Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K30A. The chief's wife and vultures. 52.56.62.

The first ancestor's wife flies away with vultures (usually voluntarily, after she has already cheated on her husband), and the chief (uitoto: her brother) returns her. See motif K30.

Mesoamerica The Sun's wife voluntarily agrees to be carried away by the Vultures, marries their leader, and the Sun returns her. Mopan, kekchi.

Llanos. Kuwai's wife is carried away by Vulture, and K. returns her. Sicuani; guayabero.

NW Amazon. The hero's wife agrees to fly away with Vulture, the hero returns her. Carijona; cubeo; barasana; macuna; tatuyo [Dyeba jaguar is the son of the Sun, more human than an animal; rejects animal wives, a poppy woman, because she is wild; climbs a tree above the river, its testicles hang like the fruits of Pouteria ucuqui; fish come off (they are women); it falls in the form of a fruit and, with the help of various vines it has created, catches Dyawira (D.), the daughter of an anaconda Wai Pino (wai - "fish", pinō - "anaconda", i.e. Anaconda-Fish); other fish warned D. that it was not just a fruit, but she did not listen; Dieba's member is like a jaguar, he cannot get along with D.; she solders him drunk, corrects his penis; the monkey helps D. collect wild fruits; D. takes them to the river to his father, receives cassava, tobacco and other cultivated plants in return; D. forbids watching her and her sisters plant plants; Dieba watches, sisters D. turn into weeds; the name Dyawira also means a genus of fern that grows like a weed; Dieba mistakenly does not smoke, but eats tobacco thinking it is fish; suffers from his stomach; visits his father-in-law with his wife; he is angry first, then arranges a party; every time he returns from the field, D. cheats on Diebe with the son of an anaconda; the bird reports this to Diebe, who kills his lover, makes his wife eat his cock; people and fish fight for a long time; Diavira is seduced by vultures, taken to heaven; Dieba covers himself with ulcers, enters the country of vultures, returns his wife, vultures and little eagles chase him; Dieba finds honey, D. rushes to suck it, suffocates, turns into a tree frog - the "mother of feathers"]: Bidou 1972:82-95; yukuna [Kanuma stole sacred flutes from ñamatu women; they left him alone taking crops with him; he married various animals, but no wife could give him cultivated plants, he ate wild plants; his stork grandfather saw Jeechú's daughters by the river, who gave he had a manioc cake; K. noticed the crumbs under the hammock, made him tell him everything; K. was the first to see the girl who was the owner of the animals, Inérukana; she told him to take his sisters, the owner of the fish, Mairero; M. told her to be put in a boat full of water and fish poison; the piranhas came out of her vagina, but was left alone; when K. got together, she bit off his penis; the penis was on his stomach, the navel was a trail of him; K. sent his wife to the garden, but she saw that it was just savannah; brought cassava from her father, then yams, coca, peach palm; K. tried to plant them, but J. did not give seeds, only fruits; M. cooked a lot of wild things for K. yams; he ate, his penis popped out where people now have it; M. told her husband to watch her sisters come and plant cassava; they themselves were cassava; K. heard the girls laugh, that he did not have a penis; went out and they ran away; instead sent his younger brother to J. to chew coca; on the way back, M. pushed him on the site, he fell and became a coca; his soul became a harpy eagle that told K. not to cry - there would always be coca; coca, cassava, pineapple and other plants were also human and immediately ready for consumption, but K. did everything himself, since then he had to work; M. warned her husband that one day he will kill her; let him bury her in Maloka, covered with leaves; K. mistook his wife's brother for her lover and shot him with a bow; buried his body; she ended up with his father J. (i.e. in the afterlife); K. behind her came; J. gave a rolled up hammock and told him not to open it along the way; K. discovered, a bee flew out, bit him and disappeared; then K. found out that his wife was living in heaven with the vulture chief; wearing a ulcerative shirt, K. came there unrecognized; the fly told the vulture chief that he saw a lot of fish (these are worms in corpses); K. put a thorn, M. began to weave the basket and pricked; the vulture leader went without her; K. took off his ulcer shirt, took his wife; on the way they saw bees sucking honey; K.'s wife rushed there and disappeared into the hollow where the bees were]: Hammen 1992:154-157. Maku [Vultures kidnap Idu Kamni's wife, he brings her back]. Uitoto [the chief's wife is unfaithful, flies away with vultures, becomes their leader's wife; returns with her brother].