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K120a3. Walnut dress .14.-.17.27.-.29.31.

The character gets a nut containing valuables (beautiful clothes, jewelry, helper animals, etc.), or (Germans, Latvians) hides valuables in a nut so that they can later be used take advantage.

Tunisian Arabs, Spaniards, Basques, Portuguese, Catalans, Corsicans, Italians (Piedmont, Tuscany), Sicilians, Ladins, Maltese, French, Walloons, Irish, Germans (Grimms), Palestinians, Arabs of Syria, Iraq, Slovenes, Serbs, Hungarians, Romanians, Greeks, Bulgarians, Czechs, Ukrainians (Transcarpathia), Crimean Tatars, Lakers, Armenians, Turks, Latvians.

North Africa. Tunisia [The woman became pregnant and the old woman predicted that she would give birth to a daughter who would suffer a lot at the beginning of her life, but then be happy for the rest of her life. That's what happened. The woman gave birth to a daughter who was very beautiful and named her Sharakat Vuduat. Her son, Sultan Qamar Az-Zaman, saw her and decided to marry her. Sharakat Vooduat had a cousin, whom she loved very much. She told her that she was getting married and her mother found out. She replaced her fiancée with her own daughter. When the prince found out about the change, he became very angry, killed his cousin Sharakat, broke the wall and ran away from the palace. Sharakat was upset about the death of her cousin, then packed up and went in search of the prince. She walked for a long time, then sat on marble. The woman on the other side told Sharakat to shake the rock and see what was under it. Gulya's daughter was there. She asked her father about the prince. Gul got angry and gouged out her eye, then Sharakat went to her middle sister, whose father cut off her arm, and told the youngest that she needed to cross seven seas and seven lands, go through the land of ghouls and horrors and get to a forgotten grave from scratch, then fill 40 jugs and 40 vats with tears. All this can only be done with a staff, clothes, and a piece of ghoul. The youngest daughter gave it all to Sharakat. She did everything, but when she was left with only one jug, she was very tired and asked a black girl to look after the jugs while she slept. The girl dug up the prince, he married her because he promised to marry the one who would be the first to get him out of the grave. Sharakat smeared tar on her face and began working as a maid in homes until she found the prince's house. She broke the first nut that her daughter Gulya gave her, and it turned out to be a beautiful necklace. She exchanged it with the prince's black wife for a night she spent with him. His wife added sleeping pills to his coffee. He didn't wake up, and it was the same on the second night. On the third, he did not drink coffee because the servant asked him why his room was crying at night. The prince just pretended to be asleep, heard everything, recognized Sharakat, they lived happily ever after]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 85 in Korovkina MS

Southern Europe. The Spanish [the childless queen wants at least a crocodile; he bites off the nipples of the nurses; finally, Mariquita's girlfriend agreed to feed her when her breasts were covered with iron; he grew up asking marry the girl; Mariquita's older sister goes first; the crocodile tells her not to sleep, he will come at midnight; she falls asleep, he killed her; the same with her middle sister; M. does not sleep, the crocodile says that this girl is his will spell; took off 7 crocodile skins, became handsome, told his wife not to touch her skin; M. told her mother-in-law, she came in, burned her skin; the husband flew to the castle Go, you won't come back, his wife would find him, wearing out 7 pairs iron shoes and the same number of her son, whom he will give birth; they were almost worn out; St. The virgin gave M. three nuts with valuables inside; the eagle carried M. and her son on her back from the eagle castle to the castle Go, you won't come back; M. opened the first nut, in which the spinning wheel, sells her husband's bride for the right spend the night, but she gives the young man sleeping pills, he does not wake up; the same second night (spindle); the third time a golden egg, the servant threw away the sleeping pill, the husband recognized M., the spell was removed; told everyone that Found a lost key and a new one is no longer needed]: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 425A: 241-246; the Basques [when she dies, the Queen promises her husband to marry the one she looks like her; this is their daughter; daughter makes it a condition to make a dress out of fly wings; the king pulls it out; then she sails off on the ship or leaves, is hired as a maid; the king has a ball, the old woman gives the girl a nut in which the dress, etc.; the girl runs away, hires to herd the king's geese wearing sheep's skin; the king arranges a party to find a bride for her son; the girl wears a beautiful dress, the queen dances with her, she disappears; on the second and third evening she reappears, each time wearing an even better outfit; the king gives her a ring, she promises to come to a certain place but does not come; the Queen suspects that their beauty is theirs a maid, they don't believe her; the Queen secretly follows the girl, finds her in a forest hut in a luxurious outfit; his mother advises him to stay in bed - let the maid bring him broth; she puts on sheep the skin, throws the ring into the broth; the wedding, the girls' father1 and comes to it]: Webster 1879:165-166; the Portuguese (Algavre) [the king promises to give the throne to the one of the three sons who gets the most a beautiful bride; the eldest marries a baker's daughter, the middle marries a blacksmith's daughter; the youngest arrives at the house without a door; an old woman comes up, says famous words (four-line: Arcelo! arcelo, get your hair down quickly, I want to get up soon); long hair comes down from the window, the old woman rises it; when he leaves, the young man says the same words, he also gets his hair down, he gets up and sees a beautiful woman; she tells her to run so that her mother does not catch up; she chases; stops persecution, but tells her daughter to face like an ox's face; the Queen Mother sympathizes with her youngest son, tries postpone the show of daughters-in-law; suggests seeing which is the most beautiful shawl; the elders do not know how to weave at all; the youngest cries, her mother appears, gives a walnut, wearing an incredibly thin handkerchief, embroidered with flowers and birds; then the mother gives clothes; at the last moment she restores beauty and tells her daughter to hide all the dishes for her at the wedding feast, putting samples of all the dishes in her pockets; seeing how she she does it, her older daughters-in-law imitate her; while dancing, they all fall to the floor, the Queen Mother asks who did it; daughters-in-law point to the youngest; she is examined, she falls out of her pockets flowers, pearls and diamonds; the king handed over the throne to his youngest son]: Braga 2002:95-98; Catalans [stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter; she went to work somewhere; the young lady gave two bottles of water , which gives and takes away beauty; gave three tonsils - open when necessary; hired in the kitchen; she is called a fire fan (almost Cinderella, Z.); once I forgot to put napkins on the table , another time a fork; the gentleman is angry; the ball is held; Z. became beautiful, took out a pink dress from her first tonsil; the owner tried to spend it, gave it a bracelet (Armbande) and his son fell in love; the next day, a red dress, gave earrings; on the third day, a blue and gold dress, a hairpin on her chest; later, while preparing bread for the young owner, Z. put a note in the dough: what you are looking for is from you in the house; the same the next day; the young man fell ill from love; Z. carried him three bowls of soup and threw the gifts he received into each; washed herself with water that makes him beautiful; wedding]: Salvator 1896:32-49; Corsicans: Massignon 1984, No. 11 [the son is a red pig; demands him to marry; the girl marries him; confesses to his mother that he becomes a handsome man at night; his mother snuck into the room, she grabbed the pigskin that had been dropped and threw it into the fire; three times the skin jumped out of the fire, but then burned; the husband says that his wife will not see him without wearing out a pair of iron shoes; the wife put on her shoes consistently comes to three old women who give nuts (apparently walnuts), almonds and another nut (hazel); the first nut contains a silk thread, for which she buys the night with her husband from his new wife; she gives husband has a sleepy potion; almonds contain a silver thread (same); in the last nut there is a gold thread; neighbors heard the wife try to wake her husband up the previous night, told him; he did not drink potions; spouses reunited and returned to her husband's parents], 86 [a childless woman finally gave birth, but her son is a snake; when he grew up, she asks him to marry; the mother brings the poor girl, the son tells her to take her back; richer - the same; from a good family; the wife is happy: at night the husband becomes handsome; warns that if the wife talks, she will have to wear out her iron shoes and fill the vessel with tears before she says it again she will see; the mother asks her daughter-in-law and she confesses; the husband has disappeared; the old woman gives his wife a snake walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts; they contain gold spindle, tow, spinning wheel; the wife buys three for them from her new wife nights; on the third, the husband does not drink a sleepy potion, recognizes his wife; everything is fine]: 25-27, 190-191; Italians: Calvino 1980, No. 14 (Piedmont) [the king tells three sons to throw a stone from the sling; where he falls, there to take a wife whose wife is better will give him the throne; the eldest married the baker's daughter, the middle married a weaver; the youngest's stone fell into a ditch; the king distributed hemp yarn, who was better than sotket; the older brothers received from the wives were skillfully woven, and the frog gave the youngest a chestnut; it contained the finest fabric; it stopped pouring out of the chestnut as soon as the king said "It never ends"; the king gave his sons puppy - whose wife will take better care of the dog; the older daughters-in-law have half-dead dogs, a well-groomed trained poodle jumped out of the youngest's box; must appear at the wedding; the youngest frog accompanied snails became beautiful in a luxurious crew with servants; this princess was disgraced after the prince agreed to marry her], 63 (Tuscany) [monkey wife], 67 (Tuscany, prov. Pistoia, village Montale) [the peasant dug up a huge bull's head; she asks not to kill her, promises to make one of the peasant's daughters happy; he carried his head to the edge of the field; the eldest daughter sees the head in horror runs away from such a monster; the same middle one; the youngest praises the beauty, agrees to stay with a bull's head; the head leads the girl to an underground palace; there the girl grew up without needing anything calls her head mother; when she went out into the clearing, the prince saw her; her head allowed the girl to marry him, but not forget who she owes her happiness; when leaving, a girl must take everything with her, if something she will forget, misfortune will happen; but she not only forgot the comb, but did not even say goodbye to her named mother; when she remembered and returned, her head became bullish; after the wedding, the prince's mother advised me to lock it wife in the attic and find a new one; suggests arranging a contest between two contenders and Bull's Head: who can hide a pound of linen faster; BG descends from the attic on a rope, runs to the named mother, she gives a walnut; when the prince splits it, it has the best linen threads; weave a shirt out of them (the same as hazel nut); the third test: which bride will be more beautiful at the ball; the adoptive mother returns her beauty to a girl; the prince sees her former beauty, gets married]: 43-44, 222-225, 238-243; Knust 1866, No. 2 (Tuscany?) [when he dies, the king tells his son Ferdinand to give his three sisters to be the first to marry them; they are a chimney sweep, tinker, umbrella seller (Regenschirmtrödler); F. plays with golden balls; one fell the old woman in the basket, there was an egg, it broke; the old woman curses F. {apparently, he wants him to marry Margarita, but either the narrator missed this episode or the author did not record it}; F. goes to look for the beautiful Margarita, consistently visits his sisters; they are married to wizards, everyone gives a nut (of a different kind, the last one is an almond); the younger sister gives a flint and a candle; her husband says that old woman is M.'s mother, shows the way to the palace, teaches what to do; the old woman tells you to disassemble different varieties of grain overnight; F. breaks a nut, ants in it, they do their work; the next evening, eat 300 pounds of crackers per night (mice eat from the second nut); on the third evening, eat 30 pigs (almond eagles ate); on the fourth evening, the old woman leaves F. and M. in the bedroom: by morning, a son should be born to greet his grandmother; F. carves a fire, lights a candle, a boy appears; in the morning an old woman dies and the boy disappears as soon as the candle burns out]: 384-386; Widter et al. 1866, No. 12 (Veneto) [the witch wanted to marry the king, but he chose another one, so the witch made sure that the son who was born was covered in piggy skin; the son grew up and asked his father to marry him the eldest of three sisters; when the groom lay down in a puddle at the wedding and then sat down with the bride, She called him a real pig; in the morning she was found dead in bed; the same with her middle sister; the youngest did not disgust the groom, but called him a treasure; at night he took off his pigskin and turned out to be handsome; forbid his wife to talk about it; the prince comes to the tournament three times; seeing his daughter-in-law next to the handsome man, the prince's mother calls her a libertine and wants to kill her; when she finds out about the skin removed, she burns her; the prince disappears, the wife goes in search; the evening star (Stella d'oro, man) gives a nut, refers it to the Sun; he also gives a nut, refers to the Wind; the mother of the Wind hides it, asks her son, who says that the prince lives across the mountain, he and the Sun will go there tomorrow to dry their clothes; the mother of the Wind gives a chestnut; the prince is getting married again, in his house an unrecognized wife was hired as a goose; split a walnut, wearing an Evening dress stars; gives it to the new bride for the night with the prince; she puts sleeping pills; the same on the second night (dress is like the sun); the most beautiful chestnut dress; the prince just pretended to fall asleep; found out that the wife is in his iron shoes wore out his search for him; returned to her, and drove the new bride away]: 249-254; Sicilians [dying, the king tells his son to pass off three sisters as the first to meet when they open on the bush buds; he passes them off as kings of crows, wild animals, birds; an old woman bothers the young king, pushes her; she tells him to lose his peace until he finds Cardia; the king goes in search goes to her older sister; she first hides him from her husband; the husband gives almonds; the middle husband is a chestnut, the youngest is a nut; explains that K. has a witch, who will require K. to know among many girls, K. will have seven voila; the witch demands that there be no heaps of beans by morning; almond crows eat; the basement of corpses is eaten by chestnut animals; fill mattresses with feathers - walnut birds fill; the king recognizes K. by seven veils; the witch demands that their child call her grandmother by morning; in the morning K. shows the doll and the king cuts off the witch's head; returns home with his wife]: Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 27:179-184; frets: Decurtins, Brunold-Bigler 2002, No. 127 [on Cinderella's story; the godmother gives three nuts with dresses in them]: 335-338; Uffer 1973, No. 45 [=Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 34:219-228; the widow's son learned from the carpenter's skill; after the death of the master, he was going to marry his daughter; but the carpenter's widow is a witch, she is against marriage, sent her daughter to Black Mountain as a maid to the dragon; the healer gives the young man ointment; if anoint your left hand, wings will grow to fly over the black wall around the mountain; if your right hand, you will have the strength to defeat the dragon; the young man killed the dragon, brought the bride to the healer; he warned that the bride's mother she will chase, gave three seeds; if you leave, each will create a mountain; after overcoming two mountains, the mother refused to chase, gave her daughter three nuts - let her split if she was in trouble; the young man brought the bride to the mother; the rich woman herself wants to make him her husband; persuaded the widow to tell her son to leave her former bride and take her; the carpenter's daughter consistently splits three nuts, each with a silk dress one more beautiful than the other; the woman bought the first two for gold; when the third appeared, the young man returned to his former bride and drove the new challenger away; wedding]: 221-228; Maltese: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 301 (many options; it is difficult to restore specific texts in detail from the paraphrase) [someone steals golden apples; the elder, middle princes fall asleep (or for some other reason cannot capture the thief), the younger one hurts a many-headed monster, follows a bloody trail to a cave, a failure, etc.; brothers lower him down on a rope; brothers go away and carry the rope; or companions, not brothers, they throw the rope, but just in case, the hero tied a stone instead of himself; each of the three rescued princesses gives the hero a small item in which her luxurious dress is an amygdala, a walnut and a chestnut; the hero wins a many-headed snake that glows because it eats gold; the last princess advises you to get up first and then pick it up, but the hero does not listen; companions cut off the rope; the shepherd tells the hero jump on a white ram, but it accidentally jumps on a black sheep, falls even lower; it feeds the mighty eagle's hungry chicks, they explain how to open the heavy iron door; or explains everything to them grateful mother; this eagle is the guardian of three girls; one of them tells you to choose the rusty sword to fight the monster; his body glitters because he eats gold; the eagle takes the hero and girl to the ground, he feeds and gives her water, cuts off the last piece from her leg, the eagle puts it back; the elder prince wants to marry the youngest of the rescued girls; she demands a seamless dress from the groom, etc. (the hero has it); the king asks the youngest son to punish the elders; they are boiled alive or skinned, used as a rug or napkins]: 33-41; Stumme 1904, No. 13 [to prevent birds from biting wheat, a man hung it on a tree a rag scarecrow; the prince arrived to see what it is; the scarecrow replies that he will marry the prince; he takes it with him, his mother tells him to leave the scarecrow in the basement; the prince says the scarecrow that he is going today to the ball; scarecrow: I don't care; but he pulls out a carriage with horses and a dress like a starry sky; at the ball, the prince is attracted by an unknown beauty; tells 12 servants to see where her carriage will go; she throws them money and, while they pick it up, hides; at home, the prince turns to the scarecrow: what a beauty she was at the ball! scarecrow: I don't care; the same the next day (the dress is like a sea of fish, the prince puts his diamond ring on her finger, the beauty throws tobacco in the eyes of the servants); on the third day, the dress is like green fields and forests; prince at the ball: where do you live? beauty: downstairs, where the threshold and door are in the wall; pepper catches the eyes of the servants; the prince fell ill with love; his mother baked him 4 pies; the scarecrow entered the kitchen; the Queen Mother began to drive her away - your hair will fall into dough; The scarecrow threw that diamond ring into the dough and asked permission to make one of the four pies; took them to the cook and asked that the pies made by the Queen Mother be burned; The prince finds his ring, tells me to bring the one who made the pie; the scarecrow opens the nut, appears in all its splendor; "I told you, hanging on a tree, that I would marry the prince"]: 45-48.

Western Europe. The French (Dauphin) [the childless king tells the person he meets that he would like a son even with the head of a pig; the son is born, grows up, asks to marry him; the lumberjack's eldest daughter agrees, but then weddings do not allow herself to be hugged, the queen with a pig's head rips open her stomach; the same with the middle one; the youngest accepts her husband; ten months later she sees that he has become handsome; he warns no one talk about it, otherwise he will become a pighead again for a year and one day; she tells her parents; her husband leaves, says she will find him by changing seven pairs of wooden shoes and seven pairs of iron shoes; wife comes to the ogre, he sends her to his brother, this one to another; each gives a glass walnut, it must be broken when she finds her husband; this third says that the woman's husband is getting married today; gives a horse; he immediately takes the woman to the castle; every night she breaks a nut, wearing dresses made of silk, silver, diamonds; she changes them for the right to spend the night with her husband (who is handsome, with a man's head), but the new wife puts him to sleep twice; the third time the servant tells her husband that he does not drink the potion, returns with his real wife to his parents]: Joisten 1991, No. 12:119-126, 127-128; Walloons [youngest daughter asks for a singing leaf; a white wolf brings it to the king and he leaves his daughter in the forest; the wolf becomes the girl's husband; leaves her in the care of a servant; lets her older sister go to the wedding, teaches when to come and call him; middle sister; princess is late; witch gives her three nuts; they wear a precious bracelet, necklace, crown; for them, the princess buys an hour of walk with her husband from her new wife (or time in bedroom), but he doesn't feel or remember anything; for the third time he calls him the way he taught her (White Wolf, go look for me!) , he awakens; the plot is known in many versions]: Laporte 1932, no.*425G: 56-57; Irish [husband dies, wife remarried; new husband treated her badly and she died; is about to marry on her stepdaughter; she asks her horse for help; the horse says that her stepfather is a sorcerer, but her witchcraft is stronger; tells her stepfather to first get her a silk and silver brocade dress that would fit in a walnut; she, a horse, will slow down the work of yarns, weavers and tailors; then a silk and gold brocade dress in a chestnut shell; then silk and diamonds the size of a pinhead; princess put on a cat skin dress, smeared her skin with something brown, took three dresses that fit in nuts, rode off her horse; fell asleep in the woods, but when she woke up, the horse was gone; she was surrounded by the prince's dogs, he brought her to the palace, left her as a maid in the kitchen; the prince asked me to bring him a basin with a towel; realized that she was a lady, but she did not confess anything; the prince went to the ball; the princess came on her horse to a silver dress; the prince did not recognize her and fell in love; next time the prince asks for hot water and a towel; to the ball in a gold dress; for the third time, the prince asks for a needle and thread; a diamond dress; Prince proposes, puts a ring on her finger; recognizes her; wedding {last page not in pdf}]: Kennedy 1875:81-87 (retelling in Cox 1893, No. 170:66); Germans [dying, Queen tells her husband to marry a girl with the same golden hair as hers; only her daughter has; she demands that she first bring her three dresses: golden as the sun, silver as the moon, sparkling like stars; also a cloak made of the skins of all the animals of the kingdom; the king did everything; the daughter smeared her face with soot, put on clothes made of skins, took dresses, put them in walnut; and also took a gold ring, a spindle and a reel; ran away into the forest; royal hunters found her, settled her under the stairs; she comes to the ball; then cooks soup for the king with a ring in it; for the third time, the king sees a silver dress under her fur robe; gets married]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 65:239-242 (=Grimm, Grimm 1987:200-204).

Western Asia. Palestinians [the king is sitting on the throne; a bird comes in, carries the hair from his beard; the same the next day; the king managed to snatch the feather from the bird - it is golden; the vizier advises sending three princes in search of birds; they reached the fork, on the stove there is an inscription: Heir ist der Pfad dem der Feurbrand naht; hier ist der Pfad den trennenden Tat {what's in the original Arabic?} ; and if you follow this path, you won't return; younger Kasim rides the one they don't return on; everyone left his ring under the stove; K. reached the long-haired demon, took out a razor, cut off his hair and combed; became friends; the demon does not know where the bird is, sent it to his older brother; at the same time, he sent it to the oldest; he advises not to try to get the bird, but K. is adamant; then the demon teaches that do; bring to the garden, where there are different birds in cages; you have to walk by to the gazebo; there is a peasant with a bird in it; grab a cage and nothing more, then run; but when K. left the garden, he tried to capture another bird; then all the birds cried out: stranger! He was brought to the king; he agreed to give the bird if K. got him a horse; the same with the horse (K. tried to take a sword hanging on the wall); now he was told to bring a grenade; the same: K. tries to tear off the second; the local king demands to get the daughter of the king of Jews Badyat el-Husn wal-Jamal; the demon gives a lit one: as long as you hold her in your hand, you are invisible; enter B.'s chambers and if her eyes are red, grab her hair and drags away, and if yellow, then run and escape; K. dragged B., the demon brought them to the grenade owner, took the form of B., K. got both grenades, and the demon returned; the same goes on (the demon turns into a grenade and a horse; the demon took them to the place where K. broke up with his brothers; there are no rings; K. met the brothers in a neighboring city, they are day laborers with merchants; he took them with him; on the way there is a well; B. advises not to go down, but K. went down, sent water upstairs, and saw a beautiful woman with a sleeping demon on her knees; killed him; the same with the two sisters of the rescued beauty; K. sent them upstairs; the brothers envy K.; lifting it to half, cut off the rope; the girls below warned, the eldest gave a pistachio and a ring in it; the second gave a bracelet; the youngest gave a walnut with a robe in it; when K. fell, B. turned into a black woman, the bird was in a white feather, the pomegranate turned black, and the horse became a nag; his father was told that K. was dead; he began preparing for weddings; K. saw white and black sheep butting; they asked who liked better ; K.: white; he immediately found himself below the 7th underground tier; reached the cliff; saw the dragon chasing the snake; killed the dragon with a stone; the snake became a girl and said that this fan wanted her and constantly chased; to escape, she became a snake, and then he turned into a dragon; a little more and he would grab her; for this she would take him to his father; gave him three hairs: burn it and show up right away; K. pulled his (mutton) stomach over his head and pretended to be bald; in the girl's father's city he hired a jeweler; every day he said he found gold or two and bought something for it; girls from the underground the kingdoms agree to marry the K. brothers on the condition that they bring them the same ring and bracelet as they gave to K.; jewelers cannot do such things and are waiting for execution; K. pretended to make a ring and a bracelet, but he simply had them; when the girls saw the things, they realized that K. was nearby; the third demanded the robe that K. had given in walnut (the same); before the brothers' wedding, the king arranged a horizontal bar; K. called the woman asked her for a horse; he easily defeated his brothers, appeared before the king and told him everything; forgave the brothers, the groom on two girls rescued from the lower world, but sent him to another city; a jeweler, whom he worked, made pasha; reigned]: Littmann 2016:136-160; Syrian Arabs: Bushnaq 1987 [the bird flies in three times, plucking a hair from the king's beard; the third time he managed to snatch her feather - gold; three princes go to get a bird; at the fork there is a stone with the inscription: you will burn along this road, you will drown along this road, you will not return along this road; the brothers went in different ways, leaving their own under the stone rings; younger Ala'i - on the road of not returning; on the way, ghoul, A. throws sweet mastic into his mouth; he is ready to carry A. back, but A. wants to go ahead; ghoul sends him to his brother; Tom A. cut his hair and he took him to his third brother; A. shaved him and cut his nails; he brought A. to the Birdcage Garden, telling him not to take anything else; A. could not resist taking the second cage, immediately caught; the local king promises a bird for the fastest horse; the ghoul brings it to the stable, but A. takes another sword; the local king promises a horse for the beautiful Badiat-ul-Jamal; the ghoul gives a candle that makes him invisible; if the sleeping B.'s eyes are yellow , you have to run, and if the red ones, you have to grab it; A. got B.; the ghoul took her form, told A. to tell the tired beauty to be given only rose water; when the beautiful gulya was brought a jug, he into it dived and disappeared; the same with the horse (drinks only rose water); with B., the horse and the bird, A. reached the stone; the brothers had already taken their rings; one serves in the bakery, the other in the inn; A. bought them; B. overheard that the brothers wanted to leave A. in the well; A. did not believe; B. gave him three chestnuts: one with a gold earring, the other with a gold bracelet, the third in a brocade dress; when the brothers went home without A., B. turned into a black woman, the bird bleached, the horse became a nag; the travelers pulled A. out, gave him a horse; A. disguised himself as a shepherd, hired a jeweler; as soon as A. was in his father's city, B., a horse and the bird has taken on its former form; B. refuses to marry one of A.'s brothers, demands a pair for an earring; the jeweler is horrified, A. gives him a second earring in the morning; B. realizes that A. is close, asks the couple for a bracelet; the same - golden dress; B. suggests that the brothers show who rides faster; it is not they who win the races, but A.; the king handed him the throne, married B., A. did not execute his brothers]: 80-88; Iraqi Arabs (marsh) [when the Sultan goes on Hajj, his youngest daughter Fatima, whose mother is dead, asks for an "od al-Marasi"; Od al-Marasi gives her three nuts and a mirror; F. breaks the first nut, appears palace; a servant comes out of the second, O. himself comes out of the mirror; he breaks the third walnut, a bath appears; the daughters of the Sultan's young wife throw pieces of glass into the bathhouse; O. is wounded, disappears; F. arranges a bathhouse, lets women wash for an interesting story; one talks about a boat in which a wounded young man swims; F. hears pigeons talking - they must be burned, the ashes will cure O.; F. comes under type of doctor; O. recovers, lives with F. in another country]: Yaremenko 1990, No. 3:32-35.

The Balkans. Slovenes [of three brothers, only Zapechnik comes to his father's grave for himself and his brothers; each time he receives a nut; the king tells his daughter's suitors to ride across the glass bridge; Z. every time breaks a nut, pulls out a horse and knightly equipment; for the third time, the princess manages to put a seal on his forehead; the king sends soldiers to look for the winner; Z. finds him, he becomes king]: Arkhipova 1962:221-222; Serbs [the peasant has two clever sons and a third casserole; when he dies, the father tells him to come to his grave three evenings one by one for the inheritance; the eldest sons were afraid, each once they send a casserole; he received 3 nuts, the father tells him to hide them in the cemetery wall; the king will give his daughter for someone who jumps across the glass bridge; the older brothers buy horses and go to try happiness; the casserole splits the first nut, it contains a horse and armor; only an unrecognized casserole galloped through the platform; so three times (the second horse is silver, the third is gold); the third time the queen put the casserole on his forehead is stamped; he was found, made king]: Tesic 2018:26-28; Hungarians: Gidash 1953 [Ribike (Smorodinka) is a widow's daughter; her mother dies, she is sheltered by a neighbor, the youngest son of a rich man fell in love, he tells his servants to throw R. at the end of the world; requires three sons 1) a hundred arshins to stick into the ring; the youngest son goes to the end of the world, the lizard asks the spiders to weave canvases puts it in a nut, gives it to a young man, who receives a third of his inheritance from his father; 2) a dog that fits in a box barks in a silver voice, can be heard from seven countries; the lizard receives it from dwarfs, gives it to the young man, that receives a second third of the inheritance; 3) a beautiful bride; a lizard tells her to hit the bridge, turns into R.; takes the form of an old woman, a young man brings her to her father, where she is beautiful again; the father gives the youngest the son inherits all the inheritance, drives away the elders; wedding]: 73-80; Dégh 1965, No. 3 [at the age of 7, the poor man's son became a strong young man; received the name Beautiful András (A.), went on a journey, stayed in cave; the gold-fin pelican brought him a letter from Rózsa, the fairy queen: let him come, she wants to make sure he is as beautiful as in his image; A. followed the pelican for a long time, overgrown with hair and beard; the dwarf told me to sit on it, moved it to the land of fairies; there was a castle that rotates on the paw of a cat with 7 skins; the dwarf turned into that pelican; A. swam in a white lake, his hair fell out, he younger; his old clothes are gone, instead of them beautiful robes; the pelican brought a second letter from R. - let him come to her immediately; in his pocket there is a rose - it turns into a plate of food; climbed for a long time up the giant spruce tree, a garland stretches from it to the rotating castle; A. reached the top of the castle along it, but you can't get off there, it rotates; then he cut off all his hair, beard, mustache, eyebrows, which they had time to grow back, made a rope out of them, went down to the window, entered the castle room through it; R. did not believe the three maids that A. really came, beat them, but then saw him herself; demands for him to clean three horses and their stall; the more A. works, the more manure; these horses are táltos (that is, related to witchcraft and perhaps to past shamanism); one of the horses: let A . put the broom and shovel with the handle down, they will do it themselves; take a copper walnut out of his ear, wearing a silver sword and gold clothes; then go up on a pile of manure, there's a bush; touch it with a sword, pull it out, under him is a saddle and a bridle, put them on it; teaches him to hide under the tail of a buffalo so that R. does not find it; then brings them to where the swan-drawn chariot brought R.; not to look her in the face; A.'s return convinced R. that she did not see him, and he was always in the stable; everything repeats itself (sword and clothes in silver walnut; A. on horseback follows R. along the Warrior's Road, i.e. along the Milky Way); get a bean from under her tail for the third time, wearing a sword and clothes in diamonds; R. is sick (out of love); A. appears three times on horseback in her garden; the third time she does not torment her anymore and goes to her; wedding; they are alive if did not die]: 28-45; Romanians [Cinderella sits on ash for days, her stepmother tyrannites her; while her stepmother is in church, the rooster gives Zoleshka three nuts (walnuts, hazel, peanuts; or father brings nuts); in the first copper the dress; the next time it is silver; the third time it is gold, and the rooster advises to lose the slipper so that it sticks to the resin in the church; the prince orders to search, finds the owner, brings his wife to palace; stepmother's own daughter comes to the palace and pushes Cinderella into the well and takes her place; a willow grows out of the well; the shepherdess made a pipe, she sings: Play, young man, not so loud, or my heart it hurts; he brings a pipe, everyone plays; when her stepmother takes her, then her daughter, the pipe sings: play, enemy; she throws the pipe to the ground, Cinderella is reborn, the prince marries her again, the liar tied to a stallion's tail]: Bîrlea 1966:414-415; Bulgarians [as soon as the old man's apple tree brings golden apples, the lamia steals them; the eldest, middle sons guard, fall asleep; the youngest pierces lamia with an arrow tongue, brings an apple to her father, follows a bloody trail with his brothers to the well; the elder, middle brothers cannot go down because of the heat, the youngest goes down on a rope; there is a garden and a beauty, the young man sends her upstairs, she gives him a wishful ring, tells him to jump on a white ram, while the black one will let him down into a world even lower; at the top, the brothers fight over a woman, she promises to go out for someone who gives a dress that fits in a walnut; a young man hits a black ram, ends up below; an old woman tears in flour instead of water, lamia closes the water, gives a jug for a person; an old woman fed her 6 sons, today she sent her daughter; a young man killed lamia with a dogwood truncheon, remained under a tree; a three-headed snake crawls to eat eagles, a young man killed him, the chicks told their mother who saved them; an eagle I agree to take them to the ground, it is necessary to prepare water, meat and bread; the young man cuts off the last 2 pieces from his feet; on the ground, the eagle returns these pieces; the young man tells the ring to appear a nut with a dress; brothers recognize the superiority of the younger; wedding]: Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1951:44-52; Greeks: Megas 1970, No. 27 [princess rejects grooms; makes, revives a young man from sugar, almonds, semolina; his the name is Master Semolina; another princess sends a ship, tells her servants to grab S., they bring it to her; S.'s wife consistently comes to the mothers of the Month, the Sun, the Stars; Mr. Stars knows where S. is; the princess is hired there to herd geese; The month gave an amygdala with a golden spinning wheel, the Sun is a chestnut (it has a golden chicken with chickens), Stars a nut (it has a golden clove tree); every time S.'s wife buys the princess one night with S., but she puts him to sleep with a drink; the beggar tells him not to sleep the last night, the couple runs away; the princess herself makes her husband out of almonds, etc., but the food has only rotted]: 60-65; Sike 1993 (Skyros) [princess rejects suitors, makes a young man out of almonds, sugar, semolina, he comes to life, marries her, her name is Semigdalenios ("Made from semolina"); another princess envies, sends a ship with expensive goods; when S. comes there, the ship sails away; S.'s wife goes in search, consistently comes to the mothers of the Sun, Month, Stars; each hides S.'s wife to the hungry son did not eat it; Sun, Month, male stars say they did not see S., only the smallest Star shows the way; each mother gives a nut with a gift; disguised as a poor gypsy, the wife hires kidnapper S., asks permission to spend the night for a gift (each nut has a gift); S. is put to sleep for two nights, S. warns S. on the third, the wife tells her story, the spouses reunite, return]: 131-135.

Central Europe. Czechs [when leaving, the father asks his three daughters what to bring them; the elders want outfits, the youngest Annushka asks what will catch on his hat; he brought a walnut branch with three nuts; A. dropped nuts in a well; the frog took it out and said that each had a precious dress; when the sisters went to church, A. split the first walnut: it wore a pink dress and silver shoes; the young prince noticed it; in the next walnut contains white dresses and shoes with diamonds; in the third, a dress decorated with gold and gold shoes; the prince orders that the road to the church be lined with coniferous branches; when A. ran away, one shoe stuck; the old woman tells the prince where the owner of the shoe lives; the mother takes the shoe, cuts off her eldest daughter's heel, dresses up, takes the prince out; the dog barks: the prince takes home his fifth wife; the prince comes back, the mother takes her middle daughter out with her finger cut off; the dog barks again (dumbless wife); the mother has to confess that A. is in the house; she comes out in a golden dress and talks about nuts - father's gift; when A. left with the prince, two daughters and wife attacked his father; he had to bring three nuts from the same tree; a snake crawled out of each, they strangled the women, then they fell under land]: Nemtsova 1978:83-94; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Khust District, p. Gorinchevo) [in the 77th state, behind glass mountains, behind milk streams, grandfather and woman live, there are no children; the old woman asks her grandfather to make a child and a cradle out of wood; he cuts down a sycamore, combs the boy, him they call Yavorovy Ivan (YAI); makes a cradle, a woman shakes her, the child does not come to life, grows up; two years later he goes to the forest, helps his grandfather; snakes (shufflers) took three royal daughters; their savior will receive one of them and the state; YAI goes in search, meets a gypsy, becomes friends; they find a hole, wind a rope, fix them on the stove; one will take the youngest daughter, the second will take the middle daughter, the eldest will serve; YAI goes down, hears a girl singing, she is in a hut rotating on a chicken leg; girl: her husband has five heads, he has strong water; YAI drinks water; an iron club falls into the yard, YAI throws her back, snake sees that someone strong is in his yard; comes in, says he smells sinful; wife: this is my brother; they shake hands; the serpent eats melted tin dumplings, drinks water, then goes to fight; snakes He hammers JAI knee-deep into the ground, YI to the waist, the serpent to the arm, YAI to the neck; begins to beat off his heads with a club, but they come back again; the girl sprinkles ashes on them, the head cannot grow, the snake kill; the girl says that she and YAI belong to each other; YAI tells me to collect everything valuable, lock the house, wait for him; puts on a snake's clothes, takes his sword, comes to her middle sister; she also plays harmonica and sings; her husband has ten heads, drinks special wine; YAI swaps barrels of water and wine; when approaching, the snake throws a club of 12 quintals; YAI drinks wine, throws away the club; (hereinafter the same as in YAI changes his sword to the one that the stronger snake has, comes to the third hut; there is a younger princess; the snake yells at his wife who found her with her lover, breathes fire from 12 mouths; Yai hides from by the door; when the heads show up in the hut, tells her sword to cut them; the elder princess puts all the jewelry in cream, the middle princess puts them in an apple, the youngest in a walnut, Yai puts them in her pocket, sends them upstairs the royal daughters, the gypsy pulls them out and goes away with them; Yai walks along the path day and night, comes to the hut, there is a woman, she has eyelashes to the ground; she calls him a dog son, agrees to take up duty, tells her to take a pitchfork and raise her eyelids, otherwise she does not see him; YAI raises her eyelashes to the woman, she recognizes him as YAI: the sycamore from which he was made knows him; she will take care of the mares: herd three times and bring back, otherwise your head is down; mares are women's daughters; the woman gives YAI a sleepy cake; when YAI wakes up, there are no mares; the fox asks for a cake, tells me to go home and become in a manger: mares have become chickens, the fox begins to torture them, the chickens run into the barn, become mares, YI ties them up, reports to the woman, who hits them with an iron pitchfork for letting themselves be caught, tells them what they should do; on the second the day is still the same, the wolf promises to help if YAI treats him to bread; explains that mares have become crows; the old horse lying on the manure will say everything to do; horse: there is a twig in its tail, they need wave and say: "Stay in place"; three crows sitting in a tree fly into the barn, become mares; the woman hits them with an iron pitchfork: they probably sleep with Ivan, love him, want to destroy her; On the third day, YAI gives a cake to the bear; he advises him to go home, there is an ox on the second pile of manure, he will explain what to do; the ox tells him to take two twigs from its tail, one wave to the left, and the other on the right, until the mares appear, ask the woman for an old horse for his service; the mares turn into crayfish, swim from pool to pool, YAI hits them with twigs, turns them back into mares; the woman tears her hair, tells him to ask what YAI wants; he asks the old horse; the horse advises the woman to bow down, the woman spits after him, he has time to close the door, otherwise he would burn down; the horse asks how to go - in the wind or against winds, soars up, asks to see what's behind them; YAI sees a black cloud, it's a woman, a horse tells you to throw the comb (thickets from ground to clouds); the cloud is almost catching up, but they cross the border of the earth; woman screams terribly, crumbles to dust; the horse offers to go to the royal city; woman: three royal daughters have returned, the wedding is being prepared, the gypsy takes the youngest; YAI is hired by a shoemaker; princess ordered to make shoes like they had not done before; Yai takes out her younger sister's shoes out of the walnut, hangs them on a carnation; in the morning the younger princess comes and tells the shoemaker that he did not do it, but she also it is necessary to go to the tailor; YAI runs to the tailor, takes out his dress from the walnut; the princess calls the craftsmen for her wedding; YAI tells the horse to climb into his left ear, there are beautiful clothes; they fly to the palace; gypsies to the king: this is an angel going to the wedding; when she sees YAI, the bride cries for joy, but the gypsy does not confess; YAI puts plum, apple and nut on the table; the older sisters take out their wealth, and the youngest's nut is empty; she Understands everything; gypsies are executed, YAI marries a younger princess]: Lintur 1969:151-160; Ukrainians (Gorinchevo, Khust District, Transcarpathia) [Count's son goes hunting every day. In the morning he wakes up, opens the window, sees that a woman is walking down the street, bringing her son to eat in a pot. The count's son, to test his accuracy, shoots at the pot and breaks it. Baba sees him laughing and says that she barely begged her son for food. She curses him to only marry Seipentel Ilona. The guy runs after his grandmother and asks where she is. She replies that where ninety-nine human heads are on the stakes, and leaves. The count's son does not find a place for himself, he is going to look for his betrothed. He sees how a bear crashes ants, feels sorry for ants, drives a bear into the thicket. Ants give him a pipe that he can use to summon them to help. The guy goes on, sees that the boys have caught a fox and hit it. He asks to keep it and pays them a crown. The fox gives him a pipe to play on, and she will come to his aid. The count's son comes to the water and sees the fish fighting. He throws bread to the fish. The fish calms down, thanks him and gives him a pipe to call for help. More often, he bumps into a hut, around 99 human heads on poles. He comes in and sees the woman he smashed the pot with on the stove. She serves him by telling him to look after her three mares. If he doesn't pull him back, his head will be on a pole. The guy falls asleep, and when he wakes up, he does not find mares. It causes ants with the help of a flute, who explain that the mares have become ants. Real ants will start biting them, then they'll start running away. When the first one runs and then the second one, you don't have to do anything, and when the third one runs, you have to whip it and say, "Be what you used to be!" That's what the guy does. In the evening, a woman checks, sees mares, gets angry and hits them with an iron club (these are her daughters). In the morning, she orders her daughters to go to the water and become fish. When the guy wakes up, he calls fish with the help of a flute. She reports that mares have become goldfish. Real fish will bite them. When the third one jumps out of the water, you should whip it and say, "Be what you were!" That's what the guy does. The woman gets angry in the evening, whips the mares with a fiery whip, accusing them of being in a romantic relationship with the guy. They deny it and tell their mother that she is wise and he is wiser. On the third day, the mares disappear again. The fox summoned by the flute explains that the woman turned them into eggs, put them in a basket on the stove, and sat on them herself. But the woman in the attic has a rooster. The fox will call the ferret, which will start chasing the rooster. The woman will get up from her eggs and climb to save the rooster. Then you have to run into the hut, whip the balls and say, "Be what you used to be!" The ferret starts chasing the rooster, the woman, when she hears a scream, climbs into the attic. The guy hits the balls, the mares are back in the barn, the guy sits on a chair. Baba is convinced that he is wiser than her. He says he served her faithfully and asks what he asks for his service. He wants to stay in service for three more years. Baba agrees, takes him to a big lake in the morning, gives him a wooden shovel, a wooden hoe, a wooden coinage, and tells this lake to fall asleep and walled up so that she can ride it on horseback, if not will do - be his head on the stake. His tools break immediately, he sits and grieves. Babina, Seipentel's daughter Ilona, brings him food and finds out the cause of his burning. After feeding him, she puts him into a deep sleep, whistling to the devils. They fall asleep and walled up the lake. When the guy wakes up, he notifies the woman, she checks, but the lake does not break through under the horse. She sends him into the thicket the next day. There, the wind scattered beech and oak seeds. They must be harvested, each seed separately. At noon, the girl brings food and finds out about the task. The guy eats up and falls asleep because Ilona sleeps on him, and she whistles, devils run, and in an hour all the seeds are collected as the woman wanted. On the third day, the woman orders to cut down the thicket, dig it up, and sow it with wheat. By evening, wheat must be ripe, and he must squeeze it, bring it, grind it, grind the flour and bake bread. The guy cuts down one tree and gets tired. SI wants to bring him an afternoon snack, but the woman yells at her, even breathes fire, suspects that she is doing all the work for him, and he's not so wise, let his sister carry it. But after a while she calms down and leaves her daughter alone. SI brings in an afternoon snack, finds the guy crying. When he has lunch, she falls into a deep sleep, and she cries the devils like sea sand. Everything is ready by evening. Ilona wakes him up, gives him a fresh roll and asks him to tell the woman when she asks what he wants for his service, what he wants to stay with her for another three years. Baba pretty agrees. The count's son stays with her, does everything well, but one day, when a woman falls asleep, SI and her boyfriend get ready for a long journey. SI turns herself and his boyfriend into pigeons, they're flying, and SI asks if you can see anything. The guy turns around and says he sees a cloud of fire. She replies that she is a mother and that she will turn herself into a mill and him into an old miller. The old woman will ask if he saw two pigeons, and he must answer what he saw a long time ago. Baba decides it's not them and comes home. SI turns them into pigeons again and they fly to its land. She asks again, and he sees a fiery cloud again. Then SI turns itself into grass and it into a braid. He tells Baba he saw two pigeons when he was clearing this field for a meadow. Baba is coming home. Two pigeons hit the road again. After a while, SI asks again who he sees. He says the woman is on a fiery horse. SI turns them into fish, but tells them not to stick their heads out of the water or they'll go blind and she'll talk to her mother. But the guy wants to hear what they're talking about, sticks his head out of the water, the woman steals his eyes and comes home. The girl cries, goes like a dove behind his eyes. At home, she gives her mother and sisters a deep sleep, climbs into her mother's bosom, reaches out her eyes, and instead puts pigeon eggs so that her mother thinks when she wakes up, that her eyes are in her bosom. She flies to the riverbank and returns the guy's eyes. They fly to his village. The guy is happy, he leads the girl by the hand. She asks where he's taking her. He replies to their homestead. She tells me not to do this, because she is not yet known there, asks to be taken to their innkeeper neighbor, who will serve him. In a month, let him tell his father and mother that she wants to get married. They'll get married then, but he must remember not to let anyone at home kiss him. The guy leaves his betrothed with the innkeeper, returns to his parents himself. They welcome him, they want to hug him and kiss him, but they don't give him. Tired, he goes to bed, in the evening an aunt comes to them and kisses a sleepy man in bed. He forgets the girl. It takes two weeks and two months. His relatives decide to marry him. They choose a bride, marry, and set a wedding day. SI knows everything, she cries, makes the guy fall and dislocated his leg. They send him for a doctor, and the innkeeper's maid says she'll heal him faster. This is what happens. The guy asks what to reward her with. She doesn't want anything but asks to be invited to the wedding. The wedding day is coming. She bites through a golden nut, takes out her gold clothes and comes to the wedding. The young ones are just about to get married. But when a young woman sees an innkeeper's maid, she refuses to get married until she gets the same dress. They start looking for silver clothes. They cannot find it anywhere and have to buy it from the maid, they promise to pay her dearly. She doesn't want anything, she asks permission to be with her young man. XI kisses the guy, talks about everything, but he doesn't remember anything. A servant hides under the bed and hears what the girl said. "I've saved your life six times and you've forgotten it all! But it's not all gone. At dawn, I'll be cuckoo at your house, and then you'll see me, then you'll recognize me..." She's going home. The servant crawls out from under the bed, tells the young master what he has heard. After that, the guy remembers everything. In the morning he goes out into the yard, sees a cuckoo, and immediately recalls SI. But the cuckoo is flying away. The count's son is going to travel. The bride is told that they will not get married, she can marry someone else. He orders iron tables from the master and goes around the world. Looking for a betrothed for seven years. One day he sits under the willow, looks - the tables are torn. She thinks this is the only place she should be if his tables are broken. The cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo cucko The guy says it's his Ilonka. The bird says it's his. He calls her to his place. She asks me to be afraid that she won't invite her aunt to the wedding, who kissed him. He takes an oath. Then she flies off and becomes a girl. The guy is happy, takes her hand and brings her to his parents. They're getting married and living happily ever after]: Lintour 1979:121-129.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [Sultan Reshid has 4 sons, the youngest is 12 years old; the Sultan sowed golden wheat, poured the harvest into ingots; someone steals wheat; the eldest son went on guard, fell asleep; the same second; the third saw an arap, which jumped off his horse and began to mow wheat; the young man grabbed him by his long white hair, causing the arap to lose his strength; he was lowered into the cellar, tied to each hair with an iron weight; R. notified the neighboring kings, inviting them to look at the monster; the youngest son Kerim played the ball, he fell into the cellar to the arap; K. found the key from his father, went down; the arap asked for the release of 10 hairs; then shook off the rest of the weights, summoned the winged horse; when he flew away, he promised K. to help him; the assembled kings asked R. not to kill his son, but only to expel him; K.'s mother wrote to her relative Dervish Sultan a request to shelter boy; Kerima was caught up with rider Ali, changed food supplies; K. ate salty cakes, wanted to drink; went down to the well; Ali made K. swear that they would change names and statuses; D. appointed the deceiver was his heir; he was going to marry D.'s daughter, but she disgusted him; the deceiver said that his servant could get 40 horses with golden manes and tails; K. drove the data he did not know where to go, he fell asleep; the arap carried him to his palace; the Arap's wife gave him a box in which a winged duldulle is easy to fly around the universe; the eldest daughter is a walnut, in which a table is magic; the youngest is hazelnut, wearing festive clothes; the arap himself gave three glasses of water, K. became one of the strongest heroes in the world; 40 days later K. flew on a duldula to D., with him 40 horses with gilded manes and tails; the princess saw K. feast alone, fell in love; that night the capital was flooded with light; deceiver: the servant can find out where the light source is; K. came to the arap; he sent in search of eagles and nocturnal birds; it turned out that the sorceress's bird of paradise dropped its pen; K. spoke about this and was sent for a pen; he brought it; the deceiver sent for the bird itself; K. and the arap feasted for 35 days, then we went to the sorceress; at the gate there is a lion and a horse, they should be given meat and hay; they must drink from a rotten stream, praise the water; eat wormy pears, praise them; if after the third attempt you do not grab the sorceress will turn the cage with the bird into stone; the tree on which the cage dodged, but the third time K. grabbed the cage; the pear, the stream, the lion, the horse refuse to detain K. - he praised them; the old woman advises the deceiver to tell K. to get the sorceress herself; arap: now in the palace of the sorceress who will sleep, you must lubricate each door with fragrant oil; take an oath from the sorceress with all the sanctities of the world and heaven; Mrs. was followed by her dwarf servant; when they arrived, Kerim's oath expired; Ali was tied to 40 horses; D. married K. to his daughter and sorceress; wedding 40 days and nights]: Kondaraki 1875, No. 6:68-82; Lucky [stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter; father sews daughter into white gazelle skin, daughter turns into gazelle; old lady brings seven nuts, each with a new dress; father sells gazelle to a pachah's son; taking off her gazelle skin and putting on her dress, the girl appears at feasts; a pachaha's son falls in love, gives her a ring; goes to look for her; gazelle makes a churek, gives it to the servants, the son of a pachaha finds a ring in a churek, understands everything; at night the gazelle in his room turns into a girl; the old woman finds out the secret, brings gazelle skin to the pachaha, he burns it, the girl flies away with a falcon; wearing out steel boots, a pachaha's son finds a cave, secretly eats the girl's food, grabs it before she flies away again, explains that it's not his fault; they return home]: Ganiyeva 2012b, No. 45:408-418; Armenians [the shirt and pants were in the same nut given to the prince by the monkey's mother]: Gullakian 1983:268; Turks [a blind padishah will see the light if he gets land from where he has not been; older, middle the son gallops for three, six months, returns; the younger Kerloghlan ("bald") threatens his mother to kill her; she gives a bridle to summon his father's horse from the bottom of the reservoir; K. comes to one, then to the second old woman, takes their daughters out for an older, middle brother; the first old woman: the land unkempt by the father is under the head of a lying monster; the horse: the monster can burn everything, the father is blind to his fire; the monster promises give land for the girl Khoja-Kyz; seeing her, K. goes blind; she heals him, but his eyes turn dark, without proteins; HC promises to go with K. if he brings a mare with six foals living in the river; this is horse brothers K.; the horse rushes into the river; if red foam pops up, it means he is dead; the white one pops up; the mare comes out, the foals follow her; HC recognizes the strength of K., the monster gives land, leaves the young HC, father K. immediately sees the light; HC gives K. two nuts, inside one dress, the other a gold tray with moving figures; gives a ring, teaches him what to do; brothers put K. on the carpet above the hole, he falls through, they take it girls; K. licks the ring, white and black rams appear, K. tries to jump on white, black takes him to the seventh lower world; the old woman has only bad water, the seven-headed giant took the good one, gives exchange for devoured girls; turn of the royal daughter; K. cuts off six heads, the giant dies; if the seventh was cut off, he would come to life; the princess's hands covered in the giant's blood, she put them on K.'s back, so they found that he was the hero; K. kills the snake that devoured the bird's chicks Anka; she agrees to bring him to the ground; the harvested 40 kg of meat and water run out, K. cuts off a piece of flesh from the caviar; on the ground Anka puts it back; K. is hired by a tailor, then to a jeweler; they bring the dress, the tray that HC required as a condition for marriage; HC knows that K. is back; a tournament is held twice (jirit) ; at first, K. wears black clothes, kills his older brother, the second in red, kills the middle brother; HC tells the padishah everything; the wedding is 40 days and nights]: Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 1:10-24.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [The king wants to marry his daughter (brother to sister). The daughter goes to her mother's grave for advice. She advises her to demand rich outfits from the king, a fur coat (made from the skin of a mouse, dog, wolf, bear), and a self-propelled cart (boat). The daughter puts on her fur coat, puts her outfits in a nutshell and runs away. He is hired as a servant to another king. He appears at the ball three times in luxurious dresses. For the third time, the shoe sticks to the porch step, the king finds a girl and marries her]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 510B: 295.