Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K27zz1. Keeping her child. .

Several wives were thrown into the dungeon (banished), each gave birth to a child, but only one managed to keep it. A grown boy saves women.

Sudanese Arabs, Kabila, Tunisia, Egyptian Arabs, Palestinians, Syria, Qatar, Shans, Thais, Khmers, Kashmiris, Kumaoni, Punjabi, Northern India (Hindi), Sinhales, Lombok, Persians, Ishkashim.

Sudan - East Africa. Sudanese Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 462:233-234.

North Africa. Kabila, Tunisia: El-Shamy 2004, No. 462:233-234; Egyptian Arabs [a woman takes off her clothes from her feathers, bathes in a spring, then flies away; the king sees it, steals clothes, asks article by his wife; the woman agrees provided that the king blinds his former 40 wives; one of them is a princess, the rest are slaves; the blinded are kept in the basement under the kitchen; each has given birth, the children are eaten, the princess kept her own; the boy steals food from the kitchen, feeds the blinded; the king meets a young man who calls himself Kitchen Bear, but his real name is Mohammed the Intelligent; the new wife has guessed who this is young man; pretended to be sick, asks the king to send M. for medicine - the heart of a black valley bull; he fell to Guli's chest; she gave a ball to follow and slaughter the bull with a dagger; if asked to hit again, do not hit; next time, the heart of a red valley bull (the same); the new wife decides to send M. to her sister to kill him; sends him to bring a heavy white valley grenade (weighing about 50 kg); the son of the guli teaches to find pomegranates, he is from the sister of the king's wife; throw the ring, follow it; throw bread with meat to dogs, then cannibals, they will miss, grab the pomegranate and run without looking back; the wife orders to bring a flying castle from Mount Kaf; a cannibal teaches to give frankincense to the maid, she will take it to her room; there is a bottle with the life of the king's wife and another with the eyes of blinded wives; and a wand that sets in motion lock; and a spear that hits orders left and right; when the maid falls asleep, M. killed the scarab in which her life is; M. ordered to kill everyone with a spear, carries the lock, opens to her father, breaks the bottle with the life of a witch wife, restores sight to blinded women, receives the throne from her father]: Spitta bey 1883, No. 12:12-29 (summary in Nowak 1969, No. 177:182-183).

Western Asia. Palestinians [the king's two wives are pregnant, the third beloved is not; she fed the first two salty meat, gave water in exchange for their eyes; the blind were thrown into a hole; one gave birth to a son, he was eaten; the other she hid the meat, kept her son; he learns that the bile of a blue camel will cure blindness; he met a friendly gulya, who sent it to his brother, brother to his sister, she dived to the bottom of the sea, brought camel bile; mother regained sight and returned to her husband]: Nowak 1989, No. 189:191-192; Syria, Qatar: El-Shamy 2004, No. 462:233-234.

Burma - Indochina. The Shans [12 (or 7) sisters were caught fishing; 11 did not listen to the hermits who told them not to kill alive, put their fish on kukans, piercing both eyes; the youngest pierced only one, placed fish in a vessel of water; after death, the sisters were born as the daughters of the village chief; he married them to the king; at this time, cannibals suffered without human beings, their fangs fell out; the wife of the cannibal king promised help her husband; became a 17-year-old beauty, came to live with the elder, who also gave her to the king; 12 wives are jealous; the cannibal (i.e. imaginary beauty) took out both eyes for 11 sleeping wives, and the 12th took one eye, said to her husband, that they were witches and ate their own eyes; the king expelled 12 wives; they lived in a cave; each gave birth, they ate babies; the youngest kept her by giving others hidden pieces of meat; the hermits turned boy to boy; king of spirits Sakya gave him a magic bone bob (to play), with him he beat other boys, demanding 12 servings of water and food in return; the king called him to his place, fell in love; cannibal I guessed who he was, sent a letter to her father (i.e. the husband of cannibals), supposedly to study; the hermit changed the letter: not to kill and eat the giver, but to greet and marry his daughter; the cannibal's daughter fell in love with a young man, showed a magical garden; it contains a vessel with the souls of cannibals; a bow, whose bowstring is also from their souls; a root whose infusion allows you to see the true appearance of creatures; flowers that turn into 3 mountains, 7 mountains, a sea of fire; a winged horse; a young man takes everything, runs away on a winged horse; a cannibal daughter in love chases, a young man throws flowers; she overcomes mountains, burns in fire; a young man restores sight to his mother and aunts, sprinkles the king's eyes, he sees not his wife, but the cannibal giant, the young man pulls the bowstring, breaks the vessel, all cannibals die; the king returns 12 wives]: Milne 1910:230-237; Thais [poor Non attributed to a monastery of 12 bananas (option: 7), he had 12 (7) daughters, he had nothing to feed them, he took them to the forest, they came to see the cannibal Santaman; the older sister found a pile of human bones, girls they ran, asked them to cover their elephants, bears, tigers, horses and other animals; climbed the banyan tree; the king's humpback maid went to get water, saw a reflection, thought it was her, came back, breaking the jug; the king gave her a silver bucket, she broke it too, the leather bucket could not break it; one sister laughed, King Raja Sith married her sisters; Santaman took the form of a girl, met the king, he fell in love with her, she pretended to be sick, demanded the eyes of 12 queens; pulled out both eleven eyes and the youngest one, sent the eyes of her daughter Kang Ri; blind queens were walled up in a cave, each gave birth to a child, they ate them; the youngest hid the meat, then gave it to others, keeping her son Raja Sen; he grew up, went out of the cave and brought food; he played backgammon with the king, who recognized his son; to get rid of MS, S. tells him to bring from his daughter a mango that yawns, and a lemon that screams gives a letter asking him to kill the bearer; the hermit replaced the letter with an order to marry RS; after marrying the Kyrgyz Republic, RS found the eyes of the queens, took the talismans, set off to flee; the Kyrgyz Republic catches up, he throws the talismans, fire, mountains, forest, desert, river appear; the Kyrgyz Republic dies, asking for the next incarnation to make it human; S. also died of grief, and MS returned sight to his mother and aunts]: Kornev 1963:14-21; Khmers [a childless man prays at a banyan, a wife gives birth to 12 daughters; the father is impoverished, took his daughters to the forest ; Yaksha Santhoma brought them home; they fled, became the king's wives; the yaksha found them, became the 13th wife, pretended to be sick, she would be cured by medicine from the eyes of other wives; they were blinded, thrown into a hole; at the youngest The Pas gouged out only one eye; all the wives gave birth, ate their children, Pai kept it, called Putthisaen; S. sent him to her daughter Kangray with a letter to eat him; the hermit replaced the letter: K. must marry P.; she gave him drugs; he runs, throws powder behind, it turns into the sea, K. stops pursuing; P. returns his sight to the blinded, kills S., becomes king]: Foshko 1981, No. 10:134-136.

South Asia. Kashmiris [the childless king has 7 wives; he meets Rakshasi, mistakes her for a fairy, she promises to give birth to an heir if he marries her; 7 wives are pregnant; Rakshasi eats cows every night, bulls, etc.; promises to find the culprits, smears blood on the lips of seven sleeping wives; the king orders them to be blinded, thrown into a dry well outside the city; each gives birth, they eat the baby; the seventh feeds others hidden leftovers, saves his son; he has grown up; standing on top of each other, the women pushed the boy out of the well; he brings them leftovers from the royal kitchen; the cook asks him to cook while he must leave; the king satisfied; the boy is taken as a regular cook; the Rakshasi queen accidentally tells everything; she pretended to be sick, tells the tigress to bring milk; the fakir advises the young man to shoot the tigress in the chest for milk the tiger cubs were better fed; the tigress gives the young man milk; now the Rakshasi asks for medicine for her grandfather Rakshasa; the fakir teaches him to call him grandfather and rub his back with all his might; Rakshasa believes that the young man - his daughter's grandson, gives medicine; Rakshasi asks for a comb from her mother; gives a letter asking him to kill the applicant; a fakir replaces a letter asking her to caress her son; Rakshasi's mother gives 1) a vessel with soap (will become a mountain), 2) with needles (mountain of needles), 3) with water (sea); also 7 roosters (including the souls of 7 Rakshasi brothers), a spindle (the soul of mother Rakshasi), a dove (the soul of Rakshasi's father), a starling (the soul of Rakshasi herself), medicine (restores vision to blind people); the young man destroys the tanks of Rakshasa souls, restores sight to his mother and aunts, explains to his father what is going on; thanks to magic objects, he defeats enemies]: Knowles 1888:42-50; Kumaoni [the king chases an antelope, who turns into a goat, a princess, goes with him to the palace; at night he smears the lips of the seven queens with horse blood, accuses them of devouring horses, king throws wives into the ditch; each gives birth to a boy, eats six, the seventh does not eat herself, does not give her own; the boy comes to his father; the Rakshasi wife asks her husband to send the young man to bring the comb from her homeland, gives a letter asking the giver to eat; on the way, the yogi replaces the letter, teaches you to ask what's in the bowls, kill an old woman, take the life of six people, bring his stepmother's life with him; the prince kills his stepmother, returns queens, reigns]: Minayev 1968, No. 43:101-104; Punjabi [the fakir promises the king that his 7 wives will finally be born; wives ask the king not to hunt on the north side - they have a bad feeling ; he violates the ban, pursues a white doe with golden horns; finds himself alone in the gorge; there is a white-bodied gold-haired maiden in the hut; she was a doe; agrees to become the king's wife if he brings her eyes 7 former wives; having blinded the wives, the king threw them into the dungeon, and the new queen hung a necklace from her eyes around her mother's neck; each wife gives birth to a boy, they eat him; the youngest kept the pieces, fed him others, did not let his baby eat; the boy immediately grew up, made a way out, brought food to the women; once met the witch queen; she promises to help him regain the eyes of the blinded, sends him to mother with a letter on a shard ordering the applicant to be killed; he comes to a city where the princess promises to marry only the son of seven mothers; the young man marries her; she replaces the letter with an order to execute all the young man's requests; the old woman gives 13 eyes, and she has already eaten the 14th; the young man returns sight to women, his own mother has one eye, and the other for her is himself; the witch queen sends him again to his mother with a cow who does not run out of milk, again writing the command to kill the giver; the wife replaces the letter; the young man pretends to demand the skin of the yoga guardian of the cow on the drum, who pays off with a cow; the same for the third time: a rice stalk with 1000 branches that ripens in a day; the young man's wife builds a palace next to the king's palace; he comes, everything is explained, the witch queen is executed]: Steel, Temple 1884, #10:98-110; northern India (Hindi?) [four young men wander and meet a goat; she eats two in two nights; on the third night she fails, she takes the form of a beauty; she is bought by a raja; she arranges others that others make it as if wives are accused of devouring royal horses; their eyes are pulled out, thrown into a hole; all ten take turns giving birth to sons; 9 are eaten, the tenth grows up, receives an arrow from the hunter , always on target; joins the service of the king father, his mother warns him about the cannibal; she tells him to 1) bring the tigress's milk (he takes out a splinter to the tigress, she gives milk); 2) get a cow demons; 3) bring "golden water"; the cannibal gives him a letter ordering him to kill the giver; Adam and Eve fly over the forest, replace the letter with asking the cannibal to be kind to the giver; in the cannibal's house- Mother, a young man finds boxes with a storm, a rain, a parrot in which the soul of a cannibal daughter; he takes away water, opens the boxes, interfering with the chase; slowly kills a parrot, the cannibal dies]: Rouse 1895, No. 234: 210-211; Sinhales: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 118 [the tsar and queen have 7 daughters and a son; the queen complains that her daughters are idle, the tsar is going to execute them; their mother sent them to the forest; they came to rakshasi; at night she covered her daughters with white sheets; the younger princess covered her sisters with them; at night, Rakshasa ate one of his daughters and the princesses ran away; the king met them and married them; Rakshasi sent another daughter to the river bank, who told the king that she was also a man; at night she pulled out the eyes of the seven queens; the king sent them away from home; each gave birth, the sons of six died, the youngest son survived; he lived with palace; Rakshasi guessed who it was, sent her mother to kill the giver and eat the eyes of the seven queens; on the way, the young man killed a yaksha who was supposed to eat the princess; she replaced the letter with an order greet the giver, give the means to restore vision; having received the remedy, the prince married the princess, restored the queens's sight, killed the Rakshasi Queen; the king returned his seven wives], 124 [yakshini chased man, taking the form of a beautiful woman; answered the king that it was her husband; the king made her his queen; she ate people at night, folded her bones where the other 12 wives lived; invited the king to tear out the eyes of his wives and drive him into the forest; each gave birth to a child, he was eaten; the youngest kept her; he decided to take revenge on the king; Vedda from the forest told the king that the prince was an ogre; the king sent an army, the prince defeated him; the king asked the neighboring kings for help; then the prince hired the king to serve; cut off the yakshini's burden in the forest; when he saw that the prince was brave, the king was afraid of him, ordered him to bring his second leg; the prince brought herself to the king one-legged yakshini; she began to help the prince; built a city for him and the blinded queens; said that the king's life was in a golden parrot; the prince killed him, hacked him to his yakshini wife, and ruled]: 287-290, 300-302 .

Malaysia-Indonesia. Lombok [daughter of giants Danava Sari was taught magic; she was lowered into the sea in a box; Raja Panji Anom with seven childless wives went to the seashore to ask for children to be sent to him; on the shore they caught a box, DS in it, the Raja made her beloved wife; when the other wives became pregnant, DS ordered them to be imprisoned in an underground receptacle and magically removed their eyes; the children of six blind died, and one seventh eye was left and her child survived; he grew up and got out of the receptacle; DS persuaded him to send him to her parents, supposedly so that the young man could learn magic; gave a letter ordering him to kill the applicant; the Minister replaced the letter with a new one; it said that the young man was the son of DS, let him be taught magic; he learned to do everything that DS did, flew back on his own, asking the DC father to give him his eyes blinded women; they regained their sight; the young man defeated DS (both turned into giants, snakes, garuda; DS into fire, young man in downpour; when Garuda-DS fell to the ground with his winged down, people cut her into pieces; the young man inherited the PA kingdom]: Kratz 1973, No. 23:138-147.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians (Khorasan, 1 entry) [the king has seven wives, he fell in love with a diva woman; she tells his former wives to be blinded and thrown into a hole; each gave birth, ate newborns, kept her seventh, he grew up, began to get food; the king recognizes the son, the diva stepmother gives instructions, hoping to kill the young man; 1) bring pomegranates from the garden a diva (brings), 2) a mare with 14 foals (the young man sprinkles salt into the spring, dazzles the mare with a mirror); 3) a silk cradle; a young man kills a baby diva who sleeps in it, finds a vessel with the soul of a diva woman, kills her, restores sight to the king's wives by letting them eat the meat of a diva child]: Marzolph 1984, No. 462:97; Ishkashim [king's wife Hawksor, Devzor, Parisor; he expelled H. and P.; H. gave birth, offered to eat her child, but P. refused; H. ate him herself; then gave birth to P ., raised her son; he began to beat animals with a bow; once he saw a bald man in a bag, he screamed that he did not want to be king; the boy changed with him, he was thrown into the river; the herd brought bald, said that from the bottom; Pleshivets's brothers rushed into the river and drowned; the bald man killed their mother, put them on a donkey, led him to a pile of grain; the owner hit him with a stick, the bald man accused him of killing his mother, took his mother; burned straw, put it in a bag, said that there was gold, and if you opened it, it would turn into ash; the man untied it, gave 5 bags of gold; the neighbors burned the haystacks, went to sell ash; when they returned, they killed Pleshivets]: Pakhalina 1959 , NO. 7:133-135.