Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K162. The villain enters the bedroom, (ATU 956B) .


antagonist (robber, sorcerer, witch) enters the house of a girl or young woman, hiding inside a statue, in a closet, etc. and/or putting her husband to sleep (guards, etc.), but last the moment is destroyed.

Algerian Arabs, Portuguese, Italians (Lombardy, Veneto, Campania), Sardinians, Sicilians, Maltese, Greeks, Greek Cypriots, Adygs, Armenians, Turks, Lurs, Persians.

North Africa. The Arabs of Algeria (Medea) [the king has 7 daughters and a peach tree; ghuli got into the habit of stealing peaches at night; the king sent his eldest daughter to guard; she wore a military outfit but fell asleep; the same with the other five; the youngest consistently cuts off the head of the ghulas who approach the tree; but from the seventh she only cut off the scalp, the ghoul ran away; as a reward, the king is going to marry her first; to the one who He guesses what kind of object is hanging on the window; this is the skin of a huge lice, which the king fed and then stabbed; that ghoul took the image of a handsome man; when she saw him, the princess showed with signs that there was a louse on the window; having received a wife, The ghoul sent the royal retinue halfway, only the maid remained; the ghoul gave the keys to 7 rooms, forbiding him to unlock the seventh; the princess unlocked: there a terrible ghoul devours a donkey; the princess lost consciousness; when she came to her senses, a ghoul in her husband's guise asks what is on his crown; there is a scar, but the princess replies that it's okay; then the ghoul tied her to a tree and went to buy firewood to burn her; the maid freed her and carried them on her back; the lion met them, invited them to his place, fed them; the ghoul demanded his wife, but was forced to leave; by the merchants from the girl's father's kingdom; she told them everything, asked them to send sheep and camels as a gift to the lion; the king sent; his men took the princess; the lion gave her a lion cub: if the ghoul came again, the lion cub would kill him; the ghoul came in the form of a beggar, the princess lowered the lion on her, the lion ate gulya; but it was the one who ate the donkey in the seventh room; when the princess remarried, her ghoul husband appeared; bribed the maid to add sleepy powder to everyone but the princess's dishes; took the princess; she convinced him that she would not run away again, and offered to take his father's treasures; found a lion, let him go for a walk, he ate it; called the people and doctors, who revived those who had fallen asleep; the soothsayer said that The princess was betrayed by her maid; she cut off her head]: Desparmet 1910:407-422.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [robber or robbers enter the house; only one girl does not fall asleep, raises the alarm, cuts off the robber's hand; under the guise of a noble master, the robber marries the heroine's older sister or herself is taken to a secluded place and tied to a tree to burn; she manages to escape; the robber enters the house again (hiding in the wooden figure of the saint, in closet disguised as a beggar, etc.); exposed; the heroine marries a prince or a noble robber who helped her escape from the villain]: Cardigos 2006, No. 956B: 248-249; Italians ( Lombardy, Veneto), Sardinians: Cerise, Serafini 1975, No. 956B: 246; Italians: Basile 2018 (Naples) [princess refuses grooms; magician Fiorovante ordered to make a head out of gold and teeth; the princess immediately agreed to marry him; he left her in the stable, ordering her to eat the same food as horses, and left; she went out into the garden; he immediately returned and almost killed her; left her again; goldsmith her father accidentally went there, hid the princess in an empty barrel and returned her to the palace; the king put iron doors in his daughter's room; F. bribed the old woman, let him put the bewitched princess in bed leaf; everyone but the princess fell asleep; F. broke in, dragged his victim, but the leaf fell out, the palace's cloisters woke up and tore F. to pieces]: 263-270; Calvino 1980, No. 169 (Malonie) [to extradite his daughter, the king called kings, barons, knights, professors; when almost all applicants passed, the princess chose a professor; he took his wife, followed by an army, but no stops; the soldiers cannot go all the time; the princess's husband lets them go and brings her to the cave; there she must put the corpses standing to fit, and her husband brings a cart of new ones every day; her aunt gave her a chest; the princess opened the box and asked to save her from; she is the same; the mother's spirit teaches M. to burn her hand, collect the ashes in a bag, attach it to her belt; O. thinks that the hand responds from M.'s abdomen; shows the ointment to revive the dead; tells not go into the same room; she finds a young man in her body with a dagger in his body, revives him, he is a prince; they agree that she will kill him again and at this time she finds out how to kill the caves; a dove, a princess, flew out sent a letter with her father; he tells her to find out how to open the entrance to the cave; the princess tells her husband that she dreamed that she was out; the robber explains that he is premature and born in the seventh month how he himself should hit the wall three times with a stick; he is found, the cave is open, the princess is taken away and passed off as the king of Siberia; the robber has figured out how to get to her; he placed himself in the image of a saint into a picture behind glass that was sold to the king of Siberia; put a piece of paper under the king's pillow, causing him to fall asleep; unscrewed three bolts himself and went out; when he was ready to kill the princess, she jumped up, the piece of paper fell down the king woke up, called for help; the thief is killed]: 606-609); Sicilians [the lumberjack has three daughters, the youngest Maruzza; he sighs, Oh, my! , Ohmy appears, offers to give him his daughter as an assistant and wife; the eldest comes; O. shows her the corpses of women who have violated orders; leaves, ordering him to eat the hand of the deceased during this time; the girl throws away her outside the window; O. asks, the hand answers that she is here; O. kills the girl, gets his middle sister.; O. says that if you break off this twig and put it in his ear, he will fall asleep; M. put him to sleep, everyone revived, everyone came back, she married that prince; after a few years, the twigs rotted, O. woke up, found M., made a silver statue, told her to wear it, and played musical instruments inside it; the statue was brought to the palace; O. went out, put everyone to sleep except M., began to boil the oil to cook it; the bottle with the potion fell, everyone woke up, O. himself was cooked in oil]: Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 44:287-294; Maltese: Stumme 1904, No. 6 [the gentleman marries and takes the eldest daughter of a shoemaker; takes him across the wasteland to a luxurious palace; says that he is the chieftain of robbers; the wife should not enter one of the rooms and must immediately unlock the door for him when he returns; the wife falls asleep, he broke the door and cut off her head; the same with her second daughter; the youngest pretends to like everything on the way; unlocks the forbidden room, that handsome prince; he takes the girl to his father and marries him; the robber ordered the golden figure of an eagle, sold it to the king, climbed inside himself, the king left the eagle in his son's bedroom; wife the prince heard a rustle, the guards were called, the robber was hanged], 29 [a gentleman marries the youngest of the three sisters, but is refused; then orders the carpenter an image of the Christ Child in glass in the box, lies down in it himself; the girl's mother buys an image for the holiday, it is brought to the girl; at night the gentleman gets up; the girl calls for help; the mother comes running, gives the master coffee with opium; at this time the girl boils oil; when the master falls asleep, her brothers throw it into the cauldron; the girl gets the key to the palace and she takes possession of all the riches]: 22-25, 80-82.

The Balkans. Greeks (Asia Minor) [40 robbers rob all; the king sent soldiers, the robbers killed them; the princess asked for 40 girls, 40 horses and 40 knives; got to the cave, killed those who were coming out the robbers one at a time; one was only wounded, he recovered, married a princess {obviously unrecognized}, tied him by the hair, was going to burn it, but walked away; at that time a caravan was passing, one was blind, the other was deaf ; they released the girl and hid her in a camel pack; the robber looked for her but did not find her; the caravans took the girl to another king, who married her to another prince; the girl asked her to be at her house there were a lion and a leopard; the robber brought land from the grave, it puts her to sleep; without waking up her husband, the wife stabbed the robber herself and gave his head to a lion and a leopard]: Dawkins 1916:343-345; the Greeks - Cypriots [the old logger has three daughters; he bought the eldest handkerchief, she sat on the balcony, saw her by a well-dressed gentleman, married without a dowry; in the palace she gives the keys to a hundred rooms, and a prickly man to one hundred and first she hides it; she found it, unlocked the room, there is a window; she sees her husband devouring a fresh corpse and turning into a monster: three eyes, a huge head, long arms and nails on them; her husband noticed traces in locked room, came to his wife in the form of her mother, calls her husband a monster, asks her daughter to give her something and her husband's treasures; she does not tell or give anything; the same with other relatives; but when the husband comes in the form of a wet nurse, the wife tells her everything; the husband says he is Trimmatus (cannibal category) and promises to eat his wife; asks if she wants to be fried or swallowed; she asks for a two-hour delay; takes that forbidden key, unlocks the room and goes outside through the window; the lumberjack is afraid to hide it, the camel driver hides it in a bale of cotton; T. pierces all the bales hot with a skewer, but only wounds his wife in the leg; the driver hides this bale, the king was told; she embroiders a portrait of the king on the throne; the king married her to his son; T. came disguised as a pistachio and dried apricot seller; the jester guessed it; as the blacks got out of the bags, everyone was killed; the imaginary merchant came at night in his true form, sprinkled the ashes of his husband's dead to fall asleep; tells his wife that he was spinning is waiting for her; but she pushed him down the stairs, and a hole was dug under the stairs in advance, in which a lion and a tiger were dug; they ate T.; in the morning, parents brought their son and daughter-in-law to life]: Legrand 1881:115-131.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Adygi [being the last in the cemetery, the mullah eats the dead; buys and fattens the girl; she notices blood on her husband's arms and beard; he takes the form of her friend, finds out that his wife guesses that he is an ogre; promises to eat; the wife sits in a chest, swims along the river; the young man pulls him out; at night she secretly goes out, eats the food that his mother has prepared for the young man; on the third night he waits, grabs a girl, gets married, they have children; a mullah comes, bribes guard dogs with a ram's carcass, puts neighbors to sleep with intoxicating water, enters the house as a booger; a woman manages to break another a bottle of mullahs, everyone wakes up; the mullah is hung by the legs at the gate, everyone is cut off from him piece by piece]: Maksimov 1937:45-63; Armenians [the girl killed all the robbers who robbed the royal treasury, wounded the chieftain; the chieftain walked to her, took her to the forest, tied her to a tree to kill her; the old man saved the girl, hid her in a bag of cotton wool; the prince saw the girl in the bazaar, married her, lodged her in the palace 40 floors old; the chieftain sent a dream all over the city, went upstairs to kidnap the princess; the princess pushed the chieftain in the chest, he fell, crashed, everyone woke up]: Gullakyan 1990, No. 956B: 46; Turks: Eberhard, Botarav 1953, No. 153 [only the princess manages to kill one at a time 40 robbers who robbed the royal treasury, but she only hurts Ataman Mehmet; he marries her to burn her; she was rescued by caravans, who were carrying cotton; she marries Bey; M. enters the palace and puts everyone to sleep with magic; at the last moment, a voice tells the heroine to break the vessel with this product; the robber is killed]: 165-167; Dmitriev 1967, No. 33 []: 206-212; Stebleva 1986, No. 45 [], 52 []: 190-194, 218-223.

Iran - Central Asia. Lura [the man has 7 daughters; he went to sell a goat and asked each one what to buy with the proceeds; everyone asked for new clothes, and the youngest asked for a khudkan u khudbaz dress and a girded hat with qarvaz; if he does not bring it, he will not budge; he was grabbed by a demon and released for promising to give his youngest daughter; turned into a cow; the father told his daughter to drive her away; the cow became a dervish, he put the girl in a bag, locked her in a cave - let her swing on a swing; then she asked for the keys to all the rooms and he called her his wife; there were people in chains in one room, she freed them; sat in a chest and told people to let her down into the river; she was caught by a prince; a demon replaced two of her teeth with gold teeth; she told her husband not to make her laugh; the dervish came and gave henna in exchange for smiles; she smiled a little, the dervish noticed golden teeth and was about to kill her at night; but her husband was lying with a sword in his hand; pretended to fall asleep; when the demon was about to kill his wife, his husband slaughtered him]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 13:64-66; Persians [ a childless woman promises a stump that if she becomes pregnant, her son or daughter will serve him; the girl Bibinegar was born and raised; walks past the stump with two others; the stump tells her to stop; the mother sends her to I stump, a young man Maisaskabar comes out of it; with him carpets and a wheel from which emeralds and yakhonts fall; M. gives B. a fur coat - if he disappears, they will part; her aunt overheard; hopes to marry B. as her daughter; put B. to sleep and burned her fur coat; B. had only a ring with turquoise left; B. goes in search; the shepherds rudedly answer her: these are herds of M., a ransom for B.; the boy did not let her drink, she told the water to turn into blood and pus; M.: what is it? ordered to let me get drunk; B. threw a ring into the jug, M. realized that she was nearby; M.: everything around the diva; B. was hired as a maid in the house of M., whom Aunt B. married to her daughter; at night M. cut off his wife's head, rode away with B.; aunt chases, M. threw a piece of sheepskin (mountain); a piece of iron (iron mountain); salt (salt sea); aunt: how did you swim across; M.: stand on that pebble (it's a sunny glare); aunt drowned; a few drops of her blood splashed ashore, became a gazelle; M. brought her home; in her absence, she butts B.; when everyone was sleeping, the gazelle became an aunt, gathered everyone in the house to sleep, gathered throw B. into boiling water; B. asks for permission to pray; a virgin appeared, taught her to break a bottle; M. appeared, threw the gazelle into boiling water; gives B. a bottle of her aunt's life, tells her to go to her house, pick up those lying in front of her give bones to the dog with a camel, and straw on the contrary; praise the dried garden, which the aunt calls thorns; clean the dusty carpet and bed; agree to comb your aunt, and when she falls asleep, hit her Go to the ground and run; the bed and everyone else refuse to hold B., the dog tore his aunt; B. ran to M., he ceased to be a diva, became human, everything is fine]: Osmanov 1987:250-256.