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K24A. A supernatural man hides a woman's clothes.


A man, who is usually inhuman, hides clothes or sits on the clothes of an ordinary earthly girl. To get her clothes back, she has to have a love relationship with him. The asterisk* marks traditions in which the character is a serpent, a dragon (ATU 425M).

Hottentots, Kamba*, Zulu*, Tenda, Mosi*, Songai*, Sandave, Algeria, Germans (Prussia) *, Narran, Euahlayi, Inavantan Berau, Camoro*, Lepcha, Bhagavat Purana, Bulgarians*, Moldovans*, Russians* (Tersky Bereg, Tula, Kursk, Vyatka, Ryazan, Voronezh, Don, Saratov, Novgorod), Belarusians* (Polesie), Ukrainians*, Karachay*, Mountain Tajiks*, Setu*, Finns*, Veps*, Lithuanians*, Lithuanians*, Latvians*, Sweden*, Chuvashi*, Marie*, Kazan Tatars*, Kazakhs*, Chukchi, Tvana*, Shuswap, Tillamuk, Upper Kokvil*, Viyot, Tsotsil.

SW Africa. Hottentots [a naughty girl with a bad character; steps over the legs of guests, including the old man; when all the girls are swimming, he hides their clothes; gives them to everyone, and tells this girl to come closer, takes her to the forest, sticks her thorns, leaves her in a tree; you can hear her singing, finding her, and hardly filming her]: Schmidt 2007, No. 10:30-33.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Zulu: Snegirev 1937 [Chief Khlazase's youngest favorite daughter ("green") and elder Khlaluse ("bead") are swimming with other girls; Kukumadeva (without hair, huge and long) took aprons bathers; returned them to those who asked for it; Hlazasa refused out of pride; the girls left, Hlazase and K. fought, both tired, fell asleep in the water; when K. went to call for help from others to Kukumadeva, one beast ordered she should go home; before that, other girls told her father that X. was in her first period; when she learned that they had left her, her father killed the girls, including Hlasusa; sent soldiers to kill K.; K. was removed from her womb earlier swallowed girls; (=Olderogge 1959:25-27, =Zhukov, Kotlyar 1976, No. 235:573-575; a similar version of Parrinder 1967:95)]: 80-82; Callaway 1868 [=Wright 1960:107; the leader's daughter decides to go to the river Ilulanga (now unknown); father and mother say they don't come back from there; the girl takes 100 virgins on one side of the road and a hundred on the other; the girls swim, the monster takes them jewelry; gives it to those who ask for return; Untombinde refuses to ask, the monster swallows it; the chief sends an army, the monster swallows the army, the leader, all the inhabitants of the village, including two handsome men twins; their father kills the monster, frees them all]: 59-60; kamba: Uther 2004 (1), no. 425M: 255.

West Africa. Tenda [every time on the river, a girl takes off her breasts, washes them, puts them back; refuses to marry; the man turns into an eagle, takes her breasts away when the girl puts them next to dry; when she comes to her house, she returns after she agrees to marry him]: Ferry 1983:91-93; mosi [the daughter is so good that her mother does not want to marry her; does not tell her to go swimming with the girls; she goes , a crocodile steals their clothes; each sings: Beautiful crocodile, give my skin back; he replies: Sweet girl, come and get it; each beret, the last is that woman's daughter, the Crocodile drags her into the water; Pigeon agrees to help the woman, she promises him a plate of grain; the Dove sings over the river, the Crocodile goes out to listen, leaving the Lizard to guard the girl; the Lizard also goes to listen, leaves the Turtle; etc.; the last Toad, tells the house to guard; seeing that there are no guards left, the Dove grabs the girl, brings her to her mother; the Crocodile angrily throws the Toad on the ground, she remains lame]: Sissao 2010, No. 23:64-61; the songhai [the girls went swimming; the genie Mahaman ("catfish first genie") tells them to take turns getting out of the water naked, asking permission to take the clothes left on the shore; the last girl takes a long time hesitates, finally she has to go out and ask; in the village she asks her mother to open the door, but she calls her a libertine; so all relatives; the young man unlocks; in the morning she leaves, the genie from the termite mound calls to to themselves; cows passing by feel that someone is in the termite mound; the shepherdess talks about it; all relatives ask her to go out, but only when that young man asks, the genie releases her]: Prost 1956:209- 211.

Sudan - East Africa. Sandawa [Xyari refuses men; one turned into a hawk, took her clothes, she ran after him to his village, to his house, where he became human; one gave birth to a son; her husband's relatives they told her to shave the child with a piece of bark rather than an iron razor; H. did not listen, the child died; she told her husband that she would go visit her parents, did not say about the death of the child, did not give it to anyone along the way; her the mother buried the baby in the sand by the river; the mother cooked the broth, H. said that she would eat later, went to the grave herself, summoned the child from her, gave her food; the mother called H., the child immediately returned to the grave; so for several days; the mother found out, dug a hole, covered it with something, boiled water; H. stepped, fell into a hole, her mother and her friends filled it with boiling water and covered it with earth; millet and corn grew on this place, beans, peanuts, pumpkins; when they were hungry, people found them, put them in baskets, carried them, but at home they could not tear the baskets off their heads; they carried them back and threw them, everything rotted there, and people returned hungry]: Arnold 1984: 161-165.

North Africa. Algeria [Peary boy hides girl's clothes]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 425M: 208.

Western Europe. Germans (Prussia): Plenzat 1927, No. 24 in Uther 2004 (1), No. 425M: 255.

Melanesia. Inavantan Berau [a man invites five women to compete to count to 30 while sitting underwater; while they are sitting, he hides their aprons in a tree; they have to climb after them; four they have time to jump off, the fifth man grabs; goes with his younger brother to hunt birds; climbs a tree, his brother removes the stairs; he weaves a rope, goes down; goes down; goes back with his brother to the tree, is the first to climb upstairs, shoots an arrow into the sky, the tree grows (followed) to the sky; the arrow pierced a hole in the floor of a house in the sky; the young man climbed into it, shoved a tree, the younger brother crashed; the elder marries the girl in whose house an arrow hit; she hides him from her father under a mat; pregnant, confesses, her father admits her son-in-law]: Miedema 1997, No. 4:13-14; kamoro [women swim in the river, the snake hides the loincloth of one of they marry her; after taking off their snakeskin, he becomes a man; the husband told the mother to feed her son if he sticks out his tongue; she realized that in this case he must be killed and cooked; the husband cut off the mother's hands and ears, turning into a turtle]: Drabbe 1948-1949:77-78 in Lessa 1961:129.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Lepcha [in the country of Lyang-bar, brother and sister are orphans, brother hunts birds, Belka tried to steal one, the young man caught him, the Squirrel asked for mercy, promised to help; led east; in the river a Chinese princess bathed, Belka hid her clothes; returned her after she swore three times to marry a young man; The squirrel tells the cow shepherds that the king of Liang Bar and his wife are coming; came to the palace seven demons Anchkentobo; said that King L. and his army were going to kill them; advised them to hide in a hole, killed them, fill them with boiling water; cleaned the palace of the corpses of people killed by demons; the princess is happy that her the husband is so rich; the squirrel brings the young man's sister to the palace; in 12 years he wants to return to heaven in the country of Rum; they begged him to stay for another three years; if the clouds disperse, they will meet him again for earth; but the clouds were dense, which means only in the sky]: Stocks 1925, No. XX: 377-380.

South Asia. Bhagavata Purana [Krishna steals the clothes of a group of bathing girls; agrees to give it back when they themselves come for her naked]: Temkin, Erman 1995 (2): 50-52; Lessa 196:164.

The Balkans. Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, № 425M [The serpent hides the clothes of the youngest of the three sisters swimming in the sea; takes her as his wife; in his palace his wife gives birth to two children; the Serpent agrees to let go see her parents if she tramples on a pair of iron shoes and hides a certain amount of wool; lets her go for three days with her children, telling her not to talk about him; children talk about their father and how his mother calls him from the sea; his wife's brothers call him, kill him; his wife and children try in vain to summon her husband, sees the sea of blood; curses the children, turning them into trees (the daughter turns into aspen)]: 150-151; Strandja. Material and spiritual culture. - Sofia: academic publishing house "Prof. Marin Drinov", 1996 [one snake married a girl; they had a daughter and two sons; the mother went with her children to visit her brothers; they wanted to save her sister from the snake, asked the children how to find snakes house; the boys did not speak, but the girl revealed the truth; then the mother cursed her children to turn into trees: boys into oak and ash, girl into aspen with ever-trembling leaves]. - P.216-236; p. 223; Mollov 2009 [popular song "An old gray-haired grandfather wants nine women to dance naked"; rarely recorded, but still 18 versions are known; 9 women washed shirts on the river, hung on the rakits dry; the grandfather hid his shirts, promises to give them back if they dance naked; he sits in the middle; makes comments about how he moves and what sounds each makes; does not concern physical characteristics and character of women; women's names are associated with corresponding verbs (wink, scream, giggle, etc.); the plot seems to parody a common story about a young shepherd, who met himself and married his youngest]: 8-10; Moldovans (2 options: Budzhak and Kodrinsky) [{there are no retelling of the texts, individual episodes are mentioned}; in the Budzhak version, mother by the sea calls "Osip, Osip, come and get us"; the serpent comes out, his mother cuts off his head with an ax; the wife turns his daughter into a swallow, her son into a Morning Star, becomes a cuckoo herself; in the Kodrinsky version, the brothers come to the sea, one says, "The serpent is my dear, rise from the bottom of the sea, I have come to you, dear"; the Serpent comes out, the brothers cut him with braids, hit him with sticks; the dying Serpent utters the curse; the wife turns into a willow, the eldest son into a well, the youngest into a spring]: Kerbelite 2004:171-177

Central Europe. Russians (Murmansk, Tula, Kursk, Vyatskaya, Ryazan, Voronezh, Saratov, Novgorod), Ukrainians, Belarusians: SUS 1979, No. 425M [Snake wife (snake, reptile): the youngest of three sisters marries a snake she loves; visits her relatives with her young son (son and daughter); meanwhile, the husbands (husband) of older sisters (brothers, mother) succeed imitating the voice of his wife's snake, luring her husband out of the river and killing her; a woman conjures her son (children) to turn into an oak tree (nightingale, etc.), and she turns into a cuckoo or sails away by boat, drowns in the river]: 132; Ukrainians [the girls were swimming, crawled on the dress alone; did not cry until she agreed to marry him; she called him "cook, cook", he went out; said that if he did not want to go to him, he did not want to go to him anyway She will not remain a woman, she will become a bird; she decided to become a cuckoo bird]: Dragomanov 1876, No. 27:8-9; Belarusians: Grynblat, Gurski 1983, No. 57 [the girls swam, crawled on their clothes alone, promised Get down if she became his wife; she promised he took her to sea; five years later he let her see her mother with her three children; told her to come back five days later, call, "Yakub!" If there was blood, he died, if the foam was alive; the older boys were beaten at home, but they did not say anything; and the youngest daughter told; the snake was summoned, killed; the wife saw blood, became a cuckoo; the sons became birch tree and Christmas tree, daughter aspen], 63 [the girls swam, crawled on their clothes alone, promised to get down if she became his wife; she promised, told her mother; with many snakes, they smashed the window of the hut, took it a girl; one day she returns to her mother, with her son and daughter from a snake; explains to her mother that when she returns to her husband, she will shout on the bank of the river for Osip to go out and take her; the mother persuaded her daughter stay overnight, went to the river, called a snake, cut off his head; daughter and children came, saw a dead body; a snake sprayed herself and her children with blood, became a cuckoo, daughter a swallow, son nightingale]: 62-63, 65-67 ; Karatkevich 2000 [Yasya has two sons, he wants a daughter; his wife fell asleep by the lake; in a dream, a snake with a golden crown on her head promises her a daughter if she later gives her to him as his wife; Yalina's daughter grew up, went with to swim with friends; the snake crawled onto her clothes: I will return her clothes if you become a wife; she promised to marry a snake; the snakes took her daughter; she found herself in the palace; she has sons Oak and Ash, daughters Birch and Aspen; she asks her husband to let her see her parents; the Y. brothers try to see her children; tell the younger Osinka that they will kill others if she does not tell her where her father is; she had to say they killed the snake; I am running to him and sees him dead; hears a voice: you did not love; I.: loved; the serpent is the enchanted prince, only the most beautiful girl could spell him; Yalina became a spruce, her children became trees, according to her names]: 38; Russians (Teresky Bereg) [the old woman's daughter went swimming with her friends; a beetle crawled on her dress: if you follow me, I'll return my dress; the girls advise me to agree; it knocked at night; after the third night, the mother put a mortal dress on her daughter, gave a funeral service and let her go to the lake; Osip Tsarevich was there; three years later, the wife asked to visit her mother, took her son and daughter with her; the mother asked what I must call you back, Osip, Osip, take me; at night my mother came with an ax, called, a human head leaned out, her mother cut her off; in the morning my wife went to call, her head appeared and disappeared; the mother ordered son to become a dove, daughter to become a swallow, she became a cuckoo herself; a widow cuckoo flies to other people's nests]: Balashov 1970, No. 42:137-139 (=1991:102-106); Russians: Azbelev 1992, No. 320 (Vyatskaya) [ the girls went to the pond to swim; alone did not find her clothes; the serpent comes out of the water, gives her clothes for promising to marry him; when the girl was married off, the Serpent stole her; she gave birth to him a son and daughter ; asked me to visit her mother; she asks how she calls her husband; Serpent, serpent, open the doors for me! The mother goes instead of her, says the same words, cuts off the Snake's head with a sword; the daughter tells her son to be cancer, her daughter to be a tile (?) , flutter; she turns into a cuckoo herself]: 460; Vlasova, Zhekulina 2001, No. 43 (Novgorod) [two girls were swimming, the snake sat alone on her dress, she replied that she would marry him (not thinking it was serious ); the snakes dragged her out of the house; five years later she came to visit her mother with two children; replies to her mother that she would call "Osip, Osip, go here" to return; the mother calls the snake with these words, cuts off head with an ax; seeing blood on the water, the daughter becomes a cuckoo, her children become birds]: 80; Popov 1869 [The cuckoo was a girl born to a girl who lived with a snake; for proving to her grandmother that her mother she lives with a snake," her mother cursed her and said: "So that you don't turn your native nest all your age!] : 3; Russians (Voronezhskaya, 1970, p. Stadnitsa of Semiluksky district) [Masha asks her mother to go swimming in the river. When the girls go ashore, Masha sees a snake on her shirt and cannot drive him away. Asking if she'll marry him, she regrets her shirt and agrees. Mother scolds Masha. She grows up, snakes crawl to her house and pick her up. She lives in a pond with a snake and has children. He comes to visit his mother, tells me how he gets into the pond - he calls a snake, he crawls out and picks it up. The mother takes an ax, comes to the pond, calls the snake and cuts it, the pond water turns red. Masha calls a snake, sees the water and understands what happened, turns into a cuckoo, "cuckoo forever", turns her daughter into a little bird, her son into a nightingale]: Kretov 1977, No. 29:50-51; Russians ( Ryazanskaya) [Masha went with her friends to the river; the beetle cleaned her shirt, demanded to marry him; her friends took her shirt; next time Masha agreed, the beetle took her into the river; there is a palace; she asked for time off mother; mother called a beetle, hacked it; daughter grieves]: Samodelova 2013, No. 84:93-94; Russians (Voronezh) [An old man lived with an old woman, they had a daughter Manya. While she was swimming, he crawled onto her shirt and refused to get down until Manya agreed to marry him. He promised to come pick her up. When she returned home, Manya told her mother about this, who told her to hide under the stove. I came to pick up Manya with the bells, and her mother said that she was outside. I've already left, my mother has already gone to cut my head. His mother and Manya called a snake, he crawled out, and they decapitated him. They began to live happily ever after]: Pukhova 2006, No. 14; Russians (Kursk) [the girls were swimming, one of them was already on her underwear; her friends were gone; she said, Well, you will be my husband, just give me the underwear; crawled away; after 3 days, a string of snakes crawls to the girl's house; the mother locked herself, but the snakes broke in, had a feast, took the girl into the river; in the third year, the wife already asks to let her go to her mother; the husband tells tomorrow evening to return; the wife had already come with two children; said she was living well; the mother asked me to stay overnight; asked what she was calling her husband; at night she came to the river, called in the same words, cut off her head with an ax; the wife is already coming, seeing her head, telling her daughter to become a swallow, her son to become a nightingale, she is becoming a cuckoo herself]: Aristov, Pavlov 1939:68; Belarusians: Nenadavets 1996 [{brief retelling of fragments the plot is known throughout Belarus; everywhere he crawls on the clothes of a bathing girl, demands to marry him; takes him to the yards under the river, where he turns into a handsome man; brothers or mother call a snake, they cut into pieces; the end of the transformation of children is not considered}]: 202-207; Smirnov 1984, No. 50 (Polesie) [the girls swam, crawled away on their clothes alone; crawls away when she promises to become his wife; in three Yakub comes to visit her mother with her son and daughter; replies that Yakub calls her husband by clicking on the river; mother comes, calls, cuts off her head; wife calls, sees her head floating; tells her daughter become a swallow, a son a nightingale, becomes a cuckoo herself]: 208.

Iran - Central Asia. Mountain Tajiks [three daughters of the Shah are swimming; the serpent puts edible knuckles on the youngest's handkerchief; brings gifts to the Shah, asks his daughter; he orders to bring a bag of gold; the Serpent brings, takes his wife, takes her away on horseback; in the room she sheds her snakeskin, becomes a prince; while hunting on Mount Kof, an old woman burns her skin; the prince and his wife go to seek happiness; while her husband is hunting, the wife sits on a tree above a pond; an old woman sends three daughters to fetch water, each sees a reflection, thinks that she has become beautiful; the old woman locks the prince's wife in a dungeon, replaces her eldest daughter; makes to dance the prisoner on needles; she flies away with a dove; the old woman asks the prince to kill the dove, a willow has grown out of drops of blood; the old woman orders to split it into firewood, the sliver bounced, the poplar has grown; the old woman tells make it a cradle for her daughter's newborn; a sliver falls into the master's throat, tells his story in his voice; the old woman killed the master with a ladle, the sliver fell into the hearth; the neighbor took hot coals; when the prince came to see her, his wife jumped out of the hearth; the couple returned home]: Rosenfeld, Rychkova 1990, No. 4:41-44.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Karachayevs/Balkarians [Ariuka and her friends were swimming in the river, crawled on her shirt; gave her shirt for a promise to marry him; two weeks later, the snakes took A.; one day she returned with her son and daughter, said that she lived well under water; her mother found out that she called her husband "Dommay, dommay" (the word means "bison", why is not clear here); the mother called a snake and cut off her head with an ax; A. saw her husband's blood and head, turned her daughter into a swallow, her son into a nightingale, and became a cuckoo herself]: Jurtubayev 2007:11-12.

Baltoscandia. Seto: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 63 [the witch doctor replies to the woman that her two eldest daughters will marry humans and her youngest to a snake; when the sisters went swimming, the snake crawled on the youngest's clothes, tears after a promise to marry him; in his underground snake palace there is a man; they have three daughters asking their mother to visit her parents; the serpent allows him, teaches the song to summon him from the sea to come back , tells him not to tell much about their lives; the elders do not tell, the youngest explains to his grandfather how to summon a snake from the sea; the grandfather called a snake, stabbed him on the head, blue liquid spread on the water; the mother did not the snake waited, began to ask her daughters, the youngest confessed; the mother became a birch tree, the eldest daughter on her black bark, the middle daughter became a birch bark, the youngest made a butterfly]: 168-171; Normann, Tammpere 1989:71-72 [the king made shoes for his daughter out of lice skin on one leg and fleas on the other; promised to give his daughter to the one who guessed what the shoes were made of; guessed the snakes that had crawled out from under the edge of the well; the girl sailed overseas with him; appeared with three daughters to visit their parents; her brothers began to ask their daughters, only the youngest said that the mother was calling the snake with a song on the shore, he came to pick her up with the ship; the brothers called themselves, killed the snake swords; the wife began to call - a bloody ship sailed; turned into a birch tree; her green bark was the eldest daughter, the white bark was the middle one, the stripes on the bark were the youngest]; Finns, the Veps [snake (water creature) , dragon) hides the clothes of a bathing girl, returns him for a promise to marry him; in his castle at the bottom she gives birth to two children; having completed difficult errands with the help of an old woman (wearing out iron shoes, hide an endless thread), she gets permission to visit her parents with her children; should not tell them about her husband; children give out a secret; the woman's brothers call the snake with a conditional signal, kill; returning, a woman calls in vain, sees blood at sea; tells children to become trees]: Uther 2004 (1), No. 425A: 255; Swedes [the man had seven fur coats; in the summer he took off one, and when he returned home, decided put it on again, sent the eldest daughter for the fur coat left on the street; there was a snake on the fur coat, told her to sit on it and go, she refused; the same with the middle daughter; the youngest agreed; they arrived in the city, they they gave a luxurious room, the snake wanted to lie next to the girl, but she told her to lie under the bed; the maid brought the girl a dress like the moon; in the next city the same dress as stars; in the third city the girl allowed the snake to lie next to her, the snake became a prince; the maid brought another star dress; the king and queen came in, recognized the son who had been bewitched; wedding]: Stier 1971, No. 34:138-141; Lithuanians [the couple has 12 sons and 3 daughters, the youngest Egle ("spruce"); the sisters were swimming, E. has already climbed onto her clothes, she has to promise to marry him; snakes crawl into the house; on the advice of a neighbor, the bride is dressed up as a goose, a lamb, a heifer; every time the cuckoo screams deception; E. is taken to the seashore, she is greeted by a handsome man, he is; from the island they go down to the palace at the bottom; E. gives birth to sons named Oak, Ash, Birch, and daughter Osinka; She agrees to let his wife and children visit her parents if E. 1) hides a silk tow (the healer tells you to throw the tow into the fire, the toad releases yarn in the fire from the mouth); 2) wears out iron shoes (the healer tells the blacksmith to burn them in the furnace); 3) baked a pie (She hides the dishes, the healer advises covering the sieve with sourdough, kneading the dough in it); return to the tenth day, teaches him how to click; if the sea boils with bloody foam, then he is dead; the brothers threaten Osinka with a rod, she gives a call; the brothers hacked Snake with braids; when E. comes to the sea, bloody foam boils; E. tells children to turn into trees, turns into spruce itself; aspen is now trembling because it betrayed its own father]: Lebite 1965:79-90 (=Bulatova 1985:375-379); Latvians [( Skrīvele s.a.: 119-122); three girls were swimming in the sea; one said she would like to know which of them would be the first to marry; when the youngest got married, she was already lying on her clothes (Skrīvele has a sea serpent); promised to slide down if she gave him a ring to marry him; three weeks later, he left the sea with a golden crown with a cart of goodness; the old woman advised him to give him a goose, he went back, but the mouse said that he had been deceived; then they gave the goat the same thing; the third time he threatened, got a girl; a year later, the mother went to the sea, began to ask how her daughter was living; a frog came out and said that the daughter palace, she has a son; a year later, a crab came out - she has a daughter; two years later, the wife asked the snake to allow her and her children to visit her parents; two frogs were pulling the wagon, the pike was a coachman; three weeks later safely returned to already]: Alksnite et al. 1958:216-218 (=Arys 1971:142-144).

Volga - Perm. Marie: Akzorin 1995 (mountain) [the princess lowers the rope out of her sweetheart's window at night; one day an unclean one comes earlier, enters her instead of a boyfriend; next time she thinks she's downstairs again unclean, and this is a guy, she cuts off the rope; the guy is ill for a long time; the serpent sits on the princess's clothes when she bathes; she has to agree to marry him; the recovered lover goes with the soldiers look for the princess; three sisters consistently show the way to the abyss, where the descent to the lower world; the guy descends on a rope, picks up the princess while the snake is away; she is raised; the officer orders to be considered a savior him; the princess throws a letter down, promises to wait; the guy ties a stone to the rope, the officer cuts the rope; the guy hides the chicks of a huge bird from the rain; she lifts it upstairs; on the way he feeds her meat, cuts off the last piece from the leg; on the ground, the bird regurgitates it, puts it back; the guy comes to the bride's wedding, exposes the officer, marries, reigns; the officer is tied by the legs to the tail horse]: 142-147; Kaliev 2003 [Once a girl was swimming in the river. When she came ashore, she found a snake lying on her clothes. Because he would give her clothes, the serpent invited the girl to marry him. The girl had to give her consent. When she got home, she told her mother about it. She grabbed her axe and waited for the snake to appear. But there were so many snakes that she was afraid to cut off the groom's snake's head. A year or two later, the daughter came to visit her mother. The mother, when she found out how her daughter summoned her snake husband from the water, came to the river and, calling a snake, cut off his head. The daughter, tired of waiting for her betrothed at the pond, turned into a cuckoo and is still looking for him and calling him in the white world]: 88 (quoted from Yuziev 2016:124); Aktsorin 1995 (mountain) [the princess descends from the window at night Sweetheart rope; one day the unclean comes earlier, penetrates her instead of the guy; next time she thinks that the downstairs is unclean again, and this is the guy, she cuts the rope; the guy gets sick for a long time; Snake sits on the princess's clothes when she bathes; she has to agree to marry him; a recovered lover with soldiers goes to look for the princess; three sisters consistently point the way to the abyss, where descent to the lower world; the guy goes down the rope, picks up the princess while the snake is away; she is picked up; the officer tells him to be considered his savior; the princess throws down a letter, promises to wait; the guy ties to a stone with a rope, the officer cuts off the rope; the guy hides the chicks of a huge bird from the rain; she lifts it upstairs; on the way he feeds it meat, cuts off the last piece from his leg; on the ground, the bird regurgitates it , puts it back; the guy comes to the bride's wedding, exposes the officer, marries, reigns; the officer is tied by the legs to the horse's tail]: 142-147; Chuvash [He sits on a bathing dress girls, gives her for a promise to marry him; the next day the girl calls Snake, he brings her to an underwater palace, becomes a man; allows his wife and children to visit her relatives; sends her to a golden carriage; returning, they visit their relatives with their children; weeds her to an underwater palace, her calves; a stomach that is too protruding; inconspicuous women should shout, Cook, go out; learning how to call your son-in-law, an envious sister brings her husband to the shore, calls his wife a snake in her voice, the husband cuts off her head; the wife finds her, tells her son to be a stag beetle, a dragonfly daughter, becomes a cuckoo herself, and since then she has been calling her husband]: Danilov, Nechaev 1975:67-75 (=Eysin 1993:217-224, =Yukhma 1996:122-124; var. without paraphrase to Barag 1975, No. 19:62); (cf. Chuvash [the old man's three daughters ask the Sun twice whose face is cleaner and whiter, the Sun replies that the youngest; the sisters push the youngest into the river, tell their father that the Sun named the youngest the youngest dirty, she stayed to wash; the mother goes to the river, the daughter replies that she is strangled by a snake, crushed by a millstone; after that, the Bear calls the girl, she does not respond; the bear honed the blacksmith's tongue, calls in a thin voice, the girl repeats the words about millstones, etc.; The bear pulls her out of the river, brings her wife; she gives birth to a son, the Bear carries his wife and child to visit her parents, leaves until Wednesday; parents put stakes under the floor ; the wife warns the Bear that he is waiting for death, but he still enters, falls on stakes; the wife stays with his parents]: Eizin 1993:35); Kazan Tatars (3 entries in the Volga region, 1 in Tyumen) [ elderly parents are reluctant to let Zukhra go swimming with other girls; the serpent crawls on her clothes, asks her to go after him, crawls away, promising to come for Z. when she is 18; the serpent crawls with others with snakes, peri and genies, takes Z. to the lake; he turns into a handsome man under water; he himself was kidnapped by snakes and became their Padishah; Z. goes to visit his parents with three children; the mother asks Z. she calls her husband; goes with a sword to the lake, calls the Snake, cuts off his head; Z. and her children bury him; Z. turns the children into a nightingale, a swallow, a starling, and becomes a dove herself]: Zamaletdinov 1992:57 (= 2008a, No. 52:233-238).

Turkestan. Kazakhs [girls are swimming, Mirzhan says that the khan himself would ask her to become his wife; a mighty voice can be heard from the water, snakes crawl onto M.'s clothes, promises to return it if M. becomes his wife; M. agrees; a week later, many snakes crawl to the yurt, take M. under water; after a few years, M. comes to his mother with her son and daughter, says that she is happy; answers his mother that he will call her husband with words "Ahmet, Ahmet, come, get up from the bottom"; at night, M.'s mother calls a snake, kills him with an ax, the water stained him with blood; in the morning M. finds her husband's head by the river; tells her daughter to become a swallow, her son to become a nightingale, turns into a cuckoo herself]: Daurenbekov 1979:103-106.

SV Asia. Chukchi [west 1955 in Uelen; while her husband is hunting and daughter is at home, the wife goes swimming in the lagoon with other women; two men take her clothes away; she follows, they turn into seagulls, together they take her away with other seagulls; in the spring, the husband and daughter go to look for bird eggs; they see yaranga, come in, there is his wife, sobbing a big seagull; she tells the seagulls to attack the hunter, he successfully fights back with a stick; hits the skimmer himself on the wings; other seagulls are happy because their leader forced them to carry his prey; after killing the skimmer, the husband returns home with his wife]: Anonymous 1958:70.

The coast is the Plateau. Shuswap [Wolverine and Little Otter (Fisher) live together; Otter tells Wolverine that he saw a woman; he comes to the camp; the woman is menstruating, she is sitting in a teepee; Wolverine turns into the dog, consistently grabs, takes away the woman's garments and sewing accessories; puts it in a bag, comes to the woman, brings his wife to her; she gives birth to him children]: Teit 1909a, No. 15:673; twana [a girl has her first period; contrary to the ban, she swims in a lake; a man sits on her clothes; repeats her words until she calls him husband; she lives with him in a lake; her five brothers They come one after another; the husband pierces four with his sharp tail; the fifth turns the stump into a man, the tail gets stuck in it, the young man kills the monster; in his stomach he finds the hearts of the brothers, revives them; daughter women scratch people's eyes with their fingernails; Raven women take her away in a boat; row, immersing their oars not with a plane, but with an edge, fly away in crows; Raccoon takes the girl with his second wife]: Adamson 1934:371-374; tillamook [Crow sits on the clothes of a bathing girl; gives it to her after she calls him not a relative, but a husband; brings him to his mother, who feeds her raw and tasteless food; this human bowel movements, which are turned anew into food; the woman and the Raven come to her relatives; the Ice Chief calls her husband a devil; she gives birth to a crow son, he dies; the Raven takes him away; a woman sees a tar-coated log, it is pecked by the Raven and his son; the Raven says it's a whale; the woman dies soon, the Raven took her]: Jacobs, Jacobs 1959, No. 10:33; upper coquil [Killer whales (Sea) Wolves) send Cormorant to get a woman; she goes swimming, but returns quickly; Cormorant asks the Raven to steal her clothes; invites her to her boat; she has to obey; Baklad explains how with his help to complete the tasks of the future mother-in-law; the former brides could not bring water; the spring is where the Cormorant would move his leg; and firewood should be found under his head; her husband is handsome, but immediately went to others men in the steam room; she picked up salmon on the shore; for Killer Whales it is a whale, they admire her strength; she finds only one louse in her husband, he tells her to swallow it, she gets pregnant, gives birth to a boy; also - second; they grow up right away; her husband sends her children to her parents; soon comes by himself; sends two whales (real, not salmon); then another whale every week; a month later, husband, wife and children return to sea as killer whales]: Jacobs 2007:179-185.

California. Villot [The raven goes to get a wife for another man; hides the clothes of the bathing girl, she has to go with him to marry the one who sent the Raven; after a while the husband sends his wife; her relatives are happy to see her again]: Kroeber 1906a, No. 21:103

Mesoamerica Tsotsil [Cabinal, he has a wife and daughter; when his daughter was swimming in the river, putting her clothes on the grass, Ohoroxtotil turned into a dog, stole her clothes; became human again, returned her clothes to the girl I liked him, she agreed to the marriage; her parents also agreed; O. took her to the forest, showed her where to urinate; a pumpkin grew there, and the second time chayote (Sechium edule, Mexican cucumber)]: Guiteras- Holmes 196:182.