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K27x1. The Invisible Servant ("Bring That, I Don't Know What"), (ATU 465A) .27.-.29.31.-.34.

After receiving a difficult task (usually: to bring an object or creature that does not have specific characteristics, such as "I don't know what", "marvelous", etc.), the hero meets the invisible a person who serves others; if you caress him, he becomes his assistant. (Some of the texts in the ATU 465A story probably include this motif, but the definition does not specifically highlight this motif). (Cf. Motive K131B).

Romanians, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Moscow, Voronezh, Kursk, Tambov, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Bukovina, Podolia, Kievskaya, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians, Kalmyks, Abkhazians, Georgians, Svans, Armenians, Latvians, Finns, Veps, Bashkirs, Chuvash, Kazan Tatars, Komi, Kazakhs, Shors, Khakas, Buryats.

The Balkans. Romanians [royal shepherd Ion went into the cave and let the dragon drink so that he could get out; a grateful dragon brought him to his parents and advised them to ask them for a box as a reward; they reluctantly gave, telling them not to open it along the way; I. opened, the cattle came out, a farm with workers arose; the dragon returned and put everything back; then Jonah caught up with the dragon's sister sent to him as his wife; when fell asleep, I. burned her dragon skin; his wife said that he would now become a royal servant again; when he learned about the beautiful woman, the king called I. into service; the old man, in order to get rid of I., advised the king to tell him create a field on the site of the mountain; his wife blew the horn, calling earth animals, and they did everything quickly; another old man advised sending I. to the black world to bring a scraper and comb from the evil elders, and the third to bring something, I don't know what, when I go there, the hell knows where; the wife gave a towel with her name, an apple to go for; created two wooden ducks; if they lay an egg in three years, then I. and she they will meet again; the wife's first sister did not know what, sent to the second, the second to the third; she sent for the lame crested lark; the lark led I. to the stump; the dragon came, kicked the stump, the door opened, the dragon demanded that I don't know what to eat with the songs; (when the dragon left), I. also went down, ordered food, drink, songs, music, asked Toh, I don't know what to go with him to the king; he agreed If the king gives him as much gold as he can carry, and he is half the size of a cigarette; King Toh, I don't know what he played until everyone fell dead from fatigue; without taking gold, I don't know what he came back to his home; I. came to the monastery built by his wife; both wooden ducks are alive and laid two red eggs; I. and his wife settled in the royal palace]: Bîrlea 1966:426-428; (cf. Albanians [the king tells his son to find his wife; he shoots a cannon, the core falls three times by the tree, there is a turtle under him; the young man brings her home; leaves her; when he returns, everything is tidy up; for the third time he hides behind the door, grabs the girl, breaks the turtle shell; the king wants a girl for himself, tries to lime his son, demands to bring a cloth to dress the army; the wife tells him to go to the sea, turn to her parents, they gave matter; no matter how much they cut off from it, the rest is the same length; the same is bread to feed the whole army; the king sends a man 3 tops tall, a beard 7 tops; wife: this is my brother; the dwarf comes with the prince, blows the king's head off with a punch, puts the prince on the throne]: Lambertz 1952:113-120).

Central Europe. Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Yaroslavl, Moscow, Voronezh, Kursk, Tambov, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Bukovina, Podolia, Kievskaya, Yekaterinoslavskaya), Belarusians [Beautiful wife ("Go there, I don't know where"): the tsar's shooter (Pan huntsman, poor man) marries a wonderful beauty and artificer; tsar (master) wants to master it and sends her husband to carry out difficult assignments; the shooter's wife helps, the tsar's intention does not come true]: SUS 1979, No. 465A: 137-138; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [Sagittarius Andrei is going to shoot a falcon; she asks to bring it home and throw it out the window; turned into Elena Krasa a golden braid; she weaved the carpet, tells me to sell it; the minister wants another one, comes to E. tells the king about the beauty; the old woman advises sending A. to the kingdom of far away to bring the lamb a golden head; E. sent three fellows, gives A. a head in the morning, teaches him to pretend to swap after her on ship; golden bristle pig (same); I don't know where to go, I don't know what to bring; E. tells A. to go for the ball, and when it comes, show her towel; the old woman recognized her son-in-law, called the animals, knows the way only an old frog; began to drink fresh milk, grow up, A. sat on it, she jumped across the river of fire; let A. go into a strange house (a bathhouse is not a bathhouse), hide behind the stove; come, they say, Brother Reason, feed us; and A.: Brother Razum, sit with me; Reason comes with A.; captains of three ships, they have an ax (Tyap-blooper, make a ship!) , a tube (an army with guns will appear), a saber (wave - the silver bridge); A. gives Reason for these items, and he returns to him; everything is burned at home; A. tells the ax to create a palace, and in it E.; A. summoned an army, spared the tsar, ordered the cows to herd for 30 years; he still herds; A. built the same palace for Razuma and a silver bridge between them]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:35-42; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [Sagittarius Andrei is going to shoot a falcon; she asks to bring it home and throw it out the window; turned into Elena Krasa golden braid; weaved a carpet, tells me to sell it; the minister wants another one, comes to E., tells the king about the beauty; the old woman advises sending A. to the kingdom of far away to bring the lamb a golden head; E. sent three fellows, gives A. a head in the morning, teaches him to pretend as if sailed after her on the ship; pig golden bristles (the same); I don't know where to go, I don't know what to bring; E. tells A. to go for the ball, and when it comes, show her towel; the old woman recognized her son-in-law, called animals, only an old frog knows the way; she began to drink fresh milk, grow up, A. sat on it, she jumped across the river of fire; let A. go into a strange house (a bathhouse is not a bathhouse), hide behind the stove; they come They say, Brother Reason, feed us; and A.: Brother Reason, sit with me; Reason comes with A.; captains of three ships, they have an ax (Tyap-blooper, make a ship!) , a tube (an army with guns will appear), a saber (wave - the silver bridge); A. gives Reason for these items, and he returns to him; everything is burned at home; A. tells the ax to create a palace, and in it E.; A. summoned an army, spared the tsar, ordered the cows to herd for 30 years; he still herds; A. built the same palace for Razuma and a silver bridge between them]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:35-42; Russians (Olonetskaya, Zaonezhye, d. Shunga-Bor, 1926) [The old man and old woman took an orphan. They lived poorly, their son was fishing. The first, the second time I caught birds, the third time I caught goldfish. I threw it on the ground. The fish has become beautiful. The son married a beautiful woman. The wife sends her husband to the king to ask for "a place against herself or near her." The husband goes to the king. The king gathers advice, gave a seat in front of him. He fell in love with Ivan's wife, decided to get rid of him, and convened a council. He ordered Ivan to find the object: "He collects and robs net on the table." Ivan comes back, grieving. The wife sends a letter to her aunt in the woods. Ivan came to the hut and gave the letter. My aunt gives Ivan a ball. In the morning I threw a ball on the road and followed it. I made it to the cave. There's a table, Ivan is hiding, 40 robbers fly into the table and shouting: "Net, go!" Food appeared on the table. The robbers leave, Ivan calls for something. It's not working. Ivan calls for something to eat with him. Something is happy and goes with Ivan to the Tsar. Ivan shows the king a magic tablecloth. The king fell in love with Ivan. Senators give Ivan the task: to bring a cat who sings songs. Ivan comes back, grieves again. The wife gives a letter to her aunt again. The aunt gives a ball and meat to lure the cat. Ivan grabs the cat and brings it to the king. The king rejoices, the senators give the third task: to bring samogudes. Ivan comes home, his wife gives him iron armor, a tin cap and a clean shirt. Ivan has been on the road for a long time, comes to Baba Yaga and gives her a letter. A wolf comes, plays cards, the condition is not to fall asleep. Ivan: I think it's more felled wood or more standing wood? The wolf flies away to count, I. slept enough. For the second time: more people alive or dead? For the third time, Ivan replies to the wolf that he is sleeping. The wolf flew for the ax, and when he returned, he saw Ivan's wife's handkerchief and recognized Ivan as his son-in-law. In the morning, the wolf gives Ivan samogudy husli, ate senators and thoughtmakers, chewed, the tsar signed the kingdom to Ivan and his wife]: Karnaukhova 2008, No. 7:63-67; Russians (Vologda) [royal man every day He brought three birds from the hunt; once he did not get a single one, he saw a duck; she told me not to shoot, but to marry her; he would have many birds; the king ordered to show his wife, decided to take it away; asked the generals where to send a person; one general in 12 days: send an unknown place, bring something that does not know what; the wife gave two towels: where she will spend the night to wipe his own; the ball rolled, he followed him to the hut in forest; covered for three people, the man hid; three came in: invisible, serve; when they left, the man himself asked the invisible man to set the table and called him with him; the old man suggests changing the invisibility to hammer: if you knock, regiments of soldiers will appear; invisible: change! the man received a hammer, but the invisible man did not leave him; the same applies to another old man (he has a butterfly with a herd of sheep in it); now the king, on the advice of the general, orders that a golden oak with silver be moved to his palace branches; the wife waved her handkerchief, the oak moved; the tsar awarded the man and hung the general]: Burtsev 1895, No. 4:17-22; Russians (Vologda) [Egor the Unfortunate tells two merchant sons that shooting at flying geese, he will shoot down four at once; and so it happened; the king took him; E. wants to shoot at the swan; she tells not to shoot, becomes beautiful, promises to deliver as many birds as it is necessary; the tsar agreed to marry them, but he is envious, wants to get rid of E.; the senators do not know what to advise; Vanyushka-Pyanchuzhka suggests ordering to uproot the forest overnight, etc., and by morning from the collected bake wheat pies; the wife tells the spirits, they have done everything; bring a golden bristle pig with 12 pigs; bring perfume; go there, I don't know where, bring what, I don't know what; the wife gives a ball and a handkerchief; the ball will lead to the middle sister, and she recognizes her son-in-law by the headscarf; the middle one sends to the eldest; the eldest to their mother, and not show up to her father, for the decorated pig belonged to him; Kashchei the Immortal at night told his wife where to go, gave a ring; she gave it to Egor; he swam on a dolphin; the sea king comes: Kukhta-mukhta, I want to eat; when I left, E. asks where I don't know what; KM: it's me; went with E.; to at this time, the tsar tried to take possession of his wife E., who flew away as a bird; E. returned; first the tsar had a feast, then E.; the tsar was beheaded]: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 30:116-122; Russians (Vologda) [ after the soldier's service, Ivan received a hut from the king and became a hunter; 12 swans flew to the seashore, took off their wings, became girls; the soldier hid one pair of wings; "If an old woman, be a grandmother or mother, elderly man - grandfather or father, if a young man - be betrothed, mummer; wife created a good house, the tsar envied; offered to send Ivan I don't know where to bring then I don't know what; wife gave a ball to go for, and a towel to just wipe it off; I. reached the house by the sea, took out a towel, the hostess recognized him, she was Ivan's wife's sister; sent it to his second sister, the second to the third; the third sends them to the heroes, they have to hide; the heroes enter: "Murzya, on the table!" ; and when they left, I. invited Murza to lunch with him; grateful M. stayed with Ivan; on the way back they meet a man who has a spear capable of destroying any army; M. orders him to exchange him for him himself - he will return immediately; Ivan destroyed the tsar and began to rule himself]: Kuzmina 2008, No. 50:125-127; Russians (Pskov) [poor Stepan the hunter; a dove flew through the window, became a girl; wife; weaved the carpet, ordered to sell it without bargaining; the general bought it, told the king that he sent a servant; when he saw it, he told the king; the king, seeing the craftswoman, wants to get rid of S.; the sorceress grandmother advises sending S. for gold ram; at night, the wife tells the wild winds to deliver this ram; grandmother: let him bring unknown what; the winds do not know; then the wife gives S. a ball, let him follow him; the glomerulus led to the old woman, she asked frog; frog: it is not known what is overseas; swelled, told S. to hold on to it, swam across the sea; on the other side there is a mountain, a hole in it, a closet in the hole; you have to hide in it, listen; S. hid, hears how people came in; "Brother matchmaker, light a fire!" ; the fire caught fire; then: gather it on the table; when they left, S. commands himself, but invited him to drink vodka with him; he is grateful, ready to serve him; they sailed across the sea in the boat, created an island, feast; the ship sailed, the general on it, proposes to change: it is not known what to a sword that will destroy any army; it is not known what he advises to agree, then return to S.; arrived at the tsar, S. shows how you don't know what he's gathering on the table; king to his servants: hack S.! S. sabre: ruby! the saber killed the tsar and all his people, S. returned to his wife]: Chernyshev 1950, No. 20:49-53; Russians (Voronezh, 1939) [The beautiful royal daughter does not want to study, meets a wizard, he puts her on a chair and teaches his science, advises how to choose a groom - to make a riddle, if the applicant does not guess - "head off the shoulders". An Indian prince comes to marry, the princess brings him to the "rich hall where the horned chort lives" treats him with wine, he falls asleep. In the morning, she tells her father that the groom slept all night and is beheaded. The same thing happens to the second contender, the nobleman. A retired soldier scoops up water in the river, pulls out cancer, asks him to be released, gives him an invisible hat and advises the soldier to boldly marry the king's daughter. The soldier asks the bride to pour him wine in mugs and falls asleep. Cancer appears, the soldier gets into his mouth and wakes up. The hero puts on an invisible hat and watches the princess. She goes to the garden, summons magic around the gazebos, eats and drinks. The soldier repeats all her actions. He approaches the rakit bush, looks in all four directions, pulls a branch and descends underground. She alternately approaches the copper, silver and gold wells, washes and drinks. The soldier does the same thing, but takes with him three crust from each well. The girl comes to her 12 sisters, tells them that the groom got drunk and fell asleep. Sisters show gifts from their suitors. The soldier climbs to them, quietly picks up the gifts and the goose from the table, falls, the sisters hear a rumble, run to the window, but do not see the soldier. When they return to the table, they see it missing. The princess goes back, but cannot get drunk from the wells, cries, shouts "my soul is burning". The soldier overtakes her, returns to the place where he fell asleep, takes off his hat. The princess wakes him up, but he tells him where she was at night and what she did, she admits that he solved all her nightly riddles. The king does not want to give his daughter for a soldier, and another contender for the princess advises to give the groom a task: to go there, I don't know where, to find something, I don't know what, "so that it's not seen, but pleased." The princess gives the soldier a ball, orders him to follow the thread when the Serpent hits him, to say that the soldier is a servant of the Russian tsar dog, then she will not touch him. This is what happens, the snake offers a treat to the soldier, orders Ursa to set the table; the tablecloth and treats appear on the table themselves. The serpent gives the soldier the keys to open the borders, and flies to fight the enemy - the Serpent with 9 heads. She wants to bring the soldier to Tsar Ursa, she promises that she will go with him and orders him to flee across the border so that the Serpent cannot kill the soldier ("he will bite and rub his bones for flour"). On the land of another Serpent, about 6 heads, Ursa orders to exchange it for a barrel, promises to return to the soldier if the Serpent does not name her until they cross the border. A soldier crosses the border, a Serpent appears with 6 heads, threatens to eat, burn with fire, and the soldier offers to feed the Snake. He has doubts, because he needs a lot of food. Ursa sets the table with plenty of treats. The serpent realizes that he does not need to fly with Ursa every day to fish and exchanges Ursa for a barrel from the soldier. The soldier crosses the next border, calls Ursa, and she ends up with him. A Serpent appears with 12 heads, wants to eat a soldier, who feeds the Snake with the help of Ursa. The serpent changes its self-propelled sword to Ursa. A soldier gets caught in the rain, does not know how to warm up, Ursa advises ordering a self-made sword to beat the Snake, the sword cuts down all 12 heads. The soldier comes to the king, says that he served him for 20 years and demands that the king served him, orders the sword to cut down the king's head. The soldier calls all soldiers, orders the protection ("workers' and peasants' kingdom") of the poor and orphans, and distributes land to soldiers. The soldier turns the keg, and the crystal palace appears. Among other things, a bayun cat lives there, from whom the storyteller learned to tell fairy tales]: Tonkov 1949, No. 11:181-189; Russians {for this purpose and for single-story texts No. 213 and 214, the recording place is not specified } [Sagittarius Fedot wounded a turtledove; she asks to bring her home, and when she finds a nap, hit her; became a girl, a wife; tells me to buy silk; calls two fellows, they weaved the carpet; the commandant bought he for 10,000 rubles, and the king bought him for 25,000; the commandant sees the Sagittarius's wife, shows him to the king; he orders the Sagittarius to lime in order to take his wife; Baba Yaga advises the commandant to offer the king should send Sagittarius to the island on a rotten ship for golden horns; his wife tells the fellows to bring a deer; Baba Yaga advises to tell F. to go there, I don't know where, bring what I don't know what; the wife gives the ball to follow and his needlework; the king tells F.'s wife to follow him, she flew away with a turtledove; F. comes to three girls who recognize his towel, they are his wife's sisters; their mother calls animals and birds , only the frog knows about this wonder; jumped over the fiery river with F. hid in a cave; two elders come in, asking Schmat Reason to feed them; when they left, F. also called him and offered to sit with him; he agrees to follow him; F. came to the old woman and her daughters, went on, tired, S. carried him; tells him to exchange him from the merchants for three curiosities, he will return; they have a box in which a garden, an ax, who makes ships, a horn from which the army leaves; S. also returned to F.; F. built a palace, defeated the king's army, became king himself, his wife was queen]: Afanasiev 1958 (2), No. 212:134-145; eastern Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya, Aleksandrovsky district) [pan tells the servant to bring Visible and Invisible; the servant went into the hut, hid behind the stove; the grandfather came in: Apparently and Invisible (BB) - cover the table; when the grandfather left, the servant invited BV to go with him, he agreed; the BB changed the paths to a samorun axe, the BB also returned; to a self-punching baton (the same); to bars that beat themselves; the servant returned, the baton and twigs beat Mr. and his guests, the ax rebuilt the servant's house]: I. Manzhura in Pankeev 1992:140-143.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Kalmyks [shooter Heeche-Mergen hides the clothes of one of the three swan girls who have come to swim; gets married; Tsarkin Khan wants her, the adviser suggests sending H. to the Ganges for the tigress's milk; the tigress is H.'s wife's cattle, he brings milk; a lame and crooked drunkard offers to bring an invisible thing from an unknown country; the wife gives a ball; H. follows, shows his wife's crest to the woman, this is his wife's sister; she gives another ball, it leads to her older sister; she asks all the creatures, knows only cancer with an iron claw; it's in the forest beyond the outer sea; H. hides, sees his father tell Murza to serve food; when he leaves, H. asks Murza to join the meal; on the way back, H. exchanges Murza for a folding palace, a cane with his army, Murza returns every time; H. drives Khan away, reigns]: Vatagin 1964:115-128 (=Egorov 1978:74-85); Abkhazians (p. Lykhny) [Alyksa went hunting, saw a girl in a forest hut, brought her to himself; the tsar demanded to give in, A. refused; then demanded to go to his late father and find out where he hid the gold ring and cauldron; the wife gave two coils of thread: tie it to the toe, follow the coils; by the sea there is a wide bridge to heaven and hairs to hell, the king's father is in hell; A. crossed the hairs; the king's father carries a bag of sand, his devils they are driven and beaten with sticks; he answered where the gold things are hidden, the coils brought A. back; now the king demands to bring him something that no one has seen in this world; the wife gave the coils again, they led to her older sister, whose husband is an ogre; he promised not to eat a guest, went with him to his younger brother; there his wife's other sister is also with her cannibal husband; from there they all went to their third brother; one of The audience replied that he knew where such a thing was; A. came to the palace; there people called Mishka and demanded food from him; she appeared; A. ate and offered Mishka a glass of wine; M.: you are the first to me offered; they went together; the invisible M. took the peasant's axe; they stood on him and sailed across the sea; on the other side, M. fed the army; the army asked M. to cede M. in exchange for a box that can be turned into a palace, a gun and anything; A. gave in, and then M. returned to him; the king sends servants, M. hits them; the king himself came, got hit on the head with a stick, sent an army, the cannon box shoots; the tsar fled, Alexey got everything]: Khashba, Kukba 1935:154-159 (=Shakryl 1975, No. 27:139-143); Georgians: Chikovani 1954, No. 7 (Kakheti) [two older brothers conceived get rid of the youngest; let everyone shoot an arrow and follow it; the youngest comes to another kingdom, the old woman let him into the house; says that three cabbage rolls will fly to the lake, we must hide the youngest's wing, let him become a wife; the young man is silent when the girl promises to become a sister; goes out when he is a wife; the young man works for the king, asks for one of the nine rooms for him and his wife; the counselors suggest that the king order the young man will knock down trees in a day and take them to the palace, but will not be able to take his wife away; the wife turned the ring, the warriors of her older sisters appeared, did everything; decided to kill the young man while hunting; the wife gave a ring: throw it up , it will become a golden ball, give it to the king; taking gold, the king did not dare to kill the young man; a new task: plow the field in a day, grow crops, bring bags of flour; the warriors of the sisters fulfilled; advisers to the king: they led to bring "neither you know nor I know"; the wife called the warriors of the sisters, the lame frog was the last to come, sent it to the old woman; the old woman gave a wheel, it would lie across the sea as a bridge, a temple across the sea, at the temple say, "Trust me, sister!" , the doors will open; the old man came out, gave Tarumbala, although he is not visible; on the way back, the young man meets a merchant, whose organ, if you turn the handle, comes out; the young man tells T. to supply water and food; changed, and T. also returned to the young man; he came when the king wanted to marry his wife; ordered T. to cause a downpour, sent an army, destroyed the king, reigned himself]: 54-58; 1986 [stepmother tells his stepson to named after Sizmar to protect the grain from the chickens, he fell asleep, the chickens pecked the grain; his stepmother beats S., he says that in a dream he found himself in Baghdad, the moon is sitting on one side of him, the sun is on the other, the morning star pours silver water from a golden jug into his hands; his stepmother tells him to sleep, S. says that this is impossible, she drives him out of the house; S. comes to the capital of the king of the West, he is brought to the king; when he learns about sleep, he demands to give it away, throws S. into the pit; Princess Mzetunahavi ("not seen by the sun") has been secretly carrying S. food for three years; refuses to the king of the East; he 1) sends four mares, tells me to guess which of they are mother, eldest, middle, youngest daughter; S. teaches M. to lick salt, mother will be the first to run to the water in the morning, followed by her eldest daughter, etc.; 2) tells them to break a piece of rock salt into balls; S. advises ask to show what size balls to break; 3) fires an arrow, no one can pull it out of the ground; S. climbs out of the hole along the rope dropped by M., pulls out an arrow, returns to the hole; only S. managed to raise an arrow and let him go back to the king of the East; the king of the West agrees to give S. a daughter if he teaches the king of the East a lesson; on the way S. meets and takes satellites 1) A speedboat tied to his leg millstone, 2) A sharp ear listening to ants fight underground, 3) A clever who changes wings with live pigeons; the king of the East tells 1) to bring water from the healing spring before his speedboat; that puts a sleepy potion on Speedboat; Sharply hears about it, S. cuts off the millstones from the Speedboat's leg with an arrow, he is the first to bring water; 2) bring What I don't know what; The Clever sends S. to the old woman of the forest; she tells me I don't know what to serve her to eat; food, wine appear; the old woman leaves, S. offers I don't know what to eat with him; he is grateful, goes with S.; invisible, beats the king; the king orders Add poison to S.; Sharp hears about this, Lovkoruk changed his plates, the king's viziers have died; the king of the East is fleeing; the king of the West gives his daughter to S., but settles them in a stable; the king of the East goes to war; S. takes gold armor out of the winged horse's ear, defeats the horse, the king of the West bandages his wounded finger with his handkerchief; S. recognizes him, gives him the kingdom; he refuses, takes M. and leaves; he sends four mares, tells us to guess which of them is mother, eldest, middle, youngest daughter; S. ut]: 43-46; swans: Petrov 1886a [in the forest, the vizier heard the voice of a strange bird, shot, fell from above beautiful; he decided to marry her to the Tsar, but as he approached the palace, the beauty turned into a freak; the king told the vizier to marry her himself; the woman became beautiful again, the king decided destroy the vizier; ordered to guess what "adu-i-made-i-maana" means; the vizier has three married sisters; one of the sons-in-law advised me to contact the forest people of Tskheki Dau; one of the CD sends to another, he to the third ; the third sent the servant to escort the vizier, and he threw him into the river; the vizier swam out, went into the house, hid; at midnight three princes come in, called "Mishká!" , they tell him to make a fire, feed them, etc., the invisible M. does everything; the princes are gone, the vizier himself turned to M., invited him to share a meal, grateful M. stayed with him; tells him to buy from the counter a stick for 1000 rubles, then send this stick to return the money; then changes the Jew M. for a chest of warriors, M. returns to him; the soldiers beat the king's army, and the stick killed the king himself]: 89-93; Chikovani 1954 , No. 47 [the hunter shot a bird, it turned into a girl; she agrees to become a wife, but let him not show it to the king, and if you show it, I will turn into an ugly girl; the king drove them away, but then found out that the wife is beautiful; either give your wife or bring "yes, no, never"; the wife teaches you to tie a broom, it will lead to the underworld to the king's late father; he tells him to go home across the sea, ask the owner where to look for "yes, no, never"; the man entered the house and hid; three came in, demanded food and drink from the servant; when they left, the man also demanded and asked the servant to share the meal; the servant went with him; met a man with a stick, who The order will kill silt and beat; the man bought a stick; when he returned, he let him beat the king with an order to beat until he asked for death; the king promised not to take his wife, rewarded the man and wished him happiness]: 250-252; Armenians: Ganalanyan 1965 [the hunter brings a dove; the house is tidy; the hunter's mother sees the dove turn into a girl; grabs her; the hunter marries her; the king demands to bring something that is not I know what; the wife reproaches that he did not leave her feathers; sends her to his sisters, gives a towel, does not tell strangers to wipe themselves off, otherwise he will turn into a rope; they, King Kajats, the kings of Serpents and Mice do not know, how to get it; the frog king calls Delagore; he takes him to the forest, disappears; another man asks Afandi for food; she appears by herself; gives Afandi to the hunter; on the way A. asks to sell himself to a Kurd, to the peddler, returns every time; the hunter tells the king that he did not find what he needed, A. kills the king, smashes his army; the hunter becomes king]: 114-120; Nazinyan 1969 [the mouse and falcon sowed wheat, and when they collected it, they began to divide one seed, they turned to the eagle; the eagle to the falcon: you clue it; the mouse: well, let's not quarrel; and at night I hit the sleeping falcon with a sword, he hardly had time fly away; the hunter saw a falcon on the tree, pointed his gun three times, the falcon asked him not to kill, to heal him; the hunter's wife went out; the falcon put the hunter on his back, carried it, threw it three times into the sea, picking it up above the water itself; ordered to ask his father for a silk pouch; the falcon's father gives a pouch, does not tell him to open it before reaching home; the hunter opened it, found himself in the middle of a noisy bazaar; the lame man asks to give him something that he does not know at home; the hunter promised to be at home; wife: that our son is not going home; it turned out that the son was born, but now he has taken him lame; left the boy lame on the island at sea; he caught for 16 years fish, grew up; three heads flew to the island, threw off their birds' clothes, became girls, went swimming; a young man stole one girl's feathers; she promised to be his wife; gave a ball, he rolled off the island to the shore, there was a road, they came to the city; the husband was hired as a laborer; the owner decided to lime him in order to take possession of his wife; one lame guest offered 1) send a man for two storks, one golden beak, the other has silver wings; the wife calls the Arab and orders the storks to be reached, he brings them; the wife warned: if the owner says that storks are not needed, they must be released (as it happened); 2) bring a lion from Mount Aragats (same); 3) bring the invisible worker Murza; the wife gives a ball, it will lead to her sister's house; she calls the frogs, they do not know the way; the sister tells them to go for the ball to their mother's house; she collected the snakes, they answer that M. was hired by the snake king; the mother tells me to go to the snake king's house and hide behind the stove; the king will come and say, "Murza, gather on the table"; when the king leaves, call M. for with himself; he is glad, the king has already tortured him; the boatman offers M. a horn in which a foot army and a cavalry detachment; when the man received a horn, M. also returned to him; the owner wants to cut off the man's head, he blows into the horn, the warriors cut off the owner's head; M. took the couple to her husband's parents]: 33-42.

Baltoscandia. Latvians [driving around the royal horse, the servant finds himself in the forest to an old man; he tells him not to open the bast gate; outside the gate there is a lake, three ducks come to swim, throw off their clothes, turn into girls; the young man hides his clothes alone; returns, they turn him into a dove; when he returns, the old man restores his human appearance; the same for the second time; the old man advises not to give up dresses, young man takes a beautiful woman as a wife, returns to the king; the sorcerer advises the king to lime the servant with difficult assignments; 1) bring a lion; the wife gives a handkerchief, the girl in the hut recognizes her sister by him, tells him to put on a lion a handkerchief; 2) bring an apple tree; the wife's other sister wraps an apple tree into a handkerchief; 3) go there, I don't know where, bring what; the wife promises the king to marry him if the husband does not will return in a year; the third sister tells you to kiss the knees of the dead Mother Earth; she comes to life, calls birds and animals, only the lame Frog knows the way; the invisible I don't know What she tells me to feed the snake, ask for it box; an army comes out of it, kills the king, the servant reigns]: Arys 1971:101-114; Finns [the hunter sees three ducks come ashore, throw off their feather clothes, become girls; hides clothes the most beautiful; returned when she promised to be his wife; she is the most beautiful, the king wants to take her for his son, he is advised to give the duck girl's husband impossible assignments; 1) do it by morning Tischplatte, on which the moon and stars (the wife drew); 2) bring nothing out of nowhere; the wife made a handkerchief by morning, sent her on the road; when the husband reaches the house where he sees the strange, let him show a handkerchief behaves like her own; around the house there are bones, on each pole there is only one empty; old woman: the man came by herself; when you see the handkerchief: you are the husband of my aunt's daughter! asks the servants where to look for nothing and nowhere, they do not know; she sent to her sister, she sent her to her third sister; there knew the old toad who came last; the old woman told them to follow her; the toad brought her to the houses where they hid in a dark corner; a man came in, called Nichtda, told them to set the table; everything is done by itself, the servants are not visible; when the person who came left, the man decided to call Nobody himself; he agreed go with him; the man asks every now and then if No one is here; they sailed by ship, the man told Nobody to feed the sailors; they offered to exchange a table with food that they wanted (and which Nobody covered it) on an anvil: if you hit it with a hammer, 12 fellows will appear, fulfilling wishes; but No one stayed with him; the sailors, seeing that the magic table was gone, rushed after the man, but he told the fellows to drive them away; the man came when his wife was married to the king's son; he threw his ring into her cup, she recognized him and said that her husband was alive; well done beat the king to death, man reunited with his wife and became king himself]: Salmelainen 1947:33-39 (=Conca 1991:162-173); Veps: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 68 [the guard with the help of the Light of Reason (a man with a fingernail) becomes the owner of curiosities; the queen asks to sell them; she is given the condition: to expose herself in front of all honest people, and then spend the night with the guard; she fulfills the condition; wedding], 122 [Fedka gets to the robbers, looks into the basement, finds Katya there; they deceive the robbers, run away; but the robbers find Fedka and order him to bring "I don't know what"; with the help of Katya's sisters and the invisible Razhek gets a golden wonder; miracles happen: a city is built, armed soldiers appear; the hero kills robbers]: 206, 210.

Volga - Perm. Bashkirs: Bessonov 1941, No. 28 [when the boy is 6 years old, an abscess burst on his mother's left arm, a girl came out; immediately all the mares were thrown away; in a dream, the brother saw his sister turn into fire and flew away; the next day he took her from his mother, hit the fire, ordered her to be killed; the parents refused; the son left in a thin foal, which turned into a mighty horse; on the way he extinguished the burning bush; he had the snake led her to her father, ordered to ask for a lame goat as a reward; the serpent tells her to be slaughtered, put her feet to her feet, head to her head and wish her whatever you want; in the morning around the palace and the farm with workers , wife in bed; envious of the king, sent to bring a golden bunny; the wife teaches how to create a bridge across the sea, catch a bunny; the husband caught and did not give it to the king; he orders to bring the girl from the bottom of the ninth sea; the wife gave a paper: hit the seas, the water would split in two; the man brought the girl, made him a second wife; the king orders to bring food with net; the eldest wife was the queen of birds and reptiles, she called everyone, no one knows; the old frog came last, says that eating with no exist, but she does not know where; they went, the frog jumped into the water; well done, went into the house and hid; some man came in; Sarbyay! Serve food; the invisible brings everything; when he is gone, the person invites S. to the table; he agrees to go with him; tells you to poke the house with a stick, it will turn into an egg, put it in your pocket and go home; king tells them to go to their deceased parents; wives took her husband away from the fire; tell the king to bury gold under the king's threshold; tell the king that his parents are in paradise calling to them, talking about gold; the king found gold, ordered to burn himself, the man became king; decided to visit his parents, his wife gave tulpara; at home the old woman, his sister; asks if the brother came on a three-legged, two-legged, one-legged horse, and came on foot; rushes at him, he asks for a break, she ties him by the leg with a rope, he tied the rope, ran to the horse; aspen fell in the way of the old woman and turned into a mountain; well done, returned to his wives]: 160-166; Barag 1989, No. 28 [after the death of his father, the youngest son Safar leaves home; stays with the fisherman, marries his daughter Zuleikha; she weaves, S. sells, the king saw, gives instructions to lime S., pick up Z.; 1) get three wild horses (Z. lets you throw the powder into the water, the horses fall asleep); 2) get something I don't know what; Z. calls animals, birds, fish; only an old pike tells you to go down to the green house, hide under a green table; a white-bearded old man came in, telling the invisible Uzbek to serve food; when he left, S. himself invited W. to share a meal; he goes with him; tells him to exchange him from the caravans for a chest with soldiers; he also returns to S.; the soldiers defeated the king's army, S. executed him, reigned]: 145-151; Chuvash [the forest is empty, I. comes to the tree on which all the birds are; shoots at the big white one, she falls, he brings her to the hut, she turns into a beauty; the wife weaves a magic tablecloth, the husband carries to sell, the king sees, comes to find out who the craftswoman is; the wise men advise sending I. for a goat with golden horns and hair; the wife sends to go for the ball, he leads to the goat; the same boar with golden stubble; sent for the invisible Sharapchyk; the wife gives a towel, sends for a ball to to her older sister; there is a girl in a silver palace recognizing her younger sister's towel; she gives her ball and ring, the ball leads to her oldest sister in the golden palace; she leads to the river, followed by S. the frog asks for milk, I. brings it, the frog jumps, carries it across the river; three robbers enter the triangular house, tell S. to set the table; when they leave, I. suggests that S. go with him, he agrees; orders to exchange him from the robbers for crossing the river, a chest, an ax, a pipe; returns to I.; I. goes to the king by war, blows ships, soldiers from the chest, axes make fortresses; I. kills the king, receives the throne, as well as a goat and a wild boar]: Sidorova 1979:98-105 (=Eysin 1993:129-138); Kazan Tatars: Yarmukhametov 1957 [=Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 36:293-300; Padishah's son marries his poor friend; the viziers say that the poor man's wife is better than the wife of the padishah's son; he harbors dislike; to take the poor man's wife, the viziers tell him to go there, I don't know where, bring what she knows; the wife gives an apple, it rolls, the horseman follows him to the hut; the old woman sends him to her older sister, who calls all the animals, the lame frog is the last to come; she tells the horseman to take her, shows the way, go into the house and hide; 4 horsemen come in, they say, "Grandma, feed us"; the birch bark box on the table performs everything; the horsemen leave, the hero picks up the box; the fisherman shows the stick from which the army comes out, suggests changing; the box advises to agree, he will then return to the owner; returns; the viziers want to take away the boxes, or even the wife; the dzhigit calls the army, it destroys the viziers and the padishah]: 173-181 ; 1970 [after his father's death, his elder brother drove Abdullah away; the elder tells A. to get the dagger out of the golden palace beyond the Kaf mountains; A. went there, running away from the lions, took the dagger out of its scabbard, and a girl appeared; padishah wants to take it away, tells me to bring it 1) the harp; the old man sends A. and his wife to his brother, he sends him to his sister, she first hides it from her sons, the sons will help if A. does not sleep for three nights; the second { Obviously, the first} night they ask if A. is sleeping; he says he thinks there are more firewood or trees in the forest; on the third {second} they are alive or dead; they brought harps and A. is sleeping; they want to kill him, but they took him home when they saw his sister's handkerchief; 2) algu and kulga stones; A. hides in a house with 7 golden basins, 7 golden kumgans in them, a stick on the table; 7 batyrs enter, one asks who poured water out of his kumgan; they tell the stick to feed him lunch, leave; A. asks the stick to feed him and thanks her; stick: no one thanked me, I'll go with you; A. promises an old man whose workers have something they are building, for.. {incomprehensible}; that: I'll dive if the white foam is alive, if the black foam is dead; the old man dives, but comes back, rubbed himself with white powder again, dived successfully; the algu stone kills everything, the kulgu stone revives everything; A. calls alga, padishah's men fall dead; kulgu! they come to life; A. becomes a padishah himself]: 246-254; Komi [after serving 25 services, Fedot decided that his parents were dead and began to live in a forest hut; the old cook says that there will be no luck today; F. goes to forest, no game, sees a beautiful bird, takes aim three times, the bird tells you not to shoot; F. brings it home; the bird tells us to calculate the cooking; every day someone cooks and cleans; F. spied, caught girl; she tells her to marry, otherwise she will fly away; she is a woman for three years at night, a bird in the afternoon, then the marriage period is over; tells her to buy silk, a tablecloth with woven trees is ready in the morning, etc.; F. carries a tablecloth to the bazaar, the treasurer buys for a lot, the tsar orders more; the treasurer sees F.'s wife, gets crowded, tells the king; the witch advises the tsar to send F. to catch a black deer in the White Sea; wife brings the deer out of the forest; says that the ship will only stay on the water for 3 days; the crew is drunk, I. turns the ship, brings the deer to the king; the witch tells F. I don't know where, I don't know why, I don't know who to bring; the wife gives white, red and blue threads, they will show the way; gives a towel: turn it around when trouble comes; F. comes to the house, the old woman tells me to wash in the bathhouse to eat it, when her brothers come; giants come, it's bad, but F. unwrapped the towel, the old woman recognized him as her son-in-law; the frog croaks: it turns out that F.'s wife is her daughter; jumped across the first sea with him; teaches what to do; when she jumped across the Third Sea, died; F. listens to the conversation well done: Matrazum, bring dinner; when they left, F. calls M. himself, but thanks; M.: no one thanked me, I will go with you; F. sails on the ship, M. teaches him to sell him for a small magic pipe; after 3 days M. returned; F. arrived home, his parents died, and one of his brother-in-law gave him a wolf cub; he orders to get rid of the king's army ; the wife orders to blow through the pipe; the army came out, boldly the tsar, F. and his wife reigned]: Plesovsky 1975:52-63.

Turkestan. Kazakhs [the khan makes the son of the late vizier new; the young man sees a duck of 99 colors, she asks not to shoot, becomes beautiful; the young man has been away from the palace for a long time, the khan sends servants, the wife turns into a golden chest; two former vizier candidates propose to kill the young man by giving difficult assignments; get 1) a golden eagle with feathers of 99 colors, 2) a bear with 99 colors of hair; the wife releases both of the scarf; the beggar offers to tell the young man to get 3) "Go there - come back here"; the wife sends him with her handkerchief to the world of peri, at which time she will be a stove in the house; in the city of Peri, the young man does not see the inhabitants, but they do not see him; approaches the boy, he immediately falls dead; mullah peri explains that the boy was hurt by a man; the young man is brought to King Peri; the boy's wife's sister recognizes her handkerchief; the young man is sent to another city where he lives his wife's second sister; only a blind frog knows how to carry out an assignment, tells him to build a ship out of precious stones; a young man sails to another king, who says to his servants, "Go there, come back here"; this is the name of the servant, who brings a cup of tea and a cup of meat, the young man gives meat to the servant; the servant says that the king has never treated him, goes with the young man; watching miracles from the tower, the old khan demands to get to him "Go there and come back here"; the khan's people killed, chose a young man as a new one]: Daurenbekov 1979:96-99 (another translation from the same original or a very similar text in Tursunov 1983:234-239).

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Shors [A lonely guy (OP) changes a sheep for a pike caught by people; it falls out of his bag, he throws it into the water; the owner of the water sends for him, offers a reward for his saved son; OP takes a little dog, feeds her at home; in the morning his dishes are golden; at night, OP spies, grabs a copper-haired beauty; she says that now the owner's son (CX, i.e. her brother?) will come for her? ; CX tells her father to return the girl; 1) offers OP to play hide and seek; the girl indicates that CX has become a ram with twisted horns; turns her husband into a comb, CX does not find him; CX is a bull, OP is a thimble; CX - a bird with a comb on the seashore, OP is a needle; 2) bring a golden table; his wife tells me to follow her ball; he sleeps with three girls, in the morning a copper-eared old woman wants to eat it; he shows her the one given to him wife a book, she recognizes him as a son-in-law; gives another horse, sends him to her older sister; she has the same episode, she gives him a six-legged horse, tells him to go for a black cloud; OP takes the table, the shaman cannot catch up; stops in an empty house; asks for food, food appears; he asks the invisible to share the meal; the grateful invisible follows him; OP distributes horses to the horses that helped him, etc. ., returns home; there are no doors and windows in the house, they appear when the wife finds out OP; The master sends soldiers, the OP releases the birds he brought with red crests, they destroy them, transfer property to OP]: Dyrenkova 1940, No. 15:237-251; Khakas [Kresen began to serve, was appointed police officer, then chief governor-general; 9 others are jealous, write to the tsar that K. wants to marry the royal daughter and become king himself; the king orders to bring his truth in 6 days, otherwise he executes him; K. treats an old man in a tavern, he gives a dove, tells him to follow him; the dove leads to the boat; on the other side there is a hut with a clean upper room, the table was set; K. ate, drank, hid; a man came and shouted, "Aas!" , a soldier appears, sets the table; in the morning K. calls A. himself; he says that he serves the owner of the water and the owner of the mountain; agrees to go with K., although invisible; K. asks A. to feed people from a hungry ship, to which Polamor Khan; P. proposes to change A. to a gun in which a thousand warriors (they fly out in flies, then turn into warriors); A. orders to agree - he will return anyway; K. feeds all the king's people; he orders to herd 12 birds with one stone; the same poor old man gives a pipe; the governor-general in disguise asks to sell the hare, K. gives the cut off little finger for money; plays the pipe, the hare returns; the same with royal son; with the royal wife {it would be logical that a daughter, not a wife}; K. gives her the 13th hare, who is not marked, takes her ring and promises to marry him; the king orders to bring 3 bags of truth; K.: the severed finger of the Governor-General; the king's son; the ring of the king's wife; K. summons soldiers with a gun; marries, becomes tsar himself]: Balter 1986:126-137; Buryats [after the death of his father, who fled to the forest, fearing punishment for eating a ram, the stubborn guy sees a hut in the forest, a girl in it; she comes to live with him; the khan decides to take it away; tells 1) to wrap the mountain in silks (the wife wraps), 2) bring the boiling foam of the Eastern Yellow Sea (you have to curse the sea, it will rush, foaming, then praise; the foam will remain); 3) find a wonderful, marvelous miracle; the wife creates a horse, a pot, scoop, you can make them small and hide them; sends them to his mother, a stubborn guy shows her and her two sons his wife's ring; sons turned into wolves, from their backs A stubborn guy carved two whips; an old woman tells us to go to a huge hut to hide there; animals gather, say, "Pumpanur Shumpanur, give us food"; food appears; the fox says to the bear and the hare that Black Lusan Khan and White Lusan Khan fight like snakes, their subjects are also forced to fight, they can be separated by a stubborn guy by hitting them with whips; the animals leave, the stubborn guy calls the PS, calls with him, hits snakes, those they take on an anthropomorphic appearance and reconcile, PSH feeds everyone; A stubborn guy asks the khans for a wonderful, marvelous miracle, they give two bags, with a global fire and a worldwide flood; climbing a hill, demonstrates their action; Khan is horrified, gives power to the Stubborn Guy]: Dugarov 1990:319-326.