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K150. The horse eats coals .14.27.-.29.31.32.

A magic horse (rarely: a dog) eats (hot) coals, nails, etc. or tries to feed the horse with it.

Kabils, Hungarians, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz people, Slovaks, Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Russians (Vologda), Ossetians, Chechens, (Armenians), Norwegians, Lithuanians, Karelians, Chuvash people.

North Africa. Kabila [from across the 7 seas, a man carried 7 apples for his 7 wives; someone asked him for an apple, he gave him half; all wives ate an apple, and the half ate gave birth to Amor Ennefç; brothers came to the cannibal, she offered to feed their horses; the AE horse ate only coals and salt and did not die; the cannibal asks how to know that the brothers are sleeping; six say they will snore; AE that there will be stones fall into the hearth; cannibal about herself: all the animals will scream, make sounds; she fell asleep, the brothers rushed to the horses, they are dead, they all rode AE horse together, got to their father; one of the brothers says that the cannibal has a carpet, the father tells AE to get it; AE poured thorns into the carpet, the cannibal threw it away, AE took it away; the same: get a mill that grinds salt; AE began to beat the mill with a cannibal, cannibal tells her to calm down, then threw it away; the same with the bowl that makes couscous herself; the same - tamis qui tamise le couscous; the cannibal herself - supposedly beautiful; AE brought an iron chest, suggested to the cannibal get in, brought her father, let her out, she ate his father, chased AE; the old man advised me to glue the donkey's back, AE stuck; said that thin, let the cannibal put him in a date box; she planted; asks to show his finger, he sticks a spoon, a rat tail; then his hand; the cannibal goes to call other cannibals, her three daughters must cook AE; the blind man is told to kill him; she asks to show how AE's parents danced, and he asks to show where the knife is; killed her, put on her skin, the cannibal's daughter is eaten instead of AE; one of the sisters recognizes the victim's eye; AE burned them all]: Rivière 1882, No. 8:225-230.

The Balkans. Hungarians: Curtin 1914:79-90 [The Queen says that if God gives her a son with golden teeth, his wife should be the Beauty of the World Sharkan Roja; the son was born, spoke right away, took possession of everyone sciences, became extremely strong; asked his mother what she promised him before he was born; she says she does not remember; then he split the pole and clamped her hair in it; his mother remembered, he let her go; going in search of SR, he saw and pulled out a stuck wagon drawn by six white squirrels; it contains the Queen of the Wonderland, whose daughter is SR; she says that the SR was stolen by the Dragon King; gives three hairs and a piece of flax; they turned into a six-legged horse that eats fire and a golden saddle; the horse will bring to a spring, bathing in which will increase strength, and next to it a magic sword; gave three bottles with strengthening water; a young man crossed a copper bridge into the dragon's kingdom, "The cloud is in front, the cloud is behind so that no one can see me"; SR brings the young man a goblet of strong water from the barrel from which he drinks the dragon; he came, offered to fight; crushed the stone with his hand; the young man also crushed and squeezed water out of the stone; they hammer each other into the ground, and when the young man beat the dragon to the very nose, he could not stand up; agreed to give it to SR, but as soon as the young man took her and went out of the castle, the dragon got out, drank strong water, and decided to fight again; the young man won again; the SR turned the palace and treasures into an apple; they returned to the young man's parents; wedding], 151-174 [the queen is dead, the king married another queen with her own son; everyone loves the king's son, he is smart and kind; the queen slander him, the king kicked him out; a horse appeared, they galloped, the horse told him to look only between his ears, not to react to what was around him; but the young man noticed a gold-framed diamond pen and decided to pick it up; horse: if you pick it up, misfortune, and if you can't find it, even more; the same twice more; they came to the city, the horse ordered them to be hired as a hunter for the king, became a miserable nag himself; the king and entourage did not get anything, and the new hunter got a lot animals; the king regrets the loss of the diamond pen, the young man offers any of his three; noticing that on each pen of golden hair, the king orders to bring him the owners; the horse orders to demand a ship with food for 7 years and 7 measures of hot coals; the horse swallowed them immediately; 12 Truths arrived, the young man fed them, they promised to help; the ship sailed to the island, the horse taught them to enter the castle, where the ring would become a girl, but you have to keep quiet; she will hit and then become a ring again and be on his finger; so three times; they came home, the rings became girls, the third is the most beautiful; the girls refuse to become the king's wives, let the castle deliver them first; 12 Truths delivered; the girls locked themselves in their castle and demanded living and dead water; 12 Truths were delivered; the girl promises to marry the king if he will allow it to be cut to pieces and revive it again; a young man, for example, cut a horse, and when he jumped off with living water, Prince Charming appeared; now he has cut and revived the young man, he is even more beautiful; and when the king ordered him to do the same, the girl sprinkled dead water on his remains, they turned to ash; the most beautiful married a young man, the other married a prince, and the third married a royal general]; Ortutai 1974, No. 9 [the queen is dead, the king goes to war, the little queen remains; the Hofmeister wants to lime him in order to give the throne to his son; in the stable, an unkempt foal tells the boy to bring hot coals for him; swallowed them and became strong, tells him to take a silver outfit out of his ear, collect gold and silver, sit on it, brings them to the city; gives a whistle to call him, he jumps away himself, telling everyone to answer "I don't know" to all questions; the king takes him home; he serves in the kitchen, grew up; every time the cook leaves him to watch the soup, he spoils the soup (threw the cat into the cauldron; added salt ; burned a pig); he was assigned to the poultry house, he beats eggs, releases chickens; assigned to the gardener; summons his horse and tramples the whole garden; he was made a swineherd; the royals must throw an apple at those whoever they want to be husbands; the youngest threw them at the swineherd; they were accommodated in a boardwalk; older sons-in-law hunt; Dunno calls a horse every time, sells silver and gold game to her sons-in-law for a hundred gold, they are not they find out; the Dog Tatars attacked, Dunno smashes them; the king praises them, asks them to come to the ball; Dunno spoke, came to his wife; everything is clear, the king gave him the throne]: 189-230; Klimo 1989 [in the garden the princess has a tree with branches to the sky; the 9-headed dragon living at the top carried her away; the pig tells the swineherd about this, gives a magic handkerchief, teaches her to climb a tree, wearing out 7 pairs of shoes; there dragon pig's brother: a flying horse; the dragon took the young man as a groom, but ordered not to give the horse what he wanted; these are hot coals; having received them, the horse became flying, his coat was golden; the young man brought a bridle, a saddle and a spear, but at that time a dragon appeared; the young man persuaded him to drink wine first; the dragon became intoxicated; the young man on horseback galloped into the forest; there was a boar, a hare in his head, a bottle in the hare's head, in it 9 wasps; when the young man crushed them, the dacon lost his strength, the young man cut off his heads; the horse lowered him and the princess down; the wedding]: 131-138; Hungarians [when he dies, the poor man tells his three sons that, according to the sorcerer, the stolen sun and moon will be returned to one of them, but he does not know who exactly; the king found out about this and called the brothers to him; promises to heir the one who will complete this task, and him make an assistant viceroy; the younger brother is Kiss Miklos (KM), the elders laugh at him; the king orders to choose horses and weapons; the elders take the best horses and swords, KM - a seedy and dirty skate, rusty sword; the horse turned out to be conceived by the wind by a six-legged horse that eats hot coals, the sword by itself; brothers come to the country for 49 kingdoms, overseas of Operentsia, beyond the glass mountain to silver bridge; KM tells you to hide under the bridge and wait for the 12-headed dragon, whose moon is tied to the saddle; the dragon horse stumbled for the first time, the dragon realizes that it will fight KM; KM told the sword cut off his head, he cut off; KM gave the horse with the moon to his middle brother; the same at the golden bridge, the 24-headed dragon; KM ordered the sword to cut off the dragon's heads, but they grew; KM began to fight on its own, but he could not defeat; dragon: I will become the blue flame and the dragon will be red; when the red rose above the blue, the KM brothers threw a piece of sulfur at him, as the KM had asked them in advance, the red flame went out; sending the brothers with home with the moon and sun, KM took the form of a gray kitten and climbed into a house where the mother and wives of dragons overhear their conversation; the wife of the younger dragon: I will become a spring, if the brothers take a sip of water, they will die; the elder's wife: will turn into a pear with poisoned fruits; the mother of dragons asks to support her eyelids with an iron beam weighing 1200 pounds so that she can see; promises to turn into a mouth such that the upper the jaw is in the sky, and the lower jaw is on the ground;: swallowed KM and his brothers; the kitten rushed out, the dragon threw a beam at him and immediately went blind, as her eyelids closed her eyes again; KM reached his own in two leaps the horse to the brothers and all went home together; on the way, the KM cuts a spring and a pear with a sword, bleeding from them; the brothers see an open mouth approaching, hide in the house of the lead melter ( Lead Friend, SD); they pour molten lead into the dragon's mouth, she's dead; now SD offers KM to fight; with his little finger drove KM into the lead floor; lets go for promising to get a Green Daughter for him The Green King; he let the older brothers go; they claim victory over dragons, marry princesses, the eldest becomes king; they let the moon and sun horses go to heaven, but they began to shine sad; KM goes in search, meets, companions Runner, Drinker, Obivala, Freezing in Fire, Seeing Far Away, Strongman Throwing an Iron Club; The Green King (ZK) demands to bring Pluto's daughter's wedding dress is faster than a local runner; but ZK sent his old witch mother to run in the evening, and Runner only ran in the morning; he overtook her, received a dress from Pluto, but On the way back, the witch persuaded him to take his time and go together; put him to sleep, grabbed the dress box and ran; the Seer saw this, the Strongman threw his club, knocking out a horse's skull from under the Runner's head, which the witch laid his head; The runner overtook the witch again, took the box and handed it to ZK; he demands to spend the night in an iron oven; the freezing oven cooled; ZK demands to eat and drink the incredible the amount of meat and wine (Oat and Drank performed); KM got the princess, but as soon as he admitted to getting it for another, she disappeared; The seer saw her in the whale's belly, Vipivalo drank the sea, Runner brought the whale, KM took the princess out of his belly; the princess was gone again; the seer saw her in an apple hanging in the ZK's garden, the Runner brought her; for the third time, the princess in a cocoon hanging in the sky; The strongman knocked down a cocoon With a club, the Runner ran and caught the princess; KM let go of the companions; told the princess that she should find out what the power of SD was; while he was talking to KM, the princess magically opened 7 iron doors to basement, took gold out of the lead kegs and told the jeweler to gild the threshold; SD was furious and beat the princess, but she changed herself with a feature and lay down on the bed; promised not to gild anything else , if SD says what his strength is, he refused; then she gilded three more thresholds; still the same; 7 thresholds; then the SD confessed: in a silk meadow under the seventh bush there is a hare, he has an egg under his tail, the egg is a hornet, it has its strength; at night, the princess reported this to the KM; he became a hound, caught a hare, then a hornet that flew out; SD died; KM and the princess arrived in the KM kingdom in a luxurious chariot; the sun and the moon immediately shone brightly; the sage explained everything to the old king; KM said that as heir to the kingdom of SD and ZK, he leaves this kingdom to his brothers; the KM and his wife still rule the two kingdoms, if not dead]: Curtin 1890:477-516; Romanians [dragons stole the sun, moon, stars, and the king's eyes; two elder princes went in search but traded, lost money and were detained as debtors; younger Dragan Chenushe ("chenushe" means "ash"), who had previously been sitting in ash, got on a horse that ate hot coals, took weapons and armor, as well as ash cakes, which gave her mother, and went in search; bought the brothers, taking gold from the horse's ear; while the brothers were sleeping, he killed a dragon on a copper bridge that had stolen the stars, they returned to heaven; on the silver bridge, the moon; a long battle on the golden bridge; DC promised the crow more meat than the dragon promised, he sprinkled it with cold water and the dragon with hot water; DC killed the dragon, freed the sun; chipped in with his mouse, penetrated the mother of the dragons and took away the box with his father's eyes; the dragon sent two daughters to look like an apple tree and a well, and starved and thirsty on the brothers; DC crossed them with a sword, bleed; sent the brothers home to take them home father's eyes, he came to Mark Armenash himself, asked for 99 quintals of hot coals; when the dragon tried to stick her head, poured coals into her mouth and it exploded; DC went with MA to get it the bride is the daughter of the Green King; they meet and accompany someone who hears oats grow and sees what is happening in another world; a shooter, a tree destroyer; drank; eaten; capable of freezing the sea; this last one covered the sea with ice to cross to the country of the Green King; they were put in a hot iron house, which froze it; they drank and ate, and ate everything that was offered; to compete in running with an old woman, she put the runner to sleep with a dragon bone under his head; the shooter knocked out the bone; they got a princess, crossed the ice, the freezer melted the ice again, rushed to pursue the king and queen drowned; DC met an old man: there is no water, the dragon closed the spring, allows you to take water in exchange for people, the princess's turn; DC killed the dragon, cut off the tips of his tongues; a dwarf with a long came to his hut with a beard, ate all the meat; DC split the beech, pinched his beard in the trunk; the dwarf pulled out the beech, disappeared into the lower world; DC came on a bloody trail; ordered him to be lowered into the black world on rope; pretended to be a musician; the devils promise many wagons of gold if he could free their king's beard from the beech tree; DC cut off his head, ran up to the rope, twitched, but no one picked up the rope; hears the squeak of the griffin chicks: a dragon crawls to the nest to eat them; (killed the dragon); the griffin swallowed it and regurgitated it, making it stronger; agreed to carry them to the ground; on the way, the meat ran out, the DC cut it off a piece from her feet and from under her knee; the princess recognized DC by the dragon's severed tongues; the brothers' wives poisoned DC's wife out of envy; he went for living water; the old man gave him a staff and a sheep, telling him not leave them in the forest where the entrance to hell is located; the bird, while flying, dropped three feathers (her wife's hair) and three drops of blood (that fell from her wife's cheeks); DC left his staff and sheep in the forest and went home; turned into walnut tree]: Bîrlea 1966:384-387; Romanians [the mighty king always laughs with his right eye and cries with his left eye; he has three sons; the mighty tall Florea, the dense strong Costan, and the younger Petru is tall but girly in character; the older brothers refused, P. agreed to ask his father about his eyes and received a slap in the face; but he thought his left eye cried less and his right eye cried more laughs; and he asked again; both eyes laughed at the father: that three sons are good, but they are unlikely to be able to protect themselves from their neighbors; therefore laughter and tears; but if you bring water from the well of the Morning Dawn fairy, then I'll wet my eyes and both will laugh, for I will understand that the sons are brave; F. rode his best horse to the border of his father's possessions; there is a bridge and a three-headed dragon: one jaw in the sky, the other on earth; F. turned, but A year, month and day later he did not return home; K. went; the dragon also has three heads; also turned, but did not return home; P. went, the dragon has 7 heads; the horse stands on its hind legs, P. returned to take another horse; old nurse: you need the horse your father rode; he replies that the horse fell long ago, but there are only scraps of bridle in the stall; the nurse tells you to bring such a fragment and hit the pole with it; immediately appeared a beautiful horse under a precious saddle; now there is a 12-headed dragon at the bridge; the horse tells you to cut off the main head and flies forward - one day like the wind, the other as a thought; in front of them there is a copper wall and trees, copper bushes and herbs; flowers whisper, but the horse forbids them to be plucked; otherwise you will have to fight Velva; but he tore it off to see her; she has a horse's mane, deer antlers, bear face, ferret eyes, different bodies creatures; after three days of battle, P. threw a bridle on the velva and it turned into a beautiful horse; this is the brother of the horse P., who was bewitched; so they galloped through the copper forest; then silver (still the same - more one velva horse); golden (same, the strongest and youngest of these horses is broken); now they are traveling through the frozen country of Saint Sereda, and around the edges there is fire; this is the frost that freezes the calf in the womb of the cow and the rocks crumble; when they reached the house of St. Sereda, she gave a box that will show the way home and tell you who is doing what now; P. asks about his father; a box: his eldest sons have taken away his power; now they are traveling through the red-hot land of St. . Thursdays (Joi, Jupiter); rocks began to melt under their hooves; from the cool valleys, where springs and flowers, girls turn to P.; St. Thursday: Next will be the country of St. Fridays, tell her my wishes for good health; it is not cold or hot there; but darkness has descended and Tornado's daughters are in it; Tornadoes guard Friday's house; the horse tells me to throw a copper wreath, the spirits rushed behind the wreath ; a silver wreath showed Friday and she allowed her to enter; Friday is an ancient old woman; when the world arose, she was a child; asks for a mug of water from the Morning Dawn Fairy spring on the way back; gave a flute whose sounds make you fall asleep; in the morning P. fed his horses with hot coals; Friday: leave one horse here now, and enter Fairy dismounted; she has a terrible appearance: owl eyes, fox face, cat claws; her gaze deprives reason; Fairy's palace where the earth touches the sky; flowers along the way; neither warm nor cold, eternal twilight; giant watchmen and seven-headed dragons P. sedated with a flute; the milk river is not in sandy or jelly on the shores, and on the shores of gems and pearls, flows quickly and slowly at the same time; lions with golden skin and iron teeth; beautiful fairies sleep in flowers; P. tied the sleeping giant's fingers, woke him up ordered him to be carried across the river, then we will fight; but the giant drove P. into the ground to his knees, and P. to the waist; giant P. to the chest, P. to his neck; then the half-bound giant agreed to carry P. while standing with two legs on different banks of the river; on the table in front of the fairy's bed, the bread of strength and the wine of youth; he bit off bread and took a sip of wine, kissed Fairy, put a golden wreath on her, took water and left; gave water to Friday; Thursday warned not to communicate with people on the way back; gave a handkerchief to protect him from lightning, spears and bullets; a knowledgeable box warns that the brothers found out that P. would bring water, they wanted to kill him; P. does not believe broke the box; the brothers met them, asked for water from a deep well, left it there, took the Fairy's water and arrived at their father; the Fairy woke up and sent all the guards to look for P.; they did not find it; Sun 7 He looked for days, but P. was where his rays did not reach; the Fairy ordered darkness to come, and now only the king father, who saw the light from that water, began to see, but everyone else did not; Florea came to the fairy, but could not tell him how he got that water; the Fairy blinded him; {the same with his middle brother}; The fairy told everyone to come to her so that the winds, flowers, springs, people and giants would all cry; Friday sent tornadoes to look for P. ; and only one spring breeze heard P. end up in the well; now there are only bones and ashes; Thursday boiled ashes in a cauldron with the dew of life, an ointment was obtained, her bones were rubbed, P. came to life; tells the horse to fly quickly like a curse; came to Fairy, kissed him; the flowers bloomed, the sun shone, the world came to life again; P. brothers found sight to see his happiness]: Kremnitz 1882, No. 20:237-295; Moldovans: Moldavian tales 1968:172-184 [a poor man finds a bird with golden feathers in the forest; brings it home, it lays golden eggs, he sells them to a merchant; a merchant reads to the goiter of a bird that the one who has eaten her heart will become king , the one who eats the navel will find a purse of gold under the pillow, the liver will be lucky; the merchant persuades his wife to kill the poor man, marry him, fry a bird; the woman's three sons accidentally eat giblets birds; the merchant wants to kill the children, they run away; the elder becomes king, the middle becomes rich; the younger one is lazy; the sorcerer leads him into the forest, asks him to go underground, bring a key and an iron stick; boy collects golden apples; refuses to give the wizard the key before he raises him to the ground; the sorcerer covers the ground; the boy rubs his wand, the Iron Man appears, promises to lift him to the ground if the boy will feed him in flight; he cuts off the last piece from his own thigh; on the ground, the iron man says he would eat the boy if he knew how delicious he was; disappears; boy returns to his mother, bringing golden apples and a key; this is the key to hell; if it is rubbed, the servants grant wishes; the boy sends his mother to marry the king's daughter; the king demands 1) to create a palace, a road overnight with birds and trees; 2) come on horses that eat coals and drink flame; the servants perform everything; the princess's first fiancé and herself are taken to the courtyard and basement for the night; wedding; sorcerer asks the young man's servant to bring a rusty key in exchange for a gold one; the young man loses his magical helpers and everything they have created; goes to wander around the world; rubs his wand, the iron man teaches him to turn into a fly, to get the key from under the sorcerer's pillow; the young man returns everything; the wife is ill; the sorcerer turned into a holy virgin, told his wife that she would recover if she got a marble egg from the center of the earth; hellish servants say that he has all their strength, they teach him to kill a sorcerer instead; a young man kills; helps his brother-king defeat enemies; the Beauty of the World who swallows his navel solders, he belches him, loses everything; rides through the meadow, his horse eats grass , becomes a donkey; drinks water again as a horse; he lets a woman smell grass, she becomes a donkey; he rides it, meets brothers, forgives a woman, makes the Beauty of the World again], 251-262 [the healer advises a childless woman to eat food that is not at home; she wants bleak fish; the husband brings 21 fish, cooks fish soup, the wife gives birth to 21 sons; the husband goes to live in the forest in horror; the wife raised her sons, they found a father, returned, demanded that he find them 21 sisters as wives; Ilyana Kosynzyana has 21 daughters; the brothers are going to them, the youngest Petra did not have enough horse, he bought a magic one; this horse tells me to change clothes with girls, leave the horses ready outside the fence; at night, the broadsword IK cut off the heads of her daughters, the brothers returned to their father; on the way, P. raises a golden pen, a horseshoe, a handkerchief, is hired by the boyar as a coachman; the daughter of that sees a shining feather, a boyar demands a bird; a horse: a bird in a cage near the IR, do not touch the cage; P. brings a bird, the boyar demands a horse; the horse teaches to take the one who eats hot coals, P. leads; the boyar requires the owner of a handkerchief; the horse teaches him to drink strong water at the IR bedside, bring it with the bed; IC requires P. to bring a herd of her sea horses; the horse teaches him to smear him with resin and make a matting; a horse that came out of the sea bites his matting; P. bothered him, the whole herd followed him; IK tells him to milk the mares, swim in boiling milk; P.'s horse cools the milk; the boyar's horse does not cool down, the boyar is cooked; P. marries IK], 390-409 [the poor man's wife gave birth, no one wants to go to crony; the father rejects Death, the Moon, agrees to the Sun's offer; the boy was named Fat Frumos; his father does not tell him to go abroad snake possessions; FF chases a hare, a snake comes to the palace; the owner is invulnerable, grows to a gigantic size; spares FF for his promise to get him Frumoasu-Frumoacelor, daughter of the king of the garden state; malnik FF hides in a bag of flour that two eagles carry to the garden kingdom; the princess liked the bread he baked and himself; the guards killed FF; the princess sees one ant reviving another with a blade of grass, revives the FF; You can only escape on Baba Jgivera's horse; FF kills a snake crawling to a bird's nest, a bird gives a feather; a bee rescued from the water is a piece of wing; a scale fish thrown into the water; comes to J., only one Cola has no head; J. tells three mares to herd three days; they run away; on the first evening they are collected by a bird called by a feather, on the second by bees, on the third by fish; J. allows him to choose a horse, takes them out of eight hearts, puts his heart into a plain foal; FF chooses him because only he eats hot coals; FF takes the bride, wants to fly home, but the horse is already flying to the snake; from contemptuous words his girls burst his heart and gallbladder, FF married Frumosa]; Gagauz [the master has three daughters, he is looking for someone to herd his horses; the eldest daughter is coming, the father turned to a bear, went out to meet her, the girl ran home; the middle one; the youngest goes to the old woman for advice; she tells the horses to give hot coals, take the one that will eat them; the skinny mare began to eat, the girl sat on her, is going to shoot a bear; her father blessed her to herd horses for three years; the Sun fell in love with her, but does not understand whether it is a girl or a man; the mother of the Sun advises her to see how she urinates and what things buys at the bazaar; the girl urinates like a man, takes only things for men at the bazaar; three years later she shows Soltsy her chest and braid; the mother of the Sun advises to put a gold swing; the girl sat on her, the Sun She raised her; her palm advised the girl to remain silent for seven years; then the Sun took another bride; she told her to be the first to bring a sieve from Mother Sunday; Sunday sends by Friday, she sends by Wednesday, Wednesday says that the sieve took the hobur; the hobur tells me to play the violin, follows the sieve, but in fact sharpen his teeth; the mouse volunteered to jump on the strings, run; the hobur killed the mouse, follows; the girl threw canvas (river; hobur put one lip to the ground, the other to the sky, drank water), brush (forest), stone (rocky place, hobur cannot cross); the girl brought a sieve; the second bride: you, dumb, bring her pot; girl: to take away your tongue; The sun slaughtered the ram, heard, rushed to the girl, her hands were covered in blood; the girl became a swallow, the second bride was a goat, both went through the pipe, the Sun is still not got married]: Moshkov 1904, No. 30:42-44.

Central Europe. Slovaks [the king has three sons, the youngest is Popolvár, sitting by the stove; the king invites them to see the world; the elder goes to the copper forest, brings a branch; the king: my mother and I have breakfast there went; the middle one brings a branch from the silver forest; king: my mother and I went there at noon; when P. was about to go, a plain horse tells me to take him and ask his father for a rusty sword; the horse turns into a beautiful horse; tells him to feed him oats and fire; the saber is magical, it will cut anyone; after passing the golden forest, they come to the castle, to Father P.'s friend; he tells how they are together fought against the witch; tomorrow she will come with her army; P. killed the witch, her army instantly disappeared; P. returned to his father, who was happy; said that the witch's sons, dragons, kidnappers of his friend's three daughters; he showed the way to the elder princess; she gave P. a ring that increased strength hundredfold; P. and the three-headed dragon began to drive each other into the ground; P. drove him up to the neck and cut off his heads; the same with the middle sister (the ring increased strength 200 times, the dragon has 6 heads); with the youngest (the strength increased 300 times); leaving the princesses to their father, P. galloped home; the father wants to marry his sons to those princesses; but P. does not happy, wants to know if there is anyone stronger than him; father: Iron Monk; he knows other people's thoughts and can turn anyone into anything; the horse says he will take him to JM, but he won't go further; when we get to father's friend, it turned out that JM had just stolen the younger princess; P. drove up to his castle, he shakes on his chicken leg; ZhM turned P. into millet seed, and the rooster pecked him; the princess asked is it possible to return the transformed one to its former shape; JM: there are two sabers fighting each other in the room; if you throw the one turned between them, the former shape will return; the princess killed the rooster, took out the grain, revived P., hid it in the back room; persuaded JM to say what his strength is; every 7 years a duck flies over the sea; whoever eats her eggs will receive the strength that ZhM now has; after putting ZhM to sleep, she told P. about everything; he a moment earlier, JM grabbed eggs and swallowed them, turned JM into a wild boar; P. married a princess and reigned]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 50:257-269; Western Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Tyachiv district, s. Dulova) [The tsar has three sons and a daughter, the eldest sons study well, the youngest Ivan Farmudz is stupid, Pepelyanik. The brothers decide to find out why their father has one eye crying and the other laughing. The oldest one comes first. The king reads, there is a saber on the table, he swings at his son, he runs away, the king throws his sword after him, and she pierces the door. It's the same with the middle son. When the IF enters, the king swings, and the IF puts his head on the table: the king has the right to kill him. The king reports that he was sold to an unclean man in his mother's womb. When he dies, the devils will smash his bones across seven powers, so one eye cries. But he hopes his sons will protect him, so the second one laughs. He tells you to cook 7 fathoms of firewood, dig a grave in 7 fathoms deep, sons spend the night near the grave and burn a fire, sabers in their hands, three snakes will arrive at night: at 9 o'clock - three-headed, at 10 a.m. - 6-headed, at midnight - Chapter 12 If someone comes for a sister, give it back. The king is dead, the brothers spend the night at the grave. The elders fall asleep. IF kills a 3-headed snake, blood almost flooded the sleepers. The IF puts logs under the heads of sleepy brothers. Kills the 6-headed, the blood almost flooded the sleepers, the IF seats sleepy brothers. A 12-headed serpent arrives. Ivan cuts 6 goals, then 6 more, but one always returns to the place. The IF pierces the snake's neck and presses it to the ground, the blood cools down, the head cannot grow. Blood flows like a river, and IF puts the sleepy brothers standing still. The fire went out, the IF climbs the ash tree, the light is in the distance, the IF is walking, the forest is on the way, two women ask to judge who is older. It's Night and Day. The IF ties them to poles at a distance, tells them to remain silent until they return, otherwise they will cut off their heads. It comes to a fire of 300 fathoms of firewood, robbers (sprays) sleep around. The IF cuts off the stick, splits the end and pulls out the smut in a split, but the coal falls on the senior robber. The IF runs away with fire. The robbers wake up, the younger and middle do not see anything, the eldest gets up, his head rises above the trees, he sees the IF, steps several times, catches up with the IF, puts it in the palm of his hand, brings him to the fire, calls it an ant, promises to kill for stealing smut. IF calls himself the best thief in the world. The robber demands help to steal the king's daughter. The sun never shone on her, the wind never blew on her forehead, golden hair on her head, her beauty is indescribable. The robbers have not been able to steal it for three years: there is a golden rooster at the royal gate and as soon as they approach, he starts singing and the army shoots. The IF crawls up, kills a rooster, finds the room where the girl sleeps, calls the robbers one by one, cuts everyone's head, changes rings with the sleeping princess, leaves a note: IF hacked three snakes, Night and He tied the day to trees, shot a rooster, cut off the heads of the robbers, and exchanged rings with the princess. Night and Day are asked to let them go: it has been dark for 7 days. The IF judges this way: in summer it should be a long day (a lot of work, the harvest must ripen), and in winter it should be short. Night and day sign an eternal contract. The IF returns, cuts the frozen blood of snakes, the brothers who wake up fainting with fear. The Interfax rules the state. At midnight, musicians come and demand to give what their father ordered, otherwise they will leave no stone unturned. The IF throws their sister out the window. Musicians play, the wind blows - a train of 100 carriages flies across forests and seas. The neighboring king promised a daughter to whoever would kill the thieves. A gypsy servant finds the bodies and pretends to be their murderer. Preparing a wedding. The IF is late, the gypsy demands not to let him in, but the king lets him in. The Interfax ridicules the groom, expects execution for insulting the future royal son-in-law. At the gallows, she tells me what he did and where he put the letter, shows the princess's ring. The people rejoice, the army and servants disperse the gypsies. After the wedding, IF goes to his brothers, the king lets him go, but forbids him to take his wife with him, who was not shining in the sun or blowing the wind: she will be kidnapped by the wind. The IF does not listen, the whirlwind takes the princess away. The queen gives three years to find her daughter, otherwise she executes her. The IF wanders, there is a hole in the trunk of the oak tree: "This is where the wedding with Farmudz Mariika came in." The IF comes to a small hut like a box. There, his brother-in-law tells his wife to cook: her brother starves to death. He puts the IF to bed, asks the horse where the IF's wife is. Horse: In the seventieth country, the Filthy King stands for a cook. Pogany also has a horse, his older brother, he is stronger, he will catch up, the poganin king will cut Ivan to pieces. You have to put a bag on the horse so that the horse will then bring the chopped one. The brother-in-law equips the IF on the road, the horse brings him to the realm of Poganin. Ivanova's wife is just on her way to the well with the buckets, singing plaintively. The IF puts her on a horse. At the same moment, Filthy's horse laughs. Poganin grabs an iron pitchfork, rushes into the staff, finds out that the IF stole his cook, but he has time. He snaps his teeth and eats two wagons of nuts, smokes two wagons of tobacco, sleeps for two hours, takes a sword, sits on a horse and starts after him. IF Horse: It burns the fire because the Filthy King is catching up. Let the IF ask Poganin to cut him with a sword, throw him in a bag and put him on his horse. This is what happens. Poganin picks up the cook. The brother-in-law tells his wife to bring a trough from the attic in advance, folds the pieces of the IF body, pours it with healing water, and everything grows together. The brother-in-law has two souls, he blows on his body, releases one of them, the soul enters the IF, and he comes to life. His brother-in-law explains that he won't be able to revive him again. His mother, who is the oldest over half the world, could help, knows a lot, but she can eat it when she sees it. The IF has been going to her for six months. Baba feels it from a distance, roars: she has been living in this place for 10,000 years, but has not seen an earthly person, she has not eaten fresh human beings for 3000 years. The IF calls her a sweet mother, a dear matchmaker, and says that her son sent him. Baba wants to see it but promises to eat it. He takes two iron poles, 10 m each, supports his eyelids, otherwise they cannot hold on. The IF talks about everything, the woman feels sorry for him. He sends him to his husband, but there is little hope that he will regret it, he is even angrier, he is 6 months away. He feeds him with tin dumplings, he does not feel hungry during the journey. My grandfather senses it from an even greater distance, 15,000 years, has not seen a person, he has not eaten human beings for 5,000 years. The Interfax calls him a sweet father, a dear matchmaker, says that he has been pardoned and sent by his wife as the oldest in the world. Grandfather: I ate millions of people, but I have never met such an affectionate and kind person. She wants to watch and then eat it. It supports the eyelids with iron poles 20 m long. He regretted, feeds the IF with steel dumplings. It gives two twigs that grow out of the ground. There is a basement under the house, there are two horses, one must be hit with one twig and the other with another, he gives these horses because he is old, the horses must be obeyed, they will do everything. The IF goes down into the dungeon, sees wooden tremblers on four legs, hits them with a twig - the tremblers turn into a stallion and a mare. The horse is happy, asks you to take him out of the basement, take a wooden ax, cut three thousand fathoms of firewood, and light a fire. A wooden ax cuts trees into ready-made logs. Horses eat fire, eat ashes 100 meters deep, drink all the water, drink the lake three times: now they are invincible. The horse tells you to take diamond clothes out of his left ear, and a saddle with a bridle for a woman from his right ear. The horse asks how to carry it, IF: so that neither he nor the horse is harmed. The horse is happy to have waited for a good king. Pogany's horse is his son. They arrive at the well, the IF dresses his wife in diamond clothes, puts him on a mare, and rises above the sky. The horse in the filthy king's stine laughs. They're flying in pursuit, there's no time to wait. Pogany's horse calls his father and mother, asks him to wait for him, otherwise he will be tortured. They advise you to fly into the sky, throw off the pollen. Poganin is still falling, and if he fell, it would rumble with all the thunder and the earth would crumble. The horse rushes after his parents, flies with them. The light is all over the sky, people think the whole world is on fire. The old tsar cries with joy, the IF invites his brothers to a feast]: Lintour, Chandey 1965:9-29; Eastern Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya) [the poor man agrees to work on the condition that he will be taught to understand birds and animals; the owner agrees, but tells the year to do the work he gives; tells you to carry firewood on horses, but feed them with hot coals; the work is not done; horses: give hay, not coal, then yourself we will cope; in a year he leaves, agrees with another owner, they go together; hears a warning from the crow: the tavern will burn at night; tells me to spend the night in the open air; the inn burned down; hears sparrows talking: the owner was stolen, his wife is ready to stab herself; tells her to come quietly from behind, take away the knife; sat down to eat; one dog to another: everything stolen is hidden under a pile of manure; after that, the owner passed it off as farmhand daughter; others persuade her to find out her husband's secret; he will die if he tells; puts on a clean shirt; rooster to chickens: do not trust your wife like a fool, but we must carry you by the braids; the husband dragged his wife away, began to live peacefully]: Manzhura in Pankeev 1992:130-133; Russians (Vologda) [the old man asks his three daughters what to buy; the eldest asks for a dress, a medium shawl, the youngest a scarlet flower; returning on the way out of town, the old man agrees to give the scarlet flower if his daughter marries his son - Finist is clear of the falcon; having received a flower, the daughter locked herself in the light, opened the window, F. flew in, became a young man; promises to fly every night if you put a flower on the window; gives any outfits; in these outfits in a carriage, a girl comes to church; no one recognizes her; after the third time forgot to take the diamond pin out of her hair, the sisters found out everything, put knives on the window; F. hurt himself and flew away; the girl ordered three pairs of boots, three staffs, three caps, three caps, three sweeps to be made of iron, went to look for F.; Baba Yaga gave a hammer and 10 diamond carnations to exchange for F. from the bride for the right to look at him; sends him to her sister; she gives a golden saucer with a diamond ball (the same); third Baba Yaga gives a horse, he eats hot coals; the girl gave her hammer with carnations, but F.'s fiancée stuck a pin in it, you can't wake him up; the same with a saucer; the girl got the third night , giving the horse that feeds on the heat; found the pin and pulled it out; F. woke up; called the princes: should I be with the one who sold me or with the one that bought me? the one she sold was ordered to be hung at the gate and shot]: Gura 1965, No. 16:223-226.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Ossetians [the king has 3 sons and a daughter, he promises to give the throne to whoever brings a curiosity; the elder brings a leaf the size of a burku, the middle one even larger, the sister is indifferent, offers to bring a wing silver chicken; the youngest on horseback, who eats nails, brings; the sister asks for all the chicken, the horse teaches where to catch these chickens, the brother brings; the sister offers to bring the owner of the chickens; the horse tells you to drink from a dirty, bitter river, praise the water; pick a pear, praise a tree; throw sheep to iron-billed crows, a bull's carcass to wolves, grease the doors with fat tail fat; 3 girls, one plays, the other sings, the third cries; the crying is the owner of the chicken, she asks the door, wolves, etc. to stop the kidnapper, they do not obey, the young man takes her away; the sister tells me to bring seven iron-faced mares milk, boil milk, swim, he will be king; the horse tells him to grease it with glue, lying in the sand, became huge, his mares were frightened, listened; the horse teaches him to come to heaven to Uastyrji, steal he has a pot for brewing beer; at home, whoever tries to milk mares is killed by them; the horse tells them to let their master milk; whoever jumped into boiling milk all died; the young man came up whole; the girl became head of the kingdom (the end is illogical)]: Sokayeva 2012, No. 5:59-64; Chechens [mother says Nelbiy Chuara that his father is a horse, he eats iron and flint; heavy weapons remain and armor; NF tames the horse, puts on armor, kills rivals, marries a princess; on her wedding night she disappears; the shepherd says that she was kidnapped by Nege ("Nogai"); advises wearing his clothes, driving him across the river of calves, come with congratulations; his wife recognizes him, hides him; when N. enters, he kills him, returns his wife]: Dalgat 1972:326-328 (=Malsagov 1983, No. 16:100-102; =Dirr 1920, No. 22:106-109); (cf. . Armenians [the dervish gives the childless king to eat an apple in half with his wife, two boys were born; the dervish came and ordered them to be named Nazar and Kazar, one of them for him; the dervish took N.; leads to the rock : it will open, you have to leave the money alone, take an old candlestick; but N., taking a candlestick, raked up and a handful of gold, the rock overturned and crushed the dervish; N. stopped in the caravanserai; realized that the candlestick produces gold; the owner of the caravanserai advises you to look at the girl Beauty; she shows her face for a thousand coins; wants to marry her; she tells you to first find out why Abraham-Aga's horse eats not grain, but flints; N. comes to Istanbul; A. soon arrived from Izmir, poured flint horses, the horse travels a month in a day; A. does not want to tell his story, but once promised..; he tells how when she returns, she hears a conversation between his wife and her lover; she promises to put flint on her husband's plate; A. killed his lover, but his wife turned him into a dog; the priest's daughter recognized A. by her eyes, stole from his wife the magic pipe, restored her human appearance; gave the phone to A., he used it to turn his wife into a horse and feeds flints; now the girl demands that N. find out why Majrum Hoja says, thank God, arrived when they go up to the minaret and when they go down, they grab their head; he says that once three doves carried him from the minaret to King Peri; he married his daughter to him; warns that if Peri will breathe heavily, then die; children were born; one day M. sighed, thinking about home; he was moved back to the minaret; he told his secret to the teacher; his wife found out, left him forever; third task girls; a man in Kars makes a sword to order, and when a customer comes, he breaks it; a man told me how he was a shepherd, went to work, came back after a long time, hacked his wife and a young man, and then he found out that it was his son; after learning that after three such stories N. still wanted to marry her, the girl Beauty agreed]: Nazinyan 1969:106-117).

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [the widow's son is hired by a stranger; he feeds him, but does not require work; when leaving, he forbids entering a certain room; for the first time, the young man does not find anything there, the owner forgives he beats him, heals him; the young man sees a boiling pot, bathes in it, becomes a strong handsome man; frees a horse with hot coals under his nose and food behind his back; the horse tells him to wear rusty armor, take a rusty sword; they run, throw a blackberry branch (thorny thickets), stone (mountain), pour water from a jug (lake, one drop fell nearby, but the horse swam out); the troll and his entourage are trying to drink lake, burst; the horse tells him to let go for now, put on rags, moss wig, hire the king; he is driven out of the kitchen, the stables, he works for the gardener; the princess sees him without a wig; when he learns that the young man sleeps with his daughter, the king has thrown him into prison, his daughter is locked; enemies have attacked, the young man asks for permission to go to war on an old gag; summons his horse, smashes enemies, kills their king; slightly wounded, the king bandages the wound with his handkerchief; everything is explained, the young man marries the princess; the horse tells him to cut off his head, turns into a man; he was the former king of the country whose king is now a young man killed]: Dasent 1970:311-322; Lithuanians [a rich man took his son to learn bird language; a year later, a laundress by the road teaches how to identify her son among 12 bulls (one will be sad), 12 horses (the same), pigeons (same; on the way home, the father asks the son to say that the crow is screaming; son: that when the son washes his feet, the father will drink this water; the son orders to sell it in the form of a bull, a horse; but without a bridle; the father sells a horse with a bridle; the sorcerer ordered the Jew to give the horse hot coals; she felt sorry for the horse, she took off her bridle; the young man runs away with a hare, then with a dove, a perch, the sorcerer pursues a dog, a hawk, pike; the perch jumped a ring on the royal's finger; the ring tells him to throw him under his feet and step on the fragment; the sorcerer became a chicken, the young man became a hawk, killed him; took the queen and became king; the father became impoverished, the poor came to sleep; the king washed his feet with wine, put wine under the bed; the beggar drank at night; when he learned that the king was his son, the beggar fell to his knees]: Kerbelite 2014, No. 151:393-399; Lithuanians [having built bridge, the king sends a servant to listen to what people say when they walk along it; the servant hears the conversation of the saints: the king will have a son, whose every wish will be fulfilled; kidnaps the boy, covers him with blood the lips of the sleeping queen and accuses her of eating her baby; the queen is imprisoned in a tower; the servant and his mistress run away, taking the baby; the boy is told to herd cattle and wish for what is needed servant (palace, etc.); the boy accidentally overheard the conversation of his imaginary parents, destroys the palace, turns traitor servants into dogs, goes to his father's castle and on the way orders dogs to be fed hot with coals; answers curious people that this is not a miracle; it is a miracle that the Queen ate her own baby; in front of the king's eyes, the prince returns the servants to their human appearance and they confess what they did; the Queen is freed , servants punished]: Balys 1936, No. 651:64-65; Karelians (Kalevalsky District) [the king has 25 sons; he learned from the book that one woman has 25 daughters; the brothers went to marry; the youngest went forward; in the hut, the old woman interferes with her nose with hot coals; the guy answers cleverly, she calls him her sister's son, promises to take his brothers for the night, tells him to go to the sister of the woman with her daughter; herd her horses, ask for an inferior skate for work; the skate says that there are a hundred stakes around that house, 75 suitors already have heads; the mother of daughters promises golden oats if the brothers let their horses into the stable; the youngest says that their horses eat only burning coals; in the evening, dancing to a self-playing accordion, forest animals dance; horse: the old woman will bed her daughters in one half of the room and you in the other; you must switch seats and put their hats on the girls; at night, the old woman cut off the heads not of young men, but her daughters; the younger brother tells them to run; the old woman looks into her magic mirror and sees that she has killed her daughters; the brothers were hired to serve the king; the elders are jealous of the younger; they tell the king that their brother can get that old woman's gold cross; the horse carried the boy across the river threshold; tells the old woman to give bread to the old woman's dog so as not to barked; the guy took the cross; get the old woman's mirror (the same); get the old woman's accordion; when they rode back, the old woman tore off the horse's leg; he tells him to kill and bury him; the old man suggests changing an accordion on a whip, from the blow of which the dead come to life; the guy killed an old man for trial; killed and revived the crow that had arrived; but did not revive the old man; he revived the skate; the brothers are even more jealous: their brother promised get Päivela's maiden as a bride (Päivolan neiččyön morsiemekse); the horse takes the guy to the top of the mountain, there is a hole, lowers her on his belt; he goes into the hut, it's warm; P.'s mother says that her daughter goes to the edge of the sky to fry the sun; walls the guy in the oven so that he does not burn, only her eyes can be seen; when the daughter threw off her fiery clothes, the mother let the boy go, P. went with him, picked them up, brought them to the king; P. says that he will become a fire pit: whoever jumps on horseback will get it; when the guy jumped, the fire in the hole went out; the king fell into the hole, burned down; the guy became king, the virgin P. became queen]: Onegin 2010 , NO. 20:226-233.

Volga - Perm. Chuvashi (1906-1908) [fairy tales describe a horse as a frozen nag, but when fed with a trough of burning coal, it immediately becomes beautiful and magical]: Meszaros 2000:81.