Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

K15A. Replaced weapons.


The hero quietly replaces the weapon or magic tool of a powerful character with an unusable fake. Traditions in which the replaced weapons belong to Thunder are highlighted in bold.

Nzakara, Corsicans, Lake Kutubu, Tibetans, Ukrainians, Kalmyks, Karachays, Balkarians, Khalha Mongols, Koyukon, Atna, Tanana, Kuchin, Tsimshian, Western Ceres, Navajo, Guahiro, Sicuani, Makiritare, Pemon, sekoya, shuar axe, aguaruna, tarian, barasana, makuna, kabiyari, andoke, uitoto, okaina, baniva, iranshe, paresi.

Sudan - East Africa. Whip, shield, darts. Nzakara: Retel-Laurentin 1986, No. 35 [Katousoukpa has half her body vertically; he whips women returning from fishing, picks up the catch; an old woman teaches the Toûlé spider to replace his whip K. with a fake bark; T. drives K. for a whole year, beating him with a whip; K. disappears], 43.7 [the Toúlé spider marries Thunder's eldest daughter, kills dangerous creatures against whom Thunder was powerless; the owner of Ngbéngbélétou xylophones asks every buyer to bring his sister; tells his dogs (lion, black panther, serval, panther, hyena) to grab the buyer, eats him, picks him up woman; while N. is gone, T. replaces N.'s copper shield and darts with his clay, strengthening N.'s oil and healing ointment when ingested; plays the xylophone; throws meat to guard animals, they calm down; N. drinks changed oil, rubs himself with impotent ointment, takes a changed weapon, attacks, kills; captive wives beat his body; N.'s sifted ashes revive the dead]: 209-211, 277-285.

Southern Europe. Corsicans [at night someone steals pears; the eldest, middle sons guard and fall asleep; the youngest sees his hand reach out, cut it off, follows it into a hole under the stone; there is the sorcerer's palace, The princess he kidnapped and both brothers (whose hand was also pulled underground); princess: when the sorcerer's eyes are open, he sleeps (and vice versa); you need to change your sword and his, which is under the sorcerer's pillow; the young man did so, they began to fight, he killed the sorcerer; the same in the next underground tier (there is another princess kidnapped by another sorcerer); in the third (this sorcerer has 7 heads); the older brothers pulled out girls, and left his brother downstairs; the dog pulled the young man to the ground; at this time, the older brothers are arguing about who will take the younger princess; she points to her real savior; wedding]: Massignon 1984, № 71:157-159.

Melanesia. Some weapon is probably bows and spears. Oz. Kutubu [girl Siserame (var: Kunumaka) started her period, she fell behind her own, saw Kikiwala sikiwala like s, she used her ears like wings; the night before, around the neck becomes noticeable, the red ring draws blood from the stones on which she was sitting; he took her to him, she gave birth to a son; his sister Ariame and brother Ganowei live in his house in the puppy box and at the top; he brings human blood in a bamboo vessel, calls them, they stick their heads out, he pours blood down their throats; when her son grew up, S. persuaded her to let her go to her village with him for a holiday; K. came after them; S. saw him fire an invisible arrow at her brother, who soon died; agreed with people how to kill K.; while not, she called A. and G., threw hot stones down their throats instead of blood; changed K.'s weapons with rotten fakes; people attacked, K.'s weapons did not harm them, but K. were also unharmed; S. broke Cordyline, which was growing near his house, K.'s life was in it, he died; people burned his house; his spirit is still pore hurts]: Williams 1941, No. 11:143-144.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Hammer, chisel, forceps, rope. Tibetans [(one of the "ghost stories"; a rich man meets Yakro Kharto with the head and tail of a bull in the forest, agrees not to kill him; YK meets and companions a born in the forest (black ), -in the grass (green), -In the glass house (transparent); everyone takes turns cooking, women come, picks up food; everyone lies that enemies have attacked; when YK stays, he sends a woman to bring water to in a leaky vessel, finds a rope made of human tendons in her bag, replaces an ordinary iron hammer, replaces a chisel with wooden ones; the woman invites each other to tie; she will not untie; he kills her with a chisel, a hammer, she falls into a crevice; at the bottom of the treasure, YK descends, companions pick up treasures, cut off the rope; YK plants a peach seed, falls asleep for several years, rises on a grown tree; forgives spisters, goes to visit her parents, sees traces of a girl on the way, from which flowers grow; comes in the footsteps of King Gyajin; there demons - black yaks fight against the gods - white yaks; YL hurts the demon king; comes to him disguised as a doctor; does not take out his arrow, but drives him deeper, he dies; the demoness pursues him, the gods lower the chain, YK is among the stars]: Waddell 1931:294-298; Mongolian translation of Twenty-Five Vetal Tales [Without a bull, a farmer happened to his cow, she gave birth to a boy with a bull's head named White-Faced Bull (B) ; B goes on a journey, takes a person born of forest, grass, wood as a companion; each one takes turns cooking; an old woman comes, asks for permission to try, the food disappears; everyone pretends that enemies attacked; B asks the old woman to bring water with a bucket of holes; replaces her rope, tongs, hammer; she cannot tie him, pinch, beat him; he hits her with a hot hammer, she runs away; friends see her corpse on at the bottom of the abyss, there are treasures there; they lower B, raise treasures, cut off the rope; B plants apricot seeds, three trees grow, he climbs them to the ground; forgives his companions; comes to Hormud, helps defeat the chimpus; H. advises B. to tell the chimpuses that that doctor, not to treat the wounded B. king of Shimnus, but to finish it off; B. finished off the king, the chain came down from the sky, B. climbed on it, but the king's wife hit him on back with a stick, smashed into seven brother stars, they became Ursa Major]: Vladimirtsov 1958:24-30.

Central Europe. A club. Ukrainians [(reported by A. Maksimovich, probably translated from Ukrainian to Russian); the beggar tells the childless tsar to strain seven-year-old girls, seven-year-old boys weave out a seine overnight, they catch bream in the sea; the queen ate, cook she ate the bones, the dog ate giblets, three horses drank slop; the queen, the cook, the dog gave birth to a boy (Ivan Tsarenko, Ivan Povarenko, Ivan Suchenko), horses - a foal; three brothers saddled them, let's go on a journey; the IS arrow flew the farthest, to the kingdom of far away, he was recognized as the elder; the brothers take turns coming to Bely Polyanin, he connects the elders, IS defeats him, the BP is taken sister; everyone takes turns cooking dinner; every time a grandfather arrives in a mortar, eats up, beats the cook, takes off his skin from his back; IS hits him, clamps his beard into a stump, he goes into a hole in the ground, dragging a stump; IS on his belt follows, consistently meets three princesses, kills the three snakes who kidnapped them; before a fight with the third, 12-headed, replaces his club with his club; the princesses curtail their wealth in golden, silver, copper eggs, give IS; when brothers raise princesses upstairs; when IS, BP cuts off the rope; IS comes to his grandfather, drinks strong water, that is weak; asks not to kill him, gives him a chair and the wool of three horses; IS sets fire to the wool, the horses are, the red IS returns to earth; is hired by a jeweler, who brings the princesses to the wedding by a ring, everyone recognizes their own, given IP; IS fits into the left the horse's ear, gets out of the right well done, removes the roof from the house (this was the task), raises the PSU, throws it, he breaks to death; three brothers married the princesses]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 139:292-298.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [two paraphrases of the same text]: Badmayev 1899 [a boy with bull horns is born, goes on a journey; he takes black, green, white people born from groves, grass, reeds as fellow travelers; everyone takes turns cooking, the old woman asks for water, eats everything; everyone says that the riders took everything away; the cuckold sends the old woman to bring water with a bucket of holes, replaces the rope in her bag, mites, hammer unusable; binds, stings, hits her, she does no harm to him; all four follow the bloody trail to the gorge, at the bottom there is gold and the body of an old woman; the cuckold descends, the companions pick up treasures that leave the cuckold at the bottom; he plants a bast, three trees grow out of it; he rises, forgives his companions; in the battle between the white army of Hormusta and the shimnuses, H. helps, wounds the leader with an arrow. black; H. advises to be a doctor, finish off Khan Shimnus; the cuckold drives the arrow deeper into the enemy's body, throws seven grains into the sky, the chains go down, he climbs them to heaven; gets a wife, that touches him, the horns disappear; she shakes her hands, gold and food appear; the hero lives happily with his wife and father]: 87-93; Jimbinov 1962 [a woman in India gave birth to Massang, a man with bull horns and a bull's horns with his tail; his father wants to kill him, he leaves; meets and companions Idder (black, born in the forest thicket), Gesera (green, born of grass), Adder (white, born of reeds); they hunt, take turns cooking ; every time a tiny old woman comes, eats everything; everyone explains that a hundred horsemen have attacked; when M. stays, sends the old woman to bring water with a bucket of holes, replaces her in the old woman's bag a wire rope, an iron hammer and wet and wooden pliers; the old woman offers to fight, M. ties her with a wire rope, hits her with a hot hammer; the wounded old woman flies away; together with her companions follows a bloody trail, descends into the abyss, sends treasures upstairs, they remove the rope; M. plants a piece of bast, falls asleep, three trees have grown out of bast in a few years to the edge of the abyss; M. goes upstairs, forgives his companions, meets a girl, comes with her to Khurmust, who asks for help defeat Humnus; M. wounds him in the eye, H.'s army runs; goes to Cave H., pretends to be a healer , does not pull out his arrow, but drives it deeper and, as Khurmust taught, throws 7 grains; Huson hit M. with an iron hammer, M. rises on chains into the air, 7 stars appear in the sky; M. comes with wife to her father, his tail and horns have fallen off, everything is fine]: 87-92; Karachays, Balkarians (sword): Aliyeva 1994, No. 43 [sledges approach the Emegen fortress; Sosuruk is going to join martial arts; the captive promises him to replace barrels of strong and weak water; after two hours of struggle, emegen and S. drink, S. becomes stronger, emegen loses strength; S. replaces swords - emegen and his own; wins Emegen, he lets himself be shackled, releases prisoners]: 378-380; Lipkin 1973 [the Emegens captured and took away some of the sledges; Yoruzmek and his friends are going to free them; granite Sosruk goes out for martial arts; the prisoner replaces barrels of water, which increases and decreases strength; after two hours, the wrestlers drink; while emegen is washing, S. runs up to drink more, replaces his sword with the sword of emegen and vice versa; thanks to water, S. wins melee; thanks to a sword that lengthens in a sword fight; emegen was shackled, prisoners were released]: 64-68.

Volga - Perm. Chuvashi [the old man exchanges one thing for another, a horse for two staffs; the old woman hits him with her staffs, they turn into a boy called ToyTubal; he goes hunting, meets, takes the Son of the Sun as his companion , Son of the Month, Son of the Bear; they take turns cooking, the old man eats everything; TT hangs him by the beard on a tree, he runs away without a beard; TT goes down into the hole for him; his three daughters say where the barrels are alive and dead water, TT replaces them, kills an old man; companions pick up girls, cut off the rope; snakes don't give water from the well, TT kills him; three snakes are ready to eat three Eagle chicks, TT kills snakes; Eagle takes TT to the ground, in flight he feeds and wateres Eagle, cuts off the last piece of meat from his thigh; the Eagle sticks it back; TT drove his companions away, married his youngest girl]: Shurtakov 1984:47-56.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Hammer, pliers, rope. The Mongols (western in Urga) [parents drive away their son, who has cow horns on his head; he meets a man born from the forest, the other from the mountain; each one takes turns cooking; an old woman comes- the nun, asks for food, disappears with the food; the brothers lie that many people have come, forced them to give everything; the horned sends the old woman to bring water in a bucket of holes, opens her bag, replaces her wooden iron hammer and pliers, a rope made of hair veins; the old woman offers to fight, does not harm the horned with wooden tools, the horned one injures her with an iron hammer; the twins go along a bloody trail; a horned man descends on a rope to the lower world, finds the old woman dead; gives his brothers jewelry upstairs; they pick them up, throw the horned one; Hormust-Tangry gives him a bow and arrow, raises to heaven; white and black bulls fight there; a horned man breaks a black head with an arrow; H. asks him to go down to the lower world, to finish off the wounded king Shimnus; the horned pretends to be a doctor, pushes H.'s arrow deeper; Shimnus's wife throws an iron mallet after the horned man, breaking them into seven parts; H. turned them into Ursa Major]: Potanin 1893, No. 2:374-376 (this is an oral translation Indian collection, see South Asia); the Mongols [an old man's cow gave birth to - the top of a man, the bottom of a bull; this is Amtsagaan, asks the old man not to kill him; meets and companions woodworker Dalger, wooden Dalger, stone Dalger; everyone cooks in turn, the old woman comes, eats everything; A. asks her to bring water in a bucket of holes, takes iron handcuffs, pliers, a hammer out of her bag, puts wooden ones instead; the old woman returned without water, offers to tie each other; A. breaks wooden shackles, the old woman hardly breaks iron shackles, crawls in blood; below the cliff there is a mountain of jewelry, a dead old woman; sister cities they lower A. on a rope, pick up treasures, leave A. below; he rubs three skulls, sculpts three burkhans, asks that three jeres grow overnight; three years later he wakes up, climbs trees; spares his brothers, follows the child's trail, goes to heaven; the Heavenly Lord, in the form of a white bull, fights demon khan Shulmas every day; overcomes him before noon, gives way in the afternoon; asks A. to shoot him at a star on his forehead; A. shot, Vladyka wants to make him immortal; he wants to visit his father; Vladyka promises to help; A. pretends to be a healer, comes to treat Sh. the old woman lets him through, he drives the arrow deeper into S.'s forehead, he dies; the old woman surrounds the house with iron bars with bolts; the Lord lowers the chain from heaven, picks up A.; the old woman throws an iron hoop, Having split A. into seven parts, they turn into the Big Dipper]: Skorodumova 2003:18-22.

Subarctic. Koyukon (spear) [the fish disappears, people give the "grandfather" (Raven) clothes and food, he agrees to go upstream; there the Brown Bear blocked the river, takes all the fish; the Raven makes two spears out of resin, they appear obsidian; picks up fish that has fallen asleep, smears the whole boat with scales as if it had a lot of fish; tells the Bear that he is so tired of cleaning fish; exchanges the Bear's spear at his tar; makes the bear cub fool at him, hits the bear cub against a stone in anger, kills; the Bear and his wife rush at the Raven, their spears bend, the Raven kills the Bears, breaks the dam, returns to people in the fall, sees that they have a lot of fish]: Attla 1989:117-131; Kuchin (knife): McGary 1984 [the fish disappears, the Raven is asked for help; he makes a shiny resin knife, swims down with the current, where the Bear blocked the river; on the opposite bank lives the Bear's daughter with two children; the Raven calls the Bear an uncle, who tells his daughter to feed her nephew; the Raven gives the Bear a resin knife, gets a Bear knife in return; the bear cub stained the Raven, he killed him by hitting a pole; the Bear rushes at the Raven, who kills him and his daughter with a knife; so the bears have no knives; the raven destroys the dam, people get salmon]: 224-230; McKennan 1965 [The bear covers the entire river; the raven comes to him, makes a knife out of resin on the way; tells the Bear that he has come to protect him from enemies, gives his own, allegedly, an obsidian knife, receives a Bear knife in exchange; the bear cub gets dirty on the Raven, who throws it against a stone; the Bear rushes at the Raven, his resin knife bends, the Raven kills the Bear and his family with a Bear knife; breaks the top, people can now fish]: 94; atna [those who go to the forest for firewood always disappear; the Raven says he will go now, his grandmother says he has dry crap on the head; The raven sees a fir tree with cut off branches, hits the trunk with a hatchet, a red face appears from the trunk, tells him not to hurt him; The raven convinces the character that they are relatives; offers to exchange hatchets; gets good for his unfit; offers to take turns dancing with his head bent; dances first; when the one who was in the tree dances, the Raven cuts off his head, brings him her home]: Tansy 1982:71-73; tanana (spear, knife) [The brown bear blocks the river, takes all the fish for himself; the raven makes a knife and spear out of resin, draws scales inside his boat with fish; says to the Bear that he also has a lot of fish; the bear examines his boat, believes; changes spears and knives with him; The raven breaks the dam; the bear wants to kill him, but the resin weapon is useless; people can now catch fish; the raven sails away in a boat; where he immerses the paddle in the water, an island forms there]: Rooth 191-192.

NW Coast. A club. Tsimshian [The raven comes to the chief; he has big teeth and lots of food; replaces a good finger encrusted with abalone shells, rotten oyster shells; says What this slave has disgusting manners; the chief hits him in anger with a rotten club, the Raven kills the real leader; eats his supplies]: Boas 1902:44-46.

The Great Southwest. A club, a knife; amulets. Western ceres: Benedict 1930 (Akoma) [Rainbow kidnaps brother's wife and other women; Spider helps her brother rise into the world of the Rainbow, teaches him to overcome challenges; gives clothes, a chair and a resin knife, copies flint clothes and a knife and an ice chair of the Rainbow; the young man replaces the originals with these fakes; 1) smoke poisonous cigarettes (the young man smokes his own); 2) eat a lot (the gopher digs a hole where to dump food); 3) dig a corn field (gophers, mice, spiders do the work in a day); 4) dig a hole on the rock to fry corn (badgers and gopher dig); 5) The rainbow pushes his brother into a hot hole, he hides in a digging made by a gopher; 6) sitting on a burning fire; the rainbow burns in his replaced resin clothes, the young man does not; lets the women go, returns to earth with his wife in the Spider's basket; The rainbow sends a storm, but lightning does not hit the young man]: 71-77; Boas 1928a (Laguna) [The Flintlock Wing (KK) takes the wife of the young Shock-of-Hair (SH) to the top of the mountain; he sleeps on top of the Enchanted Mesa, a man appears on the fourth night, reports where the wife tells Spider to ask for help; she tells the Wind to raise SH up the mountain; the elk and the deer guard the entrance to the KK house, SH throws this Spider's potion at them , they promise to help; The spider boy catches birds in his snare, afraid of them; SH easily catches many birds, takes the Spider; she gives SH one bullfinch, he eats it; the Spider-boy is amazed because he ate only piece; The spider gives SH clothes and a resin club, he comes to his kidnapped wife while KK is hunting, replaces flint things with resin ones; KK promises to return his wife if SH 1) spends the night in the cold (SH covered with a blanket of rabbit skins, alive); 2) knock down the tops of four hills with a club (KK throws a resin club, it is powerless, SH knocks down the tops of the flint); 3) sit in a fire (KK in resin clothes burns, SH in flint unharmed); SH frees all abducted women; The spider lowers everyone in the web on a resin rope; after lowering, pulls the rope back]: 111-118, 258-259 [summary]; navajo [ one of the Twins comes to a lonely house; the old man calls him father-in-law; when they approach Pueblo Bonito's houses, two girls walk past their son-in-law, go out to their father-in-law, who kills them, takes their clothes and scalps; same next time; wife explains that her father has strong amulets (a baby's embryo, lived from the enemy's back, etc.); teaches how to make similar ones, replaces them; now her son-in-law kills girls]: O'Bryan 1956:138-139.

The Northern Andes. Arrows. Guajiro [boys replace jaguar men who don't miss arrows; they can't hit man's pupils on the moon; they turn into jaguars]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1986 (1), No. 24:60.

Llanos. Thunder Club. Sicuani [the hero and his men go to heaven, making a chain of arrows; replace Thunder's lightning rod; defeat him in a duel, stay in the sky]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 14, 16, 44 [boy asks his grandmother to buy it in a trough; produces starch; people tell him to swim in the river, collect starch; when angry, the boy tells his grandmother to stay awake to hear a rumble; she falls asleep; only Kinkaju hears him and knows where the Kalievirne tree grew; see G5 motif; people cut it down; after the tree falls, people are mortal; C. tells us to dance to find ease and go to another world; old woman Ibarruua breaks abstinence, takes Cayman as a lover; summons him by putting an inverted calebas on the water and tapping it; people kill their lover, let I. eat his penis; I. tells the fish swallow C.; his brothers arrange rapids on the river to stop fish; revive regurgitated C.; shoot up, only a virgin manages to fix an arrow in the sky and make a chain; in the form of termites C.'s people climb into heaven; thunder Yamahyonö lives there; C. replaces his club, Y. cannot kill people, C. kills him; his wife tells ants to collect pieces of his flesh, I am reborn; Y. and C. reconcile; people continue to climb the chain of arrows; the Bat cuts it off, the fallen turn into turtles, parrots]: 80-81, 90-91, 191-199.

Southern Venezuela. Lightning cane. Makiritare [Thunder's sister digs cassava on his property; for this he kills her; pulls two boys out of her womb; the youngest wants to marry Thunder's daughters; Trogon collaris reports that Thunder killed his mother; he asked Hummingbird to get a picture of a thunder gun; he delegated it to a butterfly, she captured the drawing on her wings; the hummingbird changed his gun (i.e., a lightning reed); when Thunder wants to burn the young man with lightning, he burns him himself, becomes the new Thunder]: Civrieux 1960:180-185; 1980:89-93.

Guiana. Thunder Club. Pemon [a man marries Thunder's daughter; he demands to cultivate the site before returning (birds do this and other tasks); man replaces Thunder's club with a powerless fake; younger a man's brother turns into a tapir, the Thunder kills him; the man puts the tapir's heart in a pot, it turns into the cannibal bird Mochima; birds kill M. with poisoned arrows; M.'s feathers turn into huge earthworms; reeds grow on the grave, from which wind guns are made]: Armellada 1973, No. 15:59-61.

Western Amazon. Sekoya: Cipolletti 1988, No. 4b-c [thunder clubs; the hero makes a copy and gives it to Thunder instead of the original], 44 [when he comes to the demons, the hero asks where the deadly arrows are, kills them with them children and adults]: 53, 55, 206-208; shuar [people hide from Ivia at the top of a cliff; the monkey Machin turns the stone into an ax, sends I. to swim, replaces it with an ax, throws it into river; I. hit M. on the genitals, who now has a small penis]: Pelizzaro 1993:49-51; Aguaruna [people climbed from the cannibal Willow into a tree; he began to cut it with a stone ax; monkey Machin sent I. to swim, replaced his ax with an unusable fake, put back the chips that had already been chipped off, cutting down the thicket; hit the trunk so that I. could hear blows; told people to go down, threw away a real ax into the river; I. broke the fake; began to dive, M. carried the ax deeper into the river, I. could not drain it; I. pulled his waist and mutilated his penis; M. invited everyone I. to go pick fruits from the tree on the other side ravine; when everyone entered the bridge of vines, brought it down; all I. died]: Chumap Lucía, García-Rendueles 1977 (2), No. 84:666-668.

NW Amazon. Thunder weapon. Baniva (vakuenai) [Amaru is one of Iñápirríkuli's aunts; he is going to shoot him with his powerful wind gun, guarded by two mako parrots; he is making a copy of a gun from balsa, replaces the original; A. comes to Mako's cry, but does not notice the substitution; comes to I., shoots, only grass seeds fly out of the gun, I. dodges; shoots in A.'s groin; blood flows through her legs, A. menstruates; otherwise men would menstruate and women would have penises]: Hill 1993, No. 1:62; tarian: Brüzzi 1994 [there were few first ancestors on the river island; then they became jaguars, spirits; one young man raped a girl; they decided to kill him; when everyone became falcons to catch flying ants (saúva), everyone attacked him; he tried to escape, becoming different creatures and objects: a bird (like a swallow), a tree with large roots, a macaw parrot, a monkey; when he became a monkey, others became jaguars and ate it; an old man and an old woman lived on another island; the old woman sent her husband to get a piece; the old man got little fingers with three bones; the little finger fell into the river and became three fish P otamorrhaphis guianensis; others accused the old man of being saved a piece, but the old man convinced them he was innocent; the old woman caught the fish and peppered them, but they became crickets; the old woman put them in the pot, put them on the fire, but they became boys; the old woman became them educate; they threw peppers into the old man's eyes; he took them to the site to burn them, but they jumped out of the fire unharmed; left a turtle on the path, the old man came across and fell; scolds the old woman because of her these unbearable boys; an old woman took them to the site; there the women pluck unripe fruits, they turned into agouti; the brothers climbed a tree, the old woman sent ants, the brothers fell, died, came to life; the old woman died from a spider bite, they revived her; turned into beautiful birds, girls behind birds, birds became young men again, got together with girls; the relationship continued, one told; jaguar people they try to kill the brothers, but they easily turn into anyone, they are elusive, they do not drink poisoned kashiri; the opossum killed the inamba, but ate the inamba harpy eagle; the victim's relatives sent the brothers to kill the eagle- harpy: let them decorate it with feathers if they want to become shamans; they caught eagles in strong nets, became shamans; dabucuru needs fish; one brother became a woman, the Big Serpent came to get together with her, the other two killed him; the brothers cut the body into pieces, and fish appeared from them (p. 125-126); the brothers went out and returned, increasing in number; they answered the jaguars that their name was Gorky Jaguar, Broken Teeth, etc.; they tried to bite - bitterly, their teeth break, etc.; it is not clear which of the audience are the real three brothers; the brothers went to heaven to steal the Thunder sword (lightning is its shine); The thunder gave a fake; while Thunder was sleeping, they replaced his real club with a fake; from the lightning of Thunder, the brothers fell apart and came to life, and killed him with their lightning; revived; with this lightning they killed all the jaguars, but also and an old woman; climbed to the uppermost tier of the sky]: 114-134; Moreira, Moreira 1994 [see motif J25; three Diroá brothers brought fish to the dabukuri festival, Yaipihnamahsã hosts served meat; D. ate, the bones were thrown up, each turned into an animal or bird that began to rush inside the little one; D. went to heaven to Thunder, asked for his weapon, he gave a weak one, they tried it on wild pigs, those were only stunned; they came back, Thunder hung a real weapon around his neck; D. was sedated, replaced by the real weak, they smashed a herd of pigs; D. destroyed Y. with lightning]: 31-32; bar [thunder ear pendants]: Pereira 1980 (1): 265-268; barasana [like a tarian]: S.Hugh-Jones 1979, No. 2E: 269; kabiyari: Bourgue 1976 [Yakamukute (Sky) had no anus; (his umbilical cord connected to Pupuchu is a Banesteriopsis caapi vine; Hehechu Jaguar was her process; this is only in Bonnemère's paraphrase 2001:40); Hechechu is associated with land; I came to dance with H.'s children, killed them; alone I escaped, became a bird; I threw the other into boiling water like a worm; H. collected pieces of his body, joined him with cotton wool, he turned into a monkey (mico); I pretended to know nothing; invited Me to dance; loudly I started the winds; I asked him to make an anus; H. pierced his anus, he died; his body exploded, becoming the sky, that is, the sky separated from the ground; the remains of H. turn into a hill, the blood became clay; from others The remains were the sons of Y. - Munully's four cultural heroes; they measure the land to determine where its center is; they build the first maloka by cutting down the only Teviji tree, the others are not yet; the roof flat, falls after the first rain; M. takes the night at the Karu toad; at first they do not pay, K. hands them a vessel with wounds; demands gold; after receiving the night, M. carelessly open the vessel, darkness sets in; M. create nocturnal animals screaming at a certain time; when dawn comes, the sun rises; M. receives a vessel with earth from the Mapitare worm, opened inadvertently, the earth is dispersed; water Pira-Parana is hot, fish cannot be eaten, sick, and there are no other rivers yet; M. come to a tree with water and fish, owned by Kamanatana, the wife of the Mapitare worm; brothers eat ants, and Camanatana feeds them with tapioca; the youngest is M. (his name is Mamitiri) spies, sees that this tapioca is Mapitare sperm; Mamitiri, in the form of a hummingbird, finds a tree owned by Kamanatana; M. opens a hole in which she kept animals and animals spread through the forest; M. dazzle Kamanatana, send them down the river to the rapids; they cut down trees that turn into different rivers; when a tree owned by Kamanatana is cut down, it does not fall, it is suspended for the vines; they send the white Maniritare squirrel to cut them down; the fallen tree turns into Apaporis, the vine turns into the Cananarí River; the sky at sunset is colored with squirrel blood; the brothers tell the snake to make a channel rivers winding; brothers turn into parrots, fly to Thunder, replace its lightning with a parrot's tail, carry it away, distribute it to all communities]: 121-131 [summary with comments and interpretations], 138-143 [ accurate summary]; Correa 1989 [all the water and fish were in the hollow of the Itshuna tree, owned by old Kamatana; bathed and fished, then plugged the hole; the youngest of the Mujnuyi brothers (he is a shaman) became hummingbird, spied; the brothers did not have manioc flour, and K. took it out of her husband Mapitare's body (he is a white worm) during copulation (this is his sperm; var.: he copulated with a clay pot, K. took sperm from there); the brothers refused to eat it; burned coca leaves over the worm's mink, he died; they met the howler monkey; he told them to paint black, come to the Jejechu jaguar maloka, where the holiday is; daughter J. hid one of Muhnuya in her mouth; the brothers began to cut down old K.'s tree, but the felling overgrown; they began to carry the chips away; Squirrel cut down from above, and the chips flying from him - drizzling rain; chips fell on Muhnuya's head, since then people have had a headache; the tree fell along with the Kumaka vine, which formed the river; from the branches - channels, lakes; the root - the mouth of the Apaporis River; an ant woman (is she K.?) locked her brothers in an anthill; they turned into mosquitoes, five days later, when the exit was open, they flew away; they came to Thunder while he was sleeping, replaced his lightning with feathers from the parrot's tail (they became parrots, Thunder's daughter let them in); they came back to K., asked them to cook fish; while K. was collecting fuel, one of Muhnuya stole coal; on a Cayman boat he sailed across the river, Cayman went under water, took the fire; Muhnuyi turned into a frog, lures Cayman ashore; his brothers cut his belly, the wasp finds fire inside; masks have been made from his vertebrae and intestines - they are like fire]: 43-50; makuna: Århem et al. 2004 [see motif J15; Meneriyo turned onto the path leading to the ogre ~Gãs; he kills her with a dance rod; G.'s mother rescued her baby Ryãkomakü (her son from her Brother Month ), releasing him into the river; R. goes ashore to play, painted butterflies (they were white); Mawão's three daughters buried one of them in the sand, wrote on the sand, butterflies flew, R. went up to them, the girl grabbed him; he stopped crying in his youngest's arms; he grew up in a day; W. had to take him to G.'s house, talk about his mother's death; W. tied him with bitter leaves; G. licked, it turned out bitter; in the forest, G. became a jaguar, but R. became a lizard, escaped; at night R. put a deck in his hammock, G. attacked it; in the afternoon G. and his brothers began to throw M.'s head like a ball, and R. gave a lighter one calebasses; if R. doesn't throw his own over the maloka, it will be eaten; R. carried power from his mother's head to the calebasa, threw his ball; since then, children are not allowed to throw the ball over the maloka (it's like throwing the ball mother's head); R. threw garbage into the backwater, puño (Serrasalmus rhombeus) and piranhas appeared; created a fruit tree on the shore, fish constipation like a bridge; when G. and his men went, R. ordered the bridge fall apart; everyone was eaten by piranhas, but G. only ate his legs, he rose to heaven; W. invited R. to burn the area from the middle, lit it himself around the edges; R. became a fish in a pit of water, waited out the fire; W. sent R. for daughter of Thunder; R. replaced Thunder's lightning club with a wooden fake; R. brought daughter G. to W., telling her to be unfaithful; she took the Pisces Leader as her lover; knocked on the calebass on the water, calling him; the bird W. told her about this; W. killed her lover with an arrow, cut off his penis, gave it to his wife under the guise of a fish; told her what she ate, turned her into a dolphin; the fish began to fight W., he defeated them, went to heaven; in the morning Wu . appears in the form of a rainbow]: 484-494; Trupp 1977 [jaguars eat a woman; baby Ri Hako Makö jumps from her womb into the river, he is caught by the Umawadö sisters, the rainbow snake; he kills jaguars; W. heals the surviving jaguar, tries to kill R.; 1) sets fire to the vegetation cut down on the site, sending R. there, he turns into a fish, jumps into the water; 2) orders Thunder's daughter to be brought; W. finds Thunder sleeping, replaces Thunder's club with his own, kills Thunder, comes to W.]: 50-56; tucano [thunder ear pendants]: Pereira 1980 (1): 265-266; andoque [Garza de Bocana (Heron of the Estuary, GB) I came to Garza de centro ("Heron of the Center", GS, aka Nenefí); when I saw the HS's wife swimming, I wanted to take a better look, fell into the water, drowned, the HS revived him; GB went to his place, prepared a war in revenge A talking tree; the two sons of HS saw two worms on the tree; there were more and more of them, they started shooting with chips of wood; the battleships wanted to knock down a tree, but could not approach because there were stinging wasps and ants; birds could not peck insects; HS asked Thunder to give him his sword, but he gave a fake one made of soft balsa and a copy of a mirror; the sword broke against the tree, the tree laughed; HS sent to Grandma Sleep the bat and her brother, who woke her up with a coca in her knee; she wrapped a dream from her left and right eyes on a sheet, gave it to them; on the way they unfolded the sheet, fell asleep, the dream returned to the hostess; HS sent to her A comet; he took a dream from his mistress, came to Thunder, put him to sleep; Thunder left a son from an Andoque woman, his name was Thunder of Stone; GS asked him to change his father's sword to a wooden one, which he changed, receiving two fruits Chrysophilum caimito; GS asked Thunder Stone to use his weapon himself; he first lightned with a mirror, the insects trembled; hit him with a sword and fell; the second time the tree collapsed, half fell on the river, the other went to Hinterland, some leaves turned into frogs; Thunder woke up wanting to destroy people, but his son threatened to stand up for them; the fallen tree turned into sandstone, the root came out outward, became a toad]: Landaburu, Pineda 1981:57-63 (=1984:60); witoto [brothers carry a male club, leaving Thunder a female boy]: Pereira 1980 (2) [club and mirror]: 496; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 23 [club]: 206; Urbina 1986 [Jitobene sent his son to marry Ticone; she refused because the young man is ugly, unlike the chief's son; the father sent his son down the river to the sorcerers; he is fasting in hut, urinating in one place, a fish was born there; the sister secretly gave it to her brother from her father, who lost his shamanic power; a woman came, joined him, they came to her parents; the young man warned that in if he dies, it will rain in the sun, the rainbow will turn red; his wife's brothers tore it apart, ate it; his wife told him not to eat his heart and genitals; his father saw a red rainbow, and went up to heaven in a trance ( where the son was taken), took the skeleton, heart, genitals; the son orders them to be buried at the foot of a mountain tree, another to sow on the grave; the Heart Jitobeo tree has grown; on it a huge worm with a tail to the ground; these are J.'s genitals; Chief Kanijone's daughters went down to the river, named everything in the water; the worm hit both of them with its tail, cut them, so the women had breasts; the girls began to catch fish, she made a hole in their genitals; this is how J. took revenge on women; since then they have been open to men; Chief K. gathered people to cut wood; those who tried to cut down died: axes bounced, the worm bit fatally; called two Jitomas (one is Jitoma, the other is Fizido; the assistant spirit told them to go to their aunt, the mistress of sleep; not to wake her up; from the blow she woke up, gave the bag, told them not to open it along the way; F. opened, brothers fell asleep; Hitoma fell on a rock, F. fell to the ground, the worms began to eat it; those who climbed inside became veins, thrown into the water as fish; when they woke up, the brothers returned to the mistress of the dream, gave the dead bird, caused a hurricane; the hostess asked him to stop, gave the package again, taught him to replace the Thunder club with a fake made of soft wood (yarumo); the brothers also took the mirror (causes lightning); Thunder's daughter woke up his father, he grabbed a false club, broke it; he still had a female club; the brothers used a club, a mirror for testing; broke a tree; F. also died, H. revived him; the brothers put a worm on a tree, broke it his thunder to pieces; the front became a tapir, the back manatee; they threw the club and mirror into the water, they became electric eel and stingray; F. died; H. found a hummingbird egg, F. was born again; brothers came to Cricket's house; F. sat down on the ground, was eaten by crickets; avenging his brother, H. made a house out of cotton wool and wax; set fire to the new house at the consecration festival; the opossum's tail was burnt, the squirrel's whole body ( now it is dark); the cricket hid in the hole; H. cursed him, telling him to eat excrement]: 47-65; okaina [mother's lover killed the father of the twins, they were born after the father's death; they ask mother, where is the father; she replies that she climbed for fruit, fell off the tree; the brothers try to fall, they are alive, they ask again; she comes up with something again; they injure a butterfly from the sarbakan, she refers to the grasshopper, he to the woodpecker; the woodpecker tells him to be cured first; says that on the side where the sound of the slit gong comes from, lives the father who ate them; the brothers reward the woodpecker by giving him a red hat; the Drake was waiting for and killed { a mother's lover and their father's murderer; Blixen, p. 116: This is a deviation from the usual version in which either a jaguar or a monkey} makes soup out of it, gives it to the mother; she tells you to make a trap, turns into a rat falls into this trap; the brothers go away; their mother is now a frog, hiding in the ground, they dig there, they find a worm egg, decide to raise a brother; they pierce the egg, they hit him in the eye; a boy came out remained one-eyed; two sisters saw two sparkling worms on the tree; called people, more and more worms, they made fire, the tree threatened world fire; brothers (two and a third one-eyed) were called for help ; they go to Thunder, climbing into the sky, throwing darts (carrizos) that pierce one another (var: climbing a tree); the twins failed to create a chain of darts, the younger brother created; a chain of darts turns into a vine (they argue which one is too smooth, the other is prickly); they can't approach Thunder, they fall asleep; then they go to their snake grandmother, who gives them sleep wrapped in leaf; One-eyed says he saw that the grandmother did not put anything in; they open the bag, fall asleep; the grandmother reluctantly sleeps again; the thunder falls asleep, his daughter does not; while One-Eyed flirts with her, the twins replace her Thunder's club and mirror (causes lightning); when they came down, añuje, at their request, cut off the vine, it fell, injuring its paws; the brothers told the battleship to undermine the roots of the tree, knocked it down with Thunder's weapon to the west; Thunder was surprised his former strength was gone]: Blixen 1999, No. 5:113-134.

Southern Amazon. Iranshe (stones flying without a miss) [the cannibal Ma-myu-u and the cannibal Shinkaruli kill all villagers; M. swallows them with his ass, S. hits them with stones (there are three of them), always flying on target; sister M. and her three nephews remain; boys threaten to rape and kill their aunt if she does not tell them about the fate of their parents; make arrows; enter M.'s anus to look at weapons and utensils swallowed, lying in her womb; M.'s liver and heart are cut off, jumping back; M. dies, turns into thorns; parrot, vulture, Jandainha-da-Mato are Sh.'s children; brothers tell them not to give them away them; replace S.'s stones with ordinary ones; S. throws two stones at the brothers, misses; falls asleep; brothers cut him into pieces, he revives every time; pursues brothers; they shoot at the sky, make a chain of arrows; the younger one is afraid to go up, hides in a hole, becoming tejubinha (Ameiva surinamensis); the elders climb into heaven, taking their aunt with them, throwing a ladder out of arrows; S. makes a new one, also throws away arrows behind them; they turn into a vine; all brothers and aunt turn into stars]: Pereira 1985, No. 29:127-138; paresi (club; spear): Pereira 1986, No. 8 [four living with old woman Alawrir The orphan brothers learn that the Jaguar and Jaguariha ate all the men in the village, and the Eagle ate all the women; the Jaguariha opened her mouth, people entered it; the brothers turn into hummingbirds, cut Jaguariha with a knife from the inside, they go out; the male Jaguar has two stone clubs in his house, the brothers exchanged dangerous and ordinary ones; the same is two spears; they hid in the Jaguar's house; they met various animals on the way to him (alma-de-gato, Canis jubatus, Euchroma gigantea {is something with antennas, is flying an insect?} , Anolis punctatus, Hemidactyluc mabonia lizard); everyone asks where they are going; when answered that killing Jaguar, they join, hide in the house; The lizard stains the fire sticks with a mass peca fruits; Canis jubatus has left his bowel movements; brothers put the rat head and tail of the caiman on the threshold; the Jaguar, seeing each of the hidden or left objects, traces, perceives them as a sign of his death; brothers giggle, Jaguar grabs a club, but it is not fatal, his brothers kill him; Europeans arose from ash and coal and various groups of Indians do not paresi (listed which of which burnt objects); the brothers shot at the sky tree, climbed a chain of arrows (or a thread lowered, at A.'s request, from a heavenly tree); all animals also wanted to climb; Canis jubatus and Dusicyon those climbed, but the thread broke or the Europeans cut off the chain of arrows; the two fell; in the sky, A. and the brothers play ball with the head of the jaguariha, the tail of the caiman, the head of a rat (A. gave them to brothers with by himself); red sunset is the blood of the jaguariha's head], 17 [(see motif M81; episodes from a series of adventures on the way home); Enore came to caboré-do-sol, there are only children; E. hid in the water, covered with a piece of bark like a fish; the children fired all the arrows at it, the latter threw an onion; in the evening E. came to their house; the children recognized the arrows, E. claims that it was his; while swimming, the children say E. which of them would eat what part of his body when their father killed him; E. replaced his spear, which hit without a miss, flying by; caboré-do-sol missed, E. killed him; he also changed his spears in the Turtle House, killed them all]: 159-169, 261-282 (substitution: 274-277).