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K16. A favorite bird becomes a young man .


Taking the form of a bird, bat, insect, small animal, fish, a man lets himself be caught by a girl or kidnapped wife to make love to her or to steal values owned by her family; lets the girl's father catch herself in order to infiltrate his daughter.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Maragoli [the girl rejects the grooms; the young man took the form of an attractive bird, let himself be caught; the girl and her sister put it in a pot and closed it; in the morning it has honey, the bird swims there; so All the pots were consistently filled with honey; one day the bird slipped out and flew away; the girl was afraid that her father would punish her for the loss of the bird, followed it; when it was in an unfamiliar place, the bird became a boy and a girl agreed to marry him; wedding]: Kavaji 2005, No. 16:239-240.

Sudan - East Africa. Malgashi (sakalava, western 1971) [the couple already has a son, the wife is ready to give birth to a second one; he says from the womb that his name is "Zatovo not created by God", asks his mother to swallow a razor so that he circumcised himself; his mother was not injured; the father gave 100 bulls to Z., the other 100 to his eldest son; Z. met an old man, exchanged all his bulls for a talisman, went on a journey, leaving an orange tree and banana; if you wither, he fell ill, if they dried up, he died; he climbed the mountain, there was a thunderstorm, he pointed a talisman at it, the thunderstorm stopped; with the help of a talisman he crossed the river (not specified exactly); quicksand the sands converge and diverge, Z. sent a talisman at them, the sands froze and hardened; Z. gives the king of birds, wild boar, fly to get enough; in God's village, the talisman advises Z. to turn into a kingfisher (martin- pecheur); allows God's daughter to take him, turns into a man at night; she is afraid that her father will kill him; Z. replies that he will not be able to kill someone who is not created by God; father notes oddities in daughter's behavior, Z. opens to him; knows about the trap pit in his father-in-law's house, does not fall into it; father-in-law tells 1) to cultivate a huge field (wild boars dig up, weed teals, parrots, sparrows collect grain); 2) recognize the main cow in the herd (the bird shows); 3) recognize the bride among several women (the fly sits in front of her eye, she blinks); on a winged horse, Z. brings his wife to earth; she does not tell him looking at her child, going to get water; she looks, there are twins, a boy and a girl; the wife dies immediately; these children are the ancestors of Europeans and other foreigners in Madagascar]: Lombard 1976:175-205 .

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [poor fisherman went to sea and hears a voice: if you give the one who looks you first at home, then there will be a rich catch; the fisherman decided it will be a dog, but it turned out to be a son; young man went to the sea, a ship rose from the day, the young man sank to the bottom, there is a palace, everything is done in it by itself; at night someone lies down with him; one day a ship appeared and the young man went to visit his parents; asked for matches and a candle for him; when he returned and lit the candle, a beautiful girl was next to him; a drop of wax fell on her; she told her to look for her in the Castle of Black Stones, wearing out 7 pairs of iron shoes; he set off ; an ant, an eagle and a lion are arguing over a dead sheep; the young man divided it, each gave him the ability to take his form, two legs, a feather, a fur; the young man became an eagle, flew into an impregnable castle; allowed the girl pull herself together and put herself in a cage; at night he got out of her as an ant, ended up with a girl; she says that the giant's strength is in the hair that grows on his navel and girds his waist twice; after This giant will fly out of the giant; the young man gnawed through his hair with an ant, caught a dove with an eagle; there is an egg in it, he broke it in front of a giant, he died; wedding]: Dias Marques 2019, No. 101:151-153.

Western Europe. Bretons [the fisherman has 6 children, the catch is always poor; he has caught a mermaid, she promised a rich catch, but wants to kiss a boy whom the fisherman's wife just gave birth to; after baptizing the baby, the fisherman brought it to the mermaid; she gave it a piece of gold to be put on the edge of the hearth; then gold would fall from the chimney all day; the mermaid tried to pick up the child, but the fisherman took it away; the mermaid disappeared saying that the boy (his name is Fanch) still belongs to her; the fisherman became rich; people thought that the fisherman sold himself to the devil, stopped communicating with him; F. reached the age of 18, went on a journey, taking a servant; father forbid him to approach the seashore; the wolf, the hawk and the bumblebee argue over the horse's carcass; F. divided: meat to the wolf, giblets to the hawk, blood to the bumblebee; they gave F. the ability to take their form; F. for testing became a wolf, the servant got scared and rode away; there was a pond in front, there were geese; F. swam on horseback, giving the geese bread; the main goose promised to help; on the way ants, F. gave them all the rest of the food, they promised to help; F . came to the castle, there is food and wine, a soft bed; in the morning the old woman throws a purse with money into the well and tells her to get it, letting the sink scoop out water; otherwise she will kill; F. calls the goose, she dives, brings; the next day is to divide the three varieties of grain (ants divided); on the third day, find out in the dark which of the three sisters is more beautiful, for three old women are the enchanted daughters of the Spanish king; let F. marry beautiful; the bumblebee will buzz around the head of the one to choose; the old women have become princesses, but F. said that he is still too young and will come to Spain later; returned to Paris, lives in front of the palace, sees the princess, became a hawk, let the princess catch himself; at night he becomes a young man; the pregnancy is obvious, the king was told he ran into his daughter's room, F. opened, had to marry him to a princess; her former fiancé, a Turkish prince, invited F. to go by sea, pushed him into the water, F. was picked up by a mermaid; two years later, F. asked her to lift him above the water for a while, flew away hawk to Paris; tomorrow his wife's wedding to a Turkish prince; F. came to the wedding in a luxurious outfit, opened to his wife; the princess asks the king and Turkish fiancé what key to keep: old and found or made in return; both answer that he is old; F. tells the Turkish prince to be thrown into a hot stove; everything is fine]: Luzel 1887 (2), No. 10:381-418; the British [Count Mara's daughter saw a dove, he flew to her, became a young man Florentine at night; every year M. gives birth to a son, F. takes him overseas to his mother queen; after 7 years, M.'s father wants to marry her, kill a pigeon; he flies away; at the head of the birds attacks a wedding procession, seven swan sons take M. away, she stays overseas with F.]: Kharitonov 2008:250-252; Germans (Pomerania) [despite his wife's warnings, the merchant's son let down father's inheritance; decided to drown himself; siren: I'll give money if you promise to give what is hidden in your house; the man gladly wrote a receipt that he will give back in 14 years; the chest at home is full of gold; wife: you sold our unborn son; the young man grew up handsome and smart; when we came to the bridge, the young man drew a circle around him with chalk; siren: nothing, I'll take it in 3 years anyway; the young man said that once his parents gave him the trait, he did not know them anymore, and left; in the forest he answered the hunter that he had neither a father nor a mother; he took him home; in a year he became the best hunter, and the trees he planted grew in 3 months; the hunter sent him to look for better luck; on a tree, a bird with gold and silver plumage sings as a nightingale; asks him not to shoot, gives three feathers; taking the pen in your mouth, you will become the same bird, and taking it out again a man; the same is a mouse (hairs, you can become a mouse); the same is a greyhound dog; a lion; at the inn, the young man found out that the king was looking for a hunter; the king loved him as a son; he also worked in the garden; once he came across a high wall; the chief forester said that behind it the king's three daughters looked the same; unguessed which of them was who, cut off their heads; the young man became a bird, let himself be caught by the youngest princess, she brought the bird to her room; became human in the evening; the princess promises to marry him if he frees her and her sisters from captivity; how do you recognize her among her sisters? will drag his right heel a little; in the morning the young man returned to the royal castle, said that he wanted to try to identify the chosen princess; three times correctly pointed to the youngest; the wedding, the young man was made heir ; the wife gave birth to a son; a year and day later, the young man chased the deer, who brought him to the bridge over the river; turned into a siren and dragged him into the water; the prince's wife offered a golden spindle for her husband; she refused, but let the young man go to the Schwartzland, kill a 9-headed dragon there; a hare will jump out of him, a dove from a hare, an egg from a pigeon, there are keys in it, they must be brought to the siren; the young man ran to Schwartzland in in the form of a greyhound, then a lion; in the city of mourning, the princess is given to be eaten by a dragon; the young man told the warrior given to him by the king to give him food and wine when he fights the dragon in the form of a lion; cutting down 3 heads, the young man hid in a hole with a mouse; shot a hare, a dove, took out the keys; since the young man already has a wife, the princess was given for that brave warrior; gave the siren the keys in exchange for a receipt given to her by his father; as soon as the siren took the keys, the lake became a kingdom and the siren became a princess]: Jahn 1891, No. 62:340-351; the Germans (Black Forest) [the soldier sees three girls bathing, hides one of them's clothes; she was forced to marry him, had two children; one day she found the key, unlocked the closet, found her shirt there, returned to the glass city where her father ruled; leaving the children in care, her husband went looking for a wife; in the forest, a lion, a worm and a raven are arguing over a fallen horse; he gave flesh to a lion, (something else) to a worm (Du tust gern bagen), veins (Geäder) to a crow; they give fur, a feather, a leg so that a person can become strong as a lion, tiny as a worm, fly like a bird; he flew to the glass city, climbed through a tiny hole, sat on his wife's shoulder as a crow, she understood who it was and took it into the bedroom; the sisters told the father that they heard croaking from there; the wife allowed her father to appear as a man; he showed him the city, his son-in-law asked for permission to build a tower, became strong as a lion, and made a hole; When asked what he wanted to take with him, he said his wife]: Hubrich-Messow 1988, No. 18:32-34.

Melanesia. Kiwai [the old couple had a boy, Ganumi; they made sure that all girls would love him when they grew up; they let him down the river in a bowl; Gebae gave birth a child in ulcers, saw Ganumi, took her son instead of a real son; the baby saw girls with their skirts up, began to scream, I want red; they brought him red flowers and fruits, then understood what he wanted; he was put to bed with them, but he could not do anything; in the morning he could not cut down the saga palm tree; his wives threw him on a palm tree, scratched themselves, said they were attacked by enemies; red the viovio bird dropped its droppings on him, he became this bird; the women saw its reflection in the well, each wanted it for herself; he went only to Gebae; became a young man, slept with her; thought he was sleeping with her mother; both went up to heaven; Thunder and Lightning told them not to approach the hot sun; Gebae fried sago, accidentally threw a handful in Ganumi's face, began to wipe it off; ever since, a month later spots; moon phases - Ganumi leaves his hut]: Landtman 1977, No. 100:274-276

Micronesia-Polynesia. Gilbert Islands [after hunting frigate birds, Onouna collects feathers, turns into a frigate, flies to the girl Nei Katura, lets himself be caught, turns into a man at night; they are born daughter, then another; others mock NC that her husband is a bird, but he brings her fish and tarot; before returning to her native island, he also appears before others in human form; to land (it's too light), covers itself with shells]: Maude, Maude 1994, No. 5:104-108; The Marquises [Maui-tiki-tiki is the youngest of Maui's seven brothers; the brothers made a boat, went fishing, then hooked a mountain, pulled Toka Eva Island; then Maui got fire from Mahuike; to dry his clothes, M. caught the Sun in a snare out of human hair, since then the world has been light; Tai-ana-e-Vau stole M.'s wife; he made a pigeon, climbed into it, flew to the kidnapped; she recognized M., fed the bird; at night M. took a human life, took T.'s club, called him, killed him, took his wife home]: Handy 1930:103.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Dafla [Abo-Tani's wife took her son and left him; he was upset and decided to destroy the world; the procration spirit of Hib-bo-gyob-bo persuaded him not to do so, offered to take another wife; Jit Aan fell in love with AT; he came into her as a bird, JA became pregnant with it; demons and evil spirits began to say that the baby was conceived by one of them; JA gathered all demons and AT, offered to shoot at the target; the target was hit by AT, and the demon arrows bounced and hit them; the duffle is the descendants of AT; when a child is born, everyone says it's his, so that the demons do not charge the child's claims, then he will die]: Bora 1995, No. 9:9-10.

South Asia. The Tamils [after 50 years of rule, the king had a son, and then a second; the enemies captured the city, the king and his family went to another, began to beg, and taught the brahmana; he ordered the eldest to herd cattle, and taught the youngest the secret sciences; the youngest moved into the dead kite, flew to his father, explained how to deceive the brahmana; when the king came, the brahmana dressed the elder properly and became boast of his knowledge, and call the younger one stupid; but the king chose the youngest; to earn money, the youngest ordered him to be sold in the form of a chicken to the king of the city, who could not find a mate for his an extraordinary rooster; the young man became a chicken, at night he became a rat, dug a hole out of his cage, returned to his father as a man; next time the young man ordered him to be sold as a horse to a rich man; but the brahmana realized that the horse - this is his disciple, bought him; began to beat him; by the pond, a young man moved into a dead fish; a brahmana orders to drain the pond, the young man moved into a dead buffalo, then a parrot; a brahmana in the form of a kite (garuda) chased him; the parrot flew through the princess's window; she ordered him to make a precious cage; at night, the parrot becomes a young man, eats food prepared for the princess, smudges her with incense; the third night opens to her, knowing that she is still awake; teaches her what to do when a brahmana comes to ask for a parrot; the parrot's neck is twisted, he will move into the princess's necklace; he must be torn; thrown into the garden, the pearls became worms; the brahmana became a rooster, began to bite worms; the young man became a cat, attacked a rooster; he became a brahman and swore not to harm again; the young man marries a princess, The brahman brings his brother back; the conqueror returns the city, the younger brother educates the elder, puts him on the throne]: Natesa Sastri 1886:1-18; (cf. baiga [across seven seas and 16 rivers, there is a country of Triadesh women; if a boy is born there, he becomes a eunuch; when a woman wants, she turns into a bird, flies to people finds a handsome young man, turns him into a bird, returns with him to the country of women; at night he becomes human, conceives children; when other women notice pregnancy, they are angry, pregnant again turns her lover into a bird, sends him back; if he does not get home safely, the woman's ruler (a huge fat woman with a big beard) hits the culprit; sometimes women satisfy each other in pairs, using wooden penises; if a child is born as a result, he is boneless and dies]: Elwin 1949:463 (quail in Ho 1967, No. 203:363-364).

The Balkans. Ancient Greece ["Description of Hellas" by Pausanias (2nd century); from Gereyon's description in the vicinity of Argos: "The statue of Hera depicts a goddess sitting on a huge throne; it is made of gold and Ivory, a work of Polycletus; she wears a wreath with relief images of Harit and Gore, holding a pomegranate fruit in one hand and a scepter in the other. As for the pomegranate tree, I should omit this story, because it is one of the most important sacraments, and they talk about the cuckoo sitting at the top of the scepter, conveying the legend that Zeus, Falling in love with Hera when she was still a girl, he turned into this bird, and she caught her playing and joking. I accurately convey this story and everything like it about gods; although I do not recognize them myself, I still consider it necessary to write them down"; also Argolis: "The road to this city {to Galica} is coming between Mount Pron and another mountain called Fornak in ancient times, but since Zeus turned into a cuckoo, as legend says, this mountain has been renamed and got this name. And there are still temples on the tops of the mountains; on Kokkigion (Kukushechy Mountain) - Zeus, on Mount Prona - Hera" (trans. S.P. Kondratyeva)]: Paus. II. 17. 4, II. 36. 1-2; Slovenes [the country is illuminated not by the sun, but by the king's sunhorse, whom he tells him to be led from end to end; the horse is gone; the king and his army are going in search; the seer tells him to lead from end to end; return: he will do everything himself, let the king give only one person to help; they have come to a seventh country ruled by three brothers married to three daughters of a witch; the visionary turns green the bird, lets her older sister catch herself; that bird likes; the mother witch enters and tells the bird to break its neck; objecting to the mother, the daughter says, among other things, where her husband is now and when he will return; the witch she rushes to kill the bird herself, she becomes human and runs away; the same with the middle and younger sisters; knowing when the husbands will return, the seer waits for everyone at the bridge in the evening; easily kills the two eldest, fights with the younger one for a long time; offers to fight in the form of wheels; the enemy wants to be a wheel from the cart, but agrees to be a light wheel, and let the visionary be the wheel from the cart; wheels collide, both crash, but the light wheel has suffered more; when the enemy takes on a human form, his fingers are broken; then they decide to become two lights; enemy: I will be red; visionary: no, I'm red and you're blue; an old man comes up; the enemy asks for water and fill the red flame, promises a small coin; the visionary promises a large coin, the old man fills the blue flame, the enemy died; the visionary and his assistant return; the assistant wants to eat an apple, drink it from a spring, pick a rose; the visionary explains that these are the converted daughters of a witch, cuts an apple tree, water, a rose bush with a sword, blood is flowing; sunlight has again flooded the dark country]: Wratislaw 1890, No. 11:75-82.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [(zap. Sergei Tumanov in Feodosia); when he dies, the tsar tells his three sons that they passed off their three sisters as the first marriage; they are taken by the Leo, the Tiger, the huge Raven; each time the girl is given away only at insistence younger brother; sitting by the window, the younger brother shoots through the buriuks of the girl who comes to the well; she curses him, telling him to suffer from love for the daughter of the sun and moon; he goes in the direction indicated by the girl; the old woman says that Raven lives there; this is the young man's son-in-law; his house is guarded by forty lions and forty tigers; the young man buys meat, the old woman goes and throws it to everyone; cuts off the last piece from her leg; the young man's grateful sister made the lion regurgitate the meat, put it back, sends an invitation with the old woman; the brother comes, his sister hides him; eclipsing the sun, the Raven arrives, becomes a man; convenes creatures find out where the daughter of the sun lives; the latter knows; the prince sits on her with his horse, feeds her meat and water on the way; leaves her in his nest; every year the snake kills her chicks; the prince cuts the snake, feeds the chicks; the bird swallows and regurgitates them, allowing them to fly; the king catches the princess bird, gives them to his daughter; at night he turns into a man, drinks her sorbet; she guards; he becomes her lover; marries; they go to his house; at rest, a Black Arab takes her away on a tripod horse; the prince comes to his city, stays with an old woman; she receives the keys to an Arab, releases the prisoner, the prince takes her away; the Arab asks the horse whether to go now or after he is drunk; the horse: I will have time to sleep; Arap catches up, cuts the prince into pieces, puts him in a bag, the horse takes the bag to the Raven; the mother The crow glues the pieces with pomegranate juice, revives them with pomegranate; the captive pretends to love an Arab, he talks about a tripod horse; in the ninth meadow, a mare runs north, gives birth, four wolves come demand food; the Arab is not enough for the fourth, he has eaten the leg of the foal; the prince feeds all four, receives a four-legged foal from the same mare, takes his wife; the tripod throws off the Arab, he is killed ]: Potanin 1883:725-729; Karachays [Ak-Biyche went out to wash, picked up her clothes, angels (salymchy) saw her knees from the sky, two in the form of pigeons came down, sat on her knees, she became caress them, became pregnant, gave birth to Deuet Batyr]: Aliyeva 1994:305-306 [while the husband was herding cows, the wife gave birth to seven sons; they came to their father; when they found out what was going on, the father decided that he would not be able to feed his sons and ran away; the sons grew up, the youngest went to look for his father; saw an overgrown man chasing a doe; cleaned up his father, cut his hair, brought him home; the father found a man with seven daughters; He married six to his sons, and the seventh remained in the tower around which Sarmak lay; the youngest asks Sarmak what to do to make him leave; Sarmak tells him to venerate a huge garbash; The young man came to a woman who was kneading the dough in dirty water; the Sarmak covered the water; he allowed him to collect water three times; the woman showed the way to the garbash; she turned the young man into a dove, he flew to the girl she let him in, he became a young man again; Sarmak left, younger brother married a girl]: Tankieva 2003:355-357; Chechens: Kibiev, Malsagov 1981 [one prince has three sons, the other has a daughter; the second leaves the first arrow; blood came out on it, the prince sends his sons to help his friend; he has lost his daughter; the brothers see fire; the elder can spend 7 days underground, the middle can fly, the youngest can spend 7 days underground, the middle can fly, the youngest pull the eagle out from under the eagle; the youngest crept up to the sleeping snake, took the girl away, the eldest hid everyone underground; after 7 days I had to go out, the snake grabbed the girl, he caught up with him on the fly, returned the girl; The serpent guards them again; promises to let them go for promising that they do not know at home; during this time, the fourth brother Hambor was born; he grew up, came to the snake, who told Princess Albica to get from behind the seven mountains; the old woman gives a bead, she turns it into whatever you want; H. becomes a duck, lets herself be caught, the duck is given by A., H. is given by a man again, A. takes A. through the underground passage, they fly a dove and a dove, the A. brothers are chasing hawks; then hares and hounds; grains and roosters; H. and A. became hawks themselves, tore roosters to pieces; H. cuts off the head of a snake, brings A.; wedding]: 145-153; Malsagov 1983 [while the husband herded the cows, the wife gave birth to 7 sons; the youngest goes to his father, he runs away because he is afraid that he will not feed his sons; the mother raised them, gave the younger father's ring, he found a feral man, showed the ring, the man turned out to be a father; he met the father of 7 daughters, agreed to marry them; 6 brides arrived, the Sarmak wrapped around the tower with the seventh; replies to the youngest of the brothers that the tower will be penetrated by someone who venerates the garbash's chest; the young man goes to searches, sees a woman kneading dough in dirty water; Sarmak seizes water, gives water in exchange for people; Sarmak allows the young man to collect water three times; the woman shows him the way to the garbash; she turned the young man into pigeon, he flew into the tower to the girl, became a young man, they returned home; the wedding of 7 sisters with 7 brothers]: 339-341; Turks [dying, the padishah tells three sons to give three daughters to the first one marries; these are three old men, one older than the other; the youngest son insisted that his father's will be fulfilled; in a dream he was shown a portrait of a beautiful woman; when he woke up, he went to look for her; he went to his older sister, her the husband is the padishah of the devas; he gave the young man the ability to turn into a deva; the middle sister behind the padishah of ants (the ability to become an ant); the youngest behind the nightingale padishah (into a nightingale); having reached the goal, the young man became a nightingale and sat on the girl's chest; she put him in a cage, brought him to her place; he went to bed with her for two nights, and woke up on the third; says that her father will give the groom difficult errands; to get crying pomegranate and laughing quince; the young man became a devi, brought pomegranate and quince; get the mirror of the padishah devas, in which the beholder sees all his ancestors; the young man penetrated as an ant, got a mirror; on the way back went swimming, the Sea Maiden fell in love and took him away; 40 companions looked like a young man, brought a mirror; the princess asked the imaginary groom to become a nightingale, he could not, confessed everything; the girl took 40 golden balls and gave one at a time to the Sea Maiden as she showed Shahzade's body above the water; when she picked everything up, he turned into a bird and flew to his beloved; they achieved their wish goal]: Stebleva 1986, No. 40:163-169.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians [the queen goes to see the world; divides carrion between a lion, a hare, a dove, a starling, an ant; they give him the ability to transform; in the form of a starling, the young man lets himself be caught the youngest of the three queens, at night in the form of an ant gets out of the cage, becomes handsome; the girl says that the king tells him to identify which sister is the youngest, she will have a white handkerchief in her hand; he receives wife, forgets her ring on the window, so the mermaid drags it to the bottom; the wife forged a sparkling apple, promised to show the mermaid if she lifted the queen out of the water; he became a dove, returned to wife; for this, the mermaid made sparks fall from the royal's mouth; the Queen must get a silver bullet, shoot his wife, then she will recover; turning into different animals, he kills a lion, a hare inside, then a dove, a starling, a bullet in it; everyone is happy]: Lebite 1965:212-216; the Danes [the shoemaker's son goes on a journey; divides an elk carcass between a bear, a dog, a falcon, an ant; for this they give him the ability to turn into these animals; in the form of a falcon, he lets a princess catch himself; in her bedroom he becomes a young man; flies away and returns as a prince, gets princess; if the sun falls on her before she reaches the age of 30, she will be kidnapped by a demon; it happens that the young man becomes a dog, follows the trail, finds his wife; she persuades the kidnapper to tell than his life; she is in a lake, in a dragon, in a hare, in a duck, in an egg; a young man in the form of an ant hears all this, flies with a falcon to the lake; there the dragon requires 12 pigs a day; a young man in the form of a bear fights three times dragon; kills when he was given wine and bread during the battle; when he returns, breaks the egg on the demon's forehead; the cave turns into a palace, the young man and princess remarry]: Grundtvig 1920:148- 165.

Volga - Perm. Tatars: Zamaletdinov 1992 [the young man got lost, went to the palace of three young men who can turn into pigeons; they saved the girl, but her hat remains with the diva; the young man goes after her, gets from the owners of the palace, a comb, a whetstone, a mirror; a young man arrives at the palace, a diva becomes a nightingale; another padishah's daughter, kidnapped by a diva, catches him, leaves him in her room; he takes on a human form, finds a hat, flies away; throws a comb (forest), a whetstone (mountains), a mirror (sea); hides at the bottom of a bucket carried by a girl; a diva tells to pour out water, a young man turns into grains, divas into a rooster, the last grain as a hawk, kills a rooster; gives pigeon boys a hat, their girlfriend recovers; advises the hero to ask for a thin horse, a rusty sword and an old whip as a reward; the hero returns to his mother, tells him to marry the daughter of the padishah, who orders the creation of a palace, a golden bridge, a garden; at the wave of a whip, everyone performs peri; the padishah gives her daughter, but she was kidnapped by divas; this is the one the young man has already seen; he gets her, drinks wine, falls asleep two batyrs take her away; young pigeons take him home, he comes to the wedding of the padishah's daughter, she recognizes him; wedding]: 150-162; 2008b, No. 17 [the padishah's wife is dead; he is offered to marry his daughter Padishah Almas; she is in love with the padishah's son, so she agrees; offers herself to the young man, he refuses; then she tears her clothes, accuses the young man of trying to rape her; he is expelled; he comes to the house in the forest, eating there, hiding; three hawks flew in, became horsemen; found a young man, hired him as a cook; taught him to turn into a crow, a hawk, a pigeon; he flies like a hawk to the island to the padishah's daughter (condition marriage - bring a note from her); the old man teaches to turn into a nightingale, sing under the princess's window; she let him in, he became a crow, a dove, then a man; got together with the princess; she sent him to his father with a note demanding that she be passed off as a giver; a horseman in the form of a bird fell asleep in the garden; the gardener killed him, took a note; three bird horsemen revived him with live water; all four come to the wedding the princess and the gardener; he was executed, the dzhigit married the princess]: 158-170.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Altaians [Kan-Gerede sends Altyn-Kuchkash (golden bird, tit?) to Kudai to find out what the birds should eat; he tells us to take barley grain to the ground; the bird spends the night in the hollow, wakes up in the bed of daughter K., turns into a man, takes her as a wife; the white wolf Ak-P & #246; ri intends to eat AK, agrees to take his newborn son instead; takes him away; two snakes sent by Yerlik do not find the baby (he should have died, the wolf saved him); wolf He calls the boy Aru-Mandai; sends his daughter Tengare Khan to hide for himself, but gives her to him as his wife; AM is lured into Yerlik's world, but he returns and brings four young women out of there]: Nikiforov 1915:222-232.

Western Siberia. Kety [Khemyrin-Khomyryn lives on the island; grooms fly to her and fall into the water; one turned pike into the ice-hole; she ran naked for a birch bark vessel, put pike there; Kh. turned into a man, she put on her fur coat; he began to live with her]: Dulzon 1966, No. 30:105.

Amur - Sakhalin. Naikha Nanai [the little gull hunts, the big one bites a dead carp, does not give a small one; she is offended, came to the old woman's house; she stumbles over her; the youngest daughter asks for seagull for her little animals; The next evening, the same with the big gull, the eldest takes it as her little animals; both seagulls become men, take sisters as wives]: Aurora 1986, No. 21:90; nivhi [a man killed a bear, did a wooden figure and sent it to the village to bring narks {?} ; 20 people came, began to eat bear meat; one old woman's stomach burst, she died; a man came to the old woman, replied that he was hungry; she collected lice, began to cook; the man tasted it - delicious, ate everything ; the old woman began to shamanize: a yurt hangs over the sea, let the man turn into silver trout; the man turned into a cuckoo {and apparently flew to that yurt}; a woman came out, bared her chest, invited the cuckoo to sit down; went to bed; when she woke up, there was not a cuckoo nearby, but a man; a wooden figure warned that 200 people were coming; but he killed them all; he lived richly with his wife in a stone yurt]: Sternberg 1908, No. 12: 123-125.

SV Asia. Reindeer Koryaks (Chavchuvensk dial) [Kuikynyaku flies like a crow, finds two sisters, advises his son Ememkut to marry one of them; E. puts on a kitchen, becomes a crow; the older sister drives him away, the younger one feeds him; he does not eat; she thinks he is sick, takes him to heal him; he becomes a young man, takes her as a wife, brings her parents to the house]: Zhukova 1988, No. 11:41-42; itelmen: Jochelson 1961, No. 41 [Kusklnyaku puts on his crow outfit, flies across the sea to two girls, they feed him; he comes back; now his son Ememkut is flying; the youngest his sister feeds him, but he does not eat; makes her a baby; when her brother comes, E. becomes human; the older sister expels the youngest; the child steals food for his mother from E.'s house; he catches him, wants to kill him , the boy tells us who he is]: 274-277; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 171 [as in Jochelson; E.'s father's name is Kuth; sisters live in another village; after marrying the youngest, E. brings her to her parents' house]: 513-514.

The Arctic. Northern Alaska Inupiate (Kotzebue) [four brothers go missing one after another; after conceiving a new son, the husband sparks his wife's vagina; when the Kajartuarungnertok is born, the father gives him swallow two hot pebbles; K. travels, meets strange creatures; turns into a falcon, falls into a trap; Umialik asks his adopted daughter to cook a falcon, eats it, asks daughter throw away bones; K. turns into a man, marries a girl; W. tries to destroy him; 1) K. must sail into the sea to get ducks, U. makes a storm, K. regurgitates amulets, neutralizing witchcraft; 2) splits the log that was supposed to crush him; 3) kills a monstrous hazel grouse; 4) kills a scaly monster; 5) W.'s people push him into the abyss, he turns into a falcon, unharmed ; 6) they set fire to the dance house, locking K. in it; he turns into a caterpillar, crawls out; 7) they shoot at him, their arrows fly by; he kills them with arrows; leaves W. naked in An unheated house, it freezes; he returns home, his parents are already dead; he turns into a falcon, flies into the forest]: Ostermann 1952:246-253.

Subarctic. Helmet [The beaver turns into a bird, lets the two sisters catch himself; the eldest takes him to their bed, he turns into a man; his father-in-law cooks him in a cauldron, he flies out as a bird, comes back; father-in-law gives difficult assignments; admits defeat, rises to the sky, he is the Sun; see motif K27]: Teit 1917a, No. 1:436; tagish [8 brothers saw a mouse, began to push it into the water, the younger one saved it; y his unloved dirty wife; she invites him to marry the daughter of the Sun; he sees smoke on the grass, enters a tiny house, there is an old woman; he falls asleep when he wakes up in a big house, old woman she cooked a lot of food; she gives him a piece of ice, a whetstone, two pieces of dried fish, tells him to bring blue jay and hummingbird skins, buttercup stems, branches of various trees; shoot at the sky in the clearing with an arrow from the buttercup stem, then the second, then fire the rest of the arrows, they form a ladder to the sky; when he climbs it, he drags the stairs with him; he hears the bell ringing, it's the daughters of the Sun swaying on a swing (people did not know what a swing was before); wearing a jay skin, she flies up to the daughters of the sun, drives him away; then she flies up in the form of a hummingbird, the youngest of the sisters catches it, the eldest buys from her hummingbirds for a spoon from an abalone shell; in the morning, the sisters wake up, the man lies between them; the Sun sends a slave to find out what the daughters are doing, who reports that they are with a man; sisters tell the man that many men tried to marry them, but their father killed everyone; The sun sends his son-in-law to bring water, there are two eagles on the way, a man throws food to them, they let it pass; the sun puts the man in the cauldron, cooks for a long time, but he is intact, clinging to the lid of the cauldron in the form of a hummingbird and holding a piece of ice; (hereinafter referred to as the pass in the recording; the sun sends the eldest daughter with the man to the ground, gives a pen; if the husband is not faithful, the pen will get wet); they They sail in a boat to a man's parents; he sends his younger brother to bring his wife, but the boy sees only a ray of sunlight in the boat; a ray enters the house, then becomes a woman; the first wife is jealous grabbed him when he went to get water, scratched him; the daughter of the Sun saw that the feather was wet; she turned into a ray of sunlight, disappeared; the next morning the heat increased; the first to die was the former wife, she jumped into water; the world burned down; only that man, his brother and sister, and their spouses hid under a river cliff, they had that piece of ice; the Sun's daughter's husband came back to her, the rest stayed on earth]: McClelland 2007 (2), No. 53:282-288; inner tlingits [the man has lost everything; his wife advises him to marry the daughter of the Sun; he sees smoke over the grass, there is a door to a big house, there is a Little All-Knowing Old Woman in it; she gives the man birdskin, a piece of ice, a whetstone, a bow and 8 arrows; he hears laughter in the clouds, shoots arrows, they dig into the tail, form a chain, he climbs it into the sky, puts it on blue jay skin; girls swing on a swing, drive a jay; puts on a hummingbird skin, the youngest catches a bird, takes it to bed, in the morning sisters see a man next to him; their Sun Father offers his son-in-law a test hot; a man takes a piece of ice in his mouth, we are unharmed; The sun tells him not to cheat on his daughter, not to meet his former wife; a man descends with a new earth to earth; every day he goes to fetch water; once meets her first wife, she scolds her; when he returns, the daughter of the Sun puts a feather in a bucket of water, the water has become muddy, the wife returns to her father; it causes terrible heat, all people have died, in addition men, for he held a piece of ice and a whetstone in his mouth; he returned to heaven to the Sun's daughter]: McClennan 2007 (3), No. 136:617-620.

NW Coast. Quakiutl: Boas 1910, No. 17 [the beloved pretends to be dead; the groom takes her coffin to the forest, copulates with her in the coffin; his slave notices that another lover goes to the imaginary deceased; the groom rips open her stomach, killing her, takes the child; the boy puts on a bird mask, flies to the sky; the daughter of the heavenly leader catches this bird, brings it to her; the bird turns into a young man, takes her as a wife; father-in-law invites him to sit on the death mat, it is harmless to him; his wife gives birth to a boy, throws him on the ground; he eagerly eats any food]: 209-213; quakiutl (tlatlasicoala neveti) [chief finds out that his wife has a lover, scolds her; she pretends to be dead; people tell the chief that a loved one goes to her burial house; the chief kills her, leaves her baby with her in the coffin; he survives, the chief adopts him; he chooses a friend, they put on woodpecker skins, fly to heaven; Cantsoump's daughter goes to get water, they let her catch themselves; in her room they turn into men, the chief's son takes her as his wife; she warns that K.'s room is littered with sharp nails; the young man does not attack them; she gives birth to a baby, which slips out of her hands, falls into the sea; the chief the earth sends a slave to pick him up; this is a glutton, Omeatl (Raven), eats up all the supplies in the village, leaves]: Boas 1895, No. XVIII.1, 1:170-171 (=2002:169-171).

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [see motive J25; many people died trying to marry Ixmandamlkit and Tsabol, daughters of two heavenly leaders; Son of the Dead wears chikadi leather, his cousin - woodpecker skin, both fly to the sky; The old mouse woman teaches how to slip between crushing rocks where lightning strikes; Woodpecker feathers are scorched; I. and C. come to the source; imaginary birds allow themselves to be caught; command forget that girls hid them under their clothes; turn into men at night; parents recognize them as sons-in-law; both are good hunters; they return home to earth with their wives; heavenly women have small bags have a lot of meat; people feast]: Jenness 1934, No. 11:149-154; comox [the son of the Sun makes a chain of arrows, rises to heaven; turns into cuttlefish; four sisters find him; he Only the youngest allows himself to be raised; sisters bring him to his father, they say that he will be a new slave; at night, the young man takes off his cuttlefish cloak, takes his younger sister as his wife; her father tries to kill his son-in-law, but dies himself]: Boas 1895, No. 2:68-70.

Big Pool. Southern Utah [The bat turns into a bat, hides in the ribs of a refreshed mountain sheep; two sisters find him, called a cute bird; he clings to their feet, turns into a male, copulates with them]: Lowie 1924, No. 5:10.

The Great Southwest. Navajo [turns bluebird; flycatcher; llow bird; cicada to lure two sisters out of their home and make them wives]: O'Bryan 1956:158-159; lipan [Beaver digs for a young man irrigation ditch; Turkey shakes in the field, colorful corn and tobacco fall from it; the young man turns into a cricket, the girl picks him up; he becomes a man again, marries her; her father asks him to kill a bear, a wolf, a cougar, a lion; he fulfills the requirements, brings corn and tobacco to his wife's relatives]: Opler 1940, No. 1:81-84.

Mesoamerica Mountain Totonaki [see J4B motif; girl rejects grooms; musician turns into a flea, penetrates her with clothes attached to her; becomes a man at night; plays the violin; four Thunders they hear a game, tell him to shoot him; a woman gives birth to a boy, he dies; she buries him, corn grows on the grave; a woman makes bread from green cobs; he is bitter, she throws it into the river; his they eat fish, the turtle carries a piece on its back; the piece turns into a boy; when he grows up, it leaves it on the shore; the young man, corn, revives annually]: Ichon 1969, no. III: 63-69; tepehua [hero turns into a bird; girl catches her; he marries her, steals fire]: Williams García 1972:67-68; Nahuatl (Huasteca district) [girl catches a starling, gives birth to a god from him corn]: Greco 1989:177-179; Veracruz Nahuatl [the devil's daughter became pregnant by a bird dancing around her; when she gave birth, the devil collided the baby, made a ball, gave it to red ants; Three days later, Tamakasti's baby was intact, telling the ants to rebuild his body; he was thrown into the pond, the fish swallowed it, carried it to the black ants, he was reborn; the devil threw him into lake, he swam there in the shape of an egg for three days; his grandmother and mother could not catch him with a net for a long time; his mother cried, he felt yellow, he allowed himself to be caught; his grandmother put him in the deck; 30 days later, the deck burst, many different animals came out of it; the boy's father came, the grandmother was spinning; he began to fly a bird around the nanchi tree; the grandmother could no longer weave; ate the ripe fruit; she liked it, she decided that her grandson threw it off for her; big lice began to bite her, she cut off her hair, became bald; the bird threw a ripe fruit on her head for trying to kill him after birth; the next time T. became a cat, stole one of the bananas she baked from her; he shot many birds; the grandmother complained that he killed their chickens; he revived them; T.'s grandfather invited his grandmother to eat it; T. told the bat kill my grandfather; blood dripped from the attic, the grandmother decided that it was her grandson's blood, started drinking; called her husband, found him dead; T. brought water, said that he did not kill his grandfather because he went to get water; the grandmother wanted to cook T ., he threw it into the cauldron himself; burned the bones with his grandfather's corpse, told the Toad to throw the ashes on the other side of the sea; the Toad reached the shore, threw a deck with ashes, it burst, mosquitoes appeared from the ashes, flies and mosquitoes; the Lizard also only said that she carried the deck with ashes; Skunk took it overseas; T. (or someone else?) split the lizard's tongue in half; T. told his mother that he would go to his father; on the way he sat on a stone, he swallowed it; he cut the heart of the stone with a sword; T. came to his father, brought Fox and the musicians; then European a tale of matchmaking and marriage trials; rival T. - South Wind]: Law 1957:345-355; Micah: Lipp 1991 [twin orphans brother and sister spent the night in the barn; the monster took them to the forest; there already many people, some died, some were still alive; the twins saw a monster sleeping in a tree; the sister did not hit, his brother killed him with arrows, it fell down the mountain with a crash; not go down; the brother tells his sister to write, say, I pee vines; She says, I pee bananas, moms, all fruit trees; brother wrote, vines have grown; twins tell people not to eat fruit until they, twins, go down; not the twins performed their first rituals with the twins; the twins turned them into coati, bakers, raccoons and other animals that spoil crops; the twins told the Toad to throw the ashes of the burnt monster into the river; On the shore, the Toad opened the bag, mosquitoes and other biting insects flew out; there are especially many of them along the shores of water bodies; the Toad was punished, now his body is covered with warts]: 75-76; Miller 1956, No. 2 [as in (3), before vulture episode; from now on his head turns red], 3 [the girl refused the young man; he turned into a bird, the girl hit it, hid it on her chest, became pregnant; went to the forest; the squirrel offered her swaying on the vine, cut the vine, the girl crashed; Vulture found a boy and a girl in her womb; brother and sister came to her mother's parents; while the grandmother was gone, they killed her grandfather, filled the scarecrow with insects; his grandmother was fed meat; she hit his grandfather, the insects flew out; the grandmother chases the twins, Aguchi hid them in her mouth; they threw hot stones into the snake's mouth; the beast carried them to the rock, they killed him with arrows; his brother tells his sister to write vines; she says he pees bananas; his brother pees vines himself; turned people who ate bananas into forest animals; burned the beast, let the Toad throw ash into the sea; he discovered, mosquitoes flew out, for which he was turned into a toad; the appearance of the Sun and the Moon as in No. 4], 4 [Maria is spinning, the bird sits on a spinning wheel, she hit it, put it under her shirt, the bird pecked her in the chest, flew away; M. became pregnant; the squirrel asked her to swing on the vine, cut the vine, M. crashed; Vulture took a boy and girl out of her womb; the boy buried her mother, told Vulture to eat animal corpses, not people; the twins came to the mother's parents; taking out the lice from the grandfather, killed him, stuffed him with insects, let the grandmother cook and eat the testicles; the grandmother hit the scarecrow, the insects bit her; the sister wrote the road is wet, the stalker grandmother slides; Aguchi hid the twins in her mouth; the old man sheltered them, a serpent comes at night, the twins threw hot stones into his mouth; as in No. 3 ( Lorenzo opened a bag of ash, turned into a toad); people are going to choose the Sun, tell their brother that he is weak; he turns into the Sun, tells the old man to dig a well; while it's low above the ground, it's hot, only the old man in the well is water; tells his sister to run to the old man's house for the forgotten huarache; during this time he rose high; the sister became the moon; the spots were her brother's huarache]: 75-78, 79-85, 86-97; kekchi [future sun turns into a hummingbird; a girl asks her father to shoot a bird; at night, the hero comes to life and kidnaps it]: Becker-Donner 1976 [see motif F36; Kagua Sake (Sun) and Kagua Chok (Cloud), whose the origin is unknown, they kill the monstrous husband (named Chishal) of the old woman Shan Ni, and then her; they give her three sons to taste her meat, who turn into a hawk, an owl, talthus (a rodent, digs holes, but not a mole); looking for an arrow that has flown far away, the COP hears a scream in the guise of the wind, finds the frightened beautiful Kana Po (Moon) trying to impress by carrying a scarecrow full of gold goat, ridiculed; causes her toothache, arrives in the guise of a hummingbird; her father Kagua Aatan shot a hummingbird with a wind gun; KP uses the bird as a model for weaving patterns, in the presence of hummingbirds the pain subsides; at night, CS becomes a man; lovers prepare an escape, 1) leave a spit to answer for them in the morning; 2) smear achiote paint with a CA tool that allows you to see far; 3) pour pepper into his wind gun; the edge of the telescope remains clean, the spacecraft sees fugitives on the seashore; when it tries to shoot, it starts coughing (the origin of the cough); asks Thunder (Juan Kaak) to kill fugitives with his drum; CS hides in a turtle, KA in a shrimp, struck by lightning; CS asks a water lizard to collect its blood from seawater; dragonflies also help; blood fills 13 vessels; CS leaves them under the supervision of a person, goes to 13 mountains and 13 valleys for help; after 13 days, sounds are heard from the vessels; the CS opens the covers, finds a green worm (in the first one), a poisonous snake (2), a toad (3), boa constrictor (4), another venomous snake (5), all lizards (6), scorpions (7), dangerous snake (8), flies (9), snake with venom in its tail (10), snake (11), all other snakes (12), KA (13); but it has no vagina; mountain the ram can't, the deer makes the vagina with its hoof; the aroma is very strong, the COP is afraid that people will fight because of it; tells the rat to write there; KC (Sun's brother - Cloud) and KP fall in love with each other; CS mixes them with turkey bile, making people quarrel; they quarrel over who to get water; the spacecraft does not return to get water; KC cries, his tears turn to rain; brothers play buluc on a board laid through a deep ravine; when the QC jumps for the third time, the board breaks, it falls into the depths; since then, clouds have risen above the ravines; his tears become rivers flowing from gorge; the vulture invites KP to marry their king; carries her first up and then down to Xibalba, where the devil Mausahquink, the real fiancé, lives; the COP learns about what happened from flies; asks for a goat lend him his skin; flies gather under his tail; Vulture descends on the carrion, sticks his head inside; the COP grabs him by the neck, tells him everything to be told, taken to Xibalba; KP complains loudly; the COP sends M. has a toothache using 13 grains and 13 needles; KP must invite a COP pretending to be a great wizard; after blowing on M.'s head three times, the CS puts him to sleep; CS and KP rise to the sky; immovable; Sun Cosme heals them with flowers and incense seeds; they turn into sun and moon; when they first see them, 400 people and animals turn into stars]: 122-124; Gordon 1915:120-121; Shaw 1971 [a young man walks with a deer past the king's daughter; the girl poured water on the path in which she was washing corn, the young man slipped, the deer carcass fell, burst, and there was ash in it; the young man became a hummingbird, the girl's father shot him for her , at night, the hummingbird turned into a man; lovers smeared the girl's father's magic glass, poured pepper into his windpipe (people have been coughing ever since); The volcano threw lightning, the young man covered his shell turtles, the girl was destroyed; dragonflies collected her blood from the water, put it in vessels; most of them were snakes, etc., the last girl; the deer stepped on her, she became a woman; the young man was the Sun, girl - Moon]: 153-155; Termer 1930 [The sun filled the gazelle's skin with ash, carried it past the girl; she poured water onto the path, the Sun slipped, the skin burst; the sun turned into a hummingbird, sat on a tobacco flower; the girl's father shot him, her daughter took him to play, at night the hummingbird turned into a man; lovers run, darkening the glass through which the father sees everything, pepper was poured into the wind gun; the father still got into a daughter in the sea with lightning, the Sun hid under the shell of a turtle; butterflies collected the girl's blood in calebasses, gave it to people for storage; three weeks later, frogs were in one, snakes, toads in the others; the last girl, but without legs, the Sun made them for her; the antelope could not, the deer pierced her vagina with its hoof; the sun became the sun, the girl became the moon]: 490-492; Van Akkeren 2000 [(told in 1909 by the flutist and drummer Juan Ka'al Herman Paul Virsing, who owned a coffee plantation, knew the Kekchi language and customs. Wirsing sold the text to Herbert Dieseldorf, who published {see. Dieseldorff 1925:4-5}). The Earth's old god Tzul Taq'a, "Mountain Valley," Po's daughter, "The Moon," lived in a cave house. Poe often sat with handicrafts, and hunter B'alam Q'e, "The Hidden Sun", passed in front of her. He fell in love and started carrying a stuffed deer. Father advises Poe to throw the remains of boiled corn on the trail; BC fell, straw, needles, and ash fell out of the scarecrow. There was a tobacco seed inside the scarecrow, and the tobacco blossomed. BK put on a hummingbird skin, flew in to collect juice; Poe asked his father to carefully shoot the bird. She hid it in a calebass, the bird is beating, she put it under her skirt, at night the hummingbird became a man, they got together, BC offered to run. He covered Father Poe's all-seeing mirror with soot, poured pepper into his oven gun; the corner of the mirror that BC held him remained unsmeared. Zul Tak saw the fugitives. I asked my Uncle Thunder to kill them. He grabbed his axe and caught up with them by the sea with a storm cloud. The BC was covered with the shell of a turtle, and Po was covered by a battleship, but it turned out that the battleship could not dive. Lightning smashed Po to pieces. BC saw a fish eating Po's remains. He ordered the sorcerers to collect her remains in 13 vessels and gave it to the old woman. Opened 13 days later. There are 12 snakes, worms, and other nasty and biting creatures. The last one is Po, but she doesn't have a vagina. BK asked a deer to pierce the vagina, then another deer with a big hoof. He added rat urine. BK takes Po by the hand, goes up to the sky with her, becomes Saq Q'e (Bright Sun). There is a sequel where BC's older brother Choql, ("The Cloud") seduces his wife. BK hits her, she runs away, flies on a vulture that takes her away, BK defeats birds, returns his wife]: 233-235; kekchi, mopan [old man T'actani has a daughter X't'actani; she is a weaver and a spinner; Kin killed an antelope, filled a stuffed animal with ash and grass, carried Sh. past his house every evening; T. advised his daughter to pour water on the path; K. slipped, the scarecrow burst; then K. asked the hummingbird for his skin, giving him in return cotton wool so that it would not freeze; S. asked her father to shoot the hummingbird, who stunned him; at night in S. K. became a man; asked S. to get her father's magic stone mirror and wind tube, covered the mirror with soot, poured pepper into the tube; K. did not smoke one place in the mirror, T. saw K. and S. in the boat; not was able to shoot, almost suffocated; asked his Uncle Chac (Thunder) to kill the fugitives; K. turned into a turtle, S. turned into a crab, both dived to the bottom; after being hit, K. swam out, saw S.'s blood on the water; told the fish to collect it, but they began to eat flesh and drink blood; then he told the dragonflies, they collected them in 13 wooden decks; K. left them to the woman, promising to return in 13 days; opening the decks, K. found them in them various poisonous snakes (in the 1st), non-venomous snakes (2nd and 3rd), mosquitoes (4), sand fleas (5), green hornets (6), yellow wasps (7), small black wasps (8), the same but with white wings (9), white caterpillars with with poisonous hairs (10), flies (11 and 12), S. (13); K. sent a man to throw the first 12 decks into the sea; he heard a noise, discovered it out of curiosity, the creatures broke into the world; S. does not have a vagina; on the advice of old woman K. put S. between two hills, told a small deer to run, the trail was too small; the big one was just right; when he met S., K. decided that it was too tempting for people, told the Rat to write in vagina; since then, sex has been followed by disgust; K. found out that S. was cheating on him with his brother Shulab; he asked the turkey and another bird to give him their bile, asked the old woman for pepper, tinted everything with uruku, told the old woman to make a cake out of it, baked it in his armpit, gave it to her lovers; they began to spit, could not quench their thirst, S. ran to the river for a drink, agreed when Vulture offered to pick it up; takes Vultures to the village; the leader's house is supposedly made of stone, but this is guano; K. turned into a dead antelope, told the fly to lay down larvae; catches Vulture, tells him to be attributed to the leader; in the land of vultures hides in brushwood carried by a lumberjack, then comes to the village, holes 7 grains of corn, which causes Vulture to hurt his teeth, he lets him in to cure him; K. cures, puts them to sleep, takes Sh., tells two vultures to take them back; turns into the Sun, S. into the Moon, Shulab to the Morning Star, younger brother to the Evening Star; K. places a mirror at the zenith; each the day seems to be moving further west in the afternoon, but in fact he returns east; at first, S. is bright like him; she feels sorry for the people who work all the time, K. takes one eye out for her]: Thompson 1930:126-132; Maya Yucatana [detail of the relief at the Lower Jaguar Temple in Chichen Itza (drawn by Ch.M.); the hummingbird touches the chest of a woman protruding from a flower with its beak; possible allusion to the same episode that in other Mayan myths: the hero takes the form of a hummingbird to infiltrate a girl]: Chinchilla Mazariegos 2010b, fig.7; northern lacandons [Mole Hunter (OK) found that he is all moles killed and had nothing more to eat; climbed the Byrsonima crassifolia tree for fruit; saw a girl come out of a crack in the ground, took off her head, combed her hair, then put her head in place; he began to throw fruit seeds at her, but she did not raise her head; pulled the bump, the passage opened and she went down; OK found this bump and followed; it's evening on the ground, and the sun rises below; OK comes to the house, Sukunkyum's wife calls him a son: he has not changed his skin and is alive; she hid him in a large pot so that Kishin would not find it by smell; sprinkles roasted peppers on the pot; K.'s son sniffs, suffers from pepper, leaves; the same with his second son K.; Sukunkyum returned, he placed the sun on the eastern edge of the sky; to prevent OK from smelling like a living person, S. gave him his old cloak; wearing a cloak, OK turned into a hummingbird; old K. and his sons, everyone wants to shoot a bird to eat; K. hit it with an arrow, but his daughter picked it up and took it away; she put it with her for the night, he became human again; old K. and his wife they called him son-in-law; OK does not eat what Kisins eat, S. warned him (beans are larvae, tortillas are wood mushrooms, salt is cadaveric liquid; OK comes to S. to eat; The sun is human, but without legs, so S. wears it on his shoulders; OK sees what is happening to the soul of the deceased - to the one who changed the skin; S.'s wife puts the person on the bench, feeds her; the young Kisina want to take her to fry; finally, they grab their soul and alternately throw Metlan into the fire and into cold water; K. tells his soul what misdemeanors he is tormented for during his lifetime; before that, K. killed monkeys; the dead are those killed by him monkeys; the firewood that K. burns are the bones of the dead; S. showed OK the pillars supporting the earth; then tells people to tell people everything he saw underground; leaving the underworld, OK wanted to take a wife, but she hesitated, sweeping the house; OK went out, the exit to the ground closed and the wife stayed downstairs; OK told people everything]: Cook 2019:133-190; southern lacandons [the hero turns into a hummingbird at the house of the owner of the underworld; he shoots him, picks him up; at night he turns into a man; recognized as a son-in-law, tested]: Boremanse 1986:87, 296; 1989:77; kakchikeli [ a girl catches a hummingbird; at night he turns into a man; recognized as a son-in-law, father-in-law puts him to the test]: Redfield in Thompson 1977:437-438; tsutuhil [poor young man turns into a hummingbird, enters the garden to the king's two daughters; one of them tells her father that she would like to use the hummingbird as a model for her fabric; when they go out to buy fruit, both sisters meet the same young man in the form of a man, fall in love, invite him to spend the night; hearing laughter at night, the king sends a bug (a young man kills him), a louse (blind and does not see), a flea (girls kill), a firefly (sees and reports everything) to scout; one of sisters give birth to a son; the king tells the young man 1) to prepare the plot (zompopos work instead of him); 2) sow in a day (the young man throws red scarves, they turn into peppers; from those thrown in the middle seed fields the whole field is sown); 3) peel the bag of rice (ants do this), 4) bring cachos de los animals (animal bones?) , the young man brings, it turns out that the king calls firewood; the young man and both wives run away; the king asks the angel to strike them with lightning; the young man turns his wives into dolls, hides them among cachos de ganados, but lightning incinerates both; the young man brings a vessel of ashes to his mother, tells him not to open it; in his absence, she hears a noise inside, removes the lid, two doves fly out; wives are lost forever ]: Petrich 1997:161-166; ishil [god Oev Akchi falls in love with Maria Markaao, daughter of Mataktani; turns into a hummingbird; MM wants a bird as a model for drawing on fabric; lovers spend the night together; in the morning M. finds the door locked; sends a louse, she drinks blood, gets drunk, does not return; for this she is left to live on the street, drink blood; dies; sends a flea, the same (M. makes it useless, preventing people from sleeping); the firefly is told to break through the roof, light up the room; he says that the hummingbird has turned into a man, sleeps with MM; the firefly is given the light to shine at night; MO marries MM, father-in-law tells 1) immediately sow corn, ayotes, chilacayotes, beans (M. tells her husband to measure the field, leave a machete on it, go to bed; an insect like an ant does all the work; AO brings father-in-law a crop); 2) build a house (there are no trees around; MM lets AO spray his breast milk on the hill, leave machetes on the ground; when AO wakes up, there are trees around; he builds a house); 3) build temazcal (steam bath) and collect firewood (there is no dry wood around; MM tells MM to leave the machete on a hill with lots of stones; AO wakes up around firewood); 4) M tells MM and AO to be the first to steam in the bath, closes all holes; the mole digs the passage, the lovers run away; come to the narrow aisle, MM gets stuck, her father strikes her with a zipper; AO collects her bones in a handkerchief, comes to his aunt, puts the bones in a vessel, closes, tells her aunt not to touch it; she opens to see what's inside; bones turn into deer, rabbits, wild pigs, and other animals; see motif B30]: Colby, Colby 1981:181-183; pokomchi [ the old man turns into a bird, the girl asks her father to shoot him; at night, the hero comes to life and kidnaps it]: Mayers, McNeilly 1973, No. 1 [into a sparrow; (=Mayers 1958:4)], 3 [in a hummingbird]: 88, 92; mom [boy turns into a hummingbird to sneak into a girl; in her room turns into a man again; they run]: Lara Figueroa 1988, No. 1 in Peñalosa 1996, No. 432:66; mestizos Soconusco [poor daughter women reject suitors; God comes disguised as a beggar, also rejected; turns into a bird, sits next to her; the girl hits her with a stick, then puts it under her clothes; the bird comes to life, bites her breasts, flies away ; she gives birth to two twins; she dies herself, turns into the land we live on; the grandmother wants to eat the twins, tells her many sons to kill them; they are going to throw the twins into the deep ravine; ants tell them to jump on their own; one jumps, turns into the Sun, rises to the sky, burning his grandmother; she turns into a black-headed wind, chases the sun in vain; the second brother jumps later becomes the Month; uncles jump after them, become stars, can't grab the Month]: Navarrete 1966, No. 1:422-423.

The Northern Andes. Kogi: Preuss 1926, No. 9 [girl catches a bird; hero kidnaps a girl and cultivated plants (mostly tubers)]: 202-208; Reichel-Dolmatoff 1985 (2), No. 6 [along with vulture people and The people of Thunder (Makú) Duginavi lives in heaven; asks the King of the Vultures to lend him his white clothes to go down to earth; cultivates a field on the ground (puso a hacer un sembrado), feeds on fallen animals , comes back for the night; Thunder's people are surprised that he has a lot of food; Téiku (inventor of axes and machetes) and Nyiueldue (owner of gold, boats, trees) put a trap, catch D., N. puts him in a cage, leaves her daughter to guard; D. turns into a man, converges with a girl; N. closes lovers in the house, sets fire; D. covers the girl with his wings from fire and ash, since then the feathers of the Royal Vulture as if burnt from the back; when two immature calebasses prepared by D. burst, N. thinks that the lovers have burned down; D. brings the girl to his field, where cassava, yam, sweet potato are bursting; N.'s harvest died from droughts; N. sees ants dragging pieces of yam, etc.; comes to the field, does not recognize D.; he sends him to the middle of the site to dig cassava, sets fire to the site; N. burns, and the King gets out of the smoke Vultures, who lent D. his clothes; Nyíueldue (father of gold, boats and trees, aka Chief Vulture, blackened by smoke when his son-in-law Duginávi set fire to the area where the forest was cut down) He slept during the day, and at night he came to the site planted by his son and sowed forest and grass there; his son killed him; see motif K8A; see further motif K8A]: 38-39, 60-61; guajiro [the hero turns into a little eagle and lets the girl catch herself; he is affectionate with her and ferocious with her lover (the story is cut short; there are many European motifs in the text)]: Wilbert, Simoneau 1986 (2), No. 29:557.

Southern Venezuela. Piaroa [Wahari does not know cassava, finds cakes, made by Kwawañamu, the daughter of the Kwoimoi snake; V. specially left a basket of fish by the water that Kwoimoya's people stole it; Kwoima and his took off his clothes with his family and began to swim; V. let the anaconda swallow her clothes; turned into a powhil bird (the size of a turkey) to attract Kwawakyama's attention; her brother says that V. is handsome; Kva. comes to the tree where the bird sang, sees an ugly old man, but Quoima says he is a shaman; V. speaks to Kva in different languages, she only understood PR; V. turned handsome, gave an anaconda yopo drug, she regurgitated her clothes; Quoima agreed to give V. her daughter in exchange for the fish she had taken; sister V. Chejeru]: Boglar 1977, No. 13:268-270; Yanomami [Joasíwe is the elder brother, Umáua is the youngest; Y. sees three girls by the river, their parents are nearby; turns into a colorful anambe azul bird ( Caatinga cayana L.), falls between the girls, they say that the bird is disgusting, they throw it away; then it turns into a rock chicken Rupicola, but the result is the same; J. caught the fish, comes back home in a bad mood, began to fry the fish, did not notice how it became charred; Brother W. asks what happened, goes to the girls himself, turns into a bird, the girls like it; the father tells the eldest kill her daughter, but the girl only stunned the bird, she flew away, W. told her brother everything, returned again in the form of a bird; this time the father allowed his daughter to keep the bird alive; the girl began to caress it, the bird grabbed her by the hair and carried her away; her father was swimming at that time, hit the water, who was nearby Y. got wet, became a wasp, could not fly on wet wings, became a fish; W. brought the girl to the mountain, became man; the girl's father continued to splash water; then W. dried the river, his father recognized him as his father-in-law in exchange for water; W. received a peach palm tree from him; J. also became human again]: Polykrates 1967:285- 287.

Guiana. Arekuna: Armellada 1973, No. 51 [the old woman put her pubic hair on the trail, told her son-in-law it was tapir hair, told her to dig a hunting hole; he began to dig and completely plunged into the ground; accepted through the nose, the drug turned into a chikei bird; it was seen by the daughters of the Great Battleship, lured with baked sweet potatoes, brought home, the bird became human again, he began to live with them; decided to visit his mother; the wives asked not to talk about them, but he spilled out; people killed the battleships; they appeared to the hero in a dream; everything was flooded with a flood]: 141-143; Koch-Grünberg 1924, No. 34 [Wadhamaímöng shaman - son-in-law old woman; she asked him to dig a trap hole on the tapir trail; in the morning there was no tapir in the hole, her mother-in-law left her pubic hair on the edge, said it was tapir hair, so he came; V. became dig deeper and made a hole into the lower world; the wind dragged him there, he turned into a bird, sat on a palm tree on the edge of the Great Battleship; the Battleship's daughter brought her home, and at night she dreamed that the bird is a man; V. turned into a man, began to live with the daughter of the Battleship; the Battleship agreed that V. visit relatives, but did not tell him about him; at home he began to sing about his adventures ( now this song is sung while dancing mauari); mother-in-law V.'s sons killed the battleship father-in-law, but V.'s wife managed to escape; V. sent the mother-in-law's son who did not participate in the murder, caused a flood, the villagers turned into spirits]: 112-117.

NW Amazon. Tariana [three brothers turn into birds, girls catch them; brothers become human again, take possession of girls]: Brüzzi 1994:119; tucano? [like a tarian]: Brüzzi 1994:212; cubeo [a pregnant woman falls from the shore, drowns; vultures remove a living boy from the corpse - Hömänihikë; he adorned himself with feathers and monkey hair, he flew on the back of a vulture to his father's house, sitting in the form of an owl on a pole; there was his grandmother in the form of an anaconda; he blew tobacco dust on her through a wind gun, she woke up as a man; her grandmother tells me to kill the jaguar who killed Father H.; he cuts a tree, a jaguar comes, H. kills him with a poisoned arrow; the same with another jaguar; with grandmother H. comes to the garden Vultures, turns into a baby; the vulture girl came to swim, H. became a bird, she took it, he became a man; the grandmother made kashiri; the Vultures came to dance; H. killed them and his grandmother, cutting it in half; went on a journey, killed Locusts, Monkeys (of a certain species), Ants, Wasps, Deer (all of them were human, although the murder of animals and forever is described, for example, the nest of wasps X. crushed the nest of wasps X. hands); H. had brothers Kuai and Mianikö toibë; the latter has no head, no eye on his chest]: Koch-Grünberg 1910:159-162; yukuna [see K1 motif; one by one Kawarimi asks three groups of cranes to take him; the latter give him feathers; tell him not to look down when they fly over the little ones, or else they fall; people shoot arrows at the cranes, they shout that they are being bitten by a scorpion, an ant, a spider; he looks at the next little one, falls, the cranes pick him up, bring his aunt to her husband; this is an anaconda; his aunt is Pamitewa; the cranes have flown away, K. pretends not to wake up; P. gives Take this daughter's crane across the stream; K. turns into a man, rapes her; runs, touches the trap, hangs from the sky by her legs; smeared with crap; Imu sends a daughter, she says that the game has rotted, sends his father; I. believed that K. was dead, brought home, ate cassava crap; K. promises daughter I. to lie with her if she freed him; she put a deer on the grill; at night I. throws the hook, he is for K.'s hair, the daughter pretends to be behind her hair; I. threw the smut in four directions, the world caught fire; K., in the form of an insect, hides in the water in the leaf axil; comes to the ogre Dragonfly (Iñapurá); accidentally burned it (now the dragonfly is like this); asked to hide it from I.; he hid it in the water; at the request of I. sent an anaconda, then a caiman, a manatee; both cannibals live together, Imo eats excrement; in Someone cooks at home; K. opened the box, the Parrot girl appeared; wants to go back in the box, he did not allow it; burned his penis; she hears this word for the first time; neither she nor Imo and Inyapur have neither genitals, no anus; copulate with any part of the body; K. and Parrot (i.e. Dragonfly's wife) have copulated; Dragonfly asks why K. has an erected penis - wasps have bitten; Dragonfly's wife asks to kill him; he hears K. blowing the winds, he likes the sound, he asks him to pierce his anus; K. pierces him to the heart, he dies; K. marries a widow (Parrot); Wolves (Martens?) they stole it, left Mother Komarov in return; K. killed her, mosquitoes flew out of her; K. took his wife; then see motive K8A]: Jacopins 1981:127-150; bora [man eats a bird, breaks a bone, gushes out of it water, floods the whole earth; someone has built a dam to prevent water from flowing; a hummingbird breaks the dam; in the form of a hummingbird, he allows himself to be caught by the builder's daughter; she plants a bird to warm up by the fire; he carries fire; humans come from Hummingbird and his sister]: Wavrin 1932:141; 1937:636; witoto [girl asks her father to catch a bird; the hero makes the girl pregnant in the form of a worm]: Yépez 1982:63-64 ; andoque [Canoa-de-Opaí (Merganetta armata duck, note at p. 79) in a leaf boat and a Hummingbird Egg (born from an egg laid by a woman who copulated with a snake) went to the mouth of the river (on east) to get fire; the girl picked up the Hummingbird Egg; told her parents it was a chick; they replied that it was a Hummingbird Egg, it was already old, but she still planted it to warm up by the hearth; the parents closed it tightly the door, the Maloki hung a net in the back; the Hummingbird Egg grabbed the coal, burned the net, flew away; returned to the upper reaches, where Pauhil grabbed, swallowed the coal; but the fire came out with excrement, turned into a stone for carving a fire; (without a red throat motif)]: Landaburu, Pineda 1981:69-70; 1984:76-77.

The Central Andes. Uarochiri (dep. Lima) [Kolkiri turns into a grasshopper (?) ; Kapiama's girlfriend catches him, he turns into a man, makes love to her; gives her father an underground watercourse; first there is too much water, then not enough, then just right]: Salomon, Urioste 1991, Chapter 31:139; Pachacamac (dep. Lima; written by Colegio Nacional's student "Miguel Grau", Lima) [two Kuraks hate each other; one's son fell in love with the other's daughter, but the girl's father imprisoned her in a palace; the young man turned into a beautiful bird; the girl and her maids caught her, put her in a cage; in the room, the young man became human again; the girl told her father that she dreamed that the bird in her room had turned into a man; became pregnant; father ordered to kill her daughter, that is, she was the victim of intrigues; she ran away and turned around and saw that she was being chased by the same bird, but now disgusting in appearance; she and the child threw herself into the sea; they became by the big and small islands of Pachacamac]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947:41-42.

Southern Brazil. Mbia [girl catches an owl; pregnant]: Cadogán 1959:71