Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K131C. The kidnapped woman runs away while the shooters compete. .23.33.

The woman offers her kidnappers to shoot a bow - she will marry the winner. While they figure out whose arrow flew next, the kidnapped woman runs away.

Sinhales, Uighurs.

South Asia. Sinhales [the king will give his daughter to someone who pays the price of five burdens of elephant tusks for her; one prince managed to do it, got a princess; when they returned, they spent all the money; the princess told her husband bought thread, weaved a handkerchief; the husband sold it to a merchant; one of the prince grooms rejected by the princess saw the handkerchief, asked who made it, and went with the prince to his wife to order more; at night he intoxicated the prince with sleeping pills and stole the princess; immediately went to war; the prince husband saw his wife in the palace window, she sent him a note stating the time and place; he read it out loud, and the creeper-cutter overheard, came instead of him, the prince fell asleep at that time; the deceiver took the princess away; she said she wanted to marry: everyone must take a vow, being tied by others to a pole or tree; ties the kidnapper tightly and runs away; when she meets two Veddhas, promises to go with whoever shoots the arrow further; while they search for their arrows, she again runs away; she is picked up by a merchant; when he fell asleep, she put on men's clothes, left, hired the sons of the king and minister to teach; they noticed that she was a woman; she put on prince's clothes and ran away again; local the princess saw the imaginary young man, told her father to take him as her husband; on her wedding night, the imaginary princess told the newlywed everything, she promised not to give her away; began to distribute food for free and put her own wax figure: let whoever stops in front of her be detained; all the men the princess encountered during her adventures came; the lumberjack was executed, two Veddas were forgiven, left without The newlywed husband was presented as a prince, whom the princess was supposed to teach as a teacher; she herself returned to her lawful husband]: Parker 2014b, No. 247:313-320/

Turkestan. The Uighurs [the poor man's beautiful wife made a blanket, does not tell her husband to go sell it to 41st Street; he violates the ban, there is Khan's palace, he has to admit that his wife embroidered it; khan came to his house, gave the young man sleeping pills, took his wife away; she promised to marry Khan in a month; she and the young man agreed to run; at night the horses were ready, but the young man fell asleep; instead of him he accidentally jumped on his horse drunk Taz (“bald”); the woman promises to cure him of scab, sends him to buy oil, leaves; tells four hunters that she will marry the first to bring the arrow she fires; shoots 4 arrows, leaves; four other men: who drinks a cup of wine in one spirit and does not get drunk (the same); she changed into a man's dress, a bird of happiness sat on her head, she was made a padishah instead the deceased; everyone a woman has encountered before comes, she tells them to detain them; tells her husband to change into a woman's dress, they change with him, the wedding, no one notices the substitution; the padishah lets go of four hunters and other men, leaves Khan in prison]: Aliyeva, Kabirov 1989:32-41.