Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K27X. The ex-husband of a magical wife. . (.43.) .46.

A man marries a woman from another world; a wife goes to her own world, a man follows her; there a woman has another fiancé (s) or husband or brothers, a woman wants to lime a man with lands; he is being tested, returns his wife. See motive K27.

Malaysia—Indonesia. Dayaks of the sea [celestials (bird spirits)]; murut [prince of the country in heaven]; tombonuvo [Intuu nu Bugang and other celestials].

Western Siberia. Eastern Khanty (b. Big Yugan, 1984) [Watley Pusut (“deer chief”) lived between Tromegan and Aghan, he has 100,000 deer; three nights a bear comes and eats his deer; VP follows the trail north for a long time, walks into a poor house, there is a woman serving food by magic; she also has 100,000 deer; he marries her; her 7 brothers want to lime him, his wife teaches him what to do; 1) kill all the geese on the lake (waving her bone shoulder blade, geese fall dead); same with swans; 2) go to a place where deer are donated; wife: brothers have already killed her 7 men; you can't go first, you have to aim a piece of iron with hooks at the brothers; they fall dead; the wife offers to return to where the VP has its first wife; the VP lives with two wives; then the magical wife says goodbye and turns into gold]: 560-562.

Japan. Ainu [celestials].

SV Asia. Chukchi [Polar Bears]: Baboshina 1958, No. 46:118-122; Belikov 1982:24-27; Bogoras 1902, No. 33-634; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 63, 64:232-238, 238-242.

The Arctic. Inupiat of the Bering Strait and Northern Alaska [Polar Bears]; netsilic [Geese]; igloolik [Geese]; polar [goose girls bathe with their feathers off; man hides them, returns, does not give her one, takes her as his wife; she gives birth to two eggs, from which twins hatch; collects feathers, flies away with her mother; a man asks his mother to make him shoes with several soles; goes to look for a wife, bypassing the monsters sent by the Geese; meets a giant chopping willow; chips turn into salmon and trout; the man lies that he came up to him from the front (so he did not see his huge ones testicle); a giant turns his testicles into a boat, takes a man to the country of Geese; two sons recognize their father; he drives his wife's new husband, lives with her; she gives birth to two eggs, dies; he buries him; the giant gives him a whip; with it, a man kills many Geese attacking him; few escape]: Holtved 1951a, No. 36:55-59 (=1951b: 140-152).

(Wed. The Midwest. Menominee [wife wants to kill her husband, Wolf helps him; he marries Moose; Caribou calls him to compete; he loses his amulet, is eaten; Wolf and Otter revive him from his bones; new competition: spend the night in the cold; Caribou freezes, man wins; kills most Caribou]: Skinner, Satterlee 1915, No. II27:399-403).

Plains. Bisons. Crowe; arapaho; mandan; teton; omaha and ponka; skidy pawnee; wichita; caddo.