Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K27Y. Get material for the arrows.

. (.67.68.)

The hero is sent or, knowing the danger, goes to get various (at least two) materials for making a bow and arrow (poles, plumage, bowstring, flint for tips, paint for coloring arrows, resin and fibers for attaching a tip or pen to a shaft, etc.). See motive K27.

Upper tanana, atna, kuchin, khan, tagish, inner tlingit, helmet, beaver, slevy, modoc, western marsh crees, steppe crees, grovantre, crowe, (mandan), arapahoes, southern sheyens, tunic, biloxi, natchez, pomo, wappo, sia, zunyi, havasupai, yavapai, (surui, vaura, kamayura, paresi).

Subarctic. Upper tanana [feathers, bowstring]: McKennan 1959:179-182; atna [arrowpoles, feathers, bowstring, glue]: Tansy 1982:8-14; Kuchin [feathers, poles, bowstring, resin]: McKennan 1965:100-103 ; han [wood, feathers, bowstring, resin]: Mishler 2004, No. 2-3:147-151; Schmitter 1910:21-23; tagish [wood make onions, tendons, feathers, paint]: Norman 1990:109-113; internal tlingits [(wood, bowstring, flint, feathers); the son-in-law asks where 1) to get the birch tree to make a bow and arrows, the father-in-law sends it to a certain place, he disappears; so with five out of six (or with a family of eight) brothers; the last youngest is attentive, finds the remains of the dead, kills the beast that killed people; 2) the bowstring; the father-in-law sends to the huge bison lying on the ground; the mouse digs a hole to the bison, plucks the hair on his chest, replies that the hair from the tail is not suitable for making a nest for mice; the young man pierces the bison's heart through the place where the hair is gnawed, brings tendons; 3) flint for tips; a young man drops a stone on a giant frog, picks up flint; 4) arrow feathers; a young man climbs into the nest of bald-headed cannibal eagles; there are two chicks, one he kills, the other answers that the father will arrive with a strong wind, the mother with darkness; replies to the eagle father that his sister fell out of the nest herself; that the traces on him are from a man brought by his father; the young man kills a male eagle; then female (all episodes are the same); tells the eagle to eat fish]: McClelland 2007 (3), No. 147:653-661; helmet [(feathers, paint, glue, bowstring); Beaver swims in a boat down the river; an old shrew helps him advice, gives two fish; on both banks of the river a snake; he throws fish into their mouths, they devour fish, the Beaver swims by; turns into a bird, lets two sisters catch himself; the eldest takes him in their bed, he turns into a man; father-in-law cooks him in a cauldron, he flies out as a bird, comes back; father-in-law demands 1) to finish the boat (takes the wedge out of the log; the Beaver is not crushed, splits the log); 2) get feathers for arrows (Beaver climbs into the Eagles' nest; asks the chicks how their parents will arrive; Mother at noon with wind and rain, father in the evening with wind and hail; kills one chick, kills with a club of adult eagles, brings feathers); 3) get the tendons of a shaggy monster (The Shrew digs a hole under a lying monster, hides Beaver there, gnaws at the hair from a place under his heart, supposedly to warm it kids; Beaver shoots at this place, kills the monster, brings tendons); 4) bring paint (The serpent lies on the paint; the Shrew lets the clay doll go with the flow; the Serpent rushes after her, the Beaver pulls out paint); 5) get huge fish to cook glue (Beaver kills it with a harpoon); father-in-law mourns the death of his pets; turns daughters into bears, Beaver kills them with arrows; father-in-law chases him, Beaver hides at the bottom of the lake; father-in-law tells the Bird (species not specified) to drink water; Snipe holes the Bird's belly with its beak, the water pours back; the Beaver revives wives, comes with them to people; one day sleeps with his ex-wife; new they go up to heaven, almost all people die from the terrible heat; Beaver goes to look for wives; his father-in-law comes to him for the night, replacing their hanged pants to dry; Beaver throws his father-in-law's pants into the fire early in the morning; he admits defeat, rises to the sky, he is the Sun]: Teit 1917a, No. 1:435-441; beaver [(feathers, poles, bowstring); Tumashal comes to the beaver dam; there he cries girl; says that a giant beaver can only be pacified by people who give it to him, now they have given her; T. kills Beaver with an arrow, cuts into small pieces, from which the current beavers emerge; T. puts a trap, The Sun falls into it; it gets dark; T. cannot approach because of the heat; other animals also fail, only the Mouse gnaws through their fetters; T. meets an old man who eats lynx meat, they spend the night in the forest; T. replaces moccasins drying by the fire in advance; the old man throws his own into the fire instead of T.'s moccasins; in the morning T. gives him one moccasin from his pair; the old man gives him an arrow; T. shoots, follows her, finds himself on in the sky; an old woman lowers him on a rope; he thinks he has reached the ground, gives a signal, the rope falls; in fact, he is in a big nest; he kills two chicks; the third replies that the father will arrive with hail, mother with rain; T. kills adult birds, turns a chick into an ordinary bird, teaches how to fish; T. comes to a woman, she says that inside her three daughters there are bad creatures that kill men; T. destroys these creatures (without details), marries girls; father-in-law consistently orders to bring various materials for making arrows, the old woman warns of dangers every time; 1) bring saskatoons (probably reeds) make poles (there are snakes, T. puts on stone moccasins, brings reeds); 2) get a grinding stone; on the edge of the cliff, an elk man throws down those who come, his wife throws them down kills; T. throws off the Moose himself, the wife takes the falling for a stranger; T. kills her with a stick, brings a stone; 3) bring feathers for arrows; T. kills huge eagles, brings feathers; 4) bring the tendons of a huge bison; he has two snipes sitting on his horns, warning of people approaching; T. turns into a rodent, digs passages in different directions, gnaws hair from the bison's chest (shoulder), pierces him in this place, brings tendons; 5) bring resin, it is between two collapsing trees; T. puts on stone mittens, brings resin; 6) hunt bears; father-in-law turns it into the bears of his daughters, T. kills them; chases his father-in-law, who jumps into the water; T. tells the pelican to drink the lake; father-in-law drowns; T. meets the old man, he turns out to be his younger brother, they tell each other to a friend about his adventures]: Goddard 1916:232-237; slevy [feathers, tendons, flint tips]: Moore, Wheelock 1990, No. 9 [Yamonhdeyi's father advises him to marry; the old man is ready give him my daughter; I understand that she already has a husband, he kills sleeping people; I kill him with an arrow; the wife replies that her father takes arrow feathers from huge eagles; I climb into a nest in a tree; the eagle says that the mother will arrive with the rain, the father with snow; the eagle's sister promises to complain to her mother that he told the man; I kill the eagle girl, kills the female who brought half a man; tells eagle to eat rabbits, ducks, fish; I go to get the tendons that my father-in-law uses for the bowstring; the mouse gnaws at the hair under the heart of a lying monster, says that her children are cold; I pierces him heart, brings tendons; brings flinttips from where they fly like arrows; wife turns into a bear, I. kills her with an arrow; her parents hoped that she would kill her son-in-law; I run, became fish at the bottom of the pond; my wife's parents tell two pelicans to drink water; I tell the bird to snail (Tringa melanoleuca) to pierce the pelican's belly; the water pours out, I. jumps out, my father-in-law and mother-in-law drown]: 43-48; Petitot 1886, No. 5 [enemies kill everyone, grandson and grandmother remain; he marries, he needs arrows; climbs into the eagle's nest for feathers; the chick hides him under his wing, replies that the father will bring snow, the mother will bring rain; a person kills adult birds, tells the chick to eat fish, not humans; asks the Mouse to dig a passage under a huge deer lying on the ground, gnaw the fur from the skin under the heart; kills a deer, takes tendons for a bowstring; kills a toad sitting on a piece of flint, makes tips; the wife turns into a bear, he kills her; father-in-law chases him, turns into a flying monster; the man, becoming a Beaver, hides in lake; the monster drinks the lake; the plover holes his belly, the water pours out; the monster flies to the sky; the Beaver makes rapids on the McKenzie River]: 321-327.

The coast is the Plateau. Modoc [(poles, arrow straighteners, feathers); old Natanas always kills his sons-in-law; Kai (the big rabbit) marries his daughter; the white eagle feather helps him; 1) N. takes him into the boat to fish, causes a storm; K. throws algae into the water, goes along them to the shore; 2) get reeds for the arrows; reeds grow on the island, K. flies there, brings reeds; 3) get round stones — arrow straighteners; they lie at the bottom of the river, the river dries up, K. brings them; 4) get arrow feathers; K. takes off his clothes, climbs the tree to the eagle's nest, the tree is made tall; he pulls feathers from the chicks, descends to the ground with a feather; 5) kill a deer; N. turns his son into a deer; brother K. Goshgoise (little rabbit) shouts to him that his heart is in his leg; K. shoots a deer in the leg, kills one, then four more sons of N.; he mourns them, hopes to revive them; 6) harpoon a big fish (this is also son N.); G. helps his brother pull her out; 7) race with his son N.; he pushes him into the river for others to eat him, but K. takes off, confronts the opponent himself, eats him; the same when he runs N. himself; his spirit returns; K., his wife and G. go to live elsewhere]: Curtin 1912:359-365.

The Midwest. Western Marsh Cree (Stone Cree) [Wīsahkīcāhk and his younger brother play on the lake shore, throwing up their nails; V.'s fingernail falls into the boat of the Wīmisōsiw that has sailed; he invites him to get into the boat and take his fingernail; the self-propelled boat sails immediately; the younger brother on the shore turns into a wolf; V. shouts to him, chasing the caribou, not to approach the water; V. cries, ugly; Wīmisōsiw's two eldest daughters reject him, the youngest washes him, makes him a husband; the eldest now also wants him, the youngest refuses to share; they have two children; V. wants to make wings for himself, to fly; Wīmisōsiw intends to destroy him, 1) takes him to dangerous eagles, this is the spirit guardians of his father-in-law; throws V. to eat them; V. calls eagles younger brothers, they give him feathers , he flies over Wīmisōsiw in the guise of a seagull, defecates at him, stays at home before his father-in-law; he sees V. making arrows; 2) bring arrowpoles, takes him to thickets, throws snakes; V. calls snakes younger brothers, brings poles home until his father-in-law returns; 3) V. offers to swing on a swing; Wīmisōsiw leads to a swing around the bone; V. does not falls, and when Wīmisōsiw rocks, he takes off and falls; later he returns; both spend the night in the forest, V. hides his clothes under his head, hangs his father-in-law's clothes where he hung; at night Wī ; misōsiw gets up, throws clothes into the fire; Wīmisōsiw heats the stone, rolls in front of him; when the stone cools down, it heats it again; larch trees have been growing at all its stops ever since; W& #299; misōsiw admits defeat, no longer pursues his son-in-law]: Brightman 1989:23-26; Steppe Cree [see J35 motive; Visakechee and his younger brother ran away from the one who was chasing them the severed head of their mother; the old man invites V. to his boat, takes him away; the younger brother is left alone, turns into a wolf; the old man's eldest daughter rejects V., the youngest marries him; V. becomes handsome; the eldest now wants him, but is rejected by him; persuades his father to lime him; V. asks where to get arrowpoles, feathers, bow trees; father-in-law sends him to where his spirits live- assistants - Polar Bear, Thunderbird, Snake; V. kills them, father-in-law mourns their death; V. and his father-in-law spend the night in the winter forest; father-in-law shoves V.'s clothes into the fire; V. turns into an elk, comes home; next time V. changes clothes, father-in-law shoves his father-in-law into the fire; freezes to death; mother-in-law tries to kill V., who kills her and her eldest daughter himself; see motif B3A], 16 [the old man trains his grandson, he becomes strong, his name is Roots Pine; he overcomes two shamanic sisters, marries them; their mother is sleepwalker; says he will recover if her son-in-law brings her the meat of a giant beaver, a deer, to eat, an elk; he kills animals, his mother-in-law mourns their death; comes in the guise of his grandmother to turn it into a tree; he recognizes it, turns it into a tree herself, splits other trees back into people; Now the eldest sister is becoming a sleepwalker; demands that her husband spend a frosty night in a special house; his tobacco bag turns into a partridge, she screams: Summer, summer; it's getting warm, berries are ripening; sisters can't eat them all, defeated]: Bloomfield 1930, No. 1:93-99; (cf. chippewa [a lonely old woman on the lake shore. Upper, with a girl, probably her daughter; she grew up, the wind blew under her clothes, she became pregnant; when she was supposed to give birth, she exploded and disappeared, the old woman found a drop of blood on the sheet, put it under pillow, Winabojo came out of the drop; all the spirits were frightened when they felt his strength; the grandmother replies that big fish cannot be killed, but V. prepares arrows; the grandmother replies that only the feathers of a bird living in the sky from the hole of the clouds, will give power to the arrows; V. turned into a rabbit on the rock, called the bird to play; he called it an eagle, but it is the Thunder Bird; she brought a rabbit to her chicks to play; the bird's wife suspects that it may be V.; while there are no adult birds, V. takes human form, kills, plucks chicks; jumped to the ground, Thunderbirds rushed to chase, he hid in a hollow old fallen birch tree; Thunderbirds did not hit there, because birch is their own child; grateful V. made birch a useful tree, birch bark, arrows feathered by thunder feathers chicks, killed fish; lightning does not hit a birch tree; the strokes on the birch tree were made by V., and the “drawings” on it depict thunder chicks]: Densmore 1928:381-384).

Plains. Grovanter [feathers, tendons, tips]; crowe [poles, tips]; (cf. mandan [a man marries Bisonicha and Corn; jealous Bisonicha quarrels with Corn, goes with her son to the buffalo; the husband follows them in the form of a hawk; the Bisonicha mother-in-law gives difficult tasks to kill his son-in-law; his son helps to complete the first tasks with advice; 1) enter a house with a stone door (a person turns into a feather, the door falls but does not press him), 2) identify his wife's bed (son- the calf butts the bed three times), 3) identify the son among ten calves (the son moves his ear), 4) withstand the hot steam room (the spider hides him in the fourth underground tier), 5) bring firewood (an eagle sits on the poplar, sends lightning; splits the tree so that the hero can take firewood), 6) bring red cubs (the flame is full of wolves; wolves do not eat the hero, they give him cubs; like other dangerous creatures, they are all servants bison; she lets them go when her son-in-law brings them), 7) bring white beavers (sharp flints fly from beaver tails; beavers give beavers), 8) bring arrow blanks (bushes grow in a gorge that is mother-in-law's ass; a person is inside her; flies out like a swallow, brings blanks), 9) consider a distant island (The Raven gives the hero his sharp eyes), 10) shout loudly ( The seagull gives his voice; the hero's cry is louder than the roar of the Bisonicha mother-in-law), 11) race (the whole world is Bisonicha's home; the hero turns the land in the way of the bison into a swamp; silver fox, red fox, coyote they run three quarters of the way for the hero); the old woman spreads the ground, summons four herds of bison upstairs one after another; the first three are strange, the hero abandons them; in the fourth herd, his wife and son; the hero brings buffalo to people]: Bowers 1950:276-281); arpahoes [poles, feathers, tips]; southern sheyens [a man invites applicants to his daughter's hand to sit on a swing, kicks, they fall into the river, they drown; a young man with a magic pen turns into a bird, takes off; marries a girl; father-in-law tells me to bring material for poles, tips, plumage, bowstring; son-in-law brings every time something unusable, but the father-in-law does not mind; the son-in-law sees which of the seven buffalo can break the rock with horns; points him at his father-in-law; the father-in-law's arrows are powerless, the bison butts him to death, turns into a rock; The son-in-law burns the remains of his father-in-law, they turn into colorful beads]: Curtis 1976 (19): 144-145.

Southeast USA. Tunic [(feathers, poles); woman falsely accuses her nephew of attacking her honor; uncle demands 1) arrow reeds (dangerous creatures live in reeds; rabbit pulls out), 2) feathers a dangerous bird (a young man climbs into the nest, an eagle gives him feathers), 3) lures a young man to hunt an island at sea, leaves him; he returns, meets his sister; she throws an uncle's child into the cauldron ; an uncle sends two servants to kill her; the young man turns them into a vulture and an opossum (their paddle and pestle are tails), turning into thunder]: Haas 1950, No. 4 [the eagle gives the young man one of the chicks; he takes uncle child]: 31-43, 45-57; Swanton 1911 [the uncle left the orphan nephew to fast in the house; his sister brought him food; the uncle's wife lured the young man out of the house in vain to kill the white squirrel; then asked him to kill the white squirrel; then asked him to kill a squirrel through a hole in the house; the young man pulled out the squirrel's claws, one did not notice; the woman scratched her body with it, told her husband that the young man went out and did it; the uncle demands to bring 1) arrow reeds ( dangerous creatures live in reeds; the rabbit pulls out), 2) the feathers of a dangerous fishing bird (the young man climbs into the nest, the eagle gives him feathers and one chick, ordered him to be released at home; the chick takes his uncle's child); 3) the uncle takes the young man to hunt deer on the other side of the fresh ocean, sails away in a boat himself; the young man wanders through the forest, curses owls, woodpeckers; the woodpecker asks not to curse, brings him to his house in a hollow; the young man got up, makes a ladder out of mushrooms; the cannibal brings his dogs (cougars, jaguars, wolves, raccoons) to the tree; climbs a tree, the mushroom step breaks, she falls, shouts “It's me”, her “dogs” are a little bit of her not bitten; a young man goes to the water, climbs a tree; two women catch his reflection; he spits, they see him, take him home as a husband, give a mirror; these women were stolen as a child by a cannibal; when she came in, a young man let the bunny in a mirror, the cannibal liked it, she did not kill him; the young man and his wives ran to the shore, began to sing; sends turtles, catfish, garfish, and agrees to swim on a crocodile; throws arrows forward; the crocodile swims up to them, bites; the young man throws skins and cakes, the crocodile swallows them; the last arrow falls at the shore, the young man and his wives have time to jump off; the sister recognizes the arrow brother; nursed her uncle's child; threw it into boiling water; uncle told two people to kill her with batons away from home; brother fired lightning, people turned into vulture and opossum, their batons (paddle and pestle) turned into theirs tails; brother began to go up to heaven, told his sister to grab his leg, she failed, became a forest night chicken, sings before dawn; brother became thunder]: 319-322; biloxi [(feathers, poles, bowstring); Uncle Tuche tells him to be in ritual isolation in the house; his uncle's wife asks to shoot her squirrel; T. shoots through a gap in the wall; his sister pulls out the squirrel's claws, forgets alone; wife The uncle scratches his body with it, accuses T.; the uncle tells him to bring special arrowpoles, white turkey feathers, deer tendons; Rabbit, Deer help T.; he kills the evil Old Man who unfastened him; the uncle asks the Eagle's chick to play with it; the eagle gives the chick, which carries and devours the baby; the uncle takes T. to the other side of the sea to burn the grass, leaves it; the crocodile transports T. back; tells his sister throw an uncle's baby into boiling water; kills uncle's people; one of them is Vulture, his spade turns into his tail; T. becomes Thunder, sister becomes a snipe]: Dorsey, Swanton 1912, No. 28:99-107; natchez [(poles, bindings); a woman washes by the stream, her baby is carried away by the Puma; raises him with his wife; does not tell him to go downhill; he goes, sees people, his mother, she plays ball; the Puma sends a young man to people, decorates his hat with a parrot, jays, small birds, gives a horn; if you blow into it, the birds sing; does not tell him to talk to whoever comes out on the way; this is the Rabbit, he calls the young man to catch turtles in the river, steals his clothes; the young man covers himself with persimmon fruits, drags a turtle with him; only an old woman shelters him; he leaves a turtle in the pit, the old woman finds many turtles there; gives his granddaughter as his wife; when swimming, he becomes handsome again and puts the fish to sleep, people pick it up; The rabbit tries to do the same, but only gudgeon emerges, and not because of the Rabbit; the young man asks his wife parting her hair, cutting her with an ax; now he has two wives; The rabbit only kills his wife; the young man is told that he caused the murder; 1) is sent for arrow poles in reeds teeming with poisonous snakes; Puma gives him four balls, snakes rush after them; Puma also helps with advice in subsequent tasks; 2) get the ogre's beard to wrap the arrows; the ogre's wife cuts it off for the young man; 3) get clay from the bottom of the river; the kingfisher brings it under his claws, there is a lot of clay; 4) the young man is left on the other side of the river, where cannibals live; he hides in a hollow; he hides the clothes of two bathing women, gives them back when they call themselves his wives; his father-in-law offers a race, always pushes his sons-in-law on their tips; the young man pushes him, helps him get up; at night he covers himself with a mask as if his eyes are open; his father-in-law sets fire to the house, but the wives take the young man out; they tell him to call a carrier by the river; the young man rejects various snakes, takes a snake with deer antlers as carriers; on the way gives he should eat four dogs; closer to the shore he fires an arrow, rushing after it]: Swanton 1929, No. 9:234-239.

California. Pomo [Coyote, Flower's father, sleeps with the Snake, the son's wife; The flower kills him, the wife leaves; the flower marries two duck sisters; they lead him overseas; there is a hole in the rock, chewing jaws in it; Ducks with the husband slips through them, the Flower breaks his jaws with a sling; Father Ducks Thunder demands 1) to catch fish (dissatisfied that the son-in-law brought salmon, he needs larger fish); 2) cut down a mammoth tree (son-in-law knocks him down with a sling, a tree presses the dugout); 3) bring a tree for the arrows poles (around the snake, the turtle brings); 4) bring resin (around the grizzly, the bird brings); 5) shoot each other at another (The flower kills the father-in-law, he comes to life); 6) swing each other on the swing (at the bottom of the stake, the Flower asks them to part, lands unbelievable; the thunder dies on the stakes; the people he killed before come to life from bones]: Barrett 1933, No. 40:190-193; wappo [Hawk comes to the House of the Month; Coyote, Hawk's grandfather, lives there, helps his grandson; makes hugs safe with two sisters of the Month; The Month always kills sisters' husbands; Hawk 1) stays alive in a hot steam room; completes tasks 2) bring arrow reeds (guarded by bears and winged rattlesnakes; two hummingbirds bring the Hawk reeds, explain that monsters are relatives of the Month); 3) bring red earth (apparently to color arrows; it must be taken from the mouth of the cannibal wife of the Month, it is red earth; hummingbirds get and bring them to the Hawk); 4) bring two eagles (obviously for the plumage of arrows; when the Hawk climbs a tree, it rises into the air, the Coyote pulls it back), 5) drive it deer, kill a spotted one to get arrow tendons (two owls kill a deer, it was a relative of the Month, it all consisted of tendons), 6) catches siren fish (this is the sister of the Month, two drakes kill her); The Hawk breaks the branches of a pine tree; during this Month kills him with an arrow; the Hawk's body is burned, a hawk flies out of the ash, returns to his country; the eldest wife gives birth to his son, the youngest daughter; an old coyote helps them grow up right away; mothers do not tell them to go to the pine tree; they go, find onions and traces of their father's blood; a young man breaks pine branches in front of the Month, kills him with an arrow; sisters of the Month crying; Uncle month (reborn?) comes, offers a competition in running; Coyote helps the young man win by creating thick grass, the Month is entangled in it; they run on; in the steam room, the young man knocks his head off the Month with a poker, she is alive, he breaks it with a poker]: Radin 1924, No. 11:93-141.

The Great Southwest. Oriental ceres (Sia) [Yellow Woman gets pregnant by the Sun, gives birth to twins; mother tells them who their father is; their grandmother Spider gives them a bow and arrow; weaves a web like a bridge across the river; in the center a hole leading to the house of the Sun; he tests his sons; 1) a turquoise steam room (they cool it by spitting out the shells); 2) locked in a room with a moose, bison, deer, antelope; 3) in another bears, cougars, rattlesnakes; the sun gives them bows and arrows, hunting sticks for rabbits (they should not be thrown before reaching home); mother and father warn them not to go to dangerous places, the twins go; the cougar throws those following the arrow poles into the abyss, they throw him off; the bear guards the arrow feathers; they kill the bear, pull the scarecrow on a rope, frightening mother; turn around the skin of a dead deer, let the eagle carry themselves away; kill eagles, throw them out of the nest; kill eagles that have arrived; marmot plants a seed near the rock, a pignon pine grows, they descend it ; the giantess puts them in a basket, carries them behind their backs, they grab a tree, run away; she catches them again; sends them at home for fuel; eats their excrement thinking that she is eating their meat; they themselves push her into fire; they fire lightning arrows; the mole digs under the antelope; the twins pierce it from below; they tell the antelopes to eat grass, not humans; the mole is promised its giblets]: Gunn 1917:43-52 in Boas 1928a: 251-252; Zunyi [the girl does not leave the house, does not look at the young man; rain enters her room, she gives birth to a boy; in a few days he grows up; throwing stones, hunts small game; sees bows in men; mother admits that a bow tree and arrow reeds grow near a cave in which a terrible bear; a young man goes there; his divine father closes the entrance to the cave four times when the young man wants to enter it, but then he decides — let him do what he wants; the bear meets him, grabs the young man; he says that his mother is beautiful; the bear himself chose the material for his bow and arrow, taught him how to make a bow; they agreed that the bear would come for his wife in the evening; the young man equipped the arrows with obsidian tips; the bear says it's just black coals, allows you to try it for yourself, is pierced by an arrow and killed; the young man hangs his heart near the house; the mother admits that there are terrible lizards whose spit burns; the young man goes to them, but their spits are harmless to him, because he has a divine nature; he himself throws them into the hearth a large piece of salt, it explodes, lizards die, it brings their hearts; the mother admits that on the path there is a giant pushing those who pass into the abyss with his foot; under the rock, his children devour the fallen; the giant straightens his leg, but the young man jumps back; kills him with a club, throws him down, the giant's children ate him; the young man carved the giant's heart; went down to kill his children, leaving two; thus twisted his necks, turning into a falcon and an owl; the mother admits that there is a huge bison or elk; the gopher made an underground passage under the lying monster, gnawed at the hair where the heart is; the young man pierced the heart with an arrow, a monster plunged his horn into the ground, but the young man ran away; brought home his heart and part of the skin; the mother admits that there is a nest of cannibal eagles at the top of Shuntekia; when he went to the nest, the young man put on a monster-skin hoodie, attached his gut is full of blood; the eagle brought it to the nest of its chicks, the gut burst, blood has flowed; the chicks respond that their mother arrives when the shadow of the clouds (actually from her wings) appears; the father arrives when it starts to rain (actually dew); the eagle brought the dead girl, the young man killed the eagle with an arrow; the eagle brought the killed young man, the hero killed him with an arrow; killed the chicks, took their feathers for the plumage of arrows or to be used during rituals; he cannot go down; the bat grandmother puts him in the basket, does not tell him to open his eyes; he does not like her song and for the fourth time he opened it eyes; they both fell but did not break; the bat leads, feeds, but it does not see well, it does not have berries, but lumps of clay, etc.; she tells me to go home, avoiding sunflower; first went around, then went directly; the feathers taken with them turned into summer birds — goldfinches, sparrows, etc.]: Cushing 1901:65-92; havasupai [feathers, tips, poles]: Smithson, Euler 1994:36-39 [ people live underground; one of the two brothers planted a vine near the pond, it grew in a spiral; people climbed one turn in a day, went to the ground after a long time; one girl slept with everyone men, but no one married her; turned into a tobacco plant; when they smoked, she became a woman again, laughed, left; women noticed scars on her head; she jumped into the pond, became a frog, the water began to rise; the older brother created the moon, calling it the sun; the younger sent the real sun to the sky; the sky was low, the sun was moving too fast; the younger brother pushed the sky sixth ; by this time, the water in the lower world had risen, poured to the ground; people had placed a girl, water, food, birds, animals in an empty log; the rest of the people drowned; the woodpecker clung to the sky, the water soaked it tail; the water came down, the log fell to the ground at the waterfalls in Little Colorado; the girl put her vagina in the sun, then splashed at the waterfall, gave birth to a daughter (var: she became pregnant by a woodpecker); told her to do how she, a daughter gave birth to a boy; he grew up; arrow reeds grew behind the crushing rocks; the young man managed to slip through, grab the reeds, slip back; smeared his clothes with blood, the eagle carried him to his nest; he killed 8 big eagles, 4 eagles; blew, the rock became sand, he went down, bringing feathers for arrows; his father gave him a horse; cut it, put lightning in his son; said that he was water and sun; his father showed him world; the young man went east, his grandmother went west], 40 [two young men live with an old woman; she says that hunting requires arrows; reeds for arrows in the canyon; young men put juniper logs and walls on their heads rested on them, stopped], 54-58 [the twins get arrow reeds by sticking a pole between the crush rocks; their mother straightens the arrows, shoving them into their genitals; when the brothers peek, the arrows break; Owl gives him hard wood for tips; lives in the house like their father; brothers kill him; Bear gives him a tip stone (same episode as Owl); twins hide under their skin deer; the eagle takes them to the nest; the chicks say the prey is alive; the twins kill eight adult eagles and all the chicks; make the rock low, return home]; yavapai: Gifford 1933a (SV yavapai): 349-364 [people lived underground at the bottom of a deep hole; there was a pine tree (“dog-tail tree”) wrapped in a vine; people climbed it to the ground, their leader was Hanyiko' (Frog); his daughter- the shaman made him sick; before he died, he ordered him to be burned and watched the stars; when two stars appeared in the east before sunrise, they would be feathers adorning his head; in 2 months, 5 would appear the stars are his right hand; in 3 months it will be cold, his whole body will be visible; the red star will celebrate 4 months; corn will grow on his grave; when the corpse is burned, everyone surrounds the fire, but the Coyote jumps over a short Badger, grabs, carries away, eats his heart; before that, people said that the deceased would be reborn in four days; Coyote: let him die forever; H. died forever; with Coyote agreed; his daughter died, people refused to change their minds; it snowed; people: the mountains were covered with cornmeal; Coyote: snow; so the snow does not consist of cornmeal; when it rained, a dry tree did not get wet; Coyote: let it get wet; because Coyote took possession of H.'s heart, water poured out of the hole from which people came to the ground; people put all kinds of seeds and the girl in the hollowed out trunk pine trees, sealed; after the flood, the girl went out, the others died; she lay down so that water dripped into her vagina, the sun was shining on her; conceived and gave birth to a girl; she grew up, her mother placed her in the same place But the Water and the Sun did not want to get along with her daughter; then the mother covered her with her body and the daughter became pregnant; her son Skatakaamcha; his mother took the eagle and fed her chicks; he interrupted the partridge's leg; when he fixed it, she spoke about the fate of his mother; S. decided to kill a monstrous bull (bison?) ; The badger dug an underground passage under him, S. stabbed the monster with a hot knife, killed him; put on a blood-filled stomach; the eagle brought it to the nest; the eagles say that the prey is alive, the eagle does not believe; the eagle flew away, the eagle flew in, S. killed her with a hatchet; told the eagles to remain silent; killed the eagle when it returned; threw the eagles out of the nest; made the rock half as low, but no more; The Bat lowered it in the basket ; he opened his eyes, the Bat fell and was injured, S. cured her; came to his grandmother, who cries; he threw eagle feathers at her, said he killed both eagles; married; Wind stole his wife; Spider warns that Wind offers to compete kills losers; S. beat him in a ball and ring game; won a competition whose hair is longer; Wind stabbed S. 4 times without causing harm; S. killed him with a knife; threw one hand to the east, the other to the south, one leg to the west, the other to the north: let the wind blow from different sides; S. brought his wife back; grandmother: there is a bad Chewasistesikkaamcha; S. came to his house, slowly throws away food for fear of being poisoned; killed C. with a knife; Bear's arrow reeds; S. invites him to marry his grandmother; he gave reeds; believes that the best tips are coal tips; S. killed him with flint; a tree for the ends of the Owl's arrows; S. and offered him his grandmother as his wife; she found the heart of the Owl, it was on the sole; S. shot there, killed the Owl; an bow tree in the canyon with converging and diverging walls; S. put a deer horn between them; went east to his father the Sun; the Sun's wife warns that the Sun will try to kill S. in the steam room; but S. is not afraid of the heat; the Sun recognized his son, let him choose a horse; a man at the cliff pushes passers-by with his foot; he grew up with his back to the rock; S. lets a chanterelle first, it dodges; then a rattlesnake, the man is afraid of it; S. disconnected him with an ax from the cliff, threw it into the abyss; below 6-7 women devour the fallen; S. threw that man's stomach into the fire, he burst into the eyes of the women, S. hacked them; there was a boy, he ran to the cave, S. did not I managed to get it, left the snakes to guard, but they fell asleep; the boy left, creating new ones like him; grandmother: you can't handle them], 402-412 (Western yavapai) [people live underground; younger brother invites the elder to illuminate the world; he makes a disc, smears ocher, hangs it, but the younger one makes a disc of white lime, smears ocher; it gets light but too hot; the younger brother asks the eldest to raise the sky with a reed pole, he did it; at night, the elder brother touches the genitals of his two daughters; they hide on the shore under the willow, where he relieves himself, and swallow his bowel movements; he begins to lose strength, tells him to be cremated after death; people sent the Coyote for fire, at which time they lit a fire, standing around; the Badger was lower than the others, the Coyote jumped over him, took his heart and ate it; the burnt heart had to lay the ground, cultivated plants would grow; and so only one corn stalk would grow; the best cobs went to the Hopi and Navajo, and the worst yavapai; people decided to get to the upper world; the hummingbird found a hole in the sky; under the guidance of their younger brother, they planted a pine tree and a vine that wrapped around it; they climbed up, but the old man and his two granddaughters stayed; when they got to the ground, from water poured in the holes; the flood was caused by those two daughters of the older brother who turned into frogs; people hollowed out a pine tree, put food inside the girl and sealed it; only the girl survived, the rest drowned; she lay down with her vagina under the rays of the sun and under drops of water, conceived, gave birth to a daughter; she grew up, tried to repeat everything, but the Sun and Water recognized their daughter, conception did not occur; then the mother covered her daughter's body with her body, the Sun and Water did not notice the substitution; the daughter gave birth to a son Matinyaupakaamcha; the eagle took her to its nest and ate it, M. stayed with her grandmother; interrupted the bird's leg with a stone; she: if you'll cure him, I'll say something; when he finds out that the old woman is not his mother, but his grandmother, killed the eagle, on the advice of his grandmother, by heating the tip of his spear; the grandmother sends him to kill the bison (ox); the badger and the gopher dug an underground passage under lying bison; the mouse plucked the hair from where the heart was, explaining that its children were cold; M. pierced the bison from below; he plunged his horn into the underground passage, but M. dodged; made a cape out of the skin, and under it bison blood; allowed the eagle to grab itself; blood gushed, the bison decided that M. was killed; the chicks see that the prey was alive, but the eagle did not believe; when it flew away, M. found out where the eagle would fly; becoming a lizard, smeared with resin the place where the male and female sit; killed the eagle; told the chicks to remain silent, otherwise they would kill; The Bat lowered M. in the basket, ordering them to close their eyes; he opened, they fell, M. broke the Bat's bones, but cured her; M. looked into the grandmother's house through a hole in the roof; called her; grandmother: the wind was whistling; when he saw her grandson, she began to dance with joy; the bald eagle took M. to an island on the lake; there were already many prisoners there; M . ordered the prisoners to eat crushed flint to the eagles and hide, digging an underground passage; the eagles died; the crane stretches its leg across the lake; people cross it like a bridge; children fall into the water, turn into ducks; M. decides to make a bow; the grandmother warns of dangers every time where to look for bow materials; onion wood where the canyon walls converge and diverge; M. shoved between they have a deer horn, took out the material; reeds for arrows owned by Owl; M.: I propose marriage to my grandmother; Owl is glad, he gave reeds himself; when Owl came, M. told his grandmother to find out where his heart was; in the sole legs; M. shot there, killed Owl; the grandmother straightened her vulva with an arrow; when M. looked, the arrow broke; where the flint for the tips, sparks fly out; M. covered himself with a turtle shell, took out flint; wood for the front of the arrows owned by the Bear; M. called him to marry his grandmother; said he was making charcoal tips; The bear believed, shot M. with a coal arrow with a tip, and M. killed him with an arrow with a flintlock tip; grandmother: cut the deer in a clearing, not under a tree; M. began to cut under a tree; a naked woman came down from the tree, chased M. to get along with him; the grandmother hid it under the hearth; but the woman began to write there, M. got out; M. made penises out of blue stone, quartz, lava and clay, used it every single night, breaking off women's vaginal teeth; she became his wife; she was actually a bear; offered to drive game at him; he hung his clothes on a pole; three or four bears rushed at her, M. killed them, pulled out their fangs and claws; Spider told M. that the Wind took his wife away; let M. compete with him outside, not in his cave; who would chase the ball faster; M. won all the prisoners and the life of the Wind; who has longer hair, M. won again, killed The winds were a club; they spent the night in the Wind Cave; the wife became snakes in front of the entrance, M. jumped over them; M. went to look for his father, the Sun; spent the night with people who wanted to kill him; closed him for the night eyes with pebbles (“glass eyes”), the owners think that he is awake; the Sun's wife to her husband: your son has come; he wants to test the visitor, invites him to the steam room; M. all gives up a couple and says it's cold, The sun believes he is his son; M. tamed the horse, went home; the Sun and the Cloud began to argue over him; each painted one half of his body; M. returned east to the Sun, and the grandmother went west to the Sun, and the grandmother went west to ocean].

(Wed. Bolivia — Guaporé. Surui {feathers only} [the person asks his brother to get the harpy eagle chick out of the tree; asks him what he is like, if the feathers are big; like your wife's genitals! The man cuts off the vines, leaves, the brother cannot go down; the chick turns him into an eagle; the eagle mother tells him to bring game, he can't, the chick hunts instead of him; the hero sends the bird to see where is his brother; in the form of an eagle he kills him, lifts him into the air, eats his flesh, his skull turns into a tinamus sp.; a left-handed person injures the hero with an arrow, hides in a cave; women go to him, calling him name, Mosan! the hero summons him in the same way, kills him, he turns into cancer; the eagle father requires the hero 1) to make arrows (suitable feathers are needed; the beetles first eat the young man's feather jewelry, then a magnificent plumage appears on the arrows); 2) strain the cotton for the hammock (trumpet birds are spinning); 3) cut a wooden mortar for corn (the squirrel does); 4) clear the area; the hero clears leaving one tree; asks the eagle to cut it down; he is exhausted from this work, dies]: Mindlin 1995, No. 4:14-20).

(Wed. Southern Amazon. Only poles. Vaura; kamayura; paresi).