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K33a6. Knives are sharpened, boilers are boiled. .14.-.17.27.-.32.


kid (lamb, gazelle, etc.) runs up to the pond into which his mistress was pushed and says that they are already sharpening knives, boiling water to slaughter and cook it.

Arabs of Morocco, Algeria, Sicilians, Syrian Arabs, Mehri, Greeks, Albanians, Russians (Terek coast, Arkhangelsk, Ryazan, Gorkovskaya), Belarusians, Kabardian people, Georgians, Turks, Persians, Khufs, Uzbeks, Karelians (Livviks), Lithuanians, Mordovians.

North Africa. Arabs of Morocco [the sultan hides Rhaida's daughter from the eyes of strangers and from her older brother; only the youngest enters her; after the death of her father, the eldest inherits the throne; all men went to war, daughter The Sultan asks for permission to go to the river, because there are no men around; her hair swims away, her elder brother finds him, promises to find an owner and marry, even if it is his sister; before the wedding night, her sister tells the younger brother grabs the comb and run, she follows him, they hide in the forest; the enemies win, the sultan dies, the drought covers the country; the younger brother drinks in the forest from a stream, turns into a deer; the old woman notices a beautiful woman in the forest, tells the local sultan; he brings R. to his place; the servant overhears her talking to the deer; he says that the knives are sharpened, the fire is lit, and they want to slaughter him; The servant tells the sultan everything; he marries R., the deer, after drinking again from the same stream, takes on a human form]: El Koudia 2003, No. 5:27-32;; Algerian Arabs [mother dies, stepmother tyrannitis stepdaughter and stepson, the cow gives them her milk; when the stepmother sent her own daughter to the cow, she knocked her eye out with her hoof; the stepmother tells her husband to sell the cow, but he, selling it at the bazaar, predicts misfortunes to the one who bought it; they do not buy the cow; then the stepmother persuaded the butcher to buy a cow for any price and slaughter it; the husband asked to give him the udder, put it on the grave of his first wife, from the nipples for orphans milk continued to flow; when the stepmother's own daughter venerated, there was blood and pus in her nipples; the stepmother threw the udder to the dogs and ordered the children to be taken to the forest; but they returned; then the stepmother with her husband and her own They left as their daughter; the stepmother left the poisoned bread, but the sister first gave it to the cat, she died; the brother and sister went on a journey; the shepherd warned: if you drink water from the spring and then breathe, you will become a gazelle; the brother deliberately left the talisman at the source to return; drank, sighed, became a gazelle; the sister began to live in the forest, the gazelle is with her; while combing her hair, the sister dropped her hair into the stream; his the Sultan noticed, decided to marry the owner; old Settoute went up the stream, found the girl, told the Sultan; he came with his people; to force the girl to go down the tree, S. became grind the grain, placing the millstones incorrectly; the girl went down to show how to do it, S.Yu quietly nailed her clothes to the ground with a peg, the Sultan grabbed the girl, married, promised not to harm the gazelles; a beggar came, the young sultan recognized her father, put a gold coin in his bread; the stepmother guessed that the Sultan was her stepdaughter; brought her daughter to the palace; when the Sultan was ready to give birth, she became her to comb her hair, pushed her into the well, took her place; ordered the gazelle to be slaughtered; the gazelle asks her to say goodbye to her sister, comes to the well; “They sharpen knives, the boilers are boiling”; sister: “On one of my knees, mine sons Lahcène and d'el-Hocine, and on the other, a snake with an open mouth”; the sultan asked the wise El-Moudjarrab for advice; he ordered the freshly slaughtered cow to be lowered into the well; the snake climbed into the carcass , at this time, the Sultan and the children were pulled out; the sultan cut off the head of his imaginary wife, cooked the meat, put her head in a bag, the meat on top; sent the cat and the dog to take the bag to her stepmother; she ate the meat, believing that eats a gazelle, then found her daughter's head]: Belamri 1982:15-28.

Southern Europe. Sicilians: Calvino 1980, No. 178 (Agrigento) [wife died; husband took another with a one-eyed daughter; stepmother hates stepson and stepdaughter; when they went to take food to their father in the field, she sent they are in the other direction; they are lost; the sister asks the sources; one replies that the one who drank water from him will become a donkey, the other a wolf, and the third a calf; the brother was so thirsty that he drank from the third a spring, became a calf with golden horns; a prince saw his sister, married her; one day the girl's father came into the house; they agreed that the stepmother and her daughter should also move in with his stepdaughter; stepmother she pushed her stepdaughter into the sea, changed her daughter, dressed in the clothes of the prince's wife; let, when the prince appears, she say that it was the calf that gouged her with the horn of her eye, ask her to be slaughtered; the calf runs up to the window, calls his sister: they sharpen a knife, boil water in the cauldron, they want to slaughter me; sister: it's all in vain, I'm in the womb of a whale; the butcher heard, called the prince; he ordered to catch the whale, the wife was taken alive; the stepmother and her his daughter was imprisoned, and the fairy restored his brother to his human form]: 641-645; Gonzenbach 2004a [1870], No. 4 [the king calls Muntifiuri to serve; he takes a portrait of his sister with him; the king sees him, wants to marry; M. comes to pick up her sister; an old woman asks to take her ugly daughter to the ship; tells her daughter to punch a hole for the siren to carry her sister M.; the liar puts on a beautiful woman's clothes; M. says to the king that his sister fell overboard; the king marries the neighbor brought; she wants to lime M., tells the king that M. can build a fountain overnight 1); a sister appears out of the water, who is held by sirens on gold chain, promises that the fountain will be ready by morning; 2) plant a blooming garden around (the same); 3) the liar tells 12 ducks to herd, if one disappears in a day, executes; the sister shakes pearls and gold from the goats, ducks eat it; shout that Sister M. is brighter than the sun; the next morning, the liar hides one duck, says that M. has lost it; M. asks the king to allow him to go ashore for the last time; sister orders M. asked to bury him at the fountain after the execution; for three nights he goes out to mourn him; the king is told that he cuts off the chain, marries his sister M.; the body of the liar is cut into pieces, salted in a barrel, put it on the bottom a hand with a ring, they send it to her mother; she eats, does not give it to the cat and the dog; when she realizes that it is a daughter, the cat and the dog rejoice, otherwise they would comfort her], 20 [a widowed father marries a neighbor; she has an ugly one-eyed daughter; she tells her husband to take Maria and Peppa to the forest; M. leaves lupine seeds on the trail, then beans, then bran; each time the father hangs a pumpkin to knock in the wind as if he were cutting wood, himself leaves; the children return on the trail twice, but the bran was carried away by the wind; P. is thirsty; the first stream murmurs that the water that has been drunk will become snakes; the second - P. will be a rabbit; the third - M. will become beautiful, P. - lamb; P. drinks; M. and his lamb have been living in a cave for several years; the king finds them, takes M. as his wife; she is pregnant; stepmother comes with her daughter; stepmother pushes M. into the sea, swallowed by a shark; leaves her daughter instead of M.; the imaginary M. says that she is fool because of the lamb, tells him to kill him; by the sea, the lamb turns to his sister, says that they sharpen knives, cook cauldrons, want to slaughter him; M. replies that she is being held by a shark, she cannot even give birth; the servant tells the king; M. teaches to throw a hook into the shark's mouth, the king pulls it out; the stepmother's daughter's chopped head is sent to her stepmother under the guise of tuna; she finds out blind eye; stepmother cooked alive], 20 [widowed father marries a neighbor; she has an ugly one-eyed daughter; she tells her husband to take Maria and Peppa to the forest; M. leaves lupine seeds on the trail, then beans, then bran; each time the father hangs a pumpkin to knock in the wind, like he is cutting wood, leaves himself; the children come back on the trail twice, but the bran was taken away by the wind; P. is thirsty; the first stream murmurs that the drunk waters will become snakes; the second — P. will be a rabbit; the third — M. will become beautiful, P. will become a lamb; P. drinks; M. and a lamb live in a cave for several years; the king finds them, takes M. as his wife; she is pregnant ; stepmother comes with her daughter; stepmother pushes M. into the sea, swallows her to be swallowed by a shark; leaves her daughter instead of M.; imaginary M. says that she is fainted because of a lamb, tells him to kill him; by the sea a lamb turns to his sister, says that they sharpen knives, cook cauldrons, want to slaughter him; M. replies that she is being held by a shark, she cannot even give birth; the servant tells the king; M. teaches to throw a hook into the shark's mouth, the king pulls it out; the stepmother's daughter's chopped head is sent to her stepmother under the guise of tuna; she recognizes the blind eye; the stepmother was cooked alive]: 21-27, 130-137.

Western Asia. Syrian Arabs [7 robber brothers, with them their sister Sitt Bada; an old ghoul woman comes; the SB pretends not to understand her nature, but sings to her brothers; they come and kill an old woman ; mallows grew on her grave; SB ordered not to eat, but 6 brothers ate, became wild boars and ran away; the youngest seventh did not eat; she went with him, he asked for a drink; whoever drank in the first spring will become a wild boar; boy drinks from the second, makes a gazelle; SB hires to herd geese with a bald man's mask on; from time to time she takes off her mask, so the geese begin to lay unusually many eggs; the prince waited for the SB, married; went on Hajj, SB at the 9th month, an envious relative of the prince pushed her into a dry well, took her place; told her returning husband that she had given birth to a son, but he died; SB gave birth to a son in a well, a gazelle brings them food; the imaginary wife asks the gazelle to slaughter; the gazelle comes to the well, says that they are sharpening knives to slaughter her, the sister answers; the prince hears this, returns his wife and child]: Kuhr 1993:224-229; mehri [the king has a wife, son Hamed and daughter Fatima; there are no sheep to slaughter by the feast; the cadi allows the king to slaughter H. and his wife F.; H. hears, says to his sister, they run away; father: let them the ways are gold; they pick it up, run on; let the evil camel; H.: my father and I have already ridden you; the camel skips; let the stream; F.: my mother and I have already played with you; the stream skips; father stops chasing; F.: I forgot my hairpin; H. comes back, wild goats will return the barrette if H. drinks water with them; he drinks, turns into a goat; F. led him on a rope; the maid sees them at the well, tells the Sultan that he takes F. as his wife; the first wife pushes her into the well, is swallowed by a shark; the wife pretends to be sick (and obviously pretends to be F.), wants goat meat; sharpening knives, they make a fire, put up a cauldron; the sultan sees from the window how a goat runs to the well, talks about the danger, F. replies that she has the son of a sultan in her bosom, that they are in the womb of a shark; the shark was pulled out, F. with the child removed from her womb, first wife killed]: Jahn 1902, No. 28:124-127;


Balkans. Greeks [{p. 339 in pdf, but the meaning is clear}; the prince marries a girl whose brother has turned into a deer; another woman pushes her into the sea, replaces her with her own daughter; a deer asks the prince twice to let him go, runs to the sea, says that knives sharpen him to slaughter; his sister replies that it was swallowed by fish; the prince hears, tells him to catch fish, pulls out his wife]: Dawkins 1916:339- 341; Albanians [the widow has a daughter, a goat came to the door, the daughter asked to buy her; leads her to the royal vineyard; the king follows the goat, knocks on the door and asks him to marry the girl; the goat too she will take it; the mother gave it away; the maid took the young queen to the well to see who was more beautiful; the queen was more beautiful; asked for permission to wear her dress, pushed her into the well; there she was swallowed by a fish; a goat ran to the well; the queen screams from under the water: Goat, goat, I'm in the stomach of a fish, a spindle on my belt, a son with a star on his forehead with me; goat in response: Girl, girl, cauldron are boiling, sharpening a knife, they want me slaughter; the king heard it, ordered to scoop out the well, gut the fish, the wife and son are alive; the maid was executed]: Meyer 1884, No. 1:93-95

Central Europe. Russians (Teresky Bereg) [stepmother tells her husband to drive children out of his first marriage; sister does not tell his brother to drink from a horse, a bull's trail (he will become a foal, a goby); he drinks from a goat, became as a kid; came to the city, the king married this girl, left; Baba Yaga called her to the sea, pushed her, put on her clothes; asks her husband to slaughter the kid; he ran to the sea, complains to his sister; sister: pick her up I can't stone, I can't tear off the ropes, tell Ivan Tsarevich to pull out the seine; on the third day: the boilers are boiling, the knives are sharpening, they want to cut me! I. followed, pulled out his wife, the kid turned over and became a guy; Baba Yaga was shot at the gate; they played a wedding, but they didn't give me anything]: Balashov 1970, No. 155:410-411; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, 1908, Lapinskaya volost, 18-year-old girl A.S. Filatova, lived as an employee in different villages of Pomerania, composes ditties and songs/"folk poetess”/, illiterate) [Orphans brother and sister go to live in another the village, they see a horse's hoof with water on the way, the brother wants to get drunk, the sister warns that he will become a foal if he drinks. Then they meet a cow's hoof and a goat's hoof. The brother does not listen and drinks from a goat's hoof and turns into a kid. Ivan Tsarevich marries Mary and lives with a kid. Ivan goes overseas, puts Marya “behind the glass behind the mirrors”. Yaicna-Babitsna calls Mary to take a steam bath, she agrees, after the bath she takes Marya into the river to swim, throws her into a hole, falls asleep with sand and stones. The kid sees what's going on. Yaitsna-Babitsna sits down instead of Marya at the windows and mirrors, Ivan returns and does not notice the change. Yaytsna wants to eat meat and offers to kill the kid twice, he asks him to feel sorry for him and give him a day to eat herbs and drink spring water to be tastier. Meanwhile, she goes to the place where her sister is lying in the pit, complains to her (“the tubs are steamed, the knives are sharpened”), but he cannot help. For the second time, Ivan watches the kid, asks who he is talking to, and he tells us everything he saw. Ivan digs up Marya, Yaitsna is shot at the gate]: Tseitlin 1911, No. 11:7-9; Russians (Ryazan) [brother and sister went to the forest, brother is thirsty; sister does not tell me to drink from a horse's hoof — you will be a goat; he drank, became a goat; the Tsar's son married his sister; when he left, Alyonushka's friend replaced her, and when he returned, she asked to slaughter the goat; he runs to the sea: Knives are sharpened, cauldrons they boil, they want to slaughter me; the prince hears me, went to the sea, guessed Alyonushka, but you can't take her; he let the kid go, and “decided his life himself”]: Smirnov 2003 (2), No. 235:128-129; Russians (Gorkovskaya) [Baba Yaga has daughters Natasha and Ustenka; Vanyusha and Alyonushka are not native; they herd cows every day; N. is with them; N.'s one-eyed is with them; A. put her to sleep with a song; jackdaws, crows hid everything, rolled cows on their feet; on the next day, Baba Yaga sent a three-eyed; M. forgot to put the third eye to sleep; Baba Yaga tells her husband to slaughter Burenka; A. cries: They want to slaughter you/Damask knives, /German boilers boil; The cow tells her blood to pour under the window, bury her heart in an alley; a well of sugar water has become, next to an apple tree with red apples; the master goes by, asks to sell apples; Baba Yaga sent N. - branches rose high; the master asks A. to be sent; the branches fell, A. brought apples to the master on a golden plate; the master tells A. to dress up, marry tomorrow; Baba Yaga dressed W., covered the third eye, A. put under the deck; rooster: Baba Yagi's daughter is sitting at the table, and A. is under the deck; the master sent the servants to get A., brought him to his place together with V., married; Baba Yaga came, gave V. cakes on goat fat, he became a kid; dressed up W., A. threw a stone around her neck, a fierce snake to her heart; a kid by the river: German boilers are boiling, /Knives sharpen damask; A. stuck her head out, cries: the stone pulls to the bottom, the snake is fierce the heart sucks; {the master heard}; tied W. to the tail of the horse, scattered it across the field: where is the leg, where is the hand, where is the head; Baba Yaga goes to visit U., finds a leg — daughter on a stump; hand — daughter for a rake; the head to her daughter on the manure; the master ordered her to restore V.'s human appearance; she fed her cakes, he became a boy; the servants pulled A. out, and Baba Yaga was tied to her tail, dispersed across the field]: Eremina et al. 1979, No. 10:179-181; Belarusians [Alenka and Ivanka, the widow's children, got lost, a snake came to the hut; he offers A. to be a wife, and I. to feed and eat; A. gives the snake a bone, skin; finally, she is forced to bring I.; he pretends not to know how to sit on a shovel; A. and I. shoved him into the oven; went on, A. forgot the ring; I. ran to bring it; A. do not lick the snake's fat; I. licked, became a lamb; the merchant took A. in wives; tells her not to go to the bathhouse; A. went, next to the house, there was a snake in it; when A. undressed, the snake tied a stone around her neck, threw it into the river, changed it in front of her husband; tells her to fry a lamb; lamb on the shore: vars they cook, sharpen knives, want to slaughter; A.: tell my husband, let them pull me out with a net; the coachman overheard, the pan pulled out the lamb with a net, became I.; the snake was tied to the horse's tail, carried across the field]: Romanov 1887, No. 47:265-266

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Kabardian people [the mother is dead, the girl Gulez and the boy Inal are left; the witch stepmother decided to eat them; they ran away, the witch is chasing, the children threw the comb (forest), scissors (7 iron walls), the mirror ( sea); the witch asks to ford, the children indicate a deep place, the waves took the witch away; I. wants to drink; G. does not allow drinking from the trail of a camel's hoof, cowhide; he drinks from sheep, became a lamb; prince saw G., took her home, got married; the witch's daughter pushed G. into the sea, put on her clothes, took her place; asks the prince to slaughter the lamb; a lamb by the sea calls his sister, says that they sharpen knives, heat the water cook his meat; G.: I can't help, I'm in a whale's stomach; people told the prince, they caught the whale, g, returned it, the lamb became human, the witch's daughter was kicked out]: Kardanov 196:63-68; Georgians [nine brothers they go hunting; a mother gives birth to a girl, puts a spindle at the gate; an angry neighbor replaces him with a yoke; another girl tells the brothers' sister that her brothers are missing because of her; the daughter bites her mother's chest, forcing them to discover the truth; comes to the brothers, they do not know who is cleaning the house; they find her; warn her not to let the fire go out; the girl comes to the mother of the devas; she gives smut and cilantro seeds, according to he finds a home; dev bites off the girl's finger; the next day, his brothers kill him; the deva's mother asks for medicine to be added to the brothers' food; they turn into deer, run away; he walks alone with her; the prince wants shoot, the girl asks not to do so; the prince marries her; the neighbor tells her servants to drown her, puts on her clothes, replaces her, tells her to stab the deer; he calls his sister, she answers, tells her to ask do not carry water, sharpen his dagger; servants pull out a woman, tie an impostor to a horse's tail]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (1), No. 54:213-218; Turks: Aganin et al. 1960 [from a hunter second wife; stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter and stepson; the partridge hunted by the hunter disappeared; the wife was terrified; cut off one of her breasts, cooked it; the hunter liked the meat; when he found out what was going on, he decided to eat man; the wife offered to fatten the children and eat them in 40 days; the girl hears, counts the days, laying stones; tells her brother to run; the father is chasing; the old woman gives a mirror, a comb and clay; the sister threw clay (swamp); comb (thorny bush); father almost caught up, the mirror fell — the sea, the father stayed on the other side; the brother is thirsty; the rider pointed out three sources; after drinking from the first, you will become fish, from the second a lamb, the third is safe; the brother became a lamb; the son of the padishah arrived and saw a girl in a tree, decided to marry; galloped home to return; an arapka came up and said that the son The padishah sent her, pushed the girl to the first source, put on her clothes; the padishah's son is surprised that the bride has fainted; after the wedding, the arapka fell ill, asks for lamb meat; the padishah's son is watching him; he comes to the source: you were swallowed by a fish, and an arapka wants to eat me, butchers sharpen knives; fishermen pulled the fish, took the girl out of her womb; the arapka was torn by four mules; three apples fell from the sky; the lamb ate one, became a boy, his sister put another on his chest, she woke up; the third will find a child who will read a fairy tale]: 122-130; Stebleva 1986, No. 33 [stepmother wants to throw the children into the oven; a boy and sister go to his mother's grave; a voice tells them to take a comb, a brush, and soap; the stepmother sent soldiers in pursuit; the abandoned comb became thickets of thorns, a brush with snakes covered the ground, soap — by sea; children walk along the steppe, the boy is thirsty; the sister does not tell me to drink from a deer hoof, he drinks, turns into a deer; a girl climbs a poplar, shahzade sees its reflection; tells her to cut; felling overnight overgrows; the old woman begins to bake bread, putting the pan upside down; the girl goes down to help her, shahzade picks her up and the deer, gets married; while bathing, the arapka pushes her into a deep place, puts it on clothes, says that they have turned black while waiting for her husband to return; asks to slaughter a deer; a deer brother tells his sister how knives are sharpened to slaughter him; the sister replies that it is in the stomach of a fish, her son is at her chest; people hear, shahzade eavesdrop, take out the Sultan and the child, tie the arapka to the tails of 40 mules]: 131-134; Kúnos 1901 [after the death of the padishah, his son and daughter went bankrupt, went on a journey; sister warns her brother in vain not to drink dirty water, he drinks, turns into a deer; the sister climbed a tree above the spring, the padishah's horses see her reflection, are frightened; then the servants also see; she refuses to get down, the padishah tells them to cut down the tree; when the servants went on vacation, the deer licked the felling, the tree became intact; the next evening; then the old woman was called; she pretended to be blind, put the cauldron upside down, poured water by; the next time you cooked not meat, but ash; on the third day you slaughtered the sheep, poking it with a knife from behind, rather than cutting her throat; the girl went down, her padishah grabbed him, she agreed to marry him if he took her fawn brother; the black maid pushed the padishah's wife into the spring, she was swallowed by fish; the maid took her place, saying that she had darkened in the sun; pretended to be sick: the meat of a deer will cure her; he says to her sister: the knife is sharpening, the water is boiling, hurry up, sister; sister in response: I am inside the fish, there is a golden saucer on my hand, there is a silver sandal on my leg, I have a silver sandal on my chest little padishah; the padishah heard, the spring was drained, the belly of the fish was ripped open, there was a wife and son; the deer licked the fish blood, became a young man again; the maid's padishah: 4 swords or 4 horses? maid: let swords against my enemies, I choose horses; she was tied to the tails of horses, torn]: 1-11

Iran — Central Asia. The Persians [sister and brother run away from the evil stepmother; the rider gives the girl clothes, warns that it will be possible to drink from the last, human stream; the brother drinks from the penultimate, gazelle, becomes a lame gazelle; shahzadeh marries the girl; when she goes hunting, warns that she must open the door after he throws the seventh Pomeranian through the wall; the mother of the former bride heard she got into Shahzadeh's wife, covered the hole with a carpet, she fell through; gave birth to a boy and a girl in the pit; the liar put her daughter in her place; she told Shahzada that she had turned yellow with longing for him, she would recover if slaughter the gazelle; the gazelle complains to her sister (The knives are sharpened hot...); the sister replies that she has a son and daughter Shahzade in her arms, tells the butcher to go blind; shahzade hears his wife, pulls her out of the pit; soup from the false wife's meat was given to her mother, who found her daughter's ring in it; the mother was torn by horses; the gazelle stayed with her sister and shahzade]: Osmanov 1987:336-339; Khufs [the father has two sons and a daughter; the eldest asks the father to give him a wife; the father tells him to stick a flower in the hair of whoever he likes; the son chose a sister; the old woman told her that she was being passed off as a brother; the girl went up to the plane tree and told her to grow up; the mother asks the plane tree to be shorter; girl: you served as my mother {in the sense that you are no longer my mother}; the same with my father; with my older brother; when my younger brother came up, she went down and went with him to another country; asks not to drink from the stream — you will become a wolf; then a horse; a dog; the fourth time the boy got drunk and became a lamb; the king met them, brought them to his place; the former wife put a new one on the swing, shakes, she falls into pond; when the king returns, he tells the lamb to be slaughtered; he cries by the pond: They sharpen the damask knife, they put Leyla's brother in the cauldron; the king heard, threw a rope to his wife and pulled it out; he tied his old wife to a horse, he smashed it to pieces]: Sokolova 1959, No. 21:83-86; Uzbeks [the widower has Gulnor's eldest daughter, the youngest Oimoma; the father married a widow, she has her own son; O. tells G. that they want to pass her off as a half-brother ; G. ran to the mountains, asked the stone to open, hid inside the stone; only the ends of her hair remained outside; the father asked the stone to open; G.: was a father, now father-in-law; father's wife: you are not a mother, but stepmother; groom: so that her eyes would not look at you; when O. came, G. asked the stone to open and both sisters went on a journey; O. wanted to drink, G. did not tell you to turn into a bear cub; elsewhere — as a wolf cub; in the third — as a goat; O. wants to become a goat, drinks; Shah's hunters surrounded them, the Shah married G.; Shah's first wife Bekoim ordered to put the goat on a chain; G. will give birth soon, the Shah went hunting ; B. hung a swing by the pond, G. began to swing, B. cut the rope, G. fell into the pond; B. tells the Shah that G. poisoned her, became an owl and flew away; B. pretended to be sick, she will be cured by goat meat; the goat sings over the pond, G. answers from the bottom; the cooks made a fire under the boilers, 40 butchers are ready to slaughter the goat; she asks the butcher not to cut it, calls her sister (“The boilers are suspended, the knives are sharpened”), she answers from the bottom (“I have carpets under my feet, two cradles next to me, Hassan and Hussein in my arms”); people hear, scooped up water, there are two golden cradles at the bottom; G. gave the goat a drink of water, she became a girl again; Shah ordered B. and her healer to tie 40 horses to their tails and died; the horses were driven to the steppe; G. became ruler]: Westerman 2009:222-227.

Baltoscandia. Karelians (livviks) [brother and sister were orphans, went to look for food; the day is hot, brother wants to get drunk from a cow's hoof, sister does not tell: you will become a cow; the same is from horse; drinks lamb, became a lamb; they came to the city, the prince liked the girl, he married her; Süätterihü pushed her into the water, replaced her with her daughter; the lamb bleats, the imaginary wife asks him to be slaughtered; he comes to the river bank, turns to his sister Alyonushka: the knives will be fixed, the axes are sharpening, the boilers are boiling, they want to slaughter me; A.: I have a stone tied around my neck; the same on the second day; on the third, the prince overhears, A. was pulled out, the lamb became a boy again; daughter S. was thrown into a boiling pot]: Makarov, Ryagoev 1963, No. 19:41-43; Lithuanians [after the death of her parents Elenite and her brother Yonukas go on a journey; he does not tell him to drink from a horse trail, he drinks from lamb, turns into a lamb; the king marries E.; the witch pushes her into the lake, dresses up in her dress, replaces her; E. becomes a goldfish; the witch tells him to slaughter the lamb; he calls his sister (Servants sharpen royal knives, girls wash their yard troughs), she tells him to ask him to catch the gold fish; the king hears it, the fish is caught, it and the lamb become human again, the witch is executed]: Lebite 1965:130-132 (same in Kerbelite 2014, No. 142 [as in Löbit; 133 options; turns gold roach]: 363-366).

Volga — Perm. Mordova [after the death of the mother, the son and daughter advise the father to remarry; the stepmother tells her husband to lose the children; he took them to the forest, tied a tree stump to the knot, he knocks in the wind, the children think that father cuts firewood; children cry, call: forest fathers, forest mothers, come to bed with us; Babya Yaga came on a horse song, on a cart deck, a whip in her hands; brought a kid to her; in the morning instead of her brother; he cries: axes, knives are sharpening, asking for my neck; my sister took the kid away, met merchants; Baba Yaga's daughter told her husband to buy a kid to finish it; (text ends)]: Markelov 1922, No. 14:160 -161; Mordovians [mother is dead, children tell father to remarry, stepmother tells her husband to take the children to the forest; he leaves the log to knock in the wind, leaves; brother and sister have come to the blind witch's house; she tries her fingers — are they fat; the sister gives the spindle, the brother gives her a finger, the witch decides to fry the boy, the sister tells her to spread her legs, let the witch show her how to sit; they push her into the oven, carry her away treasures and steal sheep; brother forgot his girdle, sister tells not to lick the witch's fat; brother licks, becomes a lamb, sister leads him with a girdle; stepmother tied a stone around her stepdaughter's neck, pushed him into water, told her husband to slaughter the lamb; he asked for permission to drink water, sings, addressing Alyonushka, that the boilers were boiling, the knives were sharpening, they wanted to slaughter him; the same again; the boyar's son saw, pulled out Alyonushka, I took the lamb, the treasures, and the herd they stole from the witch]: Paasonen 1941:230-236.