Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K20. A mortal wants a star, C15.1, C15.1.1.


Looking at the sky at night, a man or woman wants to marry a star or Month (kuchin: having a star as an object). See K19a, K19b motifs.

Bilbil, Bashkirs, Kodiak, Tanana, Tagish, Southern Tutchoni, Helmet, Taltan, Tsetsot, Slevi, Kuchin, Heiltsuk, Chilkotin, Shuswap, Kutene, Quinolt, Quileut, Lkungen, Klallam, Twana, Snookualli , puyallup, Puget Sound, Upper Chehalis, Cowlitz, Vasco, Wishram, Yakima, Tillamook, Coos, Steppe Cree, Chippewa, Ojibwa, Mikmak, Passamaquoddy, Sarsi, Blackfooted, Assiniboine, Grovantre, Santi, Teton, Shayen, oto, arikara, pawnee, wichita, grovantre, arapaho, kaddo, koasati, maidu, washo, eastern shoshoni, napo, shuar, aguaruna, aikana, nambikwara, iranshe, paresi, umotina, karazha, kayapo, apinaye, kraho, ramkokamekra , shavante, sherente, chamakoko, chorote, nivakle, maka, matako, toba, mokovi, caduveo.

Melanesia. Bilbil [a man looks at the stars, wants a woman from heaven to marry; she goes down to him; his younger brother notices them, tells his mother that his brother's wife is more beautiful than her; they have a son; he catches a grasshopper, the grandfather bakes, eats it; the grandson demands him back; the grandfather in his hearts says that his mother is from heaven; the mother confirms this; makes a smoky fire, tells his son to wrap his neck around his neck, rises from a column of smoke him to heaven]: Dempwolff 1911, No. 4:82-87.

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs: Nadrshina 1985, No. 6 [the girl went to get water, saw a huge bone washed out of sand; said that if her husband was like a Month, she would give birth to him a hero who would have the same bones; The month married the girl, she is standing there with a rocker arm and buckets]: 12; Rudenko [(according to Lossievsky 1876); the girl who went to fetch water looks at the Month, promises to give birth to a hero if she had such a handsome husband; a month takes her as his wife, she can be seen there with a rocker arm and buckets] 1925:299-300; 1955:315.

The Arctic. Kodiak [two girls spend the night outside to see the Month, want it as a husband; he goes down, carries them to heaven; one opens his eyes, falls, the other becomes the wife of the Month; walking across the sky, meets stars; each is a lying person with one bright eye, with his face on the ground; violates her husband's prohibition to enter two houses; sees half, a quarter and a small sickle of the moon in one; sees half, a quarter and a small sickle of the moon in the other full, almost full and slightly more than half of the moon; puts almost full to his face, can no longer take it off; since then she has been sharing her husband's work (the growing month is a man, the decreasing moon is a woman)]: Golder 1903, â„– 5:28-31.

Subarctic. Tanana; tagish; southern tutchoni; helmet; taltan; tsetsot; slevi; kuchin [two girls see a bright star; each wants to have it in her bag; a star falls between them, takes both to heaven]: McKennan 1965:139-140.

NW Coast. Heiltzuk [the chief's two daughters with four other girls sleep outside; want the Sun, Month, stars as their husbands; find themselves in the upper world; one of the girls goes beyond the Sun, gives birth to a son; Sun shows her a hole in the sky, lowers her son and her sister in the basket; she brings good luck to her family; her son becomes a Transformer]: Boas in Thompson 1965, No. 8:422.

The coast is the Plateau. Chilcotin; shuswap; coutene; quinolt; quileout; lkungen; clallam; twana; snookually; puyallup; Puget Sound ; upper chehalis; cowlitz; vasco; vishram; yakima; tillamook; cous.

The Midwest. Steppe Cree; Chippewa; Ojibwa (incl. timagami).

Northeast. Mikmak; passamaquoddy.

The Great Plains. Sarsi; blacklegs; assiniboine; grovantre; santi; sheyens; oto; arikara; pawnee; wichita; grovantre [two women sleep outside; one wants a Month to be her husband, the other a star; the first climbs a tree for a porcupine, goes to heaven, a porcupine turns into a Month; she gives birth to him a son; she is not told to dig up roots; she digs, makes a hole in the sky; a month helps her go down a rope of tendons; a second girl goes beyond the bison, she gets rescued]: Kroeber in Thompson 1965b, No. 41:427; arpahoe: Dorsey 1903 [ A month wants to marry a woman, the Sun wants to marry a frog because she does not blink when she looks at him; The month has become a porcupine, one of the two girls climbed a tree for him, ended up in the sky; The sun brought a toad or frog, saw that the girl was better; the girl works hard, crunches loudly for food, old people like her teeth; the frog is lounging, she has no teeth, crunches coals; the frog jumped on the chest of the Month and stayed there; the wife of the Month gave birth to a boy; the Month does not tell her to dig up rhizomes with withered stems; she dug a hole in the sky, saw her camp, began to descend a rope of tendons , holding a baby behind her back; a month killed her by throwing a stone, her son survived, sucks her chest; the old woman at night picked him up, called him a Star; the boy notices that the old woman leaves food for someone, kills the beast with sparkling eyes, lets his grandmother make spoons, she replies, This is your grandfather; the young man grew up, left, kills snakes; one crawled into his anus, then into his skull, left a skeleton; he called the heat of the sun, the snake crawled out, he grabbed it, she gave him her skin for his spear; he became the Morning Star]: 212-228; Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 134 [A month hears a girl expressing a desire to marry him marry, and the other wants a bright star to be her husband; his brother Sun prefers the Frog because she does not wrinkle her eyes when she looks at him; The month turns into a porcupine, the girl follows him, climbs a tree, gets caught to heaven, becomes the wife of the Month; the Sun brings the Frog; the Frog is going to get water, takes a vessel; The Month invites the wife and the Frog to compete who chews a piece of gut better; the wife of the Month is nice crunches, the Frog cannot gnaw its gut, crunches with coals, black drools; she is offended, jumps on her chest for a month, she has been seen there ever since with a water vessel; the Month has two wives, a woman and Bisonicha, each has a son; sons and wives quarrel; the Month warns the female wife not to dig a deep hole by digging roots; she digs, makes a hole in the sky, sees her native village; weaves a rope from tendons, climbs down it; The month throws a stone, killing his wife, but the child falls and remains alive; sucks a dead mother's chest; grows up; some person notices traces, leaves a bow and arrow, boy picks them up; the man has difficulty grabbing him, brings him to the parents of the deceased woman; the Month reproaches the Bisonikha Wife for what happened; she and her son leave; the Month follows them; every day the bisons kill one of them (one of the brothers of the wife of the Month) to feed his son-in-law; each time they collect bones in their skin, the bison comes to life; the Month peeks, piercing a hole in the tipi, sees the father-in-law hit the snag, from there a man jumps up, runs, Bisons kill him for food; A month secretly makes bows, goes to hit the snag himself; first a woman provocateur pops up, a month hits her, now her nose is injured, The month is not lets it go back; people go out, the Month gives them bows; tells them to hunt buffalo and Bison to become bison; father-in-law's hat will become head and spine, bird claws will become horns, hailstones will become eyes, round teeth elk - teeth, eagle feather - tongue, deer hooves - hooves, moon-shell - voice, wampum - larynx, water turtles - kidneys, navajo cape - intestines, bast - tendons, eagle feathers - shoulders, root aquatic plant - penis, foam on water - lungs, vine pod - heart], 136 [=Dorsey 1903]: 321-329, 332-339.

Southeast USA. Keddo; koasachi.

California. Maidu.

Big Pool. Washo; eastern shoshones.

Western Amazon. Napo; shuar; aguaruna.

Bolivia - Guaporé. Aikana.

Southern Amazon. Nambikwara; iranshe; paresi; umotina.

Araguaia. Karazha.

Eastern Brazil. Kayapo; apinaye; cracho; ramkokamecra; shavante; sherente.

Chaco. Chamakoko; chorote; nivakle; maka; matako; toba; mokowi; caduveo; matako: Alvarsson MS, No. 308 [girl sleeping outside, Wishes the Month for Husband; a handsome man is nearby; during the day she hides him in her hut; he turns old stems into new pumpkins; returning to his world, asks her not to follow him; she goes; Cayman transports her across the lake; a reed stalk grows on his head; he asks to be called crooked, eyed; when asked again, she calls it, he dumps it into the water, she remains standing in a shallow place; The Month asks for help; a month sails to her in Cayman, takes her home; but she wants to go back, returns to the water (the end is not clear)]: 388-392.