Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

Analytical catalogue

Ethnicities and habitats

K32A. The man leaves along the way .

A man is carrying his wife or daughter. Another woman or demonic character replaces her when the man is away along the way. See motif K32.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Zulu [husband is the chief's son, false wife is a lizard]; suto [like a Zulu]; kaguru [false wife is a baboon].

Western Asia. Iraqi Arabs [husband goes to get food, witch replaces beauty]: Yaremenko 1990, No. 23:129-136.

South Asia. Ho [Raja took his young wife home, stopped on the way, went to the river for a drink; a bear came out, forced the young woman to give her clothes and jewelry, took her place, drove the woman into the forest; she she picked up her husband's cape and staff, came to his city, stayed with a woman with a daughter; one of them sold Raja a garland made by his real wife, told him everything; the Raja spread a rumor about his death, his widow must take off her jewelry, lean over the hole in which the fire is; she was pushed there, the real wife is back]: Bompas 1909:470-471.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Poltava) [the prince looks into the hut, where the girl cries with pearls, laughs with flowers; the girl has grown up, the prince married her, takes her home; the prince stopped and went hunting; the angry woman took off the bride's clothes and jewelry, gouged out her eyes, pushed her into a hole, dressed up her daughter; the grandfather found a blind girl; his wife advises to exchange for the pearls she cried for; he exchanges the woman for one , then in the second eye; the girl sends her grandfather to a feast with the king with a towel embroidered by her; the tsar recognizes the embroidery, brings the bride, the woman's daughter sends the woman to herd pigs]: Pankeev 1992:254-256.

Volga - Perm. The Bashkirs [before reaching home, the husband stops by the river, goes forward, the wife and baby stay with the babysitter].

Turkestan. Kyrgyz [husband goes ahead to see relatives as soon as possible, wife and baby stay with the slave].

Eastern Siberia. Central Yakuts (Western 1950, 2nd Nakharinsky Nasleg of Megino-Kangalassky Ulus) [old Bayberikeen with five cows saw a golden and silver stem of grass grow after the rain; B. she dug it up, brought it into the house, the stalk became a baby girl, she grew up quickly; Harajin Mergen's arrow hit B.'s house, he went in, B.'s daughter fired an arrow; HM fell in love, took the bride, told her to chase what he had taken the cattle with her, went to relatives himself; the wife meets an old woman, whose half head seems to be scorched, the house is half a house, the stove is half a stove, etc.; began to take out the young lice, blew, deprived of her senses, threw off her senses into the ice abyss, put on her clothes, came to her husband's house; she does not take off her clothes, says that her mother tells her to take it off at the end of the month; when the new month has come, HM and his imaginary wife come to B., and she has a new daughter; in the evening begins to tell her story; XM rips the skin off his imaginary wife's face, it's iron with one icy eye; XM asks if she wants a springy palm tree or an immense stallion; she chooses stallion; he scattered it to dust; drops of syphilis turned into willow trees, drops of blood into squeaky trees, fat into oak trees (oak does not grow in Yakutia}, brain into talc trees; it was Jege Baab; XM's home is in complete ruin; he asks how to get his real wife back, he is told to ask for daughter B. again, who is the same girl; the girl refuses, then agrees; abundance returns]: Illarionov et al. 2008, No. 18:195-219.

SV Asia. The man goes to look for water. Chukchi [The sun descends to earth, marries, rises with his wife in the sun on her white deer; while searching for a ford across the Sandy River (Milky Way), the Black Beetle woman persuades his wife The sun will change clothes (var.: skin), otherwise the witch will attack her; hides her under the roots of the grass; when a real wife gives birth to a son, her buggy skin bursts; she sews beautiful clothes for her son, herself and for the Sun; the son hunts deer, the mother sends him to look for his father; an arrow fired through the Milky Way falls near the Sun's house; the son explains who he is; the Sun looks in the Beetle's head, sees that she has a beetle's neck ; throws her into the fire; she turns into a black beetle; foreshadows death, spreads diseases; The sun and his real wife visit her father; the Sun gives him white and spotted deer, and he gives him black deer, who came from the underworld]: Bogoras 1902:657-658; 1928, No. 1:318-320; Koryaks: Bogoras 1902 [like the Chukchi, without support]: 657-658; coastal Koryaks: Zhukova 1980, No. 14 (Palana) [Ememkut Married to Nevryttytini? anevyt; when she says, the prince is pouring out of her mouth; they go to his parents, on the way the child is thirsty, E. went to get water; the frog Kamynganavyt threw snow at the Prince under the sledge, put it on clothes; from E. The frog spits out one berry; N. lives in a grass hut, she has a second son; he comes to his father, brings him to the hut; N. returns, the bowls are filled with the prince; the frog is tied to the sledge, pieces of her meat were scattered across the tundra]: 178-179; Kibrik 2000, No. 7 (Alutortsy) [Kutkinnyaku's wife Miti ate a cloudberry pot, gave birth to a daughter Ryttytiniangavyt; cloudberries are falling from her; Titkymsysysysyn married her, she gave birth to a son; on the way he asked for a drink; while T. was going to get water, Sasusangavyt came, tore off R.'s clothes, took her form, buried R. in the ground; the child cries, the imaginary mother pushed only one berry out of his mouth; explains to her husband that bad ducks have deprived her of the ability to fall cloudberries; her son's arrow falls on R.'s grave, who calls her son; T. digs up his wife alive; holding S. by the tail, hits until she falls apart; gathers again, runs away]: 34-39; Itelmen: Lukashkina 1991 [Kutkha Akovach's mother invites him to marry Iyanochkh; they come to marry; a son is born, I. is pregnant again; they return to K.'s house; I.'s mother warns not to stop if the child cries; K. violates the ban, goes to fetch water for the baby; terrible Kacham tells I. to take off his clothes, puts on himself, kills I., buries him in the snow; Kuth brings Kacham home; in the spring a boy comes out of I.'s womb; takes flies in his mouth, they buzz, And . wakes up; the boy hunts with onions, comes to Kuth's house twice when it is empty, lies on his skins, takes the crush and meat, brings his mother; Kuth decides to guard the thief; the boy explains who he is, talks about I. and Kacham; Kuth heats the stones, burns Kacham on them, ripping off her clothes; everyone comes to I., who says she can't leave the hut because she can't leave the hut. half-naked; Kuth gives her clothes]: 84-90; Orlova 1999 [as in Jochelson, No. 14; wife's name Khmaranlnut]: 131-135; Menovshchikov 1974, No. 185 [=Jochelson, No. 14], 186 [as in (185)]: 547-554; Russified, probably tundra yukaghirs [an old woman brings home a blade of grass, she turns into a girl; her tears are pearls, laughter is precious stones, sables, martens, foxes fall out of her sleeves; a young man marries her, takes her home; she is thirsty, he makes ice-holes, but all the lakes are dry; dogs drag her sledge to Yagishna's house; there she falls into a deep dungeon; I promise her Let go if she gives her her clothes; when I put them on, I take her form and come to my husband; he is angry that she does not drink the water he has hardly obtained; at home, only one crooked bead falls from her face; she gives birth to a son, lets him suck not her chest, but her left heel; her husband in anger takes her back to the old woman; the girl gets out of the dungeon on a mountain of corpses, I send wolves and bears at her, who kill her; from Yellowish grass grows blood, the old woman brings a blade of grass back into the house, the girl revives from her; the husband recognizes his wife, kills Y. with arrows]: Bogoras 1918, No. 6:52-54; Chuvans [Ememkut was driving with daughter in a kibitka. The daughter was thirsty. Emmkut let her get off and drink from the river. A beetle got out of the water, took off her daughter's clothes, put it on himself and sat in her kibitka instead. He looked a lot like Emkut's daughter. We got to the place and began to put up a yaranga. The beetle can't help install it, it doesn't do it that way. We went to bed. Emmkut looked at the back of the "daughter"'s head and saw that the back of her head had rotted. Then Emmkut figured it all out. He lit a fire and put the werewolf beetle in the back of his head. Suddenly, Beetle spoke and told me who died: drowned, from illness or thirst. As soon as Beetle finished talking, Emmcut turned him over. This is how the werewolf beetle burned down], No. 17: XXX.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (Chaplino) [Kitsiniku goes with his wife and son; son asks for a drink; K. goes to look for water; a beetle woman comes, rubs her face against his wife's face, looks like her; sends and her for water; K. returns, takes his false wife for a real one, leaves with her; at the camp, he notices his wife's second mouth on the back of her head; pushes her into the fire; finds and returns her real wife]: Rubtsova 1954 , No. 38:411-413; St. Lawrence [picking berries, a girl finds a baby; the father thinks she gave birth, drives her away; a handsome man says he is the child's father; they ride a sled, the baby is thirsty, the father goes to get water, tells her wife not to do anything; a dark-skinned woman exchanges her clothes for beads, etc., takes her place; a deer pierces the shell on the back of the abandoned one with its hoof, she gets out of the beetle's shell; wishes warm house and clothes, everything shows up; one day her husband finds her; puts a beetle woman to sleep, throws her into the fire]: Slwooko 1979:34-41; Northern Alaska Inupiate (Noatak) [parents warn two daughters that if they find a baby, they don't have to carry him home; the eldest daughter brings him; a man arrives, takes her in a sleigh through a hole in the sky; goes for a drink, leaving his wife for a while; appears a stranger, tears off her wife's clothes, takes the baby, takes her place; wearing a woman's clothes, the wife turns into a beetle; lets the caribou step on, bursts, regains her human appearance; she naked, makes clothes out of grass, eats dead caribou, builds a hut; husband asks a false wife why she stinks; she replies that she is sweaty from work; husband finds a real wife; finds her hair the false wife of the beetles; throws her into the fire]: Hall 1975, No. M34:204-206.