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K120a5. Lure a woman aboard the ship.


To get a woman, a man lures her to a ship (into a boat, to a flying machine, etc.) and takes her away.

Mamprussies, Arabs of Egypt, Italians (Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany), Germans (Pomerania), Scots, Palestinians, Hungarians, Bosnians, Serbs, Slovaks, Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Pskov , Voronezh), Belarusians, Balkarians, Ossetians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Swedes, Finns, Latvians, Chuvash.

West Africa. Mamprusi [after the death of the naba (ruler), the servant shows his son the inheritance, except for the chest, which the naba asked not to open; the son opens a portrait of the beauty in it; the son of naba finds the princess , lures him onto the ship, brings him to his place; on the way, the servant hears three vultures talking; 1) when he meets the naba sits on a horse, 2) wears a wedding dress, 3) sips a golden glass feast, he will die; if anyone tells him, he will be petrified; the servant does not allow the naba to sit on his horse, tears his dress, takes away the goblet; naba orders him to be executed, he says he is stony; three years later the stone says he will come to life, if naba sprinkles his son's blood on him; naba kills the boy, the servant comes to life, revives the child with magic powder; everyone is happy]: Anpetkova-Sharova 1966, No. 46:84-89.

North Africa. Egyptian Arabs: Lebedev 1990, No. 18 [the king fell in love with the fisherman's wife, the vizier advises to demand that 1) cover the hall with one carpet; the wife tells you to go to the well, ask her sister for yarn, from a carpet is ready for her in the morning; 2) bring an eight-day-old child to tell a fairy tale (the same sister from the well gives a talking baby); at school, the fisherman's son Mohammed teases the king's son; he complains, the teacher beat M.; M. went fishing, caught the queen fish, she promised to help, he let her go; the vizier: we will send M. for the daughter of the Sultan of Green Land; the fish advises making a golden ship on the vizier's money; they come to the Green Land, the Sultan's daughter came to see the ship, she is being taken away; she throws her ring into the sea; makes it a condition for the king to get a ring for marriage; M. gets it; the second condition: rush into the fire; the fish teaches that it must be said, M. is becoming handsome; the tsar, the prince and the vizier rushed into the fire and burned down; M. married the daughter of the Sultan of the Green Land]: 101-109.

Southern Europe. Italians: Calvino 1984, No. 33 (Veneto) [=Kotrelev 1991:57-61; parents are childless, the sorcerer gives an apple, his wife ate it and the maid ate the peel; both gave birth to boys; Apple and Peel grew up they loved each other together and brotherly; they decided to take possession of the sorcerer's daughter; they climbed inside the bronze horse, driving it from the inside; they began to blow the horn and play the violin; when the girl left alone, got out of the horse and promised to leave if she didn't like them; she also climbed inside the horse and went with them, or rather Apple; the sorcerer father cursed her daughter three times; there would be her three favorite horses, white, bay and crow, let her sit on a white man and die; the same with dogs - let him take a black one and die; let a snake crawl into her marriage and bite her; three fairies heard this and began to talk about inn; added: you can kill a horse, dog, snake; and whoever hears and tells will petrify; Apple and his fiancée were sleeping, but Peel heard everything; The peel cut off the head of a white horse, a black dog; when during marriage Peel killed the snake, the bride woke up and decided that he wanted to kill her or her husband; the peel was forced to tell everything, petrified; the sorcerer appeared, the daughter begged him, he returned the Peel to life; everything is fine]: 95-98; Crane 1885, No. 17 (northern Italy) [the elder prince does not want to marry, the youngest cannot find a bride to his liking; sees the statue, promises to marry the one who looks like her; the older brother goes in search; buys a dancing mouse, a singing bird; finds a girl, lures her to the ship; a bird that has arrived screams that when the younger brother gets a mouse, a bird, they must be killed; handing girl, you have to be silent, otherwise you will become petrified; the younger brother does so; the older one thinks that the younger one wants a girl for himself; the younger one talks about everything, turns into stone; the sorcerer says that the statue will revive the blood of the children given birth to by the young queen; she is distracted, the children are killed, the king's brother has come to life; the mother is terrified, but the children come to life]: 85-87 (also versions from Veneto, Siena, Florence, Mantova, p. 88, from Pentameron, p. 88-89).

Western Europe. The Germans (Pomerania) [after hearing of the beauty of the English princess, the king's eldest son began to wither away with love; the king allowed him to go to England; the younger brother arranged everything; the three princes dressed up merchants, showed jewelry and precious dresses, the princess wanted to see more, boarded the ship, he sailed; when he learned that the prince had taken her away, agreed to marry him; the king sent the fleet in pursuit, but the younger prince made holes in advance all the ships and they sank; three witches promised to return the princess; flew in the guise of ravens; the younger prince does not sleep and hears their conversation; one will take the image of a beautiful horse, the princess will sit on him and he will fly with her to her father; the second will poison the wine for the princess; the third: if the young enter the bedchamber, they will fall dead, for the air is poisoned; witchcraft will dissipate if someone He will enter before them and draw the sign of the cross three times in the air with a dagger; whoever hears and tells will be petrified; the younger prince stabbed the horse, splashed wine, and broke into the bedchamber in front of the newlyweds; the king imprisoned him; a year later he told the king everything; petrified to his knees, then to the chest, then whole; the princess gave birth to two children; her husband dreamed that if he slaughtered them and sprinkled them with blood petrified, he will come to life; the younger brother has come to life and the older children too]: Jahn 1893, No. 8:44-48; Scots [Ian shoots a blue falcon, knocks down, brings one feather; stepmother queen orders to get a falcon; The fox tells you to go to the five-headed giant, hire to watch the birds, carry the falcon away so as not to hurt anything; A. hits the joint; the giant is ready to give the falcon if A. brings three giantesses White the lightbearer sword; the same; the giantesses demand King Erin's gold-and-bay mare; he is the daughter of the French king; the fox every time turns into a boat, a ship to sail across the sea; A. lures the king's daughter on the ship; they fall in love with each other; the fox consistently turns into a beauty, a mare, a sword, a falcon, then runs away; after getting everything, A. returns, directs the blade at his stepmother, who turns into a heap brushwood, A. burns it, gets the throne, marries the daughter of the French king; promises that the hunters will not touch the Fox]: Kharitonov 2008:468-479.

Western Asia. Palestinians [the king's unloved wife has one son, the young and the beloved has two; a young son comes to his father and asks for the kingdom to be given to him during his lifetime; king: first you must work just as hard and To endure as many difficulties as I did; the same with his brother; Ballan is the son of an unloved wife, his king beats, but for the third time the courtiers advised me to tell him the same thing as his half-brothers; mother gave B. a horse and he set off; on the road a sparkling feather; horse: you'll pick it up, you'll regret it, and you won't regret it; B. picked it up, came to the city, stopped in the caravanserai; the local king and the vizier went out check whether all the lights are extinguished, for this is the royal order; light is visible in the caravanserai; the vizier came there in the morning; the young man had to hand over the pen; the vizier advised the king to send B. for the bird itself; horse: this easy: let the vizier give a cage of gold and silver from the treasury; the horse flew to where the bird lived; at dawn she flew to the cage, said that such a thing was for her, entered it; B. brought a cage with bird; vizier: let B. get the owner of the bird; horse: let gold and silver be given from the vizier's treasury to build a large ship; B. led the ship to the city where the princess lived; she boarded the ship to see it, B. sent the ship from the shore; she threw her ring into the sea; when they arrived, she told the king that she would marry the one who would get the ring; the horse: asked the ship with flour, it should be poured into the sea where the princess threw the ring; the fish ate and the fish leader asked how to thank for such a meal; B.: get the ring; take it out; vizier: let him get the princess's horse; horse: let the vizier give a bridle from gold and silver; that horse in the cave, he would kill B.'s horse, but let himself be curbed in that bridle and come on it; the princess cut the horse apart and demanded that it be made whole and revived again; horse: let the vizier will give a gold and silver bucket; they flew to the sea of living water; getting water, the horse lost consciousness, but the spray fell on his face and he came to life; B. should have sprayed it, but forgot; the horse ordered pour some of the water into bottles and hide it; princess: now let B. be burned at the stake; horse: rub yourself with living water and demand that they add firewood; king: who are you? it turned out that the king was Father B.'s brother; ordered the vizier to be thrown into the fire; they rode to Father B. and he handed over the kingdom to him]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 5:69-82; Socotra [the husband died; when the son grew up, he became asking his mother what his father did; she lies: traveled; planted palm trees; herding sheep; son tries to do it but to no avail; he puts his mother's hand in hot food, she cries out, God may you will burn, son of a birdsman! the young man bought a cage, caught birds, gave half to the old woman; caught a dove, left gold and silver next to her in the morning; the vizier told the Sultan about this, who ordered him to bring the young man and give the dove; the next morning there is nothing around; vizier: you must tell the young man to bring the male; the young man went to that old woman, she pointed out the cave, you must shoot when you see the light, take out the cage, leave it to her, give the pigeon to the Sultan; but gold and there is still no silver; vizier: we also need a cage; the old woman gave a cage, the young man brought it, but there is no gold again; vizier: we must get the daughter of Voskhod; old woman: let the vizier's money build a ship out of gold and silver, and 14 girls as sailors; seeing a boat with girls, Voskhod's daughter wants to see the ship, he takes it away; the young man tells the Sultan that Voskhod's daughter will descend from the ship only if she is at every step killing a man and spreading the carpet is all at the expense of the vizier; when she sees the first person killed, the girl said that she would come anyway; tells the Sultan that she will marry him if he kills the birdsman's son, and not with a sword, not with flint, not poison; the young man is thrown into a hole, a fire is made, but he has an amulet, he is unharmed; the sultan decided that the fire is cold, jumped into it and burned; the young man married Voskhod's daughter]: Müller 1905, No. 2:50- 57.

The Balkans. Hungarians [the farmhand's son grew up, went on a journey; people are carrying 12 carts of reeds, he asked for a reed, he did not find what he needed; he found two reed bushes by the sea, made guns and sabers out of reeds; now his name is Maly with the Kamyshins (K.); came to the king; it turned out that he could not be distinguished from the queen; tells him that he met a girl, whom her father would give only for someone who is equally rich; the king also does not marry his son to someone who has less money than the king; K. brings the Queen to the girl, they lured her to the ship, took her away; K. hears the conversation of vultures at night; the horse will throw off the Queen, he will kill; a faithful servant will shoot a hare, hit the queen; the 12-headed dragon will take the bride away on the wedding night; whoever tells will petrify; K. shot the horse, the servant; asked permission to stay in the wedding room rest; cut off the dragon's heads; he is asked to explain; he told and petrified; two sons were born; the beggar orders the blood of these children to be sprinkled on the stone; K. came to life; the king gave him the keys to 99 rooms, to the hundredth did not give it back; K. peeks through the keyhole; there are three baths, swan maidens arrive, take off their clothes, swim; they say that if you hide the clothes, you will not come back; K. made the key, hid the clothes the youngest, gave her another, married her; the wife warns her not to give her her old clothes if others ask; they are invited to a wedding, everyone asks that the wife dance in her old clothes, because she will dance even better; K. brought it, his wife put it on and flew away, ordered her to look for her in a fortress on a high mountain, a star above her; K. comes to the mother of the Sun; the Sun has returned, does not know about the mountain, advises Uncle Wind to ask him; The wind tells you to follow the blackthorn bush {tumbleweed?} ; at the mountain, the miller put K. in a barrel of flour, which the neck raises to the top of the mountain every day; he picked him up, he opened himself to his wife, stayed with her on the mountain]: Ortutai 1974, No. 11:251-264; Bosnians [ poultry farmers lived near Constantinople; once he caught only a crow; she asked him to let go: she would bring birds; in the morning he caught two nightingales; they were bought by a vizier for the mosque; the padishah found out, demanded a birdsman to The mother of these nightingales ordered himself to get; the crow tells the emperor to ask for grain, and she will bring all the birds; when the nightingale sees the children in the cage, the nightingale will betray itself; the poultry brought a nightingale; the padishah demands a mistress all nightingales; the crow tells you to ask the padishah for a ship with goods; the ship came to the harbor, where the owner of the birds boarded the ship, he took her away; the owner of the birds is furious that she got the old one padishah; asks the poultry to get half of the ring she dropped into the sea; the crow tells me to ask for a thousand barrels of oil; the oil was poured into the sea, the crow dived, took out half the ring; the mistress of the birds requires the birdsmen to jump into the fire; the crow teaches how to ride a horse, cover themselves with horse foam, the flame did no harm, the poultry farmer became handsome; the padishah decided to do the same, burned down; the birdsman was done padishah, he married the owner of the birds]: Wratislaw 1890, No. 45:239-245; Serbs [a golden sheep kills a hunter; a grown son asks his mother for his father's gun, kills a ram, refuses to sell the skin king; the young man's uncle advises him to tell him 1) plant a vine, make wine in a week (the girl he meets performs), 2) an ivory castle (the girl teaches how to pour wine into the pond, the elephants are drunk, the castle built), 3) get the princess (the girl teaches you to buy an eagle, carp, pigeon on the way; pulling out the feather, scales, let her go; lure the princess to the ship; she will let the bird tell about herself, the eagle will catch her; throw her stop the ship, swallow the carp a pebble; the ship will petrify between two mountains, the queen will ask for living water, the dove will bring it; at home, the king orders the young man to cut off the head to take the princess, she revives a young man with living water; the tsar orders to cut off his head, the princess does not revive him, the young man reigns]: Karadzich 1854, No. 12:96-106 (=Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956:88-94, =Schütz 1960, No. 10:73-80).

Central Europe. Slovaks [There is a dark country where the sun doesn't shine. The king has a horse with the sun on his forehead, from which light emanates. So that people can live, he takes him from one side of the country to another. Suddenly, the sun horse disappears. People are desperate. The king and his army are going to look for him. They find a lonely hut in the forest. In it, a tall man reads a big book. He tells the king that he has read about him and that it is useless to find a horse with an army, let him rely on him and find it. He asks him to keep a brave warrior as a servant. The soothsayer and servant travel through six countries, staying in the seventh, where three siblings, married to their sisters, rule, and their mother, a striga (witch). The soothsayer turns into a green bird and asks the queens that their husbands will appear in the evening, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. A visionary waits at the bridge and kills the elder and middle brother king. The youngest comes on a sunny horse. The visionary fights with him, their swords break, then the visionary offers to turn into wheels and roll down the mountain. Whose wheel breaks will give in. The king wants to be a cart wheel, but invites the visionary to be lighter. The visionary wants the opposite, the king agrees. The cart wheel breaks the lung. Weven claims he won, and the king replies that he just broke his fingers. Then they turn into blue and red lights, trying to burn each other out. An old beggar walks by. The red fire promises him a kreutzar if he floods the enemy with water, and the blue fire promises him a penny. The beggar loves a penny more, floods the king's red fire. The blue fire turns into a visionary, thanks the beggar, calls the servant, and they leave on a sunny horse. The old haircut decides to take revenge, takes her three daughters in an armful, sits on the rake and flies. The seer, and especially the servant, is hungry; he sees an apple tree by the road. A seer cuts an apple tree with a sword - blood is shed. This is the elder queen. The seer forbids the servant to drink from the spring, cuts it - this is the middle queen; he does not let the rose pick, cuts the bush - this is the youngest. A little magician with a golden bridle selects a horse. The visionary becomes the boy's servant. The boy is eager to get a princess living in a poplar castle that grows out of the sea. The visionary takes the ship, buys ribbons and jewelry, and goes to the castle as a merchant. Kidnaps a princess who comes down to look at the merchandise. She tells her to ask what the magician's power is. He tells her that there is a tree, a deer grazes under it, a duck in a deer, a golden egg in a duck, and a magician's heart in the egg. A visionary kills a deer, a duck, drinks an egg. The princess gives the ship to return home, picks up a sun horse and flies it to his country. When they cross the border of a dark kingdom, the light from the horse's forehead illuminates the country, people rejoice. The seer renounces half of the kingdom, gives his horse to the king, and returns to his home to rest]: Němcová 1857:215-229 (=Wenzig 1857:156-157, 182-191; =Wratislaw 1890, No. 11:75-82); Russians (Karelian Pomorie) [dying, the tsar tells his son to marry the one that fits the ring; he only suited his sister; the sister ran away, began to live with the widow, started a trade, the widow boy as a salesman; he reached the age of 20 and married her; a son Skip was born; immediately spoke and learned to read and write; an old man arrives, and S. in a cradle; tells him to take him, he will be an assistant; the king put money on the pole, whoever gets it, will take it; S. teaches the old man to throw a thread there, then get a rope; the king (this brother of mother Sh.): who taught; ordered to deliver the boy; he took him to him; made a devil how to build a ship; tells equip the ship to go after the bride; Skip is 7 years old, but he is already an adult; they sailed to another kingdom, lured the princess to the ship; she turned into a swan, but S. did not let him fly away; chase, but Skip's ship swam underwater; brought the bride to the king, but the first night he wants to sleep with her himself; the king does not agree; at night she put her hand on him, it's hard for him, he fell asleep, she flew away like a swan; S. agrees to try again now you should go to the princess dry, not by sea; S. agreed with the army; the princess recognizes him, orders him to be executed, and he will ask permission to smoke a pipe and whistle; let the army come; so it became; S. killed the tsar and took the princess; at night S. lay down with her, threw away his arm and leg, tore his wings and cut it in half; squeezed out the reptiles, washed the halves, united, revived; everyone reconciled, S. married a peasant daughters]: Nechaev 1938:39-58; Russians (Pskov) [Ivan buried his merchant father; went hunting, there was no prey; he pointed his gun at the crow three times; the raven on his shoulder, he brought him to visit him; then the raven offered to take him to visit him; drops him three times over the sea, picks him up; says that he was also afraid when I. pointed his gun; they flew to the old woman, this is the mother of a crow, she agreed to give I. a gold egg; they stayed for several days, but it turned out that 5 years; the raven brought I. back to his house, where I.'s mother lived the whole estate; the raven ordered to be hired to serve the king; the king orders to build a palace; the raven takes a golden egg, the palace has appeared; senators tell the king that I. boasted to get Alain the Beautiful; they come by ship to far away, the raven lured Alena to the ship, took her away; the king wants to to marry her; A. demands a dress from her father; the raven brought I. there, became a golden-maned horse, everyone ran out of the church to catch, I. took the dress; now A. demands his carriage from the bottom of the sea; the raven took to the sky, threw himself into the water, the water went 4 miles, I. pulled out the carriage; A.: get my earrings from the bottom; the copper forehead wolf demands a receipt: he will take out the earrings, but for this I. will allow him to eat when he goes to marry; I. gave me, received earrings; A.: whoever opened my stroller is my husband; only I. unlocked; the raven created a wax figure of I.; the wolf rushed at her, and I. safely married A.]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 16:36-41; Russians (Voronezh) [An old man kills a bird with 21 eggs while hunting. The old woman orders him to incubate them. After 21 weeks, 20 sons hatched, and a week later, the last son, Ivan the Boltun, appears. The old man gets rich, notices that someone steals ricks, sends his sons to guard at night, the older brothers fall asleep and do not see the thief, and Ivan's turn comes the last night. He prepares a hammer and iron bits. Ivan does not sleep and catches a mare and its 21 foals (hit between his ears with a hammer). The father praises Ivan, takes the mare, the brothers sort out the foals, Ivan gets the weakest. Father and sons go hunting. Four times Ivan lets the foal go into the field to gain strength (he bends first at hand, then under his foot, under a sitting rider). Ivan catches up with his brothers, sees fire on the third day, finds a golden pen, despite the skate's warnings, and takes it with him. The father orders all horses to be cleaned, Ivan waves his pen - his horse turns gold. The father praises Ivan and shames the rest of the brothers. The brothers are jealous and tell their father that Ivan boasts to catch a toy cat, a dancer gander and a tsimbalka fox, the father sends his youngest son for animals. With the help of a horse, he does everything. The brothers tell their father that Ivan can get samogudes. Ivan finds himself at Baba Yaga, who gives him a ball, he brings him to Yaga's middle sister, the mother of Snake Gorynych, who keeps harps. The mother feeds her son, puts him to play cards with Ivan, and the players agree that the winner will eat the loser. Ivan wins in two days, asks to give him the harp, the Serpent gives it back, rejoices that he remains alive and has not been eaten. The father again, out of slander of his elder sons, orders Ivan to get Mary Queen. He sails by ship, lures the princess to him by playing the harp (I've never heard it), and brings it to his father. The father then gives all orders to his son at the request of the bride and demands that he bring her box. Ivan distracts the palace guards by releasing his golden horse, pulls out the box and bringing it back. He hunts 12 mares on his father's orders: he wraps his horse with twine and pours resin over him - he drives horses out of the sea, his protection is torn by the teeth of horses. By order of his father, he milks mares, boils their milk and jumps into it after the horse's conditional signal. Ivan is getting handsome. Marya demands that her father also swim, but he dies in boiling milk. Ivan marries Marya]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 17:97-105; Belarusians (d. Demyanki, Gomelsky district) [The merchant dies, and the pregnant wife soon gives birth to seven children. Children grow up and go to plow "in one plough". The king passes by and sees that seven are plowing on one horse. Sends the gendarme to find out which one is the oldest. All seven are shouting: "Me!" The king asks me to know their names. Everyone says, "I'm Simeon!" The Tsar orders Simeons to be taken to the palace. At the palace, the king asks what the brothers will do. The first says what the ship will do, the second says that it will lead this ship anywhere. The third is a blacksmith, and the fourth is that his brother blacksmith heats his gun, and he will kill everything he sees with it. The fifth says that the fourth will hit the birds, and he will pick them up and carry them. The sixth is that brother blacksmith will cut the pole "to the clouds", and he will sit on that pole and watch what is being done "in other kingdoms." The seventh is asked, and he says he will be the first thief. They judge him and tell him to hang him. But the queen feels sorry for her seventh brother and tells him not to destroy him in vain. They left everyone behind, everyone does their own thing. The sixth brother on the pole sees the beautiful Nastasya in the ninth kingdom and notes her for the single king. The king calls on the seventh Simeon, the thief, and orders him to take Nastasya to the palace. Simeon agrees and asks the two brothers to help them - what the ship will do and what will sail on it. The three of them go on a journey. The thief takes a Navy SEAL with him. The cat is trained to do what they tell you to do - sing, dance, tell stories. They approach the shore of the ninth kingdom. The first brother makes ships on the shore ("knock and blunder, so ship"), forced the entire pier with ships. The second Simeon drives them in different directions. The girl Nastasya is walking around the garden, marveling at who runs so many ships. The cat walks on the deck, sings songs and dances. The princess admired the cat, asks who its owner is and wants to buy the beast. A thief brother is announced, saying that he will give a cat without money if they are allowed to sell their goods in the ninth kingdom. The princess wanted to look at the goods and boarded the ship. As soon as she set foot, the thief tells his brother to give her sleepy drops and drive the ship from the shore as soon as possible, and he put the princess to sleep on his lap. They arrive at the court, the brother on the pole gives a sign to the king. They approach the thief - the princess sleeps, then wakes up. As soon as he saw her, the king was delighted and soon married. And the king had a stepmother, a great sorceress. The king ordered the thief to become governor for his good deed. Once the beautiful princess Nastasya asks the Tsar to visit her in the ninth kingdom. The king listened to her, took Ivan the footman with him and set off by ship. We stayed with my father-in-law, and two boys were born there. And they wanted to go back to their kingdom and sent their ships back. The king tells Ivan Lakey to come to drink tea with them in the evening. Ivan comes and drinks. The king tells him to go to bed with them. Ivan refuses, goes to bed on deck, listen to "new things from the world, ali chudovin". An angel comes to him from heaven. He sits on his face and says: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the damned stepmother will take out three glasses of wine, whoever drinks will die! And whoever smells and says will become a stone knee-deep." And he pretended to be sleeping and heard it all himself. The next night everything repeats itself, angel: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the damned stepmother will carry three pieces of roast, whoever eats will die! And whoever smells and says will become a stone to the waist." On the third night, it's the same: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the cursed stepmother will bring the stallion out. Otherwise, it's not a stallion, it's Satan. Everyone will be dead as soon as he snorts! And who knows, he'll say he'll be a rock up to his throat." Same thing on the fourth night. Angel: "Well, the king got married, but not for long! When you arrive at the court, the damned stepmother will take their room to bed. When they lie down, Satan will come out with twelve heads and devour them. And whoever knows and says so will become the whole stone!" They arrive at the yard in the morning. Their stepmother meets them and brings out three cups of wine. Ivan footman jumped up, grabbed a dish of wine, slipped and fell - everything crashed. The stepmother was angry: "Son, you're not holding a footman, but some fool!" She can tolerate roast food. Ivan jumped up again, snatched the dish, stumbled, the dish fell and crashed. The stepmother calls their stallion to watch, and Ivan loads his gun with gold bullets. Satan seemed to think that Ivan shot him with three bullets and he died. The stepmother is again for her: "My children, I will give you a room." And Ivan the footman hurries to sharpen his sword by midnight. Only midnight has come, Satan comes out with twelve heads. Ivan is fighting Satan. He cut off six heads. He pleaded for mercy. Ivan did not let him in and cut off all his heads. The king woke up, followed by the queen, and saw Ivan with a sword. They say: "Everyone forgave you, Ivan, but we won't forgive that! You wanted to slaughter us!" "No," Ivan replies, "I'll die, but I'll tell you. And keep your damn stepmother for now, so she doesn't run away, put a gold ring in her lip!" Ivan began to tell him what the angel talked to him about at night, talks and stony. He was already up to his throat - the king and queen cried, but nothing could be done. Ivan told me about the last night and Satan about twelve heads, and he was all made of stone. And they cried near this stone all night, both the king and the king's men. They were sad that such a person had died. And they prayed for the Lord to make him alive again. The Lord came to them, turning to them as a man, and said: "Sovereign, he saved you from death. Slaughter both your sons and rub the stone with their blood, and Ivan will be alive again." The king of the Lord asks what he should do with the bodies of his sons afterwards. The Lord answers him: "Put them in coffins, and place the coffins next to the stone. And go to bed yourself, because morning is wiser than evening." He did so: he cut his sons and anointed a stone with their blood, and put their bodies side by side. The next morning the king wakes up, and Ivan is alive, and his living sons hold hands. The stepmother was tried and killed with an aspen stake]: Romanov 1901, No. 11:101-105.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Balkarians (western 1955) [when dying, the father forbids his son to hunt in the black forest, where the fire is burning; the son grew up, went there, shot, the golden eagle fell, he offered it to the king; the king gave three gold coins for the eagle; the servant is jealous, says that the orphan boasted to get three rounds of golden horns; the mother advises to ask the king for a hundred barrels of vodka, carts and people; the lake replaced the water with vodka, the tours became intoxicated, they were delivered to the king; the king gave one hundred carts with carters; servant: an orphan mocks, could get a girl; mother advises asking the king to give money from the servant's funds to build a golden boat; on the way, an orphan saved a goldfish from a big one fish, dove from the falcon; the orphan lured the girl into the boat, but when she fell asleep, she became a fish and disappeared; the fish returned her; the girl flew away as a bird, the dove returned her; the king gave the girl a golden boat; servant: the guy mocks the tsar; the tsar orders the execution of an orphan; the girl killed the tsar and servant, married an orphan, he became king]: Malkonduev 2017:431-436; Ossetians [hunter finds a golden pen; officer offers to sell it to him, but he insists that he will give the pen himself; the officer's wife reproaches him for not being able to deceive the hunter; the officer suggests asking the hunter to bring 1) the gold itself a bird (a hunter meets a girl, she gives a bird), 2) water from a gold spring (the wife teaches you to invite the officer to get a horse, the hunter reaches a spring on it), 3) the daughter of the Sun (the officer is forced to equip ship; at sunset, those who came dance, the daughters of the Sun come to watch, one is caught); the padishah awarded the hunter, the officer went bankrupt]: Britayev, Kaloyev 1959:136-140; Azerbaijanis [Mammad plowed land; asks the mother who the father was, what was left of him; she says that the hunter was the gun and gunpowder; M. took the gun and left; chased the gazelle, he ran to the fortress, where the girl was hanged for hair; pointed to the bottle, the soul of a deva was in it; M. broke the bottle, the devil fell from the sky and died; M. took the girl, took the jewelry, returned to her mother; the girl orders to give gazelle to the king; the king tells the vizier give M. a lot of gold; the vizier asks M. to share, he refuses; the vizier advises the king to send M. for gold and silver geese; the wife advises to ask the king for a horse, honey and oil at the expense of the vizier; I need to scoop water out of the spring, pour honey and oil into it, the geese will smear their wings and will not be able to fly up; the vizier to the king: the daughter of the Indian padishah is missing; wife: this is my sister; let them make a vizier with money a ship made of gold and silver boards; they sailed to India, Nurjahan Khanum boarded the ship to see it, while she was talking to her sister, the ship sailed away; the king married N., cut off the vizier's head, appointed vizier M.]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:61-66; Turks [the poultry farmer died; the son found his father's snare, caught the crow; she persuaded her to let her go; a wonderful bird was caught in the snare, the padishah bought it for a lot of money; the vizier advised to demand ivory to build a palace for the bird; the crow advises to ask the padishah for wine, fill the ditches where elephants drink, they will get drunk, fall asleep; young man brought tusks; but the bird is silent; the vizier advises to tell the young man to deliver the owner of the bird; the crow tells him to ask the ship, lure the queen of 40 peri to it; when the bird sees the peri, the bird sang; before the wedding, the peri fell ill : you need the medicine she has left in her palace; the vizier offers to send a young man; the crow gives a pen to touch two lion guards, they will miss it; the young man brought the medicine, came to the peri with the crow; the crow turned out to be her punished maid, but now she forgave her; the padishah married her a young man and made her a vizier, the former vizier was expelled]: Kúnos 1901:134-142; Kurds [Kechelok (Pleshchivets), son an old woman, catches a bird, she asks her to let go, brings the bird Simurg, who gives it to hakima, receives money; the vizier is jealous, advises to instruct K. 1) to bring ivory to make a bird cage; the bird advises to throw resin into the spring, salt on top, elephants will take salt for water, eat it, die of thirst; K. brings tusks; 1) a sea mare; the bird teaches you to hide on the shore, the mare will come out, want beautiful saddle and bridle, we must bore her; 3) the daughter of a sea hut (monster); she boards K.'s ship, who brings her, lives with her; the hakim dies, the falcon sits on K.'s head, he is elected hakim]: Farizov, Rudenko 1959:49-54.

Baltoscandia. Swedes [the prince fell in love with the beauty when he saw her portrait; his faithful servant lured her to the ship and brought her to the prince; he hears birds talking, predicting that the prince and his wife would die because of a horse, food and etc., and whoever tells them about this will become petrified; the servant eliminates dangers, but is forced to explain his strange behavior to the prince and turns into stone; the young spouses agree to sacrifice their children to revive the statue; the servant comes to life and the children too; in Norway the plot seems to be unknown]: Liungman 1961, No. 516:139; the Finns [after serving, Imanti went to Riga because he dreamed that there a fried hazel grouse jumped into his mouth from the window; found this house, hired a merchant, became a captain; one day a storm brought the ship to an unfamiliar harbor; I. saw a coffin being taken to the square and everyone was hitting with chopsticks; this is the debtor, I. paid his debts and buried him; when the ship went to sea, two cauldrons of gold clung to the anchor; in another city, I. fell in love with the princess, lured him to the ship and took him away; the princess agreed to exchange rings with him; the helmsman and his henchmen tied I., put her in a boat and let him go to sea; the princess was brought to her father, the helmsman said he had saved her; I. sailed to the island; from there the dead man carried him back to the princess in his coffin; she recognized her ring; the king asked how to execute the man who left another at sea; the helmsman: tie him to a board and throw him into the sea; and they did so; I. married a princess]: Konkka 1993:51-59; Latvians [Loyal servant. The prince, seeing the portrait of the princess, falls in love with her. She and her loyal servant are going to look for her. After luring her to the ship, she goes home. At night, the servant overhears three crows talking about the dangers that threaten young people, they will be served poisoned wine, a shirt, a damn horse, the bride should not dance on the wedding night, etc.). The servant prevents all misfortunes, but the prince suspects him of malice and is going to execute the servant. The servant says everything, turns into stone. He is revived with the blood of a prince's child, then a child comes to life]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 516:296.

Volga - Perm. Chuvash [someone tramples on wheat, father tells sons to guard; the eldest, middle fall asleep, the youngest Ivan catches a horse; sells to the king for 3 carts of gold; picks up a golden pen; is hired by the king as a groom ; cleans the horse with a golden pen, he becomes prettier; another groom to the king: I. boasts to get the golden bird itself; the horse advises to put wheat and a barrel of wine on the bird, she is intoxicated, I. brought it; groom: I. boasts get the water's daughter; the horse orders to make a ship moving on water and on land; the water's daughter enters the ship, he takes her away; the water's daughter refuses to leave without a dowry; I. returns to water, he turns into a bull, I. defeats him, brings his whole herd behind him; the water's daughter tells him to swim in boiling milk; I. takes 3 hair from the horse's tail, unharmed; the king is cooked; I. became Tsar, married a Vodyanoy's daughter]: Chuvash tales 1937:280-283.