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K139. Burnt pheasant.

(.13.) .21.23. (.27.) .29.-.31.33.34.


servant is so amazed at the girl's beauty that he lets the meat or bread intended for the master burn. He decides to marry the girl.

(Sudanese Arabs), Meitei, Punjabi (Greeks), Kalmyks, Georgians, Armenians, Mountain Tajiks, Ishkashim, Scandinavians (Ragnar Saga), Kazakhs (Xinjiang), South Altai Tuvans, Buryats, Mongols (probably Khalkha), Mongols (Ordos).

(Cf. Sudan-East Africa. Sudanese Arabs [brother brags that his sister Sky Doll is smarter than any men; his friend marries her, makes sure he is; episode: he killed an animal while hunting, sent a servant to the tent wives roast meat; the servant could not keep his eyes off the woman and the meat burned; the master beat the servant]: Al-Shahi, Moore 1929, No. 61:205-207).

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Meitei (ranks) [King Shalmo went hunting accompanied by a servant; they only caught a dove, the king sent a servant somewhere to fry it; he came to the court of Princess Upempu, the daughter of King Kabo ; was so amazed by the girl's beauty that the dove was burned; the princess crushed edible seeds and baked them like a dove; the servant brought them to the king, he liked it terribly; S. met W. and they fell in love each other; the king brought his wife to him, went hunting again; the old wife found a new one in the bedroom, pulled her out, sprained her arm and drove her out; the king found W., but she refused to return; Then he killed his old wife, threw the body into the river, it turned into an oyster; W. returned to her parents, but they ridiculed her, saying that they should have obeyed them and marry the one they offered; W. committed suicide; S. appeared and found out that his wife was dead, also committed suicide; on the way to the world of the dead, both souls met on the lake shore; Lakong Louonba, one of the gods of the world of the dead, advised Sh. to bathe so that the souls of S. and W. could be reunited in the world of the dead, and at that time he kidnapped W.; after becoming his wife, W. gave birth to two sons; when S. found out what had happened, he turned to Korou Nongningthou, to the king of the world of the dead, asking him to return W.; KN agreed and started a war with LL; he was defeated and flew away, turning into a butterfly; L. came to Sh., bringing her sons with him; S. said he was dead only for her sake, and she betrayed him; cursed her: let your first child turn into a cuckoo; that's what happened]: Singh 1985:297-301.

South Asia. Punjabi [the queen died leaving her two daughters, the king took another; she hates stepdaughters; they find food at the grave of their deceased mother; the stepmother sends the cat to find out what is going on; tells them to dig up grave; a tree grows in this place, girls feed on its fruits; the cat reports it again; the stepmother tells us to cut down and burn the tree; get rid of the stepdaughters; the father took them to the forest, hung them on a pole a vessel wrapped in cloth; it knocks on a tree, the girls think that their father is washing his turban by hitting him against stones; when they saw this, the girls climbed the rock, noticed the castle, came to the giantess; she hid them from their cannibal son; in the morning the girls ran away, began to live in the forest, eating reindeer milk; Lal Badshah hunts; sent the vizier to fry the partridge; he sees his older sister in the tree, shocked by her beauty, the partridge burned down; the girl gave another, telling her not to be extradited; the king orders to tell the truth; the vizier does not confess, he is buried alive, but at the last moment he confessed; the king married the girl; the flower the younger sister withered; they realized that something had happened to her sister, followed her trail of mustard seeds; the courtiers were jealous of the king's new wife; they threw her child away, changed her basket with coals; The king asked his wife to go to prison; the younger sister raised the baby; he played with a wooden horse and told her to drink water; the king passing by: how can a wooden horse drink? My aunt teaches: next time, answer: can a woman give birth to a basket of coals? The king returned his wife, made his son an heir, and rewarded his wife's sister]: Swynnerton 1892, No. 81:331-342.

(Wed. The Balkans. Greeks (Epirus) [a childless woman asks God to give her at least half of the child; the half asks her mother for an ax and a mule, brings firewood from the forest; the princess saw him, called the maid, they became laugh; The half threw his ax and rope, left; saw a fish in the lake, caught it, asked it to let it go - he would teach her how to make any wishes come true; "At God's first word and fish at the second word, let the mule be loaded with wood!" The mule is loaded; a half brought him to the palace, the princess laughed again-a mule with firewood without an ax or rope; half wants the princess to be pregnant; she gave birth, and when the boy started walking, the king gathered all the men and told the boy to give an apple to his father; the apple rolled to the Half, the boy called him dad and gave the apple; the king wanted to kill his daughter, child and Half, but The courtiers advised them to put them in an iron barrel and throw them into the sea, putting figs for the child; the princess asks the Half if he answers or does something only after she gives he has a fig tree; tells the barrel to stick to the shore and open, a rain canopy appears; a palace with everything inside; the king saw the palace, sent servants to fry hazel grouse there; the doors ask each other if it is possible let those who come in, let them in; objects respond; the servants are so amazed that the hazel grouse burned down; the king sent others - the same; came by himself; Half asks for a fig again and, when he receives, creates luxurious food; the princess asks him to cast another spell: let one spoon be behind the head of the royal boot; asks all the dishes if everything is here; when she asks for spoons, one answers from the boot; king: someone put it, it's not fair; princess: you also did wrong to me; Half tells me everything; they move in with the king, Half becomes a bodyguard and gets married the most beautiful slave]: Hahn 1864 (1), No. 8:45-53).

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [shulmus kill a girl, one shulma takes her form; Khan Umke shot a duck, sent servants for her; they don't return; senior adviser: there's a girl in a kibitka you can't tear yourself away from eye; khan married her; she pretends to be sick, asks her hearts and kidneys to feed her children from her first wife, son Ayu-Chikte and daughter Avha Tsetsen; khan sends a servant to kill children; deceased mother in guise the clouds threaten that the murderer will die in agony; the servant brings the hearts and kidneys of dogs; Shulma says she has recovered; the children come back, everything repeats itself; this time the children come to their maternal grandfather; grow up there, the young man gets married; AH goes to visit her native places; the sister tells her grandfather to take the metz and bow; the black bird attacks, the AchN cuts off her paw; the copper-billed witch with her foot severed clings, he wounds her neck with a sword; at home he sees hooks with human hearts and kidneys; only his father is alive; the witch feeds him human, then sucks blood; AH killed her, threw her into the cauldron, she flew out as a bird, he pierced her with an arrow, ashes scattered; transports his wife, sister and people to their native places]: Vatagin 1964:160-167; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 95 (Sighnaghi District) [dying, the wife tells her husband to marry the one she is suitable for koshi; only daughters came up; the daughter demands to build a house, tells the carpenters to put a hollow pole inside, she will hide in it; the father will break the house angrily, let the carpenters throw the pole flat into the water; the pole the prince pulled it out, put it in the house he built; at night the girl leaves the pole, eats, hides again in the morning; the prince waited for her, married, his wife gave birth to a golden-haired boy; his wife's father comes under looking like a beggar, he cut the child's throat, put a knife in his mother's pocket; her breasts and arms were cut off, her eyes were gouged out, the child's body was hung around her neck, driven into the desert; the child did not decay, it was growing; the Lord sent the crow finds out what is happening, he drank blood, replies that nothing; the dove tells everything; the Lord tells him to run a napkin over the woman's body, she becomes healthy; passes a chip that performs desires; a woman comes to live with an old woman, asks to invite the prince to visit; he sends cooks to the old woman to cook dinner; they see a beauty, a pheasant is burned; the prince demands an explanation, comes to old woman; when she goes back, the mother tells her son to put a twig under the prince's saddle, shout why he stole it; "Just as you did not know that you had a twig under your saddle, my mother does not know who cut me throat"; everything is explained, everything is fine]: 140-147; Chikovani 1954 (Kartley) [the older brother's wife tells her husband to drive away the youngest and his wife; they have a daughter, her tears are pearls, laughs - violets fall and roses; the prince hunts, the servant enters the hut, is amazed by the beauty of the girl, because of this, the pheasant is burned; the prince himself goes, amazed by the beauty, takes the girl to marry; on the way his uncle gives her salty food, takes her eyes by the water, dresses her black daughter in her clothes; explains to the prince that she is fool from waiting; a blind woman in the forest cries with pearls, an old man picks her up; exchanges violets and roses, the uncle has a necklace in front of the girl's eyes; she dies, the son sucks milk in his mother's coffin; the prince finds a son, he tears off the necklace from his imaginary wife, puts it on his mother, she comes to life; the uncle and daughter are torn apart by horses], No. 46:244-249 (=1986:248-255); Armenians [after his wife's death, the husband decided to marry someone her clothes would suit; when the daughter wore her mother's dress, her father decided to marry her; the girl turned to To God, he sent an angel, he placed it inside the beam of the house; the father burned the house furiously, but the beam fell into the river, it was picked up by the servants of another king, using it to build a house; returning from the hunt, the king finds the house tidy; he remains guarded, sees a girl coming out of the beam, marrying her, she has given birth to a son; the queen's father came disguised as a beggar, cut off her son's head at night, put a knife in his pocket queen; the king tortured her and drove her out; she heard a voice: wet the handkerchief in the spring, put the child's head to the body, he will come to life; in the morning the queen and child wake up in the palace; in a few years the king stopped in the forest, told the servants to fry the meat; they noticed the palace, went there, began to fry, but the meat burned, for they were carried away by the beauty of the hostess; she anointed the burnt piece with blood from her little finger; to the king he seemed particularly tasty; he came, did not recognize his wife; she ordered the servants to throw a gold bracelet to the king; ordered him to search, accused him of stealing; explained everything; forgave the tsar]: Bogoyavlensky, 1894, No. 5:194-199 .

Iran - Central Asia. Mountain Tajiks (Darvaz) [bai tells him to marry him a wife as beautiful as Myrambi, the daughter of a poor neighbor; they do not find one; parents promise to give M. bay; M. gives rice to magpie, then chicken; those they tell M. that she will be given for a bay; M. stuck a needle in the ground, it turned into a plane tree to the sky; M. sings, telling the plane tree to lift it away from the ground; the plane tree began to pick it up; the mother asks to return - you were told a lie; M.: you were my mother, now you are an enemy, everyone in the world is evil; the same with my father; with my older brother; my younger brother cried, M. felt sorry for him, tells the plane tree to let her down, her brother to grab her by a pigtail, rose with him; brother and sister found themselves in the endless steppe; brother and sister walked along it; the old man warns not to drink from the lake (you will become frogs), from the stream (gazelles), to drink from the river; brother drinks from a stream, makes a gazelle; a goat transports them across the river; M. fried the partridge, the padishah's nuker came, brought him this partridge, M. became the padishah's beloved wife; he left, two older wives began to rock pregnant M. on a swing on the pond, cut the rope, M. fell down; the wives told the padishah that M. was peri, flew away; the eldest wife says she is sick, asks to slaughter the gazelka; he asks let him get drunk first; M. replies from the pond that she has Shohusain and Mohusain (Ali's sons) on her chest; the padishah tells the giant to drink the pond, returns M. and the children, the gazelenok becomes a boy again ; wives were tied to the tails of mares and a stallion was allowed to join them]: Amonov 1972:50-58 (=Amonov 196:59-67, =Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:189-195, =1960:218-225, =Osmanov 1989:297-305); Ishkashim [grandson an old woman and another young man killed two partridges, came to another old woman to cook them; one of them sees a girl, his partridge burned down; then he made a partridge out of dough and cooked it so that it was tastier than the real one; they return to their grandmother; then that young man tells her to marry him the king's daughter; the mullah asks him to go with him; witches, the earth is open; the mullah asks him to go down and get it for him a candle, and the young man can take the precious stones for himself; the young man did not give a candle, the mullah closed the ground, the young man was clamped, only his head was outside; he pulled out the candle he had taken, spit, a witch appeared, he told her it release; bring home; the king demands 40 identical saddled horses for his daughter, a house made of gold and silver, a spring at the gate of the house; the witch does everything; the young man deliberately did not install one column; the royal people tried it themselves, they couldn't; wedding]: Pakhalina 1959, No. 2:117-121.

Baltoscandia. Scandinavians [the son of the Danish king Ragnar sailed to Norway, stayed in a small harbor; there was a farm nearby; people went ashore to bake bread, went into the house; the old mistress Grima said that her the daughter's name is Kraka (crow); she was not her own daughter; once a rich man Heimar stayed on the farm for the night; he had a harp with him; his husband and wife killed him, but it was not money inside the harp, but a little girl; the old people were ugly and the girl was beautiful; to avoid suspicion, the old woman shaved her, smeared her with resin, put on a hood and dirty clothes, and forbid her face; but then K. washed her face and, When she came in, the servants were so amazed at her beauty that they burned bread; R. asked why this happened and they explained; R. doubted whether she could be more beautiful than his late wife Torah; if it wasn't so, he will punish the servants; he sent others to confirm the words of the former; if so, let K. come to him dressed, naked, full, hungry, alone, unaccompanied; when he hears order, G. decided that the king was not very smart; K. wrapped herself in a net and let her hair loose; ate onions, but nothing more, went accompanied by a dog; K. agreed to board the ship if she and her the companion will be promised peace; but the dog bit R.'s hand and the servants killed him, so the promise was not fully fulfilled; R. brought K. to Denmark and married her; they have several children]: The Ragnar Saga.

Turkestan. Kazakhs (Xinjiang) [Khan is a sharpshooter, but did not get anything in 7 days; on the eighth he shot a duck; when he saw a lonely yurt, he sent a vizier to fry it; a beautiful woman came out of the yurt; the vizier was like this amazed that the duck turned into coals; the girl laughed and turned the fritter into a roast duck; the duck was enough for the king and his entourage, but the duck did not end; the king went to see and decided to take the beauty from her husband; suggested that everyone hide three times; if the woman's husband loses, he will give his wife to Khan; the khan turned into a dog, the wife told her husband to beat her with a whip, the khan asked for mercy; next time camel (same); third time, horse (same); now husband must hide; wife teaches; poplar in the upper reaches of the stream, there is a phoenix bird's nest on it, the dragon devours chicks every year, it will crawl tomorrow; it must To kill him, for which the phoenix mother will hide him in seventh heaven; before the phoenix mother arrived, the wind blew, it rained; chicks: drops are her tear; the bird ordered to prepare food, throw it to her, raised it to seventh the sky, but the khan saw a man in his magic mirror; the fisherman asks to pull a huge goldfish out of the water; the fish says that it is the third son of the fish king; hides the man in his mouth, and other fish muddy the water; but Khan saw; the fox led the man down the hole and he was just under Khan's feet; he couldn't find it]: Coyaud 2012, No. 72:188-198.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. South Altai Tuvans [on the advice of a horse, Ergen-ool agrees to become a friend of a black snake; the serpent turns into a young man on a blue horse, sends the young man to his home, hands a golden casket there; in it cattle tags, scissors, a needle; he throws it away, finds a beautiful woman, a yurt, lots of cattle in the morning; Kharagathy Haan sends servants to fry quails; the quails burned down, E.'s wife gave them three pieces from the tail instead sheep, sprinkled her milk, XX and his people ate this month; XX comes to her yurt, she makes him stick to objects three times at night; E. arrives by XX, his horse reaches the clouds with his withers, her feet rolls the boulders of the lower world; XX unsuccessfully tries to poison E. with araka; XX offers to hide; the wife turns E. into an iron on fire, hearth tongs, scissors; tells her husband that XX has turned in felt wool on the roof of the yurt, the stem of the reeds, the yellow whip; the XX orders to kill Erlik Haan and return; the wife asks to take sandbags, tendons, leather sticks, sheep's tail with her; on the scorched A black dog is running around the pasture; it must be fed its sheep tail, strangled, its tail put in its mouth; sand must be poured over a snowy mountain to cross it; camels will ask if to scratch about you or yours a horse - give them leather; women - pull tendons out of you or a horse - give them tendons; a man and a woman call out to each other on opposite sides of the cliff, the other two on opposite sides of the lake (spouses lived in discord; the latter spit on each other, saliva turned into a lake); one boils water in the cauldron, the other has a bone without meat (both stingy during his lifetime); a person eats huge tea leaves (during his lifetime) threw away the tea without digesting it well); Erlik E. meets that black dog in the world; the dog says that when Erlik is awake, he says, I sleep, and when he sleeps, I don't sleep; by morning Erlik fell asleep, E. tore off a piece of his heart, flew away with a falcon; sees a man leading a black dog; this revived Erlik led to him XX]: Taube 1978, No. 26:74-97 (=Taube 1994, No. 3:61-69); Buryats: Barannikova et al. 1973, No. 1 [the orphan earned a horse, it was eaten by wolves; argues to cut four firewood in a day; there is not much left, the orphan asks the Sun to hesitate, but the Sun goes down; again a year laborers, gets seed grain, in the fall his harvest was beaten by hail; he goes to the sea to fish and catch animals with snare; sees how 7 swans flew in, threw off their clothes, became girls, began to swim; poor man hides the most beautiful clothes; she asks for return, promises to recognize the kidnapper as a father, if he is old, a husband if he is young; the orphan returns her dress, keeps a handkerchief; everyone admires his wife; so that the husband does not I was bored, she draws a portrait of him; the wind blows him away, the soldiers bring it to Abaahai Khan, who tells him to find a woman; they go into the orphan's house to fry a bird; they keep their eyes on the hostess, the bird is burned; the hostess makes her unburned, tells her not to tell what they saw; the bird satisfies the hunger of AH and three soldiers; AH tells her to stay in these places; the next day the soldiers do not look at the woman, fry the bird, she tastes ordinary, AH beats them, making them tell everything; locks the orphan and his wife in an iron barn; tells the orphan 1) to bring an angry yellow dog from the east; the wife gives the hook, the orphan pacifies the dog; 2) clear the bottom of hot hell; the wife gives a red thread to get out of hell; it is impossible to cleanse hell, but the orphan offers AH to check for himself, go down; 3) pay tribute from the son of the Star and the son of the Sun; the wife gives The thread to climb into heaven, show her handkerchief to her mother, she recognizes as a matchmaker; then the guard climbs, the orphan shakes him off, he falls; after resting with his mother-in-law, the orphan comes to the wife of Zvezda's son, who hides him in hot cellar; when the son of the Star comes, everything cools down; the son of the Star sends the Sun to the son; on the way 1) two roosters ask to know why they are fighting; 2) a woman - why she sits on the horns of a cow; 3) another woman - why is she lying, water flows into her mouth, flowing out from behind; the wife of the son of the Sun hides an orphan in a cold cellar; he begged the Sun's son to send him on a daytrip on Altan Sharga's horse instead himself; at noon he should dine on an 88-legged silver table; the old man lying face down replies that he is looking at his seven dogs on the ground to show them the cattle they can eat; an orphan breaks his arm, knocks his eye out for giving the wolves to eat his horse, for which he worked for a year; another old man replies that he is trying to blow back in the stone hail and rain that he lets in through the doors of heaven; an orphan beats him, breaks his arm, knocks out his eye for destroying his crops; in the evening, the son of the Sun gives the orphan a golden cane for AH; says that the woman lying on the ground did not give mothers of milk for newborns; another beat a cow that was milked in honor of the Eastern Bunts; roosters should swing their cane, they will turn into gold and silver; AH wants to kill an orphan, that swings his cane at him and his warriors, they fall dead; the orphan was chosen khan, the daughter of Tanegari was chosen as khansha]: 29-31; the Mongols (khalha?) [Arat has a son Damdin; his father sent him to learn the business; he learned to play the hoora; his father is dissatisfied, sent him to learn the right thing; D. began to play on the seashore {really lakes}; the daughter of the sea king came out, brought him to her father; he tells him to stay at the bottom forever and play for him; but the daughter of the sea king brought D. to the ground and stayed with him; the khan hunted, sent Noyon to D.'s yurt to fry the quail; he is amazed by the beauty of the mistress, the quail burned down; D.'s wife gave Noyon two quails; neither the khan nor his entire army could eat them; the wife tells D. to agree to give it to Khan on the condition that he finds D. twice in his a yurt; his wife turned D. into a pestle; the khan did not find it; he himself turned into a tree by the well; D. understood this and took out a knife to cut it off; the second time his wife turned D. into a fly, the khan did not find it; he himself became a black goat among a hundred white sheep, D. pretended to slaughter him; khan: whose horse will run three days in three hours; his wife tells D. to play by the sea {lake} on a hur, her father will come out, I must ask him sea stallion; an 8-legged foal ran out; he easily overtook the khan's horse; the khan demands that the water in the lake boil; the sea khan gave two pebbles: throw white into the lake, the water would boil; put the black one by the cheek - boiling water will not scald; Khan tells D. to swim, he is unharmed; rushes into boiling water with all the warriors and dies]: Khoza 1954:13-15 {online, pagination begins with page 1}; Mongols (Ordos): Potanin 1893, No. 8b [the boy learned to play the hora (violin family), he was invited by an underwater king; the old man ordered to pay a puppy and a door latch; the boy wakes up on the shore of rich yurts; someone cooks food; he pretends to be sleeping, sees a girl taking off her dog's skin, throws her skin into the fire; the girl says he was in a hurry, Shatsgai (Magpie) Khan will begin to take it away from him; entering the yurt, Khan's servants looked at the woman, burned the meat; she gave something else, it tasted better, the khan had to confess; the wife tells the boy to invite the khan to hide; the boy wins three times (the wife helps); khan offers to compete, whose horse is faster; the father-in-law sends the boy an eight-legged horse and a four lion from the sea, this horse wins; the boy crosses the boiling lake twice, saying Khoshuai; khan dies; noyon asks what Khoshuai is; wife gives a red bean, who kills noyon and warriors with iron hail; the boy becomes khan]: 152-156; Mostaert 1937, No. 6 [Shajagai Alak Khan killed only while hunting two quails, sent people to fry them; they went into the yurt, where the woman agreed to fry quails; began to make paper birds and they flew away; the servants looked at each other, the quails burned; the woman ordered don't worry, she baked two quails out of dough, the khan could not finish eating them; next time he was two short, he asked, decided to take possession of the woman, captured her husband Ajintai Mergen, put his body down in a chest, loaded him on a camel and let go; the woman was pregnant with her husband, gave birth to a son; when he was 10 years old, he found out who his father was, found a camel in the steppe, his father was still alive, he was leaving; his mother went looking for her son, found him and her husband; S. set off in pursuit, the three went to heaven, became three stars of the Orion Belt] in Solovyov 2014.