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K27f2. Get the same shoes. .16.28.31.

The girl requires the groom to get the same pair of shoes (or other items) as hers. These items either exist in a single copy or it is not known what they look like. Once invisible, the hero either steals items (and the owner has to make new ones herself) or finds out what they look like.

British, Russians (Terek coast, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Smolensk), (Czechs), Norwegians, Danes, Finns, Estonians.

Western Europe. The British [in Cornwell, a peasant son Jack promised to get rid of a giant who lived on the island; Jack dug a trap hole, the giant failed, killed him and brought treasures; a giant Blundebore promised revenge; brought Jack to his castle, followed another giant, Jack threw ropes around their necks and killed them; freed the girls; spent the night with a double-headed giant; at night he put on the bed was a log; the giant beat him with a club; in the morning Jack said that at night the rat hit his tail; the giant offered to eat a puddy bowl of pudding, Jack put the pudding in a bag under his clothes; in the morning he ripped it open; the giant tried to do the same, his guts fell out, he died; the prince bought the dead from the lenders, and Jack hired the prince to serve; told the three-headed giant that a king with a thousand warriors was coming to him, locked it, and when he released it, he was rewarded with an invisible jacket, a hat that tells everything, speedboat shoes, a sword that cuts everything; the prince marries the princess; she tells me to find her handkerchief, otherwise he executes her; a spirit friend carries her to Lucifer; the invisible Jack follows, takes a handkerchief, the prince shows it in the morning; the princess demands to show the lips she kissed the next morning; Jack cut off Lucifer's head, an evil spirit left the lady and she married the prince; Jack kills other giants, frees prisoners; saws the bridge supports, the stalker giant falls into the ditch, D. finishes him off; the giant Galligantua turned Duke's daughter in a doe; D. blows a horn, shatters turned into birds and animals; marries the Duke's daughter]: Shereshevskaya 1957b: 124-134 (=Kharitonov 2008:191-197.

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [the peasant has three sons, he built a new house, sends his sons to sleep in it - what a dream they will see; the elder, the middle see firewood - good; the youngest, like from under the stove A fox jumped out, and a snake bit off his leg from under the bed; refused to tell; the father sold it to the merchant, he did not tell the merchant either; the merchant sold it to the king, the king put him in prison; was going to marry; the king's sister: the wedding of prisoners is dissolved; the guy was released; two are arguing over an invisible kumka, speedboat boots, a bread-pickling tablecloth; the guy offers to run to the distillation, put on the invisibility, took everything, moved to the ship on which the king sailed to the bride overseas; the bride sends to pull a bow, Ivan Tsarevich {=tsar} is unable, the guy pulled invisibly, the bow broke; bride: let's sew half a dress, you will sew the same one, otherwise head off his shoulders; the guy stole that finished half, had to sew a new one, I. had the same as the bride's; the same shoes, a ring; the guy returned the wonderful items to the two, returned to prison; he was released on the wedding, the witch bride found out, cut off his leg with a sword; boy to the king: here is my dream, your fox sister helped, and the snake bride cut off her leg; he is on one leg in the forest into the hut, and there he is blind, legless yes cooking girl; baba yaga comes to her every day to suck her tits; they grabbed baba yaga, made her give her living and dead water, bring her legs and eyes back, push her into the well, she died, and they were cured; he returned to the king, he herds the mares, they changed their dresses; the mares all ran into the stall; the king's wife is surprised: if the husband of every mare does not kiss under the tail, they will not return, and then all the stalls have been broken; the guy came, started beating her, she wrapped herself in all sorts of creatures, and when he broke her with a rope, he broke her - stand on one end a pile of gold, on the other a red girl; to the king: now you will have a wife, and sooner it was not a wife, but a snake; he went from the tsar to his father, and that bull is at the interchanges, no one can even kill him; he killed him with his fist and did not go anywhere else]: Balashov 1970, No. 54:186-192; Russians ( Olonetskaya: Shokshozero) [Ivan Tsarevich went to marry foreign lands; his sister found out that his bride would kill him; Nikita Mol is in prison; promises to help if the princess releases him and find 39 more as companions Nikita; the ship stuck, there is noise on the mountain: three share an invisible hat; NM fired an arrow - who is faster behind it; took the hat; elsewhere - a magic tablecloth and a jug of 12 stigmas; the same; in third place we took two: one is great to take a steam bath, the other to eat; the queen orders to take a steam bath in a hot bath, the companion cooled it; eat a lot; the other companion ate everything; prepare the shoes she has; NM in an invisible hat stole her shoes, the craftsmen made new ones for the queen; cook dinner (magic tablecloth); got married; NM went to bed; the queen threw her leg over him to press him down, but not it turned out; everything is fine]: Onchukov 2000, No. 56:214-215; Russians (Vologda) [the tsar has children Ivan and Marya; the garden was guarded by soldiers, the general fell in love with him; refused the tsar; tsar: and you give it to the soldier; general to a soldier: why are you talking about me like that; soldier: you give it so; the general complained to her parent, who put the soldier in prison; and M. is in love with him; dug in there and went to the soldier walk; the king wants to marry I. to Nastasya from the thirtieth kingdom; she sent a sword in her suitcase: at which end is the sock and which handle is in? soldier: put the suitcase in the milk, the handle will turn up; which of the 12 pigeons is the oldest? they will peck in total, and this one will walk around; M. told Ivan; soldier: if I. goes to N. alone, he will not return; M. released the soldier from prison; he took 12 drunks with him; took the devils away on the way (they they argued; I.: who will run faster) an invisible hat, a samovar tablecloth, a flying carpet; N.'s drunkards lay down where, and the soldier on the feather bed; N. came and cut off the corner of the vest; the soldier cut off everyone; I. arrived; N .: I need exactly the same dress and shoes as mine; the soldier stole, made new ones, I. showed; now N. demands that I. do what she did at night; I. in an invisible hat follows her to the king of the sea ; repeats and presents everything; at home, the soldier returned to prison; then with M. to the king; showed documents in which I. wrote him three-thirds of the kingdom; I. went to the kingdom of N., and the soldier married M. and inherited throne]: Ivanitsky in Burtsev 1895, No. 11:70-84; Russians (Vologda) [a man asks three sons what they dreamed of at night; one was visiting his mother-in-law, the other in a tavern; Fedor replies that nothing, because the dream said: if you do not tell your dream, you will receive happiness and kingdom; the father sold F. to the master; he did not tell the master either; and the king; the king put him in prison; he went far away lands for Elena the Beautiful; F. begged the royal sister to release him, promised to return by royal return; to the king's sister: pick up 11 more fellows like me, go to the EP, otherwise the tsar would not get her; along the way three lines are fighting for self-propelled boots, an invisible hat and a flying carpet; F. threw a stick on the spruce tree: who can get it; took away wonderful objects, flew away with his comrades on a flying carpet; the invisible is present when talking to the EP and the king; the EP demands the same dress that grandfather made; F. stole the EP's dress, pretended to sew it himself; the same with the shoes; three copper, silver, golden hair that I would have tomorrow; F. secretly follows the EP; she summoned her grandfather from the lake: a copper head, a silver beard, a golden mustache; EP pulled out three hairs each, and F. a braid, half a beard, half a lip; married, but the EP came up with it first destroy F. and then the king; F. persuaded 11 companions to do everything like him, each so that Fedka is a servant; EP cannot understand who F. is real; F. returned to prison; the king wants to execute him, but F. gives a paper with an explanation; the tsar made him a prince; the EP drugged the tsar, F. took his place and married his sister]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 7:43-52; Russians (from a note from a native of Smolensk province) [ the peasant built a new house, tells his sons to sleep one by one, who sees what in a dream; the eldest, the middle dreams that there are a lot of cattle in the yard; the youngest turns out to tell; the father threatens to kill; the landowner I found out - he did not tell him either, he began to poison him with dogs; he saw the prince, brought him to his place, put him in a stone pole {in the text, then the tsar, then the prince, but we are talking about one person - young because he is getting married}; The Tsarevich went {for the bride}, his sister released Grisha; he asks 200 identical fellows to save the prince {help him}; two features are fighting over a flying carpet and an invisible hat; G. threw a whole - who will bring it first; invisible flew to the city where the royal son marries, offered help; the princess demands that the groom bring the same shoe as she would have; G. stole it, and another one had to be made the same; the prince brought; then a golden drake and a silver duck; the princess flew to her grandfather, G. for her, she took the duck, and he took the drake; when the princess released the duck, the prince released the drake; three silver hair from his grandfather's beard; grandfather pulled out his hairs, and G. hooked half a beard; wedding; the prince sends a letter to his sister to marry G.; wedding; {the narrator seems to have forgotten about the dream}; I had him, drank honey, lips flowed, didn't get into my mouth]: Chudinsky 1964, No. 14:70-75; (cf. Czechs [the king is surprised why his daughter's shoes are worn out; the hussar agrees to guard; the princess and the maid go through the hatch under the bed; the hussar follows them, carries away the invisibility cloak and self-carrying the saddle from two debators, in a tin, silver, golden forest breaks off a branch, the devil does not see it; eats the dinner served to the princess, everyone wonders where the food and bowls went; the princess dances, hell not wants to let the bride go more, the princess asks to let her go for the last time; the hussar returns earlier; he tells the king everything, he passes his daughter off as a hussar; to prove what he saw, the hussar shows his wife broken branches; the wife orders him to make the same cloak and saddle, accuses the hussar of deception, the king drives him away; in the forest he eats an apple, horns grow, the pear - the horns disappear; goes to sell apples, the princess has horns; under the guise of a doctor with pears, she tells the princess to tell me what is in her heart, she brings a cloak and a saddle, the hussar flies away, the princess remains horned]: Bogolyubova, Talova 2000:290-295).

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [a young man dreams of a princess, goes to look for her; pays for the burial of a man executed for diluting wine and leaving him in a block of ice; someone catches up with him, becomes companion and assistant; opens the rock, invites the trollich to sit down, she sticks to the bench; takes the sword that she wields with her two sisters, for which she frees the trollich; the second trolls are a ball of gold thread; the third has an invisible hat; a ball thrown across the fjord turns into a bridge; on the other side they wind it up, the pursuer trolls drown; in the palace, the princess suggests 1) hide the scissors from her and return it at noon the next day, otherwise she executes her; slowly picks them up; the companion threatens the ram in which the princess rides to her troll lover with a sword, when she comes; wearing an invisible hat, the companion flies with the princess on the same ram; when she gives the scissors to the troll, the companion picks them up quietly; in the morning the young man returns them to the princess; 2) the same with her golden ball; 3) bring what she thinks; the companion flies with the princess to the troll; the troll flies back with her on his ram; the companion kills the troll, tells the princess to give his head in the morning - she thought about a troll; a companion teaches a young man on his wedding night to pretend to be asleep, and when his wife takes out the knife, cut off his head, beat her and rip off her troll skin; they fly home on the troll's rams, taking everything wealth; the companion promises to come in five years; comes and demands to divide everything, including the young man's son; he brings his sword, his companion stops him; says that when the young man freed him from blocks of ice, he was just as happy as he is now when he stopped his hand with his sword brought in]: Asbjíørsen, Moe 1960:84-96; Danes [prince goes wandering; meets a stranger who goes with him; they stay in the house of a three-headed troll; a stranger utters a magic word and the troll sticks to the table; forced to give up a sword that kills the one he is directed at; then The 6-headed troll (gets wings to fly); the 9-headed (invisible hat); the princess asks the grooms three questions, the unanswered ones are killed; an invisible assistant watches the princess who carried the troll who has gained power over her steals his shoes; in the morning the prince shows them; the same with the ring and the object in which the princess's soul is in; the spell is removed; the princess asks to be made around her neck cut; blood dripped, the princess became a good beauty; the assistant takes magic items with him]: Holbek 1987, ETK No. 1216:538-539; the Finns [having squandered wealth and youth, the king went on horseback to another country; it is a custom to throw away the bodies of those who did not leave an inheritance (to pay for the funeral); for the remaining three stamps, the king buried one of the dead; to meet the guy, asks take him as a servant; we will agree on a salary later; arranges everything in the inn, prepares a proper dinner for the king; asks the owner to give him an old hat; the same at the next inn; beret a rusty sword; the third is an old purse; in the city of mourning, the monster demands a royal daughter as his wife; she is ready to marry the king who has arrived if he brings her a ring thrown under the table and then says whom she kissed in the evening; the servant puts the ring in the king's pocket; wearing an invisible hat, he sees that the princess did not go to kiss her parents, but met a monster in the garden; cut off the monster with a rusty sword his head and hid it in a purse; in the morning the bridegroom king showed his head; the princess is happy, because she did not kiss voluntarily; wedding, a son was born; the servant demands payment: the life of the son; cut off the boy's head, but he again alive and well; the servant was the spirit of that buried tramp]: Concca 1991:228-238; Estonians (Kanepi, SE Estonia) [in the evening, the father tells his two sons that he would like to know what they dreamed in the morning; the elder told, the youngest refused; the father sold it to the soldier; he did not tell him either, the soldier sold it to the officer; the same to the general; the general to the king; the young man lives with him, the princess fell in love with him; through for two years, during a feast, the king told him to dream; and saw the young man and princess bent under the table and kissed; the king threw the young man into prison; the princess was secretly feeding him; the princess's brother marrying his daughter another king, he is asked tasks that he cannot solve; the princess asks the young man and he answers; which end of the three painted sticks is closer to the butt (you have to throw it from a height, the lower end is heavier, first will touch the ground); which of the three horses is younger and which is older (the eldest will approach the feeder, and the youngest hesitates); 6 equally dressed - who is a boy and who is a girl (put rings in porridge - grooms they will give the rings to the brides); now the girl's brother is summoned to someone else's king; she secretly releases the young man from prison to help her brother; on the way he sees two fighting over an invisible hat and a carpet- the plane; he threw a stone: who will be the first to reach; he put on his hat himself and flew away on the carpet; there are 11 players in the tavern, their chief died, they made the young man in charge; he tells them not to tell them who is in charge; they answer to the king that everyone is equal; he offers a set table with one chair, 12 mattresses and 1 bed; they eat and sleep one by one; the prince's groom must bring the same shoes as the bride will wear; the young man promises do these; for this he takes a receipt that he will receive half the kingdom; in an invisible hat he found out everything; the same with the dress (the second half of the kingdom); the same bird that the princess will have (the same; white goose); on occasion the weddings of the prisoners were released; the young man came to the king with receipts: both halves of his kingdom and the princess too; the young man married and reigned; he saw this in a dream, and if he did, nothing would have been fulfilled]: Mä lk et al.1967, No. 107:352-359