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K122. A queen of another world finds a hero, ATU 551.


Having penetrated a powerful woman from another world, the hero returns to his own. The false hero tries to attribute the feat to himself. A woman from another world finds a true hero, punishes (rejects) the deceiver.

{Many of the texts referred to in Uther 2004 in connection with story 551 do not contain the K122 motif, although the corresponding episode is stated in the plot definition}.

Arabs of Algeria, Tunisia, Sicilians, Italians (Tuscany), Ladins, Irish, Scots, British, Germans (Swabia), Santals, Romanians, Greeks, Albanians, Serbs, Czechs, Poles (Mazury), Russians (Tersky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Novgorod, Tula, Oryol, Ryazan, Tambov), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Transcarpathia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia, Podolia, Pokutye, Kiev, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians, Abkhazians, (Adygs), Avars, Lezgins, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Baluchis, Persians, Tajiks of Sistan, (mountain Tajiks), Wakhans, Norwegians, Danes, Latvians, Maris.

North Africa. Algerian Arabs [the man has 7 wives, all childless; his 7 mares do not have foals; a knowledgeable man tells him to buy 7 apples at the bazaar and let his wives eat them; bring 7 sticks from the forest, break them on their backs mares; after that everyone gave birth; five sons are good, one is black, and the daughter is blind; five do not want to deal with a black man; the sister asks the brothers to determine which of them is the strongest; let him get it from the daughter of a Christian leader soap that will make her sighted; at the fork, five drove one way and the black man in the other; he left a pen under the stone: whoever returns first, let him burn him; five come to castle; everyone is told to take a woman; if she sleeps in the morning with her head on her knees, he will marry her; and if a young man sleeps with his head on her lap, she will take his property. every woman tells a young man that she will not leave for long for some reason, she is replaced by another; in the morning women are awake and the boys are sleeping, the women take everything; the boys have left and were hired by a Berber coal burner; a black man But he met and killed a ghoul; then he saw a blind vulture; his seven chicks could not feed him; the young man gave the vulture ghoul meat, and he promised to carry it across the sea; he asks each of the chicks, how long it takes for him to carry the young man; the eldest is responsible that in a year, the rest call it shorter; the youngest promises to fly back and forth in a day; on the way, the young man feeds the young vulture with ghoul meat; overseas tells a Jew to make a golden rooster that will walk; having climbed into a rooster, the young man came to the daughter of a Christian leader; that month he sleeps, is awake for a month; he changed soap, exchanged with a sleeping woman rings; when he returned, he found the pen intact, realized that the brothers had not yet returned; found a coal burn, told him to let his brothers go; in the castle, the women did not allow them to leave; each of the brothers received a woman taking her property as well; on the way home, the black man went down to the well to get water, the brothers cut off the rope; they did not get his horse, stayed at the well; at home, the brothers said that they broke up with the black man on the very first day and they did not see him again; the muezzin found a black man in a well, tied a rope to his horse, the horse pulled out the owner; the muezzin brought the black man to him; the daughter of a Christian leader appeared and asked where the black man was; cut off her heads five brothers and promised to cut them off to her father if he did not return the black man; a black man was found by a muezzin, went with the daughter of a Christian leader and began working for her father]: Hasluck 1925, No. 4:173-177; Tunisian Arabs [The king imprisoned Ali's only son with a wet nurse under a glass cap; ordered him to feed him boneless meat and bread without crust; one day, the prince was accidentally brought meat with bone and bread with crust; he broke the glass with his bone, went outside; tells his father to give him freedom; in the city runs over the townspeople; old woman: what kind of violent are you, it would be better to bring Sineddur on the back of a vulture from across the 7 seas; Ali tells me to collect the old woman, the last to be brought to say these words; she explains that S. is the princess of spirits in the land of cannibals; Ali goes on a journey, the king tells the son of the vizier Mohammed to go with him; at the fork there is a stone: to the right you will gain, to the left you will lose; they draw lots, Ali goes to the right, M. to the left; he has eaten everything, hired a bagel seller; Ali goes, greets the hungry giant sitting next to the fallen camel; cuts and roasts meat for him; the giant sends him to his older sister, tells him to fall to her nipple, otherwise he will kill him; her 7 cannibal brothers give Ali a hair of their beards - if burned, they will come to help; heads on stakes on the walls of the city; Ali stays with the elderly; they explain that the princess's grooms are told to sort out several varieties of grain overnight; no one can, everyone is executed; Ali calls the cannibal, who tells the ants to pick up the grain; Ali got a princess; wants to go further after S.; the first wife teaches us to slaughter a bull near the seashore, feed the vultures, they will help; the oldest vulture knows the way to S.; carries Ali across the seven seas, who feeds him with stored meat; in the castle there is a beauty who sleeps and is awake for three months; Ali wrote a marriage contract, got together with the sleeper; exchanged rings; On the way back, the seventh piece of meat fell, Ali cut off his forearm; on the other side, other vultures tell him to regurgitate the meat, put Ali back; he takes his first wife and goes home; The Sultan decided to return his daughter and kill Ali; he smashes enemies, the rest are finished off by a summoned cannibal; Ali finds M. in the shop; they go together; M. invites Ali to go down to the well to get water, cuts off the rope ; tells everyone to say that he got the princess; monkeys, male and female, ask for a settlement; Ali advises the male to keep the monkey with him and let go of the gazelle; the monkeys are happy, Ali pulled out, he came to his city; S. and his three-year-old son surrounded the city with troops; M. cannot provide evidence of marriage to S.; Ali's wedding to S., his first wife is also with them; the vizier wants to kill his son himself, but Ali forgave M .]: Stimme 1893, No. 4:57-78 (translated to Lebedev 1990, No. 16:80-95).

Southern Europe. Sicilians [someone steals apples from the royal garden; the eldest son guards, falls asleep; the same middle son; the youngest cuts off his hand that stretches through the fences; in the morning the brothers see a well, only the youngest decided to go down; killed the sleeping giant, freeing three princesses; the brothers pick them up on a rope; when the young man should get up, they cut off the rope, but he tied a stone; the younger princess must wait for him a year, a month and a day; the old king is blind with grief, he will be cured by Fata Morgana's water; the brothers went to look, they didn't find it; in the lower world, a horse (this is FM's brother) teaches his younger brother to put an iron rod in gates that open and slam shut; a roll of wet paper into moving scissors; throw half a goat to two lions; FM water is its sweat pouring from a source; next to grenades, it is necessary pick three fruits; the young man did everything and also went to the castle, kissed the sleeping FM; FM and the lions are chasing, but the horse tells me to throw grenades; they turn into a river, mountain, mountain of fire; FM returns; young man meets the brothers, they take away a bottle of water, the king sees the light, divides the kingdom between his eldest sons; the youngest is imprisoned with the horse; he orders to beat and cut it; a young man appears - FM brother; younger smashes enemies, forgives brothers, but takes the kingdom for himself; is FM, recognizes the young man as the one who kissed her, marries her brother to the boy's sister]: Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 36 : 234-242; Italians (Tuscany) [the king is blind; the witch doctor: only the water from the well in the city of the Sleeping Queen will cure; the eldest son sails for Armenia, meets a girl on the way to Buda Island and stays with her; her middle brother stays with her sister; the youngest refuses to stay with her brothers and sails on; the deep old man says that the island of the Sleeping Queen overseas is called the Island of Tears; everything on the island people and animals froze like statues; the young man ate an apple and went blind; fell into a well and the water restored his sight; when he got out and found the beauty who had slept, he spent the night with her leaving a note; on his way back The young man picked up the brothers; they changed the bottle of water; when the young man gave his mother an apple and she became blind, he gave her water, but her sight did not return; the brothers said that they had obtained water; the king ordered that the youngest be killed a son; the guards released him, brought the heart of a pig to the king; on the island, the queen gave birth to a boy, after which the spell disappeared and everyone came to life; after reading the letter left by the young man, the queen sent the king Let the young man send a message to her; he sends his eldest son; he cannot tell how he got to the queen, his head is stacked; the middle son asks his father not to send him and tells the truth; the youngest is alive, comes to the queen and reigns in her kingdom]: Calvino 1980, No. 61:207-212; Ladins: Uffer 1973, No. 26 [the youngest of 24 sons is Ludivic; in the castle there is a witch who has bewitched many people; L. went to talk to them; the white horse called out to him, told him that when he went to bed, six snakes would crawl on each side of the bed and let the cold fall; L. withstood the cold; the same second night; before that, L. came to the inn, met a girl there; on the third night, 24 snakes crawled to his bed, L. still withstood the cold; after that, the snakes turned into princesses and the horse into a young man; he asked L. to choose a bride, but he didn't like any; he went back to that girl, she gave him a tablecloth that made his wishes come true; L. came to his brothers and they threw him into a hole in the forest with 6 lions; L. asked for a tablecloth to give everyone a ham; the girl gave birth to a boy; began to send the man to bring the child's father; each time one of the brothers appeared, but the boy did not pay attention to him; then the girl told the brothers to deliver her lover, or at least his bones, otherwise she would raze their house to the ground; the brothers brought L., 6 lions with him; the son was delighted to see his father, played with lions; wedding], 48 [ the king is ill; the old man tells his three sons that their father will be cured by living water from the enchanted castle; the older brother goes, scolded the old dwarf, is stuck in the rocks, neither back nor forward; the same middle brother; younger brother is kind to a dwarf; he gives a stick that will open the door to the castle and bread to throw to the lion guards; you must return before midnight, otherwise you will stay in the castle forever in the castle the princess gives a sword that will defeat everyone and bread that will feed everyone; says that in a year their wedding will take place; the young man lay down and fell asleep, woke up at a quarter to 12; managed to collect water and jump out, door slammed shut, cutting off the heel of her shoe; on the way home, the young man helped the inhabitants of the three kingdoms defeat enemies and get rid of hunger; the old man does not recommend returning the brothers, but the young man insists; old man: the wand will open passage in the rocks; when they sailed across the sea, the brothers replaced the younger water with sea water, which only makes the father worse; they also gave him real living water; the king tells the servant to take his youngest son to the forest and shoot there; the servant let the prince go, brought the king the heart of an animal; when rich gifts were sent from the three kingdoms helped by the younger queen, the king realized that he was in a hurry; the servant confessed that the young man was alive; the girl from the castle paved the way to him with velvet - let the young man come and marry her; the youngest told his brothers about this; they galloped there, but the people shouted that they were not real princes ; the youngest married a princess from the castle, inherited his father, and the older brothers were expelled]: 103-106, 234-239.

Western Europe. The Irish [the king of Ireland chased the black pig; she threw herself into the sea, he followed her to the island, ended up in a castle with food and drink, a woman with him at night; on the third day she opened to him; she was that pig, Queen of Lonely Island (OO); only her son from the King of Ireland will free her and her two sisters from spell; she sent the king home, gave birth, raised a son; Ireland was attacked by the king Spain, the son of Queen OO (SCOO) alone destroyed enemies; the king's wife said that her eldest son did it; threw the intoxicated SCOO into the sea, he swam on a cliff in the middle of the sea, the sailors brought him to mother; the son of the king of Spain comes with an army, SCOO again destroys enemies, and the king's wife again called her son the winner; smeared the chicken's lips with blood, said that blood from her heart, she would be cured three bottles of water from the burning Tube Tintye spring; SCOO goes to get water, both sons of the King of Ireland are with him, but soon returned in fear; SCOO comes to Queen OO's sister, who sends to another sister; she says that the Queen of TT Island, her 12 maids and an army of animals and monsters have been sleeping for 7 years and awake for 7 years; summons birds, the eagle says they are just asleep; Queen OO's sister tells SCOO choose a horse that will meet you halfway, that plain; carries SCOO across a river of fire and poisonous trees; SCOO collects water from TT, leaves a letter to the sleeping Queen of TT; brings water, Queen Ireland says that the hero is her son; the horse tells SCOO to cut him into four pieces, who turn into four princes who have been bewitched; Queen TT woke up with a boy born next to her; she finds a letter, proud that the boy has a hero father; comes to Ireland with an army of animals and monsters, tells him to call the one who got TT water; the Queen of Ireland sends her sons; the horse throws off one and second, they break; SCOO prances; Queen TT puts a tightening belt on the Queen of Ireland; she admits that her sons are from a gardener and brewer; the king orders her to be thrown into the fire; Queen TT marries the King of Ireland to Queen OO, marries SCOO herself; removes the spell of animals and monsters]: Curtin 1975:49-64; the Scots [the king is blind, three sons went for medicine; the eldest two are chasing younger John; he climbs a tree in the forest; tells him to get down, warms him at night, takes him 200 miles to the giant's house in the morning; when he learns that the bear brought him, the giant welcomes him warmly, brings him to another a giant; he tells the eagle to cut off the wart, brings the eagle to the island, where John takes three bottles of live water, a bottle of whiskey, inexhaustible bread and cheese, kisses the beauty; leaves whiskey, bread and cheese to the giants with provided that the girl, if she showed up, could pick them up; John finds brothers, on the way back they seriously injure him; he was picked up by a blacksmith, John became red and bald from rust; the queen of the island gave birth, the bird promises to sit on the child's father's head; the queen takes whiskey, bread and cheese from the giants, finds John; the brothers are executed, John marries the queen of the island]: Campbell 1890 (1), No. 9:168-174; the British [Only three golden apples from a distant land will cure the sick king; three sons went in search, chose different roads at the crossroads, Jack the one to the left; stopped at the terrible old man; he warned that toads and snakes will climb from everywhere at night, they cannot be pushed away, otherwise you will become one of them yourself; in the morning he gave the horse faster than the wind and a ball to throw them forward between the horse's ears; the horse brought the second old man (the same), to the third; he teaches: the horse will take him to the castle on the lake; you must tell the swan to be transported across the water; three entrances are guarded by giants, lions, dragons, they will sleep; take apples in the castle, go back without turning to the noise; in the castle, the young man kissed the sleeping girl, exchanged garters, a handkerchief, and a watch with her; on the way back, each of the old men tells him to cut him off head, they turn into princes charming; when he reached his country, the young man met his brothers; they changed his apples, hurried to his father; after tasting the youngest son's apples, the king decided that they were poisonous, ordered the young man to be killed, but the servant left him in the forest; a lame bear came up, brought him, took off his skin, turned out to be handsome, his name is Jubal, the young man now calls him brother; at this time, the queen, who is a young man kissed in the castle, came with an army; tells the imaginary apple earner to step on her handkerchief, both immediately fall; the king finds out that the youngest son has not been killed; the queen returns with him to her Melvales castle; Jubal promises to visit them]: Jacobs 1896:142-158; Germans (Swabia) [the king of England is ill; dreams that he will be cured by a tree fruit from a distant land; the eldest son is coming, refused to share in the forest bread with an old man; comes to the castle, feasts; beauty offers to play; prince loses everything, is thrown into prison; the same with his middle brother; younger Karl is kind to the old man, gives him gold; not stops at the castle, goes to the land of the monkeys; the monkey king shows the way to the wonderful garden; an hour before noon, the bridge will descend, while the lions guarding the garden are sleeping; we must pick the fruits and return before noon; then the monkeys will regain their human form; by the garden there is a palace, beautiful in it, they met, but it suddenly disappeared; K. wrote who he was in case a child was born; the monkey king bit off fruit, became a man, as well as his subjects, instead of a forest, a city; when he came to another city, he saw two black flags; tomorrow they execute two princes who cannot pay debts; K. bought prisoners and recognized them as brothers; the brothers threw K. into the well, took the fruits, and his father was told that K. was dead - they found his dead horse; that old man pulled K. out on the condition that he would not go home; K. hired to a peasant to herd pigs; a rich childless merchant drove by, offered to work for him; bequeathed all his property to him; the beauty in that palace gave birth to a son, which was a condition for her to get rid of the spell; now she can throw in the palace; after finding out from the note who her son's father is, she comes with an army to the King of England; to meet Charles's elder brother, then her middle brother; she drives them away: if K. does not appear in 3 days, she will raze the city to the ground; K. is found, the king is happy; the older brothers were torn apart by 8 bulls; K. became king]: Meier 1852a, No. 5:20-29.

South Asia. Santala [Raja has two sons with two wives and one third; his name is Lelha ("fool"), his brothers despise him; Jugi {apparently a yogi} tells Raja that if his garden is filled with flowering plants, the whole city will be fascinated; the Raja refuses food, wives, then sons come and persuade him; older brothers have set up a garden; Jugi wants gems on the branches; older brothers promise and this; but at night someone cuts off the flowers; the elders guard, fall asleep; L. takes 4 servings of fried grains with him, eats slowly; four heavenly maidens descend successively on a heavenly horse, L. is enough each, she leaves her curl to call her if help is needed; in the morning, the Raja sees a blooming garden; but Jugi talks about gems again; the older brothers go in search; L. easily catches up with them, calling a heavenly horse, then hides it; cooks it for brothers; a heavenly maiden will marry someone who jumps a certain distance in a certain time; L. summons her horses four times, wins each time, jumping faster; marries a heavenly maiden; she teaches how to get stones; they are from her sleeping older sister; you have to give grass to an elephant, a goat to a tiger, a dog's shoe, the same on the way back; there's a tree on the island, on the island who these stones grow; L. and his brothers get stones, the brothers sail back in one boat and L. in another; the Raja demands to show the stones, there is nothing in the fruits picked by the brothers, the brothers are abandoned to prison; the Raja promises to give L. his daughter and the estate if he shows the stones; when he sees the stones, he gives it away; frees the brothers; the same from another Raja; the brothers push L. into the water, but he returns home unharmed before them; the brothers are forced to return L.'s wives; that heavenly maiden who slept came with an army; the brothers said that only L. knew about the stones; L. asked his wife four times as large an army, took her elder sister fourth wife; L. became Raja, his brothers became his servants]: Campbell 1891:65-89.

The Balkans. Romanians [the mighty king always laughs with his right eye and cries with his left eye; he has three sons; the mighty tall Florea, the dense strong Costan and the younger Petru are tall, but girlish; older brothers refused, P. agreed to ask his father about his eyes and received a slap in the face from him; but he thought his left eye was crying less and his right eye laughing more; and he asked again; the father both laughed eyes: that three sons are good, but they are unlikely to be able to protect themselves from their neighbors; therefore laughter and tears; but if you bring water from the well of the Morning Dawn fairy, I will moisten my eyes and both will laugh, for I will understand that sons are brave; F. rode his best horse to the border of his father's possessions; there is a bridge and a three-headed dragon: one jaw in the sky, the other on earth; F. turned, but did not return home a year, month and day later; K. ; the dragon also has three heads; also turned, but did not return home; P. went, the dragon has 7 heads; the horse stands on its hind legs, P. returned to take another horse; the old nurse: you need the horse that your father rode ; he replies that the horse fell a long time ago, and there are only scraps of bridle in the stall; the nurse tells me to bring such a piece and hit the pole with it; then a beautiful horse appears under the precious saddle; now at the bridge 12-headed dragon; the horse tells you to cut off the main head and flies forward - one day like the wind, the other as a thought; in front of them there is a copper wall, as well as trees, bushes and herbs made of copper; flowers whisper, but the horse forbids tear them off; otherwise you will have to fight Velva; but he tore them off to see her; she has a horse's mane, deer antlers, bear face, ferret eyes, bodies of various creatures; after three days of battle, P. threw it over the velva bridle and it turned into a beautiful horse; this is the brother of the horse P., who was bewitched; so they galloped through the copper forest; then silver (still another velva horse); golden (the same, the most disgraced the strongest and youngest of these horses); now they are traveling through the frozen country of Saint Sereda, and there is fire around the edges; this is the frost that causes the calf in the womb of the cow to freeze and the rocks crumble; when we reached the house of St. Sereda, she gave a box that will show the way home and tell you who is doing what now; P. asks about his father; a box: his eldest sons have taken away his power; now they are traveling through the red-hot land of St. . Thursdays (Joi, Jupiter); rocks began to melt under their hooves; from the cool valleys, where springs and flowers, girls turn to P.; St. Thursday: Next will be the country of St. Fridays, tell her my wishes for good health; it is not cold or hot there; but darkness has descended and Tornado's daughters are in it; Tornadoes guard Friday's house; the horse tells me to throw a copper wreath, the spirits rushed behind the wreath ; a silver wreath showed Friday and she allowed her to enter; Friday is an ancient old woman; when the world arose, she was a child; asks for a mug of water from the spring of the Morning Dawn Fairy on the way back; gave the flute, the sounds of which make them fall asleep; in the morning P. fed his horses with hot coals; Friday: leave one horse here now, and enter the Fairy dismounted; she has a terrible appearance: owl eyes, fox face, claws cats; her gaze deprives her of reason; the Fairy's palace where the earth touches the sky; flowers along the way; neither warm nor cold, eternal twilight; P. sedated the giant watchman and seven-headed dragons with a flute; the milk river is not in sandy or jelly shores, and on shores made of gems and pearls, flows quickly and slowly at the same time; lions with golden skin and iron teeth; beautiful fairies sleep in flowers; P. tied to a sleeper He woke up the giant's fingers, told him to carry him across the river - then we'll fight; but the giant hammered P. into the ground to his knees, and P. to his waist; giant P. to his chest, P. his neck; then a half-bound giant agreed to carry P., standing with both legs on different banks of the river; on the table in front of the fairy's bed, the bread of strength and the wine of youth; he bit off bread and took a sip of wine, kissed Fairy, put a golden wreath on her, and picked water and left; gave water to Friday; Thursday warned not to communicate with people on the way back; gave a handkerchief protecting against lightning, spears and bullets; a knowledgeable box warns: the brothers found out that P. would bring water, they want to kill him; P. does not believe him, broke the box; the brothers met him, asked him to get water from a deep well, left it there, took the Fairy's water and came to their father; the Fairy woke up and sent all the guards they did not find it; they did not find it; the Sun looked for 7 days, but P. was where its rays did not reach; the Fairy ordered darkness to come, and now only the king father, who saw the light from that water, began to see, but everyone else did not; Florea came to see the fairy, but could not say how he got that water; the Fairy blinded him; {the same with his middle brother}; The fairy told everyone to come to her so that the winds, flowers, springs, people and giants would all cry; Friday sent tornadoes to look for P.; and only one spring breeze heard P. end up in the well; now there were only bones and ashes; Thursday boiled ashes in a cauldron with the dew of life, she got an ointment, she was rubbed bones, P. came to life; tells the horse to fly fast like a curse; came to Fairy, kissed; the flowers bloomed, the sun shone, the world came to life again; P. brothers found sight to see his happiness]: Kremnitz 1882, No. 20:237 -295; Greeks [the father loves his two eldest sons, they are warriors; the mother is the youngest, he is all with books; the father has become blind, asks to bring land from a distant kingdom; the brothers reach the fork; the youngest says that the wind will catch the one who goes to the right, the flame will burn straight, and whoever goes to the left will not return at all; the brothers put the ring under the stone, the eldest goes to the right, the middle one goes straight, the youngest to the left; the elders they come back, pick up the rings, stay in the inn; to the left in three castles, three dragonesses, each with 39 dragon children; the youngest says first that he is her missing son, became young, because people they made him work; a dragon, then his sons believe; other dragons believe; they say that between the sea and the mountains there is a monster with a head to heaven and a stomach on the ground; a young man kills him by piercing him belly with a spear; comes to a country where they sleep and stay awake for six months; collects medicinal land, takes gold fly swatters from the king, queen, princesses; changes rings with the most beautiful princess; returns; the sons of the dragoness understand that he is human, they are chasing; the young man gets stuck in a quagmire, a rose falls from his hat, the quagmire dries up; after passing, he throws a second rose, the quagmire gets wet again, the pursuers cannot pass; the young man finds his brothers, they have become impoverished; they push the youngest into a dry well, take a bag of land, but she does not heal his father, i.e. the younger brother hid the healing brother on his body; the shepherd pulled him out; he comes back, heals his father's eyes; the brothers say that the youngest stole their land, the father believes; the king, the owner of the land, comes with his daughters, expose the deception; the youngest marries the youngest princess; asks father not to hang his elders; gets the throne]: Megas 1978, No. 20:25-37; Albanians: Serkova 1989 [the king is building a luxurious mosque, the dervish says it lacks sweet-mouthed nightingale; the king's three sons go to look for a nightingale, the elders stop searching, run a bakery and a tavern; the youngest comes to an old woman whose daughter owns a nightingale; the old woman teaches to take a nightingale with someone another object, otherwise he will not sing; the young man, naming the old woman, walks past a lion, a tiger, an arap guard, takes a nightingale cage and a dish in the sleeping beauty's room, and picks up his brothers on the way back , they dazzle him, come back, but their nightingale does not sing, because they did not know about the dish; the doctor gives the young man his sight back, he enters the city incognito; the old woman's daughter comes with an army, the arap says that the older brothers are deceivers, admits the youngest, he marries a girl, the older brothers are expelled]: 118-123; Pedersen 1898, No. 3 [the king is building a mosque; dervish: she is beautiful, but prayer in it has no value; The king destroyed the mosque, built another one; the third is the same; he has no more money; his three sons are waiting for the dervish; he says that the nightingale Gizár is needed to achieve perfection; sons they go in search; at the crossroads a stone with an inscription; for two roads, "you will come back", for the third, "you will not return"; the younger prince chooses her; the older brother became a barber, the middle brother began to work in a coffee shop ; the youngest saw a wild woman combing her hair with a gorse branch; combed her with a comb, cleaned her head, she sent him downhill; there he came to the leopard's wife; every time she took bread out of the oven, she she interfered with the coals with her own breasts and then lay sick; the young man taught me how to get bread; a leopard came, grateful that his wife was healthy, sent a lion to his older brother, whose eyes were closed, it is necessary to venerate his wife's nipples; the lion did not know about the nightingale, advised him to return, but the young man moved on; wounded three eagles who tried to eat him; came to the old woman, she hid it; flew in those eagles who became girls, each says she will not harm the one who hurt her; the young man comes out, the girls are happy, agree to bring him to where the nightingale is, if he is everyone's husband for months later, they bring the Beauty of the Earth to the owner of the nightingale; the guards are sleeping, he stole the nightingale's cage, put out 4 candles and lit 4 others; the eagle sisters brought him back to their place and then to the fork , where he separated from his brothers; he found them; the brothers asked him to go down the well, cut off the rope; the nightingale immediately stopped singing; the brothers gave the nightingale to his father, said that the youngest was gone; the Beauty of the Earth She came with an army, asked her older brother how he had stolen the nightingale; he answered incorrectly, he was beaten with sticks; the middle brother, in horror, told how they threw the youngest into the well; the king sent him to get his son, everything became clear, he married the Beauty of the Earth, became king]: 11-19; the Serbs [by old age the king was deaf and blind; there is a well with rejuvenating water; the eldest son sailed by ship to another kingdom, rude to the local king, thrown into prison; the same middle one; the younger one is polite and kind; the local king sent him further; the hermit sent him to the hunter, who asks the birds; only the eagle knows the way, tells him to take supplies; 12 throw lions on a ram; hit two girls a broom, they collect garbage with their hands; the third carries water on her hair, she must be given a rope; she must get to the city at noon when the queen is sleeping; the young man picked water, took a ring and a slipper from the queen, put a seal on her knee; girls and lions answer the queen that she did not care about them, and now they were given brooms, rope, etc.; a king whose brothers are young, freed them, bathed in the water he brought, became younger; on the way home, the older brothers changed the water; the king drove the youngest son away; the queen is looking for someone who took her wonderful water; the elder brother cannot answer what else he took; the same middle; the queen threatens to destroy the kingdom; painted a portrait of her son and tells me to look for someone who looks like him; the elder recognized his shepherd in the portrait; the prince agreed return when he found out that it was his son; wedding; the younger prince became king of the two kingdoms]: Karadzich 1856 in Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956:43-50, Arkhipova 1962:185-191, Tesic 2017:10-18).

Central Europe. The Czechs [the king is almost blind, consistently sending three sons for living water; the elder, the middle lose all their property and themselves; the youngest saddles a horse named Siwák; buys the debtor's corpse, which is mocked; the wolf asks him not to kill, tells him to leave the horse, sit on it, brings him to the silver castle on a glass mountain, tells him to collect living and dead water there; entering the castle, the queen killed the 12-headed dragon, got along with the sleeping queen, leaving her belt and wearing it; wolf: I'm the dead man you bought, now go alone and don't buy meat from the gallows; queen saw his brothers being taken to the gallows and bought them; while he was sleeping, they replaced living water with poison; when the Queen gave it to his father, the brothers offered to try it on the dog, she died; the king ordered him to imprison a son in the tower without food or water; the wolf began to bring them to him; the queen gave birth to a son, he grew up and asked about his father; the Queen wrote a letter to the king demanding that she send the son she had; the elder, middle brothers do not ride on a gold bridge, but on an iron bridge, answer incorrectly, are put in a tower; the king has to send his youngest son, he is going to send bones, but it turns out that the son is alive; his wedding to the royal, his father is happy]: Erben 1976:16-21 (translated to Lifshitz-Artemyev 2017:113-122); Czechs [the king dreams that he will recover if he releases three princesses on Black island; otherwise he will die; 12 sons draw lots: 6 will stay, 6 will go in search; among the last Boyislav, others hate him; they come to the island, B. goes ashore, raised the plate, there is an entrance under the ground; three horses galloped around him; an outwardly thin horse greets him, teaches him what to do; there will be three castles, each princess, sharing a meal with each, but not kissing or talking; return and then bring the princesses and leave them to the brothers; they took the princesses, B. left on the island; horse: if they took you with them, they would kill you; the horse tells you to find an apple tree and pick 4 fruits, but not more; tells you to throw the first apple into the sea, a dry passage to the Red Island opened; they drove along it, the waters closed behind them; the local king has an ugly daughter, but B. must say that he came for To marry her, you only have to see her father first; take only a long rope from the king as a gift, then wrap it around a horse; the second apple is the road to Green Island; the same, but the princess more beautiful; tablecloth as a gift; the third apple goes to White Island, the princess is beautiful; there is a candle in her chambers; while it burns, she is sleeping; you must pick up the candle without letting it go out; if it goes out, run; B. left a note to the princess; the wind blew out a candle at the gates of the city; the horse tells you to throw the last apple, they reached the prince's country; horse: your father ordered you to be executed; B. does not believe, captured, sentenced to hanged; a loyal warrior persuaded the king not to execute her son shameful execution, B. was thrown to lions; but friendly; the awakened princess of the White Island found a note, came with an army; by this time 11 brothers they cast lots on who to marry three princesses; they are silent (threatened) and behave strangely; the king sends his eldest son to meet the leader of the army; he does not know anything about the candle, his princess decapitated; so with all 11 brothers; found out that B. was alive; the princess and he met; the horse told him to cut off his head, he turned into a prince; he was bewitched by a witch, because he refused to marry her daughter; one of the freed princesses of the Black Island - his beloved; feast]: Curtin 1890:274-294; Poles (Masuria) [the king is blind and will see the light from the singing of Caesar's bird (Cäsarius); the eldest son is going in search, lost cards, thrown into the basement; the same middle one; the younger Ludwig, who is held for a fool, says at the inn that a little old woman will sit down to play on the opposite way in the woods sit on her horse, he will bring her to her sister; the horse flies like the wind; she lets a new horse fly to her third sister; she also gives a horse, he will take Caesar to the bird; castle, enter the third room, take the bird and right back; in the third room, L. saw a black beauty sleeping on a golden bed; when he met her, he wrote on paper who he was and why he had arrived; rode away, lions and dogs did not catch up with him; on the way back one sister gave inexhaustible bread, the other gave them soap, which made them beautiful; the third said that the L. brothers were sitting in the cellar, but don't go to them another time; but their brother bought them, and they decided from him on the way get rid; left the fishermen to kill him, but he persuaded them to leave him on the island; he lived there for 7 years; he still had inexhaustible bread, he fed them marine animals; and at home, the Caesar bird she was silent and the king did not see the light; the princess gave birth to a son; he grew up and she went with an army to the country of L.; demanded from the king the son who took Caesar; the elder, the middle, are rejected; the king asks them find L.; they came to the fishermen; sailed to the island, but sea animals and fish did not allow the ship to sail; but then missed it, L. washed himself with magic soap, became handsome again; the bird Caesar sang, the king saw the light ; when L. appeared, the princess told her son that it was his father; she took L. to reign in her kingdom: Toeppen 1867:154-158; Russians (Murmansk, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Novgorod, Tula, Orel, Ryazan, Tambov), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Ugric Russia, Transcarpathia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia, Podolia, Pokutye, Kiev, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians [ Rejuvenating apples: three brothers go to get rejuvenating apples and fresh water for their sick father; the younger one treats the wanderer affectionately and, thanks to his help, enters the garden and palace of the sleeping princess ; steals apples and water; older brothers throw the youngest into a hole (well) and pass off his prey as their own; he escapes and returns home; the princess searches for him, rejects his brothers and recognizes him as her father son (children)]: SUS 1979, No. 551:155-156; Russians (Teresky Bereg) [the tsar grew old, sent his sons for rejuvenating berries; the eldest, the middle son did not return; three roads from the pole: himself alive - the horse is hungry; I don't live myself; the woman is smooth, the feather bed is soft; Ivan Tsarevich goes where I don't live; the old woman gives a horse, sends it to her sister, she sends it to the other, the third to their brother; everyone needs there bow: to the old man, his wife, three sons and three daughters-in-law, from the elders to the youngest; the old man has a head in a big corner, his legs are on the threshold; the mistress of the rejuvenating berries is sleeping, around the house, you have to jump over so that the strings do not ring; I. took live water, rejuvenating berries, kissed the heroic girl; on the way back, the horse hit the strings; the girl woke up: she was unwashed, unwashed face, drank yes He did not close the well; the old women detained the girl, I. managed to jump to his land; I. came to the girl, there was a bed with screws, he unscrewed the screws, pushed the girl into the cellar, where people rescued those who were still alive, among them his brothers; when he fell asleep, the brothers pushed I. into a hole, took everything for themselves; in the lower world, I. came to an old man; he asks not to herd oxen on the east side, where Baba Yaga with her three daughters, she is his blinded and killed his old woman; I. leads the cows there, each time he tears off the head of one baba yaga, puts it under the bed; the latter made him look away; he is grateful, calls the bird to his aunt's foot; she I. takes I. to the ground, there is not enough meat, he cut off his legs from his calves, the bird regurgitated and put it back; I. returned to his parents; the girl sailed by ship, with her two boys; the elder, middle brother is called herself as fathers, the girl tells the children to accept them, they beat them, cut the buckle out of their ass; I. goes, looking gol kabatskaya, his wife meets and takes them home]: Balashov 1970, No. 43:139-146; Russians (Tersky Bereg) [Tsarevichi Semyon, Vasily, Ivan; each asks his father to allow one of the three sisters to ride; as soon as the brother turns away, the sister is stolen each time; the father went blind from grief; S. traveled for a year, V. - two years, both returned with nothing; I. found all the sisters, their husbands Raven, Falcon and Hare; everyone gives the opportunity to call them if necessary; I. goes on to look for medicine for his father and his bride; Baba Yaga first swears then she gives water and food, gives a diptera horse and a towel ("rags"), sends it to another (four-winged horse), the other to the third (six-winged); she sends a maiden king to her niece; we must jump over the wall without hitting the strings; that trio sleeps between two nannies; "You know what to do"; "she sleeps in the middle, naked all over"; "he already knew what to do" (note: missed the episode where the hero recruits alive water); on the way back, the horse hit the string, the king maiden is chasing an eight-winged horse; every baba yaga calls her to the bathhouse; I. managed to cross the border; the tsar maiden sailed on 12 ships with two boys- twins; when S. comes out, then V., the king maiden tells the children that it is their uncle, not their father; takes I. with him; does not tell them to enter the same room; someone asks to remove the cross from the box; I. took it off, got out the devil took his wife; I. finds him three times, takes him away, the devil takes him away, driving I. knee-deep into the ground; up to the waist; up to the throat; each time one of his sons-in-law pulls him out; then all three drove the devil into the box again, put a cross; I. and the Tsar Maiden still live, they will survive us]: Balashov 1970, No. 65:220-226; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [the tsar sends his sons for rejuvenating apples and living water so that recover from blindness; two older brothers cannot cross the river, build a bridge that is blown away by the current every night; Ivan Tsarevich's third brother goes for the elders; the old woman points out I. oak, under which the horse is hidden; I. frees the horse, he jumped on his shoulders, I. tamed him; took his armor and the kladenets sword; the horse jumps over the river; I. consistently approaches three Babam Yagas, changes the horse on the diptera, three-winged, four-winged; jumps into the garden on the four-winged; takes apples, living and dead water; kisses and "spoils" the sleeping Tsar Maiden; the horse refuses to carry until I. will be seduced with water; I. drenches; the horse, jumping over, touches the strings; the sound wakes up the Tsar Maiden; she sends servants in pursuit; old women change I. horses in reverse order; after the third hut I. fires an arrow towards the chase, pulling ditches, but does not stop the chase; writes on the stove a ban on chasing him, for someone who cannot lift it alone; the chase returns; I. lies down sleep next to their brothers; they cut the head of his sleeping person with a sword, throw him into the river; bring apples to the king; I. catches the princess, who was drawn to be the victim of a three-headed snake; she finds the dead man alive and dead water, revives I.; he promises to save the girl; falls asleep; the girl cannot wake him up; I. wakes up from tears; cuts down the snake's heads, buries them in a hole, covers them with a stove; falls asleep; drabants ( guards) cut I.'s throat with a sword, throw him into the swamp; force the princess to present the drabants as her saviors; the king is preparing to pass the princess off as a drabant; three days before the wedding, the girl goes to look I.'s body; finds on the third day; revives with living and dead water; I. plays at a wedding as a musician; the girl says that it was I. who saved her from the snake; I. can show where the heads are buried, the drabants cannot; they cannot lift the stove, I. raises; the drabants are afraid to take their heads out of the pit; the king gives Princess I.; I. goes for a blessing; the old woman says that the Tsar Maiden came to the city and demanded I.'s answer; the king sent his eldest son; the Tsar's children drove him away; I. goes to the Tsar Maiden; the Tsar Maiden's children are trying him too; Ivan Tsarevich brings children by the hair to the Tsar Maiden, marries nay, goes to her kingdom; marries her son to the one he saved from the snake]: Smirnov 1917, No. 1:3-12; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Ust-Tsylma) [the blind tsar has sons Fedor, Vasily, Ivan; F. went for living water; when growing up, one road is full - he is hungry, the other is hungry, the horse is full, the third is not alive; he went where he is hungry; three girls were invited to the tower; one offers to lie down on the bed, that falls into the underground, where there are already a lot of fellows; the same with V.; I. drives along a road where he is not alive; a hut with chicken legs, about one window, on a damp crap, and turns around; Bab-Yaga is now feathered, a hundred supported, blew, splashed her ass, cracked her ass and applied pancakes; says that the king maiden is guarding the living water; she let the horse go to her sister; she let the horse go to her sister; she let the horse go to the third, the third to the horse jump the strings to three wells, in which dead, living, eye water; I. filled the vessels, but also the small bubbles he hid; made love to the king maiden, but she did not wake up; when back, the horse touched the strings, the bells rang, the king maiden chased; every baba yaga detains her, inviting her to the bathhouse; I. drove along the hungry road, the tsar-maiden lost track; I. came to those girls , tells the girl to be the first to lie on the bed, she failed; the guys in the basement tore her apart; other girls were told to release the prisoners and no longer harm; on the rise, the brothers threw I. into a hole in the ground, him the horse and bag were taken away; in the lower world, I. went to the sea, where the princess was given to the Snake to be eaten; I. kills the three-headed, then six- and nine-headed; puts her heads under the corner of the house, each with a gem, I. took them for himself; when he was sleeping, the water carrier cut off his head, attributed the victory to himself; the princess went to wash his body, found bubbles of living and dead water, revived I.; he wants to go to the ground; if so, the king will give it back his kingdom (and daughter) after his death, when he enters his world; called Magovay the Bird, I. feeds her along the way, she flew with difficulty, fell down, and I. grabbed the edge and got out; came home, anointed his eyes father with eye water, he saw the light; a king maiden with two sons sailed on the ship; rejects F. and V.; I. smeared himself with resin, rolled in feathers, the children say it's hell; their mother: no, your father, wash it take him to the ship; they have begun to live well and now live]: Onchukov 2008, No. 8:100-106; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, p. Kuloy, 1921) [Tsar Carthaus goes for a walk in an open field, the horse is caught knee-deep with his hooves, K. comes to the white tent, the horse eats wheat next to him; K. thinks: since the horse does not allow him horse to wheat, then he will not defeat the hero whose horse; he enters the tent, there is a sleeping hero, K. falls asleep next to him, does not want to beat the sleeping one. The girl wakes up, scolds K., they go to the field to fight, the hero wins, K. asks to leave a mark, but not to kill him. The hero gouges out his eyes and puts him on his horse, who brings the owner home. K. tells his sons about the hero, the sons go to her, first the eldest two (Fedor and Vasily), then Ivan the Fool. Blessing, my father measured I. with his hands - two arshins, big, can ride. I. does not meet anyone on the way for a long time, drives up to a crossroads, reads, "save yourself to the right, lose your horse", to the left, on the contrary, goes to the right. He drives up to the house, meets him, feeds him, drinks him, leads him to the bed, he is the first to throw her - she falls into a hole, she is torn apart below. There are 33 fellows sitting in the pit, including Ivan's older brothers. They advise cutting the belt out of cowhide and lowering it into the hole, I. pulls it out one at a time. Brothers eat a cow, everyone takes their goods and a horse, and burns the house. I. goes on, and the brothers return home to their father. Ivan comes to the hut, the old woman feeds and drinks him, he asks him to be guided to his "mind", in response to politeness, she gives her "thin" horse, Ivan rides it to her sister, drops his glove on the way, the horse replies that during this time he rode two hundred miles. The old woman's sister also gives a horse, Ivan rides it to his third sister, drops his hat, and the horse slips three hundred miles. The third one tells you how to get to the hero, gives Ivan his clothes and a bayunka cat. I. goes to the hero instead of the old woman, bows and keeps silent so that she does not recognize her voice. There is a sleeping hero in the lady, he copulates with her, leaves an inscription on his forehead, scoops up living and dead water and leaves. The horse jumps over the city wall and hits it with its hoof. The hero sees the inscription "for your ridicule back", understands what happened, chases I. She asks the old woman about the passers-by, she replies that I. goes slowly, it is not difficult to catch up, sends the girl to the bathhouse. The next old woman has the same thing, after the third hero she began to catch up, I. threw flint, a mountain appears, the girl began to beg her to stay with her, I. refuses. The hero brings sawflies and walks through the mountain. I. throws a flint - a fire, the hero again asks to take her, promises to be a submissive wife. He refuses, she promises to marry him by spring. I. comes home, with the help of dead and living water, the brothers restore his father's eyesight, I. walks in taverns and drinks. A hero arrives with her youths on three ships (yellow, blue, blue), Fedor and Vasily come to her, she does not recognize them. They send I. to figure out why the ships are near the city, he gets on the ship, the hero puts him to sleep and takes him with his youths to him. They are getting married]: Ozarovskaya 2009, No. 36:312-319; Russians (Vologda, Belozersky Krai) [Tsarevichi Fedor, Vasily, Ivan; whoever brings a jug of twelve stigmas from the Blue-eyed girl alive with water, the king promises half the kingdom; F. reached the crossroads, on the slab there are inscriptions: to be hungry; he is full, but the horse is hungry; to sleep with the girl; rides along the third road; the girl put him against the wall, he fell into a hole; the same with V.; I. turned to the road where he is hungry; a hut on a chicken leg, on a dog's shank; turn your back to the forest and in front of me; there Baba Yaga, Blue-eyed, is her niece, brother's daughter; gives his horse, he is better than I.'s horse; I. comes to the second sister Yaga, who gives an even better horse; to the third; she teaches him to jump over the wall, take water; I. sinned with S., so the horse, jumping back, hit the strings ; S. followed from one baba yaga to another; "I'm not sorry that the horse got drunk, but it's expensive that I didn't cover the well"; S. caught up, they got engaged, she promised to come in three years; girl I. herself He shoved him down, took the brothers out of envy; they threw him into a hole out of envy, he flew for three days and three nights; Nagai birds squeak on an oak tree by the sea, I. covered them with a robe; they tell their mother about this, the bird is ready raise I. to the ground, let him cook meat; almost enough, he cut off his fingers and toes; bird: did not know what was so tasty; regurgitated, I. put them back with live water; S. came, demands" guilty"; goes F., then V.; sons think that this is the father, S. does not; and when I. comes in the form of a drunkard, it is him; the wedding; the older brothers were expelled]: Azadovsky 1934, No. 8:186-199; Russians ( Olonetskaya, Velikogubskaya vol., Kosmozero, Zap. I.V. Karnaukhova) [the wife is childless; sent for fresh perch; the wife and the worker ate, both gave birth to a boy; the elder brother {the hostess's son} went, three growths: to the right - you will be rich, to the left - wife, middle - killed; went to the left; in the young lady's house; put him to bed, he fell into the underground; his younger brother went, chose the path where he would kill; a hut on chicken legs - turn the porch here; Baba Yaga fed, gave a comb, sent it to her older sister; she gave a bar, sent it to the oldest; fog over the city, in the house of Baba Yaga (apparently the oldest sister) tells stories to the girls; the guy took apples and live water , raped the girl, galloped away; girl: he drank tea, but did not cover the teapot, sent a chase; the guy threw a comb (forest), a bar (gorges), a towel (river of fire); the guy got to Rosstani and drove along the road to marry; also failed; broke the wall, everyone went out; the brothers envied him, killed him; the horse broke a bottle of live water, revived it; he returned home; the messenger from the girl Krasa from the golden kingdom: let a betrothed arrives; she already has a child; her older brother has gone; she put down velvet, the guy got off his horse, went around, she drove him away; the youngest drove on velvet - here's my betrothed; they began to live happily ever after, good money]: Vlasova 2011, No. 15:45-46; Belarusians (Mogilevskaya, western 1888-1891, Staroselskaya vol., Mstislavsky district, from a local peasant) [Two royal sons leave in search of brides, after 7 years old, the tsar has a third son, Ivan, grows up quickly, plans to marry; his grandmother advises Ivan to buy the horse he needs from whom, the tsar father refuses to buy a horse the first time for 100 rubles, buys from the third for 300; the horse speaks in a human voice and carries Ivan by air, flies up to a house with a high fence, a pole with a ring, an inscription on the pole: who will jump over the fence, can marry Nastasa Prikrasya; Ivan jumps over, meets his grandmother, says that he came for Nastasya, eats, drinks, takes her horse, leaves; also with the second and third houses; for the fourth time the horse carries Ivan to the golden house, the horse advises Ivan to go to the 12th room and pick up Nastasya's keys; Ivan finds Nastasya the second time (she sleeps), sins with her, the horse finds out, sends Ivan three times to wash the river, the horse hits the fence with his hoof, Nastasya wakes up, chases; on the horse's advice, Ivan writes a note on the oak tree (who can cut down an oak tree will catch the villain), buys time, reaches grandmothers, does not drink, does not eat, changes the horse; chasing again, the horse gives the same advice with the inscription on the oak tree, the story of the oak tree repeats itself; Ivan changes horses again, leaves, repeats the story for the third time with with an inscription on an oak tree; the third old woman Ivan drinks, eats, picks up his horse, flies away on horseback, Nastasya promises to come to him in a year with her child; Ivan goes to bed by the stone, brothers go, wants to kill alone Ivan, the second is to send him under a stone to the next world, the brothers raise a stone, Ivan was thrown off, the gifts were taken away, the horse is not given to his brothers; Ivan wakes up, walks, finds a home, asks for a drink, there is no water, 12- the tiger serpent must eat the royal daughter and open the keys with water; Ivan goes to the sea, where the princess is brought, Ivan asks the princess to look in his head, falls asleep on her lap, from the sea a snake appears, the princess cries, a tear wakes Ivan up; the serpent asks whether Ivan has come to fight or reconcile; opponents fight, with two blows he cuts off the snake's 12 heads, pulls out 12 tongues, sticks to the wagon ; water is coming; Ivan goes to the old woman; the gypsy finds out how the princess escaped, makes her imagine him as a savior, the king plays a wedding; Ivan goes to the wedding, finds a violin on the way, plays at the wedding, asks for a glass of wine from the princess, drinks, puts the princess's ring in the glass, the princess sees her ring, tells her father the truth; Ivan shows his tongues, the gypsies are tied to the horse's tail and opened; the king invites Ivan to marry his daughter, he refuses ("well friends"); asks to be brought to this world, the princess explains how to get to this world on her father's three-legged goat, the goat carries Ivan, comes back; the horse takes Ivan home by air; Nastasya is already standing in the yard 50 versts from his father's court; Ivan returns without gifts, he is locked in prison; Nastasya writes a letter inviting Ivan, The elder brother goes, the heroes beat him and bring him back, the same with his middle brother; the tsar releases Ivan to the third letter, he meets Nastasya, they live in this palace]: Romanov 1901, No. 40:370-378; Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina) [the tsar grew old; he dreamed that there was living water that turned old people into eighteen years old; the older brothers went to search, took a walk; the youngest fell into wooded mountains; the old man in the hut; "If the soul is clean, then let the doors open, and if it is unclean, let it crumble with poppy seeds"; the doors opened; old man: there was no pure soul for 300 years; put the prince on a dove and sent him to his brother who is 600 years old; he sent the same to his brother, who is 900 years old; he sends to the princess, she sleeps, the prince took water, lay down with the princess and left a note of who he was and when he came; at the entrance, sabers, which they stop only for half a minute; when the prince jumped out, they cut off the heel of his boot; the 900-year-old grandfather went to bed and told the prince to collect all the dust; he did it; the grandfather gave this dust: it will be great benefit; the 600- and 300-year-old have the same; they want to hang the prince's brothers, because they owe a lot, but have nothing to pay; the prince volunteered to pay, but there was not enough money, they also want to hang him; he woke up a little that dust - it turned out to be money; while the youngest was sleeping, the elders took living water and everything else, and urinated in the younger's flask; brought water to his father, who was younger; the youngest came - from the king because of that "water" only pinched her eyes; the princess has grown up a son, wants to know who his father is; she found a note; the princess sent a letter to send her the child's father; the elder prince came; the boy: walking not on the carpets, but along the edge ; he was beaten and kicked out; the same with the middle one; the brothers had to confess that they stole water from the youngest; the youngest walks on the carpets, shows a heel mark from a saber; wedding; the narrator drank a gorilka there]: Zinchuk 2006a, No. 4:15-24.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians [the prince asks his sons to bring the birds to the daughter of the deity Aerg; the eldest remains to work for the blacksmith, the middle for the baker, the youngest comes to the witch Arupap, applies to her chest; she orders unlock 12 doors, a beautiful woman sleeps in the last room, a bird cage above her head; Apupap sends a young man to kill a deer, copies 12 keys out of reindeer bones; on the way back, the young man meets brothers; they let him down the cliff to get water, throw a rope, bring the cage to his father themselves; Ayerga's daughter chased, pulled the young man out, came with him to his father, told the kidnapper to tell him how he was stole birds; older and middle brothers lie, she tells them to be locked in a stable; the youngest says she is marrying him; the father drives his older sons away]: Bgazhba 1983:111-113; (cf. Adygi: Maksimov, Kerashev 1953 [=Kerashev 1957:194-209; Psha Zedem has only son Zedeb (Z.), his father holds him for a lazy and a fool; hearing his father's words, Z. tamed the best horse and became the first among young people; his father married; according to custom, Z. (with his wife) left his father's house for a year; his father also left; when Z. returned, found the doors of seven rooms locked, asked his mother for keys; she gave the keys to six rooms, which were empty; Z. broke the door of the seventh, there three doves asked them to be released, Z. released them; when he found out, the father ordered Z. to be thrown into the steppes; Z. realized that his father kept pigeons and left him for Suret (Su-Isuret, "written beauty" in Nogai), whom no one can force him to speak; after killing a bastard who was about to eat eagles, Z. lost consciousness; the chicks told the eagle that he was their savior; the eagle carried Z. and his horse to a distance that Z. I would have passed a month before coming back because she couldn't leave the eagles without food; in an empty village, the old man says that a creature with 8 legs and one eye in its forehead ate ate people and cattle; it crawled out of the swamp, Z. hit him in the eye with an arrow and killed him; the old man warned that S. had already put 99 stakes on stakes, the last one was left; Z. lay down under the apple tree, those three pigeons flew in; they told S. to tell S. the story of how the carpenter carved the figure, Goochips (a name for blacksmiths) revived, the cutter dressed - who owns the created person; only S. can answer - let him say; second question: only S. can know who stole the gouache belt (searched maids, drovers - they did not find); the third question: Pshi fell ill, and two people did not grieve, one whispered to the other that there was half of the oxalis from which to cook the broth for treatment; the half-deaf old woman heard the farsighted saw oxalis in the gorge, the quick-footed brought it, the doctor made medicine, the pshi recovered; only S. knows who to reward for this; on the way, Z. stayed with the khan, amazed everyone by playing the violin and by making a saddle out of leather overnight; Khan gave companions; Z. asked S. the first question; three pigeons flew in: 1) the figure that came to life will serve each of the three for the same number of days; 2) the one who they search, quietly hand over the belt to the one who is not being searched; 3) the fee should be divided not between four (farsighted, runner, doctor, old woman), but between 6 participants (including whispers); S. each time He is silent, but after the third time, after changing his clothes, he throws Z.'s ring and promises to be a good wife; on the way home, Z., while taking S., also took the daughter of Khan and the daughter of an old man who lived in a village ravaged by a monster; the father invited Z. to play checkers: the winner will blind the loser; Z. wins many times, but does not want to maim his father; the old woman advises Pshi to force Z. to spend the night with him; Z. will think about wives and will be distracted; the father won, blinded Z., ordered him to be thrown into the forest; tried to take his son's wives, but they destroyed his army; Z. hears the pigeons talking: if Z. breaks the fetters and tears off the oxalis, he will see the light; Z. did; his wives did not let him in until he talked about how he married them; tomorrow it was S.'s turn to fight with psha; Z. will help, but the son cannot kill his father, let S. do it; she cut off her head, Z. took his father's men into his service]: 91-116; Huth 1987 (shapsugi) [Prince Zedem considers his son Zedeb worthless; he tames the horse; in the absence of his father, he takes the keys to locked rooms from his mother; in six empty; he hacks the seventh; there three tied pigeons ask them to let them go; he lets go; the father tells him to take his son away and leave him asleep; three pigeons invite him to marry Silent Suret; she will marry the one who makes her speak; Z. kills a snake that eagles; the Eagle takes him under his wing, flies with him part of the way to MC; in an empty village, an old man says that the eight-legged monster of all devoured, you have to get into his only eye; Z. kills a monster; three pigeons teach you how to ask the MC how to resolve three disputes; in the presence of the MC they give answers themselves; the MS is forced to say that the answers are correct; Z. returns with MC and two other girls married on the way; his father plays with him, wins, gouges his eyes out, throws him tied up in the woods; three pigeons teach him how to eat an apple, he sees the light; together with kills his father with his wives]: 96-111); the Avars [the king will see the light from the fruits from the Shah Maiden's garden; the elder, middle brothers do not listen to the old man's advice and are rude to him, the eldest reaches only the milk river, the middle one - to oil; the father replies that he has been there; the youngest greets the old man, who advises, after crossing the honey river, to open the gates of the Shah Maiden's castle with an iron end, wear grass shoes, tear off fruits with a stick; the gate screams that iron is beating them, the grass is crushing her, the fruits are tearing them up by a tree; the shah maiden is sleeping, the young man has eaten and drunk, put a ring on the girl's finger, returned with fruit; shah= the girl comes for him; does not believe her older, middle brothers that they tore fruits; she husbands the youngest, makes his father healthy]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:288-294 (=Kapiyeva 1974:47-53, =Dirr 1920, No. 14:80- 85); Lezgins [the Shah has three sons with his first wife, she died, the second gave birth to a daughter; someone eats away the horse's legs; the eldest, middle sons are guarding, do not notice anything; the youngest cut his finger, sprinkled with salt, shot the monster's finger, it turned out to be his sister's finger; the shah decided to kill his daughter, the sons disagree, they are leaving; the eldest is driving along the road "from which they come back", the middle one - "I don't know", the youngest - "don't return"; changes his rich clothes for a lion cub; kills one-, two, seven-headed ajdah, freeing three princesses, promises to pick them up on the way back; comes to the mother of seven Azhdah, makes friends with them; they they want to get a golden cockerel and a golden sieve, get a girl for them; the young man goes to get them; the Azhdaha brothers give a fat tail, a carpet, cotton wool; the young man gave the lion's fat tail, sent it back; laid the carpet on the bridge, who goes down and rises; cotton wool on thorns; on horseback he jumped over the mountains, only cut off the hairs from the horse's tail; in that country there are only women; a young man stole a cockerel and a sieve from the queen's palace, He returned, took three princesses, found the brothers; they pushed him into the well; the merchant pulled him out; the queen of the female kingdom came to the brothers, they said that they had obtained a cockerel and a sieve, she caught them lying and killed them; found a young man, made sure he got the items, became his wife; the young man goes to visit his father, there is only his sister; asks if his brother has come on horseback about three, two, one horse, on a horse's carcass; she has already eaten them all; the brother became a dove, the sister became a fox, the dove sat on a tree, noticed a lion cub, which tore the fox to pieces; the dove became a young man, noticed a leaf with a drop of his sister's blood, the leaf became a beetle, the young man threw the beetle to the chicken, which ate it; the young man returned to his wife; feast]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 31:301-304; Georgians (Dusheti district) [the king grew old, sent his eldest son to the Qajas for the water of immortality; he came there with an army, the whole army petrified; the same with the middle brother; the youngest with two comrades comes to the old man, he sends to his older brother, the latter to the oldest; the oldest teaches to stick the scrap under the opening and a slamming door, slip on horseback; only the horse's tail was cut off; the young man met with a sleeping woman, left her a letter, took three apples and the water of immortality; gives water to two older men, and the youngest after he revived the petrified; the older brothers put the younger one to sleep, changed the water and apples; the king wants to execute him, the young man asks the servants only to cut off his little finger, bury the dog; the queen woke up, read the letter, told the king to send her someone who took the water of immortality; the king sends older brothers, she imprisoned them for bread and water; the king dug up the grave - there are the remains of a dog; ordered to look for a young man with his little finger cut off, he was found, sent to the queen, he correctly answers what was on the way; the queen calls him the husband and father of her son; the young man received both kingdoms, pardoned the brothers]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 78:46-49; Armenians [the king ordered to grow a garden; the old man says that there is not enough nightingale in the garden; the king sends sons for the nightingale; the old man teaches the younger man to whistle a mare; she will take you over a mountain that rises to heaven and then descends; door hinges must be lubricated in the house; near the sleeping princess, swap gold and silver vessels; eat pilaf, pour into the cauldron ash; carry away the cage with the nightingale; on the way back, the brothers gave the youngest bread and water in exchange for his eyes, took the cage away; blinded hears the dove explain to the chick: put his eyes in the eye sockets and touch this pen; the young man saw the light, but changed his eyes and became oblique; the brothers gave the nightingale to his father, but the nightingale does not sing; under the guise of a bald shepherd, pulling a mutton's stomach over his head, younger brother hired his father as a gardener; at that time a beautiful woman appeared and began to ask who took the nightingale; the older brothers answer incorrectly, she turned them into pigeons; the imaginary pasth confesses that the queen goes beyond he marries, at his request, restores his human appearance to his brothers; the king gives the throne to his youngest son]: Kagan 1898c, No. 28:219-223; Armenians (Turkish Armenia) [the king builds the temple three times, the storm destroys it ; hermit: the nightingale Khazaran is needed; the king's three sons are going in search; hermit: the one who has traveled along a wide road will return, on the middle road he will either return or not, on the lower one he will not return; there is a river, the owner the nightingale Khazaran does not drink from it; you must drink, say, "Oh, living water"; pick the thorn, say "Flower of Paradise"; in front of the wolf, the grass, the meat in front of the lamb, must be changed; the pretended gate leaf open, pretend; the nightingale's mistress sleeps for 7 days and is awake for 7 days; the elder brother went to serve, the middle black Arab turned into stone; the younger one drove down the lower road, did everything, kissed the girl was taken away by a nightingale; the gate, the wolf, etc. did not detain the young man; he gave the hermit a nightingale, brought his older brother to him, turned an Arab into stone and revived his middle brother with a whip; the brothers lowered the youngest went to the well, left, taking the nightingale; but their nightingale does not sing; the girl came, put the king and older brothers in prison; the reapers released the youngest, he told the girl how it was, how kissed her; wedding, nightingale sang]: Khachatryants 1933:66-72; Azerbaijanis [the generous rich man Hatham dervish talks about a man who is more generous than him, but no one has seen the owner of the palace; H. comes there; through the curtain, asks the owner where he got such wealth; he suggests asking a famous doctor; the doctor tells everyone about his illness, and H. says that he is the cause of his grief; gives H. a letter for Ibrahim, the youngest son of a blind padishah; the letter says that the cure for blindness should be found in a country where his horse's hooves have not set foot; this is the flower garden of Padishah's daughter Gulistani-Irem; I. the diva takes the splinter out of his leg; he brings it to his middle brother, the middle brother to the elder, the eldest to the garden; there I. enters the palace, kisses the sleeping lady of the genies Melik Khatun; she likes him and her becomes his wife; the virgins take I. home, he brings him the medicine given by M., his father sees the light; envious older brothers call I. to hunt, lower him into the well, cut off the rope, say that I. the tiger was torn to pieces; father and mother died of grief; M. and an army of divas come to look for I.; makes the brothers confess; the doctor cured I., the older brothers have their necks twisted; (hereinafter about H. and the doctor)]: Akhundov 1955: 126-167; Kurds [before marrying three sons, the padishah wants to test them; the wife advises everyone to give a purse of gold; the elders married the daughters of the vizier and vekil, started a household; the youngest Seydin bought skinny sheep, drove him home, hoping to fatten them and squeeze them more expensive; on the way, a cyclops; S. calls him an uncle, gives him sheep, receives a copper jug in return; it turned out that he has an Arab army; Princess T'li-Hezar buys a jug for undressing above the waist in front of S.; next time S. drives a herd of cows, gets a tablecloth and a stick - if you hit the tablecloth with a stick, different dishes appear; T. buys a tablecloth and a stick, for which he stands in front of S. completely naked; next time, a herd of buffaloes, S. gets a copper bowl, gives it to T. after spending the night with her; T. became pregnant; at home, the padishah tells the vizier execute S. for mismanagement, but the vizier hides him, tells the hangman to bring a cloth moistened with fallow deer blood; T. goes with the army to become S.'s wife, for her father will not forgive her pregnancy before marriage; the elder, middle The son of the padishah was sent instead of S., T. exposes them, ties their hands; the army begins to smash the city; the vizier sends S., he marries T.]: Rudenko 1970, No. 53:183-191.

Iran - Central Asia. Baluchi [the blind king hears the parrots talking, finds out that he will see the light from the leaves from the garden of Nushirvan; asks his sons to get it; the third son of Sha-Niyaz Khan is bald, from another wife; the stone says who will go to the right will return (two brothers went), whoever to the left will not return (Sh. went); the old man teaches S. to take a saw and an ax, remove the splinter from the lion's paw; this is the lion king, sends another to help Sh.; S. kills a snake crawling along the trunk to the Simurg bird's nest, which devours chicks every year; Simurg wants to kill a person, chicks explain that he is a savior; Simurg gives companions one of chicks; S. picks up leaves, kills 40 buzlangs guarding the castle; unzips the sleeping beauty's clothes, leaves a letter, returns; his brothers lost their property to the girl, became servants; Sh. wins, takes his brothers, puts his stigma on them; they recognize him; they tear out his eyes, take his leaves; the lion gives him water, finds him, returns his eyes; the owner of the garden comes with an army, tells him to give him away the thief; the brothers cannot explain how they got the leaves; S. marries a beautiful woman, his father gives him the kingdom]: Zarubin 1932, No. 6:69-90; Persians: Jaliashvili, Faras 1967 (Isfahan) [Padishah Chyna is blind; he asks three sons to go to Misr to visit Padishah Peri and bring the leaves of the Tutia tree; in Misra, the elder Jamshid agreed to play with the daughter of the chief of the guard, lost everything and became an apprentice to the barbecue maker; the middle Shamshir is the same (assistant stoker in the bathhouse); the youngest Ibrahim met a man who warned of that girl's cunning; he came to her and saw that she had 4 cats holding lamps; they they argued: if I. manages to get the cats to throw the lamps, he will receive all the girl's property, and if he fails, he will give her all his own; there were no mice in Misra, I. had a hard time buying four at the bazaar; 4 once the cats threw the lamp and ate the mouse before the girl could understand what had happened; she refused to fulfill the contract, I. cut it in half and took all the property; went to sell the calf, The chief of the guard recognized him, it was his daughter's calf; in confusion, I. disappeared and came to the chief of the guard disguised as a girl; lured him to prison, offered to show how the prisoner was placed in blocks, beat him with an iron bar until he lost consciousness; fled; came to the chief of the guard under the guise of a doctor; ordered them to be left in the bathhouse and for the orchestra to play; smeared him with syrup and released wasps; the vizier knows how to find deceiver; cook soup and shout that it was being distributed to the chief of guard; the deceiver would come; I. rode in the prince's clothes, disappeared; then dressed up as a poor tramp, the chief of the guard agreed to him Serve it, and he threw it into the boiling pot; everyone said: Give me my calf! After that, I. arrived at the Peri Garden; he was guarded by divas, animals and ghouls; the old man teaches what to do; you must get to the sleeping daughter of Padishah Peri, leave a stick, a night hat, food, her shoes nearby, tear it apart dress, put a fly on his cheek and tie his belt; pluck the leaves from the third tree, although it will pull the branches up; I. returned to Misr, found and took the brothers with him; on the way they threw it into the well, killed the slave and took the leaves; I.'s dog ran to the shepherd, who gave her bread, she brought it to I.; the shepherds pulled him out, left; I. told the head of the caravan, who was en route to Chin, went with a caravan; at this time, the padishah saw the light from the leaves and placed the crown on J.'s head, and S. appointed him a vizier; when I. appeared and told his father everything, J. threw him into prison; the daughter of the padishah peri arrived in Chin and demanded the one who picked the leaves; J. came out, could not tell anything, he was cut into four pieces; then S. was quartered, the pieces were hung on the gate; I. told everything; became padishah of the kingdom of peri and the kingdom of men]: 109-130; Ottomans 1987 [the king has three sons from different wives; he is blind; dervish: let the sons bring a pearl leaf, and for this purpose the divas will defeat; at the fork there is an inscription: if three go on the same road, they will die; let one on the right, two on the left; the younger Malek-Mohammad went on the right; came to the diva, his sister was at home; first she turned MM into a broom, then took brother's oath, showed him MM; the diva offered to fight; MM won, put a ring in the diva's ear; the same in the second, in the third fortress; the third diva teaches how to go to the pearl tree and tear off a leaf; drink singing water; untie the ties of 40 trousers of the sleeping girl, except the last couple; kiss the girl; bringing a leaf, MM took the sisters of three divas with him, found brothers who worked for the sellers of soup and boiled mutton (calle pace); the brothers threw MM into the well; the youngest girl came back and pulled out the MM, they secretly returned to the palace; when the king saw the light, he ordered MM's mother to be wrapped in sheepskin, thrown on the roof of the bathhouse and give a cake a day; the owner of the pearl tree flew in with her palace and garden on a flying carpet; ordered to show who took the leaf; refuted the lies of her older brothers; MM told the lions and tigers eat his brothers and leopard his father; married a pearl tree owner and three diva sisters]: 52-56; Christensen 1971, No. 2 []: 12-26; Marzolph 1984, No. 550 [the king sends three sons for with a magic medicine or for a talking bird; after parting with the elders, the youngest acts on the advice of a magic assistant; kills a diva and gets a remedy or a bird; kisses a sleeping princess; when meets brothers, they push him into the well, attribute his exploits to themselves; the princess is looking for someone who kissed her; or the princess puts forward conditions, trying to postpone the wedding with the elder prince; everything turns out; the older brothers are punished, the youngest marries the princess]: 113-114; the Tajiks of Sistan [the king is blind, a leaf of the fortieth tree is needed; two older princes from one wife, the youngest Malik-Muhammad is from the other; at a fork in the roads a stone with the inscription: you will come back to the right, God knows, you will not return to the left; the brothers sent MM along the left road, drove along the other two themselves, the roads met again and they drove together; the young man invited them into the house, the girl offered to play dice, they all lost; became servants to the merchant and the baker; MM is polite to the diva old woman; she she hid it from her seven sons; they swore that they would not harm the guest; the old woman gave MM a letter for her older sister, she gave her oldest sister; this old woman told another woman to go on the way back expensive, otherwise he will cause harm; in the betting garden, the king of the bet; when he sees MM, he will cry and the 4-headed tree will scream; you must hide; the princess will reproach them; so twice; then pour sweets on the horse, the tree - iron; they will become MM's friends; you have to swap the gold and silver lamp near the sleeping girl, eat food, pick up one of the 7 bedspreads; MM did it all, picked up tree leaves, returned to the fork where he left his brothers; their arrows rusted; MM beat the girl and even won herself; bought the brothers and labeled them as a slave; they did not recognize him; he gave one of the brothers a gift a player girl and the other a princess, whom the local king gave for the jewel MM had taken from the bet; sent the girls with leaves home to his father, but kept one sheet for himself; the brothers realized that they MM; there is no water on the way, they gave MM water in exchange for their eyes; they took the leaves from the girl, brought them to her father; the dog led MM to the spring, spit out his eyes, he rubbed them with a leaf, saw the light, sat on his a horse who came up; bet - the owner of the tree and her army went to look for MM to marry; the older brothers went out, walked barefoot on the carpet, could not answer what they saw at the bet; beaten; MM came, answered correctly; wedding; the brothers were expelled, and the girls MM wanted to give them also took for himself]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1981, No. 9:118-131; (cf. Mountain Tajiks [the tsar saw in a dream the beast, when he laughs, roses fall, when he cries, pearls; the two eldest sons did not go to look for the beast, the youngest went; the bet waged war with the devil and killed him sleeping; she has a cloud horse and a wind horse; when a king came to take her, she sat on a horse and killed the daring one; the prince tied 40 strands of sleeping bet's hair to the poles, took the beast and brought it to the king; the bet came with the army, saw Tsarevich, fell in love, moved her city to him]: Semenov 1900:36-37); the Vakhans [the maid tells the king that his three beloved sons are sleeping, and the son from his unloved wife wants to go to Mount Kaf bring the Pearl Shining at Night; the king sends sons, loved ones go along the road from where you return, the unloved ones from where you will not return; kills black, white, red divas, three bets remain waiting for him; the latter sends him to the Simurg bird; she has a nest on a plane tree; every year the dragon comes out of the pond, eats its chicks; the prince cuts off his three heads, the chicks tell their mother that he saved them; Simurg carries him, runs out of meat, he cuts off part of the caviar; on Mount Kof Simurg regurges a piece, puts it; explains how to take the Pearl and the White Falcon from the Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov; the scorched garden must call the blooming, crooked bridge and crooked gate straight; under the dog, the hay, the bones in front of the horse, must be changed; the hair of the sleeping Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov must be nailed to 40 pillars; swapped pearls in the legs and heads, inner and outer trousers; in the inner keys, you have to unlock 40 rooms, take the Falcon and the Pearl; the Queen wakes up, tells the guards (gate, bridge, etc.) to hold the kidnapper, they refuse; on the way home, the prince buys the brothers out of slavery; they tied a sword to the door of the tent, the prince stumbles upon him, remains without legs; his brother pulled out his eyes and put him next to him; the dog and the horse take care of the prince; the voice tells you to hold on to the dog's tail, which leads to the spring, the legs grow, the eyes grow in the eye sockets; the brothers bring the Falcon and the Pearl; the Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov comes and asks each of the brothers how they managed to get things; she cuts off one nose, another arm, and a third leg; makes him find the prince, takes him as a husband, his father gives him the throne]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 8:113-125.

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [two older brothers go looking for happiness, refuse to share food with the old woman; the youngest, sitting in ash, shares; she gives a ball; advises not to look for the beauty whose portrait he is found; he is hired in the same castle as the brothers; they are jealous, they say that the brother worships an idol; the king recognizes the portrait of the youngest of his three missing daughters; the brothers say that the youngest is capable of them return; the old woman tells the king to ask for a huge supply of meat, go to the Raven; the young man aims at him, he promises to help; raises him to the mountain where the troll's son has lost his way; for the saved son, the troll offers the reward, he takes a gray donkey; the little boy takes him to the end of the world to silver, then gold, and gold castles; each has one of the princesses; the young man throws food to dragons and predators, they let it pass; the elder princess gives strong water, the young man cuts off the heads of three-, six- and nine-headed trolls in the next castles; the middle sister sleeps, the young man comes to the youngest for the water of life and death, it is her portrait he saw; she is getting pregnant from him, but promises to come in three years; at home, the elder sister and her husband, the Red Knight, poured dead water on the young man; the youngest comes, rejects the applicants, demands that the young man be revived; he gives her a piece cut off from her dress, her son recognizes his father, gives him a golden apple; they ask not to execute the Red Knight and his older sister; the little boy tells him to cut off his head, turns into a prince, marries middle sister]: Asbjíørsen, Moe 1960:139-149; Danes [doctors don't know what the king is sick with; the youngest of three princes meets a man in the forest; he says the king will recover if the phoenix bird sings for him; you have to follow her on a gray donkey; do not take cages (it will ring); do not wake up the princess sleeping next to her; older brothers stop and stay on bewitched inn; the youngest does not go there; took out a bird and lay down with the princess, who was still sleeping; on the way back, the young man met the brothers; they took the bird and threw it into the lion's ditch; but lions are affectionate to him; at home, the phoenix does not sing, the king does not recover; the princess came with the army and her son, demands the one who took the bird; the boy does not recognize the father in his older brothers; them you have to confess to the crime; the father sends his youngest son to get the bones, but he is alive and well; the boy calls him father; the phoenix sings, the king recovers; the prince and the princess go to her kingdom ]: Holbek 1987:541; Latvians [father sends sons to seek healing water (also: a golden cockerel that heals the blind); dear older brothers are deceiving; (also: they treat an old man rude) , they fall into the cellar (also: they are slipped under the corner of the log house); the third son frees his brothers and learns how to get the medicine; he sleeps at the Queen's house, returns home and heals his father; a year later The Queen is looking for her child's father, her older brothers come to see her and are driven away; finally, her younger brother comes and marries the Queen]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 551:300.

Volga - Perm. Marie [Healing apple: three brothers go in search of a healing apple for a sick king father; the youngest complies with the laws of other states and enters the palace of the sleeping princess; kidnaps desired items; brothers replace his prey and pass it off as their own; the father punishes the younger; he saves himself and returns home; the princess seeks him; rejects his older brothers and recognizes him as his father son]: Chetkarev 1956, No. 19 in Sabitov 1989, No. 551:34.