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K27q1. Samogudi husli. .

The hero is sent to get a musical instrument, usually samogudas.

Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Voronezh, Kursk), Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina, Poltava), Kherson), Belarusians, Mordovians, Mari, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars.

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Kursk), Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina, Poltava), Kherson), Belarusians [Beautiful Wife (Gusli-Samogudy): Tsar (Prince, Master) Wants to Master a stranger's wife and sends her husband to get samogudi; the husband fulfills the condition]: SUS 1979, No. 465B: 138; Belarusians [childless grandfather dreams: collect bird eggs and sit; he collected 31, the woman sat out, boys were born; they christened everyone, the last name was not enough, they called Mal-Malyshok; the sons went to mow, M. broke the oak tree, mows it; every night one haystack disappears; ten brothers are watching, no one noticed; M. orders to forge an iron club, threw it up, put his forehead, it split; the 40 pound did not split; M. hits the mare with a club, she gave him foals, M. took the worst one; the brothers left; after the death of his parents, M. caught up with them; the first Baba Yaga has 29 daughters, she refers to her sister, she has 30, she has 31; the horse tells M. that the brothers quietly wear hats on the brides at night, and They would tie their handkerchiefs for themselves; Baba Yaga cut off the heads of her daughters with a self-made sword; Baba Yaga catches up with a goat, M. killed him; the brothers were hired by the king, M. the elder, the brothers persuade the king to order M. Baba Yaga's self-seated sword; M. carried away; brothers: get samogudes; M. carried away; brothers: M. can find out why the sun has been in one place for three hours; M. goes to the sun; whale fish asks to know why it lies on shore; M. arrives for the Month, who first hides him from the Sun Brother, then M. opened; Sun: looked at the Bagpipe Girl when she was sailing in the golden chute; let the whale spit out 40 swallowed ships; the king tells you to get the bagpipe girl; M. offered V. wine, she got drunk, he took her away; V. tells me to get a chest of her clothes from the bottom of the sea; M. sends a self-made sword to cut fish, whale fish asks not to do so, pulls out a chest; V.: now the keys to the chest are from the bottom of the sea; the last cancer brought the keys; V. to get married, build a church of gold and silver bricks and the same bridge; and that the resin boils in the cauldron; V. She did everything herself, the tsar fell into the resin, M. became tsar, married V.]: Vasilenok et al. 1958:94-109; Russians (the place of recording is not a decree.) [following the king's orders for samogut, the fool comes to the old woman; her son is a samoglot wolf; he tells him to play cards if the fool falls asleep, swallows him; every time the fool replies that he does not sleep, and thinks thought; 1) more crooked trees in the forest or straight (var.: dry or damp) 2) in the water of a small fish or a large one; while the Wolf runs and thinks, the fool gets enough sleep; The wolf confirms that a crooked tree, a small one there are more fish; after the bath, the fool wipes himself off, the old woman recognizes his daughter's towel, accepts the fool as a son-in-law; The wolf brings samogudes, swallows the king, the fool and his wife reign, the Wolf lives with them]: Afanasiev 1958 (2): 468-469; Russians (1926, Olonetskaya, Zaonezhye, d. Shunga-Bor) [The old man and the old woman took an orphan. They lived poorly, their son was fishing. The first, the second time I caught birds, and the third time I caught goldfish. I threw it on the ground. The fish has become beautiful. The son married a beautiful woman. The wife sends her husband to the king to ask for "a place against herself or near her." The husband goes to the king. The king gathers advice, gave a seat in front of him. He fell in love with Ivan's wife, decided to get rid of him, and convened a council. He ordered Ivan to find the object: "He collects and robs net on the table." Ivan comes back, grieving. The wife sends a letter to her aunt in the woods. Ivan came to the hut and gave the letter. My aunt gives Ivan a ball. In the morning I threw a ball on the road and followed it. I made it to the cave. There's a table, Ivan is hiding, 40 robbers fly into the table and shouting: "Net, go!" Food appeared on the table. The robbers leave, Ivan calls for something. It's not working. Ivan calls for something to eat with him. Something is happy and goes with Ivan to the Tsar. Ivan shows the king a magic tablecloth. The king fell in love with Ivan. Senators give Ivan the task: to bring a cat who sings songs. Ivan comes back, grieves again. The wife gives a letter to her aunt again. The aunt gives a ball and meat to lure the cat. Ivan grabs the cat and brings it to the king. The king rejoices, the senators give the third task: to bring samogudes. Ivan comes home, his wife gives him iron armor, a tin cap and a clean shirt. Ivan has been on the road for a long time, comes to Baba Yaga and gives her a letter. A wolf comes, plays cards, the condition is not to fall asleep. Ivan: I think it's more felled wood or more standing wood? The wolf flies away to count, I. slept enough. For the second time: more dead or alive?. For the third time, Ivan replies to the wolf that he is sleeping. The wolf flew for the ax, and when he returned, he saw Ivan's wife's handkerchief and recognized Ivan as his son-in-law. In the morning, the wolf gives Ivan samogudy husli, ate senators and thoughtmakers, chewed, the tsar signed the kingdom to Ivan and his wife]: Karnaukhova 2008, No. 7:63-67; Russians (Voronezh) [An old man kills a bird while hunting since 21 with an egg. The old woman orders him to incubate them. After 21 weeks, 20 sons hatched, and a week later, the last son, Ivan the Boltun, appears. The old man gets rich, notices that someone steals ricks, sends his sons to guard at night, the older brothers fall asleep and do not see the thief, and Ivan's turn comes the last night. He prepares a hammer and iron bits. Ivan does not sleep and catches a mare and its 21 foals (hit between his ears with a hammer). The father praises Ivan, takes the mare, the brothers sort out the foals, Ivan gets the weakest. Father and sons go hunting. Four times Ivan lets the foal go into the field to gain strength (he bends first at hand, then under his foot, under a sitting rider). Ivan catches up with his brothers, sees fire on the third day, finds a golden pen, despite the skate's warnings, and takes it with him. The father orders all horses to be cleaned, Ivan waves his pen - his horse turns gold. The father praises Ivan and shames the rest of the brothers. The brothers are jealous and tell their father that Ivan boasts to catch a toy cat, a dancer gander and a tsimbalka fox, the father sends his youngest son for animals. With the help of a horse, he does everything. The brothers tell their father that Ivan can get samogudes. Ivan finds himself at Baba Yaga, who gives him a ball, he brings him to Yaga's middle sister, the mother of Snake Gorynych, who keeps harps. The mother feeds her son, puts him to play cards with Ivan, and the players agree that the winner will eat the loser. Ivan wins in two days, asks to give him the harp, the Serpent gives it back, rejoices that he remains alive and has not been eaten. The father again, out of slander of his elder sons, orders Ivan to get Mary Queen. He sails by ship, lures the princess to him by playing the harp (I've never heard it), and brings it to his father. The father then gives all orders to his son at the request of the bride and demands to bring her box. Ivan distracts the palace guards by releasing his golden horse, pulls out the box and bringing it back. He hunts 12 mares on his father's orders: he wraps his horse with twine and pours resin over him - he drives horses out of the sea, his protection is torn by the teeth of horses. By order of his father, he milks mares, boils their milk and jumps into it after the horse's conditional signal. Ivan is getting handsome. Marya demands that her father also swim, but he dies in boiling milk. Ivan marries Mary]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 17:97-105; Ukrainians [the queen gets the sea princess; the king wants her for himself; the princess promises to marry him if he gets the samogudi harp; the king sends the queen, he pulls it out; the princess wants the wedding train to be seen from the sea; the king orders to demolish the mountain; the horse and fish destroy it; the princess asks the Queen to bring sea mares, milks it, boils it milk, bathes in it, makes it even more beautiful; the king is cooked]: Afanasiev 1994 (2): 127-128; Ukrainians (Poltava, Gadyach, ca. 1878) [Danilo has been serving for several years, but lives very poorly. He enters a house with a stone at the doorstep (so that there is no dirt), Danilo is hired to work for the owner of the house for this stone. After a year of service, he receives a stone - it breaks in his hands. Danilo picks up a fragment of the pot and lights the frankincense. God sends an angel to ask if Danilo is trying to please God. Danilo complains that he has nothing regardless of whether he receives an award for his service or not. The angel asks whether he wants health, wealth or a reasonable wife, he asks three ploughmen, two do not know, the third chooses a reasonable wife, Danilo says the same and falls asleep on the grave. St. Peter's daughter appears to Danile and says that he should go to his father's estate. Danilo: It turns out that she does not exist ("God gave it, what has become"), she asks where he keeps the money he earns - she searches and finds it, they get married and live in his father's house. Pan falls in love with Danila's wife, threatens to take her away if he fails to complete the tasks: brew beer, make live harps, and his wife helps him. He brings his harp to Pana, starts playing - Pan and his wife and all the animals in the yard are dancing. Pan asks you to go to the next world and find out where his father hid the money, his wife gives Danila a ball, he finds out that the money is under the back porch under an iron sheet. Danilo tells Mr., he does not believe him, he shows a note from his father - he finds money, gives half to Danila]: Rudchenko 1870, No. 34:153-156.

Volga - Perm. Mordva [the old man found 12 eggs in the forest, of which 12 did hatch, the eldest was Zavarza; went to look for wives; Baba Yaga sends to his older sister, who has 12 daughters, gives a handkerchief (wave - there will be a sea of fire) and a stallion; he tells Zavarza to change clothes with Baba Yaga's daughters at night; she stabbed her daughters, is left alone for Z.; she agrees to marry him if he 1) gathers her stallions mother; Z. brought in, waved his handkerchief, Baba Yaga could not cross the Sea of Fire; 2) steal samogudes from her mother; they are on her chest, she grabbed Z., locked her in a barn; the stallion tells me to play the harp, the locks fell apart, Z. brought the harp; 3) the mother's jawbone; Z. pulled out her jaw, brought it; 4) jump into boiling water; the stallion cooled it, Z. was unharmed; Baba Yaga's daughter jumped after him, the stallion made water hot, the girl is cooked]: Evseviev 1964, No. 36:262-264; Marie: Beke 1938, No. 18 [the guy sees a duck with golden wings on the river; the mother advises not to shoot it, but the son killed the duck, brought it, sold it to the king for a thousand rubles; the soldier tells the king that the boy promised to get a gem; the mother embroiders something, gives her son, tells him to throw a ball into the river and sail after him; the ball has stopped, son stopped the ship, opened the prepared barrels of meat; crows flew; when he saw the embroidery, one raven recognized it as his sister's work; said that the stone was in a chest at the bottom of the sea; sent fish, she brought it a stone, the king gave gold for it; soldier: the guy promised to bring samogudes; the same (embroidery, a ball, a ship, greasy candles with him); the guy came to the old man; he begins to make harp, tells him to shine ; the guy has three soldiers; the old man consistently tears off their heads; when the guy holds the candle, the old man sees the embroidery, recognizes his sister's work, gives the guy harps; the king pays a thousand rubles for them, the guy returned to his mother; all]: 59-66: Chetkarev 1948:20-28 [The childless queen finds a baby in the restroom, the king calls him Babi Son; he asks his father for two comrades, leaves; they stay in an empty house, where there is a lot of food, they take turns; at midnight, the enemy arrives on three, six, nine horses, the BS kills everyone, his comrades sleep; overhears how the sisters and mother of the opponents agree to kill the BS and his comrades; the younger sister turns into sand for a hundred versts and a stream, the middle sister turns 200 versts and a tea room, the eldest into three hundred versts and a pub; BS does not allow comrades to drink, cuts demons with a sword; their mother pursues, BS and comrades are hiding in Ilya Murovin's forge; he offers to stick out his tongue, clamps with a vice, the demoness was burned; THEY ask them to bring self-playing harps; BS brings, violates the ban not to cut cow's intestines, he cuts, harps go missing; IM and his brothers are looking for a wife for BS; her father demands 1) drink 40 buckets of wine, eat the same amount of porridge (they do everything); 2) wash in a hot bath (they are unharmed); BS gets a wife, they tell them not to touch her for three nights; she puts her arm, leg, chest on the BS, he begins to suffocate, IM hides, each time she hits a woman, she vomits lizards, snakes, frogs, caked blood; after the third night, the wife is safe; BS returns to his father]; Chuvash [the old man found 31 babies in the nest at the top of the osokor; they began to ask for bread in the hut; the king gave a thousand rubles for each; 30 sons are mowed, and the 31st is still young; when he began to mow, he broke his braids; sour cream haystacks disappear at night; only Vanka's youngest son woke up, grabbed the mare; she said that her 31 foals are for brothers; let the youngest chooses last, burns his foal in the fire for 3 days; he became a magic horse; only V. jumped his horse to the nest, took eggs out of it, became the eldest; one old woman says that she has only 16 daughters, the second 26, the third 31; the horse tells them to change clothes with the girls for the night; at night the old woman eats her daughters, except the one next to V.; the brothers run away; they envy V.; they say to the king that he boasts to get a 70-string violin (harp); V. comes to the old woman's daughter, she gives the violin to her mother; next time the same: harp (kesle); same: 2 golden eggs; then brothers they tell the king that V. can get the daughter of the King of Fire; the horse teaches him to catch the best horse, dies himself; the new horse teaches how to make a ship, lure the girl; she tells me to get wedding rings; he got it, married on the daughter of the King of Fire, he became tsar, and his former tsar was his minister]: Chuvash tales 1937:284-296; Kazan Tatars [after his father's death, his elder brother expelled Abdulla; the elder tells A. to get a dagger from the golden palace just around the corner, Kaf; A. went there, running away from the lions, took his dagger out of his scabbard, a girl appeared; the padishah wants to take her away, tells her to bring 1) the harp; the old man sends A. and his wife to his brother, he goes to his sister, she first hides it from her sons, the sons will help if A. does not sleep for three nights; on the second {obviously the first} night they ask if A. is sleeping; he replies what he thinks in the forest more firewood or trees; the third {second} is alive or dead; they brought harp and A. is sleeping; they want to kill him, but they took him home when they saw his sister's handkerchief; 2) algu and kulga stones; A. hides in a house where there are 7 golden basins, including 7 golden kumgans, a stick on the table; 7 batyrs enter, one asks who poured water from his kumgan; they tell the stick to feed lunch, leave; A. asks him for a stick feed and thanks her; stick: no one thanked me, I'll go with you; A. promises an old man, whose workers are building something, for.. {incomprehensible}; that: I'll dive if the white foam is alive, if the black foam is dead; the old man dives, but comes back, rubbed himself with white powder again, dived successfully; the algu stone kills everything, the kulgu stone revives everything; A. calls alga, padishah's men fall dead; kulgu! they come to life; A. himself becomes a padishah]: Yarmukhametov 1970:246-254.