Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K13A. The one-legged rises to the sky.



character's leg (rare: both legs) is cut off, bitten off, or torn off. The character rises to the sky, usually becoming a constellation or star.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Hawaii (island) Maui): Beckwith 1970:241-242 [Ai-Kanaka is a worthy chief of Maui; "Hina Working on the Moon" or "Hina from Heaven" becomes his wife; they have idiot children first, then Puna, followed by Hema; Hina is tired of cleaning after her children, wiping them with a tap; on a full moon she jumps on the moon; her husband grabs her leg, her leg comes off; Hina (without a leg) is visible on the moon], 242 [1) "Hina, who eats on the moon" - wife Aikanaka; she found sweet potatoes on the moon; her husband cut off her leg, threw her on the moon where Hina lives; 2) if her husband hadn't cut off her legs, Hina would have reached the sun; 3) Hina was tired of enduring the children's excrement, ran to the moon; her husband cut off her leg].

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Abkhazians: Bgazhba 1983 [the prince has three sons; he begged God for a daughter; he shot a wolf's finger, his daughter is crying at home, he put a finger to her hand, she was a werewolf; her sister chased her younger brother ; the woodpecker did not help him, said that he should get food for the children, the young man made the rotten tree young and hard; the witch Arupap sent him along the way, he came to the moon, got married; went to look for parents and brothers, the moon gave a ring; everything is desolated at home, only the sister lives; consistently eats the horse's legs, goes to the blacksmith to sharpen his teeth; the rat tells the young man to run; the woodpecker, A. sends the witch along the wrong path, but she catches up again; a young man throws a ring to his wife in heaven; dogs rush at the witch, a young man climbs his wife along the moonpath; a witch tears his brother's leg to his knee; a one-legged man is visible on the moon]: 33- 35; Chursin 1956 [Gudauta County; two single brothers, the third eldest married; sees an invisible force carrying a ram from the sky every day; the middle one is the same; the younger one shoots, falling bloody from the cloud finger; at home, the older brother's daughter's finger in the cradle is torn off; her brother put a finger on her, he has grown up; the brothers are gone, the youngest is the last; asks the woodpecker to detain the witch; he replies that he needs to get food; brother hits a tree, it becomes young; Baba Yaga tells you to go straight, he comes to the Maiden Moon; lives with her; goes to look for brothers, the Moon gives a ring; at home niece (var.: sister); eats one, two, three, the horse's fourth leg, the whole horse; puts the young man in a wineskin, goes to sharpen his teeth; he runs away; woodpecker, Baba Yaga help; he throws a ring to the moon, dogs rush at the witch; she manages to tear off his leg; on the moon a man with a leg torn off below the knee is visible]: 150-151; Ingush [the family has seven sons; everyone wants a girl; apples disappear after the girl is born; the thief is wounded in the finger; everyone is checked, the finger is injured in the finger girls, the mother asks her not to kill; then the younger brother leaves; after returning many years, he finds an empty village; the ant says that the girl ate everyone, tells her not to agree to eat, ask her to bring it with a sieve of water; the sister eats the brother's horse's legs one by one, each time asking how many legs the horse had; the brother replies that three, two, one, that the horse crawled; that he came on foot without a horse; while the sister carries water, the ant tells you to take a comb, sulfate, coal; the brother runs; the crest turns into a forest, vitriol into a vitriol field, coal into the black mist; the brother asks the Month to save him; the Month raises him, the witch manages to tear off one leg of the horse; The month and the brother are now together]: Malsagov 1983, No. 138:297-299.

The coast is the Plateau. Yakima [five virgins live with grandparents; grandfather doesn't tell her to sleep on his back looking at the stars; the oldest two do it, the youngest of the two wants a bright star, the oldest wants a dim star; the youngest wants a bright star as her husband; the youngest wants a bright star X áfash wakes up next to a young man, the eldest Y áslaams with an old man; sisters dig roots, make a hole alone, see the ground; they weave a rope out climbing plants; the youngest comes down, the eldest falls and breaks when her husband cut the rope; the youngest gives birth to a shining boy; this is the North Star; the Coyote and others want to kill him, but he's all wins; looks at the girl, she gets pregnant and gives birth; amniotic fluid has become soda springs; she threw a baby into the North Star, abandoned, tore off the young man's leg; standing on one leg, Polyarnaya The star always spins in one place]: Beavert 1974:188-192.

Plains. Sarsi [a woman has a husband and a seven-year-old son; she wants to go to her lover; hides a blood bubble under her clothes, pretends to be bleeding, as if she is dying, tells her husband to leave her body for a tree not high above the ground; her lover lowers her to the ground, dresses her in men's clothes, passes her off as a friend; she visited her son, gave him a bow and arrow; her husband suspected something, gathered people, told everyone the woman did not know how to make arrows, she did it badly; the husband left her and her lover in the tipi, rushed at his wife with a knife; he shouted that he would become a partridge, flew up, but her husband managed to cut off one leg, woman flew to the sky, became the moon; an unfaithful wife is said to be like the moon]: Dzana-gu 1921, No. 16:17-18; blacklegs: Fraser 1990 [girl passed off as an old chief against her will; cries all the time, gives birth the child still dies of grief; her former lover is waiting at the grave; she goes out to him, but says she must feed her baby; puts on men's clothes, goes to the chief's house; pretends to be something Then her husband tries to grab her; she jumps out of the smoke hole, but he manages to cut off her leg; celestials place her on the moon; you can see an old woman without a leg]: 36-37; Grinnell 1893a (blood) [cf. motive F30; the serpent is the woman's lover; the husband burns snakes in their lair; the woman breaks into the house, gets entangled in the doors in the web; the husband cuts off her leg first, then her head; the head pursues her two sons, sinks; wife's one-legged body chases her husband, turns into the moon; husband turns into the Sun]: 44-47; Wissler, Duvall 1908, No. 8 [man on the moon kidnaps a woman; she disguises herself as a man, with her new the husband comes to look at his children; the children recognize her; the man on the moon and she flies out the chimney; the woman's first husband manages to cut off her leg with a knife; the woman seen on the moon has only one leg]: 72- 73.

NW Mexico. Cora [the cannibal chases a boy, rips off and eats his leg; he becomes the Pleiades]: Preuss 1912, No. 5:274-276.

Llanos. Guajibo [Kuwai (Furnamali) turns into an insect, clings to the genitals of Puacali (Mashunashunali), daughter of Quemi (anaconda, Eunectus murinus), who at that time "occupied the world"; takes her as his wife; one day Kuwai's son enters the house in the guise of Aguchi, Kuemi devours him; Kuwait picks up pieces of his flesh and creates two chicks out of them eagle; raises them to take Quemi to heaven; to lure him out of his lair, Kuwai releases Attalea sp. ants, Quemi crawls out to eat them; his body trail is the Milky Way; eagles they take him to heaven, he himself is the Milky Way; his widow Yaniluava (= Tenteluva = Tsikiri) is the mother of all poisonous creatures (scorpions, spiders, snakes, ants); she is trying to take revenge for the death of her husband, falls into the trap of Kuwai, is eaten by piranhas; her daughter grabs her thigh bone, cuts off the leg of Kuwaii's other son, Kahuyali (Orion), throws it into the water, she turns into catfish; K. is considered a jaguar and creator of shamanism; he used to ride his stone boat, spreading fish along rivers; the giant eagle became an ogre, Kuwait killed him; where he fell , savannahs appeared in the forest]: Baquero 1989, No. 1:80-81; sikuani [the hero kills the cannibal mother-in-law, his wife pursues him; cuts off another person's leg, his leg turns into a fish, the man into a constellation]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 6 [Purna puts the tops, two female sisters from the sky steal fish from them; P. points an arrow, it injures the youngest; P. heals her, rises to heaven with both; they warn him not slip on the mat, otherwise their father will eat it; Huemuéni's father-in-law (a snake) orders to clear the area; P.'s younger brother comes in the form of a paki, killed, eaten, P. revives him; next time in the image capybaras; P. finds some fat from the capybara eaten, makes two eggs, from which ferocious chicks hatch; P. raises one in the forest, he turns into a condor capable of lifting logs; P. lures his father-in-law into the forest to eat ants; the condor rushes at him, but only injures him; a year later he manages to pick him up and carry him away; mother-in-law tries to poison his son-in-law by throwing garbage from the roof into his food; puts piranhas in the bosom of his daughter; P. puts his wife in the river, throws timbo; piranhas swim out and die; the latter remains, causes menstruation; at this time you can't copulate; mother-in-law entered the river, piranhas ate her; the eldest daughter turns her mother's jaw into a digging stick, chases P.; in the first village, when asked by P., people say that they are waiting to kill P.; he turns them into wasps; in the other, into snakes; in the third, into biting ones ants; the Kahuyáli man makes a boat, the stalker does not believe he is not P., cuts off his leg; he throws his leg into the river, it turns into a catfish; P. hides in a tree in the form of a mako, takes away from wife digger, turns his wife into a duck; K. creates several birds screaming that he has no leg; he is brought home], 7 [Furnáminali turned into a tick, clung to Kwameimi's daughter's genitals; the girl's hammock over her parents' hammock; at night they hear her daughter whispering to someone; in the morning F. is recognized as a son-in-law; F. asks his younger brother to bring a whetstone; do not go to K. in the form of an edible animal; he went in in the form of a paki, killed; F. asked for two pieces of meat, raw and boiled, puts them in a nest in a tree, they turn into chicks; grow into giant eagles; on the third attempt they can raise them to heaven palm trunk; F. lures Snake-K., creating leaf-cutting ants, eagles raise K. to the sky, it turns into the Milky Way; K.'s wife lets F. see through the flared from the head of his young son F.; admits that the tick was off her genitals; F. creates a piranha pond, calls her mother-in-law to fish, piranhas eat it; her daughter took out her mother's pelvis, made an ax out of it, chased her husband; came across a Kahúyari man, the boat maker cut off his leg, he turned into Orion, turned F.'s wife into a duck; painted his leg with blood, made a catfish; Orion is seen in the sky with his leg severed], 9, 12 [{without turning into stars}; The toad woman Belutuawa eats raw fish, but also swallows the smoked fish brought to her by her son-in-law Matsuludani; he eats cockroaches; he asks his wife Folore to call his mother to come to his top ; puts leaves in it, they turn into stinging rays and piranhas; B. rushed to get the fish, the rays stung it, the piranhas ate it; B.'s spirit went home carrying one fish; the daughter came to the top, released the fish, understood what happened; her mother's spirit responds poorly to her call from afar; Kajuyali ("the one with the leg") made a hollowed boat; B. usually swallowed chips that had flown off); F. fished out her mother's jaw, attached it to a stick having made an ax; went to kill her husband, but he ran away; she created snakes, scorpions, poisonous ants, but M. only combed his bites and the pain passed; running past K., M. told him to be careful, attached it to his ears had his ear ornaments made of leaves; F. cut off K.'s leg, thinking it was M.; K. painted his severed leg with his blood, she jumped into the water, became a rayado fish; M. rushed into the sea, F. for him, he turned it into a carretero duck, the axe became a beak], 13:39-49, 51-54, 61, 71, 74-75; Yépez 1984:17.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritare [Kuamachi and his grandfather Mahanama decide to take revenge on the Stars for the murder of K.'s mother; lure the Stars with their leader named Vlaha (Pleiades) to trees for fruit; M. says he will weave baskets to put fruits in them; K. climbs a tree, drops fruit; water floods the forest; M. with his baskets and K. jump into the boat; M. throws baskets into the water, they turn into anacondas, caimans, piranhas; devour many Stars, which K. knocks down from trees with arrows; V. shoots into the sky, making a chain of arrows, climbs there with the remaining Stars; Ihette (Orion Belt) climbed slowly, bleeding and dragging his leg bitten off by a caiman; others who climbed into the sky include the Mönettä scorpion and the Morning Star]: Civrieux 1960:179-180; 1980:110-114.

Guiana. Varrau: García 1993, No. 68 [the husband went to the palm grove; the wife followed and met an old woman; she asked her to look in her head, but not to bite insects; the woman accidentally saw through , died immediately; the old woman took two twins out of her belly; when her husband came, she said that she did not see his wife; the twins grew up to consider the old woman a mother; they threw fruits on her, a fire broke out, and fruits broke out they baked; one day they threw off a large fruit, the fire blazed, the old woman died; the brothers went, climbed a tree; an old woman came, began to swim, make faces; the younger brother laughed; the old woman told him to get down, kick her in the head, swallowed it; the elder brother did not go down; the old woman's daughter came, asked him to go down, made him a husband; the old woman said she would let the winds go, asked her son-in-law to shut her nose; he got out of her the skull of the swallowed younger brother; the elder told the snake, the caiman, the jaguar to kill the old woman; the next time she went fishing, they tore her to pieces; the daughter, seeing that her mother was dead, rushed to chase husband; to determine the direction, she began to turn something on the trail, so she found out where to run; caught up, hit a machete above her knees; her husband turned into a Nojijabasi star, his wife into a little star]: 223 -226; Roth 1915, No. 210 [Nohi-Abassi climbs a tree to watch for animals going to the watering place; the cannibal Nakhokoboni comes; takes two fish out of the river, immediately eats one, and the other puts it in the basket; next time the NA's younger brother asks for permission to climb the tree and him; the cannibal sees his reflection, catches it in the water; her movements make her younger brother laugh; the cannibal sends ants, brothers have to go down; she kills the youngest, brings the eldest home; her two daughters like him, the youngest becomes his wife; hides a crocodile or shark under the boat so that they can eat it mother; spouses flee, eldest daughter chases them; they climb a tree, the stalker manages to cut off ON her leg; the leg turns into the spirit of the Maam bird (Tinamu sp.) and into the Belt of Orion; the wife in the Pleiades, himself man in Hyades]: 263-265; Wilbert 1970, No. 188:431-433; Dominica's Caribbean [mother-in-law poisons sleeping son-in-law by blowing winds in his face; his friend advises stabbing an old woman in the ass; an old woman chases her son-in-law and daughter; when they begin to go up to heaven, she cuts off her son-in-law's leg; son-in-law turns into Orion's Belt, mother and daughter into other stars]: Taylor 1952, No. 2:270; caryfuna: Taylor 1951, appendix 2:153 [ among the six brothers, the youngest is Bahama (Scorpio, Aquarius, part of Capricorn), the next to Abedima (Orion Belt), the next Sirigo (Pleiades); E. marries; fishing, she is always bitten in half; he ties the hook with wire; pulls out the shark, cuts it to pieces; the wife says he killed her mother; chases him into a shark; he runs away; she bites off B.'s leg], 153 -154 [E. is the youngest of seven brothers; gets married; his wife dives into the sea every midnight; he ties a wedding ring to a hook, pulls out a shark; she bites off his leg; his brothers kill a shark with a harpoon]; Carinha on Orinoco: Civrieux 1974 [two hunting brothers hide in a tree above a pond from the cannibal Tarunmio; she grimacing, one of the brothers laughs; T. causes the wind to break the branches; one brother falls with a seed, T. eats it; the other with a frog, T. brings it home; her daughter takes him as her husband; he creates piranhas by throwing pieces of bark into the water; T. enters the water to eat fish, they themselves they devour her; her head remains, she rises into the sky, turns into the Morning Star; the wife avenges her mother; the husband tells objects in the house not to chase him, forgets the spindle; the spindle and his wife catch up with him; the baby in the woman's belly wants a flower; she asks her husband to climb a tree to get a flower, at which time she cuts off his leg; it turns into Orion's Belt ("Thot-Who-Without Legs"); the woman turns into voletolo]: 87-89; yaruri [a man goes down to the river for a drink; a caiman bites off a leg, a man turns into a Pleiades, possibly a Ursa Major]: Lehmann-Nitsche 1925a: 103; tamanak [man and wife went fishing; they quarreled, the woman cut off her husband's leg with an ax; he rose to heaven, became the constellation "Legless"; Lehman-Nietzsche proves that it was the Ursa Major; Geely identified with the Pleiades or with Little Dipper]: Jilij 1781 in Lehmann-Nitsche 1925a: 103-105; Akawai or Guyanese Kariña [Wawaya (wawa means sister or wife) takes Tapira to lovers; he promises to take her to where heaven meets earth; her husband Serikoai (sirikio means star) climbs a tree for fruit; when she starts descending, she cuts off his leg with an ax; his mother cares for him; he walks east on crutches in the footsteps of lovers; kills Tapir with an arrow, cuts off his head; V. and Tapir's spirit run to heaven, S. after them; V. turns into Pleiades, Tapir's head in Hyada (Aldebaran - eye), S. in Orion]: Brett 1880:191-200; Roth 1915, No. 211:265-266; Carinha Guyana [a woman conceives twins from the Sun, these are Pia and Macunaima ; P. from her mother's womb promises to show her the way to her father; on the way, she tells her to pick flowers; she falls down, blames her sons for it; they stop talking, she comes to the house of the Frog Kono (bo) -aru, the mother Jaguar; she hides the woman under a vessel, the Jaguar finds her and kills her; K. tells them that the Crax bird killed their mother; they exterminate the birds, the latter reports that their mother killed Jaguar; brothers kill Jaguar and K. with arrows; come to another old woman, also the Frog; returning from hunting, find ready-made manioc cakes; watch the old woman, see how starch falls from her stain on her stain shoulder; refuse to eat cakes, put the old woman on a bast bed, set fire; since then, the skin of the frogs has been wrinkled; the brothers go to look for their father, come to Tapirikha; find her fruit tree, eat the fruits; she hits them, runs away; after many days of chasing, they throw a lasso at her; M. cuts off her leg with a rope; Tapiriha and M. turn into the Pleiades, their severed leg into Orion's Belt]: Roth 1915, No. 35-38: 133-135; carinha (Maroni County) [a man tells his wife he would like to sleep in the rain; it's a joke, but his wife's brothers want to tie him to a tree; he runs, they chase him, cut off his leg; leg rises to the sky; it is seen as the constellation Ipetiman]: Magaña 1983, No. 8:30-31; Calinha: Magaña 1983, No. 2 [a man tells his wife he would like to sleep in the rain; it's a joke, but his wife's brothers tie him to a tree for the night; he takes his wife to the forest, asks for help weave a meat basket, roasts his wife alive in this basket, gives meat to her mother; she eats it with her daughter's brothers; under finds her jewelry with meat; brothers chase her husband, one cuts off his leg; her younger brother turns into a palm tree; Tamoussi agrees to make one-legged his messenger; he turns into a constellation Epietembo], 4 [as in (2); after losing a leg, a man jumps to the sky; Tamoussi leaves him hanging there as punishment for a crime], 5 [as in (2); brothers cut off his leg and leave him in a boat; he thinks about what to become; does not want to be a tree (cut down), fish (caught), animals (killed and eaten), etc.; decides to become the constellation of Epietembo], 6 [as in (5); rejects becoming water (they will drink), wild boar (kill and eat), tree (cut down and burn); turns into the constellation E.]: 23-25, 25-26, 26-28, 28-29; Magaña 1987, No. 67 [the young man must hunt excessively for relatives his wife; the Seiba spirit cuts off pieces of the snake, gives him to feed his family with them; everyone but father-in-law eats and turns into wild pigs; father-in-law ties his son-in-law to a pole in the rain; the son-in-law rises to heaven, turns into Orion; father-in-law manages to cut off his leg]: 249; 1988a, No. 1-8, 36, 37, 49, 124:11-36, 54-55, 76-77, 225; Penar in Magaña, Jara 1982 [man to wife: It's raining, I'll sleep well; the wife tells the brothers that he wants to sleep in the rain; they tie him up in a hammock, leave him in a hammock for the night; while hunting, he tied his wife in a basket, fried him alive on the bars; fed her mother-in-law meat; brothers they catch up with him, cut off his leg; he rejects opportunities to become various constellations, becomes Orion]: 119; Galibi [like Caliña]: Magaña 1988a, No. 30, 31, 38, 39:53, 55-56; taulipan [an unfaithful wife cuts off her husband's leg, he turns into the Pleiades]: Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 18:55-57; arecuna [mother-in-law feeds Jilijoaíb fish, sitting on a calebasa and taking fish out his uterus; J. - a shaman, finds out about this, scatters sharp flints covered with leaves on the shore, mother-in-law stumbles, flints devour her, jumps into the water, turns into piranha; her chopped liver turns into an aquatic plant with red leaves (the heart is the heart-shaped seeds of this plant); the hero kills his mother-in-law, who feeds him fish from her womb; his wife asked J. to make a sword out of wood palm trees, cuts off his leg when he climbs a tree; the bird informs Brother J. (Does J. turn into the Pleiades?)] : Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 19:60-61; pemon {probably the same arekuna} [mother-in-law brings Chirikawai fish as soon as he says he is hungry; his children have seen fish fall out of her body, when she sits on a pumpkin; he no longer eats, puts thorns and something slippery on the trail; then asks for fish again, her mother-in-law slides, her body is torn, all that remains is blood in the pumpkin; her daughter Wadararé finds blood, decides to take revenge; calls her husband to collect uruku dye; C. climbs a tree to collect seeds, V. cuts the branch on which he got up, C. falls, breaks both legs; V. goes home, lies down in a hammock her husband's younger brother, whom she is in love with; C. crawls to the house, sends her ear jewelry forward, they sing that V. broke C.'s legs; brother hears, tries to escape from V.'s arms, she does not let him in; C. he crawled, told his brother that he would go up to heaven, asked him to be brought to a bench, a calebass and a horn (trumpet); when he sounded, frogs would ferment, when he rose high, storms would begin, the fish would spawn; little brother stayed with V.]: Armellada 1964:70-76 in Butt Colson, Armellada 1989:194-196; curl: Magaña 1983, No. 7 [a man tells his wife he would like to sleep in the rain; it's a joke, but brothers wives tie him to a tree for the night; he takes his wife to the forest, asks for help weaving a fish basket, roasts his wife alive in this basket, gives meat to her mother; under the meat she finds her daughter's arms and legs; brothers they chase her husband, find his parking lots (all traces of old sites in the forest are left by him); they cut off his leg; he turns into a mabuculi constellation]: 29-30; Roth 1915, No. 208 [hunter without catching game, brings his beloved mother-in-law his severed leg wrapped in leaves; when he rises to heaven, he turns into Orion (more precisely, Orion's Belt and Sword, Mabukuli, "One-Legged")]: 262; curl [the hero kills his mother-in-law- cannibal (swallowed by a shark); his wife cuts off his leg, he turns into Orion]: Magaña 1988a, No. 33, 60-61:53, 107-109, 240; Roth 1915, No. 208:262; palicur [wife and her brother expose bound husband at night when bitten by mosquitoes; husband kills his wife, roasts, gives her liver to his brother; when he finds out what he ate, the brother cuts off her husband's shin when he climbs a tree; the husband shoots at the sky, climbs into the sky along a chain of arrows , turns into Orion]: Nimuendaju 1926:90; makushi: Barbosa Rodrigues 1890 [two single brothers live far from a married man; one single person kills the other in the forest (piercing him with a sharp stake) cuts off legs; a married man's wife finds a corpse; the murderer throws his feet into the river; the victim's body turns into Orion, his legs turn into fish; the same legs can be seen in the sky near Orion; the murderer is Venus, the married brother is Sirius]: 229- 230 (German translation in Teschauer 1906:735-736), 230 [the hero cuts off his frog wife's leg; the leg turns into a surubim fish, a woman into a star or constellation (German translation in Teschauer 1906:735-736)]; Magañ a 1988a, No. 68:115; vapishana [Tuminkar fights a giant named Baukur; T.'s weapon is thunder and lightning; T. puts B. in heaven, he turns into Orion, still throws meteors]: Farabee 1918:101, 107 (quoted in Goeje 1943:40 [probably B. is the same as Ma-buku-lou's curl, "hipless", Orion]); Ogilvie 1940 [as in Farabee; T. throws shooting stars, B. - lightning; T. throws a mountain, cutting B.'s thigh]: 68; trio [a man tells an animal to swallow his voracious mother-in-law; her daughter chases him; climbs into the hollow for honey, her head is stuck, cut off; the body turns into an agouti; a man wounds his leg with an arrow, his leg decays; he rises to heaven, turns into a constellation]: Koelewijn, Rivière 1987, No. 3 [mother-in-law swallows an anaconda; Yaravare cuts off his wife's head himself; his head predicts that he will hurt his leg by cutting wood, monkey meat, baker meat, etc.; he falls asleep, does not hear the name of the little fish; pierces his leg with an arrow, shooting at this fish; shoots into the sky, making a chain of arrows; rises, the chain falls]: 26-30; Magaña 1987, No. 99 [mother-in-law swallows a manatee; an old woman in the forest lures Yalavale's wife into a hollow, cuts her off head; Yalavale turns into Orion]: 153; akuryo [without details: Orion is a man with a severed leg]: Jara 1990:69; (cf. hishkaryana [husband still can't weave a cassava push-up bag, wife cuts off her husband's leg, he turns into fish]: Derbyshire 1965:96-97).

Western Amazon. If not otherwise: a caiman bites off the leg of one of the two brothers; the brothers turn into small birds as well as a constellation. Siona, Sekoya: Chaves 1958 [Three brothers went hunting, killed a tapir; on the way back they asked Cayman to transport them across the lake; jumping ashore, the latter shouted that Cayman was not theirs grandfather, but only a Cayman, Cayman bit off his leg; shamans began to drink yazhe, making the Sun shine and dry the lake; Cayman's stomach was ripped open, the young man was alive but without a leg; all three brothers became to drink the drug, they flew away; the sister refused to drink, the brothers left her at the top of the tree; there she cries, calling her brothers; the caiman's jaw turned into the Pleiades, and there you can see a flute in the sky, the end of the ax, tulpa (three stones?) , on which they put yazhe to cook]: 146-147; Vickers 1989 [Baira creates land after the flood, helps people get out of the ground, kills her father-in-law, who turns into Tapira; B. goes to heaven, tells his nephews to chase Tapir; they follow the trail of Tapir's excrement, it's getting fresher; Cayman takes them across the river, bites off their younger brother's leg; they kill Cayman with an ax, pull them out leg; Pleiades brothers, axe - Orion Belt, Hyades - Cayman's jaw, Milky Way - tapir trail]: 161-167; Napo: Foletti Castegnaro 1985:57-58; Mercier 1979 [wife pregnant, her husband is a month old somewhere is gone; she goes looking for him, asks about the twins' route in her stomach; she picks flowers for the twins, she gets bitten by a wasp, she claps her stomach saying they are to blame; the twins fall silent; she comes to the Jaguar grandmother; she hides her under the roof, the woman spits; Murupuma, Puka-Puma can't reach her, Wimba-puma jumps; they eat her, the grandmother asks for giblets, takes it out, hides it in a pot twins; they grow up, call her to the plot where they quickly grew corn; she almost got lost in it; she tells them to bring water, they bring a lot, the grandmother almost drowned; asks for firewood, they they bring a lot, they fill it up with firewood; they eat mushrooms that grew on wood, it turned out that her grandmother's ears were still alive; the brothers' name was Kuillurkuna ("Stars"); they lured her into a cave with musical instruments asked to dance, she sat on a glued bench, stuck; she was closed, she would come out at the end of time; the brothers lured the jaguars to the bridge over the abyss they had dug, brought down; hid in two rubber in bags, let themselves be carried away by the cannibal eagle Anga, who brought them to a nest on a rock; when he fell asleep, the eldest killed the male, the youngest did not finish off the female, she flew away at sunset; The duck replied that she could not transport the brothers across the river; Cayman drove him, asked what it smelled like; the eldest said he didn't feel anything, the youngest smelled like caiman; the eldest managed to turn into a fast Suwisuwi bird, and the youngest slow Partridge, Cayman bit off his leg; the eldest dried the pond, found that caiman, tore off his jaw, took his leg out, put it back; climbed the vine into the sky, the eldest became the Evening Star, Younger - In the morning, they took his jaw with them (Hyades)]: 28-39, 51; Wavrin 1937 [the man fell into his own trap, hung on a tree, his penis came off, fell; his wife dug a hole for his penis, began to water chichey, covered her vessel; stomped her foot, removed the vessel, the penis came out of the ground, they copulated; her two sons and daughter wonder why her mother cooks so much chichi; the brothers turn into a cicada and a cockroach, watch; later they stomp on the ground like their mother, a penis appears, they tie it with a rope and tear it off; the mother hits them; the brothers flee to the end of the world where the Morning Star rises; Cayman offers to transfer through the sea, asks if he stinks; they say no; the younger brother sits on Cayman's head, the elder turns into a bird; jumping ashore, the elder shouts to Cayman that he stinks, Cayman bites off the youngest's leg; the eldest shoots at the sky; the second arrow gets stuck in the sky, then falls into the sea, it dries up; the eldest kills all the caimans, cuts off their tongues; takes out his leg from the latter, the leg grows; continuing their journey, the brothers ask for the excrement of the yns, cuts off their tongues; the last tapira, how long they lie; several years, then a year, six months; when he finds a tapir, the elder pierces his spear; the back of the tapir falls into water, turns into a manatee, the front into the current tapir; returned to his sister; the elder sent a parrot to make notches in the vine hanging from the sky; the parrot picked up his sister in the basket; younger brother got up holding four fish; the eldest with a harpoon, forest, caiman jaws; mother turned into a snake-eating eagle, carried her husband's penis in her beak; siblings and objects turned into constellations; when they were created comes in, brothers on earth turn into birds]: 611-614; 1979:63-67.

NW Amazon. Karihona [mother tells Tukučimobi (Sun) and his younger month-old brother that she will die, tell her to cut off her hand, put it in the basket with cassava, hang it over the hearth; when her sons are to return from hunting, the food will be cooked; said that the garden was ruining the agouti, went to set a trap, turned into an agouti, died deliberately trapped; on her paw there was a trace of a place where the day before, T. took a sand flea out of his mother's leg; the brothers did as his mother told him, but T. did not believe that Aguti's paw was cooking; tells the kuckuck bird to cry out to warn if women appear; but brothers were far away, did not have time to run; the same with the woodpecker (the brothers noticed the tracks of two women); the third time the cacambra bird, the brothers grabbed two women, both wanted a lighter and younger one; T. managed to grab the eldest, before she put on her vulture outfit, and the youngest put it on and flew away; because the eldest's clothes were torn, she remained human; in order to take possession of her brother's wife, the Month asks T. to get the parrot's chicks; puts his penis instead of a pole; the erection stops, T. stays on the tree, falls into the hollow; all the animals searched for T., the mouse has found; rodent animals gnaw through a hole; T. creates a pond, carves from the tree of two large fish ("whales"; originally catfish), from chips, fish of all kinds arose; T. created a dry season for the fruits to burst and the fish to eat them; turned himself into fruit, let the fish swallow themselves, went out through the gills, caught fish, brought it to his wife and children; the Month was ashamed; he went fishing in the same way, the fish swallowed it; T. cut many fish before finding a brother in one of them; The month began to beat fish with a harpoon; tied the tench to an ordinary tree, not to a particularly strong tree, two fish, a male and a female, dragged him away to form the Caquetá River; so it has a wide channel, many islands; T. tried to stop them, creating rapids; T. caught a piece of the Month's leg with a net; the rest of the Month crumbled, so there are so many stars in the sky; the jaw, head, and leg bones of the Month are visible separately in the sky; people are children like Sun-T. (with lighter skin) and Months (darker; while T.'s wife was owned by his brother, she also gave birth)], 6B [while the spouses are sleeping, an evil spirit raises their hammock to the sky; the woman falls, the man descends the rope that the bird brings him]: Schindler 1979, No. 1:44-54; bora [Titause Moon conceived 7 sons from Thunder; they climbed a tree to eat fruit; Tapir asks him to throw off the fruit too, brothers refuse; he hits the trunk, the tree grows, becomes huge; one of the brothers turns into an insect (curhuinse), gnaws through a leaf, descends on it; kills Tapir, rises to heaven to his Father Sun (is he, not Thunder, a true father?) ; brothers cross the river on the caiman; the caiman ate one, only took out his leg; the brothers became Pleiades]: Girard 1958:266-267; chikuna: Nimuendaju 1952:147 [two brothers hunting; find a basket of boiled yam; the youngest eats; at night the demon tears off his leg; in the morning he says that bats have eaten his leg; deftly jumping on one leg, the cripple kills game with a club; kills tapir for vultures, asks to take him to heaven; turns into Orion]; 148 [a woman flees the house of the monkey owner (=jaguar), breaks his brother's knee with a club; he turns into Orion]; (cf. chikuna [a demon cuts off the leg of one of two brothers who ate a demon's food; a person turns into a hawk or eagle]: Nimuendaju 1952:146; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 14:120-121; yagua [two warriors return home; find boiled sweet potatoes made by Vachatare; one does not tell the other to bite off the big one (this is V.'s heart); he bites off; at night V. cuts off his leg; in the morning one-legged can't put it back, throws it into the water; it turns into a caiman; one-legged climbs a tree for night monkeys; it's just mushrooms; it turns into a toucan]: Payne 1992:193-195; Powlison 1959:13; 1972a: 81; 1993 [warriors go to take revenge on enemies; they hit a toad along the way; this is Vatachara's shaman; warriors rape his wife; two do not participate, see V. weaving a basket; he says it's eye basket, tells those two nights to settle away from the others; in the form of a bat, pulls it out from sleepers in the eye; in the morning, the curves decide to turn into bakers; some become a howler monkey, birds, a deer, an anteater; two go to the house; one warns the other not to break a branch of a fruit tree, he breaks it; V. screams that he has been bitten in the heart; eats fruits with people, spits bones, says these are eyes; warriors understand that they ate the eyes of their comrades (the origin of the delicious fruits of the ungurahui palm tree); at night, V., in the guise of a bat, cuts off the leg of a broken branch, he throws it at the river, the leg turns into a caiman, the one-legged continues his journey; climbs a tree for night monkeys, the satellite explains that they are mushrooms; the one-legged turns into a toucan, flies ahead, showing the way; The squirrel lures the rest to cross the ravine on a log, the end of which does not reach the other side; the log is an anaconda; the person jumps, swallows; finds a live Deer inside; they cut the anaconda from the inside with piranha teeth when she goes out into the sun to digest food; the anaconda chases them, they throw it into the Calebasa River, the anaconda sinks into the water; the man is bald, the birds make new hair out of their bast, a monkey paints them black; every night a person spits with another human animal, everyone warns of the next meeting; Partridge's anus stinks, man spits, Partridge flies away, carrying fire; a man plugs an anus with a swab; he thinks that it was the Partridge that bewitched, grateful to the man when he removes the tampon; the turtle mutters that he will eat poisonous rhizomes, man turns it into a turtle; a termite falls from a tree to crush a man, he dodges, tells the termite mounds to be on earth ever since; copulates with the Frog, which warns that her husband The battleship is jealous; the battleship calls a man down the hole, hoping to leave him in the lower world; a man climbs a tree, the Battleship causes the wind, has to get down; a man comes to the Wild Pigs Festival ( episode series); to Agouti (kills them); home to his wife and sons]: 97-118).

Eastern Amazon. Urubu [Awará is a man with one leg bouncing across the sky; he is a giant, but his male penis is tiny like a child's; {Big Dipper? Not Orion, because the Orion Belt is another constellation, Tãmarã, mapire-hare, "three"}]: Ribeiro 2002:562.

Montagna - Jurua. Chayahuita [Orion - Nunu Paya Nanto ("Nunu's leg"; Nunu - Aguaruna Indians); bright stars in the Orion constellation were people on earth; they fought, killed and ate many others; men The Chaiyahuita went fishing and did not return; the yo'natrashi bird (man) met a beautiful girl ahun, she invited him to her house; yo'natrashi' did not answer her, came back, said where men go; the Chayahuit decided to fight the ahun, called a kunk woodpecker and an inshi monkey, killed almost all the awahun; the rest rose to heaven to escape and became stars, Nunu Paya Nanto; Pleiades - Nunu Ya'pira ("Nunu eyes"); Hyades - Taya Kuvirato' (thaya - "white caiman", kuvirato' - "jaw")]: Shlyakhtinsky 2008; conibo [caiman swallows one of the brothers; they kill a caiman, make a boat out of its bones; take the swallowed leg with them; climb the vine into the sky, turn into a constellation]: Castaneda 1923:405; shipibo [caiman bites off his younger brother's leg, brothers turn into constellations]: Eakin, Lauriault, Boonstra 1986 [stars]: 37; Gebhaert-Sayer 1987:63 [three brothers are looking for a father or pursuing a tapir; they shoot at the sky, make a chain of arrows, climb it; the eldest turns into the Pleiades, the middle one into a Hare, the youngest, whose leg was bitten off by the Cayman, Orion; Hyades is the head of a caiman], 350-351 [lonely the young man uses calebasa instead of his wife; she becomes a woman, gives birth to three sons; they sit on a tree and eat fruits; Tapir constantly comes and asks for fruit for himself; they throw the unripe fruit at him head; he knocks on the trunk, making it fat; brothers go down as ants; follow the tapir trail; ask his excrement or the trees that have grown from them when the tapir passed; a year, six months , a month, ten days ago; he's here; the eldest turns into an ant, climbs into the tapir's anus, hurts the heart; brothers are fresh carcass; everyone tries to become a pot to cook meat; only the elder can withstand the heat for a long time; they ask the Duck to transport them across the river; she replies that her boat is small; Cayman asks not to step on his head; his younger brother steps, Cayman grabs his leg, drags under water; the Sloth drains the river, the brothers take the youngest's corpse out of the womb of the caiman; the leg is not enough; they shoot at the sky, make a chain of arrows; Termite and Little Squirrel are afraid to climb, Bolshaya The squirrel comes back, says the sky is good; the turtle turns the chain into a ladder; the brothers take Cayman's head and brother's corpse, go up to heaven]; Roe 1982, No. 7 [the old man (this is Tapir) makes a boat under a guava tree; children, sitting on a tree, throw fruit at it; the old man kicks it with his foot, grows huge; children turn into ants, descend on leaves, then become human again; walk along after the old man, asking for directions from the genip trees; they find more and more fresh tapir droppings; one became an ant, climbed the tapir in the ass, cut his heart; the tapir died; one turned into a pot, meat was cooked in it; they tried everything, but only the strongest one could withstand the heat; they had to cross the river; the man sent a caiman boat; sitting on his back, the brothers thought what to become, chose birds; one decided become a panguana bird; on the coast, the caiman bit off both his legs; Panguana is part of Orion, without legs; all turned into Pleiades, Hyades, Orion's Belt], 8 [at night the young man masturbates to calebasa; the mother began to put throw him away one by one; two boys came out of the broken calebas; they ask who killed their mother; the grandmother replies that Lightning; they killed the Lightning Spirit; they ask again, they threaten to kill the grandmother herself; she answers that Tapir killed; they found Tapir from fresh litter; the youngest became an ant, climbed into Tapira's anus, cut off his heart; the elder cut the tapir's stomach, released the younger one; the youngest turned into a pot to cook meat; the elder puts it on the fire and then in the water; the meat is cooked; the Sloth promised to call a bird that will transport the brothers across the river; the bird asks not to step on the bow of her boat; the elder listened, the youngest stepped on the shore, the boat turned into a caiman, bit off his leg; the Sloth dried the river with a magic spear, the elder elder cut off the caiman's jaw, took out his brother's leg; returning to his grandmother, the brothers They ask again who killed their mother; she replies that they will receive an answer in heaven; the brothers climbed a chain of arrows, the eldest in his hands is Caiman's jaw, Hyada]: 62-63, 63-66; Waisbard 1958-1959 [to the Pleiades]: 67; amahuaca [man leads others across the lake down the caiman's back; casually stomps, caiman bites off his leg; participants go up to heaven; there is now a constellation One-legged]: Huxley, Capa 1964:93; Ashaninka [the sky was tied to the ground with a rope, at the level of the roofs of houses; the warrior Porínkari (Orion) climbed a rope to run away from the warrior Sáni ("wasp"); was wounded by an arrow in leg, cut off the rope, the sky is gone]: Weiss 1975:406.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Takana [an incestuous father stalks his daughter, a cannibal bites off his leg and turns him into the sun]: Hissink, Hahn 1961, No. 33:80; (cf. takana (cavinha) [caiman bites off a leg, a person turns into an insect (cricket?)] : Nordenskiöld 1924:288); guarazu [the eagle takes children to heaven, parents grab the latter's leg and tear it off, children turn into stars]: Riester 1984:41

Chaco. Chamakoko [brothers flee to heaven from their mother; at her request, a hawk cuts off their last leg]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1987a, No. 72-77:252-272; caduveo: Wilbert, Simoneau 1990a, No. 23 [bird Go-noeno-go goes down to peck at the food he has eaten; the man scares her off, she takes him to heaven; other people grab his leg and tear it off, the man turns into the Southern Cross], 30 [three children always they play late; a painted vessel with flowers in it descends from the sky; children climb after them, the vessel begins to rise; the mother clings to the last boy's leg; the leg comes off; the blood stains the sky , since then there is a red stripe on the horizon (at sunset); white birds come to swim in a pool of blood, take on color; The Vulture can't withstand the heat, wipes off with coals, turns black], 31 [children play late at night, then they go to bed in the yard; the old man shouts to others that the creature (bird?) comes down from heaven and takes children away, but parents don't pay attention; children sing when they get up; the old man grabs the creature, sticks to it; parents grab the old man's leg, it comes off; they collect blood in vessel, birds are called to swim; Vulture cannot bear itching, falls out in burnt grass, turns black; other birds acquire colorful plumage]: 44, 55-56, 57-58.