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K120a4. Fill the vessel with tears.


The character must fill the vessel with tears (pour them on the floor).

Lenje, Tunisian Arabs, Corsicans, Italians (Piedmont), Albanians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Poles, Russians (Arkhangelsk), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia), Abkhazians, Ossetians, Tabasarans, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Estonians, Setu, Mari, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Khakas, Northern Khanty, Dolgans. {Different from ATU 769: In the next world, a dead child carries a vessel with tears shed by his mother}

Bantu-speaking Africa. Lenje [one of the most popular stories in the Zambezi region; when she leaves, the chief says that if one of the wives gives birth to a boy, he must be thrown away; one has given birth to a boy, put it on a cane bed, the old lady promised to take care of him; his mother called him Kalombe, but the old lady called him Mandu; his first cousin Ngoma ("drum") and her friends hear his song and try to get him out of the hole in the anthill where he is He hides like a rabbit; they dug it up, brought him to his mother; he came to his father, who is not going to kill him, gives him half of the village, slaves and cattle; he goes to marry the daughter of the rain god; sees an unusual bird, follows her; meets an old woman, spends the night with her; she gives him the feather of this bird; then the feather leads him along the right road, removes dangers and obstacles from her (excrement; a herd of elephants; mountain with steep cliffs; buffaloes; snakes), teaches and guides him, completes tasks; he is asked to enter different huts, saying that this is the abode of the daughter of the rain god; they offer the girl herself; the pen many times reports deception (the girl's mother herself and others take her form) and shows the right choice (which mat is the daughter of the rain god and which are not); he is given wine and food, but these are only transformed father-in-law and mother-in-law, he does not drink or eat; the rain god orders him to get bark from the top of the tree; the other two applicants fall, the pen assures that M. will get the bark; then they bring the bride for M., but they also want to deceive: daughter the god of rain is covered in ash and covered with skin, and the maid wears jewelry from head to toe; the pen reports everything; the father-in-law tells her to dig a hole to hide M., but he tells the pen to grab his father-in-law, he is forced to let M. from the hole; then the same episode when the pen takes his father-in-law hostage, with a tree (must throw M.), with a bunch of dry trees (the father-in-law himself starts to burn, tells the fire to let M. go), with a hammer in the forge; father-in-law orders to fill the pot with tears, M. asks that other sons-in-law fill the second pot; the father-in-law must order that the roof does not throw off M.; M. and his wife, servants, cattle, and provisions leave; M. gives his feather and wild cat skin to his wife; he goes in front, she falls behind with her companions; it rains, but M. tells it to be sunny; when almost at the goal, a liar comes out of the forest and takes the form of a daughter god of rain; M. discovers deception, because the imaginary wife does not have his pen; does not believe that she forgot him while swimming; the liar runs away, M. returns for his wife, she is solemnly accepted; after 10 days she says that she can't live here, incest is everywhere, leaves; M. rushes after her; follows her into the rain god's abode; stays there; in Sera's family version, if one thunder thunders on one side sky, and another answers him, this son-in-law claps his hands and father-in-law claps back]: Torrend 1921, No. 18:97-144.

North Africa. Tunisian Arabs [The woman became pregnant and an old woman predicted that she would give birth to a daughter who would suffer a lot at the beginning of her life, but then be happy for the rest of her life. That's what happened. The woman gave birth to a daughter who was very beautiful and named her Sharakat Vuduat. Her son, Sultan Qamar Al-Zaman, saw her and decided to marry her. Sharakat Vooduat had a cousin, whom she loved very much. She told her she was getting married and her mother found out. She replaced her fiancée with her own daughter. When the prince found out about the change, he became very angry, killed his cousin Sharakat, broke the wall and ran away from the palace. Sharakat was upset about the death of her cousin, then packed up and went in search of the prince. She walked for a long time, then sat on marble. The woman on the other side told Sharakat to shake the rock and see what was under it. Gulya's daughter was there. She asked her father about the prince. Gul got angry and gouged out her eye, then Sharakat went to her middle sister, whose father cut off her arm, and told the youngest that she needed to cross seven seas and seven lands, go through the land of ghouls and horrors and get to a forgotten grave from scratch, then fill 40 jugs and 40 vats with tears. All this can only be done with a staff, clothes, and a piece of ghoul. The youngest daughter gave it all to Sharakat. She did everything, but when she was left with only one jug, she was very tired and asked a black girl to look after the jugs while she slept. The girl dug up the prince, he married her because he promised to marry the one who would be the first to get him out of the grave. Sharakat smeared tar on her face and began working as a maid in homes until she found the prince's house. She broke the first nut that her daughter Gulya gave her, and it turned out to be a beautiful necklace. She exchanged it with the prince's black wife for a night spent with him. His wife added sleeping pills to his coffee. He didn't wake up, and it was the same on the second night. On the third, he did not drink coffee because the servant asked him why his room was crying at night. The prince just pretended to be asleep, heard everything, recognized Sharakat, they lived happily ever after]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 85 in Korovkina MS

Southern Europe. Corsicans [a childless woman finally gave birth, but her son is a snake; when he grew up, she asks him to marry; the mother brings the poor girl, the son tells her to take her back; the richer is the same; from a good family; the wife is happy: at night the husband becomes handsome; warns that if the wife talks, she will have to wear out her iron shoes and fill the vessel with tears before she sees him again; mother asks her daughter-in-law and she confesses; the husband has disappeared; the old woman gives his wife a snake walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts; they contain a golden spindle, a tow, a spinning wheel; the wife buys them from her new wife for three nights; on the third the husband does not drink a sleepy potion, he recognizes his wife; everything is fine]: Massignon 1984, No. 86:190-191; Italians (Piedmont) [the king has a pig son (King Crin), he asks to marry him one of the baker's three daughters; the eldest agreed, but expresses her disgust, was found dead in the morning; the same middle; the youngest caressed him, at night the pig turns into a young man; the wife lit a splint (taper) to look at him, coal fell, the husband woke up; said that his wife would see him if she cried 7 bottles of tears, stacks 7 pairs of iron shoes, wears 7 iron cloaks and 7 iron hats; on the way, a young woman walks to the mother of the wind (she gives chestnut), lightning (gives walnuts), thunder (hazel nut); comes to the palace, whose mistress is going to marry a former pig prince; breaks chestnut and nuts, diamonds in the first, diamonds in the second silk outfits, the third includes horses and carriages; each time she exchanges treasures from the landlady for the right to spend the night in the prince's room; the first two nights he sleeps, because the hostess gave him sleeping pills, The prince doesn't drink the third night, hugs his wife, they come home]: Calvino 1980, No. 19:57-60.

The Balkans. Albanians: Pedersen 1898, No. 8 [the son asks his mother who his deceased father was; she does not want to speak, then admits that he is a hunter; the young man finds, puts his father's gun in order, is done a good hunter; in a distant forest she sees pieces of meat hanging on a tree; touches them, the meat turns into the Beauty of the World; she explains that a black dwarf comes at night, revives it, and when she leaves in the morning, again cuts to pieces; under the tree, the young man picked up two precious stones without telling the beauty; brought her to his mother; at this time the king died, the new one forbade lighting the lights; the young man did not know that the stones he had taken they glow; the young man had to bring stones to the palace; on the way, the vizier tried to persuade him to sell them, but the young man gave them to the king; in order to take revenge, the vizier told the king that the young man could bring many such stones; wife tells her to hit so that tears fill the pot; these tears must irrigate stones in the mountains; the young man brought the king stones to build a palace, he is happy; once he killed a lynx, contrary to his wife's advice, carried his skin king; again refused the vizier, who wanted to buy it himself; he persuaded the king to bring a lot of skins to decorate the entire palace; the wife orders to fill the spring with wine, the lynxes would be drunk and intoxicated; the king received skins; the vizier suggests sending a message to the deceased king so that he will also rejoice in his son's wealth; the wife orders that all residents write letters to the next world; tells her husband to take them On horseback and return unnoticed; keeps her husband and horse starving so that people believe that they have been to the next world; writes answers to all letters; in response to the king, his late father asks for a vizier; The vizier demands that the young man survive in boiling oil; his wife gives him herbs with which the dwarf revived her; the young man is unharmed; the king orders the vizier to be thrown into boiling oil, makes the young man a vizier]: 53-67; Serkova 1989 [A childless old woman finds a snake, raises her like a son; he tells him to marry him the king's daughter; the old woman is lowered down the stairs twice, the Serpent heals her with a magic ring; for the third time, the king demands overnight build, lay the road with velvet, come with his retinue; The serpent gets a wife, sheds his snakeskin at night, says his name is Speite, forbids talking about his transformation; the wife tells his mother, Sh. disappears; his wife goes looking for him, wearing iron shoes, comes to the mother of the Sun, who first hides her from her son, the Sun promises not to eat what has come, refers to the Moon, she refers to the Wind, who says that Sh. kidnapped a monster, carries him overseas; there the monster brings his wife S. to his palace; S. throws a ring into the jug, the wife finds out that her husband is near; the monster demands that his wife Sh. 1) the house be places swept, not in some places, 2) fill two cauldrons with tears (Sh. advises to fill it with salt water); S. pretends to be a woodcutter and a carpenter, tells the monster that he makes a coffin for the deceased S., asks him to try it on, bobs up, burns; S. and his wife return to people forever]: 21-31; Bulgarians [the bird predicts the girl that she will marry a dead man; to avoid prediction, she (with her mother) leaves and she finds herself in a palace (fortress, etc.); to revive it, a girl must sit next to her without sleep (fan it, read a psalter, fill the vessel with tears) for three days and three nights (40 days, six weeks, three goji); when the term is almost over, the girl buys a slave (asks a gypsy woman) to sit in her place; the dead man wakes up and marries a slave (gypsy), and the girl becomes a maid; asks eager to bring her a stone of patience and a knife; tells the stone (and apparently wants to throw himself on the knife, but the angry one prevented her); he marries a girl, the slave was driven away or burned]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 437:154-155; Romanians [the stepmother has two children of her own, she demands that her husband save her children from his first wife; the boy heard, said to his sister; they took ash and torment with them, on the way, they fell on the ground; the father tied an empty pumpkin to the tree, it knocks in the wind, and he does not cut wood, but is long gone; the children returned home in the footsteps; the same next time; the third time the father took the children away further, and the rain soaked the flour and the birds pecked it; the boy made an bow, the sister got a friction fire, they began to eat birds; the fox tells her not to shoot at her, gave her fox; then the same with the she-wolf and bear; the children came to the palace, there was a giant chained to the wall behind a steel door; he asked for water; the boy did not give it and told his sister to unlock any doors except the steel one; the sister opened the door, brought the giant has three mugs of water, he broke his chains; the sister is ready to be the giant's mistress and destroy his brother; to do this, he must remove his animals; to do this, she asked him to leave them with her when he goes hunting - to her One is bored; they locked the animals in a room with a steel door; the giant chases the young man; he climbed a tree; throws the giant's hat, one sandal, the other, and sings each time, calling on his animals, while the giant devours what was thrown; first only the fox, then the wolf cub finally hears; the bear broke the door; the animals decided to run like the wind, for if, as a thought, they would be too tired and not will be able to fight; the giant chipped in with a log, but the animals ate it, and the young man took his heart and liver; he told his sister to cook them; left 9 barrels to fill them with tears, and left]: Mawr 1881:52- 56.

Central Europe. Poles (Spiš, Zdziar) [when visiting the castle, the king treats wine to a smok (dragon) chained to the wall; the monster breaks its shackles and disappears, taking the queen and warning that the king will find a wife if will fill the barrel with tears]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 422:135; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [stepmother disliked stepsons: girl and boy; father took them to the forest; they came to the river, on the other side an old man , waved his handkerchief, became a bridge; began to live with him; brother and sister grew up, the old man died; on the other side there is a guy; teaches a girl to wave that handkerchief, crossed the bridge; before his brother arrives, the guy turned with a pin and ordered him to be plugged to the ceiling to prevent his brother's dog; the next day, the sister pretended to be sick: she goes to the Wolf Islands for the wolf's milk; the she-wolf gives milk and the wolf herself ( obviously his wolf cub); bear's milk (same); lionesses (same); to Falcon Islands, falcon's egg (same); bring flour from the damn mill; animals came in, the iron doors closed, only the young man and the falcon stayed outside; the hell was going to eat the young man, he asks for permission to heat the bathhouse first and wash himself; falcon: quieter than the swamp, your hunt has already gnawed two doors, began to take the third; the animals came running, broke the line; "How the lion animal grabbed him and the bear, how they began to soften him, and the wolf and bear tore him into the lepésia"; the sister put the line's tooth under her brother's pillow, he died, she threw her body into the water; the falcon noticed at the bottom, the wolf, the bear can't pull it out, the lion pulled it out, but they can't remove the tooth themselves; the wolf dragged the hare, he does not understand what they want from him, he was torn; the wolf dragged the fox, she understood she pulled out her tooth, the young man came to life; buried his sister on the chest, put two barrels: to cry on it and to hell; if there were more tears in his barrel, he would let go; tears were only in hell; brother buried his sister with his head and a barrel with her]: Smirnov 2003 (1), No. 7:76-85; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the widower marries a neighbor; she conditions that he will get rid of his children - Ivan and Marika; he takes them to the forest, leaving them the deck beat against the tree in the wind as if it were cutting wood; they returned home; next time the father took them on, the children stayed in the forest; baking wild horseradish, going to bed with their heads in different directions; bear, wolf they come, are surprised at the outlandish beast, leave; in the morning there is good bread in ash; on sycamore there is a magic shirt, a gun, a saber; I. pulls them out, becomes a strongman; breaks into the robber's lair, there is a princess; kills 11 robbers, the 12th pretends to be dead, I. left the body, lets the girl go to her father, leaves; the robber asks M. to bring live water, pour it into the keyhole; opens the door, the severed ear the robber grows back, M. takes the robber as her husband; to kill his brother, he pretends to be sick, asks for wolf meat, then bear and other meat; the she-wolf, then the bear and other animals ask them not to kill, gives a wolf cub, a bear cub, etc.; the robber suggests that M. send his brother to fetch water from a spring between the crushing mountains; at noon they stop, I. took out water; bring flour from the mills that grind human bones, open every 12 years; I. picks up flour, manages to jump out, the doors slam shut, his animals remain inside; M. bathes I. in fresh milk, he is confused, she tied him with horse with his hair, the robber took his shirt with strength; they gouged out I.'s eyes, threw him into the well; people pulled him out; he wandered through the forest, fell his head into the swamp, there was living water, he saw the light; he bought good clothes, changed clothes with his grandfather; he gave him bottles of water, one was young, the other was old; he came to M. and the robber under the guise of a beggar; when they fell asleep, he took his shirt, sword, gun; told him to give him his pipe ; began to play, the animals escaped from the mill, ran, tore the robber; left M. two barrels to cry, one to cry for him, the other for the robber; locked the water in the neighboring kingdom of snakes; I. killed him, freed the princess, whom the gypsy was carrying a snake, cut off snake tongues, the gypsy cut off a piece from each tongue, demanded that the tsar marry the princess; at home, almost all tears were cried out for the robber; I. shows the king was not the tips of his tongues, but the tongues themselves, the animals tore the gypsy, I. took the princess; M. came, poisoned I., locked the animals; they escaped, the Fox brought living water; next time M. locked her faith again, put a pitchfork in I.'s bed; the same; the animals tore M.]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:232-243.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [Bagdazhov sheltered three sisters whose relatives died; the eldest replied that she would make clothes for her husband's entire family from the wool of one ram; the middle one would feed her with a bottle of vodka and a loaf all her husband's guests; the youngest will give birth to golden and silver twins; B. joined the army, his wife gave birth to a boy and a girl, the sisters persuaded the old woman to replace them with puppies, the children were lowered in a jug along the river; B. ordered his wife to be left tied up at a crossroads; the old man noticed two children sucking goat milk, raised them; the sisters and the old woman found out that the old woman persuaded the young man to marry the prince's daughter, whose gaze turns it into stone; the prince ordered to fill the jug with tears, the jug is filled, the prince gave his daughter; the young man's sister is also married; his wife knows everything, told him to untie the woman, bring her to her; they all came to guests in B. said that they would eat what was cooked in words, not on fire; people began to speak, the water was cold; B.'s son told their story, the meat was cooked; the old woman and sisters of B.'s wife were thrown into the fire]: Shakryl 1975, No. 71:322-326; Ossetians [the sister of the three brothers goes to play with the seven daughters of the Sun; they detain her by throwing a bead into her hearth, she sparkles like a fire is burning; returning to the extinct hearth, the girl comes to the giant for fire; he pours coals into her sieve; the giant comes to the brothers on an ash trail; the brothers go to look for firewood, the giant goes to bed; the mouse gives the girl scissors, a comb, a mirror, tells her to run; abandoned objects turn into a mountain, sea, forest; the woman in the tower tells her to fill her tubs with tears (she fills), throws off a simple rope, she rises; a giant fills it with spits, demands a silk rope, a woman lowers a simple one, but cuts it with scissors, the giant breaks; the girl works hard for the hostess; violates the ban on entering the seventh room; women they petrified from the first room; a whirlwind rose to the seventh, took away the shirt hanging there; Aldar's son finds her, comes for the girl; the petrified come to life, the hostess passes the girl off as Aldar's son]: Britaev, Kaloev 1959:164-172; Tabasarans [stepmother tells Perikhanum to herd a red cow and spin wool; the wind carries wool, the cow tells them to follow the wind; P. goes through a golden, silver current to the Azhdakha cave; in his hair is a snake, a lizard, P. says that his hair is clean; the dough is dirty, P. says it is clean like her mother's; cleans the house, takes no treasures, Azhdaha shakes it on a swing, the gold from her dress does not fall; he tells her to swim in a white lake, wash her hair in black, gives her gold, dresses and a horse that can be turned into anything; when she sees beauties, her stepmother sends her own daughter Aykhanum; she calls Azhdaha dirty, hides gold, it falls out on a swing; she is told to swim in a black lake, wash her hair in white, and a horn grows on her forehead; stepmother and A. go to the party, tells P. to separate the ash and millet, fill the vessel with tears; the mother from the grave teaches how to sift the millet through a sieve, fill the vessel with water and salt, put on a dress, take the horse given by Azhdakha; returning from the wedding, P. lost her shoe; bek's son fell in love, found the owner of the shoe; his stepmother slipped him her freak daughter instead of P.; P. flew in as a dove, A. ordered to slaughter her, threw her giblets away, a pine tree grew, A. ordered to make a cradle out of her, the old woman picked up chips; someone cooks in her house, she finds a girl; fattens a thin horse, she is getting prettier; Beck's son calls women to spin and tell stories; P. tells; everything is explained, stepmother and A. was put on horses, driven with whips]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 49:444-450; Armenians: Nazinyan 2014 [stepmother sends stepdaughter to herd a cow and spin wool; a spinning wheel fell into a hole in the ground, below is a vishap mother chews a piece of lead and spins; the girl asks for a spindle, she invites her to go down, tells her to wash her hair and comb her hair; replies that her hair is clean and soft; the old woman gives dung instead of bread and lizards instead of sauerkraut, the girl does not eat, but praises the taste; the old woman tells her to dip her head in white water, her hair turns golden; says that the cow is not lost, and oil will flow from one horn, from the other is honey; the stepdaughter comes back, the stepmother sends her own daughter; she drops the spindle, calls the old woman an old hag, refuses to touch her nasty hair, calls the dung dung and lizards lizards; the old woman tells her head to be dipped in black water, a donkey tail grows on the back of her head; the old woman says that blood will flow from one horn of the cow, pus from the other; the stepmother tells the cow to be slaughtered; mother vishapa tells her stepdaughter not to eat meat, bury the bones; when leaving for a mantis, the stepmother tells her to collect the scattered millet and fill the pelvis with tears; the old woman advises to sweep the millet with a broom, pour salt water into the basin ; where the bones were buried, there is a horse and outfits; when leaving the holiday, the stepdaughter lost her shoe; she glitters in the river, the prince marries the one whose shoe; everyone tries on her, only fits her stepdaughter; stepmother hides his stepdaughter in tonir, dresses up his own daughter; the rooster shouts about it to those who arrived; wedding; stepmother and her daughter were beaten and driven away]: 45-50; Khachatryants 1933 (recorded in an Ararat village by a native of Persia) [ the wife died, leaving her son and daughter; from the new wife a daughter; the stepmother tyrannites her stepsons; the red cow gives them her milk, they will be kind; the stepmother sends her own daughter, for her milk is bitter, she withers; tells her husband slaughter a cow, the daughter will recover; the cow tells the children to smear her faces with her blood (they will become beautiful), bury her bones; introduces the old woman, she will help; gives one of her horns, he will feed them; meat cows are delicious for children, like straw for the stepmother; they invite them to a wedding, that old woman dug a hole where the bones are, took out good clothes for the children; next time the stepmother tells the children to fill the cauldron with tears to cover half a liter of millet; after the wedding, the girl drops her shoe; the prince asks her father to find whose she is; the prince marries his stepdaughter; she comes to see her stepmother, the stepmother replaces her with her daughter; The prince sees a substitution, orders his stepmother and daughter to be tied to the tails of the mares; their heads have come off, they have been flaunted]: 168-174; Azerbaijanis [the fisherman has an adult daughter Fatmajykh and a little son Kiyavyzhykh; the mother died, the fisherman took the fanged Bash-khanum; she gave birth to a bald boy and a girl; ordered her old children to be taken to the forest; the father tied a board to the tree so that she could knock, and the children thought he cuts wood; left; K. is thirsty, F. does not tell me to drink from the spring - you will become a horse; then a dog; K. got drunk from the third, became a bull; said that he would now feed his sister with honey and oil, which he had in horns; took his sister; although father and stepmother moved, the bull found them; F. said that her brother was run over by a bear, and she came by bull; she was sent to scratch her hair, the bull fed her; the wind carried away the tow; F. ran after her, ran into the hut; there Baba Yaga, with snakes and centipedes in her hair; F. asked for her tow, the old woman asked how she liked the hut; F. praised the cleanliness; the old woman blessed her; told Wake her up when white, red and black water runs; washed her with three waters, F. became white-bodied, her eyebrows and eyelashes black, her cheeks and lips red; gave her tow; her stepmother sent her own daughter; she called the old woman is ugly; three waters made her body black, her eyebrows and eyelashes white, and a red spot appeared on her forehead; then her stepmother pretended to be sick, asked for bull meat; he tells her sister to collect his bones and throw it into the well, a beautiful outfit will appear there; the stepmother and daughter went to the Shah's meeting, and F. ordered to separate the millet from the ash and fill the bowl with tears; the rooster and the chickens were separated, the rooster advised cook salt water; wearing the dress that was in the well, F. came to the palace, showered everyone with flowers, and her stepmother with ash; when she ran back, she lost her slipper; Tsarevich Mamed ordered to look for the owner; the rooster shouts that F. is in a hole, tied hand and foot; M. married F.; stepmother's daughter pushed her into the sea, put on her dress; in the morning the rooster screams: her sister was drowned in the sea, swallowed her catfish, she was swallowed under her heart The shah wears and the sky asks for salvation; the fishermen caught the catfish, took out F.; M. asks the liar if she wants a golden knife or a seven-year-old mare; she did not understand whether she wanted a mare; she was put in one bag, and puppy and pan to another; frightened by the roar, the horse rushed, the body was scattered across the valleys; M. stayed with F.]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:3-19; Turks: Stebleva 1986, No. 27 [about the same in Kúnos 1901:74-83; the younger sister's horse secretly turns into a young man from others; she does not marry, meets an imaginary horse at night; burns his skin; he flies away as a pigeon, says she will find it when wears out her iron shoes and staff; at the spring, the maid says she is collecting water for Chamber-Tiar; the wife, disguised as a beggar, throws her ring into the jug; Thu recognizes him, comes for her; the devas want to eat it THU mother gives tasks; 1) sweep - do not sweep the room (collect garbage in the middle); 2) go to a neighbor behind bars (give meat in front of the horse to the dog, grass from the dog to the horse, venerate the thrown behind the neighbor's chest); 3) fill the cauldron with tears (add salt to the water); 4) fill the bag with fluff (the birds gave); during the wedding, THU tied the daughter of the devas to the pole instead of the padishah's daughter, runs with his wife; she throws a comb (thorns), soap (slippery), a jug (water); Thu became a gardener, his wife a garden; a tree and a snake around him (the devas broke the net - they tore off their little finger); into flowers at the feet of the padishah; he gave them devas, they bite into grains, chickens peck, two grains remain, turn into a young man and a girl, have a wedding]: 105-109; Kúnos 1896 [when leaving, the padishah tells three daughters to take care of his horse; he only lets in the youngest; when he returns, the father gives the elders for the vizier and the chief mufti, the youngest for the horse; at night the horse turns into a man, the stall into a palace; the husband warns his wife not to reveal the secret, gives her three hair if you need to call him; at the tournament, the older sisters are proud of their husbands, laugh at the youngest; she says to her husband, he is handsome, wins everyone; the youngest said this to the sisters, the husband immediately disappeared; the wife went in search, burned the hair, the husband showed up, explained that his mother was a cannibal witch; turned his wife into an apple, promised her mother not to harm her; the mother ordered "to sweep and not sweep the room "; the wife burns the second hair, the husband comes and explains what to sweep in the room, but not in the hallway; next time, fill the vessel with tears (water and add salt); there are no more hairs, the spouses are running; the mother's sister sits in a jug, drives a snake; the husband turns his wife into a bathhouse, himself into a bathhouse attendant, pretends to be a fool; the same is the second sister (the spring and the person who takes water from it); the third time the mother herself chases; her son turns his wife into a tree, himself into a snake that wraps around the tree; the mother does not dare to kill her son, asks for permission to tear off his wife's finger, flies away; the spouses return to the woman's father; the husband remains man, his demonic nature remains in another world]: 74-83; Kurds [stepmother tells Fatima to herd cows and spin hair; the red cow left from his mother spins for her; F. meets an old woman, looks in her head, replies that her head is cleaner than her head, F., her mother; she tells her to swim in a bright spring, dip her finger in black, run it over her eyebrows, dip her head in gold; the stepmother sends her own daughter, she refuses to clean the old woman, she tells her to swim in a black spring, she turns into an arapka; the stepmother pretends to be sick, tells her to slaughter a cow for her; the cow says to F. and her brother, that the meat will seem bitter to the stepmother; the bones must be buried; there is a wedding in the village; the stepmother tells F. to fill two cauldrons with tears, only then go to the wedding; that old woman fills the boilers with water and salt, tells them to dig up cow bones, they turned into luxurious clothes; on his return, F. loses his shoe; according to it, the padishah's son finds F., marries; the stepmother throws F. into the tandoor, dresses his daughter; brother F. becomes a rooster, shouts about it; F. find, padishah's son marries her]: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 17:207-211.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Ottomans 1987 [a childless woodcutter wants to kill a snake that promises to be his son Sabzkaba ("green caftan"); orders to marry the ruler's daughter Shakarhava ("sweet wish"); he demands 70 bags of jewelry, etc., S. sends, receives his wife, takes off his snakeskin at night; warns her not to burn it; otherwise, in order to return him, you will have to wear out 7 iron dresses and shoes, staffs; Sister S. came, threw her skin into the fire; S. goes in search; meets women, girls, everyone says that their father S. went to S. and disappeared, they would kill her; one girl carries water S., Sh. throws a ring into the jug; S. meets Sh., tells him to venerate his diva mother's chest; mother-in-law tells him to pour tears on the floor (S. performs); wash the black bag white (dip it in water when the white one flows water); bring a sieve from her diva sister, she must break Sh.; S.: there are bones in front of the horse, straw in front of the dog, must be shifted; put cotton wool in every bell on the door; S. grabbed the sieve and ran away; at the wedding of the divas, S. and S. put hot candles in their arms, but they did not throw candles; at night S. killed the bride and groom, ran with Sh.; brother S. pursues, S. became a broom, S. became a rope; uncle (garden and gardener); father (mill and miller); mother (cypress and dragon); S. killed her mother, everything is fine]: 301-306; Rosenfeld 1956 [Mollabaji's teacher persuades the girl Shahrban to push her mother into a barrel of vinegar, and then persuade her father to marry her; he got married, she brought her ugly daughter; opened a barrel of vinegar, a red cow came out of there; M. gives S. more and more work, sends a cow to herd and spin; a cow chews cotton, turning it into yarn; the next day the wind picked up cotton, threw it into the well; the cow calls S. her daughter, tells him to climb into the well, do the opposite when asked; the diva tells him to hit him with a stone, S. searches in his head; replies that his head is cleaner than that of his stepmother; does not break the house with a pickaxe, but sweeps the yard; replies that the diva's manor, dishes, are better than her father's; takes cotton, not gold; diva tells wash her hair in black water, face and hands in white; at home, the stepmother sees that there is a moon on Sh's forehead, a star on her chin; M. sends her own daughter, she does everything wrong, the diva tells her to wash in yellow water, on her forehead a snake appears on the girl, a scorpion on her chin, the gold she grabbed turns out to be bricks; M. and her daughter, wrapping her face with a handkerchief, go to the wedding, tells Sh. To disassemble the mixture of peas, beans and beans, fill the bowl with tears; S. goes to the diva, who gives salt (water will be like tears), a rooster (separate beans, etc.), a luxurious outfit, ash (pour on M. and her daughter), flowers (throw at the bride and guests); Sh. the prince sees, she runs away, loses her shoe; when he returns home, M. pretends to be sick, let her husband slaughter the cow; the divas replace the cows, tells S. to bury the bones slaughtered in the barn; the prince's servants are looking for an owner shoes; M. hides S. in the oven, but the rooster screams where she is; M. feeds Sh. onions and garlic to make her smell bad and embarrass her; the diva helps her get out of the situation, and M.'s daughter, who she imposed on the vizier, stained the room; M. and her daughter were thrown into the ditch, the divas cut the cow's skin, and Sh's mother came out of it]: 130-149.

Baltoscandia. Estonians (Pärnu) [brother and sister got lost in the forest; the devil (vanapagan) brought them home, raised them; taught the young man the art of a hunter; he wanted to kill a bear, a wolf, a fox, a hare, a kite; everyone asks not to kill, gives his cub; the devil met with the young man's sister, decided to get rid of his animals first; sent him to the barn for bread; the young man went inside with the animals, went out, the doors closed, the animals stayed inside; the devil wants to kill the young man, he asks for permission to wash in the bathhouse, then climb the tree to pray; during this time, the animals escaped, ran, tore the Devil; the brother hanged his sister by the legs in the bathhouse over two cauldrons - with coals and empty; let her go when she eats all the coals and fills the empty cauldron with tears; went to town; told the old woman to let his animals out if they began to tear; himself went to fight a 12-headed serpent that ate a man every day; now it is the princess's turn; instead of a severed head, a new one grows; the young man threw his shoe, hitting a sleeping old woman, she released the animals they came running, tore the snake; the young man cut off and hid his tongues, put pieces of the snake under the stone; the princess tied a piece of her handkerchief to each beast; the officer made the princess say that he had killed the snake; wedding, a young man sends a wolf, then a bear, then comes by himself; the officer cannot pick up a stone under which pieces of a snake are, does not know where the tongues are; the animals ordered him to be torn to pieces, torn to pieces; after death The young man reigns the king; the wife asks for his sister to be returned; she pierces the Devil's hidden tooth into the forehead of her sleeping brother; he is put in the coffin; the wolf licked, the tooth pops out the wolf's forehead, the owner has come to life, and the wolf has died; so the animals queues revived each other; the fox hid behind the cauldron, the tooth missed her forehead, fell into the fire]: Järv et al. 2009, No. 3:41-46; Seto: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 52 [mother died; brother and sister We went into the forest, came across a house, an old man there; they began to live with him; when he died, he gave them a handkerchief, they were tied together in a knot; if they untie it, trouble would happen; one day my sister decided to untie the knot; a handsome guy in white came, it was hell; offered the girl to lime her brother; let her pretend to be sick, ask for wolf's milk; the brother went to look for the she-wolf, she asked her not to kill, allowed herself to milk and went with him; the same with the bear; to bring water from the lake, in which there is a huge snake; the young man, along with the she-wolf, the bear and his dog, defeated the snake, the young man brought water; bring flour with damn's mill; when the young man took the flour, the 12 iron doors behind closed and the animals were left behind them; the devil's house was going to kill the young man; from asking permission to wash in the bathhouse before death; drowns for a long time, stalls for time; the animals broke the doors, ran, broke the line; one tooth was left; the young man left his sister in a bathhouse with two barrels; let one cry for his brother, the other for the line; see where it is more; taught the animals to dance, went with them, showing them for money; the king will give his daughter for someone to make her laugh; when she sees the animals dancing, the princess laughed; the wedding; the young man is told to bring his sister; he went after her - the barrel with tears on the line is full; on the way back, sitting in the carriage, the sister put a damn tooth in her brother's ear, the brother died; the wife placed the body in an iron coffin on a pole; the animals howl at the foot; A stranger king who passed by saw this, ordered the coffin to be removed; the tooth fell out, the young man came to life, drove his sister away, inherited the throne from his father-in-law]: 127-132; Sandra 2004 [dying, the king told his daughter to rule until she grew up brother; she decided to lime her brother; pretended to be sick, ordered to bring hare milk; the hare gave milk; next time a fox; a wolf; a bear; a tigress, a lioness; a sister sent her brother to bring bread from the mill where the witch is; he went, with him all his animals that gave milk; he took bread, and when he sent the animals to eat too, the witch slammed the doors shut; the sister put his brother in the cellar, the witch must eat it; in this time, animals break doors one by one; this is reported by a raven, a dove, a swallow; each time a young man asks the cannibal for more time; the last time he asks for permission to light a pipe; animals they break in, kill a witch; the young man, telling his sister to cry for his return a bucket of bloody tears, leaves with his animals; comes to a city where mourning; the man explains that every year a sea serpent demands the victim, otherwise the city would be flooded, it was the turn of the royal daughter; the animals tore the snake, the princess gave her handkerchief to the savior; the coachman crept up, cut off the young man's head, told the princess to swear that she would announce him the winner is a snake; the animals mourn, the fox tells them to pretend to be dead, a raven with a crow descends, the fox grabs the crow, tells the crow to bring water that connects the dicks and living water; he brings; the fox for The crow broke the samples, glued it together, revived it; then the young man; the animals cast lots, falls on the bear, he brings the handkerchief to the palace, the princess recognizes him; meets the savior; the king orders to break the coachman four bulls; a young man gets a princess; goes to visit his sister; she cries a bucket of blood; puts a witch's tooth in his brother's head, he falls dead; he is put in the tower; the hare comes, the tooth pierces him, he dies, the young man comes to life; the fox takes his tooth out of the hare, throws it into the bush, the bush has dried up; the animals tore his sister; the young man became ruler over both kingdoms]: 192-202.

Volga - Perm. Marie [the rich man bequeathed everything to his youngest son, and his eldest and daughter only a bathhouse; they went to the forest, found gold, the youngest accused him of stealing and took the gold; they left again, live in a forest house, brother hunts; hell teaches his sister to lime his brother: to play cards, whoever is fooled should tie his hands; but the brother tears the ropes; the devil advises sending his brother to bring an apple; the young man finds an apple in the house robbers, brings an apple and a girl with it; she hears the hell promises to put a chain himself if the young man loses cards to his sister; brother hangs his sister in the bathhouse by the legs and tells her to cry a pot of tears; she died ]: Lewy 1989, No. 58:70-71; Chuvash [when dying, the priest's wife gives him her ring, tells him to marry the one she suits; does not suit anyone, the daughter accidentally wore it, the pop wants to marry her, she runs away; the royal son marries her, a son is born; when the prince left, the pop came unrecognized, stabbed the baby; the king father tells his son, the son writes in response, the pop replaced both letters - allegedly the prince orders to cut off wife hands, tie the dead baby to her and drive her away; the woman leaned to the river, the baby fell out, her hands grew, the voice said how to revive the baby with plant juice; he grew up, killed the youngest, middle son old woman; only maimed the elder; the old woman arranged that the mother of the prince's son took the old woman's son as a lover; pretending to be sick, gives her son difficult tasks; he defeats the heroes who guarded the garden and source; the son of an old woman steals the cross in which the strength of the prince's son; drives him away; he meets the princess, she promises to marry him; meets a blind and legless man; in the palace throws the princess's ring into a bucket of water; she recognizes the ring, the king allows marriage, but the prince's son must return his cross; he steals the cross, kills his mother's lover, and tied her, two barrels next to each other: to cry on it and to cry for her lover; gathers people, tells everything; mother cried for her son, he freed her]: Chuvash tales 1937:237-247; Kazan Tatars [brother has three dogs: lighter than the wind, lighter than hops, heavier than the ground ; the sister has taken a snake yuha as a lover; he offers to poison her brother; one dog overturns the poisoned water, the other throws a bowl of porridge, the third breaks the bathhouse in which Juha wanted to burn the young man, carries him to the river, the young man comes to life; leaves his sister to fill the barrel with tears, dry like a ray, eat a brick; kills the 6-, 9-, 12-headed ajdaha, to whom the eldest, middle, youngest daughter of the padishah was given; each gives her ring; the watchman says that he saved the princess, but cannot lift the stone under which his heads; he was shot, the young man took the middle princess, lives with her in the forest; his sister came and put two of Yuha's teeth in bed brother; dogs found, pulled their teeth out of the young man's ear (made the bear cry and the hare put his ear to the young man's ear); the young man cut off his sister's head]: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 1:25-32.

Southern Siberia. Khakas [the elderly have a son (he is younger) and a daughter Altyn-Tan; the old man is dead, his mother is also preparing to die and tells them not to go to Mount Ah-Tag in front, not to extinguish the fire - you will not be able to light it again; but brother and sister went; only AT went up to the top, there was a house with a black woman in it; AT asked for fire, but she asked to go into the house first; AT did not go in, ran away; when the children ran through the taiga, after them Hara-Hashta chased, black, with a long beard and huge eyes; brother and sister reached the old woman's yurt; she replies that she cannot resist the Aina, refers to her middle sister, she refers to her older sister; this the eldest gives AT a golden shawl: if you wave, the waters of the river will part, you can cross to the other side; brother and sister crossed, XX could not cross and returned; brother and sister set up a house; the boy is studying hunt, asks his sister what the animals are called; three geese fly and shout: there is a baby on the other side of the river, you have to pick it up, he will be an assistant; AT went to the other side, but the child turned into XX and made her a wife; began to live with her at her house, where her brother; XX gave the boy a name: Adygchy-Ool; a white dog overheard XX telling AT to put a fang in his brother's soup; he would pierce the boy's throat ; we will eat him and his dogs; the white and blue dog agree to pretend to fight: the cauldron will be knocked over and the fang will fall to the ground; when the fang fell to the ground, it caught fire; next time XX and AT agreed to take his brother to a house in the woods, where XX would be waiting for him to kill; the boy managed to climb onto the roof and called the dogs; they jumped out of the ground, bitten to death XX; blue dog: We'll tie AT to the wall, Let the white bowl under her right eye, blue on the left; if AT feels sorry for her brother, her tears will fill the white bowl, and if XX, the blue one; then Adygchi-Ool and his dogs came to the aal; the old people took him to their son; one day the cattle stopped mooing, people began to scream; the dogs ran away and brought blue and white wolf skin; the old people are happy - these wolves were destroying cattle; Khan gave AO his only daughter; when they came to see AT, only tears from her left eye filled the cup (i.e. she grieved for the demon); AO brought her home; she gave him a poisonous araki and he died; the dogs dragged the body up the mountain; the blue ran for the reviver with a potion; she brought it in her ear, but she had arrows in her sides, she died; white revived both her and her owner; Altyn-Tan was tied to the tails of three mares]: Torokova, Sychenko 2014, No. 16:321-335.

Western Siberia. Northern Khanty (Sherkal dialect) [husband and wife bought their son and daughter a toy - an iron horse; the horse destroyed the city and killed the couple; the children hid under the floor; the horse asks where they are ; the comb, the flint, the skin scraper do not answer, it breaks them; leaves; the cow tells me to sit on it, takes it to the sea, tells her to slaughter it there, wrap it in its guts, climb into her stomach; the horse chases, sister throws flint (fire), crest (forest), whetstone (mountain), flint again (the horse burned down); brother and sister killed a cow, woke up in the house, there is a lot of food; they live on the island; pops out of a ball of foam dog; tells his brother that his sister will send him for fox milk; his sister sends him - he will recover from milk; the fox gave milk: if my sister does not drink, give it to my cub; my sister did not drink, the fox drank; then same with blue fox; dog for young man: sister hid the iron horse under your bed, lie down on the side; next time milk and baby wolverine, you have to lie back to bed and under the bunk beds there will be an iron horse; then a wolf; a bear; a horse under the threshold; in front of the threshold; the sister sends into the house behind seven locks; there the old man lets the animals in, closes the door; the young man returns alone; sister tells him to wash in the bathhouse, and then the iron horse will kill him; the bird reports three times that the animals are digging an underground passage; the animals have come, killed an iron horse; the brother nailed his sister's hands to the floor, vessels near the eyes: if a brother will be needed, his vessel must be filled with tears, and if an iron horse, then hers; the brother married the king's daughter; took his sister to him; she put the tooth of an iron horse in his bed, his brother died; his buried in an iron coffin; the animals dug, broke it; the dog found a crow's nest: bring the grass of life, otherwise we'll eat eggs; the crow brought, the dog crushed one egg, restored it with grass; revived the young man; he let go of the animals, left only the dog; tied his sister to two sledges, tore it with horses; threw one leg into the forest, it grew into a swamp willow, the other to a hill, a forest tree grew; the brother lives well (with his wife )]: Steinitz 2014, No. 28:169-185.

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [to have children, the old woman turns to ayyi, the old man turns to Abaasa; ayyy gives a boy and a girl, the abaasa threatens to swallow the old man, makes him give up what she does not know at home; spouses they hide their children under the hearth; the abaas eat their spouses, do not find children; they grow up, a horse descends from the sky, takes them away, gives them flint, flint, an ax, they must be thrown into an Abaas pursuer; they turn into fire, into the mountains, into the sea; the abaas remain overseas; the horse tells him to be killed by crushing a louse on his head; parts of his body give rise to a city, buildings, property; his kidneys turn into a dog bear and a wolf -dog; in the absence of the brother, the abaasa comes, the sister agrees to become his wife, lures his brother's handkerchief, gives it to her husband; the brother is in a hurry, the interpreting rocks crush his dogs - the bear and the wolf; the horse brings brother to old woman, she gives a bow; a hawk fights a yokshokyu bird; brother shoots a yokshokyu in the wing; for promising to cure him, he helps open the mountain, freeing the bear and the wolf; they kill the abaas; brother hangs his sister by the legs, puts two plates under her eyes; during the night, the left one fills with tears, which means that the sister cries for her husband, not for her brother; he leaves, leaving the bear and the wolf; one-eyed, one-armed and one-legged abaasa fights with another over a woman; Er-Sogotoh (his brother's name is first mentioned) frees the woman, takes her away; the abaas pursues them, E. throws the comb, the forest grows; E. kills the abaas, marries a rescued woman]: Popov 1937:208-237 (quail. Efremov 2000, No. 2:79-135).