Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K27K. Dive for a long time or deep.


Challenge: dive deep or long. See motive K27.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Coastal Dayaks (ibans): Bezemer 1904:226-229; Hose 1912:144-147 (=Hose, McDougall 1912:144-147).

Taiwan - Philippines. Tinghian (the story is only for Tinghian groups who are in contact with the Christianized population) [Dogedog is a lazy slacker; but decided to lay bamboo on the ground before the rainy season begins in his hut; took rice wrapped in banana leaf; the cat ate rice; the same the next day; on the third, D. set a trap; who asked him not to kill - he will still be useful; in the morning in the cat's place rooster; D. took him to Magsingal, where cockfights; on the way he meets and companions a crocodile, a deer, an anthill, a monkey; the rooster D. easily defeated all the roosters, because in fact he is a cat and has claws; further competitions: 1) who will sit under water longer (crocodile); 2) who runs faster (deer); 3) who will win the fight (anthill defeated the wrestler); 4) who will climb higher on the tree (monkey); D. bought two horses to take home all the silver he received and never worked again]: Cole 1916:91-94.

The Balkans. Serbs [(source not specified); the devil steals the sun; God sends the Archangel Michael to return it; M. pretends to be the Devil's friend, offers to test who will dive deeper; dives to the bottom, brings a handful of mud; when D. dives, the sea freezes six cubits thick; M. manages to steal the sun]: Abayev 1990:150.

SV Asia. Chukchi.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos; Bering Strait Inupiate; Northern Alaska Inupiate.

Subarctic. Atna [sitting on the bottom, breathing through a tube].

The coast is the Plateau. Kalispel [two (Caroline Duck and Woodpecker) went to powhoa where the competition should be: who will dive and stay underwater the longest; decided to make a hole in the bottom of the boat to swim up and breathe imperceptibly under it; Coyote also forced to go poo-whoa; painted one red and the other white clay and black; beautiful; they won; against them Elk, Deer, Bison, they they were cut off their heads; and they were so full that they died]: Vogt 1940, No. 5:85-89; Puget Sound: Ballard 1929:64 [Sea Wind (Chinook) and his servants (Blue Jay, Beaver, Raven) are going to compete with the North By the wind, whose servants are Otter, Woodpecker); 1) dive for a long time (Otter pops up dead, Blue Jay secretly breathes in the grass), 2) climb a pole (Blue Jay defeats Woodpecker); if Chinook lost, summer would not has come], 65 [Eagle's sister marries Sea, he takes her north; his servant Woodpecker; Eagle and other birds come to compete (like p.64); 1) dive (Seal vs Blue Jay), 2) climb ice column; on the way back they pass under the sky, which rises and falls], 66 [the sister of the Sea Wind is taken away by the son of the North Wind; her brother leads his men north; breaks ice on rivers; North Wind's wife, Blue Juice's sister, helps him with advice; 1) blow dust (smoke?) over each other (Blue Jay hides his face in a hole), 2) eat a lot (sends food by through a hollow stick), 3) kill a monstrous beaver, 4) dive (The seal dies, the Blue Jay hides in the grass), 5) shoot each other at friend (Blue Jay covers her chest with a stone), 6) climb an ice column (knocks down Squirrel, wins); returns home with wind sister Chinook]; puyallup [Seal tribe competes with freshwater animals joined by the Blue Jay; 1) stay under water for a long time (Blue Jay breathes under a broom thrown out of the boat, hits the Seal lying on the bottom with a hatchet); 2) climb a tree with a smooth barrel (Blue Jay hits Woodpecker on the head with a baton, he falls, Jay wins)]: Adamson 1934:251-353; Upper Chehalis [the leader and his men sails to an unknown land; jumping out of the boat, Blue Jay slides and falls; local chief Kalan lies on his bed, offers competitions; the room is full of smoke, the servant or dog inhales smoke to purify the air; 1) eat dangerous food ( guests swallow hollow tubes, let food through them); 2) dive (like puyallups); 3) race (Blue Jay vs Coyote or Squirrel, hits him, wins)]: Adamson 1934:12-15 [4) climb on slippery tree (Blue Jay hits Squirrel, which falls), 5) hot bath (Blue Jay takes ice with it, the Partridge bursts in the heat); 6) take a boat along the river under the ice floes that then rise then they go down (they pass, Blue Jay has cut off the tip of its tail); the Spider gives them a boat, it brings them home and goes back], 15-20 [7) shoot at each other (Blue Jay kills Beaver]; colitz [two var, like the upper chehalis; salmon drags the boat to an unfamiliar shore, turns into a local leader; 1) diving (Blue Jay breathes under a broom floating on the water, kills the Duck); 2) climbing a pole ( Blue Jay beats the Hummingbird Girl); 3) duel (Eagle puts a whetstone under Soyke's clothes, a local boy is killed); 4) steam room (Eagle digs, a local boy bursts in the heat); 5) Eagle and Jay win bones; Soyka's kidnapped sister lives in this land, fish are her children; she helps relatives return home; other option: Blue Jay, his sister, Orel, etc. swim to another village, get to to an unfamiliar shore; on the way back, the boat slips twice under a log that goes up and down]: Adamson 1934:178-184; clickitat [Chief Eagle and his men sail in a boat; Salmon woman drags the boat to his men; they offer to compete; 1) dive for a long time (Blue Jay secretly breathes near the boat, a local girl dies), 2) The beaver and a local woman lie by the cliff; she falls, the Beaver is alive woman dies), 3) Eagle and girl Puma eat each other (Puma dies)]: Jacobs 1929, No. 7:216-219; quinalt [five seal hunters give little meat to hazel grouse; he makes a seal out of cedar, he drags the hunters' boat into the sea; they reach unknown land, are summoned to compete; 1) climb a pole (Blue Jay hits Squirrel on the head with a bone, she falls off a pole); 2) sit underwater (Blue Jay breathes under an inverted boat; hits the Seal on the head with a hammer, it pops up); 3) withstand a hot bath (Beaver and Otter dig a passage to the river; rivals almost cooked); 4) spend five days without sleep (hunters leave decks with rotten ones instead of eyes, run away); pursuers drown, hunters return home]: Farrand 1902, No. 3:102-105; lower chinook; clackamas; tillamook; ne perse; coutene.

The Midwest. Menominee.

Northeast. Mikmak.

Plains. Skidi pawnee; wichita.

Big Pool. Northern shoshones.

The Northern Andes. Amber.