Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K25B. A woman follows a porcupine. .46.

A woman climbs a tree trying to catch a porcupine and finds herself in the sky.

The Great Plains. Grovantre [The Sun and the Moon are brothers; the Sun prefers Frogs because they do not squint at him; the Month prefers girls; becoming a porcupine, it lures one of the two sisters into a tree, from there to heaven; the mother of the Sun and the Month wants to know which daughter-in-law crunches and champs more while chewing meat; the wife of the Month wins with good teeth; The frog tries to nibble on the coals, black saliva flows, the Frog described; the offended Sun throws her in the face of the Month, she sticks to it; the Sun takes the wife of the Month and her son; a woman with a child descends from heaven on a rope; the rope is short, The sun throws a stone at his wife; a woman falls, breaks, her son remains alive; she ruins an old woman's garden; she catches a boy, he lives with her; kills women who turn into snakes; one crawls into his anus kills him; the Month sends cold rain, banishing the snake; the young man and his mother come to life]: Kroeber 1907b, No. 21:90-94; hidatsa [The Sun and the Month are brothers; the Month likes frogs, the Sun likes hidatsa girls; two sisters ask a third to climb a tree for a porcupine; she goes to heaven, goes beyond the Sun; the mother of the Sun and the Month wants to know which of the two daughters-in-law grunts louder while chewing meat; the girl wins The frog tries to chew the bark on the logs; for a month it throws the Frog out of the tipi three times; on the fourth, it jumps on his back, stays there; the woman gives birth to a son to the Sun; contrary to the prohibition, digs up a rhizome, after making a hole through which you can see the ground; the son asks the Sun for tendons; the Spider makes a rope out of them; he is short, the mother and son only go down to the top of the tree; the Sun throws a stone at them, telling him to kill wife, spare her son; the boy ruins the old woman's garden; she leaves an arrow and a stick to play ball; the arrow disappears, the old woman realizes that it is a boy, not a girl; catches a boy, he lives in her house; she leaves corn to two Otters; he kills them; it is her husbands, she mourns their death; a young man kills monsters; a snake crawls into his head; the sun expels her with its heat; a young man makes snakes less dangerous; turns into a Morning Star]: Lowie 1918:52-57; crowe [like a grovantra; a girl climbs a tree for a porcupine, goes beyond the Sun; killed by a thrown stone; a snake crawls into a young man's head; Sun He drives her out with his heat; the young man makes snakes less dangerous]: Lowie 1909a: 52-57, 57-69 [one of the two sisters climbs a tree for a porcupine; ends up in the sky, goes beyond the Sun (?) , gives birth to him a son; contrary to warning, moves a cake with his bison, sees the ground through a hole in the sky; becomes pregnant again; the husband allows her to go down the rope; the rope only reaches the tops of the trees; the husband tells the servant to throw a stone to kill a woman but not to hurt her son; the son ruins the Old Moon's garden; she lures him food, he lives in her house; she feeds her crocodile husband; the young man finds him in her house and kills; then like hidatsa; the young man revives his mother and younger brother who remained in her womb; they follow him to heaven, all together turning into Pleiades (?)] , 69-74 [like hidatsa]; mandan [A month wants a mandan girl to marry, the Sun wants a Toad because she does not wrinkle her eyes when looking at him; The month turns into a porcupine, climbs a tree; the youngest of two girls goes after him, finds herself in the sky; mother-in-law wants to know which daughter-in-law chews louder; Toad has no teeth, she can't chew meat, she chews coal; The month laughs at her, she jumps on his back, she can still see since]: Bovers 1950:200-201; arpahoe: Dorsey 1903 [A month wants to marry a woman, Sun wants to marry a frog because she doesn't blink when she looks at him; The month has become a porcupine, one of the two girls climbed after him to a tree, ended up in the sky; The sun brought a toad or a frog, saw that the girl was better; the girl works hard, crunches loudly for food, old people like her teeth; the frog is lounging, she has no teeth, crunches with coals; the frog jumped on the chest of the Month and stayed there; the wife of the Month gave birth to a boy; the Month does not tell her to dig up rhizomes with withered stems; she dug up, making a hole in the sky, saw her camp, began to descend on a rope of tendons, holding the baby behind her back; the month killed her by throwing a stone, her son survived, sucking her chest; the old woman at night picked him up, called him a Star; the boy notices that an old woman leaves food for someone, kills a beast with sparkling eyes, lets his grandmother make spoons, she replies, This is your grandfather; the young man grew up, left, kills snakes; one crawled to him into the anus, then into the skull, leaving a skeleton; it caused the sun to heat, the snake crawled out, he grabbed it, it gave it its skin for its spear; he became the Morning Star]: 212-228; Dorsey, Kroeber 1903, No. 132, 134 [ A month hears one girl expressing a desire to marry him, and another wants a bright star as her husband; his brother Sun prefers the Frog because she does not wrinkle her eyes when looking at him; The month turns into a porcupine, a girl follows him, climbs a tree, goes to the sky; the Sun brings the Frog; wives compete to see who chews louder; the frog crunches with coals, black drools; she jumps on the chest of the Month; The month warns his wife not to dig a deep hole by digging roots; she digs a hole in the sky, sees her native village; weaves a rope from her tendons, climbs it down; see motive J18], 135 [the woman remains alive, returns to parents]: 121-131; arikara [two girls sleep outside discussing young people; one wants a bright red star as her husband; in the morning, chasing a porcupine, climbs a poplar by the river for him, the tree grows, the girl is in the sky; the porcupine turns into a handsome middle-aged man, he was a Star; she gives birth to a son with a star on her forehead; her husband tells me not to dig roots in the lowlands; she digs sees the ground in the hole; the old woman advises to ask her husband for tendons, makes a rope out of them, the woman goes down with her little son, the rope is short, the woman hangs; the husband throws a stone, telling him kill a woman, keep her son alive; a boy sucks a dead mother's chest, steals corn and pumpkins from an old woman's garden; she leaves a ball and a stick, a bow and arrow; the bow and arrow disappear, the old woman knows what it is a boy, catches, educates; feeds rooks (blackbirds) with grain, a young man kills them, an old woman revives them (they guarded her field); he notices a snake behind the curtain to whom the old woman gave porridge, kills him, he falls into a pond, turning it into a lake; an old woman mourns her husband; a young man brings a cougar, an old woman lets her go (these are all her animals); the same is true of a bear; a young man comes to four men, they kill pregnant bison, the embryo is given to his grandmother; the young man is frightened, climbs a tree; men remove the embryo for promising to make the grandmother their wife; she agrees, they agree with her; the grandmother gives him a flute, he plays, men's dugout loses their way out, they die; a young man comes to snakes, sits on a stone, snakes can't crawl into it; he puts snakes to sleep with a story, kills, escapes alone, crawls into his anus, in skull; the young man's father fills the skull with water, causes heat, the water boils, the snake crawls out, the young man comes to life, makes the snake short-headed; the young man died saving the country from monsters]: Dorsey 1904d, No. 14:45-55; kiowa : Mooney 1898b [a girl climbs a tree for a porcupine; a tree grows to the sky; a porcupine turns out to be the son of the Sun, marries a girl; does not tell you to dig Psoralea esculenta roots if they are pinched bison; she digs, sees earth and people through the hole, weaves a rope from her tendons, goes down; her husband throws a stone or buffalo hoof at her, killing her; the child in her womb is alive; he is raised by the Spider; he throws up a hoop to play, it falls on his head, splits it in half, twins appear; they destroy monsters; one disappears into the lake, the other turns into a witchcraft]: 238-239; Parsons 1929a [like in Mooney; the boy leaves his mother dead, eats the corn that the Spider makes for himself; picks up the onion she leaves, she realizes that it is not a girl; turns into stone, he smells it presence; in the tipi pole, he does not notice it, she catches him; the twins are not suffocated by smoke in the house where they come; they get reeds for arrows from under the falling rock; dodge the lightning of the Thunderbird, which gives they have the feathers of their chicks for arrows; turn into moles, dig a passage under the lying monstrous bison, gnaw the hair off its skin, pierce it from below with a sharp pole, take its tendons for the bowstring; bring arrowheads that guarded snakes; The spider gives food to the snake lover; the twins find him in the tipi and kill him; come to blind people, make them sighted], No. 1, 2 [girl climbs a tree for a bird]: 1 -8.