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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

K131. Three wonderful items, ATU 518.

.13.-. (.43.)

Some characters argue for the possession of magic items, but the hero gets the items. Usually he offers debators to race or asks him to try the action of items, and then hides, taking items.

Kordofan, Arabs of Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Berbers of Morocco, Kabiles, Basques, Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians (Ticino, Basilicata), Sicilians, Maltese, Irish, Germans (Pomerania, Grimms, Upper Palatinate), Thousand and One Nights, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemenis, Tibetans, Mustang, Bhutan, Kashmiris, Punjabi, Oriya, Tamils, Moldovans, Romanians, Gagauz people, Hungarians, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Russians (Tersky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Pskov, Tula, Smolensk, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Volyn, Eastern Slovakia, Hutsulshchina, Galicia, Transcarpathia, Ugric Russia), Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Adygs, Abkhazians, Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Georgians (Imereti, Kakheti), Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Tajiks, Sistan Tajiks, Turkmens, Bukhara Arabs, Uzbeks, Estonians, Setus, Finns, Karelians, Livonians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Western Sami, Swedes, Farresians, Norwegians, Danes, Bashkirs, Kazan Tatars, Mari, Mordovians , Udmurts, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Dungans, Uighurs, Tuvans, Buryats, Khalkha Mongols, Dagurs, Darkhats.

Sudan - East Africa. Kordofan (language not specified) [the sultan wants to marry seven sons to girls who would also be sisters; orders to find and take as an assistant a young man named Albedewui, he is also the son of the Sultan; they they meet him, he has a lion skin on him, he calls himself their brother; says that the fakir predicted that if he meets these 7 brothers, he will be happy; after a long journey, they have arrived in town; at home are fine, on goods in the bazaar, but no one; the brothers sat down at the coffee shop; an old gulya came; returned for sleeping pills, put it in coffee; 7 brothers fell asleep, and A. poured out their coffee; gulya ran away, A. quietly followed her; she went down into the hole, where her 7 sons were; as they got upstairs, A. cut off their heads; but Gulya did not go out; A. went down himself; in the underground rest, gulya made a fire; he tied her up, made her show 7 treasure rooms, opened the door to the eighth, where 7 female captives, then cut off the head of the drone; the girls dressed richly and decorated themselves, A. introduced them to 7 brothers; but on the way there is a ghoul; he will let the brothers and girls, if A. gets him the beautiful Sams-Adunia; A. agrees; the ghoul says that the owner of the invisible hat and the airplane mat (with a whip, after which the mat flies to the right place), and his two sons are arguing who should get these items; we must take possession of the mat and bring the SA on it; the ghoul tells A. to give him his ring; when he bent down, A. cut off his head; came to two boys, arguing over wonderful objects; they asked him to resolve the dispute; he threw a piece of wood: whoever brings it will receive the items; the boys ran, and A. took his hat, boarded a plane mat and flew to town SA; the man replies that SA lives on the top floor of the tower and leaves only once a year; A. put on an invisible hat and flew into the SA room; when she found out that it was A., she said that he was her betrothed; what to kidnap she is impossible: her father is too powerful; you have to ask her hand and complete the proposed tasks - she will help; 1) take 7 camels to the savannah, load him with firewood and bring him; SA: these are not camels, but captive young guli; gave a rod, they must knock on the door and say: all seven will go out! then: load firewood and take it home; the camels are done; now the ghoul tells you to climb into a huge cauldron, under which all the firewood brought will be burned; SA gave a ring, you must keep it in your mouth - fire it will not cause harm; and if you rub the stone, any food and drink will appear; the ghoul was going to give a new task, but A. put on an invisible hat, flew to the SA and they flew together to the 7 brothers; Sultan Father died, brothers made A. new; 8 weddings in one day]: Frobenius 1923, No. 11:101-117; Sudanese Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 518:288-289.

North Africa. Kabila [young man Ahmed accidentally entered the garden of seven gennias; the gardener hid it, but the jinnias sensed the man; allowed him to enter all rooms of the palace (which contain treasures) except the seventh; he went in , there are 7 naked beauties swimming in the pool; then they put on feather clothes, flew to heaven; the youngest of the jinnias guessed; said A. that they were the daughters of the king of jinns; advised them to hide their clothes the youngest; gave it for the promise to become his wife; they lived in the jinniah's palace for a year; after the birth of the child, they came to live with mother A.; the wife created a beautiful home there; A. went to visit Jinny, giving his mother the key from the place where he hid his feathers; the Sultan arranged a party, A.'s wife also came there to dance; the Sultan's son is delighted; the woman says that if she wore her clothes, it would be even better, yes mother-in-law does not give; the Sultan's son forced her mother-in-law to return her clothes; taking the child, Jinnia flew away, saying that her husband would be able to find her on Mount Wâk Wâk; A. went in search; three argue over invisible hats, a bag that is filled with whatever you want, a baton that hits itself; A. invites them to race, the winner will get things; A. leaves invisible, taking wonderful objects; invisible enters the palace on Mount Wak-Wak; Jinnie's father punished her for her relationship with a mortal: she is constantly beaten, fed with garbage, and not allowed to wash; A. puts a baton first on his wife's evil sister, then at her father; he allows his daughter and grandson to eat normally and wash themselves; they run away with A.; the king of jinns sends his son to chase; the wife turns herself into a garden, her husband into a gardener, the child into a watermelon; the gardener answers that he did not see anyone, offers to buy watermelons and melons; next time a spring, water, a cup of water on a chain; when the father himself is chasing, the fugitives turn into a pomegranate tree with one fruit on it; father - into a knife, cuts a pomegranate, it contains one seed; the fruit turns into a bird, it rushes to bite the seed; the father, a knife, cuts off the bird's head; but the bird has already become a fish; the father is a fishing line with a hook; once on on the shore, the fish became a barley grain; the hook was a rooster, the grain was a fox, twisted the rooster's neck; everything is fine]: Dermenghem 1945:129-136; the Berbers of Morocco [motif of three wonderful objects; "in the same text, motifs Psyche's returned and the outer soul of a demon who kidnapped the newlywed"]: V. Loubignac. Etude sur le dialecte berbere des Zaian et Ait Sgougou, 1924:341 in Dermenghem 1945:200; Tunisia [after his father's death, Hassan squandered what he had accumulated and then started a shop; the wizard Imbragim came, turned iron into gold, stayed overnight, put H. sleeping pills and carried it away in the chest; ordered the assistant spirit to deliver three camels; H. and I. came to the foot of the mountain; I. ordered H. to climb into the victim's skin camel; vultures carried him to the mountain; there he found a sign; refused to give it to I. until he brought him home; I. left; H. weaved a rope out of the grass, went down; came to the castle of seven daughters of the spirit lord, became their brother; the sisters leave for a month, the youngest tells them not to enter the same room; H. violated the ban, there are flowers and a pond, 10 doves went down, threw off their feathers, became girls; H. fell in love with the youngest, they flew away, he returned to the palace; the returning fairies taught me how to hide the turtleneck feathers; the fairies persuaded the captive to marry H.; 3 years later, I. brought a young man again; the fairy gave H. a magic sword, with which H. cut off I.'s head; ordering the assistant spirit to give three camels, returned with his wife to his mother, and then moved from Basra to Baghdad; the wife gave birth to sons named Nasr and Mansour; H. went to visit the fairy sisters for six months; showed his mother where he hid his wife's feather outfit, ordered her not to give it to her or let her daughter-in-law out of the house; she persuaded her to let her go to the bathhouse; the ruler's wife saw her called; all women show how they dance; wife H. says she would dance better if she got her feather outfit; the eunuch brought a chest with a dress; H.'s wife put on feathers and took both children , flew away, shouting: Let H. look for her on Wakwak Island; H.'s mother dug three graves, told returning H. that his wife and children were dead; but H. dug up the graves, the mother was forced to tell everything; H. returned to fairy sisters; the youngest advised them to ask their father's brother; he took H., flew to the mountain on a flying elephant; then ride a horse to the cave; if there is a man in red, return, if wearing white, his wife You will get it; the man in white leads him on; after his adventures, H. goes to the queen of the heavenly maidens; his sons recognize his father; the queen orders his wife X. to be beaten and thrown into prison, and he finds himself in the desert; two sons of a wizard are fighting for their father's inheritance: a magic wand and an invisible hat; H. threw a stone: whoever brings them faster will give him wonderful items; takes them himself; frees them wife and sons, flies with them on winged horses; his army defeated the queen's army; H.'s wife forgave the queen; H. and his family returned to Baghdad, Harun Arrashid appointed him a vizier]: Stumme 1893, No. 2:13-39; The Arabs of Egypt [the poor musician's wife is giving birth; he went to beg, but found a chicken and an egg; she began to lay eggs that the Jew bought for good money; when the musician went on Hajj, The Jew gave his wife silver and told him to cook chicken; the son came and ate goiter; the servant told him to run; the Jew chased him for a long time, caught up with him, threw himself at him with a knife, but the boy knocked him down and killed him; came to the king's palace, 39 heads hang at the gate; the king's daughter tells the grooms to overcome her, kills her; on the first day, the young man and the princess fight, but the winner is not determined; when the young man falls asleep, the king tells his healers find out what was going on; they cut the young man's chest, took out that chicken's goiter, sewed up the wound imperceptibly; in the morning, the young man realized that he was no longer strong and ran away; three are fighting over a flying carpet filled with food bowls, a hand mill that gives out money; a young man throws a stone: whoever gets first will receive wonderful items; picks them up himself, flies away on a flying carpet; flies to the palace of the royal daughter, puts her in jail on the carpet, carries it to Mount Kaf; but as soon as he comes off the carpet, the princess takes everything and flies away; the young man found dates: a huge horn grows from yellow, disappears from the red one; he collected them, returned to to the palace, sold yellow dates, the princess grew 8 horns; under the guise of a doctor, the young man fed the princess one date - one horn disappeared; one horn every day; the king married him to his daughter, made him a vizier; the young man asked his wife where his wonderful objects were; the princess promised to obey and they began to live well]: Spitta-bey 1883, No. 9:112-122.

Southern Europe. Basques [the mother of two boys's fiance gives her two eggs, tells her to cook them; she leaves them to the cook, goes to church with the groom; the boys accidentally ate eggs; the woman's husband kicked them out; they see three fighting for an invisible hat, a cloak that carries an inexhaustible bag wherever you want; the brothers invite them to run to the tree, the winner will get the items themselves, wrapped in a cloak, they fly away; one became a bishop, the other decided to marry a princess; she stole his objects and left him on the mountain; he meets people giving him figs that make him grow on his head the horn, and the juice of the same fig tree removes the horn; lets a friend sell figs to the palace, the princess and the king and queen grow horns; gives juice in exchange for magic items; marries a princess]: Barandiaran 1962a, No. 36:136-139; Spaniards (Extremadura) [brothers Juan and Perico diverge on separate roads; H. sees three arguing over an inexhaustible purse, the whistle everyone hears, the cloak -plane; H. offers the arguers to race, flies to Rome; becomes a pope; P. becomes poor, comes to Rome, H. recognizes him, sends him three times to marry a princess, each time giving one of wonderful items; the princess takes them away every time; the old woman gives P. three figs, the king buys them, the king, the queen, the princess eat them, their horns grow; the old woman gives him other figs, tells him come disguised as a doctor, he lets the king and queen eat them, and the princess after she returns the wonderful items; he flies with her to Rome, the wedding comes back, made by the king; everything is fine]: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 566:566-570; Portuguese (Algarbe) [the woman has three daughters; the eldest went to the river, saw a carnation in the water, reached for it and disappeared; the same is the middle one (rose), the youngest (jasmine); the woman cried, she had a son; he grew up asking why his mother cried every now and then; when he found out what was going on, he went in search; three guys fight over his father's inheritance: speedboat boots, an invisible hat that opens all doors with a key; the young man threw a stone, invited the three to race, the fastest would get items; he put on his boots himself, took the key and hat, told the boots to be there , where is his older sister; she is happy in the castle; her husband arrives in the form of a bird, then becomes a man; gives her brother a pen to call for help from the king of birds; the same with her middle sister (the king of fish, gives scales ); but the youngest is at the mercy of an old monster, he starves her and keeps her in a dark cave, seeking consent to become his wife; the brother advised his sister to agree to the condition that the old man tell her what he is wearing life; it is in an egg in a dove, and a dove in an iron chest at the bottom of the sea; the king of fish called them together, the sardine was the last: it was crushed by an iron chest; the fish brought it, the young man opened it with his key; the dove flew out, the king of birds told the birds to find her; another dove said that a long-missing friend had flown to her; the young man got a dove, took an egg, told his boots to take it to the monster's cave, broke the egg on his head; at the same moment a spell fell over the husbands of two older sisters, they became human; the younger one went to the monster's treasures]: Braga 2002:117-121; Italians: Crane 1885, No. 36 (Basilicata) [ the poor fisherman swears everything; the devil rises out of the water, promises a rich catch for life if the fisherman gives the child he will be born when he is 13; the fisherman is sure that his wife will not give birth again, promises; Lionbruno was born; at the age of 13 he goes ashore, makes small crosses out of sticks; hell demands to destroy them, L. the latter did not destroy, the head of the fairies Colina took L. away from hell; educates him to make husband; L. wants to go see his parents, K. gives him a wish-fulfilling ruby, other fairies also give something; L. turns his parents' house into a palace; comes to town; with the help of a ruby, wins three times in competitions; the king demands that he take his daughter; L.: my wife is much more beautiful; the king demands to show her; L. turns to ruby; K. sends maids one by one; when she comes by herself, accuses L. of betrayal, he will find her by trampling seven pairs of iron shoes; three robbers stole speedboat boots, an inexhaustible purse and an invisibility cloak; ask L. to judge them; he takes objects and disappears, the robbers continue to fight; L. stays at the old lady, she is Borea, the mother of the winds; she hides him in a chest from her sons; in the morning she promises them not to harm L.; Scirocco cites L. into K.'s room, he hides under the bed, drinks coffee, chocolate and broth that the maid brings for K.; L. opens, wedding]: 136-147; Keller 1981 (Ticino) [someone tramples the meadow at night; the peasant tells his eldest son to guard, he falls asleep; the middle son is the same; the youngest Vittorino sees three white doves at dawn; they take off their clothes from their feathers, turn into girls, dance in the meadow; V. hid the most beautiful clothes; she promises to love him; they live in Sun Castle, where none of the people have been; V. gives her clothes, says at home that he slept all night; the fairy comes back, the wedding; but in the morning must return to the castle; there she is guarded by the monster Orco; she leaves V. a ring; he goes looking for her; two giants fight for speed boots, an invisibility cloak, a sword (her touch brings the dead to life); agree to give this to V. so that he can return his wife; V. comes to the old woman, she calls the animals, but no one knows where Suncastle is; she sends her sister, she asks the fish - the same; she - to her older sister, she calls birds; the phoenix is late because he lives far away, in Suncastle; the old woman tells him to take V. there; he meets his wife, kills Orco with his magic sword; revives his wife's father and brother, whom O. killed; stays with his wife in the castle]: 298-308; Sicilians (Palermo) [{=Gozenbach 1870.1, No. 6:29-30?} ; the poor young man is starving; the Greek promises to support him well, and he will have to work only once a year; once a Greek brought a young man to a steep mountain; stabbed a horse and told him to climb into its skin; the eagle raised his skin together with the young man on the mountain; the young man was supposed to throw stones to the Greek, but when he saw that they were diamonds and gold, he guessed the trap, collected stones and went to look for a place to go down; found a hatch and found himself in the palace of the Sorcerer Savino; he was going to kill and fry the young man: he does this to everyone the Greek sends for jewelry; the young man convinced S. that he had not thrown a single stone to the Greek; then he took him into service: each time to give each of the 12 an end 99 blows with a baton; one of the horses says that they were all human too, but S. bewitched them; let the young man hit the ground with a truncheon so that S. could hear blows, and horses will laugh; the horse says that in the morning 12 turtles fly to the pond, take off their clothes, become girls and swim; you have to hide the most beautiful clothes; the young man did so, ran and ran to his mother's house, the girl after him; the young man warned his mother not to let his daughter-in-law out of the house; but when the young man went to sell the jewelry brought from the mountain, the wife begged his mother-in-law to give her the hidden clothes, put them on and flew away with their necks; the young man went in search; three robbers ask to share the items they stole: an inexhaustible purse, speedboat boots, an invisible cloak; the young man pretends to wants to check if the objects are really like this, takes everything and disappears; finds himself again on the same pond and steals and immediately burns his wife's pigeon clothes; the wife promises to stay with him, but he must To kill a sorcerer and restore a human form to horses - snatch three hairs from everyone; he does; it turns out that his wife is the daughter of the King of Spain]: Calvino 1980, No. 164:591-594; Maltese [in a house on golden mountain, the young man shoved off the lamp with his foot, hears a voice: order! using the spirit of the lamp, he creates a castle of gold and silver bricks that appears in front of the royal one; a young man marries a princess and receives the throne; his former employee comes in the form of a beggar and changes a magic lamp for an ordinary one (the maid advised the young man's wife to do this); the young man goes in search; three giants are fighting for a magic tablecloth, speeders and an invisible cloak, objects go to the young man; the invisible, the young man comes to the mother of the winds (southwest, west, northwest); their mother promises them not to harm the young man; the west wind leads the young man to his wife; she offers the kidnapper compete to see who drinks more; they take the lamp, leaving the kidnapper chained and the petrel bites his meat]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 561:194-195.

Western Europe. The Irish [the king of one of the four parts of Ireland sends his son to school; the sons of the kings of the other three parts send the young man to his father to kill him himself; otherwise they will kill both father and son; the son goes to travel, takes five pounds with him; in the cemetery, two people try to put the coffin in the grave, and the other two do not allow him to do so; they demand 5 pounds from the dead man in debt; the young man gives them his money; soon Shaking-Head approaches him, becomes his companion; they consistently come to three giants; TG forces them to give up a black horse that the enemy will not catch up with, a sword that kills everyone, a cloak of darkness that makes the person wearing it invisible; a young man marries a princess who has not met the matchmaking conditions on stakes; the princess gives a ring, the young man must in the morning get it back; he puts it by the cheek, but the princess puts everyone to sleep, turns the maid into a rat, she tickles the young man in his nose, he sneezes, the rat takes the ring; the princess brings it to the giant, gives it to him; all this sees TG invisible to others, takes the ring, returns it to the young man; on the second night, the comb; the maid in the guise of a cat takes it, the giant throws it into the sea, but TG intercepts it, brings it to the young man; the third task: you have to show the head in the morning that the princess will kiss in the evening; TG cuts off the giant's head, brings it; wedding; when he returns to Ireland, TG explains that he is the redeemed dead , disappears; the kings of three parts of Ireland go to war; TG reappears, brings the young man's father-in-law's army, it smashes enemies, the boy's father, and soon he himself becomes king of all Ireland]: Curtin 1975:121-134 ; Germans (Pomerania) [the forester has a daughter and a son; parents do not allow the children to find a mate; they sit on horses, jump away; telling his sister to wait, the young man makes a noise: three giants share the inheritance father, asked for help; the young man wants to try, these are really valuables; puts a ring on his finger, tenfold; puts on an invisible cloak; takes an inexhaustible purse and all the cutting sword; tells the giants that he goes to heaven to their father for advice, disappears himself; he did not say anything to his sister; they reached an endless stone wall; the young man hit her with his fist and made his way; behind the wall there is a country giants; her king is smaller than others (giants: so smart); he fell in love with a girl, and she does not mind, but her brother interferes; giant: let the girl pretend to be sick, ask her brother to bring 1) two golden fruits from an orange tree guarded by giants; a young man cut off the heads of 48 giants (two begged them to spare them), brought oranges; 2) living water from a well guarded by lions; a young man killed a lion, and the lioness replaced him with a dog; the young man found a tower in which the king of giants imprisoned the kidnapped English princess; the young man released her, signaled the ship on the shore, gave the captain money to he took the princess to her father; the captain and navigator forced the princess to call them her saviors; but she refused to marry and set up an almshouse; the sister tells the young man that she will recover if he says , what is his strength; handed the magic objects to the giant; he summoned the two remaining giants, ordered the young man to be taken away and his tongue and eyes cut out; the young man begged them to leave their tongue, so they brought it to the giant the lioness's tongue; the giant and the boy's sister celebrated the wedding; the young man was given milk by a lioness, and wild animals brought him berries and roots; the sailors who sailed ashore agreed to take the young man to England, but let will send the lioness away; but she swam caught up with the ship and showed that she was not dangerous; the sailors left the young man and the lioness in that almshouse and the princess recognized him; when he married the princess, the young man became a prince himself; one day his wife took him into the forest, he fell into a stream whose water healed blindness; began to see better than before; leaving his wife in the care of a lioness, he sailed on a ship to take revenge on his sister; when he went to the wall, he saw that giants they repaired the break; because of such a failure, he wanted to stab himself, but accidentally caught the mouse king; he promised to tell his subjects to dig under the wall; the mice performed, took out the ring and brought it to the prince; he again broke through the wall, found his sword, purse and cloak; forced those two giants to carve out their tongues for his sister and king of giants and gouge out their eyes; and the blinded were eaten by beasts; left the country to those two giants, taking they promised to behave well, and returned to his wife]: Jahn 1891, No. 37:202-208; the Germans (Pomerania) [returning from afar, the king ordered the fisherman to bring vendace fish immediately; he replied that it had they do not exist, but the king does not want to listen; the fisherman threw a net, but there is no vendace; someone came up and promised to help the fisherman if he promised to give him something he did not know at home in 14 years; and let he would sign in blood; the fisherman brought vendace and found out that the wife had given birth to a son and the queen had a daughter; when he found out what was going on, the king refused to eat the fish and ordered it to be thrown back into the sea; the fisherman's son grew up in the castle as prince; when he found out that the devil had been promised, the young man cried; but a tiny man came, gave him a book and said it would help; the hell took the young man hundreds of miles away; demanded that he throw the book away, threatened to throw it at the sea, but he did not throw it away; and when they landed, the young man drew a cross sign in the sand so that the devil could not leave; he had to hand over a receipt and write another one stating that he had no control over young man; hell flew away, and the young man went across the plain; six days later he saw a mound and a door; an old man in the room; he was ready to receive the young man, but when he went to the hill, he must stay to the left and not turn to the right; but to him I was tired of it; the old man warned that death was waiting to go to the right; the young man still went, there was an iron gate in front of him; someone's hands seemed to raise him and found himself in the room; everything he wanted appeared immediately; In the evening, a black woman came in and disappeared; at 11, three dwarfs came in, told the young man to play cards with them; he did not react; then they began to play with him like a ball, and disappeared at midnight; the young man woke up when the sun was already high; on the second day it was the same; the woman was half white; until 12, the young man was cut and slaughtered, and then he was whole again; on the third evening the woman became three-quarters bright; the young man was talked to in the voice of his father, but he knew it was all hell; the same was his mother; he woke up in the royal bedchamber; a disgraced princess threw herself around his neck; one day a young man wanted to go home to bring him parents; wife: here's a white horse, it will ride, but it can only carry one person - leave your parents where they are now; the horse flew above the clouds; the parents did not recognize their son; when he opened, he met also with the king; he paraded; but the young king told the old king that his kingdom was much larger and his wife was incomparably more beautiful than the king's daughter; his wife warned him not to say anything, but the king violated her order and was now thrown into prison; he asked the children to bring his white horse, but he was not there; but then the old king received a letter from the young wife: to let her husband go, otherwise the city will be turned to ashes; when he saw the young king's wife and her warriors, the old king realized that the young king was telling the truth; the wife disappeared, leaving her husband with iron shoes and a staff: she would find her when she was worn out; in The forest came across three people who shared the inheritance: an invisible cloak, boots by leaps and bounds, and a hat that shoots silently; the king put on his cloak, took everything and disappeared; came to the house, where the cannibal mother of the month; had dinner; then to the Sun; on the third evening to the Wind; he knows where the kingdom of the king's wife is; she is now celebrating a new wedding; they immediately flew in and the wind caused a terrible storm; the Queen sent a master to repair the towers; the king agreed with him that he would give him a job in the queen's room; when the newlyweds came in, the king beat them while remaining invisible; the groom thought it was hell and ran away; the king opened Queen; the wedding took place, but they]: Jahn 1891, No. 54:281-298; Germans: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 92 [=Grimm, Grimm 1987:251-256; the merchant's ships sank, he went broke; the black man promises to enrich if in 12 years the merchant brings what is now the first to push him in the leg; his son pushed him; 12 years later, the young man went to that little man; he sent him to sail on the ship; the ship arrived at an enchanted castle; there the snake will become a princess again if the young man suffers the torture of 12 black men for three nights; he endured it, lives with the princess for 8 years, then decides to visit his father; the princess gives the ring; it will take you wherever you want, but the husband should not use it to carry it to his father; he came to his father disguised as a poor shepherd, his mother recognized him by his birthmark; to prove that he was married to princess, son carried his wife and child to show her father; the wife was offended; when the husband fell asleep, returned to her place, taking the ring but leaving her shoe; three giants argue over a saber that will cut off all heads, except for one, an invisible cloak, speeding boots; the man asked the giants to let him try things, moved to his wife; she feasts while sitting on the throne; he himself sat on the throne, cut off the heads of those who tried it drive out]: 310-314; Germans [the witch has three sons; she turned the eldest into an eagle, the middle one into a whale, wanted to make the youngest a wolf or bear, but he ran away from home; in the castle of the golden Sun languishes in Queen captive; 23 young men have already died trying to rescue her; two giants are arguing over a hat that carries her anywhere; the young man offers to give it to him: he will go and give it to the first one before him will run; wearing a hat, she is transferred to the Sun Castle; the queen is ugly, her true appearance is only visible in the mirror; to kill the wizard, you have to get a crystal ball and show it to him; a ball in a fiery egg, an egg in a bird, a bird in a bison; if the egg falls to the ground, everything burns and melts; a young man kills a bison, an eagle brother caught up and killed a bird, the egg fell into a hut by the sea, the whale brother filled it with water and extinguished the fire; Seeing the balloon, the wizard said that his power was gone, a young man would become the lord of the castle, his brothers were disgraced, he would marry a queen]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 197:572-574 (=Grimm, Grimm 1987:440-441); Cerf 1992 [an old woman predicts to a childless king that he will have a son, but will disappear in the 12th year; when Ferdinand is 12, he goes to a wedding with his parents, chases a deer, loses his way; appears the old woman, offers to carry it, carries it across the river to her house; she has 3 daughters, the youngest Lenore; after a while the old woman tells 1) to scoop out the lake with a spoon (L. drains it); 2) turn the forest into firewood ( L. performs); 3) build a palace not out of wood, brick or stone (L. builds from gold and silver); 3) choose a bride among the old woman's three daughters (L. has a speck of blood on her forehead); at night L. turns 2 pillows like people, young people run away, an old woman hits pillows with an ax; the middle sister is chasing, L. turns herself into a mug of beer, F. into a mug lid, tells her to hit her sister in the teeth; older sister (cherry tree and a thorny bush, the thorns are scratched); an old woman chases, L. turns herself and F. into two ducks, they swim across the river; the old woman sends her daughter a dowry across the river in three boxes; the prince leaves L. prepare a reception at her father's castle; L. tells no one to kiss, the old nurse kisses, F. forgets everything; L. became a townsman, three of the prince's servants come to her one by one; she asks her to close the door first, he sticks to the hook; the second to the scoop by the stove; the third to the calf in the yard; the king marries a prince, the wedding carriage breaks down near the house in which L.; she gives the door to the boards to repair the carriage, asks him to take it to the wedding; wears the first dowry dress given by her mother; the young gives F. for the night for the dress, but puts F. to sleep; the next day, the glob in the carriage broke, L. gives his scoop; the same; on the third day only that calf moves the carriage; the servant told F. everything, he waits for L., but she accuses F. of forgetfulness, retires to the castle between earth and sky; F. goes in search; two giants argue over leaps and bounds boot; F. invites them to race, runs away himself in boots; the other two giants, an invisible coat; the third is a saddle that carries through the air; F. gets to the mother of the Month, the mother of the Sun, the mother of the Sun, the mother of the Sun, the mother of the Sun Winds; only the Wind knows where the castle is - he dried the laundry washed before the wedding; F. appears in front of L.; her new fiancé himself says that if they find old keys, new ones are not needed; F.'s wedding with L.]: 53-76 ; Schönwerth 1981 (Upper Palatinate) [gardener's son Hans went on a journey; saw a castle in the depths of the forest; a woman in black served him dinner, pointed out the bed, and left; a black man came in at night and began to torture G.; in the morning the woman was in gray, the next night G. was tortured by two men; on the third morning, the woman came out in white, begged him to wait for the third night; Hans was beaten and tortured by three, but in the morning the princess was disgraced; G. married her; wanted to visit his father; the princess gave a ring to summon her in case of trouble; G. appeared in the guise of a prince, the king held a ball in honor of him; but the guests did not allow their wives to dance with G., because he was too handsome; then G. called his wife with a ring to impress everyone with her beauty; in the morning G. woke up alone, next to his old clothes and a pair of iron boots; his wife wrote that the punishment leaves him, and if he wants to see her again, he must wear out his iron boots; G. went in search and saw three arguing for the possession of an inexhaustible purse, speeders and invisibility cloaks; G. promised to resolve the dispute, but first asked permission to try the items; took them and disappeared; sees a man running - this is the wind that hurries to dry the princess's underwear, whose wedding; G. overtakes him, gives him the end of the rope, let him hold on to it and fly with him; at the tavern G. found out that tomorrow the princess must choose a husband; stood invisible at the altar and knocked the book out of his hands priest; gave the groom a toothpick, he flew away; at the feast, remaining invisible, he began to give all his food to the poor; dropped the ring, the servant picked it up and gave it to the princess, because it had her name on it; she recognized G.; he showed his iron boots - they are not worn out yet; wedding]: 20.

Western Asia. A thousand and one nights [a Persian praises the jeweler Hasan, offers to adopt him, promises to teach him a better craft; mother H. does not trust a stranger; the next morning, a stranger makes copper is a gold bar, H. asks to teach him how to create gold; this can only be learned in a Persian's house; they go to H.'s house, the Persian drinks it, puts it in a chest, puts money in another and jewelry, sends chests to the ship; the ship sails away; mother H. builds a tomb with her son's name and lives in it; H. will be killed a thousandth if she does not betray his faith, but H. refuses to worship fire, The Persian tortures him while they are on the ship; during the storm, the sailors blame the Persian, they want to kill him, he apologizes to H., the storm subsides; the Persian and H. go down to land, ride camels; the Persian sews H. into the camel's skin, the bird lifts the skin up the mountain; there's firewood and human bones; the Persian asks to dump the firewood, they are needed for alchemy; H. dumps firewood, the Persian leaves, leaving H. on the mountain; H. rushes into the sea, takes him ashore, where the palace of the enemies of the Persian, there are seven daughters of the genie; H. stays with them; a year later, a Persian appears with a prisoner, who is going to gather send to the mountain; H. kills a Persian, throws his head into the fire; frees the prisoner; girls leave for two months; H. opens the forbidden door; 10 birds arrive; H. hides; birds turn into girls; bathe; H. falls in love with the elder; the bird girls fly away; X. withers from love; Ginnia comes back, H. talks about everything to the youngest, she promises to help; the older gennias go hunting, the youngest advises H. to hide the feathers of the bird girl; the gennias arrange their wedding; H. dreams of his mother, he goes to her; in case of difficulty, he must hit the Persian's drum and the camels will take him to the jinnia; in mother H.'s house, his wife gives birth to two sons; H. decides to visit Jinny, punishes his mother not to go to town with his wife; the wife violates the ban, goes to the bathhouse, sees her by the Caliph's slave, tells his wife; she demands to call his wife H. to her place, dresses her; wife H. says that she has feather clothes, let her mother-in-law give them back; the servant brings clothes, wife X. turns into a bird, takes the children and flies away - let the husband looking for her on the Wak Islands; H. goes to the gennias for help; Uncle Jinny takes a horse out of the mountain, gives a letter; on horseback X. reaches the mountain where the mighty sheikh gives a letter; he is allowed into the mountain; he is given a new letter and a case with firefighting accessories that can be used to summon the sheikh in case of trouble; H. flies on the back of the efreet, gives a letter to the king; the king explains how to proceed ; Hasan is secretly put on the ship; after getting off the ship, H. hides under a bench; at night asks for protection from a warrior girl, she brings him armor; H. mixes with warriors; the warrior girl takes off her clothes, turns out to be an old woman; an old warrior commands an army of women, ready to help; tells how to get to Wack Island; H. goes with her army through the island of birds; through the island of animals; through the island of genies ; H. describes his wife to the warrior, the old woman recognizes the king's eldest daughter; H. must recognize his wife among other girls; he does not know if the queen is going to cut his head; the old woman intercedes; says that in There is no woman left in the city but the queen herself; she must also appear to H.; he sees that the queen looks like his wife; she is her sister; the queen orders her sister to be brought with her children; children are brought before the mother; the queen makes sure that the boys are the sons of H.; the queen beats her sister; talks about everything to her husband, the father of the bird girls; the sorcerer's two children quarrel over a copper stick, which Genies and invisible caps obey; H. invites them to race, picks up wonderful objects; invisible, goes to his wife, she is crucified and tied to her hair; H. opens to his children unties his wife, the old woman opens the gate, the Ifrites give X. three horses; genies sticks defeat the queen's army, she is captured; X.'s wife stands up for her, reconciles; the queen and the old woman go to their own city; on the way, they thank the king who put H. on the ship and both sheikhs; the sheikhs ask them to give them a wand and hat for their help; H. and his family visit the jinnias, thanks the youngest, returns home]: Salye 2010, night 778-831:594-702; Yemenis [a man hung a sword from the ceiling: which of his sons can grab a sword; the sons of two wives failed, the concubine's son grabbed; the elder wife poisoned food, handed over through the son of another wife to the son of the concubine; the bird, the dog tried, died; the son of the concubine and the son of the second wife leave; they come to the city where Afrite kidnapped the princess and gives water in exchange for girls; the son of a concubine forces Afrit to bring him to his lair; kills him; frees 14 princesses kidnapped and hanged by the hair; after the king's death, people choose the first person they meet as new; the concubine's son leaves his younger brother as king there, leaves himself; the Hindu invites him to go to India; there he leads to the mountain, tells him to climb into the killed camel; the eagle will lift the carcass up the mountain, we must throw it off there is dry brushwood; once on the mountain, the young man sees three dead and half alive; he explains that the Hindu told them to throw off the brushwood, but in fact the gold lying everywhere; but he did not let it go back; the young man He jumped off a cliff into the sea, sailed to the island; there is the palace of the seven daughters of the king of the genies of the West; they make him a brother; when they fly away, they tell him not to go into the garden; he comes in, there is a pond, swimming in it, taking off the clothes of the doves, seven daughters of the king of the genies of the East; he hides the youngest's clothes; the daughters of the king of the genies of the West return, telling this girl to marry the young man; they are transferred to the city where the young man's brother is king; then he goes to visit his father, but everyone died there and only his mother is alive; he is building a palace, telling his mother not to show his wife her pigeon clothes; the king next door kidnaps the young man's wife, tells her to dance; she says that if her mother-in-law will bring her pigeon clothes, the dance will be better; the servants bring the clothes; the maiden flies away with the children, asks her mother-in-law to tell her husband to look for her on Waq Al Waq Island; the son's mother first He lies that his wife and children are dead, but he opens the graves - it is empty; a young man meets two Afrit sons arguing over an invisible Kufia, a sword and a staff (summons genies helpers); a young man throws a stick - whoever brings it first will receive a kufia and a staff; puts on the kufia, becomes invisible, calls the genies to move it to Wak Al-Wak Island; there he applies to the old genniha's chest; she tells you to turn to the queen of the island - she knows all the women there; he does not find a wife among the gathered; the queen put her in prison because she married a mortal; using kufia, the young man enters the prison; he is seen by his sons, his wife agrees to return to him; genies defeat the queen's warriors; a young man with his family returns home, kills a Hindu, burns pigeon clothes]: Daum 1992, No. 13:130-145; Iraqi Arabs [Hasan is the only one the son of a wealthy merchant; his father married him to a worthy bride, but in the morning H. disappeared; his daughter-in-law asks her father-in-law to allow her to act as his son; became famous for her hospitality; Sheikh Hatim at-Tai (HT), who is also famous for his hospitality, offered her to marry him; she agreed that he would find out what happened to her missing husband; HT went in search; ordered a new one in one city the saddle to a saddle named Hasan as-Sarraj; HT is happy with the new saddle, but the craftsman suddenly cut it to pieces and returned the money; promised to explain his behavior if HT told him the story of the shoemaker Yusuf al- Iskari; HT found him and saw him go up to the minaret every now and then and then and then and look around; the shoemaker promised to explain his behavior if HT described to him the story of the blacksmith Yakub Al-Haddad; HT saw him; standing by the anvil, he hit not her with a hammer, but on his head: first on the forehead, then on the temple, then on the top of his head; he fell and was carried home; HT came and began to ask questions; but the blacksmith demanded that HT first tell him the story of the fisherman Dawud as-Sammak; he was standing by the river and directing the crowd: people threw handfuls of wheat and lentils into the water; the fisherman is ready to give explanations if HT says what causes wind and rain; HT rode into the desert; two fought by raising clouds of dust; they argue over a flying carpet, let a man judge them; HT threw a stone: who was first he would bring it; HT stood on the flying carpet and he brought it to the marble palace; there was an old man and a dog tied so that he could not escape into the shade of the scorching sun; the old man reluctantly agreed to tell his story; he is a genie in Suleiman's service; he gave him two mares; if you ride one, it would rain, the wind would rise on the other; gave a magic wand to turn people into animals; a dog is an uncle's wife and daughter , whom the narrator raised and married; one day he woke up, but his wife was gone, like the rain mare; in the evening he cut his hand to stay awake and secretly followed his wife in the wind mare; saw how caves terrible efreet asks what detained the woman: her children cry and want to eat; when his wife flew back, the narrator cut off the head of the efrita, put it in a bag and flew home, having time to go to bed before wife's return; asked his wife for fruit in the morning; wife: it's not the season; husband: look what's in the bag; the wife begged for forgiveness, but he turned her into a dog, keeps her on water and bread and whips her; dog wept; the narrator was going to kill HT because he found out his shame, but HT asked permission to go to the roof for his last prayer; flew away on a flying carpet; returned it to the genies, told the fisherman about in the rain and wind, he spoke about himself; one day he pulled out a huge fish; it regurgitated a diamond and jumped back into the water; a fisherman sold a diamond for a thousand gold dinars, but wasted it all to make it again find that fish; so he hits himself with a hammer - let HT kill him; HT: God punished you for refusing to spend money usefully, I'm not your judge; HT told the fisherman's story to a blacksmith; he began the story, asking HT to kill him later; he was a wealthy merchant, went with a caravan, leaving his pregnant wife in the care of his mother; after multiplying his fortune, he returned many years later and looked into the house: there is his wife with a young man; he has killed his mother, wife and alleged lover; in the morning he finds out that it was his son; gradually he went broke and became a blacksmith; strikes himself three times when his mother stands in front of him, wife, son and ask what they did wrong; HT: May God increase your suffering, you brought it on yourself; after hearing the blacksmith's story, the shoemaker also asks you to kill him when he finishes his story; one day a huge bird sat on the minaret; the shoemaker got up and grabbed her leg, but she soared into the air, carrying it; flew into the garden, everything was there for a feast, the man tasted 39 dishes, but from the 40th he could no longer; 40 colorful birds flew in; each: whoever ate from my plate will become my husband; the fortieth bitterly: my brother; these are 40 enchanted daughters of a genie; in a year a man has 39 sons and 39 wives; and then he encroached on the 40th; she flapped her wings and he found himself where he is; HT: God gives chestnuts to the toothless; I will not coat the sword with the blood of someone who rejected God's blessing; HT gave this story to the saddler and he also asked him to take his life when he finished his own; he was married to the most beautiful girl, but in the morning she disappeared; he paints a portrait of her in every saddle he made, and then he cannot with him part and destroys the saddle to prevent the customer from taking it away; HT realized that Hassan was in front of him and returned it to his wife; everyone is happy, and HT was still famous for his generosity]: Bushnaq 1987:94-104; Iraqi Arabs [Hasan is the only son of a wealthy merchant; his father married him to a worthy bride, but in the morning H. disappeared; his daughter-in-law asks her father-in-law to allow her to act as his son; she became famous for her hospitality; sheikh Hatim At-Tai (HT), who is also famous for his hospitality, offered her to marry him; she agreed that he would find out what happened to her missing husband; HT went in search; in one The city ordered a new saddle to a saddle named Hasan as-Sarraj; HT is happy with the new saddle, but the craftsman suddenly cut it to pieces and returned the money; promised to explain his behavior if HT told him a story shoemaker Yusuf al-Iskari; HT found him and saw him go up to the minaret every now and then and then; the shoemaker promised to explain his behavior if HT described him the story of the blacksmith Yakub al-Haddad; HT saw him; standing by the anvil, he hit not her with a hammer, but on his head: first on the forehead, then on the temple, then on the top of his head; he fell and was taken home; HT came and began to ask questions; but the blacksmith demanded that HT first tell him the story of the fisherman Dawud as-Sammak; he was standing by the river and directing the crowd: people threw handfuls of wheat into the water and lentils; fisherman willing to explain if HT says what causes wind and rain; HT rode into the desert; two fought by raising clouds of dust; they argue over the flying carpet, let the man judge them; HT threw a stone: who would bring it first; HT stood on the flying carpet and he brought it to the marble palace; there was an old man and a dog tied so that he could not escape into the shade of the scorching sun; the old man reluctantly agreed to talk about himself; he is a genie in Suleiman's service; he gave him two mares; if you ride one, it would rain, the wind would rise on the other; gave a magic wand to turn people into animals; A dog is the wife and daughter of an uncle, whom the narrator raised and married; one day he woke up and his wife was gone, like a rain mare; in the evening he cut his hand to stay awake and secretly followed his wife on mare in the wind; saw a terrible efreet ask at the cave what detained the woman: her children are crying and hungry; when his wife flew back, the narrator cut off the head of the efrita, put it in a bag and flew home, having gone to bed before his wife returned; asked his wife for fruit in the morning; wife: it's not the season; husband: look what's in the bag; the wife begged for forgiveness, but he turned her into a dog, keeps her on the water and bread and whips; the dog wept; the narrator was going to kill HT because he found out his shame, but HT asked permission to go to the roof for his last prayer; flew away on a flying carpet; returned it genies, told the fisherman about the rain and wind, he talked about himself; one day he pulled out a huge fish; it regurgitated a diamond and jumped back into the water; the fisherman sold a diamond for a thousand gold dinars, but in vain spent all of them to find that fish again; so he hits himself with a hammer - let HT kill him; HT: God punished you for refusing to spend money usefully, I'm not your judge; HT told the story of a fisherman to a blacksmith; he began the story by asking HT to kill him later; he was a wealthy merchant, went with a caravan, leaving his pregnant wife in the care of his mother; having multiplied his fortune, returned through many years, I looked into the house: his wife and young man were there; he killed his mother, wife and alleged lover; in the morning he found out that it was his son; gradually he went broke and became a blacksmith; strikes himself three times when His mother, wife, son stand in front of him and ask him what they did wrong; HT: May God increase your suffering, you brought it on yourself; after hearing the blacksmith's story, the shoemaker also asks you to kill him when he will finish his story; one day a huge bird sat on the minaret; the shoemaker got up and grabbed her leg, but it soared into the air, carrying it; flew into the garden, everything for a feast, the man tasted 39 dishes, and from the 40th I could no longer; 40 colorful birds flew in; each: whoever ate from my plate will become my husband; the fortieth bitterly: my brother; these are 40 enchanted daughters of a genie; in a year the man has 39 sons with 39 wives; and then he encroached on the 40th; she flapped her wings and he found himself where he is now; HT: God gives chestnuts to the toothless; I will not coat the sword with the blood of someone who rejected God's blessing; HT handed over this story to the saddler, and he also asked him to take his life when he finished his own; he was married to the most beautiful girl, but in the morning she disappeared; he paints a portrait of her in every saddle he made, and then he cannot part with him and destroys the saddle so that the customer does not take it away; HT realizes that Hassan is in front of him and returned it to his wife; everyone is happy, and HT was still famous for his generosity]: Bushnaq 1987:94- 104; Palestinians: El-Shamy 2004, No. 518:288-289

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans: Yeongdong 1989 [translated Indian sources]: 52; Waddell 1931 [(one of the "ghost stories"; turquoise and golden frogs give water only in exchange for human sacrifice; prince and his a friend kills frogs, they tell them to eat them, they will regurgitate turquoise, gold; the inn owner and her daughter solder them to regurgitate more gold; friends take them away, supposedly resolving their dispute, an invisible hat for children, a demon speed boots; a prince is elected king, a friend is chosen as a minister; the prince marries the daughter of a former king; the minister watches how the prince's wife comes to the old fortress on a date with Togkarko, flying in the form of a bird; the minister lures the bird into the palace, burns it; finds a carpet lying on which it turns into a donkey and back into a human; puts it on the hostesses of the inn ; three years later, the king orders that the hard-worn donkeys be turned back into women]: 187-192 (=Shelton 1925, No. 23:94-102); the Tibetans (Sichuan) [the king's son, the son of a nobleman and the son of a tarkhan (master) went wander by planting a tree; whoever is unhappy, his tree will wither away; the sons of the king and the noblemen married; the son of Tarkhan saw three devils arguing over an invisible hat, a stick and a bag; a young man tells them to race, puts on a hat, takes away objects; sees a person collecting red leaves (turned into a monkey) and white leaves (regaining their human appearance); takes a supply of leaves both kinds; told the stick to take him and that man's daughter to an island where there were no people and many fruits; a child was born; the young man went to get the eggs of the Garudi bird, and the wife told the stick to carry her and the child to her father; the young man fed three poultry chicks: one with meat, the other with tendons, and the third with bones; only the third was able to fly across the sea; the young man flew over it; rubbed the faces of his wife's children with red leaves, they became monkeys; disguised as a llama, he said that there was a dangerous object brought from across the sea in the house, it was the cause of the misfortune; the wife returned the stick, and the young man returned its children to their human appearance; received a drawing of a donkey, who turns him into a donkey; the tree of the nobleman's son is half dry; the young man has found him, he has an evil mother-in-law; the young man turned her into a donkey, sold her for hard work; comes to the king's son; his wife at night locks it and disappears himself; the young man, wearing his hat, follows that woman to the son of Tengria; he senses bad things, promises to come to the woman himself, forbids her to make a fire and hold the cat, tries hand over the ring, and the young man intercepts it; the prince pretends to be sick, tells him to make a fire and give him a cat; Tengria's son arrives in the form of a bird, the cat caught it, the prince threw the bird into the fire; The prince had a feast; the young man appeared, wearing that ring and bringing the dog; when he saw the ring, the prince's wife thinks that she has her former lover in front of her, but the dog is embarrassed - suddenly he is a shepherd; she has grown cold to lover, fell in love with the prince]: Potanin 1914:421-424; Mustang: Kretschmar 1985, No. 45 [the king, the rich man and the beggar have 3 sons; the middle sons go on a journey; in one place they choose a king, firing an arrow, she falls on the prince, who remains king in this city; elsewhere, the elephant points to the son of a rich man as the groom of another rich man's daughter; the son of a beggar goes alone; three boys argue about who an invisible hat will get; the son of a beggar invites them to race, picks up a hat; elsewhere, three boys argue over an iron stick that takes them anywhere and wins everyone (the same); the beauty will be given to the one who gets the golden peacock; the invisible son of the beggar stands behind the statue of the deity and, on his behalf, orders the girl to be passed off as yoga, who will come and beat the drum; the son of a beggar married on the beauty, she learned the secret of wonderful objects and took them away; the monkey gives him two types of flowers: turning him into monkeys and turning him back into people; to fly across the ocean, the beggar's dreams fattened a swan, he carried it; at his wife's wedding, the young man mixed flowers into beer, people turned into monkeys; he turned his wife back into a man, promised to turn the others if they returned his staff and hat; theirs returned, he turned the monkeys into people, went to the son of the rich man; with him they flew to the king's son; he was attacked by enemies, the son of the beggar defeated them with his staff; then all three went to the lower world and got a wife for the son of a beggar], 46 [the sons of a king, minister, servant, beggar leave home because the king and minister wanted to get rid of the son of a beggar who could be a bad influence on their sons; in one city an elephant points to the prince when a king is elected, in the other to the son of a minister; the servant's son marries the daughter of the elderly; the son of a beggar goes to look for Buddha; two spouses fight over an invisible hat, young men over lashes that carry any distance, children - from behind a bag that gives you what you want; each time the son of a beggar invites the arguers to race, takes away objects; elderly spouses ask to ask Buddha, why do the corals they have in the morning disappear in the evening; the son of a beggar comes to Buddha; he puts sand in the beggar's son's bag, he turns into gold and silver; says that in a previous life the spouses are stingy - let them now give someone corals; the young man tells the whip to transfer it to those spouses, they give him corals, he marries their daughter; wife and mother-in-law learn secrets, take it magical items are transferred to another kingdom, where the daughter marries the king; the son of a beggar climbed into Garuda's nest, poured out the contents of one of the four eggs, climbed inside; Garuda, who flew in, sat on her eggs the outer soul flew out in the form of a bee, the son of a beggar killed her, Garuda died, the beggar's son brought three eggs, put them in the warm sand, three chicks hatched; the chicks hatched, he fed one with bones, the other meat, the third with bone marrow; tied the stone to the first, the bird flew, fell into the river; the same second; the one that ate the brain carried the son of a beggar across the river, and then to the king's palace, for which His ex-wife came out; on the way, the young man collected red and white flowers; threw them to the Queen of Reds, she died; disguised as a llama, the son of a beggar said that three items should be given; after receiving them, he planted them The queen has white flowers, she came to life, and he flew away; arranged the business of his three friends, stayed in the servant's son's house], 46:247-254, 255-264; Bhutan [a smart and resourceful guy was wandering; two fighting over invisible hats; the guy tells them to move away and run to him, whoever gets the first to get a hat; puts it on himself, leaves; also gets a wooden vessel that gives any food and a flying drum; gets married; told his wife about the vessel and the drum; flew with her across the lake to the mountains to pray; she sat on the drum, took the vessel and flew to her parents; pieces of food fell from above into the cave; it was the garuda that made a nest on a tree and feeds chicks; this is what the guy feeds on; one day he sees a snake crawling to the nest; killed it; grateful garuda parents carried him back across the lake; he saw a hermit pick up a yellow flower , becomes a monkey, climbs a tree and eats fruit, and then takes white and becomes human again; the guy plucked a flower, comes to his wife in an invisible hat, turned her into a monkey; then he came to in the guise of a soothsayer; said that there was stolen goods in the house;; he was given a vessel and a drum, he restored his wife to her human appearance and left]: Choden 1994:73-77.

South Asia. Kashmiris [three heirs argue over a self-propelled chair, an object that provides food, money that makes ointments invisible; the hero shoots arrows, offers to run after them, picks up items] : Knowles 1893:85-87 in Thompson, Roberts 1960, No. 518:78; Punjabi [three heirs argue over a self-propelled bed, an object that provides food, water, over a stick and rope that binds; the hero fires arrows, offers to run after them, picks up items]: Stokes 1879:153-163 in Thompson, Roberts 1960, No. 518:78; Oriya [Prince's friend is the son of a clergyman (mantri), sees in a pool in the forest and a painted female portrait; tries to hide it from the prince, but he sees it, falls in love; a snake with a diamond on his head crawls out of the pond, leaves it, swallows horses, rushes at the prince, A friend kills a snake; with the help of a diamond they enter the pond, there is the prince's daughter, she promised to marry someone who sees her portrait; the prince marries her; the king sees her, demands to build a ship moving under with water, otherwise he executes carpenters; a vulture tells his children that such a ship can be made of the wood they sit on; the ship is built, the king takes the prince's wife; a friend finds the prince's wife, takes him away back on a self-propelled ship; two of the guru's heirs share his property: sandals that take him to the right place, a pot that gives food, a cane that can hit the ground to create a village with people; friend invites the arguers to race, their property is taken away with the prince and his wife; a friend hears a conversation between celestials; when the prince enters the palace, he will be crushed by a wall; she can be knocked down in advance, but opened the secret will petrify; spirits from the land of the dead: the prince will be thrown off by a horse (killing a horse is the same); people from the mountains: a cobra will crawl into the newlyweds room (the same); a friend tells to destroy the wall, kill the prince's horse; stepmother gives Prince rice, a friend tells him to bury him; a friend killed a cobra, a drop of blood fell on the prince's wife, a friend tried to wipe it off, the prince woke up, demands an explanation; the friend told everything, petrified; the prince sees a snake crawls to eat vulture chicks, kills a snake; vulture mother: a friend will be revived by the earth from under this tree; a friend has come to life, everything is fine]: Mohanti 1975:24-29; Marathi [the merchant gave three daughters as three brothers, also merchants; during the famine they went broke, went out to seek happiness; the middle one gave birth to a son named Putrak ("son"); he went to learn a craft; in the forest, the sorcerer's three sons are fighting over sandals (you will become invisible and fly), a pot (there is always food in it) and sticks (you will draw something with it that will come true); P. invited the sorcerer's sons to race, took away wonderful objects; flew to the city , where Princess Patali is predicted to flee with a stranger; Putrak took the princess, drew the city of Pataliputra in the sand, they began to rule it]: Zographer 1964:314-315; Tamils [sage predicts to a childless king, that he will have two sons, but first he will lose his kingdom, although in the end his sons will help him; enemies drive the king out of the city, he and his wife serve in a wealthy house; mistress takes care of the elder and then the younger boys; they decide to leave to earn their own living; they see an extraordinary mango fruit in the forest, hide it in a portion of rice; the hermit has waited a hundred years until the fruit falls and then goes away to bathe; he believes that the boys did not take the fruit; explains that the flesh who eats will be king, and that jewelry will fall from the lips of the bone every time he eats the bone will laugh; the elder ate the flesh, the youngest the bone; after the death of the king, the new one on which the elephant hangs the garland will be; the elephant goes to the forest, hangs it on the older boy; the youngest decides that the wild elephant killed his brother; the youngest stayed at the house of the dancer and her mother; when they learned of the falling jewels, they vomited him and, taking possession of the bone, drove him out; he saw a dying saint who a bag that gives you everything you ask for, a cup in which any food, a baton that will win everyone, speedboat sandals; the students began to argue over wonderful objects, went to look for a judge; the young man took the items The saint from the grave blessed him; the dancer's mother pretended to accidentally close the door in front of the young man that time; he asked the bag for a palace; told the women everything; they invited him to visit the temple on on the island, they left it there, taking wonderful items; there is a tree with four varieties of fruits that turn into a monkey, a kite, an old woman and a young man again; as a kite, he returned to the dancer's palace, gave them fruits, the dancer became a monkey and her mother a kite; the young man took the magic objects; came to his brother's city, they recognized each other; put a baton on his father's enemies, restored his kingdom]: Natesa Sastri 1886:120-139.

The Balkans. Moldovans: Botezat 1981 [when she dies, the mother tells her daughter to marry the one who fits the ring; the monster Peasant with the nail found out the size of the ring, forged a finger for her grandson; the girl complains about mother's grave that she should go for the Snake; she advises to demand a dress from the groom like sunset, noon, dawn; like morning; like night; the serpent brings three times; on the advice of the mother, after the wedding, The light is ahead, the darkness is behind and disappears; spends the night in the forest; Snakes find her with dogs, cut off her hands, give her to the dogs; the girl tries to cover the fallen chicks, the grateful bird turns her into a chick, raises her with others; chicks peck Green King's apples; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep, the youngest is an armless beauty; the prince goes to fetch water from under the dragon rock; three traits fight over boots walk on water, invisible hats and a musical instrument (takes them anywhere); the prince invites them to race, takes away wonderful objects; at the spring, an invisible prince hits snakes, they think They fight against each other; the prince puts the last one in prison, brings water to the girl, her arms grow; the prince finishes off a snake, the girl manages to tear off her ring from his finger, the snake turns to dust] : 200-210 (=Moldavian tales 1968:266-275); Moldavian tales 1968 [God and St. Peter was walking by, Peter baptized the peasant's third son, who became prophetic; the godson of God (KB) plowed a furrow from the kitchen to the arable land so that his sister would walk along the furrow; the dragon recognized, held out a furrow to his home, the girl took lunch, got to the dragon; KB goes looking for her, throwing an iron core forward; the chicks say that the dragon from the well is eating them, 24 has already eaten them; KB cuts off both heads of the dragon; mother asks the chicks, where their savior is, they send her in the wrong direction so that she does not swallow KB in joy; she finds, swallows, belches, KB becomes handsome; asks the bird to find her sister; she calls her sons- Winds; Eastern self with a nail, a beard with an elbow on a lame hare; Southern tall, blind, gives hairs, if burned, will come to the rescue; KB meets Obivala, Opivala, South Wind; East and South Winds tear the dragon in half; three brothers fight for their father's inheritance - an invisible hat, a whip to fly on, an awl that lifts him to a glass mountain, where the king hides his daughter from the dragon; KB promises to throw things into the lake (whoever gets them faster), takes them himself; the king promises a daughter for killing the dragon; KB overhears Scaraosky (the devil's boss) telling the hell that KB should spray water on them from his baptisms, then he will take the treasure; so that KB does not sprinkle them with water, the devils bring him a dragon in a barrel; KB brings the barrel to the king, kills the dragon, faints; the king puts him in the barrel, drops him; KB burns hairs, a man with a nail on a lame hare frees him; the king demands for his daughter 1) a flower from the Flower Mountain (a man with a nail gives); 2) eat a herd of cows (Oat eats); 2) drink a well water (Opivalo drinks); 3) collect all the mosquitoes (South Wind collects); the king threw the awl to hell into the lake; KB again threatens them with baptismal water, they give them an awl; KYU climbs a glass mountain, marries on the princess]: 185-194; Romanians [the king has a golden walnut tree, but neither leaves nor fruit; he promises a daughter to whoever does it; the widow's son made iron wedges, hammered it into the trunk and got up on a tree; there is a house on top with three fairies; the young man falls in love with the youngest; everything in the house is done by himself; the young man brought his mother to the tree; she broke the ban on working herself; the wife turned into a bird and flew away zu einem Neige- und Lehnebirnbaum; son and mother went down for three days; now the branches could not stand it, the woman fell and crashed to death; the young man brought leaves and nuts to the king, but rejected the princess and crown, left to wander; the goat asks her not to kill, opens her fur, there is any food; he must spend three days there; after that, the goat turns into a girl, and around a city; the old woman offers the young man an apple, the girl tells me not to take it; he takes it, the city turns into stone, the girl turns into a goat again; says he can get it back if he reaches Neige- und Lehnebirnbaum; in the forest, three lines argue because of the hat- invisibility, a cloak that will take you wherever you want, and a shoe {it's not clear what he's for}; a young man reaches the house where his wife and child are; there's a dragon that turned 360 girls into peacock; to get his wife and son back, a young man must identify her among others; he does it knowing the sign; they return to a city that comes back to life; a young woman with three apples is killed by a young man with an arrow; builds a palace that revolves on a chicken leg]: Bîrlea 1966:411-412; Gagauz people [the king has 40 sons, 39 want to marry; the youngest fortieth Bald takes the last horse left; every time he tells the brothers that the parking lot is dangerous, but they do not listen; a giantess came, gave wine, 39 fell asleep, Bald secretly followed the woman, who tells her 40 sons to kill those who came; Bald kills them one by one when they leave home; marries brothers 39 daughters of the giantess; the same at the next night with another giantess; Bald hung her by the chest, negotiates with the beauty; at the third night, the giant closes the door; releases the brothers on the condition that The bald man will stay with him; tells him to get the daughter of the Turkish king; the Bald man meets three arguing over an invisible hat and a flying carpet to control with a whip; Bald shoots: the one who brought the arrow gets a hat, the second a whip, the last is a carpet; he picks up objects himself and flies away; at night in the princess's bedroom he eats left food, moves the candlesticks; on the third night, the hat accidentally slept; Bald brings the girl to the giant, telling her to say that she has 40 days of mourning for her father and telling her to know the rear {object what the soul is} of the giant; that: a pole; a broom; the girl decorates them every time; then the giant says that there is a lake in the Goose Forest, there are three ducks and a drake, there is a stone in his stomach, there are three flies in the stone; the Bald man took out flies, killed one, then the second, the third, the giant fell ill and died; Bald married a girl, and the first, whom he left for himself, married; 39 brothers married 39 daughters of a giantess]: Moshkov 1904, No. 63:113-120; Bosnians [the widow's son herds two cows in the mountains; fell asleep, no cows, went to look for; three the brothers are fighting over a samovar boiler, a baton that hits on orders, and speedboat boots; the guy invited the brothers to race, took the items for himself; met Hajji; he offered to change his an inexhaustible purse to the samovar boiler; and then the guy sent a club to kill Haji and returned the cauldron; sent the mother to marry the ruler's daughter; he demands that the pond where the cows drink be filled with ducats and pave the way from the widow's house to the palace; he did everything and got the princess]: Preindlsberger-Mrazovic 1905:13-19; Bulgarians [the king is surprised that his daughter has dudes worn out every morning; promises a daughter to marry him who will follow her; 29 young unaks fell asleep, lost their heads; the simpleton goes to sleep in the evening, wakes up when a serpent comes for the princess; they throw golden flowers to each other, the simpleton catches hides them, shackles the bark from the tree he hid behind, follows them, breaks off a stone from the bridge; the serpent jumped across the river with the princess, the simpleton went to hell, arguing over the frying pan, sticks (hit the pan with a stick, it will take you where you need it) and invisible hats; undertakes to divide, puts on a hat, flies away in a frying pan; in the house, the snake hides the golden apple he used to play with the princess; gets home before the princess and the snake, pretends to sleep all night; tells the tsar everything, showing flowers and apples; receives the princess and half the kingdom]: Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1951:57-62.

Central Europe. Czechs: Bogolyubova, Talova 2000 [the king is surprised why his daughter's shoes are worn out; the hussar agrees to guard; the princess and the maid go through the hatch under the bed; the hussar follows them, carries them away an invisible cloak and a self-supporting saddle from two debators, in a tin, silver, golden forest, breaks off a branch, the devil does not see it; eats the lunch served to the princess, everyone wonders where the food went and bowls; the princess dances, the devil does not want to let the bride go anymore, the princess asks to let her go for the last time; the hussar returns earlier; tells everything to the king, he passes his daughter off as a hussar; as proof what he saw, the hussar shows his wife broken branches; his wife orders him to make the same cloak and saddle, accuses the hussar of deception, the king drives him away; in the forest he eats an apple, horns grow, and a pear grows horns disappear; she goes to sell apples, the princess has horns; under the guise of a doctor with pears, tells the princess to tell me what's in her heart, she brings a cloak and a saddle, the hussar flies away, the princess remains horned]: 290-295; Czechs [the king wants to know the name of the tree in his garden and why it does not bear fruit; old man: the tree blooms and bears fruit before midnight, someone cuts off the fruits so no one sees them; king tells three sons to guard the tree; the eldest sees golden apples appear, but a storm hits, it has become dark, the apples are gone; the middle one sees the same (frost suddenly hits); the youngest plays the flute; Beron appeared in a gold dress, with 50 girls; tells the young man that she is tearing apples at midnight and he will be at noon; she lives in the Black City; after that, apples can be picked at noon, but the Queen died of love and went to look for the Black City; came to the castle, where the witch is B.'s mother; tells the servant to play the flutes when B. appears so that the prince falls asleep; seeing that the young man does not wake up, B. leaves; the same time; for the third time, B. asks the servant to tell the prince to hang his hat one carnation lower; the prince realized: he had cut off the servant's head; three features are fighting for the invisible cloak, shoes that all can be seen and a whip that will take you where you need to go; prince: I'll give it to whoever comes first; picks them up and flies to the Black City; becomes B.'s husband; the devils have come running for wonderful objects, the prince returned them; B. s if they hadn't died, they could still live as a prince]: Nemtsova 1978:191-200; Curtin 1914 [the Queen does not want to marry; his father brought him to the hall, where portraits of all unmarried princesses; one face to the wall; father reluctantly shows it, my son fell in love; dressed as a commoner, he went to the chosen one's city; two are fighting over an invisible hat and a staff that will carry me where he needs to go; Queen: who will bring me first a dart thrown will receive items; wearing an invisible hat, picks up a staff, enters the princess's palace; is hired as a gardener; spies on the princess meeting the dragon at night; tells the staff take himself to the dragon palace, where he brings the princess for the night; the queen hides a patterned handkerchief given by the dragon to the princess; the dragon and princess notice that someone else is eating rice from a plate, with which they eat; the princess tells the dragon to take her back as soon as possible; the neighboring king demands a princess, threatens war; she promises to marry someone who will complete three errands; the neighbor has started a war; the queen- the gardener asks to make him commander-in-chief; wearing an invisible hat, cut off the heads of enemy generals at night; the same the next night; enemies accused each other of treason, began to fight each other; the enemy defeated, the neighboring king gave half of his possessions; became chancellor; promised to leave if he did not get the princess; she asks the dragon to come up with impossible assignments; dragon: get laughing apples; crying quince (they are in his garden, the Queen overhears the dragon, brings it); for the third time, the dragon advises to order to bring the dragon's tooth, i.e. his own; the queen sedated all the dragons, pulled it out to the tooth; the dragon said princess that he would not meet again, because a tooth who pulled out could cut his throat; the Queen told the princess's father everything, returned to his father and married the girl his father chose]: 227-242; Poles: Shcherbakov 1980:66-70 [the king does not let Argelus's eldest son out of the castle so as not to blow; an apple tree has grown in the garden, flowers on it in the morning, golden apples in the evening, someone steals them at night; magician: only A. will protect them; the king executed the wizard; the king's youngest son did not guard; A. father: if you do not allow me to be guarded, I would die; I had to let it; 7 swans flew in, A. grabbed one, she became royal, the rest by her ladies; they were bewitched; the swans promised to return; the servant saw everything, told the bride, she told the witch mother; she gave sleeping pills; swans flew three times, Queen A. did woke up; ordered the servant to tell A. to outweigh his sword and look for her in the Black City; the outweighed sword pointed to the traitor servant, A. hacked him down; went to look for the Black City; three are fighting over magic tables and a horse with a saddle and a whip (will take you anywhere); A. invites the arguers to race to the mountain, picks up the table, flies on horseback to the Black City; the Queen is preparing for her wedding with the king; her lady, and then she recognized A.; A.'s wedding to the royal], 81-83 [taking a soldier, the Queen went to search for the land of immortality; the three robbers did not share the diamond ball, the invisibility cloak and the horse, which jumps through the clouds; the Queen threw the balloon, told the robbers to race; they fell, were killed; the Queen gave the balloon to the soldier, ordered him to take him home and not return; he flew to the land of immortality himself, married the daughter of a local king; once decided to visit his homeland; hears his former servant wondering where the master had gone; maid: his devils were taken to hell; he went down to beat her, and this was death; the wife rode, found the body and also died; and the horse returned to the land of immortality]; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the poor man finds an egg, it turns out to be golden, catches a bird; the teacher falls in love with the owner's wife, said that he would recover if he ate the heart and heads of that bird; the owner's children accidentally eat them; the teacher asked him to eat the heart and head of the children; the forester lets the boys go, brings the heart and head of the dog; the brothers live with the old woman, the crown falls on Yurka's head, he is elected king; Vasil helps him, finds gold at the head in the morning; the beauty solders him, he regurgitates his head, she takes it; V. takes the plane saddle from the devils arguing for him; collects jewelry overseas; the beauty rides with him, is carried away in the saddle; V. finds a pear, apricot, plum, turning into a horse, a deer, back into a person; sells a beautiful woman, turns her into a mare, chases her; brothers come to their mother, talk about themselves, her heart breaks; they fly to their kingdom with their father and sister]: Verkhovyna's tales 1970:217-223; Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina) []: Zinchuk 2006a, No. 96:287-293; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod, Pskov, Tula, Smolensk, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Volyn, Eastern Slovakia, Galicia, Transcarpathia, Ugric Rus), Belarusians [Deceived devils (goblins): fighting over curiosities - invisible hats, carpet- airplanes, magic tablecloths that cannot be divided among themselves; the hero takes possession of curiosities and thanks to them performs difficult tasks]: SUS 1979, No. 518:148-149; Russians (Tersky Bereg) [y the peasant has three sons, he built a new house, sends his sons to sleep in it - what dream they will see; the eldest, middle see firewood - good; the youngest, like a fox jumped out from under the stove, and a snake and a leg from under the bed bit off; refused to tell; the father sold it to the merchant, he did not tell it to the merchant either; the merchant sold it to the king, the king put him in prison; he was going to marry; the king's sister: prisoners are being dismissed for the wedding; the boy was released; two are arguing over an invisible kumka, speedboat boots, a bread-pickling tablecloth; the guy offers to run for distillation, put on an invisibility, took everything, transferred to the ship on which the king sailed overseas to his bride; the bride sends to pull the bow, Ivan Tsarevich {=tsar} is unable, the guy pulled invisibly, the bow broke; the bride: we'll sew half a dress, you'll sew the same, otherwise your head off your shoulders; the guy stole that finished half, I had to sew a new one, I. had the same as the bride; the same shoes, a ring; the guy returned the wonderful items to the two, returned to prison; he was released to the wedding, the witch bride found out, cut him off with a sword; boy to the king: here's my dream, your fox sister helped, and the snake bride cut off her leg; he is on one leg in the forest in the hut, and there is blind, legless and a cooking girl; a woman comes to her every day -yaga tits suck; they grabbed baba yaga, forced her to give live and dead water, return her legs and eyes, pushed her into the well, she died, and they were cured; he returned to the king, he herds the mares, they changed with a dress; the mares all ran to the stall; the king's wife is surprised: if every mare's husband does not kiss under the tail, they will not return, and then all the stalls were broken; the guy came, began to beat her, she wrapped herself in all sorts of things creatures, and when he broke it with a rope - become a pile of gold at one end, a red maiden on the other; to the king: now you will have a wife, and before you were not a wife, but a snake; from the king he went to his father, and that bull is at the junctions, no one can even kill him; he killed him with his fist and did not go anywhere else]: Balashov 1970, No. 54:186-192; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Ust-Tsylma, Nizovaya Pechora, 1907) [entering into the house, the king asks three girls what they can do; one is to embroider with silk, the second is to bake and cook, the third will give birth to two sons, one elbow deep in gold, knee-deep in silver, a month on the back of the head, pigtails are frequent stars, sun in his forehead; the other is elbow-deep in gold, knee-deep in silver; the king married her; left for business; the messenger was not told to enter the house where the queen's sisters were, but he went in; those girls changed letter: the queen gave birth to a female and a dog; the same on the way back: to get rid of his wife and children; the boys were named Fedor and Ivan; F. and his mother in a barrel were lowered into the sea, I. was sent far away to the terrible to the king, with a fiery spear; the king returned, executed the messenger and married the sister who embroidered with silk; threw the barrel on Buyan Island; F. made a bow, shot the game, made a tent out of his skins; the merchants arrived, they are surprised; they sailed to the king, F. quietly with them on the ship; the new queen: this is not a miracle, there is something else: a squirrel walks on a pine tree, sings songs, tells fairy tales; F. returned to his mother, then went to get a pine tree and squirrel; merchants talk about a squirrel; queen: the terrible king has a servant, covered in gold up to the elbow (etc.); mother Fedor: this is your brother; F. went to the terrible king; two are fighting over a girl and a flying carpet; F. shot: whoever brings the arrow first will get everything; flew away with the girl on a flying carpet; went to the old woman, asked for help to take his brother away; I. ran to slurp the porridge; the brothers greet each other; the grandmother gave a brush, flint and flint; brothers and girl are flying on a flying carpet, the terrible king followed; a brush (forest), flint (stone wall), flint (fire river); the terrible king was afraid, returned; now the brothers' tsar-father came by himself; took his wife and sons, F. married that girl; the new queen was shot at the gate]: Onchukov 2008, No. 5:90-96 (=Azadovsky 1934, No. 2:104-121); Russians ( Olonetskaya: Shokshozero) [Ivan Tsarevich went to marry foreign lands; his sister found out that his bride would kill him; Nikita Mol is in prison; promises to help if the princess releases him and find 39 more as companions Nikita; the ship stuck, there is noise on the mountain: three share an invisible hat; NM fired an arrow - who is faster behind it; took the hat; elsewhere - a magic tablecloth and a jug of 12 stigmas; the same; in third place we took two: one is great to take a steam bath, the other to eat; the queen orders to take a steam bath in a hot bath, the companion cooled it; eat a lot; the other companion ate everything; prepare the shoes she has; NM in an invisible hat stole her shoes, the craftsmen made new ones for the queen; cook dinner (magic tablecloth); got married; NM went to bed; the queen threw her leg over him to press him down, but not it turned out; everything is fine]: Onchukov 2000, No. 56:214-215; Russians (Vologda) [the tsar has children Ivan and Marya; the garden was guarded by soldiers, the general fell in love with him; refused the tsar; tsar: and you give it to the soldier; general to a soldier: why are you talking about me like that; soldier: you give it so; the general complained to her parent, who put the soldier in prison; and M. is in love with him; dug in there and went to the soldier walk; the king wants to marry I. to Nastasya from the thirtieth kingdom; she sent a sword in her suitcase: at which end is the sock and which handle is in? soldier: put the suitcase in milk, the handle will turn up; which of the 12 pigeons is the oldest? they will peck in total, and this one will walk around; M. told Ivan; soldier: if I. goes to N. alone, he will not return; M. released the soldier from prison; he took 12 drunks with him; took the devils away on the way (they they argued; I.: who will run faster) an invisible hat, a samovar tablecloth, a flying carpet; N.'s drunkards lay down where, and the soldier on the feather bed; N. came and cut off the corner of the vest; the soldier cut off everyone; I. arrived; N .: I need exactly the same dress and shoes as mine; the soldier stole, made new ones, I. showed; now N. demands that I. do what she did at night; I. in an invisible hat follows her to the king of the sea ; repeats and presents everything; at home, the soldier returned to prison; then with M. to the king; showed documents in which I. wrote him three-thirds of the kingdom; I. went to the kingdom of N., and the soldier married M. and inherited throne]: Ivanitsky in Burtsev 1895, No. 11:70-84; Russians (Vologda) [a man asks three sons what they dreamed of at night; one was visiting his mother-in-law, the other in a tavern; Fedor replies that nothing, because the dream said: if you do not tell your dream, you will receive happiness and kingdom; the father sold F. to the master; he did not tell the master either; and the king; the king put him in prison; he went far away himself lands for Elena the Beautiful; F. begged the royal sister to release him, promised to return by royal return; to the king's sister: pick up 11 more fellows like me, go to the EP, otherwise the tsar would not get her; along the way three lines are fighting for self-propelled boots, an invisible hat and a flying carpet; F. threw a stick on the spruce tree: who can get it; took away wonderful objects, flew away with his comrades on a flying carpet; the invisible is present when talking to the EP and the king; the EP demands the same dress that grandfather made; F. stole the EP's dress, pretended to sew it himself; the same with the shoes; three copper, silver, golden hair that I would have tomorrow; F. secretly follows the EP; she summoned her grandfather from the lake: a copper head, a silver beard, a golden mustache; EP pulled out three hairs each, and F. a braid, half a beard, half a lip; married, but the EP came up with it first destroy F. and then the king; F. persuaded 11 companions to do everything like him, each so that Fedka is a servant; EP cannot understand who F. is real; F. returned to prison; the king wants to execute him, but F. gives a paper with an explanation; the tsar made him a prince; the EP drugged the tsar, F. took his place and married his sister]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 7:43-52; Russians (Novgorod, Cherepovets, etc.) [the father built a new house, sends his sons to spend the night; the eldest says that he dreamed of barns of bread; the younger Nikitka says that he washed his feet and the father drank this water; the father left him naked and barefoot in the hollow wood; the queen found him, took him; went to marry the bride, summoned N. to him; two fiends are arguing over speeders; N. shot: who would bring the bullet faster; put on the speeders himself and fled; the same with invisible hat; the bride demands that the Queen get three golden hairs of water; invisible N. watches how the bride and the maid were summoned out of the water, he had golden hair; N. ran up, pulled out; the bride suspects that it was not the Queen who got his hair, but N., cut off his sleeping right floor; he cut off everyone; the bride agreed to marry the Queen, and he awarded N. the household; the N. brothers kicked out father from home, who came to live with N., accidentally drank the water in which he washed his feet]: Smirnov 1917, No. 85:306-308; Russians (Pskov) [the old man hired Ivan Sinilnik to work; brought him by ship to grief, killed a lion, took out his guts, ordered him to climb inside, the bird lifted the carcass up the mountain, the old man asked to throw down the jewelry; left, and I. stayed on the mountain; came to the castle, there were three girls; they gave the keys to Twelve rooms, but you don't have to enter the 12th; he went in; there's a garden and a pond, 12 girls flew in to swim; the first three girls advise you to hide the dress you liked; he did so, took the girl as his wife, her name is Annushka; Ivan brought her home; the cooks told the princess; she praises the beauty of A.; A.: it would be even more beautiful if she were in her dress; the princess told the cook to bring a dress; A. put it on and flew away - let it fly away I. is looking for; two are arguing over a flying carpet and an invisible hat; I. asks to let him test, puts on a hat and flies on the carpet to where A. is; she is in a hole for marrying an Orthodox; I. took her and returned home]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 18:41-44; Russians (from a note from a native of Smolensk province) [the peasant built a new house, tells his sons to sleep one by one, who sees what in a dream; the eldest, the average dreams that there are a lot of cattle in the yard; the youngest turns out to tell; the father threatens to kill; the landowner found out - he does not tell him either, he began to poison him with dogs; he saw the prince, brought him home, put him in stone pillar {in the text, either tsar or prince, but we are talking about one person - young because he is getting married}; the prince left {for the bride}, his sister Grisha released; he asks for 200 identical fellows to save prince {help him}; two features are fighting over a flying carpet and an invisible hat; G. threw the whole - who will bring it first; he flew invisible to the city where the royal son marries, offered help; princess demands that the groom bring the same shoe as she will have; G. stole it, had to make another one; the prince brought it; then a golden drake and a silver duck; the princess flew to her grandfather, G. , she took the duck, and he took the drake; when the princess released the duck, the prince released the drake; three silver hairs from his grandfather's beard; the grandfather pulled out his hairs, and G. hooked half his beard; wedding; the prince sends a letter to my sister to marry G.; wedding; {the narrator seems to have forgotten about the dream}; I had him, drank honey, flowed down his lips, did not get into his mouth]: Chudinsky 1964, No. 14:70-75; Russians (Voronezhskaya): Baryshnikova 2007, No. 36 [The boy wants to kill the wolf, but in exchange for his life he tells us where to find the chest in which the life of Serpent Gorynych (Immortal Kashshei) is hidden. The boy finds and kills a hare, shoots a duck, takes an egg. He meets two devils fighting over a samobic baton, the boy fires a bullet and says that the owner will be the one who catches it, the devils run away, the boy takes the magic weapon. The boy comes to Snake Gorynych to free his sister, puts a baton on the Snake, crashes the egg, and he dies. The boy brings his sister home. She says that the Serpent ate people every day, hung their heads on a wattle fence. The mother asks why she went there, and the daughter says that that's why her mother cursed her. The mother tells everyone how she suffered without her daughter and promises never to curse], 41a [the first part of the fairy tale repeats story No. 41 (the frog princess, K113), with an increased element of the brothers' mockery of Ivan because of his frog wife. The king asks his daughters-in-law to make him a duck, a tablecloth and a cake, and Mary Tsarevna gathers mothers and nannies who, during the night, prepare these items as used by the princess's father. The king asks his sons to bring their wives to the ball. Then everything is the same as in No. 41. Without waiting for his wife to return from the ball, Ivan Tsarevich burns her skin, Marya says that the time for this has not yet come, she is kidnapped by Kashchshchey the Immortal. Ivan goes looking, meets an old man who gives a ball that shows the way to Koshchei. On the way, he sees devils fighting over a samobic baton, an invisible hat and a magic tablecloth, offers to resolve the dispute, ties a 40-meter rope and promises magic items to the first will make it to the end. While the devils are competing, Ivan picks up items and goes after the ball, goes to the oak tree, sees a chest under it, kills a hare in it, pulls a duck out of it, an egg from it. He comes to Kashshchei's palace, puts on an invisible hat, sends a samobic baton to beat the animals guarding the entrance. Ivan meets Mary and Kashchei in the palace, breaks (presses) an egg, and the enemy dies]: 160-161, 175-180; Russians (Voronezh) [A retired soldier resolves a dispute between two boys about an invisible hat, a baton- a samoba, a magic tablecloth and a flying carpet. The soldier fires a bullet and says that whoever catches it will receive magic items. The boys run away, the soldier picks up items and flies on a flying carpet to another realm. The soldier promises the king to stop the war. He sends a baton against Polkan's troops (the royal enemy) and wins. She returns to his wife, "makes a baton", gives it to the boy, he does not understand what her strength is and shoots a machine gun, which "mowed" the baton]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 52:202-203.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [the padishah promises to execute his wife and child if she gives birth to a daughter again; a daughter Nariman is born, the old woman disguises her as a boy, tells the padishah that kings should not take children in her arms; when a girl is 15 years old, it is impossible to postpone circumcision any longer, she rides away on a magic horse; he gives three hairs to cause it if necessary; N. is hired as a cook; kills, every seven years he killed another padishah; showing a severed ear, he proves that he is the winner; the padishah does not want to give his daughter for N.; the daughter has a lover who flies in uniform at night dove; he suggests telling N. to bring a mirror from the underworld, a magic stone from the Efreet kingdom; with the help of the horse N. brings everything; efreet curses him, telling him to change his sex; N. is happy; in guise young men get crying pomegranates and laughing quince; for this purpose he gets a plane sheepskin, an invisible hat, a magic bow (the legacy of the father of three boys, they quarrel over him; N. promises to award items to the one who will be the first to bring the arrow fired); the padishah's daughter falls in love with N., the padishah dies of anger]: Useinov 1992, No. 20:254-274; Kalmyks: Basangova 2002:117-122 [{the text is inconsistent, confused}; the orphan found, brought the khan a golden egg; the khan had another; the orphan identified his own; the khan sent him to bring chicken; he brought and received Khan's youngest daughter Othan; they have sons Gunukh and Donyak (" three-year-old" and "four-year-old"); Khan fell ill, sent an orphan for golden apples, he died; shulmus, disguised as a doctor, began to live in the palace, became a friend of the khanshi; said that Khan would heal the heart and liver of G. and D.; the servants first brought the dog's giblets, then sent G. and D. to travel; D. fell into the possession where the khan died and became khan; G. became handsome because he ate the head of a golden chicken and admired it Khan's daughter; the maid advised him to shut his mouth with wormwood, he belched his head, the khan's daughter swallowed it herself; G. judged those who shared the flying carpet, the stick to control it and the invisible hat, ordered them race, took possession of the objects himself; kidnapped the khan's daughter; she, at the instigation of old Shulmuska, found out his secret, stole objects; G. overheard the crows talking - after eating black apples, you will become a donkey, red - you will take your form; arrives at brother Khan, turns 40 daughters of another khan into donkeys; brother khan says that you need to return three magic objects; he returns, G. returns the girls to their former appearance; the eldest daughter belches the head of a golden chicken; kills D.'s wife, who tried to poison him], 195-197 [two boys found a sparrow, hid it in a chest; the sparrow was blown away with gold; the khan took it away, ordered the bird cook; one boy ate his head (will become a khan), the other wing (defecates in gold); the khan orders to kill the boys, they hide under the woman's skirt, then leave; the khan's servants argue over the flying carpet, the sword that controls him, invisible hats; brothers offer them to compete, pick up items, fly away; the eldest became khan, the youngest stayed with his parents]; Abkhazians (p. Lykhny, West 1916) [the prince's two sons are arguing over a flying carpet and a millstone received from their father, which provides food and gold; the man promises to reconcile them, so let them move away; sits on the carpet, flies away on it with millstone]: Khashba, Kukba 1935:93 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 4:212-213); Adyghi (Bzhedugi) [after the death of his parents, the prince's son began to live with his father's friend; when he saw a beautiful pigeon, he promised to marry only the same beautiful girl; adopted father: there are two of them in the west, one in the east; the young man went east, left the prince's son an arrow: if she has blood, he is in trouble; almost froze on the way; finds a girl, she puts conditions: overtake the rider, shoot three pigeons released, overcome her herself; the rider is an old woman on a donkey; offered to look for the young man in his head, put her to sleep, galloped away; he caught up with her, threw sand into her eyes, came back first; shot pigeons, knocked down the girl; the dagger does not take her, he took her with him; on the way he takes a ring from the rider who drives prisoners; the other has a handkerchief, the third has a bracelet; three they fight over their father's inheritance: an invisible hat, a whip, a spit, a leather dastarkhan; the young man promises to give to whoever brings the bullet, takes everything himself; a seven-headed giant nailed to the ground near the house , there are three girls in the house; a young man enters invisible; each tells how a young man took a ring from one, a handkerchief from another, and a bracelet from a third; the young man comes in, the girls go with him, do not tell him to release the giant; he freed, the giant took the girls away, the young man flew to him in a dastarkhan plane, hitting him three times with a whip; he stopped at a hole in the ground; the young man expanded it with a spit, went down, killed the sleeping giant, took the girls; met the prince's aged son; meets a shepherd, who tells the sheep to cry: the prince's son has long died; young man: he is alive, slaughter sheep for a feast; married a beauty brought, three girls too married well]: Tambiev 1900:52-60; Balkarians: Baranov 1897, No. 7 [stepmother disliked his stepson; he took food from his married sister, went on a journey, met three emegens who were fighting over invisible hats, chewing gum that turns spits into gold, wagons that instantly get you where you need to go; the young man invites the emegens to move away until he comes up with a way to divide the property, everything picks him up and disappears; he comes to see the princess, paying him in gold; she gave him drink three times, took all three items; he went to the emegen garden; where pears are turned into buffalo, horns grow from the horns, apples make man again; sold pears and horns to the princess, who became a buffalo; the king ordered the maid to be drowned, buried her daughter instead of her daughter, announcing that she was dead, sold the buffalo; the young man bought a buffalo, beat with a stick, turned him into a princess, married, everything is fine]: 34-44; Kapiyeva 1991 [three emegens are fighting over an unauthorized truck, golden gum (gives coins), invisible hats; the young man invites them to race , picks up his things, gets to the khan's daughter; she drinks him drunk, finds out the secret, tells him to take him to the forest; the first time he has a cart with him, the second time nothing; he finds pears that turn apples into a vow, making handsome; under the guise of a merchant, sells pears to the khan's daughter, she becomes a nag, she is driven away; the young man takes his items, makes the oath work; turns her into a beauty again, marries]: 91-98; Ossetians [parents tell 20 sons to marry 20 brides-sisters; they spend three nights in the house of three-, five-, seven-headed giants, the youngest kills the owner every night while the brothers sleep; seven-headed He leaves one head, he gives 20 daughters; the flintlock giant tells his younger brother to get the Khyzsk beauty; he lures three giants magic objects over which they fight, takes away beauty on a flying carpet; screams three times, Flint turns it into ash; younger brother lives with two wives]: Britaev, Kaloev 1959:159-163; Chechens [two features argue over a samovar boiler, a sheaf, who carries invisible hats anywhere; the edging tells them to race, flies away in a sheaf, taking the cauldron and hat; the prince promises not to kill him if he finds out why his daughter is weaving before the evening the canvas, and then dissolves; the invisible edge follows the prince's daughter; she ordered three pairs of scissors from the goldsmith, puts one pair of edges unnoticed; the silversmith has three hats ( the edging takes one); brings everything to the one-eyed man; he stabbed and ate the ram, put one rib in his pocket; in the evening he told everything to the prince, showed things, the prince gave him his daughter]: Malsagov 1983, No. 34:155-156; Ingush [brothers cannot share an all-seeing mirror and a flying carpet; the poor man promises to resolve the dispute by asking the objects themselves who would like to stay with whom; flies away on the carpet, taking mirror]: Malsagov 1983, No. 40:169-170; Georgians: Glushakov 1905, No. 5 (Imereti) [the tsar says to his 40 sons that he cannot divide the kingdom between them: let everyone get a land and a wife; the younger prince is a thing; tells the brothers not to stay overnight in the same house; they stopped, fell asleep, the prince killed a 6-headed girl with an arrow, cut off and hid his ears, killed an old woman in the basement of the house, took the keys to the treasure chests, quietly returned to his brothers; the same at the next night (7-headed maiden, not treasures, but 40 girls); the third time the prince fell asleep himself; the fire-breathing maiden left at home; let the princes go for promising the younger to get him the queen of the kingdom of women; his servants, who should be named devi, will be transported across the seas; the prince showed the ears of two other maidens to the brothers, gave the keys and said he put their rings on the girls' fingers; a black man carried them across the Black Sea, the red man over the red Sea; three were arguing over a flying carpet, an invisible hat, a magic tablecloth; the prince let arrows - who will bring it earlier; he takes wonderful objects himself, flies invisible into the kingdom of women; the old woman talks about the queen; she lived with the king, they went hunting, chased a deer, a deer turned into a woman who turned them into deer; the queen deer ran into the kingdom of women and was disgraced here; she was elected queen; the prince began to play chonguri, the queen and maids fell asleep , he flew with the Queen on a flying carpet; she knows what will happen next; when he saw her, the fire-breathing Davy laughed and burned himself; the prince took the queen back and returned home; 40 brothers married 40 girls ]: 40-50; Chikovani 1954, No. 17 [the poor man left home to die; three people he meets consistently ask him not to do so and give him a pipe, hat and bag; unaware of their properties, the poor man returned home; his son went to sell eggs, put money in his bag, they doubled; then they tripled; the family became rich; wearing a hat, the young man became invisible; he played the pipe, and the army left; the young man came to the old woman, she says that the king will give his daughter to someone who will fill his palace with gold; he did this, said to the princess, she stole the bag and threw it away; then she also took the pipe and hat; the young man sees three who are fighting over the flying carpet; invites them to race, flies away on the carpet himself, flew to the palace, took the princess, took him to the forest, but she drank him with wine, sat on the carpet and returned to her place; The young man ate red grapes in the forest and became a donkey, ate white grapes - became human again; picked grapes, went to the palace to sell them; the princess first sent maids, then went by herself, everyone tried it, turned into a donkey; the young man hired the king, carried bricks on donkeys, beat the princess donkey; then fed the donkeys with white grapes, the princess was the last to regain her human appearance]: 99-103; Georgians : Chikovani 1975, No. 5 (Kakheti) [=Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 49-56; =Chikovani 1986:169-176; when he dies, the father tells his son to pass off three sisters as the first to marry; three strangers come and take the girls away; the king makes the young man chief of the army, at the head of the army he chases the Field Maiden, gets lost; consistently gets to his sisters, they are married to Eagle, Pashkunji {mythical bird}, Gveleshapi {serpent}; each gives a horse, Eagle's horse jumps one, Pashkunji two, Gveleshapi three plow harnesses, but the maiden is ahead every time; devils fight for a flying carpet, a ladder comb, a sharpener, a drinking sea; a young man fires arrows - the cro will be the first to bring, he will receive magic items; he flies on the carpet to catch up with the Field Maiden; devils after him, the young man threw the comb, a staircase appeared on the rock, he passed the rock; threw the sharpener, swept across the dry bottom of the sea, grabbed the edge of the Field Maiden's dress, but she herself disappeared into her father's house; her father gave it to him]: 27-30; Azerbaijanis: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935 [poor Mammad matchats the king's daughter; the king tells us to find out what Gul Sumana and Suman Guli have done; M. sees a tailor who sews suits and immediately cuts them with scissors, asking the same question out loud; the same is a saddler (breaks his saddles) blacksmith (breaks forged knives); M. tells each that he will answer this question; three divas cannot share a flying carpet, a magic tablecloth and an invisible crown; M. fires three arrows to make divas they raced, picks up wonderful objects, flies to Suman; he agrees to tell, but warns that he is killing those who hear; feeds the dog well, gives the mule bones, hits the skull with a stick; tells that his wife went to bed cold; the groom says that every night she puts on S.'s clothes and rides somewhere; S. rides after her; there are 40 robbers in the house, their head Harami-Bashi asks why the woman was delayed - S. should have been killed; S. kills 39 robbers entering the stable one by one, defeated HB, put his head in a bag; when they returned home, his wife turned S. into a dog; she was taken by a butcher, the dog showed him the gold stolen by his assistant, the butcher's mother returned S. to his former appearance; his wife turned him into a crow; the butcher's mother regained her appearance; then into a donkey (the same); the third time S. managed to turn his wife into mule; dog S., who helped him fight HB; S. is going to kill M., tells the doors to close, the carpets to curl up, but M. escaped wearing an invisible crown; because the mystery has been revealed, S. killed the mule; the king gave M. daughter]: 145-154; Nabiev 1988 [grandmother sent Kechal's bald grandson to buy bread, he bought a dog; then a cat; went to the forest with them; seven-, three- and one-headed divas argue over the flying carpet and a wish-fulfilling ring; K. tells them to bring a stone thrown from the mountain, picks up magic objects; he went down on the way; the mother fish gave him her two children; K. fried them, gave one to the cat and the dog, but they accused K. of being cruel to fish, did not eat, predicted that K. would be punished; he dropped the ring into the sea; the fisherman caught a huge fish, there was a ring in his guts; K. asks for the ring palace; the shah and the vizier send a witch, she steals magic objects, K. finds himself in the old hut; the cat and the dog tell the mouse to enter the Shah's palace, the mouse tickled the Shah's nose, he sneezed, the ring hidden in his mouth popped out, the cat and the dog brought K.'s ring; the vizier advised the Shah to leave K. alone]: 65-73; Armenians [the king wants to get the precious pheasant; hunters who they try to do this, the dragon kills them by throwing a star from the sky at them; Ovchi-Nazar ("sheepskin" means "hunter") thinks his father was a farmer; his mother admits that he was a hunter and killed by a dragon; HE crushed a star shot at him with a bullet, the dragon fell out of grief from the sky and was killed; HE brought the pheasant home; the old woman told the king; HE begged not to execute him; then the king orders to build a tower for the pheasant (HE relative built); the old woman persuades the king to send HIM for the princess; HE goes on a journey; three devas fight over an invisible hat, a flying carpet, a magic tablecloth; HE invites them to race takes wonderful objects; HE feeds two other devas, who promise to help, give hairs; HE killed a snake that crawled to the Zumrud-kusha's nest; she gives a pen, promises to help; HE feeds ants, they give a wing they promise to help; the princess's father demands to defeat his two strongmen (the devas defeated); his two zumrud gushi (Zumrud-gushi, whose chicks HE saved, and their husband kill the king's zumrud gushi; in a dark room separate poppy, millet and colza seeds (ants separated them); climb a tree and descend with a full glass of water (the princess gives a gold and silver ring; they can be used to freeze and thaw water again) ; at the top of the tree, HE shed a tear, remembering his mother; doctors confirmed that it was a tear, not a drop of water from a glass; to identify the princess among 111 girls (HE named the 101st); when he arrived at the king, the princess quietly pushed him into the ditch, he called him her new husband]: Kagan 1898c, No. 21:175-184; Turks: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 174 [the poor man finds a bird's egg, sells it to a merchant; so several times; then puts the bird in a cage, goes on the Hajj; the wife becomes the mistress of the merchant, who orders the poultry to be fried, the poor man's sons eat the head and liver (or kidneys, goiter, heart); the merchant tells them to be killed, they run away; a liver who has eaten meets people arguing over wonderful objects (an invisible hat, a flying carpet, a magic tablecloth), falls in love with a beauty, performs difficult errands; (heart-eaten finds gold under his pillow in the morning); the beauty gave him a drink, he regurgitated his liver, she took it away, the young man kicked it out; (or deceives him to take away wonderful objects); the young man finds apples that make horns grow, figs that turn into donkeys, grapes that restore their normal appearance; he incognito sells fruits to the princess, makes her return to her liver, turns her into a donkey; comes to the country where his brother is chosen padishah when a bird sat on his head; restores the donkey to its human appearance]: 213.III.4 [to get a girl, a young man must meet the requirements of a padishah; get a horse with three grains; the sword of giants (they give it); wonderful fairy hair (gives it); wonderful lion or bear hair (they give it); a flying carpet, an invisible hat and a flute that serves any food; these wonderful items he steals from three (or two) people whose dispute he undertakes to resolve; cultivate a giant field; divide different types of grain; bring roses from a giant; defeat a giant, bear or the bride herself; sitting on a flying chair, drink without splashing coffee; climb a poplar with two buckets full of milk without splashing it; get a sword from a girl who falls in love with a hero]: 196-198, 252-253; Kúnos 1901 [after the death of her father, younger brother is idle; the eldest decides to sail by ship to Egypt, but the youngest crept aboard the ship; in Egypt, the youngest waits for the elder for a long time, decides to go, meets three people fighting over his father's inheritance: hats- invisibility, flying carpet and lashes, spur the carpet; the young man fires an arrow: whoever of the debators is the first to run back with her will get everything; takes objects himself and, invisible, flies away; the padishah promises a daughter and half the kingdom to someone who finds out where his daughter goes at night; invisible, a young man follows the princess, flies with her and efreet on a shield; efreet is surprised why it is so heavy; a young man breaks off branches in the forest, where trees made of silver and diamonds; trees cry: the son of man torments us; the next forest is gold and precious stones (same); in the palace, the princess is given a pair of slippers, the young man hides one; they give the second pair, he hides again; the princess walks barefoot; black peri, one lip to the sky, the other to the ground, asks furiously where the princess has been for so long; the servant gives a sorbet, the young man pushed his hand, the cup crashed, he hid the fragment; eats the food he had brought, hides spoons and forks; Peri is also concerned, advises the princess to return as soon as possible; the young man cut off his head, the voice was heard "Woe, son of man killed the king"; on the flying carpet, the young man returned before the princess, pretended to be sleeping; the young man tells everything, showing the padishah evidence of what he saw (tree twigs, etc.); in the crowd he recognizes the elder brother; asks the padishikh to give the princess and half the kingdom to the elder, and his magic items will be enough for him; and so it happened]: 102-111; Dmitriev 1967, No. 4 []: 58-63; Kurds: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 7 [dragon surrounds the 40 sons of the padishah, demands to let Banger go with him; he separates those fighting over an invisible hat, a magic tablecloth, an airplane carpet, takes objects for himself, feeds devas and ants on the way, birds; then approximately like in (6); tasks 1) separate peas from rice (ants), 2) eat a lot of halva (deva eats), 3) eat forty lamb fat tails (birds eat); 4) climb a tree with a bowl of water, remove the braids from there (the bride gives a ring that temporarily turns water into cheese); B. and his wife return to their father, the disgraced dragon brother takes the throne of his evil father], 27 [servant Ahmad tells the padishah that there is sand in the core of his saber; the padishah broke his sword, there was sand, ordered A. to give A. a scoop of shorba, made the shorbachi (the one who cooks shorba) heir; next time: a worm in pearls (another scoop of shorba); the horse is a cross breed with a buffalo (the horse refused to go into the water; the third scoop); the padishah is the heir of the shorbachi (padishah's mother: he came in to me, and then the padishah came and I kept silent); the padishah brought A. closer to him; Guria does not tell the padishah, A. and the vizier to turn over his left shoulder; the padishah turned around, he was blown away by the wind, he found himself in front of a toothy old woman, could not make her speak, beaten, returned, fell ill; then but with the vizier; A. tells the old woman: 1) the tailor, the carpenter, and the one whose prayers are pleasing to God, spent the night in the forest; the carpenter made the figure of the girl, dressed the tailor, the third revived; the padishah: give her to the carpenter; old woman: to the one who revived her; 2) the uncle promises a daughter to one of her nephews who will learn a better craft; the youngest bought a parrot, he was sent home with a letter, and he brought a letter from his uncle that his daughter was dying; then the youngest undertook to resolve the dispute between the owners of the magic tablecloth, the invisible hat and the flying carpet, offered to give it to the first to bring the stone, took everything for himself and flew away; the brothers flew to the girl, the doctor cured her; they decided to give it to the doctor; old woman: to the owner of the rug! 3) the elder brother sent the youngest to pick up his wife; he was late, the elder suspected bad; the younger one stabbed himself; then the elder also stabbed himself; the wife hears the doves talking: dip their pen in the water, run over the wounds; the woman revived her brothers, but confused the heads; the padishah gave the woman to the head; the old woman: the body! became beautiful and A. got it]: 97-108, 264-272.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the firewood collector became a widow, took a new wife; gave the beggar the money raised for the brushwood; the next day he left part of the brushwood in the cave; when he returned, he saw that he was burned in ash A shining bird is sitting; he brought it home, she lays golden eggs; the jeweler Sham'un, who bought them, realizes that the bird's head will become a shah, and the one who eats the liver and heart will find a hundred under the pillow in the morning gold; when the firewood collector leaves, S. sends the old woman, the collector's wife agrees to receive him in the evening, fry the bird; stepsons Saad and Said eat their head, heart and liver; when they hear that S. demands cut them and get what they eat, run away; S. ripped the woman's belly, killed; the brothers hear the doves talking about the virtues of the bird; they disperse after reading on a stone at the crossroads that they went together they will die; a falcon sits on Saad's head, he is made a shah instead of the deceased Shah; anyone who wants to see Princess Delaram must give 100 coins; Said gives it away; D. has 40 maids like her, she is each the night sends one of them; wonders where Said got so much money; solders, beats, he belches the bird's heart and liver, D. swallows them; Said leaves; S.'s three sons argue over his inheritance ( flying carpet, magic casket that makes Suleiman's antimony invisible); Said: let the one who comes running first get it; fly away, picking up wonderful objects; flies to D., deceived again and left on Mount Kof ; hears the conversation of doves: after rubbing your feet with the bark of a tree, you will cross the sea, turn the stick into a donkey and back, the leaves will cure blindness and deafness; Said comes to the city, heals the Shah's deaf daughter, marries to her, comes to D., turns her, her maids and servants into donkeys; D. returns the kidnapped, becomes human again; Said heals his blind father; finds his brother; everyone is happy]: Christensen 1971, No. 9:96-108 (=Rosenfeld 1956:41-51); the Bakhtiyars [the poor man cannot pick up a bunch of brushwood; it contains an unusual egg; the wife sells it for 200 mists; on the second day, the husband sees how beautiful a bird is lays an egg, picks it up again; the merchant to whom his wife sells eggs learns that the bird who has eaten the head will become ruler, the one who eats the liver will find a hundred mists under the pillow in the morning; the merchant asks an old woman to meet him with the poor man's wife, promises to give her flour and molasses every day for food; the woman falls in love with the merchant, who demands that she convince her husband to catch the bird; he brought the bird, the merchant He tells me to make soup out of it; the woman's two sons see soup, ate a little, Ahmad took his head as a talisman, and Mahmad took the liver; the brothers hear the merchant talking to their mother, they understand that he will kill them, run away; parents are desperate, father goes blind from grief; brothers come to the fork; the inscription on the stone; if the two go together, they will die; the one who goes to the left will achieve what he wants; the one who goes to the right he will get his own faster; M. goes to the left; the sons of the merchant and khan sitting in the dust by the road say that each spent the property to spend the night in the castle; the mistress of the castle has slaves like her, she sends them to guests over 100 mists; in the morning M. says he will stay; the hostess saw that M. came with nothing, tells the slave to find out where his money came from; she sees him pulling money from under his pillows; the hostess orders M. to be drunk, takes his talisman, orders M. to be thrown into the desert; M. meets the merchant's three sons, who share the inheritance: a wish-fulfilling bag, a flying carpet, an invisible antimony; M. shoots: whoever brings the arrow first will get everything; says that he takes things rightfully, because the father of the debators threatened his life and forced him to flee; flies away on a flying carpet; returning to the owner of the castle, takes him to an island in the ocean and marries him; talks about wonderful objects; while she washes, the woman flies away, picking them up; through sleep, M. hears two pigeons talking: if M. wakes up now, he will help him, and if not, he will die on the island; M. wakes up; dove: the bark of a tree, if wrapped around its legs; will allow you to walk on water; a tree branch will make everyone point at a donkey by saying "haush" ( haush), and if you say the name "Adam", it will restore human appearance; the leaves of the tree restore sight; A. comes to the castle by water; the owner orders not to let him in; M. turns servants into donkeys, the mistress into a donkey; she cries; M. took the bird's liver, disgraced the woman, stayed with her; Ahmad approaches the city where the ruler died; the hawk sits on his head three times, he is elected king; he finds his brother, parents, both of them blind; M. restores their sight; mother repents]: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 31:197-211; Tajiks [Pleshivets's grandmother hid her snare, bald man began to catch sparrows, they ate them; once caught them the crow, who asked him to let him go, ordered him to go to him for a reward; on the way, the shepherds herd the crow's herds; they advise him to ask for a donkey, from under whose tail gold coins fall; the padishah sent to his grandmother Bald to an old woman, she found out about the donkey, the padishah sent the thief to steal it; the same: a block from which gold coins fly out when hit; a magic dastarkhan; a pumpkin with wasps; a warrior dies from every bite, The padishah gives the pleshivets magic objects and his daughter, makes him a commander]: Amonov 1980:101-107; Tajiks Sistana [the woodcutter found an egg in the forest, the merchant gave a lot of money for it; the woodcutter became go to the same place every day, brought an egg; then caught a bird; went to his relatives, telling his wife to take care of it; the merchant promises to marry her himself, asks to fry the bird; the eldest son accidentally ate his head and his younger heart; the merchant ordered the children to be killed at night, taken out of their bellies; the brothers heard and ran away; the youngest in the morning began to find a hundred mists under their heads; gave everything to the elder and they parted; a bird sat on the elder's head three times and was elected king; the youngest came to the city, where the princess shows her face for 50 mists and her chest for a hundred; the youngest pays her every day; The princess guessed that he ate the egg of the bird of happiness; invited him, vomited, swallowed the bird's heart herself, drove the young man out; three brothers share the inheritance: an invisible skullcap, a flying rug, a bag, giving any food; the young man fired arrows - whoever comes first, second, third will receive items in turn; flew away on a flying carpet; flew to the princess and began to live with her; told his wife about the rug, she was on he flew away; a young man hears pigeons talking; plane tree leaves will cure blindness; whoever puts on a bast and makes shoes will walk in them across 7 seas; whoever makes a tree a stick will turn a man into a donkey by hitting one at the end, and again at the man, hitting the other; the young man cured the blind princess with leaves, received her and half the kingdom; came to his former wife, turned her and her maids into donkeys; she returned everything and the young man left her; found a brother king; tied his mother by her hair to the horse's tail and opened it along the thorns; found a new wife for his father]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1981, No. 10:131-141; Turkmens [son and brother of the caravanbashi leave at home, taking a parrot bought for an expensive price; he knows everything and gives advice; says that the padishah's daughter has not talked since birth; you need to talk in front of her about how a carpenter, tailor and mullah spent the night in the steppe; one made a wooden figure, the other dressed it, the third revived it; we must start an argument about who it should belong to; the padishah's daughter could not stand it and said that it was mullah; the next night the story about how the older brother learned to guess, the middle brother bought a goblet of live water , the youngest met three devas fighting over the flying carpet; fired arrows, told the devas to run after them, flew to carpet to the middle brother, and the devas fought further and killed each other; the older brother found out that their father was dying, the youngest brought them to their father, the middle one cured; the dumb argues, says what is more important others are the one who got the rug; the son of the caravanbashi received the girl]: Stebleva 1969, No. 46:247-257; Pashtuns [in Kandahar, the handsome and noble Jemal Khan fell in love with Musa Khan's daughter Zib-un-Nissa, otherwise Zibo; a wedding is being prepared, but D. went broke and secretly went to India to get rich again; Z. sent him and the messenger a letter: they want to pass her off as another; D. hurried to Kandahar; saw four malyangs (=dervishes) who were arguing over a bag containing everything ordered; a flying carpet; batons (she hits herself); ropes (she knit herself); D. fired an arrow: whoever brings it first will receive items; everything he takes it himself, flies away; the rope ties everyone, the baton hits, D. marries Z.]: Lebedev 1958:18-22; Bukhara Arabs [the man found an egg, sold it for 1000 tenegs; his wife ordered to bring a bird as well; bring a handsome man; makes her husband a servant, a handsome man a husband; he falls ill, the stargazer told him to eat a bird; his stepsons eat his head and heart; next time he drinks the blood of his stepsons; the old man brings blood puppies, children run away; the one who has eaten a bird's head is chosen emir; the second lives with an old woman, a hundred tenegs under his pillow every night; the emir's daughter gave him a drink, ate his vomit (it has the heart of a bird), told Gina throw him into the steppes; three fight, sharing an invisible hat, a magic tablecloth, a flying carpet; a young man tells three to race, picks up objects; visits the emir's daughter at night; a stargazer tells her say to the young man, "Let your penis into my vagina," tear off his invisible hat; the diva takes the young man back to the steppe; he hears a nightingale talking to a parrot: a leaf from this tree will heal the wound, the branch will fulfill wishes; the young man turns the daughter of the emir and her 40 slaves into horses; finds a brother, converts his horses back to women; marries a peri, brother emir, to one of the slaves; the helpers are awarded, the mother is thrown off the roof on her horses]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 33:217-221; Uzbeks [the old man finds one, then the second, precious egg of the Murkumomo bird, receives an award for them from the padishah, gets rich, builds a city, and becomes a shah in it himself; catches M.; goes to Mecca; his wife takes a lover, who demands to cook M.; the scallop (whoever eats will become a padishah) is accidentally eaten by the old man's sons Majid and Hamid; the lover orders to kill the boys, the hangman lets them go, a bird of happiness sits on H.'s head, he is elected king; M. separates the three fighting, takes them away with an invisible hat, a staff that treats the blind, and a flying carpet; takes away the padishah's daughter; two later For years, she sits on the carpet with her children, flies to her father; M. in an invisible hat gets there, picks up the children, flies away on the carpet to brother H.; meanwhile, her stepmother made two false graves of H. and M., visited them as if grieves for the dead; the boys' father went blind from grief; H. and M. cured him, took him home; the mother remained to mourn her shame]: Sheverdin 1980:266-271; (cf. Pashayas [Jan Bahādur ("barley hero"; YB) is so strong at the age of three that he beat his father, threatens to beat his mother, goes wandering; meets, takes 1 as companions) who collide two houses with his hands (the one like the following, he says, not knowing who is in front of him, what is stronger than all YB; he does not believe that YB in front of him, has been defeated by him, promises to serve faithfully); 2) pushing mountains (at first he fought against him at home, but was defeated); 3) colliding rivers; 4) colliding rocks; behind Mount Kaf they meet a fairy; companions are going to kill YAB to take possession of her; YAB suggests: he will fire an arrow, let them run after her, first the person who comes running will receive a woman; kills them (with arrows?) , takes a fairy as his wife]: Morgenstierne 1944, No. 8:60-65).

Baltoscandia. Estonians: Järv et al. 2009, No. 14 (Rannu) [when he dies, the forester bequeaths his son to take care of the landlord's forest, but not to go to one place; he goes, where the devils fight over bast shoes (speeders), hats (he sees everything), a sheepskin coat (makes him invisible); the forester shoots, promises to award things to the one who brings the pellets that have flown earlier; six swans fly by, wearing bast shoes, behind them; they swim in the lake, taking off his feather clothes; he hides her clothes alone, marries them; they have a son; the wife laughs; promises to tell you what if he shows where her clothes are; tells a funny story about the devil; the husband opens chest; the wife grabs her clothes, flies away; he comes to an empty house, there is food, drink, goes to bed; six Swans come in; each says that someone ate her bread, slept on her bed; the wife finds a husband in her bed; flies away for his son, tells her husband not to go into the same room; he comes in, there is a chained old devil; asks for water, the forester gives, the devil drinks three times, breaks the chains, waits for the forester's wife, takes her away; the forester finds, takes his wife, catches up with the hell, takes it away again; so twice, the third time he kills; previously, the forester picked up, saved a half-dead wolf; now the vorons and vorons have flocked to peck the forester's corpse, the wolf caught a crow; promised to return the crow if it brought live water; he brought it, the wolf revived the forester; the forester's mother sends him to a far clever old man; he says that a witch lives across the sea her white mare brings 12 foals every year; there are human heads on stakes, one stake is empty; if you herd for 3 days, you get a foal, you must take the most inconspicuous one; the king of midges, the king will help you herd horseflies and Vähjäkuningas (?) ; the forester does everything, takes his wife away; the horse says he will not catch up, because his brother is stronger than him; both horses kill the devil, the forester and his wife come home to them], 20 (Avinurme) [princess overnight each spends 7 pairs of bast shoes once; the king promises a daughter to someone who finds out what's going on, cuts off the head of those who do not know; the soldier does not sleep, sneaks into the garden after the princess, sees her pluck, throws an apple, opens entrance to hell; a soldier also throws an apple; three devils fight over a magic tablecloth, leaps and bounds, invisible hats; a soldier promises to award them to whoever brings the apple he throws first; everything picks up, catches up with the princess; eats and drinks unnoticed; steals a box of soldiers; proves in the morning that she went to hell with the princess (she says that this means that the soldier ate food, because usually superfluous remained); gets a princess; defeats an attacking alien king by letting soldiers out of the box; returns everything to him after victory; inherits the throne]: 78-84, 99-102; Mälk et al. 1967, No. 48 (Võnnu) [] : 103-110; Estonians (Kanepi, SE Estonia) [in the evening, the father tells his two sons that he would like to know what they dreamed in the morning; the eldest said, the youngest refused; the father sold him to the soldier; he he also did not tell, the soldier sold it to the officer; the same to the general; the general to the king; the young man lives with him, the princess fell in love with him; two years later, during a feast, the king told me to tell a dream; and saw that the young man and the princess bent under the table and kissed; the king threw the young man into prison; the princess secretly feeds him; the princess's brother marries the daughter of another king, he is given tasks that he cannot solve; the princess asks the young man and he answers; which end of the three painted sticks is closer to the butt (you have to throw it from a height, the lower end is heavier, the first to touch the ground); which of the three horses is younger and which is older (the eldest the first will go to the feeder, and the youngest hesitates); 6 equally dressed - who is a boy and who is a girl (put rings in porridge - the grooms will give the rings to the brides); now the girl's brother is summoned to someone else's king; she secretly releases the young man from prison to help her brother; on the way he sees two fighting over an invisible hat and a flying carpet; he threw a stone: who will get there first; he put on his hat himself and flew to carpet; there are 11 players in the tavern, their chief has died, they made the young man in charge; he tells them not to tell them who is in charge; they tell the king that everyone is equal; he offers a set table with one chair, 12 mattresses and 1 bed; they eat, sleep one by one; the prince, the groom must bring the same shoes as the bride will wear; the young man promises to do these; for this he takes a receipt that he will receive half the kingdom; in an invisible hat he found out everything; the same with the dress (the second half of the kingdom); the same bird that the princess would have (the same; the white goose); on the occasion of the wedding, the prisoners were released; the young man came to the king with receipts: both halves of the kingdom him and the princess too; the young man married and reigned; he saw this in a dream, and if he did, nothing would have come true]: Mälk et al.1967, No. 107:352-359; Estonians (Sangaste) [man earns by going to the forest and making brooms; a well-dressed gentleman offers him a trough of copper money if he gives his eldest daughter; he refuses, but his daughter disappears, and a trough of money appears; the same with middle (silver), with the eldest (gold) daughter; the couple had a son; grew up looking for sisters; two are fighting over bast shoes (they will deliver to the right place), invisible hats and sticks (whoever you hit will disappear ); the guy asks for him to try, touched those two with a stick, ordered him to be transferred to his older sister; her husband is a bear, gave fur to call him; (her house, apparently, is copper); the same with her middle sister ( the eagle gave feathers, a silver house), the youngest (pike, scales, gold); the guy came to hell (vanapagan), demanded the keys to the dungeon; he says that the keys are in the barn; in front of them there is an evil bull, a horse; the guy called a bear, the bear tore them; a dove flew out of the stallion (the eagle tore it), the keys fell into the sea (the pike took it out); the guy released the prisoners, burned the IOU, touched the line with a stick; the sisters' son-in-law dipped human form; they all still live if they didn't die]: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 78:241-245; Seto [the poor man walked lamenting his unhappy life; three are fighting, asking for help to divide two things; one of them is an iron egg; the poor man threw it away: whoever brings it will get everything; the devils ran for the egg, and the poor man put on his hat and took his purse, it contained an inchangeable coin, he became rich]: Kalkun 2015:117; Lithuanians [Pan's daughter wears 12 pairs of shoes overnight; Jonas sees two fighting over speeding boots, an invisibility cloak and a glass on which to cross the water; suggests race, carries objects; follows the lady twice into the hole to the silver hole; to the golden forest, broke off the branches, the lady had to return; the third time through the glass through the water; the lady explains the line that two nights prevented her; J. stole the dresses she had brought: the stars' dress should be worn before the wedding, the sun dress during the wedding, the moon dress after; in the morning he presented evidence and received the award; once the pan asked Y. to play at the wedding; the panychi dance, run their fingers along the wall and smear their eyes; J. also anointed: he is on a stump, around the devil, the girl is hanged from a willow; he came to live with Mr.]: Kerbelite 2014 , No. 121:298-300; Latvians [a poor fisherman has caught a jug, a giant is going to eat the fisherman; he asks to climb back into the jug first; frees for promising to give wealth; the fisherman's son made friends with his master's son; suddenly no fish is caught; the giant catches for promising to give something he does not know at home; at this time the wife gave birth to a son; he grows up, studies well and gains wisdom; princess asks him to save her deceased father before the devils take him away; the young man spends three nights in the castle with a line around him; the deceased king gives him the castle, the state, the goodness and the daughter; the princess has a magical ring; when she saw her husband's half-sister, she decided that he had cheated on her, took the ring; the young man goes in search; the giant's two sons cannot share the invisibility cloak and the saddle that will bring where necessary; the young man tells them to race against the millstone, picks up items, flies to the princess; everything is explained; she cancels her new wedding, returns to the young man]: Nierda 1952:73-83; Danes: Grundtvig 1920 [the eldest sons Peter and Paul are smart, the younger Esbeen is lazy; the elders decide to develop a rocky plot on the farm; but every year, on Ivanov, the day sown is trampled; Peter, then Paul they guard, run away in horror; E. sees three swan maidens descending; while they are dancing, he hides their robes; returns when the youngest Lena, the maiden of Zundervand, agrees to marry him; they are three princesses who were kidnapped by a witch and released once a year; L. teaches him to build a castle by hitting a stone with a tree branch; tells him not to invite the king; but the brothers' father invited him; when he learns that the king will come, L. flies away, tells come to her castle, which is north of the sun, west of the moon; E. goes in search; two fight over an invisible hat, E. suggests that the winner get it, puts it on himself; the other two are from -for speeding boots; E. offers them to race, takes their boots; two more - from behind the knife you point at, he falls dead; E. takes a knife, points at the fighting; E. comes to the old woman, she the owner of the animals, they do not know about the castle; sends the same thing to her sister, the owner of the fish; she to another sister, the mistress of the birds; the lame eagle arrives later than anyone else, he flew just from this castle; the hostess tells him bring E. there; they fly through a hole in the ground, then in water, on fire; E. throws the ring that L. gave him into the goblet brought by the maid; wearing an invisible hat, kills the witch with his own with a magic knife; wedding]: 27-41; Holbek 1987 [even grass does not grow in the field; the eldest son is guarding, frightened of the hurricane; the same average; the youngest waited for the wind to subside; three girls came down, took off their hats and began to dance; the young man hid one hat; returned the girl's promise to marry him and return a year later; under a stone in the field, let the young man build a castle and invite everyone but the king to the wedding; but he invited the king; the king recognizes the magical bride as the daughter, tells the young man to bring gold coins from the top of the glass mountain; the girl gives the mare and teaches him what to do; if he fails, he must look for her in a castle in the middle of the world, south of the sun, north of the moon; it didn't work out, the mare is gone, the young man goes in search of the castle; two are arguing over his father's inheritance; they are speed boots; a young man throws a stone: who he will run first, inherit; puts on his boots himself; in the same way he receives a magic tablecloth and a sword that kills and revives; there is a terrible hunger in the house of the animal lord; the young man fed everyone, the lord tells the animals to find out where the castle is; they did not know, the lord of the animals sends a young man to his brother, the master of the fish, who is the master of the birds; the last is the old eagle, only he knows carries the young man to the castle, teaches how to kill animal guards; the princess promises to appear in six months and again asks not to invite her father; on the way back, the young man revives the dead guards; invites him to a wedding king, kills him, then revives him; after that, the king is powerless to prevent marriage]: 572-573; Norwegians [someone who comes out of the water promises the fisherman a good catch if he gives him what his wife wears under the belt; the wife is pregnant; they give their son to the king; he grows up; when she gets on a boat, she takes him to Belozem; there an old man teaches what to do; three princesses in the ground up to their necks, you have to talk to the third one; she teaches him that the troll will hit him all night, you have to lubricate the body from the flask, hack the troll with a sword; so three nights; a young man kills a 3-, 6-, 9-headed troll, princesses come out of the ground he marries his youngest; homesick; his wife tells him to listen to his father, not his mother; when the boy returns, his mother advises him to go to the king who raised him; gives a ring with two wishes; the first is to return home; he argues with the king, whose wife is more beautiful; wants her by his side; she appears and disappears (the second wish is wasted); he sails to search for Belozemye; the first animal owner gives skis, they they bring them to the second, return by themselves; the second to the third; only he has one pike who knows where Belozemye is; three brothers fight over a hat, cape, pair of shoes; they make wishes come true; the young man asks for try it, arrives in Belozemye; North Wind teaches the young man's wife to throw out the new fiancé; he shows his wife the ring, stays with her in the castle]: Dasent 1970:181-188 (=Suritz 1991:159-164); Finns: Concca 1993 [a father has been plowing a field near the shore for 10 years, but each time the storm destroys the crop; the attempts of the older and middle brothers are just as unsuccessful; the youngest (he is a soldier) sees swans descending from the cloud, turn into girls, dance, trample on the field; a soldier hid one girl's swan robe, she had to marry him; she explained that the witch turned her and her sisters into swans and only grew up on In this field, grass can break the spell, so they trampled on crops; the king found out that the soldier has a beautiful wife; tells all the creatures to be brought in pairs by tomorrow; the wife tells them to wave his handkerchief - the animals have appeared; all the birds are the same; get the lost keys; wife: they are behind the altar in the church, you have to take it and run without looking back; the soldier looked around, immediately fell from his horse to the rock and lost consciousness; the horse brought the keys his wife, who gave it to the king; to avoid his harassment, his wife told her husband's parents that they should look for her across the black and white seas in a copper castle at the bottom of the Red Sea; put on swan plumage and flew away; when the soldier woke up, he saw three dead fighting over an invisible hat, boots by leaps and bounds; telling them to give him curiosities and go to the graves themselves; went east; stayed in a pagan house, where he did not get baptized; the owner showed three barns with copper, silver, gold coins; the soldier took away gold coins; reached a spinning hut on a chicken leg; the soldier told her stop; an old woman in a hut, a nose three cubits long; she agreed to transport her across the Black Sea on the condition that she would then cut off the soldier's hand; when he reached the other side, the soldier put on an invisible hat and fled; there is another hut on a chicken leg, the hostess moves the coals in the oven with her nose; the same (she transports across the White Sea); the third hut is spinning and does not want to stop; the soldier threw a merezha under the crane's feet, the hut has stopped; the old woman gathers birds, then fish; only the whale knows about the copper castle, its tail is entangled in the teeth of the wall; the whale brought the soldier to the castle; the soldier cut the chains, the castle surfaced ; the soldier threw a ring into his wife's bowl; she brought it to his house on her swan wings; the king sent an army, but the soldier sent a samob sword, the king and his army fell into the ground]: 17-28; Schreck 1887, No. 5 (Österboten) [When dying, the father tells his three sons to take turns guarding the geese on the shore for three nights; the elder and middle are afraid, leave; the younger Cinderella sees three arriving before dawn geese; they take off their clothes, turn into girls; the young man hid his youngest's clothes, she couldn't fly away; he gave her wings back for promising to be his wife; she flew away, telling her to look for her in her castle; he I came there, she offers to run, but the young man decides to open up to her father and try to do what he requires; her father king tells 1) to cut down all the trees in the forest; wife: cut down one thing, say, "Let all the forest is falling"; 2) uproot all the stumps; wife: uproot alone, lead everyone; 3) bring golden bread from the sky; his wife put a bag over his head, put him on his horse where the horse will stop, you have to reach out your hands, you will get that's right; but it was so heavy that the young man fell into the ground, only his hair outside; the duck made a nest in this place, incubated the ducklings; the fox came to eat the eggs, the young man grabbed him by the tail, but the fox only pulled it up a little bit; then the wolverine; the bear pulled it out; the young man came to the two cannibals, said he was too thin; they asked them to judge: his father was left with a stick, if you take it one way, enemies will die, and after the other, their warriors will come to life; young man: whoever you give, everyone will be offended, give it to me; the cannibals agreed; the other two argue over their mother's invisible hat; the same; the third couple arguing over his father's speeding boots - the same; the young man came to the house, where they were also going to eat him first and then fed him; he asks if the locals know where to go; the animals were called, no one does not know; then they gave a magic stone; all the same in another place; in the third they also gave a stone, called birds; the eagle does not hear well, flew last; agreed to take the young man to the king; flew for a week over by sea, the eagle ordered to throw a stone, a rock formed, the eagle rested on it; the same again.. {pdf does not contain pages 42-43}]: 35-44; Karelians: Onegin 2010, No. 13 (Kalevalsky district) [the elderly have three sons; the eldest comes to the king to hire workers; the tsar tells him to find out where his daughter goes at night; the guy was waiting at the princess's door, could not find out, the king ordered him to cut his nose in half, add salt to the wound; the same with his second son; the youngest Tuhkimus hears a dispute between two invisible people over inheritance on the way - invisible hats; throws a stone - whoever catches will get it; put on his hat himself and left; remaining invisible, he entered the princess's room; she goes down on a rope through the window, sits into the carriage, T. ; the coachman is surprised that the carriage is going slowly; we came to the copper forest, boarded a copper boat on the lake, landed on the shore where the silver forest is, got into a silver sleigh; then a silver boat; then a golden forest, golden horse and sleigh; there is an ugly old man in the golden house; there is food on the table, the old man wonders why the food quickly disappeared, apparently the girl is hungry; the old man and the girl began to "play"; after that T. folded the table , chairs and the old man himself in his bag, ordered to remain silent; the princess is surprised that the boat is heavy; on the way T. breaks off gold, silver, copper branches; at home T. tells the king what he saw, the princess replies that everything is a lie; T. tells me to bring his bag; no one can pick him up; he brought and opened it himself; inside there is a horse, a sleigh, a table, etc.; the old man jumped out the window and left, copper, silver, gold things stayed; T. married a princess]: 149-154; Schreck 1887, No. 4 (Finnish Karelia) [in Salmelainen 1947:8-13 This text was published as Finnish with no indication of origin; the hunter went out in the forest to a noise: devils share an inheritance; among things are a ship sailing on water and land and a self-propelled wagon; a hunter fires an arrow: whoever brings first will inherit; loads everything onto the ship, sails away; the ship stays at the royal castle; the princess tried to persuade the hunter to take her as his wife for a week, who finally agreed; the princess asks to go to an island full of fruits and berries; the hunter went out collect, fell asleep, the princess sailed home on the ship; the hunter had only one purse full of gold; he began to eat different berries: some of them grew horns, others disappeared and he became handsome; hunter picked him up, brought him to the palace; he began to drink from a clean source, inheriting him with dirty feet; the king wanted to cut off his head; but the hunter gave the chief chef berries that made him handsome; princess: if he makes me beautiful too, I will be his fiancée; the hunter did not recognize, offered a self-propelled ship as a reward; the hunter gave berries that made the princess grow horns; the king promises the princess that who would cure her; the hunter promised to heal her; hung her horns in the bathhouse, began to beat her with twigs; the princess promised not to harm her anymore; the hunter gave her the right berries, her horns fell off, she became beautiful; the hunter married her, became a field marshal]: 28-35; Swedes [a young man meets brothers who are fighting over inherited items; it can be an invisible hat, leaps and bounds, a carpet- an airplane, an inexhaustible purse, a vessel or tablecloth with any food, a magic wand, an invincible sword, etc.; the young man invites the arguers to race - the winner will receive items; using with an invisible hat, boots by leaps and bounds, etc., disappears, carrying all wonderful items]: Liungman 1961, No. 518:141; Livs, Farresians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 518:306-307; Western Sami, Veps: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 518:230

Volga - Perm. The Bashkirs [two soldiers with a non-commissioned officer left service, spent the night with the old man, his daughters gave them an inexhaustible pouch with money, an invisible coat, a stick that summoned servants (soldiers); soldiers disappeared, a non-commissioned officer met a girl who replaced magic objects with fakes; he came to the garden, ate an apple, became a goat, another man; sold apples to that girl, she became a goat; came to heal, beat her, ordered her father to bring stolen magic items, give another apple, the goat became beautiful, the non-commissioned officer marry her]: Zelenin 1991, No. 104 (99): 447-450; Kazan Tatars [the son of a poor old woman knows how to solve dreams better than a general; the general buys him, but he, explaining the padishah's dream, predicts that he will kill the general; he was imprisoned, but they treat him well; when the son of the padishah went to marry a distant shahina, the young man followed; sorting out the argument, the devils tell them to race, gets a stick that will carry an invisible hat and a whip where needed, wish-fulfilling; the shainya demands to bring tomorrow shoes, a dress, three golden hair exactly the same as hers; using an invisible hat, the young man easily pulls out; takes a receipt from the prince with a promise marry him to his sister; becoming the padishah's son-in-law, cut off the general's head]: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 26:211-222; Marie: Aktsorin 1984 [old people do not want to give their eldest daughter Myra for a stranger; she disappears; a year later, the same with the youngest Anna; a son Ivuk is born; goes to look for sisters; three Deruts imps for speedboat stockings and an invisible hat; I. sends them to race, takes their stockings and hat; in The old man says that Yorok Yorokovich flew by 8 years ago; I. goes to the house, past a lion, meets M.; she hides her brother in a chest, then introduces her husband; gives a magic handkerchief, sends him to A., who is married to Orel Orlovich; he says that the sorcerer who kidnapped the royal daughter and ruled the Black City was chained by an even more evil witch; the NGO gives the pen, A. is an accordion, she plays only in the hands of I.; I. is imprisoned, he feeds everyone with a self-made handkerchief; I. plays the accordion, the witch dances, cannot stop, gives the keys to the tower where the princess is; I. marries her, destroys the Black city; opening the door in the rock, frees the colbun, he takes his wife, I. returns, the sorcerer catches up, burns him, the OO brings living and dead water, revives; YY orders to get a horse that is faster than a horse the sorcerer; I. overheard the sorcerer's story, how he got the horse, grazing the witch's herd; Y gives a whip, I. whips horses with it, every evening Y and OO collects them; one did not have time to hit, he flew away as a bird; OO collects birds, they indicate a hollow, OO pulls out a bird from there, it turns into a horse again; I. chooses a bowlegged horse, he is the elder brother of the sorcerer's horse, tells him to throw off the sorcerer, he breaks; I. lives with his wife] : 55-66; Beke 1938, No. 48 [two smart brothers, the youngest Ivan is a fool; when he dies, his father orders him to put his coffin in the grave, but not to fall asleep for three days and guard at night; the older brothers pay I. to have him guarded instead of them; on the first two nights, the father tells I. that he would say something (important) to him the last night; the brothers I. says that he did not see anything special; on the third night, the father told I. that he was in Ivanovo the night he must go to the forest, meet him there, he will help I. marry the daughter of the priest; on Ivanov night, two devils in the forest cannot share an invisible hat, a towel that wipes clean himself; I. tells the hell to run to the fir and back, gives things to the fastest; he puts on an invisible hat himself, takes a tablecloth and a handkerchief, goes home; hides what he has obtained in a chest; pop promises I. 100 rubles if he can steal his stallion; I. in an invisible hat comes to his ass, puts on his clothes, solders the drunk guards, takes the horse away; the pop pays money; promises his daughter if I. steals the blanket, feather bed and pillow from the bed; I. makes a stuffed dead man, puts him by the window of the bedroom; the pop runs away to another room, I. takes what he needs; now the pop tells him to steal his wife; when the pop goes to visit, I. throws one boot by the road, then the other; when he sees the second boot, the pop leaves his wife to guard the horse, returns to pick up the first one; I. sits in the place of the priest, brings him home; the pop thinks that the horse suffered and his wife may have died; tells her to look for her; she is from I.; the pop allows I. to steal his daughter; wearing an invisible hat, I. entered the popovna's bedroom, put sleeping pills to sleep, brought him home; covered the tablecloth- magic, wiped himself clean with a magic towel; popovna fell in love with him; I. stole a wagon with a horse - a dowry; the pop blessed them; I. decided to steal the stallion, and the hell in the same house - the baby; hell asked I. replace the baby with a birch chock, brought the stallion out of the stable himself; the real baby sneezed, I. said, "Health!" , the devil immediately disappeared; the owners woke up; I. ordered to beat the imaginary baby, he became a chock again, she was thrown into the fire]: 457-476 (S. 476-484 about I.'s adventures in Moscow); Mordovians [the royal son overheard a conversation between the three daughters of a poor widow; the eldest says that if the royal son married her, she would dress a regiment of soldiers from one spindle; the middle one: she would bake such bread that she would feed two regiments in one piece; youngest: she would give birth to 12 sons, the sun was in her forehead, the moon was on the back of her head, stars at the ends of her hair, the strength was iron, the will was stone, the heart was waxy; when he went to war he was looking for a midwife, by the river met Vedyava; the queen gave birth 11 times, V. each time writes that a puppy was born; for the 12th time, the prince is angry, orders the queen and child to be shackled in an iron barrel, let them go to sea; V.'s 11 sons somewhere sent; after the death of the tsar, the prince reigned himself; the barrel at the bottom, the son asks his mother, causes a storm, throws the barrel ashore, causes heat, the barrel bursts; the son builds a house; two old men fight over an ax (he builds himself), a handkerchief (turns it into anything), batons (she hits herself); orders the baton to beat the old people, takes away wonderful objects; the son invites fishermen to the table; then, becoming a mosquito, sails on their ship to her father; the queen hears the story of the fishermen, realizes that the former son has been saved; the king wants to go with them; the queen dissuades: this is not a miracle, there is a pig that plows its legs, harrows its tail, its snout sows; the young man caught a pig; next time: there is a mare that will give birth to a foal at every step; the same; a tree with silver bells instead of leaves; 11 fellows with the sun in his forehead (etc.); a young man He goes looking for his brothers, meets a bird, which brings him to the hut, he hides, puts 12 pies on the table; the brothers recognize each other, return to their mother, the king comes there, returns his wife, The liar is driven away with a samobile baton]: Anikin 1909: (p.?) ; Udmurts [father built a new house, tells his sons to take turns spending the night and tell me what they dreamed; eldest son: I dreamed that I would feed and water you in this house for a century; the same middle; younger replied that he did not see anything; his father tied him naked to a birch tree to be eaten by insects; the merchants untied him, brought him to the city; the tsar ordered him to be planted in a stone booth; the prince went to marry; the bride- the sorceress wants to kill him; the prince writes about this to her sister, she is looking for someone to help, the guy in the booth undertakes to do it; requires 11 comrades of the same appearance as him; on the way, 12 comrades see a hut, devils are fighting in it; the guy tells the others to go forward, asks the devils himself; fires an arrow - whoever brings it will receive a flying carpet; flies away on a flying carpet; also buys a hat- invisible; the bride asks the prince: what will I find, will you find? the guy, wearing an invisible hat, helps the prince; overhears the princess's conversation with his mother; the princess is going to buy a duck, and the guy told the prince to buy a drake; they put their purchases in a basin of water, the drake trampled the duck; then the princess goes to her grandfather, who is sitting behind 12 locks; the grandfather gave his daughter three hairs from her head, and the guy, invisible, snatched a handful; the same from her beard; the bride shows the prince is 6 hairs, and the prince is two handfuls; then she marries the prince; to find out which of the prince's 12 comrades helps him, puts marks on the suspect, but the next day she has such marks everyone; the prince and the princess went, and left 12 to feast for 12 days; 11 went home, and the guy went to pick up the prince and married his sister; the prince's wife: this guy is very wise, he must be killed; he , invisible, overhears everything and asks why they go to kill him; then the prince, after the death of his father, made him king; a merchant arrived, the king left him to spend the night; he again wanted to drink and drank from the pelvis in which the king washed his feet, deciding: the king's feet are clean; in the morning the king calls the merchant his father; talks about that dream: he saw his father drink water in which he washed his feet; he could not tell such a dream - father would kill]: Potanin 1884, No. 13:237-239.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [the wife died, leaving two sons, the husband took another; when he left, he said that he had a bird of wealth; the fortuneteller tells his wife's lover that if you eat the heart of a bird of wealth, you will become padishah, if the right wing, you will understand the language of animals and you will spit gold; the wife slaughtered the bird, but the cook fed the heart and wing to the boys; the younger brother hears sparrows talking: their mother hired a robber to kill them; they give him gold, run away; three horsemen ask for help to share their father's inheritance: a flying carpet, an invisible skullcap, a gold box; boys pick up items , leaving gold for the horsemen; the older brother was chosen khan (the bird fell on his head), the youngest flew away on a flying carpet; the old man says that the khan's daughter wears 40 pairs of shoes per day; who can guess , why will she beat the girl in the dice, she will marry, unlucky applicants will be executed; the girl wins everything, but her younger brother has an inexhaustible supply of gold; Mystan Kempir advises to replace box; before execution, the younger brother puts on an invisible hat, flies away on a flying carpet; finds fruits in the forest that turn into a wolf, forty, again into a man, and handsome; the young man gives the last an apple to a maid, and turns the khan's daughter into forty; in the form of a mullah, she restores her human appearance, but reports that the khan's daughter wore off her shoes when she went to debauchery the giant at night, here is him head; cuts off the head of the khan's daughter, flies to his older brother; he says that the viziers drove him out of the palace, now he is a beggar; the younger brother turns the viziers into wolves; the brothers return to their father, They kill a mother and her lover; magic objects return them to their former owners]: Kanbak Shal 1985:271-278; Kyrgyz [Khan Sarybay wants to marry a young widow; tells her to slaughter the chicken with eggs which she feeds her children; the widow gave one son the head and the other a liver; the khan demands the liver and head of her sons; the butcher grabbed them, but the black bird told them to let them go, who gave the cat's head and liver; the elder brother let the youngest into the well to drink water, the rope broke off; a bird sat on the elder's head, he was chosen khan; the youngest was rescued by an old man; every spit of the youngest turns into silver; the girl He beat everyone; the young man beat her, but she gave him a drink, he regurgitated the chicken's liver, then lost everything; three brothers argue over the inheritance: a magic tablecloth, a wineskin filled with koumiss, a wish-fulfilling stick; a young man invites them to race, picks up wonderful objects; wants to become rich and have M. by his side; she steals a stick; the young man hears three pigeons talking: who will eat a red apple will turn rosy, who is white - white-bodied, who is green - will become an old man or an old woman; the young man fed M. a green apple, gave it a red apple after she found his brother; the youngest gave it to his brother in wives, he returned to his mother himself]: Brudny 1954:100-104; Kyrgyz (Naryn Region, Zhumgal District, 1959) [rich and powerful Khan Aidarkan is childless; goes with horsemen to meet three girls; eldest replies that she can sew clothes for 40 horsemen per night, the average one can feed 40 horsemen with a handful of oatmeal, the youngest will give birth to a boy and a girl with golden breasts and a silver ass; the khan marries the youngest, two The elders are passed off as viziers; the eldest and middle have fulfilled their promises; the youngest gives birth when hunting; 40 of the khan's wives were bribed by a witch, she replaced her newborns with puppies, threw the children into the groundhog hole, filled up with stones, the khan is informed that his wife gave birth to puppies; the khan orders his wife and puppies to be taken to the big water and left there; the hero Akmat visited the city of Perishta in his youth (creatures, in the manner of European hidden people), with courage and strength he got the Gray Rifle and the Gray Pacer there; childless; The gray pacer does not let himself ride; trying to jump on him, Akmat finds himself at a hole littered with stones, he hears crying, finds children, brings him to his wife, arranges a feast, among the guests is Khan Aydarkan; the children have grown up, the son is no worse than Akmat, Akmat himself and his wife have died, brother and sister stayed in their house; brother uses With a gray gun, he rides a Gray Pacer; while hunting, he meets Khan Aydarkan, who is jealous of the hero, saddens that he is childless; 40 wives suspect that the children survived, the witch admitted that she did not bring it to a conclusion of the end; in the absence of a young man, she comes to his sister; says that there are green and white apple trees in the city of Perishte; if a white one is transplanted, it will bear fruit every day; the sister demands that her brother get it she has a white apple tree; he spends the night at Akmat's grave; a voice from the grave tells her how to get to the city of Perishte and get a white apple tree (you can't touch the green one); the young man brings a white apple tree, her sister is happy; The young man meets the khan again while hunting, who returns home upset again, 40 wives send the witch to finish what he started; a witch in the city of Perishte has a tree with three parrots sitting on its branches: colorful, red and loud; loud talks all day long; sister demands a parrot from his brother, who again spends the night at the hero's grave; voice: you can't touch the colorful parrot; the young man brings a parrot entertains her sister; after the third meeting, the young man and the khan send a witch to kill his brother and sister; in the city of Perishte there is Kulanda, the beautiful daughter of the ruler, let the brother be on her gets married; voice from the grave; you must enter the city of Perishte openly, for they are afraid of the owner of the Grey Pacer and the Grey Rifle; find a palace with 6 doors; when they all open, get inside, by the sleeper beauties cut off a lock of hair and only then wake them up, she will have to marry a young man; Kulanda agrees to marry, but her three brothers cannot share the items left over from her late father; chapan (will deliver anywhere), a needle (makes it invisible if you stick it into the gate) and a pipe (if you shake, a myriad of troops appear; the young man invites three brothers to race, promises to give items to the winner, hides, taking magic items; meanwhile, the period of 40 days expires: the young man warned his sister that if he does not return during this time, he will die; then his sister and her parrot will commit suicide; The gray foreigner will not be able to deliver on time; Kulanda calls the devas, the Black Dev will deliver overnight, the Gray in half the night, the White in a moment; the sister and the loud parrot are already preparing to take the poison; later time also arrives; the young man marries Kulanda; the parrot advises Kulanda to send gifts to Khan Aydarkan and invite him to visit; during the feast, the khan asks why the young man is three times long time did not go hunting, he explains, shows an apple tree, a parrot and Kulanda; the khan calls to visit him; the parrot tells his brother and sister that their mother survived: two puppies have become powerful dogs, bring partridges to a woman; brother and sister bring her mother; Aydarkan tells him to cut off the witch's head and hang 40 wives; everyone is happy]: Kebekov, Tokombaev 2007:35-42; Dungans [firewood collector Shynbor finds two eggs in the bird's nest, a stranger buys them for a lot of money; Sh.'s wife goes with him, brings home a bird, S. sells eggs, gets rich; S. leaves, the wife takes a lover named Sychyn, he asks to slaughter, cook poultry; sons Shynmyn (younger) and Shynfu (elder) accidentally eat the heart and head; S. demands that a woman let him eat the heart of his youngest and the head of his eldest sons; they run away; Shynfu he goes down to get water out of the well, cannot get out; Shynfeng goes to get the rope, blind old people find and adopt Shynfa; gold coins are found under his pillow every morning, he does not know about it; says that a person driving along the western road will return with gold, sing, blind old people find, adopt Shynf eastern - on the same day, along the south - without clothes; a widow lives on the east, beats travelers; Shynfu beats her; the fortuneteller says that if Shynfu vomits, he will burp the bird's heart; the widow gave him drink, swallowed his heart, Shynfu lost everything; three fight for a bag (gives gold), a table (food), a stick ( will take them wherever it is boring); Shynfu invites them to run to the distillation, picks up objects; tells the stick to take the widow's house to the desert; the widow takes the stick, returns the house, Shynfu stays in the desert; hears the conversation three pigeons (under the poplars on an apple; the one who smells the first will be covered with red hair; the second will become beautiful, the third will turn into a donkey or a mule; Shynfu gives the second to the maid (becomes beautiful), the third - to the widow (made by a donkey); the donkey comes to the council, officials decide that he has come to complain; the governor is Shynfeng; orders the widow to return to her human appearance by letting her smell the first apple and give him a drink , she belched the bird's heart, Shynfu swallowed it again, married a widow]: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 6:62-68; Uighurs: Kabirov 1963:154-159 [Khan promises to give Shamshizhamal for someone to beat her in chess; everyone loses, they are executed; after asking two peri to resolve their dispute, Tair takes their invisible skullcap, a flying carpet that gives food to a cane; puts S. to sleep with a long game, carries her away on a flying carpet; she flies back while T. sleeps; he finds four apple trees, their apples turn people into animals and back into women and men; appearing as a beggar, he turns S., her father Sh. Dith, four apple trees, their apples they turn people into animals and back, into women and men; appearing as a beggar, father and courtiers into maral, horses; regains human appearance; marries Sh., flies with her to his mother].

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Tuvans [old man Aganak lived at the mouth of Kara-Khem; he had a son, Ak Tung, who had nine knowledge; Karaty Khan lived in the south by the Kara-Dalai Sea; he ordered AT to move with him to teach his son; One day, Khan's son hears his parents agree to kill AT; he talks about it at, they run away together; there are people fighting over an invisible hat; friends invite them to run race, run away invisible; meet those fighting over a boot that carries any distance; the same; the old man puts his friends on a golden horse, brings them to the golden palace; there is a beautiful hansha, who was already 90 husbands, but everyone died; son K. decided to marry her; at night, AT sees a one-eyed shulbus descend from the sky, grabbed a hansha and flew back; AT put on an invisible hat and boot- speedboat, followed them; hansha tells shulbus that her new husband is a youngster like everyone else, but he has an adviser; the next day, khansha sits down to play chess with her husband, at is invisible says the khan wins three times; at night the same as the previous night; AT hears that the shulbus is going to go down the smoke hole and punch the khan's head with a nail; he tells the khan to cook a pot with with boiling water, framed him, the nail melted; on the third night, the shulbus promises the khansha to become a falcon and tear the khan's throat when he leaves the yurt; the khan did not leave, and AT threw the falcon that had flown into the boiling oil; that night the horse flew without a rider; the khansha flew to heaven, at next; saw how the burnt shulbus died; leaving the khan to rule, AT returned to his parents; there K. broke his father's arms and gouged out his mother's eye; AT hit K., her head came off; his wife asked if she wanted blood and flesh or horses of four colors; she wanted horses; he tied her to the tails of four horses, they carried her to steppe; AT found medicinal herbs and cured parents]: Taube 1978, No. 41:218-223; Buryats (probably oriental, first published in the works of the Troitskosavsko-Kyakhtinsky Department. Russian Geographical Society, 1901) [when he dies, the father bequeaths a rug and a scourge to his three sons; they cannot share the inheritance; the traveler fires an arrow: whoever brings it back first will receive things; sits on a rug, hits him with a scourge, flies away; flies to a meadow where 6 khan's daughters; one of them sat down on a rug, a man flew away with her; one day she finds a rug and a scourge, flies away; a man meets an old man, he gives him drugs; what's in in a red knot, turns it into a horse, in a blue knot it returns to its former appearance; a person turns a dog into a horse, goes to the khan, hires a cook; turns himself and the khan's daughters into horses, chases them, then restores human appearance; returns his wife]: Dugarov 1990:363-366; Khalkha-Mongols (Dunsurun) [Tushmyra's clever son (ST) is friends with Khan's stupid son (SC); heard that people want to kill CX and persuade the khan to appoint the heir to the ST; informs a friend about this, they are fleeing; the Chutkur children cannot share the invisible hat; ST suggests giving it to the first to reach the tree and back; covered with a cloak and wearing a hat on top, he disappears with CX; the same with girls who are shulmas (friends get a pair of flying gold and silver shoes); in the forest, CX falls asleep, and ST sees people who at night they tried to find the treasure, and left in the morning; under the white and black stones, friends found silver and gold, silver and goldfish; then they eavesdrop that the king will choose the one who will vomit gold and silver fish; friends showed fish, both were offered to become kings, but ST refused; the new khan got the young widow of the former king; she never combs her hair in front of her husband and his friend; ST watches; Khatun at midnight went out and flew away; in the cave, her lover, the blackbearded Darji Dam; promises to strangle her husband in three days; they play checkers; when they return, ST advises CX to play checkers with his wife, mentioning the name of King Chutkur DD ; say that he plays worse than him; Khatun is excited, complains DD; in the morning, ST advises CX to beat his wife with a whip so that she gets up early; the next day an iron loop descended into the CX yurt, but ST her cut it off; DD promises to fly as an eagle; ST throws the eagle into the fire; only Khatun snatched it out with forceps; DD wants to drive his mistress away, but she begged to be allowed to meet him at least once a month; DD and Khatun occur when the moon comes close to the Pleiades; DD is on the moon, Khatun is on the Pleiades]: Beningsen 1912:26-32; Dagurs [Khan's two daughters are missing; son grew up, went looking for them; two trees they fight for speeding boots, magic tables, invisible hats; the young man offers to give the third item to someone who quickly gets the egg out of the nest, picks up items and runs away; with their help finds his older sister, kills the demon rat who kidnapped her; the second sister is at the bottom of the sea; he marries a local queen, who lets her sister be taken away, they all return to their parents]: Stuart et al. 1994:156 -157; Oirats (darhats) [the man caught a bird, then the animals began to come by themselves, the hunter became rich; the wife met with the merchant, who asked to cook a bird, her two sons accidentally entered, the youngest ate the head, the eldest wing; the mother began to beat them, they ran away, lost each other; the youngest lives with an old woman, sells hay, he is paid at exorbitant prices; Noyon's daughter lures him to her, got him drunk, he first regurgitated the gems, then the bird's head; Noyon's daughter threw it away, he returned to the old woman, happiness was gone; the young man leaves, undertakes to judge his father's arguing over the inheritance: to whom you will get an invisible hat, a wishful box, and a staff with which you can walk on water; he threw a stone, told him to race, took possession of things, came back to Noyon's daughter, she's all again took it away, leaving only his staff; he came to live with another old woman, pretended to be asleep, saw that it was a shulmusikha with one eye in her forehead; pretended to wake up, shulmusikha took the form of an old woman again; replied that the flowers on her box made her wishes come true; fell asleep; the young man burned her eye with a hot staff, ran away, crossed the sea with the help of a staff, shulmusikha rushed after her and drowned; the young man came to Noyon's daughter, turned her into a horse by the power of flowers, maids into donkeys; promised Noyon to find his daughter if he gave him her box; it contained all the magic objects; the young man restored Noyon's daughter to human form, but left only one eye; gave another after receiving Noyon's daughter as his wife; noyon made him a senior dignitary; he found father and mother, made his father boss, mother a maid; older brother caught forty, agreed not to kill, she became a girl, her father gave a piece of cloth, she fulfills her wishes, the fabric was changed in ail; then she gave a baton, she began to beat the deceivers, they returned the matter; they left it servants and cattle]: Potanin 1883, No. 160:535-539.

(Wed. The coast is the Plateau. Skagit [{probably a European fairy tale}; the foreman's daughter falls in love with a poor young man; the father boils both in a box, throws them into the water; the box sails to the island; a woman with four lives there maids; they open the box, take the young man as her husband, leave the girl (she is no longer mentioned); the mistress turns herself and the maids into nuts, brings the young man to the foreman; the young man throws three nuts one by one , they become beautiful; the petty officer says that his daughter was better; the young man showed his wives ahead of schedule, so they disappeared; he goes in search of his wife (i.e. mistress); two argue whose clothes are making invisible; the young man puts it on himself; comes to a woman hiding him from her sons; four bring cold, these are the winter months, the fifth is warm; says that the boy's wife will marry today; at the wedding, a young man -an invisible man drinks herbal tea from his wife's cup; she looks through strong glasses, sees him, drives the groom, returns to the young man]: Hilbert 1985:23-32).