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K124. This is no miracle! .28.29.

The animal killed by the hunter runs away. The animal itself or someone else explains that this is not a miracle, but the real miracle was here and there. A story about what happened follows.

Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda), Crimean Tatars, Adygs, Abkhazians, Abazins, Ossetians, Balkarians, Chechens, Georgians (Racha, Khevsuri).

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [When the hunter (hermit) was butchering the hare, the skinless carcass came to life and ran away, saying that this was not a miracle, but a real miracle happened to Mikita in the village of Maslenich. The hunter goes to learn about the miracle. Mikita tells how four of her sons and three sons went hunting in the forest, went far late and decided to spend the night in the forest in a hut, flooded the stove, cooked a black grouse, and sat down to eat. Mikita invited anyone, baptized or unbaptized, to eat with them, no matter who was in the hut. A man jumped out of the stove, ate poultry, cabbage soup, the eldest son and ran back. The next day, the father and sons were again unable to find their way home and returned to the hut. While eating, the man was called again, and he ate the other son. On both the third and fourth days, everything happened again, and when the man was ready to eat Mikita himself, he told him to grab him by the shoulders and drag him to get Mikita home. Mikita began to think that he was dragging a man into the water and drowning himself, screamed. And when I woke up, I found myself in my house, and my children were alive]: Onchukov 2008, No. 9:106-107; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [in the evening two fishermen began to catch their ears; voice: Should I untie it? brothers: untie it; in the morning the seine is unwound, the threads are rolled into balls, the floats are in a bunch; the next evening: Should I tie it? they ask to tie; in the morning the net is as good as new; when they returned home, the older brothers to the younger: you, Peter, are single, go look for another miracle; they say that Nikiforovo's miracle is so wonderful; Peter went and asked a young man; he does not know about N., but he began to talk about himself; and calls the old people who are nearby sons; he noticed a girl who immediately: you wanted to meet me; then: well done, become stallion; drove all day, and in the evening she regained her human form; so three times; stepmother gives a cinder of a Christmas candle, you have to hit her with a bridle, saying: there was a girl, become a mare; he's like this for three days; then her sisters ask to leave the girl alone and give them a towel; he has been worn out and since then he is 25, although he is actually 90; P. went on; another story; the guy lived in a monastery, his father married him, and he ran away with weddings; the wife hit him with a rod, turned him into a dog; the city was attacked by a bear, the turn of the royal daughter, the dog drove him away; he lives well; but the wife found it, turned it into a drake; he fell into the prince's snare; prince: was drake, well done; this prince was that bear, now disgraced; now P. came to Nikifor; N.'s story; he got lost in the forest, went out to the fire, there's an old man telling him to send his son to work for a year; so 8 nights - gave 8 sons; old man: you would not ask to warm up, but show the way; there's a stump - there's a road; jump only into the ninth sleigh; wife shakes: why are you raving: and I'm at home on the floors; here's Nikiforovo's miracle ]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:172-178; (cf. Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [A rich merchant, when preparing to travel, asks what to bring to his wife. She asks for "marvelous, miraculous and wonderful." The merchant sails to the thirtieth kingdom, settles trade affairs, thinks how to fulfill his wife's request. He meets an old man who volunteers to help. The old man shows a goose that can be fried and eaten, and from the eaten bones, it will be whole again. The merchant buys a curiosity and goes home. He goes to the shop, and a lover comes to the merchant. She is going to roast the magic goose, but he refuses to lie down in the pan. The merchant tries to hit the bird - both stick to the goose, the goose runs out into the street, the betrayal becomes known to the merchant, the merchant has to confess. A merchant beats his wife's lover, and at home "teaches" her, saying "Here's a marvelous thing for you, here's a wonderful miracle for you"]: Efimenko 1874:226 (this text is retold in Burtsev 1895, No. 33:150-153 as referring to Vologda, but there is no more trust in the original; No. 33 does not include the list of fairy tales about the origin of which specific information is provided); Russians (Olonetskaya) [the hunter shot a fox, took off his skin, hung it from the fire; the wind tore off her skin, she put on the carcass, the fox came to life; running away says: "Don't marvel, but ask what happened to Ivan Gol in the village along the Shola River"; once on Chola, the hunter found IS, an old man; he told how about 30 years ago he shot squirrels and hazel grouses and started eating dinner in a forest hut; a red-haired man in an Armenian woman came in; IS invited him to eat; he ate squirrels, hazel grouses, bread, a dog and left, taking his gun and gunpowder, promising to return and eat IS itself; someone put his head through the window and told him to run to the road, jump on a cart pulled by three horses, and then grab the branch; IS grabbed and saw him in his hut, he grabbed a crow (a beam under the ceiling) with his hands; and a gun, a dog, squirrels and a bird found themselves in the barn]: Azadovsky 1947, No. 47:193-196; Russians (Vologodskaya, Kirillovsky U.) [the hunter man shot the caress, took off his skin, threw the meat; turned around: a skinless caress followed, tells me to serve the skin, he threw it - what a wonder!? Laska: it's not amazing; before reaching three stations to Moscow, the hunter had a wonder there; go and you'll find out! a man came to the hunter, he says; we were three brothers, six dogs, we didn't get anything in a week; If only the hell met us, he would kill him! Damn it: you can't get home without me; tells you to sit on it, brings it, the hunter grabbed a tree in the garden; Old woman - take me off! Old woman: After all, you are holding on to Polati, wake up; the hunter crossed himself: all sons are alive, the dogs are under the bench; since then he has fallen behind hunting]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 36:151-152.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars (Bakhchisarai District, Karalez) [Memet hunter shot a roe deer; brought it to the cave, cut it, began to cook meat; the head of the roe deer looked at him and said: What are you looking at? This is not a miracle. Ask Memet, a merchant in Istanbul; a hunter came to Istanbul, found a merchant; he says he was rich and persuaded to marry; a week later he refused to get up in the morning, and when he returned, he hit him with a belt and turned it into a dog; called a lover; the dog came to the shepherd, bit to death 15 wolves at night; she was taken by a padishah; his daughter has 40 maids, but every night a cat comes and bites her; dog she attacked the cat, but she called him a merchant Memet and promised to serve; in the morning, the padishah's daughter is healthy; the dog was released with a purse of gold tied to her neck; she came to his wife; she took the gold and turned Memet into a roe deer; the roe deer ran away, the hunter caught her, his wife asked her to give it to her; she was that cat, restored the merchant to his human appearance; gave the belt to hit his wife and lover; M. turned his wife into a donkey and stabbed his lover; gave the donkey to his friends: whoever slaughtered him could only eat bones; an apple and a pomegranate rolled down the hill; a pomegranate to the one who told the fairy tale, and an apple to the one who told her recorded]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 27; Adygi: Kerashev 1957 [Baimuko Baimurza Stary (BB-za) began to fry the heart and liver of a slaughtered goat; pieces of meat joined into a goat, she ran away saying that this was not a miracle, but a miracle happened to Baimuko Baimet ((BB-t); BB-za met a shepherd, asked him for a horse and a dog to destroy wolves; the owner asks not to set the dog against the beast unless it rushes itself; when he sees Khasamurchech (a non-existent predator), BB-za said "bite" to the dog, it rushed, the beast swallowed it, but BB-za pulled the dog out of its mouth and cured it; the shepherd said that BB-za is a little slow; BB-za is coming to BB-tu; he tells how someone called him on his wedding night, turned him into a horse with brushwood and drove him all night, and turned him back into a human in the morning; so twice; the third time a stranger turned BB- she became a dog; she became famous among shepherds as the best; pshi borrowed it; when he saw something grabbing a pshi child, the dog grabbed the creature, forcing him to return the brushwood; becoming BB-tom again, he assured Say that his children will no longer be kidnapped]: 188-193; Sokolov, Broydo 1936 [Hagur got married, his wife whipped him, turned him into a dog, got a lover; the dog left, bothered the shepherds; one of them has a wife dying; the old man advises leaving the dog with her for the night; he sees a witch who has arrived stabbing a sick person with a fork, drinking blood; on the second night he grabs the witch by the leg; she promises to restore X. but he tells the patient to be cured first; the witch regurgitates blood, tells her to wash the patient in it, she has recovered; H.-the dog returned to his wife, who turned him into a rooster; the witch asked X. to wait another night; stole the whip and restored X. to his human appearance; he whipped his wife and lover, turned them into donkeys; made him work; after many years he hunted, went into a cave; a one-eyed other came, filled the exit with a stone ; fed him lamb, promised to eat it raw tomorrow; at night H. burned his eye with a spit; in the morning he groped every ram, H. clung to the goat's belly, returned home; with his second wife he has 8 sons and 2 daughters; the sons asked them to show them the cave of the frost; he grabbed them with one hand, ate them; one hunter began to fry a doe, hung his skin on a tree; the skin fell off, became a doe; shouts that this was not a miracle, a miracle happened to H. the hunter found H., ordered them to be brought to the frost; they began to drive each other into the ground, the hunter hammered the frost around the neck; ordered the sons of H. to be revived; the other revived them from their bones; the hunter cut off their heads and took his cattle; H. gave him his youngest daughter; when he undressed her, he saw a scar; the girl says that she is the doe: she became a doe to save her brothers; everything is fine]: 94-100; Abkhazians [Apsny-Khasan killed a hare, and when approached him, the hare rushed to run, shouting that a real miracle had happened to Kuban-Khasan; he told him how on his wedding night a man hit him with a stick, turning him into a dog, and took his wife; CS- the dog came to the shepherd, drove away the wolves and bears; someone strangles the prince's six-month-old sons, the prince takes the CS dog as a watchman; he rushes at the cat, she vows not to kill children anymore, but to bring a stick that the COP used to turn into a dog; she brought a stick, hit the dog; becoming human, Kh found his wife with that man, turned them into donkeys, and they have been working for him ever since]: Shakryl 1975, No. 43:229-233; Abaza [hunter Hasan cut a goat, she jumped up and ran away, shouting that a real miracle had happened to a man named Khabalya; he tells how a man turned him into a whip a horse, then a dog, then an owl; the old woman took the owl from her children, stole the whip, restored Khabala to his human appearance; he turned that man and his wife into donkeys, now she rides them]: Tugov 1985, No. 41: 107-108; Balkarians: Baranov 1903, No. 4 [the hunter killed, cut a doe, began to grill the barbecue; the meat and skin returned to their place, the doe came to life, ordered to find Sokura-Ali, ran away; the hunter meets herdsmen, then cow, sheep, goat shepherds; everyone says that they are S.'s cattle, slaughters hundreds of animals for the guest; in the tower, the hunter finds sick S., who tells how he and his nine sons called Emegen to his cave; he slaughtered his cattle for the guests, then told them to treat them; covered the entrance to the cave with rock; ate ten horses and nine sons, began to fry S., drowning the fat, left it until morning; S. burned his eye with a spit; got out wearing a goat skin; Emegen threw his ring, it grew, began to scream, S. cut off his finger, fell ill; the hunter went to take revenge on Emegen, that eye recovered; the hunter went to take revenge on Emegen, that eye recovered; the hunter overcame emegen, who regurgitated S.'s swallowed sons and the fat melted from S.; S. recovered; to arrange all this, his daughter turned to that doe; the hunter married her]: 16-26; Boziev 1962, No. 1 [hunter killed, cut a wild goat, began to grill the kebab; the meat and skin returned to their place, the doe ran away; "What a miracle!" , - exclaimed the hunter; the doe turned around and said that he would see a miracle if he went to Baev Bat; the hunter goes from one kosh to another, with goats, horses, geese; each time he is told that it is Kosh Bayeva Bata is a miracle himself; BB carried firewood on a couple of donkeys and, without feeding them, drove them into a dirty barn; what he does to them is no miracle compared to what they did to him; these donkeys are his ex-wife and hers lover; BB found them, his wife whipped him with a magic whip, turning him into a mare; from the stallion, the mare gave birth to a foal; then the wife turned BB into a female; when she heard that there were many wolves in the pastures, the female went there , took a walk with the males, bit to death a wolf, then again; she was appreciated; one wolf asked him to let him go, promised to thank him; the female with the puppies returned to her wife, who turned BB into an owl; she was caught by a man, gave her slaughter his wife; but the wife turned out to be that wolf; she taught him to go take that whip, regain her human appearance and take it away from his wife and her lover; BB told the hunter that the goat he killed was now girl; gave her to him as his wife and gave him all his cattle and golden house]: 28-31; Malkonduev 2017:283-284 [], 358-362 [the hunter refreshed the deer; he jumped up; running away, he replied that it was not a wonder, but would tell about the wonder Blind Aliyuk; the man went to look for him; in the house on the bed, a man with a skewer branched in two, stuck over his shoulder, stretched out over his heel, two women are crying nearby; the man says that he and there is SA; he and his 9 sons met Emegen, who invited him to the cave; when he left, he closed the exit with a rock; ate horses and sons; plunged a spit into the SA; when he left for a while, did not close the exit; the SA rolled out, his travelers picked up; his wife and daughter were by the bed; the hunter went to that cave; shook hands with Emegen so much that he broke two phalanges of his fingers; began to fight; emegen drove the hunter to the ground waist-deep, and he drove him up to his shoulders; made me explain how to revive horses and boys (whip the remains); SA will recover if the spit exit is filled with red sheep fat; after my death, take my large intestine, tie it to my waist; the hunter revived the dead; opened the chest, a dagger jumped out of there, but the hunter dodged; tied his gut to a tree, she cut it; gave the sheep meat to the dog, which died; took the skewer out of the SA, cured it; SA gave his sister to the hunter; gave him a casket; the hunter does not know why he is, whipped, and a herd of horses jumped out from there; wolf: I'll put it back, but give my only son; the hunter told the wolf to come in a year; a year later, the wolf agrees not to take the hunter's son, but let him marry the girl; the fox promised to help; turned into a fat ram (boulder), let the hunter change him for a gray horse; when he returns, the fox tells you to play the violin; girls will gather, you have to grab one and ride away, it is impossible to catch up with the gray horse; in order not to give it to the wolf, the fox itself has become a girl; the wolf pursues; the fox has become a mufti , tells me to ask the wolf to ask the mufti for advice; mufti: my stick knows whose head will break, he is to blame; killed a wolf with a stick; the guy brought home his wife and wealth]; Ossetians: Britaev, Kaloev 1959:234-240 [Soslan fried the roe deer, it came to life, ran away; advises going to Bath, the son of a Rich Man, if S. wants to know a real miracle; he tells how the young man arrived on the night of the wedding with a whip turned him into a working ox, made him human again in the morning; the next night into a horse; then into a dog; the dog lives with a woman, a shepherd borrowed it, she kills wolves; the rest teaches him to annoy a man, who made him a dog; he whipped the dog, thus restored his human appearance; the hero whipped that man, made him a donkey, turned his wife into a donkey, and has tormented them with work ever since], 275-281 [hunter fried the roe deer, the carcass and the kebabs came together, the roe deer came to life, ran away; the hunter came to the house half a man; he tells how he got to a one-eyed giant with his seven sons; he stabbed a goat, ordered not damage bones; when leaving, he closes the exit from the cave with a rock; eats a horse and a person every day; the narrator roasts on a spit, half of his body burns; the narrator manages to escape; the hunter decides to go to that giant; he again tells not to damage the bones of a slaughtered and cooked goat; revives the goat from bones; the hunter defeated the giant, forced him to take out the bones eaten from the cellar, revive him; The giant is buried in the cellar; the hunter and the lively revive other people and animals eaten; after hitting half a man with a whip, the hunter makes him whole]; Dzagurov 1973, No. 74 [seven brothers came home a seven-headed giant; he put them on a skewer, fried them and ate them; the father turned his daughter into a doe, the hunter chased her, shot her, started frying, the doe came to life, ran away, became a girl again and came back home; he came in her footsteps, said that he had not seen such a miracle; father: this is not a miracle; talks about his dead sons; a hunter comes to that giant, throws his property into the fire, says that the giant could cook firewood for the guest's arrival; pretends to devour a huge amount of meat; actually quietly throws it under the bench; cut the giant's little finger, seven came out killed giant], 99 [Bayev Kazi talks about what happened; when he got married, the best man whipped him into a bull on the first night, a horse on the second night, and a dog on the third; he serves faithfully, but when new the shepherd gave him only bones, called the wolves, ran away; the woman knows it's BK, tells him to steal the whip from the best man, then you'll become human again, and you can turn your wife and best man into whoever you want; he turned them donkeys and worked for them for 60 years until they died; at this time Baji came to him and told him his story; he killed a deer, made a barbecue, the deer came to life and ran away]: 336-339, 415-419; Libedinsky 1978 [ After cutting and frying the hare, Soslan says, There is God; the skin and meat gather again, the hare comes to life and runs away; shouts that S. will see a real miracle beyond the Gumsky Pass]: 127-128; Miller, Ossetian fairy tales, p. 117-121 in Chursin 1956 [a killed and roasted deer comes to life and runs away; tells a surprised hunter that this is not a wonder, let him ask Tsopan; Ts tells how his wife turned him into a duck, then into a dog; as a dog, he freed the rich man's daughter from Satan; Satan gave him a whip with which he regained his human form, turned his wife into a donkey, her new husband into a donkey, and invited neighbors to take firewood on them]: 225; Chechens: Dalgat 1972:268-270 [(according to Magomayev 1897:13); the sledge's wife took the prince as a lover; as if jokingly invites her husband to try his power; he tears iron and steel chains, unable to break the silk rope; lies tied under the bed of lovers; when they fall asleep, asks his young son to bring him a sword, cuts fetters, kills lovers, leaves home with his son ; the deer he killed comes to life, tells him to go to Ali's sledge and hear a more amazing story from him; A. and his eight brothers got into the cave of a one-eyed giant; he cooked the brothers, A. ran away; leaving his son A. the sledge comes to that giant; the giant's goat tells the sledge to tie itself under his belly for the night; at night, the giant wants to kill the sledge, but does not find it; in the morning, the sledge defeats the giant, makes him revive brothers A.; marries sister A.], 271-273 [(Western 1960; =Malsagov 1983, No. 19:111-115); the hunter cut out the liver, lung and heart of the killed deer, he came to life and ran away; the hunter's daughter said what happened Timar, who has a burnt side, is more surprising; T. tells how six brothers met a Nart-ersthöy, who sent them to his house, threw his hat, the brothers could not move her; in his in the cave, the sledge strung the brothers on a spit, fried it; T. was extreme, his side was only burnt, he ran away; after listening to the story, the hunter came to the sledge, kicked his hat away, defeated the sledge, cut off six heads; he asks to leave the last one, shows how to revive the brothers by touching their bones with a whetstone; the hunter killed the sledge, revived the brothers, married their sister; she said she turned into one a revived deer in order to find a way to revive her brothers; its liver, lung and heart are still hurting]; Georgians: Dzidziguri 1971, No. 5 (Racha) [the hunter killed, began to fry chamois, it came to life and ran away shouting that Mayr-Batikoeli's story should be surprised; MB said that the game angel stopped sending him animals to hunt after his wife had a lover; MB found lovers, his wife hit him with a whip, turning him into a dog; turning him into a dog hunting animals after his wife had a lover; MB found lovers, his wife hit him with a whip, after living with the shepherds, the dog returned, his wife turned her into a cat; the cat grabbed the whip, asked God to restore her human appearance; becoming human, MB turned his wife into a donkey, then a pig and her lover into a wolf with a whip; the wolf ate a pig], 6 (Racha) [the hunter killed the tour, told his friend to fry his insides; the tour came to life and ran away, shouting that Bailu-Batoko's adventure should be surprised; BB tells how he found his wife with her lover and she turned him into the dog with a whip; the dog catches a line in the house, which promises to turn it back into a man; the wife whips the dog, turning it into a hawk; another woman tells him to rub himself against that whip; becoming human BB turns his wife and lover into a pair of donkeys, a hog and a pig], 7 (khevsuri) [the hunter killed, began to fry the tour, he came to life and ran away, shouting that Batir's story should be surprised; B. told how he feasted with devils, the bones were collected in a pile; B. hid the shoulder blade, the devils cut out the wooden one, the tour came to life; later B. killed Toura with a wooden shovel; the second adventure: the daughter-in-law, warmed with a whip, turned B. into a dog; as a dog, B. dealt with the wolf pack, then became human again]: 77-79, 80-81, 82-83; Virsaladze 1973, No. 31 (Khuvsureti) [the hunter killed and cut the tour; he jumped up, ran away; hunter: what is it What an amazing thing did I see? devils: this is not surprising, Batyr saw surprisingly; the hunter found B.; he told me how he spent the night in the same place and heard a conversation; - Come, we have a wedding. - I can't, I have a guest. - Pick up the guest from by yourself. Batyr was brought to hell; there they ate three rounds, put the bones in their skins; the devil persuaded him to hide the third round shoulder blade; the devils put a wooden shovel; in the morning B. killed three tours and one shovel was made of wood]: 73-74.