Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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Ethnicities and habitats

K30. A flying enemy takes a woman away. .19.-.23.26.-.29.32.-.37.39.-.43.46.48.-.

A flying creature takes a woman away. The kidnapper is killed and/or the woman is running away from him.

Marind-anim, Tuamotu, Hawaii, Kachin, Viets, Dravidians, Chuan Miao, Chinese (Qinghai), Serbs, Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya), Russians (Teresky Bereg, Arkhangelskaya, Ryazan, Tambov), Kalmyks, Adygs, Udmurts, Kazan Tatars, Kazakhs (Syr-Darya), Dungans, Mongors, Darkhats, Forest Nenets, Mansi, Western Evenks (Kirensky, Podkamenno-Tunguska), Baikal Evenks ( Barguzin, northern Transbaikalia, Olekminsky), Evens, Udege, Wilta, Nivkhs, Chukchi, Tundra (?) and Forest Yukaghirs, Asian Eskimos, Central Yupik, Northern Alaska Inupiate, Mackenzie Delta, Copper, Caribou, Polar, Baffin Land, Labrador Eskimos, West Greenland, East Greenland, koyukon, helmet, taltan, nootka, makah, comox, quileut, kordalen, blacklegs, teton, oriental pomo, mountain miwok, yokutz, northern payut, havasupai, walapai, hopi, zunyi, oriental keres (Cochiti), western ceres (Acoma, Laguna), pima, papago, mopan, kekchi, sicuani, guayabero, maquiritare, arekuna, carijona, cubeo, barasana, macuna, tatuyo, maku, uitoto, ashaninka, machigenga.

Melanesia. Marind-anim [the crocodile and the osprey were brothers; they saw two girls who wanted to go to the party, offered to be transported across the sea; the crocodile dragged the girl into the sea, and picked up the osprey into his a nest in a tree; the girl asked him to bring a kangaroo to bake a cake with meat; then asked him to bring palm leaves to make a mat; then sent him for a kangaroo again; woven a rope out of palm leaves, went down to the ground and ran away; the osprey flew after her, destroyed the houses of the village, then began to kill people; blood flowed like a river and there were a lot of red stones in this place; flew on, blood dripped from the beak, into these scarlet paint is found in places in the ground; this paint is everywhere where the osprey flew; in the upper reaches of the river, the osprey has offspring, from which people of one family descend; the osprey settled between rivers There is also Cambis; there is a demo stone that looks like an osprey]: Wirtz, Neverman 1981, No. 43:103-104.

Micronesia-Polynesia. Tuamotu: Beckwith 1970:234 [Ataraga sees Huahega bathing, marrying her, their son Maui-tikitiki catches the sun in a snare; recognized as a father; kills Mahuika; fishing for Tahiti and Little Tahiti; takes Hina away from the Tuna eel; T. sends a flood, M. stops the water by exposing his fall; kills T., the first coconut palm grows out of T.'s head; Peka takes Hina; M. in the form of a golden pheasant arrives to P.; Peck's mother warns not to take the bird, but P. takes it; M. cuts off his head, returns with Hina; turns Hina Ri's lover into a dog; his friend goes for revenge, also turned into a dog dog; M. sees that his mother Huahega's hair has turned gray; decides to change stomachs with the sea slug Rori, then people would not die; at this time, the M. brothers scream, M. regurgitates his stomach, people remain mortal], 234-235 (Anaa) [Maui-tikitiki is the fifth son of Ataranga and Huahega (daughter of fire owner Mahuike); seeks his father's recognition, competes with Mahuike and kills him, catches the Sun in a snare out hair from her mother's head Huahega; with the help of her brothers, she fishes Havaiki's country from the sea; marries Tiki's daughter; she's Tuna's wife, Maui kills Tuna, a coconut tree grows out of his head; Peka-nui ( The Great Bat) takes Hina; Maui turns into a snipe, kills Peka, returns his wife; gets sick; he is advised to climb into the shell of a Tupa crab to change his skin and continue to live like a crab; to do this, he must swallow Rori-tau's insides; at this point, the Maui brothers enter, he belches his insides; Hina Ri's lover and Ri's friend named Togio Maui turns into dogs; the Maui brothers go to To the sun; one dies from the heat, the other comes back; Maui goes to bury his brother's body in the sky; meets two heavenly girls, Dawn-Maid and the Moon (Maid-of-the-Moon); sends the first home to second marries]; Hawaii: Beckwith 1970:233 (Fr. Oahu) [Maui sees his wife being kidnapped by Pe-ape'a-Maka-Walu (eight-eyed bat); on the advice of his mother Hina, puts a stone on the back of a humpback old man, his hump disappears; a grateful old man teaches how to make a kite; in a kite, M. flies to the kidnapper, who takes a strange bird into the house; at night, M. waits for all eight eyes to close, cuts off the kidnapper's head, returns his wife], 263 (Fr. Maui) [before Laka is born, his father goes to get a gift for the newborn, killed, his bones are thrown into the Kaikapu woman's cave; the boys laugh that L. does not have a father; he cuts down a tree to make a boat, the next morning it is intact; the grandmother who raised L. tells two forest gods to be spared; he smears their lips with fat, they make a boat for him; L. takes his father Spacer with him to keep the entrance to the cave open, Father Stretch out (Stretch) get inside, Father Torch light the way in the cave, Father Look for bones; for a bowl of soup, the old woman opens the cave, but after trying it, she says that this is not enough; Father Reach out reaches to different seas, getting salt until the old woman is satisfied; as soon as the door opens, the Spacer stands in the entrance; the Torch lights the way, Seek finds bones, Stretch them out; they kill the old woman, return to Maui; L. places his father's bones in a cave and leaves his companions there.]

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Kachiny [the flying monster lepsanam takes S. to his cave in the mountains; L. follows the fly in search; the old man says that L. will not be able to return S., and if he does, let him make a fire at on his head; Shingrang Lakang says that if L. returns his wife, he can turn his leg into a bridge over Ayeyarwady; L. comes to S., she hides him under a pile of brushwood; the kidnapper comes, eats, falls asleep, L . cuts off his head; those who did not believe in success and could not make a fire on their heads, etc., L. kills, they themselves turn into Lasa spirits; L. climbs a tree to get fruits for his pregnant wife, accidentally cuts off her hand, also turns into Lasa; the same wife who committed suicide; these spirits are very afraid]:? : 119-121.

Burma - Indochina. Vieta [hardworking poor That San learns from a magician; merchant Lee Thong invites him to his place, makes him a younger brother, uses his labor; LT's turn to sacrifice Boa, TS is coming instead of him, Boa kills; LT says that the Boa belonged to the king, advises the TS to flee, brings Boa's head himself, the king makes him prince; Princess Quin Nga is carried away by a three-headed eagle; TS sees in the mountains he is wounded with an arrow, reports LT; he lies to the king that he wounded the eagle; leads the army to the abyss; the TS descends, finds the princess, sends her upstairs; LT sends her home, throws stones down; TS kills an eagle leaves a cave in the Land of the Sea, kills a monster; the local king rewards him, but he returns to his native village; the dead shadows of the Eagle and Boa put the gold stolen from the palace in the vehicle; TS they grab it, but he tells the king everything; LT is expelled, killed by lightning; TS marries KN, defeats enemies, inherits the throne]: Karpov, Tkachev 1958:28-39 (=Nikulin 1970a: 42-47; 1990:75-81).

South Asia. Dravidians {who exactly?} [the Dravidian peoples of India had an epic about fighting the demon kite; the name of Rakshasa was Ravan, who kidnapped Sita, Rama's wife, means "kite" in some Indian languages; this story is available in Jataki]: Nikulin 1970a: 356.

China - Korea. Chuan Miao [a monstrous heavenly horned dragon kidnaps Je Dü's wife; their son Nga Go ("little chicken") tells his father what happened; JD rises to heaven, kills the dragon poisoned by an arrow, begins to descend with his wife to the ground; she returns for a forgotten silk thread; in the sky she picks up a thread, noisily tears the heavenly thread; celestials quickly drag the stairs up to people from the ground didn't bother them; JD falls on a rock, crashes; now they turn to him for protection from demons; his wife stays in heaven; when she weaves, lightning is visible]: Graham 1954:14-16; Chinese ( Qinghai) [the couple has two sons: native and adopted; the foster man is busy with work; after going for firewood, he throws an ax into a whirlwind, a bunch of women's hair and drops of blood fall; on a bloody trail he goes to failure; the emperor announces that his daughter has taken the whirlwind, he will give his daughter to whoever saves her; both brothers fail, his own son lowers the foster room down, he finds the demon asleep, sends the princess upstairs, his own son refuses to raise an adopted child; the princess manages to give him a pearl; with her help, the foster child can enter the underwater palace, has been married to three dragon daughters for three years; his own The son is recognized as the princess's savior, but cannot show the pearl; after three years, the adopted person returns and marries the princess]: Frick 1954, No. 26:532-533; Chinese [Min Zhu, daughter of rich Zhang - Shi-ee's bride; Wu gen is Sh.'s brother; MCH takes the Black Eagle, sits on a pine tree; S. slept under her, wounded Eagle, finds the Eagle's cave, the entrance to which he blocks with a heavy stone; talks about everything W.; behind MCH her the father promised a reward; W. helps his brother move the stone, lowers S. into the cave; he kills the sleeping wounded Eagle; W. picks up the MCH, cuts off the rope; in the cave, S. frees Carp, nailed by the Eagle to the wall; this is the son of the dragon king; the Carp brings S. to the sea, the Dragon King offers him a daughter, he refuses; then he carries him to land, gives a gorlyanka pumpkin, she turns into a horse; W. prepares the wedding, S. drives away him, marries MCH]: Riftin 1972:66-74.

The Balkans. The Serbs [the king keeps his three daughters locked up; when they grew up and went to the feast for the first time, they were carried away by a whirlwind; the king died of grief, the queen gave birth to a boy, Stoisha; when he was 18, he S. began to ask questions mother; she had to be told; S. ordered to tell me where his father's horse and weapon were; everything rusted, S. polished it to shine; fed the horse, that winged cat; for the sisters to know S., she gave him three scarves embroidered with them; S. lay down take a nap at the well, covered with a handkerchief; his sister came up and recognized the handkerchief; they were stolen by three dragon brothers; S. ate all the food prepared for the dragon; when approaching the house, the dragon throws a club; S. caught her and threw back a longer distance; S. defeated the dragon, but did not kill; feast; the dragon showed the way to the city of the second dragon; (still the same); the second to the third (the same); in the courtyard of the third pit; the dragon the king often comes to fight three dragon brothers, he always wins, they hide in this hole; S. went to look for the dragon king; there is a hare on the roof; people explain that when the dragon king comes, the hare He refreshes himself, cuts and roasts himself; this time the hare fried himself for S.; the dragon king came, S. defeated him; he said his name was Mladen; S. replied that he was also the youngest son; they fraternized; defeated the dragon brothers, they hid in a hole, they threw straw there and burned the hidden ones; S. returned to his mother with his sisters and wealth, and the dragon king took over the land of the dragon brothers]: Eschker 1992, No. 3:22-34.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Yekaterinoslavskaya) [children laugh at the three princes that their mother does not leave the house; the mother is out, she was carried away by a black raven from the black kingdom (CC); the princes consistently come to three huts, each grandmother; the first calls animals, the second reptiles, the third birds; only a single-winged bitten bird knew the way to the HF; brings to the fire shield; the older brothers do not dare, the younger Ivan steps on the shield, he disperses; in three palaces he gives water to thirsty lions watchmen; talks to three beautiful daughters of HC; the latter gives an apple, it leads to a kidnapped mother; kills HF with a mace; sends his mother and three girls in a fire stroller, decides to walk himself; Ivan Strizheny gives food, shows where the horses are, they carry them across the fire shield; the brothers attributed their mother's salvation to themselves, although take the girls; they demand the same clothes they had; IS flew off, brought; the same - shoes, scarves; Ivan married the younger princess, the brothers were torn apart by horses]: Pankeev 1992:340-346; Russians (Terevsky Bereg) [Princess Elena went for a walk in the garden with her nannies; she was taken away by Voron Voronovich, Klekot Klekotovich, Semigorodovich (VV); three brothers were left; the elder shot her grandmother in the back of the window; she began to swear - he took her sister away from BB himself; he came to the hut on chicken legs: turn your eyes to the forest, the gate to me; Baba Yaga tells me to leave the horse and go for the ball; the second baba yaga gives me an egg: it rolls, follow him; the third is a ring, rolled to his sister's house; BB eats much more than brother E., calls to the bathhouse, hits death with an iron rod; the same with middle brother Ivan; younger Arapulko drank from the bottle given by baba yaga, he then ate more than BB; in the bathhouse he grabbed BB and cut off his head; the sister sent the crow for living and dead water, revived the brothers' bones; the same water restored sight blind parents]: Balashov 1970, No. 7:56-64; Russians (Arkhangelskaya: Pinega) [Three princes and their sister enter the twelfth garden, where they are not allowed to walk. It gets dark sharply around, the brothers do not see how Raven Voronovich, Kogot Kogotovich takes his sister away. They tell their dad what happened. His elder brother Stepan asks him to let him go for a walk in the field, his father allows him, at the crossroads he chooses not the right or left road, but "go wherever you want". He meets Kalagir the hero, and together they cannot raise the iron staircase. The middle brother goes to the field, gets to his brother and hero, but the three of them fail to raise the stairs. His father does not want to let Ivan's youngest son go to the field, but he leaves. He does not find the horse right away - they bend under his arm. Ivan gets to his brothers and hero and makes fun of them. One picks up the stairs, climbs it, being at the crossroads, and follows the right road. She walks into a copper hut, she spins on chicken legs, a beautiful girl feeds him, asks him about the path, says that his sister is married to her brother, promises to help him if Ivan marries her. He gives an egg that leads Ivan to the silver hut, where the girl sits even more beautiful, everything repeats itself, the egg leads him to the golden hut to the most beautiful girl, he promises to marry her and gets 2 pieces of meat and a key. He advises to visit Raven Voronovich, and when he wades him, let the Raven go ahead and hit him with a key only once ("a heroic hand hits once"). Ivan does this, throws meat to the lions at the gates of the golden yard, goes into the house, finds Kalagir the hero's sister and sister in cooks. She is sorry to give up "good life", but Ivan insists she puts her life together in a chicken egg. On the way back, three girls are picked up, each turning her life into a chicken egg. Kalagir's heroic sister was lowered - he takes her away, and Ivan's brothers take girls from the golden and silver kingdoms. A girl from the golden kingdom persuades Ivan to go down first, but he sends her. The brothers argue about who will get it, remove the stairs and Ivan can't go down. The brothers tell their father that they saved their sister and girls. Ivan finds himself under an oak tree where firebirds live, he sits on one of them and it brings Ivan to his native kingdom. He doesn't let go of the bird until he takes its crutch from under its right wing. Ivan touches the stone, Yarmoshka jumps out, asks Ivan what he wants, at first he does not ask for anything, then orders him to be taken home. He stops with an old soldier with an old woman, finds out that the king instructs the elder prince's bride to sew stockings and wedding boots without measure, and orders the old soldier to contract. He gets money for stockings and boots, and together with the old woman they eat up and get drunk. Ivan orders Yermoshka to bring unworn stockings and shoes from the king's chest. He gives it to the soldier, he gives it to the king. He gives the soldier the rank of ladle. The bride asks to sew a wedding dress without measure - Ivan performs the task in the same way, the king gives the soldier the rank of general. The bride refuses to marry unless a silver bridge with crystal railings, a pond and birds is built. Ivan also performs this (Yarmoshka calls 12 Yermoshek brothers, they are coping with the construction together). The king invites the soldier and his wife to move to live in the palace. Ivan comes to an empty house by the bridge when the bride's carriage passes by, Yarmoshka and his brothers throw stones at her, she brings Ivan to the tsar, calls her a real groom, they get married]: Karnaukhova 1934, No. 124:230-236; Russians (Ryazan) [the queen was walking in the garden, carried away by a whirlwind; three sons went in search; the eldest two cannot; the youngest Ivan Tsarevich raised a stone that covered the hole in the ground; tells him to lower him on a rope; there is a girl in the garden, a serpent arrives, I. knocked down all three heads for him; the princess called her brothers, these are Wind, Whirlwind, Storm; they answer that the kidnapped queen overseas from Koshshay Immortal; gave a horn to call her brothers, they carried him across the sea; cancer, wolf, kite ask not to eat them, promise to help; Ivan's mother turns him into a spider, hides him in cracks; says K. what she saw in a dream his death; K.: my death in an oak tree in the forest, under it a chest, a hare in it, a duck in a hare, an egg in a duck, a needle in the egg, his death in the eye of a needle; I. found, opened the chest, the wolf caught up with the hare, the kite caught up with the duck, the cancer took out an egg that had fallen into the sea; K. died; on winged horses, I. and his mother flew to the exit to earth, the princess was there; the brothers pulled the women out, and I. left; he blew into the horn, the Whirlwind carried him to the ground; in the city began to live with an old woman; she says that the brothers brought her mother and girl; the girl demands a dress like she had; Whirlwind, Wind, Storm are getting; the same is the shoes; the girl came to see the old woman, recognized I.; the brothers were forgiven]: Samodelova 2013, No. 64:71-74; Russians (Tambov Region) [An unclean spirit stole Anastasia the Beautiful from Tsar Pea; three sons go in search; the youngest Ivan sees how three spoonbills became maidens, began to swim; I. hid the sash as the most beautiful; she answers that his mother was kidnapped by her father Raven Voronovich; tells him to follow a bird with a golden tuft; I. goes with her brothers, they bring him down to the lower world; 33 spoonbill girls in copper, silver, golden kingdoms send I. to go for a ball; the princess of gold gives a ball to go to the pearl kingdom, where mother I.; orders to rearrange vats with strong and low-power water there; I. enough BB, makes you give he had a feather road; princesses and mother I. turned the four kingdoms into balls, the I. brothers pulled them all out, cut off the rope, lifting I.; 12 fellows carried him to the ground; I.'s father executed his wife, wants to marry him the princess of the golden kingdom; she demands to sew boots, then a dress without measure; I. does everything, hiring artisans and revealing hidden kingdoms; the princess orders I. to cook in milk, he becomes handsome ; his father jumped, cooked; I. marries, reigns]: Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 130:239-243.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. The Kalmyks [fearing the 15-headed Musa, people migrated, left the child in an iron cradle and a foal; the child became the hero Aman Tsagan, the foal became the horse Ashin Alag; the AC married the Khan daughters, his wife is missing; he comes to the well, where the servant of heaven Tögy Bus; says that he brought his wife from the lower world; the AC tells her to pour water into the hostess's hands along with the gold put there with a ring; the wife recognizes the ring, finds her husband at the well; he makes a hole in the TB yurt, pushes him there; puts on his clothes, comes to his father, he does not notice the change, arranges a feast; at night, the AC kills his father TB, returns his wife]: Basangova 2002:42-45; Adygi [a lonely rider meets Shauai without recognizing him, says he is going to Sh.; he brings him to his place, changes clothes, receives a guest; the rider asks give him and his horse huge portions of food; covers the horse with a layer of resin and sand; rushes into the sea; if white foam pops up, S. must grab a horse that jumps out of the water; red pops up; S. jumps on his horse across the sea; calls; the rider replies that he lies between the crushing mountains; S. cuts off the heads of 12 seven-headed wilds ready to cut off the head of the rider; the stallion runs away, brings three 12- the heads of older brothers killed by others; the rider kills two with arrows; when he fights the latter, the horse cannot bite the horseman covered in sand and resin; S. kills him; the rider confesses that he is a girl who avenged her brothers killed by frogs; after washing her eyes with other blood, her parents saw the light; the girl immediately leaves, S. goes to look for her; Satanai says that the girl lives overseas, the way the An-Ak eagle is guarding there; S. on horseback in the dark (the beauty covers her face with her hair, it becomes dark) swims across an impenetrable swamp; the beauty promised to marry someone who can do it; on the way back An-Ak takes her away; S. pretends to be sleeping, An-Ak brings him to his nest, S. kills him with a sword; returns to sledges with his wife]: Huth 1987:40-54.

Volga - Perm. Udmurts [a soldier gave birth to two sons without her husband, threw them into the river; after 25 years, the soldier returned, they had a boy; he is very strong, tears off his peers; asks his father to order blacksmiths club; complains that he is light, demolishes half the village to her; the tsar puts him in an iron cellar; he raises the roof, leaves; meets Ivan Berezkin (drags a birch tree) and Ivan Dubovkin (drags an oak tree), this is his half-brothers thrown into the river; brothers go together; successively come to three mountains, where people mine copper, silver, gold; turn them off, two blue, white and gray, fly out of the mountains, two red pigeons; these are mothers of copper, silver, gold; there is a hut in the meadow, a roasted bull in the oven, the heroes ate it; three sisters come, put another bull to fry, go to the bathhouse; information security, then try to close the ID the door is outside, the sisters easily knock it out; when the soldier's son holds the door, the sisters cannot open; they marry the heroes; IS and ID leave with their wives, the soldier's son and his wife remain; the wife is kidnapped by the Wind Demon; the hero comes to rescue, in which old women are formerly kidnapped women; they say that the WB has a soul in a chest under twelve oak barks, in a hare, in a duck, in three eggs; the hero comes to his wife; she first he decorates the door jamb, then the kid, the Sun laughs both times, then says where the soul is really in three eggs; on the way, the hero spares foxes, hawks, crayfish; finds an oak tree, a hare runs out of the chest , he is caught by a fox; a duck is a hawk; eggs dropped into the water are caught by cancer; a hero comes to the WB, presses eggs; lives with his wife in his palace]: Aldan 1936:35-44; Kazan Tatars [dzhigit dreams of a shining girl; goes to look for; when Nursyly leaves the palace, only he does not lose consciousness; the padishah tells me to bring a dress tomorrow that is gold in front, silver on the back; a horse with a silver mane; a golden palace with gardens; the bird brings everything; the horseman and his wife walk in the garden, she is drawn in by a cloud; finds a tree whose leaves make her satiety; another that makes the lord of divas; the third, the root of which makes strong; finds a diva kidnapper; N. replaces bottles of strong and weak water; Dzhigit kills a diva; N. rolls the diva's possessions into an egg; the dzhigit returns with N.]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 67:336-342.

Turkestan. Kazakhs (Syr-Darya) [the king's daughter is missing, the old woman's 7 sons went to look for her; she was taken away by another tsar, who knew how to turn into a huge golden eagle; the first brother put the guard bird to sleep, stole the girl from the king's bed; the watchdog bird flew in, grabbed her; the second brother shot her, the third pulled the princess out of the lake where the bird fell; the golden eagle king flew in, the brothers dived into the lake, the golden eagle after them, crashed on stone; the king gave his daughter to one of the brothers, the throne to another, and the rest to different positions]: Divaev 1909:88-90; Dungans [Ponwyn hears a girl scream from the sky, throws a rocker arm into the whirlwind, and a shoe falls; finds out that the emperor's daughter has been carried away; takes warriors and his friend Duanzhian; descends a rope into a cave; the princess teaches how to cut a sleeping snake with his own sword; when the princess is raised, D. orders to remove rope, fill the entrance; P. frees the son of the dragon king; tells him to take a drum as a reward from his father; he gives everything he needs; P. comes home where D.; D. spies on how the drum turns into girl (this is the youngest daughter of the dragon king); throws P. into the well; the drum covers the table with crap, flies away to complain to the emperor; P. is pulled out, he shows half of the bracelet given to him by his daughter emperor; receives it; D. is buried at the crossroads up to the neck]: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 8:73-79.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Mongors [poor Zhangmu hunter sees a black whirlwind, shoots, and a shoe falls from there; the emperor announces that his daughter has disappeared, sends her images; J. recognizes the princess by her shoe; c Two generals come to the cave, they lower J. on a rope; he finds the princess, sends her upstairs with a bracelet from her; ties a stone instead; the generals pick it up, cut off the rope, they take the princess away; J. frees the attached son of the Dragon King; he brings him to him, the Dragon King gives a vessel that gives you whatever you want; after seeing his mother, J. asks the vessel for good clothes, comes to a party to celebrate the princess's return; she sees her bracelet, tells her father; he gives her daughter to J., decapitates generals]: Stuart, Limusishiden 1994:168-169; darhats [Kityt-Hu ( "Chinese son") shot a 15-headed mangys, then shot something flying, the arrow fell in blood; the warriors say they are looking for Sain-Hut-Taiji, carried away by a 25-headed mangys; they go together where something black has fallen; the farm is lowered into the pit on a belt; there the stolen SHT orders the wounded mangys to be shot in the side, the mangys dies; the girl was picked up, but the belt was not lowered for the KH; he drinks living water, frees Lusay Khan, chained by mangys; he takes him to the ground; the Kh comes to the father of the SHT, who gives him his daughter, makes him the first noyon; the warriors who say that they saved the girl are executed]: Potanin 1883, No. 157: 529-531.

Western Siberia. Forest Nenets [Shomstehantetto marries three women, the youngest agrees; shows 7 hawks flying by, these are gods, she is married to the extreme; S. says he is stronger; wife disappears ; Sh. turns into a red spider, flies to the Pechna-Kynsma Palace of the Spirit of Disease; defeats him in martial arts]: Tuchkova, Shkurkina 2004, No. 1:251-252; Mansi (Zap. A. Balandin, 1937, p. Vejacors on the river. Ob) [water is everywhere; there is an old man and an old woman in the house; an iron loon flew in, dived, popped up, his neck burst, blood appeared under his neck, a piece of earth in his beak, stuck between the logs of the house, flew up; then but the second loon dives three times, blood on his neck, a piece of land stuck between the logs; the earth began to grow; the old man goes out three times, each time after three days; the third time there is land everywhere; the old man sends three times the white crow flies around the ground; he returns in 3, 5, 7 days; the third time is black, pecking a deceased person; the old man told him not to catch the beast from now on, only fish or take blood for himself when a person He will kill the beast and take meat; a tree has grown in the backyards; the old man brought it with roots and branches, began to cheat it, cut his hand, the old woman sucked blood, told him to carry the tree back; at night the old woman was gone, in the morning, an old man found her in a small house, she gave birth to a son there, called Taryg-Pesch-nimalya-sov; T. hunts; every time she sees a line in the ice-hole; then she sees his reflection, he has a beard, needs a wife; found a home, took a horse out of the basement of the barn, washed it from the manure, his mother gave chain mail, a sword, a whip and a saddle; T. jumps to look for his wife, pierced an aspen leaf with an arrow; in the house an old woman says that T. punched a piece of her bed; that Num- Torum, his father let his wife down from heaven, and Paraparsekh stole him; gave him the skins of pike, hawk, mammoth, hare and scissors; T. meets people, shepherding horses; people: herd horses P.; T.: answer: we herd horses T., otherwise, the Fire King following me will burn you with fire; the same will be cow shepherds; T. comes to P.'s house, he is not there, the woman tells you to hide in moss; the winged P. descends on the larch; the woman assures that P. dead, P. does not believe, flies away; T. pursues with the skin of a hawk; P. became an iron loon into the sea, T. became a pike; P. was a hare, T. is another hare; P. is a teal duck, T. shot him with an arrow, burned him in the fire; horse carried him across the sky through Torum's fire, ordered him to hide in his nostril for this time; Kul is on the way, swallows everyone, the horse tells them to wear mammoth skin, cut off Kul's nose and ears with scissors; Kul: I'll die now; 30 aspens from one root go into girth, strangle people with branches; the horse is gone, T. thinks about that old woman, she appears, breaks aspens, says that the eternal era of human life will come, and with these aspens it was it would be impossible; the horse tells him to wrap him in birch bark, grab Kirp-Nelp Equa's granddaughter; K. chases, grabs the horse, but only rips off his birch bark, cuts his hands on his sword; T. comes to his wife, clutching his leg with him horse, daughter K.; T. now has two wives, all P.'s wealth; in heaven T. comes to the old man, in sledges, the Sun Girl; T. volunteered to take her himself; looks down, sees people quarreling, thought he would kill everyone, people die; the old man tells them to be resurrected; he resurrected them; the same place where the Month Girl (or are these girls daughters of the Sun and the Month?) ; with two wives, T. comes to a place where earth and sky meet; there is a hole, an old man is waiting for ducks, waiting for geese; T. tries to fly like a hawk, falls, dives into the lake with a pike, brings it to the old woman and the old man ducks; an old woman cooks them, does not tell them to break bones, puts bones in a lake with live water, ducks fly out alive; T. sleeps with their daughter; T. returned to earth with all his wives, now 5 wives; then gets another one wife]: Lukina 1990, No. 106:272-290.

Eastern Siberia. Western Evenks: Vasilevich 1966, No. 35 (Kirensky) [the house was like a storage shed on stilts; when her husband left, his wife raised a ladder; Chingit picked up the dropped mittens, her husband's hat, came to the house, became sing an ordinary song; the wife replies that the voice is a stranger; chingit shows the mittens first, then the hat, the wife lowers the ladder, the chingit takes the woman away; the husband asks the pine tree, she refers to the larch, larch replies that his wife was taken away by Chingit; the husband breaks into Genghit before he kills his wife, kills him with an arrow, returns his wife]: 322-324; Western Evenks (Vanavara) [the wife says to Kurivulu, that he is afraid to be alone when he and his two brothers are hunting; K. builds a house on stilts, raised his wife there; killed a deer while hunting, began to fresh, saw Mangi on his wings carry his wife away {text cut off}]: Vasilevich 1947:137; Baikal Evenks (northern Transbaikalia, 1948) [Siktan's wife tells him to throw his mittens into the hole when he returns, then he will open it; he forgets his mittens in in the forest, they are picked up by Gadar and Jalon flying across the sky; they are thrown to his wife S., who unlocks them, they carry her away; S. shoots at them, arrows break pieces of stone from their bodies; the deer brings S. to the country where G. and D.; wife S. burns a red squirrel in which their strength is; S. kills them, returns his wife]: Pinegina et al. 1952:67-69 (=Pinegina 2019:105-107); Baikal Evenks (Barguzin) [Karatkakan Noyen in guise the birds carried Dolodai's seven daughters with his foot; the youngest Suvudangina became an eagle, flew back; says that the hero Kuludai from the south will not be able to defeat KN, only Arsalan Bakshi in the east will win; flies there becomes his wife, gives his two eagle feathers for his arrows; KN comes, scolds AB, he leaves the yurt, while KN kidnaps S.; AB pursues, they fight as deer and saiga, moose and wild boar, then people; their horses go to where the objects in which the lives of the heroes are located; KN has an arrow in a box in his sister's hand, AB has a saw; con. AB manages to swallow the saw so that the enemy does not take possession of it, AB breaks an arrow, kills KN, takes his wives]: Georgi 1936 (Western 1772): 233-235 (translated from the German original to Voskoboynikov 1958:172-177); Far Eastern Evenks (Olekminsky District of Yakutia) [contrary to his wife's wishes, Hickteney goes hunting; sees the Eagle carry his wife west; H. follows, comes to his blind mother, who has lost him 20 years ago; she says that the eagle is Chadanai, his soul is in a red squirrel; gives a horse; the old father says that you have to go without stopping with those who will ask them to come in; it turns out to be not people, and dogs, snakes; H. kills a squirrel, returns his wife]: Voskoboynikov 1960b, No. 7:33-38; Evenks (Far Eastern?) [while Torganay and his brother are hunting, three-headed Kadanay carries his wife by air; the mare gives birth to a heroic horse for T.; he drives T. to a river full of human teeth and bones, teaches him to say that the river is good, the water is decreasing; the horse slips through the cliffs, crushed; T. takes not black, but white foam, lubricates the bones, the horse comes to life; brings him to the rock, turns into a berry meadow; they go down girls, T. sticks a needle to one of them's headscarf; T. cuts down K.'s two heads; his wife orders to burn three squirrels, K. and his rock house disappear, T. returns his wife home]: Varlamova 2004, No. 5:164-174; Evens [Umesne's wife is carried away by a cedar, which has turned into a big bird; the first time W. catches up and takes his wife away, the second time he kills his wife and cedar; goes to look for his wife; the old woman tells him to cut down larch, on which a cedar nest; W. finds a cedar with silver feathers in the nest; the old woman turns into a girl, tells him to go home; his wife is sitting at home]: Novikova 1958:50-52; 1987:49-51.

Amur - Sakhalin. Udege people: Lebedeva 1998, No. 29 [while Egdyga is hunting, Tsar Orlanov and Tsar Herons kidnap his sister; leader Volkov and Dog Leader report this, go with him; sister collects rosemary for camlania with the two sisters of the kidnappers, promises his brother that he will go to bed outside; Kingfisher, Squirrel shamanate, say the girl's brother is next to him; Eagle and Heron do not believe, they say he is at home; brother with The Wolf and the Dog kill the kidnappers, take their sisters as wives; the kingfisher has a black mark on its back, the squirrel jumped on the trees]: 213-217; Podmaskin, No. 24 [Egdiga hunts, his sister Aha sews clothes for him; Seagull takes her away; the dog's skull and bones show E. the way, turn into two young men; on the way, E. saves a mouse and haddock, they promise to help; A. picks berries with two sisters Seagulls, haddock lures her into the forest, she meets her brother; Shaman Seagull's assistants (Kingfisher, Nuthatch, Heron, Eagle, Squirrel, Humpback Dwarf) gather at his house, camla; some say that E. is dead, others that he is sitting in a corner; at night, the mouse gnaws through the straps on Chaika's spear, bow, clothes; E. kills him, hits his assistants (now the nuthatch's back is blue, etc.); marries one of his sisters; the second and A. marries on his two assistants]: 136-131; Wilta [western 1938; a huge bird descends into the palace's chimney and takes the chief's daughter; Gawhat was mowing hay at that time and saw how it happened; the chief gives him soldiers , tells him to find his daughter; he is lowered into the hole on ropes; the woman hides him, her cannibal husband falls asleep, G. cuts off a bunch of red hair on his head, he dies; G. rings the bell, the soldiers raise the woman; when G. is raised, the rope is cut off; in the house, G.'s devil finds vessels with white and red water; red water is healing, revitalizing; he revives the child hanged by the devil; the child's parents give G. a two-headed sevona (?) , he lifts G. upstairs; the leader does not believe G.; his daughter comes in, says that G. saved her, he has her ring; he marries her]: Petrova 1967, No. 8:148-150 (=Medvedev 1992:316-319; detailed text with a little with further details in Sam et al. 2012:113-118); Wilta [Geuhatu lives on the outskirts of the city in a grass house; mowing grass near a sacred tree, sees an iron bird the size of an iron bird descending the tree house; on the bird's back a beautiful woman cries: golden tears are pouring from her left eye, silver tears from her right eye; asks her parents to inform her about her; G. climbed the tree to a hole in the sky, but remembered that food Not with him, but went down; two chiefs came to pick him up and took him to the owner; G. first replied that he did not see anything, and then told him everything; G. received 70 soldiers and an iron flying steamer, which went up to the heavenly hole; G. tied a rope and ordered him to be lowered; there were three roads from the intersection: to the dead, to the sun and to hell; G. tied a rope to the hemp {so as not to get lost on the way back} and went to hell; in the house that woman, she hid G.; said that when the hell came, bringing a man in one armpit and a seal in the other, she would persuade him to let him look for lice; when he will fall asleep, G. must cut his red hair on top of his head with a sword; the first time the devil smells something, but the woman says it's the smell of a bear that the devil recently brought; when the hell fell asleep again, G. cut hair, hell died, his body was welded and burned; they reached the fork along the rope; the woman tells G. to get up first, he refused, she gave him her gold ring; he was picked up, and when G. cut off the rope; G. put his finger in the red water flowing nearby, his finger fell off; put it in white water - recovered; drank white water and recovered; found a barely alive person tied to a tree, gave him white water with water; he led him to his parents, ordered them to reward not gold and silver, but an idol; tied two rods to their feet, they crossed the water; having received an idol, G. met an old man; he had a handkerchief, in to whom the city and soldiers with guns; changed with the old man, and then ordered the soldiers to take away the old man's idol; the same with another old man who has a staff with soldiers; G.'s wife is passed off as another who called himself her savior; G. threw that gold ring into a glass of vodka; the woman recognized him and called G. the savior; the owner: that deceiver must be killed; now G. is rich and with two wives; {the end is unclear; where second wife? named Lord of the Sea}]: Ikegami 2007, No. 17:67-85; nivhi [flying milk carries the daughter of the head of a Manchu city in a bag; a man goes for firewood, sees a milka, hits a bloody one with a stick the trail goes down to the ground; the boss promises to give his daughter to the savior; the man is lowered on a rope; there is a woman in the house, the man took her away while the milk was away; the father raised his daughter; when he picked up the savior, cut off the rope, it crashed]: Pilsudski 2003, No. 16:122

SV Asia. Chukchi: Anonymous 1958 [written in 1955 in Uelen; while husband is hunting and daughter is at home, wife goes swimming in the lagoon with other women; two men take her clothes away; she follows, they change in seagulls, along with other seagulls, they take her away; in the spring, the husband and daughter go to look for bird eggs; they see a yaranga, comes in, his wife is there, a big seagull is nearby; she tells the seagulls to attack the hunter, he successfully fights off with a stick; hits the skimmer himself on the wings; other seagulls are happy because their head forced them to carry his prey; after killing the skimper, the husband returns home with his wife]: 70; Bogoras 1928, No. 23 [y orphans are five strong uncles; they defeat him in circles, kick him, trample him; he pretends to be dead, catches the Raven; refuses to buy a knife, Raven's two sisters, deer; the Raven promises to make him a shaman; a young man defeats his uncle, moving the land and the sea; marries the daughter of the fifth, good uncle; Dawn takes her away; the young man stands on a spear, flies to the North Star (Cole); his wife is blind, the daughter is blind to one eye; the young man makes them sighted; finds Dawn asleep, kills him, takes his wife back; now she is kidnapped by the Sun and the Month; the Sun creates a river of centipedes; the young man throws meat to him, crosses the river; the same an episode with rivers of beetles of different colors; a young man enters the Sun; he throws a bloody solar disk of wood, iron, copper around the room; the young man turns into hair, into a needle, unharmed; the Sun throws him into the fire, the young man comes to life; takes his wife home again, promises his sister to the Sun; the Sun and the Month come for her; the young man makes the girl out of snow; the Sun and the Month carry her to heaven; the warm wind makes her melt, kills the Sun and the Month with a blizzard], 49 [Eagle Shaman takes the man's wife; he follows her; the Falcon gives him his combat outfit; in it the man kills the Eagle; returns his wife and five others kidnapped women, takes them as wives; Eagle's mother pursues them; The eagle shamanizes, cutting off her wings, the man finishes her off]: 364-367, 433-436; Kozlov 1956 [a man takes his wife to hunt, an eagle takes her to the island; There are already a lot of people there; a stick guides the hunter, he comes on the ice for his wife; the eagle's mother says that the eagle's father took her from the village, promises to help; tells people to hide under a huge pole; eagle brings a whale; tries to raise a pole, he can't, its claws get stuck in a pole; people return home, no longer hunt deer, but raise pets]: 48-51; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 57 [Eagle kidnaps his wife Enavyochgyn' a; Fox teaches how to find the kidnapper; E. kills the Guard Eagle, meets his wife by the lake; tells the Eagle to tire in the evening, cut off his sleeping head; returns home as a wife; enemies chase them; Fox invites enemies into the house, sets fire, enemies die]: 218-221; Dolitsky 1997, No. 2 [(zap. P. Skoryk); Enavchegyn does not find his wife's home; the fox asks him to feed him, says that his wife was taken away by a huge eagle; tells him to go to the mountain where another giant eagle guards the path to the land of eagles, hit him with two arrows; finding his wife collecting water, tells her to cut the kidnapper's throat with a knife at night; the couple has returned, the Fox tells them to hide in the bush; when the chase comes, the Fox assures that his house puts guests to bed, sets fire to the house, they burn down]: 7-9; Russified, probably tundra yukaghirs: Bogoras 1918, No. 7 (p. Nizhnekolymsky District Gait) [A monster woman forces a man to marry her; he finds another wife coming out of the ice-hole to him; the Monster puts him to sleep, goes to the ice-hole, fires an arrow at the woman; the husband dives, finds his wife near death; she orders to ask for help from three Cranes; the husband approaches them, becoming a shrew, grabs the youngest by the leg; the Cranes agree to follow him; the youngest extracts an arrow from a woman's heart; a double-headed Eagle carries a woman; the youngest Crane takes away his prey; the spouses are happy, have many children], 22 [Lala does not find his wife at home; Vulture refuses to tell , Soyka says that the kidnapper is Raven Son; L. comes to the house to find his son there, who has also been kidnapped during this time; the Armed Forces explain that the Sun is iron, he can only be killed by fire; They help to put firewood on his house while he sleeps; the sun burns down, L. returns his wife and son]: 21-24, 93-94; forest yukaghirs [when the husband went hunting, a falcon flew in and asked the woman to marry him; the woman refused, tied a bundle for memory, but still forgot to tell her husband; the next time the falcon arrived, the woman agreed to go with him; he put her on his head, flew away; the husband returned, went to look for his wife; traces of wings in the snow led him to a house; the owner said that he had killed the falcon and now the hunter's wife was with him; the hunter shot the owner and wife; on the trail of the wounded falcon, he reached rocks; there is a cave, there is an iron man in it; they fought for three years, a hunter killed an iron man; the cave has 50 women; all but two knew where they came from; the hunter went back with two women; one found out her native place and stayed; the hunter and the woman came to a man who accused him of kidnapping his wife; the hunter said he did not steal her, but on the contrary, released her; they fired arrows at each other and the hunter wounded that man; he asked for mercy and gave his younger sister to the hunter (did he keep the wife brought by the hunter for himself?) ; in addition, he gave a hundred deer]: Zhukova, Chernetsov 1992:79-82.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos: Menovshchikov 1985, No. 37 [The eagle kills everyone, the husband and wife remain; the husband hides in the cave, the Eagle tries to pull him out; the husband sees a bare place on the Eagle's skin, not covered with fluff; hits him with an arrow], 40 [The eagle takes a woman to heaven; her husband makes a wooden female figure; the Eagle's claws get stuck in her, the man kills him; puts on his feathers, rises to heaven; the Eagle has killed an earthly woman; he learns from Orlitsa the ritual of seal hunting, kills her, descends, teaches people]: 83-84, 93-97; Rubtsova, Vakhtin 2019, No. 41 (Chaplino) [a successful whale hunter, he has 5 daughters; a ceremony must be performed to kill a whale, but the hunter's wife disappeared; the following year, the eldest daughter went to pick up the roots, she was taken to heaven by an eagle; when he took the last two daughters, he began to fatten them; the fox : he fattens you to eat, weave a rope out of your tendons; look into the pantry: there are sisters who have already been taken away, their eagle has sucked their fat, but they are still alive; to distract the eagle, the sisters tell you to bring prey from afar - they say, their father did it; the fox lowered the girl on a rope to the ground; when the eagle chased, the girl drew a line with her little finger, formed a river; the eagle dammed the river, getting into the water and spreading its wings, but the girl told the river to freeze, the eagle froze in age, the girl killed him with a knife; the youngest went to find someone, got to a brown bear; he told him to beat him when she wakes up with a scraper handle so as not to bit; sends to those who play ball over the hill; there she was married by a young man; she gave birth twice, both times a boy; guests have arrived; she won everyone in running and fighting; returns to the bear for a while, Taking the braided rope; then to her parents; then throws the rope up again and goes up to the northern lights; {it is obvious that those who play ball are flashes}; gave birth twice again; overtook everyone and overcame everyone; then returned {to earth} again and then went under water; got married and stayed there]: 555-576; central Yupik [thunderbirds are big eagles; built a nest on top of the mountain, carried away deer and people; the hunter's wife was taken away; he climbs the mountain, kills the chicks with arrows first, then their father and mother; finds the remains of his wife, performs funeral rituals]: Nelson 1899:486-487; inupiate Northern Alaska: Burkher 1989 (Cape Berrow) [wife goes missing; husband leaves meat for little daughter, goes south, sees a huge tree, rope hangs from the hollow; he climbs it, his wife and others are there women, carried away by a bird-man; husband lowers his wife and others, a woman, a burning tree is burning; husband and wife return to their daughter; she was taken care of by a wolf at that time, chewing meat for her]: 25-31; Curtis 1976 (20) (Kotzebue) [A month kidnaps a woman; her husband goes in search, goes to Orlitz, lives with her; Orlitsa brings his wife on the fifth attempt, as if fainting, Orlitsa teaches her to bring her back to life, her husband lives with both wives; visits parents with his earthly wife, then they live with Orlitsa again, every year there and there]: 185-188; Ingstad, Bergsland 1987 (Anaktuvuk Pass) [the eagle takes the man's wife; that comes to the mountain, rises as a fluff; carving fire, lulls the attention of the Groundhog Watchman and then the Eagle (the smell of smoldering wood calms them down); tells the women in the Eagle's house to return takes his wife to where they were stolen from, sets fire to the eagle skin hanging on the wall; the eagle is unable to chase]: 240-241; Ostermann 1952 (Kangianek) [The eagle takes the leader's daughter; the orphan turns into mosquito, puts Eagle and his guard Falcon to sleep, kills both; frees captured women; brings the leader's daughter home, gets her married]: 169-171; Spencer 1959 [the young man turns into an Eagle, takes the woman to his house on the mountain, makes her wife; she cries; Spider lowers her rope to the ground; woman returns home]: 386; copper: Jenness 1924, No. 65 [1) man asks Eagle to dance, promising him sister, people kill him with arrows; everyone ate meat except Eagle's ex-wife; 2) like Rasmussen]: 77-78; Rasmussen 1932 [a huge Eagle kidnaps a girl; she asks him to bring a big stone, weaves a rope from tendons, ties her to a stone, goes down a cliff, runs home; an eagle comes for her; her father asks Eagle to open his wings, kills him with a club]: 221-222; caribou [girls play wives and husbands ; one calls her husband the whale's skull; he drags her into the water, turns her into a whale, makes her his wife; the brother takes her back; the whale chases them, she throws him parts of her clothes, the whale stays near them, the fugitives reach home; another girl calls her husband a falcon; he takes her to a rock; she weaves a rope from her tendons, descends from a cliff, runs away]: Rasmussen 1930b: 94-96; polar (mother storytellers are from Baffin Land) [three girls are married, one wants a seagull as her husband, the other a whale bone, a third grave; the Seagull takes the first to her nest, the second is taken by Keith to an island into the sea; they come to pick up the kidnapped woman, she ties the rope tied to her by Keith to a stone, sails away with people; in the boat, Keith's wife consistently throws him parts of her clothes, strips naked; When Keith jumps ashore, he turns back into a whale bone; the Seagull brings belugas to his wife's goiter; the wife makes a rope out of their tendons, goes down the cliff, runs to her father; he offers A seagull raises its wings, kills with an arrow; makes a dog kennel from his hip joint]: Holtved 1951, No. 39:174-179 (translated into Menovshchikov 1985, No. 205:415-416); Labrador Eskimos, Western Greenland (two versions - one from Labrador, the other from Greenland) [two girls play on the shore, one with eagles and the other with whale bones; the first says she would marry Eagle, the second - what kind of Keith; the Eagle takes the first; she makes a rope out of the tendons of the birds they bring, descends the rock, runs to people; the Eagle arrives, asks him to raise his wings, kills him with arrows; Keith takes the second girl, tells him to collect lice (parasitic crustaceans); the girl's brothers make a fast-moving boat, come to pick up her sister; Keith chases them; the girl consistently throws her garments to Keith; the boat manages to reach the shore; when Keith reaches the coast, it turns into a whale bone]: Rink 1975, No. 8:126-128; West Greenland [two sisters reject suitors; one brother suggests one to marry an eagle, the other to a whale; the eagle takes the girl to the edge of the cliff; brings walruses and seals to her and her brothers; she weaves a rope from her tendons; she goes down, the brothers bring her home; the eagle arrives only an orphan boy managed to hit him with an arrow, others finish him off; the whale takes his second sister away; does not let him out of the house, offers relief in his arm or arm; brothers train; when their boat overtakes the loon, comes for her sister; she ties the rope for which the whale tied her to the stone, leaves with her brothers; the whale catches up; she consistently throws her garments, the whale grabs them, loses time; when it drops its pants, the boat reaches the shore, the whale is thrown away after it, turns into whale bones]: Ostermann 1942:124-127; Baffin Land, East Greenland [two girls play with bones found on the shore, one rubs the body with eagle bones, the other with a whale, promise to marry them; Eagle and Keith take the girls away; carried away by Eagle makes a rope out of the tendons brought by those A loon, descends from a cliff to a man in a kayak, who takes her to her parents; her father promises Eagle to return his wife if he shows his penis; he straightens his wings, the man kills him with an arrow in heart; Keith's wife gnaws through the rope she's tied with, swims to the shore; Keith tries to follow her, people kill him, eat him]: Millman 2004:156-157.

Subarctic. Koyukon: Attla 1983 [The husband is hunting, the cannibal comes in, the wife says she will go for firewood, hears the ogre tear and fry her child; runs to her husband; when the ogre comes up, they kill him with spears, they burn the corpse; apparently, the cannibal has bewitched them to part; when they come to live in a village where the woman's parents, the husband often leaves; the wife follows the trail, looks into a house where two giggling girls they try to hold him; leaves alone, lives on the seashore; Seagull comes in a kayak, takes her away by force; there is only rot and tear in his house; the woman sees Seagull's huge beak, swallowed and regurgitated many times; A man comes in, takes her away; this is the Eagle; an old woman is in his house, feeding her well; the Seagull comes, demands that his wife be returned; the Eagle says that the Seagull kills wives by swallowing them and regurgitating them; The Seagull says that the Eagle throws her wives off a cliff; a woman gives birth, the old woman replies to Eagle that the child is a girl, immediately recovers that she is a boy; warns a woman to go in need only where the path does not lead; after the birth of the sixth girl (by the number of feathers in the Eagle's tail), the old woman tells the woman to follow the path; the woman misses her parents and earthly husband; the Eagle is ready to take her home; they go with the children; at the fork a woman chooses the wrong path; they come to a house where there are many children, they behave ugly; in the morning those who come see that they are dogs; in the next house at night someone crawls, a woman stabs one; It was an ant house, since then ants seem to have been cut in half; in spring, travelers reach a woman's village, where her husband and parents are; the eagle husband and children who have become eagles fly back]: 215-241; 1996 [woman picks berries, sees an eagle, says he would like to bury his face in his tail feathers; a man appears, he is an Eagle, takes her away; her husband is looking for her, the Eagle offers to compete; the man wins in martial arts, because he puts on Eagle pants that are invisible to him by an old woman; at night in the house, Orel becomes an eagle, a man becomes a wolverine, she eats an eagle, becomes a man again; he returns his wife]: 65-85; helmet [the leader of the Swans kidnaps a man's wife; the husband leads the warriors to a high cold country; they reach a place where the sky beats on the ground; they slip, one of them is touched by the sky; his they send back in the boat; the wife helps her husband by putting the Swan to sleep; all Swans are killed, one hunter escapes; on the way back it turns out that the sky has frozen to the water; shamans and animals try to break a hole; Lynx breaks his nose, he's been dumb ever since; Laska makes a small hole, others widen it; the expedition returns home]: Teit 1917a, No. 11:453-455; taltan [The swan carries a woman; her husband with friends comes to the edge where the sky hits the ground; one of the participants magically slows down, people pass; walk through the country of Ducks, then Geese; the weather gets warmer as you approach to the Swan Land on the other side of the sky; a woman runs away with people; Swans stop chasing to the edge of the sky because it's getting too cold for them there; people are returning home]: Teit 1921a, No. 58:336 -337.

NW Coast. Nootka [four Thunderbird Brothers come to play a hoop with the Woodpecker; Black Bear, Crane in the Thunder Team, lose; Kingfisher, Quatyat in the Woodpecker team, win; the eldest of Gromov takes Woodpecker's wife; he sends Quatyat, he turns into a berry, the stolen one recognizes him; the woodpecker turns into salmon; tells his wife to eat it, take his bones to the river; revives, returns with his wife; see motive I3]: Sapir, Swadesh 1939, No. 10:51-53; makah [like a nook; husband rich, wife Blackbird; one Thunder comes to play]: Densmore 1939:208-210.

The coast is the Plateau. Comox (chatloltk) [The thunderbird Waquakle kidnaps Koulten's wife; K., Norka and others turn into fish, let themselves be caught; in the guise of salmon, K. tells his wife to eat it, Throw the cartilage into the water; comes to life, takes his wife away; other fish, hanged to dry, jump into the water, come home, also regain their former appearance; K. and his men take Keith's boat, which looks like a whale; they sit inside with a heavy stone; first the sons of the Thunderbird, then their father tries to grab the whale, their claws get stuck; only the youngest son remains alive; now he flies, rattling, only in summer]: Boas 1895, No. 11:82-84; kordalen [while the person is away, Thunder visits her; one day she takes her away completely; the husband goes to look for her; enters the house, the owner gives four needles; so three times; in the fourth, the owner commands with help these needles to climb a steep mountain; the man climbs, it is still far from the top; he asks the Chipmunk, then the Squirrel to help, they tell him to hold their tail, stretch the man, but not to the top; the feathers take him upstairs; the wife tells me to hide in a hole under the bed; when Thunder falls asleep, she takes all the rags hanging from the walls, goes down to the ground with her husband; Thunder wakes up, but does not see her clothes, falls down the mountain]: Reichard 1947, No. 25:172-174; Quileut [Thunderbird kidnaps Quatey's wife; he turns into a berry, a sprout, a shell; his wife picks it up, he takes her home in his former form. but Thunder takes it back every time; K. turns his boat into a whale; Thunder's claws get stuck in a whale, Thunder sinks, turns into stone; Thunder's younger brother is still looking for him; lightning flies out of his eyes, flapping wings - thunder strikes]: Reagan, Walters 1933:311-312.

Plains. Blacklegs [Thunder takes the man's wife; he goes in search; the Wolf cannot help, the Raven gives the crown a wing and an arrow with a moose horn; explains that Thunder is afraid of them, tells them to know wife's eyes; on the wall of Thunder's stone dwelling there are many eyes, a man recognizes his wife; points a wing and arrow at Thunder, he admits defeat; allows his wife's eyes to be taken away, the wife is reborn; Thunder gives my ritual tube; will fly in the summer, it will rain for human berries to ripen; OcksDene and es, i.e. r Central Anmericatoupse C.- Inupiakmatic LanguageEastern I The tube remains with]: Grinnell 1962:113-116; teton (oglala) [Thunderbird takes the boy's wife; his grandmother gives him an invisible hat and a knife that cuts everything; makes a self-propelled boat with eyes and tail; a young man kills three of four Thunderbirds; drops his hat, Western Thunderbird picks it up, escapes; the boat brings home the young man and his wife]: Walker 1983:121-126.

California. Oriental pomo [The hawk is not loyal to the Partridge, she decides to leave him; weaves a basket with patterns symbolizing the water world; sends children to the cave with food; she sits in the basket herself, she swims on the lake; seeing the patterns, water creatures do not touch her; she goes ashore, the ribbking monster Gilak takes her away; his sister is a ritual drum, she has teeth in her vagina, with which she devours those brought by her brother and women thrown into a hole in the roof, spits out bones; in the passage leading to the house from the side, there are two bears and two rattlesnakes; Gadfly also guards; one day he fell asleep, G. snatched him into punishment is one eye; brother G. forgot to set a trap at the entrance, G. tore off one leg; hawk's wife G. did not throw his sister to eat, but led him through the door for himself; The hawk flew to G.'s house, killed two bears and two snakes, but was trapped, broke his spine, G.'s marriage threw it into sister G.'s vagina, who ate it; Hawk's grandfather asked two flint brothers and two Bluebirds brothers to go with him; gathered him Hawk's bag of bone, blinded bears and snakes with smoke, trapped a stone; Coyote and his four companions and two Brothers-G. began to play guessing (dice); G. shot Flint, an arrow bounced; Bluebird shot G.'s second toe, killed him; then they killed Brother G., fed them a toothy vagina; started dancing on the drum, smashing it; Coyote revived Hawk; they wanted to burn down the house, but Bumble-Fly asked to leave him; everyone comes back, but people smell dead, Hawk decides to leave, his brother is with him; Coyote goes to the fork, and then Hawk's trail goes along the same path, his trail brother on the other; the Coyote throws up his stick, she falls, divides him into two Coyotes; they follow two trails (text ends)]: Angulo, Freeland 1928:244-249; southern mountain mivoks [ a huge bird lived on the back of the sky; flew there through a hole in the zenith of the sky; kidnapped a toad woman, made her wife, dragged her people to eat, but she refused human beings; Eagle - the leader of the First Men, Toad's nephew, took him away; the Toad taught him how to kill the monster, gave him a stone knife; the eagle pushed the bird into a vat of blood, cut off its head; the Toad weaved a rope out of the grass, they went down on the ground; the Coyote planted poultry feathers, from which various trees and grasses grew]: Merriam 1993:163-167; a yokutz [Falcon, his wife, the Coyote live together; while the Coyote is sleeping, Condor arrives to kidnap a woman , she agrees to sit on his back; when she returns home, the Falcon sends the Pigeon, the Vulture, the Fly to look for his wife; the Lizard sees a hole in the sky, the Fly finds the woman; the old man guards her; the Falcon comes, talks to his wife, the old man does not recognize him; while the old man is sleeping, Falcon and his wife return to earth (no details)]: Kroeber 1907a, No. 31:221-223.

Big Pool. A celestial kidnaps a man's wife; he rises to heaven; except for the northern payutes: the hero wins competitions, kills an opponent; brings his wife home; the man's mother builds a solid house for them; lightning from the sky cannot destroy it. Northern Payut (Owens Valley) [men in heaven make women sleep with them; the hero appears in the guise of an old man; puts heavenly people to sleep, takes his wife]: Steward 1936, No. 29:396-397; havasupai [the young man decides to marry; the mother admits that Bluebirds have two sisters married to Blackbird (they were birds, now they are hopi); he takes them away, Blackbird catches up, demands his return property (their clothes); the older sister takes something out of her body, gives it to him; he puts it on his beak; since then blackbirds have red feathers above their beak; the woman is dead, the sister and boy have burned the body, the young man came to the mother; she, contrary to warning, leads his daughter-in-law to collect seeds, she disappears; the young man throws feathers on four sides of the world; when he throws them up, they fly away; he realizes that the kidnapper in the sky, comes there; it's the Wind; he offers competition; 1) whose hair is longer (the boy's); 2) running; the young man overtakes, the Wind has to turn into a tornado; he cuts off the head of the Wind, goes down with his wife to the ground; builds a solid house, Thunder and small birds try to get it in it, carry the woman away again; the young man, his wife and mother flee south, where the earth meets the sky; the mother gets tired, lies down; they climb on the sky, they lower the rope, lift it up, all three remain in the sky]: Smithson, Euler 1944:44-49; Valapai [celestials lose wrestling and competition in running]: Kroeber 1935:290-291.

The Great Southwest. Hopi: Malotki, Gary 2001, No. 6 [Oraibi beauty rejects suitors; Kachina Pongoktsina lives with her grandmother, marries her; Grandma P. has many kachin relatives, they send rain, they give game; the young move to live with his wife's parents; they have two sons; a man from Kiisiwu kidnaps a woman, takes her away on a flying shield; P. and his sons (they are still young, but accompany him) go looking wife; an old woman teaches her what to do; when P. finds his wife, returns with her, sends her children forward, he puts her to sleep after copulation, kills her with a knife, runs away; she pursues him; in a kiva in the east of him they make him small, hide it under a dice; the deceased is about to find him, he runs to a kivu in the west, becomes one of the dancers; in another kiva in the West, the ritual participant hides him in his flute; in the fourth kive P. hides in a sunflower flower growing in the middle of the pond; the dead notices its reflection, rushes after it, drowns; P. observes rituals for several days; the wife revives normal alive a woman; he is warned not to look back until he and his next wife reach a certain milestone; P. looks around, his wife rushes to run; his wife and P. turn into two stars, one forever chases another]: 30-54; Mullett 1993 [an eagle man kidnaps a woman; an eagle, a hawk take her husband to heaven; he wins against an opponent, burns him; when reborn, the opponent becomes kind]: 78-88; Stephens 1929, No. 10 [a monster from the sky (feathered, but rather anthropomorphic) kidnaps women; each lives for four days, then devours her; kidnaps the hero's wife; he wins competitions, frees his wife and other women]: 21-25; zunyi [Knif-wings kidnap the young man's wife and many other women; the young man goes looking for her; hedgehogs make him a resin copy of the kidnapper's ice clothes to replace her with her; gophers give a salt ball that helps you walk between cougars and bears, along knife steps; Knife wings offer challenges: 1) pulling trees with one hand (gaffers gnaw their roots for a young man); 2) sit in a burning a fire (the knife-wings burn in his changed shirt, the young man remains alive); the young man cuts the kidnapper's corpse into pieces, throws them into the sky, creating stars (head: a star following the sun; one leg: Morning Star; hands: Pleiades; lungs: all small stars; hips: Orion's Belt); spiders bring the young man and liberated women down to the ground; the young man comes to his grandmother, descends with her to Coluvelakvi ]: Parsons 1930, No. 6:24-32; Oriental Ceres (Cochiti): Benedict 1931:47-49 [Shell Man and his wife Yellow Woman had a pet eagle; his wife was tired of him, she didn't care about him, he took it to heaven; The spider showed the way, carried AB to heaven; her sister hid it in the house under her skin; he brought turkeys; when YW ate turkey soup, she remembered the land and her husband; both return to earth], 70 [The Sun kidnaps his wife Stilina (White Shell Man) when she goes to fetch water; the Spider tells S. about this, tells S. not to follow the new path; he goes, defeats the Tornado Man; he brings him to the Sun; S. takes his wife home; the Sun promises that she will give birth to a chief son], 71-72 [Stilina's wife's hand eagle (Shell Man) flies away, she tries to catch him, he takes her to heaven; S. hunts for the Spider, who This tells us where the kidnapped wife takes him to heaven on two crossed owl feathers; Payatamu ("young man"; it is not clear whether he stole his wife for Eagle or Eagle for him) offers to hide; at first S. could not find P. and his mother, then found but not found, he got his wife back, came back with her with the help of the Spider (in the same way)]; Western ceres: Boas 1928a (Laguna) [Silicon Wing (KK) takes the wife of a young Shock-of-Hair (SH) to the top of the mountain; he sleeps on the top of the Enchanted Mesa, on the fourth night a man appears, tells him where his wife tells Spider to ask for help; she tells the Wind raise SH to the mountain; an elk and a deer guard the entrance to the KK house, SH throws this Spider potion at them, they promise to help; a spider boy catches birds in the snare, afraid of them; SH easily catches many birds, takes the Spider; she gives SH one bullfinch, he eats it; the spider young man is amazed because he ate only a piece; the Spider gives SH clothes and a resin club, he comes to his kidnapped wife while KK is hunting replaces flint things with resin ones; KK promises to return his wife if SH 1) spends the night in the cold (SH is covered with a blanket of rabbit skins, alive); 2) knock down the tops of four hills with a club (KK throws resin club, she is powerless, SH knocks down the tops of the flint); 3) sit in the fire (KK in resin clothes burns, SH in flint unharmed); SH frees all kidnapped women; Spider lowers everyone in the web on resin rope; after lowering, pulls the rope back]: 111-118, 258-259 [summary]; White 1932 (Akoma) [Flintbird (KP, a man dressed in flint) descends from the sky, kidnaps a woman; Spider helps her husband named Kasevat rise to heaven, makes a false robe for him out of resinous pine chips; he replaces KP clothes for them; Spider's son helps K. withstand the tests; 1) spend the night in the cold (the web closes K. from hail); 2) weed the corn field in a day (K. pulls weeds by pulling the web that covered the field); 3) K. brings chips, they turn into a huge pile of firewood; 4) KP pushes K. into the oven, he hides in a dig dug dug by Badger; 5) KP and K. they sit in fires; KP burns in his false resinous attire; K. frees his wife and other captives; Spider's son lowers them all to the ground in a basket]: 172-178; Pima [woman becomes wife a bird and gives birth to her a son]: Russel 1908:221; Shaw 1968:22-25; papago [Big Brother loses to the Player; makes a mixture of corn and bird feathers; after eating it, the player becomes an ogre eagle; the elder Brother climbs into his nest on the mountain; finds a woman who gave birth to Orla Orlenok; hides a fly in a corpse; cuts off the heads of Eagle and Eagle who have fallen asleep; during the Eagle's agony, the earth shudders; Big Brother throws eagle feathers and fluff, they turn into clouds (white in the east, black in the west, pink in the south); it revives the dead by spraying corpses with hot water; cuts through a crack in the rock, people go down down it to the ground; a woman descends last]: Densmore 1929a: 39-53

Mesoamerica Vultures kidnap the Sun's wife; he hides under reindeer skin, catches a vulture, and rises to heaven on his back. Mopan, kekchi [old man T'actani has a daughter X't'actani; she is a weaver and a spinner; Kin killed an antelope, filled the scarecrow with ash and grass, and carried S. past the house every evening; T. advised his daughter to pour on the water path; K. slipped, the scarecrow burst; then K. asked the hummingbird for his skin, giving cotton wool in return so that it would not freeze; S. asked his father to shoot the hummingbird, who stunned him; at night in Sh. K. became a man; asked S. to get her father's magic stone mirror and wind tube, covered the mirror with soot, poured pepper into the tube; K. did not smoke one place in the mirror, T. saw K. and S. in the boat; not was able to shoot, almost suffocated; asked his Uncle Chac (Thunder) to kill the fugitives; K. turned into a turtle, S. turned into a crab, both dived to the bottom; after being hit, K. swam out, saw S.'s blood on the water; told the fish to collect it, but they began to eat flesh and drink blood; then he told the dragonflies, they collected them in 13 wooden decks; K. left them to the woman, promising to return in 13 days; opening the decks, K. found them in them various poisonous snakes (in the 1st), non-venomous snakes (2nd and 3rd), mosquitoes (4), sand fleas (5), green hornets (6), yellow wasps (7), small black wasps (8), the same but with white wings (9), white caterpillars with with poisonous hairs (10), flies (11 and 12), S. (13); K. sent a man to throw the first 12 decks into the sea; he heard a noise, discovered it out of curiosity, the creatures broke into the world; S. does not have a vagina; on the advice of old woman K. put S. between two hills, told a small deer to run, the trail was too small; the big one was just right; when he met S., K. decided that it was too tempting for people, told the Rat to write in vagina; since then, sex has been followed by disgust; K. found out that S. was cheating on him with his brother Shulab; he asked the turkey and another bird to give him their bile, asked the old woman for pepper, tinted everything with uruku, told the old woman to make a cake out of it, baked it in his armpit, gave it to her lovers; they began to spit, could not quench their thirst, S. ran to the river for a drink, agreed when Vulture offered to pick it up; takes Vultures to the village; the leader's house is supposedly made of stone, but this is guano; K. turned into a dead antelope, told the fly to lay down larvae; catches Vulture, tells him to be attributed to the leader; in the land of vultures hides in brushwood carried by a lumberjack, then comes to the village, holes 7 grains of corn, which causes Vulture to hurt his teeth, he lets him in to cure him; K. cures, puts them to sleep, takes Sh., tells two vultures to take them back; turns into the Sun, S. into the Moon, Shulab to the Morning Star, younger brother to the Evening Star; K. places a mirror at the zenith; each the day seems to be moving further west in the afternoon, but in fact he returns east; at first, S. is bright like him; she feels sorry for the people who work all the time, K. takes one eye out for her]: Thompson 1930:126-132; Kekchi: Becker-Donner 1976 [see K16 motif; Kagua Sake (Sun) and Kagua Chok (Cloud) are brothers; CS marries Kan Po (Moon); she has no vagina; mountain sheep it can't, the deer makes the vagina with its hoof; the aroma is very strong, the CS is afraid that people will fight because of it; tells the rat to write there; KC and KP fall in love with each other; CS mixes turkey bile with their food, making people quarrel; they quarrel over who to get water; the spacecraft does not return after going to get water; KC cries, his tears turn to rain; brothers play buluc on a board laid through a deep ravine; when the CC jumps for the third time, the board breaks, it falls into the depths; since then, clouds have risen above the ravines; his tears become rivers flowing from the gorges; the vulture invites the KP marry their king; carries her first up and then down to Xibalba, where the devil Mausahquink lives, a real fiancé; the CS learns about what happened from flies; asks the goat to lend him the skin; flies gather at him under his tail; Vulture descends on the carrion, puts his head inside; the CS grabs him by the neck, tells him to tell him everything, take him to Xibalba; KP complains loudly; CS sends a toothache to M. using 13 grains and 13 needles; KP must invite the COP, pretending to be a great wizard; after blowing M. on his head three times, the COP puts him to sleep; CS and KP rise to the sky; motionless; San Cosme heals them with flowers and fragrances seeds; they turn into the sun and moon; when they first see them, 400 people and animals turn into stars]: 122-124; McDougall in Thompson 1977:440.

Llanos. Vultures. Sicuani: Wilbert, Simoneau 1992, No. 25 [Kuwait makes a wife out of clay, she melts in water, she melts from wax by the fire; he has difficulty finding a woman in the forest; her name is Avalibey ("heart or spirit" tree"), she does not have a vagina; he gave her a drink, asked the animals to defloriate her; the monkeys could not; the fox could, because K. put a hard wood stick into his penis; Kukuli duck invited her take the fish into the boat, take it away; the monkeys go to the festival to Pumenerrua (the name of Kuwait's wife); the howler monkey smears Kuwait's hands with glue, attaches his tail, he goes to the Monkeys; P. lives on island in the sea; K. slides on the vine, the Monkeys laugh, K. turns them into monkeys; K. takes the form of an old man in ulcers; everyone goes hunting, K. stays to cook firewood, bathes, becomes the same (scabs turned into fish); K. turns Kukuli into a duck; Royal Vulture Eetsu kidnaps P., she comes back; E. tells K. to fall off the tree, he seems to be dead; K. tells his wife to cover it cassava, like larvae; carrion comes to peck E.'s wife; K. grabbed her, plucked her, bathed her in peppery water; she curses people, they will fight, die, get sick; every time K. replies that this is not the case will be; on the third day he falls asleep, is silent, the prophecies of E.'s wife come true; more about son K. Matsuludani], 26 [there are only men at first; Kuwai carves a woman out of a laurel tree; the tree is hard, K.'s penis is flattened; he asks the Fox to try; he inserts a wand into his penis made of solid wood, achieves the goal; the wooden woman becomes real; her name is Pumeniruwa; Yakukuli duck is fishing; P. asks for it, Y. invites her to the boat, brings her to her place; The vulture, in turn, takes her away; arranges a party, everyone drinks chicha from the fruits of the Mauritia palm tree; K. learns from the monkeys that they are going to the party; K. goes with them, pretends to be an old man; he is left harvest firewood; P. accompanies him; he bathes, takes his former appearance, takes his wife away; pretends to be a dead sloth; grabs the Vulture that has descended; plucks him, lowers him into a hot peppery broth; he predicts that K.'s descendants will die (describes various causes of death); K. has to agree; Vulture grows feathers, flies away], 27 [Furnaminali (Furna) makes a woman out of a laurel tree; she does not have a vagina; the fox manages to do it because he has a bone in his penis; Vulture sends a Yakukuli duck to steal F.'s wife - as in (26); monkeys tell F. The vulture called them to a feast overseas; they go there on a rope, they can't take F.; the woodpecker carried it; the monkeys laugh, think F. will fall, be eaten by piranhas; F. offers them a drink from the sea waters, their lips turned black; F. covered himself with ulcers, his wife does not recognize him; chooses a "grandfather" at the dance; collecting fuel, returning to his former appearance as in (26); F. ordered the man to pretend to be dead, sprinkled with chunks of cassava (like larvae); The vulture was grabbed, scalded, peeled off his feathers, tied to a pole in the square; Vulture calls diseases; each time F. replies that there is no such disease; when he falls asleep and stopped answering, Vulture named all kinds of witchcraft that are fatal to humans; so he won, his industry feathers, he flew away], 28 [Furna (aka Kuwai) makes his wife out of clay, she melts under rain; made of wax - melts in the sun; from fragrant laurel tree - successful; her name is Pumeneruva; she does not have a vagina; at the festival F. asks monkeys to make it; they fail; maicero monkey flattened her penis, leaving a tiny protrusion; then the Fox was made a bone in the penis out of a knot, he managed to pierce P.; Yakukuli's duck kidnaps P. - as in (26, 27); P. becomes the royal's wife Edapukuni vulture, calls the monkeys to the party, they tell F. about it, give him a tail, glue his hands so that he can jump with them on branches like a monkey; those in front destroy the house Toads, and behind them repair it; for this, the Toad smears F. and some monkeys with paint, which will make them attractive to P.; they cross the vine to Vulture Island; F. almost fell; he looks covered ulcers by an old man; collecting firewood and identifying as in (26, 27); sardines appear from F.'s scabs; Y. F. and P. return home; those who go fishing do not return, they turn into animals], 39 [while Furnaminali was playing the flute, the young Farah stole his wife, who contracted gonorrhea from him; F. carved his new wife out of a sassafras tree, but she did not have a vagina and could not eat; F. called animals to help; the monkey only broke his penis, now it is short; only Fox managed to pierce the woman; F. tries to make people (without a woman, inserting his penis into holes), but only animals are obtained; then he made four eggs; Kahuvali, Tsamani, Ivinai, Tsparai came out of them Duva (daughter); his mother-in-law F. became pregnant from behind with thought, Matsuldani was born; F. checks if it was his son; 1) throws him into the river three times, but he falls ashore each time; 2) shoots him, he catches him arrow; 3) shoots him in the eye with a wind gun, the arrow deviates; recognizes his son; more about the spread of fish, the appearance of European things]: 115-122, 133-137, 138-141, 142-143; guayabero [ Kuvoi made a woman out of clay, she melted in water; the wax melted from the fire; heard a woman laughing out of wood, carved a woman; she did not have a vagina; monkeys tried to pierce her unsuccessfully, succeeded The fox, because he has a bone in his penis; Mingo (apparently the Duck) took K.'s wife in a boat, taken by the Royal Vulture; K. sees monkeys going to the party; came there in the guise of an old man in ulcers; after swimming, he became the same; returned his wife; the vultures rushed in pursuit; K. fell off the tree, the corpse wormed; came to life, grabbed Vulture, plucked him]: Schindler 1977a: 223-226.

Southern Venezuela. Makiritar [Uanádi hooks fish, she turns into a Kaweshawa woman, drags him under water, then they go ashore; V.'s nephew, the Capuchin monkey, warns that K. piranha's vagina, she had already bitten off his and the Possum's penises; Paka took an iron needle from Heron, inserted it into his penis, K.'s teeth broke off; Coati did the same; then V. poisoned piranha with fish poison; K. and V. visit Father K. under water; Curasso kidnaps K.; V. makes a new wife out of white clay, she melts in water; from black resin, melts in the sun; the frog wife only paints and powders, the bird wife laughs all the time; The bee tells V. who kidnapped K.; Lenivets gave V. the appearance of an old man; sees dirty and aged K. surrounded by her children born from Curasso; Curasso tells K. to cut the Sloth; she gropes under her hair tongue, identifies her husband by him; first both turn into cockroaches, then V. into a woodpecker, K. into a frog, a woodpecker flies with a frog in its beak to the heavenly lake of Aquena; he kills and roasts it; hangs it; the lizard by his instructions cut off the rope, K.'s bones fall into the lake, K. comes to life, becomes beautiful again; a second woman, but small, appears from her severed hand; V. marries the Lizard for his help]: Civrieux 1980:32-43.

Guiana. Arecuna [Madá-Wenín is unable to find a wife; he was advised to hook a beautiful girl out of the river; a voice warns him not to leave his wife alone; a bird he shot Pauhil turns into a man, takes his wife to heaven; M.-V. drives the insect away from him, then tells him where his wife is; M.-V. puts on the old man's skin, asks Pauhil to take him to heaven; the parrot recognizes him, M.-W. waxes his mouth; takes his wife, who is pregnant with Pauchil; at home, her pregnancy disappears]: Armellada 1973, No. 67:206-211.

NW Amazon. Vultures, if not otherwise. Karijona [Kuwai hears laughter from a fragrant tree; carves a woman, makes her vagina with a monkey's tail; arranged a party, climbed a palm tree for fruit, Vultures made him witchcraft fall off the tree, die temporarily; his wife fell in love with the Vulture Chief; Vultures began to cut K.'s corpse with knives, but the knives bounced; when their leader came, K. grabbed him, plucked him, and the last feather could pull out only with his teeth, felt pain, and since then there has been a toothache; Vulture wanted people to die from it, but K. did not agree; the people guarding Vulture fell asleep, his feathers grew, he flew away; when K. was not at home, the Vultures returned, took the woman away; K. met a waterfowl (Snake), she was collecting grass for the Vultures party; said that Chichu was cooking a new woman, K. identified her as his wife; the bird gave K. wings, he flew to heaven; in the guise of an old man he began to dance at the festival; in the morning the Vultures went fishing (i.e. worms in corpses); K. identified his wife, as she cooked, she was his - how he cut wood; on the way home, K. smeared his wife with honey to repel the smell of vultures; her children from Vulture remained in heaven; his wife went to Drake, K. her again returned; her next lover is the owner of the waters Kanakanañi; calling him, a woman spanks an inverted calebass on the water; two sons of a waterbird tell K. about this; he summons the monster in the same way with a signal; water parts, maloka (house) and fruit trees appear; Kuwait sends two gadflies to bite Kanakananyi into the testicles; he does not react to yellow bites, dies from black ones; Kuwait cuts him off the penis, sprinkles with pepper and salt, gives the wife instead of a palm larva, as if inadvertently breaks all the water vessels; the woman runs to the river to drink, Kuwait kills her with a club, she turns into a river dolphin; all dolphins are her children; the burning smut in her hand has become a stinging stingray, the Kuwai club is an electric eel]: Schindler 1979, No. 3:55-69; cubeo [Wanari swims in a boat, appears in it woman; in his absence, agrees to fly away with the Royal Vulture (CS); W. took the form of an old man, hit a bird, who promises to take him to his wife if he cures her; his wife did not recognize him; after graduation Dabukuri W. is younger; the COP agrees to take W. and his wife to the ground; on the way asks, Is my belching fragrant? - Yes! On the ground, W. screams that belching stinks; after the death of his first wife, W. takes the youngest of the old woman's two daughters; she converges with the Serpent in the guise of a man; W. followed, killed his lover with an arrow, let the penis eat to his wife disguised as a fish; said that she ate; mother-in-law asked W. to clear the plot; the birds helped to do this in a day; the snake son came out of W.'s wife's womb to collect fruit for her; the tip remained in the womb; the woman threw him at the foot of the tree, ran home with her sister; W. made all the participants of the festival look like him, left himself; people rose to the sky, a storm began; W.'s wife turned into a river dolphin , her sister and mother threw her into the river; the serpent son screams to his mother, Inhom, inhom! ]: Pereira 1980 (1): 269-277; Barasana: S.Hugh-Jones 1979, No. 7L [see G17 motif; Yawira, Yeba's wife, fled from him to heaven with Vulture; J. slaughtered the vultures after a series of adventures, their leader remained; J. climbed for honey, I asked for permission and her to climb to the hollow; began to suck honey greedily, J. put her head in the hollow, turned it into a tree frog Phyllomedusa bicolor; she is a mother ritual horns and flutes he, mother of feather jewelry]: 300-301; Torres Laborde 1969 [Yebá's wife ran away from him with Vulture; he took her back; on the way she was thirsty, he wouldn't give her; she went into a hollow to get water, got stuck there, became a tree frog]: 48-49; makuna: Århem et al. 2004 [between Yiba (whose relatives are land animals and birds) and Yawira (Anaconda's daughter, hers relatives aquatic life) there is a conflict (Yiba never exactly follows the instructions of his wife and father-in-law, so the agriculture they teach is not so effective); he did not want to start Yawira, and her more beautiful little sister; when she goes to fetch water, Yavira sees the Royal Vulture (Sarcohamphus papa), asks him to pick her up, because Yiba does not want her; Yeba goes to Test Anaconda to ask for another the daughter, who refuses, gives money to get to the country of the Vultures; passing through the villages of Arrow People - Weeds, - Yazv, Yiba weeds, ulcers; covered with ulcers, Yiba comes to Yavira, She does not recognize him, mistakes him for her father's servant, who has come to heal; Yavira is surprised that the patient is strong at collecting firewood; Yiba throws off his clothes from his ulcers, Yavira hugs him; Vulture and his men went to get fish ( actually with worms; Yeba deliberately killed many animals for vultures on the way); Yavira regurgitated the red achiote juice, pretending to be ill, did not go with them; Yiba returned halfway; before fleeing told all creatures and objects to remain silent, but one bird managed to say "Yiba"; the Vulture sent the warriors in pursuit; Yiba hit almost everyone with arrows received from his father-in-law; and climbed a tree with Yavira for honey, leaving arrows on the ground; losing her weapon against the last group of enemies, Yiba put Yavira in the hollow, she became a frog; her soul returned to her father, he placed her in a calebas; the enemies left, Yeba came to his father-in-law, who refused to give his youngest daughter, gave the calebass with the soul of Yavira, telling him not to open it on the way; he opened it, Yavira flew back with a bee; Yiba returned to his father-in-law, who drove him away; he pretended dead, covering himself with rotten leaves and placing the bench on his chest; the Vulture pierced his arrow, it hit the bench; Yiba grabbed him, plucked it, bought it in peppery water, threw it in the trash; while he had feathers grew, birds and animals dismantled his jewelry and tools, the howler monkey took the whistle]: 503-509; Palma, Feuillet 1980 {without pagination} [Yiba has Yawira's wife; during the festival, chief The vultures took her away (with her consent); Yiba found her asleep, took her home; she saw a hollow, started drinking honey, died; Yiba shot at anteaters, hid under a pile of meat; went down Vulture, Yiba began to rip out his feathers and tear off his jewelry; all the birds and animals took possession of some color, some shape; the howler monkey took Vulture's calebass]; tatuyo [Dyeba jaguar - Son of the Sun, more human than animal; rejects animal women, the poppy woman because she is wild; climbs a tree above the river, his testicles hang like the fruits of Pouteria ucuqui; fish (they are women) fall off; he falls in the form of a fruit and, with the help of various vines he has created, catches Dyawira (D.), the daughter of the Wai Pino anaconda (wai - "fish", pinō - "anaconda", i.e. Anaconda-Fish); other fish warned D. that it not just a fruit, but she did not listen; Dieba's penis is like a jaguar, he cannot get along with D.; she solders him drunk, corrects his penis; the monkey helps D. collect wild fruits; D. takes them to his river father, receives cassava, tobacco and other cultivated plants in return; D. forbids watching her and her sisters plant plants; Dieba watches, D. sisters turn into weeds; the name Dyawira also means the genus a fern that grows like a weed; Dieba does not smoke by mistake, but eats tobacco, thinking it is a fish; suffers from his stomach; he visits his father-in-law with his wife; he is first angry, then arranges a party; every time returning from the field, D. cheats on Diebe with the son of an anaconda; the bird reports this to Diebe, who kills his lover, makes his wife eat his cock; people and fish fight for a long time; Diavira is seduced by vultures, take to heaven; Dieba covers himself with ulcers, enters the land of vultures, returns his wife, vultures and little eagles chase him; Dieba finds honey, D. rushes to suck it, suffocates, turns into a tree frog - "mother of feathers"]: Bidou 1972:82-95; maku [Idu Kamni (associated with toadstool or cormorant) drank a vine infusion, vomited into the river, a woman appeared, but he did not wants her; drank an infusion of another vine - an Aguti woman appeared with a kitchen pot; he is happy with her; the wife gives the birds crumbs, they bring them to the Vultures, they decide to steal the woman; after the holiday, the wife cleaned IR hair, fell asleep, Vultures took her away; one bird told IC that his wife was with the Vultures, the other (swallow-tailed kite) that she was making beer from them; IC flies to the Vultures in the guise of an old patient swallows (kite?) with diseased skin (at the same time running on the ground in the form of a deer); one bird recognized him, but IR twisted its tongue; IR dropped (as if from old age) calebass; the leader recognized him, but immediately forgot, because IC turned tongue to the leader's spirit; in the form of a deer, IK lay down in the forest as if dead, began to rot; The Vultures flocked, but noticed that he opened his eye, flew away; then IK killed the tapir; he came to his wife, who was making beer for on the holiday, told the hornet to bite her, she lost consciousness; the leader of the Vultures tells him to stay to take care of his wife; IK revived his wife, took on her true form, and burned everything in the house together with the little birds Vultures; they rushed to save their property, IC and his wife sailed away in the boat; the water rose, washed away the Vultures; IC's wife sees a hollow with honey and larvae, sticks her head into the hollow; IC threw his honeycombs down, his wife fell, Toads jumped out of her womb, galloped into the woods]: Silverwood-Cope 1972, No. 6:234-241; Whitoto: Preuss 1994 [Titieiruireye, chief in a butterfly village, went fishing with a torch every night; his wife got a lover, asked her to knock on the tree trunk when she returned so that she could cook; one day he did not knock, killed his lover, put his wife in a basket, tied it up, put it on the corpse so that she slowly dying; vultures flew, she asked them to release her; they took her to sunrise, their chief married her; her brother comes to her, she hides him from Juziñamui (apparently the owner the dead, cuts off the heads of those who come); the woman and her brother return to earth, having received aciote seeds (Bixa orellana) from Juziñamui; the village is empty; when they scattered the seeds, they everywhere turned into people engaged in daily activities]: 124-126; Rodríguez de Montes 1981, No. 23 [Hitoma (The Sun) got a wife from river people; climbed a tree for fruit, says that the fruit is like your chest; in It's Bird Time (Vultures?) stolen his wife; her husband is responsible for her spit; he killed the kidnappers; came to a single woman; she has a lover, a river man; a toucan chick screams that the Sun's wife is unfaithful; carries meat with cassava to the river, knocks on a vessel placed on the water; H. killed his lover, cut off his penis, let his wife eat; see motive J4: H. came to another woman, her Jaguar lover kills him, the sons of the victim take revenge]: 190-192.

Montagna. Ashaninka (river camps): Anderson 1985 [a woman lives in the nest for a while, then runs away]: 61-65; Fernandez 1984 [a woman lives with her bird husband, the circumstances of her appearance are not described]: 130; Weiss 1975 [as in Fernandez]: 409-411; machigenga [son warns his mother not to let his father drink masato anymore; he takes it himself, goes to burn the vegetation on the site, burns; the son says that the father the shaman will return, the mother should not look at him, let her son wake up; at night the father comes in the form of smoldering smut; the wife pours water on him, he falls into coals; the son is angry with the mother; the father turns into Harpy eagle; ex-wife tells him that their little daughter is his wife; he first refuses, then takes her away; she quickly becomes a woman, gives birth to a child with her father-husband; wants only human; he drags people to their nest on the mountain; people make a clay doll, put them in a boat; the eagle tries to carry it away, it is too heavy, it is beaten, it falls into the water; large feathers turn into Kashibo Indians, small ones in shipibo; daughter husbands Falco peregrinus; he brings her snakes, her child eats them; the mother asks her daughter to watch over her little brother; she eats him; looks for and does not find a father turns into warlike Amazons; they give birth to children without husbands; boys are eaten, girls are raised; the Wasp People are fighting with the Amazons; once the Amazons did not kill their sons, they went to the Wasps, but together The Amazons did not win; the eagle (the survivor) became kashibo cannibals; they were attacked by the Amazons, since then there are fewer kashibos and they don't eat humans]: Baer 1984, No. 13:456-461; Ferrero 1966, No. 9 [lives in socket]: 432-433; Renard-Casevitz 1991, No. 15:87-89.