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K159. Peas under your feet. .29.30.32.-.35.43.

When two characters are fighting, the person nearby wants one of them to slip (and the other to stand firmly on his feet) and to do this, sprinkles or pours something under their feet.

Kalmyks, Megrelians, Turkmens, Bukhara Arabs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Paryas, Yagnobs, Khufs, Maris, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Yellow Uighurs, Altaians, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats, Khalkha Mongols, Mongors, Southern Selkups, Vasco.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [Sharvada hunts, he has an Alya-Sonkhor falcon, two horses, dogs Hasar and Basar, sees a black man at the bottom of the hole, refuses to pull him out; tells his mother to take a knife if goes to collect the dung; the mother sees that man, refuses to pull her out when he offers her to become her son, younger brother, daughter; pulls her out when she offers to become her old man; Sh., black, enters a man rushes at him, his mother throws millet under his feet, he falls, he was cut to pieces, thrown into the lake; the falcon flew to heaven to the sisters Sh., who collected the pieces, the little finger was not enough, X. and B. found little finger in ash; S. came to life, killed a black man, threw pieces into the lake]: Basangova 2002:97-98; megrels [Tsar Muzarbiy is immensely rich, at night he frightens Ndemi monsters with a cry from the roof of the palace; died, leaving her daughter and pregnant wife; the wife is in love with a 12-headed ndemi flint; gave birth to a son half gold, half silver, shoved it under a stone; at first she was silent, then replied to her daughter that she had given birth freak; she found a boy, he grew up in 10 days, began hunting, his name is also Muzarbiy; he saw a city and a palace from the mountain; he does not know that this is his father's city; there is only an old woman, Ndemi ate almost everyone; M. killed with the arrow of the first ndemi who came up, then the second; each ndemi came up, who has 12 heads; M. cuts them down, new ones grow; wren: "hot ash"; the old woman sprinkled the stumps with hot ash, the heads are larger did not grow up; people gathered, everyone was happy; but M.'s mother revived the ndemi with her urine; turning them into a fly, hid them in a chest; invited her son to wear his father's shoes; they were small for him; trying to pull them, M. broke his leg ; the mother released the ndemi, M. grabbed and picked it up, but the mother poured flaxseed under her son's feet, Ndemi tore it; the sister collected the pieces, watered her tears, prayed to God; after 3 days M. was resurrected; again cut off the ndemi's head, and the old woman sprinkled them with hot ash; burned the killed Ndemi; the sister brought his father's horse to his brother; M. tied his mother to his tail and galloped; three apples, three pomegranates; may God not take away from collected by your hands]: Petrov 1890, No. 1:265-277.

Iran - Central Asia. Turkmens [the padishah has three sons, each mare gives birth to a foal, the foals are kidnapped; the brothers walk along three roads, the youngest Karadzha is a batyr on the one you will not return from; suggests Deva throws stones up; dev throws himself on his head, dies; K. comes to the three kidnapped peri, kills three devas; when he fights the youngest, the peri pour millet under his feet, and K. mash, dev, slides, falls; K. brings three peri to his brothers; they hang a diamond sword at the entrance to the yurt, K. cuts off their legs; he is visited by the armless Amet, the rumor, and the blind Fast-footed Veli, also crippled by their brothers; brothers bring themselves a young woman, she cooks pilaf; an old man from the top, a beard with two ties the young woman with hair from her beard, eats pilaf; the young woman tells her returning brothers that she has forgotten cook; the same when the first, then the second sister remains; K. himself ties the old man; lets go when he returns his legs, arms, eyes to the crippled; K. pretends to be an old man, comes to his wife; she says that her missing husband told her to marry the one who would pull his bow; he comes with a horseman, kills his brothers, tells his story, returns his wife]: Stebleva 1969, No. 22:54-66; Bukhara Arabs [young man one kills divas, throws him into a well; one is alive, his mother takes him as a lover; gives birth to a son, leaves him on the road, the young man finds a baby, brings his mother like a foundling; this brother saves the young man three times, when the divas and mother try to kill him (with a sword, a trap pit, a grain under his feet to slip); kills the diva father and mother; the young man leaves, leaving the reeds (if trouble, he bleeds, pus); the dragon was given the emir's daughter, a young man jumps into his mouth, cuts his sword from the inside, comes out of his ass; the emir's daughter throws an apple at him, the emir puts them in a stable; his son-in-law puts manure in the food he has prepared for the emir; explains that it is dark in the stable; they are moved to the barn; to the house; the older sons-in-law did not get anything from hunting; the youngest gives them game, puts a seal on their backs; goes to marry Chulpan-Sulyuk, her brother defeats him, pulls out his eyes; brother (diva son) comes to his wife, does not tell her to touch him in bed; defeats Brother C., makes him regain his eyes; Emir's son-in-law returns from C., gains the throne]: Vinnikov 1969, No. 12:84-88; Tajiks (Hounds) [the mother and youngest son fell behind, and the five eldest sons came to the seven-headed diva; he swallowed them, threw their heads into the hole; when the mother and youngest son came, he defeated the diva, threw them himself into the hole hole; told the mother not to pour water into it from washing her hair; the cat brought 40 keys, in one room there is a wind horse and a whirlwind horse; the mother pours water, the diva comes to life; to pull him out, you need a wind horse; he rides it young man; diva advises a woman to ask her son to take a whirlwind horse; the woman pulled out the diva, gave birth to a child from him; the diva left him on the road, the young man found him, picked him up; he grew up quickly; the young man saw him alive, they long fought; the mother poured millet under her son's feet, he slipped, the diva knocked him down, but the diva's son killed him and his mother; the brothers were left alone; the elder went on a journey, leaving his sword; every day a girl and two sheep are given to the dragon; the young man killed the dragon, left to cut out a strip of his skin, and the padishah's daughter returned to his father; the drunkard said that he killed the dragon, the padishah gave it to the drunkard; a young man arrived; no one can lift a strip of dragon skin, only a young man picked it up and threw it on the floor; the drunkard was thrown into prison, the girl was given to a young man; the wife says that her friend Makhtob (moonlight) and she swore to go out for brothers; the young man went to look for her; she is the daughter of a strongman Korunbay; he defeated the young man and threw him into prison; the younger brother saw pus dripping from his elder's sword; went in search; he was mistaken for the eldest, but he refused to lie down with the daughter of the padishah; killed K., married M.; the brothers met, the youngest tells the eldest to shoot his finger: he pushed the elder's wife away with them, so the finger is sinful; both brothers happy with their wives]: Amonov 1961:68-79; Uzbeks [Lali's mare gives birth to the Golden Foal, then the Silver Foal, both disappear the first night; the grandfather has a grandson Badal; when should Vorona be born, grandfather tells him to guard, the shadow takes the foal away, but B. cuts off a claw the size of a plane tree, it was the Black Diva; B. and his older brothers go in search; at the crossroads it says, "If you go, you'll come back", "Or whether you stay alive or not", "You won't return at all"; B. rides the third road, brothers first; B. comes to the palace, where Okkyz is a prisoner; first, a White Diva (frost), a horse, enters the bridge on the Silver Horse stops, B. kills the diva; the same with the Yellow Diva (heat, on the Golden Horse); kills the Black Diva, who is on the Black Horse; Okkyz sprinkles a bucket of millet under the diva's feet, he falls, B. his kills; darkness clears, the sun shines; B. misses home, finds impoverished brothers in the bazaar, puts them on the Golden and Silver Horses; the brothers put their sword at the door, shout that enemies, the sword cuts off B. legs; an armless runner comes, the khan cut off his hands; they find a blind man, the khan blinded him, took the bride; they returned her, she cooks, the fire went out, she saw smoke in the distance, came to Admauz Kampyr for the fire, she poured grains into her hem, came on the trail, sucks her blood, threatens to swallow her if she tells men; the blind is the first to guard, but AK locked the door; B. is enough AK, makes everyone heal; for this, AK swallows and regurgitates a blind, armless man; does not belch B.; her brothers cut her apart, a sparrow shouts "little finger", B. in it; AK's head tries to roll, but it is cut to pieces; the wedding of a blind man with a girl ; B. comes to O.'s wedding with his older brother B.; his grandfather drove away treacherous brothers]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 282-291 (=Konovalov, Stepanov 1986:109-119, about the same to Ostroumov 1890, No. 11:50-65); Uzbeks [the Shah ordered to throw the net, but the fish could not be pulled out; when everyone left, the son of the vizier Kasym pulled out: the head was golden and the body was silver; let go of the fish, put a millstone in the net; the Shah wants to execute him, the teacher begged K. to be expelled into the desert; his mother teaches him to choose as his companion someone who would reach out for small pieces of cake and leave him large ones; K. rejected one person and the other took small pieces, his name is Kalandar, he is a released fish; a black diva kidnapped the Shah's daughter; his brothers came to the witch, killed her, released the girl from the chest; she tells him to wait under the yellow diva bridge; they drove him waist-deep into the ground, cut off her head, took its beak, unlocked the palace, and the yellow cat had the keys to 40 rooms; the girl killed her, they unlocked the rooms; one had chained women, the other had children, the third was old, the fourth was men; all released; met a green diva, killed; waiting under the bridge for a black diva; he knows about them; they have been fighting for 40 days, his captive threw millet under his feet, he fell, his brothers cut off his head, but the divas lived; they found the key from a black cat, opened a gold chest, in which there were 40 boxes one in the other, blue and black pigeons in the last one, they were strangled, the divas died; the Shah married his daughter to Kasym; at night, the parrot sprayed the girl's face with poison: whoever tells will petrify; Kalandar began to wash the poison, Kasym decided that he wanted his wife, he said he was petrified; the girl smeared the stone with blood from her little finger, Kalandar came to life, became that fish and went into the water]: Afzalov et al. 1972 (2): 65-71; parya [dev ate the padishah's wife; their daughter asks the horse to take her to another city; dressed as a young man, she came to the local padishah, but he realized that girl, married her; he left, she gave birth to two boys; dev took the form of a calandar and volunteered to take the letter to the pabishah; he realized it was a dev, they began to fight; peri threw the deva under her feet from heaven millet, he slipped, the padishah cut off his head; returned to his wife; they achieved their goal and desire]: Orange 1977, No. 5:159-160; Yagnobes [someone kidnaps foals; elder, middle princes fall asleep, the youngest sees the dragon swallow the foal, tears off the foal's tail; the brothers go along three roads; the youngest comes successively to three women, each wife of one of three dragons; he fights everyone on the bridge, a woman throws Jugara under the dragon's feet, a young man wins, takes women, cuts belts out of dragon skin; finds and buys broken brothers; they leave the door is a sword, the crippled younger brother is thrown; blind and armless comes to him; they stole the girl to cook; they tell the cat to give one of the two highlights that it finds on the floor, otherwise it will extinguish fire; the girl eats both, the cat fills the fire with urine; the girl comes to the dragon for fire, she tells her to throw barley grains on the way back; on this trail comes to suck blood; blind, armless they guard, but are afraid to stand up for the girl; the dragon is lame, tells everyone to be cured; the dragon consistently swallows and belches everyone whole; the lame man does not regurgitate, he warned that he will be in his finger; the former blind and armless cut down the dragon, the young man comes out of his finger; the king went blind during this time, but saw the light when the youngest son wiped his eyes with a handkerchief; ordered the eldest sons to be tied to horses, and gave their wives to the youngest son's companions]: Andreev, Peschereva 1957, No. 31:157-163; Khufs [as soon as the king's mare is screwed, the foal is stolen by divas; the tsar consistently sends four sons to guard; each of the elders fall asleep; the younger Arpamishk cuts his little finger and sprinkles salt on the wound; fights with the diva, who carries the stallion, but one hoof remains in A.'s hand; he goes in search; asks the diva's wife to pour him under millet legs if a diva prevails in a battle on the bridge; a black diva on a black horse with black dogs; slipped on a millet, A. threw him into the water, took his horse - this is that foal with his hoof off ; married a diva widow, brought her home; a similar episode with white, red, gray divas; A. leaves each of the widows of divas to one of the brothers; the brothers are envious that A. has a better wife and horse; they stick knives, they shout to A. that enemies have attacked; he stumbles upon knives, maims his legs; they come to live blind and armless; they kidnap the girl as a wife for A.; she is at home, the fire goes out, she comes to the witch for fire, she cooks a man; the witch gives fire and asks where the girl lives; comes, asks her to look for lice, sucks blood; A. sees that her wife is losing weight; teaches her to quietly tie the witch's hair to nails; the witch swallows the girl; A. makes the handless man and the girl spew, swallow and spew the blind man, they become healthy; she is told to swallow A., then spew; spews after she is burned with fire; A. becomes a healthy handsome man; they killed a witch, separated, A. brought his wife to his parents' house]: Sokolova 1959, No. 20:73-83.

Volga - Perm. Marie: Aktsorin 1984 [Alym-Patyr lives in a house behind the iron palisade; his sister Aktalche is with him; the house is guarded by Shekshincha and Okshinca's dogs; AP hides under a bone bridge, eating Vuwer-Kuva on it, sings that she is going to eat AP; her horse stops; A.'s dogs gnaw V., she runs away; at home, AP says to her sister "Iron chains are yoldyrt!" , she takes off her chains, lets him in; AP warns her sister not to let anyone in who asks in a rude voice; V.'s voice is rude, Aktalche does not open; V. lies down on the mountain with his mouth open, the bird bites her tongue, voice becomes thinner; Aktalche opens, V. eats dog soup; AP calls dogs again at the bone bridge, they drive V. away; V. V. first, AP comes to Aktalcha, eats dog food and AP, Aktalche turns it into a silver ring, hides it from his brother; again an episode at the bone bridge; the next day V. turns into a skein of silk, dogs want to swallow it, Aktalche scolds them; an episode at the bridge; sister asks her brother bring her a live ferret; V. turns into a green ball; Aktalche throws him, the dogs follow him, get stuck in an iron fence; V. attacks AP; he asks his sister to throw ash under his feet, V. - peas; she does the opposite; V. binds the AP, carries it on a cart; AP says to the rye, then oatmeal, barley haystack that it will remain in the field; Aktalche explains to V. that the AP fetters have weakened, V. pulls them up; V. tells AP to throw into a hole, a needle is stuck in his forehead; he is fed to become fat, throwing barley and other sheaves into the pit, but the youngest daughter V. gives him good food; V. washes AP in the bath, goes to sharpen the knife; AP asks the Raven , Magpie tell his dogs, they refuse, answer that they will eat fat from his eyes and ass; The cuckoo is flying, the dogs dig under the iron palisade, release the AP, eat V. and her two daughters, marries the youngest AP]: 126-132; Beke 1938, No. 9 [the guy hunted, found a place to build a hut in the woods, settled there with his younger sister; the witch began to come to her and they agreed to kill her her brother; the witch gave a skein of silk thread; when the brother and the dogs return, let him throw the skein out the window; the dogs try to grab him, and he rolls, they will run away; the skein has rolled 300 miles away; the witch began to fight the hunter; he tells his sister to throw ash under his feet if she feels sorry for him, and peas if she feels sorry for the witch; the sister threw peas, the brother fell, the witch and sister tied him up, took him to the bathhouse; for the food was given rye straw; but the witch had another girlfriend, she secretly brought bread; the witch sharpens a knife; the cuckoo screams that the dogs are coming, they are already 250 miles away; the witch throws a whetstone at her, others sharpens the knife further; so several times (200, 150, 100, 50 versts); after that, the cuckoo flew away, the dogs tore the witch to pieces and freed the owner; he tied his sister to the horse's tail and let him go]: 32-36; Bashkirs [the old man has 7 sons, the youngest is Biish; an old man with 6 sons goes to look for his sons 7 daughters of the same father as brides; B.: do not stop at the lake and in the gorge; another old man leads to him, gives 7 daughters; on the way back, the sons insisted on stopping in the gorge; Azhdaha surrounded them: send me B., and his fiancée would be a hostage; B. came, Azhdaha let the girl go, and B. told me to kill the deva- a giant named Kyzyl; on the way, B. defeated a Russian hero, for which the tsar gave him his daughter; from another tsar he fired an arrow through a silver ring, also received a princess; he lives with Kyzyl for a year, then fights with him; K. tells an old slave to pour oil on him (to make the enemy's hands slip off); the old woman pours oil on B., sprinkles ash on K.; two boys, his sons, came from their wives; one of them killed K.; B. brought his sons and wives to his village, but he is empty; only an old woman herds sheep; looks at the ground - cries, at the sky - laughs; replies that she cries for six sons, but sees signs in the sky that B. is coming to her; he It opened to her; the same with her father; father: Pyariah has 40 sons, your wife has them; B. came to them, met his wife; she advises you to dig a hole at the doorstep and shout: the cattle have run away; 40 sons of the pyariah run out one at a time, B. cut off their heads; won and killed the pyariah, took their cattle]: Barack 1988, No. 36:242-246; the Bashkirs [father, mother, older brothers dream of an abundance of sheep; the younger bald man sees the moon in his feet, in the sun is on his heads, there is lightning on his chest; his father drives him away; the old man invites him to herd herds, Bald tames the red stallion, defeats three devas; during the battle, the latter's wife gives Bald strong water, her husband is weak, sprinkles gunpowder under her husband's feet, ash under Bald's feet; when he dies, Dev teaches him to release his full brothers, Bald's parents, to restore his father's sight; the old man teaches Bald to turn into birds; the king asks for a forgotten sword in three days; Bald flies after her like a bird; the girl takes a pen from every bird he turns into; gives a comb bridge, a bandage source of water, an all-seeing mirror; with the help of magic, Pleshivy defeats Ai-Khan's army; the princess tells her three-year-old daughter to identify her father; she points to Pleshivy; he demonstrates his art; Ai-Khan passes off his daughter as Pleshivy; one wife scratches his heels, his other head, his daughter rolls on his chest; he laughs, talks about his dream come true; Bald will inherit both thrones]: Barag 1988, No. 49:345-360.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Castagné 1932 [every year, a half-golden, half silver mare brings the same foal, but a cloud descends and carries it away; the eldest, middle son cannot protect himself the thief, the youngest shoots, hears a scream, a woman's finger falls out of the cloud; goes in search; a white horseman arrives at the grave of the deceased khan at night, tramples on her, the deceased suffers; the khan's daughter promises to marry him , whoever saves her father from suffering; a young man guards and whips a woman in white, she hides; the daughter of the deceased offers herself to the young man, but he promises to think; on the river, a hand sticking out of the water sinks boats; the young man rips off her ring, her hand disappears; he comes to three tents, overhears the conversation of three girls; these are the ones who stole stallions, tortured the deceased, sank boats; each expresses a desire to marry the young man who defeated her; the young man comes in, the girls agree, but their deva brothers must be killed; the young man kills two; when he fights the third, the virgin sister throws wheat under her brother's feet and ashes the young man; the virgins fall, killed, young man takes wives and stolen horses]: 51-54; Tursunov 1983 [giant Uzyn-Sary comes for Naran; she and her brother Yerkem-Aidar hide in a well, US ruins the village; N. makes his brother invulnerable; in his absence comes US, she agrees to become his wife, lime her brother; pretends to be sick, asks to get 1) the heart of the seven-headed Zhalmaus; EA goes, consistently meets three sisters, they fight with J. their father who killed them; EA brings J.'s heart, the older sister replaces him with a bull sister, N. does not notice the deception; 2) the milk of God's white camel, whose male is ferocious (the same, replaces milk); 3) the bile of a blue short wolf God (same); the mustache rushes at EA, the sister sprinkles peas under her brother's feet; gives the MUSTACHE a knife that can only kill a brother; the horse jumps to her older sister, she revived EA with J.'s preserved heart, milk camels, wolf bile, the horse pulled a steel knife out of EA's body by the rope; disguised as a bald boy, EA comes to the mustache; breaks all his bows, he is given his ex-bow, he kills 500 people, kills the mustache, tied my sister to the horse's tail]: 86-93; Karakalpaks (Takhtakupyr district) [in the herd of the bay there was a mare that gave birth to three foals each time; after 40 days they became horses, and each time they were stolen; when the horses were guarded by the eldest son, one horse was stolen; when the middle son too; when the youngest named Zholay guarded, the horses survived; J. told his father that he would go looking for the stolen ones; the father ordered go with the brothers; all three came to a place where the road branched into three tracks; there was a hut in the middle with a small book; the brothers read: "One road is a road where if they will go, they will not return, and two roads are roads that if they go, they will return"; J. followed the first road, the brothers on the other two; J. came to Kyzyl-Orda; it was the house of thieves who stole horses; J. began to fight with thieves; the wives of thieves came up, poured ash under J. Batman's feet, and batman millet under the thieves' feet; the thieves slipped and fell; J. killed them, took the horses, rode to his father; father said that the older brothers have not yet returned; J. found them, brought them to his father; achieved his goal, had a feast]: Baskakov 1951:55-56; Kyrgyz [the old man has a mare made of gold and silver; every year he brings such a foal, but a cloud descends and takes it away; the old man promises an inheritance to the one of the three sons who finds the kidnapped foals; the older brothers did not save the foals, the youngest shot; the cloud cried out in a woman's voice, a shot finger fell to the ground; the young man goes in search; in one place, the subjects of the late khan would like to save him from his torment; every night a man appears at his grave in white robe on a white horse; the horse jumps over the grave, the khan comes to life and beats his head against the stones before dawn; the khan's daughter promises herself to the one who will save her father from the torturer; the young man lay in wait for him, snatched him out a whip of hands, a woman screamed, the man in white disappeared; now the young man has come to the people gathered by the river; every time the ship reaches the middle, his hand sticks out of the water and pulls it to the bottom; the young man tore off his ring, a woman screamed; the young man came to three white yurts; the third one heard women's voices; one girl wanted to marry the one who shot her finger; the other took revenge on the khan, who was stalking her and would like to marry the one who took her whip; the young man came in, the girls warned that before marrying them, he must kill their evil brothers; he killed two quickly, and the third He has been fighting for a long time; the sister of the evil spirit threw millet under his feet and ash under the young man's feet; the spirit slipped, fell, killed; the young man returned home with herds and three wives]: Muchnik 1944:15-18; yellow Uighurs [the monk tyrannites his sister; after the death of her mother, she left a white mare and a dog; where the mare urinated, a pine tree grew; then the mare, dog and girl became pregnant; the girl pregnant for three years; in a snowstorm, a monk sends her to the mountains to die; she gives birth to a son Gesar with a sharp nose and big ears; where he is, it's warm; Uncle G. comes to poison him, but G. offers him poisoned tea, he runs in fear; sends a dog, an eagle, G. kills them easily; Khan's three daughters go into G.'s hut, only the youngest likes him, although he is poor; the girls come back, the bodies of the elders are covered with ulcers; the youngest agrees to marry G., her sisters are immediately healed; G. is a powerful man, the sisters regret that they are not his wife; Khan sends G. to kill a terrible monster; he has one human head and 8 - various animals; the captive teaches you to swim to the monster on the island on a sheep; with difficulty, but G. kills all monsters with a sword; during this time White Khan kidnapped G.'s wife; he finds him, they fight, his wife sprinkles BH peas fall under his feet, G. kills him; Khan transfers power to G.]: Stuart, Jhang 1996:44-50.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [Altai-Buuchay stayed hunting for seven (or thirty) years; his wife (along with her daughter or husband's sister) sends a letter on the wings of a duck to the camp of two khans; during the wedding feast, A. returns; women help her new husbands kill him: peas are poured under her husband's feet, flour (or her husband is a mare's last, khans are poured pine cones); A. dies, his son dies or mutilated (the mother cuts off the baby's legs with sheep scissors); they are resurrected by loyal animals (horse, hunting dogs, falcons); A. offers traitors to choose a scraper or a nulliparous mare as a gift; accordingly rips off their skin, cuts them apart or tears them with horses]: Suruzakov 1961 in Lipetsk 1983:67; South Altai Tuvans {the obtained product was replaced by a friendly woman, but this motive remains unused} [Gunan Chara Baatyr lives with his mother, older and younger sisters; he is once met by Chödöönüng Gök Bugasy, says he will kill; G. drove him deeply into the ground and covered the hole with a stone the size of a camel; when he returned home, he told his mother and younger sister not to go north; the mother went, heard C.'s voice from the pit, asked her youngest daughter to bring the mare she could not drag the stone; she could not; they brought a camel, who dragged the stone; they hid C. in a yurt under the bed; her mother pretended to be sick: let G. get her milk from a camel who is on the island among lakes in the northwest; the local khan warns of a mortal threat; but G. became a wolf, then a fox, an eagle, went down in the fog, took out milk, gave the camel a pearl, he and the camel became friends; on the way back, G. stayed with the khan and his wife changed milk; and his fallen drop burned the ground; his mother pretended to drink milk, was healthy the next day, and then sick again; she needed lungs and the hearts of a pair of leopards in the south; the same is that leopards give their lungs and hearts {sic!} ; for the third time: the lungs and heart of the 9-headed mangys (Andalva) living in the east; khan: if G. defeats mangys, let him bring skin from the forehead of his middle head; and during the battle, he turned to the Father and ask the strength of 30 husbands from above, 60 from below; along the way, G. sees the hooves of a giant mangys horse; there are no doors in the 9-story glass palace; G. broke through the wall; Mangys's wife says he is in the south; G. came, with He killed mangys eagles and dogs with difficulty; they fought for a month; the mangys began to prevail, but G. asked for strength, his body became like bronze, he knocked down the mangys; he ordered him to be killed with a knife in his hair under a scythe; After killing Mangys, G. hacked his wife, took the cattle, brought the skin from his forehead to the khan; his wife changed the heart and lungs of Mangys; when G. fell asleep at home, his mother took his weapon, and C. attacked him; when they were fighting, mother and sister poured peas under G.'s feet, and flour under C.'s feet; C. killed G., took his cattle, but the horse ran to G.'s older sister; she rode and found her brother's bones, but the ribs were missing; she became a worm went downstairs, those people regained the rib; the older sister went to see the fiancée G. (this is the daughter of the khan who helped him), she revived G., covering him with a beaver blanket and telling G.'s horse to jump over the master's bones three times; disguised as a poor young man, G. came to the old shepherd and his wife; they recognized him by signs (a tricolor rainbow rises from the horse; when G. sleeps in a yurt, his leg is outside; drinks tea from a wooden mortar cup); C. celebrates his wedding with G.'s mother; G., unrecognized by him, asks allow him to participate in an archery competition; breaks several bows; then C. gives him a bow G.; G. pulled his bow for three days, took his shape, fired an arrow into C.'s cervical vertebra; asks the mother, what she wants; mother: a mare; he tied her to the tail of a mare and let it into the steppe; younger sister wants scissors; G. killed her with a sword; took his men and cattle and returned home]: Taube 1978, No. 24:50-63; Buryats [old man Irensei kills 77-headed Mangadhai, who took his herd away; returns home, his wife Untan-Durai gives birth to a boy Hanhan Sokto and a girl Agu-Nogon. I. hunts, his horse tells him that during this time his wife met Mangadhay; during the fight, UD throws black millet under M.'s feet, and I. fell and killed, he was thrown in an iron barrel on the bottom of the Black Sea; the horse saves the children; the owner of the forest, Orjol Bogdo Khan, takes them home; HS kills M. and his betraying mother; After becoming a fish, Abarga Shara Zagahan pulls the remains of his father from the bottom, revives them with living water; rides marry King Ghazar Khan Nalkhin's granddaughter; fights Mangadhai, his soul is in the nest of the Khan Hirdeg bird on an aspen on a mountain; the bird sends her to HS in the form of a pebble with an arrow, HS breaks a pebble; the soul of another M. in the yellow sea of his one-eyed, one-toothed mother-in-law, HS comes to his mother-in-law under the guise of M., the soul takes on various forms (animals, birds), HS chases in the guise of other animals, kills M.; marries his daughter Gazar- Bayan Khan; performs difficult tasks; 1) defeat the hero; 2) bring a puppy (for this purpose he gets iron fetters from heavenly blacksmiths); 3) bring the feather of the Khan Hirdeg bird; in the palace one girl cries, the second plays, the third sings; these are the daughters of a bird, the serpent Abarga Sharga must come out of the Black Sea, eat them; HS kills a snake with an arrow, XX gives him a pen, he marries]: Zabanov 1929:14-19; Khalkha Mongols (recording C.J. Jamzarano) [Adazudai Mergen (D.)'s best husband lived in Ara Horgolgi; herd Asagaldai noticed that the mare in front of the herd jumped from the water, where his lungs and heart were swimming; the old man grabbed them, they turned into gray and white hares and ran; the old man killed them; a 15-headed mangus appeared: the old man killed his children, who took the form of hares; demanded that the old man kill D. for this; wife D. I had a dream: the shepherd in agreement with the mangus; but D. did not pay attention; when his horses descended from heaven, D. could not ride them, because the harness and armor were damaged by the shepherd; D. runs, the mangus took it wife and property; D. lived hunting, returned three years later, there is still fire in the hearth: a good sign; his wife's letter under the hearth; it says where the new armor and food are hidden; let him marry Princess Naran Gua (NG); she would sew the last button to a shirt that his wife did not have time to sew on; D. wanted to pick up his wife, but there was a poisonous sea on the way, so he went after NG; pretending to be a bad boy, D. waited at the gold and silver wells; a servant came, then NG herself; they played chess, then spent three nights together; the khan allowed them to live in a hut; the 6 older sons-in-law did not kill anything while hunting , and D. returned with rich prey; gave the carcasses to his brothers-in-law, but took his legs; made his brothers-in-law poisoned with meat; cured them with a piece of meat left for himself; Khan sent to search for hundreds of those kidnapped by Garuda golden horses; D. turned into horse manure, hid; the mare necklaced, the garuda carried away the foal; D. managed to shoot the foal's tail, the garuda's feather; gave the tail and feather to his wife; in the morning his brothers-in-law they quarrel over the feather left on earth; the khan sent him to the Garuda for stolen horses; D. also wants; he is offered to get a horse on the border of earth and sky; he caught it and tamed it; while he slept, the horse ran home; everyone thought the horse had thrown him off, but D. rode his horse Ezen Sharga, leading the second on the lead; in the middle of the plain, a yurt with a cup, an old woman with a finger; she sent him to the garuda; D. garuda shot , the herd drove home; the old woman warned: his brothers-in-law wanted to destroy him; D. told his brothers-in-law that the wings he was carrying were lark wings; he had to sit in a corner of honor, fell into a hole; his horses they stole the herd so that their brothers-in-law would not get it; they brought a dagini with a 99-planted scythe; the braid did not reach the bottom of the pit; to lengthen the braid, it began to comb it; this requires a lake; the horses urinated having created it; sent a lark for eternal water and revived D. raised with it; a feast at the khan; D. beat his brothers-in-law, cutting them apart; NG begged them to resurrect them, D. did it; NG sewed up his shirt collar in an instant, and D. in an instant shot 80 carts of firewood, a black boulder and shot a silver needle through the eye; they returned home, where there was nothing left of their former home; while hunting, D. shot a maralikha, and a boy shot her immediately took it away; the same again; on the third day, D. brought the boy; the horse: this is your son; D.'s wife gave birth to him after the mangus took her away; the boy recognized his father by the mole on his back that his mother said; D. and mangus is struggling; mangus asks his wife to put flour under the feet of the one she loves and the one she does not love, black pebbles; D.'s wife poured flour to D., pebbles to mangus; M. killed the mangus, cut off his fingers from his finger An iron boy appeared, he was also killed, but with difficulty; at home M. executed the traitor old man Asagaldai, married his son to NG, and healed himself with his wife]: Poppe 1936:79-82; Khalha Mongols [Tonji Mergen has dogs Asyr and Basyr, sister and mother; sister and mother met the hero and planned to kill T.; mother pretended to be sick, sister asks for the heart of Horton-Mogai (poisonous snake); the horse says that mother and sister They met Shar-buho; but T. killed the snake and brought the heart; his mother gave it to S., for the one who ate this heart is getting stronger; they tell him to get foam from the Hatha-Dalay Sea; T. brought it, beat S., put it under the camel; the camel got up when the fire was laid out under him; his mother and sister hid S.; he killed T. because his mother put a camel horgol under T.'s feet and flour under S.'s feet (and not vice versa); T. was buried, his dogs and his horse ascended to heaven, returned, revived T.; he killed S.; invited mother and sister to wear 80 arcana or milk 80 mares a day; they chose mares; the mares were wild and killed them; T. married a girl, whose sun is on her neck, a month on the back of her head]: Potanin 1883, No. 117:399-401; the Mongors [the 9-headed demon king eats cattle; the Jade Emperor sends his nephew Erlang (Gesarjiawu) to earth; he is born to an earthly woman; the monster finds out about this, sends his General Xiajuaqiang to destroy E.; grown up E. tells his mother to ask S. to swallow it whole; turns into a baby; in S. grows, he suffocates, dies; four brothers of earthly father E. give him power, sheep, horses, a mountain of beggar staffs, he becomes a local ruler, marries; E. sends his wife along with others women to serve the monster; breaks the bracelet, he and his wife take their soul mate; E. takes a new wife; the same with her; tells the third to watch the water in the hole on the stone until it dries, he is alive; takes a heroic horse, goes to fight a monster; his wife jumps after; E. turns into a 9-headed monster, wonders, answers his wife that no one passed; she gives him clothes every time; returns; E. takes shape, fires three arrows, they turn into birds leading his wife to the house; at night they turn into the clothes that the wife gave to the imaginary monster; she understands the power of her husband; the pass guard - E.'s first wife; he defeats her, she recognizes him, gives him a ring, explains what to do; the ring helps to pass between the mountains; E. kills a buffalo standing in the pond, the pond dries up, E. passes; despite warning his three magic arrows, E. picks up a pebble; he becomes very heavy; E. sees that a monster servant has come to his wife at home; the arrows fly to find out, return, lying that everything is at home in OK; the monster's wife is E.'s second wife; notices half a bracelet thrown into a bucket of water; teaches E. to take her form, go to the left to the monster's mother (she is blind in her left eye), kill her; wife E. hides; asks the monster what will happen if E. comes; the monster hides his wife and son in his stomach and mouth; he cannot be defeated without putting out the fire on his chest, without depriving him of his iron boots, or taking him a special rope, tie it; E. extinguishes the fire with arrows, the wife sprinkles beans under the monster's feet, E. knocks him down; severed heads grow when the mouse defecates on stumps; the wife tells the monster to rip open the stomach, he dies; the monster has two brothers; E. takes the form of a monster, comes to his brother, kills him and his wife; E.'s wife wants to keep her son alive from the monster; E. returns, kills the one says he will suck his blood, turns into a mosquito; E. comes back, meets his father, who recognizes him when he sees a third eye on his head under his hair; after finishing off demons, E. returns to his mother]: Stuart , Limusishiden 1994:148-152.

Western Siberia. Southern Selkups (Markovo, Ket, 1980) [Itte lived with his sister, Puneguse began to visit her, they decided to kill I.; her sister pretended to be sick; asks for a revitalizing putur ointment from the bear's hat, and if he does not give, from the hat of a one-eyed giant (Oxai-Vine); I. knocks down the bear, he asks him not to kill, gives him a basket, and his son in it; helps to throw a noose on O., he gives a basket, his daughter in it; both warn that Sister I. lives with P. and they want to kill I.; sister sends I. for putur to the cave behind 7 stone doors, which will press down, in which the king of the Cave Kon; I. opens a basket on the way, including I.'s boyfriend and fiancée; they say he opened them too early; they open 6 doors, the seventh pressed them down; I. got out, but lost his strength, the boy and bride remained in the cave; I. came to his sister, she tells undress, cook it; bird: take your time, the guy and the bride will get out now; the bride comes up, smears I. in confusion, his strength returns; I. goes fishing, the wife advises to take an assistant guy, I. does not take it; his sister and P. ate him; the wife tells the mice to find bones, revives I.; he goes to fight with P.; the sister sprinkles ash under P.'s feet, I. - ice; I. ate again, threw the bones into the water; he swallowed the burbot, broke the top of P., got to the top of I.; the wife sent her son, who brought burbot, she revived I. from the bones, but did not fully recover; the burbot let him go above the top, he is now cunning; I. fights again, sister and son came running, stabbed P. and sister I.; she was planted on an oriental spruce, it on a western spruce; when the wind from the east, the sister reaches for P., will not reach; when the western one, P. reaches for her]: Tuchkova, Wagner-Nagy 2015, No. 36:152-155

The coast is the Plateau. Vasco: Hines 1996, No. 15A [five Wolf Brothers and five Brothers of the Cold Wind fight against the Salmon; with the Coyote Wolves; they fight on the ice, all the Salmon are killed, it's cold; Coyote sees that took the wrong side; one egg remained in the crevices of the rock, it was washed into the water, little Salmon (=Wind Chinook) found his grandmother; she told how his father was killed; he trains strength by swimming in the cold water; the grandmother's sister is a slave to the SV of the Winds, their limp sister relieves the slave's hair in the morning; with his breath, young Salmon melted the ice on the slave, hit the limp on the bare ass with a rosehip branch; killed all the Winds in a duel, only the limp escaped, so winter happens; during the battle, the former slave pours oil under her feet; the Coyote led the people against the Wolves, drove them into the mountains], 15B [when five The Cold Winds brothers fight, their lame little sister pours water under her feet to make the enemy slide on the ice; five Winds Chinook live with Eagle; Eagle's son died in a duel with Cold Winds, the Chinook brothers also died; a limp pours cold water on the elderly (parents of the killed) for laughter; Eagle's pregnant wife went to her parents, gave birth to a boy; the young Eagle defeated the Winds (during the battle, the grandmother He pours fish oil under his feet, and his limp pours water under his feet); Coyote cut off the heads of the loser; two rocks are visible - the sister of the Cold Winds and the Coyote guarding her]: 65-78, 79-84.