in, says that Merentek took V. to an island; there V. put the kidnapper to sleep, he and her husband tied him up, brought him to the village; he was rubbed with pepper, they were beaten with sticks and driven around the village; the couple had 3 sons and 2 daughters]: Kratz 1973, No. 53:243-245.

China - Korea. Chuan Miao [a monstrous heavenly horned dragon kidnaps Je Dü's wife; their son Nga Go ("little chicken") tells his father about the listener; JD rises to heaven, kills the dragon poisoned by an arrow, begins to descend with his wife to the ground; she returns for a forgotten silk thread; in the sky she picks up a thread, noisily tears the heavenly thread; celestials quickly drag the stairs up to people from the ground didn't bother them; JD falls on a rock, crashes; now they turn to him for protection from demons; his wife stays in heaven; when she weaves, lightning is visible]: Graham 1954:14-16; meo (Hmong) ) [two poor orphan brothers caught a fish; the younger Yah Ju Joa wanted to eat it right away; the elder Ya Ju Joa said it was too beautiful, put it in a water vessel at home; when the brothers went to work in the fields, the fish became a girl, cooked dinner, cleaned the house; the neighbors said that none of them helped the brothers; they turned to the supreme god Shao; he complained to hide the broom and baskets, return from the field early, hide; the brothers saw the fish become a girl, were surprised that there were no brooms and baskets - how would she cook food for orphans; the brothers opened up to her, the eldest married her; the devil Gazinion decided take the girl for himself; told his henchman eagle Galliyon to kill her with his scream; the eldest told the younger to guard the body, went to look for the cause of death, promised to return in 9 days; the eldest climbed heaven, where Gazinion is going to make his wife his second wife; at the wedding, the eagle got drunk; the young man gets permission to take the eagle to that house; brings him on horseback to the forest, asks to open his mouth to invest a cure for a hangover, sees three tongues with which the eagle killed people; tells him to revive his wife, otherwise he threatens to kill; he screams three times; the young man carved out the eagle's middle tongue so that he can no longer kill people screaming; finds his wife alive at home]: Harper 2005; Chinese: Riftin 1972 (unrecorded) [Min Zhu, daughter of rich Zhang, is Shi-yi's fiancée; Wu-gen is Sh.; MCH takes her away by the Black Eagle, sits down on a pine tree; S. slept under it, wounded Orel, finds the Eagle's cave, the entrance to which he blocks with a heavy stone; tells W. about everything; for the MCH, her father promised a reward; W. helps his brother move the stone away, Sh. lowers into the cave; he kills the sleeping wounded Eagle; W. picks up the MCH, cuts off the rope; in the cave, S. frees Carp, nailed by the Eagle to the wall; this is the son of the dragon king; Carp brings S. to the sea, king Dragons are offered to him by a daughter, he refuses; then transfers him to land, gives him a gorlyanka pumpkin, she turns into a horse; W. prepares a wedding, S. drives him away, marries MCH]: 66-74; Wilhelm 1921, No. 7 [ a nine-headed bird carries the princess, the king promises her savior; the young man notices the failure where the bird has disappeared; he is lowered on a rope, the princess bandages the bird's wounds (the tenth head was bitten off by heaven dog); the bird falls asleep, the young man cut off her heads; the princess advises that he be the first to get up; the young man refuses; she gives him half a hairpin, half a handkerchief; the companion leaves the young man in the dungeon; he frees a fish nailed to the wall, the son of the dragon king; the dragon takes him to the ground; he finds a turtle shell full of pearls; these pearls open a passage in water and fire; he goes to the bottom of the sea; The rescued dragon son tells his father to ask his father for a calebasa who fulfills wishes; the young man returns on the princess's wedding day; marries, the false groom is punished]: 13-16; Koreans: In-Hak Choi 1979, No. 284 [ an ogre from the underworld stole three princesses; the king promises the youngest to the savior; the old man, a mountain spirit, leads the young man to the hole leading to the ogre's lair; the young man descends to the lower world; the ogre sleeps for 3 months and Ten days, the younger princess shows everything, the young man cuts off the cannibal's head; when the girls and treasures are brought to the surface, the young man's three servants close the hole; the mountain spirit brings the young man to the surface; the king is going to give the princesses to servants; the young man marries the youngest, the servants are punished]: 110-111; Cho 2001, No. 88 [as in Choi 1979, No. 284; underground the old man gives the young man a flying horse, he takes him to the ground; servants executed]: 146-151.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [1) When Odysseus returns to Ithaca, he assumes the image of a beggar. An old servant, Evmey, recognizes him. It opens to Telemach's son. He opened up to his wife and father, kills grooms and those maids who accepted suitors; 2) Paris kidnaps Elena, Menelaus returns her]; Greeks [The Man on a Quest for his Los Wife; many different stories versions with a varied combination of episodes]: Megas 2012, No. 400:87-91; Greeks [a father tells his three sons to pray at his grave for three nights and pass off his three sisters as the first to marry them; after reprimanding the prayer, the elder returns to the house; at this time a strange-looking man comes, almost a freak; only the younger brother insists on giving him his sister; the same with the middle brother and middle sister; The youngest is a woman with two balls of thread, black and white; it depends on her whether it is night or day; the young man asks him to unwind the black thread more slowly so that he can finish reading the prayer before dawn; she refused; then he tied her to a tree, and he went where the light could be seen; there were 40 dragons around a huge boiling pot; the young man picked it up and put it back; they asked for help in stealing the princess; climbing the tower, the young man tells the dragons to go up one at a time and kills each; kissed the princess in his bedroom and exchanged rings with her; returned home, untying the mistress of night and day; to to identify the hero who killed dragons, the king tells everyone to come and talk about his life; the princess recognized the young man and her ring; the wedding; the young man noticed a golden key in his wife's hair; opened the locked one with them the door, pulled the ring, a dark figure fell off it and took the princess away; the young man went in search; came to his older sister's castle; her husband called the birds, but only the lame eagle knew where the sorcerer's castle was, and carried the young man there; taking the princess, they flew back, but the sorcerer, to whom his flying horse tells everything, caught up with them, took the princess and cut the young man in half; the eagle brought halves, the sister's husband revived alive with water; the young man came to his middle sister; her husband explains that it is necessary to get the same winged horse as the sorcerer's; the young man came to the mountain, tamed the horse, took his wife home; the sorcerer's horse could not catch up with them]: Legrand 1881:145-160; Moldovans: Moldavian tales 1968:158-168 [three boys kidnap three royal daughters (the middle one is the best), hide in the cloud; three sons of a peasant are looking for them, the youngest is Calin the Fool (K.); take turns guarding the fire, killing three-, four-, eight-headed dragons in turn; during the battle, K. goes out to look for fire; on the way he connects Evening, Midnight, Dawn to prolong the night; tries to carry the fire from 12 dragons, caught; they ask to get them the daughter of the Red King; K. kills dragons one by one, carrying them over the wall; cuts off tongues; returns to the brothers, by Having unleashed the way Evening, etc.; finds three princesses, kills the dragons that kidnapped them; the older brothers cut off K.'s legs, take the princesses, make the middle one a maid; K. finds the armless prince, he carries him; they grab the mother of dragons, tell her to give them back her legs and arms; she first points to a pond with dead water, then alive; they heal, kill the dragon; the daughter of the Red King is passed off as a gypsy who supposedly killed dragons; K. shows dragon tongues, gypsies are tied to the horse's tail; K. passes off the princess as a friend prince, finds brothers himself, tells them to throw a weight, she falls on the brothers, presses them; K. marries middle princess, forgives daughters-in-law], 434-450 [mother tells Fat Frumos that his father was eaten by wolves; but he still became a hunter; saw bird virgins coming down to swim in the lake, hid their wings; fairies follow they sing; FF looks around twice, two pairs of wings fly away; FF brings the third fairy home without looking back; at the wedding, people admire the bride's dance; she promises to dance even better if the groom gives her her wings; FF reluctantly gives up, his wife flies away; FF wanted to shoot her, but she turned into a cuckoo and you can't shoot the cuckoo; she tells you to look for her in a golden palace in the golden forest; FF goes in search; an old man summons animals and birds; the goat comes last, she knows the places, but now there is a terrible drought; a man says that the owner of the palace was stolen by snakes; people milk sheep in nutshells, milk drops; FF leads sheep to snake pastures; watchmen wolves and bears are fascinated by FF playing on the pipe; he says that the pipe needs to be repaired with wood from the middle of the oak tree, splits it, wolves and bears stick their paws, FF takes out a wedge, burns clamped wolves, one charred one escapes; pulls out the heart of the bears, one escapes; the shepherd tore off his tail, since then the bears have no tail; Vyzh-Surviil's guard cuts off FF's arms and legs ; he grabs the vein of the spring with his teeth, tells him to return his limbs, gives him strong water, FF killed BV; the snake opened its mouth from ground to sky, but FF killed him and returned his wife]; Bulgarians [hero, contrary to the ban, opens the fortieth room, frees the snake (black wind, arap) imprisoned in it; he takes the hero's wife; the hero finds her, the wife cunningly finds out from the kidnapper where his life is (in the egg; in dove, the one in the boar); the hero destroys the egg (pigeon) himself or with the help of grateful animals, the kidnapper dies]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 302:101; Hungarians: Ortutai 1974, No. 5 [old lady advised a childless woman to swallow legumes that she would sweep out of the house; the woman found, swallowed three grains, gave birth to sons named Evening, Night Owl, Dawn; they grew up, went looking service; the king asks to clean the well, promises three daughters; the brothers did the job, but the king admitted that his daughters were guarded by dragons; in the forest, the brothers saw a hole, stopped, took turns cook; every time the little man knocks down the cook, eats everything; when Dawn was left, he pinched the little man's beard with a tree; his brothers let him go for promising to show him how to go down into the hole; Dawn came down, The Queen gave the multiplying ring, Dawn demolished 9 heads to the dragon; hitting the table with this royal stick, turned the palace into a silver apple; the same with the other two royals (the 12-headed dragon, golden apple; 18-headed, diamond apple); sent the queens upstairs; tied a stone instead, the brothers cut off the rope; Dawn sees blind spouses handing food to each other; their eyes pulled out 24- head dragon; Dawn quietly took the meat; then opened; the couple command not to herd sheep under the dragon's dominion; dawn killed the dragon, brought the eyes blinded; one woman's eye was swallowed by a cat, Dawn put a cat's eye in the woman, she began to catch mice at night; Dawn hid the vulture birds from the hail; the mother bird tells me to cook meat and wine, carries Dawn to the ground, there was not enough meat, he cut off meat from caviar legs; poultry: it was delicious, I would know it ate you; under the guise of a beggar, Dawn came to the king, the brothers did not recognize him; they say that whoever beats his brother should be tied to the tail of a horse, and the queen who saved must be married to her; the royals recognized their rings; Dawn forgave the brothers, married a younger princess]: 141-150; Shustova 1964 [the shepherd's sheep ate the giant's hay; he tells him to feed him all the sheep; falls asleep; the shepherd pours boiling fat into his eyes; leaves; the giant throws his ring; put on his finger, it calls the giant, it cannot be removed; the shepherd cuts off his little finger, throws him into the lake, the giant then dies; the bear tells the shepherd not to marry; the shepherd and his fiancée share the ring and the handkerchief, disperse; one old man sends the shepherd to the second, the third, each gives a ring; the latter teaches how to get dogs Know-it-all, Doglyad, Vsehdavish; a shepherd lives with a witch, she hides the Bear; dogs prevent him from attacking a shepherd; a witch locks them in a barn; a shepherd hides in a tree; dogs escaped, killed A bear; a witch; a shepherd comes to his wife's wedding, shows half a ring, half a scarf; the wife recognizes him, drives the new groom away; three rings turn into gold-fleece rams]: 174-185; Albanians [three The sister's brothers are married to the Sun, the Month and the South; they decide to visit them; they spend the night three times, each time one brother guards the others' sleep; the elder killed the lamia, did not tell the brothers about it; the same middle brother; the youngest too, but the lamia has managed to extinguish the fire with her tail; the young man sees the light in the distance, goes there; on the way he meets the mother of the night, asks her to prolong the darkness; she promises to do it, but he does not believe and binds her; going to to a light source, sees a huge cauldron standing on fire with 12 ears; picked it up, lit the torch, and put it in place; the 12 robbers are amazed by this force: they can only lift the cauldron together; they led The young man to rob the king; breaking through the wall, they climbed into the stable; the young man stayed outside; raised the alarm, cut off the heads of the robbers as they got out; left his knife there; freed him on the way back mother of the night; the king found dead robbers and a knife; ordered a tavern where food is free, but let everyone tell us what he did; the elder and middle brothers told how each killed a lamia, the youngest is also about robbers; the king gave his daughter for him; prisoners were released on the occasion of the royal wedding; half of them were made of iron; the young man persuaded the king to release him as well; as soon as the king defeated shackles, the monster swallowed the princess and flew away; the young man asks the king to give iron shoes and a staff, promises to return the princess in a year; comes to his sister, whose husband is the Sun; she hid her brother, the Sun senses man, but promises not to touch his brother-in-law; advises to ask the Month; he sends to the South; the South also does not know where the Iron Man is, directs him to a huge falcon, tells him to come up from behind and threaten to slaughter him, if not He will tell you where the Iron Man is; the falcon tells us to prepare meat and fix its wings - he is too old; they are flying to a high mountain, the young man cut off the last piece of meat from his thigh; when he reaches, the falcon regurgitated And he grew this piece back; the wife hid the young man, but the iron man found him, drank blood, and spit out his skin and bones; the falcon saw, flew between the crushing mountains, took swallows into his beak of milk, and revived the young man with it; he taught his wife to pretend to be dead and ask her husband where his strength is; iron; in a broom; the wife burned the broom, but nothing happened; pretended to be sick again; iron: there is a boar on the mountain, he has silver a fang, a hare in a fang, there are three pigeons in the hare, they have strength; the young man came to the shepherd, began to ask about the boar, he heard, the young man began to fight him; boar: I would like to sharpen my fangs racine de gouet; young man: I would flour, fried fish and wine; the shepherd brought everything, the young man killed the boar, took out pigeons; turning his two heads, the young man came to the iron man, killed the third, the iron died; the falcon brought the young man and the princess to the king; everyone is happy]: Dozon 1991, No. 15:121-134; Albanians: Serkova 1989 [rulers of destiny give the young man the ability to be an ant, a falcon, a dragon; he gets the princess, Satan takes her away; hiding in her hair, he hears Satan explaining where his death is; he must take two pigeon eggs, one on the head of his father, Big Satan, and the other on his head; the young man does it, returns wife]: 157-163; Lambertz 1952 [when he dies, the father reminds his sons that each person has his own Ora; the youngest goes on a journey; an old woman at a fork in the road explains that one path leads to happiness, the other to hardships, the third to the unknown and adventure (Ränke); the young man finds himself in front of the abyss, his Ora lowers him, points to the castle where the Beauty of the Earth is; outside the door there are three groups of 7 sleeping guards; the young man stabs the first 14, and when he starts stabbing the last seven, his sword is dull, four have jumped up; Ora blinds them, the Beauty of the Earth sharpens his sword, the young man kills the attackers; The beauty of the Earth forbids opening the door to one of the rooms; the young man opens, Happiness (Nafaka) of the Beauty of the Earth flies to the king; The bark (witch), having received gold, turns into a spark, flies into the castle, stabs a young needle, takes the Beauty of the Earth to the king; two years later, the brothers go to look for the youngest, Ora explains what happened, gives medicine (these are drops of Drangue's blood; these creatures fight with Kulschedra), the brothers revive (or rather awaken) the younger one; he accuses them that they stole the Beauty of the Earth; the insulted brothers curse him and leave; after 7 years, the youngest finds the kidnapped wife; she she was silent for 9 years; sitting on horses, they run away, N. followed them; they came to the same witch, but did not recognize her; she put the young man to sleep, gave the Beauty of the Earth to her seven sons; she gave them drink and stabbed them; received the Diva for her husband, but she realized the mistake, drove the horse on which Div sat, ran away herself; put on men's clothes, came to a country where there is no king, became king; hung her portrait by the road, ordered her to bring her to her everyone who looked at him; Diva came, then her husband, then Stroga, she told them all to be shackled; Diva beat them and let them go; Shtrige gave a choice of 2 knives or 2 horses; she chose horses, she was torn apart by horses; She hugged her husband and put her husband on the throne instead]: 66-83; Serbs: Mijatovies 1874 [(=Ashliman 2002; =Golenishchev-Kutuzov 1991:18-25); the tsar's apple tree blooms, bears fruit, but the fruits disappear; two sons guard, fall asleep; the youngest sees 8 peacocks coming down to peck apples, the ninth turns into a girl; gives the young man two apples; like this every night; envious older brothers send an old woman , she cuts off a lock of a peacock girl's hair; the peacocks fly away; the prince tells the old woman to be tied to the horse's tail; goes to look for a girl; in the castle, the old woman offers him her daughter; gives the servant the fur to blow over with the prince's ear; because of this, the prince falls asleep; the peacock wife cannot wake him up three times; the prince cuts off the servant's head, the hermit sends him to the dragon city, the prince finds his wife; she tells him not to unlock the twelfth room; there is a barrel in it, someone in it asks for a drink; the prince gives, the dragon flies out, takes the prince's wife; the prince saves a fish, a fox, a wolf on his way; finds and takes his wife, a dragon on his horse easily catches up with them, spares the prince, takes his wife away; she learns from the dragon that his horse's brother is a lousy foal; she gives the task of herding her mare with a foal for three nights; from this herd, a dragon horse ; the prince comes to the old woman, only one cola does not have a head yet; a fish, a fox, a wolf helps to find a mare with a foal that turned into fish, foxes, wolves; the prince chooses a black foal, takes it away wife; the dragon horse says that they cannot catch up with the prince, throws him off, the dragon crashes, the prince's wife sits on this horse]: 43-58; Karadzich 1856 in Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956 [childless woman asks a child even with a pepperseed; gives birth to a child-with-pepper boy (MP); the princess cries because the dragon steals golden apples; at the bottom of Lake MP throws parts of the sheep's carcass to the dragon, each time one of the apples is grabbed; cuts off the last piece from his leg, brings apples to the princess; becomes a slender handsome man, kills the dragon to whom the princess is given to be eaten, hides her tongues from 9 severed heads; the deceiver brings heads, MA - tongues, false groom falls through the ground, MA marries a princess]: 138-141; Serbs, Croats [(the motive "husband at his wife's wedding" in the Serbo-Croatian heroic epic)]: Putilov 1971:192-206; Bosnians [when they die, a father tells three sons to give their three sisters off as the first to come for them; the elders don't go to give sisters to strangers, the younger Mula-Mustafa gives; brothers they go looking for them; they spend the night by the lake, the first night their elder brother guards, a dragon crawls out of the lake, the young man cuts off his head, cuts off his ears, head and body into the lake; on the second night, the same middle man the brother is a two-headed dragon; in the third MM, he is three-headed; when he threw his body into the lake, a wave flooded with fire; MM sees fire in the distance, comes to the fire of giants; they will give fire if MM kills the Sultan in Istanbul; the giant takes MM to the Sultan's chambers, but MM kills the giant himself, takes the Sultan's ring, leaves; the awakened sultan tells you to find his savior, to arrange inns where to ask who come about their adventures; three brothers meet in such a yard, tell them what happened to them, get to know each other; the sultan gives his daughter to MM; after leaving, he tells them not to unlock the room where Atesch Perischa; MM unlocks, AP takes his wife (i.e. the sultan's daughter); MM goes in search; arrives at the tower, where the older sister is married to the king of ravens; the raven sends to middle sister, she is behind the king of dragons, he is behind the king of eagles to the youngest; the king of eagles summons eagles, only one old patient can take MM to the AP, but first she must swim in living water, she is between the rocks, opening once a year; MM feeds the eagle with rams, the eagle rejuvenates before the rocks slam shut; AP arrives on a three-legged horse; in his absence, MM negotiates with his wife to find out than AP's life; he says he's in a broom, in a pipe, in a mug; MM tells his wife to decorate them every time; AP admits that he is in a three-legged horse; who kills a mare that comes out of the lake once a year and takes her foal, he will defeat him; he did not kill the mare himself, but wounded the foal, so he is three-legged; MM killed, took the foal, his wife gave him cow milk, which became a powerful horse; MM killed AP, put his wife on a three-horse, returned with her to the Sultan]: Schütz 1960, No. 4:31-48.

Central Europe. Slovaks [the queen is childless; the old woman let her eat fish, not giving it to others; the cook tried it, the kitchen girl who heats the stove (or the dog) licked, all three gave birth boy; they were named Kinglet, Cooklet, Ashlet (or Doglet - Pesúčin, Pesučin; Slovak originals of no other names are given); P. is smarter than anyone else; the brothers grew up and went on a journey; in the morning P. throws the club, says that we will have breakfast where she fell; when he gets there, he throws it again - we will have lunch there; where he asked for the third time, we will spend the night there; there is an iron bridge; the brothers decide to guard one by one, but each watchman goes to bed by himself and every time only P. goes to the bridge; a three-headed dragon appears on horseback; the horse stumbles, the dragon says that if P. is here, he will kill him; but P. compartments dragon heads, told the brothers in the morning that everything was quiet; the next night at the silver bridge, the six-headed dragon (the same); at the golden bridge, P. asks the brothers not to sleep until midnight; if from those left by him the cuffs drip blood, we must come to the rescue; P. hardly cut down the heads of the 12-headed dragon, fell asleep exhausted; blood was shed from the cuffs, but the brothers did not come, they were ashamed in the morning; when he went on, P. remembered that he had forgotten his cuffs, returned to the hut; there were wives and mother of dragons; the elder's wife promises to become a pear tree (meadow), the middle one - a source with clean water, the youngest - the sun (bed); ate pears, drinking water in the sun will die; P. became a cat, the snake wives let him in, caressed him, he grabbed his cuffs and ran away; chopped the pear and spring, bleed; the brothers made him out of capes sun protection, but the heat is unbearable; P. cut his capes, bleed, the heat has subsided; the brothers separated, agreeing to meet in a year; P. stayed with the blacksmith; his wife is the same witch, the mother of wives dragons; hid his horse, told her to get her a girl with golden hair, a duck with 12 golden eggs, a golden goat; P. went in search; the old man teaches her to get to the city, take a drum hanging at the gate, beat he, to go to the royal palace, everything will be given to him; and so it happened; the blacksmith prepared a hole in the stable, but P. pushed him there; the witch ordered the servants to tear P. with hot mites, but he promised they had a golden goat and they tore up a witch; they met brothers with a beautiful woman and a golden duck; at night they decapitated him, the eldest took the girl, the middle duck; the horse took the reviving grass from the snake that carried her to revive his father; P. came when the eldest's wedding with the girl is being prepared; received her, the duck and the throne; the older brothers were made servants; var.: brothers meet beggars who need to throw money without looking; the elders looked and died; at home P. found only his mother alive]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 27:146-153; the Czechs [when leaving, the king and queen tell Janko's son to look after his three sisters; The Sun, the Wind, the Month come successively, ask sister Y. to marry, all three agree, leave the house; the king is pleased that his daughters have married kings; I go to visit them; the field is strewn with bones; the skull replies that everyone was defeated by the beautiful hero Ulyana; the same on another field; I. enters the castle, changes my sword to the one that hangs on the wall and jumps; W. wins, she offers to live with her; when leaving, he gives the keys, forbids entering room 13; I opened, where the fire dragon is chained to the wall with three hoops; says that he is thirsty and asks for wine from the last barrel; after each after a drunk jug, one hoop falls down; the dragon gives Y. life and takes W.; I. comes to the Sun, which does not know where W., refers to the Month; the Month to the Wind; he replies that the dragon makes W. wash clothes for steep boiling water; he, the Wind, is trying to cool the boiling water; I take W. away; the dragon's winged horse raises the alarm, but says that there is nowhere to hurry - we'll catch up; the dragon took W. and spared I., since he gave he has one life; the wind reports that the witch has a dragon horse's brother overseas, who is faster than him; the Sun, the Month and the Wind give Y. a peg (gold, silver, wooden) to call them for help ; The wind drove to the witch, who offers to herd three horses - her horse daughters turned into pigeons and flew away, but the Wind brought them back and ordered them to put on bridles; the next day they turned into ducks, Month I put my handkerchief into the lake, it dried up, I put on my bridles again; on the third day, the horses turned into pine trees, the Sun began to burn them, they had to become horses again; the Sun tells them to ask for a miserable oath as a reward; the witch tells me to milk the mares; the horse: call me before swimming in milk; the milk boiled, but the horse drew in the heat, I became even more beautiful; the witch also decided to become beautiful, but the horse also decided to be beautiful, but the skate released the heat and it cooked; I washed the skate, it became mighty, winged; I took W., the dragon follows, the horse Y. tells my brother to throw off the dragon, the dragon fell into the abyss; I brought my wife to my parents and received the throne from his father]: Nemtsova 1978:119-132; Poles: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 400 [], 422 (Spiš, Zdziar) [when visiting the castle, the king treats a smock (dragon) chained to the wall with wine; the monster tears up shackles and disappears, carrying the queen and warning that the king will find a wife if he fills the barrel with tears]: 126-126, 135; Shcherbakov 1980 [retelling Kozlova 2006:330; a golden life has grown on the shepherd's field; he He tells his three sons to guard him; when it is the youngest's turn, the bird carried away the sheaf; the young man behind her; the house in the forest, by the fire on that sheaf lies an old man; the young man invited him to be his son; the old man's blind wife agrees; the old man gives sheep to herd, does not tell them to be allowed into the dry pond - the rock spirit will take them away; gives a violin; the spirit drove the sheep; the young man gave him the violin to play, he broke the string; the young man promises to teach him to play, first he must straighten his fingers; the spirit put them in the split trunk; the young man let him go for promising not to touch the sheep; the spirit points to grass that will restore blind vision; the old men promise to get a girl for his adopted son; it is necessary ride a goat to the sea; three ducks will arrive, throw off their clothes, become girls; you have to hide the shirt you like; the guy succumbed to persuasion, gave his shirt, the duck flew away; a year later the old man sends the guy again; after bringing the girl home, the guy again took pity and returned his shirt; the third time was the last; the goat (this is the old man) is transported to another sea; the young man did not give his shirt, the old man gave the maiden a cape; The young man, his wife and newborn daughter went to visit his real father; having a golden life, the shepherd became a prince; at a feast, the daughter-in-law asks his father-in-law to get her best outfit - her husband hides it in a chest; became a duck and flew away with her duckling daughter; that old man gives the young man ointment to become a hare, fish, fly; the young man reached the top of the glass mountain; overheard that his wife was grieving without him, and became again man; his wife's parents handed him the throne; he sent for his real father and that old man, made them ministers]: 115-125; Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Tula, Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, Ryazan, Tambov), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Transcarpathia, Galicia, Hutsulshchina, Ivano-Frankivsk, Podolia, Volyn, Chernigov, Kiev, Yekaterinoslavskaya, Kharkiv), Belarusians: SUS, No. 301A, B [Three underground kingdoms: heroes go to look for the disappeared princess; they cook lunch one by one; an old man with a fingernail maims the strongman's brothers or companions, but is defeated in the fight with him; he, in the footsteps of the old man, descends underground or (less often) climbs the mountain, frees three princesses and, despite betrayal brothers (companions) who did not want to get him back, returns upstairs (on a giant bird); comes to the wedding of the princess and imaginary savior, marries the princess], 301D=AA 301C [The soldier finds the disappeared princess: his companions leave him on the island or on the overseas coast, but he returns on the wedding day of the princess and the ship's captain or general; marries the princess]: 106, 107; Russians ( Pskov) [the tsar lodged his daughter in the castle without entrance or exit, only one window to the sea; the daughter was stolen; the soldier Protupey the Warrant Officer promised to find; the tsar gave two others as assistants; they arrived in a boat to the island, there was a house, they take turns cooking; Nemal the man came, asked for food, the cook refused, N. hit the cook, ate everything; the brothers returned from hunting, decided that the cook was dead; the same with the second; when it was PP's turn, he kindly invites N. to eat; N. creates food and drinks, PP does not drink, pours under the table; N. is intoxicated; {apparently PP killed him}; PP found the princess, she gave the ring; the companions took the princess, sailed away; PP ate the flower - across the sea road; ate another - waves again; ate the third - the road again; PP came to the wedding, the impostor was decapitated]: Ploshchuk 2004, No. 22:89-91; Russians [when leaving, Dobrynya sets a sentence for his wife (3, 6, 9 years), after which she can remarry; Alyosha Popovich reports that D. died; his wife did not believe it, she waited for D. beyond the agreed years; having received news of his wife's wedding, D. quickly returns to Kiev; his mother is the first to recognize him; disguised as a buffoon, D. sings at a feast about what happened; his wife happily recognizes him; D. puts up with A.]: Miller 1891:4-5; Russians (Vologodskaya; from Afanasyev's collection, c . 84) [nannies cannot calm the newborn Ivan Tsarevich; the tsar himself shakes, promises to marry him Beloved Beauty - three mothers a daughter, three grandmothers a granddaughter, nine brothers to his sister; so three times; on on the ninth day after birth, the prince gets up and goes for the promised NC; old man: your father has 30 horses; they led the grooms to drink them into the sea; which horse will move forward, raise the waves at sea, take it; the chosen horse tells me to lie down, he shoves; shoved twice, did not the third time - such strength that he would not hold the earth; I. comes to the old woman, she sends her to her older sister, the eldest to the oldest; she summoned fish and reptiles, then animals and birds; only the Mogol bird knows where NG lives; ready to carry it, but needs a supply of meat and water; there was not enough meat, I. cut off a piece from the calves of both legs; when she reached, M. regurgitated and stuck back; I. spent the night with his grandmother's backyard; she hardly woke him up, he got up, beat the heroes who came to marry NK; so three times; I. took NK to his kingdom; when he fell asleep for 9 days, Koschey The Immortal took NK; I. came when he was not, taught NK to find out from Koshchei what his death was; he replies that in a broom; in an oak tree; NK gilded a broom; tyn; Koschey admitted that in the egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a cocoir (the bottom of a conifer with roots), a coconut swims in the sea; on the way, I. did not kill a hawk, a bear, a pike; the sea threw the cocoon ashore, the bear broke it, the hawk caught up with the duck, the pike picked up an egg; I. put the egg from hand to hand, and then crumpled, Koschey died; wedding; and I was here, drinking honey wine, flowing down my mustache, not in my mouth]: Burtsev 1895, No. 41:177-195; Russians: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 130 [the queen was taken away by an evil spirit; the eldest, middle son went to search, disappeared; the youngest sees 33 spoonbills fly to the sea, become girls, began to swim; Ivan hid the most beautiful sashes; returns when she tells him that his mother lives with her father Raven Voronovich; goes after the bird, meets brothers, they let him down into the underworld; there are three spoonbill girls; the princess of the copper kingdom gives a ball, it leads to the princess of silver, she gives another, to the princess of the golden kingdom, she to the pearl, where her mother and father live; ordered to replace barrels of living and dead water; from Raven Voronovich Ivan receives a feather road; kingdoms roll into a ball, roll after him; the brothers pull out the princesses and their mother, cut off the rope, pulling Ivan out; a feather road helps him return to earth; there his father is going to marry the princess of the golden kingdom; she demands that her shoes be sewn without a measure; Ivan has dissolved the golden kingdom, took her shoes from there; the same is a dress without a measure; the princess tells Ivan to be cooked in milk, he comes out handsome; father rushes into the cauldron, cooked; Ivan reigns]: 239-243; Russians (Ural Region, Tyumen District, Tavdinsky District, d. Letnaya) [Two tsars, one is Tsar Tsarevich Tsysar (Ts.), the second is Tsar Pavel of Chernoy (PE). The three-headed serpent takes Princess Elena the Beautiful (EP) to the underworld, locks her behind 12 doors and 12 locks, and the heroes go in search. C. turns to the sorceress: let her determine which of them will not reach the king's daughter. The sorceress gives an apple, tells me to cut it into more or less when talking to an emergency about the princess. If he takes the big one, you won't see her EP. The state of emergency takes a larger part, goes to his kingdom, C. goes to the EP. He comes to a certain area, breaks through a cast-iron door with a club, the horse senses the rider on his own, and also breaks through two, then three doors. This is how they break through 12 doors together. The horse puts C.'s head on his right shoulder, says in a human voice: "I will be, C., your servant." T. walks into the house, where 12 people are playing cards downstairs, rushing at him, killing them, cutting off their tongues, throwing them on the floor. He goes to the second floor, where 12 people play pawns, rush at him, he kills them, cuts off their tongues. The EP is sitting on the third floor, with a three-headed snake sleeping on her lap. The EP advises going to great heroic fields, where the snake has two barrels of wine. They should be rearranged. This wine is strong and not strong. The prince changes their places, returns to the Ep., and the snake begins to wake them up. He hits him in the side with a ten-pound club - he shudders, does not wake up, hits him a second time - the snake says through his sleep that he is being bitten by bugs, hits him a third time - the snake wakes up, raises its eyebrows at seven weights, looking at what kind of person he is. C. replies that he came to fight, the serpent is angry. They go out to fight in the field. The serpent hits first, drives C. into the ground ankles. C. knocks down the snake's head. The snake wraps around his neck with a magic ring, his head grows, drives C. knee-deep. He knocks down two heads, the Serpent circles him with a ring, grows back, offers a cup of drink. C. pours himself strong, the snake - mild wine, they drink, the snake hits a small child with force, C. blows off all three heads. The EP picks her up, takes her on horseback to the white light. She puts up a tent, falls asleep in a heroic dream, putting her head on her knees. The Tsar of Emergency cuts off his head with a sword. The EP seals his body in a box, puts a box of gold, a magic ring in it, and lets him into the sea. She agrees to leave with an emergency if he does not marry her for three years. He signs a promise. In the third year, fishermen pull out a box with the body, and their elder learns from a letter how to revive a victim with a ring, putting his head and circling him around the neck. T.: "Ugh, I slept for a long time!" The senior fisherman gives him a certificate describing how the emergency killed him. Ts says goodbye, hurries to reach the realm of emergency in the last days before the wedding. Drinks a potion, becomes an old man. The cook interferes with the beer in the tub. C. asks to give the beggar a drink. The cook refuses because this will not leave the king with beer for the wedding. C. strangles the cook, throws him into the vat so that the king can drink thicker beer. He enters the royal court, the horse hears him, worries, breaks the stable. No one can calm a horse. The beggar is summoned and given a key to the stable. Once there, he drinks a rejuvenating potion, makes C. The horse calms down, puts his head on his shoulder. He comes out of the stable again as an old man and is being rewarded. The EP has already forgotten about it. Travelers are coming. The old man is told that the wedding is at the table, brought the last food, and will soon leave the table. The old man drinks a rejuvenating potion, Ts., EP rushes around his neck, the state of emergency sits crazy, the prince shoots him]: Onchukov 2000, No. 10, P. 64-67; Russians (Tomsk, Biychsky y.) [The tsar has a little son, Neugomon Tsarevich, he is lulled in his cradle, saying that when he grows up, Rusuya Rusu, thirty brothers and sister, will marry him. She grows up, goes looking for her, comes to her palace. She knows that she is her betrothed, treats her and shows her wealth: the first closet contains silver, the second is gold, the third has precious stones, fruit trees grow in the garden, and birds of paradise sing. She flies away for thirty days to ask her brothers for permission to marry, and leaves the prince with the keys, except for one pantry covered with cow manure. Out of curiosity, the prince opens the pantry, where the gray-haired old man boils in resin, each vein is locked with a lock, the key is on the window. He says he doesn't know what he's suffering for and asks him to open at least one vein. N. took pity, the old man turned into Koshchei the Immortal and flew away. The mirror that the PP left is getting darker, which means that it is in trouble. The brothers who arrived explain that Koschey took her away. N. goes looking, comes to Koshchei, picks up the RR and drives him back. At this time, Koschey is walking in the field, asking his horse if everything is alive and well at home. Horse: It's all right, only N. took RR away. Koschey goes home, demands: "Seven children! Bring me seven pitchforks, raise my heavy eyebrows. I'll see how far the Rebellion Tsarevich is going." The children raise their eyebrows with a pitchfork, Koschey looks, announces that there is nothing to hurry, they must plow arable land, sow bread, reap, threshing, grind flour, bake bread, then he will go. After what has been done, Koschey goes, catches up with N., takes away the PP and does not order him to steal it anymore, otherwise he will severely punish her. N. takes RR away for the second time. The horse reports this to Koshchei. Koschey goes home, demands: "Seven children! Bring me seven pitchforks, raise my heavy eyebrows. I'll see if N is going far." The children raise their eyebrows with a pitchfork, Koschey looks, announces that they need to grind flour, bake bread, and then he will go. He catches up with N., whips him, does not tell him to return, otherwise he pulls one leg and tears him apart. N. takes RR away for the third time. The horse reports this to Koshchei. Koschey returns home, everything repeats itself, this time Koschey tears N. apart, throws, RR takes him away. The RR brothers see that the necklace left by N. has turned black, and one of them goes to look for it. A crow ran over the body. He catches a crow, asks a crow to let him go, he tells it to bring alive and dead water, and ties bubbles to its wings so that it can collect from the dead sea and the living sea. Dead water makes the body grow together, N. gets up alive and says that he slept for a long time, but soon got up. The brothers persuade him not to save the RR, he does not agree, they teach him to go to the hero's widow, get her horses for three days, and get the worst foal. On the way, the Restless Prince stings the gadfly, asks him not to kill him, let him drink, then he will come in handy. N. wants to kill the wolf, catches pike, but releases them in exchange for a promise to come in handy. The widow has chained heroes who used to herd horses. She sends N. to watch 33 mares, who lie quietly in the field. N. falls asleep. When he wakes up, there are no mares. Gadflies, led by the one N. released, bring mares. He gives them back to her widow: her three daughters and 30 black girls. She scolds her daughters for not being able to escape, executes her eldest. The next day, N. falls asleep again, but wolves, led by the one he decided not to kill, bring mares, and the widow executes her middle daughter for this. On the third day, N. falls asleep, the mares disappear, but the pike causes a flood, horses float up and can only go ashore where N. The widow executes her third daughter, allows N. to choose from good stallions, he asks for a lousy foal, carries him on his shoulders, this is the elder brother of Koshcheev's horse. The foal asks him to let him go to his mother for a drink of milk to become stronger, and when he returns, throw his hat at him to stop him. The first time N. hits the neck with a hat, the second time the horse can walk by himself when he returns, N. hits his hat in the side, the third time he can already ride a horse, he rode from his mother, raising dust. N. takes N. to a cauldron with strong water, N. drinks, feels that there is no stronger hero, at the behest of the horse he drinks more, feels that he can pull the earth and sky into one place. The horse tells me to drink half more, N. says that he has lost half his strength, the horse says it's good, otherwise the earth would not wear it. The horse runs to the hero's widow, deceives her, saying that N. could not ride it, fell and died. She asks him to wear her husband's armor so that he can run in them, otherwise he will become a thin foal again, returns with them to N., who puts on armor and goes to Koshchei. On the advice of the horse, he sets a fire in the field, comes to Kashchei's house, takes the RR away. Koschey returns from the field, discovers the loss, and goes in pursuit. When N. comes to the fire, the horse rises high above it. Koschey makes his horse stand up. He says he can't get so high because his older brother is under N. Koschei tells him to get up, at this time N. attacks him, his horse also hits the rider with his hoof, Koschey falls right into the fire, burns]: Potanin 1902, No. 55:111-114; Belarusians (western in Bryansk Gubernia) [The mink beast destroys cattle; only the king's youngest third son goes to guard, fights the beast, which goes underground; brothers on a rope bring the prince down; there a horse is waiting for him; he comes to the princesses in copper, silver, gold (younger) palaces, they teach their brother Norka to cut off his head; he sleeps on a stone in the middle of the sea, the prince kills him; the sisters place their palaces in three eggs, give it to the prince; brothers they raise their sisters, cut off the rope; the prince suspected this, tied a stone to it, did not break; during a storm, he covers the chicks of a mighty bird from the rain; their mother takes it to the ground, on the way he feeds the bird ; is hired by a tailor; he says that the princesses agree to marry only the one who sews the dress they used in their kingdoms; the prince pulls everything out of the eggs; the youngest identifies him among the beggars by the ring; three weddings]: Afanasiev 1938 (1), No. 132:247-251; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Tyachiv district, p. Dulova) [The tsar has three sons and a daughter, the eldest sons study well, the youngest Ivan Farmudz is stupid, Pepelyanik. The brothers decide to find out why their father has one eye crying and the other laughing. The oldest one comes first. The king reads, there is a saber on the table, he swings at his son, he runs away, the king throws his sword after him, and she pierces the door. It's the same with the middle son. When the IF enters, the king swings, and the IF puts his head on the table: the king has the right to kill him. The king reports that he was sold to an unclean man in his mother's womb. When he dies, the devils will smash his bones across seven powers, so one eye cries. But he hopes his sons will protect him, so the second one laughs. He tells you to cook 7 fathoms of firewood, dig a grave in 7 fathoms deep, sons spend the night near the grave and burn a fire, sabers in their hands, three snakes will arrive at night: at 9 o'clock - three-headed, at 10 - 6- head, at midnight - chapter 12. If someone comes for a sister, give it back. The king is dead, the brothers spend the night at the grave. The elders fall asleep. IF kills a 3-headed snake, blood almost flooded the sleepers. The IF puts logs under the heads of sleepy brothers. Kills the 6-headed, the blood almost flooded the sleepers, the IF seats sleepy brothers. A 12-headed serpent arrives. Ivan cuts 6 goals, then 6 more, but one always comes back to the place. The IF pierces the snake's neck and presses it to the ground, the blood cools down, the head cannot grow. Blood flows like a river, and IF puts the sleepy brothers standing still. The fire went out, the IF climbs the ash tree, the light is in the distance, the IF is walking, the forest is on the way, two women ask to judge who is older. It's Night and Day. The IF ties them to poles at a distance, tells them to remain silent until they return, otherwise they will cut off their heads. It comes to a fire of 300 fathoms of firewood, robbers (sprays) sleep around. The IF cuts off the stick, splits the end and pulls out the smut in a split, but the coal falls on the senior robber. The IF runs away with fire. The robbers wake up, the younger and middle do not see anything, the eldest gets up, his head rises above the trees, he sees the IF, steps several times, catches up with the IF, puts it in the palm of his hand, brings him to the fire, calls it an ant, promises to kill for stealing smut. IF calls himself the best thief in the world. The robber demands help to steal the king's daughter. The sun never shone on her, the wind never blew on her forehead, golden hair on her head, her beauty is indescribable. The robbers have not been able to steal it for three years: there is a golden rooster at the royal gate and as soon as they approach, he starts singing and the army shoots. The IF crawls up, kills a rooster, finds the room where the girl sleeps, calls the robbers one by one, cuts everyone's head, changes rings with the sleeping princess, leaves a note: IF hacked three snakes, Night and He tied the day to trees, shot a rooster, cut off the heads of the robbers, and exchanged rings with the princess. Night and Day are asked to let them go: it has been dark for 7 days. The IF judges this way: in summer it should be a long day (a lot of work, the harvest must ripen), and in winter it should be short. Night and day sign an eternal contract. The IF returns, cuts the frozen blood of snakes, the brothers who wake up fainting with fear. The Interfax rules the state. At midnight, musicians come and demand to give what their father ordered, otherwise they will leave no stone unturned. The IF throws their sister out the window. The musicians are playing, the wind is blowing - a train of 100 carriages flies across forests and seas. The neighboring king promised a daughter to whoever would kill the thieves. A gypsy servant finds the bodies and pretends to be their murderer. Preparing a wedding. The IF is late, the gypsy demands not to let him in, but the king lets him in. The Interfax ridicules the groom, expects execution for insulting the future royal son-in-law. At the gallows, she tells me what he did and where he put the letter, shows the princess's ring. The people rejoice, the army and servants disperse the gypsies. After the wedding, IF goes to his brothers, the king lets him go, but forbids him to take his wife with him, who was not shining in the sun or blowing the wind: she will be kidnapped by the wind. The IF does not listen, the whirlwind takes the princess away. The queen gives three years to find her daughter, otherwise she executes her. The IF wanders, there is a hole in the trunk of the oak tree: "This is where the wedding with Farmudz Mariika came in." The IF comes to a small hut like a box. There, his brother-in-law tells his wife to cook: her brother starves to death. He puts the IF to bed, asks the horse where the IF's wife is. Horse: In the seventieth country, the Filthy King stands for a cook. Pogany also has a horse, his older brother, he is stronger, he will catch up, the poganin king will cut Ivan to pieces. You have to put a bag on the horse so that the horse will then bring the chopped one. The brother-in-law equips the IF on the road, the horse brings him to the realm of Poganin. Ivanova's wife is just on her way to the well with the buckets, singing plaintively. The IF puts her on a horse. At the same moment, Filthy's horse laughs. Poganin grabs an iron pitchfork, rushes into the staff, finds out that the IF stole his cook, but he has time. He snaps his teeth and eats two wagons of nuts, smokes two wagons of tobacco, sleeps for two hours, takes a sword, sits on a horse and starts after him. IF Horse: It burns the fire because the Filthy King is catching up. Let the IF ask Poganin to cut him with a sword, throw him in a bag and put him on his horse. This is what happens. Poganin picks up the cook. The brother-in-law tells his wife to bring a trough from the attic in advance, folds the pieces of the IF body, pours it with healing water, and everything grows together. The brother-in-law has two souls, he blows on his body, releases one of them, the soul enters the IF, and he comes to life. His brother-in-law explains that he won't be able to revive him again. His mother, who is the oldest over half the world, could help, knows a lot, but she can eat it when she sees it. The IF has been going to her for six months. Baba feels it from a distance, roars: she has been living in this place for 10,000 years, but has not seen an earthly person, she has not eaten fresh human beings for 3000 years. The IF calls her a sweet mother, a dear matchmaker, and says that her son sent him. Baba wants to see it but promises to eat it. He takes two iron poles, 10 m each, supports his eyelids, otherwise they cannot hold on. The IF talks about everything, the woman feels sorry for him. He sends him to his husband, but there is little hope that he will regret it, he is even angrier, he is 6 months away. He feeds him with tin dumplings, he does not feel hungry during the journey. My grandfather senses it from an even greater distance, 15,000 years, has not seen a person, he has not eaten human beings for 5,000 years. The Interfax calls him a sweet father, a dear matchmaker, says that he has been pardoned and sent by his wife as the oldest in the world. Grandfather: I ate millions of people, but I have never met such an affectionate and kind person. She wants to watch and then eat it. It supports the eyelids with iron poles 20 m long. He regretted, feeds the IF with steel dumplings. It gives two twigs that grow out of the ground. There is a basement under the house, there are two horses, one must be hit with one twig and the other with another, he gives these horses because he is old, the horses must be obeyed, they will do everything. The IF goes down into the dungeon, sees wooden tremblers on four legs, hits them with a twig - the tremblers turn into a stallion and a mare. The horse is happy, asks you to take him out of the basement, take a wooden ax, cut three thousand fathoms of firewood, and light a fire. A wooden ax cuts trees into ready-made logs. Horses eat fire, eat ashes 100 meters deep, drink all the water, drink the lake three times: now they are invincible. The horse tells you to take diamond clothes out of his left ear, and a saddle with a bridle for a woman from his right ear. The horse asks how to carry it, IF: so that neither he nor the horse is harmed. The horse is happy to have waited for a good king. Pogany's horse is his son. They arrive at the well, the IF dresses his wife in diamond clothes, puts him on a mare, and rises above the sky. The horse in the filthy king's stine laughs. They're flying in pursuit, there's no time to wait. Pogany's horse calls his father and mother, asks him to wait for him, otherwise he will be tortured by the scum. They advise you to fly into the sky, throw off the pollution. Poganin is still falling, and if he fell, it would rumble with all the thunder and the earth would crumble. The horse rushes after his parents, flies with them. The light is all over the sky, people think the whole world is on fire. The old tsar cries with joy, IF invites brothers to a feast]: Lintur, Chandey 1965:9-29; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia; p. Zbui of the Zemplin Committee of Hungary) [the emperor has no children, he walks to sorcerers; one replies that the queen spat in the water, swallowed saliva by fish, brought offspring, and the queen has no children; it is necessary catch this fish in the lake under a stone slab and cook it, but so that no one else tries it; the maid tries the fish, the queen eats the fish, throws the bones to the dog; the maid, queen and dog get pregnant and through nine months give birth to a boy; the emperor is frightened; the advisers order to hire nurses; the boys have grown up and went to school; the son of the female Yanko has learned all the sciences and languages; the king is happy; I learn from books that Once there was a sun, a month and stars, but now there is nothing, the earth is covered in darkness; asks his father, the king says that three shufflers (dragons) have arrived; a 24-headed sun grabbed a sun with 12 heads - the month that had was a star; three royal sons saddle horses, went to look for the sun, the month and the star; the father told them that his brother, i.e. their uncle, studied to be a blacksmith in the Shedzmerice Region; the hell brought a letter: brother serves as a blacksmith for these three shufflers and their paternal uncle Laccibrade, who is elbow tall but has a long beard; the sons must go to Schedzmeritz, where their uncle is; there he is 100 meters Iron gates up, 24 comrades blacksmiths and 24 students; taking a letter to their uncle, the blacksmith, the brothers come to the Shedzmerice region, knock, the gate rings, the uncle leaves; making sure that their nephews are welcome accepts; knows where the lights are, because he is the blacksmith of kidnappers, whom he calls devils; one has a house made of gold, the other has silver, the third has copper; they are 24, 12, 6 miles away, respectively; their girlfriends - 48, 24, 12 miles away; at noon everyone leaves before midnight to see a friend - then you have to come; the princes will come to the copper house and the copper gate, where the weakest (with a star); he has a bridge from him to his home friends; his horse does not walk on the ground, only across the bridge; you have to take out one board in the evening to make a hole; I must sit under the bridge and listen to the shuffling go home; the shuffling sits on the horse the ground is shaking; his horse comes across the bridge to the hole, gets scared, rushes back; the shuffling calms down: there is no horse like him and no good man like him; only his mother-in-law Gynjibaba said she saw Suchiy Yanko, but if he met now, the shuffler would cut him to pieces; I.: I'll cut you down, blows all your heads off, sits on the shuffler's horse, takes his sword and star, throws a star into the sky, she rises to his seat, becomes lighter; the brothers go to the 12-headed shuffling; Y. breaks two silver plaques from the silver bridge; the shuffle promises to chop Suchiy Yanko, mentioned by G. throw meat away to magpies and crows; I blow 6 heads, then 6 more; each one cuts off the end of her tongue, hides it in her pocket, lets go of a month; tells my brother from the maid that he will have a 6-headed horse, brother from the queen - 12-headed, he himself will take the 24-headed shuffler's horse; invites the brothers to take the sun, they are afraid; leaves them the spoon given by the uncle for the matitsa: if it has blood, hurry to help; pulls it out bridges 4 gold plaques; the shuffler promises to chop the son of the dog mentioned by his mother-in-law, throw it away to magpies and crows; I.: I will do it with you; they fight for 24 hours; both ask crows for help, but I promise the more. meat; the shuffling breathes fire, the crows stuff weeds into his mouth, take away the sun, it rises to the sky; the shuffling throws fire even more, the crows in their beaks carry water, pour on I., others grab the shuffling legs, he fell, I killed him, cut off the tip of his tongue from each head; there is blood on a spoon behind the matitsa, the brothers take their horses out to flee; when I appear, they say that they were going to help him, he accuses him they lie, share horses; on the way home, their mother-in-law's hut of shufflers drive home; her daughters met there; I became a cat, climbed through the chimney, the youngest daughter, whose lover had 6 heads, recognizes Me by my eyes, the other two confirm; Gynjibaba: I would know if I saw it; the youngest looks up one century to her mother; G. sees Y., tells his daughters to put him in fur; they think that they did it and burned the fur from which, But I am a sorcerer and escaped; a mother tells one daughter to become a red handkerchief and lie on the road, strangle his two brothers and horses; the other with a silver pear, the fruits of which brothers and horses will choke; the third should become a meadow with silk grass and a well in the middle, people and horses will die from its water; I cut the handkerchief crosswise with a sword, it pours blood knee-deep to horses; the same with a pear, with a well; royal The brother, the chief blacksmith, orders the Iron Gate to be opened because her nephews will run away from G.; she chases with her mouth open, the young men rush to the uncle's yard, his students and comrades close the gate and G.'s eyelids are supported; G. demands to show her Y.; he tells the audience to take up one leaf, and he lets G.'s head into the yard and lock the gate with a key; G. is amazed that some worthless killed six (her daughters and shufflers); Y. replies that he will not let her go; let her become a horse that runs around the light in an hour, better than the Sharkani ones; G.: you can't wait; I ask my uncle for workers with with hammers; they hit G. on the head, she asks for mercy, but does not agree to be a mare; I tell you to hit harder; G. swears to serve faithfully; iron stirrups and a saddle are forged for her; I sit on horseback, take it in my hand a strand of flax lights him, linen does not have time to burn while the mare runs around the world; his uncle praises him, gives him a letter to his father and punishes him not to react, no matter what wonderful things he sees on the way; the brothers go home towards the ditch is old Laccibrad on a hare, followed by his casing and beard; he says that I am not a man; I dismount, L. is in the saddle and flies away on a horse; I tell my brothers to notify father that the sun, the month and the star are already in the sky, and he will go for the horse, which was made in his uncle's forge out of sharkanikha; he returns to his uncle, he reproaches him for his disobedience, tells him to take a hammer and go to the plain, where L. herds a mare and sleeps on iron saddles and stirrups; he must crush his head, take a mare; when he finds L., Y. decides that he is so small that he is not dangerous, grabs the mare, shouts at L.; he wakes up, hits Y. with stirrups and a saddle; I beg for mercy, L.: his sister will no longer wear I., for although Y. beat her, L. himself beat him, so we should honestly leave; I leave; my uncle sends him back; L. agrees to give the mare if Y. brings him a princess from the other side of the world; uncle: it's in the seventh land, it's easy to get there, any novelty you see must be taken with you, the royal daughter will be given for him ; on the way, Y. sees, takes with him hungry (he gets bread on carts), drank (drinks the river, but can't get drunk), cold (he can't warm up near the fire in 12 fur coats and 12 covers), throwing a hammer at the end of the world; crossing the whole world in two steps; having a huge eye and seeing everything; the king receives them, offers to eat a thousand oxen and bread out of three thousand measures of flour in one supper, drink a thousand barrels of wine and a thousand vodka; Y.'s companions eat and drink everything; the king puts him to bed in an iron house, sends blacksmiths to bring bags of coal, kindles a fire; the freezing one takes off one fur coat and one casing, the coals go out, everyone goes to bed; the craftsmen bring more fire; the freezing one sheds two coats and two covers, the coals go out, the craftsmen freeze to death; the king orders in three hours go to the end of the world and take leather and gold to the craftsman to cast a ring and sew shoes; companion Y. steps once and finds himself with the master; on the way back he enters the city, where Sister G. lets he sleeps, puts his horse head as a pillow, takes his ring and shoes; half an hour before the deadline; the seer sees the sleeper and sister G.; another companion throws a hammer, knocking his horse's head out from under the runner's heads; he catches up with sister G. in one step, takes away his ring and shoes, and the other steps he finds himself at the wedding; I. and the princess are married, given the wagon and the army to accompany him to the border; L. pretends to be married stuck in the swamp, Y. tries to help, L. pulls him knee-deep into the swamp, runs on his horse with his wife; I. rides a Sharkan horse to the Shedzmericki region to visit his uncle; uncle: go to the oak grove, where there is a hollow, through it you will get to a city 7 miles deep into the earth, in the city a three-story house on a duck leg is L.'s home; Y. finds a house, hides by a well, meets his wife: let him know where L. has power; L. to his wife: he is called to war, whoever he helps will win; in response to his wife's persuasion, he explains that a wooden deer drinks water near the well, a chamois in it, a hare in the chamois, a duck in a hare, two eggs in the duck; if you break one, he will lose half his strength and both will die; if you take a golden apple on a gold cord and put it in your pocket, you can take the house with you; L. goes to the seventh land for a month to war; I cut animals with a sword, breaks one egg; L. flies home on a mare - he is still stronger than I.; I break the second egg, L. falls, I kill him; turns the house into an apple, takes his wife home, stops by my uncle on the way, he advises him to return to his homeland and secretly build the house; his father's servants discover an unknown house; the princes are guarding a possible enemy, warmly greeting his brother, he says that he has obtained a mare and married a tsar's daughter from the seventh land]: Gnatyuk 1898, No. 8, pp. 39-54; Ukrainians [(reported by A. Maksimovich, probably translated from Ukrainian to Russian); the beggar tells the childless tsar to strain seven-year-old girls, seven-year-old boys weave out a seine overnight, they catch bream in the sea; the queen ate, cook she ate the bones, the dog ate giblets, three horses drank slop; the queen, the cook, the dog gave birth to a boy (Ivan Tsarenko, Ivan Povarenko, Ivan Suchenko), horses - to a foal; three brothers saddled them, let's go on a journey; the IS arrow flew the farthest, to the kingdom of far away, he was recognized as the elder; the brothers take turns coming to Bely Polyanin, he connects the elders, IS defeats him, the BP is taken sister; everyone takes turns cooking dinner; every time a grandfather arrives in a mortar, eats up, beats the cook, takes off his skin from his back; IS hits him, clamps his beard into a stump, he goes into a hole in the ground, dragging a stump; IS on his belt follows, consistently meets three princesses, kills the three snakes who kidnapped them; before a fight with the third, 12-headed, replaces his club with his club; the princesses curtail their wealth in golden, silver, copper eggs, give IS; when brothers raise princesses upstairs; when IS, BP cuts off the rope; IS comes to his grandfather, drinks strong water, that is weak; asks not to kill him, gives him a chair and the wool of three horses; IS sets fire to the wool, the horses are, the red IS returns to earth; is hired by a jeweler, who brings the princesses to the wedding by a ring, everyone recognizes their own, given IP; IS fits into the left the horse's ear, gets out of the right well done, removes the roof from the house (this was the task), raises the PSU, throws it, he breaks to death; three brothers married the princesses]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 139:292-298; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [Ivan worked, earned a calf, she brought a calf, I. began to suck milk himself, was nicknamed Cow Son; he goes to wander, wins, takes Razotrikamen as his companions, Debriloma; they hunt, cook one by one; a grandfather with a fingernail, a two-meter beard asks for food, puts hot meat on the cook's stomach, cuts the belt out of his back; I. pinches his grandfather's beard in beech wood; he leaves, dragging a tree; his companions lower I. into the well, he kills his grandfather, sends three captured princesses upstairs; the companions want their youngest, cut off the rope (I. suspects this, ties it instead of himself stone); I. covers three snakes on a tree from the fiery rain; the grateful Serpent agrees to take it to the ground; in flight, I. feeds him, cuts him off the last piece from his leg, the Serpent applies it back; I. is hired by a tailor, works with a magic needle, scissors, etc., received from princesses; princesses bring an order for grooms, recognize I., invite them to a wedding; I. cuts off the heads of traitors, marries a younger princess]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:181-188; Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia) [a son under 16 sucks his mother's breast, becomes a hero, pulls out and drags a beech tree alone, leaves wander; meets, companions 1) Pulling oaks, 2) Month-old iron; they are given jobs, but they have so much strength that they break everything; they take turns cooking in the forest, hell comes, everything eats, hits the cook; Messiiron asks the devil to help split the log, knocks out the wedge, the devil's hands are clamped; M. hits him, forcing him to say where the three kidnapped princesses are; hell runs into the hole, Vyrvibuk, Vyrvidub afraid, M. comes down, hell says princesses have 6-, 9-, 12-headed dragons; the 6-headed smells a man, the younger princess says her brother has come; they fight, M. drives the dragon into the ground, cuts off their heads, cuts off their tongues; this is how he frees all the princesses, Vyrvibuk and Vyrvidub pull them out, throw them away from the fiery rain, their mother takes them to the ground; to feed her, he cuts off the meat from his leg, on the ground she puts it back; the king gives her daughters, M. shows the dragon tongues, the rings donated by the princesses, takes the eldest]: Giryak 1978:215-237.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Nogais: Kapaev 2012 [when he died, Biy told his sons not to go south; the eldest went with his men, they found an empty house where food and drink stayed overnight, everyone was killed; the same with middle brother; younger Kenzhebay did not fall asleep, hid in the yard in a barrel; a rider on a six-legged horse arrived, killed everyone; considered that there were 41 horses and 40 dead, but did not find K. and left; K. followed the trail; came to the old woman Elmauyz, she has nose to door, she swallowed and regurgitated K., now he is her son; her real son does not know where the six-legged horse has rode; her sister has the same (old women's sons fly in and they are called karakus, but then they are not birds, but people); another sister's son explains that this is a rider Altynshash (gold-haired); you need to dig into her house, tie her hair, beat her with a kamcha until she agrees give the horse and wealth; A. agreed and invited K. to become his wife; they live well; A. dropped a curl of her golden hair into the river; the fisherman found it, the khan sent old woman Azazil to find the owner; K. greeted her; she persuaded A. to find out where K.'s soul was; he replied that A. cut the bowstring in the bow, but K. replaced it; then K. admitted that his soul was in a gold box braided in a forelock on his head; the old woman quietly untwisted her forelock, threw away the box, K. died; the old woman brought A. khan; Elmauyz looked at the spindle, blood was flowing from it; the son of the first elmauyz rules the animals, the second birds, the third fish ; one pike complained of pain; it turned out that she swallowed the box, it was removed, K. came to life; he came to Khan's country, threw the ring into the jug of the maid who came to the spring; A. recognized him, K. took it away from weddings with khan on a six-legged horse]: 53-64; Nogai 1979, No. 10 [father sends sons to guard a thief stealing golden apples; older, middle brother falls asleep, younger grabs a goldbird feather; elder, the middle brother goes to look for her, disappears; the younger one comes to the fork, "you will die on the right road, the horse on the left road"; walks on the left; the wolf eats the horse; the young man is lucky; tells you to take the bird without a cage; he takes a cage, raises the alarm; the king promises to give the bird for a horse with a golden mane; the wolf tells not to take a bridle; the young man takes, the king promises to give the horse for a gold-haired girl; the young man kills Azdaa with with one, two, etc. (up to seven) heads; the wolf pretends to be a girl, a horse, a young man returns with a girl, a horse, a bird; he meets brothers; they throw him into a hole; the seven-headed serpent gives water in exchange for a girl; a young man kills a snake; the king puts the young man on an eagle, food and water for seven days; it is not enough; the young man cuts meat off his hips, gives his eyes instead of water; on earth the eagle returns everything; in appearance a beggar young man comes to the wedding of a gold-haired and older brother; shows a firebird feather; brothers were torn by horses]: 34-45; Kalmyks: Basangova 2002 [fearing 15-headed Musa, people migrated, left the child in an iron cradle and a foal; the child became hero Aman Tsagan, the foal became Kones Ashin Alag; the AC married the khan's daughter, his wife disappeared; he comes to the well, where the servant of heaven Tegya Busa; says that he brought his wife from the lower world; AC tells her to pour water into the hostess's hands along with the gold ring placed there; the wife recognizes the ring, finds her husband at the well; he makes a hole in TB yurt, pushes him there; puts on his clothes, comes to his father, who does not notice the change, has a feast; at night, the AC kills TB's father, returns his wife]: 42-45; Vatagin 1964 [mare of three brothers gets killed three times a day, but someone always kidnaps a foal born in the morning; the youngest, Burgin-Tsagan, cuts off the foal's pearl tail and coral mane with an arrow when it is carried away by a whirlwind; consistently kills three mangas, takes everyone's wife; these are the daughters of the sun, moon and night sky, who were grabbed by the mangas when they flew in the guise of swans to swim; the older brothers envy that the youngest's wife is more beautiful, they leave her sword at the entrance; the blind and armless come to the legless; they kidnap the khan's daughter, make her sister; she goes out to the old woman for him, she puts the coals in the hem, according to finds a house with an ash arrow, drinks the girl's blood with his copper beak; the brothers guard, beat the old woman, make everyone swallow and regurgitate, they recover; B. are not regurgitated, the sparrow screams that he is in the old woman's finger; under the guise of Gelyunga, B. comes to the brothers, his wife recognizes him; they play cards for his younger brother's wife; B. cuts off their heads]: 106-115; Abkhazians [after the death of his father, the eldest son, despite warning him, drove along the forbidden path; under a tree he sees a table set, is going to eat, something comes down from the sky, kills him; the same is the middle one; the youngest grabs what came down, this is a girl; she ran a handkerchief over the bodies of the dead, they came to life; she became the youngest's wife; did not give him the key to one chest; he stole it, opened the chest, her strength flew out; a mustachioed dwarf on a goat came, killed younger brother, took the beautiful woman away; one woman gave birth to twins, left one baby in the forest; he was fed by a deer, he is as strong as a deer; took off the handkerchief from his younger brother's face, he came to life; the old woman, sitting on her tail dogs, transports people across the river; she was given money, she sent her brothers; the younger brother began to play musical instruments, his wife recognized him, the dwarfs were going to listen; the younger brother killed dwarf, takes his wife away; the dwarf's brother chases a wild boar; the wife consistently throws three bottles, thorny bushes, mountain, fire appear; the pursuer dies]: Shakryl 1975, No. 16:65-73; Adygs ( bzhedugi) [after the death of his parents, the prince's son began to live with his father's friend; when he saw a beautiful pigeon, he promised to marry only an equally beautiful girl; adoptive father: there are two of them in the west, one in the east; young man went east, left an arrow to the prince's son: if she has blood, he is in trouble; almost froze on the way; finds a girl, she sets conditions: to overtake the rider, shoot three pigeons released, to overcome her herself; the rider is an old woman on a donkey; offered to look for the young man in his head, put her to sleep, galloped away; he caught up with her, threw sand into her eyes, came back first; shot pigeons, knocked down the girl; the dagger does not take her, he took it she is with him; on the way he takes a ring from the rider, who drives prisoners; the other has a handkerchief, the third has a bracelet; three fight over the father's inheritance: an invisible hat, a whip, a spit, a leather dastarkhan; the young man promises to give to whoever brings the bullet, takes everything himself; there is a seven-headed giant nailed to the ground outside the house, there are three girls in the house; the young man enters invisible; each tells how a young man took away a ring from one, a handkerchief from another, a bracelet from a third; the young man comes in, the girls go with him, do not tell him to release the giant; he freed, the giant took the girls, the young man flew to him on a dastarkhan plane, Hitting him three times with a whip; he stopped at a hole in the ground; the young man expanded it with a spit, went down, killed the sleeping giant, took the maidens; met the prince's aged son; meets a shepherd, who tells cry for sheep: the prince's son died a long time ago; young man: he is alive, cut sheep for a feast; married a beauty brought, he also married three girls well]: Tambiev 1900:52-60; Adygi [lonely rider meets Shauai without recognizing him, says that he is going to Sh.; he brings him to his place, changes clothes, receives a guest; the rider asks for huge portions of food for him and his horse; covers the horse with a layer of resin and sand; rushes into the sea; if white foam pops up, S. must grab a horse that jumps out of the water; red foam pops up; S. jumps on his horse across the sea; calls; the rider replies that he is lying between the interpreters mountains; S. cuts off the heads of 12 seven-headed foreheads ready to cut off the head of the rider; the stallion runs away, brings three 12-headed older brothers killed by others; the rider kills two with arrows; when fights against the latter, the horse cannot bite the rider's horse covered with sand and resin; S. kills him; the rider admits that he is a girl who avenged the brothers killed by the frosts; washing his eyes with someone else's blood, her parents saw the light; the girl immediately leaves, S. goes to look for her; Satanay says that the girl lives overseas, the An-Ak eagle guards the way there; S. on horseback in the dark (the beauty covers her face with her hair, it gets dark) swims across an impenetrable swamp; the beauty promised to marry someone who can do it; on the way back, An-Ak takes her away; S. pretends to be asleep, An-Ak brings him to his nest, Sh. He kills him with a sword; returns to sledges with his wife]: Huth 1987:40-54; (cf. Abaza [a hundred horsemen marry the prince's daughter, but she chooses a cook named Guabanac ("felt"); horsemen take him hunting, dissatisfied with him; he rips the ring off the finger of the girl driving the herd , brings a herd; the same applies to a girl who drove two herds; people on both banks of the river cry: the river divided their village, and when they send the ship, someone turns it over; G. sailed on this ship, saw a girl in the water, grabbed a piece of hair, a piece of hair remained in his hand, the ship could now sail; G. comes to a house with a table and three chairs; three doves fly in, turn into girls; two tell how they are doing they took away the herds, the third, as they prevented the ship from turning over; everyone dreams of marrying such a hero; G. returned their ring, and the third gave them their hair, they grew; married; at this time, a hundred horsemen were arranged horse racing, the winner will take his first wife G.; this is reported by the third dove wife (the first two flew and said that the wife forgot G.); G. went, overtook everyone, brought his first wife; (lives with four wives)]: Tugov 1985, No. 34:80-83; Karachai residents [met a hunter who lived in the mountains and a hunter who lived in the steppe; began to ask each other about unusual incidents; the story of the first hunter: I was following the trail and met a forest man (Waldmann); we greeted him, he offered to stay on vacation, then brought a deer and a tree; cooked meat, fed me; we went to bed, and I felt scary; I threw a burka over a log and climbed a tree myself; when a forest man asked me my name, I said to him, "My name is Last Year (Vorigesjahr)"; at midnight, a forest man attacked a log, dressed in a burka; I shot and wounded him; he screamed in pain, forest people ran from all sides; asked what had happened; he replied that Last year he had been shot; the forest people answered that last year they could not find, they left and took the wounded with them; the story of the second hunter: one day I was grabbed by an eagle and taken to a cave on a rock; left it there and flew away; there was a girl in the cave who said that the eagle brought it to be eaten and warned that if he found no one else, he would eat the meat in the cauldron and fall asleep for two or three days; the eagle came back without new prey, ate and fell asleep; I shot him twice, he died; then I refreshed him, my girlfriend and I climbed inside the skin and jumped off the cliff; gently descending to the foot of the cliff, we got out of our skin; I took the girl to her house, and then went to my place]: Pröhle 1909a, No. 4:278-281); Balkarians [the father leaves only a golden sword to his youngest son; it contains genie servants; a young man comes to a poor old woman, makes her and her three daughters rich, tells him to marry him, fulfills three conditions with the help of genies (turn the river back, gather all the animals at the palace, build a palace overnight); receives the khan's daughter, passes the named sisters off as Black , Yellow, Gray Eagles; the witch persuades the young man's wife to reveal the secret of the saber, takes their palace to the valley between the seven mountains; the young man goes in search, consistently meets three sisters, their eagle husbands they send him, Gray takes him to the palace, enters the palace under the guise of a shepherd, cuts off the witch's magic hair, returns his wife and palace]: Kapiyeva 1991:98-105; Ossetians: Miller 1902, No. 3 (Digorans) [Bestaser-Sila died, left three sons; the youngest Zanbolat breaks the witch's tub three times with an arrow; she tells him to better look for the kidnapper of the horse left by his father; D. asks his mother to fry corn kernels, clamps them in her hand, she admits that there is a horse that gives birth to a stallion every day; the brothers are frightened, D. takes a foal from a seven-headed giant who has come out of the ground; K. forges for D. a sword and a mace; D. goes underground, kills the seven-headed man and his wife, two more giants, frees three girls; they tell black birds to throw millet (they are happy, they did not even give bran), two iron wolves two rams, oil the door hinges (they did not lubricate the door hinges before); they let D. pass; he kills an iron horse, a felt man, steals underground cattle; the brothers lay sword before lying, D. shouts, he jumps up, remains without legs; brothers take cattle and girls; D. comes armless and blind, their brothers did the same to them; all three kidnap the girl, make them a sister; the witch sucks blood from her heels; D. and his companions caught the witch, they and the girl climbed into her womb, got out healthy; killed the witch, released the girl; D. hired the sinopas; came to his wake; He killed both brothers with one split arrow, tied their wives to horses; awarded a swineherd]: 78-98; Sokayeva 2012, No. 6 [the younger brother sees a bloody stream, takes stones from there, sells Aldar; goes again get stones, look for the source of the stream; there are three dead girls in the house, one still bleeding; at night a giant came, revived the girl with a pearl; when he left, the young man revived all three, killed the giant with his sword, took one girl for himself, gave the other two to his brothers; the brothers have 3 sisters, they were taken by Uastyrji, Uatzilla, Afsati; while the brothers are hunting, a rider arrives on a three-legged horse, drops his whip, asks to serve, the youngest's wife agrees, he picks her up with the end of the whip, takes her away; the younger brother goes to look for his wife, consistently comes to his sons-in-law; only Uastyrji saw that rider; the kidnapper sleeps and is awake for 6 days; wife: it is necessary to get a foal from a three-legged mother, she is at the head of the devils, the mother is pregnant, she is guarded by 7 wolves; the head of the devils allows her to take a foal, the younger brother takes his wife]: 67-70; Terek Cossacks (v. Borozdinskaya) [the tsar's eldest daughter asks to let her go to the "unhappy" garden; there a storm rises and takes her away; the same with her middle daughter; when the youngest began to ask, she was chained to bed, covered with iron canopy and left in the garden in a room with 12 iron doors; a 12-headed serpent arrives, takes the girl along with the bed; Ivan Tsarevich calls to find the kidnapped, takes three generals as assistants; sees how 12-, 9- and 6-headed snakes fly out of the passage to the underworld one by one; I. tells the generals to lower him on a rope into the underworld and wait above; comes to a city where all tailors; those they give I. a ball of thread and tell him to throw it in front of him; the ball leads to the palace; the princess says that her husband is a 6-headed serpent; hides I. in the room, in it a tub with strong and a tub with powerless water; I. tries both; changes tubs in places; takes a kladenets sword from the royal daughter, hides; a 6-headed serpent who has arrived drinks powerless water instead of strong water and falls asleep; I. cuts off his heads; princess gives I. a ball of thread; he rolls to the palace in which her sister; I. drinks strong water, moves the tubs of water, kills the 9-headed snake; the princess gives a ball of thread; warns that the younger sister's husband - 12-headed serpent, he shackled his 12-headed father in the basement; with the help of a ball of thread, I. finds a crystal palace; meets the princess there, drinks strong water, changes the tubs; a snake that has arrived falls asleep; I. cuts off his 9 heads; the serpent growls, his father hears, breaks 6 chains; I. princess: "Run to your father-in-law soon; if he asks what this noise is, you say that a strong storm has risen, turned it around The root is a large oak tree that stood by the window: this oak tree hit the palace and broke all the windows; yes, take an iron pitchfork, hot; when my father-in-law says: "Raise my eyelids with a pitchfork, I'll see what is being done" , if you are in the eye with a pitchfork, and I will come to help you; the princess runs to the basement; I. cuts off the remaining 3 heads of the snake; the princess says to her father-in-law what was ordered; father-in-law: "Take a pitchfork, yes raise my eyelids - I'll see what is being done"; the princess stabs his eyes with a hot pitchfork; I. comes running and killing him; regrets not seeing such a palace on earth; the princess gives him a silk shawl with with the words: "Wave them - I give you this palace"; I. waves his handkerchief, a golden egg appears in his hand; with the help of a ball of thread, I. returns with the princess to her sister; she also gives him a silk shawl; I. waves at them, gets a silver egg; throws a ball of thread in front of him, goes with both princesses to their older sister; waves her handkerchief, receives a copper egg; when he reaches passage, I. alternately ties the sisters to the rope, the generals raise them; saying goodbye to the third princess, I. takes off her personalized ring; I. ties a stone to the rope; the generals raise it to the middle and let go; they tell the king that they saved his daughters; the younger princess refuses to marry the general and tells the truth; the king does not believe, but postpones the wedding; I. wanders; the time of rain climbs into a huge nest in a tree; there are three chicks; I. covers them with his last hollow and warms them; the chicks tell the vulture bird about their savior; she offers I. help, orders to prepare 12 barrels of game and 12 barrels of water; during the flight, I. feeds and wateres it: "When the bird looks to the right, it will splash water on it; if it looks to the left, he will throw a piece of meat"; there is not enough meat for the whole journey; I. cuts off meat from both calves, feeds the vulture bird; it flies into the light, falls to the ground; asks I. what kind of delicious meat was the last time: when she finds out, she expectorates both calves and puts them on I.'s legs; he heals, goes to the king; the youngest princess recognizes I. by the ring on her hand; the king orders the generals to be tied to horse tails and let them go across the field, the youngest daughter marries I.; I. waves silk with scarves; three palaces appear; one of them I. gives to the eldest princess, the other to the middle princess, and lives with his wife in the third]: Butova 1889, No. 3:128-141; Ingush: Malsagov 1983, No. 1 [the prince has a tree with with golden leaves, someone steals them; three sons take turns guarding them; only the youngest does not fall asleep, cuts off someone's finger and head; follows a bloody trail; takes a tree puller, drinking the sea as companions , a sharpshooter; they lower the prince's son into the hole; the girl says that they are three daughters of a three-headed eagle, their father has been cut off one head and finger; she asks her father what can kill him; he answers that there is a ram around the corner, there is a hare in it, a duck in a hare, there are three chicks in the duck; the prince's son kills them all, the companions raise the girls upstairs, the youngest leaves the prince's son a ring; tells him to touch the white one he will take the horse to the upper world; red - stay here, black - you will find yourself lower; companions cut off the rope; the prince's son touches the black one; the old woman says that the Sarmak (dragon) has closed the water; The Sarmak gives water three times, then the prince's son kills him; the padishah sends him to the eagle on the black mountain; the young man kills the snake that devours the chicks every year; the eagle takes him to the ground; there is not enough meat, he cuts off his flesh from his leg, on both hands; the eagle regurgitates the meat, puts it back; under the guise of a shepherd, the young man comes to the wedding of the rescued princesses; the youngest recognizes him by the ring; the young man kills traitors, marries, marries two princesses to his brothers], 8 [when dying, the old man tells his sons to guard the grave; the elder and middle brother ask for a younger brother named Ovdilg ("fool") goes instead of them; in three nights he catches three horses, each giving him his own hairs; the prince gives him three daughters, the youngest is Harsen Nars with a golden head and silver hands; O. on three horses jumps to three towers, takes and hides three girls; He gives the elders to his brothers, XN takes it for himself; Biydolg Bare kidnaps her; O. comes successively to the son of the Sun, the son of the Month, the son of the Star; BB has a three-legged guling horse; BB asks him twice if we will catch up to lunch; he replies that we will catch up with everything; BB breaks O. with a free club, takes XN, the son of the Sun, the son of the Month resurrects O.; the son of the Star tells us to go to the mountain where the Guling mother is screwing; tear the muscle off his arm, feed the wolf, otherwise he will wean the guling's leg; now O. has a four-legged guling and BB has a three-legged; BB cannot catch up with O., guling goes to the ground, BB dies; wives drive O.'s brothers to look for him; O. kills three monsters of the Enjal; the brothers put a sword in the doorway, O. cuts off their legs on it, the brothers take the guling; the blind and armless come to live with O.; while the three cripples hunt, the fire in HN goes out; she comes to yeshapyats; they give a sieve of ash, coals on top; on the ash trail, the yeshap mother finds a house, drinks HN blood; for promising not to kill her, yeshapikha gives O. a bar, he cures the cripple; O. kills yeshapiha; O. kills and revives the brothers, drives them away]: 23-29, 55-71; Tankieva 2003 [the mother and father of three brothers died, their stepmother left them in the forest; they found a hut, took turns cooking; Biydolg drove up on a rooster, himself with a fist, a beard like a harrow, the strength of seven horses; eats everything, beats his older brother; the same with his middle brother; the younger one pinched his beard in a tree; he pulled him out, left; on a bloody trail, the brothers came to the hole, B. was dead near her; the youngest was lowered, three girls were picked up, the youngest was not picked up; the youngest girl had time to touch the white ram, he would take it to the ground (the black one would lower it even lower, with red you will stay where you are); the young man got to black; came to Zhera Baba's house; she has three daughters; the water source was blocked by the Sarmak; the young man cut him; the pacci gave off his daughter as a young man; he wants another, to the ground; the wife teaches: every day the falcon has three chicks, and the Sarmak devours them, crawling along the pole to the nest at the top, the pillars supporting the nest in the middle of the sea; the young man killed the Sarmak, the chicks hid him, so that the mother does not accidentally kill; when she finds out that he saved the chicks, she ordered him to stock up water and meat; the young man took the last piece away from his hand; the bird cured him, raised him to the ground; there the young man's brother wants to marry him by force to the bride; the young man exchanged clothes with the shepherdess; offered the bride a bowl of wine with a ring in it; she recognized him; the wedding; the brothers were driven away]: 339-343; Chechens [mother says Nelbiy Chuara that his father is still a horse, he eats iron and flint; heavy weapons and armor remain; LF tames the horse, puts on armor, kills rivals, marries a princess; on her wedding night she disappears; a shepherd says that she was kidnapped by Nege ("Nogai"); advises her to wear his clothes, drive calves across the river, come with congratulations; his wife recognizes him, hides him; when N. enters, he kills him, returns his wife]: Dalgat 1972:326-328 (=Malsagov 1983, No. 16:100-102); Kumyks: Bagriy 1930 (1) [(registered in 1902). A.E.Gren, from L.G. Lopatinsky's materials); apples disappear from the miller's garden; the eldest, middle sons are sleeping, the youngest sees a bird, picks up a fiery feather; the father sends his sons to pick up a bird; at the fork the youngest is on the road from where you will not return; the wolf calls to help him; tells him to kidnap the bird from the palace, carry it upside down; he puts the bird in his arm, it flies away; the second time he is grabbed; the king promises to give the bird in exchange for a wonderful horse; the wolf tells not to sit on the horse, the young man sits down, the horse returns to the palace; the horse will be given for the girl; the wolf becomes a horse, the young man swims across the sea on it ; the princess sits on an imaginary horse, he takes her away; the wolf turns into a princess, then into a horse, a young man exchanges a horse, a bird, returns with the princess, horse and bird; finds impoverished brothers; they gouge out his eyes, take the prey; a bird flies up, waves its wing, the young man sees the light; comes under the guise of a herdsman to the wedding of a princess who promised to marry the one who pulls the bow; she recognizes the young man; he asks who to get, a rooster or a chicken; the princess replies that he is a rooster; he kills both brothers, marries]: 25-29 (=Khalilov 1965, No. 45:105-109); Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 21 [Askerkhan sees a portrait of a girl, Khan's father gives he has money, he goes to look for her; buys a slave named Karakul, who is incredibly strong; kills 40 devas with one blow, frees a beautiful woman, but she is not the same; the same again; the third time, 60 devas, A. recognizes the beauty from the portrait; A. takes away her key, opens the door, the devil is chained behind her, A. frees him, he takes the girl away; A. and K. come, hide, the girl asks the deva where his soul is; in three wineskins in a wild boar; A. and K. kill a wild boar, tear his wineskins, A. gets a wife]: 240-243; Avars: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 11 [patah dreams of a sea horse, three sons go to get it; at the fork, a table with the inscription, whoever goes right or left has nothing to fear, and whoever is straight will die or find happiness; the youngest goes straight, gets to the giantess, around a steel palisade with planted heads; because the young man sticks to the giantess's chest, she cannot kill him, vomits and swallows the cat angrily; hides the young man, asks the seven sledge sons who have returned about the horse, the youngest shows the way; the young man tames the horse, rides it, picks up a golden pen; the city's patchah sees the pen, demands to get the one who owned it; the horse explains that the three daughters of the sea king come to swim at the lake, take off pigeon plumage, we must hide the youngest's plumage; the young man brings the girl to the pachah, she promises to go beyond if he swims in a hole of milk and gets younger; the pachah drowns; the young man takes the girl, finds Brothers, they push him into the well, the girl makes a rope out of her braids, gives him to the horse, he pulls the young man out, his brothers run away in fear, the young man marries], 26 [the boy lives with the girl; she goes to visit his father, does not tell you to open one room; he opens, there is a chained sledge, asks for a drink, the young man gives, the sledge frees up, flies away, taking the girl away; the young man comes for her, takes her away, the sledge on a wind horse easily catches up, takes away; promises to kill for the third time; the young man asks the girl to know where the soul of the sledge is; he says that in a broom, she dresses her up; then says that three eggs in a tree chest in the middle of the lake can go there get only on a wind horse, and his sister has such a horse; the young man walks, saves ants, bees, fish on the road; the sledge's sister demands that her horses be herded; the horses go into the ground, but the ants drive them back; the bees are driven for the second time; the sledge's sister gives a wind horse, the young man destroys the soul of the sledge, takes his wife], 32 [the khan's mare gives birth to gold-tailed and gold-maned foals, someone immediately steals them; the eldest, the middle son falls asleep, the youngest Muin sprinkles salt on the wound, tries to snatch the foal from the kidnapper, tears off his leg; the brothers go in search, the elders stay in the cave, the youngest hides under the bridge three times, each time it defeats a sledge jumping on a stolen foal; every time the horse stops in front of the bridge, but the sledge says that M. is not here, and if he does, he will kill him; the last sledge is on a three-legged foal, the fight with him was the hardest; M. takes the wife of that sledge for himself, the other two wives to his brothers; the brothers leave their sword at the entrance to the cave, M. cut both legs to the knee, the brothers take the good and women away; live Blind and Bald come to M.; they kidnap the khan's daughter to cook for them; the fire went out, she came to Hart for fire, she gave it, but began to come to suck blood from her head; Bald, Blind remain guard, afraid of hart, do not say anything to Muin; M. grabs hart, makes him swallow the Bald and the Blind, regurgitate healthy; warns that she will not burp him, because he killed her sledge sons; it is necessary will cut each of her organs; Blind and Bald find M. in the little finger of Hart's legs, his legs are healthy; M. comes to the brothers' wedding, only the youngest girl obtained from the sledges recognizes him; no one can pull on a bow, pulls only M., asks Pleshivy whether to shoot a chicken or a rooster, he replies that the chicken has nothing to do with it, M. kills the brothers with an arrow; M. marries a sleigh girl and a kidnapped cook, father M. - on two other sledge girls]: 155-166, 269-271, 311-316; Dargins [the father bequeaths three sons to give three daughters to anyone who comes to marry them; the eldest is given off as a golden eagle , middle for a miller, the youngest for a falcon; the older brothers married the daughters of a vizier and a vekil; the youngest sees a girl in a dream, she is brought to him, on her wedding night the cloud takes her away; the youngest goes to look, visits sisters and their husbands, comes to Azhdaha, cannot kill, Azhdaha cuts him to pieces; the kidnapped wife brings pieces to the young man's older sister, who revives him; the same again to the middle sister; after the younger sister revived, the young man kills Azhdakha, returns his wife]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 22:246-248; Lucky [women disappear in the state, the pathah hides his wife, the youngest son steals the key, opens the room, where the mother sits, the cloud takes her away; the two eldest sons go in search, followed by the youngest; meets seven devas, they admire his strength, point to a mountain on which three-, four-, five- seven headed azhdakha; a young man orders a retractable staircase from the blacksmith, climbs the mountain, kills all the ajdaha, frees the three kidnapped princesses and his mother, lowers them and treasures, the princesses give the young man each a golden apple; the brothers remove the stairs, bring the princesses and mother to his father, say that they got them themselves; the young man finds a box with a dwarf in it, following orders; he takes the young man to his hometown; that is hired by a blacksmith, a dwarf does any job; princesses order golden apples, an imaginary assistant to the blacksmith gives them the ones they gave him; gathers people, tells their story, kills Archery brothers, marries the best princess, gains the throne]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 10:142-149; Lezgins [Zulum-Magoma eats and works like a giant; fellow villagers fear him; mother pretends to be sick, asks for lion meat; he easily completes the task, goes to fight dragons; on the way he meets trees pulling out and leveling mountains; companions cook; long-bearded dwarf every time binds the cook with his hair, eats everything; Z. throws him up to the sky, the dwarf falls, hides underground; companions can't go down, it's hot there; Z. goes down, kills three dragons (three-, five- seven-headed), three girls sleeping on their knees; companions lift the girls to the ground, leave M. below; the youngest manages to say that he must grab a white gazelle by the leg, he will take him to the upper world; M . mistakenly enough black, he takes him to the black world; the seven-headed dragon closes the water, gives it for the girls; Z. kills him; the king advises going to the plane tree, where the parrot's nest is; Z. kills a snake that is going to eat the chicks; the parrot carries it to the upper world; Z. cuts off the last piece of meat from his leg, the bird puts it back on the ground; Z. comes to the wedding, kills traitors, marries, the other two gives girls for laborers]: Mazav, Kasumov 1997:79-91; Udins [the shepherd's son Rustam is very strong, playing with other children, maiming them; the old woman advises sending R. to the forest where three live for firewood diva; the king sends, R. easily kills divas, brings firewood; the king sends R. to the white diva; after a hard struggle, R. kills him too; decides to leave; meets, takes as companions a man who holds over a plowman uprooted a tree to create shade; tying a millstone to his feet and grinding grain with them; drinking a river; everyone, not knowing who is in front of him, says that his abilities mean nothing, but R. hero; they live in a hut, each one cooks in turn; Azhdakha comes, asks for pilaf broth, the cook asks him to wait, Azhdaha ties him with hair from his beard, eats everything; when R. remains, he cuts his head down, she rolls into the crevice; the tree holder is the first to try to go down, but shouts that it is burning, he is pulled out; the same is true with the others; R. tells him not to pick him up if he screams; below R. opens 7 iron doors, sees a sleeping diva on a girl's lap; kills him; so four girls and four divas, R. kills divas and Azhdakhi's head; sends three girls upstairs; the last one the beautiful one is afraid that the companions will not raise R.; leaves him two feathers: if you hit one another, a white ram (will carry him to the ground) and a black goat (lower it even lower) will appear; the companions picked up the girl and left; R. called the animals, accidentally sat on a goat, was downstairs; asked the old woman for a drink, who said that the snake in the well only gave water in exchange for gifts, now it was the king's daughter's turn; she brings the snake a bowl pilaf; R. was chopped by a snake, the princess put her blood-soaked hands to R.'s back; the king called everyone together, made sure that the hero was R.; she could not understand him to the ground, but said that the snake eats the bird's chicks; R. kills a snake; the chicks tell the bird that he agrees to take R. to the ground, he must ask the king for meat and water; the last piece of R. cuts off from his thigh; on the ground, the bird sees that R. is limping , puts the meat back; gives two feathers to summon it; R. forgives his companions, leaves them beauties, takes the best for himself; companions change rings; if the stone on the ring turns black, the owner is in trouble; R. comes to another country, kills a diva, takes his wife as a second wife; the local king also wanted this woman; the old woman asks to make a flying chest; asks R. to take her into service; persuades the second wife R . find out what his strength is; he says that without a ring he will weaken and die in two weeks; the old woman took the ring off the sleeping R., invited his wife to sit in the chest, the chest flew to the king; companions came water bread drank water in a well, found a ring there; R. defeated and killed the king, returned his wife]: Dirr 1921, No. 58:210-218; swana [two brothers are married, the third is single; their three sisters are married to a diva, a falcon, lion; the youngest went to marry the princess; king: she is promised to the black man, if the young man defeats him, let him take it; let the wedding be 12 years old; the young man hunts to feed the guests, comes to the land of black a man; he tells him to be taken to the wedding as well; takes the bride; the young man comes to the spring, where his sister's maid, who is married to a diva, collects water; asks for a drink, throws up her ring; sister finds; hides his brother; divas does not harm him: he himself chased a black man, but he went across the sea; the same goes to the sister who is behind the falcon; the lion says that he was with a black man at the wedding; the young man went there - to the Kageti tower in the middle of the sea; he took his wife, but the black man caught up, broke the flesh and bones; the wife packed them in a bag, sent her husband on horseback, who came to the lion's wife, the lion revived the young man; the young man and the lion stuffed game, all the animals came to eat her, the young man detained his happy son Sagar (this is the name of a good horse) there; she asked him for a month and returned it again {i.e. the foal gained strength}; the young man took his wife away again and when the black man began to catch up, the young man's horse shouted to that horse that he had 4 legs, and he had 3 legs, the black man would be defeated; he was defeated and killed, the hunter returned his wife]: Nizheradze 1890, No. 3:184-195; megrels [the Turks attacked, one daughter-in-law left the baby in the forest, ran away; the king's son, who liked to hunt, saw Ndemi playing on his chest a boy his age; asked the king for an army; ordered to cover the clearing with straw, burn; Ndemi ran away, the boy stayed; he was taught to live like a human being; he is smart and strong; the king forbade his son to enter the same room; Ndemi's pupil broke down the door, there is a portrait of a beautiful daughter black ndemi; the king had to let his son go, Demi's pupil went with him; black ndemi gave his daughter, but warned that a white ndemi from the lower world could kidnap her; the prince sent a pupil Ndemi inform his father about the wedding; at this time, the white ndemi took the bride; Ndemi's pupil ordered him to be lowered through the hole into the lower world; the swineherd said that the white ndemi had a wedding feast; disguised as a beggar Ndemi's pupil approached the bride; advised her to find out what the soul of black ndemi was; he first said that in the dog, the wife began to caress the dog; then: in a deer in the forest; the Ndemi pupil shot a deer , a hare jumped out of it, a box in the hare, containing two flies; Ndemi's pupil blinded them; he came to the black ndemi, tortured the flies, he died; the pupil of Ndemi sent the princess and gold to the ground in the basket; when the servants picked him up, cut the rope; he clung to the stones, climbed to the ground; he and the young went to the prince's kingdom; at night, the Ndemi pupil does not sleep; three angels in the tree: the father of the young gives him a gun, it will shoot him; give him a young dress, it will burn it; whoever reveals the secret will become petrified; Ndemi's pupil ordered to give the gun and dress to the servant and maid - both died; the young had a son; Ndemi's pupil uncovered his sword and looked; the boy shouted that he wanted to kill him; he told him everything and became petrified; old woman: weld a hundred ears of Ndemi and her son, pour it on a stone; Ndemi pupil came to life, and the tsar's son also recovered]: Petrov 1890, No. 2:279-291; the Megrelians [attacked by the Turks, one daughter-in-law left the baby in the forest, ran away; the king's son, who loved to hunt, saw Ndemi, on whose chest a boy of his age plays; asked the king for an army; ordered to cover the clearing with straw, burn it; Ndemi ran away, the boy stayed; he was taught to live like a human being; he is smart and strong; the king forbid his son to enter one room; Ndemi's pupil broke down the door, there was a portrait of the beautiful daughter of black Ndemi; the king had to let his son go, Demi's pupil went with him; black ndemi gave his daughter, but warned that a white ndemi from the lower world could kidnap her; the prince sent an Ndemi pupil to inform his father about the wedding; at this time, the white ndemi took the bride; Ndemi's pupil ordered him to be lowered through the hole into the lower world world; the swineherd said that the white ndemi was having a wedding feast; disguised as a beggar, the Ndemi pupil approached the bride; advised him to find out what the soul of the black ndemi was; he first said that the dog was the wife began to caress the dog; then: in a deer in the forest; a ndemi pupil shot a deer, a hare jumped out of it, a box in the hare, containing two flies; Ndemi's pupil blinded them; came to the black ndemi, tortured the flies , he died; Ndemi's pupil sent the princess and gold to the ground in a basket; when the servants picked him up, they cut the rope; he clung to the stones, climbed to the ground; he and the young went to the kingdom prince; at night, Ndemi's pupil does not sleep; three angels in a tree: the young father will give him a gun, it will shoot him; give him a young dress, it will burn it; whoever reveals the secret will petrify; Ndemi pupil ordered to give the gun and dress to the servant and maid - both died; the young had a son; the pupil Ndemi naked his sword and looked; the boy shouted that he wanted to kill him; he told everything and petrified; old woman: weld a hundred ears of ndemi and a son, pour it on a stone; the Ndemi pupil came to life, and the king's son also recovered]: Petrov 1890, No. 2:279-291; Megrelians [childless parents asked God to give son; Shawi-Katsi ("black man") was born; after serving a merchant, he stole his magic sword, which kills and revives himself; takes two young men as brothers; they come to the palace of forest master Ndemi; ShK kills him with a sword, marries his daughter; loses her portrait; the king finds him; the old woman promises to get a beautiful woman; learns about the sword, tells her to destroy everyone except the beauty, throws her sword into the river, leads beautiful to the tsar; the brothers learned about what had happened, took out a sword, revived the ShK, he killed the tsar, returned his wife; chopped the old woman into pieces, fed her dogs]: Stepanov 1898, No. 4:10-16; megrels [Tsagareli, Megrelian studies, vol. 1:10-13; when he dies, the king orders him to guard his grave for three nights and give three sisters as those who ask; the elder hears a rumble and sees someone dig the grave, grabbed the corpse, cries over him, and then buried him and disappeared; the same with his middle brother; while they were away, the youngest gave three sisters to those who came for them; the youngest cut the monster in two, but his blood filled the candle; the young man noticed the light went to him, telling the rooster not to scream so that morning would not come; crossing the river, the young man saw demi (=devi) sitting by the fire; grabbed the smut and rushed to run; when crossing the smut went out; he returned, but captured; the demi are told to get three princesses from the castle; the young man climbed the wall and killed all the demis one by one as they got up; went to the princesses, gave each a ring (his youngest) returned, took fire, plunged his sword into the stone, allowed the rooster to sing, returned to his father's grave; the king promises daughters to whoever pulls the sword out of the stone; only the young man could, married the youngest, gave his elders brothers; the king gave the younger a flying carpet, the young and his servants flew it, but the flying monster took the princess away; the young man went in search; came to three demi married to his sisters; they said that saw Kazha-Ndii-Kerkun ("fast silicon-like demi") carry a gold-haired beauty and they only managed to pull out the curl of her hair; the young man recognized his wife's curl; the demi-sons-in-law gave him a horse and a dog; he came to K.'s house; when he was taking his wife away, the gate called K.; he easily caught up with the young man, chopped him to pieces; the dog collected them, loaded them on the horse, he came to the demy-son-in-law; the youngest revived him, gave him a three-legged horse; when the horse K. caught up, three-legged and K.'s horse slowed down; the young man cut K. in half and returned his wife]: Wardrop 1894, No. 2:112-118; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988, No. 32 [the prince breaks the old woman's jug with an arrow ; she tells him to fall in love with the sister of the nine devas; his peer son of an old woman (SS) walks with him; the mother of the devas asks to raise the millstones, wants to run over the SS, he seems to accidentally knock out her millstone teeth; hers alone a fang has plunged into hell, the other rests on the sky; the devas give his sister to the prince; he takes her key, finds the Kremen-deva locked; he grabs the prince's wife, flies away; the SS takes the priest as his companions, carrying a church, water bread (drinking the river), a rumor (listening to ant war), eyed (watching the arrow fly for a year), tearing mountains, running with turf on his feet; they find Kremen-deva, go down to to him under the SS ground; the kidnapped finds out where he keeps his soul (deer, roe deer, hare, casket, three chicks); the SS kills the deva, frees horses and women, the devas feast at the wedding, the prince reigns], 36 [], 63 [ The prince buys a beautiful handkerchief, goes to look for a craftswoman; buys and feeds a shackled maiden, whom people mercilessly beat; he brings him to the craftswoman's castle, tames the devas who almost killed prince; the craftswoman becomes the prince's wife; supplies water to the shackled maiden, who shackles, carries her away; she finds out that his life is in a deer, in a box, in three chicks; the prince's assistant deva gets chicks, kills them; the prince and his wife return to their father; feast; dev sees that an army is coming at the prince, smashing him; leaves, but promises to always help]: 83-94, 114-136, 266-274; Georgians (Kartley) [ when he dies, the king tells his three sons three knives to guard his grave; the elders refuse, each time the youngest goes; at midnight a man on a white horse in white clothes rode, promises to kill the dead; a young man He cut him, hid his horse and armor; the next night he was the same (the red horseman); then black; the king has three daughters in the tower; whoever rides there on horseback and gets a beautiful woman will marry her; younger brother every time he reaches the princess unrecognized, takes all three; he took one for himself, gave the others to his brothers; when he dies, the father tells him not to spend the night away from home if possible; once the youngest spent the night, and his wife was stolen by a bald man chongurist; the brothers have three sisters for a deva, an eagle and a gveleshapi; the maid came for water, the prince quietly threw his ring into the jug, the sister found out; the devil is powerless, sends to the eagle; all the same, sends to the Gveleshapi; he says that the kidnapper rides a three-legged sea horse; we must get a four-legged one; once a year a mare comes out of the sea, gives birth to a foal; it is eaten by wolves, they must have time to abandon the sheep; the chongurist did not have time, so one leg was gnawed off; the prince got a four-legged man, took his wife away, the chongurist catches up, but the prince kicked and killed him; the prince put his three-legged wife on his three-legged; everything is fine; three fell red pomegranates, three juicy apples]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 70:317-328; Mashurko et al. 1904, No. 2 (Imereti) [an insignificant person is called to find the missing princess; the tsar gives him a ship, a captain, 12 sailors; on the island they come to the hut; the hero remains alone to cook, the hair-covered dwarf asks for lunch, when refused, kills the cook; the hero remains, kills the dwarf, finds the keys on it, unlocks the locked part of the house, there is a princess, she gives him a ring; he forgets the ring, returns with 11 sailors, the captain sails away with the princess; the boat with the sailors turns over, they sink; the demon on the island takes the hero home, at the captain's wedding with the princess, she recognizes the hero by the ring, the captain is executed, after the death of the king, the hero reigns; the wife finds a lover, replaces the clothes and sword given by the demon by fake, the hero is tied to the horse's tail; he brings him to the demon; the demon gives the hero the ability to turn into a horse; the queen orders him to be killed, the maid plants the horse's tooth, an apple tree grows, chips from felled apple trees turn into two ducks; the duck puts on the clothes of a bathing false king, takes the form of a hero, who executes the traitor and her favorite, marries a maid], 4 [someone takes apples from the king; all three brothers fall asleep, the youngest goes to look for the bird kidnapper; at the crossroads: straight - you won't go back, to the right - you'll drown, to the left - you'll lose the horse; the prince goes to the left, the wolf eats the horse, asks him to ride ; the kidnapper hawk (the prince could not steal it quietly) is given for a promise to bring a horse, a horse to a princess; the wolf helps to take the princess away, takes the image of her, horse, hawk, runs away; brothers kill the sleeper brother, they bring valuables to his father; the wolf revives the prince with living water, he comes to a feast under the guise of a beggar, tells the truth, forgives his brothers, marries the princess]: 6-14, 35-40; Chikovani 1954:28-33 [someone steals wonderful apples from the royal garden; the elder, middle princes are guarding, sleeping; the younger one wounds the deva with an arrow, a trail of blood leads under a stone; the older brothers are afraid to go down, the youngest mother of the deva speaks that her son is injured; the young man advises to pour boiling oil into the wound, takes out his arrow; the devil dies, the young man kills his mother, frees three beauties; the youngest warns that if his brothers betray him, he should sit not on a black sheep, but on a white sheep; she will carry him to the underworld, I must say, "Babkin's roof is soft, cotton", will fall on a soft one; brothers raise beauties, cut off the rope; on A young man comes to a crooked old woman, eats porridge on the side where she has a blind eye; the old woman adopts him, says that the dev took the water; the young man cut off his head; asks the king to lift him upstairs; he says that only Pashkunji can do this; P.'s chicks are constantly eaten by Gveleshapi; one chick cries, it will be eaten today, the other laughs tomorrow; the young man kills Mr. with an arrow; there is thunder, it rains, it's the mother of the chicks cries, thinks that the children are swallowed; the children first hide the savior, then show the mother; she tells them to stock up meat; during the flight it ends, the young man carves meat from under his knee; P. says that if she knew that people's meat was so tasty; heals the young man's wound; the swineherd says that the king's eldest son marries the younger bride; the young man asks for his clothes, alone can pull on his bow; the bride recognizes him; he kills his brother with an arrow, marries]; Armenians [someone steals the fruits of the Magic Apple Tree from the king; the eldest, middle son falls asleep, the deva eats apples; the youngest sprinkles salt on the wound, the deva hurts, he disappears into the well; the older, middle brothers can't go down to the well, it's hot there; the younger brothers come down despite his screams; he kills 7, 12, 24-headed devas, frees three princesses, brothers take them upstairs, the youngest gives them a talisman, tells them to tear them out from black, red, white horses; brothers throw a rope; contrary to the warning of the younger princess, the younger brother jumps into Friday is not for a black sheep, but for a white sheep; she throws it on a red sheep, red on black, that into a dark kingdom; there an old woman says that a 7-headed vishap took water, they give him girls to eat; a young man kills vishapa, saves the princess; the king says that only the Emerald Dove can carry it to the ground; vishap devours his chicks every year; the prince cuts the vishap into pieces, lets the chicks eat; they explain The emerald dove that the young man saved them; the dove tells them to take 40 wineskins of water and 40 fat tails with him, carries them to the ground; the prince changes clothes with the shepherd, pretends to be bald, wearing sheep giblets on his head ; the girl promises to marry the king if the groom brings three gold trays; the prince hires a jeweler, pulls out a talisman, creates trays; before the wedding, the girl burns red hair, wins red horse; marries, asks father to pardon his brothers]: Ganalanyan 1965:22-36; Armenians [the younger prince passed off his sisters as a bear, wolf, Smule bird; sons-in-law helped him return the kidnapped Janpolat (Kyosoy) wife]: Gullakian 1990, No. 552:30; Armenians (Ararat Valley) [the poor man and his wife were giving birth to the city of Turtamba, but it was too late and the gatekeeper did not let them in; the wife gave birth to a boy ; the king had a dream: the one born at the city wall would tear his head off; the king ordered to buy and kill the baby, but the servant moistened the diapers with the bird's blood, left the boy under the bush; the doe fed him; he became incredibly strong; the king's servants hardly managed to capture him; his name is Jeyran-ogly; he quickly learned science; the prince is not allowed into the 40th room, he entered, there is a portrait of a beautiful woman, he went in search, D. with him; the devas are amazed at D.'s strength, unquestioningly gave their sister to the prince; while she was sleeping, the prince took the keys tied to her braids, unlocked the rooms; in one white deva, pilaf and water in front of him, but could not reach ; the prince tied the chain, the dev pulled up the cauldrons, ate and drank everything, broke the chains and took the prince's fiancée; D. went to take her away, and the devas chained the prince to a pole and put a lamp on his head; D. cut off the white maiden's head, brought the girl, cut off the heads of five devas, spared two; the king realized that D. was the boy he dreamed of; ordered the servant who had spared the boy to be beheaded; D. hears a conversation of three pigeons; the king will send a horse for D. to sit on, you will burn; he will be locked in a room with a snake; if a drop of her blood touches his body, D. will petrify; D. tells the groom to sit on the horse; D. killed the snake, but petrified; the prince's wife dreamed that it was necessary to kill her two children and moisten the stone with their blood; she did so, D. came to life; cut off the king's legs first and then his head]: Ioannisian 1968:136-145; Azerbaijanis: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935 [when dying, the king tells his three sons to guard his grave for three nights; Melik-Ahmed and Melik Jamshid did not go, Melik-Jamil went; a black rider is approaching, promises punish the king; MD killed him, hid the horse; the next two nights the same, the horse and the rider are white; red; the king also warned that three dervishes would come in 40 days, and his three daughters should be handed over to them; the older brothers did not pay attention, MD betrayed the sisters; the neighboring king will give three daughters to jump over a wide ditch on a horse; the Melik-Jamila brothers and other suitors could not, unrecognized MD three times jumped over black, white, red horses, clothes taken off those horsemen, each time he takes one of the princesses, hides it in a secret place; then he gave the elder princesses to his brothers, took the youngest for himself; once all they were visiting the king; someone's hand lifted MA's wife into the air, carried it away; voice: I am keosa ("beardless") with three hair; MD came to him when he fell asleep for seven days; his wife said that his soul in a glass vessel; a swallow flew out of it, MD killed her, Keosa died, MD and his wife returned to their brothers]: 222-226; Epiphany 1892 c, No. 6 [40 sons of the tsar go to marry 40 sisters; the tsar orders not stay overnight in a ruined building and in the steppe; the brothers spent the night at a dilapidated minaret, where a white diva; only the younger Melik-Mamed is awake; killed the diva, refusing to hit again, hid the corpse; the same place, a black diva; at the third night, MM came to the old man, who winds the threads around black (night) and white (day) balls; MM tied the old man to make the night go on, came to the house where the wedding was 40 giants with 40 kidnapped princesses and sisters; MM bribed an old woman, who gave cotton wool to prevent the watchman bell from ringing; MM killed the giants leaving one by one, plunged a sword into marble in the palace of the princesses's father, returned to the brothers; no one can pull out the sword, only MM himself; the king gives his daughters to his brothers; on the way back, the serpent king brought MM to him, ordered Sanam with 40 braids, the daughter of the underworld king, to be kidnapped; having received from the snake fed a magic tablecloth, MM fed a lion, an ant, a Zumrud-gushi bird along the way, they gave fur, etc.; the underground king has 99 heads on the roof; he tells 1) to defeat the lion (the lion fed by MM, won); 2) collect the sown millet (the ants collected); the last seed was brought by a lame ant); 3) hang the scales in the air (MM agrees with the old woman that she will cut off one of the princess's braid, the bird Zumrud -gushi hung scales on her); MM received a princess; freed Dzhansyn-Kos on the bridge; he pursues, took the princess, disappeared; Zumrud-gushi revived MM with live water; explained that J.K's death in the needle, in the needle, in the needle, in a sparrow, in a cage, in an elephant in the forest; MM took it out, broke a needle, J.K. died; the serpent king gave way to Princess MM; a feast at home, MM lives with two wives]: 308-318; 1899, No. 6 [], 13 (Shusha County, Elisavetpol Gubernia) [King Melik-Nadir orders to kill his daughters; when he leaves, he tells his son Ghazanfar to kill his sister if he is born; he felt sorry for the girl; MN returned, orders them to be executed, the nobleman persuaded them to be sent to the desert; G. kills seven divas, throws them into the well; the sister throws the leftovers there, one diva survived, became strong; agrees with sister G. to lime him - pretend to be sick, ask him to bring 1) melon from the diva garden; G. defeated the hero, she fell in love with him, gave him a flying horse, G. brought a melon; 2) apples from the diva garden; his heroic wife tells him to feed the terrible dog, greet the bridge; the seven-headed diva tells the bridge and the dog refuses to stop the kidnapper; the wife changed the apples; 3) the sheep tail with branched horns, which lives in the north; G. brought it, but his wife replaced the usual one, kept the magic fat tail; sister invites G. to tie his hands to test his strength; when G. cannot tear the rope, the diva cut it to pieces, put it in a bag, tied it to a donkey, drove him into the forest; G.'s dogs guarded the donkey, his wife found it, revived it with a medicine made from fat tail and magic apples; G. cut off the diva's arms and legs, burned his sister; returned to his father; found a portrait of the beautiful Shahbaz-Pari in the chest; G. follows her; takes giant Kara-Kulamali as his companions, who killed all the babies in the village; he smashes the army, gives beautiful G., warns not to step on the carpet that the father will spread out (he himself wants to take possession of the beauty), not to untie the old man's hands - this is a seven-headed diva; G. untied the old man, he took the beauty; G. summoned K., who brought him to the beautiful woman, she found out that the diva's life was in a bottle, G. had broken it; the father sends a vizier from G. with an order to destroy G.; in the desert, the vizier pulls out G.'s eyes in exchange for water; K. saved him (two pigeons: you can regain your sight with my pen), burned his father and vizier, married a beautiful woman]: 109-120; Turks: Dmitriev 1967, No. 1 [from Padishah's garden apples disappear; the eldest, middle son is afraid of the storm, the youngest hits one head of a double-headed dragon with an arrow; the brothers follow the footsteps to the well; the elder, the middle are told to drag them back, the youngest goes down to the bottom, cuts off the dragon's second head; three girls are pulled out of the well; the youngest warns that if the brothers abandon the young man, he must fall on a white ram and climb it to the ground; he falls on black, falls seven layers down; the old woman says that every year they give the dragon a girl while he eats her, take water; it is the turn of the padishah's daughter, the young man cuts off seven heads of the dragon; the girl identifies the savior, the young man asks the padishah to bring him to the ground, he is unable; the dragon eats the chicks of the Sumuranka bird; the young man kills him, the chicks tell their mother that the young man saved them; S. tells immerse 40 rams and 40 wineskins of water; the young man cuts off the last piece from his leg, Sumuranka puts it back; the young man pretends to be a bald poor man; the sisters agree to marry if they get gold a spinning wheel, a hoop, a hen with chickens (they had it, now a young man); the young man pretends to make these objects, the sisters understand that he is back; he looks like a handsome man in green clothes, comes to palace, receives a wife and kingdom from his father; brothers are forgiven], 2 [three-legged dev swallows his sister, two older brothers, the youngest kills the deva and his female, releases the swallowed from the womb; the brothers let him down get water into the well; he kills the deva, frees three girls; (then about (1); on the ground, the young man takes his bride, the bird carries them both, gets tired, then the young man cuts off her meat from her thigh; when he reaches, the bird puts a piece; they arrive at the padishah, the young man marries both his beloved and the daughter of the padishah]: 31-39, 39-48; Kúnos 1901 [dying, the padishah tells him to guard his grave for three nights; who is with it he will cope, will receive the throne; three sisters must be passed off as the first to come to marry; the eldest son hears roars and noise at night, runs in fear; the middle one is the same; the younger Mehmed kills the dragon; he asks to hit with his sword for the second time, M. says that his mother gave birth to him once; saw an old man with white (day) and black (night) balls; tied his hands so that he would not let go of the day, came to 40 robbers, offered them help steal treasures, killed one by one as they went up the wall; cut a snake; saw three princesses sleeping, fell in love with the youngest; returned, cutting off the dragon's noses and ears; untied the old man; padishah the elder brother has already become; at the insistence of the younger, the sisters were given to the lion, the tiger, the bird Anka (he is the padishah peri); the king of the castle, where M. killed 40 robbers and a snake, agrees with the vizier to identify the hero by arranging for all men a bath; M. is identified: he does not have a sword; he asks the younger princess; the king: but the demon whirlwind wants her, so she sits in a steel room; M. received the princess, and his brothers her sisters; as soon as M . went to the forest, a whirlwind took his wife; M. goes in search, visits three sisters, each husband shows the way; M. takes his wife, jumps away; the whirlwind woke up on the fourth day, slowly packed up, easily caught up, tore them to shreds; allowed his wife to collect the bones; she loaded them on her horse, told them to go where they should go; he came to Anka's wife; Anka gathered all the birds; the old owl was the last to appear, she was alone in Garden of Eden; from there she brought living water, Anka revived M.; he returned to his wife: let her find out what the whirlwind's life is; he confesses: at the seventh sea level there is an island, there is a bull, a box in it, a dove in the box; grief is a spring, once a year 40 sea horses come to him, we must tame one, he will deliver it to the right place; M. took out a box, took his wife, killed a pigeon, the whirlwind died, M. became a padishah]: 112-133; Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 3 [The old man tells the childless padishah of Egypt to eat an apple in half with his wife, feed the peel to the horse; he himself will come to name the boy who will be born; when he is 12 years old, the old man comes and gives the name Hü snügüzel (Beautiful Soul); H. dreams of the Most Beautiful in the World (PM), goes in search; companions the son of Padishah Moray and the son of Padishah the Stars; the Padishah Arabs marries their three daughters; H. puts a sword between his wife and himself, promises to return; if there is blood on his sword, he is in trouble; H. marries PM; her golden hair flies away, goes to Padishah Giants (PV); he sends the witch to steal the PM; she persuades the PM to find out what H.'s life is: he first calls a mirror, a broom, the witch breaks them, burns them; life in a sword, the witch throws him into the sea; the witch takes the PM in a jug, covered skin, whips the jug; the daughter of Padishah Arabs sees blood on her sword; finds Padishah's son Stars by the stars, the son of Padishah Morey pulls a sword out of the sea; H. in the guise of a shepherd comes to the PV garden; hides in the PM's room, kills PV on his wedding day; on the way home he comes to pick up his second wife, the daughter of Padishah Arabs]: 34-54; Kurds: Jalil 1989, No. 2 [older and middle brother they fall asleep, only the younger Kuchuk Avdla cuts off the tail of the dragon that has ruined the garden; with his brothers he follows him into the gorge, they lower him on a rope, the youngest daughter of the dragon teaches that her father should be hit with a sword only once; he kills the dragon, the brothers raise three dragon daughters upstairs, cut off the rope; before that, the younger sister explains to KA that black and white sheep will eat grass, black sheep will turn white, and white turns black, you have to jump on the white's back; the KA does the opposite, the ram does not lift it up, but lowers it even lower; the dragon hides the water, gives halva and the girl in exchange for two cauldrons, the KA kills him, marries on the Shah's daughter, whom the dragon was supposed to eat; another dragon devours Simr's chicks every year; the KA kills him, the bird agrees to raise him to the ground, tells him to prepare seven sheep fat tails, bread, wineskins of water; KA drops one fat tail, cuts off the meat from his thigh; when he arrives, Simr returns the meat to him, it grows; the KA takes the form of a bald tail, wins competitions incognito, comes to the wedding his fiancée, marries, kills enemies], 5 [the dervish tells the childless padishah to eat an apple in half with his wife, the wife will give birth to twins, one dervish will take for herself; at the age of seven, Hasan recognizes the dervish as the father, Hussein is a padishah; a dervish burns Hasan in tandoor; Hussein finds skulls, the last one Hasana; one of the skulls explains what to do; Hussein pushes the dervish into a tandoor, people are born from skulls; Hussein marries the daughter of a padishah; she does not tell him to ride in a big mountain; the gazelle lures him into a cave, turns him into a girl, kills him with an iron bar; Hasan is indistinguishable from Huseyn, comes to his wife, but puts a sword between himself and his wife; hits the girl with a rod, brings her brother to life, the girl Gelyafruz is disgraced, Hasan takes her as his wife; brothers and wives go to their father; on the way, Hussein alone destroys enemies; Hasan is jealous (he is almost the son of a dervish), throws his brother into a hole, takes his wife, who leaves her husband horsehair; lions feed Hussein, caravans lift him out of the hole; the padishah's daughter buys him; her father finds out, tells him to be thrown into the river in a barrel; the miller finds him, adopts him; Hussein smashes his father's army, they do not recognize each other; the unrecognized Hussein comes to his wife's wedding with the vizier's son, defeats the groom, kills Hasan, opens to his father]: 45-59, 80-89, 167-185.

Iran - Central Asia. Lura [the king has three sons, the youngest Jahantigh; his father's wife offered him love, J. refused; the woman grabbed him by the clothes, he cut off the piece of dress that was left in her hand, ran away; she accused him of an attempt on her honor; the king wanted to execute her son, but the vizier advised him to simply expel him; the older brothers left with the youngest; at night they take turns keeping the fire; when J. the wind blew out the fire; J. came to 16 demons; they cannot get the princess, because at the entrance there are bells that start ringing when approaching and the guards wake up; J. suggests stuffing into cotton bells; then tells demons to go up one at a time and kills everyone; kisses the princess and changes rings with her; brings a brazier to the brothers who are still sleeping; in the city everyone pretends to be him destroyed the demons; when J. came, the king wants to give him his daughter, but he gives in to her older brother and moves on; in another village, the inhabitants are exhausted; the dragon has closed the spring, every day gives water for the sheep, bread and girl, turn of the royal daughter; clenching the back of the sword with his teeth, J. and the girl rushes into the dragon's mouth, ripped it apart with the blade of a sword; the girl marked the savior with dragon blood; all the springs were immediately filled; men gathered, the princess found her savior; J. gave in to her middle brother, went on; J. came to a city whose inhabitants are invisible; the fairy saw J. in a dream and will break the spell if J. comes to her; when she sees it, she made everyone else visible; J. married his servant to the fairy and came to a city where there are only women; the fairy king invites everyone to overcome him, but no one he cannot and he killed all men; the old woman teaches: we must take possession of the king's seahorse; hide in the stable; the horse will light up, the king will come to give him sugar; so twice; the third time the king whips off the horse and leaves; then J. the horse's path will be blue; after defeating the king, he can be released only after he says "with my mother's milk and father's pain"; the fairy king gave his daughter J.; once the wife combed her hair and her hair fell into the river; the prince picked it up, the old woman promised to get the owner if she was given as much gold as she weighs; she came to J.'s wife; she did not want to keep it, but J. told her to keep it; the old woman persuaded J.'s wife to find out what his strength was; his wife pretended to be offended, J. admitted that his strength was in the blade in his arm; when he fell asleep, his wife took out the blade and gave it to the old woman, she threw him into the river, put the woman to sleep and took him to the prince; J.'s wife told him she was in mourning for 40 days; his older brother J. saw that his star had set and his middle brother knew how to be underwater; they came the middle one took the blade from the bottom of the river, J. regained consciousness; the brothers bribed the old woman to take J.'s wife out of town; J. returned his wife, ordered the old woman to be burned]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 1:1-9; Persians: Marzolph 1984, No. 516B (Markazi, Khorasan) [After getting married, the princess loses her hair, which falls into the water and is found by the king; wanting the owner of the hair, the king sends an old woman who succeeds cunning to kidnap the princess; in the end, the hero returns his wife]: 110-111; Osmanov 1987 []: 318-321; Romaskevich 1934a, No. 34 [the king has 6 sons with 6 wives, but not his beloved seventh; the dervish gave an apple to eat with his wife, a son was born; he was chrome, grew up quickly; all the brothers took a hundred mists and went to trade, the youngest too, his name was "native of Iran" (TI); servant with him; the fire went out in the morning; TI came to the old woman; lower her lip hangs on her chest, the upper one comes under her eyes; she asks to get the princess, whom her 6 sons are in love with, then she will give all her wealth; TI went up to the castle, kissed the girl, bit off the prepared food, called out to the divas, cut off everyone's head as they climbed the wall; brought the head of one of the divas to the old woman, who also cut off her head; came to the princess's father, showed the heads of the divas; the king will give her daughter if TI gets a mare with 40 foals; the princess teaches you to take sugar and dates with her; give dates to ants that are the size of a goat; pour sugar into a bitter spring, the mare will come to drink; TI did so, saddled a mare, followed by 40 foals; the king gave his daughter; TI sees a man draining the river with a cauldron; won, became his branded slave; a man with millstones on his feet (the same); who ate trees and stones (same); in one place people are hanged by their forelocks - they fall in love with the king's daughter; TI goes to ask the princess, the king orders; 1) eat a lot of pilaf and drink a pond of salt water (Opivalo and They ate); 2) break the pole in two (the man with the millstones made the pole thin and broke it); the king gave his daughter; on the way, the White Div took both wives and disappeared into the mountains; TI came when the divas were hunting, tells his wives to find out where his bubble of life is; diva: it's a bush (wives play around the bush); diva: at noon, a yellow bull comes to the spring, a bubble in his left thigh; TI got a bottle, told the diva to bring wives and all the riches, then broke the bottle; at night, three pigeons say: with a stick made of this tree you will heal a madman and only a healthy mind; a leaf will make a blind person sighted and vice versa; sprinkle bark in the sea and it would dry; sister TI came to the mosque, did not recognize him; he threw a ring on the plate, told him to give it to his parents, they recognized their son's ring; he made them sighted with leaves; wedding; about brothers no information]: 255-266; Baluchi [the king has three sons, two have a mother alive, the third has no mother; the horse is screwing, someone pulls the foal into the water, the prince does not give it, someone orders to give black milk to the foal sheep; the stepmother wants to take possession of the foal, he warns the owner that the bread has been poisoned; that a well covered with straw has been dug; the stepmother pretends to be sick, requires the skin from the foal's chest as medicine; that tells the prince that he must be saved at the eighth nearing, otherwise both will die; the young man rises to the sky on a foal, throws a letter to his father, it says about his stepmother's machinations; in seventh heaven he takes out a splinter from a diva woman, she gives hairs to burn, calling on divas for help; a young man kills a snake crawling along the trunk to devour Simurg's chicks; she wants to kill him, the chicks explain that he saved them; she gives feathers; let him burn if help is needed; the young man asks the shepherds for the stomach of a sheep, is hired by a gardener; three royal daughters notice a beautiful bouquet; find a young man's comb; pigeons fly to the betrothed; the son of a vizier for the eldest, the governor is middle; the young man hides in the stove, bald; the king puts him and his youngest daughter in a donkey stable; the young man collects all the gazelles, the older sons-in-law come to ask them without recognizing him; he gives for permission to stigmatize both; the young man's horse, divas, Simurg smash the enemies who have approached, build a golden house; the tsar hands over the kingdom to his son-in-law]: Zarubin 1932, No. 14:173-190; Tajiks [padishah sends the eldest, then middle son, to guard a thief who steals apples; only the youngest son from his youngest wife does not fall asleep, tears off the tail of a fiery bird; playing with money, breaks the old woman's spindle; she advises it is better for him to go looking for a thief like his brothers; chooses a skinny horse, a rusty dagger, catches up with his brothers; the stone says that whoever goes to the left will return, but not to the right; the young man turns left, brothers to the right; the wolf eats away the front legs of the young man's horse, then the back legs, the torso, the head; each time he asks if the horse was bipedal, without legs, etc.; the young man each time says he was; the wolf brings him to Padishah Misra, tells you to take a bird without a cage, he takes a cage, is captured, the padishah tells you to get the horse out of the country of Chin; the wolf tells you not to take harness, the young man takes it, Padishah Chin tells you to bring the daughter of Padishah Machin; the wolf gets everything each time he puts the guards to sleep, the young man returns on horseback with a girl; the wolf is going to stab a girl, a horse, a bird with a dagger; everyone gets poison from his mouth; the brothers cut the young man to pieces, take everything; the girl promises to marry the padishah when her severed braids grow; the wolf resurrects the young man, who wears a bull rennet, is hired as a servant to the cook; his sister and bride recognize him, the brothers are driven away, the young man marries, gets his father's throne]: Amonov 1972:116-126; mountain Tajiks (Karategin) [Jamkhur, his 7 brothers and their sister Zainal-Arab lived in Kalai-Jamhur; Imlok5a possessions were nearby; Hanafia co defeated him with his Arabs, converted him to Islam; H. defeated D. and his brothers, received a PRO; Devi Safid (a white diva) kidnapped her; H. and I. came to the well, H. went down on a rope, killed a diva, sent for upstairs; I. took her, left H. in the well; but the horse H. pulled him out; ZA refuses to marry I., asks for 40 days of mourning for her husband; H. defeated I.'s army, but was wounded; Shah's daughter Zanka came out; he took both wives - PRO and Z]: Mandelstam, Rosenfeld 1960:101-104; Uzbeks [Klych-Batyr goes to look for the beautiful Ak-Bilyak; meets, wins, heroes weaver, blacksmith, water carrier; leaves them pumpkin (calebass), if they see blood in it, let them come; the shepherd explains that the AB horse is guarding, laughing, the person who comes is executed every time; we must give him kishmish; KB penetrates the AB, ties her braids to pegs; she recognizes him as her husband; Karakhan tells the old woman to steal AK; she persuades AB to find out where KB's soul is in the sword; AB asks him to leave his sword at home, the old woman throws it into the river, KB falls dead; in this time, the old woman makes a flying horse, invites AB to sit on it, brings it to Karakhan; the twins see blood, the water carrier drains the river, the blacksmith sharpens his sword, the weaver tells the revived KB that K. marries AB ; KB kills K., makes the weaver the king of that country, the water carrier and the blacksmith viziers]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 237-242; Yagnobtsy: Andreev, Peschereva 1957, No. 15 [the father orders to watch his grave three evenings; the elder, middle brothers refuse, the youngest watches three evenings, receives a black, red, white horse; the king promises a daughter to the one whose horse will climb a hundred steps; the young man burns the hairs of those horses, He wins three times, not the third time he receives the princess; another king sends an old woman, she gives a sleepy potion, the husband falls asleep, the wife is kidnapped; together with his brothers on three magic horses, the husband comes to the kidnapper, kills him, returns his wife, marries the kidnapper's daughters to his brothers], 27 [the bear stole the princess, she stuck a thread, threw a ball out of the cave, the Grandfather Collector of Thorns found it, told the king, the princess returned, she gave birth to a strongman; people complain about him because he maims other children in games; he goes on a journey, his name is Hirs-ad-Dean ("hirs" is a bear); meets, wins, companions Chanor-Ed- Dina (wears plane trees), Sang-ed-Dina (rotates the millstone on her finger); they stole the girl, made her a maid, told her to always feed the cat, otherwise she would put out the fire; the cat was late for eating, filled the fire with urine, the girl saw smoke, came to the barzanga, she gave fire and a handful of grains; on the trail of the barzanga grains, she came, sucked the girl's blood; C., S. remained guarded, frightened, hid; H. cut off the head of the barzanga, but his head disappeared into failure, promised to harm; H. goes down on a rope, there is a captured peri; she finds out that the soul of every diva is in a locked room, in a pair of pigeons, in two worms; gave the divas drunk, H. took the keys, H. unlocked rooms, killed worms, divas died; Peri warns that companions will cut the rope; Peri agrees to marry the one who picks up the knife, gun and purse X., no one can; in the lower world, X. tells tigers not touching the peasant's bulls, kills a fox that strangled the old woman's chickens; the old woman advises killing a dragon that devoured Simurg's chicks; in flight, H. feeds Simurg with the eggs given by the old woman, lambs, which the peasant gave; Simurg bites off the last piece from H.'s leg, regurgitates, puts it back; gives a white and black feather to become old or young; only H. raises a knife, etc.; brothers are tied to horse tails; feast, the king awarded the Grandfather Collector of thorns]: 94-96, 131-138; Bartangans [the tsar gave his son the keys to 40 treasuries, but did not give one; the prince stole the keys, found a portrait in the chest, fell fainted; the king had to let his son go to look for a beautiful woman; Vezirbach ("the vizier's son") caught up with him and went with him; they came to that girl's house; she has 12 brothers, they cannot lift the cauldron, V. picked up alone; the diva brothers came, V. broke their arms; the prince and the divas ate a portion, and V. 12 meat carcasses; the divas gave their sister to the prince; gave the keys to 40 rooms, but did not give one; the prince broke the castle, there were divas on chains; asks for water; after drinking water, tied the prince with his hair and took his wife to the next world; V. went in search, telling him to wait 110 days; as soon as V. left, the divas tied the prince and left; but The lame divas untied and tied them again for their return; V. ate bread from that diva's sister, went down to the lake for the diva; there the prince's price was looking for a diva in his beard; V. killed the diva; sent the girl upstairs; when he They pulled him out himself, then when they saw that they were not a diva, they threw them back; V. came to the old woman's house; at night he went out: laughter on one side, crying on the other; the dragon demands a man every morning, a jug of butter and two bags of bread; it was the turn of the royal daughter; V. fell asleep with his head on her lap; woke up from a fallen tear; cut down all 7 dragon heads; the dragon became a bridge over the river; the servant said that he killed the dragon, but only V. could raise their heads; the king gave V. the bird Simurg; V. sat on one wing himself, loaded a supply of meat on the other; Simurg carried it to the ground, gave a white feather and a black feather; to be an old man, you must stick a white feather into your head, and black for the young; for that girl there was a fight, V. took her away; the prince did not complain about the diva brothers for tying him up; he returned home with V. and his wife; his father went blind; the prince rubbed his eyes with a handkerchief and he saw the light; everything is fine]: Sokolova 1960, No. 6:32-40; Mundzhans [the tsar has two sons from his beloved wife, one from his unloved one; before his death he orders to guard his grave for three days; the eldest, middle sons see a cloud and fire at midnight, run away in horror; the youngest is ready to shoot, the divas asks not to do so: he owes his father three horses, gives hairs to summon them; the other king has no children, the malang gives him an apple, three daughters will be born, one must be given to him; the daughters have grown up, the king will give them for someone who picks off a goat attached to the top of the wall at gallop; the younger prince on a magic horse fulfills the condition takes all three princesses, gives the elders to his brothers, takes the youngest for himself; the Malang stole her; the prince goes to look for her; his sister, who has married a diva, advises not to go; on the Horse Cloud, the prince takes his wife away, but malang catches up and takes it away again; Saint Khizr: there is a foal in his cell, give him nuts, raisins and cheese, dragon guards - tail fat; chase again; prince's horse advises the Malang horse to throw it off - prince will feed them raisins and cheese; the prince and his wife return to their brothers and bring their sister stolen by the diva]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 23:243-249; Burishi: Lorimer 1935, No. 1 [The White Virgin ( Dēu, DB) is hired by the noble king Shahzad Bahram (B.) to see him; but he does not go out to the people; DB takes the form of a vizier, advises B. to go out; takes the form of a beautiful horse; when B. on He sits down, takes him to heaven; calls him son; leaves, leaving many peri in care, forbiding B. to let B. into the same garden; B. threatens to kill himself, the peri are forced to let him in; there to the milk pond Seven doves arrive, leave their clothes, drip; then Shahri Bānu arrives, DB himself is in love with her; B. hides, fumigates SB's clothes with smoke from cow manure; returns when the SB calls him not father, uncle, son, and husband; SB wears it but cannot take off; when BD returns, B. hides SB in the room; confesses everything; although BD is upset, he marries lovers; one day B. sees in a dream that his Pipe Keeper (HT, Pipe Bearer) has seized power on earth, tyrannizes his (B.) ex-wife and sons; DB releases B. and SB, gives hair from his armpit to cause him in case of trouble; they settle in the poor man's house; while B. is hunting, HT comes, demands SB for himself; sends servants, who do not return at first, because they faint because of the beauty of the SB; SB promises to marry HT if he allows put her on her clothes; flies to Shahr-i-Shaskin (SHSH), throwing the ground in HT's face; B. calls the DB, the subjects recognize B. as king, he appoints the poor man with whom he lived to replace HT, goes to look for the SB; only an old maiden knows the way to school; wearing an invisible hat, B. overhears a girl telling the boy that her sister SB wants to marry today, but she does not want to; B. quietly eats food, boy and the girl fights, accusing each other; B. finds the SB, her mother tells them to flee, but B. first defeats the army of the king, the bridegroom of the SB (invisible, he makes the warriors kill each other); the SB father recognizes B. as a son-in-law; b. and SB return home, the poor man is made a vizier], 4 [local version of Geser {long text, many episodes, not everything is paraphrased}; king of Horeul kidnaps Langa Brumo, Gaser's wife; when he arrives at We interpret the rocks, K. fires an arrow, only the tip of the plumage is crushed; slips on a horse, but its tail is clamped; K. wants to cut off the tail, but the Rocks promise to let go of the horse if K. brings each one on the head two boys who LB gave birth to a kidnapper; K. comes unrecognized to King H.; there everyone pulls K.'s bow; unrecognized K. pulls the bow so that it shatters to pieces, they kill everyone except King H. himself; taking his form, tears the kidnapper to pieces; takes his treasures, the dev-servant carries them; cuts off the heads of King H.'s sons, when he arrives at the cliffs, gives them the heads of the boys, they are his miss; he reigns with his wife LB]: 3-33, 155-179; Turkmens: Stebleva 1969, No. 22 [the sick padishah asks his sons to get a nightingale whose singing he heard in a dream; the elder Gulyam and the middle Veli Dev throws him into the well; younger Mammadjan kills the deva with a stone, frees the peri; to finish off the deva, you have to kill his soul, it is in a bottle in the dragon's right ear; M. makes the dragon sneeze, finishes off the deva; peri tells the black maiden to take M. to his sister, the captive of a two-headed maiden; a total of seven sisters, each next is a prisoner of a deva with a large number of heads, up to seven; M. kills everyone up to the sixth, each bottle with a soul is kept by a goat, an old woman, etc. (just like in the first episode); the sixth girl explains: a dragon crawls to the plane tree every year, devours chicks; the grateful bird Zamyr will bring the dragon that has killed the dragon to where the nightingale is; we must give millet to the chickens, bones for dogs, salt for camels, tie the tongues of bells with rags on 40 steps of the stairs; M. did everything, the chicks ate the chopped dragon, the youngest left a piece under his tongue to prove to his mother that the dragon was killed; Zamyr brought M. to the room with the sleeping devas and the nightingale; M. first met with the sleeping beauty, so the nightingale raised the alarm; but M. took him and managed to sit on the bird; with the beautiful M. changed rings; Zamyr throws cooked meat and water; the meat is over, he cuts off a piece of caviar; Zamyr keeps it under his beak, puts it back; M. takes seven girls and treasures, finds it in the brothers' well; the brothers dazzle him, throw him into the well; they catch the dog's eyes, but it keeps them, takes care of M.; the padishah's nightingale does not sing; the nightingale's mistress finds M. on the ring, lowers him into the well puts his braids back in order for M. to get out; the nightingale begins to sing, the father recovers, the brothers are abandoned in the desert], 33 [the son of the bay, the son of a merchant and an orphan see the traces of a maiden at the well; the son of bay, the son of a merchant they cannot go down because of the heat; the orphan goes down, kills the deva, tells the companions to pick up the freed peri; they throw away the rope, the son of the bay takes the peri, the merchant's son takes the treasures; in a dream someone says to the young man that white and black sheep will fall from above, you have to jump on the white one, he will take him upstairs; he accidentally jumps on black; the daikhanin lets him plow, tells him not to make noise, tigers rush at him, he harnesses them; the dragon crawls to eat the chicks on the plane tree, the young man kills him, Simurg gives him his feathers; in the city, the dragon has locked the water, demands the girls to eat; the young man kills him, the grateful padishah adopts him; Simurg takes him to the ground, he throws meat and water to her, cuts off the last piece from her thigh, she hides it under her tongue, puts it back; at home, the young man turns into an old man, restores his mother's eyesight With a pen, Simurg becomes young again, his mother recognizes him; he kills the sons of a merchant and a bay, takes both wives]: 71-92, 170-179; Burishi [the rich man picked up a baby in wheat, named Dungpa Miru, he grew up, he was given a wife, but she gives birth to 100 sons with animal heads; while hunting, DM shot a goat, but the same goat was hit by someone else's bullet; two came up, gave the meat for promising to give their son or daughter, if will be born; the name of the person who comes up is Fasan Karaski, and he lives in the country of Yal Butot; his wife gave birth to a boy and a calf; DM brought him to FC; after parting, the son tells his father to wait on the roof with the boiler in 12 months: he will fall in him with a raindrop, let his wife drink and he come back; she became pregnant; the son talks to her from her womb; came out while she was sleeping; then the second boy was born; the first put it in his mouth, mother cried out; first son: if it weren't a mistake, his whole body would be like iron, and now his armpits are vulnerable; every day, Pangchu's first son is weakening, and the second Bumliftan is gaining strength; a name for everyone Kiseré's hundred sons; the eldest of them, Aba Kitung, divided land and property between them, and P. received a cemetery, a ford across the river, and a miserable hut; did not allow them to be buried there; when AK wanted to cross, P. did not allow it, replaced his lionheart with a fox; after that P. received as much as everyone else together; the king wants to give his seven daughters; P. took the form of a lousy one; decided to take the eldest Langa Brumo; gave her a donkey embryo sleeping; she has to agree to marry P. so as not to be disgraced; father and sisters are shocked by her choice; when other sons-in-law go hunting for the golden bull, P. goes too; LB and her stepmother secretly follow him, see him first take the form of a magnificent king, then hiding his horse in his sleeve, becoming a miserable freak again; mocking his sons-in-law; getting into his ear to the bull, feeds him poison; when he dies, the bull says that he was predicted to die at the hands of Kiser; tells him to take the knife out of his ear, cut it; P. takes the golden tail and hooves; sons-in-law find skin, they bring wool to the king, everyone says that he killed the bull, the king accuses them of lying; P. does not tell his wife that he killed the bull, but gives a nut with his bone marrow; when the king and courtiers taste it, they feel great taste; P. gives the king a golden tail, hooves, bull horns; asks for one grain and a drop of oil in response, puts a bag, the king's bins are emptied; Kiser left his forehead, won another country and took another wife there; at this time King Pahardang Gaipo stole his forehead; she said that Bumliftan's armpits were vulnerable; provoked him to raise his hands, the hidden warrior shot, but the arrow did not she pierced Bumliftan through and he galloped away; but when the arrow was pulled out, he died (he had to drag it through his body forward, so the tip would not remain in his body); Keeser went to return his forehead, the rocks on the way ; coming up to them, K. fires an arrow, only the tip of the plumage is crushed; skips on a horse, but its tail is clamped; K. wants to cut off the tail, but the Rocks promise to let go of the horse if K. hits each one on the head two boys who LB gave birth to a kidnapper; K. comes unrecognized to King H.; there everyone pulls K.'s bow; unrecognized K. pulls the bow so that it shatters to pieces, they kill everyone except King H. himself; taking his form, tears the kidnapper to pieces; takes his treasures, the dev-servant carries them; cuts off the heads of King H.'s sons, when he arrives at the cliffs, gives them the heads of the boys, they are his miss; he reigns with his wife LB]: Lorimer 1935, No. 4:102-179.

Baltoscandia. The Norwegians [the king's 12 daughters go missing; the other's 12 sons sail by ship to look for them; by captain Ritter Red (RR); the ship gets caught in a storm, then into the calm near the island; all fall asleep; the youngest the brother sees a puppy on the shore, lands, the puppy turns into a princess; her troll father gives a drink of strong water, then the young man can raise his sword; in 7 years the ship will sail to where the 12-headed lives a troll, 12 princesses brush his hair while he sleeps; a young man will cut off 12 heads; so it happened; princes take princesses away, they have forgotten their gold crowns; a young man goes after them; RR wants a younger the princess tells herself to sail away, threatens to kill those who say that he did not defeat the troll; a giant bird descends, tells her to feed her, carries the young man to the troll island; he is ready to give the young man his daughter and make him the king of trolls, but the young man refuses; goes down to the ship to pick up his sword; sees that the princess puts a sharp sword next to her at night so that RR does not touch her; the troll gives an iron a ship, it instantly takes the young man home; gives an iron club that can cause a storm; at home sends the ship back to the troll; pretends to be a poor sailor; the wedding of 12 princesses with 11 is scheduled princes and with RR; an imaginary sailor shows gold crowns, princesses recognize them, a young man opens; RR executed]: Dasent 1970:383-395; Swedes [a woman ate an extraordinary fruit and gave birth to two boys; along with the youngest, a magic sword; when leaving, the youngest leaves the elder an object so that he knows if something happens to him; he kills the dragon who has kidnapped the girl and marries the girl; or the girl is extremely strong and leaves the young man in a magical forest; there he fights opponents and, in prison, with herself, and when he wins, he marries her; one day she drops her curl into the stream, he is carried away by water and a foreign king finds it; the king sends a woman to find out who owns the curl; but when the king sends servants for the beauty, the hero easily kills them with his magic sword; the woman comes again and convinces the hero's wife to find out what her husband's strength is; the woman steals the sword, the hero is killed, and the wife goes to a foreign king; the older brother learns about the death of the youngest, finds his remains and revives him with living water; the younger brother learns about the death of the youngest turns into a horse, and the elder sells it to the king; the woman understands who is in front of her and tells her to stab the horse; three trees grow out of three drops of blood; they were cut down, but the sliver fell into the water and became a duck; the king undresses to enter the water and catch a duck; the hero takes his form, grabs the king's sword and kills him; punishes a woman, returns his wife]: Liungman 1961, GS 367:78-80; Danes [the shoemaker's son goes on a journey; divides the moose carcass between a bear, a dog, a falcon, an ant; for this they give him the ability to turn into these animals; in the form of a falcon, he lets himself be caught princess; becomes a young man in her bedroom; flies away and returns as a prince, gets a princess; if the sun falls on her before she reaches the age of 30, she will be kidnapped by a demon; it happened, young man becomes a dog, follows the trail, finds a wife; she persuades the kidnapper to tell us what his life is in; she is in the lake, in the dragon, in the hare, in the duck, in the egg; the young man in the form of an ant hears all this, flies with a falcon to the lake; there the dragon requires 12 pigs a day; a young man in the form of a bear fights the dragon three times; kills when he was given wine and bread during the battle; when he returns, breaks the egg on the demon's forehead; the cave turns into a palace, the young man and the princess remarry]: Grundtvig 1920:148-165; Western Sami [the young fisherman is unlucky; an old man came up, gave a fishing rod, told him when he would peck, not look at what he caught three times, cut into pieces, throw it back; the first three times he caught the bones of the head, arm, leg; the fourth time the young man caught the beauty; she began to do scarves, the husband sells; the prince wanted to take his wife away; the king told the young man to bring the wolf with legs without hair; the wife: go where he pulled me from; the young man came with two companions; the wolf offered to play cards and won, the wolf's wife welded one of the companions; the second time the same; the third time the wife sharpens a knife, the young man took out a handkerchief, the wolf saw his daughter's name on it, recognized his son-in-law; put the young man on his back, brought him to the royal castle, where the young man's wife married the queen; the wolf jumped out the window, hit the king, he fell to pieces; the people made the young man king; everything is fine]: Pollan 2005, No. 25:98-100; Estonians (Tartu-Maarja) [after the death of his father, the youngest son inherits a silver ruble and leaves; the old man advises buying dogs with this ruble: Bring food, Bite, RVI iron; terrible beast ravages the kingdom, demands sacrifices, it is the princess's turn; Gnaw kills the beast; the young man promises the princess to return in three years; the servant makes her say that he killed the beast; the young man returns the servant is just marrying a princess; the young man is shackled, the RVI iron breaks his shackles; the princess is happy to be saved, the servant is executed; the narrator heard from a Russian named Kuznetsov]: Järv et al. 2009, No. 1:31-34; Karelians: Evseev 1981 [the old woman died, the old man married Sueétar; the son of an old man and an old woman saw the swan maidens come to swim; hid the clothes of one of them, she became his bride; S. sent her daughter for him, she stuck needles in him, he fell asleep when ships with gifts came; on the ninth he was supposed to see his wife; when he went for the third time, the guy does not kill a deer, a duck, an eagle; an eagle carries him on his back across the sea, on the way he feeds the eagle meat, bread, wine; the duck brings a stone egg with the boy's mind inside; the deer brings him to the bride; she hides in the water, the pike brings it ]: 236-237; Concca 1959, No. 31 (Olonetskaya, 1886) [three girls took off their clothes, became ducks and swam; the guy saw, hid her clothes alone; he is silent when the girl promises to be a sister, gives her clothes for a promise to become a wife; the girl promises to sail on three golden ships; a woman came out of the water, stuck sleepy needles in the guy's ears, he did not wake up; the same on 6, 9 ships; the girl leaves a note: to see her, you will have to wear out 3 pairs of iron boots and 3 iron staffs; the guy goes looking, the hut is spinning on cock spurs, she is wearing a cannibal woman, her nose is a poker; she recognizes her boyfriend as her son brother; during the night she destroyed one pair of his iron boots and one staff; the same with two other women; the latter sends to hunt, the guy hid foxes from the cold, then cubs, cubs, cubs, threw pike into the sea; fox, wolf, bear, pike promise to help; a guy comes to an old woman who has 8 heads on poles, the 9th is cooked for him; the old woman tells her 9 horses to herd, they run away; a fox, then a wolf, a bear they bring; horse: we will give birth to foals at night, take the worst as a reward; the stallion tells us to go to the old widow; she says that his bride's love is in an egg inside the blue stone on the island; the horse jumped to the island , the pike took out an egg that fell into the sea; the widow fed it to her goddaughter (i.e. that girl), the guy married her]: 142-148; Finns [the blacksmith met a forest girl (metshaldja), married her; son Matty is immensely strong, parents of other children complain about him; to get rid of M., his father tells him to 1) bring firewood from the forest, where bears and wolves (easily dispersed animals), 2) fish from the lake, where is the monster (M . beat him with a fishing rod), 3) money lent to the king (beat the tsar's soldiers, brought money); M. goes on a journey, meets and companions 1) a fisherman trying to catch the same water cow a monster, 2) hitting boulders against each other (answers what awaits M. for combat; after finding out who is in front of him, refuses to fight, obeys), 3) dammed the river; in the cow's pen, the satellites slaughter one, leave the fisherman to cook meat; the old woman Iron Tooth ties him up, eats everything; the same with the others; M. throws her into the crevice himself, the companions confess what happened to them; the old woman is released hides in the abyss, companions let M. down there; the kidnapped princess orders to replace bottles of strong and weak water; M. defeats the old woman, she drinks weak water, dies; the companions pick up the princess and treasures upstairs, cut off the rope, lifting M.; the eagle on its back brings M. upstairs; M. throws his companions into the abyss, marries a princess]: Viiding 1980:9-20; Veps: Vlasyev 1941, No. 2 ( told in Russian) [priest Diy-Popovich's son is too strong; he brings a log on a bear from the forest, collects water tax; meets and companions Dubynya, Usinya, Gorynya; they cook one by one," himself from his fingernail, beard from elbow" hits the cook every time, eats everything; D. wants to cut off his head, but cut off only his beard, the dwarf falls into the dungeon, D. tells him to lower him on his belts after him; killed dwarf, freed three princesses, each gathers the palace in a handkerchief; the companions raise the princesses, cut off the rope; D. covered the chicks from the cold, fed them; their kite mother takes D. to the ground, he throws her pieces of meat, the last piece of her caviar, the bird regurgitates it, applies it; two princesses have married their companions, Elena from the golden palace is waiting for D., demands the same shoes and dress; D. unfolds the palaces, gets it; Usynya was shot, Dubynya, Goryna were demoted]: 15-25; Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 18 [the rich brother did gold things, and the poor brother did brooms; the poor saw a bird in the forest, threw an ax, killed, sold rich; he saw that the bird had "Whoever eats will become strong" on its right wing, and "Whoever eats has a gold coin under his pillow in the morning"; told his wife to fry the bird; the children came in poor brother and everyone ate; the hostess was frightened and fried an ordinary rooster; the rich did not have more strength, coins did not appear; and the poor became rich; the rich demands that he kill his children - they are devils; parents left their children in the forest; one went to get game; the bear asks her not to kill, gave her two cubs; the same was a hare; at the fork, the brothers parted, leaving a glass of water; if the water deteriorates, with one of the brothers is bad; the younger brother came to the city; there the serpent ate all the girls, it was the turn of the royal daughter; the young man sees the stove: "Whoever picks it up will find wine and a sword under it, whoever drinks wine will take possession of the sword" ; the guy cut off 10 heads of the snake, the saber broke, the remaining two were torn off by a dog, a bear and a hare; the guy burned a snake and hid his tongues; the princess gave a gold ring and a handkerchief, and also tied handkerchiefs to the animals; the boy and his beasts fell asleep; the royal servant cut off the sleeping man's head, told the princess to say that he had defeated the dragon; the beasts woke up, the hare brought alive and dead water, revived the owner; at first the head was wrong put it; redesigned; they all came to the wedding of the royal daughter; the bride recognized the animals by the ribbon; the king asks where the ring came from, the guy showed his tongues; the servant was beheaded, the guy married the princess; went hunting; the wizard turned him and the animals into stones; the brother saw that the water was cloudy; came to the forest, put a cross on the bullet, shot the wizard, forcing his brother, horse and animals to revive; on the lips it flowed, it did not get into his mouth]: 94-100; Latvians [when old, a rich merchant sent his son overseas with goods; he raised a lot of money, the local king greeted him; a young merchant sees a coffin in the cemetery, who spit; king: this is a debtor, they will spit on him for a year and six weeks; the merchant paid the debt, the debtor was buried; the king gave the merchant his ring as a keepsake; the father began to reproach his son, but sent him again goods; this time he bought two women who were saved by the royal people, and they refused to satisfy the king's wishes; the king gave the merchant a watch; for extravagance, his father drove him away along with the women; those they began to earn money by handicrafts, the merchant married the one that was more beautiful; the wife sent the merchant with a load of stones to the ground, where the stones were expensive, attached a ribbon with her name to the mast, and gave a letter to the local king; it turned out to be her father, he is happy that his daughter taken to sea is alive; he appointed the merchant as his heir; the merchant went to pick up his wife, but on the way back the minister pushed him into the water; he grabbed the swan; he was saved dead, brought the merchant to the father-in-law king; he was preparing his daughter's wedding with the minister; the merchant came in the guise of a beggar; the king, who gave the merchant a ring and a watch, was visiting; he recognized them, became ask the beggar; the merchant was married to the royal daughter again, the king died soon, he reigned; the minister was executed]: Brivzemniax 1887, No. 126:248-256.

Volga - Perm. Chuvash [spouses are childless; god Pigambar in a dream tells an old woman to put a piece of oak bark in sauerkraut; their son Ivan appears; wins, makes copper, silver, golden eagles brothers; everyone takes turns cooking food in the hut; every time a bearded dwarf comes, says that the bulls eat him, eats everything, connects the cooks, he says in the evening that he does not remember anything; I. defeats the dwarf, hangs on tree; a beard remains, a bloody trail stretches into the hole; Eagles lower I. on a belt to the lower world; he kills Chiga an old man, a hursukhal 'a, the father of three sisters; the eldest gives I. a strengthening ring; Eagles take women upstairs, drop their belt; I. kills a 12-headed snake, frees fresh water and people; a snake crawls along a pine tree to the nest of the Vagrant Eagle; I. kills the snake, the Eagle agrees to raise it on the ground; in flight, I. feeds him meat, it ends, he cuts off a piece of his thigh; kills sister traitors, marries his eldest sister who recognizes him, lets others go]: Chuvash tales 1937:67-83 ; marie: Akzorin 1995 (mountain) [the princess lowers the rope out of her beloved's window at night; one day the unclean comes earlier, penetrates her instead of a boyfriend; next time she thinks she's downstairs again unclean, and this is a guy, she cuts off the rope; the guy is ill for a long time; the serpent sits on the princess's clothes when she bathes; she has to agree to marry him; the recovered lover goes with the soldiers look for the princess; three sisters consistently show the way to the abyss, where the descent to the lower world; the guy descends on a rope, picks up the princess while the snake is away; she is raised; the officer orders to be considered a savior him; the princess throws a letter down, promises to wait; the guy ties a stone to the rope, the officer cuts the rope; the guy hides the chicks of a huge bird from the rain; she lifts it upstairs; on the way he feeds her meat, cuts off the last piece from the leg; on the ground, the bird regurgitates it, puts it back; the guy comes to the bride's wedding, exposes the officer, marries, reigns; the officer is tied by the legs to the tail horse]: 142-147; Znamensky 1876:38 in Rumyantsev 1962 [Yuma lowered his daughter to earth to herd his cattle; she was met by an earthly man, she stayed on earth with him; Marie leads her family from them]: 161; Chetkarev 1941, No. 9 (meadow) [when dying, father tells Ivan to pass off three sisters as the first to marry them; they are taken by Raven, Kite, Hawk; I. finds a portrait of Maria Marievna in his father's chest, goes to look for her; comes to see her first sister; her husband arrives, sits on three oaks, they go into the ground, he turns into a man; gives him a magic towel, I. leaves his ring, if it turns black, he is in trouble; the same with two other sons-in-law; the Kite gives a magic tablecloth, the Hawk gives a ring; teaches to feed the captured MM suitors first, she keeps them like pigs; locked with his suitors, I. opens a magic towel, all feast; gives it to MM for permission to touch her breasts; tablecloth for permission to touch her hair; ring: MM lies on the bed, I. kisses her {presumably not only}; MM keeps I. at home; MM goes to war, leaves the keys, allows the grooms to be released, forbids unlocking one door with 12 keys; I. unlocks, there is a 12-headed dragon on chains; asks for a bottle of green water; drinks, breaks chains , flies away, takes MM, giving I. three lives; I. arrives, takes MM, the horse answers the dragon that we will have time to sow rye, make beer, drink it, then we will catch up; the dragon catches up, takes one life (century) and MM; so three times; the fourth time the dragon kills I., lowers him into the sea in a barrel; the rings of the Raven, Kite, Hawk have turned black; the Hawk finds a barrel, splices pieces of I.'s body, the Raven revives him with living water; The hawk tells MM to find out from the dragon where he got such a fast horse; brings him to MM; I. overhears how the dragon explains: he herds 300 horses to Yaga the Lamb; MM gives I. a tablecloth to make a bridge across the sea; I. well shepherd, daughters Y. persuade her mother to give I. a horse; I. takes MM away again, I.'s horse tells his brother to throw off the dragon, he dies, MM sits on his horse; wedding, I.'s son-in-law also feast on her], 11 (meadow) [ the king tells his three sons to get horses that would not be afraid of the noise of battle; the youngest Ivan meets a frog, she gives a thin horse, only she is not afraid of rifle shots, I. smashes enemies; the king commands bring a fearless man; the frog gives a dog; at the sight of a bear, the brothers' people climb the spruce tree, the dog rushes at the bear; whoever finds the best bride, the king will give the kingdom to him; I. brings a frog; the king tells his daughters-in-law to bring a beautiful shirt; the frog has the best; who will bake the best bread; the frog throws the dough into the oven, brings a loaf; other daughters-in-law peek, also throw the dough into the oven, it burned down ; who will be beautiful; the frog turns into Maria the Princess, arrives in a glass cart, the street is lit up; I. burns frog skin; M. says that he should have waited two days, flies away like a swan; I. goes on a horse to look for her, a dog is with him; comes to the house, sister M. calls him son-in-law, horses glue one wing; in the second and third houses, the second and third sisters glued two more wings; the third sister teaches the Busurman hero to throw sand in his eyes, the dog will tear him apart; and so it happened, I. brings his wife, her sisters with her]: 160-169, 173-178; 1948 [someone warns a person that he is creeping up on him wolf; the savior's name is Yorok Jorokovic, he knows fate in advance, helps a man get out of captivity; he finds his home, his wife says that Y left 17,000 miles away, will return to pancakes; Y carries a man to his home; his wife marries; when she gets to know her husband, she drives the wedding away]: 124-125; Mordovians [dying, the old man tells his son to slaughter a heifer, her heart and liver will turn into two dogs; sister pulls it out of the well snake; both decide to lime their brother; sister pretends to be sick, sends a lion, a tiger for milk; to the mill for flour; the old woman orders to take flour so that one leg comes in and the other leaves; doors they slam shut when the dogs are inside; the young man climbs the birch tree, the dogs have time to gnaw the doors, the snake is killed; the princess is eaten by a 12-headed snake; the young man's dogs kill him, he hides his heads under a stone; the soldier says that he killed the snake; the young man shows the princess's ring, the soldier is beheaded; the sister puts a snake tooth in the pillow; the young man's body in the barrel is thrown into the sea; the old woman finds her, revives the young man alive with water; brother ties his sister to the horse's tail]: Samorodov 1972:293-299; the Udmurts [a soldier's son offends other boys as a child; when he is 12 years old, he tells blacksmiths to forge a 300-pound club, she carries the whole street with it, leaves; meets and takes Ivan Berezkin and Ivan Dubovkin as companions; they are the sons of a soldier she gave birth to when her husband was on duty and threw them into the water; that is, they are his brothers; alone carried a thick birch tree, the other an oak tree; people are digging a mountain, looking for copper; the heroes turned the mountain upside down, two blue pigeons, the mother of copper, flew out from under it; the same with the silver mountain (white pigeons are the mother of silver); gold (three red); came to the house where there was a bull in the oven; ate; three sisters wonder who they were; they went to the bathhouse; Berezkin, Dubovnik tried to prop up the door, the sisters easily knocked her out; when her younger brother supported her , did not knock out; three heroes married three heroes; the youngest's wife disappeared; he came to the rescue, there were old women - their girls were carried away by a wind demon; his soul was under 20 oak barks, a chest in the oak, a hare in the chest , there is a duck in the hare, there are 3 eggs in the duck, they contain the soul of a wind demon; the hero came to his wife, ordered him to hang brushes on the shoals and play as if she thinks that the soul of a demon is in the shoals; he says that there is a kid inside; the wife adorns the kid; the demon tells us where the soul really is; the hero spares foxes, hawk chicks, crayfish on the way; the fox caught up with the hare, the hawk grabbed the duck, the cancer took out eggs that fell into the water; the hero broke half three eggs, three demon heads fell; the hero burned the demon's body, began to live in his house with his wife]: Aldan 1936:35-44 (=Kralina 1976:149-154); Kazan Tatars: Yarmukhametov 1957 [three daughters The padishah is carried away by a whirlwind; the brothers Kich-batyr (kitsch - evening), Ten batyr (night), Tan-batyr (morning: younger) play; the old man advises them to better look for the daughters of the padishah; they come to the cave where the divas have disappeared; only Tan-B. pushes the stone away; the elders do not reach the bottom of the cave, Tan-B. cuts the rope, jumps; the mice undermine the walls of the well, send Tan-B. through the passage to the copper palace; Tan-B. kills the diva, frees the eldest daughter of the padishah; the same with silver, gold palaces, middle and eldest daughters, two other divas; the younger sister puts the palaces in copper, silver, golden eggs, gives Tan-b; brothers they pull out the girls, cut off the rope, lifting Tan-B; the mouse man tells them to sit on a white goat, not a black goat; Tan-B. sits on a white goat, carried to the upper world; the brothers tie a sword in front of the tent, Tan-batyr cuts off her legs; blind and armless come to him; they kidnap the padishah's daughter, make her sister; her fire goes out, she comes to the witch Ubyrly Karcik; she tells her to pour ash behind her so that she was able to come to visit; when she comes, she tells me to look in her hair, drinks the girl's blood; three brothers take turns guarding, Tan-B. binds the witch, beats; she swallows everyone, regurgitates healthy; Tan-B. does not regurgitates; others chop it, see a finger running away, find Tan-b in it; at home he hires a shoemaker; for the wedding of the padishah's youngest daughter, he creates boots and a dress to order with copper and other eggs, palaces; opens, marries; drives away brothers; passes off his wife's sisters as his brothers]: 39-61 (=Bulatov, Sharipova 2000:49-89; =Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 40:103-127); Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 64 [at the padishah three daughters and a son; the son is lost; three horsemen consistently promise to take him home if he gives his sister; the third time he agrees; in the morning the sisters were taken away; the brother goes in search; comes to the old mother of those horsemen; she shows the way; the sons-in-law are divas, each gives a pouch; the brother comes to the padishah's daughter; whoever sees her faints; he unties the first pouch, tables with food appear ; the princess asks for a pouch; when the young man gives the third, he tells his friend to tie him to the princess; the padishah marries them; tells them not to unlock the twelfth room; the young man unlocks, there is a 12-headed divas, asking for water , promises to save from three deaths, breaks chains and takes his wife away; the young man finds a wife, tells him to find out where the diva's soul is; he meets the diva twice, who takes away his three gifts of life; the wife decorates the broom; the poker; For the third time, the diva confesses that his soul is in an egg, in a duck, in a chest, on a bull's back in the sea; sons-in-law helps to grab a bull, get an egg; the young man broke the egg, the diva died, the young man took his wife; then he also killed sons-in-law], 67 [dzhigit dreams of a radiant girl; goes to look; when Nursyly leaves the palace, only he does not lose consciousness; the padishah tells me to bring a dress tomorrow that is gold in front, silver on the back; a horse with a silver mane; a golden palace with gardens; a bird brings everything; a horseman and his wife walk in the garden, she is drawn in by a cloud; a horseman finds a tree whose leaves are full; another that makes the lord of the divas; the third, whose root makes him strong; finds the diva kidnapper; N. replaces bottles of strong and weak water; the horseman kills the diva; N. rolls the diva's possessions into an egg; dzhigit returns from N.]: 315-321, 336-342; Bashkirs: Barag 1988, No. 50 [=Zelenin 1991, No. 101 (107): 436-441, the name of the hero Aleuk; Gin-Peri puts a ring on the finger of the young Alukey; he becomes numb; the old man tells him where to go; sister J. says she is getting married; A. tells her to plant J. her ring; A. and J. run, A. kills pursuers - Kubykty Kara and his army with arrows; J. gives birth to a child; And . takes her and the child home, leaves her by the river; J. bathes, the babysitter takes her clothes, J. flies away like a goose; at home everyone is disappointed that A.'s wife is ugly (the real wife has a month in one cheek, in the sun on the other, spits gold and silver); travelers talk about an unusual goose; old people advise you to hide in a hole, put a child next to him; J. comes to feed the child, takes off bird clothes, both fall asleep; A. returns his wife]: 360-365; Sagitov 1987 [in his old age, Aylar Khan has a son Alpamysh, Akkubyak Khan has a daughter Barsynkhylu; B. promises to marry the one who will defeat her; only A. wins; once fell asleep, Budyar Khan shackled him, threw him into the zindon; A. sends a letter with the goose, but it falls into Koltoba's hands; he took possession of A.'s property, Carlugas made his sister a maid, marries B.; B. promises to marry whoever pulls the bow of her missing husband will be hit by a gold ring; Budyar Khan's three daughters find A., help him get out by giving him his sword and freeing his horse; on the way, A. asks the herdsmen they meet who they are likes what they do better; without recognizing A., one replies that A. is happy with the death of A., the other says that he wakes a rope to hang A. if K. wins him; A. kills them, meets his son, grieving for his father; pulls on a bow, hits the ring, then K.; returns his wife and property]: 227-239; 1989, No. 44 [the old man bequeaths his two sons to marry; these are the Bear, the Eagle, the Karagush bird; the elder he marries himself, the youngest leaves; he does not kill the duck, she rewards, in the morning he is in the palace with his wife; they have a son, Salim; the hero unlocks the door, followed by a bird Eztyrnak with copper claws; the hero frees her for gifts three extra lives; E. takes his wife; the hero comes to his sons-in-law, they all fly together on Karagush, he takes his wife, E. catches up, takes one life; so three times; the wife finds out that E.'s soul is in the egg, in the chests, in copper palace; her sons-in-law get her, break an egg, the hero takes his wife]: 202-209; Komi [6-headed {or 9-headed; the narrator gets confused all the time} gundyr takes Ivan Tsarevich's bride; he, along with brothers Fedor and Vasily goes in search; there is a frequent spruce tree in front; the blacksmith shackled an ax, the older brothers cut, cannot cut through a clearing, I. cut through; shoots into a shovel, she turns out to be a house where food and drink; I. tells the brothers not to eat much; they drink and eat; F. must guard, fall asleep; I. fights against the 3-headed gundyr who has arrived, cuts down, hides their heads; the next night the same (V., 6-headed gundir, fell asleep); on the third night, I. hardly defeats the 9th head; now he has 18 severed heads and 18 horses; the brothers took his horses, cut off I.'s legs, left; I. swam along the river on a log, sailed to the widow of the 9-headed gundyr , his kidnapped fiancée is also there; the bride gives live water, I.'s legs grow, he hardly kills Yoma; the tsar tells F. to clean the barn, V. take revenge on the court, gives Ivan the throne]: Plesovsky 1975:23-33.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Daurenbekov 1979 [a sorcerer kidnaps Aigul, takes her to the island; her parents ask to save their daughter; Baisere leaves his companions on the shore to cook, sails to the island; at this time the sorcerer comes, knocks over the cauldron; the next day B. remains cooking, kills the intoxicated sorcerer; a house appears chained in it, A. B. frees her; while B. returns for the forgotten ring, A. kidnaps another old cleaver; a year later B. finds her during a wedding toy, buys her]: 204-206; Potanin 1916, No. 47 [bai visited three sides, died on the way to the fourth; orders before his death four sons (the youngest is from his youngest wife); Zadà's younger brother guards the eldest's sleep, kills the seven-headed old woman Jalmouth Kempir; another old woman said that the prince was building a staircase to get the princess, living between earth and sky; Z. was not afraid to get up, killed the dragon who was about to swallow the princess, returned to his brothers, leaving a note; another dragon grabs Z., turns into a woman, tells me to know what Saduar did to the rose and what the rose did to Saduar; the old woman sends an answer to the mullah, he sends an answer to the alyp-kara-gus (pritsa hero); Z. swims on the island, lies under a tree, kills a dragon that crawled eat the chicks; their mother arrives with storm and wind; brings Z. to the city of Saduara, leaves her pen; S., the local king; tells how he rushed at the black slave, the lover of his wife Rosa; wife hit him with a cane, turned him into a crane for three years, a pole for another three; into a cat; Rosa's six-year-old son touched the cat with a cane, returning S. to human appearance; S. turned his wife into a donkey, then her and her lover into pigs, people beat them to death; S. wanted to execute Z., but the alyp-kara-gus took him away; that woman turned out to be S.'s daughter, S. passed her off as Z.; the king of the heavenly kingdom passed him off as Z. and his daughter; the brothers buried Z. in a hole to take his wives; he burned the pen, the bird brought him home; he fired arrows into the sky, they fell, pierced the brothers]: 159-162; Sidelnikov 1971 (1): 7-33 [starving horse toast (?) , the old woman gave birth to a son Yer-Tostik; he injures a chizhik, who tells him to look for his missing 8 brothers, who starved cattle to the south; he goes to look for brothers; finds, leads; their father Yernazar marries them 9 sisters, ET on the younger Kenzhekei; Peri Bector wants ET for himself; tells Baba Yaga to grab E., he promises her a son; leaves the sharpener in the old camp, ET goes after him on a six-legged horse, Seminogy takes on an excuse; K.'s wife gives him her father's horse as a dowry; ET, grabbing a whetstone, runs away from Baba Ega, falls into the lower world of the snake khan Bana; he promises him a daughter if ET will get Temir Khan's daughter; ET meets, companions Thief, Windropog, Sensitive Ear, Gorokat, Lake Swallower, All-Seeing Eye, thanks to them, wins competitions, gets a woman; grateful Bany -Khan shows the way up; on the way, the wife dies, ET goes with her slave Kunkei; kills a boa constrictor crawling to the chicks; a double-headed eagle (one human head, the second is a bird) carries him and K. to the ground; peri throws him into the well, the double-headed eagle saves him; ET saves Kunkey, married to Shoin-Kulak (Baba Yaga's son), eavesdrops where the soul of the ShK (in a goat, in a box, in a chicken); kills the ShK; returns to Kenzhukei], (3): 66-75 [Khan dreams of a bird, flowers fall from its mouth, pearls from its eyes; three sons go to look for it; Asan goes back along the road, Usen may return, youngest Hasan will not return; the old woman Zhalmauyz Kempir turns him into a gazelle, her daughter regains her human appearance, gives an arrow to kill her mother, sends him to a tree where the bird's nest is Samruk; H. kills Boa constrictor crawling towards the chicks, they eat pieces of the boa constrictor's body, they say that the rain is their mother's tears, the wind is from her wings; Samruk does not eat H., brings virgins to the country, he cuts off meat from his thighs, gives it to her eat, she heals his wounds; he takes the bird, leaves a note to Khan's sleeping daughter, the virgins, returns to the bride; the brothers lower H. into the well, cut off the rope, the girl runs away to the steppe; Khan's daughter Asan and Usen are accused of lying, they are executed; finds Hasan and his wife, leaves the bird to his father]; Kyrgyz: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1963 [Momunjan asks his wife Olonchan to look like her takes a doll with him while working in the field to admire it; the wind carries the doll away, the khan sees her, tells her to get a beautiful woman; the servants take O. to the khan's house; M. comes disguised as a beggar, O. smiles for the first time; to hang his wife, the khan agrees to dress as a beggar, go to ail begging; O. tells the servants to cut off the beggar's head, becomes a khansha]: 231-233; 1981 [Kuluke's elder brother goes to look for a bride; the bearded dwarf invites him to push the stone, he cannot; the same middle brother Turuke; the younger Bereke pushes it away, the dwarf lowers it on the arcana into the hole that opens; three khan's daughters successively give B. copper, silver, gold rings; brothers raise the girls on the arcana; when B. rises, they cut him off; the former dwarf tells me to go to the witch; she has the Alpkarakush bird in her thirtieth pantry; After opening other storerooms, he defeats a six-headed snake, a tiger, a lion, pulls out treasures; a bird takes him to the ground; he marries a girl who gave a gold ring; the brothers fled]: 24-27; Sabyr uulu 2008 [Khan Garshas has only son; returning from hunting, he saw a roe deer at the entrance to the cave; she ran into the cave; the young man looked - the cave was beautiful; she became a roe deer again and pooped, jumped over the fortress wall; Khan G. orders to surround the fortress, promises to execute the one whose head the roe deer will jump over; she jumped over the head of a deva named Echermat and ran away; E. chased her, followed by Khan's warriors; towards the caravan of another khan's son; he gives the caravan to the warrior leader and asks him to say that E. was killed; he took E. himself; said that he was looking for a beautiful woman from the city of Chynmagyn ( apparently, Chin-Machin); E. asks to leave him to sleep for 40 days, and then promises to get the girl; tells him to wait 40 days; on the way to Cinmagun, each of the bridges was guarded by 5 guards; bells on the bridge; E. turned around as a child, he took water in his mouth, began to pour water into bells; then turned into a fly and flew across the bridge; then 40 elders; E. pretended to be a dervish named Majurup; one elder did not believe it; by evening he fell ill, he was taken to the mountains and left; then 40 girls; E. pretended to be an orphan girl; she was taken to watch the fire in the hearth; the girls got used to her; she taught them blindfolded and blindfolded games towards each other; E. went further, there were 40 horsemen on the road; E. pretended to be an orphan boy; he was taken to look after horses; E. developed timidity in his horses, they took the riders to nowhere; 40 dogs, E. threw dice to them; the sycamore tree branches into the sky, at the foot there is a seven-headed dragon, at the top in a golden cage there is a girl guarding the golden cage of Dev Semuruk {from the Simurg bird}; E. turned into a dragon since 15 heads; seeing him, the 7-headed dragon left; E. flew up a sycamore tree as a bird, persuaded Deva Semuruk to take the girl to the khan's son; then Dev Semuruk left, and Dev E. fell asleep for 40 days, telling the khan's son and girl to follow the dog; but they fell behind, got to the deva brothers; the girl hid in the thickets, and the khan's son was thrown into a bucket of salt water; but the dog realized that the Khan's son was in trouble, E. woke up, he went to the house of the devas, called, they went out one by one, he tore off their heads; E. fought with the seventh deva for a long time, the girl helped E. win by throwing a lasso over the other deva; E. asks the girl does not open one door in the caravanserai; she opened, there are two calves tied there: black and red. black asks him to untie; became a black deva and does not tell you to untie the redhead; she untied, both devas she was taken away; she gave birth to a boy out of fear; E. came to her, teaches her to tell the deva that her teeth hurt, let her bring a dental remedy; then the girl must pinch her son to cry; say what she wants to know where is the soul of the deva; dev: go all the land 7 times to get to a place where there are two mountains; at their foot there is a lake, a capricorn grazes by the lake, in the stomach of Capricorn there is a heavy key to the cave, it has two pigeons: black and red ; these are the souls of two devas; E. overheard this, killed a black dove, brought a redhead, tells the deva to let the prisoners go; dev let the prisoners go, E. brought him to his home in Kuikap (Mount Kaf); put a yurt to the khan's son and his wife; but E.'s eldest daughter-in-law harbored envy of people; threw the scorpion into the pond where Khan's son and wife were swimming; E. saw and knocked down the scorpion with a click, but at the bottom a drop of scorpion blood fell on the girl's face; E. began to suck blood; Semuruk descended from heaven and showed a scorpion hidden by Etimat's elder daughter-in-law; E. drove her away; Semuruk took the khan's son and wife to him; when he was flying, some stars collided and fell down; so we see shooting stars]: 331-335; yellow Uighurs [the monk tyrannites his sister; after her mother's death, she has a white mare and a dog; where the mare urinated, a pine tree grew; then a mare, dog and girl became pregnant; the girl is three years pregnant; in a snowstorm, a monk sends her to the mountains to die; she gives birth to a son Gesar with a sharp nose and big ears; where he is, there warm; Uncle G. comes to poison him, but G. offers him poisoned tea, he runs in fear; sends a dog, an eagle, G. kills them easily; Khan's three daughters go into G.'s hut, only the youngest likes him, although he is poor; the girls are returning, the bodies of the elders are covered with ulcers; the youngest agrees to marry G., her sisters are immediately healed; G. is a powerful man, the sisters regret that they are not his wife; Khan sends G. kill a terrible monster; he has one human head and 8 different animals; the captive teaches him to swim to the monster on an island on a sheep; with difficulty, but G. kills all monsters with a sword; during this time White Khan kidnapped G.'s wife; he finds him, they fight, his wife sprinkles peas under her feet, he falls, G. kills him; Khan transfers power to G.]: Stuart, Jhang 1996:44-50; Karakalpaks (Kegeli district) [ the old woman gave her son a hundred tillas, sent him to town; he saw that two boys were going to beat a cat; bought it for a hundred tilles, returned home; the father gave him another hundred; the guy bought a puppy tormented by children; the father gave money again; the guy bought a chest with a snake in it; she wrapped him around his lower back, told him to put it back and take it to her country; the guy did so; brought the snake to the house, which was underground; her father was the padishah of snakes; the snake said, "If you bring me, my father will give [you] whatever you want, if he gives [you] cattle, you don't take it if he gives Tilla, don't take it, if he gives gold, don't take it, my father has a stone called hurr stone - a stone of happiness; it is under his palate, if you want to get (for yourself) wealth, then take it"; the guy received a stone of happiness, put it under his palate, went home; asked for a horse, a falcon, a wife and a manor from the stone; all this appeared; the Khan's son was swimming in the lower reaches of the river, he got his hands on a piece of golden hair that belonged to the boy's wife; the Khan's son asked his father to bring the girl; the khan shouted, the old woman responded to him; she sailed to the boy's place; the guy took her into his house; the old woman began to ask his wife, found out about the stone of happiness; told her to take this stone from her husband; the wife begged it, gave it to the old woman; the old woman moved with the boy's wife and homestead to his country; the guy returned from hunting, found that everything was gone; the cat and the puppy promised to help, came to the khan's house; the cat, sniffing people's mouths, found an old woman; put her tail in her nose; an old woman sneezed, the stone fell to the ground; the cat caught it on the fly, brought it to the guy; the guy used the stone to return his wife and home, and then went to his parents]: Baskakov 1951:184-189; salary (Ullagyl, Xunhua -Salar Autonomous County) [on a deserted mountain, a mare gave birth to a child; he grew up looking for brothers; shot a stone with a bow from which smoke was coming; a man screamed inside the stone; both went on; They shot an arrow at the tree; from there a man screamed; the three of them began to live; the one who came out of the stone was named Tash-gaga (brother Kamen), from wood, Agash-gaga (Brother Derevo), and the one born as a mare was named Masemba; went to look for wives, came to a dwelling; no one was there, food was being cooked in the cauldron; the next morning the brothers went hunting, returned in the evening; bread and tea were prepared; in the morning they left T. in the house and left hunting together; T. hid, saw three pigeons fly in; they threw off their feather cloaks, turned into girls; one cooked food, the other made a fire, and the third swept the yard; then they put on their raincoats and flew away; one of them was Kyung-ana (Sun Maiden), the other Ay-ana (maiden Luna), the third was Yultus-ana (Star girl); in the evening T. told his brothers what he saw; the next morning A. was left to guard the house; he saw and told his brothers the same thing; the next day M. stayed in the house himself; when the girls started cooking, he jumped out of the shelter and threw their feather cloaks into the fire; Kyung -ana smeared herself with dust and soot; her brothers came in the evening; T. chose Ai-ana, A. - Yultus-ana; M. went to Kyung-ana; in the morning she washed her face and turned out to be beautiful compared to the other two girls; T. and A. did not like it; they threw M. into the abyss, took his bow and arrows, and Kyung-anu gave him to herd his sheep into someone else's house; a bird that flew into the abyss told M. that she had a chick there; M. said to her about his brothers who betrayed him; the bird promised that it would carry him on its back; then she brought a hundred sparrows and said to M.: "Sit on my back, take all the sparrows. When I make a circle, open my mouth, you throw [there] one at a time!" ; M. did as she commanded; fed her all the sparrows and, when he was upstairs, set off; came to his wife, asked her to look in his head; the wife cried, said that her husband had a similar mole; M. admitted that he had escaped the abyss; they came to his brothers; they played with a bow and arrow; said to M.: "You will not be able to pull the bow. Masemba played with that bow and arrow!" ; M. replied that he would pull a bow, grabbed it, put an arrow and killed both brothers; he got their wives]: Tenishev 1964, No. 53:104-105; Dungans: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 7 [Mynguzi about seven heads sucks the princess's blood, preventing her from getting married; Duanzhan thinks to fight him, but his mother advises sending his stepson named Ponzhyr; the princess gives him a ring; P. wakes up to her tears, kills a monster that comes in the morning; gets a wife; she is kidnapped by a werewolf; D. pushes P. into the abyss, the princess rejects D. because he does not have her ring; P. kills the werewolf, returns his wife; D. is buried up to the neck on the road, stepmother tied to the horse's tail], 8 [Ponwyn hears a girl scream from the sky, throws a rocker arm into the whirlwind, a shoe falls; finds out that the emperor's daughter has been carried away; takes warriors and his friend Duanzhian; descends a rope into the cave; the princess teaches how to cut a sleeping snake with his own sword; when the princess is raised, D. orders to remove the rope, fill the entrance; P. frees the son of the dragon king; orders to take his father's reward is a drum; he gives everything he needs; P. comes home, where D.; D. spies on the drum turning into a girl (this is the youngest daughter of the dragon king); throws P. into the well; the drum covers the table with crap, flies away to complain to the emperor; P. is pulled out, he shows half of the bracelet given to him by the emperor's daughter; gets it; D. is buried at the crossroads up to the neck]: 68-73, 73- 79.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Siberian Tatars: Prelovsky 2003 (Tobolsk District, Tyumen Region, Western 1971) [Alyp Mamshan (=Alpamysh Kazakhs) went on a journey, fell asleep in the forest, the hunters dug a hole, pushed him there; AM sent a swan with a letter to his wife to pull him out with her braids down; two girls became come to the pit, throw AM food; the wife came, saw the girls, left jealous; after AM left, his mother had a son Irnek; accidentally kills a neighbor's rooster, she wants him to disappear like a brother; he threatens to put his mother's hands on a hot cauldron, the mother is forced to talk about her brother; I. went to look for AM, fell asleep in the forest next to the hole where he was; people pulled out AM, let the mace kill I.; he from the blow woke up, the brothers got to know each other, killed people in that city, left only the good sisters who fed AM; the brothers are returning, the blind mother sees the light; the shepherd, who has become a padishah, passes off his son for his wife AM; AM pulls a sheep bubble over his face; plays kurai, breaks; he is given kurai AM, the wife learns her husband's play; breaks the bow, gets an AM bow, kills the groom out of it; the shepherd runs away to the sheep, the wife is guilty of AM, he drives her away; his adventures follow]: 193-203; Tomilov 1995 (Chanysky District, Novosibirsk Oblast) [enemies lured Yal-Mamysh into a hole covered with twigs and grass; the goose agreed to take it his letter to his wife and parents; they sent his friend to help him out; a friend covered the hole with a stone, said that I was dead, began to marry his wife; the wife promises to marry the one who would pull the bow I.; sends it I'm looking for my sister; she pulls him out of the hole; I pretend to be a poor stranger, pulls a bow; his son is the first to recognize him; I shoot a traitor friend, who turns into a crane]: 153-155; Chulym Turks [three swan maidens (aka ducks) fly in, clean the house three brothers; the elder, middle brothers see nothing, the younger hides the girls' clothes, the brothers get married; the hell comes out pipes under the hearth to drink women's blood; younger brother shoots, hell, taking the youngest's wife, falls underground; brothers lower the youngest on a rope; the woman gives the devil - the iron king vodka, that says that his soul is seven eggs in a box, a box in the stomachs of seven deer; the hero pulls out, breaks eggs, kills a devil born to a woman's son, his brothers pick up the woman, the elder cuts off the rope, picking up the younger one; he falls; sees how the mouse has recovered, gnawing grass, heals himself; the kite cooks meat, lifts the hero to the upper world, the meat runs out, the hero cuts off the flesh from his leg; the kite regurgitates this a piece, puts it to his leg; the hero marries; shoots in the air, an arrow pierces his older brother]: Porotova 1980:76-80 (=Lukina 2004, No. 5. 12:117-122); Altaians [father falls ill, sends daughter Torko-Cachak ("silk brush") for the old shaman Teldekpey-Kam; he demands that PM become his wife, she refuses; after the campaign, TC says that the father will recover when PM is stabbed in a barrel and lowered into river; the young fisherman Balykchi took out a barrel, replaced the PM with a dog, threw the barrel into the river again; the TC slaves pulled it out, brought it to the owner, left; the dog gnawed it almost to death; PM drew her birch bark portrait so that B. could always look at her; the river carried away birch bark; Kara-Kaan saw her, ordered the girl to be brought in; she lived in his tent but did not smile; laughed when she saw a young man in a goat fur coat outward riding a bull; KK decided to put this fur coat on himself and sit on the bull; he took him away, his heart and liver burst; PM stayed with B.]: Garf, Kuchiyak 1978:150-163; Khakas [Kara Kana's daughter gets pregnant; her father tells her to be dazzled in the forest, the soldiers leave the girl, bring her father the dog's eyes; the girl gives birth to three boys in the hut during the night, each immediately runs away, three days later returns as a hero, them the names Ulug Irgek (irgek is "finger"), Kichik Irgek, Ivan Sarchyk; seven-, nine-, twenty-headed snakes took the king's three daughters to the golden mountain; the guard whistles, the older brothers fall, IS is not afraid; on a mountain in a copper house, a girl replaces a barrel; the serpent drinks, its strength decreases, the power of IS grows, the serpent is killed; the same is in silver and gold houses; sisters take with them at home, rolled into scarves; IS brothers and the guard takes three princesses, throws away the stairs, IS remains on the rock; the blind witch promises to let him down if he returns her eyes; they are under the waterfall; the horse asks to be freed from his luggage, tells you not to listen to the witch, chain her to the floor, supposedly to treat her, pour cast iron into her eyes; the horse lowers the IS; under the guise of a bald IS, comes to the wedding of a false IS with her younger sister; she recognizes her handkerchief, given to this IS; the guard was beheaded, the brothers marry three princesses]: Katanov 1907, No. 384:396-409; Khakas [Khara Khan took the only horse from the hunter; he took the girl and became live with her in the forest; son H. saw her, wants to take her, asks his father to take her away from the hunter; H. demands 1) to play hide and seek; the wife tells her, when he enters the bay, to turn everything over and break everything, choose a horse with his eye covered , with rusty bits, drive him, hit him in the eyes; the horse turns into son X.; when son H. comes to look for a hunter, his wife turns him into scissors, son H. does not recognize him; 2) ask how old the bear is; the wife gives seven hats, tells me to lie in the forest, put them on his feet, knees, arms, head; The bear comes up, argues that poplars have been standing under them for 300 years, he has lived under them for 60 years, but has not seen such a thing; 3) go to Erlik- Khan, bring a black fur coat from his deceased father, a black handkerchief from his mother; the wife gives the ball and the skull of a dog, tells him to go after the ball, then throw the skull; the shadows of father and mother H. reproach the son for greed, tell him become a black woodpecker, his wife a blue woodpecker, their son a magpie; they ask to pick up the dog's skull, he barks, haunts; the hunter returns, ashes on the site of the yurt, son H. is preparing a wedding with the hunter's wife; the hunter turns H. with his wife and son into birds, returns his wife, is chosen by the khan, distributes cattle to the poor]: Balter 1986:46-52 (=Taxams 1988:218-223); Tuvans (Bai-Taiga) [in the upper reaches of Kashpal-Kara-Khem Karaty Khan lives, a lama with two students in the lower reaches, a fisherman Bagai-ool with an angry dog in the middle reaches; the lama wants to marry K.'s daughter, but this contradicts his vow; gives K. a potion, he falls ill; lama persuaded another llama to tell K. to put his daughter in a chest, go down the river; he lowered it, after a laxative he immediately recovered; B. caught the chest, replaced the girl with a dog; the llama opened the chest, his dog tore it, the students killed the dog; B. does not fish, everything looks at his wife; she gives him her portrait to admire; the wind carried away the portrait, another khan saw, took away B.'s wife; three years later, having earned property from K., B. visits the kidnapper unrecognized; the wife recognizes her husband, smiles for the first time; promises the kidnapper that if he comes in the same funny clothes, she will be even more happy; tells the servants to kill the one who is tomorrow will come, this is an evil spirit; servants kill Khan, B. takes his place]: Samdan 1994, No. 13:341-351; South Altai Tuvans [Bai Nasar's 8 sons drove 800 horses and did not return; when BN and his wife ate a horse breast, his wife gave birth, a son was named Er Töstük ("brisket man"); he grew up; an old woman wove it, he stepped on a thread and tore it; the old woman told him to look for brothers better; the father said that he had no brothers, he was deceived; another old woman's grandson pulled ET's bow, ET hit him, the boy died; and this old woman told him to find better brothers; ET found brothers first and then horses, they returned home; BN went to look for their nine sisters to marry; found them; their father did not tell them to spend the night at the Chushurlug Chuduk on the way back, but BN did not listen to his younger sister's warning, intended for ET, and spent the night there; she sent a man to her father asking her to give her a hemp shirt for ET and the best mare and camel; he did not want to, but gave it away; in the morning there was no mare; BN went to a place to sleep at the Salt Well: the mare is there, and next to the jelbege, covered with one ear, put the other under her; BN asks to give the camel; the jelbege says that he cannot get up, let the BN come by himself; he comes up, she grabbed him, threatens to eat him, refuses to let him go in exchange for his 8 sons, for 800 horses, agrees to let him go if he gives ET; BN promises to leave Jelbig's son's triangular file, with whom he sharpens arrows; says he has forgotten and sends ET after him; the bride tells ET everything; he asks his father which horse to ride; BN: sit on a six-legged and take an eight-legged with him; bride: no, sit on the horse my father gave me to wear that hemp shirt; 8- and 6-legged horses won't last 6 and 8 years; when ET sits on a horse, he tells me to shout to Jelbig: What kind of children do you have with your back? she will look around, grab the file and jump away; they run away and find themselves in the underworld of the serpent Bobbuk Khan; the horse tells you not to be afraid of snakes that crawl inside ET and go out; because ET was not afraid, two snakes turned into khans; ET says he came to get Temir Khan's daughter for Bobbuk Khan; he is happy and lets him go; ET meets people, everyone answers (at first not understanding who is in front of him) that he would like to become ET's companion; the first knows how to catch birds on the fly; the second hears everything; the third eats a lot; the fourth drinks and pours the sea back; T. will give his daughter to the winner; ET the mare wins the run; the mountain carrier wins the fight; eats the most; drinks three sips, but the sea level has fallen by only three fingers; the ET horse dives: if black blood flows, he died, and if colorless, he took out a cauldron; first colorless blood rises, then black blood rises, but then the horse swam out, brought a cauldron; the listener heard that T. was going to burn the heroes in the house; a mountain raiser turned the house upside down, they went out unharmed; T. ordered to serve the poisoned meat, the heroes changed their portions and portions of the khan's subjects, they died; ET brought daughter T. Bobbuk Khan; he gave a girl to Chünkee and five men in return; on the way, the men died; ET and her girl spent the night under the larch; it rained, and Khan Gärdi birds in a tree A snake crawled; ET shot the snake with a bow; in the morning hail began and Khan Gerdi flew in; when she found out what had happened, she carried ET with girl S. and the horse to the ground; but Jeelbege's son Schojun Gulak (SG) was already waiting there; he took C. and the horse and pushed ET into the hole; the horse managed to throw a flint into the pit; ET cut out the fire, burned the pen given to him by Han-Gerdy, who appeared, lowered its wing into the hole, and ET got out of it; ET and C. agreed that ET will hide under the cradle in which C.'s son is from SG; she will stab the baby, he will cry, SG will begin to ask why; C.: the baby says he is ET's son, not SG, since SG does not want to leave him around with him his soul (the receptacle of life); SG whispers to the baby (and ET hears) where his soul is; 70 moose will come to the Saltwell, inside a brown box, in a shower box; ET is waiting (moose are afraid to approach, but SG calms down: he killed ET), ripped open the brown man's stomach, 9 birds in the box; he killed 8, left one, came to the SG, began to fight him, ordered C. to kill the ninth; there were 9 birds in the box again, but C. killed everyone and SG died ; his son jumped up, but ET threw him into a 70-planted hole; when ET returned home, making a camel, as predicted, gave birth to a camel; the bride waiting for ET became 15 years old again; holiday]: Taube 1978, No. 37:192-206; Buryats (Yeravninsky District of Buryatia) [an orphan received a pound of grain for his work, he was beaten by hail; for another job he received a foal, he was eaten by a wolf; the third rich man gave a torn net for work; an orphan caught a goldfish, felt sorry for it, lay down on the shore with the fish under his head; woke up in the palace, next to the daughter of the Sun; Khartaganan Khan offers to hide, the winner will get another's wife; wife turns an orphan into a cow's last, into a head, into a needle, H. does not find it; tells her husband that H. will turn into a lamb, a horse, an onion; does not advise him to go for the khan's wife; the orphan still goes, the wife does not tell eat, drink and say yes; the orphan violates the prohibitions, agrees to H.'s offer to first return the horse and the cast silver saddle from Shara-hubun; the wife says that this is impossible; tells me to go to her father ask for a rainbow; an orphan climbs a mountain, barely alive; comes to the Sun; he sends it around the mountain instead; an orphan in the form of the Sun beats a black man, then a white man; eats what is cooked on the afternoon meal table, pushes the table down; the beaten come to complain, but the Sun admits that the son-in-law is right (the black one has beaten the crops with hail, the white one let his dogs go, because the wolves are orphans on the foal; The father-in-law himself did not help his son-in-law when he climbed the mountain); the orphan receives a rainbow, sees only one horse riding at his former camp, under it a letter from his wife: H. took her away; an orphan comes to H. in poor clothes, pulls out a rainbow, H. dies immediately; an orphan took good and his wife]: Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 21:255-269; darkhats [Dzaluta Mergen has been sleeping for three years and has been awake for three years, his dogs Khasyr and Basyr are evil in three years, horses in three months, camel in three days; they all raise the alarm; Ebögun Mangys ("old mangys", SM) comes, the shepherd tells him where the DM weapon is; his wife wakes DM up, he jumps into the steppe; horses tell me to return; on the ashes he finds his wife's note; she writes where the weapon is buried, promises to help kill EM; DM meets the hero, fights him, turns out to be his son; DM comes to EM, She meets his wife, she has seven sharp-headed children with EM, she promises to persuade them to find out where their father died; this is a red-pieked tiger, a golden bogshiro, etc. (seven, according to the number of children); EM destroys all the receptacles of EM's soul, he dies, he takes EM's wife and property; goes to marry Narsyn Guali, daughter of Lusay Khan; under the guise of a poor man, he competes the winner will get NG; only DM pulled out his bow; shaking out bags of ash, sand and snow, caused a blizzard and dust storm, won the race, won the fight; L. does not want to give his daughter to the poor man, demands to tame stallion (tamed), then bring foam from Hangai-talay (informant: Lamaists sacrifice sea foam when worshiping Lusai Khan); this foam is poisonous; DM sees a Dzandyn Modo tree along the way, with a nest Khan Garidi, Abaga's snake, wrapped around the trunk, is going to eat the chicks; DM killed the snake with an arrow; the chicks say that only their mother can get foam; she arrives with wind and rain; the bird brings , DM returns alive; Lusai Khan invited food to sit down, he fell into a hole; horses found him, brought a girl with a scythe in 90 fathoms, she lowered them into a hole, DM got out, killed Lusai Khan, Narsyn Guali gave them wife to son]: Potanin 1883, No. 147:507-512; Khalkha Mongols: Bennigsen 1912 [the tiger cub became friends with a calf; the tigress killed a cow; the tiger cub ripped open its mother's stomach with scissors and began to live with a calf; hung up a bell for him to call for help; when he heard the ringing, he rushed to the calf, but he simply drove away the flies; next time he did not run, and the calf was killed and eaten by hunters; the tiger cub asked him to be killed and buried his bones and his calf were together; two trees grew in this place; from which Altan-Hoo (the golden boy, the incarnation of a tiger cub) and Mungung-Hoo (the silver boy, the incarnation of a calf) began to emerge; the shepherd saw told Khan that he caught the boys on his orders, the khan began to raise them; while AH beats off enemies, MX went to marry Kharakchi-Khan's daughter; kind to the old man he met, he gives a stick; the other gives two bones, the third was a coal; dogs Asar and Vasar rushed to MX at the palace, but MX threw their bones; the princess immediately fell in love, ordered herself to be taken away; the army surrounded them, the princess waved a fragment of that stick, the warriors they fell dead; the same the next morning (threw the coal, he burned the army); MX and his wife found an empty house, settled in; his wife did not let her hair loose in front of him; he spied - she had a golden lock; she gave him one hair, warning them that misfortune awaited them; the wind vomited his hair, he swam down the stream to the Damba-Darji Chutkur Khan; he sent an army; they tied them up, but they could not kill; his wife ordered him to put his knife in the hearth, MX died; ordered to cut the ropes and, leaving the house, waved her hands; at this time AH captured the enemy khan; went to look for MX; the horse brought him to AH's body; in the door on the right there is an inscription: take the knife out of the hearth, MX will come to life; on the left is the inscription: let MX ride in front of DD Palace late in the evening on a bull, smeared with soot; he did so; the kidnapped Khatun did not laugh for three years, but when she saw the man on the bull, she laughed; DD decided to smear himself with soot and sit on the bull; at this time, MX's wife ran away with him; DD pursues, but the brothers shot the arrow and all the DD warriors died; DD AH killed himself with a raw aspen stake; the brothers became rule his kingdom]: 33-42; Hodza 1954 [the tiger cub and the goby began to live together; the tiger cub hung a bell to call him if something happened; twice the goby just shook his head; and when they appeared hunters, the tiger cub did not come running and killed the bull; died of anguish near a friend's bones; the shepherd buried his bones, two trees grew out of foliage in the morning, and in the evening go back; the shepherd noticed that the whole thing had reached the khan; he sent soldiers, one was captured; the second went out and tried to recapture the first one, but he was also captured; the khan ordered them to herd the herds, one was named Altai Gu, the second is Mungun Gu; Khan sent AG to war; a few months later, MG was sent to get Oyun, the tenth daughter of Hargert Khan, who has three golden hairs; along the way, MG consistently met and gave gold three old men; one gave him a staff, the other a lamb bone, a third coal; a dog rushed to MG, he gave him a bone; MG took O., they were surrounded by Khan's warriors, MG threw a shepherd's stick, she killed everyone; the next once the stick was gone somewhere, MN threw the coal, the flame drove his pursuers away; MG picked up a stick and coal, began to live with O.; asked for one of his golden hair; the wind carried him away, the Khan who sent MG saw; ordered the servant to get O.; the warriors attacked unexpectedly, O. decided that her husband would die and threw his sword into the fire; MG immediately died; at this time AG returned, found the MG yurt, accidentally took his sword out of the hearth, MG came to life; they let's go take O.; giant fish in the river threatens to swallow them, MG threw coal into the water, the fish cooked; the brothers killed the 7-headed mangus guard, returned O.]: 16-20; Dongxiang [woodcutter hit tornado with an ax, women's shoes fell out, blood flowed; rich Jan promises his kidnapped daughter to her savior; the woodcutter follows a bloody trail, a friend lowers him into the hole; the old woman hides him from the seven-headed monsters, learns how to kill a monster (cutting off heads, pulling out veins, killing centipedes); a woodcutter sends abducted women upstairs; picking up daughter D., a friend cuts off the rope; the snake is going to eat chicks A kite; a woodcutter kills a snake; a kite tells you to catch a hundred birds, puts a lumberjack on his back, who throws birds into his beak, a little short; next time the woodcutter stores 99 birds, says a hundred; throws his knee into Kite's beak; on the ground, the Kite regurgitates his knee, since then the kneecap has been separated from the other bones; the imaginary savior of daughter D. drives her away, passes her off as a lumberjack]: Todayeva 1961, No. 4: 90-93.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty (Sherkal dialect) [Imi-Khyty came to a woman, married her, lived with her, then put her in his bag, went back; looked into his aunt's house - she has the only one left a spark, the house completely fell apart; he called out to her, theta glad; he threw a sliver behind his back, a house appeared; took out his wife, who told her to shake out two belts, they turned into a barn and a house; one day my aunt and wife were gone, animal skins are taken away; THEY come to the city where the Heartless Tsar (CBS) lives; they were swallowed by a mare, born a foal with golden hooves; the wife of the CBS orders to kill the foal; the aunt picked up a piece meat, threw it, a golden birch grew; the wife tells me to cut down, the aunt picked up a chip, threw it, it became a golden goose on the pond; the wife tells me to kill, but not to catch the goose; he got to the clothes of the CBS, became a man put on his shell, chopped it down, burned it; when the age of puppets comes, let there be no such evil, when the age (people) with the umbilical cord comes, let there be no such evil spirits! THEY were chopped down by the city of the CBS, the aunt asks to spare his wife; THEY returned home, taking his wife and aunt]: Steinitz 2004, No. 8:57-69; Forest Nenets [Shomstehantetto marries three women, the youngest agrees ; shows 7 flying hawks, these are gods, she is married to the extreme; S. says that he is stronger; his wife disappears; S. turns into a red spider, flies to the palace of the spirit of illness Pechna-Kynsma ; wins him in martial arts]: Tuchkova, Shkurkina 2004, No. 1:251-252; Nenets (Yamalo-Nenets District): Pushkareva, Khomich 2001, No. 2 [The Old Woman Child (RS) discovers that the river is dry, finds a giant lying across; they go together, taking a giant throwing a hill and a giant throwing a rock as companions; they can't all knock out the sandpiper, they just hit the tail; RS creates a golden house; everyone takes turns cooking, the old woman comes, eats everything, hits the cook; the giants do not talk about what happened; RS defeats the old woman, she goes to the lower world; RS moves the stone, there is a hole under it, tells him to let him down on a rope; the old woman's daughters tell him to replace barrels of living and dead water; the old woman drinks dead, admits defeat, disappears; RS raises the girls to the ground, the youngest gives him a ring, the giants cut off the rope; the Seven-Winged Minley (the mythical eagle, he was the sandpiper) first refuses (for trying to kill him), then brings the RS to the upper world; RS pretends to be an orphan boy elderly spouses come with him to the king, where giants marry three sisters raised from the lower world; the youngest sees her ring from the boy, recognizes the savior; the king executes giants, RS marries three sisters, he is Yav-Mal], 4 [the Russian Merchant has three sons; the elders have earned money, the youngest is a fool; someone stole all the gold, killed the cows; there is larch in the garden, gold grows on it at night, someone then he eats; two sons guard, fall asleep; the fool filled his pockets with gold, sees a bird pecking gold, pulls out its golden pen; the father praises him, the family is rich again, the older brothers go to look the golden bird, they disappear; the fool goes to look for his brothers, he is covered with snow; the Eight-eared Mother Bear with eight legs, flies in, saves him, they turn to each other like mother (grandmother) and son; he is three days old climbs on her back; she brings him to church by air, where he takes a bird; when he wants to take a cage, the bells ring; he is grabbed, brought to the Fire King, who agrees to change the bird to Horse with the Golden -In appearance; (the same as when he takes a bridle, the bells ring); the Tsar agrees to change it to the Beautiful Sun; contrary to warning, he also takes a ring; tells her father to the Sun King that he himself is the son of the King of Heaven; that tells you to bring the Beast, this is the Eight-eared Mother Bear with eight legs; she is locked in a chest, he gets a wife, leaves; she catches up with them by air, they change to her; she takes the form of the Sun -Beauties, changes herself for a horse; the same with a bird; at the bus stop, the brothers cut off the fool's head, the Bear revives him, makes him a snotty boy; he comes to his wife's wedding, opens to her; brothers expelled]: 109-141, 177-219; Mansi: Lukina 1990, No. 106 (zap. A. Balandin, 1937, p. Vejacors on the river. Ob) [water is everywhere; there is an old man and an old woman in the house; an iron loon flew in, dived, popped up, his neck burst, blood appeared under his neck, a piece of earth in his beak, stuck between the logs of the house, flew up; then but the second loon dives three times, blood on his neck, a piece of land stuck between the logs; the earth began to grow; the old man goes out three times, each time after three days; the third time there is land everywhere; the old man sends three times the white crow flies around the ground; he returns in 3, 5, 7 days; the third time is black, pecking a deceased person; the old man told him not to catch the beast from now on, only fish or take blood for himself when a person He will kill the beast and take meat; a tree has grown in the backyards; the old man brought it with roots and branches, began to cheat it, cut his hand, the old woman sucked blood, told him to carry the tree back; at night the old woman was gone in the morning, an old man found her in a small house, she gave birth to a son there, called Taryg-Pesch-nimalya-sov; T. hunts; every time she sees a line in the ice-hole; then she sees his reflection, he has a beard, needs a wife; found a home, took a horse out of the basement of the barn, washed it from the manure, his mother gave chain mail, a sword, a whip and a saddle; T. jumps to look for his wife, pierced an aspen leaf with an arrow; in the house an old woman says that T. punched a piece of her bed; that Num- Torum, his father let his wife down from heaven, and Paraparsekh stole him; gave him the skins of pike, hawk, mammoth, hare and scissors; T. meets people, shepherding horses; people: herd horses P.; T.: answer: we herd horses T., otherwise, the Fire King following me will burn you with fire; the same will be cow shepherds; T. comes to P.'s house, he is not there, the woman tells you to hide in moss; the winged P. descends on the larch; the woman assures that P. dead, P. does not believe, flies away; T. pursues with the skin of a hawk; P. became an iron loon into the sea, T. became a pike; P. was a hare, T. is another hare; P. is a teal duck, T. shot him with an arrow, burned him in the fire; horse carried him across the sky through Torum's fire, ordered him to hide in his nostril for this time; Kul is on the way, swallows everyone, the horse tells them to wear mammoth skin, cut off Kul's nose and ears with scissors; Kul: I'll die now; 30 aspens from one root go into girth, strangle people with branches; the horse is gone, T. thinks about that old woman, she appears, breaks aspens, says that the eternal era of human life will come, and with these aspens it was it would be impossible; the horse tells him to wrap him in birch bark, grab Kirp-Nelp Equa's granddaughter; K. chases, grabs the horse, but only rips off his birch bark, cuts his hands on his sword; T. comes to his wife, clutching his leg with him horse, daughter K.; T. now has two wives, all P.'s wealth; in heaven T. comes to the old man, in sledges, the Sun Girl; T. volunteered to take her himself; looks down, sees people quarreling, thought he would kill everyone, people die; the old man tells them to be resurrected; he resurrected them; the same place where the Month Girl (or are these girls daughters of the Sun and the Month?) ; with two wives, T. comes to a place where earth and sky meet; there is a hole, an old man is waiting for ducks, waiting for geese; T. tries to fly like a hawk, falls, dives into the lake with a pike, brings it to the old woman and the old man ducks; an old woman cooks them, does not tell them to break bones, puts bones in a lake with live water, ducks fly out alive; T. sleeps with their daughter; T. returned to earth with all his wives, now 5 wives; then gets another one wife]: 272-290; Rombandeeva 2005, No. 1 [A piece of peat wife-and-husband live in a house, there is water around, they have a white crow; an iron Loon dives from the sky, for the third time a grain of earth in its beak, a loon flies to the sky; Iron Lula dives (now there is no such bird, it had a red crown and legs standing back); for the third time, a piece of land in its beak, smeared its beak on Peat-Scrap, returned to heaven; in the morning the earth to the width of the foot, grew on the second day; the husband sends the Raven three times to find out if the earth is big; by the evening of the third day he returns only to black evening, because he pecked at a dead man; the husband now tells him eat carrion; the first cedar grows; the couple has a son, her husband calls him Taryg-Pes-Nimalya-Sov; he grows up, sees a bearded man in the ice-holes, then realizes that it is himself; the father tells him to get it himself wife, pull the leash in manure, T. pulls out the horse, leaves; the old woman says that while he was sleeping, Paraparsekh stole his wife; gives scissors, iron skin of a kite, a hare, a mouse, a pike; T. comes to to a woman, she says that P. will fly in the skin of a crow; T. chases an iron kite; then an iron hare after a hare, the same iron mouse, a pike; in the horse's nostrils he flies through the fire; hangs on an aspen, grandmother arrives, takes it off; the giant almost pulls him into his nose, he cuts his nostrils with scissors; after many adventures, T. flies in goose skin to Mortym Equa and Mortym-Oika; sees ME cook teal, then threw the bones into the water, they came to life (p.59); returns his wife, flies to her parents]: 33-61 (brief retelling in 1991:14); northern (?) Selkups [Pachka's old wife disappeared, returned with Corka Pachka's child Iya; disappeared again, her son found her in the bear's den, brought her home; went traveling, took Sea- closing the Stump, the Felting Forest, the Quickswamp; a stranger comes to the person who remains at home, scalds him with boiling water; when Iya remains, he cuts the alien with a knife; asks his companions to lower him on rope to the lower world; there sits an old man wounded by him, I. heals him, marries his daughter; I. sends her upstairs when he gets up himself, his companions cut off the rope, he falls to the seventh lower earth; an old man and an old woman sit there, saying that their grandson dies every time thunder thunder over the plague; I. shoots an arrow up, the Thunder disappears; the old men tell him to sit on the seventh of the seven cranes, he carries out I. on the ground, he finds his wife; they walk around the cauldron, sink into the ground, Mount of Spirits (Lozyl Lakka) appears at this place]: Golovlev 1995:495-498.

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [the horse gave birth to a boy, Atalamia, a hero; ordered her skin to be peeled off, quilted, the skin became a horse, the young man rode him; seven Siberian girls (white cranes) from the upper the world is swimming, A. steals clothes alone, friends pick up the unclothed one; A. arrives where the top of the sky rests; three daughters of the Ursa Major are trying in vain to roll him up, their belts they are eager; the three daughters of the Pleiades are trying to show the wrong way; the abaas takes that girl, A. comes in the guise of a beautiful woman, kills the abaas, but his soul escapes like a bird from a cut heart; A. brings his wife to the middle world, after a long struggle, defeats the abaasa that jumped out of the hearth]: Efremov 2000, No. 1:49-79; Yakuts (central; Taragaysky nasleg of the Megino-Kangalassky district) [Siberia is formed -land, on all sides of the sea and mountains, rivers, lakes, forests in Siberia Land, with fish, birds and animals in them. In the middle is the sacred Aal Luuk Mae tree, which has 8 branches. Aal Luuk Mae ejects yellow ilte, which is the life-giving moisture for animals, birds and inhabitants of this land. The sacred tree plans to reach its top land of the Upper Abaas and destroy them, but abandons this sinful idea and grows into the land of the horse deity Joshogyop Ieyehsita, turning there for the best horse riding. Jyoshogyoy Toyon does not offend the sacred tree against the abaasa. With its lower roots, the tree wants to grow to the lower abaas and destroy them, but also abandons this sinful idea and grows into the tract of cattle deities, the host spirits of the Middle World, becoming hanger for white milk products. The spirits that own the land do not offend the sacred tree to the lower abaas. The sacred tree is surrounded by a fertile valley with a crystal house. Its owner is a lonely hero Dyyray Byögyo (DB), the son of a Horse. One morning, when DB goes out into the yard, the wind blows, and a black cloud appears that looks like a bear's skin. It splits above DB's head, and an exhausted, almost naked man falls out, calls himself, asks to hide from the persecution of the abaasa. This is Ayyi hero Erbehtey Bergen (EB), who lives in a country so far away that birds fly there, laying eggs three times along the way. He has been persecuted by Sollong Tuigun abaas for 9 years. Until now, he has run away from it, turning into a hundred species of fish in the Lower World, a hundred species of four-legged fish in the Middle World, and a hundred species of winged fish in the Upper World. DB doesn't know what to do with a person. To hide is not to find peace, to allow the Abaasa to kill the hero of Ayya is an honor to lose. He stomps his foot on the frozen ground, makes a hole, hides his EB there. He puts on armor and waits for an abaasa. A whirlwind came from the south and it became dark. A three-headed bird arrives with three eyes and claws like a walk, flies around the DB country three times, sits on a sacred tree, and demands that electronic devices be issued. After shedding his skin, he turns into an iron hero abaasa with one leg, one hand, and one eye. DB is frightened, but does not show fear and replies that he will not betray a person and is ready to fight. They fight for a month, at the end of the second DB, the Abaas wins. The heart and liver are sacrificed to the goddess of war Yrya Biebeideen, the daughter of the Cloud, and scatters the ashes over the sea. Three crows fly out of the ashes that floated on the waves. They shout that in the future they will harm DB, they soar into the sky. DB bathes after washing himself from the evil spirits of the Abaasa. He goes to that place, pulls the EB out of the hole. They live in peace and friendship and sleep in the same bed. DB wakes up one night singing EB. He sings that DB is illegitimate, that he has only one mother and 50 fathers, that his homeland is much worse than the homeland of EB, that he, EB, came here well done, and at work for DB he lost weight and I fainted that it was time to go home, and if DB followed him, he would kill him. He's leaving. DB decides to follow him and asks Joshogy Toyon to specify the horse intended for him. A fresh wind is blowing, and a saddled horse descends from the sky. The hero passes through his land, another one is visible. He remembers that he did not say goodbye to his native places. He turns his face towards the house, blesses the arrow to stick the point into the main horse riding, and shoots. He appeals to the spirits who are the owners of the hearth and native land. He sends the horse to the south. The land of Ayia is ending. He passes through a country inhabited by shamans and shamans, a country inhabited by dead sorcerers whose ashes were not accepted by the holy land, reaches a country blazing with fire. It's a fire burning, whole bears, deer and moose are roasting around in horns. DB jumps off the horse, turns it into a tree and kicks it aside. Eat better pieces, sleeps. He sees an almost naked man with a huge head and a huge belly. The ragged man says that his name is Ukumal, the son of the Beggar, reproaches the alien: such a hero took away from the poor beggar food sent to him by the spirit master of the taiga; he will tell eight about this shameful act countries, seven uluses. I'm ashamed, he wants to catch the ragged man, he runs away. DB is going further south. The horse got up. He says that he comes from the best stallion and best mare, Yuryung Aiyi Toyona, and was born to become a DB horse. DB himself was born to Yuryung Aiyi Toyon, the youngest of three daughters, and his father is Khaardiyr Mokhsogol, the hero of heaven. When DB was in his mother's womb, his grandfather Yuryung Aiyi Toyop arranged a ysyah in honor of the deity of horses and cattle, and when he was presented with a yellow ilge choroon in the womb the boy kicked the goblet with his foot: the yellow ilge splashed by one quarter - many calves, foals and newborns died this year. We thought, if this boy is still so naughty in his mother's womb, what's next? Shamans caused the mother to give birth prematurely and settled the premature baby in the Middle World to become the ancestor of humans. DB is happy to listen: their fate is patronized by celestials. It's going further south. In one country, he is greeted with wine and food by three beauties. As soon as the horse sees them, it releases golden wings, flies between the clouds, says Dyyray Bøge that this is the witchcraft of a murdered abaasa, from whose ashes three crows flew: they turned into women and now they lure the owner into the abyss. The horse also overcomes the second obstacle - the Sea of Fire. He calls for help from his brother, a horse named Aiyi Dutuy, and his owner Kyun Tuygun. With their help, the Sea of Fire flies over. When they fly, a stone ball falls on top of them - it almost killed them. The sea is starting to cool down and there is no trace of it. It's all raven magic. Kyun Tuigong blesses DB, promises to help him, and flies to the Eastern Sky. DB continues his journey, sees EB, but does not kill, and goes after him to look at his sister Aptala Kuo. They see the sacred Aal Luuk Mae tree and nine horse riders. The DB horse is heading to the first one. At this time, cowgirl Simehsin Emeehsin Emeehsin looks out of the house and tells her owners Hangyryyr Haan Toyon and Kyngyryyr Haan Khotun about the arrival of the heroes. Those who thought their son was dead, EB parents don't believe at first. When they see the heroes, they hurry to receive them honorably. The celebration begins, but EB sits gloomy. The DB thought he was plotting a bad thing. The elderly Hangyryyr Haan Toyon and Kyngyryyr Haan Hotun ask the servants to lift their eyelids that have fallen from old age. A boy and a girl pick up silver hooks and raise the elders' eyelids. The old man and the old woman look at the visitor and share their impressions. The husband compares him to himself when he was young and strong. The wife says that a visitor is much better than her younger husband. DB is offended and tells EB's parents about his ingratitude. Hearing threats from a visitor, Kyngyryyr Haan Hotun asks her husband for advice. Old Hangyryyr Haan Toyon: Let the young people figure it out for themselves. The old woman asks the hero to calm down, gives a drink of koumiss. The hero calms down. The old woman pulls out the pz happahchy, the closet where the girls sleep, a folding golden table, a gold plate, golden forks and spoons, walks around DB three times and begins to put it all in his bosom. Then he takes a puppy from Happahcha. "As a thank you for saving our son, we are giving you a puppy that is dear and close to us. Let DB live happily with the puppy, let them light up an unquenchable hearth, build a house, and put up a golden horse ride." DB: It's like not giving a puppy, but marrying her daughter. The hero goes home. Halfway through, he thinks: "I went to a distant country, suffered a lot and what did you get a puppy in return?!" Decides to throw the puppy away. But the puppy does not lag behind, whines. The hero again puts him in his bosom. He returns to his native places. His wealth did not decrease, but increased. DB releases the horse into the wild, and puts the puppy in happpakhchi. When he wakes up in the morning, the house is cleaned and the food is cooked. Dinner is prepared in the evening. The next morning, DB pretends to hunt, but turns into a fly at the edge, comes back, hides on the ceiling by the beam. A puppy comes out of the happahcha, runs around the house, sniffing the hero's trail, kicks into bed, sheds his skin, turns into a girl. Starts cleaning and cooking. DB turns into himself, wants to hug a girl. She slips out, puts on her skin, turns into a puppy. DB is going hunting. The next day he turns into a fly again, comes back, hides, grabs the girl, manages to throw her skin into the fire. The girl wraps her arms around the pole with her legs and sits like this. The DB house is crystal, rotating around an axis. A handsome man arrives from the east and cannot open the door. He says that his name is Toyon Joburuoptai, a hero, he is the son of Erian Toyona and Ebiriechin Hotun, his country is far away, birds reach it, laying eggs seven times along the way, and runners multiply nine times. Asks me to open the door The girl doesn't pay attention. DB hears a voice and comes back. The hero says that DB took away his name, Aitala Kuo, for which he paid dowry to her brother Erbahtey Bergen. DB: I earned the right to Aitaly Kuo not by paying dowry, but by a heroic feat. The heroes fight and swear that if one dies, the rest will not answer to Yuryung Aiyi Toyon. They shoot with a bow. The first is a visitor, but the DB turns into a triangular prison, the arrow flies by. When Dyyray is shot, the visitor turns into a bird, and the arrow also flies by. For the second time, the opponent's arrow passes below the heart, above the DB liver, hitting an artery. DB aims upwards, an arrow hits Toyon Joburwantai's heart and liver. DB has a hard time entering his house, lying down, falling asleep in a dead sleep. His horse takes the form of a hawk, flies into the sky, tells the heavenly messenger about the death of his owner, and asks Yuryung Ayyi Toyon and Jilga Haan to tell about it. Yuryung Ayyy Toyon orders to call three heavenly scribes, the younger heavenly shaman Aiyi Jargyl and three execution heroes. Three heavenly scribes establish: Yuryung Aiyi Toyon had three daughters; the youngest Egiliene Kuo was married by the heavenly hero Khaardiyr Mohsogol. In the ninth month of his daughter's pregnancy, Yuryung Aiyi Toyon celebrated the deity of horses and cattle. The choroon, filled with yellow ilge, was presented to Father Egiliene Kuo. The baby in the womb kicked the goblet, and ilge splashed. Three days later, horses and cattle began to die as a result. The unborn child was convicted of an unworthy act, and fearing that such a mischievous man would not live, his mother was brought to the Middle World. There she was given permission as a premature baby. Egiliene Kuo left her son in a horse pen and returned to her homeland. The boy was found by the spirit mistress of the land, Aiha Michil, gave him the name DB, the son of the Horse, because she found him in a horse pen. His opponent Toyon Joburuontai hero is the son of Erien Toyona and Ebiri-Echchin Baay Khotun, who come from the deities Iei-iehsit and Aiysyt. Aitaly Kuo, predestined by Odun Haan and Tyiys Haan, should become the wife of DB. Toyon Joburuontai must not die; he must be saved. A younger heavenly shaman is sent to the Middle World, accompanied by three heavenly heroes. The shaman camlates to revive Joburontai the hero, sends him to the Eastern Sky. Aitaly Kuo still sits the same way, with his arms and legs tightly wrapped around the pole. He looks at the wounded hero, regrets it. He gets up, prepares the balm to treat DB. The ceiling opens, a bird of prey grabs Aitala Kuo and flies to the sky. DB's wound heals, gets up, sees traces of a bird of prey, drives north, recognizing autumn by bad weather, winter by snow, summer by heat. He approaches the Sea of Fire, decides to propitiate the spirit of the owner of the sea with a victim of horse hair, but the victim is not accepted. He guesses that these are the intrigues of Har Suorun, known for his greed. He asks him to open his mouth wide. The Sea of Fire is gradually beginning to fade, and something like a wide mouth opens up. Riding a horse, a hole slips through his jaws and reaches Icchi's stomach. Together with the horse, they destroy the inside of the monster and get out of it. After that, the Sea of Fire disappears. The Second Sea of Fire. You can hear the singing of Oblak's daughter Yrya Biebeideen, whom Dyyray once treated with the heart and liver of Abaasa Syung Jaasin, who was killed by him. In gratitude, she says that Timir Nuoracin, the kidnapper of his wife Abaasa, lives across this Sea of Fire, and he will be transported across the sea by the sea carrier Otorulla, a shaman. Dyyray sends the horse home and waits for the carrier. Otorulla shaman scolds the ungrateful Timir Nuorajin, who did not donate anything for the transportation, asks the DB to feed him. DB takes three hairs out of his pocket, talks them to turn them into three bald black bulls, and gives them to the carrier. Old Otorulla rejoices, transports DB across the Sea of Fire, blesses him for exploits. DB goes north, reaches stone mountain, black smoke is coming from the top. He understands that this is the kidnapper's home. He turns into a Yeokseku bird, goes down to Timir Nuoracin's house through a chimney, turns into himself, sees Aitaly Kuo chained to the wall. After consulting with his wife, he turns into a triangular jail, hides behind the stove. When Timir Nuorajeen arrives, Aytali Kuo lulls his incredulity with flattering words. He makes the Abaas repeat the spell after her so that the prison kills him, gives the abaasa prison and tells her to throw him into the sky. When it falls, it kills the abaas and the DB turns into itself. Ayyu people turn into birds and fly to their homeland. The DB country became even more beautiful while he was driving. DB and his wife bow to the sacred tree Aal Luuk Mac. Aitala Kuo propitiated the spirit mistress of the earth with eight horsehair. Then mares are milked, koumiss is cooked, and ysyakh is arranged. Aitaly Kuo turns to feed the spiritual owners of the land, hearth and taiga. DB and Aitaly Kuo become the ancestors of people]: Yemelyanov 1980, No. 3:22-33; Western Evenks (Kirensky): Vasilevich 1966, No. 35 [the house was like a storage shed on stilts; when her husband left, his wife raised a ladder; Chingit picked up his dropped mittens, her husband's hat, came to the house, began to sing an ordinary song; the wife replies that the voice is a stranger; chingit shows first the mittens, then the hat, the wife lowers the ladder, Chingit takes the woman away; the husband asks the pine tree, she refers to the larch, the larch replies that the wife has been taken away by chingit; the husband breaks into Chingit before he kills his wife, kills him with an arrow, returns him wife]: 322-324; Pinegina et al. 1952 [Sictan's wife tells him to throw his mittens into the plague hole when he returns, then he will open it; he forgets his mittens in the forest, they are picked up by Gadar and Gelon flying across the sky; they throw them to his wife S., she unlocks them, they carry her away; S. shoots at them, arrows break pieces of stone from their bodies; the deer brings S. to the country where G. and D.; S.'s wife burns a red squirrel in which their strength is; S. kills them, returns his wife]: 67-69; Western Evenks (Podkamennaya Tungusska: Vanavara) [the wife tells Kurivulu that she is afraid to be alone when he and his two brothers hunt; K. builds a house on on stilts, raised his wife there; killed a deer while hunting, began to fresh, saw Mangi on his wings carry his wife {text is cut off}]: Vasilevich 1947:137; Baikal Evenks (Barguzin) [Karatkakan Noyen, in the form of a bird, carried Dolodai's seven daughters with his foot; the youngest Suvudangina became an eagle, flew back; says that Kuludai's hero from the south will not be able to defeat KN, only Arsalan Bakshi in the east will win; Flies there, becomes his wife, gives his two eagle feathers for his arrows; KN comes, scolds AB, he leaves the yurt, while KN kidnaps S.; AB pursues, they fight as deer and saiga , elk and wild boar, then people; their horses go to where the objects in which the lives of heroes are located; KN has an arrow in a box in his sister's hand, AB has a saw; con. AB manages to swallow the saw so that the enemy does not take possession of it, AB breaks an arrow, kills KN, takes his wives]: Georgi 1936 (Western 1772): 233-235 (translated from the German original to Voskoboynikov 1958:172-177); Baikal Evenks (Barguzin) [father, elder, middle brothers leave, disappear; the youngest is walking, the old man teaches how to ride a heroic foal; at the crossroads there is a stone with the inscription "Right Road black, left white"; the young man's father walked on the right, brothers on the left, he walks on the right; the old woman teaches him to go to Chagan-kan, around his house there is a river of blood, the banks are made of human bones; gives the pestle to throw if C.'s daughters will chase; the horse carries C. to the roof of the house, tells them to change the barrels of poisonous and eternal water; steps over one of C.'s daughters, jumps away, C.'s daughters are chasing, they can neither lift nor bypass the abandoned pestle, stop chasing; comes to the daughter C., whom he has stepped over, now she is his wife; they find the remains of the young man's father, revive them with eternal water; the young man takes his father, wife and an old woman with an inscription, goes to look for brothers; throws a girl who threw his brothers at her into a hole, pulls out her brothers; an old man comes, asks for a knife, hides in a hole, there was a soul in that knife young men; young man goes down in belts, girl shows where the knife brought by the devil, the young man takes it, changes barrels of poisonous and eternal water; the devil drinks poisonous water, dies, drinks after him, his wife dies devil; brothers pick up the girl and riches, cut off the rope; the young man is injured, the mouse hits, she eats grass, recovers, he also recovers; C.'s daughter is sacrificed a snake, the young man puts him in his mouth a birch tree, a snake kills; falls asleep, throws it into the water; the girl pulls it out, revives it; the young man saves the spider's children from the fire, he gives the net to rise to the upper world; the young man appears at the brothers' wedding under the guise of old man, takes his form; stays with three wives, older brothers tied to horse tails]: Voskoboynikov 1958:72-79 (=1973, No. 18:80-89); Far Eastern Evenks (Olekminsky District Yakutia) [against his wife's wishes, Hickteney goes hunting; sees the Eagle carry his wife west; H. follows, comes to his blind mother, who lost him 20 years ago; she says that the eagle is Chadanai , his soul is in a red squirrel; gives a horse; the old father says that you have to go without stopping with those who will ask them to come in; they are not people, but dogs, snakes; H. kills the squirrel, returns wife]: Voskoboynikov 1960b, No. 7:33-38; Far Eastern (?) Evenks [while Torganay and his brother are hunting, three-headed Kadanay carries his wife by air; the mare gives birth to a heroic horse for T.; he drives T. to a river dotted with human teeth and bones, teaches say that the river is good, the water is decreasing; the horse slips through the cliffs, crushed; T. takes not black, but white foam, lubricates the bones, the horse comes to life; brings him to the rock, turns into a berry meadow ; girls come down, T. sticks a needle to one of them's headscarf; T. cuts down K.'s two heads; his wife orders to burn three squirrels, K. and his rock house disappear, T. returns his wife home]: Varlamova 2004, No. 5:164- 174; Evenks of China [Ayijilun is the daughter of an old hunter, his mother died; it became difficult to hunt: the demon king with a horn on his head declared the animals his own, sent an owl to watch; if she found a hunter, the king's servants killed him; the young man Lunjischan is kind and strong; he drove away the demon king's servants sent to kidnap A.; everyone hopes he will marry L.; but the demon king sent servants again, they poisoned the dog, put L to sleep . and her father, L., was brought to the king; L. goes after her; birch, bindweed give their leaf, stalk as magic means; L.'s horse flies, in the court of demon king L. turns into a worm on a birch leaf; in this L. climbed into the servant's pants, got inside the palace; around it is said that the demon king's wedding with A. is being prepared; L. took his form, the bindweed stem tied the demon king like a rope, L. killed him; L. and A. rode home on horseback; the poisoned dog came to life; A. and L. are still celebrating their wedding day]: Bäcker 1988, No. 25:183-189; Evens: Kozlov 1956 [someone demands that a person give him a wife's older sister; he refuses, someone hides the sun for three days, has to give it back; the same with the middle and younger; the man goes to look for them, marries a girl; she forbids entering the barn; man comes in; one-legged Cholare, chained to a pole, asks him to be released; the man frees, he takes his wife; the man finds sisters, each saying that C. was chained by their husbands; the man helps the deer, burbot, a cowshed builder; they help him, he kills C. and his mother]: 286-296; Novikova 1958 [Umesne's wife is carried away by a cedar tree that has turned into a big bird; for the first time W. catches up and takes his wife away, the second kills his wife and cedar; goes to look for his wife; the old woman tells him to cut down the larch on which the cedar nest; W. finds a cedar with silver feathers in the nest; the old woman turns into a girl tells him to go home; his wife is at home]: 50-52 (=1987:49-51); 1987 [Upon returning from hunting, Omochon learns that his two wives have been taken away by three brothers, his three sons have been killed; O. comes to his eldest wife, she tells him to pretend to be a servant who is unable to pull a bow; warns the younger one; feeds him secretly to restore his strength; brothers laugh, let them shoot; O. kills them with arrows; their father suspected that O. was a hero; asked him to take out his heart and eat his process; O. could not hit the old man with an arrow; carves out his heart, but did not eat the process; took his wives, returned home]: 86-89%; (see also K24 motif: lots of texts).

Amur - Sakhalin. Nanais: Medvedev 1992 [Susu-Na slept for 15 years in the ruins of a camp; he was a baby when the immortal Malym Mafa stole everyone in full; the old woman gives SN his grandfather's clothes, he becomes as a hero, goes to horned people; on the way, he saves the wader's nest that has fallen into the water, he promises to help; stays at the witch's house, she tries to kill him at night, but he puts a cauldron instead of himself ; does not enter the barn, where the crossbow calls the witch, the arrow pierces her; the bird Cory carries the beauty, SN hits Cory with an arrow, calls the rescued bride, leaves her with the old woman; comes to Cory; he already in the form of a man, dies, saying that MM's soul is an iron man Saika, he is in a tiger's skull, a skull under one of the hummocks in a distant swamp; the sandpiper flies after MM's soul and throws the little man's SN when SN fights MM; SN tears off the little man's arms and legs, MM is immobilized and left to die; prisoners are released; SN learns that five suitors are competing - who will get the bride SN; SN comes, wins easily in shooting (hits a bee, while others can't hit a crow and a sparrow), throws grooms into the river; returns with his wife to their native places]: 248-262; Sunik 1958, No. 4 (Kur-Urmiysky) [well done entering the house, Where is old Sangani with iron hair; she would kill him, but the beauty summoned her to fight and was seriously wounded herself; the iron satka orders to get a three-legged one-eared golden hare and a nine-planted bear; Well done, he catches and ties the hare; the bear almost killed him, but beautiful Khumsikani came down from the sky, defeated her; well done, brought a hare, a bear, his wife recovered; once she sent her husband to catch fish, but he came back, started hitting her {it's not clear why}; she left, taking away all the food, all the birds and the game; well done, he loses consciousness from hunger, finds himself in the underworld; like on earth, he lives with a local beautiful; she makes a paper horse, turns it into a real one, he returns to earth to his two wives; his wife was taken away by Borolda Bonga; well done comes to him; there is beauty, her jewelry is frogs and crayfish; he fights with B.; a bird from a tree throws him a golden box, an egg in it, B.'s life in the egg; well done breaks an egg; brings home a third wife]: 136-139; Shimkevich 1896:75-81 [wife defeats three people (one of them with a boar's head) who come to work; but a fly (a man from the underworld) overcomes her, drags her away; the husband comes to the cannibals, pretends to eat human, himself hides her in the chimney; at night he lies down with the woman, but her skin is covered with needles; the husband comes to the house a fly, finds his thin wife and daughter a fly; she says that her parents' souls are in a balloon, who hangs in the sky; the husband knocks him down with an arrow, pulls out two black eggs, breaks a fly on his forehead, he dies; the husband returns with four wives (old, daughter fly, cannibal and her sister)] ; the Orochi [two brothers chased the bear; he rolled down the cliff; the youngest invited the elder to let him down on a rope, promised to pull him out with the bear; cut off the rope, took possession of his wife and brother's property; the elder fell; (the informant did not remember further)]: Margaritov 1888:35; Udege people: Podmaskin, Kireeva 2010:100-105 [Aha dreams that she was carried away by a seagull of keels; Egdig's brother does not believes in danger; A. disappears; the dog's skull replies that the girl was carried away by K., tells her to shoot an arrow, she will bounce, follow the arrow; the same is the dog's bones; the skull and bones turn into two young men, go with E.; E. frees a jay entangled in branches; sees A. and her two sisters K. picking blueberries; the jay lures A., she sees E., they agree to defeat K. during the campaign; E. hides in the house; A. sings, brothers K. listen, dress K. as if dead; kingfisher, nuthatch, heron, eagle, squirrel, humpback dwarf boho - K.'s assistants, camlaat; only kingfisher and squirrel say they see E., who hides, K. blows them away; others do not want conflict, they say that E. does not; when everyone falls asleep, E. tells the mouse to gnaw through the tendon straps; fights with K. and his brothers and assistants; the bowstring bursts on the bow, the tip of the spear falls off, the pants fall off; E. kills K. and his brothers, beats his assistants; since then, the nuthatch has a blue back, the back of the squirrel has become a frog; E. married one of the sisters K., gave the other and his sister to his two companions], 142-147 [orphan Omolo ("grandson") lives with rich Bogo; he tyrannites him, O. grew up, but is visually impaired; the dog Leho comes to him; dives into the lake, gets shell money, O. lives well, his fiancée Agdig; B. envies, asks the shaman to harm O.; he brings overseas cannibals, they take A. for their master; O. asks for help from the fire spirit Puzya azani; P. gives a fiery horse, tells the stars to ask about the road; Alcor ("dog") says that A. was hidden in a pit of water; O. takes the fish out of the pit, it turns into Agdiga; they run on a fiery horse, they throw his fiery hair twice, he first entangles the pursuer, then turns into an insurmountable wall of fire; his eagle ancestor takes strength from the shaman who helped B.]; Wilta [Western 1938; a huge bird takes the chief's daughter; Gawhat sees what it was like; the chief gives him soldiers, tells him to find his daughter; he is lowered into the hole on ropes; the woman hides him, her cannibal husband falls asleep, G. cuts him off he has his red hair, he dies; G. rings the bell, the soldiers raise the woman; when they raise G., they cut off the rope; in the house, G.'s devil finds vessels with white and red water; red water is healing, revitalizing; it revives the child hanged with the devil; the child's parents give G. a two-headed sevon (?) , he takes G. upstairs; the leader does not believe G.; his daughter and husband come in, says that G. saved her; he marries her]: Petrova 1967, No. 8:148-150; Wilta [Geuhatu lives on the outskirts of the city in a grassy at home; mowing grass by a sacred tree, sees an iron bird the size of a house descend to the tree; on the bird's back, a beautiful woman cries: golden tears flow from her left eye, silver tears from her right eye ; asks her parents to report it; G. climbed the tree to a hole in the sky, but remembered that there was no food with him, and went down; two bosses came to pick him up and took him to the owner; G. first replied that nothing did not see, and then told everything; G. received 70 soldiers and an iron flying steamer that climbed to the heavenly hole; G. tied himself with a rope and ordered him to be lowered; from the intersection there were three roads: to dead, to the sun and to hell; G. tied a rope to the hemp {so as not to get lost on the way back} and walked down the road to hell; in the house that woman, she hid G.; said that when the hell would come, bringing in In one armpit of a man and a seal in the other, she will persuade him to allow him to look for lice; when he falls asleep, G. must cut his red hair on top of his head with a sword; for the first time, the devil smells something, but a woman says that this is the smell of a bear that the devil recently brought; when the devil fell asleep again, G. cut his hair, the devil died, his body was cooked and burned; they reached the fork along the rope; the woman tells G. to get up First, he refused, she gave him her gold ring; he was picked up, and when G. began to lift, the rope was cut off; G. put his finger in the red water flowing nearby, his finger fell off; put it in the white one - recovered; drank white water and recovered; found a barely alive man tied to a tree, gave him white water; he took him to his parents, ordered him to take an idol as a reward, not gold and silver; two rods at their feet, they crossed the water; having received an idol, G. met an old man; at the handkerchief in which the city and soldiers with guns; changed with the old man, and then ordered the soldiers to take away from an old man is an idol; the same with another old man who has a staff with soldiers; G.'s wife is passed off as another who called himself her savior; G. threw that gold ring into a glass of vodka; the woman recognized him and called G. a savior; master: that deceiver must be killed; now G. is rich and with two wives; {the end is unclear; where does the second wife come from? named Lord of the Sea}]: Ikegami 2007, No. 17:67-85; nivhi [=Ostrovsky]: 38-40; Sangi 1989 [sister and brother grow up alone; brother sees two seals taking off their clothes (scales), turning into girls, they wash; he hides his clothes, gives it to one only when she agrees to become his wife; his sister tries to kill Nerpa with a jail, hurts her; she swims away, tells her to marry her brother herself; she braids her braids feminine; brother goes to the sea, two girl seals tell him the words of their older sister (his wife) to make a loon bowl out of wood; take him to the sea in it; two long-haired women catch him, tickle him; he calls thunders, they kill them; a sea lion brings him to the island; a slave shows the way; a young man puts on a slave's clothes; turning into a water flea, he jumps over two closing wolves, two bears; shamans are trying to cure the wounded Nerpa; a young man revives her, takes her home; his sister is barely alive there; he is a successful hunter]: Pilsudski 1991:395-402.

Japan. Ainu [the young man sees the goddesses bathing, hides the clothes of one of them; hears in a dream that she is the bride of Ripun-kando-koro-kamui; he is thrown down a ladder from the sky and summoned for testing; goddess gives him a fan that causes cold and heat; a young man 1) sits in a cold house; 2) rides a fiery horse; he is sent to earth with his wife; she gives birth to a son and daughter; returns to heaven with his daughter]: Etter 1949:156- 158; Japanese: Ikeda 1971, No. 974 (including North Ryukyu) [warrior and minister Yuriwaka defeats the cannibal, abandoned on the island as a servant traitor; at home, the servant takes the place of master; the hand falcon Yu finds him, he sends a blood-written letter with him to his wife; she sends back an inkwell with a brush; the falcon brings them, but dies of exhaustion; Yu returns, his horse recognizes him, he pulls his bow, a broken tooth or a scar on his back is recognized by his old nurse; he kills servants with a bow, joins his wife; (the play on this story was first played in 1551)]: 217-218; Markova 2000, No. 3 [ Yuriwaka Daijin was awake for seven days and slept for the same amount; on the way to Edo, his ship stopped at the uninhabited island of Akaremuna; Chief Carai told the servants to keep the master on the island asleep. took his weapon, sailed off; told his wife that Y. died, bequeathed his wife to him; locked the horse in an iron stable; Yu ate oysters; sailors sailed by, picked him up; he was hired as a mower in his old house; he was recognized by a horse, he killed a karay with his bow, returned his wife], 4 [the son of the ruler Kyushu Yuriwaka suppresses the rebellion in Silla; on the way back, the brothers Karanaka and Motomas solder him, throw him on the island; his wife Yu refuses K., who puts her in prison; the falcon Yu brings her his message, dies on the way back; two years later, sailors bring Yu home; unrecognized, he participates in a shooting competition from Luka, kills brothers, returns his wife]: 17-21, 21-25.

SV Asia. Chukchi: Anonymous 1958 [written in 1955 in Uelen; while husband is hunting and daughter is at home, wife goes swimming in the lagoon with other women; two men take her clothes away; she follows, they change in seagulls, along with other seagulls, they take her away; in the spring, the husband and daughter go to look for bird eggs; they see a yaranga, comes in, his wife is there, a big seagull is nearby; she tells the seagulls to attack the hunter, he successfully fights off with a stick; hits the skimmer himself on the wings; other seagulls are happy because their leader forced them to carry his prey; after killing the skimmer, the husband returns home with his wife]: 70; Belikov 1982:24-27 [white the bear kidnaps the man's wife; he comes to the bears, they offer competitions; 1) jumps beyond the bear; 2) defeats the bear in martial arts; 3) play the ball with the head of a walrus (dodges, throws head, fangs pierce the bear); 4) kills the kidnapper, the bear Kochatko, with a spear; gets a bear as his wife, returns home with two wives], 46-51 [wife disappears, Rorath goes by boat to crushing rocks, between which birds fly; then the country of Kele; R. catches a stone ball, injures an enemy with it; jumps from a height, pulls out a stone thrown into the sea, wins the run; gets his wife back]; Bogoras 1902, No. 31 [approximately like Menovshchikov 1974, No. 63]: 633-634; Bogoraz 1900, No. 75 [hunger, boy and sister left, boy made onions, killed a mosquito, then gadfly, winter, bird, hare, fox, grows up , kills an elk, a bear, seals, walruses; began to look for a wife, found a home, brought his wife; she disappeared; his sister gave 5 pairs of shoes, he asked for five more; on the seashore, an old owl gives a bandage with wooden men, cuts off a piece of ice from the ice floe, tells him to swim on it; he swam across, entered the house in the rock, where the kidnapper's sister spat, the exit is closed; she wants to fresh the hero and feed her children, throws a knife, he cut off the right hand of a wooden man on a bandage; the hero threw the knife himself, cut off the woman's hand; the same left hand; throws his teeth, cut off the head of a wooden man, the hero cut off her head; killed children; became an ermine, got out, broke a hole under a stone, ran to another stone house, climbed inside, gnawed through his sleeping peritoneum, jumped inside, gnawed his heart, took his wife, brought her on the ice floe back; hits her sister to tell her if there is anyone stronger than him; sister: there is a five-headed kele on the island; brother came to him, nailed his hands with stakes, put him on a stake, cut off his wings, flew on them back home; next time my sister sends him to a woman in the east; she cut her brother to pieces, cooked it, and he was born again; she burned him - the same thing; fed her cell dog the same thing; he snatched her heart and insides, ran; she followed: give me and marry me, we'll be the strongest; he did, he didn't come home]: 196-199; Bogoras 1902, No. 49 [two cousins (each has two wives) are the best seal hunters; quarrel when unable to catch up with a small seal; he takes them to sea; the storm brings them to a deserted island; one sails away, leaving the other, takes his wives at home; Pity People sends a whale carcass to the island; a man makes a knife out of a whale rib, a fat stone, hunts deer and seals; the next summer, a traitor comes to see the bones of the abandoned one; while he climbs a cliff, another sails away in his boat; a traitor dies on the island]: 664-665; 1928, No. 23 [the orphan has five strong uncles; they defeat him in circles, kick him, trample him; he pretends to be dead, catches the Raven ; refuses to buy a knife, two sisters of the Raven, the deer; the Raven promises to make him a shaman; the young man defeats his uncle, moving the land and the sea; marries the daughter of the fifth, good uncle; the dawn takes her away; the young man stands on a spear, flies to the North Star (Cole); that wife is blind, daughter is blind in one eye; the young man makes them sighted; finds Dawn asleep, kills him, takes his wife back; now she is kidnapped by the Sun and Month; The sun creates a river of centipedes; a young man throws meat to him, crosses the river; the same episode with rivers of beetles of different colors; a young man enters the Sun; he lets a bloody sunny one around the room a disk made of wood, iron, copper; the young man turns into hair, into a needle, unharmed; the Sun throws him into the fire, the young man comes to life; takes his wife home again, promises the Sun to marry his sister; Sun and the Month come for her; a young man makes a girl out of snow; the Sun and the Month carry her to heaven; a warm wind makes her melt, kills the Sun and the Month with a blizzard], 49 [The Shaman Eagle takes the man's wife; he follows her; The falcon gives him his combat outfit; in it a man kills the Eagle; returns his wife and five other kidnapped women, takes them as wives; Eagle's mother pursues them; the eagle shamanizes, cutting off her wings, the man finishes off her wings her]: 364-367, 433-436; Kozlov 1956 [a man takes his wife hunting, an eagle takes her to the island; there are already many people there; a stick guides the hunter, he comes on the ice for his wife; the eagle's mother says that the eagle's father and He took her from the village, promises to help; tells people to hide under a huge pole; the eagle brings a whale; tries to lift a pole, he can't, his claws are stuck in a pole; people return home, no longer they hunt deer and raise domestic ones]: 48-51; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 57 [The eagle kidnaps his wife Yenavyochgyn' a; Fox teaches how to find the kidnapper; E. kills the Guard Eagle, meets his wife by the lake; tells in the evening, tire Eagle, cut off his sleeping head; returns home with his wife; enemies chase them; Fox invites enemies into the house, sets fire, enemies die]: 218-221; Dolitsky 1997, No. 2 [(Zap. P. Skoryk); Enavchegyn does not find his wife's home; the fox asks him to feed him, says that his wife was taken away by a huge eagle; tells him to go to the mountain where another giant eagle guards the path to the land of eagles, hit him with two arrows; finding his wife collecting water, tells her to cut the kidnapper's throat with a knife at night; the couple has returned, the Fox tells them to hide in the bush; when the chase comes, the Fox assures that his house puts the guests to bed, sets fire to the house, they burn down]: 7-9; coastal Koryaks [Triton takes his wife Ememkut a; he comes for her three times, is killed by Triton, revived by his father Big -Raven; Spider explains that Triton keeps his heart in a box; E. takes the box, throws his heart into the fire, Triton dies]: Jochelson 1908, No. 67:227-230; Russified, probably tundra Yukaghirs: Bogoras 1918, No. 7 [A monster woman makes a man marry her; he finds another wife coming out of the ice-hole to him; the monster puts him to sleep, goes to the ice-hole, fires an arrow at the woman; the husband dives, finds his wife near death; she orders to ask for help from three Cranes; the husband approaches them, becoming a shrew, grabs the youngest by the leg; the Cranes agree to follow him; the youngest extracts an arrow from a woman's heart; a double-headed Eagle takes a woman; the younger Crane takes away his prey; the spouses are happy, have many children], 22 (p. Nizhnekolymsky District Campaign) [Lala does not find his wife at home; Vulture refuses to tell, Soyka says that the kidnapper is Raven Son; L. comes to the house to find his son there, who was also kidnapped during this time; the Armed Forces explain that the aircraft is iron, he can only be killed by fire; they help to cover his house with firewood while he sleeps; the Sun burns down, L. returns his wife and son]: 21-24, 93-94 ; itelmen: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 176 [Ememkut marries a forest woman Yanamltsyah; his father Kutkh orders him to hunt bears, pushes him into a bear den, lies down with I.; she puts on a nettle shirt, she burns K.; the bear sends E. home; K. tells her son to fish, pushes her into the water, Char sends E. home, he finds his wife K. again; K. digs a trap hole, E. pushes into it; he digs a turn, returns again, tells wolves and bears to break K.], 194 [=Jochelson (per.)]: 524-527, 570-573; Orlova 1999 [as in Menovshchikov, No. 176]: 151-154; Jochelson 1961, No. 26 [Ememkut marries Ayanomlkhchi, his brother Sisilkhan wants her for himself; calls E. to hunt bears, wolves, catch char; pushes her into a den, a wolf's lair, an ice-hole; Bears, Wolves, Goltsy feed E., send him home; S. digs a hole into the underworld, E. fails; refuses to marry underground girls; S. forces A. to marry him; she wears the prickly skin of flounder, S. I have to let her go; A. falls into the hole after E., both return; E. sends bears to carry S. and his sister Sirim, who helped him]: 181-183.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (Chaplino) [the husband of his younger sister is Napagun, the eldest is K'utylin; K. calls N. to hunt the island, sails away, drowning his kayak; he survives, kills the seal, whale; K. tells N.'s wife that her husband went to another woman, but she refuses to marry K.; K. comes to see N.'s bones; N. leaves in kayak K.; K. dies]: Kozlov 1956:182-184; chugach [( =Johnson 1984:50-51); hunters forget their comrade on the island; Sea Lions invite him to their home; the old woman says that only drowned people used to come to them; man heals the Sea Lion by taking it out he has a harpoon out of his body; the Sea Lions send him home; they give him a boat, the stomach of a sea lion; when he reaches the ground, he throws his stomach back into the sea; (=Johnson 1984:51-52); another hunter deliberately throws the first on the island to take his wife; the abandoned one makes a house out of cormorant wings; one day other hunters find him; bring him home; screaming like a cormorant, he kills an opponent with this cry; takes back wife]: Birket-Smith 1953:155-156; central Yupik (lower reaches of Cuskoquim) [a good hunter is married, they live with his grandmother; he feeds a red fox at the hole; his wife goes missing; he comes to the fox, she is a young woman (but then a fox again); takes him to a village where an old woman and granddaughter; the old woman says that his wife was stolen by two brothers who can turn into wolves; a man comes to a house where his wife, waiting for wolves, kills both with arrows; the old woman's granddaughter gives him a bow and arrow, he kills a black bear; returns home with his wife, the fox showed the way again]: Orr, Orr 1995:101- 125; Northern Alaska Inupiate: Burkher 1989 (Cape Berrow) [wife goes missing; husband leaves meat for his little daughter, goes south, sees a huge tree, a rope hangs from the hollow; he climbs it, there his wife and other women, they were carried away by a bird-man; the husband lowers his wife and the other woman, the tree that was set on fire is burning; the husband and wife return to their daughter; the wolf took care of her at that time, chewing meat for her]: 25-31; Curtis 1976 (20) (Kotzebue) [A month kidnaps a woman; the husband goes in search, goes to Orlitz, lives with her; Orlitsa brings his wife on the fifth attempt, as if fainting, Orlitsa teaches her to bring her back to life the husband lives with both wives; visits his parents with his earthly wife, then they live with Orlitsa again, here and there every year]: 185-188; Ingstad, Bergsland 1987 (Anaktuvuk Pass) [the eagle takes his wife man; he comes to the mountain, rises as a feather; carving fire, lulls the attention of the Groundhog Watchman and then the Eagle (the smell of smoldering wood dust calms them down); tells the women in the Eagle's house return to where they were stolen, takes his wife, sets fire to the eagle skin hanging on the wall; The eagle is unable to chase]: 240-241; copper: Jenness 1924, No. 91 [two men come to an island, one leaves the other, taking his kayak and weapon; shouts that he will take his wife and come in a year; the abandoned one finds a dead seal, a walrus, survives; when the rival returns, the abandoned one leaves in his kayak; a year later he finds his bones]: 87-88; Rasmussen 1932 [the hunter is married, the other wants his wife, kayaks off an island where both hunt seals; abandoned by witchcraft, drives him ashore a whale carcass, eats whale meat all summer; the second hunter returns to look at its bones; when he goes ashore, the first sails in his kayak, returns to his wife; after a while visits the island, his enemy starved to death there]: 238-239; caribou [when returning from hunting, a man finds food cooked; finds Lisa taking off her skin; grabs her skin = clothes, gives it for promising to become his wife; The wolf offers to swap wives, says that the man's wife smells like a fox; she runs away; the man follows in the footsteps - first human, then fox, comes to the hole; he is offered a she-wolf as his wife, wolverine, lemming, etc. animals; he rejects them all, returns them to the Fox Wife]: Rasmussen 1930b: 93-94; netsilic [Kiviok hides the clothes of one of the bathing girls; others fly away in disguise goose; wife gives birth to two sons; teaches them to eat grass, not meat; collects feathers, flies away with sons; K. comes to a man who has a through hole in his back; he cuts his fin, chips turn into salmon; K. pretends not to see a hole; a man sends salmon to transport K. across the lake to the village of Geese; sons recognize their father; wife is married to Goose; K. returns his wife]: Rasmussen 1931 : 373-375.

Subarctic. Koyukon [a woman picks berries, sees an eagle, says she would like to bury her face in his tail feathers; a man appears, he is an Eagle, takes her away; her husband is looking for her, the Eagle offers compete; a person wins martial arts by putting on Eagle pants invisible to him by an old woman; at night in the house, an Eagle becomes an eagle, a man becomes a wolverine, she eats an eagle, she does it again human; he brings his wife back]: Attla 1989:87-109; tanana [The raven comes to hunt the island with his hawk nephew; sails in the boat alone; takes the Hawk's wife; returns a year later, believing that the Hawk is dead; turns his feces into a man to guard the boat; he screams, but the Hawk jumps into the boat; when he sails away, advises the Raven to eat mice; the Raven chokes on the bone, dies; at home the Hawk kicks wife in the stomach, many crows fly out from there; Hawk lives with his wife again]: De Laguna 1995, No. 19:177-179; tanaina [Raven sails in a boat, taking his beloved of two wives with him to hunt; people from the oncoming boat takes it away; he prepares material for a large boat, tells partridges and hazel grouses to sew a leather coating on a frame of twigs; puts a wooden image of a merganser duck on the nose; that turns his head, the boat begins to sail like a duckling; he sails in it to his wife's kidnappers, takes her away, runs on the shore, hides with his wife in the steam room; in the morning he sees how high the water rose at night during storms]: Tenenbaum 1976 (2): 28-31; upper tanana [The raven brings his wife to the river to catch fish for her; the fish (obviously Salmon) jumps out three times, hits the Raven, but he still gets it; in this time the fish took the Raven's wife away; the Frog "raises" water for him so that he can descend into the fish world; there the Muskrat Slave cuts firewood for the fish, breaks the ax; fears that he will be severely punished; the Raven repairs his ax for promising to pour soup into the hearth when he enters the fish house; confused, the Raven takes his wife away, the Muskrat runs with them; the Raven tells the aquatic plants to grow thicker to detain the fish; The Frog helps to return to land; makes the Muskrat's house above the water, tells you not to go (for a long time) under water so that fish do not eat it]: Kari 1996:39-46; southern tutchoni [spouses live by the lake; another person came to live with them; pretended to be returning home; when the husband went hunting and the wife went into the water to clean the fish, the former guest grabbed and took it away; the husband sees his wife from afar, promises to return for her with her brothers; two years later they found a passage under the glacier, went to another valley; pushed a man left to watch two old women into the fire, he burned down; the old women showed the wrong way, but the husband found wife; in the evening she took her two children, quietly left the camp; everyone else was killed at night]: Workman 2000:125-128; helmet [Swan leader kidnaps a man's wife; husband leads warriors to high a cold country; they reach a place where the sky beats on the ground; they slip, one of them is touched by the sky; he is sent back in the boat; the wife helps her husband by putting the Swan to sleep; all Swans are killed, one hunter escapes; on the way back it turns out that the sky has frozen to the water; shamans and animals try to punch a hole; Lynx breaks his nose, since then he has been dumb; Laska makes a small hole, her others expand; expedition returns home]: Teit 1917a, No. 11:453-455; taltan [The swan takes a woman; her husband and friends come to the edge where the sky beats against the ground; one of the participants magically slows down, people pass; walk through the country of Ducks, then Geese; the weather gets warmer as you approach Swan Land on the other side of the sky; a woman runs away with people; Swans stop I'll chase to the edge of the sky because it's getting too cold for them there; people are coming home]: Teit 1921a, No. 58:336-337; beaver [Rabbit Tail stole a man's wife, drove him across the lake; she plucked the partridge, left a trail of feathers; the husband and his men came to the old man and the old woman, found out that the KX had horns on his head, it was difficult to kill him; killed the old man and the old woman; secretly met his wife, to ask KX to sharpen her knife, make love to KX longer in the evening so that he would fall asleep more soundly; cut off his head with a sharpened knife; she did everything; because the horns were on the sides of his head, KX slept on his back, it was easy for him to cut his throat; husband and wife are running away; her husband's men killed KX's men, broke their boats on the shore, returned home]: Goddard 1916:268-270.

NW Coast. Tlingit: Swanton 1909, No. 4 [Killer whales kidnap a woman who comes to the water; the husband follows her; the Chief of the Sharks advises the husband to wish the slave's axe to split; the axe splits, the husband repairs it, for this, the slave agrees to help], 59 [the leader of Killer Whales marries a woman; when entering the sea, the husband lifts the water like a blanket; passes several villages where different types of fish live; the cod is pale, walks upside down; a man paints Cod red; Sharks show him the village of Killer Whales; while a slave floods the hearth, the husband takes his wife away; Sharks kill Killer Whales to prevent the chase]: 26-27, 215-217; Hyda (Skidgate ) [killer whales take the woman away, the man at the bottom of the sea takes her as his wife; the husband first gets to the floating seaweed, then goes down to the bottom; gives gifts to the Heron Watchman, who hides him; grabs his wife when steam envelops the room where she is sitting; returns home with her]: Swanton 1905:244-247 [see motif K27; an old man helps her husband find his wife's trace; advises giving the Heron tobacco and wicker cedar branches; The heron hides husband in his mouth; hides him again when he and his wife run away from her captors], 338-340 [The marten takes her husband to the floating seaweed; he gives the Heron cedar branches, a drill, a whetstone; the Heron hides him under with the mouse; the husband helps the slaves Raven and the Raven cut down a tree; they throw a vessel of water over the hearth to fill the room with steam; at home, the hero hides his wife in a box; one day he finds him empty, and in a box hole]; hyda (Masset) [the young man lives with his grandmother; the uncle sees that he is a good hunter, gives his daughter for him; at the request of his mother-in-law, the son-in-law gets a sea otter; the wife goes to the sea to rinse the skin, the killer whales take it away; the husband goes down to the bottom of the sea, gives mouse fat, whetstone to the Heron (sharpen her broken beak), Geese - tc! al (plant?) , they skip it, everyone explains how to overcome the next obstacle; a man makes a Tesla broken by a slave intact, he promises to pour water into the hearth; in the clouds, the couple takes his wife away; throws it behind hair from a comb (bushes), a comb (mountain); they climb a rope to the surface; the Killer Whale slave does not hold, but pushes the boat]: Swanton 1908a, No. 35:495-500; Haida O. The Prince of Wales (and the Tlingits? ; the author has "tlingits-hyda") [Gunarh's wife washes the skin of a sea otter in the sea, Killer Whale takes it away; taking Marten and Swallow into the boat, G. swims to two algae rising to the sea surface, ties a boat to them; goes down to the bottom; cuts the skin in front of blind Geese, they see the light, show the way; the slave breaks the teslo, G. glues it together, he promises to help; tells another slave to overturn a pot of water put on fire; in the cloud, couple G. takes his wife; puts something like tobacco in the slave's mouth, the slave swells, closing the passage; Geese send G. along the same path, and the pursuers are told where they dug up traps; Marten takes G. and his wife into the boat; among the killer whales, one with a double fin; shouts that he, the slave, will continue to help people; G. and his wife return]: Beck 1989: 100-112; Tsimshian [chief Gulaxnisem hunted sea otters, and their herd also included whales {probably killer whales: so on}; for this reason, killer whales kidnapped G.'s wife; he went in search; salmon pointed the road after G. painted his cheeks red and gave him a narcotic root; the following were ducks, while all the ducks were blind; they showed the way after G. cut through their eyes, although he did it badly in a hurry {what was bad is not very clear}; the bridge guard, who sounded when giving a signal to killer whales, hid G. under his cape; in the house, the killer whales they had stolen Salzan's slave; he was cutting wood in a hurry: killer whales were going to fry G.'s wife to turn her into a killer whale too; he broke his stone ax, G. gave him a lot of narcotic root, and he didn't notice how G. passed; spat on the axe and it was whole again; S. had two wives, both minks; they smelled G., but S. told them to go about their business; G.'s wife was already fried on one side and washed on the other; brought water, S. poured her into the hearth, G. grabbed his wife and took her away, no one noticed it in the clouds of steam; S. lay down in the doorway, blocking the way for his pursuers, he was beaten to death; G. had a knife that brought him to the ground and then to upper world; there he killed two grizzlies and a snake, married two grizzly daughters; wanted to take them to the ground, but he was allowed to go down with only his old wife]: Barbeau, Beynon 1987, No. 54:175-176; bellacula [Killer whale kidnaps Vaovalis's wife when she comes to the sea to wash clothes; in the underwater world, a slave splits a log with a wedge; V. tells the wedge to break; repairs himself; grateful the slave promises to fill the hearth with water; steam envelops the room, V. takes his wife, climbs her rope into the boat; finds the bones of his adopted son in her, who died waiting for exhaustion, for V. day is a year; V. revives it]: McIlwraith 1948 (1): 544-546; quakiutl [(no beginning?) ; Omal (Raven) comes to the Killer Whale's servant, tells his four wedges to split; he repairs it himself; the slave helps him find the Killer Whale's wife; O. hides in the wood, hugs the woman when she takes firewood; kills many Killer Whales, Ducks; returns to earth with a woman]: Boas 1910, No. 18:217-223; Heiltzuk [Vavalis sends his wife to rinse the cat's skin; the woman is kidnapped by Killer Whale; the husband follows her; The crow, Halibut, Cod reply that the woman has passed recently; the leader's slave splits the logs; V. tells his wedge to break; repairs the hearth for promising to fill the hearth with water; hiding behind clouds of smoke, takes his wife away]: Boas 1928b: 105-107; Nootka: Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 10 [four Thunderbird Brothers come to play a hoop with the Woodpecker; Black Bear, Crane on the Thunder Team, lose; Kingfisher, Quatyat in the Woodpecker's team, they win; the eldest of the Thunder takes the Woodpecker's wife; he sends Quatyat, he turns into a berry, the stolen one recognizes him; the woodpecker turns into salmon; tells his wife to eat it, bones carry to the river; revives, returns with his wife; see motive I3], 13 [a woman takes off the skin of a cat killed by her husband; the skin takes her to the underwater world; spirits (these are sharks) are going to cook a prisoner; husband dives, runs away with his wife; throws pointy sticks, they turn into thickets; throws fat - perfume hesitates, devouring it, fighting; husband's friend pulls fugitives to the surface by the rope; husband throws fat to sharks, they keep fighting over it]: 51-53, 63-67; poppies [like a noodle; husband rich, wife Thrush; one Thunder comes to play]: Densmore 1939:208-210.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [seal hunter tells new wife not to look if she hears dogs chewing; woman watches; sees first wife in Wolverine guise; she bites her in half; husband burns her Rossomokha, pushing into the earthen furnace, revives his new wife; one day he brings a white seal, asks his wife to wash the carcass; she enters the water, the marine inhabitants take it away; the husband dives, brings stones to the little fish, under which fish live, makes blind geese sighted; Satsan cuts down a tree to make the kidnapped woman fins; the husband tells the wedge to split; repairs; for this S. pours water into the fire; the husband carries wife; S. prevents the pursuers from leaving the house, Geese and Fish put obstacles in their way; the sea floods the earth to the sky; the husband kills his wife with an ax, throws it into the water; the water begins to fall; first Muskrat, Then the Beaver dive, both repeatedly bringing portions of clay from the bottom; man makes new land out of them]: Jenness 1934, No. 8:141-143; chilcotin: Farrand 1990, No. 13 [old man and boy live together; with a young man two wives, the old man wants them for himself; undressed, the young man climbs a tree to the eagle's nest for feathers; the old man rips off the bark, making the trunk slippery, tells the tree to grow; tells the woman to go with him to another the parking lot; the old man likes it, the other, who has a child, rejects him; the young man makes a cloak for himself with feathers and his own hair; the spider lowers the young man, letting him make a rope with a web; the young man finds a faithful wife and their son; a wife carries him in a basket; a young man beats to death an old man and an unfaithful wife], 27 [Ferret's wife (Fisher) disappears; his friend Marten makes the baby able to speak; he explains that a man took her mother away; Ferret and Marten come to the lake, ask two women about their customs, kill them, put on their skin; Marten throws salmon caviar to the girl with such force that she causes she is in pain; the girl screams that it is not her sister; at night, imaginary women cut off the kidnapper's head, run away with the kidnapped]: 29-30, 41-42; shuswap: Teit 1909a, No. 1 [Coyote wants to take possession of two wives of his son (or nephew); asks to get feathers from the eagle's nest on the rock; advises to wear the best clothes, leave them on the ground before climbing; tells the rock to grow; pulls on his wrinkled skin, puts on a young man's clothes, takes his wives; migrates with them; women Rat and Mouse make the rock low again; the young man turns his pubic hair into thickets where rats and mice now live; finds Coyote camp; leaves him his eldest wife, takes his youngest wife back], 16 [Copper kidnaps Otter's wife (Fisher); Otter and Marten brothers meet Medi's two sisters (Rat and Mouse); asking about their usual behavior, kill, put on their skin; on Marten, the skin does not cover his genitals and faces around his eyes; the younger sister of the dead notices that the Mouse looks strange; at night, the Otter and Marten cut off Medi's head, they throw them into the lake; they return home with the Otter's wife; Medi's blood drips, his younger sister thinks he's drinking; Medi's people call waterfowl to reach his head; Loon dives and brings his head, Copper revives], 53 [Coyote and his nephew are both married; Coyote turns his excrement into an eagle's nest, invites his nephew to go for feathers, leave his clothes below; raising his eyelids, makes the rock high; tightens his saggy skin, puts on his nephew's clothes, tells his wife at home that her husband is dead; the nephew sees two women downstairs, Spider and Mouse, collecting Indian hemp; four times them calls; both sing, the rock becomes low again; he makes his pubic hair better quality hemp, gives it to women; then = (1)]: 622-623, 675-677, 737-738; Thompson: Boas 1895, No. II.5 ( ntlakyapamuk) [=2002:87-88; Coyote's son has two wives, Coyote wants one for himself; sends his son to a tree for a bird; the tree grows; when the son jumps into the sky, the Coyote makes the tree low again; the young man wants pull out roots; it turns out that these are holes in the sky = stars; turns two old women into birds; spider spouses bring him down to the ground in a basket; wife and son meet him; he kills a deer, sends a Coyote for him; the Coyote drowns in the river; turns into a piece of wood; two women make a plate out of it; it eats food; they throw it into the fire; it turns into a baby; they make him a servant; they keep fog in the vessels and wasps; left alone, Coyote opens vessels, releasing fog and wasps into the world]: 17-18; Teit 1898, No. 2 [at the beginning of time, Coyote makes a son out of clay; he bathes, dissolves in water; from resin, melts in the sun; from white stone - lives, his name is Nlixentem; Loon and Duck marry him, one dark skinned, the other is light; Coyote turns their excrement into eagle chicks, asks his son to go after them a tree that tells the tree to become tall, comes to his wives in the clothes and appearance of his son, takes a bright one, drives the dark-skinned one; N. walks along the heavenly plain, pulls out large edible rhizomes, blows out of the holes the wind, these rhizomes are stars; goes into an empty dugout, takes the basket, the baskets attack it; he puts the basket back, tells the baskets to become people's servants; the same episode in the dugout of mats; the awls ; combs, birch bark vessels; N. comes to two blind old women; they eat rotten wood, pass food to each other, N. intercepts it, old women quarrel, accusing each other; feel the man, they say that it smells bad; N. turns them into two types of hazel grouses; comes to the spider spouses, they call themselves his grandfather and grandmother, they lower them to the ground in a basket; N. finds a faithful wife and son; Coyote people starve, Raven discovers N. who has returned, gets meat for his children; people force him to confess where the meat comes from; they return to N., celebrate, ask him to take him back and his second wife; N. sends The coyote behind the carcass of a dead deer, the Coyote falls into the river, swims to the dam, followed by two sisters hold salmon; turns into a wooden plate; eats food, throws the plate into the fire, the Coyote turns into a baby, sisters adopt him; in their absence, he breaks a dam, releasing salmon into rivers; goes downstream; asks three or four girls if they want salmon, the youngest answers, Yes; he sends his penis into her across the river, the end stays in her vagina, the girl gets sick; the Coyote carries salmon across the rivers; a group of girls replies that they want mountain sheep meat, not salmon; in this place The coyote creates rapids; under the guise of a shaman, comes to the sick person, asks everyone to sing loudly, leave him with the girl in the steam room, copulates, removes the end of the penis, the girl recovers; Coyote creates fake berries on the bushes, negotiates with the Grizzly to eat her supplies first, then him; runs away, the berries dry up], 18 [Marten's wife goes to fetch water; says she wants Salmon as her husband; he invites her to the river; Marten and her brother Ferret go down to Salmon's dugout; Marten asks his wife to put her new husband to sleep; cuts off his head; both brothers and the woman run away, throw their severed head into the river; Swan, Goose, Ducks, I can't reach the dives, Loon pulls his head from the bottom; Otter and Wolf revive Salmon]: 21-29, 64-66; lillouette [like Thompson, No. 2]: Teit 1912b, No. 8:307-209; comox (chatloltk) [Ku'lten has a wife Wa'qwaqole ("thrush" in Quakiutl); Thunder Bird Qoatkum comes, offers to compete; throws a disc of fire, a disc of fog, K. intercepts them; then Coatkum blows the house to pieces with a storm takes V.; Wren gives advice: swim to Coatkum in the guise of fish; K., Mink and other people turn into fish clothes, let themselves be caught; in the guise of trout, K. tells his wife to eat it, throw the cartilage into the water ; comes to life, takes his wife, returns home with her; other fish, hanged to dry, immediately jump into the water, come home, and regain their former appearance; K. and his men take Keith's boat, looking like a whale; sit inside with a heavy stone; first the sons of the Thunderbird, then their father tries to grab a whale, their claws get stuck; only the youngest son remains alive; now he flies, rattling, only in summer]: Boas 1895, No. VIII.11:82-84 (=2002:205-207); halkomel (snanaimuk) [the hunter kills seals; his wife goes to wash the skin, it is carried away by Finval; the husband goes down to the bottom; does sighted blind women, they show the way; the crane shows the way, gets a spear; the slave asks for the split wedge to be repaired; for this they pour water into the hearth in Finval's house; the husband grabs the wife, they are safe getting home]: Boas 1895, No. V.3:55-56; sechelt (sisiatl): Hill-Tout 1904a: 43-45 [(paraphrase in Lévi-Strauss 1971, no. 676:338); the young man has two wives; he shot an antelope, sent his father bring meat; his strap bursts at the crossing, he is carried away by the river, he turns into a piece of wood, the woman picks it up, uses it as a plate, the food disappears from it; the woman throws the plate away, she turns into a baby; a woman raises him, four days later he grows up, leaves; turns his excrement into birds, talks about it to her son, he climbs a tree, the father tells the tree to grow; there is a son in heaven He comes to two blind women, slowly takes their food; makes them sighted; catches salmon for them; they open a hole in the floor, they lower it in the basket; he opens his eyes ahead of time, the basket returns; the second time he goes down, his little son recognizes him; he and his mother say that the second wife left with the boy's father], 52-54 [the man shot the sea otter, the wife went to wash the skin, it turned into the sea fox, dragged it into the sea; the husband went down to the bottom; the Crane, the Goose, another bird are screaming, he tells them to remain silent, show the way; hid in a tree, the slave began to cut the trunk, the man grabbed the chisel with his teeth, broke; went out, repaired, for which the slave spilled water into the hearth; in the dark and clubs, the couple took his wife away; the slave falls twice in front of the pursuers, each time creating a mountain; the husband and wife reach the boat, save themselves]; the snowman [The fox makes white birds out of his excrement; asks his son to take off his clothes, get the birds out of the tree; takes the form of a son, puts on his clothes, takes one of the son's two wives; the tree grows to the sky; the Spider lowers the hero; when he descends through the clouds he goes bald; a loving wife recognizes him; restores his hair; hides in her things; he opens; the fox and his unfaithful wife are carried away by the river ]: Haeberlin 1924, No. 20:400-403; Skagit: Hilbert 1985:23-32 [the petty officer's daughter falls in love with a poor young man; the father bobs both in a box, throws them into the water; the box sails to the island; lives there a woman with four maids; they open the box, take the young man as her husband, leave the girl (she is no longer mentioned); the mistress turns herself and the maids into nuts, brings the young man to the foreman; the young man throws three nuts one by one, they become beautiful; the petty officer says that his daughter was better; the young man showed his wives ahead of schedule, so they are gone; he goes in search of his wife (i.e. mistress); the two argue whose clothes make them invisible; the young man puts them on himself; comes to a woman hiding him from her sons; four bring cold, these are the winter months, the fifth is warm; says that the young man's wife will go out today married; at a wedding, an invisible young man drinks herbal tea from his wife's cup; she looks through strong glasses, sees him, drives the groom, returns him to the young man], 66-72 [Coyote's son is married to Turtledove and Duck; Coyote himself is them wants; creates a woodpecker, sends his son to the tree for him; the woodpecker soars higher; the Coyote waves his penis, everything drowns in the fog; puts on his son's clothes, marries the Duck; the Turtledove rejects him; The spider lets his son down heaven to earth; he comes to Turtledove, leaves the Duck Coyote; creates a river; the Coyote crosses it, is carried away by the current; he turns into a wooden bowl; two women Magpie and Snipe pick her up; The food left in it disappears; they break the bowl; the Coyote turns into a baby, women raise him; in their absence, he eats food; they guess they want to punish him]; Puget Sound: Ballard 1929:144-147 [Coyote's son has 4 wives-2 Gorlinka sisters and 2 duck sisters; elder Gorlinka has a baby son; Coyote asks his two sisters for advice; these are berries in his belly; on advice" sisters", Coyote makes an eagle out of his excrement; asks his son to take off his clothes, get the eagle off the cliff; takes his form, puts on his clothes, takes his Duck Wives; Gorlinka wives do not believe in her husband's death , leave food for him; The spider lets the hero down, his son recognizes him; he becomes small, the turtle wives carry him in their luggage; the Coyote returns his son's clothes, it stinks; the young man causes rain, the Duck wives find themselves in the water, turn into ducks; Coyote swims down the river to the dam, behind which five women (Sandpipers) keep salmon; Coyote turns into a baby; five sisters (this is Birds Carriers) hold salmon behind the pond; Coyote turns into a baby, women pick him up; he breaks the dam, releasing salmon into the river; cooks salmon, falls asleep; 5 wolf brothers smear his lips fat, eat salmon, leave], 147-148 [Coyote's son has 4 wives - 2 turtle sisters and 2 Salmon Milks; Coyote likes them because they are white; he makes a nest and eagles out of his crap, puts them on a rock, asks son to climb with his clothes off; the rock grows, the birds turn back into crap; the Coyote takes the Milk Wife, the Gorlinka wives live separately, leave their husband baked tubers; the Spider lowers the hero, his son recognizes him; he becomes small, turtle wives carry him in their luggage; the young man causes rain, the Coyote swims down the river to the dam, behind which five women (these are carrier birds) hold salmon;" sisters" Coyote advise him to turn into a baby; women pick him up; he breaks the dam by releasing salmon into the river; follows them, cooks them, falls asleep; 5 wolf brothers smear fat on his lips, eat them salmon, go away; Coyote does the same to the Wolves; arranges a waterfall above which salmon do not rise]; comox (chatloltk) [The Thunderbird Waquakle kidnaps Culten's wife; K., Mink and other people turn into fish, let themselves be caught; in the guise of salmon, K. tells his wife to eat it, throw the cartilage into the water; comes to life, takes his wife away; other fish hanged to dry jump into the water they come home, they also regain their former appearance; K. and his men take Keith's whale boat; sit inside with a heavy stone; first the sons of Thunderbird, then their father tries grab a whale, their claws get stuck; only the youngest son remains alive; now he flies, rattling, only in summer]: Boas 1895, No. 11:82-84; Cowlitz [Coyote's son has four wives; K. tells the fire to blaze, women jump up, K. sees their legs; turns his crap into a bird, a hill into a mountain; his son shot a bird, took off his clothes, climbed the mountain; the mountain grows, the bird turns into excrement again; K. puts on his son's clothes, comes to his wives; two white-legged men accept him, the other two (one has a child) suspect the truth; a spider helps son K. go down a rope to the ground; he finds salmon, hidden to him by his faithful wives; returns, allows his father to keep two wives; causes rain; Coyote and his wives fall into the river; wives drown, turn into mice; K. swims downstream; cf. H18 motive]: Adamson 1934:243-245; upper colitz [Coyote's son Eagle is married to two mouse sisters and two turtle sisters; when the Coyote puts sparkling wood into the fire, the women throw off their clothes, he sees that the Mice have white vulvas and black ones, prefers white ones; makes eagles from his excrement, puts them on a rock, sends the Eagle to get the chicks; he takes off his clothes, climbs a rock, finds there is excrement; the Coyote makes the rock smooth, puts on his son's clothes, takes his form, tells his wives to migrate, takes Mice; the old spider lowers the Eagle to the ground; the son recognizes him; he kills a deer, tells him The coyote to carry it, causes rain, the Coyote is carried away by the river; the Coyote asks the trees for help, predicts the usefulness of those that give him their branches; turns into a dead deer, swims up to the boy; the grandmother the boy knows that it is a Coyote, runs to beat him, he swims away; in the form of a baby in a basket, Coyote comes to five virgin sisters; they raise him, the youngest does not love him because lying on their knees he always puts his hands between their legs; they have a pond with fish; in the absence of the girls, the Coyote gets up from the cradle, digs a ditch; the sisters come running and hit him, but he manages to release the salmon; first he screams Down the river, then catches up, screams, Up; so there are few salmon in the upper reaches]: Jacobs 1934, No. 2:103-107; sanpual [younger brother wants an older wife for himself; sends brother for with eagle feathers on a rock, throws the rope; eagles lower his younger brother; he doesn't kill lovers, leaves]: Ray 1933, No. 8:147-149; Okanagon [Otter (Fisher) warns his younger brother The marten does not go in a certain direction; he goes, the woman in the house bends his face to the fire, since then the marten's muzzle has been wrinkled; the otter brings this deer woman to his wife; tells him not to swim far in lake; after giving birth to a son, she swims, climbs a log, it descends under water with her; brothers meet a boat with two young men, who say that they are servants and guards of the new wife of the underwater leader; Their otter kills, brothers put on their clothes, come to the chief; Marten jumps awkwardly into the boat, everyone wonders what's wrong with him; the otter tells his wife not to let the chief sleep longer; when he falls asleep, his brothers cut him off head, swim away with the woman; the pursuers almost catch up, then they throw their heads; the Turtle, the Frog dive, can't reach their heads from the bottom; the Frog's legs are painted, the Turtle is made a shell; now both are not they freeze in the water, reach out their heads; the shell and color remain]: Hill-Tout 1911:158-161; curdalen: Reichard 1947, No. 4 [Coyote's son has a Tern's wife (tea head tern - Sterna aurantia, tern) and Black Swan (CL); ChL has a child, everyone loves her, Tern is childless, disliked; Coyote decides to take the Tern for himself; Asks his "advisers" (excrement); while the young man climbs up the tree, the Coyote looks at him raising his eyebrows, thereby forcing him to rise to the sky; he takes Tern as his wife; in the sky a young man killed an elk; hears the voices of cannibals; each has two sticks, one tied to the bones of killed people, to the other - moose; one knocked the other to the ground with a stick, he has long spider legs; he asks for an elk in exchange for protection; two beaver women bring a young man to their place; a young man kills a deer, then another; the first carcass disappears; the Beavers say he killed their husband, they smile; the young man kills the deer again, sees how long-legged, round-bodied comes to eat it; kills him; wives cry, it was their father; young man revives him, the Spider calls him son-in-law; wives know that the husband misses his wife on earth, ChL; the young man comes to two blind strands quarreling over a hemp stem; gives them hemp, they let him down from heaven into her box; she descends in four steps, jerks like spiders descend; on the ground, the young man pulls the rope, the box returns to heaven; the son recognizes him, the CH tells how badly the Coyote treats with them; the young man beat Coyote, Tern, his brothers and mother with a stick], 25 [while the man is away, Thunder visits her; one day he takes her away completely; the husband goes to look for her; enters the house, the owner gives four needles; so three times; in the fourth owner tells him to use these needles to climb a steep mountain; the man climbs, it is still far from the top; he asks the Chipmunk, then the Squirrel to help, they tell him to hold their tail, stretch the man, but not to on top; feathers take him upstairs; his wife tells him to hide in a hole under the bed; when Thunder falls asleep, she takes all the rags hanging from the walls, goes down to the ground with her husband; Thunder wakes up but does not see his clothes, falls down the mountain]: 77-80; Teit 1917e, No. 3 [Coyote is jealous of his son; asks him to climb a tree, get eagles from the nest; blinking, makes the tree grow to the sky; there the son comes to two Spiders who quarrel over Indian hemp; gives them hemp, they lower it to the ground in a basket; he kills his father]: 120-121, 172-174; clickitate [a man named Onion had Grizzly wives and Black Bear; Grizzly warned that she was on her period and needed to retire for a while; after her period was over, she asked her two children to bring her normal clothes; brother and sister saw that the mother is gradually turning into a grizzly; the others were warned; The bear climbed the tree, the Vulture turned into a door curtain, the bow became an onion, brother and sister fled with the help of the dog; Grizzly destroyed objects that humans had become; all that remained was the Coyote, who had become a piece of rotten wood; he said that if the Grizzly touched him, she would have fly larvae in her back; said in which direction Brother and sister fled; they grew up, married to each other; sister does not tell brother/husband to go to a particular area; he goes, meets a mother there; she offers to look in his head, kills; daughter creates a spring; pushes the mother off the cliff when she drinks; the Grizzly dies; the Coyote appears, the woman throws her things into the fire, then burns herself; the Coyote raises the boy; it's the Eagle, he grows up, takes the wife of three Mice, Gorlinka, Cricket; the Coyote puts willow branches in the fire, the flame breaks out, the women lift their legs; the Coyote sees that the Mice are white, the other two wives have black genitals; he likes white ones; he turns his excrement into eagles; sends the Eagle to the rock to get feathers; makes the rock tall; takes the form of a son, puts on his clothes, takes his wives Mice, treats Cricket badly, and Gorlinka; The Spider lowers the Eagle off the cliff; Gorlinka's son recognizes his father; the Eagle kills the deer, tells Coyote to carry it, it rains, the Coyote is washed into the river, swims downstream, turns into a dead deer; his a girl picks up; her grandmother knows it's a Coyote, wants to hit, he swims on, turns into an old man, stays with five unmarried sisters; they own a salmon lake; he makes them sticks- diggers, digs runoff from the lake himself; sisters beat him, breaking five bone spoons with which he covered his head, but he releases water and fish; he catches fish in the river, bakes, falls asleep, Wolves eat it; Wolves fall asleep, Coyote steals poultry eggs from them; makes rapids on the river that salmon should not rise above]: Jacobs 1934, No. 31:79-91 (retelling in Lévi-Strauss 1971, No. 606a: 233-234); quinolt: Farrand 1902, No. 2 [Blue Jay is the leader's slave; swims with him for mother-of-pearl, leaves him on a cliff at sea, takes four of his five wives; birds, dolphins refuse to carry the leader ashore; whale transports; the son tells the chief that Blue Jay makes him wipe his ass; the chief tells his son to put a hot stone in Jay's ass; drives away the slave and four unfaithful wives], 11 [five Wolves kidnap the man's wife; he comes to her disguised as an old man; Wolves suspect something; he punches them with an arrow, takes five arrows and a bow, kills Volkov, returns his wife]: 98-100, 120-121; quileut [ Thunderbird kidnaps Kwety's wife; he turns into a berry, a sprout, a shell; his wife picks him up, he takes her home in his former form, but Thunder takes her back every time; K. turns his boat into a whale; Thunder's claws get stuck in a whale, Thunder sinks, turns into stone; Thunder's younger brother is still looking for him; lightning flies out of his eyes, flapping wings are thunder strikes]: Reagan, Walters 1933:311-312; ne perse [Coyote's son is the best hunter; makes fire by kicking a log; Black Cricket and White Swan are his wives; he climbs a tree to get the prey left; Coyote makes a tree grow to the sky; puts on his son's clothes, takes the White Swan; cannot cause fire from a log; Black Cricket leaves with his son; Spiders bring Coyote's son down from the sky on a rope; son of Black The cricket is the first to know his father; the White Swan turns into a swan out of shame; the son of the Coyote sends him to bring meat, separates him from the camp by deep gorges; the Coyote sails along the river on a raft in the form of a baby; The eldest of the Swallow Sisters picks him up; he breaks their fish dam, releasing salmon into rivers]: Phinney 1934:376-381; Western sachaptines [Coyote's son has two wives - Black Beetle and White Duck; Coyote puts willow branches in the fire, sparks fly between women's legs, Coyote sees their genitals, decides to take possession of the Duck; asks his son to climb trees to get eagles for feathers; blinking, makes the tree high to the sky; marries a Duck, the Beetle is left alone with his son; heavenly people bring the young man on a rope to the ground, tying a huge spoon to the end instead of a basket; on the ground he kills a deer, puts it in a spoon, heavenly people pull her to himself; everyone welcomes the young man on earth, the Beetle and her son recognize him; The duck turns into a duck, Coyote is treated like a slave]: Farrand, Mayer 1917, No. 1:135-137; Yakima: Hines 1992, No. 44 [son The coyote is married to three sisters, the youngest Coyote wants herself; asks his son to climb a tree for eagle feathers, advises him to take off his clothes; leans a tree with branches against a smooth trunk; then cleans and puts on clothes son, migrates with his wives; two days later the son goes down; the youngest wife hides him in her bag; he kills the Coyote with a truncheon, throws him into the river; the Coyote turns into a baby, swims to the dam, behind which five sisters keep salmon; while they are away, breaks the dam with five wooden scoops; sisters break scoops but not Coyote's head; Coyote threatens his "sisters" with rain if they don't teach him catch salmon; where they give him wives, he makes good fishing spots, where they don't give him bad ones], 45 [Coyote's son has two Swan wives from the coast, two Gorlinki; he loves Gorlin, Coyote likes Swans; he makes artificial eagles, invites his son to climb the rock after them, takes off his clothes, makes the rock smooth, puts on his son's clothes, says that Coyote stayed on the rock; sleeps with the Swans; Gorlinki know that it's not their husband, they leave food for him in the parking lots; five days later, the Spider lowers the young man off the cliff; he kills a deer, tells Coyote to bring it, he is carried away by the river; the Coyote turns into a baby, picked up by five Swallow sisters holding fish behind the pond; breaks the dam with wooden shields over their heads; sisters smash them, but the Coyote is intact]: 121-126, 126-131; lower chinook [the chief leads his boats to an island with many abalone shells (used as money); Blue Jay persuades everyone to sail away, leaving the chief alone; takes two of his three wives; bird people tell the chief to climb into a hole in the body a whale is brought home, given shell money and otter skins; the chief's son is bald, his eyes are sore; the wives are blind; the chief washes their eyes, they see the light; the chief tells them to put burning smut in the opponent's ass; shares his wealth among his tribesmen]: Boas 1894a, No. 10:130-132; Vasco [Coyote makes eagle chicks out of his giblets; sends his grandson Eagle to get feathers; makes the rock high; takes the form of a grandson, puts on his clothes, sleeps with his two wives Mouse and Woodpecker; Thunder splits the rock, the Eagle descends, catches up with the family, his wives welcome him; the Coyote is washed away by the rain into the river, he turns into a piece of wood; two sisters pick it up; he turns into a baby; when they are not there, he takes on its true form, eats their fish; destroys the dam, releasing salmon into rivers; showers his sisters with ash, turning them into birds]: Curtin 1909b, No. 5:264-267; tillamook [a young man sends a friend to his mistress instead of himself; next time a girl cuts a young man's cheek thinking it's a stranger again; it was a true lover; they got married ; she asked what his scar was, he killed her; five wolf brothers revived her, made her wife; secretly from them she gave birth to a son with her first husband; the boy finds an elk killed by his father; the father comes to the wolves disguised as an old man; ambushes four, the youngest runs away; cubs burn in the house, one escapes; the wife, taking her son, returns to her husband]: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 20:75-80; alsea [the hero's father sleeps with his two wives; creates a bird in a tree; the hero's son asks him to get it; the tree grows, the hero goes to heaven; the thunders bring him down, wrapped in the skin of a whale; the hero returns, puts his father in whale skin on hot stones, throws it into the sea; it turns into a whale, then regains its former appearance]: Frachtenberg 1920, No. 5:75-81; cous [Coyote turns his excrement into woodpeckers; sends son get woodpeckers out of the tree, tells the tree to grow to the sky, then descend, copulates with both wives of the son; the hero stays in the sky, meets the Sun Girl; copulates with an icy penis (since then the sun is not so hot); The sun sends it to his sister; old people teach him to overcome challenges; 1) harpoon salmon (the hero misses four, hits the fifth), 2) get a hammer from the bottom of the lake (water is covered with ice, he breaks the ice with a hammer; the opponent can't break, the hero saves him), 3) hunt an elk (this is Old Man himself, he's scared), 4) knock down a tree (the hero bounces when the tree bounces off when the tree falls), 5) cut a whale (he swallows the hero and swims away; the hero gets out of the womb, swims on a log; people in the boat bring him back); The month recognizes his son-in-law; The old spider woman lowers the hero and his wife in the basket to the ground; the hero's children are almost blind, because the Coyote touched their eyes with his penis; the hero puts coyote skin on his father, turns them into a coyote; the Spider raises the hero with his wives and children in the basket back to heaven, he lives there now]: Jacobs 1940, No. 29:214-221; Klamath [see motive F2; old man Kmukamch tells his son named Aishish to get birds; advises him to undress before that; makes reeds or a pine tree grow up; puts on his son's clothes, comes instead of him, takes his wives; butterfly sisters save A., he comes back]: Barker 1963, No. 4 [larks in reeds; A. marries Butterflies and others Insect women; tells his son from his Bullfinch Wife to throw five K. hearts into the fire, which are at his feet; K. dies]: 37-45; Gatschet 1890 [sends eagles, but A. finds larks in the nest]: 94-97 [nest on the stem of horse sorrel; Chaffinch, Crane, Water Hen are faithful wives; A. tells his son to throw his grandfather's pipe into the fire; he dies; comes to life, sets fire to the sky; A. and his family are hiding from the dripping resins], 99-101 [Wild Duck is happy to have a new husband; Water Hen, Squirrel, Chaffinch and especially the Crane mourn the former]; modoc: Curtin 1912:1-16 [Latkakawas rejects all suitors falls in love with a beautiful young man; her brothers accidentally kill him; old Kumush can revive him, but wants L. for himself; she rushes into her lover's funeral pyre, K. snatches her out of the fire the baby; his name is Isis; he marries many women; K. wants them for himself, sends I. to the tree for the eagle's chicks, makes the tree tall; puts on I.'s abandoned clothes, comes to his wives; four of them do not believe it is I.; K. sets fire to the grass, the smoke rises crooked; one of the faithful wives takes off in a basket to the top of the tree, lowers I.; wives heal him; the smoke from his fire rises straight; I. burns the legs of unfaithful wives, turning them into ducks and other waterfowl; burns K.; he is reborn, he is alive as long as the Morning Star is; I. realizes that K. is not his father; turns faithful wives into butterfly, badger, wren].

Plains. Blacklegs [Thunder takes the man's wife; he goes in search; the Wolf cannot help, the Raven gives the crown a wing and an arrow with a moose horn; explains that Thunder is afraid of them, tells them to know wife's eyes; on the wall of Thunder's stone dwelling, many eyes, a man recognizes his wife; points a wing and arrow at Thunder, then admits defeat; allows his wife's eyes to be taken away, the wife is reborn; Thunder gives my ritual tube; will fly in the summer, it will rain for human berries to ripen; OcksDene and es, i.e. r Central Anmericatoupse C.- Inupiakmatic LanguageEastern I The tube remains with]: Grinnell 1962:113-116; Josselin de Jong 1914 (piegan) [two friends sail to the island to collect feathers; one sails away, leaving the other, takes his wives; the first one dries goose meat and berries, digs a dugout , fills it with feathers, survives winter; the second arrives a year later; the first sails away in his boat, takes his wives back; a year later he finds the corpse of the second on the island]: 66-68; teton (oglala) [Thunderbird takes the young man's wife; the grandmother gives him an invisible hat and a knife that cuts everything; makes a self-propelled boat with eyes and a tail; a young man kills three of the four Thunderbirds; drops his hat, western Thunder The bird picks it up, escapes; the boat brings home the young man and his wife]: Walker 1983:121-126; arpaho [Nihansan asks the man to get the eagle's chicks off the cliff; makes it smooth and cool; takes a man's clothes, takes his wife, mistreats his son and daughter; the person left on the rock cries, his tears turn into beads, people find beads at the foot of the cliff; wild geese let the hero down on his backs; he feeds hungry children, kills N.]: Dorsey, Kroeber 1903: No. 41:78-81; iowa [the chief has two daughters; the young man takes the eldest, the youngest wants him too; the eldest refuses to share her husband with the youngest; the youngest cries; the leader tells Ishiinka to get rid of the young man; I. puts the tails of raccoons into the hollow, asks the young man to go after raccoons, tells the tree to grow to the sky; puts on the clothes left on the ground young men, comes to his wife; but owls on moccasins do not hoot, the birds on the headdress do not sing; the wife suspects deception; the young man asks Voronov to let him down; the fourth agrees; the wind above tore off his head young men hair, he is bald; comes to his wife; birds start singing, owls hoot; I. runs away]: Skinner 1925, No. 23:482-484; from [woman and husband treat her little brother badly; he is taken away by an unknown woman; brings her to an underground cave with bison; she is a buffalo spirit; he grows up, marries her, they have two sons; she says the Big Bison wants to take his place; says he'll find her with children where rose hips grow; she and her sons become bison, leave with others; the bird says that the traces of his wife and sons will be red; the young man finds his wife and sons; wins the fight Big Bison, brings back his wife and children]: Anderson 1940:121-126; Osage [the girl's parents don't marry her; she leaves with a stranger, he turns out to be Bison; she gives birth to him a Calf; another Bison kidnaps her, creates two more women of the same appearance; promises to return her to her husband if he identifies his wife; The calf tells the father that the mother moves her right ear; the husband takes his wife, they come to people; the calf kicks another boy with his foot, he calls him names; The calf cries; the father picks him up, goes to the buffalo; all the bison (skins?) at the camp they turn into bison, follow]: Dorsey 1904c, No. 23:27-30; throw off Pawnee: Dorsey 1904b, No. 60 [the chief promises a daughter to whoever shoots a red bird; the old woman's grandson kills her, The coyote grabs her, marries the chief's eldest daughter; the bird's feathers in his hands turn yellow; the hero keeps a few red ones, they shine; marries the leader's youngest daughter, becomes handsome; alive the owls on his legs hoot; the Coyote makes raccoons out of his quiver, asks the hero to get them out of the tree, makes the tree grow; puts on the hero's clothes, takes his wife; owls stop hooting; Vulture, Eagle, The hawk, the Raven put the hero on their back and let them down; he chases the Coyote away, the owls on the legs hoot again; 2) the young man is married to the chief's daughter; his clothes are decorated with live owls and other birds; the Coyote kidnaps her, spends the night with his wife; a young man discovers a deceiver; the chief burns the Coyote alive; a hairy humanoid creature jumps out of his womb]: 239-245, 253; Kiova-Apache [unmarried Coyote asks a married man to climb a rock for the eagle's chicks; tells the rock to grow; takes the wife left on the rock, gives his stepsons only leftovers; the Spider lowers the married man to the ground on a web; he comes home , kills opponent]: McAllister 1949, No. 20:71-73.

California. Oriental pomo [The hawk is not loyal to the Partridge, she decides to leave him; weaves a basket with patterns symbolizing the water world; sends children to the cave with food; she sits in the basket herself, she swims on the lake; seeing the patterns, water creatures do not touch her; she goes ashore, the ribbking monster Gilak takes her away; his sister is a ritual drum, she has teeth in her vagina, with which she devours those brought by her brother and women thrown into a hole in the roof, spits out bones; in the passage leading to the house from the side, there are two bears and two rattlesnakes; Gadfly also guards; one day he fell asleep, G. snatched him into punishment is one eye; brother G. forgot to set a trap at the entrance, G. tore off one leg; hawk's wife G. did not throw his sister to eat, but led him through the door for himself; The hawk flew to G.'s house, killed two bears and two snakes, but was trapped, broke his spine, Brother G. threw it into Sister G.'s vagina, who ate it; Hawk's grandfather asked two Flint Brothers and two Bluebirds brothers to go with him; gathered him in Hawk's bag of bone, blinded bears and snakes with smoke, trapped a stone; Coyote and his four companions and two Brothers-G. began to play guessing (dice); G. shot Flint, an arrow bounced; Bluebird shot G.'s second toe, killed him; then they killed Brother G., fed them a toothy vagina; started dancing on the drum, smashing it; Coyote revived Hawk; they wanted to burn down the house, but Bumble-Fly asked to leave him; everyone comes back, but people smell dead, Hawk decides to leave, his brother is with him; Coyote goes to the fork, and then Hawk's trail goes along the same path, his trail brother on the other; the Coyote throws up his stick, she falls, divides him into two Coyotes; they follow two trails (text ends)]: Angulo, Freeland 1928:244-249; southern mountain mivoks [ a huge bird lived on the back of the sky; flew there through a hole in the zenith of the sky; kidnapped a toad woman, made her wife, dragged her people to eat, but she refused human beings; Eagle - the leader of the First Men, Toad's nephew, took him away; the Toad taught him how to kill the monster, gave him a stone knife; the eagle pushed the bird into a vat of blood, cut off its head; the Toad weaved a rope out of the grass, they went down on the ground; Coyote planted bird feathers, from which various trees and grasses grew]: Merriam 1993:163-167; coastal miks [Coyote and his wife leave, his grandson Hawk stays; takes his wife, goes with her to the bottom of the sea; they have two sons; his wife ran away, crushed his shell money; sprayed water through the roof of the house like rain; the Hawk is following her, she is with the shaman chief; he tells me to catch salmon; the Hawk cries, he has no net, the Coyote helped catch; ordered to catch the obsidian blades again, the Obsidian blades sticking out in the water, the Hawk jumps there, shouting the name of the Coyote, the blades fell; for the fourth time (third not described) in The water's hair is like worms, the water is red; the Hawk shouted the name, the water became clear; the Hawk lost, he was killed; his son is always in his hair, he came to tell Coyote; he came to play, i.e. shoot at each other with a bow; pigeons are pecking blood, it seems that the Coyote is not wounded, he is winning; the shaman chief was killed, the Coyote revived the dead from the bones, with the Hawk and his wife alive]: Kelly 1978, No. 19a: 33-35; Yokutz [Falcon, his wife, Coyote, live together; while the Coyote is sleeping, Condor arrives to kidnap the woman, she agrees to sit on his back; when Falcon returns home, the Falcon sends the Pigeon Vulture, Muhu looking for a wife; The lizard sees a hole in the sky, the Fly finds a woman; she is guarded by an old man; The falcon comes, talks to his wife, the old man does not recognize him; while the old man sleeps, the Falcon and his wife return to the ground (no details)]: Kroeber 1907a, No. 31:221-223.

Big Pool. Northern Payutes: Powell 1971 [Mountain Sheep marries a Bird, rejects Coyote's daughter; he invites him to sleep on a cliff, makes the rock tall; the Sheep dies at the top, the Eagle brings it bones, his wife revives him; he invites Coyote to throw stones against the wind; they fly back, break Coyote's arm, leg, second leg, head, chest; people burn his remains, but the wind blows his heart away from him a new Coyote appears]: 223-224; Steward 1936, No. 29 (Owens Valley) [a celestial kidnaps Tuhuki'ni's wife, his tribesmen take turns sleeping with her; the hornet reports this to T.; he rises to heaven; is in the guise of an old man; puts heavenly people to sleep with a rattle, pulls his wife's hair out from under the men sleeping on them, takes his wife], 30 (Owens Valley) [the hero rejects the Coyote's daughters; he pushes him off a cliff, he falls on a narrow ledge; after a few months he is so thin that the Bat catches him when he jumps down; returns to his family]: 396-397, 407-408; northern shoshones [Chief Eagle promises one of his two daughters to whoever kills a fox; the old woman's poor grandson brings a fox, marries his older sister; he urinates at night, his wife drives him away; he finds clothes and red paint, becomes big and beautiful; marries his youngest, Raven marries his older sister; his grandmother sends him to the buffalo pit; the Coyote pretends to be his friend, lowers him into the hole, begs for his weapons and clothes, comes to his wife; the young man wore his hat a live bird, now she screams all the time; the grandmother helps her grandson get out of the hole; he comes to his wife; the bird screams over his head; the Coyote has to return all the young man's property]: Lowie 1909b , No. 23h: 274-275; Utah: Kroeber 1901 (Uintach), No. 6 [Coyote asks Drake to go with his eyes closed; takes his wife, urinates in the eyes of his children; Drake finds himself on a steep cliff; The Bat tells him to jump down, catches him; the Drake kills the Coyote, causing frost; throws away the children born from him]: 272-274; Lowie 1924, No. 28 (southern Utah) [The wolf tells Frost that a dead ram lies on the rock; Frost climbs upstairs, Coyote cuts off the rope; takes Frost's wives, she gives birth to a child; The Bat lowers Frost; he kills the Coyote and the baby born]: 53-54; Mason 1910 (Wintah), No. 12 [Drake comes to treat Coyote's wife; sends him many times for water, copulates with a woman; Coyote asks Drake to ruin the eagle's nest on the rock; makes an impenetrable ditch around; takes a wife Drake, bad treats his son; people tell Drake to jump down, catch; Drake kills Coyote with a club born cold]: 310-314.

The Great Southwest. Hopi: Malotki, Gary 2001, No. 6 [Oraibi beauty rejects suitors; Kachina Pongoktsina lives with her grandmother, marries her; Grandma P. has many kachin relatives, they send rain, they give game; the young move to live with his wife's parents; they have two sons; a man from Kiisiwu kidnaps a woman, takes her away on a flying shield; P. and his sons (they are still young, but accompany him) go looking wife; an old woman teaches her what to do; when P. finds his wife, returns with her, sends her children forward, he puts her to sleep after copulation, kills her with a knife, runs away; she pursues him; in a kiva in the east of him they make him small, hide it under a dice; the deceased is about to find him, he runs to a kivu in the west, becomes one of the dancers; in another kiva in the West, the ritual participant hides him in his flute; in the fourth kive P. hides in a sunflower flower growing in the middle of the pond; the dead notices its reflection, rushes after it, drowns; P. observes rituals for several days; the wife revives normal alive a woman; he is warned not to look back until he and his next wife reach a certain milestone; P. looks around, his wife rushes to run; his wife and P. turn into two stars, one forever chases another]: 30-54; Mullett 1993 [an eagle man kidnaps a woman; an eagle, a hawk take her husband to heaven; he wins against an opponent, burns him; when reborn, the opponent becomes kind]: 78-88; Stephens 1929, No. 10 [a monster from the sky (feathered, but rather anthropomorphic) kidnaps women; each lives for four days, then devours her; kidnaps the hero's wife; he wins competitions, frees his wife and other women]: 21-25; zunyi [Knif-wings kidnap the young man's wife and many other women; the young man goes looking for her; hedgehogs make him a resin copy of the kidnapper's ice clothes to replace her with her; gophers give a salt ball that helps you walk between cougars and bears, along knife steps; Knife wings offer challenges: 1) pulling trees with one hand (gaffers gnaw their roots for a young man); 2) sit in a burning a fire (the knife-wings burn in his changed shirt, the young man remains alive); the young man cuts the kidnapper's corpse into pieces, throws them into the sky, creating stars (head: a star following the sun; one leg: Morning Star; hands: Pleiades; lungs: all small stars; hips: Orion's Belt); spiders bring the young man and liberated women down to the ground; the young man comes to his grandmother, descends with her to Coluvelakvi ]: Parsons 1930, No. 6:24-32; Oriental Ceres (Cochiti): Benedict 1931:47-49 [Shell Man and his wife Yellow Woman had a pet eagle; his wife was tired of him, she didn't care about him, he took it to heaven; The spider showed the way, carried AB to heaven; her sister hid it in the house under her skin; he brought turkeys; when YW ate turkey soup, she remembered the land and her husband; both return to earth], 70 [The Sun kidnaps his wife Stilina (White Shell Man) when she goes to fetch water; the Spider tells S. about this, tells S. not to follow the new path; he goes, defeats the Tornado Man; he brings him to the Sun; S. takes his wife home; the Sun promises that she will give birth to a chief son], 71-72 [Stilina's wife's hand eagle (Shell Man) flies away, she tries to catch him, he takes her to heaven; S. hunts for the Spider, the one for This tells us where the kidnapped wife takes him to heaven on two crossed owl feathers; Payatamu ("young man"; it is not clear whether he stole his wife for Eagle or Eagle for him) offers to hide; at first S. could not find P. and his mother, then found but not found, he got his wife back, came back with her with the help of the Spider (in the same way)]; Western ceres: Boas 1928a (Laguna) [Silicon Wing (KK) takes the wife of a young Shock-of-Hair (SH) to the top of the mountain; he sleeps on the top of the Enchanted Mesa, on the fourth night a man appears, tells him where his wife tells Spider to ask for help; she tells the Wind raise SH to the mountain; an elk and a deer guard the entrance to the KK house, SH throws this Spider potion at them, they promise to help; a spider boy catches birds in the snare, afraid of them; SH easily catches many birds, takes the Spider; she gives SH one bullfinch, he eats it; the spider young man is amazed because he ate only a piece; the Spider gives SH clothes and a resin club, he comes to his kidnapped wife while KK is hunting, replaces flint things with resin ones; KK promises to return his wife if SH 1) spends the night in the cold (SH is covered with a blanket of rabbit skins, alive); 2) knock down the tops of four hills with a club (KK throws resin club, she is powerless, SH knocks down the tops of the flint); 3) sit in the fire (KK in resin clothes burns, SH in flint unharmed); SH frees all kidnapped women; Spider lowers everyone in the web on resin rope; after lowering, pulls the rope back]: 111-118, 258-259 [summary]; White 1932 (Akoma) [Flintbird (KP, a man dressed in flint) descends from the sky, kidnaps a woman; Spider helps her husband named Kasevat rise to heaven, makes a false robe for him out of resinous pine chips; he replaces KP clothes for them; Spider's son helps K. withstand the tests; 1) spend the night in the cold (the web closes K. from hail); 2) weed the corn field in a day (K. pulls weeds by pulling the web that covered the field); 3) K. brings chips, they turn into a huge pile of firewood; 4) KP pushes K. into the oven, he hides in a dig dug in advance by Badger; 5) KP and K. they sit in fires; KP burns in his false resinous attire; K. frees his wife and other captives; Spider's son lowers them all to the ground in a basket]: 172-178; Pima [woman becomes wife a bird and gives birth to her a son]: Russel 1908:221; Shaw 1968:22-25; papago [Big Brother loses to the Player; makes a mixture of corn and bird feathers; after eating it, the player becomes an ogre eagle; the elder Brother climbs into his nest on the mountain; finds a woman who gave birth to Orla Orlenok; hides a fly in a corpse; cuts off the heads of Eagle and Eagle who have fallen asleep; during the Eagle's agony, the earth shudders; Big Brother throws eagle feathers and fluff, they turn into clouds (white in the east, black in the west, pink in the south); it revives the dead by spraying corpses with hot water; cuts through a crack in the rock, people go down down it to the ground; a woman descends last]: Densmore 1929a: 39-53; teva (San Juan) [a young man asks a married friend to go get eagles; magically puts him in a nest, leaves him there; says that he must have died, invites his wife to marry him; she refuses, organizes a search; the man ate what the eagles brought, drank rainwater, weakened; he was brought home, cured; a friend died of shame]: Parsons 1926, No. 9:36-38; maricopa [two girls go to marry the Red-Winged Starling; Coyote burns his shoulders, rips off strips of skin to make red spots; replies yes, people call his Starling; arranges a wedding with girls; Starling and his friend Oriole fly into a smoke hole, carry girls away; Coyote cries; sends Cardinal to lure Starling into the upper world; Cardinal pretends a wounded man, a starling follows him through a hole in the sky, it closes behind him; he comes to an ice house, two girls warm him up at night in bed, but it's still cold; he sows corn, pumpkins, beans, catches rabbits and deer; girls try all this food for the first time; the Coyote takes the Starling's wives, but they continue to search for him with the Oriole; the Vulture lowers the Starling to the ground, putting him on his back: Starling and Oriole take these girls again, Coyote is driven away]: Spier 1933:405-409; yavapai: Gifford 1933a (SV yavapai): 349-364 [people lived underground at the bottom of a deep dip; there was a pine tree growing there ("dog- tail tree"), wrapped in a vine; people climbed it to the ground, their leader was Hanyiko' (Frog); his shaman daughter made him sick; before his death, he ordered him to be burned and watched the stars; when two stars appear in the east before sunrise, these are feathers that adorn his head; in 2 months 5 stars appear - this is his right hand; in 3 months it will be cold, his whole body will be visible; the red star will celebrate 4 months; corn will grow on his grave; when the corpse is burned, everyone surrounds the fire, but the Coyote jumps over the short Badger, grabs, carries, eats his heart; before that, people they said that the deceased would be reborn in four days; Coyote: let him die forever; H. died forever; Coyote agreed; his daughter died, people refused to change their minds; it snowed; people: mountains covered with cornmeal; Coyote: snow; therefore, snow does not consist of cornmeal; when it rained, the dry tree did not get wet; Coyote: let it get wet; because Coyote took possession of H.'s heart, from the holes from which people came to the ground, water poured in; people put all kinds of seeds and the girl in the hollowed out pine tree trunk, sealed; after the flood, the girl came out, the others died; she lay down like this that water was dripping into her vagina, the sun was shining on her; she conceived and gave birth to a girl; she grew up, her mother placed her in the same place, but the Water and Sun did not want to converge with her daughter; then the mother covered her with her body and the daughter became pregnant; her son Skatakaamcha; his mother took the eagle and fed the chicks; he interrupted the partridge's leg; when he repaired it, she spoke about the fate of his mother; S. decided to kill the monstrous bull (bison?) ; The badger dug an underground passage under him, S. stabbed the monster with a hot knife, killed him; put on a blood-filled stomach; the eagle brought it to the nest; the eagles say that the prey is alive, the eagle does not believe; the eagle flew away, the eagle flew in, S. killed her with a hatchet; told the eagles to remain silent; killed the eagle when it returned; threw the eagles out of the nest; made the rock half as low, but no more; The Bat lowered it in the basket ; he opened his eyes, the Bat fell and was injured, S. cured her; came to his grandmother, who cries; he threw eagle feathers at her, said he killed both eagles; married; Wind stole his wife; Spider warns that Wind offers to compete kills losers; S. beat him in a ball and ring game; won a competition whose hair is longer; Wind stabbed S. 4 times without causing harm; S. killed him with a knife; threw one hand to the east, the other to the south, one leg to the west, the other to the north: let the wind blow from different sides; S. brought his wife back; grandmother: there is a bad Chewasistesikkaamcha; S. came to his house slowly throws away food for fear of being poisoned; killed C. with a knife; Bear's arrow reeds; S. invites him to marry his grandmother; he gave reeds; believes that the best tips are coal tips; S. killed him with flint; a tree for the ends of the Owl's arrows; S. and offered him his grandmother as his wife; she found the heart of the Owl, it was on the sole; S. shot there, killed the Owl; an bow tree in the canyon with converging and diverging walls; S. put a deer horn between them; went east to his father the Sun; the Sun's wife warns that the Sun will try to kill S. in the steam room; but S. is not afraid of the heat; the Sun recognized his son, let him choose a horse; a man at the cliff pushes passers-by with his foot; he grew up with his back to the rock; S. lets a chanterelle first, it dodges; then a rattlesnake, the man is afraid of it; S. disconnected him with an ax from the cliff, threw it into the abyss; below 6-7 women devour the fallen; S. threw that man's stomach into the fire, he burst into the eyes of the women, S. hacked them; there was a boy, he ran to the cave, S. did not I managed to get it, left the snakes to guard, but they fell asleep; the boy left, creating new ones like him; grandmother: you can't handle them], 402-412 (Western yavapai) [people live underground; younger brother invites the elder to illuminate the world; he makes a disc, smears ocher, hangs it, but the younger one makes a disc of white lime, smears ocher; it gets light but too hot; the younger brother asks the eldest to raise the sky with a reed pole, he did it; at night, the elder brother touches the genitals of his two daughters; they hide on the shore under the willow, where he relieves himself, and swallow his bowel movements; he begins to lose strength, tells him to be cremated after death; people sent the Coyote for fire, at which time they lit a fire, standing around; the Badger was lower than the others, the Coyote jumped over him, took his heart and ate it; the burnt heart had to lay the ground, cultivated plants would grow; and so only one corn stalk would grow; the best cobs went to the Hopi and Navajo, and the worst yavapai; people decided to get to the upper world; the hummingbird found a hole in the sky; under the guidance of their younger brother, they planted a pine tree and a vine that wrapped around it; they climbed up, but the old man and his two granddaughters stayed; when they got to the ground, from water poured in the holes; the flood was caused by those two daughters of the older brother who turned into frogs; people hollowed out a pine tree, put food inside the girl and sealed it; only the girl survived, the rest drowned; she lay down with her vagina under the rays of the sun and under drops of water, conceived, gave birth to a daughter; she grew up, tried to repeat everything, but the Sun and Water recognized their daughter, conception did not occur; then the mother covered her daughter's body with her body, the Sun and Water did not notice the substitution; the daughter gave birth to a son Matinyaupakaamcha; the eagle took her to its nest and ate it, M. stayed with her grandmother; interrupted the bird's leg with a stone; she: if you'll cure him, I'll say something; when he finds out that the old woman is not his mother, but his grandmother, killed the eagle, on the advice of his grandmother, by heating the tip of his spear; the grandmother sends him to kill the bison (ox); the badger and the gopher dug an underground passage under lying bison; the mouse plucked the hair from where the heart was, explaining that its children were cold; M. pierced the bison from below; he plunged his horn into the underground passage, but M. dodged; made a cape out of the skin, and under it bison blood; allowed the eagle to grab itself; blood gushed, the bison decided that M. was killed; the chicks see that the prey was alive, but the eagle did not believe; when it flew away, M. found out where the eagle would fly; becoming a lizard, smeared with resin the place where the male and female sit; killed the eagle; told the chicks to remain silent, otherwise they would kill; The Bat lowered M. in the basket, ordering them to close their eyes; he opened, they fell, M. broke the Bat's bones, but cured her; M. looked into the grandmother's house through a hole in the roof; called her; grandmother: the wind was whistling; when he saw her grandson, she began to dance with joy; the bald eagle took M. to an island on the lake; there were already many prisoners there; M . ordered the prisoners to eat crushed flint to the eagles and hide, digging an underground passage; the eagles died; the crane stretches its leg across the lake; people cross it like a bridge; children fall into the water, turn into ducks; M. decides to make a bow; the grandmother warns of dangers every time where to look for bow materials; onion wood where the canyon walls converge and diverge; M. shoved between they have a deer horn, took out the material; reeds for arrows owned by Owl; M.: I propose marriage to my grandmother; Owl is glad, he gave reeds himself; when Owl came, M. told his grandmother to find out where his heart was; in the sole legs; M. shot there, killed Owl; grandmother straightened her vulva with an arrow; when M. looked, the arrow broke; where the flint for the tips, sparks fly out; M. covered himself with a turtle shell, took out flint; wood for the front of the arrows owned by the Bear; M. called him to marry his grandmother; said he was making charcoal tips; The bear believed, shot M. with a coal arrow with a tip, and M. killed him with an arrow with a flintlock tip; grandmother: cut the deer in a clearing, not under a tree; M. began to cut under a tree; a naked woman came down from the tree, chased M. to get along with him; the grandmother hid it under the hearth; but the woman began to write there, M. got out; M. made penises out of blue stone, quartz, lava and clay, used it every single night, breaking off women's vaginal teeth; she became his wife; she was actually a bear; offered to drive game at him; he hung his clothes on a pole; three or four bears rushed at her, M. killed them, pulled out their fangs and claws; Spider told M. that the Wind took his wife away; let M. compete with him outside, not in his cave; who would chase the ball faster; M. won all the prisoners and the life of the Wind; who has longer hair, M. won again, killed The winds were a club; they spent the night in the Wind Cave; the wife became snakes in front of the entrance, M. jumped over them; M. went to look for his father, the Sun; spent the night with people who wanted to kill him; closed him for the night eyes with pebbles ("glass eyes"), the owners think that he is awake; the Sun's wife to her husband: your son has come; he wants to test the visitor, invites him to the steam room; M. all gives up a couple and says it's cold, The sun believes he is his son; M. tamed the horse, went home; the Sun and the Cloud began to argue over him; each painted one half of his body; M. returned east to the Sun, and the grandmother went west to the Sun, and the grandmother went west to ocean]; havasupai: Smithson, Euler 1944:44-49 [young man decides to marry; mother confesses that Bluebirds have two sisters married to Blackbird (they were birds, now hopi); he is theirs takes away, Blackbird catches up, demands that his property (their clothes) be returned; the older sister takes something out of her body, gives it to him; he puts it on his beak; since then blackbirds have red feathers above their beak ; the woman died, the sister and the young man burned the body, came to the boy's mother; she, contrary to warning, leads her daughter-in-law to collect seeds, she disappears; the young man throws feathers on four sides of the world; when she throws up, they fly away; he realizes that the kidnapper is in heaven comes there; it's the Wind; he offers competition; 1) whose hair is longer (the boy's); 2) running; the young man overtakes, the Wind has to turn into tornado; he cuts off the head of the Wind, descends with his wife to the ground; builds a solid house, Thunder and small birds try to get it in it, carry the woman again; the young man, his wife and mother flee south, where the land converges with the sky; the mother gets tired, lies down; they climb into heaven, lower her rope, pick her up, all three remain in the sky], 69-75 [hunters leave the chief on the rock; at home, Coyote takes his two wives, not feeds them; the Bat lowers the leader, he kills evil tribesmen; jumps into the abyss with his wives; they turn into stars]; Valapai [celestials lose in wrestling and running competitions]: Kroeber 1935:290-291; Navajo: Baylor 1976 [Coyote and Gopher are rivals; the girl promises to choose the one who will bring the most rabbits; the Coyote steals Gopher rabbits, but he has the same number at first, and next time twice as much; he marries a girl; while hunting, Coyote invites Gopher to sleep on a cliff, tells the rock to rise tall, takes Gopher's wife; on the fourth day, Gopher manages to make a rock low again; he catches up with the Coyote; wraps the hot stone in meat, lets the Coyote swallow it, he dies; Gopher asks why his wife is crying; she replies that the eyes hurt because of the gleam of the snow]: 56-60; Johly, B'yash 1958 [a young man marries and has a son; the Coyote leaves his skin on the trail, the boy touches her, she wraps him around, turning him into a coyote; the Coyote takes his clothes and bow, goes to his wife, but does not find it; The squirrel, who saw what happened, helps the young man take off his coyote skin, throw it again at the real Coyote; the young man does not like the smell of coyote left in the house; he goes to his wife's sister, marries her; she also gives birth to a son, Coyote changes her appearance again with the young man; the older sister does not notice the deception, the youngest feels that she is not a real husband with them; the Squirrel returns the young man to his true appearance, and the Coyote makes him a coyote again; the son is the first to recognize his returning father; the Coyote invites the young man to climb the rock for eagle feathers; these are two grasshoppers, whom the Coyote painted as eagles; the Coyote blows on the rock, she grows up to heaven; the young man spends 4 years with the Eagles; marries; the leader Orlov organizes a dangerous campaign against Bumblebees, then Wasps, Locusts, Weeds; the Spider gives the young man grass, he chews it, blows it at enemies, they are here But they die; the spider lowers him to the ground in his bag (the young man opens his eyes ahead of time, falls, but is alive); going from one fire pit to another, the young man finds a family; tells his son to heat the pebbles, gives them swallow Coyote, he dies; wife turns into deer, son becomes antelope chief; rainbow hero goes south]: 8-14; Yuinth-Nezi, Hatrali 1957 [as in Johly, B'yash 1958; Coyote paints crows under eagles; star people help Little Brother go down by planning in the clouds; he lets the Coyote swallow a hot star in a lump of fat]: 4-8; hicarilla [like Navajo; Coyote tells the rock to grow; eagles give the hero their clothes to go down]: Goddard 1911, No. 26:224; Western Apaches: Goddard 1918 (San Carlos) [Coyote sends a Puma to an eagle's nest on a rock, tells the rock to grow; eagles give man their plumage, fly with him to heaven, give their wife; their enemies are pumpkins, zucchini, melons, Puma easily killed them; went down to earth, five years have passed; caught up with his wife, who has Coyote children in her basket; Puma killed all but one, hid himself; told Coyote to swallow four hot stones and drink water; the Coyote burst]: 67-68; 1919 (White Mountain) [the hunter has a wife and two sons; the Coyote reports a nest with eagles on at the top of the cliff; lowers the rope hunter onto the rocky ledge, throws the rope, says he will now take his wife; the man asks the eagles how the adult birds will arrive; the male arrives, then the female, male again, female again, each with a "rain-man" or "rain-woman"; eagles bring water to man in a turquoise vessel, give an eagle's robe; a man kills a man with a skull who killed with a stone eagles; kills bees, wasps, hornets; grass that attacks eagles; stars bring him down to the top of the hill, from there he flies to the ground; Coyote gouged out the eyes of man's children with an awl; he told his wife to heat four stones, put the Coyote's legs on two, ordered them to swallow two; the Coyote's tail fell off; the man killed the Coyote's children with a stick; became an eagle and lives in the sky]: 132-135; chiricahua [Coyote has a wife and son; the other The coyote asks him to climb a rock, she grows to the sky; the impostor takes his wife, gives his son the worst meat; the Bat lowers the hero in the basket; he opens his eyes, the basket falls, but he is unharmed; finds his son; his wife carries him in her bag; he kicks the impostor out]: Opler 1942, No. 1:28-31.

NW Mexico. Tarahumara [the younger brother took his wife, treated animals well; the elder did not like animals; chased the youngest, who climbed onto the poplar; the elder began to cut, the felling overgrown; went for a big one water, taking the youngest's wife; the youngest sent the animals to look for the fugitives, they did not find them; the Ant swam across the water in the shell, found the Big Brother and the woman on the top of the poplar, returned, reported; the Younger sent flying animals, they brought the Elder; he ran away, turning into a lion (cougar); asked the bees to let him eat; mosquitoes helped him open el encino wider, the lion was bitten by him, caught; collected firewood, set fire, told a good Leo to tear up the bad, he ripped his heart out; he tried to escape to heaven, Aguililla caught him; he was thrown into the fire again, Little Brother lives in the sky]: Olmos Aguilara 2005:252-255.

Mesoamerica Vultures kidnap the Sun's wife; he hides under reindeer skin, catches a vulture, and rises to heaven on his back. Mopan, kekchi [old man T'actani has a daughter X't'actani; she is a weaver and a spinner; Kin killed an antelope, filled the scarecrow with ash and grass, and carried S. past the house every evening; T. advised his daughter to pour on the water path; K. slipped, the scarecrow burst; then K. asked the hummingbird for his skin, giving cotton wool in return so that it would not freeze; S. asked his father to shoot the hummingbird, who stunned him; at night in Sh. K. became a man; asked S. to get her father's magic stone mirror and wind tube, covered the mirror with soot, poured pepper into the tube; K. did not smoke one place in the mirror, T. saw K. and S. in the boat; not was able to shoot, almost suffocated; asked his Uncle Chac (Thunder) to kill the fugitives; K. turned into a turtle, S. turned into a crab, both dived to the bottom; after being hit, K. swam out, saw S.'s blood on the water; told the fish to collect it, but they began to eat flesh and drink blood; then he told the dragonflies, they collected them in 13 wooden decks; K. left them to the woman, promising to return in 13 days; opening the decks, K. found them in them various poisonous snakes (in the 1st), non-venomous snakes (2nd and 3rd), mosquitoes (4), sand fleas (5), green hornets (6), yellow wasps (7), small black wasps (8), the same but with white wings (9), white caterpillars with with poisonous hairs (10), flies (11 and 12), S. (13); K. sent a man to throw the first 12 decks into the sea; he heard a noise, discovered it out of curiosity, the creatures broke into the world; S. does not have a vagina; on the advice of old woman K. put S. between two hills, told a small deer to run, the trail was too small; the big one was just right; when he met S., K. decided that it was too tempting for people, told the Rat to write in vagina; since then, sex has been followed by disgust; K. found out that S. was cheating on him with his brother Shulab; he asked the turkey and another bird to give him their bile, asked the old woman for pepper, tinted everything with uruku, told the old woman to make a cake out of it, baked it in his armpit, gave it to her lovers; they began to spit, could not quench their thirst, S. ran to the river for a drink, agreed when Vulture offered to pick it up; takes Vultures to the village; the leader's house is supposedly made of stone, but this is guano; K. turned into a dead antelope, told the fly to lay down larvae; catches Vulture, tells him to be attributed to the leader; in the land of vultures hides in brushwood carried by a lumberjack, then comes to the village, holes 7 grains of corn, which causes Vulture to hurt his teeth, he lets him in to cure him; K. cures, puts them to sleep, takes Sh., tells two vultures to take them back; turns into the Sun, S. into the Moon, Shulab to the Morning Star, younger brother to the Evening Star; K. places a mirror at the zenith; each the day seems to be moving further west in the afternoon, but in fact he returns east; at first, S. is bright like him; she feels sorry for the people who work all the time, K. takes one eye out for her]: Thompson 1930:126-132; Kekchi: Becker-Donner 1976 [see K16 motif; Kagua Sake (Sun) and Kagua Chok (Cloud) are brothers; CS marries Kan Po (Moon); she has no vagina; mountain sheep it can't, the deer makes the vagina with its hoof; the aroma is very strong, the CS is afraid that people will fight because of it; tells the rat to write there; KC and KP fall in love with each other; CS mixes turkey bile with their food, making people quarrel; they quarrel over who to get water; the spacecraft does not return to get water; KC cries, his tears turn to rain; brothers play buluc on a board laid through a deep ravine; when the CC jumps for the third time, the board breaks, it falls into the depths; since then, clouds have risen above the ravines; his tears become rivers flowing from the gorges; the vulture invites the KP marry their king; carries her first up and then down to Xibalba, where the devil Mausahquink lives, a real fiancé; the CS learns about what happened from flies; asks the goat to lend him the skin; flies gather at him under his tail; Vulture descends on the carrion, puts his head inside; the CS grabs him by the neck, tells him to tell him everything, take him to Xibalba; KP complains loudly; CS sends a toothache to M. using 13 grains and 13 needles; KP must invite the COP, pretending to be a great wizard; after blowing M. on his head three times, the COP puts him to sleep; CS and KP rise to the sky; motionless; San Cosme heals them with flowers and fragrances seeds; they turn into the sun and moon; when they first see them, 400 people and animals turn into stars]: 122-124; McDougall in Thompson 1977:440.

Llanos. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 25 [Kúwei makes his wife out of clay, she melts in water, she melts from wax by the fire; he has difficulty finding a woman in the forest; her name is Avalibey ("heart or spirit" tree"), she does not have a vagina; he gave her a drink, asked the animals to defloriate her; the monkeys could not; the fox could, because K. inserted a hard wood stick into his penis; the Kúkuli duck invited her to take the boat, take the fish away; the monkeys go to the festival to Pumenerrua (the name of Kuwait's wife); the howler monkey smears Kuwait's hands with glue, attaches his tail, he goes to the Monkeys; P. lives on island in the sea; K. slides across the vine, the monkeys laugh, K. turns them into monkeys; K. takes the form of an old man in ulcers; everyone goes hunting, K. stays to cook firewood, bathes, becomes the same, throws away his scabs, they have become two types of edible tree mushrooms and fish; K. turns Kukuli into a duck; Royal Vulture E'étsu kidnaps P., she returns; E. tells K. to fall from a tree, he seems to be dead; K. tells his wife to cover it with cassava like larvae; E.'s wife comes to peck; K. grabbed her, plucked her, bathed her in peppery water; she curses people, they will fight, die, get sick; each time K. replies that this will not happen; on the third day he falls asleep, remains silent, the prophecies of E.'s wife come true; then about son K. Matsuludani], 26 [there are only men at first; Kuwai carves a woman out of a laurel tree; the tree is hard, K.'s penis is flattened; he asks the Fox to try; he inserts a wand into his penis made of solid wood, reaches the goal; the wooden woman becomes real; her name is Pumeniruwa; Yakukuli duck is fishing; P. asks for it, Y. invites her to the boat, brings her to her place; The vulture, in turn, takes her away; arranges a festival, everyone drinks chicha from the fruits of the Mauritia flexuosa; K. learns from the monkeys that they are going to the festival; goes with them, pretends to be an old man; he is left to harvest firewood; P. accompanies him; he bathes, takes his former appearance, takes his wife away; pretends to be a dead sloth; grabs the Vulture that has descended; plucks him, lowers him into hot peppered broth; he predicts that K.'s descendants will die (describes various causes of death); K. has to agree; Vulture grows feathers, flies away], 27 [Furnaminali ( Furna) makes a woman out of a laurel tree; she does not have a vagina; the fox manages to do it because he has a bone in his penis; Vulture sends a Yakukuli duck to steal F.'s wife - as in (26); monkeys they tell F. that Vulture invited them to a feast overseas; they go there on a rope, they can't take F.; the woodpecker carried it; the monkeys laugh, think that F. will fall, be eaten by piranhas; F. suggests they drink water from the sea, their lips turned black; F. covered himself with ulcers, his wife does not recognize him; chooses a "grandfather" at the dance; collecting fuel, returning to his former appearance as in (26); F. told the man to pretend dead, sprinkled with cassava slices (like larvae); the Vulture was grabbed, scalded, peeled off its feathers, tied to a pole in the square; Vulture names diseases; each time F. replies that there is no such disease; when he fell asleep and stopped answering, Vulture named all kinds of witchcraft that were fatal to humans; so he won, his feathers industry, he flew away], 28 [Furna (aka Kuwai) makes his wife out of clay , she melts in the rain; wax melts in the sun; from fragrant laurel tree - successfully; her name is Pumeneruva; she does not have a vagina; at the festival F. asks the monkeys to make it; they fail; the maicero monkey flattened his penis, leaving a tiny protrusion; then the Fox was made a bone in the penis out of the knot, he managed to pierce P.; Yakukuli's duck kidnaps P. - as in (26, 27); P. becomes a wife royal vulture Edapukuni, calls the monkeys to the festival, they tell F. about it, give him a tail, glue his hands so that he can jump with them on the branches like a monkey; walking in front they destroy Toad's house, and repair it behind; for this, the Toad smears F. and some monkeys with paint, which will make them attractive to P.; they cross the vine to Vulture Island; F. almost fell; he looks like an ulcer-covered old man; collecting firewood and identifying as in (26, 27); sardines emerge from F.'s scabs; Y. F. and P. return home; those who go fishing do not return, they turn into animals], 39 [while Furnaminali was playing the flute, the young Farah stole his wife, who contracted gonorrhea from him; F. carved his new wife out of a sassafras tree, but she did not have a vagina and could not eat; F. called animals to help; the monkey only broke his penis, now it is short; only Fox managed to pierce the woman; F. he tries to make people (without a woman, inserting his penis into the holes), but he makes only animals; then he made four eggs; Kahuvali, Tsamani, Ivinai, Tsparai came out of them Duva (daughter); his mother-in-law F. became pregnant from behind with thought, Matsuldani was born; F. checks if it was his son; 1) throws him into the river three times, but he falls ashore each time; 2) shoots him, he catches him arrow; 3) shoots him in the eye with a wind gun, the arrow deviates; recognizes his son; more about the spread of fish, the appearance of European things]: 115-122, 133-137, 138-141, 142-143; guayabero [ Kuvoi made a woman out of clay, she melted in water; the wax melted from the fire; heard a woman laughing out of wood, carved a woman; she did not have a vagina; monkeys tried to pierce her unsuccessfully, succeeded The fox, because he has a bone in his penis; Mingo (apparently the Duck) took K.'s wife in a boat, she was taken by the Royal Vulture; K. sees monkeys going to the party; came there in the guise of an old man in ulcers; after swimming, he became the same; returned his wife; the vultures rushed in pursuit; K. fell off the tree, the corpse wormed; came to life, grabbed Vulture, plucked him]: Schindler 1977a: 223-226.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritar [Uanádi hooks fish, she turns into a Kaweshawa woman, drags him under water, then they go ashore; V.'s nephew, the Capuchin monkey, warns that K. piranha's vagina, she had already bitten off his and the Possum's penises; Paka took an iron needle from Heron, inserted it into his penis, K.'s teeth broke off; Coati did the same; then V. poisoned piranha with fish poison; K. and V. visit Father K. under water; Curasso kidnaps K.; V. makes a new wife out of white clay, she melts in water; from black resin, melts in the sun; the frog wife only paints and powders, the bird wife laughs all the time; The bee tells V. who kidnapped K.; Lenivets gave V. the appearance of an old man; sees dirty and aged K. surrounded by her children born from Curasso; Curasso tells K. to cut the Sloth; she gropes under her hair tongue, identifies her husband by him; first both turn into cockroaches, then V. into a woodpecker, K. into a frog, a woodpecker flies with a frog in its beak to the heavenly lake of Aquena; he kills and roasts it; hangs it; the lizard by his instructions cut off the rope, K.'s bones fall into the lake, K. comes to life, becomes beautiful again; a second woman, but small, appears from her severed hand; V. marries the Lizard for his help]: Civrieux 1980:32-43.

Guiana. Arecuna [Madá-Wenín is unable to find a wife; he was advised to hook a beautiful girl out of the river; a voice warns him not to leave his wife alone; a bird he shot Pauhil turns into a man, takes his wife to heaven; M.-V. drives away an insect, an insect tells him where his wife is; M.-V. puts on the old man's skin, asks Pauhil to take him to heaven; the parrot recognizes him, M.- V. waxes his mouth; takes his wife, who is pregnant with Pauhil; at home, her pregnancy disappears]: Armellada 1973, No. 67:206-211; Carinha (Guyana) [the forest spirit kidnaps the hunter's wife; he is covered with hard hair, you can't punch it with an arrow; a man sets it on fire, the spirit burns; a man shaves his wife, who has also begun to grow hair]: Gillin 1936, No. 9:199-200.

Western Amazon. Sekoya [Thunder kidnaps the hero's two wives; the youngest recognizes the ex-husband, the eldest does not; he rewards the first and punishes the second]: Cipolletti 1988, No. 4:49-57; napo or canelo [ a man climbs a rock, from there to the cave to hunt tayu (Steatornis peruvianus) birds; another wants to take possession of his wife, removes the rope; a man walks through the gorge, comes to the dwarfs; they cook food that feeds on its smell; what they smell is their excrement; when they see how they have relieved themselves, they are asked to do their tiny anal holes; some die from surgery; dwarfs ask their wives to give birth to children with anal holes; dwarfs tell a man to go after the cougar, she brings him home, his wife remains faithful]: Ortíz de Villalba 1989, No. 48:92-94.

NW Amazon. Yukuna [Kanuma stole sacred flutes from ñamatu women; they left him alone with cultivated plants; he married various animals, but no wife could give him cultivated plants, he ate wild plants; his stork grandfather saw Jeechú's daughters by the river, who gave him manioc cake; K. noticed the crumbs under the hammock, made them tell everything; K. was the first to see that the girl who was the owner of the animals, Inérukana; she told him to take the sisters, the owner of the fish, Mairero; M. told her to be put in a boat filled with water and fish venom; the piranhas came out of her vagina, but was left alone ; when K. got together, she bit off his penis; the penis was on his stomach, the navel was his mark; K. sent his wife to the garden, but she saw that it was just savannah; brought cassava from her father, then yam, coca, peach palm tree; K. tried to plant them, but J. did not give seeds, only fruits; M. cooked a lot of wild yams for K.; he ate, his penis jumped out in the place where people have it now; M. told her husband to watch how her sisters would come and plant cassava; they themselves were cassava; K. heard the girls laughing that he did not have a penis; went out and they ran away; sent J. to chew his younger brother's coca instead; on the contrary M.'s paths pushed him on the site, he fell and became a coca; his soul became a harpy eagle, which told K. not to cry - there would always be coca; coca, cassava, pineapple and other plants were also human and ready right away to use, but K. did everything himself, since then he had to work; M. warned her husband that one day he would kill her; let him bury her in maloka, covered with leaves; K. mistook his wife's brother for her lover and shot him with bow; buried her body; she ended up with her father J. (i.e. in the afterlife); K. came for her; J. gave a rolled up hammock and told her not to open it on the way; K. opened it, a bee flew out, bit him and disappeared; then K. found out that his wife was living in heaven with the chief of the vultures; wearing an ulcerative shirt, K. appeared there unrecognized; the fly told the vulture chief that she saw a lot of fish (worms in corpses); K. put a thorn, M. began to weave the basket and pricked; the vulture leader went without it; K. took off his ulcerative shirt and took his wife; on the way they saw bees sucking honey; K.'s wife rushed there and disappeared into a hollow where the bees are]: Hammen 1992:154-157; maku [Idu Kamni (associated with toadstool or cormorant) drank a vine infusion, vomited into the river, a woman appeared, but he didn't want it; drank it infusion of another vine - an Aguti woman appeared with a kitchen pot; he is happy with her; the wife gives the birds crumbs, they bring them to the Vultures, they decide to steal the woman; after the holiday, the wife cleaned her hair with IR, fell asleep, the Vultures took her away; one bird told IC that his wife was with the Vultures, the other (swallow-tailed kite) that she was making beer from them; IC flew to the Vultures in the guise of an old sick swallow ( kite?) with diseased skin (at the same time running on the ground in the form of a deer); one bird recognized him, but IR twisted its tongue; IR dropped (as if from old age) calebass; the leader recognized him, but immediately forgot, because IC turned tongue to the leader's spirit; in the form of a deer, IK lay down in the forest as if dead, began to rot; The Vultures flocked, but noticed that he opened his eye, flew away; then IK killed the tapir; he came to his wife, who was making beer for on the holiday, told the hornet to bite her, she lost consciousness; the leader of the Vultures tells him to stay to take care of his wife; IK revived his wife, took on her true form, and burned everything in the house together with the little birds Vultures; they rushed to save their property, IC and his wife sailed away in the boat; the water rose, washed away the Vultures; IC's wife sees a hollow with honey and larvae, sticks her head into the hollow; IC threw his honeycombs down, his wife fell, Toads jumped out of her womb, galloped into the woods]: Silverwood-Cope 1972, No. 6:234-241.

Montagna - Jurua. Kashinahua: Ans 1975 [childless husband and wife flee to another village; a spider chick is raised, which returns to the forest, becomes the chief of the spiders; rivals offer her husband to climb a tree to get spider chicks; take the stairs away; the spider chief invites a man to his place, gives another chick to raise, gives a bottle; at night, a man and his wife open it and run; huge bees devour other men]: 207; Shenipabu Miyui 2000 [rivals decided to take the man's wife; asked him to get japó chicks (=spider: corpse family, genus of oropendola) from the tree, cut off a ladder made of a vine; the spiders flew in, bringing prey (monkey, turtle, battleship; lowered the man to the ground, gave them food; gave them a good uruku, paint themselves and poisonous for those who left him on a tree; the spider chief told his son to take the man home, gave chicks with him; at home, the man told his wife to take care of the chicks; painted his wife and himself a good uruku, gave others a poisonous one, they died; the rest wanted to take the man's wife away again, took him to collect bee honey; offered to put their hand in the hollow, the hand was stuck, the companions left; the wild Indians came, the man shouted that he would kill them, they they were frightened, left; the man managed to free his hand, he returned to his wife; others offered to get the battleship out of the hole, failed the exit; the battleship brought the man to the ground, also gave two types of uruku; good the man painted himself and his wife, the poisonous one gave his rivals, they all died]: 99-103; (cf. kashibo [Nokueya Sun created trees, animals; his wife sculpted the first couple of people out of clay, N. made them joints; the man asks for food; N. shows him corn and other food; the man asks his penis, what he wants to eat; answer: vagina; more about how a man (his name is Irakutscha) stole N.'s wife; he descended from heaven, the world fell into darkness; N. sent his son to bring his wife, but he brought the wrong women (the story ends)]: Tessmann 1930:141)

Bolivia - Guaporé. Chiriguano [Choihui came to the house where a married woman lived with a young daughter; drank a beer, left, looked after the woman; when she and her husband went to the field and were alone with her daughter, took her away; the husband cannot find the kidnapper; the woman's brothers think that her husband killed her; send him to a tree to ruin the stork's nest; throw away the stairs; the man marries Stork's two daughters; he promises to return first wife; during the holiday, she comes to the kidnapper with her husband, tells him to greet his wife last; the stork pushed the man, who became a stork, took his wife; the kidnapper tried unsuccessfully shoot him]: Nordenskiöld 1912:283-285.

(Wed. Southern Amazon. Kamayura [a red mako flew to the village of Morená, where the Sun and the Moon lived; they realized that it was a mako made by Vanivaní, and went to him; he cut each of them five times and collected blood, made mako out of each clot; the Sun and the Month returned to their homes, began to make mako in the same way; in their absence, V. came and took all the mako, wives of the Sun and the Month; they slowly came to V., the Sun sent blood-sucking flies to bite women, collected blood, turned her back into wives {what happened to the original wives is not clear}; V. went down the river and took all the makos with him (so in the area where they live kamayura, red makos are not found); old Mavursinim walked to V., cannot cross the river; V. sends a tiny boat for him twice, then sends a caiman, M. takes it to V.; he treats him with tortillas and beer made from cassava cakes soaked in water]: Villas Boas, Villas Boas 1973:191-194).

The Southern Cone. Araucany [old Atapay plays ball against the winged Conatraro, always wins; his team includes Pishmaihuile, Comcüimahuile, Big Eagle, Little Eagle and Mencholonco Birds (Fringilla) matutina); Caimeñtraro and los Tiuques - in the opposite direction; A. wants to get rid of P.; when P., tired of playing, leaves home out of need, Conatraro (hereinafter Traro - T.) connects him and takes him to the edge of the world; Mencholonco birds distract T.'s attention, prancing on horses, freeing P., who cuts off T.'s head; makes balls from his eyes for play, from his wings - milestones for the game; comes to A. under the guise of poor old man; A. took his wife P., who recognizes her husband; P. plays and wins, throws the ball at A.'s testicles; he screams in pain, jumps into the water, disappears; P. returns his wife, shares A.'s wealth with the Eagles and Comcüimahuile]: Pino Saavedra 1987, No. 25:76-80.