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K27zz2. Blind in one eye. 22.24.

Several wives of one man (several sisters) go blind - the eldest in both eyes and the youngest one.

Shans, Monks, Thais, Khmers, Lombok.

Burma - Indochina. The Shans [12 (or 7) sisters were caught fishing; 11 did not listen to the hermits who told them not to kill alive, put their fish on kukans, piercing both eyes; the youngest pierced only one, placed fish in a vessel of water; after death, the sisters were born as the daughters of the village chief; he married them to the king; at this time, cannibals suffered without human beings, their fangs fell out; the wife of the cannibal king promised help her husband; became a 17-year-old beauty, came to live with the elder, who also gave her to the king; 12 wives are jealous; the cannibal (i.e. imaginary beauty) took out both eyes for 11 sleeping wives, and the 12th took one eye, said to her husband, that they were witches and ate their own eyes; the king expelled 12 wives; they lived in a cave; each gave birth, they ate babies; the youngest kept her by giving others hidden pieces of meat; the hermits turned boy to boy; king of spirits Sakya gave him a magic bone bob (to play), with him he beat other boys, demanding 12 servings of water and food in return; the king called him to his place, fell in love; cannibal I guessed who he was, sent a letter to her father (i.e. the husband of cannibals), supposedly to study; the hermit changed the letter: not to kill and eat the giver, but to greet and marry his daughter; the cannibal's daughter fell in love with a young man, showed a magical garden; it contains a vessel with the souls of cannibals; a bow, whose bowstring is also from their souls; a root whose infusion allows you to see the true appearance of creatures; flowers that turn into 3 mountains, 7 mountains, a sea of fire; a winged horse; a young man takes everything, runs away on a winged horse; a cannibal daughter in love chases, a young man throws flowers; she overcomes mountains, burns in fire; a young man restores sight to his mother and aunts, sprinkles the king's eyes, he sees not his wife, but the cannibal giant, the young man pulls the bowstring, breaks the vessel, all cannibals die; the king returns 12 wives]: Milne 1910:230-237; monk [mother of seven daughters died, the father took her stepmother, she tyrannizes the sisters, they leave, enter the land of the evil sorceress Biluma; they caught fish, they gouged out two eyes each, and the youngest only one; B. invited them to her place, six sisters are blind in both eyes, the youngest by one; the rice broth is spilled, it is licked by daughter B.; grateful for this food, leads the youngest to the garden of magic trees; the girl secretly collects the leaves of the tree, who will turn into a mountain, forest, river, fire; plucks fruit, if broken, B. dies; plucks leaves that restore sight; sisters see the light, run, throw objects; B. overcomes obstacles dies when girls break the fruit]: Zapadova 1977:159-166; Thais [poor Non brought 12 bananas to the monastery (option: 7), he had 12 (7) daughters, he has nothing to feed them, he took them to the forest , they came to the cannibal Santaman; the older sister found a pile of human bones, the girls ran, asked them to hide their elephants, bears, tigers, horses and other animals; climbed the banyan tree; the king's humpback maid went to get water, saw the reflection, thought it was her, returned, breaking the jug; the king gave her a silver bucket, she broke it too, the leather one could not break it; one sister laughed, King Raja Sith married her sisters; Santaman took the form of a girl, met a king, who fell in love with her, she pretended to be sick, demanded the eyes of 12 queens; pulled out both eyes of eleven , and the youngest was alone, sent the eyes of her daughter Kang Ri; the blind queens were walled up in a cave, each gave birth to a child, they ate them; the youngest hid the meat, then gave it to others, keeping her son Raja Sen; he grew up, began to leave the cave and bring food; began to play backgammon with the king, who recognized his son; to get rid of MS, S. tells him to bring from his daughter a mango that yawns and a lemon that screams, gives a letter asking him to kill the bearer; the hermit replaced the letter with an order to marry RS; after marrying the Kyrgyz Republic, RS found the eyes of the queens, took the talismans, set off to flee; the Kyrgyz Republic catches up, he throws the talismans, fire, mountains, forest, desert, river arise; the Kyrgyz Republic dies, asking her to make her human in the next incarnation; S. also died of grief, and RS returned sight to his mother and aunts]: Kornev 1963:14-21; Khmers [A childless man prays to a banyan, a wife gives birth to 12 daughters; the father is impoverished, took his daughters to the forest; Yaksha Santhoma brought them to him; they fled, became the king's wives; the yaksha found them, became the 13th wife, pretended to be sick, she would be cured by medicine from the eyes of other wives; they were blinded, thrown into a hole; the youngest Paa had only one eye gouged out; all wives gave birth, ate their children, Pai kept, called Puthisaen; S. sent him to her daughter Kangray with a letter to eat it; the hermit changed the letter: K. must marry P.; she gave him drugs; he runs, throws the powder behind, it turns into the sea, K. stops persecution; P. returns sight blinded, kills S., becomes king]: Foshko 1981, No. 10:134-136.

Malaysia-Indonesia. Lombok [daughter of giants Danava Sari was taught magic; she was lowered into the sea in a box; Raja Panji Anom with seven childless wives went to the seashore to ask for children to be sent to him; on the shore they caught a box, DS in it, the Raja made her beloved wife; when the other wives became pregnant, DS ordered them to be imprisoned in an underground receptacle and magically removed their eyes; the children of six blind died, and one seventh eye was left and her child survived; he grew up and got out of the receptacle; DS persuaded him to send him to her parents, supposedly so that the young man could learn magic; gave a letter ordering him to kill the applicant; the Minister replaced the letter with a new one; it said that the young man was the son of DS, let him be taught magic; he learned to do everything that DS did, flew back on his own, asking the DC father to give him his eyes blinded women; they regained their sight; the young man defeated DS (both turned into giants, snakes, garuda; DS into fire, young man in downpour; when Garuda-DS fell to the ground with his winged down, people cut her into pieces; the young man inherited the PA kingdom]: Kratz 1973, No. 23:138-147.