Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K27S. Running, racing.


Competition: running, racing. See motive K27.

, Germans (Grimms, Swabia), Western Ukrainians, Russians (Kursk), Kurins,

Bantu-speaking Africa. Bondei [the chief promises to give his daughter to the winner in the run; the Turtle agrees with the Hare to place 10 turtles at a distance; the Falcon cannot distinguish them, believes that the Turtle is ahead him; The turtle gets the girl; at night he takes off his shell, becomes a young man; the wife throws the shell into the fire, stays with her handsome husband]: Abrahams 1983, No. 12:75-78.

West Africa. Aquapim [The Spider and the Cat ask for God's daughter; he promises her to the first to run the distance; The cat comes first, gets a wife; The spider kills God's beloved ram, throws giblets into the house A cat, smudges a decoction on his clothes; God takes his daughter back]: Dähnhardt 1910:145.

Sudan - East Africa. Kikuyu [Wamweri ("son of the month"), against the advice of Wadua ("son of the sun"), marries a one-eyed girl; another, Washuma, rejects suitors; offers beans and milk, he only drinks milk; she advises you to stay in the house, because every night Mukunga Mbura Rainbow Serpent leaves the lake, steals cattle; Wadua stays in the house, but goes out at night, kills MM; in the morning, the girls' father offers competitions, to find out who killed the snake; 1) running (Wadua wins); 2) get the feathers of a particular bird; while Washuma waits on the shore, Wadua descends into the lake, brings cattle out of the water in the morning; the water disappears, Wadua and his wife and cattle is for father-in-law]: Abrahamsson 1951:196-197.

Southern Europe. The Italians (Ticino) [the king's sons Luigino are 24 years old and Giovanni is 18; they leave home, at the fork J. goes right, L. goes to the left, agree to meet here in 2 years; in 2 years L. returned home; J. meets, takes a magnet (with a movement of his hand he lowers a flock of pigeons to his feet); 2) Cannoneer (turns his hat, a shot follows, the game is hit); 3) Iron Shoulders (J.; holds a mountain ready to fall on the village); 4) Runner (Corri-Corri); in Roccapiana, King Roccaquius's daughter Fulmine ("lightning") will marry someone who overtakes her; the losers are executed; The runner wins because The magnet detains F.; but she refuses to marry J., wants to marry the one who overtook her; the king asks J. to take as much gold as he takes away; J. takes everything; friends sail away on the ship, the Gunner shoots chase; F. decides to marry J.]: Keller 1981:261-265; ladins [the king fired a soldier and paid a penny; he meets and companions a man uprooting a tree; blowing from a hill to a penny the valley with one nostril plugged: it rotates the windmills, and if it opens the other nostril, a hurricane will begin; separating one leg (it lies side by side): he runs too fast on two; sitting, smoking tobacco, with a hat on the side: if he moves smoothly, a terrible frost will begin; aiming at a fly on a neighboring mountain; they come to the king; whoever overtakes his daughter will receive her and half the kingdom; we must run to spring, collect herbs (water cross, Nasturtium officinale) and bring it to the king; the runner lay down and fell asleep, and the princess had already run back; the hunter woke him up with a shot and the runner ran first; the king did not wants to give her daughter, but the soldier does not need her; agreed that instead of his daughter, the king will give as much gold as one person can carry; the uprooting tree took away the entire treasury of the kingdom; the king sent an army that blew with one nostril scattered him; the second army froze the owner of the magic hat]: Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 38:234-239; Basques: Barandiaran 1962a, No. 7 [the king is ill, speedboat went to Madrid; on the way he meets and companions a person listening to a seed growing in the ground; shooting into the sky where game (others can't see anything, but he waits for him to fall); blowing his nose to rotate a mill; a chopping oak tree, which he would then carry on his shoulders; the doctor ordered to get water from a distant well, from which the king will recover; whoever returns first will receive seven wineskins of gold; one also runs woman; the speedboat spoke, put him to sleep, took water from him; the listener hears this, the shooter wakes up his comrade with a shot, he runs again to the well, returns first; the oak tree capable of dragging takes gold; for friends chase, the blew scattered their army], 28 [the son is so strong that his father is afraid of him; sends him to wander; meets a runner, a millstone on his foot to move more slowly; a strongman, a stone on his back, this stone can crush the world; a blow man who blows his nose rotates the mill; everyone takes turns cooking; an old man appears from the chimney, eats everything, the cook wins; when it's the turn for the blow, he blows so that the old man is pressed against the roof; friends come to the king; he will give a gold-filled bull skin if the applicant returns from the spring faster than his daughter; they began to take out the lice, the hunter fell asleep, the daughter I almost returned, the hunter was woken up with a shot, the blowing threw the princess away with the wind, the hunter came first; they wanted to deprive the other king of the gold he had received from the first king from his friends, but the soldier was scattered by the wind; friends have begun to live well]: 34-38, 104-108; Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 513A []: 426-428; Maltese [older brothers are rude to the old woman, younger is kind; she helps him get the ship, moving on land; a young man meets, companions 1) someone who can drink a lot, 2) carry weights, 3) a runner, 4) a listener, 5) a sharpshooter, 6) can cause good and bad weather when lying down on his stomach or back; the king will give his daughter to those who perform difficult assignments, including drinking a wine cellar, picking up all the gold from the treasury, overtaking the princess (you have to run to the spring and bring a jug water); the princess puts the runner to sleep, offering to look in his head, but the rumor hears it, and the shooter wakes up by knocking a stone from under his head; the weather-changing army destroys the royal army that tried to destroy hero; hero reigns]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, № 513B: 152-155; Corsicans [receiving an inheritance, each of the three queens builds a ship and triples a feast; the elders are for the rich, the youngest for the rich, the youngest for poor people; the old woman gives him a wand that allows the ship to move on the ground; he takes the poor with him, meets him, takes on the ship 1) throwing millstones, 2) eating a couple of bulls at once, 3) drinking the river, 4) carrying a mountain on his back, 5) a runner, 6) listening to the grass grow, 7) pushing fog into a bag to prevent it from harming the flowering trees; the Queen is outraged that the ship has arrived at her ground; tells 1) eat mountains of bread (eats), 2) drink all the wine (drank opivalo), 3) move 4 heavy guns (the strongman carries), 4) bring in a bottle of water from a spring 100 km away ( the runner overtakes the old woman, although she raises dust and the runner sleeps first); the Queen sails away on his ship, the Queen sends an army in pursuit, eats and drinks him, regurgitating what he has eaten and drunk; the king gives his youngest son a crown]: Massignon 1984, No. 35:78-82.

Western Europe. The French (Dauphine) [the son of a peasant Jean is 40 years old in the cradle; the father asks for help in leading the oxen; he gets up, grabs two oxen by the horns, pulls, their heads come off; demands an iron stick weighing 10 tons; she is transported on 40 horses, he picks it up easily; goes wandering, meets, takes as companions 1) a millstone, 2) a hare seeing in the distance, 3) an easy catching up hare, 4) listening to how grass grows, 5) capable of driving away clouds if it blows on them; the king offers to compete to the spring and back with his aunt, who has always overtaken everyone; she resorts to the spring, lies down sleep; the blowing throws her far away, the runner runs to the spring, brings water; the heroes receive gold from the king; take turns staying at home to cook; a man comes out from under the stove, beats the cook; when Jean the Bear's turn (first named), who kills the demon with his iron stick; the heroes disperse]: Joisten 1991, No. 2.1:51-57; Walloons: Laporte 1932, No. *513 [an old woodcutter cuts a tree; Jesus and St. Peter, his wishes come true, he gets a ship moving on land and sea; meets and companions the Listener, the Runner, the Blowing, the Strongman; the princess always defeats the grooms on the run; Her runner overtakes; she asks her father not to give her up, but the Strongman takes away all the gold and silver, the Hearing hears the approach of the royal troops, and the Blowing dispels him], *514A [The 15-year-old princess comes out for the first time palaces to the seashore; sailors kidnapped her; the king summons the Marquises; the Marquis Matacon is too old, replaced by his daughter, who pretends to be a man; the queen fell in love with an imaginary young man, he refused ; then she told the king that M. volunteered to save their daughter; the hunchback tells M. that the princess is in a golden castle in the middle of the sea; M. saves a fly from a spider; saves a pig; pushes a pig into the water dry fish; the pig puts M. on his back and brings him to the castle; he is brought to a room full of girls, each saying she is the daughter of a French king; a fly sits on the cheek of a real princess; a pig transports M. and the princess back; the princess loses her shoe, but the fish pulls it out; the Queen again seeks M.'s love in vain; tells her husband that M. boasted to get the treasures of the Turkish Sultan; on advice the hunchback, M. takes the Strong Back as his companions; a lumberjack throwing a pole for 300 leagues; the Listener; the Runner; the Blowing; the Sultan tells, overtaking the old woman, to fill the bottle with water from a spring over 700 leagues; The runner at the spring falls asleep, the listener finds out, the Blower throws the old woman 300 leagues beyond the spring; M. takes the treasure, but the sultan sends an army after him; the Blowing man has scattered him; now the Queen accuses M. of trying to seduce her; he is taken to the scaffold, but the hunchback reports that M. is a woman; the queen has been beheaded, the king married M.]: 61-62, 62-63; the Bretons [the king promises daughter to someone who will build a ship moving on land and sea; older brother decides to try; sees in the forest that many trees have already been felled; sits down for lunch; magpie asks for a piece, he does not give; tries cut down trees, they don't cut down; he returned to his father; the same middle brother; the younger Luduenn (Cinderella) gives bread to forty, after each ax hit, the ship's part is immediately ready, the parts come together; L . gets on his ship, meets, companions Obedala, Opivala, Runner (chases hares with a millstone tied to his leg), Strelka (aims at a hare on a distant mountain), Listening to how the grass grows; ways they buy an egg, a plow, a hat; (these items are needed when talking to the princess); then the king demands 1) eat 40 bulls (Oatmeal eats), 2) drink 50 barrels of wine (Opivalo drinks), 3) overtake a maid who would go to a distant spring to get water; she put the runner to sleep, but the Listener heard him snoring and her words; the shooter saw that the Runner was sleeping, placing the horse's corpse under his head and fired an arrow woke up, Runner was the first to bring water; L. received the princess and soon the throne]: Luzel 1887 (3), No. 8:296-311; the Bretons [the king will give his daughter to whoever builds a ship moving on land and sea; three the widow's son decided to try; the eldest met an old woman, refused to share bread with her; the middle one gave her all his bread; she magically made him build ship; a young man meets, takes on the ship an eternally thirsty person; from hunger; easily catching up with hares; hitting a pea from afar with a stone from a sling; bringing his wings from his nose to move his wings with his breath mills; having a day in one pocket of a bag and a night in the other; before giving his daughter, the king demands: 1) drink all the wine in the cellar overnight (the thirsty drank); 2) slaughter and eat all the oxen, cows, rams and pigs (starving ate); 3) bring water from a distant source before the maid; the one who caught up with the hares ran there easily, but the maid offered to take a break, put him to sleep; the slinger got there at him with a stone, the runner woke up and overtook the maid; 4) taking the princess, the young man went back; they stopped in the desert; the royal army was approaching; the blowing scattered him like a hurricane; but the army again catches up; then the last of the satellites left the night behind and the day ahead]: Delarue, Tenèze 1964, No. 513:283-289; the Friezes [three sons of a peasant, the youngest of them, Gjalt, goes to search happiness; I see a coffin dug from the grave in the cemetery; I want to bury it, a giant comes up, says that the deceased owes him a thaler, he will not let him be buried; I give the thaler; a two-headed giant comes up, requires 2 thalers; three-headed - 3; I bury the deceased, is left without money, breaks up with my brothers; an old man comes up to him, says that he is the brother of the deceased, will serve out of gratitude; I.: I will Big Me and you're Little Me; they come to the one-headed giant's castle; I teaches them to say what the giant's brother sent them: a peasant army is going to kill the castle owner; the giant agrees hide in a well, gives his sword, inexhaustible purse and receipt for the sale of the BYA castle; companions pull a ladder out of the well, cover the hole with a stone; the same with a double-headed giant; with a three-headed giant; he was taken a mirror showing the truth and wings to fly; the princess gives the grooms impossible assignments, all those who fail are executed; the king's tasks for the BU: 1) play cards with the wizard who has the first to run out of money; 2) race, bring an eagle egg from the nest on a sky-high mountain; 3) defeat the wizard and bring his head; BYU wins thanks to an inexhaustible wallet and ME, which shows him his partner's cards in the mirror and helps him stay awake; BYA overtakes the wizard on his wings; wins with a giant's sword, and MYA hides the BU under a dark veil and the wizard does not see the enemy; BYA marries a princess, gives his parents a home, lives in a castle himself, my treasurer is my treasurer]: Mürk 2014:38-50; Germans [the master was at war, then went to the king; meets, takes companions 1) pulling trees, 2) a well-aimed Shooter, 3) blowing at the mills, they turn around; 4) Speedboat (he has unfastened one leg, otherwise he cannot stand still), 5) causing frost if he moves it over his head hat; the king will give his daughter to whoever overtakes her; The runner and the girl run to the well for water; on the way back, the Runner fell asleep with a horse skull under his head; the keen Shooter saw, knocked out the skull from under his head with a bullet heads, the Runner woke up and ran first; the king ordered his friends to be locked in an iron room and make a fire, but the frost-causing hat pulled over his hat; the king does not want to give his daughter, promises instead of her as much gold as those who come can carry; the one who pulled out the trees took everything; the king sent an army, the Blowing scattered him; six brought wealth home and shared]: Grimm, Grimm 2002, No. 71:253-256; Germans (Swabia) [the king will give his daughter to someone who makes a ship moving on water and land; the miller has three sons, the eldest was the first to try; he did not share bread with the old man; he advised him to quit work - it will not work; the same with the middle son; the youngest Hans shared; at the request of the old man, a ship appeared; realizing that the brothers are going to kill G., the father tells him to immediately go on his ship to the capital; on the way he sees, takes with him a shooter aiming at the spire of a church in Berlin; a listener (he has a huge ear, puts it on the ground); a runner in huge boots; another can the whole world vollmachen ; the king orders to bring water from a distant well; the runner ran, typed, but fell asleep; the listener heard him snoring; the shooter woke up the runner with a shot; the king offered to fill the ship instead of the princess with money and G. agreed; the ship flew back, but the king sent an army to return the money; the one who can vollmachen the world reversed it; G. and his satellites returned to their homes]: Meier 1852a, No. 31:111- 118; the British [the king promises to give his daughter to whoever defeats the royal sorceress; she easily defeats Bill and Tom, they are beheaded; their younger brother Jack tells the old man he is looking for a ship, sailing on land; he gives him a ship and a stick that turned water into wine; tells him to put on the ship those he meets; this is the Wrestler, Oat, Drank, Runner, Shooter, Far Seeing; Fighter's fight with the sorceress ended in a draw; Oat and Drank defeat her; the witch puts the Runner to sleep, the Seer notices, the Shooter knocks the magic bone from under his head; Jack gets the princess]: Kharitonov 2008:276-281.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Mustang [a childless woman saw a lonely child, adopted him; his adoptive parents gave him a sheep, she brought offspring; he herds his four sheep by the lake; fishermen caught the last fish; the young man gave his sheep to let her go; the underwater king invites him to his lake, feeds him well; he wants to go back to earth; the old man and the old woman advise asking the king for a white gift the dog is his daughter; after leaving the lake, the young man fell asleep, at which time the princess created the palace and cattle; during the day she is a dog, at night a princess; 7 merchants are invited to compete, if they lose, they will become servants, if they win, they will take the palace; each time the princess tells you to go to the lake at night, ask her parents for help; 1) cut 7 boxes with one blow (the young man gets a sword, cuts it, the merchants cannot); 2) win the race (gets a horse); 3) fight (gets a chest with iron fighters in it, smashed the merchants with their mules to shreds); the princess took off her dog skin, gave birth to an heir son and a daughter]: Kretschmar 1985, No. 34:196-201.

Burma - Indochina. Arakan people [the king has seven sons and seven wives; someone steals fruit from a mango tree; brothers take turns guarding; the elders do not see anything, the youngest sees how winged horses have arrived, aims his bow; the horses promise not to steal mangoes anymore; the young man gave them some fruit and they flew away; the king fell in love with his youngest son and drove away his elders; but the youngest did not want to part with his brothers, he left with them; the king of another country promises a daughter to someone who will overtake her at the races; the youngest put on a royal outfit, summoned a flying horse, overtook everyone, remained unrecognized, returned to his brothers; everything was clear, younger prince inherited both kingdoms]: Konow 1903:9-12; the Viets [Nong goes to look for money in the capital; joins five young men; their names are Strong Shoulder (Strong), Shooter (Tags), Wind (Blowing Hard), Flying (Flying Hard) runs fast), Warm-Cold (shifting his hat, creating heat and frost); the king gives his daughter for the winner in the run; you have to run to the well, bring water; the flyer comes running, falls asleep; the princess pours water into his jug, runs back; The shooter wakes up Letuna, knocking down a mosquito in his ear; the princess refuses to marry Letuna, who instead asks for gold on one shoulder; Strong Shoulder takes the entire treasury; friends they lock themselves in the refectory, set fire to the house; Warm-Cold extinguishes the fire, the Wind blows the flame to other buildings; the army sent in pursuit dies from heat and cold, scattered by the Wind]: Karpov, Tkachev 1958:139-145.

South Asia. Ancient India [{Y.V. Vasilkov, personal report 31.01.2016: the text is confusing and it is not entirely clear who is talking about who is talking about who is talking about who is talking about}. Sávitar (the solar deity in the Vedas) wanted his daughter Surya (a female version of the solar deity) to marry the moon god Somu; but Surya was harassed by many, so it was decided that Surya would receive that who will be the first to jump to the sun in the chariot race; the Ashwins won, Surya became their companion]: Erman, Temkin 1975, No. 5:22.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Ngaju [boat racing]; murut; Java [the poor firewood collector has 7 children; he decides to leave them in the woods; younger Wuragil hears parents talking, collects pebbles in advance, throws along the way, bring her brothers and sisters back; next time she throws corn kernels, pigeons pecked them; children come to the old woman; her cannibal husband appears in the evening; V. listens to them agree eat those who come: their own children will be under tiger skins, and those who come under lamb skins; V. changes their skins, the cannibal eats his own children; V. takes his speed boots, along with his brothers and sisters runs away; thanks to his boots, wins a running competition, gets a princess, reigns soon; visits his parents; his mother recognizes him by a bump on his head - she once hit him]: Kratz 1973, No. 17: 111-114.

Taiwan - Philippines. Tinghian (the story is only for Tinghian groups who are in contact with the Christianized population) [Dogedog is a lazy slacker; but decided to lay bamboo on the ground before the rainy season begins in his hut; took rice wrapped in banana leaf; the cat ate rice; the same the next day; on the third, D. set a trap; who asked him not to kill - he will still be useful; in the morning in the cat's place rooster; D. took him to Magsingal, where cockfights; on the way he meets and companions a crocodile, a deer, an anthill, a monkey; the rooster D. easily defeated all the roosters, because in fact he is a cat and has claws; further competitions: 1) who will sit under water longer (crocodile); 2) who runs faster (deer); 3) who will win the fight (anthill defeated the wrestler); 4) who will climb higher on the tree (monkey); D. bought two horses to take home all the silver he received and never worked again]: Cole 1916:91-94.

China - Korea. Chinese (province not specified) [Nyu-lan's younger single brother works hard, the older married man eats hearty; the ox suggests N. break the plow, plough, plough handle, return home early, eat the cooked; the elder offers to share, the ox tells N. to take only him, the ox, to go south; says that on the seventh day of the seventh moon, the Southern Gate of Heaven will open, Wan-mu's granddaughters will arrive wash clothes; the seventh from the west side is Ji-nyu; N. hides her clothes, C. becomes his wife, her sisters fly away as doves; when her daughter is 6 years old and son 3 C. offers N. to return her clothes; N. returns, C. flies away; the ox tells him to slaughter, burn his bones, put on his skin, take his son and daughter in baskets; the guards of the heavenly gate (gold, silver lions, devil) say, I am your husband the seventh aunt, and these are her children; the wife must be identified in the house among the seven girls; we must let the son go, he will rush to suck his mother's breast; father-in-law suggests 1) hide; C. says that her father first will become a bug, then an apple in the chest; when it's N.'s turn to hide, C. turns it into a needle, his father-in-law does not find it; 2) race; you have to throw red seeds and chopsticks behind, their father-in-law picks up; at the end throw a hairpin in front of him; N. throws behind, a heavenly river appears; wife, children, mother-in-law remain on the other side; on the seventh day of the seventh moon, all birds rise into the sky, mother-in-law pulls out a feather from each of them, builds a bridge - the Milky Way - out of feathers; N. (Volopas) and C. (Weaver); on the sixteenth day, C. returns, during which time he washes all the dishes (each item numbered 360), washes, darns the sky, an-mu's granddaughters will arrive to wash clothes; gray from the West]: Riftin 1982:294-303.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece [Atalanta, overtake the bride]; Hungarians [overtake the bride]; Hungarians [when he dies, the poor man tells his three sons that, according to the sorcerer, the stolen sun and moon will return the stolen sun and moon one of them, but he does not know who exactly; the king found out about this and called the brothers to him; promises to make the heir to the one who will cope with this task, and make his assistant viceroy; the younger brother - Kiss Miklos (KM), the elders laugh at him; the king tells you to choose horses and weapons; the elders take the best horses and swords, KM - a seedy and dirty skate, a rusty sword; the skate was conceived by the wind a six-legged horse that eats hot coals, a sword on its own; brothers come to a country for 49 kingdoms, across the sea of Operentsia, behind a glass mountain to the silver bridge; KM tells you to hide under the bridge and wait A 12-headed dragon, whose moon is tied to a saddle; the dragon's horse stumbled for the first time, the dragon realizes that it will fight KM; KM ordered the sword to cut off his head, he cut off; the horse with the moon was given by the KM to the middle brother; same at the golden bridge, 24-headed dragon; KM ordered the sword to cut off the dragon's heads, but they grew; KM began to fight on its own, but could not defeat it; dragon: I will become a blue flame, and the dragon will become red; when the red rose above the blue one, the KM brothers threw a piece of sulfur at him, as the KM had asked them in advance, the red flame went out; sending the brothers with the moon and sun home, the KM took the form of a gray kitten and climbed to a house where the mother and wives of dragons overhear their conversation; the wife of the younger dragon: I will become a spring, if the brothers take a sip of water, they will die; the elder's wife: will turn into a pear with poisoned fruits; mother asks the dragons to support her eyelids with an iron beam weighing 1200 pounds so that she can see; promises to turn into a mouth such as the upper jaw in the sky and the lower jaw on the ground;: swallowed KM and his brothers; the kitten rushed out, the dragon threw a beam at him and immediately went blind, as her eyelids closed her eyes again; KM reached his brothers on his horse in two jumps and went home together; on the way, KM cuts with a sword, a spring and a pear, bleeding from them; brothers see an open mouth approaching, hide in the house of the lead melter (Lead Friend, SD); they pour molten lead into the dragon's mouth, that exhaled; now SD offers the KM to fight; drove the KM into the lead floor with his little finger; lets go for the promise to get the Green Daughter of the Green King for him; he let the older brothers go; they attribute victory over dragons, marry princesses, the eldest becomes king; they let the moon and sun horses go to heaven, but they began to shine sadly; KM goes in search, meets, takes the Runner as companions, Drinking, Obedalu, Freezing in Fire, Seeing Far Away, Strongman Throwing an Iron Club; The Green King (ZK) demands Pluto to bring his daughter's wedding dress faster than a local runner; but ZK sent his old witch mother to run in the evening, and the Runner ran only in the morning; he overtook her, received a dress from Pluto, but on the way back, the witch persuaded him to take his time and go together; he put him to sleep grabbed the dress box and ran; the Seer saw it, the Strongman threw his club, knocking out the horse skull from under the Runner's head, on which the witch had placed his head; the Runner again overtook the witch, took it away the box and handed it to ZK; he demands to spend the night in an iron oven; the freezing oven cooled; ZK demands to eat and drink an incredible amount of meat and wine (Oat and Drank performed); KM received princess, but as soon as he admitted that he had got it for another, she disappeared; the seer saw her in a whale's belly, Vipivalo drank the sea, the Runner brought the whale, KM took the princess out of his belly; the princess again disappeared; The seer saw her in an apple hanging in the ZK's garden, the Runner brought it; for the third time, the princess in a cocoon hanging in the sky; the strongman knocked down the cocoon with a club, the Runner ran and caught the princess; KM let the companions go; told the princess that she should find out what the power of SD was; while he was talking to KM, the princess magically opened 7 iron doors to the basement, took gold from the lead kegs and told the jeweler gild the threshold; SD went mad, beat the princess, but she changed herself with a feature and lay down on the bed; promised not to gild anything else if SD said what his strength was; he refused; then she gilded three more thresholds; all the same; 7 rapids; after that, SD confessed: in a silk meadow under the seventh bush there is a hare, he has an egg under his tail, a hornet in the egg, its strength is in it; at night, the princess reported this KM; he became a hound, caught a hare, then a hornet flew out; SD died; KM and the princess arrived in the KM kingdom in a luxurious chariot; the sun and moon immediately shone brightly; the sage explained everything to the old to the king; KM said that as heir to the realm of SD and LC, he leaves this kingdom to his brothers; the CM and his wife still rule the two kingdoms unless they died]: Curtin 1890:477-516; the Serbs [ the son dreams that he has become a royal son-in-law, refuses to tell his parents, they drive him away; the young man refuses to tell the king a dream, he puts him in prison, he makes a way to the princess's room, she has been living well with her for three years; the princess promises to marry the groom, who will throw a spear over the wall, tells her to summon that imprisoned slave; throws a spear, likes the king, gets the princess; viziers demand that he bring a squad of 1,000 people; on the way, the young man is joined by 1) listening to the grass grow, 2) overtaking birds, 3) throwing a spear to the sky, 4) eating a huge pot of corn, 5) drinking lake; viziers offer (the winner takes the loser's wife) 1) eat everything cooked (Eats), 2) throw it into the oven and take the person out alive (Drinking fills with water), 3) overtake a winged sorceress (The Runner overtakes but falls asleep, the Rumor finds out about it, the Javelin Thrower kills the sorceress, the Runner brings a jug of water); the young man picks up the viziers on the line, lives well in the palace]: Karadzic 1853 in Dmitriev, Volkonsky 1956:36-43, in Eschker 1992, No. 38:178-188; the Serbs [on Ilyin's day, the pitchfork sculpted a girl out of the snow; she became beautiful; promises to marry someone who would overtake her horse, and if no one overtakes, she executes everyone; at the finish line there is a golden apple; the girl began to run faster because she had small wings; then pulled out and threw her hair - the forest; dropped a tear - rivers; the prince cursed her in the name of God, she froze, he grabbed her and took her; but when he looked around, the girl disappeared]: Tesic 2018:21-22; Romanians [see K27 motif; Tsugulya meets, takes companions 1) always hungry, who plows seven with plows; 2) running and stroking hares on the run, tied a millstone to his feet; 3) freezing on a hot day, one mustache is white, the other is black; 4) hitting a mosquito with an arrow in heaven; 5) a sage (waves a stick - birds flock); everyone, not knowing at first who is in front of him, says that he is not a hero, but a real hero - C.; the Streer king demands: 1) eat all the bread in a day, baked in 9 ovens (Oat eats); 2) drink 9 barrels of wine (Drinking drinks); 3) enter a hot oven (Freezer has cooled it); 4) bring water from the magic spring, overtaking the maid (maid put Skorokhod to sleep, looking for him in his head; The shooter wakes him up by knocking out the horse skull left by the girl from under his head, Skorokhod came first); 5) let 50 infertile women be born overnight (The Sage did so that they gave birth; touched the king with a stick - there is a brood of ducklings behind the king, everyone laughs); C. spared the eagle, pulled the thorn out of the bear's paw, they promised to help; brought the princess to the king, he gave it to him himself; brothers they stabbed Ts, took the horse and the bride; C. was still a little alive, his eagle and bear were coming out, the eagle brought alive and dead water, C. became the same; the eagle untied the horse Ts, the bear frightened the brothers; the horse killed the brothers hooves, the king of Strier bequeathed the throne to C., he married a princess, received both kingdoms]: Sadetsky 1973:79-101; Moldovans [a childless man complains to an old man with a knee-length beard that he and his wife do not have child; he sends him back home, in the house, an adult worker son, Fat Frumos; FF goes to look for the one whose loud scream he heard; this is Belief a hero; along the way he quietly eats the food of a blind old man; he guesses, calls FF a son, says that V. has a sister Ilyan-Kosynzyan; gives a horse and two dogs; V. is sick, FF asks IC to find out the reason; he tells how an old woman in a tree asked to quit hair down on his horse and dogs, went down, started frying frogs, became a monster, took out his insides, put all sorts of rubbish, said he would die if she told me what happened; V. dies; FF burns hair, horse and dogs defeat an old woman, FF makes her tell her where V.'s heart and kidneys are; FF takes living and dead water there; kills an old woman; revives V., gets AI; she is carried away by the Serpent; FF goes behind her, takes as companions 1) drinking the river, 2) eating the earth from hunger, 3) freezing in fire, 4) running with millstones on his feet, 5) a sharpshooter, 6) encircling ropes; Serpent 1) leaves them in hot house (Freezer cools); 2) tells you to eat and drink a lot (Eat, Drank); 3) compare the hills (The encirclement connects them with ropes, smooths them); 4) deliver water from afar faster than the grandmother, which sent the Serpent (The Runner pulls it out, falls asleep, the Shooter wakes him up); the Serpent gives him IR, tells him to go by sea, freezes him; wedding]: Botezat 1982:235-245; Romanians [dragons stole the sun, the moon, stars, as well as the king's eyes; two older princes went in search, but engaged in trade, lost money and were detained as debtors; younger Dragan Cenusha ("chenusha" means "ash"), who had previously been in ash, he sat on a horse that ate hot coals, took weapons and armor, as well as ash cakes given by his mother, and went in search; bought the brothers, taking gold from the horse's ear; while the brothers were sleeping, killed on the copper bridge, the dragon that stole the stars returned to heaven; on the silver bridge, the moon; the long battle on the golden bridge; DC promised the crow more meat than the dragon promised, he sprinkled it with cold water, and the dragon was hot; DC killed the dragon, freed the sun; chipped in with his mouse, penetrated to the mother of the dragons and carried away the box with his father's eyes; the dragon sent two daughters to look like an apple tree and a well, and to look like brothers starved and thirsty; DC crossed them with a sword, bleed; sent the brothers home to carry their father's eyes, came to Mark Armenash himself, asked for 99 quintals of hot coals; when the dragon tried put his head, poured coals into her mouth, and she exploded; DC went with MA to get a bride, the daughter of the Green King; they meet and accompany someone who hears oats grow and sees that happens in another world; an arrow, a tree destroyer; drank; eating; capable of freezing the sea; this latter covered the sea with ice to cross to the land of the Green King; they were planted in a hot the iron house, and he froze it; drank and ate and ate everything that was offered; to compete in the run with an old woman, she put the runner to sleep with a dragon bone under his head; the shooter knocked out bone; they got a princess, crossed the ice, the freezer melted the ice again, the king and queen who rushed to pursue drowned; DC met an old man: there is no water, the dragon closed the spring, allows them to take water in exchange for people, the princess's turn; DC killed the dragon, cut off the tips of his tongues; a long-beard dwarf came to his hut, ate all the meat; DC split the beech, pinched his beard in the trunk; the dwarf pulled out the beech, disappeared into the lower world; DC came on a bloody trail; ordered him to be lowered into the black world on a rope; pretended to be a musician; the devils promise many wagons of gold if he could free their king's beard from the beech tree; DCH cut off his head, ran up to the rope, twitched, but no one picked up the rope; he hears the griffin chicks squeak: a dragon crawls to the nest to eat them; (killed the dragon); the griffin swallowed him and belched him, making it stronger; agreed to carry it to the ground; on the way, the meat ran out, DC cut off a piece from her feet and from under his knee; the princess recognized DC by the dragon's severed tongues; the brothers' wives were poisoned out of envy DCH's wife; he went to get live water; the old man gave him a staff and a sheep, telling him not to leave them in the forest where the entrance to hell is located; the bird, flying, dropped three feathers (her wife's hair) and three drops of blood (which fell from her cheeks) her wife); DC left his staff and sheep in the forest and went home; turned into a walnut tree]: Bîrlea 1966:384-387.

Central Europe. Russians (Kursk, Fatezhsky District) [An unlucky person goes to travel, meets a person who "knits himself" ("if I don't contact, I'll run around the world one day"), takes him with him. They are then joined by a shooter who shot a gun into the fly's left eye, a man who wrapped around the forest and started dragging it home, a man whose breath gives birth to the wind ("a man with his nostril clamped , and the other blew and set in motion a centuries-old forest"), a man who, wearing a hat, warms everything around him and freezes when taking it off. They come to the king, who promises to marry her daughter to someone who can overtake her and be the first to bring water in jugs from the pond. One of the travelers, having collected water, falls asleep on the way back (puts his head on the horse's skull and falls asleep) and leaves the jug, the princess pours its water. The hunter shoots at the horse's skull, the traveler wakes up, manages to get water again and get ahead of the princess. The king orders all travelers to wash themselves in the bath, hoping that they will "burn", one of them takes off his hat and no one dies. The king sends an army against the travelers, one of them draws in the air and warriors with his nostrils, then exhales the other and the army dies. Travelers demand that the king give them his daughter, but instead he suggests that they take as much gold as they can carry. They ask for a bag of 1000 cowhides, a traveler who dragged the forest takes away all the gold, leaving the kingdom without money]: Aristov, Pavlov 1939:55-56; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia; p. Zbui of the Zemplin Committee of Hungary) [the emperor has no children, he walks to sorcerers; one replies that the queen spat in the water, swallowed saliva by fish, brought offspring, and the queen has no children; it is necessary catch this fish in the lake under a stone slab and cook it, but so that no one else tries it; the maid tries the fish, the queen eats the fish, throws the bones to the dog; the maid, queen and dog get pregnant and through nine months give birth to a boy; the emperor is frightened; the advisers order to hire nurses; the boys have grown up and went to school; the son of the female Yanko has learned all the sciences and languages; the king is happy; I learn from books that Once there was a sun, a month and stars, but now there is nothing, the earth is covered in darkness; asks his father, the king says that three shufflers (dragons) have arrived; a 24-headed sun grabbed a sun with 12 heads - the month that had was a star; three royal sons saddle horses, went to look for the sun, the month and the star; the father told them that his brother, i.e. their uncle, studied to be a blacksmith in the Shedzmerice Region; the hell brought a letter: brother serves as a blacksmith for these three shufflers and their paternal uncle Laccibrade, who is elbow tall but has a long beard; the sons must go to Schedzmeritz, where their uncle is; there he is 100 meters Iron gates up, 24 comrades blacksmiths and 24 students; taking a letter to their uncle, the blacksmith, the brothers come to the Shedzmerice region, knock, the gate rings, the uncle leaves; making sure that their nephews are welcome accepts; knows where the lights are, because he is the blacksmith of kidnappers, whom he calls devils; one has a house made of gold, the other has silver, the third has copper; they are 24, 12, 6 miles away, respectively; their girlfriends - 48, 24, 12 miles away; at noon everyone leaves before midnight to see a friend - then you have to come; the princes will come to the copper house and the copper gate, where the weakest (with a star); he has a bridge from him to his home friends; his horse does not walk on the ground, only across the bridge; you have to take out one board in the evening to make a hole; I must sit under the bridge and listen to the shuffling go home; the shuffling sits on the horse, the ground is shaking; his horse comes across the bridge to the hole, gets scared, rushes back; the shuffling calms down: there is no horse like him and no good man like him; only his mother-in-law Gynjibaba said she saw Suchiy Yanko, but if he met now, the shuffler would cut him to pieces; I.: I'll cut you down, blows all your heads off, sits on the shuffler's horse, takes his sword and star, throws a star into the sky, she rises to his seat, becomes lighter; the brothers go to the 12-headed shuffling; Y. breaks two silver plaques from the silver bridge; the shuffle promises to chop Suchiy Yanko, mentioned by G. throw meat away to magpies and crows; I blow 6 heads, then 6 more; each one cuts off the end of her tongue, hides it in her pocket, lets go of a month; tells my brother from the maid that he will have a 6-headed horse, brother from the queen - 12-headed, he himself will take the 24-headed shuffler's horse; invites the brothers to take the sun, they are afraid; leaves them the spoon given by the uncle for the matitsa: if it has blood, hurry to help; pulls it out bridges 4 gold plaques; the shuffler promises to chop the son of the dog mentioned by his mother-in-law, throw it away to magpies and crows; I.: I will do it with you; they fight for 24 hours; both ask crows for help, but I promise all the more. meat; the shuffling breathes fire, the crows stuff weeds into his mouth, take away the sun, it rises to the sky; the shuffling throws fire even more, the crows in their beaks carry water, pour on I., others grab the shuffling legs, he fell, I killed him, cut off the tip of his tongue from each head; there is blood on a spoon behind the matitsa, the brothers take their horses out to flee; when I appear, they say that they were going to help him, he accuses him they lie, share horses; on the way home, their mother-in-law's hut of shufflers drive home; her daughters met there; I became a cat, climbed through the chimney, the youngest daughter, whose lover had 6 heads, recognizes Me by my eyes, the other two confirm; Gynjibaba: I would know if I saw it; the youngest looks up one century to her mother; G. sees Y., tells his daughters to put him in fur; they think that they did it and burned the fur from which, But I am a sorcerer and escaped; a mother tells one daughter to become a red handkerchief and lie on the road, strangle his two brothers and horses; the other with a silver pear, the fruits of which brothers and horses will choke; the third should become a meadow with silk grass and a well in the middle, people and horses will die from its water; I cut the handkerchief crosswise with a sword, it pours blood knee-deep to horses; the same with a pear, with a well; royal The brother, the chief blacksmith, orders the Iron Gate to be opened because her nephews will run away from G.; she chases with her mouth open, the young men rush to the uncle's yard, his students and comrades close the gate and G.'s eyelids are supported; G. demands to show her Y.; he tells the audience to take up one leaf, and he lets G.'s head into the yard and lock the gate with a key; G. is amazed that some worthless killed six (her daughters and shufflers); Y. replies that he will not let her go; let her become a horse that runs around the light in an hour, better than the Sharkani ones; G.: you can't wait; I ask my uncle for workers with with hammers; they hit G. on the head, she asks for mercy, but does not agree to be a mare; I tell you to hit harder; G. swears to serve faithfully; iron stirrups and a saddle are forged for her; I sit on horseback, take it in my hand a strand of flax lights him, linen does not have time to burn while the mare runs around the world; his uncle praises him, gives him a letter to his father and punishes him not to react, no matter what wonderful things he sees on the way; the brothers go home, towards the ditch is old Laccibrad on a hare, followed by his casing and beard; he says that I am not a man; I dismount, L. is in the saddle and flies away on a horse; I tell my brothers to notify father that the sun, the month and the star are already in the sky, and he will go for the horse, which was made in his uncle's forge out of sharkanikha; he returns to his uncle, he reproaches him for his disobedience, tells him to take a hammer and go to the plain, where L. herds a mare and sleeps on iron saddles and stirrups; he must crush his head, take a mare; when he finds L., Y. decides that he is so small that he is not dangerous, grabs the mare, shouts at L.; he wakes up, hits Y. with stirrups and a saddle; I beg for mercy, L.: his sister will no longer wear I., for although Y. beat her, L. himself beat him, so we should honestly leave; I leave; my uncle sends him back; L. agrees to give the mare if Y. brings him a princess from the other side of the world; uncle: it's in the seventh land, it's easy to get there, any novelty you see must be taken with you, the royal daughter will be given for him ; on the way, Y. sees, takes with him hungry (he gets bread on carts), drank (drinks the river, but can't get drunk), cold (he can't warm up near the fire in 12 fur coats and 12 covers), throwing a hammer at the end of the world; crossing the whole world in two steps; having a huge eye and seeing everything; the king receives them, offers to eat a thousand oxen and bread out of three thousand measures of flour in one supper, drink a thousand barrels of wine and a thousand vodka; Y.'s companions eat and drink everything; the king puts him to bed in an iron house, sends blacksmiths to bring bags of coal, kindles a fire; the freezing one takes off one fur coat and one casing, the coals go out, everyone goes to bed; the craftsmen bring more fire; the freezing one sheds two coats and two covers, the coals go out, the craftsmen freeze to death; the king orders in three hours go to the end of the world and take leather and gold to the craftsman to cast a ring and sew shoes; companion Y. steps once and finds himself with the master; on the way back he enters the city, where Sister G. lets he sleeps, puts his horse head as a pillow, takes his ring and shoes; half an hour before the deadline; the seer sees the sleeper and sister G.; another companion throws a hammer, knocking his horse's head out from under the runner's heads; he catches up with sister G. in one step, takes away his ring and shoes, and the other steps he finds himself at the wedding; I. and the princess are married, given the wagon and the army to accompany him to the border; L. pretends to be married stuck in the swamp, Y. tries to help, L. pulls him knee-deep into the swamp, runs on his horse with his wife; I. rides a Sharkan horse to the Shedzmericki region to visit his uncle; uncle: go to the oak grove, where there is a hollow, through it you will get to a city 7 miles deep into the earth, in the city a three-story house on a duck leg is L.'s home; Y. finds a house, hides by a well, meets his wife: let him know where L. has power; L. to his wife: he is called to war, whoever he helps will win; in response to his wife's persuasion, he explains that a wooden deer drinks water near the well, a chamois in it, a hare in the chamois, a duck in a hare, two eggs in the duck; if you break one, he will lose half his strength and both will die; if you take a golden apple on a gold cord and put it in your pocket, you can take the house with you; L. goes to the seventh land for a month to war; I cut animals with a sword, breaks one egg; L. flies home on a mare - he is still stronger than I.; I break the second egg, L. falls, I kill him; turns the house into an apple, takes his wife home, stops by my uncle on the way, he advises him to return to his homeland and secretly build the house; his father's servants discover an unknown house; the princes are guarding a possible enemy, warmly greeting his brother, he says that he has obtained a mare and married a tsar's daughter from the seventh land]: Gnatyuk 1898, No. 8:39-54.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars [rich Saran-bai has Fetl's son; after bringing oxen to a watering hole, he fell asleep and had a dream: he married the Sultan's daughter and became a padishah; he does not want to tell either his father or mother, they they beat him, drive him out of his home; F. came to the city; climbed the marble fountain; refused to go down at the request of the groom, for the royal horses were frightened; the groom complained to the Sultan; refuses to tell a dream and to him, he puts F. in prison; from the bones of those who died before him, F. made a staircase to the ceiling and then found a way to the royal daughter Gul Sultan; kissed her sleeping and returned; so for a whole month; G. cut her finger, in order not to fall asleep; they spent the night together and he told the princess a dream; so for three months; G. says that the neighboring Sultan of Chursky sent a bow: it must be pulled and the arrow must be fired so that it reaches borders; otherwise, in 40 days he will capture the country, and G. will take him to the harem; F. asks the Sultan to remind him of him; F. brought him, he fired an arrow, the wedding is 40 days and nights; F. asks his father-in-law to allow him to go to Chursky Sultan; meets and companions 1) a mullah who walks with a mosque on his head; 2) running around with two millstones tied to his legs; 3) weaving wire into the wings of a sitting crow so that she is nothing I did not notice; 4) listening to the moans of mosquitoes dying on the battlefield; 5) aiming with a gun at gyaura, who commands an army a thousand miles from here; everyone when they meet: am I strong compared with F., who fired an arrow; the hearing learns that the emergency is going to poison F. at a feast; winning at merrymaking; ES offers a competition in running; the one who had millstones on his feet runs; aiming for a thousand miles sees that the emergency runner plugged runner F.'s mouth with a bottle, knocked out the bottle with a shot; when the sultan wants to poison F., the invisible man moved the dishes, the Sultan and his family died themselves; F. annexed the emergency possessions to his kingdom, and the strongman mullah endured palaces; a feast for 40 days and nights]: Kondaraki 1875, No. 7:82-92; Adygs (Bzhedugi) [after the death of his parents, the prince's son began to live with his father's friend; seeing a beautiful pigeon, he promised to marry only an equally beautiful girl; foster father: there are two of them in the west, one in the east; the young man went east, left the prince's son an arrow: if she has blood, he is in trouble; he almost froze on the way; finds a girl, she sets conditions: to overtake the rider, shoot three pigeons released, to overcome her; the rider is an old woman on a donkey; offered to look in the young man's head, put her to sleep, galloped away; he caught up with her , threw sand into his eyes, came back first; shot pigeons, knocked down the girl; the dagger does not take her, he took her with him; on the way he takes a ring from the rider who drives prisoners; from the other a handkerchief, third bracelet; three are fighting over his father's inheritance: an invisible hat, a whip, a spit, a leather dastarkhan; the young man promises to give to whoever brings the bullet he fires, takes everything himself; at home, nailed to there is a seven-headed giant on earth, there are three girls in the house; a young man enters invisible; each tells how a young man took a ring from one, a handkerchief from another, and a bracelet from a third; a young man enters, the girls go with him, do not tell to free the giant; he freed, the giant took the girls away, the young man flew to him on a dastarkhan plane, hitting him three times with a whip; he stopped at a hole in the ground; the young man expanded it with a spit, went down, killed a sleeping giant, took the girls; met the prince's aged son; meets a shepherd, who tells the sheep to cry: the prince's son has long died; young man: he is alive, slaughter sheep for a feast; married an brought beautiful, three girls also married well]: Tambiev 1900:52-60; Stavropol Turkmens; Kalmyks [which of the horsemen will bring an apple, ahead of the old Shulmuska woman]; Abazins [young man went to marry; meets, companions water bread, drawing in the river with his mouth, a runner with a stone on his shoulder to run not so fast, a shooter (hits a needle at the top of the tree with an arrow); pull out the wolf, whom people have driven into the swamp, gives fur to summon him; the bride's father's tasks: 1) sit in a hot iron house (water bread cools down, releasing the water); 2) overtake the old woman (she is him) put to sleep, planted the chicken to peck the grain in the sieve, the runner thinks that the old woman is looking in his head); the shooter knocked down the sieve, the runner woke up, overtook the old woman; 3) whose dog is the fastest (they let the wolf in, that ate the prince's dog's leg); got a wife]: Tugov 1985, No. 48:139-142; Karachays and Balkarians [overtake the old woman]; Nogais [wife finally gave birth to a son; he immediately becomes a hero ; went up to the mound, a dwarf came out of the ground; the boy hit him once, he went waist-deep into the ground; hit the second and third, the dwarf went underground; father: and I met a dwarf, but could not defeat him; father said that an overseas khan kidnapped the wife of one man; the boy came to that kingdom; woman: I will marry someone who can overcome me {obviously catch up}; the boy sees how the khan and hundreds of genites are not they can overtake a woman; the boy grabbed her and brought her to his wife]: Khalilov 1965:136-137; Kumyks; Abkhazians; Ingush: Sadulaev 2004, No. 122 [the tsar sees the poor man and promises that he will give whatever he wants to him; the poor man asks him to fill his pouch with money; the king's men bring a handful, then a hat and a cart of coins, but they cannot fill the pouch; as a result, it includes all the royal property; the king and his people attack the poor man, he kills them and becomes king; the children of the murdered king grow up, the poor man gives them all the royal property; after settling separately, he sows wheat; he is beaten by hail; the poor man hires a rider, says: "I will remove all your bread alone before sunset, for which you will give me part of my paddocks, but if I don't harvest bread before sunset, I lose my pay"; does not have time remove one sheaf, refuse to pay; is hired by a shepherd on the condition that if there is at least a small loss in the herd after three years, he will not receive a reward, and if there is a profit, he will receive part of the cattle; three years pass, the number of livestock increases; the herd is attacked by a wolf, a goat takes away; the poor man keeps the wolf alive, returns the kid and refuses the reward for work; goes on the road, dies; the wolf finds and buries the corpse; three doves fly to the grave, pray, the poor man resurrects; a tower appears on the grave, the poor man lives in it with doves that have become beautiful; wives say, "Go to Mother of the Sun and ask her for a nice sofa for us. Mother of the Sun lives next to Mother Moon. Their hut doors are always locked. The Mother of the Sun sits above her baby's cradle and feeds him with one breast, while the other breast is thrown over her shoulders. As soon as you enter Mother of the Sun's hut, rush straight to her chest and start sucking it; if you can catch her breast and suck it, she'll give you a sofa"; poor man follows instructions, Mother of the Sun He calls him his third son; her son comes, moving the Sun; when he learns of the poor man's request, he says to him: "Tomorrow you will follow me to move the Sun around the world, and I will stay at home and make you a sofa. Mother of Thunder will bring you lunch by noon, and when you come to the sea, look at our vineyard there"; the next day, the poor man begins to drag the Sun across the world; by noon, Thunder's mother brings him lunch; he remembers how she beat his arable land with hail and pounding it; when he reaches the sea and finds himself near the vineyard, he remembers the loss of harvesting fees; as a result, he keeps the Sun for an extra hour above the vineyard; in the evening he tells the mother of the Sun that the journey was safe; goes home with the sofa; a man comes to him, from whom he herded sheep; asks to give one of his wives; wives turn into doves, fly away; the tower and other buildings disappear; the poor man is hired by the king, enters into a relationship with his daughter; the king throws him into a hole; a powerful neighboring king sends it the king of two identical roosters and tells him to find out which one is older; the poor man suggests: "You can find out about the seniority of roosters by age as follows: pour them red wheat and let them go to it in the wind roosters. The elder rooster will stand with his head against the wind, and the youngest with his tail"; the king follows the advice, performs the task; the neighbor sends two identical stallions and tells them to know which one is older; the poor man explains : "Give more salt to these stallions, then let them drink, the youngest will run forward to the water and start drinking greedily, and the elder will walk quieter and, when he comes to the water, overtake the younger stallion"; the king follows advice, performs the task; the neighbor sends a message: "Find out which of your people is able to shoot an arrow from your village to mine"; the poor man fires an arrow into a neighboring village; it falls into a chain on which the cauldron hung in the royal hut; a messenger arrives: "Our tsar invites you to come to our village and take one dog and one rooster with you to compete with our dog and our rooster"; poor man takes a falcon instead of a rooster, goes to the village; on the way he meets a man who sees a chamois on a distant mountain, a man who hears a snake crawling over seven mountains, a man trying to drink the sea, and a man who, with one foot in his belt, runs to the other for a hare; takes them with him; the neighboring king releases a rooster, the poor man's falcon pecked him; the neighboring king announces the beginning of a race, releases a witch; she offers the one-legged to drink a drink from a jug, he falls asleep; the one who hears snoring well, the shooter fires an arrow into the jug, the one-legged wakes up to the ringing of potsherds and overtakes the witch; the king locks the guests in a copper hut; it begins to fill with water; a person who wants to drink the sea drinks it; a strong king recognizes the neighboring king as an equal, the poor man marries the king daughters]: 314-321; Tankieva 2003 [mother tells her son to protect wheat from birds; he fell asleep; he fell asleep, said he had a good dream; refused to tell his mother, sister, he was kicked out of the house, he refused tell a pacciah dream, thrown into a hole, plays zurna there, paccaha's daughter falls in love with him; pacci wants to marry the daughter of a neighboring pacciah, but is refused; a neighboring paccah sent an onion: if you have one someone will pull it, give him his daughter and half of the possessions; only the young man in the hole pulled when Pacci himself came to ask him to do it; he destroyed the corner of the tower with an arrow; Pacci sent the young man as a matchmaker; on the way he meets Satellites 1) listening to yeshap children playing alchiki across 7 seas; 2) changing goiters from pigeons on the other side of the sea; 3) chasing fallow deer on one leg; 4) shooting at a leopard for a family mountains; 5) drawing the sea into the hollow of a tooth; 6) moving a village from place to place from 9,000 hearths; everyone says, not knowing who is in front of him, that he is not a miracle, but a young man who destroyed the corner of the tower with an arrow; at the pachchah the listener hears that they want to add poison to their food (friends changed their food); the runner races with the witch, who offers a drink and a snack, the runner falls asleep; the listener finds out, the shooter wakes him up, the runner overtakes the witch; at night the house was set on fire, the drawing sea was flooded; but the bride was given only when the hero sat down on his back and carried it; then the boy woke up - he dreamed of it all]: 201-206; Avars [to marry, Khan's 49 sons go to look for 49 sisters, disappear; Sulaiman is born, they hide from him that he had brothers; he offends other children, breaks the widow's jugs; old man, the widow advises him to look for his brothers better; he meets them in the forest, fights them, then they recognize him by the ring; someone steals horses, S. remains guarded, kills seven sledge giants in their cave 50 girls also finds wealth; on the way back, the one-eyed father of sledges and girls grabs S.; the brothers are afraid and leave; the cyclops tells the white horse to feed flint, black wheat, S. does the opposite; the cyclops orders to bring the khan's daughter; S. rides a white horse, takes people with different abilities as companions (1) runs fast, 2) sees well, 3) hears well, 4) drinks the sea, 5) splits and connects rocks); without recognizing S., everyone replies that the real strongman is S.; Khan promises to give his daughter for the winner of the competition, his companions help win them; 1) horse racing, 2) defeat the bull, 3) running (the runner is put to sleep, but they wake him up with an arrow); they try to burn the companions in the copper room, the drinking sea spews water; S. brings the Cyclops a girl, tells her to find out where the Cyclops's soul is; he first replies that he is in a stick (wife adorns it), then that three eggs in a chest under a pile of garbage in a desert hut, only a white horse knows the way; S. kills the Cyclops, brings his wife home]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:184-197; Dargins [ Alikhan batyr goes to marry Tetli Khanum; Vaik's wife, turning ropes out of snakes, having built a threshing mill out of turtles and frogs, harnessed pigs and threshed on steel current; A. blew and she flew overseas; he meets He companions the moving Mount Hunkar, listening to Lippara, making Chugurchi flowers dance with a game, and Urhuhup drinking the sea; everyone first says he is not strong, but A. does; W. drank the sea, the companions crossed the dry land to the other side, where they met runner Tsatakhan; Father T. promises his daughter if A. 1) wins the run (he fell asleep, L. heard it, C. woke it up, H. put the mountain in front of the khan's runner) ; 2) will defeat the bull (A. won, and the second, who was let in from behind, was forced to dance); 3) A. and his comrades were locked in a steel house, lit a fire (W. flooded the house and half the city); 4) at a feast in front of them they put bowls of poison, L. heard this, C. changed the bowls, the vizier and his men died; A. received a wife, chose a bad arba, a plain foal, as a gift, and all the khan's wealth could fit on the arba], 14 [ everyone is afraid of strongman Ali, advises Talkhan (prince) to give him difficult assignments; 1) plow the field of seven sart giants (won the elder, harnessed the rest instead of bulls), 2) bring firewood (brings uprooted trees on wild animals), 3) get the girl Jami; those who came to her tower froze {=stoned}; Zhami went out to Ali herself, went with him, revived the previously frozen ones (they became their retinue), moved her palace to the site of Talkhan's palace and vice versa, Ali became a talkhan]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 9:131-134; laki [an apple fell on the royal roof during the rain; the queen ate it in half with her husband, gave birth to 40 boys; the king was frightened and ordered them to be left behind the mountain; later he returned, 40 young men named him father, asked him to marry 40 sisters; the king put on iron boots, took a steel stick, and went looking for brides; a father of 40 daughters, also with an iron stick and iron boots; a father with 39 sons went to pick up brides, and the youngest Susuna stayed at home; S. to his father: when snakes fall from the sky and stone rain will fall, don't stop anyway; but when the stones fell, the young insisted on spending the night; at night they were surrounded by a ring of snakes, demanded their younger brother S.; tells S. to get a daughter overseas king; S. meets, takes as companions a person shooting at birds at the sky, drinking and belching the sea; the tsar orders 1) to overtake the old woman; the shooter ran, fired an arrow in the back of the old woman and overtook; 2) c Climb a tree with a full cup and go down without splashing; S. completed the task, but from the top of the tree he saw his mother in mourning for him, dropped a tear; but the king was convinced that it was not water; 3) spend the night in iron room; the king ordered to make a fire around, but the water bread spewed the water and cooled the room; the princess did not want to see the snake; the shepherd advised to ask the snake for a sword in a felt sheath as a reward; this sword C . cut by a snake; half turned into a dog, the other into a pig, they began to chase each other; S. received two wives: the princess and the former bride]: Khalilov 1965, No. 51:137-142; Rutultsy [dying, the hunter tells his son not to go to Mount Tseylahan; the son goes, kills an animal with glowing skin; the quarantine (witch) finds out about this, tells the padishah, who tells the padishah, who tells him to make a house out of animal bones, bring daughter of a padishah of genies; a father in a dream tells him to bury clay figures of frogs and snakes, an ivory palace appears on this site; in search of a country of genies, a young man meets and accompanies the player the mountains, drinking the river, ate; the padishah of the genies tells 1) to eat a lot (eats); 2) stay in the room around which the fire was made (the drink pours out the river); 3) win the run (playing mountains threw mountains in front of a rival); the young man got a girl, the padishah died of a broken heart, the young man married, was elected padishah]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 34:325-327; the Kyurins [the childless queen suddenly gave birth 40 sons; after that, the king left home; his wife hired nurses and raised sons; the younger Melik Mammad calls the brothers to find his father; they found him and threatened to kill him if he did not marry them to 40 sisters - daughters of one father and one mother; the king found; MM punishes the brothers not to stay in the Palace; but they spent the night there, and are surrounded by a huge snake in the morning; he will let everyone go if MM comes to him; MM has come, the serpent tells him to get the daughter of the king of divas for him; the wolf tells MM to ask the snake for a horse; MM stabbed his horse for the wolf; MM meets, companions someone who milks deer on the run; throwers stones; drinking the river; the king of divas tells me to spend the night in an iron room, it was covered with firewood, drank water, the room cooled down; run with the lame old woman for reindeer milk; the old woman gave wine the deer milker, he fell asleep; MM saw it, shot, the milker woke up, killed the old woman, brought milk; overcame the hero (the stone-thrower overcame); MM received the daughter of the king of divas; came to the wolf; the wolf tells kill a huge hare, an egg in his heart, a snake's soul in the egg; MM broke the egg, the snake died; MM married the king's daughter diva and the girl brought by his father; his father gave him the throne]: Lionidze, Sultanov 1892, No. 5: 204-208; Georgians: Dirr 1920, No. 5 [the stepmother asks the young man to make sure that the chickens do not peck the grain scattered for drying; he fell asleep, the chickens were pecking the grain, the stepmother hit the young man; he said he saw sleep: with one foot he is in Baghdad, the other on the edge of the city, in one sun, on the other moon, and stars on his arms and face; his stepmother asks to give her sleep, the young man replies that this is impossible, he was kicked out of the house; he came to the king of the West, who also asked him to give him sleep, the young man refused again; he was thrown into a pit; the princess likes him, she feeds him; the king of the East demands to determine which of the four horses is his mother, and of three foals who are older and who is younger; the young man teaches how to lock horses without water and then release them; the mother will come out first, then the youngest foal, the eldest foal will be the last; the king of the East fired an arrow, it pierced to the palace of the king of the West, no one can pull her out; only a young man pulled her out and let her back to the king of the East; the king married him to his daughter; he went to fight with the king of the East; he meets and takes a plowman as his companion, swallowing clods of earth; drinking water from the sea; running after a hare with a millstone on his leg; listening to ants crawl under the ground; shooting three days ago into the sky and an arrow has not yet fallen back; changing pigeons's wings so that they do not notice it; a priest who carries his church on his back; a young man marries his daughter king of the East; he demands 1) eat all the bread that is three they baked for days (ate ate), 2) drink wine from a huge carp (drank), 3) overtaking the runner, be the first to bring water; the royal runner offered to rest, gave sleeping pills, the millstone runner fell asleep; the shooter fired an arrow, woke him up, he immediately ran away and brought water, ahead of the king's runner; the king agreed to the wedding; the listener heard that they were about to be poisoned, and the one who changed the wings of the pigeons changed the wings of the pigeons changed plates; the courtiers themselves died; the king asked for an antidote, the priest gave {not entirely clear}; five or six years later, the young man and his second wife returned to the first; she already has a son; now the dream is clear: the star, the moon and sun]: 17-23; Jidziguri 1971, No. 4 (Racha) [after learning that his wife gave birth to 20 sons at once, the husband leaves; the youngest son Batribeg finds his father, sends him to look for 20 sisters for them to marry; he finds them, but by On the way home, the dragon captivates everyone, letting go for promising to bring B.; B.'s wife cuts off her hand, gives it to him; the dragon raises B. to heaven, asks him to get a wife for him; on the way, B. takes him as companions catching hares, listening to ants, a sharpshooter drinking the sea, swallowing clods of earth; the king closes those who come in an iron room (obviously hot); he drinks the water; the runner wins the bride is running, but falls asleep; the listener hears this, the shooter wakes up the sleeper when he hits the bottle on his chest; eats everyone wins food; the dragon turns into gold and silver, B. marries]: 73-77; Kapanadze 1900 (western in the Georgian village of Sachilavo in Megrelia) [the king has 363 sons, the eldest Samais ("Samasi" - 300); S. suggests that his father marry them at once to 363 sisters; the first maiden replies that he has 361 daughters, the second has 362, the third has 363; he gives daughters; warns that a nine-headed maiden lives near a girl with 362 daughters, and a 12-headed girl lives near the one with 361 daughters; S. does not allow him to go to the 9-headed, but 12-headed attracts all newlyweds into the abyss; promises to let him go if S. gets him the daughter of the Eastern king; S. meets, takes as companions 1) lying on his ear and ear, 2) chasing hares, tied a millstone to his leg, 3) shooting at a beast, a bird a thousand miles away, 4) plucking feathers from pigeons, and they do not notice, 5) counting the number of ants in an ant heap, 6) drinking in a sip lake, 7) swallowing blocks of land; everyone replies that this is not surprising, but surprising that S. and 362 brothers married the daughters of a 12-headed maiden; S. jumps a wall on horseback, opens the gate, the shooter destroys the guard dogs, the king offers tests; 1) whose messenger will be the first to bring living water; the king's messenger offers the Runner a snack first, he falls asleep; the shooter fired an arrow, it broke the millstones, The runner returned first; 2) who eats more (Eating consumes food, screams that it is not enough); 3) drink 40 wineskins of water (Opivalo drinks); 4) collect the sown wheat (who counted ants tells them to collect); The king gives his daughter, but orders to add a sleepy potion to the food; the plucking pigeon feathers changed the dishes, the king's people fell asleep; bringing the princess, S. offers the girl to shave him, cut his throat with a razor (if cut again, new girls will appear with every stroke); S. brothers dug a hole, S. fell into it, but the horse galloped away, the brothers covered the hole with earth, took the princess; the horse asks the fox to dig a hole for the promise give her his back thigh; the fox lies when it comes; the same with the wolf, the bear; the bear dug to the bottom, the horse pulled S.; the parents gave S. the throne, and the brothers made him servants]: 129-141; Armenians [The Bear's son meets the priest in the forest, wins, he brings him home, gives him to the king; he eats up the king; the king orders 40 arobs of firewood to be brought from the forest over seven mountains; there the Son of the Bear defeats the devas, they bring firewood; the king orders the daughter of the King of the Franks to be married; on the way, the Son of the Bear meets and takes with him 1) with a millstone on his leg catching up with hares; 2) drinking the sea; 3) an ever-hungry miller eating raw flour; 4) a sage listening to the ground; 5) playing the carp, stones dance from music; 6) carrying a mountain; the king's tasks: 1) eat a lot (eats); 2) be the first to bring water from the source of immortality ( Speedrunning brings); 3) tries to burn guests in the bathhouse, the drunk sea cools it; 4) tries to poison the guests, the sazandar makes the plates change places, the king and the courtiers die of poison; Son of the Bear takes off her bear skin, marries a queen]: Ganalanyan 1965:72-79

Iran - Central Asia. Baluchi [the king forgot the rosary; the vizier went but stayed; then Tsarevich Sha-Trasan went; found the vizier with the king's wife; the vizier offered to build a city, let S. do it; the elder spent with a staff on the ground, the city was formed; the vizier to the king: there is not enough tree with the flowers of laughter and crying; the old man teaches: there is a buzlangi who has a process on his leg; you have to grab the process and pull it, buzlangi will scream, others will run away; then again; the buzlangs will fulfill their wish; they planted S. on a tree with the flowers of laughter and crying, transplanted him into the king's city; vizier: you need another tree of 40 songs; old man: we must venerate to the buzlanga's wife's chest when she began to bake bread; the bread began to burn; the buzlanga's wife turned S. into a needle and then showed her sons; they agree to give the tree if S. frees him from the hands of another buzlangs to their bride; the puppy led to a well where the buzlangs sleep and the girl goes through his hair; S. cut the buzlangs in half; other buzlangs transplanted a tree of 40 songs into the king's city; vizier: needed another girl from Green City; the old man touched S. and said that no one could put him on the ground with his back; S. meets, takes four buzlangs as companions, everyone says they are doing this and in order to fight against S. (1) throws bread into ashes, takes out other bread and eats; 2) throws a sling from country to country; 3) listens to what is in another country; 4) after taking one step, moves from country to country); Sh. made a bridge over the stream, the ants crossed, promised to help; the speedboat brought Sh. to the girl and back, S. kissed her, moved the lamp; the next night the girl cut her finger on purpose, saw W ., warned of three conditions that her father imposes on grooms; 1) eat a huge amount of meat and bread (the ash beetle ate); 2) separate wheat from millet (ants separated); 3) whose speedboat will bring earlier grapes; the listener realized that the speedboat fell asleep, the slinger woke him up, he overtook the local speedboat; S. received the girl, gave it to the king, but he agreed to give her to S.; wedding; vizier: I need a horse from 40 foals; old man: throw bales of camel hair into the well, and then return the clean water for the mare's promise to give the foals; the king ordered S. and his men to go to them first; all is well; then the vizier with his own; the foals took off and threw the riders onto the mountains, and their scraps were no larger than their ears]: Zarubin 1932, No. 9:106-121; the Vakhans [seven sons are going to look for seven sisters to marry them; remaining on guard, the younger Sultan Nasab offers 39 robbers to get the king's seven daughters; raises the robbers to the fortress, kills one at a time, moves objects in the room the youngest princess; the king sends the old woman to find out everything, marries his daughters to his brothers; SN warns not to stop in the blooming garden; the brothers stop, where the dragon tells him to give him SN; demands to bring him the Queen with Hair to Forty Gyazov; SN meets, takes Strelka, Vodokhleb as his companions; saves rats and mice from hunger; the Queen tells 1) to spend the night in a steel room (they are bred around fire, Waterbread floods), 2) overtake the Wind-footed maid (The shooter breaks her jug while she returns, SN brings water), 3) collect scattered millet (rodents collect); SN marries the Queen; An eagle dragon arrives, the Shooter easily kills him (he was his student); at home, the older brother wants to marry SN's wife; SN heals by throwing a handkerchief over him, rejuvenates the blind father, the older brother cancels wedding, SN reigns]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 14:172-180; Tajiks: Amonov 1972 [fisherman's son catches Guldor fish, which his late father missed; it is taken away by the padishah; demands the fisherman's son to get Princess Chin-Mo-China; he saves an ant on the way, takes a river drinker and a catman pouring a hill as his companions; the princess's father tells 1) to oversleep in a hot copper bath ( the drink cools), 2) overtake the camel (the catman pours a hill in front of him), 3) disassemble by grain varieties (ants disassemble); the princess marries the padishah, is capricious, the fisherman's son releases the fish into river]: 156-163 (=1957:138-144); Osmanov 1989 [padishah fell ill; doctor: let them catch a white gazelle, slaughter him in the presence of the padishah, give him a drink of blood; the prince went with the soldiers, saw the poor the girl, promised to send matchmakers, was brought by a gazelle, but her blood is no easier; the doctor: the right gazelle has a necklace around her neck, rings on her legs, she is guarded by 40 peri; the prince saw a gazelle, but the main peri, Nigora, I first ordered you to meet the conditions: 1) run with the gazelle to Balkh and overtake it; 2) build a palace between heaven and earth; 3) sit in a hot tone for 7 days and cook pilaf there; if you do, we will become your slaves, and if not, let's die in prison and leave the bodies to snakes; 40 baklavons fled, did not overtake the gazelle, were thrown into prison; shepherd's daughter Nulsanam {the one the prince saw first?} put on men's clothes, came to the old man; three doves flew to his three sons, turned into peri, became wives of sons, took them away, sons went in search and disappeared; in a dream, an old man teaches G. to hit each other with three swords, a horse will appear, come to the cave, go down on a rope, the divas are sleeping at this time, take a ring from under his tongue, after which the diva will become a servant; three young men the caves were lowered by G., she took the ring, ordered the diva to return the kidnapped young men and then take them all to the boy's father; the young men became G.'s assistants; the elder overtook the gazelle; the diva rose to the sky, and G. said peri: let the diva now be served with stone and solution; peri: the second requirement is fulfilled; the third young man Bahrpakhlavon sat in good shape, cooked pilaf; Nigora G. gave the main peri to her brother, the rest baklavons released from prison; padishah recovered, Tsarevich married G., received the throne, appointed brother G. as a vizier]: 371-379; mountain Tajiks (Karategin) [the prince wants his own wife sister, the tsar refuses; the prince leaves; the princess will be received by whoever overtakes her on horseback, the losers are executed; the prince overtakes, gets the princess]: Semenov 1900 (1): 41-42; (cf. bakhtiyars [the man got high on marijuana, went to the bathhouse; the barber began to shave him; when he saw himself in the mirror, the man decided that he was handsome enough to marry the Chinese princess; goes to China; consistently meets, companions four; each name is Ahmad and so and they have different abilities; they demand a daughter from the king, they threaten, if they refuse to carry all the soil from his bags countries; the vizier advises to offer to eat 70 pots of soup; one of the Akhmadov eats; the tsar demands that the marriage contract be carried around the whole country; fast-footed A. does this, but before he has time to return, falls asleep under a tree; the third A. sees the sleeper, the fourth sends an arrow, he wakes up; after receiving the princess, they argue who will get it; the barber cracks the smoker, he wakes up in the bath]: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 42:288-290).

Baltoscandia. Scandinavians [Thor and his companions come to Utgard, ruled by Utgarda-Loki (note 61: The Acts of the Danes Saxon Grammar explain that Utgardilocus is Loki, expelled from Asgard in Utgard, i.e. into the outer fenced space); see the city in the middle of the field; the king asks what art the guests are trying to show themselves in; Loki: no one will eat their share faster than me; competes with Logie (flame), both eat from both ends of the trough, meet in the middle, Logi ate both bones and troughs; Tialvi competes to run with Hoogie (thought), loses; Thor drinks from the horn , which locals drink in one, a lot in two or three sips, but when Thor takes two sips, the water in the horn is almost not reduced; Torah is offered to raise a cat, he only manages to tear one of it off the ground paw; Thor offers to fight; Utgarda-Loki sends old woman Ellie (old age), Thor fell on one knee; Utgarda-Loki takes aces well, and when he lets them go, he says that if he knew how strong he is Thor, would not let them into Utgard; Loki and Tialvi could not argue with Flame and Thought; the other end of the horn was in the sea: what Thor drank is now called low tide; The cat is the world's serpent, Thor raised it to heaven; there was no man to defeat Old Age; Thor brought his hammer, Utgarda-Loki and his city disappeared]: Younger Edda 1970:42-46; the Swedes [the young man (whose birth was unusual) sets off meets and companions people with unusual abilities (pulling trees, blowing heavily, a runner causing frost, moving faster than a bird, listening, eating, drinking, crumbling stones, shooter, omniscient, etc.); with the help of an old man or on his own, a young man builds a ship that moves on water and on land; among the challenges is usually a running competition with the princess on which the young man wants get married, eat a whole ox, withstand the heat, etc.; the hero wins with the help of his companions]: Liungman 1961, № 513AB: 135-138; Lithuanians: Grishina 1993 [the master dreamed that the star is a month bowed; farmhand: you will bow to me; the master is furious, the farmhand has run away; meets a man who runs with logs tied to his legs (not so fast); gnawing a birch tree (hungry); drinking lake; hearing a mosquito seven miles away; hearing grass growing; creating frost if he takes his finger out of his mouth; the king orders those who have crossed the border of his possessions to carry out difficult tasks; 1) overtake speeders (runner overtook); 2) see how much time in hours (listening and seeing: show 10 and hit 12); 3) eat all the food in the castle overnight (hungry ate); 2) drink all the wine (hungry ate) drank); the king locked those who came in a room with an iron floor, ordered them to start a fire; when the door was opened, the room was cold; the king gave the farmhand a carriage with trotters; when the farmhand reached the master's land , he bowed to the carriage; farmhand: the dream is fulfilled]: 12-17; Lebitte 1965 [the father promises an inheritance to the one who builds a flying ship; the two eldest sons cannot, the youngest beggar makes a ship, that flies away on it; takes 1) a runner (tied trees to his legs), 2) a eater (eats birches), 3) water bread (drinks a lake); 4) an arrow (hits a mosquito), 5) a rumor (hears grass growing), 6) the creator of the cold (if he takes his finger out of his mouth, frost); the king betrays his daughter, demands 1) race (the runner runs, falls asleep, the shooter fires an arrow, wakes him up); 2) find out the time on the clock a hundred miles away ( the rumor and the shooter see and hear everything); 3) eat all the food in the palace (the eater eats); 4) drink all the wine (water bread drinks); the king locks everyone in the upper room, makes a fire under it, creating frost moderates heat; wedding]: 179-182; Latvians [four brothers left home a long time ago, now the Fifth is the Strongman; he meets the brothers consistently, this is a well-aimed Shooter, a Cold maker (if he puts his hat over both ears) Runner, Wind-maker (keeps one nostril closed); the king promises a daughter to whoever overtakes her; The Runner overtakes, falls asleep, the Shooter knocks a bone from under his head; the king heats the stoves around the room with brothers, they bring cold; the brothers agree to take a bag of money instead of the princess; the Strongman takes everything away, the Windblower drives away the army sent after him; one soldier is entangled in twisted roots, still visible there ]: Arys 1971:152-154.

Volga - Perm. Kazan Tatars: Bashirov, Yarmukhametov 1956 [childless old man and old woman made a boy out of dough, he came to life, he was named Kamyr ("dough"); strong, cripples peers; asks his father to order an iron club to the blacksmith, goes to wander; meets and companions 1) a runner (walks with his legs tied), 2) clamping his nostrils with his fingers (if it blows, a storm will rise), 3) an old man with a hat on one ear (if he puts it on his head, a blizzard will rise), 4) the shooter (aims at the fly's eye 60 miles away), 5) another old man pouring mountains; K. marries the khan's daughter, he demands 1) overtake the speedboat (the runner fell asleep, but the shooter woke him up with an arrow, the runner won); the khan tries to burn K. with his friends in the bathhouse (the old man put on his hat, it became cold); the khan lets soldiers at K., the blowing dispersed them, the old man poured a mountain over them; K. got a wife]: 5-11; Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 44 [9 wives gave birth to 40 sons and 40 daughters; the youngest gave birth to only one son Dutan; they all went to look for brides and grooms; at night Zhalmavyz swallowed everyone except D.; belched for her promise Keneckey, the daughter of a padishah; D. meets, takes as companions 1) listening to what is in the underworld; 2) a shooter; 3) a runner named Zhilayak; 4) tamed birds; 5) a strongman- miller; the padishah will give K. to when he kills another padishah's enemy; D. killed; tells him to overtake the old woman; she drinks the runner; he has managed to wake up and overtake her; the vizier comes up with new competitions in order not to give K.; they are trying to take her away secretly, D.'s companions return her; in order not to give her to K. Zhalmavyz, Zhilayak dresses as a girl, goes instead of her, then runs away; the arrow killed Zhalmavyz with an arrow when she set off in pursuit; D. marries K.; finds brides and grooms for his parents and sisters]: 153 -167; Bashkirs [after the death of their parents, 10 brothers go to look for work, refuse to eat the old woman's unsalted soup; the youngest eleventh Karasa-batyr eats, she orders to destroy the talismans first Yalmauz, then fight; the girl says where the talisman of the 7-, 12-headed Yalmauz, K. kills him; the same in the palaces of the 9-headed; K. frees prisoners; meets brothers, each gives 10 girls, for himself takes three; at night, Azhdakha filled his brothers, lets go for K.'s promise to bring Kurenmyas Khan's daughter; K. meets, takes as companions 1) a one-legged runner, 2) a tall man catching birds with his hands, 3) listening, 4) drinking the lake; the khan demands 1) to overcome the bull; 2) without splashing milk, climb the pole, ring the bell; 3) overtake the speedboat (60-year-old woman); 4) spend the night in a hot bath; companions do everything together; khan turns his daughter into a knife, pillow, writing pen, tells her to choose among 12 samovars, 12 feathers, 12 scribes; K. makes the right choice each time; the girl turns into fish, Drinker drains the lake, companions cook fish, imaginary fish jumps out of the cauldron; turns into wheat grains, they are fed to duck, the girl takes on its former appearance; flies away as a duck, a bird catcher grabs her; Lisa offers to give her to Azhdaha instead of a girl; Azhdakha believed; K. lives with four wives]: Barag 1988, No. 32:200-213; Bashkirs [30 brothers, younger Yulbat, are going to marry 30 sisters ; the king says that his 30 daughters have been carried away by a whirlwind; the brothers turn right where luck awaits, Yu turns left; the wolf eats his horse, tells him to ride himself instead of a horse; three deva brothers are married to those girls, 27 girls are turned into mares; Yu kills devas, frees girls, gives them to brothers he meets; the wolf eats the hearts of 60 horses, carries 30 brothers and their wives; despite the warning of Yu, brothers they stop for the night, they are surrounded by an agdaha dragon with his body; lets Yu go for his promise to get him the daughter of King Birmyat; on the way, Yu takes Runner, Strelka, Slukhach, Vodoglot, Vodokhod as his companions; Tsar B. tells 1) to spend 6 days in a hot bath, 2) overtake an old woman 80 years old; 3) climb a pole with a glass of milk; Yu gets a wife; his son, who has grown up during this time, killed Azhdaha; Yu. gives him daughter B.]: Barag 1988, No. 35:234-242; Bashkirs [poor young man Byzhyrmargan sees a snake on fire, saves; the snake orders to go to her father, ask for a white chest as a reward; B. opens a chest with buildings in it, household, wife; the king is jealous, goes to war; the wife sends his father to take the arrows; they pierce the king's soldiers; to fight the bull - B. brings a message from his father-in-law, throws the bull to the ground; jumps, father-in-law gives tulpara, he overtakes the royal horse; B. becomes tsar]: Zelenin 1991, No. 99 (106): 431-433; Bashkirs [40 sons, younger Altynduga; one did all the work that his father and elders are used to doing 39 sons (to return the herds from the pasture and lock them in stalls); chose an poor haircut for himself, he turned out to be a heroic horse; brought him to the rock, where there is a sword above the door: take it, your soul is in it; next to the house with girls% horse: one of them is your fiancée; A. asks her father to find them 40 sisters to marry; father met an old man: he has 40 daughters; father left A. at home; he told me where to go; on the way back not stay in the garden and not pick berries there, the garden is owned by the seven-headed monster Yalmauz (cannibal sorcerer or snake); they began to tear berries, Y. demands that A. get him a deva daughter from Mount Kaf, took him hostages to his fiancée; A. goes, meets along the way, takes satellites 1) the shooter (the arrow fired into the sky falls three days later); 2) drank (drinks the lake, letting water through his teeth, the fish remains in her mouth); 3) a runner with millstones on his feet; the king will give his daughter to someone who climbs a pole without splashing a glass of honey on his head (A. climbed, saw his house from the top, cried, but proved that the drops were not honey, but a tear ); 2) shoot an arrow through the golden ring (the shooter fired); 3) overtake the old runner, run for 13 days; the old woman put the Runner to sleep, covered it with a pot; A. saw from the top of the pole, the Shooter woke up when he hit pot with an arrow; 4) survive in a stone house, and around - burning firewood with 40 soot (Drinking filled the fire); A. and his companions go to Mount Kaf, and the princess will be picked up on the way back; at the top of Kaf A. leaves kurai: if blood flows from it, not milk, then trouble; he goes on alone; the old woman sends him to the older sister, she sends him to the eldest; she says that the deva has 3 heads, his brothers have 6 and 12; suggests A. cannot take off the kamcha; gives a drink of strength - then he could; hit this kamcha near the girl's house, a ditch will appear, hide in it; the girl will howl animals - no one; so several times; she will kill everyone animals and go to bed; she must be beaten with a kamcha until she submits; after becoming the wife of A., the girl advises to wait for her deva uncles under the bridges they will cross; A. killed the devas, settled with his wife by the sea; An old woman came to the board: everyone drowned, stayed alone; stayed with A. and his wife; advises her husband to ask her husband what his soul was wearing; A. in the insole of his boot; the old woman burned the insole, A. did not notice; in a sword; the old woman threw her sword into the sea, A. died, the old woman lured the girl into the boat, brought her to the king, who sent her; A.'s friends on Mount Kaf: blood instead of milk; Drinking saw bloody fish; fish: cut her sword eyes (since then these fish have been red-eyed); He drank water, found the sword, A. came to life; friends came to the kidnapper, destroyed the king, his army and the old woman, shared the prey; A. offered to divide the girl; from fear vomited her blood; so he purified her bad blood; on the way home he took the princess given to him by the king; killed Yalmauz and took the princess intended for him; stayed with three wives]: Barag 1988, No. 34:219- 234.

Turkestan. Karakalpaks: Volkov, Mayorov 1959:45-50 [bay's son sends a poor man's son to bring new boots from Barça-Kelmez 1) new boots (the mother of three giants tells the eldest Sara-Dau to bring); 2) a winged konya-tulpara; the same old woman tells her middle son Kara-Dau to fulfill the instructions; 3) bring a sun-faced girl living in a yurt under the Bai-Terek tree; the old woman sends her son Kok-Dow; they are joined drinking lake, strongman (moving mountains), rumor (heard tulpar's tramp in three days); the girl's father tells you to climb a tree with a bucket of water without spilling; win a jump, fight, sit on a fire, find hidden beauty; companions are on errands; bay's son died at home, the poor man's son takes everything for himself], 114-119 [They want to take Abdullah to Khan's jobs, he runs away; hiding in a tandoor, he overhears the conversation girls and horsemen; at night she comes instead of a horseman, runs away with the girl, she can only become his wife; the king appointed A. a vizier, others are jealous, advise the king to take away A.'s wife, for this purpose send him bring the daughter of the khan of Msyr; her fiance must overtake her runner, defeat her fighter, get out of the fire unharmed, withstand the blade hit her forehead; the wife gives her curl to protect her forehead; on the way to A. his namesakes: a giant strongman catching birds on the move, drinking the river; companions defeat a runner and a wrestler, water bread is not afraid of fire, the blade falls to pieces on a curl; A. arrives when the king wants to take him wife; people put A. on the throne]; Kazakhs: Sidelnikov 1952 (Akbulak district, Aktobe region) [the son of a poor old woman caught a golden doe and took the khan; the vizier advises not to give the young man rewards, but to demand a fallow deer stand, one wing is gold and the other is silver; the mother went in search; the old woman sews a gap in the ground; says the master makes such stands near Mysyr for 1000 dill; the young man received a stand, but the wings are simple; on the way, wells with gold and silver water, the young man immersed him in they are the wings of the stand; now the vizier advises to order to bring a golden tree; the old man teaches: the hare will run, hide in the den, there are two pits, the hare to the left, and you to the right; there is a cave of 40 robbers; it is necessary take to cook them lunch and hit the cauldron with an iron stick; the old man gave this stick; there is salt in the chest, you have to salt the food, the robbers will eat it and die right away; there's a golden tree; you have to rest, close your eyes and pull - the tree will be in front of the palace; but the young man forgot to knock on the cauldron, remained a cook for the robbers until the old man reminded him in a dream; now the viziers are advised to deliver the beautiful Kunkey; the young man goes, meets, companions giants; 1) holding mountains in his hands; 2) hearing everything; 3) holding two lakes of water by his cheeks; 4) a speedboat (tied to each leg on a rock); a young man rescued an ant from a pit (dal wing); Kunkei is guarded by a dog, the first giant killed her, leaving the mountain; Khan Father K. proposes to defeat the bull, the giant killed him; overtake the old woman; she gave the speedboat wine; the hearing says that the speedboat sleeping; the young man hit the ground with an iron stick, the speedboat woke up, threw sand in the old woman's face, came first; to find K.; hearing: she is in an underground palace; her brothers found her; the khan invited them to the iron house, ordered to burn, the water holding his cheeks cooled the house; to identify K. among 40 beauties (the ant crawled to her feet); the young man took K., left every giant where he met on the way back; K. told the young man ask the khan and the vizier to go out to meet her; turned the khan into a wolf, a vizier in the forest; the young man became a khan, married K.]: 253-260; 1971 (1) [after starving horse toast, the old woman gave birth to a son Yer-Tostik; he hurts the chizhik, he confused the old woman's yarn, the old woman tells ET to look for his missing 8 brothers, who starved the cattle south; ET clamps a handful of hot wheat in her mother's hand, she admits he has brothers; ET goes to look for them, finds them, brings them; their father Ernazar marries them to 9 sisters, ET to the youngest Kenzhekei; Peri Bector wants ET for himself; tells Baba Yaga to grab E., he promises her a son; leaves the sharpener at the old camp, ET goes after him on a six-legged horse, takes the seventh on the lead; K.'s wife gives him her father's horse as a dowry; ET, grabbing the sharpener, runs away from the woman -yagi, falls into the lower world of the snake Khan Bana; he promises him a daughter if ET gets Temir Khan's daughter; ET meets, companions Thief, Windredhead, Sensitive Ear, Gorokat, Lake Swallower, All-Seeing Thanks to them, the eye wins competitions (1) The lake swallows everything, eats everything, the Sensitive Ear hears the intention to poison the guests, the Thief replaces dishes; 2) the ET horse wins the races: 3) Windbreaker overtakes the old woman Mystan-Kempir, who tried to put him to sleep; 4) the horse pulls the cauldron from the bottom of the lake; first, there is white foam on the surface, which means he grabbed it; then the red one does not lift it; in the end it pulls it out), gets woman; grateful Bani Khan shows the way up; on the way, the wife dies, ET goes with her slave Kunkei; kills a boa constrictor crawling to the chicks; a double-headed eagle (one human head, the other a bird) carries him and K. to the ground; peri throws him into the well, the double-headed eagle saves him; ET saves Kunkey, married to Shoin-Kulak (Baba Yaga's son), eavesdrops where the soul of the ShK (in a goat, in a box, in a chicken); kills the ShK ; returns to Kenzhukei]: 7-33 (=1958 (1): 3-35; =Daurenbekov 1979:15-39); yellow Uighurs [two brothers tyrant her sister; she dreams that the sun and moon have entered her; finds gold in the spring spindle, hides it on her chest, it disappears; so twice; the third time she puts it in her mouth, swallows it; brothers drive it out, giving it a mare, a dog and three goats; all animals immediately brought offspring, the sister gave birth boy Gesar; brothers send a crow, a dog kill him, G. easily kills them; sends a monster; G. turns into an egg, teaches his mother to advise the monster to swallow it, gets stuck in his throat, grows up, the monster dies; they come themselves, supposedly, with gifts; when they leave, they return alone, nails the baby to the cradle, puts a stone on top, lowers them into the river; the mother finds him, cannot move the stone, G. throws him off, gets up unharmed; they live in a hut; two princesses come to them thinking of destroying the hut; G. accuses them of stealing marmots, finds marmots in their clothes; the khan will marry the eldest to him , who 1) wins the races (G. overtakes the riders on a bull), 2) will thread a thread through a twisted horn (G. ties it to an ant), 3) will cover the mountain with silk (G. throws a piece of silk, it covers the entire mountain), 4) recognizes the bride among a hundred horsemen (the goose reports that a bee will curl next to her); G. gets a wife], 55-59 [a man climbs a tree, drops an ax, sees that the ax is wrapped around a white snake; the snake demands marry him one of a man's three daughters; only the youngest agrees; when a girl comes to the cave, the serpent and his family look like human beings; they are celestials exiled to earth; their period of stay in The appearance of snakes is over; the older sister visits the younger sister, sees snakes, gets frightened; the middle sister sees her sister's handsome husband, envies her; goes swimming with her, pushes her into the water, takes her place; the youngest turns into a bird, caresses her husband, defecates in her sister's food; she kills the bird, buries it under the threshold; a thorny bush grows, tears up the middle sister's clothes, she digs it up, burns it; rolls out of the ash a stone spinner, an old woman finds it; when she returns home, the food is ready; she spies on, finds a girl; she asks the old woman to invite a prince (i.e. her husband); the new wife says they they will come when 1) pine trees grow along the road (a real wife grows them overnight); 2) the road is covered with red and white carpets (she throws wool, she turns into carpets); the prince and his imaginary wife they come; the real one puts her wedding ring in her husband's cup, crap in her sister's cup; the prince recognizes his wife, throws a snake on her imaginary skin, she becomes a colored snake]: Stuart, Jhang 1996:40-43; Dungans: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 1 [young man Jeong Dajyo sees a black snake fighting a white snake, winning; he hits a black whip, she lets go of the white one; in a dream, the old man tells you not to follow a black man on a black horse, and behind a white horse; he tells him to ask his father for a throat pumpkin that hangs on the wall; after receiving a pumpkin, he sleeps in the steppe; someone cooks; he spies, sees three girls (this is daughters of the white snake father) come out of the pumpkin, cook; at the young man's house, the younger sisters hide in a pumpkin and return with it to their father, leave the eldest to the young man as his wife; people from the spring build for their spouses new home; the official is jealous, demands 1) plant trees before the government, 2) shoot pheasants, 3) win mules races (bet - wife); wife teaches what to do; BH refuses his wife official; the mule throws fireballs, the official burns with the administration], 2 [stepmother takes care of her own son, tyrannites Jeong's stepson; he sees a black serpent bite through the white head, takes them away to the sides; a white-bearded man from the lake calls to him, advises him to ask for a pumpkin; on the ground, returning to the pumpkin, C. finds a house, his wife in it; stepmother orders to arrange 1) donkey races between C. and her son, the winner will get a wife; 2) a cockfight; 3) dig a hole, fill it with boiling water; the wife tells you to jump into the hole, pulls C. out of there along with bags of gold; the stepmother's son is cooked, she decided that he does not pull out the gold, jumped after her], 10 [Jinghua's mother died, stepmother has a lazy daughter Hiischinhua; the cow tells C. that the stepmother will pretend to be sick, will demand her heart, C. should not eat her meat, must put the bones under an inverted vat; the stepmother orders to separate the millet from the wheat while she and H. go to the show to the emperor; the rooster and the chicken come out from under the vat, separate the grain; tell them to get it out from under the vat dress, go to the palace; C. loses her shoe, young yuanwei tells everyone to try it on, marries C.; she goes to visit her stepmother, she pours boiling water on C., puts her skin on H.'s face; C. turns into a bird, scolds his imaginary wife; H. tells her to cook, pours out the broth, a hornhead grows, the fortune teller turns him into C.; stepmother and H. are executed]: 35-40, 40-46.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Siberian Tatars (Tyumen) [was bai Tokpay-bai, he has 9 sons; they drove herds, at which time his mother became pregnant; wanted a horse sternum (tyustyuk); gave birth to a son Ir-Tyustyuk; playing with money , he hurt the lousy guy; he: you'd better find your brothers; IT gave him all the money, including gold, asked his mother to cook wheat, pressed her hands against the cauldron, she had to tell him; IT found the brothers , the follower became unrecognized, living with everyone, eating everything; they got to know each other, the brothers agreed to return to their parents; IT tamed the foal and the mare, began to ride them; the older brother asked the father marry him to 10 sisters; he stayed in a fisherman's yurt; when he saw 5 hats, he cried, the other 5 laughed (at first he thought there were only 5 brides in the house, and then realized that there were 10); the fisherman gave his daughters to bay; the youngest Kunjakei tells him to spend the night on a waterless hill; bai got angry, stopped by the water, his lung swims there; bai hit him, it became an old woman (kempir) with seven heads, began to strangle him; refused take horses, 9 sons, IT demanded; Bai promised to leave her a goldgrandmother and send IT to pick her up; after the wedding, IT asked about her grandmother, IT was going to follow her; K. told Shal to sit on a white horse guiruk, take Ak-Polat's white sword, Ak-syrmal white chain mail; S. says IT that Kempir-jalmouth is sitting in place of the yurt; she replied that she could not get up; S. became huge, then small, IT grabbed grandmother, galloped; they began to fight with the old woman, both fell into the ground; S. left IT one hair to call her; IT meets, companions 1) hitting one mountain against another, 2) drinking the lake, 3) a runner who catches animals easily, 4) hears from any distance; they came to Ulmis Khan (it was his daughter who sent those comrades to IT to marry her); they said that a fugitive had allegedly fled to the village of UH, demanded daughter UH; he orders 1) to overcome the strongman (the thief overcame the mountains), 2) overtake the old woman (the runner overtook); the khan put IT and his companions in an iron house, put firewood, set fire (water bread flooded the fire) ; the listener said where the daughter UH was hidden (on the ground); IT went home with the girl he took; Choyun-gulak came out to him, invited him to his place, joined the fight; IT defeated him, but the saber did not take him, CHG defeated him; Sh. ran to his comrades, who saved IT; IT asked ChG's wife to find out where his soul was; she made their child cry, explained to CHG that the child wanted to add his soul to his father's soul; CHG: on top of the mountain There is an iron box at the bottom of the well, with 4 quails in it; IT killed them; everything is fine]: Radloff, Proven, IV, 443 in Potanin 1916:89-93; Chulym Turks [sister got two hero brothers drunk; neighbors dug a hole and they lowered them into it, throwing half a horse carcass and a piece of wood; they sobered up, made a balalaika, began to play; the old woman heard, pulled out the heroes; said she would overtake the goat; they took her with them; more another old woman; an old man drinks a lake, pours it into another; he was also taken; they lit a fire in front of the city; king: who are you? ready to compete in running; the king sent the old woman; the heroic old woman overtook her, went to bed; the king got her dirty and ran past her; the heroic woke up, overtook her; the tsar dug a hole, covered her with silk; another old woman warned not to walk on silk; the tsar wants to burn them; the lake who was drinking flooded the fire with water; everything swam; the brothers tore their sister with horses]: Lukina 2004, No. 5.5:100-103; the Altaians [(" Maadai-Kara", song 3); Kogyudey-Mergen rejected Erlik Kara-Taadi's daughter; KT arranged for KM to drive away his horse, took another; this is a snake, he brought KM to CT; the old horse turned into a golden eagle, took KM to earth; parents tell him that Ai-Kaan lives at the end of the world, he has a daughter Altyn-Kyuskyu; KM follows her, meets her, companions 6 heroes who look like him; KT tries to destroy KM, but not knows which of the seven is he; each of the heroes has a special ability; K.- water floods the red-hot iron house in which they were left; K. -the mountain wins martial arts; K.-fire destroys enemy weapons; K.-jumper runs first to bring a handful of sand from afar; CT puts him to sleep with alcohol; K.-Earth hears it, K.-shooter wakes him up with an arrow, K.-jumper wins; also knows where a hole in the yurt is dug; KM gets AK, but CT takes it to the lower world; KM breaks through a mountain with a hammer, returns his wife; Ai-Kaan tells me to get the fin of one of the two whales {apparently ker-balik}, on which the world rests; then bring the bear; KM pulls out and leads, Ai-Kaan tells you to take them back; KM and his wife return home]: Surazakov 1979:157-210; Tuvans [ before his death, Father Myoge Bayan-Dalai (DB) sent him for Lama Koldu-Burgan; he came and began to read sacred books, but the camp was surrounded by enemies, the brothers Ak-Khan and Kadyn-Kara; the DB horse tells him to aim higher, for the brothers jumped up, but the DB did not listen, the arrow flew by; he himself did not jump, was killed; his pregnant wife Sai-Kuu fled to the steppe, gave birth to a son Kara-Kogel; three days later he was already walking and talk; asks the mother about animals, from small to large, easily kills them with stones; mother taught them how to bow and shoot; KK brought 6 bears at once; mother does not tell them to go to the sacred mountain; he went the mountain is moving, it is a giant maral that eats the forest like grass; KK hit a vulnerable place on the forehead where animal hair is; ripped open the belly of the maral, and many people came out alive from there (this episode on p. 102); from the skins of this maral KK made a home; the mother sent the KK to meet his grandfather Aldyn-Aas; he is going to marry Manchin-Ege Khan's daughter; people without an ear; without an arm; without a leg; they answer that they were attacked by two eagles; two birds of Khan-Hereti; two lions; this was when they went to Manchin-ege-Khan; AA gives the DB a name that the mother only vaguely said: Kara-Kogel, riding the Arzilan-Kyskyl horse; this horse has There are no cracks between the ribs; AA remains with KK's mother, and is sent to Myncheung-ege-han; BD's father married her to him at one time, gave him steel bars and scissors; to cross the sea, the KK fired an arrow, she scattered the passage between the waters; the khan of the competition, the winner will get his daughter; the son of the moon, the son of heaven, the son of the sun participate; the KK arrow passed through the needle eye, through the hole of the shoulder blade, set fire to a bunch of firewood and etc., but he threw a lasso over her and returned it; compete to run from a place where heaven meets earth; the strongmen sent fairies instead of themselves; they gave KK a drink - he, poisoned, fell dead; the horse ran , pushed the jug away, the winds revived the KK, he overtook the old women, dragged those who wanted to hold him with hooks; jumps, those old women on horseback, the horse tells him not to look back; AA turned around, saw his chest mother, fell to her, fell poisoned; the horse woke him up, he overtook the old women; to fight the strongman for 90 days; in winter only hoarfrost creaked under his feet, in summer the dew rustled; AA overcame him and buried him in a hole; fighting a strongman who sparks; AA beat him with an icy fur coat, threw him into the sea; defeat a bull, AA threw a bull by a stone scree; fighting three bears; in winter, hoarfrost creaked under their feet in the summer, the dew rustled; all three KK threw against the rocks; these strongmen were from the lower world, they licked the arrow, vowing not to attack again; horse: they will demand me for the bride, do not give up the iron fetters; but Malchyn-Ege- Khan took the horse away along with the fetters; they gave the KK a drink at the feast, the heroes attacked him; the KK shouted: Earth is my mother, Heaven is my father, where are you? Stones fell from the sky, destroyed half of the Khan's squad; his wife brought the KK to her, and in the morning he called out again to Earth and Heaven, asking them to be benevolent; the sun shone, half of those killed came to life; broken The KK melted the bronze bowl and poured it again; the KK horse almost died of thirst and hunger, but the khan's little son let him go and gave him water; the horse was offended by the KK for giving it along with the fetters, but then forgave him him; after visiting his looted camp, KK saw the remains of a long-dead man; this is his father; KK smeared his bones with drugs, the body revived; hit the whip with a golden handle and jumped over - man got up, but could not speak; from the book, Sudur KK learned that the magic mouse had carried the vocal cords across 7 layers of earth, 9 layers of dust; KK became an ermine, caught up, killed the mouse, returned the ligaments, put it in his father's mouth; The DB came to life, but the KK told him to look after the house, and went to take revenge; learned from the shepherds that life was hard under the new owners; invited Ak-Khan and Kadyn-Kara to shoot at each other the way they shot with his father; their arrow bounced off the KK's chest and crumbled, his arrow pierced both at once; the KK returned the people to their original place of nomadic]: Grebnev 1960:87-141; Buryats: Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 14 ( Okinsky District, Irkutsk Region) [Noyon Sabzhenei goes to worship; meets, comrades a sensitive person, raises a mountain, can quietly change the feathers of a magpie and a crow running around with stones on his legs, swallowing the sea, a well-aimed shooter; the khan invites you to compete; the runner overtakes horsemen on foot; the sensitive one finds out that they want to poison them, changed food, Khan's noyons die, the shooter kills everyone Khan's Mergen, the swallower drowns everyone left; to atone for the sin of murder, seven fellows rush into the sea, find themselves in the sky - "The Seven Elders" (Big Dipper)]: 209-215; Eliasov 1959 (place No record specified) [Brother Garyulai-Mergen and sister Agu-Nogon-Abaha; G. goes hunting to meet a 7-headed mangathai; asks: what is behind you - your soul or the soul of your horse? G. looked around, the mangathai swallowed it, spit out his clothes; the horse picked up G.'s clothes and weapons, brought it to his sister; changed into her brother's clothes, met the mangathaya, asked him the same question herself, he looked around. she killed him with an arrow, caught and killed a horse; her horse tells her to cut the mangathaya's right thumb, containing her brother's bones; burned the bodies of the mangathai and his horse; asked the mountain to open, put it in preserving her brother's bone; dressed as a groom in a man's outfit, she went to the three daughters of the deity Esege-Malan, who can revive the dead; the horse warned not to drink tea from a dangerous woman, A. splashed it out on her tea, she died; killed a bear who ravaged an anthill, the ant khan promised to help; the horse lifted A. to a steep high mountain, where a source of living water, A. got drunk, became even stronger; revived people whose bones under the mountain; revived three invisible bars who were dying of fatigue; revived a dying dog, which may also be invisible; two more suitors came to E. to marry his daughters; A. called herself in the name of his brother - G.; E. invites them to fight each other; the invisible bator fights instead of A., wins; shaman: imaginary G. is a girl in disguise; E. arranges new tests; shoot at the target (bator- the invisible wins); horse racing (the dog detained the rival horses); let each of the grooms spend the night in the barn with the bear (the invisible bator killed the bear, the other suitors killed themselves, daughters E . they were revived); separated red and white millet (ants separated); the imaginary G. received daughters E.; said that he must visit his herds first; on the way, daughter E. again test her husband: they put him on him sleeping fire, snake; he does not pay attention; A. took G.'s bones from the mountain, put his clothes and weapons next to him, left a note for her brother in her clothes, became a hare herself, ran into the forest; E.'s daughters revived G. became his wives; G. found a hare, grabbed it, he became A.; E.'s daughters forgave A. her deception; they have a silver scoop with any food and drink; everything is fine]: 92-109; darhats [Alahai-Mergen is not may be killed, but the Mangus king's warriors tied him with iron, threw him into a deep hole, stole cattle, took his sister as the Mangus king's wife; Magpie and Raven cry because they are no longer thrown giblets from the slaughtered AM cattle; AM asks them to bring Khan Garudi, who lowers her wing into the pit, AM gets out; two servants of the Mangus king, blind and armless, tear iron with their teeth, freeing AM; he finds his youngest brother, they meet, take the Listener, the Runner, the Thief (quietly plucks the feathers of the flying magpie), the Sea Drinker, the Mountain Rearranger; they put poisoned wine on the manguses, they win 1) shooting in the eye of a needle over seven mountains, 2) in horse racing, 3) in a fight; the mangus khan places them in a yurt, sets it on fire, the Drinking Sea floods the fire, the subjects of the Mangus king drown in the water, The one who raises the mountains crushed him with a mountain; seven return her property to the kidnapped AM sister, rise from the mountain to the sky themselves, turn into seven Burkhans (seven stars of the Ursa Major)]: Sanzheev 1931, No. 3:87-93; Mongols (Khalkha?) [Arat has a son Damdin; his father sent him to learn the business; he learned to play the hoora; his father is dissatisfied, sent him to learn the right thing; D. began to play on the seashore {really lakes}; the daughter of the sea king came out, brought him to her father; he tells him to stay at the bottom forever and play for him; but the daughter of the sea king brought D. to the ground and stayed with him; the khan hunted, sent Noyon to D.'s yurt to fry the quail; he is amazed by the beauty of the mistress, the quail burned down; D.'s wife gave Noyon two quails; neither the khan nor his entire army could eat them; the wife tells D. to agree to give it to Khan on the condition that he finds D. twice in his a yurt; his wife turned D. into a pestle; the khan did not find it; he himself turned into a tree by the well; D. understood this and took out a knife to cut it off; the second time his wife turned D. into a fly, the khan did not find it; he himself became a black goat among a hundred white sheep, D. pretended to slaughter him; khan: whose horse will run three days in three hours; his wife tells D. to play by the sea {lake} on a hur, her father will come out, I must ask him sea stallion; an 8-legged foal ran out; he easily overtook the khan's horse; the khan demands that the water in the lake boil; the sea khan gave two pebbles: throw white into the lake, the water would boil; put the black one by the cheek - boiling water will not scald; Khan tells D. to swim, he is unharmed; rushes into boiling water with all the warriors and dies]: Khoza 1954:13-15 {online, pagination begins with page 1}; Khalkha Mongols [ the poor brother works for a rich man, he feels sorry to cut trees; in a dream, a woodman pierces his tongue with needles, he now understands the language of animals; the Raven tells the Raven that the Khan's son is ill because it's in his mouth a snake crawled; you need to throw the meat of a fat mare into the fire, breathe smoke; the poor man heals the khan's son, asks for 7 skinny mares and a bad horse under his blanket as a reward; on the way he meets and takes companions 1) moving mountains, 2) listening to what's underground, 3) shooting at the sky, 4) quietly changing feathers to crows and magpies, 5) drinking the river, 6) chasing mountain sheep; khan will give his daughter to the winner in competitions; 1) the strongman defeats the wrestler, 2) the shooter falls into the golden circle between heaven and earth, 3) the runner overtakes two old speeders (they put him to sleep by patting him on the head, but he woke up); the khan sent the army, drowned him; friends took to heaven, became the constellation Ursa Major - "Seven Elders"; the little star is the princess]: Skorodumova 2003:5-8; the Mongols (Ordos) [two brothers they meet, take a sister 1) a bird who shot a bird, it fell only at the end of the day; 2) listening to what creatures in three worlds are doing; 3) rearranging mountains; 5) catching up with gazelles; 6) drinking the sea; his they made them an older brother, crossed the sea dry, he regurgitated the waters back; they came to Shajagai Khan, he offers competitions; the listener learns about everything in advance; 1) shoot - the shooter punches five, and man SHH only two mountains; 2) the one who raised the mountains defeats the fighter Sh.; 3) the runner overtakes the White Old Woman Sh.; 4) Sh. Invites you to feast in a cast-iron house, makes a fire around, the swallowing sea regurgitates water; Sh. drowned; sister cities returned, became the stars of the Ursa Major]: Mostaert 1937, No. 32 in Solovyov 2014.

Western Siberia. Mansi: Munkácsi 1995:25-26 [Numi-Torem wants to choose a World Overseer out of seven men; Elder Tapel tells his nephew Female Son to stand closer to him; 1) stop In a word, seven running horses (the Female Son stops), others require additional tests; 2) who will be the first to jump to the NT with his hand to his gate; T. advises choosing a plain calf, Son- women win], 28-29 [The garden-with-collar-sable (V.) meets Shul'-ater's daughter (Xul'-ater, master of the lower world), marries her; he sends him an invitation to come play; the wife tells you to hold the golden check tightly; V. instantly jumps around the sky, wants to kill his father-in-law with an ax, he asks not to do so, recognizes his strength].

Eastern Siberia. Central (?) Yakuts (the place of recording is not specified, the mediation of A. Kulakovsky; probably central) [historical legend, episode; Dygyn sets a condition: Bart-Hara marries his daughter if she catches up with her on horseback; fascinated by the race, the girl chases the horse with all her might, BH does not can catch up; at the last moment she remembers that it is about her marriage, allows herself to catch up]: Tolokonsky 1914:102-105; Sym Evenks (Chirombu) [father, then eldest, middle son are gone, did not return; the youngest went, saw Epkachan's bloody horns (a one-year-old deer); asks his mother for his father's blacksmith tools, forges an iron bow and arrow; killed E., broke a pine tree that moves and she moves apart, and in the middle there is a woman; the woman suggests jumping where there are awls on the ground; the young man invites her to jump first, but then overtakes her; the same is to run (first from behind, then overtakes); who she will continue to urinate (young man); the place where her hair is scratched; the woman scratched the young man, broke a wooden, bone combs, broke a tooth in an iron tooth, she jumped into her chest, killed her; the young man burned the corpse of E.; the boy's mother she pulled out her lung with joy, died]: Vasilevich 1936, No. 43:52-53.

SV Asia. Coastal Koryaks (west. A.N. Zhukova, 1952, villages. Bald, Tigil District) [seven brothers come to marry, Oyo is the youngest; local owner Kagynkan and his assistant Nyunye offer a competition with local heroes; losers are killed; 1) fight; 2) race skiing; 3) jump over spears; Oyo wins; N. fires seven arrows, each brother follows his own, finds a yaranga, a bride, a deer; Oyo has the best, he is now the oldest]: Zhukova 1988, No. 12:41-50; Chukchi (reindeer): Anonymous 1958 [written in 1955 in Nunyamo; an orphan lives with her grandmother; a wealthy reindeer herder promises a daughter and half of his estate to whoever wins the race at the festival reindeer sledding and fighting; orphan wins, receives a reward]: 71; Belikov 1982 [wife disappears, Rorath takes a boat to the crush cliffs between which birds fly; then the Kele country; R. catches a stone ball, injures an opponent with it; jumps from a height, pulls out a stone thrown into the sea, wins the run; gets his wife back]: 46-51; Bogoras 1928, No. 31 [orphan lives with her sister; goes to look for a bride; the girl promises to marry the one who overtakes her; the orphan overtakes and marries]: 384-385; tundra yukaghirs [Ulegeral Oyche sees three swan girls coming to swim; the old man tells them to hide their wings the youngest; brings home, marries; she says that her older brother can kill everyone, advises you to go to him yourself; the brother tests UO on the run, he wins; the father of the swan girl allows UO to marry her, gives his power to his son-in-law, not sons]: Kurilov 2005, No. 8:207-213.

The Arctic. Central Yupik (Kuskoquim) [a woman at work gives a crying child to another, ready to hold him; a stranger and a child disappear; not shamans, but a poor boy tells the father of the missing person that the child was stolen by the Wolf; gives goose and otter skins; a person comes to the village of Volkov, he is hidden by an old man and an old woman; the Wolf suggests 1) to hunt seals (a person kills a seal earlier Wolf brothers); 2) race (there is an abyss on the way, a man descends in the form of a goose); 3) fight in a dugout (a man wears an otter skin, the Wolf puts on a sea otter, he kills her); Wolves give him a son, he returns home]: Krenov 1951:181-185; Nunivak [man sends son to grandparents to take them new parks; grandfather says who took him to the park; two people try to kill a young man on the way; a cannibal with a knife chases him; he draws a line, a river appears; advises the cannibal to put the knife as a bridge, calls to hold it; the cannibal falls into the river, carries her away; he takes her knife; man offers to race, the winner will throw the loser into the water; the young man wins, kills the man's wife, takes the park; on the way back kills all the villains; when he cuts off the heads of those two men, heads jump, but he gouges out their eyes; gets married at home]: Lantis 1946, No. 10:278-280; Aleuts (Unga) [young man trains by picking up stones; comes to get wives; their relatives demand groom 1) kill the biggest beluga whale (kills), 2) win kayak races (turns his kayak into a beluga whale, swims underwater, wins; gets the right to shoot at an opponent; takes his own out of his body arrow, he recovers), 3) fight worms on the edge of the hole (throws an opponent into a hole, worms devour him); gets two wives]: Golder 1909, No. 6:17-18.

The coast is the Plateau. Skagit [The Coyote promises his daughter to whoever overtakes her; the Raven, Mink and others fall behind, the Mountain Goat overtakes, marries; the wife gives birth, the diaper is fat; the Coyote eats it; when he goes to the mountains, The goat sends frost, the Coyote is trapped in an ice trap; breathes a hole, breaks itself apart, sticks out; the raven takes his eyes away; the Coyote puts leaves, sees a little; pretends to see a star; one of the sisters comes up, he pulls her eyes out, inserts herself in; asks an old woman about her daughters; kills with nettles, takes her form; sisters carry an imaginary mother on the back to where they play with Coyote's eyes; the youngest throws him off on the way, he copulates with the eldest; takes his eyes, runs away]: Hilbert 1985:45-56; upper chehalis [chief with his own people come to an unknown land; jumping out of the boat, Blue Jay slides and falls; local chief Kalan lies on his bed, offers competitions; the room is full of smoke, the servant or dog breathes smoke, purifying the air; 1) eating dangerous food (guests swallow hollow tubes, let food through them); 2) dive (like puyallups); 3) race (Blue Jay against Coyote or Squirrel, hits him, wins)]: Adamson 1934:12-15 [4) climb a slippery tree (Blue Jay hits Squirrel, he falls), 5) hot bath (Blue Jay takes ice with it, Partridge bursts in the heat); 6) walk along the river on a boat under ice floes that go up and down (they pass, Blue Jay cut off the tip of its tail); The spider gives them a boat, it brings them home and goes back], 15-20 [7) shoot each other at friend (Blue Jay kills Beaver]; Western sachaptine [Coyote offers Fox to summon the Deer to a race; losers will be beheaded; Coyote and Fox win; they also kill the Mountain Baranov, Moose; Fox warns they will lose to Magpies; Coyote insists Magpies win, kill Fox and Coyote]: Farrand, Mayer 1917, No. 11:171; ne perse [Mountain Sheep, Moose, Blacktail Deer, White-tailed Deer, Mountain Goat always win the run, decapitate losers; Coyote and Fox win, kill ungulates, eat meat; lose to Magpie, they themselves are decapitated, though Coyote and tried to hide]: Spinden 1917, No. 5:185-186; modoc [old Natanas always kills his sons-in-law; Kai (big rabbit) marries his daughter; white eagle feather helps him; 1) N. takes him into the boat to fish, causes a storm; K. throws seaweed into the water, walks along them to the shore; 2) get reeds for the arrow poles; reeds grow on the island, K. flies there, brings reeds; 3) get round stones - arrow straighteners; they lie at the bottom of the river, the river dries up, K. brings them; 4) get arrow feathers; K. takes off his clothes, climbs the tree to the eagle's nest, the tree is made tall; he pulls feathers from the chicks, descends to the ground with a feather; 5) kill a deer; N. turns his son into a deer; brother K. Goshgoise (little rabbit) shouts to him that his heart is in his leg; K. shoots a deer in the leg, kills one, then four more sons of N.; he mourns them, hopes to revive them; 6) harpoon a big fish (this is also son N.); G. helps his brother pull her out; 7) race with his son N.; he pushes him into the river for others to eat him, but K. takes off, confronts the opponent himself, eats him; then But when N. himself runs; his spirit returns; K., his wife and G. go to live elsewhere]: Curtin 1912:359-365.

The Midwest. Winnebago: Radin 1931 [The hare is the youngest of ten brothers and is always left at home; the girl promises to marry the winner in the run; the hare overtakes the Turtle, wins; gives way to his woman older brother Kun; Hare's hair becomes long and red, his new name is Red Horn; small grimacing faces appear on his ears; he wins the competition to see who is faster and bigger will eat; his comrade in arms is the Thunderbird; they travel with him in the clouds; he marries an orphan; together with his brothers and relatives he competes with giants, loses to them in the fight; giants of all they kill; after the death of Red Horn, his two sons are born; the eldest is born from his wife (he also has faces on his ears), the youngest is from a giantess (he has faces on his chest); the brothers take out the skulls of Red Horn, Thunder, Turtles planted on giants' poles; kill giants with screams and arrows; spare a girl and a boy, throw them overseas (there are giants there now); revive the father and his brothers; lay the bones of the dead giants into their homes, all revive]: 143-162; Smith 1997 [brothers hunt, the elder stays at home; every day a man comes, invites brothers to a competition; every time the older brother forgets Give the invitation; the whole fourth day repeats, I must tell the brothers...; the youngest wins the race, the eldest wins the competition in the fight; the competition continues (the text is probably incomplete)]: 61-63; menominee [including ice running]; timagami ojibwa [boat racing; ball running]; chippewa [running].

Northeast. Seneca [including ice running]; mikmaq.

Plains. Crowe; mandan; teton; Omaha and ponka [villains offer to compete; older brothers die; younger 1) climbs a pole (killing an opponent), 2) not breaks into a swing with the rope cut (lands softly on his magic pen), 3) wins the running competition; the last villain remains alive, turns into a woman, puts his head to the hero's knees, steals his pen, turns him into a black dog, marries the chief's daughter; her sister in the steam room restores the hero to his former appearance; he marries her, takes her pen back, turns the villain himself into a black dog; crows pecked the eyes of the hero's parents; the older sister (the ex-wife of the imaginary hero) restores their eyesight; as a reward, the hero agrees to marry her]: Dorsey 1888b: 74; iowa [including ice running]; arpahoe; sheyen (southern) [bison kidnaps a man's sister; he comes for her; his calf nephew promises to help; 1) identify his sister and all her relatives (the calf throws grass over their ears, pulls his left ear himself); 2) roll the hoop (the person stops at the cliff, the bison falls down, breaks his neck); 3) racing; Bisons birds are invited to participate, Thunder helps man, he wins; so now people eat bison and other animals, not human bison; man knocks on wood, people come out; he teaches men women's sister, how to live]: Curtis 1976 (19): 147-148; arikara [the hero's son in the form of a bison overtakes other buffalo]; throw off the pawnee [ice running]; wichita.

Southeast USA. Caddo [buffalo running]: Kilpatrick, Kilpatrick 1966, No. 10:393-397 (same in Mooney 1900:311-315); chirokee [including deer running].

California. Yana; achumavi; pomo; wappo; chumash; kawaiisu.

Big Pool. Northern Payutes; Northern and Western Shoshones; Panamint; Southern Payutes; Southern Utah [Sinawav sees seven cranes, they're flying to fight, he asks to take him with them ; the cranes each gave him a pen; but then S. wrote in front of them and while he was sleeping, the cranes took their feathers and flew away; S. asks them to kill the pregnant woman and bring him fruit; the cranes did it, this one the baby is a girl, S. raised her as a daughter; offered to go to his relatives; they decided to pass her off as the one who would win the run; there were fast runners: hummingbirds, blue jays, coyotes; but S. won (because he persuaded others to eat some meat; it's not very clear) and married a pupil; she gave birth to three daughters and a son; once S. hunted and broke his leg; the eldest daughter carried it on her back, and he picked up her clothes and met her (or tried to do so); said at home that he was ill; let him be put on a pile of brushwood when he dies and leave without looking back; the eldest daughter should be passed off as who would come on a white horse dressed in a cougar skin; the son looked around and noticed that S. had rolled down a pile of brushwood; the daughter was passed off as someone on a white horse; the son noticed that the daughter's husband did not have enough of the same teeth like the father; then the daughters took to heaven and became seven stars - the Pleiades (although it is previously said about three sisters, not seven); and the wolf (this is S.) howls at night]: Givón 2013, No. 5:31-43.

The Great Southwest. Hopi [a young man from the Snake family lives with his grandmother, is poor; the girl rejects the grooms; the young man puts his grandmother's feather jewelry on the line, wins a shirt, comes to the girl in it, is accepted by her; the grandmother sends the young man to his uncles (snakes, lizards), who give them meat and clothes; the sorcerers decide that the girl will get 1) who killed many rabbits, came first with them to the village (the eagle uncle gives a stick, killing rabbits, takes the young man to the village); 2) the winner of the run, the participants of which roll stones in front of them (the snake uncle drives a stone); both times the wife is grateful; 3) the sorcerers tell me to bring a huge rattlesnake; a young man comes to the snake, he drinks poison, allows it to be carried, injects poison into the kiva of sorcerers and into the homes of those who supported them; all killed; people led by a young man move to Oraibi (Snake Family Origins)]: Malotki, Gary 2001, No. 10:91-103; Hano Tewa; Isleta & Taos Tiwa; Pima [girl rejects suitors; takes a skull as her husband; everyone laughs; at night the skull turns handsome; 1) they hunt, all the deer go to the Skull, who kills them with his gaze; 2) The skull is the first to cross the distance, chasing the ball in front of him; they don't laugh at it anymore]: Russel 1908:241; havasupai; valapai.

Mesoamerica Totonaki (Chicotepec) [the man played the violin; the Groms sent a messenger to him to appear; let him say who allowed him to play, they don't like it; he was asked to sit in a chair and then race; at a distance he saw pajaro de primavera lying upside down; not wanting to step on him, the man hesitated and lost the contest; he was killed and buried; his wife stayed pregnant; The thunders called her and, under threat of death, forced her to miscarry, the baby was buried in the yard of the house from where they managed the village (town hall); 8 days later, a corn shoot grew on this place, on it The cob was ripe; the thunders called the woman and told him to pick it up; she ground the grain, cooked the tamale; it turned out to be bitter and she threw it into the river; downstream the old woman heard crying and picked up the baby; brought it home, her husband is also happy; the boy grew up quickly, calls the couple parents; asks where the father goes; old woman: take care of animals {I mean fish, but it is more often referred to as animals }; these animals lay motionless; the kingfisher and other birds eating fish came to eat them; the young man asked for permission to go with his father; started shooting at kingfishers and killing them; promised that now fish ("animals") will multiply; next time he went alone, started shooting fish in the head, they had fins, a tail in their backs; tomorrow or the day after tomorrow God's children {i.e. people} will appear, they need there will be animals {i.e. there must be a lot of fish and it should not be concentrated in one place}; the fish has moved {i.e. blurred}; the next day the young man came back with his father; that: how now to catch; then the young man gave his father a net; people would appear - they would need it; the young man came to the crocodile, who wanted to eat it; the young man asked him to open his mouth to climb into it, cut off his tongue and said that now he will be called a crocodile; when the lightning flashes, they will honor you {that is, the crocodile's tongue is made of lightning}; the young man told the old woman he knows that he has a real mother and his real The father was killed; the young man came when his mother sadly hummed and made clay pots; hiding in a tree, he broke the pot with arrows; she began to swear; he went out to her, told her not to swear, and called himself a son; sat on her lap and spoiled her; told the whole story of her father's death and his appearance; he was a corncob; he assured her that he would not be killed; he opened his father's house and all the violins and guitars were there, drums and flutes; he started playing the violin, the Thunders heard it, sent messengers for him; he volunteered to go; when {people} come, you will be called rain/storm clouds, for tomorrow- the day after tomorrow God will increase the number of his children {i.e. people}; and they have agreed to be under his control, to be clouds, not who they were; they were given their horses, white clouds, and given their machetes; and they will make lightning, screaming (thunder} and pouring water; in the morning, clouds appeared in the east, rained, a thunderstorm began; while running, he did not look at the person lying down and ran first; second test: eat a lot of corn porridge; he arranged with Agouti to gnaw a hole in the bottom of the porridge vessel; the porridge flowed out, and the Thunders believed that the young man had eaten everything; then he took his father out of the grave, to revive; but he should not be afraid; but when he heard the rustle of a fallen leaf, my father got scared and turned into a deer; now people will eat you, hunters will kill you; this young man is Wonder Man]: Aschmann 1977 .

Eastern Brazil. Ramkokamekra [(Nimuendaju 1946a: 249}; Krowapú and Kom brothers came to the Amazon village of Kupetíayapté; invited a local girl to lie with them, she promised to surrender to whoever was her overtook; easily overtook the young men; the brothers ate one of her mutums; the girl found her brothers by smell, beat her fists]: Wilbert 1978, No. 138:334-335; Apinaye [in the east by the sea, the women went swimming , meet Cayman; began to copulate with him every day, brought him food; called him, shouting "Mi-ti - we are here"; one man accidentally spied and overheard him, told others; men call Cayman in the voice of women; he goes out, they kill, fry it, eat it; women kill men with clubs; go away, meet koati people, then bee people, then establish the Kupē-ndíya women's village (kupē - foreign tribe, ndi - woman, ya - personal collective plural; two brothers remain; their sister took an ax with her; brothers come to K., get an ax; two girls agree to lie down with them if they are theirs overtake; one brother falls behind, the other overtakes the girl, copulates; brothers return home]: Wilbert 1978, No. 140:337-338.

Chaco. Nivakle [run].