Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K168B. The confused one became a bear. .28.31.32. (.36.)

A person makes another believe that he has become a bear (wolf), ended up in the forest, etc. When he wakes up, he finds himself confused where he was.

Russians (Olonetskaya, Samara), Northern Ukrainians (Chernigov), Eastern Sami, Karelians (people), Komi, (Yakuts).

Central Europe. Russians (Olonetskaya) [the postal owner takes travelers for fairy tales for the night; one went out with the owner into the yard, they became bears, broke all the cows and horses; hunters chased them; man to the master: they will kill me, they will take off my skin, you jump from the hole to the skin and shout: kids, don't kill me; sons ran in with candles: the mother's father scratches and screams between her legs; barely the old man was pulled back, He was in an eclipse for a month and a half]: Onchukov 2008, No. 270 (171): 492-493; Russians (no place of recording): Afanasiev 1958 (3), No. 376 [approximately as in (377), in short], 377 [Tsar Agea Burlak Ivan {in this case - sailor} on the ship; the ship died, I. escaped; came to the soldier: I'll just spend the night, and for this I'll spend the night in one piece every day; the soldier puts them in a piggy bank; once opened them - there are chips; complained to the king; when the piggy bank was opened, there was money; A. tells him to whip the soldier, but I. stood up: I played a joke; A.: play with me too; the palace was flooded with water, I. and A. in a boat, carried into the sea, nailed to the island; A. looked around: no boats, no I.; came to town, hired a woman to sell lamb as a porter; once he tried lamb, people were around: what are you eating, it's a human hand; his chopping block, the hangman swung, A. cried out, courtiers: what's wrong with you; A. on his throne; expelled Ivan, he came to the peasant, he let him go for a fairy tale; I.: look at yourself - he became a bear; and I too; we will be killed; they will kill a window into the forest, the hunters next, the bear man in the hollow; I.: if they kill me, I'll take off my skin, roll over it, you'll become a man; the man did so; fell off the floor, hit hard; kicked Ivan out]: 148-149, 150-152; Russians (Samara) [soldier served 25 years and went to see the tsar; the soldier was let in; the tsar asks how great the light is; soldier: the sun goes for 25 hours; how much from heaven to earth; he knocks there, but here you can hear how deep the sea is; we had a grandfather 70 years old, went to the next world and now he is gone; the tsar gave the soldier 25 rubles, he went to the pub, skipped everything; bought carrots, cut them into mugs, gave them He mistook the innkeeper for gold; when he later saw the carrot, the innkeeper brought the soldier to the king, took out the carrot, gold; the king asked him to joke with him; the room was flooded with water, the king was on the roof, the water came in a boat appeared, the king sailed in it; the water came down, an old woman was coming with buns, he took it to hold it, the quarterly one came up - the king holds human heads; they took them to the scaffold to whip; the hangman hit once, the king screamed; people ran in, the king was sitting on the sofa; the king thought that a year had passed, but only an hour; the king gave the soldier a wolf ticket; the old man called to him, asked for a fairy tale; sat on the floor, the soldier told his daughters-in-law to sleep send it away, otherwise he says obscenely; the old man felt - they are both bears; soldier: you have to run into the forest; if I'm killed, you'll tumble over me; that's what happened; the owner flipped over me Polaty, daughters-in-law ran in, picked up; the old man drove the soldier away]: Sadovnikov 1884, No. 25:116-119; northern Ukrainians (Chernigovskaya, Nezhinsky u., p. Flat) [the soldier asked the old man to spend the night; the old man agrees if the soldier knows a fairy tale; the soldier says that the old man fell asleep; there is not a soldier nearby, but a bear, but he is a wolf; go to meet the woman; bear: this is my woman, let's eat it; we ate it; also with a cow (the narrator forgot then)]: Malinka 1902, No. 74:357-358.

Baltoscandia. Eastern Sami, Karelian people [defined by Aarne, Thompson 1951, not Uther 2004; when a soldier tells tales, the inn owner thinks he has become a bear and a soldier a wolf; they are chased by dogs, etc.; when they recover, the judge releases the soldier]: Kecskeméti, Paunonen 1974, No. 664B*: 234.

Volga - Perm. Komi [the soldier served for 25 years, came to the village, quietly snuck into the hut on the floor; the hostess came in, woke up her husband and told the soldier to drive away; her husband is bored, ready to leave for a fairy tale; the owners they have dinner, but the soldier is not invited; he said that without eating, he would not be able to tell a fairy tale; when they lay down, the soldier began to tell, and then both turned into bears, ran away to the forest and springs sucked their paw in the den; in spring, a soldier bear says that when they start tearing cows, they will kill him, take off his skin, let the master bear steal it, then become human again; when the bear is the owner pulled his skin, then fell and found himself in the hut on the floor; ran to the barn - the cows are intact; in the morning the soldier says that he will not leave, but will pay a silver ruble for each day; in a year and three months from the owner a bucket of silver; wanted to show his wife, and there are pieces of birch bark in the bucket; the soldier to the king, he orders to be executed; the soldier asks for permission to say goodbye to the white light; went out onto the porch, water poured, the king to the roof, then the pipe; the fisherman in the boat agrees to save him if the king goes to him as a laborer; the king caught fish and repaired nets all summer; then the fisherman sent him to the city to make dumplings and sell them; the trade is successful, but in flour my hand was severed; the king was taken to court; soldier: do not cut my voice; king: they were cutting my own; the king suddenly realized that he was in his palace, and the hangman wanted to execute the soldier; the king forgave the soldier and awarded]: Plesovsky 1975:132-136.

(Wed. Eastern Siberia. {Apparently, Russian borrowing}. Yakuts: Ergis 1967b, No. 386 [Olonkhosut Savva borrowed money, went to buy fur; rich head Trofim forced him to perform olonkho; S. refused, he was put in a cold closet; S. undertakes perform olonkho, but warns him to be listened to to the end, otherwise he will become seriously ill; oh while performing olonkho, his head falls asleep and dreams: he ends up in a bear and is attacked by hunters with a horn; his head wakes up and because S. stops olonkho without finishing, gives him furs], 387 [the rich man liked to listen to fairy tales; a man stopped at his place, promised to tell him for the night; the guest and the owner fell asleep; the rich man dreams that he and the guest had turned into bears, are lying in a den; hunters kill a bear guest, the owner jumps over him, wakes up; it turned out that in a dream he jumped over wife, hit his forehead against the corner of the table; since then he has not forced me to tell fairy tales]: 261, 262).