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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K147. The horse brings the remains of the hero, he is alive.


The enemy dismembers the hero's body. The remains are tied to the horse's saddle or the horse picks them up and brings them to friendly characters. They bring the hero to life.

Oromo, Kabila, Arabs of Algeria, Egypt, Portuguese, Bretons, Hungarians, Moldovans, Bulgarians, Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Orel), Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Hutsulshchina, Volyn, Kherson, Kharkiv), Slovaks, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Ossetians, Nogais, Avars, Svans, Megrelians, Georgians, Turks, Latvians, Mordovians, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs, Mongols of Ordos.

Sudan - East Africa. Oromo [when going to war, the father leaves his wife and son to give birth; tells the son to kill the child if a girl is born and bring him her blood, and if a boy is born, kill a black ram, too to bring his blood; the young man felt sorry for the newborn and deceived his father by bringing him the blood of a ram; when the father returned, the son warned his sister not to show that she was his daughter and immediately took her away; in the forest he exterminated sorcerers and began to live with his sister in the house, but one sorcerer survived and persuaded the girl to kill her brother to marry her; she pretended to be sick, she would be cured by witchcraft food; the young man came to the sorcerer (the other), who gave her food, but told me what was really going on; the sister pretended that what she ate was better and offered to play-tie each other to a pole at home; tying her brother, she called a sorcerer; brother asked him to tie his body to the mule and let the mule go; that other sorcerer found a mule and revived the young man; he shot the sorcerer and brought his sister to his father, told him everything]: Reuss-Nliba, Reuss-Nliba 2016:96-100.

North Africa. Kabila [a sick father tells his seven sons to bring the hearts of their wives - he will eat them and recover; only the youngest refuses, leaves with his wife; going for fire, he comes to 99 Wuarssen (devas), those they cook 99 dead people in a cauldron, offer to remove the cauldron from the fire; the young man picks up and overturns the cauldron, kills the devas, throws him into the hole; brings his wife into the house of the devas, tells him not to enter the same room, leaves hunt; the wife comes in, sees that one dev is only injured, heals him, converges with him; the young man comes to the cannibal teriel, puts on her chest, now she is his mother, promises to help; to get rid of The woman's husband, Dev, advises her to ask him to bring rejuvenating apples from overseas; T.: meat in front of the ox, change straw in front of the dog; there is a black bull nearby, he will furiously throw horns, you will fly across seven seas, fall on an apple tree, pick apples; an eagle's nest on the apple tree, give meat to the chicks, the eagle will bring it back; when he returns, the young man gave 4 apples to T. and 4 to his wife; dev to the woman: tell her husband that You are afraid if he is not weak, let him tie himself; when he can't break his fetters, I'll get out and kill him; he tears all his fetters; T. young man: they will kill you, ask you to put your bones in a bag, load it on a donkey, he will come, I'll revive you; when he came back to his wife, she offered to tie him with her hair, he couldn't escape, the devil killed him and ate him, but the bones were sent on a donkey; T. folded her bones, covered him with wool and silk, gave him milk, his body recovered, she revived him with a rejuvenating apple; allowed him to return home when he could easily lift a bag of salt and a bag of iron; he comes disguised as a beggar, dev lets him in; offered to tell a fairy tale; while he is telling his story, Dev and wife sink into the ground, he cuts their heads off; kills their deva son; wants to return to his father, T. gives the box (do not open it on the way) and a black man; he opens outside the house, there is a beautiful daughter T., she has a ring that creates a palace; the young man's father sees his wife, wants her for himself, promises a Jew a reward for killing his son; he leads the young man hunts, feeds salty meat, gives water in exchange for eyes, brings them to the young man's father; he goes with the warriors to take his wife, but the black man does not let him in, kills everyone; the young man hears the conversation between the old eagle and the chicks; the old one has lost his feathers, asks to cover him; chicks: suddenly our father will treat us like a man with his son who is under a tree; eagle: let the young man rub his eyes with the leaves of a tree; the young man saw the light, the chicks covered an eagle; the young man came to the old woman, changed his clothes, his father did not recognize him, promised to give him his power as an elder if he killed a black man alone; the young man agreed with his wife that the black man would be tied to blood, blood will spill, he will fall; witnesses: this man killed a black man; the father hands over power to his son without knowing who it is; before that, asks the wise men if the father can marry his daughter-in-law; 6 say yes, the seventh, that no; the father orders him to be killed, the young man kills himself, orders him to kill a Jew and punish 6 wise men]: Frobenius 1922a, No. 2:11-24; Algerian Arabs: Belamri 1982 [wanting to test their obedience, the Sultan commands seven sons to shave their wives naked; younger Ahmed refused and was expelled with his wife; after killing what he thought was a gulya in his castle, A. left the body alone and settled in the castle with his wife, allowing go everywhere, but not go into that rest; when hunting, he always left half of the prey to the old woman whose son died; A.'s wife went into that room, found the wounded ghoul, cured him; they decided to get rid of A.; wife offered a game: she would tie A., and he would tear the fetters; when he could not break them, she called Gulya; A. asked him to put his remains in a bag, load them on his horse and tell the horse to go where he is always walked; he brought A.'s chopped body to the old woman; the old woman folded the pieces of her body, revived A.; under the guise of a wandering musician, he entered the castle, cut off the gulya's head at night, tied his wife up, and began to fry her, forcing him to eat pieces of his own meat]: 80-86; Scelles-Millie 1963 (Souf) [the king keeps his seven sons in the palace, wanting to protect them from all the bad things in the world; they are given boneless meat skinless almonds, skinless watermelons; once a black maid forgot to take out the bones; the boys began to play by throwing the dice at each other, broke the window and saw the outside world; told the maid to talk about everyone - about birth, love, death; sent to his father asking him to let them go; the king married sons; his daughters-in-law annoyed him, he decided to get rid of them; the Jew advised him to be sick, let his sons they will bring the wives' blood; six wives were killed, and the youngest Ali brought blood to the gazelle, ran away with his wife; they came to the house of 40 blind gulas; they made 40 tortillas and 40 servings of meat; Ali quietly took one; ghuli got into a fight, Ali killed them and threw them into the well; his wife heard a groan, pulled out and hid one gulya who had just been wounded; ghoul advised to send Ali for golden rejuvenating apples; the old woman teaches Ali: you have to slip between the crushing mountains; have time to jump over the garden fence (as soon as the wall sees Ali's horse, it will start growing); picking apples, galloping away without turning around; Ali turned slightly to his voice and tail the horse was cut off; the old woman tells her to give her the rejuvenating apples and his wife to bring the regular ones; the ghoul advised Ali to play chess for a living; Ali let his wife win, believing it was a joke, but she she killed him, put the pieces of his body in a bag, attached his horse to the saddle and told the horse to ride to where he came from; the old woman put the pieces together, but her heart and liver were not enough; she sent the cat to the ghoul, that she brought her heart and liver; the old woman revived Ali with the juice of rejuvenating apples; he came to Gulya disguised as a dervish, hacked him at night, stabbed his wife, returned to the old woman; she turned the cat into a beautiful woman, Ali married her, returned to his father, who handed him the throne]: 313-316.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese (Abrantes) [the princess has an affair with her servant; when she found out that her daughter was pregnant, her father ordered her to be left in the forest, cutting off her tongue; but the servants brought him the dog's tongue; the girl gave birth, the boy grew up, they were met by a hunter; the mother wanted to stay in the forest, and the hunter christened her son and kept him; the young man asked for a horse and a gun; the forest came across a giant's palace, defeated him, left him in one of the rooms; found mother and lodger in the palace, forbidding them to enter this room; she went in and became the giant's mistress; to get rid of her son, he offers to pretend to be sick and ask for porcupine fat {porco espinho; or is it a boar?} from the estate of the Wise King (na quinta do Rei Sabio); the king gave him a sword, taught him what to do; changed fat; his mother requires water from the estate of the Wise King; he teaches him to take water not from clean, but from muddy pond; changed the water again; told the young man that if he was killed, let pieces of his body be tied to the horse and the horse released; his mother wanted an orange from the garden of the Wise King; he told him to pick the green one, not a mature orange, replaced it; the mother invited the young man to put her head on her knees, cut off her hair; he lost his strength and the giant defeated him; the young man asked to cut it into four parts and tie it to the horse; that came to the Wise King; the King folded the pieces, smeared it with that fat, sprinkled it with orange juice, the young man came to life; his hair grew; the king said that the young man's mother gave birth to a daughter from the giant; the young man came to the giant and killed mother and her daughter, defeated the giant and got the eyes of the Wise King, whom the giant blinded; the King put them in for himself, sprinkled them with that water, regained his sight; the young man married his daughter; all is well]: Coelho 1879 , NO. 60:134-138.

Western Europe. The Bretons [Prince Trégier went on a journey, squandered his money and his horse, stayed with a poor old woman, who sent him to the castle; there the old woman takes him as an employee, tells him not to pay attention if at night he will hear noise and moans behind the wall; the prince unlocks the door, there is a serpent; he asks him not to be afraid, tells him to carry him to another castle; when the prince gets tired, he licks the foam from the snake's mouth and gains strength; in the snake castle turns into a king; he has been bewitched for 500 years; he has three daughters, he promises any, but first gives a horse and a magic spear - let the prince, easily defeating enemies with this spear, come to the Emperor of Russia, He marries him with his daughter; she already has a lover, they will deceive him to take his spear and execute the prince; but let him ask him to put his chopped remains in a bag, tied to a horse, and let him go free; the horse will bring them back and the king will revive him with live water; this is what happened (the wife pretended to admire the prince's hunting skills and found out the secret of the spear); now the king explains what she will turn the prince into a white horse, put a bottle of live water in his ear; let him come to his ex-wife's stable; she will understand that the horse is connected to her ex-husband, tells him to cut it and burn it; we must explain to Souillon's maid which is actually of a high kind, to keep the vial; S. poured living water on the horse's blood, a cherry grew in this place; the ex-wife tells her to be cut; S. kept and poured living water on one cherry; that turned into a blue bird; the wife and her new husband began to catch it, the husband put his spear on the ground, the bird sat on the spear, turned into a prince, ordered the destruction of his ex-wife and her husband with a spear; S. the youngest daughter of the serpent king; wedding]: Luzel 1887 (3), No. 6:262-276.

The Balkans. Hungarians [the king's apple tree blooms in the morning, apples by night, but someone steals them; the king will recover if he eats an apple; promises a daughter to marry; Janosh takes care of the swineherd; climbs an apple tree into the sky; there Queen Etelka picked apples; I married her; she tells me not to open the 12th room; I opened it, there is a seven-headed dragon chained there; promises three kingdoms if I give him water; freed himself and took away E .; I. consistently takes three horses, finds E. and takes them away; for the first time, the dragon's horse says that he will have time to eat, drink, chop a bag of nuts - we'll still catch up; each time the dragon takes away from Y. one kingdom; the fourth time he tears it to pieces, puts them in a bag, ties them to a horse, lets him go; the horse sees a snake dragging a blade of grass to revive a snake that the cart has run over; asks for half blades of grass, I revive; he asks E. to find out where the dragon got his horse; the dragon first hits E., but the third time replies that the old woman Iron Nose asks for her horses to be herded three days a year; Whoever can do it will give him a horse; along the way I make fish, duck, fox healthy, they promise to help; the old woman makes horses fish (fish brought), white crows (birds brought), eggs (the fox grabbed the rooster, the old woman chased her, I broke her eggs; the best horse warns that he will be a lousy foal, you must choose it; teaches you how to avoid death when the old woman gets up at night to cut the bed I.; teaches me to ask as a reward for the foal, a dirty saddle, a bridle, an old sword; the dragon can't catch up, his horse, the horse's uncle Y., threw off the dragon; wedding; I brought apples to the king and a similar guy I married to Queen of Earth]: Ortutai 1974, No. 8:164-189; Moldovans [the girl became pregnant by smelling basil; gave birth to an old man in a cave; he gave the boy a sword and a club; gave the boy the name Basili Fat-Frumos (B.); B. he came to the palace, where seven snakes attacked, he hacked six, hit him with a club and locked her in a stone stupa in the closed room of the seventh; the witch Cloanza threw B.'s mother into the basement, took her form, rescued her son Snake; said that she was ill, she needed bird's milk; B. came to Ilyana-Kosynzyan, she is the sister of the Sun, gives a 12-winged horse, who brings B. to a copper mountain, where a terrible bird feeds its chicks milk; B. hid, served krinka, took away milk; K. asks for wild boar meat, B. brought; living and dead water; I. asks the Sun Brother, B. hears, brings water, kills 10-headed on the way back snake; I. replaced the water with ordinary water; K. suggests B. try his hand, ties it with silk ropes, the snake chopped it, put the pieces in bags, tied it to the horse; the horse came to I., she folded the pieces, glued it together dead, revived with live water; where it was not enough, replaced it with boar meat; gave bird's milk, B. gained strength, burned a snake and a witch, freed his mother, married I.]: Botezat 1981:147-157; Bulgarians [ a soldier saves a stolen princess from giants (lamia, dragon); marries her; with the help of a magic saber, one smashes enemies who have attacked his father-in-law's kingdom; after learning the secret of the saber, his wife replaces and sends her husband against enemy troops; he is captured and tied to the horse's tail; the horse drags his remains to those self-divers (devils, robbers) from which the hero received the magic item; he (revived and) receives they make three flowers (bouquets) that turn into a horse, fish, etc.; the wife recognizes him when he takes the form of a horse, an apple tree (rose bush), a bed and destroys it every time; when he takes the image of a duck (or fish), the wife brings her lover, i.e. an alien king, to catch a duck; but when he puts his magic sword on the ground to enter the water, the hero takes on his form, enough a sword and hacks his wife and lover; marries a maid who helped him (kept his bones, teeth, oxen, sliver, etc., when his wife destroyed the hero's images)]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 590A: 218-220.

Central Europe. Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Keret; a brief summary of a text from the archive of the Karelian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences) [A bear will have a strongman son. Pretending to be ill, the mother sends her son for healing water and ripe apples. With the help of a magic horse, the hero performs all tasks. A mother kills her son. The horse takes the body to the hero's bride, revives it]: Razumova, Senkina 1974, No. 87:369-370; Russians (Orlovskaya) [after the death of his parents, Ivan sees a girl sitting on a shovel; she asks to take her for far away to the thirtieth kingdom; the old man shows the way; came to the house under a golden roof, where the girl's two older sisters came; one sister gave a self-shaking pouch, the other a magic shirt, and a third sword -self-report; there is an inscription on the pole: you will find money in one direction, you will take the princess in the other; I. went after the princess; married her; she has a former fiancé; he brought an army; I. beat him with his sword, pardoned the former groom; the wife asked how I. was winning; took the magic objects, gave it to the groom; I. was chopped into pieces, put them in a kul, tied to a horse and let the horse go; he came to the sisters, they they revived him with dead and living water; they gave him a cross, which would turn him into a golden stallion; the man sold the stallion to the house where his ex-wife lives with his lover; the sorceress aunt warned that it was I.; the maid warned I. that he would be slaughtered; he told her to draw his blood into an apron, bury it under an apple tree; the apples became golden; his aunt advises to cut down an apple tree; I.-The apple tree tells the maid to let the chip into the water; became a golden drake; the warrior took off his sword, left it on the shore, began to catch the drake; I. went ashore, took the magic items; cut off the head of his wife and warrior, married a maid]: Kalinnikov 2017:15-20; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Tyachiv district, p. Dulova) [The tsar has three sons and a daughter, the eldest sons study well, the youngest Ivan Farmudz is stupid, Pepelyanik. The brothers decide to find out why their father has one eye crying and the other laughing. The oldest one comes first. The king reads, there is a saber on the table, he swings at his son, he runs away, the king throws his sword after him, and she pierces the door. It's the same with the middle son. When the IF enters, the king swings, and the IF puts his head on the table: the king has the right to kill him. The king reports that he was sold to an unclean man in his mother's womb. When he dies, the devils will smash his bones across seven powers, so one eye cries. But he hopes his sons will protect him, so the second one laughs. He tells you to cook 7 fathoms of firewood, dig a grave in 7 fathoms deep, sons spend the night near the grave and burn a fire, sabers in their hands, three snakes will arrive at night: at 9 o'clock - three-headed, at 10 a.m. - 6-headed, at midnight - Chapter 12 If someone comes for a sister, give it back. The king is dead, the brothers spend the night at the grave. The elders fall asleep. IF kills a 3-headed snake, blood almost flooded the sleepers. The IF puts logs under the heads of sleepy brothers. Kills the 6-headed, the blood almost flooded the sleepers, the IF seats sleepy brothers. A 12-headed serpent arrives. Ivan cuts 6 goals, then 6 more, but one always returns to the place. The IF pierces the snake's neck and presses it to the ground, the blood cools down, the head cannot grow. Blood flows like a river, and IF puts the sleepy brothers standing still. The fire went out, the IF climbs the ash tree, the light is in the distance, the IF is walking, the forest is on the way, two women ask to judge who is older. It's Night and Day. The IF ties them to poles at a distance, tells them to remain silent until they return, otherwise they will cut off their heads. It comes to a fire of 300 fathoms of firewood, robbers (sprays) sleep around. The IF cuts off the stick, splits the end and pulls out the smut in a split, but the coal falls on the senior robber. The IF runs away with fire. The robbers wake up, the younger and middle do not see anything, the eldest gets up, his head rises above the trees, he sees the IF, steps several times, catches up with the IF, puts it in the palm of his hand, brings him to the fire, calls it an ant, promises to kill for stealing smut. IF calls himself the best thief in the world. The robber demands help to steal the king's daughter. The sun never shone on her, the wind never blew on her forehead, golden hair on her head, her beauty is indescribable. The robbers have not been able to steal it for three years: there is a golden rooster at the royal gate and as soon as they approach, he starts singing and the army shoots. The IF crawls up, kills a rooster, finds the room where the girl sleeps, calls the robbers one by one, cuts everyone's head, changes rings with the sleeping princess, leaves a note: IF hacked three snakes, Night and He tied the day to trees, shot a rooster, cut off the heads of the robbers, and exchanged rings with the princess. Night and Day are asked to let them go: it has been dark for 7 days. The IF judges this way: in summer it should be a long day (a lot of work, the harvest must ripen), and in winter it should be short. Night and day sign an eternal contract. The IF returns, cuts the frozen blood of snakes, the brothers who wake up fainting with fear. The Interfax rules the state. At midnight, musicians come and demand to give what their father ordered, otherwise they will leave no stone unturned. The IF throws their sister out the window. Musicians play, the wind blows - a train of 100 carriages flies across forests and seas. The neighboring king promised a daughter to whoever would kill the thieves. A gypsy servant finds the bodies and pretends to be their murderer. Preparing a wedding. The IF is late, the gypsy demands not to let him in, but the king lets him in. The Interfax ridicules the groom, expects execution for insulting the future royal son-in-law. At the gallows, she tells me what he did and where he put the letter, shows the princess's ring. The people rejoice, the army and servants disperse the gypsies. After the wedding, IF goes to his brothers, the king lets him go, but forbids him to take his wife with him, who was not shining in the sun or blowing the wind: she will be kidnapped by the wind. The IF does not listen, the whirlwind takes the princess away. The queen gives three years to find her daughter, otherwise she executes her. The IF wanders, there is a hole in the trunk of the oak tree: "This is where the wedding with Farmudz Mariika came in." The IF comes to a small hut like a box. There, his brother-in-law tells his wife to cook: her brother starves to death. He puts the IF to bed, asks the horse where the IF's wife is. Horse: In the seventieth country, the Filthy King stands for a cook. Pogany also has a horse, his older brother, he is stronger, he will catch up, the poganin king will cut Ivan to pieces. You have to put a bag on the horse so that the horse will then bring the chopped one. The brother-in-law equips the IF on the road, the horse brings him to the realm of Poganin. Ivanova's wife is just on her way to the well with the buckets, singing plaintively. The IF puts her on a horse. At the same moment, Filthy's horse laughs. Poganin grabs an iron pitchfork, rushes into the staff, finds out that the IF stole his cook, but he has time. He snaps his teeth and eats two wagons of nuts, smokes two wagons of tobacco, sleeps for two hours, takes a sword, sits on a horse and starts after him. IF Horse: It burns the fire because the Filthy King is catching up. Let the IF ask Poganin to cut him with a sword, throw him in a bag and put him on his horse. This is what happens. Poganin picks up the cook. The brother-in-law tells his wife to bring a trough from the attic in advance, folds the pieces of the IF body, pours it with healing water, and everything grows together. The brother-in-law has two souls, he blows on his body, releases one of them, the soul enters the IF, and he comes to life. His brother-in-law explains that he won't be able to revive him again. His mother, who is the oldest over half the world, could help, knows a lot, but she can eat it when she sees it. The IF has been going to her for six months. Baba feels it from a distance, roars: she has been living in this place for 10,000 years, but has not seen an earthly person, she has not eaten fresh human beings for 3000 years. The IF calls her a sweet mother, a dear matchmaker, and says that her son sent him. Baba wants to see it but promises to eat it. He takes two iron poles, 10 m each, supports his eyelids, otherwise they cannot hold on. The IF talks about everything, the woman feels sorry for him. He sends him to his husband, but there is little hope that he will regret it, he is even angrier, he is 6 months away. He feeds him with tin dumplings, he does not feel hungry during the journey. My grandfather senses it from an even greater distance, 15,000 years, has not seen a person, he has not eaten human beings for 5,000 years. The Interfax calls him a sweet father, a dear matchmaker, says that he has been pardoned and sent by his wife as the oldest in the world. Grandfather: I ate millions of people, but I have never met such an affectionate and kind person. She wants to watch and then eat it. It supports the eyelids with iron poles 20 m long. He regretted, feeds the IF with steel dumplings. It gives two twigs that grow out of the ground. There is a basement under the house, there are two horses, one must be hit with one twig and the other with another, he gives these horses because he is old, the horses must be obeyed, they will do everything. The IF goes down into the dungeon, sees wooden tremblers on four legs, hits them with a twig - the tremblers turn into a stallion and a mare. The horse is happy, asks you to take him out of the basement, take a wooden ax, cut three thousand fathoms of firewood, and light a fire. A wooden ax cuts trees into ready-made logs. Horses eat fire, eat ashes 100 meters deep, drink all the water, drink the lake three times: now they are invincible. The horse tells you to take diamond clothes out of his left ear, and a saddle with a bridle for a woman from his right ear. The horse asks how to carry it, IF: so that neither he nor the horse is harmed. The horse is happy to have waited for a good king. Pogany's horse is his son. They arrive at the well, the IF dresses his wife in diamond clothes, puts him on a mare, and rises above the sky. The horse in the filthy king's stine laughs. They're flying in pursuit, there's no time to wait. Pogany's horse calls his father and mother, asks him to wait for him, otherwise he will be tortured. They advise you to fly into the sky, throw off the pollution. Poganin is still falling, and if he fell, it would rumble with all the thunder and the earth would crumble. The horse rushes after his parents, flies with them. Light shines all over the sky, people think the whole world is on fire. The old king cries with joy, IF invites brothers to a feast]: Lintur, Chandey 1965:9-29; Western Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina) [stepmother tells her husband to take stepdaughter and stepson to the forest; girl for the first time sprinkles ash; the father hangs a piece of wood on the tree, it knocks in the wind as if he were cutting wood and left; brother and sister returned on the trail; the second time there was not enough ash, the girl took dust, she was carried away by the wind; from the tree, the boy noticed the fire; brother and sister came to the fire, where there were two loaves and two eggs; then they came to the house; there were 24 thieves, 12 coming at night, 12 in the afternoon; the boy cuts off each head as as they put her out the window; only one is wounded, asked the girl to bandage his head, married him; to get rid of her brother, the sister pretends to be sick: wolf's milk will help; now you need a live one water; old woman: water beyond the rolling mountains, you have to run back; the old woman tells her to leave living water and take the water she gives; sister: you need a sea pig; old woman: he is also for the interpreters mountains; leaves it, tells his sister to take the simple; sister: let's tie my fingers, if you can tear it; the robber came in, chopped the young man to pieces, put it in a bag, threw it into the forest; the old woman's horse picked up the bag and brought it to her; she folded her body, revived it with live water; cooked the pig, let it eat, the young man felt great strength; the old woman turned it into a bird, he flew to the robber, sat down onto a tree; the robber climbed to pick up the bird, leaving a sword on the ground; the bird flew off, became a young man, he chopped the robber; put a bag on the horse, tied his sister to the horse alive; the horse dragged her, the remains of the robber trampled]: Zinchuk 2006a, No. 91:267-272; Ukrainians (place of recording not specified; M. Wozniak, book 3) [parents died, Grytsko went on a journey; reached the thirtieth kingdom; the viper is in the hole, asks to pull it out, G. threw it away at the end of the whip, she turned into a beauty; asks if to be her sister or wife; G.: sister; she cut their fingers so that everyone could taste the other's blood; she shows her countless herds and endless lands; suggests removing the poker from her garden; the first twice G. cannot raise a poker; the third time he has so much strength that he raises and throws it away; the Snake suggests choosing a horse; G. puts his hand on the backs of the horses, each falls; only the horse, stuck in the swamp, withstood; The snake gives a shirt, tells me not to take it off, it has strength, and not to trust his wife if she marries; G. reached the city, there is mourning, the princess is given to the cannibal; G. killed the cannibal, the princess married G.; took a young man as a lover popovich, whom G. adopted after the death of the priest; convinced G. to take off his shirt to wash; Popovich put it on, hacked G.; became king; parts of the body were put in a bag, tied to a horse and let him into the field; horse came to the Snake, she revived G. with dead and living water; he has no former strength, but he is capable of metamorphoses; under the guise of a merchant, he stayed with the elderly; she threw out the foal from them; the old men sold it to the new king for a lot of money; he tells the maid Deer that in fact, it is not a foal, but a former king, deceived; when he is killed, let his handkerchief soak in blood, bury it, and grow an apple tree; they will cut an apple tree, let her hide a sliver and throw it into the river; the cheating wife realizes that this is not a foal, but her first husband; tells me to kill; O. does everything as taught; the sliver has turned into extraordinary bird; the new king undressed and climbed into the water for it; the bird flew ashore, turned G., he hacked the impostor; cut off his wife's head, burned it, scattered the ashes; wedding with O.]: Pankeev 1992:316-330; northern Ukrainians (Volyn, Dubensky district) [summary of the fairy tale from Mikhail Krivoshapkin's manuscript "About Volyn and Minsk Polesie" (1898-1899): Ivan the merchant's son "was born after a merchant ate half of an apple given by a desert; from the other half an apple was born to a mare's foal Khudko; his mother and lover want to kill Ivan three times, but the horse saves him; they are fleeing, and the old man he meets gave Ivan a sword, a mace and a bear, and he asked Ivan push him into the hole. Lykhody (mother's lover) was frightened of the bear and went to the daw; Ivan is sent across the mountains of fire to the tank for two apples; the old woman on the way gave him a rosary, a white dog, sacred water and a handkerchief, and On the way back, she changed his apples; the bear remained in the garden; Ivan's houses were hacked down, his bones were tied to his horse's tail, and the horse was let in. An old woman in the forest revived Ivan, gave him those two apples and two bears; the bear tore the rooster that the villain turned to; Ivan bent over a tall birch tree and tied his mother to the top by the braids"]: Zelenin 1914, No. 12:295-296; Eastern Ukrainians (Kharkiv, Lebedinsky, c. 1878) [A widow enters into a relationship with a snake, gives birth to a boy, his mother rides him in a wheelchair until he is 12 years old, then he gets up, turns out to be tall and strong. The serpent does not want the boy to live, convinces his mother to pretend to be sick and ask her son to get berries from the snake garden. The boy goes on a journey, goes to the girl Sereda's hut, she knows about his grief in advance, calls him his brother, tells him the truth about his mother and the snake, puts him to bed, gives her horse, living and dead water. He says that, in order not to be afraid of vipers, he revived the murdered Russian near the snake garden, he will lead him to a garden where nothing can be touched, otherwise all the bells will ring. The boy flies over the fence, takes berries, hits an aspen branch on the way back, is a snake, but cannot catch up. He returns to Sereda, she feeds him, replaces berries with berries from her garden, insists that the snake should be fed them. The boy brings his mother's berries, asks her to eat them right away, then notices that devils have settled in the house. The snake eats berries, and so does the mother. The serpent convinces the mother to send her son for the golden bristle pigs so that she can recover, the son asks who she talked to, the mother answers - with God, the son doubts - with the devil. The boy comes to Sister Sereda, she gives a horse and 2 bottles, explains that under two sliding mountains you need to collect healing (healing) and living water, and catch one of the 12 piglets near the mountain. On the way, the pig runs away, the boy leaves the horse, and when he returns missing, he no longer finds the horse, it is eaten by wolves. She goes back through Sereda, she changed the pig, his mother cooks him, gives her son vodka, asks if he can break the iron chain, he suggests checking if he can't break it. The mother calls a snake, together they cut the boy, put the pieces in a bag, tie him to a horse, let him go into the field to scatter the pieces. The horse jumps to Sereda, she uses water to revive the boy, gives him a "beer" (?) hops, he can't lift. Then he gives berries from the snake garden, the boy was able to lift the sheet. He roasts the golden bristles, he is gaining strength - if a stake was hammered into the ground and sky, the light would turn upside down. Sereda gives him a sword and says that his mother and snake are now feasting. The boy appears, cuts off both their nose and ear and cuts the snake, the mother ties the horse to the tail and lets them go into the field. She goes to live with her sister Sereda. Proverb]: Chubinsky 1878, No. 75:285-290; Eastern Ukrainians (Kherson) [Ivan goes to see the world; wanted to shoot a viper, she asks not to shoot; wrapped around her neck, tells her to take her to the destroyed castle; the cow asks his horse to tell I. to buy it; showed the way; in the castle, the snake turned into a girl; she has two older sisters; they ask to serve every year; they give boots- speedboats, an invisible hat, a shirt that protects him from a bullet; in one hut he is given only dirty water; he covered the snake clean; I. killed the snake, buried it, put a pole on top to the sky; the king married I. his daughter, but that the snake loved; asked for I. (supposedly to wash), gave the snake; he put it on, tore out the pole, chopped I. into pieces, tied it, tied it to the tail of his horse; the horse came to those three sisters; the eldest revived I.; gave the trick to become a drake; the serpent saw a drake, took off his shirt, climbed into the water to catch; I. became a man again, put on a shirt, killed a snake; in another version, I. kills a snake that ate the girls; marries the rescued one]: Yastrebov 1894, No. 14: 143-145; Slovaks [mother breastfeeds her son three times for seven years; when she is convinced that he is able to uproot a beech tree, she says that it is enough - let her take care of her and provide her with housing now; the son found a dragon castle in the forest, broke into it, killed the dragons; in the tenth room another one is chained to the wall; asks for release, he was chained by other dragons; the young man refuses, brings his mother to live in this castle; forbids entry into the tenth room; she comes in, agrees to release the chained; to do this, bring wine from the barrel in the basement; after each cup, one of the hoops falls off; to to get rid of her son, the dragon advises his mother to pretend to be sick, bring an earthen pig; the young man came to St. For a week; she tells her to sit on her horse named Tatoshik, gives the pig a pig to prick; he screams, the pig will chase him; the second time the pig will not scream for fear of the pig, it can be taken away ; next time, the mother, on the advice of the dragon, asks for living and dead water; The week teaches: the water of life is on the right mountain, it will rise at noon; death is on the left, will rise at midnight; the mountains are almost squeezed out the young man's hands; Week left alive and dead water for themselves, and gave the young man an ordinary one; the dragon offers to send a pelican for the bird; Week: the wind pulls trees from the flapping of the wings of the pelican; the young man brought a pelican, Nedelka kept it for herself, and gave the young man a simple eagle for his mother; bring a golden apple from the dragon garden; A week gives a ring: if you turn and think about it, you will have a hundredfold strength more; the horse carried over the garden wall; apples are guarded by a princess kidnapped by dragons; if stolen, she will be killed; she also gives a ring that multiplies strength by a hundred times; dragon under the apple tree; began to fight, dragon drove the young man into the ground up to his ankles; raven: who will I help? dragon: to me, promises gold; young man: to me, promises the carcasses of all horses grazing in the meadow; the raven jumped the young man with water so that he would not be burned by the heat of the dragon; when the young man turned the second ring, he drove the dragon into the ground up to his shoulders; cut his head; the princess picked an apple for the young man herself; the young man promises to come for her in a year; brought his mother a golden apple; she offered to tie him: is he strong like his father? young tore the rope; then tied it with a silk cord: he did not tear it; the dragon cut it to pieces, loaded them on T. and drove him away; T. came to the Week, she revived the young man with dead and living water; but hearts no: his mother took it out and hung it from the ceiling; a week told him to dress up as a beggar, come to the castle to play the bagpipes and ask for a heart as a reward; the mother began to dance with the dragon; the bagpiper said that too old to take money, but his heart would like; a week washed his heart with living and dead water and told the pelican bird to put it in its place; then let the pelican go; turned young man into a dove: let him fly to find out what the mother is doing; to become human again, you have to think about her; the mother tells the dragon to shoot the pigeon, but he turned into a young man and cut off the dragon's head; mother took her out into the courtyard, threw a sword; when he fell, he pierced her heart; the young man came to the king, whose daughter he saved, and married her; if they did not die, they are still alive]: Wenzig 1857:144-156; Poles [plot version in Shcherbakov 1980:85-89; for three nights spent in an enchanted castle, or for three services with a warlock, the hero receives a horse, a sword and a purse; thanks to this, he manages to help the king and get it daughter; wife steals magic objects and kills her husband; the horse brings the hero's remains to the castle or he asks to be shot with a cannon; those who gave him items revive him and he returns to his wife; consistently turns into an apple tree, a bed, a duck; again turning from a duck into a man, he takes magic objects and kills his wife and her lover; marries a girl who helped him when he took an inhuman image]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 568:188-189.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [(zap. Sergei Tumanov in Feodosia); when he dies, the tsar tells his three sons to marry their three sisters; they are taken by the Leo, the Tiger, the huge Raven; each time the girl is given away only at insistence younger brother; sitting by the window, the younger brother shoots through the buriuks of the girl who comes to the well; she curses him, telling him to suffer from love for the daughter of the sun and moon; he goes in the direction indicated by the girl; the old woman says that Raven lives there; this is the young man's son-in-law; his house is guarded by forty lions and forty tigers; the young man buys meat, the old woman goes and throws it to everyone; cuts off the last piece from her leg; the young man's grateful sister made the lion regurgitate the meat, put it back, sends an invitation with the old woman; the brother comes, his sister hides him; eclipsing the sun, the Raven arrives, becomes a man; convenes creatures find out where the daughter of the sun lives; the latter knows; the prince sits on her with his horse, feeds her meat and water on the way; leaves her in his nest; every year the snake kills her chicks; the prince cuts the snake, feeds the chicks; the bird swallows and regurgitates them, allowing them to fly; the king catches the princess bird, gives them to his daughter; at night he turns into a man, drinks her sorbet; she guards; he becomes her lover; marries; they go to his house; at rest, a Black Arab takes her away on a three-legged horse; the prince comes to his city, stays with an old woman; she receives the keys to an Arab, releases the prisoner, the prince takes her away; the Arab asks the horse whether to go now or after he is drunk; the horse: I will have time to sleep; Arap catches up, cuts the prince into pieces, puts him in a bag, the horse takes the bag to the Raven; the mother The crow glues the pieces with pomegranate juice, revives them with pomegranate; the prisoner pretends to love an Arab, who talks about a three-legged horse; in the ninth meadow, a mare runs north, gives birth, four wolves they come to demand food; the Arab is not enough for the fourth, he has eaten the leg of the foal; the prince feeds all four, receives a four-legged foal from the same mare, takes his wife; the tripod throws off the Arab, he was killed]: Potanin 1883:725-729; Ossetians [father tells three sons to marry; sisters are taken away by three horsemen; brothers marry, the youngest's wife is missing, he goes in search, comes to his younger sister, she hides him; the husband arrives, tells how someone on a three-legged horse was carrying a beautiful woman; the brother jumps up, the son-in-law gives him a whip that revives the dead; the second son-in-law gives a horse , the third directs to the goal; there is the kidnapper's wife, she cries: the husband brought another beauty; the young man comes to the cave, takes his wife; the three-legged horse tells the kidnapper not to hurry; easily catches up, kidnapper kills a young man; his wife persuades him to be tied to a horse; his sister revives him with a whip; his wife orders him to get another foal from the same mare; on the way, the young man feeds the hungry fox, the kite, lets fish into the sea; fish transports across the sea; a young man falls to a woman's chest; she tells to save the foal when the mare gives birth to it; the mare runs away three times, the fox, the kite, the fish returns it; the young man gets a three-legged foal, kills an evil spirit; woman: this spirit killed all foals, this and another one escaped, but he did not drink his mother's milk; the young man let the foal suck his mother's udder, took it safely wife]: Sokayeva 2012, No. 8:84-90; Nogais [when dying, the old man tells his sons to give his eldest daughter for a karakus ("black bird"), the average for a wolf, the youngest for the khan's son; when the brothers took them to the groom the younger sister, the black cloud carried her away; the younger brother went to look; came to the older sister; her husband says that Karadau took her sister; the same middle sister's husband, orders to steal a three-legged horse; the young man took his sister, but Karadau caught up, whipped the young man in half; the sister asked him to collect his brother's remains and put him on his horse; the wolf and others revived the young man; a herd of horses lives in the lake, the mare is screwing on the shore; the wolf wanted to steal the foal, but only tore off one leg; now the mare is screwing again, the wolf helped the young man carry the foal; a week later he grew up, the younger brother went to pick up his sister again; Karadau could not to catch up on a three-legged four-legged; the brothers wanted to kill the young man, but he told them to catch a foal in the lake themselves, they drowned; their sister was passed off as Khan]: Kapaev 2012:147-151; Avars [=Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 7:114-121; when he dies, the father tells three sons to guard his grave, to give three daughters for those who ask; the elder, middle brothers are afraid, the youngest grabs the gray horse, he carries him to seventh heaven and to The seventh lower world, tamed, gives its hair; the same with nest, black horses; sisters are given for a wolf, a hawk, a falcon; the king consistently promises three daughters to whoever jumps over the tower on horseback; each time the younger brother calls the horse, takes the girl away, the brothers are jealous; all three go down into the dungeon, feast there, the older ones are intoxicated, the younger one kills the 9-headed snake, cuts him off, hides his ears; the old man comes out from under the bush, thanks the snake for the murder, gives his daughter to his younger brother; Black Narth (CHN) will demand her; the old man warns not to stop on the way home; the young man falls asleep, CHN takes him away wife; he finds sisters, they were also taken by the Narts under the guise of a wolf, hawk, falcon; they do not know where ChN lives, but the Bat shows the way; while ChN sleeps, the young man takes his wife, CHN is on a three-legged horse catches up, kills a young man; the horse brings bones to his younger sister, her husband gives his second life to the young man; the young man asks his wife to ask ChN where he got the three-legged horse; under the stone there is a plain, there is a horse grazing, his brother and their mother; the horse lost his leg when the wolf and ants rushed at him; the young man throws wheat and meat at him, takes the horse away; the horse kills the pursuer - CHN; the young man gives his wife to his brothers, takes two for himself]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:215-230; swans [two brothers are married, the third is single; their three sisters are married to a diva, a falcon, a lion; the youngest went to marry the princess; king: she is promised to a black man if the young man will defeat him, let him take him; let the wedding be 12 years old; the young man hunts to feed the guests, comes to the land of a black man; he orders him to be taken to the wedding; takes the bride; the young man comes to the spring where his sister's maid, who is married to a diva, collects water; asks for a drink, throws up her ring; his sister finds it; hides his brother; the diva does not harm him: he himself chased the black man, but he left across the sea; the same goes to the sister who is behind the falcon; the lion says he was at the black man's wedding; the young man went there - to the Kageti Tower in the middle of the sea; took his wife away, but the black man caught up, broke his flesh and bones ; the wife packed them in a bag, sent her husband on horseback, who came to the lion's wife, the lion revived the young man; the young man and the lion filled the game, all the animals came to eat her, the young man detained the happy son Sagar (this is the name a good horse); she asked him for a month and returned him again {i.e. the foal had gained strength}; the young man took his wife away again, and when the black man began to catch up, the young man's horse shouted to the horse that he had 4 legs and had that 3, the black man will be defeated; he is defeated and killed, the hunter returned his wife]: Nizheradze 1890, No. 3:184-195; megrels {there is no beginning in the paraphrase, but from the following it is clear that the motive issued as There are supernatural sisters characters} [the prince goes to get the fire that he went out while fighting the monster; the devas have fire, you must swim across a sea-like river; when he arrived at the place, the prince snatched out a burning log from the fire of the devas, but during the crossing the fire went out; the prince came back to the devas, who demand the girl living in the castle for the fire; the prince climbs the stairs and throws off the ones following him Devas one by one, they die; in the palace, the prince finds beauties, gives each a ring, pierces his sword into a stone and leaves; the king promises a daughter to whoever pulls out the sword; the prince does it easily; the king gives him his daughter and a flying carpet; on the way, the girl is kidnapped by Kremen-Dev; the prince goes in search, goes to his sons-in-law; they say they saw K. carrying the girl, but were only able to pull out the golden braid; they gave the prince's braid, gave him a horse and a dog to help; the prince took the bride, but K. caught up with him, cut him into pieces; the dog collected the pieces, tied him to the saddle, brought the horse to the prince's son-in-law, they resurrected him; the prince killed K. for the second time, freed the bride]; Megrelians: Wardrobe 1894, No. 2 [Tsagareli, Megrelian Studies, vol. 1:10-13; dying, the king orders him to guard his grave for three nights and pass off three sisters as those whoever asks; the elder hears a rumble and sees someone dig up the grave, grabbed the corpse, cries over it, and then buried it and disappears; the same with the middle brother; while they are away, the younger one passed off three sisters as those he came with them; the youngest cut the monster in two, but his blood filled the candle; the young man noticed the light, went to it, telling the rooster not to scream so that morning would not come; crossing the river, the young man saw Demi (=devi) sitting by the fire; grabbed a smut and ran; when crossing, the smut went out; he returned, but captured; Demi is told to get three princesses from the castle; the young man climbed the wall and killed all the demi one by one as they rose; went to the princesses, gave each a ring (his youngest), returned, took fire, plunged his sword into the stone, allowed the rooster to sing, returned to his father's grave; the king promises daughters to whoever pulls the sword out of the stone; only a young man could, marry his younger, give it to his older brothers; the king gave the younger a flying carpet, the young and his servants flew on it, but the flying monster took it princess; the young man went in search; came to three demi married to his sisters; they said they saw Kazha-Ndii-Kerkun ("fast silicon-like demi") carry a gold-haired beauty and they managed only to tear out the curl of her hair; the young man recognized his wife's curl; the demi-sons-in-law gave him a horse and a dog; he came to K.'s house; when he was taking his wife away, the gate called K.; he easily caught up with the young man, chopped it to pieces; the dog collected She loaded them on his horse, he came to his demy-sons-ons; the youngest revived him, gave him a three-legged horse; when K.'s horse caught up, the three-legged one burst and K.'s horse slowed down; the young man cut K. in half and returned his wife]: 112-118; Georgians (Imereti) [an insignificant person is called to find the missing princess; the king gives him a ship, a captain, 12 sailors; on the island they come to the hut; one is left to cook, overgrown with hair the dwarf asks to give him lunch, when refused, kills the cook; the hero remains, kills the dwarf, finds the keys on it, unlocks the locked part of the house, there is a princess, she gives him a ring; he forgets the ring, returns with 11 sailors, the captain sails away with the princess; the boat with the sailors turns over, they sink; the demon on the island takes the hero home, at the wedding of the captain and the princess, she recognizes the hero by the ring, the captain is executed, after the death of the king, the hero reigns; the wife finds a lover, replaces the demon's clothes and sword with a fake, the hero is tied to the horse's tail; he brings him to the demon; the demon gives the hero's ability to turn into a horse; the queen orders him to be killed, the maid plants the horse's tooth, an apple tree grows, the chips from the felled apple tree turn into two ducks; the duck puts on the clothes of a bathing false king, takes the form of a hero, he executes a traitor and her favorite, marries a maid]: Mashurko et al. 1904, No. 2:6-14; Turks [dying, the padishah tells him to guard his grave for three nights; whoever can cope with this, will receive the throne; three sisters must be passed off as the first to come to marry; the eldest son hears roars and noise at night, runs in fear; the middle one is the same; the younger Mehmed kills the dragon; he asks to hit him with a sword The second time, M. says that his mother gave birth to him once; saw an old man with white (day) and black (night) balloons; tied his hands so that he would not let go of the day, came to 40 robbers, offered them to help kidnap treasures, killed one by one as they went up the wall; cut a snake; saw three princesses sleeping, fell in love with the youngest; returned, cutting off the dragon's noses and ears; untied the old man; the elder was already the padishah brother; at the insistence of the younger, the sisters were given to the lion, the tiger, the bird Anka (he is the padishah peri); the king of the castle, where M. killed 40 robbers and a snake, agrees with the vizier to identify the hero, arranging for all men bathhouse; M. identified: he does not have a sword; he asks the younger princess; the king: but the demon whirlwind wants her, so she sits in a steel room; M. received the princess, and his brothers received her sisters; as soon as M. left for the forest, the whirlwind took his wife; M. goes in search, visits three sisters, each husband shows the way; M. takes his wife, jumps away; the whirlwind woke up on the fourth day, slowly packed up, easily caught up, easily caught up, tore them to shreds; allowed his wife to collect the bones; she loaded them on her horse, told them to go where they should go; he came to Anka's wife; Anka gathered all the birds; the old owl was the last to appear, she was alone in the Garden of Eden ; from there she brought living water, Anka revived M.; he returned to his wife: let her know what the whirlwind's life is; he confesses: at the seventh sea level there is an island, there is a bull, a box in it, a dove in the box; a spring on the mountain , once a year, 40 sea horses come to him, we have to tame one, he will take him to the right place; M. took out a box, took his wife, killed a pigeon, the whirlwind died, M. became a padishah]: Kunos 1901:112-133.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [a soldier escapes a girl from a burning haystack, but a snake wraps around his neck; the old man gives advice on how to get rid of the snake; in an old castle, a snake falls to the floor, turns into a girl, received by two sisters; they give a soldier a sword, shirt and purse; a soldier defeats the king's enemies, marries a princess; she cheats on her husband, steals magic items from him, slaughters her husband and ties a horse to his back; a horse takes the hacked soldier to his three sisters, who revive him and teach him how to transform; the soldier turns into a horse, his wife's lover buys it, but the princess orders kill the horse; the horse learns about this from the maid and tells her to bury a drop of horse blood in the ground; an apple tree grows in that place; a chip from a felled apple tree should be thrown into the river, the sliver turns into duck; wife's lover, wanting to catch a duck, takes off his magic shirt; the duck turns into a soldier, takes his shirt and sword, kills his wife and lover, and marries a maid]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 318:276.

Volga - Perm. Mordva [Vanya is leaving the service; stopped in a forest hut, climbed onto the stove; the old man pulls out a magic mirror, but does not see it; asks to leave; he has three daughters; asks him to serve for a year, take care of Sivka, and he and his daughters will leave for a year; daughters flew away with doves, the old man in a whirlwind; a year later, the old man gave a sword that cut down the army for his service, his daughters speedboat boots, an invisible hat, a self-shaking wallet; in the city the princess disappears every night; unsuccessful guards are beheaded; Vanya takes care; the invisible catches up with the princess, hits the face with a broom, she thinks it's hail, Vanya returns faster than her; the next night he smeared his dress with mud; on the third night he flew to the palace, where the princess and the prince would marry; the footman agreed to help; Vanya took the wedding dresses and tore the rest; Vanya brings footman with him; he confirms Vanin's story; Vanya shows wedding dresses, marries a princess; the prince went to war, Vanya destroyed his army with his sword; his wife changed her sword, gave it to the prince, that chopped Vanya, tied the pieces in the barrel to the horse's tail; the horse came to that old man; the old man and his daughters boiled them in copper, silver, gold cauldrons; the water was poured out, the apple tree grew: the trunk was copper, the branches silver, golden apples; Vanya, who came to life in the form of a falcon, flew to take revenge on the prince; settled with the old man, became a horse, ordered him to sell it, the prince bought it, his wife realized that it was Vanya; the horse tells the maid to bury a drop of him blood when they slaughtered; an apple tree grew, it was cut down, the maid picked up a chip, Vanya had previously taught her to throw a sliver into the bath; the sliver became a drake, the prince undressed, began to catch it; the drake became Vanya, took possession of a sword, hacked the prince and his wife, married a maid, released the old tsar imprisoned in the tower]: Samorodov 1972:160-177; Bashkirs [orphan Umys bought from an old man with his last money foal; saved a girl from a burning haystack; she turned out to be the daughter of a snake king; tells her father to ask her father for old chekmen (protects from arrows), a hat (invisible), boots (speeders) and a sword (burns); The princess disappears at night; wearing an invisible hat, W. sees her being taken away by her; W. then waved his sword, eget returned the princess, the king passed her off as W.; W. defeated the Deva army; the wife asks what the secret is ; W.: in a shovel; she tells her lover to replace the shovel; then W. tells the truth, the wife replaces wonderful objects; the devas captivated W.; he asks to cut him into pieces, put him in a shroud, shroud to hurry him the saddle, the horse will take home; the king of the devas took the wife W. for his wife, imprisoned his parents; the snake princess caught the crow, forced the crow to bring living and dead water, raised her dicks dead, revived him alive; taught me to turn into a drake; the drake lured the deva king, who left wonderful objects, W. flew up to them, captured and executed the Deva king and a traitor wife]: 1989, No. 5:54-61; Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 48 (western in Irkutsk; there are options from Novosibirsk and Tatarstan) [the padishah sees a boy playing in the dust; adopts, keeps him in a cast-iron basement with a teacher until the age of 17, gives a name Biktimer ("iron"); lets him see the city; B. finds himself in a meadow by the river; there a girl and her father make him strong, give him magic pants, a shirt and a belt; they cannot be trusted by a woman and should not be walked with wife to the bathhouse; B. came to the city where the serpent gives water in exchange for people, it is the turn of the padishah's daughter; B. killed a snake, hid 7 heads under a stone; the princess gives a handkerchief; the same with the middle, with the youngest princess (9- and 12-headed snakes); the youngest gives a ring, B. married her; the 12-headed is imprisoned in the basement; his wife found him, agreed to call her husband to the bathhouse, steal his shirt; B. asks his bones to put in a bag under his saddle the horse and let the horse go; the horse came to the girl in the meadow, she revived B.; made green, red and white snakes a padishah; B. came to live with the old man, ordered him to be sold as a horse to the padishah, but without a bridle; he sold it with a bridle; the horse asks the maid, after being torn to pieces, to pick up and bury one tooth; a flower has grown; asks the maid to throw the petal into the water when the flower is torn out; azhdaha took off a magic shirt, began to swim; chased Duck-B; she took off, grabbed her clothes and sword, B. killed Azhdaha; his wife rushed down the balcony; B. married a maid, became a padishah]: 402-413; Yarmukhametov 1957 [the horseman went to the forest, fell asleep, the snake wrapped around his neck; old woman: maybe she would bring happiness; the horseman went to the forest, there was a palace, the snake slid down, became a girl; three turtles flew in, also became girls; they all sisters; the youngest forgot how to become a throat, so she set it up so that the horseman would bring it; the eldest gave him a mare, the second gave him an invisible hat, a third sword that can stretch to the end of the world, the youngest is an impenetrable chain mail; the dzhigit demands the daughter of the padishah, smashes his army; the daughter, whose fiancé is the son of Padishah Timerjan, marries the horseman to find out his secret; replaces objects, gives her son Padishah T., who cuts the horseman into pieces, puts them in a bag, ties it to a mare, she comes to the gorlinka sisters; they revived the victim with living and dead water, restored his memory, gave a pen that turns him into any animal; the horseman stays with the old man, tells him to be sold as a golden-maned stallion to Padishah T. for gold; a prophetic old woman explains to his wife what's going on, advises him to pretend sick, demand the meat of a golden stallion; the stallion tells the maid to bury a drop of his blood; an apple tree has grown, the old woman tells him to demand a dish made of her wood; the apple tree to the maid: throw a sliver into the lake; the sliver has become with a duck, lured the padishah, became a horseman, he killed the padishah with an arrow; in his clothes he entered the palace, took possession of magic objects, killed his wife with an arrow, married a maid]: 79-90.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Mongols of Ordos [Ondey, the best man, is immensely rich in cattle; someone kidnaps foals that his mare gives birth to every year; he is going to give birth to Hormusta; the mare gives birth, but yellow the rainbow carries him away; O. fired an arrow, the foal fell, the mare licked it; the long yellow llama also fell; said that he stole foals on the orders of the Burkhan; O. dug a deep well, lowered Dolny there, put a bull and a camel on the hole, telling them not to get up, even if they were beaten and the brushwood and stick broke; went to inspect the herds; O.'s wife went out to look for fire, hears a song, comes to the well; Long advises to offer animals herbs and water - O. did not tell them about it; the animals got up, Long got out, the woman brought him to her; says that he will not return to her husband again; Long advises to pretend to be sick, ask for the heart of a monstrous snake; O. took his dogs Arja and Barja, a peacock and a parrot, went in search; came to a black yurt, gold and silver in front of her horseback riding, O. tied the mare to the gold one; the girl called to the house, the old woman fed and paid tribute; when he reached the mountain, behind which the serpent, the horse teaches to close his eyes, the horse will ride, thunder, the snake in fear will close its mouth, you have to shoot, swallowed people will come out of its mouth, then insert an arrow, enter the snake, cut off the heart; the snake's upper lip is flush with the mountain in the west, the lower lip is flush with the mountain on east; when O. pulled out his heart, blood flowed, causing a flood; when he reached the yurt, O. lost consciousness; the old woman tells her daughter to throw a snake's heart into the abyss, replace the bull with her heart; at home Long advises a woman to feed a snake's heart to her husband - it's poisonous, he will die; O. is not dead; Long advises to look at the patient again, ask the brain of a 12-headed black mangus; O. goes to a black yurt, there are other girls and old woman; old woman tells the girl to cook a bull for a guest, keep her brain separate; the horse trampled on the mangus, O. collected her brain; the old woman tells her daughter to replace the mangus brain with the brain of a bull; the wife only pretended to eat brain; gave her husband a drink to the point of insensitivity; Long got out of the chest, cut O. into pieces; a mare, a peacock, a parrot and both dogs grabbed and carried away pieces; the wife gave birth first to son O., and then to son Dolny; animals protect O.'s severed body, Naran Gho (daughter of an old woman from a white yurt) found them, his mother gave a magic object to revive O.; marries him a daughter, gives him a new name Shudurg Mergen Chagadai Khan (Chagadai Mergen); The long one flew to heaven; the World Cup (i.e. former O.) arrived when only his son was at home; opened up to him; took the animal's meat out of the cauldron, cooked Long's son; asks his wife if she wants to live with five jings or with to those she does not love; she: with jings; he tied her to five horses; when the World Cup mare started, her son, on whom Long was sitting in the sky, rushed carrying a rider; S. cut it into 5 pieces and cooked it; lives with his wife, her mother and his son; by order of Hormusta, he became the son of Genghis, became emperor]: Mostaert 1937, No. 1 in Solovyov 2014.