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K132. Invincible Rooster, ATU 715, 715A.


A small character (most often a rooster) comes to a powerful opponent. Thanks to creatures and objects that he meets along the way and hides in his body or bag, the character remains unharmed after all attempts to destroy him. Cf. Motive L126.

Laadi, Hausa, Malgashi, Kabila, Berbers Morocco, Tunisia, Spaniards, Catalans, Portuguese, Italians (Abruzzo), (Sicilians), Bretons, French, Walloons, Flemish, Germans (Schleswig- Holstein), Palestinians, Tibetans (Amdo), Uttar Pradesh (Hindi), Punjabi, Nepali, Oraons, Hungarians, Romanians, Albanians, Bosnians, Croats, Bulgarians, Greeks, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Karelia, Vologda, Ryazan, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia), Belarusians, Poles, Kalmyks, Ingush, Tabasarans, Khvarshins, Georgians, Turks, Turkmens, Tajiks, Persians, Estonians, Karelians, Finns, Livans, Veps, Lutsis, Lithuanians, Latvians, Norwegians, Swedes, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Mari, Komi, (Khakas), Shors, Mongols.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Laadi [Skinny chicken parents died of grief when the chief took everything away from them; he goes, meets a stump, a cat, an elephant, a hunter; everyone becomes small, H. puts them in his bag; the chief is told that X. requires an inheritance, the leader orders to pour boiling water over X.; the leader's daughter pours, the stump becomes large, boiling water pours on the leader's daughter, she dies; X. is locked in a chicken coop, the cat strangled the chickens; in the goat's pen, an elephant killed goats; the leader orders to give H. a bag of corn and peanuts to be sent home; the soldiers were sent after them; the hunter killed all soldiers]: Aksenova et al. 2005:97-98.

West Africa. House [the rooster goes to collect a debt due to his father; stumbles upon a piece of wood that knocks him down; when a piece of wood finds out where the rooster is going, he asks to take it with him; the rooster successively puts him, a cat, a hyena, a lion, an elephant, a warrior in his bag; in the city, the king's daughter goes to pour boiling water on him, a piece of wood knocks her down; the rooster is thrown into the chicken coop, releases the cat; thrown to the goats, cows, camels - they are killed, trampled on by a hyena, lion, elephant; they give money to a rooster but want to surround them in the forest; a warrior kills the king and his warriors, takes the throne; the rooster returns home]: Klipple 1992:248-249.

North Africa. The Berbers (Beni Menacer, Kabylia) [one wife is smart, the other is stupid; they quarreled, separated the only rooster; one part fried, the other kept; Half-rooster (one wing, one leg) went on a pilgrimage; he rushes at the jackal, at the lion, pulls it out by a hair, hides it under his wing; asks for the stubble of a wild boar, he gives it; in the king's house he shouts that he will die tomorrow and he will take his wife; the king orders throw it to sheep and goats; he burns the jackal's hair, he asks not to burn, calls all the jackals, who have gnawed sheep and goats; the same is thrown to the bulls (the lions have torn them to pieces); the king orders to lock the Half-Rooster, to kill with his own hands; he calls the wild boar, the boars broke the door, the Half-Rooster left, taking the gold in the room; asks his mistress to beat him, gold falls; seeing gold, the stupid wife offers to divide the dog; the clever gives her half to it; the stupid sends the dog on a pilgrimage; she saw a yellow stone in the spring, grabbed it, brought it, ordered to beat herself; she killed her and found it in herd a yellow stone]: Basset 1887, No. 42:83-89; Tunisia [the man married but the wife did not get pregnant, the same with the second and third; he told them that if they did not become pregnant, he would marry the fourth ; they began to pray; the first: "At least half of the rooster", the second: "The pot", the third: "The donkey"; this is how they gave birth; digging through the sewage of the royal court, the Rooster found a chest of gold, brought it to his mother; the king found out, ordered the guards to take the Rooster's chest by force; the Rooster got angry, flew to the palace, went up above the palace, saw the royal daughter, and she was bald, he shouted that the royal daughter was bald ; the king ordered him to be locked in a lion cage; the Rooster said, "Let's get the mouse out of the cave!" The lions smashed the cage and started running around the city; the Rooster shouted for the royal daughter again; he was put in the dungeon; he said the same words again, the water came out of the banks and flooded the dungeon, even reached to the Sultan's room; the Rooster began to scream again; the Sultan ordered him to be locked in a wheat warehouse so that he could eat and die, and the rooster called the ants; they took all the wheat away, and he again began to shout about royal daughter; the king ordered the rooster to be turned into a couscous; after eating it, he felt a stomachache, went to the bathroom, a rooster came out of it, shouted about the royal daughter and the king himself that he was red and fat; the king gave the rooster a jug of gold; the Rooster returned to his mother with gold; the pot also decided to help his mother, told him to wash it, turn it over and put it in front of the house; a man passed by saw the pot, took it home; the wife put fresh meat and vegetables in it, told her husband to take it to the bakery for meat to be cooked there; the baker cooked the meat and placed the pot next to the other dishes; the pot rolled home to his mother, she ate meat; washed the pot again and put it in front of the house; a Jewish jeweler passed by, picked up the pot, put jewelry and precious stones in it, fell asleep, the pot returned to mother; the next time the old man who passed by took the pot to use it as a night vase; sat on the pot at night, and he stuck to it, the old man could not get off, promised whatever he wanted, he demanded a property contract (house); the donkey's mother envied him, began to force him to work too; the donkey ate green unripe plants, went home; a boy ran by, the donkey sent him home to his mother made him a bed; she laid carpets and rugs; the donkey stretched out on the carpets and began spewing sewage, and then rolling on carpets and rugs until he died]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 66 in Korovkina MS; Berbers of Morocco: El-Shamy 2004, No. 715:395-396.

Southern Europe. Spaniards [the chicken sees the reflection of her golden scallop in the puddle, finds a gem in the manure heap, goes to the king to marry her; meets a wolf, a huge oak tree, a river, does they are tiny, carries them with him; the king took the stone, sent the chicken to the chicken coop; the other chickens attacked her, she took the wolf out, he ate them; she was thrown into prison, she took out the oak tree, he tore the walls; she was thrown into fire, it poured out the river; the king married a chicken]: Shishlova 1971:82-89; Catalans (many records, including Mallorca) [a half cockerel is born, or a normal rooster is cut in two along the body; he goes to see the king or marry his daughter; meets a river, a fox, a mountain, etc., puts them in his pants, swallows them, puts them under his wing; the king orders him to be thrown into the fire, the rooster releases the river; chicken coop - fox eats chickens; sends soldiers - however, not to cross the mountain; half-cock gets wealth and princess's hand]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, № 716:141-142; Portuguese [many records; rooster finds gold, money; goes to the king to return what he has stolen from him, take the money to the king, complain about something, runs away so that he does not get eaten; he takes it with him (swallows, carries it in his pants, puts it in his ass) river, fox, wolf, stone, bees or wasps, owl, etc.; in the castle he is thrown into a chicken coop, into a stable (fox, wolf kill chickens, horses); they try to burn him (water floods the fire); bees or wasps bite the king in the ass; he eaten by the king and alive again the next morning; a stone (wood) breaks the pan (glass); he is given what he demanded, or he runs away]: Cardigos 2006, No. 715:164-165; Vas Oliveira et al. 2017 []: 260-261; the Portuguese (Coimbra) [the cockerel found a purse with coins, carried it to the king; the river does not let him in, he drank it; the fox, the wolf do not let them in - he swallowed them; the king took the money and sent the cockerel to the chicken coop; he released the fox, it strangled the chickens; he was locked in a closet with dishes, he interrupted everything; left him in the stable, he let the wolf out, which gnawed through the horses; threw him into oil, the owl drank the oil; they threw him into the oven, The cockerel poured out the river; the king ordered the cockerel to return the money and let him go]: Coelho 1879, No. 11:20-22; Italians (Abruzzo) [the rooster swallows a wasp, a river, a fox along the way; releases when he is thrown into chicken coop, into the stable, into a hot stove]: Del Monte Tammaro 1971, No. 100:6; (cf. Sicilians [the rooster went to Rome to become dad; on the way he found a paper with the text; he met a chicken, who asked if she could go with him; he replied that he would first see what was written about it on the paper; it says that it is possible; this is how he consistently meets the caress and the cat; they come to the witch's house; the caress goes to bed in the closet, the cat on the warm ash of the hearth, the chicken and the rooster on the lintel above the door; the witch came back, went to the closet for a candle, the caress hit her face with her tail; the witch mistook the cat's eyes for coals, put a candle in there to light it, the cat scratched her face; the rooster sang, the witch realized what it was not spirits, but animals, drove them out of the house with a broom; the cat and the weasel did not go any further, the rooster and the chicken came to Rome; the rooster told the bell ringer (sacristan) to ring all the bells; he twisted his neck and cooked dinner, called friends]: Gonzenbach 2004b, 8:32-33).

Western Europe. Bretons (West 1884) [the miller bequeathed the mill to the eldest son, the donkey to the second, and the rooster to the third and fourth; the third threw his half on the pile of manure; the fourth wanted to do the same, but the half-rooster advised him not to do this, promised to make him rich; they went to their father's debtors, but everyone said that he had no money now; then the half-cock went to get the money himself; everyone he met told him to get in the ass; this fox, wolf, swarm of bees, river; the half-rooster came to demand a debt, the owner ordered him to be thrown into the chicken coop, he released the fox, it strangled all the chickens; received money; in the second house the same (thrown into the stable, the wolf lifted the horses); in the third (thrown into the oven, released the river); the fourth ordered the servant to place the rooster in his big pants to sit down and crush him; the half-rooster released the bees); on the way back the half-rooster left his assistants where he met them; gave the money to the owner, who became the richest]: Sébillot 1910, No. 57:205-210; the French: Arnaudin 1967, No. 14 (Gascony) [(similar to Lopyreva 1959)] []: 166-174; Restif de la Bretonne (1734-1806) in Boggs 1933 (central France) [when dying, the poor astrologer gives his two sons a rooster from which you can cut off any piece, and a day later he will recover; the brothers cut the rooster in half, the older one eats his part; the younger keeps half a rooster; he finds money in a pile of manure, the younger brother builds a house; the older brother demands half half a rooster for himself; the youngest sells the house, gives half of the money to the elder; the elder comes to steal the rooster, sees him find a pot of gold, the rooster pecks out his eyes; the prince of the gnomes takes away a pot of gold together with his older brother, the half-cock follows; the younger brother saves the girl and her dowry from thieves, and helps him avoid death at the hands of his brother; the half-rooster meets a fox, a wolf, a river, puts it in his ass ; the dwarf prince unsuccessfully tries to kill the half-rooster, is forced to return his gold; the girl disappears, the wolf, the fox, the river save her from the hands of her older brother; the wolf and the fox cut off so much flesh from her older brother how much was in that half of the rooster eaten; the younger brother gives gold and half-cock to the girl's mother; the half-cock was her son, turns into a handsome young man; he passes his sister off as a younger brother, destroys the property of the prince of the gnomes; the prince drowns his elder brother]: 9-10; Lopyreva 1959, No. 16 [the rooster found a purse with money, brought it home; Mr. d'Arglan (A.) asked to show it, did not return it, threatened to lock it up together with the mules; the Rooster went, met a wolf, a fox, bees and hornets, a stream, put everyone in a bag; A. threw it to the mulam, he released the wolf, he bit them to death; the fox bit to the geese; ordered the rooster to be strangled with his daughters - bitten by hornets; thrown into the oven - the stream flooded the fire; A. returned the purse]: 48-51; Basset 1887 (Haute-Brittany) [wife and husband shared the rooster; half of the wife finds a purse full of gold, his king takes it away; the half-rooster goes to return the gold, puts a fox, a wolf and the Seine under his wing on the way; the king throws it into the bird's yard (the fox strangled everyone), into the stable (the wolf bit everyone), into the oven (the Seine floods it water); the king is forced to return the gold]: 187-188; walloons [The half-rooster goes to get the rent; on the way he puts a fox in his pocket, knocks on the peasant, who throws him into the chicken coop; his chickens pecked, the fox jumped out, strangled the chickens; next time he met a wolf, thrown into the barn, the wolf slaughtered the cows; then puts him in the carmn river; he is thrown into the fire, he releases the river and floods the fire]: Laport 1932, No.*715A: 70-71; wallons [the rooster found a pearl; when he heard that pearls were in price in Paris, he went there; on the way he took the river with him, putting it in his ass; a fox (she saved him from a hawk); when fell asleep, the robbers grabbed him and tied him up, but the wolf rushed at them; the rooster put a wolf in his ass; asked to spend the night, the owner allowed him to spend the night with the sheep; the wolf strangled the sheep; the next night the rooster was placed in the chicken coop; the fox strangled the chickens; the next, under the bench; the rooster released the river and flooded everything; in Paris, the rooster sold the pearl, bought grain and returned to his wife and children]: Carnoy 1883 : 211-217; Flemish, Germans (Schleswig-Holstein): Uther 2004, No. 715:387-388

Western Asia. Palestinians: El-Shamy 2004, No. 715:395-396

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (Amdo) [the poor man's chicken found the purse, the master took it away; the chicken demanded that it be returned, the master ordered it to be thrown into the well; the chicken drank all the water, jumped out; he was thrown into the stove, he regurgitated the water, flooded the fire, began to demand his purse again; he was thrown to the yaks, he ate them, became the size of a hill, covered the sun over the master's house; he put it in a chest of money; he swallowed them, demanded a purse, the gentleman returned them; the chicken regurgitated gold and yaks in the owner's house]: Tshe dbang rdo rje et al. 2007:135.

Burma - Indochina. The Arakan people [the woman left her skirt to dry in the sun and forgot it for 7 days; the offended lord ordered the woman's children to be no larger than a finger; Ngalemá ("the height of a thumb") was born; N. goes to fight with Vladyka; reduces and puts a fox, a tiger, an oar, a boat, a wooden canopy in his bag; he began to play the pipe where Vladyka's seven daughters had come to swim; they told their father; Vladyka sent a rooster - the fox ate; the bull was eaten by the tiger; the wave - N. swam in a boat with an oar; began to burn the sun - N. took refuge under a canopy; Vladyka made N. a wonderful young man, gave gold and his eldest daughter; N. and his wife returned home, and his companions go to themselves]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 60:183-191.

South Asia. Uttar Pradesh (Mirzapur, Hindi) [the king admired the singing of a starling (blackbird) and ordered the birdman to catch it; but he, without understanding, caught and brought the female; the starling made a sword out of a thorn, a helmet from a nutshell, etc., went to the king to demand his wife back; on the way he met and put in his ear a cat, ants, a rope with a baton, a river; the king ordered the starling to be thrown into the chicken coop so that he could be there overnight they trampled; the starling released the cat, it strangled all the chickens; the next night the starling was thrown into the stable; the starling told the rope to tie the horses and the stick to beat them to death; on the third night they were thrown to the elephants; ants made their way into their trunk and brain, the elephants died; on the fourth night, the king orders the starling to be tied to his bed to see for himself what he was doing and how he was doing; the starling released the river; so as not to drown the king called the starling a general and gave him his wife back]: Rouse, Crooke 1899, No. 28:117-122; Punjabi [a childless woman laments that there is no one to take her husband to the field lunch; a watermelon in the corner promises carry; rolled to his father, carrying a bundle with lunch; plows instead of her father, but fell into the manure; a woman comes to collect manure, says that the bulls were taken away by the Raja; watermelon goes to the raja, meets, takes as companions ant, panther, tiger; Raja throws watermelon to goats, who tells the panther to bite them; the same goes to the bulls, the tiger bit; the elephant - the ant climbed into the trunk, the elephant died; the Raja returned the bulls]: Bystrov et al. 1962:168 -171; Nepali: Heunemann 1980, No. 20 [the poor old man went to the forest for firewood, found an egg, a cockerel hatched at home, asked for money, went to buy rice; asked for a penny how much it could fit in his ear, all the seller's rice fit there; the same with lentils, with other products and goods; the old people got rich; the rooster went to marry the princess; a swarm of bees, a lake, a burning pile of brushwood ask to take they are with them, hiding in the rooster's ear; the warriors want to grab him, he releases bees; the king does not want to give his daughter, the rooster releases firewood, the city burned down, the king gave his daughter, the rooster released the lake, the fire went out, the city has revived; the rooster brought his wife to the elderly, everyone is happy]: 145-148; Aganina, Shresthkha 1971 [the old woman picks up an egg, a cockerel hatches from it; asks the merchant to pour rice into his ear, there all his supplies are placed; the old woman is getting rich; the Rooster goes to marry the princess, placing bees, a lake, fire in his ear; the bees drive the guards away, the fire sets fire, the lake extinguishes the palace; the king gives his daughter for the Rooster]: 173-179 ; Oraons [a poor old woman gets an egg, a cockerel hatched from it, grew up; went to earn a living on her own; magically cultivates the peasant's field; he pays with grain - how much the rooster takes away; the peasant sprinkles grain in his ear, where the whole crop is placed; the rooster brings grain to the old woman, asks her to marry him; no one agrees to go after the rooster; he goes by himself, takes a fox along the way, tiger, wasps and bees (they all get into his ear); comes to the king, demands the princess, the king orders him to be thrown into a barrel of syrup, bees and wasps eat syrup; to oxen (the tiger bit oxen); the rooster was tied to on a thatched roof, he caused the fire to burn it and then put out the water; the king gave her daughter and the rooster brought her to live with the old woman]: Hahn 1906, No. 22:41-44.

The Balkans. Hungarians: Ortutai 1974, No. 65 [the poor woman's rooster found a diamond semi-kritzer; the Turkish sultan took it away; the rooster demanded, the sultan ordered the rooster to be thrown into the well; into the stove; the rooster drank water in the well, poured it into the oven; throw it into the hive - the bees hid in cock feathers; the sultan sat on him, the bees bit the sultan; the sultan allowed the rooster to find his half-chrysler in the treasury, the rooster took everything money, came to the hostess]: 440-445 (=Hungarian... 1955:3-6); Domotor 1988, No. 715* [the wife's chicken lays eggs, her husband's rooster is of no use, he kicked him out; on the way, the rooster swallowed a wolf, a fox and a river; came to two robbers or to the king; they want to destroy him, but regurgitating the swallowed ones, he remains alive; takes the treasures and returns to the owner; the wife sends her chicken, she does not succeed, her wife kills]: 464; Moldovans [the woman has a chicken, the grandfather has a rooster, the woman eats eggs, the grandfather is starving; the woman ordered to beat the rooster - let him lay eggs; the rooster ran away, found a purse with two money, the boyars saw they took away; the rooster followed them; he was thrown into the well, into the oven, he drank, then poured out the water; he was thrown into the herd, he swallowed bulls, cows and calves; let him into the basement with the treasury, he swallowed all the money, demands his purse, gets; brings his grandfather all the chickens, spills out the money; the grandfather does not give the woman, she beats her chicken, she runs away, brings a glass bead, the woman killed her]: Mirener 1958:13-18 (=Moldavian tales 1968:22 -25); Albanians: Elsie 2001, No. 15 [the old man and the old woman shared the property, the old woman took a cat, the old man a rooster; the cat caught birds for the old woman, the old man was starving; cut off half of the rooster and ate it; Half-rooster went to earn money; met and took with him a frog, fox, wolf, mouse that had swallowed water, each of them climbed into his womb; the half-rooster climbed into the king's cabbage, began to crow; the king told him grab him; he was found in the last head of cabbage, thrown into the oven; he told the frog to release water, it flooded the fire; the half-rooster was thrown to the horses, the wolf lifted them up; the fox strangled the geese; locked in a chest of gold; The half-rooster swallowed gold coins, told the mouse to gnaw through the hole, ran away; told the owner to feed him well and hit him on the back every day; a gold coin popped out to the old man for life; the old women were envious, she sends the cat to get money; she also told her to feed her and hit her on the back every day; she also told her to feed her and hit her on the back every day; only on the first day she fell out coin, loan only reptiles; the old woman killed the cat, died of grief herself]; Serkova 1989 [the old woman gave the rooster to the old man, kept the chicken for herself; does not give the old man eggs; the rooster promises that it will be useful, leaves crowing at the king's palace; the king is tired, he tells him to throw the rooster into the basement where the treasury is; the rooster swallowed gold coins, pretended to be dead; he was thrown into the courtyard; he came to the old man, poured out gold; the old woman wants the same from the chicken; the rooster tells the chicken to swallow the viper; the chicken regurgitated the viper, she bit the old woman to death]: 230-232; the Greeks [{those sketchy}; the rooster met, took from with herself, placing a cat, a hound, another dog, 10 gold coins, a wolf, a river, an ox, a ram, a mule on her tail; in the house, the woman threw the rooster into the chicken coop, he released the wolf, he ate all the chickens; she threw the rooster into the oven, he released the river; he demanded his gold (and took more)]: Dawkins 1916:401-403; Bosnians (Herzegovina: Zagorje) [grandfather has a rooster, a woman has a chicken; grandfather asked the woman for two or three eggs; woman: let your rooster reach it; the grandfather sent the rooster into the field, he decided to go to the king; meets, takes a fox, a wolf, fur and water, a swarm of bees under his wing; calls the king at his palace; the king tells you to throw the rooster to the turkeys so that they could trample it; the rooster released the fox, it strangled the turkeys; then to the horses (the wolf gnawed their throats); throw it into the fire (filled its wineskin); the king ordered to bring the rooster and sat on it, he released the bees, the king agrees to give as many ducats as the rooster has feathers; when he gets home, the rooster tells his grandfather to unfold his coat to pour ducats into him; the woman asks for at least two coins, but his grandfather does not give him eggs; the woman began to chase the rooster; he picked up a rusty knife, told the woman to open her coat, supposedly for ducats, and threw the knife and it hit the woman in the eye; so she remained crooked]: Eschker 1992, No. 51:218-222; Croats, Bulgarians: Uther 2004, No. 715:387-388.

Central Europe. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians [Rooster (boy with a finger) and millstones: the master (pop, tsar) takes away or steals self-molding millstones from the old man and the old woman; the rooster appears to the master and demands the return of the kidnapped; he is thrown into the well - he drinks water, throws him into the oven - he floods the fire; the master orders the rooster to be fried and eats it; the rooster, sticking out of the master's body, screams again; master gives millstones]: SUS 1979, No. 715A=AA 725:180; Russians [Wonderful cockerel and tsar (master): the old woman persuades the old man to cut off the cockerel's leg; the cockerel runs, meets on the way, wild animals and swallows them; for insulting the king, he is put in a chicken coop (stable, stable), and each time he comes out unharmed with the help of swallowed animals; pecking the royal in the chest money, the cockerel returns home and gives it to the old man]: SUS 1979, No. 715:180; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, village. Tsimola, near the village of Pinega, 1921) [The rooster, the cat and the thrush live together, the rooster owns magic millstones - food (cake, pot of porridge) flies out of them. The king learns about the millstones, he is warned that without them the rooster, cat and thrush will die, but he takes the millstone. The rooster arrives, bites the king in the head, asks for the millstone to be returned, the king refuses. The rooster is taken to the horses to be trampled on, but he runs away. By the water, he says "drink everything your ass", flies to the king, asks him to return the millstone again, in response he is thrown into the fire, the rooster says "pour everything out your ass" and floods the fire. The rooster is cooked and served to the tsar, the tsar eats it, the rooster says "food from the ass", the servants began to cut off the rooster's head and cut off the king's buttocks]: Ozarovskaya 2009, No. 46:357-358; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [when dying, parents punish their son and daughter to protect the millstones that produce everything they need; the millstones were stolen, they went to return them; in the river: nose, mouth, drink water; king: return the millstones; he tells the horses to throw the rooster under their feet; the rooster poured water for the horses, they began to drink, but the stable collapsed; the king orders the rooster to be thrown into the fire; he released water from his beak; when visiting, he called the king a thief; the tsar returned the millstones]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:209-210; Russians (Karelia, Zaonezhye, Kizhi) [orphan's brother and sister; saw that Baba Yaga returned to their home; sister brother "let me go to you I'll look for my head"; she sang "fall asleep, fall asleep another", he fell asleep, and she made her way to Baba Yaga; she grinds and "bread pulp, tub butter, butter, butter and cooking soup" appear; the girl hid it all in her apron, returned home, woke her brother up and fed her; when the food was over, she began to sing to her brother again, but forgot about one peephole, and he did not fall asleep and asked Baba Yaga with her. His sister told him not to laugh, but he could not help himself. Baba Yaga: "The lamb and yarochka have come." I wanted to put them in the oven, but they didn't sit right. She began to show how to do it. She sat down in the heat, and they pushed her into the stove, carried her millstones to them, and her sister began to grind. He stole about the millstone. The cockerel flew to ask for the millstone back. Pop ordered him to be thrown to the cows, but the rooster started screaming again in the morning. Pop decided to cut off the rooster's head, but the worker pulled his ass with an ax, and the rooster screamed again. Pop returned the millstones to the children]: Onegin 1986, No. 9:60-61; Russians (North) [grandfather gives the Rooster the last crust; he tears off the stove in the yard, which bakes pies himself; late autumn, the master, an old woman, comes in treats him to strawberry pie; the master steals the stove, calls the guests for pies; the Rooster climbs out the window, shouts that the master is a thief; the master tells him to be thrown into the pond, he drinks it; into the oven, he floods the fire drunk water; frightened guests run away, the master falls, the Rooster returns the stove to the old man and the old woman]: Karnaukhova 1948:99-105; Russians (Vologodskaya) [the master stole the man's rooster; dissatisfied with him, threw it into the well; rooster: priest, drink water; he was thrown into the oven; rooster: priest, pour water; the rooster returned to the peasant]: Kuzmina 2008, No. 66:164-165; Russians (Vologodskaya, Kirillovsky y.) [the old man and the old woman had a magic millstone; the master rode, took him away; the rooster came: return the millstones; the master ordered the rooster to be thrown into the barn; he flew out; ordered to slaughter, fry, serve; the master went to the wind, rooster again: give the millstone; master to the servant: cut his head; the servant cut off his withers, the rooster flew, the master ordered to give the millstones; the rooster could not be carried away; assistants ran in: hare, bear, wolf, fox; the rest went at home, and the fox stayed with the old man and the old woman; says her name is in the gumushki; ate half a roll of butter; What was the name? - Cob; the second time the same (Poscrobushok); asked the old woman to bake pancakes, the old man did not find butter; the fox ran away]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 38:153-154; Russians (Ryazan) [old man and old woman, y the rooster dug them; everyone came to grind them, left them bread; the master stole the millstones; the rooster flew to the master's gate: oblique master, give them golden millstones; barite tells them to put the rooster to the horses; the rooster all dug up; flew out, flew to the gate, tells the master to give the millstones, otherwise he will bring him to trouble; the master ordered the rooster to be planted with the cows; (same); put him in a well; darling, darling! drink water; the rooster drank water, flew out, flew up to the gate (same); put him in the fire; lei, darling! lei dushka - the rooster flooded the fire; screams again, the master returned the millstones; the rooster brought them to the elderly; they became rich, began to feed the rooster well]: Khudyakov 1964, No. 25:102; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1967, p. Staraya Toida, Anninsky District) [The old man and the old woman eat peas, drop a pea on the floor, it grows to the ceiling, the old man breaks the roof and the peas grow to the sky. The old man climbs into heaven, pulls out a cockerel with a mill, from which ready-made pancakes and pies fly out. The master wants to buy the mill, they refuse him, he steals it. The old people are grieving, the rooster promises to bring the mill. He comes to the master, demands that the stolen mill be returned. He orders the cockerel to be planted in a well, where he calls a pea, she rolls and drinks all the water. The master orders the rooster to be thrown into the fire. He calls the pea again and she pours water into the fire. The cockerel sits on his master's bald head, bites him. The master runs away, the cockerel takes the mill and takes the old man and the old woman]: Kretov 1977, No. 20:37-38; (cf. Russians (Voronezh) [A boy with a finger in a golden hat comes to his old father in the field, and while he is eating lunch, he climbs into the horse's ear and plows. The master sees the horse plowing on its own, and the old man explains how this happens. The master asks the boy to give him a golden hat for his wedding. The master does not return the hat for several days, and the boy goes to pick it up himself. On the way, he meets a fox, a wolf, a bear, they ask them to take them with them, the boy puts the animals in a bag. He demands that his master return his hat, otherwise he threatens to attack the entire lordly family. The master throws the boy to the geese, he releases the fox and it eats them, the master throws them to the horses - they are eaten by the bear, thrown to the bulls - they are eaten by the wolf. The boy continues to demand a hat, the master throws it into the well, the boy orders the bag to drink all the water, the master throws it into the fire - he pours water out of the bag. The master throws money at him, the boy collects it in a bag (sack). The master dies of anger, his wife dies of fear. The boy frees his servants, brings the money he has earned to his parents, and they no longer need it]: Korolkova 1941, No. 10:55-57); Russians (Voronezh, 19th and early 20th century) [The master takes millstones from the poor old man and the old woman, the rooster (the "golden scallop nomad") feels sorry for the owners and demands that the master return them. The master orders the rooster to be thrown into the well. The rooster says "nose, nose, drink water." The rooster drinks water and again demands that the master return the millstone, he is thrown into the fire, he orders the "nose" to pour out the water. The rooster is thrown into the underground (the master keeps the money there), the rooster bites it and flies away. It brings money to an old man and an old woman. The rooster again demands a millstone from his master, he, having learned that his treasury has disappeared, dies, the rooster returns the millstones to the owners]: Tonkov 1949, No. 1:154-155; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1969, p. Kirsanovka, Gribanovsky district) [Grandma and grandfather quarreled, grandfather took a rooster, and grandmother took a chicken. She lives well, every day the chicken lays eggs, the grandfather decides to let the rooster go, there is nothing to feed him with. The rooster meets the fox, says that he is going to see the king, show himself, she asks him to take her with him when she gets tired, puts her under her wing. The rooster is accompanied by a wolf (under the wing), a bear (under a tail) and bees (under feathers). The rooster came to the king and cried, the king is angry that he was woken up, orders the rooster to be put in the chicken coop, he releases the fox, and it eats the chickens and roosters when the king orders the rooster to be planted to sheep, he releases a wolf, and a bear to horses. When a rooster is brought to the king, he releases bees, they bite the king, and he asks what the rooster wants and gives him as much gold as his feathers. The rooster returns to his grandfather, asks him to spread the blanket and shakes gold on him from under his feathers. The grandfather takes a measure from the grandmother, she smears the bottom with honey, sees that the grandfather was measuring gold. He sends the chicken for gold, but it lies in the dust and brings shards on its feathers. Grandma offers her grandfather to live together again]: Kretov 1977, No. 45:108-109; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [grandfather has a cockerel, grandmother has a chicken; grandmother is tired of her grandfather asking her testicles, let his cockerel rush; the grandfather drove the rooster away; he meets, takes the Bear, the Wolf, the Fox with him; comes to the king; he locks him with chickens, horses, oxen; Fox, Wolf, Bear strangled them; locked them in a dungeon, where the treasury, The rooster pecked all the money; ran to his grandfather, belched up; the grandfather borrowed a sieve from the grandmother to measure the money, one coin stuck; the grandmother found out, sent her chicken, she found one coin dropped by the rooster, fell off, brought it; the grandmother was upset that there was not enough money, slaughtered a chicken]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:322-326; Poles [the rooster goes to return the stolen money; swallows or hides thieves, fox, grains under his wing, money, a river; in the castle he is thrown into a chicken coop - he releases a fox; in the stable he releases thieves who take his horses away; he is thrown into the fire, he lets out the river; takes the stolen money and returns to owner]: Krzyżanowski 1962, № 715:222-223.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [the rooster advises the old man and the old woman not to eat it, but to send him to work; runs, meets animals, promises work, swallows it; it is a mouse, a wolf, a fox; stays in the rich man's house; that leaves him overnight in the chicken coop; the rooster released the fox, it strangled the chickens; then in the cat; the wolf strangled the sheep; the rich man threw the rooster into the well - the rooster drank water; began to fry - the rooster flooded the fire; hid it in chest; the rooster collected money, told the mouse to gnaw a hole; brought money to the old man and the old woman]: Basangova 2019:163-164; the Ingush [Akhkotam chicken ("half-chicken") plowed the field with her legs and wings, sowed millet; Ati's horses poisoned the crops; Akhkotam goes, meets a fox, promises to eat it, Akhkotam swallows it herself; the wolf swallows it the same; Ati throws her into the river, Akhkotam drinks it; throws it into the chicken coop - a fox strangled the chickens; the wolf bit sheep into the sheepfold; the fire releases water, the Ati farm swam; he returned the millet]: Malsagov 1983, No. 143:284 (about the same Sadulaev 2004, No. 29:71-72, but just chicken, not "half"); Tabasarans [the old woman's 13th chicken eats more than the rest and the chicken together; the hostess drives him away; he drank the river, crossed the dry, swallowed a wolf, a fox; in the village, a rich man threw him to geese, turkeys, the Chicken regurgitated the fox, strangled the birds, ran away; thrown to the horses (regurgitated the wolf); into a burning tandoor instead of with the servant who found it (released the river); the rich man agrees to give 40 trucks grains and servant, they return to the old woman]: Ganiyeva 2011a, No. 128:304-305; khvarshins [half of Ochu's chicken sowed wheat, Khan's horses poisoned her, O. went to the khan to complain; met swallowed a fox, then a duck, a river; asked Khan why his horses had poisoned wheat; Khan swallowed O.; she began to eat Khan's guts; Khan ordered the Nukers to kill O. when he released her through the anus hole; O. ran away, returned home, and the nukers injured Khan]: Khvarshins 2012; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 98 [the chicken found a millet seed, sowed, grew millet, his royal herd trampled; the chicken drove the herd, the horses fell off the cliff; insulted the king; the king fried him and ate it; he screams from his stomach that he went to heaven; got out; he was thrown into the treasury; he gave the entire treasury beggar; he was thrown into the stable, then into the goose, he released the wolf, the fox, they killed horses and geese; he was thrown into the sea, he drank it, filled it with water in the tone; continues to tease the king], 99 [the chicken swallowed it a fox, a wolf, a bear, the sea, hid behind a buffalo cake, called the king; he had difficulty finding it, ordered her to be thrown into the chicken coop, the goose house, the sheepfold; the fox, the wolf, the bear ate everyone; the king ordered her fry, ate; when defecating, he told the soldiers to kill the chicken; she released the sea, everyone drowned]: 156-158, 158-159; the Kurds [son of Nisko ("lentil seed") as tall as a little finger; insisted on taking lunch to his father, then to plow; fell into the manure and got lost; in the fall the girls went to collect dung, carry bags, with one voice; they found no one; they poured out dung at home; N. turned into a rooster and began to scream on the roof of the palace that the padishah did not repay the debt to Emir Mysr; the rooster was thrown into the fire, and he filled him with water he had previously drunk; then the padishah ordered the rooster to be thrown into the room where the treasury should collect coins and leave; N. swallowed gold, regurgitated at home, enriched his parents; the neighbor saw, began to pour water on her son and beat him with a stick; he died]: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 29:278-280; Turks [The half-rooster is poor, yeah, owed him three gold, he goes to demand them; meets, takes Wolf, Fox as companions, they get tired, he tells them to get into his ass; the river also wants to go with him, he takes it; yeah, he locks P. in a goose, he lets him out The fox, she strangles geese; into the barn (The Wolf slaughters the cattle); in the barn, sets it on fire, P. releases the river; in the pantry, P. takes three gold, shoves the rest into his ass; on the way back, releases the Fox and the Wolf; tells the old woman to hit him with a roller, she first does not want to, then hits, a few coins fall out; she wants more, he does not give it; she becomes rich]: Stebleva 1986, No. 11:33-35.

Iran - Central Asia. Tajiks: Levin et al. 1981, No. 96 (Kurgan-Tyube Region {? Chukurak}) [the mother sends the cockerel to settle matters, giving 10 tin; the padishah took them away; the mother sends the cockerel to return the money; he meets, tells him to enter his ass water, the wolf; the padishah encloses him in" cemented house", he releases water, she destroyed the house; tells him to lock the lamb in a barn, the wolf bit the rams; the padishah allows you to take 10 tons; the cockerel takes 10 beaks, and tells the rest of the padishah's treasury get into your ass; spills out at home, the mother died under their weight], 361 (Muminabad) [the rooster's sister took the padishah of the roosters; the rooster goes, swallows ants, the river along the way; demands that the padishah give Mintanuk; he throws it into the bins so that it suffocates in the grain, the ants eat the grain; they throw it to the sheep, the rooster regurgitates the wolf; the rooster is thrown into the oven, he regurgitates the water; padishah: what is Mintanuk? the wife says it's her, the rooster takes her]: 170-171, 268-269; Persians: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 8 (Kerman) [the man asks his wife to cook ash for him and hire someone to bring him to his shop; the wife complains: if there were a son, he would take it; a pea jumps out of the soup, says that now she is her son Nuhud ("peas"); brings ash to his father; father: if you are my son, bring my penny from the king; on the way N. meets a washing woman, calls him to wash his hat; she refuses, for which he drank a stream; he meets a leopard, who asks him to take him with him, N. is afraid that the leopard will get tired, and so it happened, N. tells him to jump into his mouth; the same with the wolf, the jackal; N. demands his father's penny from the king, the king mocks, tells him to throw the man to the fighting roosters; N. releases a jackal; horses - a wolf; wild animals - a leopard; the king orders N. to be thrown into a room filled with burning straw; he releases the water he has drunk; the vizier advises that N. be allowed into the treasury to take his father's penny; he swallows all the contents treasuries, takes a penny in her hand, brings it to his father; asks his mother to cook soup, hang it upside down, beat it with a stick; treasures fell out of it]: 43-47; Marzolph 1984, No. 715 (Farce, Khorasan, Kerman, Isfahan) [a dwarf (Winzling; in one version, a wolf eats a shepherd, a piece of flesh becomes half a man) goes to the king to take his money; on the way he meets water and wild animals, usually puts them in his ass; the king tries to kill him; the water floods the fire, the fox eats the chickens, the lion eats wild horses, the leopard the other wild animals; he is allowed to take some, he takes everything, at home it's out of himself spews; a neighbor's stupid daughter tries to repeat everything, she is beaten, her mother beat her to death]: 137-138; Turkmens [the old man sends his sons to the diva to repay the debt - two pennies; leaves the older, middle divas into the well; the youngest is a dwarf (below the pot there is a two-top beard) goes with his dog, who swallows a jackal, a wolf along the way, drinks the river; a diva throws a dwarf to the chickens (the dog belches the jackal, he bit to death the chickens) sheep (the wolf bit to death); the dwarf tells the wonder that the rams are in the well; the divas go down after them, the dog belches the river, the divas drowned; the dwarf frees the brothers, they look for two pennies, find jugs of gold; the dog swallows them, brings them to his father's brothers]: Erberg 1953:17-23.

Baltoscandia. Estonians [the old people have a self-made millstone, the landowner stole it, the Rooster promised to return it; on the way he meets a fox, a wolf, a bear, a lake, hides them in his pants; the landowner threw it to geese, the Rooster released the fox, it strangled them; the wolf cut them to the bulls; the bear to the horses; the lake flooded it into the hot bathhouse; the millstones had to be returned]: Normann, Lätt 1968:56-60; Karelians [at the rooster and the cat a millstone that gives any food and drink; the king stole it, the rooster went to return it; on the way he drank the lake, swallowed a wolf, a bear; he demands a millstone from the king; he tells the bulls to throw the rooster (he released the wolf, all the bulls torn to pieces), horses (the bear tore it to pieces); throw it into a hot bath (filled with water); the rooster was beheaded, fried, the king ate his head; the rooster sings in his stomach, the king cannot go out of need; orders to hack a rooster; the tsar was hacked down, the rooster jumped out, took away the millstones]: Evseev 1981:270-272; Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 3 [grandfather sent the rooster to earn bread; he came to Mr.; he ordered him to be abandoned to the pigs; then into the well (drank water), into the oven (poured water), into the chest of money (swallowed the money); returned home, regurgitated the money; the chicken ate worms and regurgitated them; her grandmother cut off her head]: 35-37; Lebite 1965 [the master took away the millstones from the old men; the rooster went to take it away, took it as companions on the way, swallowed a fox, a wolf, a bear; the master ordered it to be thrown to geese, horses, bulls; the rooster released the fox, wolf, bear, they strangled everyone; the master ordered the rooster to be thrown into the well, then into the oven; he drank, then regurgitated water; the master rushed at the rooster with the ax, the ax killed the master, the rooster brought the millstone back]: 62-65; Balys 1936, No. 715 []: 70; Lutsie (Western 1936) [God, disguised as a beggar, went to the poor man; he accepted him, although he rolled a ball in the house; when he left, God let the coals be thrown into the oven, into the room, into the barn; gave millstones; the whole house is full of goodness and food, the millstone grinds food; the master took the millstone; the rooster went to return; meets, tells him to jump into his pants a fox, wolf, bear, lake; the master tells him to throw the goose into the goose pen; the rooster released the fox; to the sheep (wolf), horses (bear), into the hot bath (lake); the rooster was killed, cooked, the master ate, the rooster screams from his stomach; the master lowered his pants, the rooster has already stuck his head, the servant cut with a sword, the rooster escaped, the master was left without buttocks; gave the millstone]: Annom et al. 2018:231-235; Latvians [a rooster meets a bear, a wolf, a hawk; everyone replies that he is going to seek death; the rooster swallowed them, came to the estate, threatens to ruin them; the landowner orders to throw him into the poultry house (the rooster belches the hawk), into the barn (wolf), into the stable (bear), orders him to slaughter (regurgitated all three, they were torn to pieces servants); the rooster became the master, and the landowner worked in the pig and kennel]: Nierda 1952:34-36; Norwegians [a person has a rooster and a mill that produces porridge itself; a neighbor borrows it, does not give it back back; with the help of other animals, the rooster returns the mill]: Hodne 1984, no number: 49; Finns [the aged rooster knows that the castle owner is going to slaughter him, but still returns home; A fox meets the way, she asks to take it with him, he agrees if she turns into a flea, hides it under its wing; the same with a wolf, a bear; shouts insults to the owner of the castle, he tells the stallions to throw him (the bear lifted them up), to the bulls (the wolf lifted them up), to the goats (the fox lifted them up); the owner himself tore off his head, ordered him to fry, ate them; the rooster stuck his head out of the owner's mouth, screamed again; the owner ordered to cut them off the rooster's head when he sticks it out again; the rooster removed his head, the axe hit the man's head]: Salmelainen in Schreck 1887, No. 10:234-237, in Conca 1991:315-318; Swedes [at the peasant the mill itself ground the flour; the king borrowed it and did not give it back; the rooster went to return it; meets a fox, a wolf, a bear, everyone agrees to go with him, climbs into his ass; to cross the lake, his rooster drinks; the rooster demands a mill, the king orders him to be thrown to the chickens and geese, the rooster releases the fox, it has strangled all the birds; the same: the wolf to oxen and bulls; the bear to the horses; the rooster is thrown into the oven, he poured out the lake; the king returned the mill]: Stier 1971, No. 42:174-176; Veps: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 40 [the master takes the boy's millstone; the rooster demands the return of the stolen goods; they try to kill him, but it fails; the master has to give the millstone], 99 [orphans have no food, they find a pea, it falls into the basement, grows through holes in the floor, ceiling, roof, grows to the sky; the girl climbs the stem to a heavenly hut, obediently performs the hostess's tasks, receives a magic millstone as a reward ("pies appear on one side, kolobs on the other"); the master takes away the millstones from the children, and the rooster annoys everything shouting: "Give it back, master, the millstone!" justice triumphs]: 204, 209; Livs [Bob told the old man not to eat it, but to plant it; he planted it in a pot on the window; on the third day, the bean grew to heaven; the old man climbed into heaven; there angels are grinding money; agreed to give him a mill; you should only work on it once a day, or more often, instead of money, you will get only dust; the old man is rich; the mill is gone; the old man's rooster screams who her stole; he grinded all the time, filled the basement with money, and when he went down to look, there was only dust in the basement; the rooster came, demanded the mill, threw it to the cows; at night he opened the door, the wolf came in and lifted it up cows; thrown to horses the next night; same; thrown into the well - drank all the water; poured water into the oven; I had to return both the mill and the rooster]: Löwis of Menar 1927, No. 90:290-293.

Volga - Perm. Kazan Tatars [the rooster found a gold ring; bai borrowed it for a week and did not give it back; the rooster went to bay, met a bear, a wolf, a fox; everyone offers to go with him, he let them into his mouth; buy locked the rooster with horses, the bear lifted them up; with geese; the fox bit to death; with rams; the wolf bit; the rooster was thrown into the well, he drank water; threw them into the oven - regurgitated the water; poured the water into the cauldron to cook - again poured fire; released their animals, they destroyed the Bai retinue, shared the good]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 32:88-89; the Bashkirs ["In ancient times, when forty led the team, the raven was king, and people are crazy, a man found a gold coin in the yard of an old woman"; the man's name is Sun, the rooster begins to beg him for a coin; Sun throws him into the lake, the rooster drinks all the water, returns to his yard and begs for a coin again; Sun throws him into the burning stove, the rooster pours lake water from his beak, extinguishes the fire, begs again; Sun cuts off his head, throws it into a boiling pot; head continues to say: "San Agay, San Agay, /Give me your coin, /Give me, agay, give me, agay!" ; Sun eats his head without waiting for it to cook; his head continues to sing inside his stomach]: Barag 1989, No. 73:351-352; marie [Rooster and mill: a rich man steals a wonderful mill from old man and old woman; the rooster comes to the rich man and demands the return of the kidnapped; he is thrown into the water - he drinks it, throws it into the oven - floods the fire; the rich man gives the mill]: Sabitov 1989, No. 715A: 421; Komi (Zyryans) [the rooster has a magic mill (i.e. a hand millstone) stolen by the lady (king); going to return it, the rooster meets a bear, a wolf, a fox, places them in his belly; when he comes, the lady sits between two aspens and tells the rooster to be locked in a cattle shed; he releases a bear from his belly that has eaten all the cows; then the rooster is locked in a stable - the wolf eats all the horses; then into the sheep stable - the fox eats the sheep; the rooster is thrown into the well, where the bear, ox and fox drink all the water; they bury them in a haystack to burn, but the bear, wolf and fox release the water they drink; lady or king forced to give the rooster a mill]: Gren 1924:48; Komi [the woman has a boy and a girl; her mother died, they buried her in the cellar, found a bean, divided it in half; half of her brother rolled at the target, sprouted; sister climbed it {to heaven?} , went into the house, where the millstone grinds flour himself; she took the flour, came back; the brother asked me to take it too; the sister does not want to: he will laugh; it happened; the old man heard, woke up, but the brother and sister had time throw the millstones out the window and jumped out themselves, brought the millstones to them; the king recognized and ordered them to be taken away; the rooster promised to return it; under the king's window he shouted for the king to give the millstones; the king ordered him to be thrown into a hot bath; the rooster filled it with water he had previously drunk; the king had to give the millstone]: Wichmann 1916, No. 29:87-89.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Shors [the poor man had to sell the mill with the rooster to a rich man; the rooster orders to give the mill; the rich man tells him to tie him up, leave him trampled to the sheep; the rooster returns; he was thrown to the cows; tied a stone to his neck, they threw it into the lake; the rooster tells his ass to swallow water; he drank the lake, came to the rich man, ordered his ass to pour out the lake, the rich man's house was demolished]: Arbachakova 2010, No. 4:555-559; (cf. Khakas [Rooster and Teteka brought seven chickens to the steppe; decided to fly to a birch tree, where birch buds; the Wolf ate the chickens; they flew to live in the poor woman's yard; bai took away her hand mill, she and her son went to collect alms; the Rooster flew to the bay, screamed, demanding that the mill be returned; bai ordered the horses to throw it, then the cows, but they did not trample him; throw him into the oven; took the Rooster out stoves, buy it; The rooster in his stomach began to yell; bai ordered to beat himself in the stomach; his stomach burst, bai died, the Rooster grabbed the mill, threw it at the Wolf, he burst, live chickens flew out; the widow and son received mill back, began to live in prosperity]: Balter 1958:53-56 (=198:123-125); Mongols: Khoza 1954 [An inch tall, two inches tall (R.) is incredibly strong, but has nothing; together with his brothers lives in the bare steppe; when he finds out that the khan has a yurt, he goes to take it away; a hare; a fox; a wolf; everyone says that it is impossible to take away a yurt from the khan; R. puts everyone in his pouch; the khan sends them halfway dogs (rushed after the hare), warriors (rushed after the fox), rides himself (rushed after the wolf); R. took the yurt]: 15-16 (online, pagination starts at page 1); Nassen-Bayer, Stuart 1992 {band not specified} [ the black dragon king oppressed people; an old man as tall as the top, a two-tip beard went to tame him; the sea: where do you go! the old man scooped out the sea with a spoon, put it in a bag; the same fox, a wolf (put it in a bag); the dragon released 10,000 sheep at him, they ran away at the sight of the wolf; released the Qasar and Qusar dogs, they rushed for fox; the dragon sent an army, the old man drowned him, releasing the sea; since then, the dragon king has lived only in the sea, not on land]: 332-333.