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K33H. Cat, dog and magic object, ATU 560.


A person finds a magic object that fulfills any desire. This item has been stolen. It is returned by animals (which the hero saved before).

Swahili, Makua, Mofu-Gudur, Kpelle, Mosi, (bulsa), Hausa, Sudanese Arabs, Malgashi, Kabila, Algerian Berebers (Mzab), Arabs of Morocco, Egypt, Catalans, Portuguese, Spaniards, Basques (? ) , Italians (Liguria, Trentino, Toscana, Umbria, Campania, Basilicata, Calabria), Corsicans, Irish, British, French, Bretons, Germans (Schleswig-Holstein, Pomerania), Flemish, Friesians, Aramaians, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Mehri, Socotra, Tibetans, Meitei, Bhutan, Monks, Thais, Vietnamese, Vietnamese, Karen, Kashmiris, Nepalis, Himachali Pahari, Uttar Pradesh (Hindi), Punjabi, Bengalis, Oriya, Santals, Bhumia, Konkani, Tamils, Sinhales, Malays, Bali, Timor, Lisu, Chinese (Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong), Koreans, Bulgarians, Macedonians, Albanians, Hungarians, Slovenes, Serbs, Croats, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz people, Greeks, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Galicia, Transcarpathia, Pokutye, Chernigov, Poltava, Kharkiv), Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Ossetians, Abkhazians, Terek Cossacks, Nogais, Stavropol Turkmens, Tatas, Georgians, Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Lurs, Bakhtiyars, Turkmens, Bukhara Arabs, Tajiks, (mountain Tajiks), Vakhans, Persians, Uzbeks, Norwegians, Swedes, Danes, Latvians, Lithuanians , Western Sami, Finns, Karelians, Veps, Estonians, Lutsi, Livs, Chuvash, Mari, Mordovians, Kazan Tatars, (Bashkirs), Udmurts, Komi, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Dungans, (Siberian Tatars), Altaians, Teleuts, Shors, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats, Darkhats, Khalkha Mongols, Mongols of Inner Mongolia, Dongxians, Evenks of Buryatia, central (?) Yakuts, Nanais, Japanese, Ainu.

Bantu-speaking Africa. Swahili: El-Shamy 2004, No. 560:313-316; makua (chubu, Kelimabe district) [Tembo sees a snake suffocating while trying to swallow a gazelle, saved it; the snake's son advises choosing in the reward is the mirror on which the fly will sit; when the fly comes dressed in banana leaves, asks the ruler's daughter to marry; the girl's mother orders to build a house in the middle of the river; the mirror gives a house, servants, etc., T. gets a wife; when the war breaks out, T. says he does not want to see it; all the warriors fall dead, the old woman remains; asks to look at the mirror and replaces it, takes it to the ruler; the warriors come to life, T. returns to his father, T.'s house is destroyed, he and his cat are locked up; rats come to kill him, but the cat grabs the rat, lets him go for promising to return the mirror; with the help of a mirror, T. returns the house, servant and wife]: Torrend, p. 247ff in Klipple 1992:203 -204.

West Africa. Mofu-gudur [after the death of the leader, the youngest son inherits him; the eldest borrows a spear from one person, hunts, the wounded monitor lizard carries a spear on his body, hides in a termite mound; the owner demands return the spear; the young man digs a termite for three days, finds himself in the underworld; the monitor lizard in the guise of a young man tells him to ask his father, God, to return the spear, also ask for a ring, eat nothing but wild eggplants ; the young man returns to earth with a spear and a ring, immediately becomes a chief instead of his brother; contrary to warning, he agrees to sleep with his younger brother's wife, who steals the ring; mouse, cat, dog they sneak into the room, take the ring, staging a cat chase for a mouse, dogs after a cat; the older brother becomes the chief again]: Sorin-Barreteau 2001, No. 19:135-140; kpelle [the rich king is dead; his the son asked not to kill the cat who stole the food; the hawk who grabbed the chicken; also the porcupine, the dog, the otter; (people were going to kill the boy); the hawk took him to God, he fed him, they returned to earth; during this time, the boy's mother, using her husband's magic ring, which should have rightfully belonged to her son, moved across the river with her lover, and created a settlement there with the help of a ring (“from a lot of people came out of the rings”); the hawk found this new city, the porcupine paved its way to the river, the dog crossed the river, the otter made its way underwater, the cat bent over the woman, she dropped it in fear the ring, the cat brought it to the boy; they thanked God; the woman's lover was thrown into the water, the city was in the same place as it used to be]: Westermann 1924, No. 23:150; mosi [Ouende gave the man a bracelet that fulfills wishes; a man quarreled with his wife, she hid it under the roof of a house with no doors; the man became impoverished; the dog smelled the bracelet, the cat made a hole in the wall and saw a bracelet under the ceiling, the mouse managed to throw it on the floor, the dog brought it to the owner, who is getting rich again]: Tauxier, no. 74, p. 473 in Klipple 1992:204; (cf. bull [the father and three sons lost their cows; then someone trampled on the field; the brothers found, but released the monkey first, then the hippopotamus; followed the cows; the monkey helped them get over rocks, the hippopotamus is across the river; they have come to the chief; he has many cows and all black cows are the same as his brothers' cows; the chief tells them to identify his own; the cat waves its tail to those who belong to the brothers; the chief gives the youngest a ring from his finger; if he does not return him by a certain time, he will be executed; and if he does, the leader himself must be killed; the young man marries, the wife stole the ring, gave it to his father, he threw it him into the river; the young man found his ring in the belly of the caught fish; brought it to the chief by the appointed time; the chief does not know what to do now]: Schott 1996:159-179); Hausa: Equilbecq, 3, no.108, p. 234f in Klipple 1992 [a man caught and released a gorlinka, who gave a wish-fulfilling ring; a man gets rich to take possession of the ring, the king's daughter offers herself to a man as a wife; threatens to leave if he does not show The ring will not teach her how to handle it; having mastered the ring, she transfers herself and property to her father, gives him a ring; a man's dog sends a cat to get a ring, the cat sends three rats; two tickle the king, the third takes off and takes the ring, gives it to the cat, the cat to the dog, the dog to the man; he returns his wealth and transfers everything to the mountains away from the king]: 205; Tremearne 1913, No. 29 [older brother exchanged for the fabrics are a goat, the youngest is a dog, the eldest is a cow, the youngest is a cat, the elder of two young slaves and two young slaves, the youngest is an old woman; she was kidnapped by the king's daughter; the king's man recognized her; she advised the young man to ask the king for only a ring from his finger as a reward; the king gives along with the best horse; the people of the city chase, but the young man manages to jump to his city; the young man has gone to live in the forest and during the night, the ring created a new city around him; the young man took the mother, dog and cat to him; a woman came, became his wife, convinced him to reveal the secret, took the ring, gave it to her lover, who moved the city to for themselves; the dog and the cat went to get the ring; the dog transported the cat across the river; the cat began to kill the mice, the king of the city ordered her to be brought to him; the mouse princess asked why the cat was exterminating them; she ordered get the ring; the king held the ring in his mouth, but at night it fell out, the mouse took it away, gave it to the cat, the dog transported the cat, she gave the ring to the owner, he returned everything, and the woman and lover were left with nothing] : 244-251.

Sudan — East Africa. Sudanese Arabs: El-Shamy 2004, No. 560:313-316; Malgashi (Sakalava or Tsimihety) [When he dies, the father leaves money to his three sons; the elder builds a house, is engaged in agriculture; the middle one But; the youngest wears a loincloth, feeds on roots; when rats, hawks, fish, snakes fall into the traps of the elders, he buys them; everyone promises to help; the snake leads to his father, tells them to ask for a reward only a ring; it gives everything you need for life; the brothers go to marry the princess, the youngest comes too; the king demands to build a palace in the middle of the sea; the youngest, thanks to the ring, builds and gets a princess; the elder brother lured the ring from the youngest's wife (or the wife lures her husband's ring), threw it into the sea; the palace began to sink into the water; the fish finds and swallows the ring, caught, the intestines are dry, they have a ring in them, The hawk brought it to the young man, who puts the ring on his finger, everything recovers]: Haring 1982, No. 7,560:480-481.

North Africa. Kabila, Arabs of Morocco: El-Shamy 2004, No. 560:313-316; Algerian Berbers (Mzab) [father died, leaving his son a dog, cat and bird {apparently a hunting falcon}; he hunted with them; the Jew invited the young man to go down somewhere, get the money and then divide it; the young man saw a ring there, put it on; he offered to fulfill any wishes; the young man told the Jew that he had found nothing; asked a horse's ring and good clothes, ordered his mother to marry him a princess; the king demands a golden palace, 40 blacks with burdens of gold and silver; the young man creates everything and gets a wife; while he hunts, a Jew comes with with a bunch of rings, asks the princess to show her hers, replaces her, takes away the golden palace; the young man returns his wife to her father, goes in search himself; sends the bird to find the golden palace; then the bird brings the cat there, She tells the rats to enter the palace; they tickle the Jew's nose, he sneezes, the ring falls out of his nostril, the rats brought it to the cat; on the way back, the bird and the cat argue which of them will give the ring to the owner; the ring fell into the sea; on the shore, the cat rubs its tail against the sand; fish: what are you doing? cat: I want to dry the sea to kill the fish; the fish found the one on which the ring fell, brought the ring to the cat; after receiving the ring, the young man returned the palace, his wife, and after the death of the king he reigned]: Basset 1897, No. 116:138-144; the Arabs of Egypt [the poor man stays at home because there is still no job; his wife cut off the 40 coins that adorned his headscarf and gave her husband a living until he found work; he came to a man who borrowed a fig tree grove; a bird steals figs; a man caught it and started hitting it; a poor man came and bought a bird for 10 coins; she gave him two feathers; the fig tree owner began to beat the dog, kitten, mouse; each time the poor man bought animals for 10 coins, eventually spending everything; burned the feather, a bird descended from the sky; she is the son of a genies padishah, ordered to ask his father for his salvation for a ring from his little finger; in he is efreet, fulfilling wishes; the man asked for a palace better than the Sultan's, food and wealth; the sultan gave him his daughter; she asks her husband for a ring, he does not give it; orders a jeweler, but all rings are different from magical; yet persuaded her husband to give her a ring for a while; the jeweler moved the palace, himself and the man's wife across the seven seas; the sultan promises to execute the man in three days; he burned the second feather; the bird sent the dog cat and mouse behind the ring; they swam across the seas on the dog's back; the mouse tickled the sleeping jeweler, who sneezed out the ring, the animals carried it to its owner; the dog asked for it, dropped it; the fisherman caught the fish in it as well it turned out to be a ring; having received it, the man returned the palace and wife; the sultan appointed him a vizier; the man brought his former wife and children to him]: Bushnaq 1987:142-146.

Southern Europe. Catalans (including the Balearics) [the hero saves a cat, dog, lamb from certain death; for this, the old man gives him a ring that fulfills his wish; with his help he escaped royal anger and married princess; a witch stole the ring, moved it to a distant island; a cat, a dog and a lamb return the ring to a young man]: Oriol, Pujol 2008, No. 560:123; Portuguese: Cardigos 2006, No. 260 (many entries) [ a young man saves a cat and a dog, receives a ring (or other object) that makes wishes come true; creates a castle and marries a princess; a servant (witch, brother, old man) steals a ring, a castle and a wife are transferred to the distant island; cat and dog make a mouse steal a magic item from the kidnapper; castle and princess returned]: 140-141; Pedroso 1882, No. 30 [poor young man burns coal in the forest; sees a doe around her neck a golden apple hangs; a doe offers him whatever he wants, but his voice tells him to ask only for an apple; if you open it, 4 giants come out and fulfill any wish; the young man wished a palace and a princess; one a man stole an apple, the palace was gone; the young man sent the princess to her parents, began to wander along the seashore; an old woman (it was St. Virgo) ordered to find cats and take the skinniest and lousest one; the young man boarded the ship, there was an apple thief, he put the young man in the tower; the cat tyranted the rats; they wrote a note: they are ready to do anything if the cat would leave them alone; the cat told them to get a golden apple; the rats tickled the sleeping owner, he raised his head, they removed the apple from his neck, brought it to the cat; the young man took it, returned the palace and princess]: 121-124; Spaniards (Extremadura) [mother sends her son to her rich sister with a basket of eggs to buy them; on the way back, the boy gave the money he received to boys who wanted to kill cat; next time he also saved the dog; the snake; the snake regurgitated the ring that fulfilled wishes; the young man became rich, married a princess; created a better palace than the royal one, when he left, told his wife to take care of the ring, even he was worn; the jeweler lured her ring in exchange for another one decorated with gems; moved the palace and princess to the Armenian mountains; the king threw his son-in-law in prison; the cat and the dog took the owner bread with with ham, we reached a palace in Armenia; the cat tickled the nose of the sleeping jeweler with its tail, the ring fell out of his mouth, they brought the ring to the owner; he returned the palace and his wife; the jeweler was torn by four horses]: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 560:548-551; Italians (Liguria, Toscana, Umbria, Basilicata, Calabria): Cirese, Serafini 1975, No. 560:131; Italians: Basile 2018 (Campania, Naples) []: 364-369; Kotrelev 1991 (Trentino) [a poor young man helped an old woman, who gave a wish-fulfilling ring, a cat and a dog; the young man wanted a palace, married a princess; his wife stole the ring, moved the palace to the top of a snowy mountain; the cat and the dog went down, the cat caught the mouse, she gnawed a hole, the mouse tickled the princess, she dropped the ring from her mouth; by the river, the cat and the dog began to swear, they dropped the ring, the fish swallowed it, the dog grabbed it, they brought the ring; the young man moved his palace down and his wife's palace to the mountain; his wife starved there]: 48-52; Knust 1866, No. 6 []: 390-391; Corsicans [the widow and son Giuvanni live by collecting and selling firewood, and their chicken brings an egg every day; one day the son asks for permission to sell the chicken for the holiday; it is bought by a curé, tells take it to him; on the way, J. cut off the chicken's head and found a ring in the goiter; put it on his finger, it asks what would you please? at home, J. tells the ring to serve a set table; curé: was there nothing in the goiter? J.: She had no head; J. demanded a palace next to the royal; the princess saw him, invited J. to visit, he married her; the curé comes disguised as a merchant, shouting “I am changing old rings for new ones”; Unaware of what she was doing, the wife gave her the ring, the curé left her the entire box of jewelry; created a palace for himself in the middle of the sea, J.'s palace disappeared; the princess returned to her father, and J. went in search; the old woman sends to my sister, she knows where the priest is; she gives the cat to the rats, only they can return the ring; J. rats: if you don't bring the ring, I'll put the cat on you, and if you do, I'll let you run everywhere; the rat asks for a ball of thread and a pumpkin to hide in; a ring in the nose of the curé; the rat tickled, the curé sneezed in his sleep, the ring fell out, the rat took it away; J. destroyed the curé and his palace, allowed rats should go everywhere, the ship demanded, returned to his wife on it, giving the cat to the old woman]: Massignon 1984, No. 91:199-202 (=Delarue, Tenèse 1964, No. 560:393-398); Basques [link to Webster, Basq. Leg, 94-100, it should be Lower Brittany]: Delarue, Tenèse 1964:399.

Western Europe. Irish, British, Germans (Schleswig-Holstein), Flemish, Friezes: Uther 2004 (1), No. 560:328-329; Germans (Pomerania) [cat helps to return the ring, dropped it into the water, the fish swallowed it, but was caught]: Jahn 1891, No. 59:325-331; (cf. Germans (Pomerania) [the son of a poor widow does not want to herd pigs; shear sheep; she leads him to seek service; the master takes over; leaves for a year, at which time the young man must keep the house in order, but do not enter room 12; he fulfills the condition twice, the owner is happy; on the last day of the third year he opens the room; there the black raven is nailed to the wall; asks for a drink; the young man gives him water, nails fall out, the raven flies away; immediately a book falls off the shelf; the young man tries to put it in place, but it falls again and again; the young man picks it up; the owner returns, but says that when the young man released the crow, his service had just ended; so he generously rewarded the young man and let him go; he opened the book, the Moor appeared and asked what the owner wanted; soon the young man had a magnificent palace, and the king married him to his daughter; but the general is dissatisfied; when he penetrated the young man's wife, he persuaded her to find out what caused the young man's sudden enrichment; the young man tells his wife; the general grabs the book and tells the Moor to carry a palace where there is no moon or sun; the young man goes in search; the East wind carries him to the West, that to the South, the South to the North, the North to the mother of the water, that to his daughter, the mother of the earth; the mother of the earth summons all earthly creatures; one mouse knows about the palace; gets there, pulls out a book from under the general's pillow; he wants to kill the mouse, but his wife says it's their son's favorite toy; the young man tells The Moor to put the inhabitants of the palace to sleep and move him back; shows the king his daughter in the arms of the general; forgives his wife, and the genetal was torn apart by four bulls]: Jahn 1891, No. 58:317-324); the French [many publications]: Delarue, Tenèse 1964:399-401; Bretons [the fisherman died, his three sons' boat was taken to an unfamiliar island; there is a castle, no gate, Bihanik (“younger”) climbed over the wall, ate fruit in the garden, a roasted bull in the kitchen and fresh bread; a giant came in, began to eat, released gases with a terrible roar; B. said that he was his son and flew out of his stomach; at this time, the B. brothers left, thinking that the giant ate it; the giant goes hunting people, leaves B. the keys to 69 rooms, but not for the 70th room; the dog began to bark at the wall, B. noticed a keyhole, unlocked the door, a diamond in the chest and inscription: he fulfills wishes; B. wished to be in Paris with his dog (she was the queen of dogs); ordered an even more luxurious one to appear near the royal palace; the king sent a general bring the owner; B.: let him come by himself; the general ordered to destroy the palace with cannons, but bounced, hitting the king's men; the king came, asked B. to come to lunch; B. married the princess, took over brothers; to get his diamond back, the giant went everywhere, offering two new diamonds for one old one; while B. was hunting, his wife, not knowing the value of the diamond, gave the magic diamond for the other two; when he returned, B. woke up under the clear sky, the palace disappeared; the princess returned to her father, who threw B. into prison; execution in the morning; Queen Dog promised B. to fix everything by morning; asked the cat queen for help, and that queen of rats; the giant keeps the diamond in the hollow of a tooth; the rat tickled its tail soaked in vinegar, pepper, etc., the giant sneezed, the diamond fell to the floor, the rat gave it to the dog, the dog ran to Paris; Scaffold B. asked for permission to hug his dog; took a diamond, ordered everyone to fall into the ground up to the neck; a compartment of the head of ill-wishers; returned the palace; the dog turned into a princess, B. married her]: Luzel 1887 (2), No. 11:419-431.

Western Asia. Aramei [the protagonists are a bear (his magic ring has been stolen) and a wolf (steals the ring, taking the treasures and the bear's wife); when the wolf offends the fox, it decides, together with the dog and the hare take revenge; the dog transports the cat across the sea, which sprinkles tobacco into the wolf's nose, the wolf sneezes out the ring; having received the ring back, the bear returns the treasure, its own wife and also takes the wolf's wife]: Aarne 1908:36; Palestinians [wife gives her husband money, he goes to look for work; use this money to buy birds, a dog, a cat and a mouse tormented by a farmhand; a bird gives two feathers; a man burns one, a bird returned, took it to her father, the prince of spirits; teaches him to ask for a ring as a reward; the man tells the ring to create a better palace than the royal one; marries the princess; she asked the jeweler to make her the same ring; the jeweler changed the rings, moved the palace with the princess to the middle of the sea; the king threatens to execute a man; he burns the second feather: a bird sends a dog, a cat and a mouse to the palace in the middle of the sea; the mouse tickles the jeweler, He sneezes, the ring falls out, but on the way back, animals drop the ring into the sea]: Nowak 1969, No. 55:80-81; Palestinians, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait , Yemen: El-Shamy 2004, No. 560:313-316; Socotra [when he dies, the father tells his son to give his son four sisters to four brothers who will successively come to marry: the eldest for the eldest, etc. ; tells us to dig where camels stand; the servant remains with the young man; the sisters are presented as if they have come; the servant reminds them to dig up the treasure; they find a jug with live chicken in it, they sell it at the bazaar; The servant returns and when the person who bought the chicken cuts it, asks for his stomach; it contains Solomon's ring; the servant gives it to the young man, tells him not to lose it; then asks for it, puts the young man on his back, with help the rings fly to his sons-in-law; they promise to help if the ring is stolen; the young man gives the ring to the woman who comes; she tells her house to rise and stay between heaven and earth; when he finds out, the servant dies, and the young man dies comes to his sons-in-law; the eldest refers to the next in seniority, etc., the youngest asks for 5 days of delay; sends birds; everyone returned after 5 days without finding the ring, one returned after 7 days, found; flew up with the mouse, which tickled the nostril of the sleeper with its tail, who had a ring in his nose, he sneezed, spit out the ring, the mouse brought it to the bird, they went down; the bird was made for this by the king of birds, and to the mice allowed to do what they want in the house]: Müller 1905, No. 1:45-50; mehri []: Stroomer 1999, no.? :? -?.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [poor Tsezhub cannot pay taxes; after putting on a piece of cloth, he went begging; children torment a mouse, a monkey, a bear cub; C. bought them for pieces of cloth; a servant in a wealthy house He stole a piece of cloth, was chased, he threw it at C.'s feet and started shouting “Thief! ; Tsezhuba was sewn into a leather bag, thrown into the river; the bag caught on the shore; the mouse gnawed through a hole, the monkey and the bear cub tore the bag; the bear found an egg-sized object that fulfills wishes; Now Ts has a palace; the merchant borrowed the treasure, told him to take everything away from Ts; the mouse, the monkey and the bear took out the treasure, when crossing the river, the bear began to grumble that he should lead everyone, the treasure drowned; the mouse told the frogs that an army was coming, they should fence the river with a wall; they brought stones from the bottom, including treasure; C. returned everything]: Komissarov 1997:151-157; Meitei [the poor widow sent the son to sell the rooster; he saw the boa constrictor entangled in the net; gave the rooster to the owner of the network to free the boa constrictor; the stranger said that he was the rescued boa constrictor, took him to him, ordered him to ask his mother The boa constrictor ring she wears on her finger; they went down to the bottom; the boa constrictor mother reluctantly parted with a ring that fulfills her wishes; at home, the young man demanded good food from the ring and sent his mother to marry he is the daughter of a village chief; he demands a bull, a bag of gold and a diamond necklace; the young man imagined everything, got a wife; the chief's servant stole the ring; the young man asked the cat and dog to return it; they caught a rat; under threat of death, she found a ring in the servant's closet and brought it; as she swam across the river, the dog barked at the fish and dropped the ring from its mouth; it was swallowed by a fish; a cat and a dog grabbed two otters and told find this fish; one of the otters brought the fish, the ring was in its stomach; but the hawk took it away; the cat and the dog grabbed the lynx, it climbed the tree, grabbed the hawk and returned the ring; the owner told them it's good to feed, but the dog ate both servings — her own and the cat's; since then, the cat and the dog have been quarreling]: Oinam et al. s.a.; Bhutan [the merchant's widow has 3 sons; she gave everyone matter, sent them to sell; younger Dawa Zangpo gave three packages of cloth for a cat; a dog; a monkey; fishermen caught a fish; the young man gave his own clothes for it, released the fish into the water; a beauty came out of the lake: the underwater king invites thank you for saving your daughter; do not take gold, ask for a ring from his finger; the ring fulfills wishes; having received it, the young man created a palace; the king of the West realized that someone had mastered more power than him ; gomchen, who knew Tantric art, volunteered to get the ring; stole it when a young man took it off his finger for a swim; the palace was gone; the cat, the dog and the monkey took it back; the dog transported it to the island; the cat caught the mouse king, forcing the other mice to steal the ring; the monkey took it and they swam back; dropped it; the fish swallowed it; the bird grabbed the fish, the dog managed to grab it, that dropped the fish, got the ring; DV didn't take it off anymore]: Choden 1994:7-13; cookie (thadu) [ATU 560 story]: Shaw 1929:117-119 in Thompson, Roberts 1960:84.

Burma — Indochina. Mona [a lazy orphan only reads books and repeats that it is difficult for the poor to invent something; the man gives him money and tells him to come up with something in a month and return the money; the young man bought a dog, the cat they wanted to kill, the cobra; she tells her mother to ask her mother for a wish-fulfilling ring; the young man gives the man twice as much; tells the mother to marry the king's daughter; builds a road out of gold; counselor tells the princess to ask her husband for a ring, grabs it, creates a palace on the water, and the young man's palace disappears; the king expelled his son-in-law and daughter; the dog and cat took the ring and returned it to the young man; the king made it heir]: Kasevich, Osipov 1976, No. 149:354-360; Thais [Khrut (=garuda) took a long piece of cloth, which served as a young man's clothes, for a snake, took it away; but in the morning a stranger came in to the young man and returned it the cloth and gave the crystal; after that, the young man's garden began to bear fruit unheard of generously and he became rich; the astrologer told the Chinese emperor to get this prosperous crystal; so far two dogs and a cat the young man was not at home, the mouse brought by the Chinese on the ship stole the crystal for them; the garden faded; Khrut brought the crystal back to the young man; the mouse stole it again, but the dogs and the cat chased her, swam, began to fight the mouse; Khrut turned them into islands and the crystal into a snow-white beach on one of them]: Vathanaprida 1994:80-87; Thai Vietnam [poor young man lives with his aunt; one day sees ants they have obtained, but cannot carry a beetle and a worm; puts them in front of their burrow; grateful ants invite him to their place, give him a chicken leg; in the morning he will find gold next to it every time; the young man tells his aunt to marry him the elder's daughter; he demands so much gold and silver to break 9 steps of the stairs under his weight; the young man gets a wife; frivolously tells how he became rich; she takes the chicken leg to his parents; the young man sends the dog and the cat to return it, otherwise they will have nothing to eat; a cat crosses the river on the dog's back; the cat catches the rat and tells it to gnaw into a hole in the chest; the rat brings a leg; at the crossing, the cat is forced to give the leg to the dog; when it swims to the shore, it opened its mouth and its leg fell into the water; the dog came home guiltily; the cat remained at the shore; told the crab to reach out its leg; since then they love cats more than dogs, and they don't love each other]: Deheorge 1925:973-975; the Viets [the son of a poor widow hired a ship; bought a dog, then a cat, who were led to drown; then saved the snake; she gave a wish-fulfilling stone; the young man became rich, married a rich woman; the wife, not knowing the value of the stone, gave it to the jeweler for decoration, and he, knowing its value, gave it changed; the cat and the dog understood it; got to the palace; the rat gnawed a hole in the chest, the mouse crawled in, took out a stone; swimming across the river, the dog dropped it, the fish swallowed it, the fisherman caught the fish, cat and dog found a stone in her stomach, returned it to its owner]: Landes 1886, No. 107:257-261; Karen [grandmother's grandson is Lazy; he bought a cat, then a rat they wanted to kill; the caught crocodile asks Buy him and get a ring out of his head to do things; it was thanks to this ring that he easily grabbed and devoured people; the lazy man tells his grandmother to marry him a princess; the king demands that the groom built gold and silver bridges from his house to the royal palace; the young man got the princess; the brahmana persuaded her to ask her husband to give her his ring; asked the princess to try on, put it on, carried it the palace, himself and the princess on the other side of the ocean; the king put the Lazy man in prison and is ready to execute; the dog {she was not mentioned before} transported the cat and rat across the sea, they entered the palace, the rat the brahmana tickled, he sneezed, the ring fell out; while sailing on the sea, the dog dropped the ring, it was swallowed by the fish; the dog grabbed the otter and forced it to bring the fish; having received the ring back, the young man returned the palace , destroyed the brahmana and his entire family]: Mason 1865:225-228.

South Asia. Kashmiris [the son of a merchant buys a dog and a cat with his last money, saves a snake; the snake is the son of a snake king, tells him to ask his father for a wish-fulfilling ring as a reward; he asks for a palace and beautiful; her hair floats along the river, a prince sees him; a witch promises to get her; in the guise of a bee she flies to a woman, turns into an old woman, supposedly her aunt, a woman shows a ring, his old woman takes away, the prince carries the palace and the woman to him; the woman asks to postpone the wedding for a month; the cat and the dog return the ring (the cat pretends to be dead, the rats celebrate the wedding of their prince, the cat the prince grabs, the rat tickles the witch's throat, she regurgitates the ring, the cat releases the rat prince); on the way back, the dog loses the ring twice, the cat returns it; the merchant's son returns his wife and palace]: Knowles 1888:20-28 (about the same in Steel, Temple 1884:196-206); Nepalese [three friends go to trade, the fourth has no money, he goes with a heavy copper pan; buys for pieces of copper a dog, a cat, a rat, a snake they want to kill; the snake leads to an underground palace, gives a ring that gives wealth; the young man's mother spilled out, the king sent a jeweler to replace the ring; the young man turned to rescued animals; the dog found a trail, the cat found the casket, the rat opened it, they returned the ring to the young man]: Sakya, Griffith 1980:80-83; Punjabi: Steel, Temple 1884, No. 23 [after the death of his father, the youngest the son squandered everything, his wife let him sell the last piece of jewelry and he went on a journey; on the way he bought a cat, a dog, a parrot, a snake from the sellers; the snake invites him to his father, advises him to ask ring; the serpent reluctantly gives the ring; it fulfills wishes; the king promises a daughter and half a kingdom to someone who will build a golden palace in the middle of the sea overnight; becoming the wife of a young man, the princess wants to be golden; with he makes rings {apparently gold-haired and beautiful; it is not turned into gold}; she makes a cup of leaves, puts two of her hair in it and lets them into the sea; a laundress finds them, brings them to the king, the prince wants to marry the owner; the king sends an old woman who tells the young man's wife that she is her aunt; persuades her husband to leave her ring while he is away; luring the princess into the boat takes her away; the parrot tells her husband about it, flies on reconnaissance, finds out that the old woman is holding the ring in her mouth; the princess scattered rice in the evening, rats came out at night, the cat caught one, made her tickle an old woman with her tail, she spit out the ring, the parrot brought it, the husband brought his wife back]: 196-206; Sheikh-Dilthey 1976 [similar story; prince buys a parrot and a snake], No. 14:66-70 {71?} ; himachali plowmen [the king has 6 sons from one wife and 1 from the other; six do not like his half-brother; when they all come to the clearing, everyone says what he would arrange there (horse racing place, field etc.); seventh brother: would build a city named after me; the brothers tied it to a tree and left; at one time a young man saved a rat and now the rats have gnawed through the ropes; Shiva and Parvati are flying above the ground, P. asks S. to help the young man; he hears that a bird will arrive at night, he must shoot it, wearing a ring that fulfills his wish; the young man asked to create a city around the fire; when he learned about this, the six brothers sent a woman; she met the young man's wife and called herself her niece, persuaded her husband to ask how he had risen; overheard the young man's answer; advised the woman to take her husband's ring — it would be healthier; a liar stole the ring from the woman, gave it to her older brother; the young man was again tied to the tree; the rat entered the older brother's bedroom, tickled his nose with his tail, he spit out the ring; the city returned, young man made the rat minister]: Seethalakshmi 1960, No. 3:24-29; the Bengalis [the prince and the minister's son are friends; the prince says training is better than the natural mind, his friend is the opposite; they are going to find out who right; Muni (human bird) gives the prince a wish-fulfilling ring; the princess promises to marry someone who will bring her what she asks for every day for a month, otherwise she will make her a water carrier; prince confident in victory; the princess sends the maid, she learns about the ring; the princess asks for a ring and then something else; the prince becomes a water carrier; the minister's son stays with a brahmana, where everyone argues, who should eat at Rakshasi; the minister's son goes, enters the Rakshasi house while she is away, says he is Yama; Rakshasi asks to show her hair, he shows a rope; the nail is an iron shovel; saliva is a bucket lime; Rakshasi wants to look at the monster, he pierces hot rods into her eyes, she dies; he cuts off her tongue; he is found sleeping, he shows his tongue, he is given a princess as his wife; he goes to search prince; spends the night in a tree; Rakshas opens an underground passage, carries the monkey, turns him into a beauty, then again into a monkey; the minister's son goes down, turns the monkey into a beauty; when Rakshas comes , turns it into a monkey, takes the beauty away; two types of leaves are used to transform it; he gives only leaves to the water prince, the princess becomes a monkey; the prince restores her human appearance with With the help of other leaves, gets her married; the prince is happy with one, the minister's son with two wives; the prince admits he is right]: McCulloch 1912, No. 26:255-282; Uttar Pradesh (Hindi): Crooke 1892- 1893, No. 704 (Mirzapur) [the dissolute prince asked his father for money, went on a journey; saw how the boys caught a box in the sea, bought it; a dog in it; next time a cat; then a snake; the snake became a young man, who said that he was the bewitched son of King Solomon, brought him to his father, ordered him to ask for a wish-fulfilling ring as a reward; the princess would marry someone who would build a castle on the sea overnight; the prince fulfilled condition, they got married; one day the wife put a few golden hairs that had fallen out of her leaf and let her go down the river; another king saw them; the old woman promised to get the owner; she came to the prince's wife, persuaded her to ask her husband for a ring, took possession of it, moved the palace to that king's possession; the prince went there, but the guards killed him; immediately the milk left by the prince to his mother turned sour; she sent a dog and the cat; they found the prince and revived it; the old woman sleeps with a ring in her mouth; the cat told the mouse to tickle her, the ring fell out, the prince took possession of it again, lived well with his wife]: 191-192; 1895, No. 75 (Mirzapur) [approximately as in Crooke 1892-1893; a beggar brahmana asked the hero's wife for a ring, moved the palace to him]: 49-50; Zographer 1976 [similar to Crooke 1892-1893, No. 704:191-192]: 123-133; Santals: Bodding 1929:177-121; Bompas 1909:88-97, 129-131; bhumia [the king's priest Dhurva; they went to the feast, the king gave him a beautiful robe, told the daughters of the local king that D. was his brother; the eldest daughter married king, youngest for D.; seeing that D. was a beggar, his wife gave him two rupees, sent him to the bazaar; D. bought a snake; it crawled out of the cage, crawled into the anthill, D. grabbed it, she agreed to take him to the lower world; there he pleasured the serpent king Burh Nang by massaging him (i.e. hitting him sleeping with a heavy pestle); the snake advised him to ask for a simple ring as a reward; it turns manure into money; D. must return it in 5 years old; D. became rich; his wife asked her to vilify the ring; the merchant recognized it and bought it for an expensive price; the dog and the cat went to return it; the merchant kept the ring in a jug, the jug was suspended from the ceiling; the cat grabbed a rat, which agreed to eat a rope, since then cats have not killed rats of this species; when swimming across the river, the dog put a ring on its tail, since then the tails of the dogs have been twisted; the fish swallowed the dog, the cat managed jump off; clutched to the elephant's neck; the elephants agreed to block the river, took out the fish, the dog was alive, the ring was intact; now the neck bit off the dog's tail; it pretended to be dead, the vulture came down, the cat bit off him head; the cat brought the ring; five years later, D. put the ring in the hole in the anthill, poured milk on top; since then, milk has been poured into the anthill during the ceremony]: Fuchs 1965, No. 4:97-106 (Fuchs 1970:99- 109); oriya (Orissa — probably oriya): Uthattagupta in Thompson, Roberts 1960, No. 560:84; konkani (Goa) {the text can be of either local or Portuguese origin; rat motif the hostage groom is more European} [a poor woman sends her son to the bazaar to sell rice, but he exchanges rice from the wizard first for a dog, then a cat; two cobras fight, the guy lets the cat in, that one of them separated, one crawled away and the other wounded; said that her father would reward him; the king of cobras gave a wish-fulfilling ring; the boy became rich, the rich man married him a daughter; she had a former lover; the young man's mother died of grief; the wife found the ring left by her husband, moved the palace and herself far across the river; the cat and the dog went there; the rats had a wedding; the cat grabbed the groom; for this, the rat bit off the sleeping princess her finger and took the ring away; swimming across the river, the cat opened its mouth to respond to the dog, dropped the ring; when she heard crying, the crab found the ring; the cat and the dog brought it to the owner, he created a new palace, did not return his wife, stayed with a cat and a dog]: Rodrigues 2020:138-144; the Tamils [the king is dead, his younger brother has seized power, and his wife and son are on the street; the mother obtained the money, told her son to use it for business; he gives all the money for one of the five kittens that the peasant carries to drown; next time the prince buys a snake; the mother tells him to keep the snake; the son has grown up, carried the snake into the forest; she calls him to his father — the king of snakes, advises to ask for a ring as a reward; the prince tells the ring to create a city on the site of the forest, to settle in it everyone who was kind to him; knowing that his betrothed is a princess from a distant land, takes her to herself; she asks to let her go for a few days to warn her family and arrange marriage; after the wedding, the princess asks to dig an underground passage from the palace to the sea to go swimming; her hair floats away; King Cochin finds him, sends him to an old woman who trusts the prince's wife, finds out about the ring, asks for it for a couple of minutes; the wife asks the prince to give her a ring, she gives it to an old woman, an old woman with he disappears, King K. carries the prince's wife to him; she asks for a week's delay before the wedding; the cat grabbed the rat king, he sent the rats to find and bring the ring, the cat gave it to the owner; he returned his wife and his own city, destroyed the kidnapper's country]: Natesa Sastri 1886:19-41; Tamils [basically the same]: Blackburn 2005, No. 33 (also No. 48, cat and snake); Sinhalese [the youngest of seven lazy princes ; his mother told him to leave, otherwise his father would execute; on the way he bought a cobra, bought a parrot, a cat to be drowned; the cobra brought the king of the naga, who gave a wish-fulfilling ring; the prince asked the palace and the princess; the princess was swimming, her hair swam away, it was shown to the king, who ordered him to look for the owner; the old woman came to the princess, found out about the ring, stole it, the princess was gone; the cat caught the king of rats, that gave another rat for himself, she gnawed through seven boxes, took out the ring, but it was not magical; she gnawed at the eighth, the parrot took the ring to the prince, who returned the princess]: Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 79:173-175 .

Malaysia—Indonesia. Malays (Perak) [merchant Mansur has seven sons, the eldest Zainal Abidin, the younger Kherudin (H.); dying, M. tells the elders to take care of the youngest; the brothers went on a trade expedition, stopped, H. was told to guard the ship; he bought the dog, cat, snake that people wanted to kill; the snake turned out to be the king of snakes; for returning it to them, the snake subjects gave them a ring that performed wishes; brothers load valuables to present them to the king, H. buys shards and fish husks; tells the mother to ask Princess Shamisiah (S.) for the hand; the king proposes to build a palace of gold, silver and diamonds, lay out in gold the road to the sea and the road from Palace X. to the royal palace; H. turns to the ring, the king of the serpents performs everything; the wedding; in the absence of her husband, S. noticed a plain ring, gave it to the Chinese clean it; he took it away; upon learning of this, H. lost consciousness; the cat dog went in search, swam to the island, but the Chinese was not there; they found him elsewhere; the cat told the dog to grab it the white rat is the king of rats; she sent her subjects, they brought a ring; when they swam across the sea, the dog dropped the ring; it was in the mouth of a fish washed ashore; when a cat and a dog they brought the ring, H. recovered; later the king ceded the throne to him; H. appointed brothers as his advisers and ministers]: Laidlaw 1906:27-43; Bali [Jumpenit saved snakes that people dragged to drown; in the reward asked the king of snakes for a gold ring; it turns objects into gold; while her husband is away, the wife put it on, the pestle turned gold, the wife dropped the ring and flattened it; she took the master to repair it, and he took it changed; the dog, the cat and the mouse decided to return the ring; the dog distracted the master's attention, the mouse gnawed the hole in the box, the cat took the ring; crossing the stream, the cat took the ring in its mouth, answered something to the mouse, the ring fell; the cat grabbed the bird, it promised to find the ring, grabbed the eel, it found the ring; D. gave the dog meat, the cat fish, the mouse rice]: Hoykas-van Leeuwen Bomkamp 1983, No. 30:174-178; Timor {Austronesians?} [the princess gives birth to a monkey son; he saves ants, a cat, a dog, a snake from the river; the snake tells her father to ask only a snake's tail as a reward; the youngest daughter of another leader agrees to marry the Monkey, more precisely, move to his mother's house; mother-in-law and daughter-in-law go to a party, see an unknown handsome man; return home earlier, find, burn monkey skin; the young man is glad to be freed from witchcraft; the wife's envious sisters steal the snake tail, the source of the young man's magical abilities; ants, rat, cat, find and return it; the dog takes it away, brings it; the young man wants to punish the cat, reward the dog; the cat tells us what's going on; since then cats have been kept in the house and dogs only in the yard]: Correia 1973:147-153.

China — Korea. The fox [the man has a magic ruby that made it possible to win the game of chance; he forgot it at home and lost; the opponent guessed what was going on, came to his house and, pretending to be a husband, asked for a ruby from his wife; she gave; the husband came, everything turned out; the man beat the dog and the cat — why didn't they give a voice when a stranger came; the dog and the cat went to get ruby; the cat promised to eat mice if the mouse had it she could not reach it; she gnawed at the box, dragged the ruby, gave it to the cat; at the river crossing the river, the dog dropped the ruby; the cat told the bird to get it, otherwise it would eat the chicks; she caught a fish, a ruby in her stomach, she I gave it to the cat, the cat brought it to the owner; he told the cat to live in the house and the dog in the yard to bark at strangers; cat and dog don't get along ever since]: Dessaint, Ngwâma 1994:233-234; Chinese: Riftin 1957 [A peasant picked up a snake and went out; she left him his tail, told him to put it in a box, he would give money; a stray merchant spent the night in the house, stole the box; the cat and the dog decided it return; the cat crossed the river on the dog's back; grabbed the mouse, ordered the box to be stolen; in the middle of the river, the cat saw fish, opened its mouth, the box drowned; the dog had difficulty catching it; while dozed, the cat brought a box; the owner fed the cat and scolded the dog; since then, the cat and the dog have been at odds]: 18-21 (=1972:39-42; =2007:35-38); Eberhard 1937, No. 13 (Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong) [the dog and cat, usually using the mouse, return a valuable item to the owner; the owner praises the one whose merit is less, since then the cat and the dog have been at odds]: 24-25; (cf. Chinese [the elder gives poor young man Zhang Cai a hoe digging up silver and a hat that he wears through the air; the landowner's daughter lures the CC, deceives both gifts, leaves him in the forest; after climbing a tree, the CC hears a monkey telling the fox that the one who eats the fruits of a peach tree will become a fox, plums will become a beautiful person; the CC picks up peaches and plums, the old man takes him home; the CC gives the landowner's daughter is a peach, she turns into a fox, her parents fall, die; CC takes a hoe and hat]: Riftin 1972:201-207); Koreans: Choi 1979, No. 265 [the carp asks the poor fisherman for him let go; the next morning, the boy invites him to the dragon king's palace; he thanked his son for saving his son and gave him a jewish-fulfilling jewel; the poor man became rich; the old neighbor kidnapped a jewel; a dog and a cat stole the jewel from the old woman, carried it to the owner, but dropped it into the river at the crossing; the dog went home, and the cat found fish by the river, ate it, swallowed it inside the jewel died; as a result, the jewel returned to the fisherman; so the cat is allowed into the house, but the dog is not, so the dog and the cat are at odds; the man bought a sick dog, picked up a cat expelled from the house, bought and released a crab, buried a snake killed by children; bamboo grew out of the serpent's grave, a wish-fulfilling needle fell out of it; either a man received an iron measure and a vascular for saving the snake; or a wife opened the box brought by her husband from the dragon king, and it disappeared; the dog and the cat followed her to the island, and on the way back they dropped it into the river; after that, the box lost its magical properties; into the river they dropped the needle and the crab took it out], 266 [a man who entered the house gave a jewel that made the wine supply inexhaustible; the owner sold wine at a profit, but the jewel was stolen; the dog and cat found stole and returned the jewel with the help of rats; they dropped it at the river crossing, but the cat took it out again and brought it to its owner]: 99-100, 100-101; Pak 1991 []: 327-331.

The Balkans. Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 560 [a poor young man saved (released) a cat, a dog and a snake (toad, dragon); the snake's father gives a ring (pebble, box, etc.) that performs desires; thanks to the ring, the young man fulfills the king's conditions (build a palace, etc.) and gets a princess; the princess herself or antagonist who wants to marry her (arap, Jew, minister) steals a ring, a palace and the princess is transferred to the sea; the dog and cat sail there and (with the mouse) take the ring out of the kidnapper's mouth; the hero returns the palace and wife, or punishes his wife and her lover and marries other]: 208-209; Klyagina-Kondratyeva 1951:9-13 [(=Shustrova 1994:18-22); grandfather Pavel saves a lizard from the fire, which gives him one of nine shining pebbles from her father's crown; a pebble fulfills wishes; a neighbor steals a pebble; a puppy and a kitten take it back, drop it while swimming across the Danube, swallowed by fish, a fisherman catches fish, a puppy and a kitten beg for fish for themselves; grandfather Pavel beats his neighbor, lets go, nothing else asks a pebble; after his death, the lizard takes the pebble back], 120-126 []; Slovenes [the son of a poor woman went on a journey; bought a peeling dog, cat, snake from the children; the snake gave an iron ring that makes sense of desire; the young man has returned home, he and his mother have healed in the palace; the king gives him a daughter after the young man transplants the tallest spruce from the forest, creates a crystal palace and an alley with birds and trees to the royal castle; the princess loved the Queen; becoming the young man's wife, she took possession of a ring, the young man woke up in a miserable hut; the dog and cat swam across the sea; the cat caught a mouse, forcing her to steal the ring; on the way back across the sea, the cat and the dog dropped the ring into the water; the dog grabbed the goldfish, which found and brought the ring; the young man and mother returned to the palace, and the princess and her husband began to live in a shack]: Golenishchev-Kutuzov 1991:81-85; Macedonians [a young woodcutter went to sell the yarn his mother had made; with the proceeds he bought a puppy from the children, whom they tormented; next time a kitten; saved a snake from the fire; she brought him to the dragon, advised him to ask for a ring under his tongue as a reward; it fulfills wishes; the woodcutter tells mother to marry the royal daughter; the king sets the condition: to build a palace like his; next time, to pave the road from one palace to another with gold; to create a garden with nightingales flying over the garden falcons; the woodcutter received the princess; the Arab courtier advises her to ask her husband his secret; when she learned that the husband was holding the ring under his tongue, the Arab advised the princess to bring ash to his nose when her husband fell asleep, the husband sneezes, the ring will fall out; the Arab took the ring, moved the castle to a distant mountain, and the woodcutter was back in the hut; came to the palace with his dog and cat; on the way he let the fish on the shore into the water, that promised to help; the cat came to the mouse wedding, grabbed the groom; promised to let go if the mouse tickles the tail of a sleeping Arab, he sneezes, the ring would fall out, let the mouse bring it; crossing over river, the cat sat on the dog's back; she demanded that the ring be given to her, otherwise she would drown the cat; the cat took the ring out of its mouth, dropped it into the water; the woodcutter asked the fish for help, she brought the ring; the woodcutter returned the castle, put the Arab and the princess in the same room; invited the king; when he saw his daughter and her lover and heard his son-in-law's story, he cut off the heads of an Arab and a princess]: Martin 1955:73-80; Albanians [the poor widow has a son; he collects firewood in the forest and sells it, so they lived; he saw a snake with the horns of the goat she tried to swallow stuck in its mouth; the young man freed her; the snake: Let's go to my husband, he will reward you, ask you to give you what is under his tongue; the husband does not want to give, but the snake wife threatens to leave him; after accidentally rubbing the pebble he received, the young man called a black man; asked him for bread and a horse; at home, his mother sent his mother to marry the king's daughter; the king demands to build a palace in two weeks; the black man hesitates, and in the morning of the 14th day the palace is ready; a Jew came to the wedding; guessed that it was not clean; hid in the room newlyweds; the young man took off the ring in which the pebble was inserted, put it in the box; when the young fell asleep, the Jew took the ring, told the black man to throw the naked young man in front of the royal palace, and this palace carry him to the sea; the king imprisoned the young man; the stray merchant sold him the cat; the young man fed him to the size of a lamb; the cat dug a dig, they got outside and came to the Jew's palace; the cat threatened mice should strangle everyone if they don't get the ring; the mouse tickled the Jew's nose, he spit out the ring, the mouse brought it to the cat, the cat gave it to the young man; the young man told the black man to return everything and lived happily with his wife]: Dozon 1991, No. 9:63-70; Serbs [the widow's son asks his mother to sell the garden, buys a horse, sells firewood; sees the fox as a huge snake with deer antlers stuck in its teeth; both a deer and a snake ask for help ; after the snake has sworn not to harm the young man, he killed the deer; the snake tells her father to ask the king of snakes for a ring; the king gives it only after his daughter has threatened to leave the young man; the ring will fulfill any wish if he is brought to the fire; during this time the horse was eaten by wolves; the mother scolds her son; he asks the ring for food and a full yard of firewood, the two Moors do everything; then the young man asks for a palace like king; tells the mother to feed all the hungry; asks the Sultan's daughter and lives with her; the witch promises the Sultan to find a daughter; comes beggar; the young man, against his wife's wishes, invites her to the palace; she asks the young man's wife bring the ring — the husband will love her even more; after receiving the ring, the witch takes the young man's wife back to Istanbul; he comes to the Sultan's palace, hires to work in the kitchen; tamed his dog and cat; made friends with the maid, asked him to take food to the princess, putting his ring on a plate; the wife found out, gave him and the maid a woman's dress; the witch found out, the sultan ordered the young man to be executed, the torturers abandoned He fell into a hole in the forest, piling up a rock from above; the dog and cat followed him; holding the cat's tail, the young man made his way to a place where there were many mice; the cat began to strangle them, and the mouse king agreed to get the ring; first, the mice brought the wrong rings, for the magic witch is holding it under her tongue; then the mouse tickled the sleeping witch, she sneezed, the ring fell out, the mice brought it, the young man lit the fire with flint, told the Moors take him, the dog and the cat to the ground, and throw the witch into the hole; the sultan gave him his daughter; the young man also brought his mother to Istanbul]: Schütz 1960, No. 2:14-27; Albanians [1) the son of a poor man saves a snake; she leads him to his father, he gives him a box in which he fulfills the wishes of hair; the young man gets the princess, creates a palace; the princess's father tells her to steal the box; the animals return; the dog drops it into the sea, then he gets it out of the water; 2) the poor young man is sent to buy bread, instead buys a dog, a cat, a donkey; saves a snake from the fire; the mother of the snake gives an amulet that she holds under his tongue; the young man tells his mother marry the princess; creates a palace; the wife steals the amulet, carries herself and the palace overseas; the dog and the cat swim across the sea; the mouse tickles the princess; on the way back, the amulet is dropped, taken out of the fish; the young man moves the palace back, leaves his wife overseas]: Aarne 1908:34-35; Croats [the widow sent her son for bread; he saw people who wanted to kill the puppy, gave them bread, got a puppy; the next once a kitten; a snake; adopters have grown up; the snake advises to ask her mother for a lock outside the door as a reward; it has 12 fellows, they fulfill wishes; the young man sends his mother to marry the princess; that requires leveling the hills, sowing the field with wheat, baking bread; everything is done; next: set up a vineyard in the place of the forest, bring wine; a castle better than a royal one with a garden; everything is done, wedding; sea king was at a wedding, watched the young man summon the perfume, knocked on the castle himself, moved the castle with the princess to the Black Sea; the young man brought the cat and dog to the sea; they swam to the castle, the cat took the castle, On the way back, they quarreled about who should carry the castle, dropped it, the fish swallowed it; but Kosha grabbed the fish and it returned the castle; the young man returned the castle and his wife, and put the sea king on a stake in the middle of the sea]: Wratislaw 1890, No. 54:284-289; Moldovans [mother gives Ion a penny to buy something for the house; he bought a puppy from the children; then a kitten; a snake; he grew up, brought it to the snake kingdom, tells me to ask for the elder sister did not give a pebble from under her tongue; she did not give; the youngest gave, the pebble fulfills any wishes; the king asks for the daughter a golden bridge from Jonah's court to the palace; then golden trees; a well; Ion got a wife; Black Arap persuaded her to ask her husband what his strength was; Ion told; having received a pebble, the CA moved the palace with him and the princess to the Kingdom of Arapa; the cat and the dog ran, swam; the cat caught the bride and groom's mouse, they tickled the CHA, a pebble jumped out of his mouth; the cat swims on the dog, dropped a pebble; grabbed a rachiha, the crayfish took out a pebble; Ion tells the fellows to take his wife out of the pebble and CHA to a place where you can't hear a cock scream or dog barking; married a simple girl]: Botezatu 1981:117-129; Romanians, Hungarians: Uther 2004 (1), No. 560:328-329; Gagauz people [mother sent Ivan to the forest for firewood; he sees a snake swallowing a wild ram, the horns are stuck in its mouth; the ram asks to kill the snake, the snake the ram; I. listens to the snake, breaks the ram's horns; the snake leads to its own relatives, tells him to ask for a mirror as a reward; hidden under the tongue, it fulfills wishes; the mother told the king that I. brought a lot of firewood, wants the king to destroy him; I. orders the mirror to be transferred to a deserted area, a princess, a palace, himself, a dog, a cat; six months later, a woman promised the king to find his daughter, came to I., became a maid, persuaded I.'s wife to find out his secret; his wife pretended sick; I. replies that the secret was in the gun, then admitted that the mirror; the woman told the mirror to move everything back, received half of the kingdom from the king, I. stayed with the dog and the cat; the woman ordered him to be killed, the king threw them into the pit; there are mice, the cat strangles them, the mice promise I. help if his cat stops killing them; the lame mouse knows where the mirror is; smeared in crap, climbed on the woman's face at night, from bad She spat the smell, the mouse brought I.'s mirror; he carried his wife and palace back, burned the woman alive]: Moshkov 1904, No. 45:75-78; Greeks: Dawkins 1916:329-331 [], 457-465 []; Megas 2012, No. 560 [( many options); the son of a poor woman (lazy) saves (buys) a snake, cat, dog, mouse; a snake teaches him to ask his parents for a ring or other object that fulfills wishes; with its help he performs the king's difficult tasks and marries a princess; a princess whose Moor lover steals a ring, sends her husband to a distant island; a dog and a cat return the ring (the mouse tickles the character, who holds the ring in his mouth, it falls out); they lose the ring in the sea, but find it in the caught fish; the hero returns everything, kills his unfaithful wife and her lover]: 235-238; Paton 1901, No. 20 (Lesbos) []: 201- 203; Greek Cypriots [a poor young man buys a snake, dog and cat to be killed; gets a ring, creates a palace, marries a princess; wife steals a ring, runs with a black man, carries a palace in the middle of the sea; a dog and a cat have sailed there, the mouse tickles, they swim back, the ring falls into the sea, is found again in the floodplain fish; the young man returns everything]: Aarne 1908:34.

Central Europe. Czechs, Slovaks, Poles: Uther 2004 (1), No. 560:328-329; Russians (Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Novgorod, Pskov, Vologda, Vladimirskaya, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Ryazan), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Galicia, Transcarpathia, Pokutye, Poltava, Kharkiv), Belarusians [The Magic Ring: the hero rescues a dog, cat and snake; with the help of a ring received from a snake or taken from the hand of a sleeping beauty, performs the tasks of king and marries the princess; she steals the ring and disappears herself, putting her husband in prison; dog and cat return the stolen item to him]: SUS 1979, No. 560:159; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [Vanka and his mother live poorly, he makes three kopecks a day. On the street, he sees a man killing a dog, buying it for three kopecks. His mother scolds him, “there is nothing to eat by yourself.” Vanya also buys a dog and a snake. While he goes to buy bread, his mother hits the snake with a hot poker. The snake asks Vanya to take her to her father (she was “spoiled before the wedding”), advises not to take gold and silver from her father, but to ask for a ring. He leads Vanya “through peña and a well”, after moving over the wall, turns into a princess. Her father offers silver and gold, Vanya asks for a ring and receives it. At night, he shifts the ring from one finger to the other, three fellows pop up, Vanya orders to get a barn of bread and a can of money. In the morning she asks her mother to bake pancakes, she wonders what — “Are you stunned?” , it shows a barn and money. He asks his mother to marry him to the king's daughter, his mother is afraid, but she goes. The Tsar agrees to give his daughter if Vanya builds a palace like his own, and a glass bridge connects the royal and Vanino porches. During the night, three fellows complete the king's task. Now the king wants apple trees to bloom on the way to the wedding, and on the way back, apples to be on the tables. Well done, they all perform. The princess finds out where her wealth comes from, steals the ring and moves along with the bridge and palace to her former groom in another city. Vanya is being put in jail. The cat and dog went to get the ring. The princess sleeps with a ring in her mouth. The cat throws a mouse into her mouth, the princess spits, drops the ring. When transporting a cat across the river, the dog asks if the cat has a ring, which answers and drops the ring into the water. On the shore, fishermen pull out pike, give bones to a cat and a dog, they find a ring in them, bring them to Ivan, he returns the palace with the bridge, tells the king about his daughter, and he marries Vanya's youngest daughter . They “live in good and joy even now”]: Tseitlin 1911, No. 8:1-3; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) []: Razumova, Senkina 1987:161-167; Russians (Olonetskaya: Shokshozero) []: Onchukov 2000, No. 16:169-170; Russians (Vologda) [after the death of his parents, Ivan lives with his aunt; she gives him one hundred rubles three times, he bought a dog, a cat, a snake; the snake leads to his mother, tells him to take him as a reward a ring on his right hand; I. asks his aunt to marry Tsar's daughter Mary; the tsar demands a house like his, the workers from the ring perform; a crystal bridge, a milk river with jelly banks, cages on the bridge, in cages birds, and they will go to the crown, apple trees to bloom; everything is done, I. received M.; M. asked about the ring, tickled I.'s nose, the ring fell out of her mouth, M. ordered I. to be taken to the swamp, and her to her father; to I. a cat and a dog came; the cat tickled M. in the nostril, she spit out the ring; the dog swims across the river, the cat on the dog, dropped the ring, the fish swallowed, the fishermen caught the fish, the cat got guts, brought I.'s ring, he forgave M.]: Smirnov 1917, No. 34:187-191; Russians (Vladimirskaya, Pereslavl-Zalessky U.) []: Smirnov 2008, No. 5:68-69; Belarusians (Mogilev Zap. 1888-1891, p. Popovka, Gomel district, from Kr. Grigor Seeds. Babaryki, 37 years old, illiterate) [The old man and the old woman have one son, he turns 18 years old, he asks his father for 5 rubles for the fair, buys a cat with all his money, who is taken to the forest, brings him home; he asks for 5 more at the next fair.” karbovantsev”, on the way he buys the dog they want to hang for this money, brings home; asks 5 “karbovanets” to the third fair, the mother is against, the father gives, the son buys shepherds from the children for all the money the viper they were about to kill brings the viper home, hides it in a pot on the stove, the parents see, the mother is afraid, the father scolds; three of them work in the haymaking and harvest, the cat, the dog and viper, an old woman comes home, the stove is heated, lunch is ready; the next day history repeats itself, on the third day the father sends his son to see who cooks dinner; the son sees the viper fall out of the pot and turns to a girl, commands a cat and a dog, cooks dinner, a guy sneaks up on the girl; the girl offers an agreement to swear to each other to be husband and wife, the condition is not to call her a viper, both they are afraid that they will not call each other a thin word; the two of them bring lunch to their parents, in the afternoon the girl reaps (more than the whole family in a week), the parents marry them; the husband begins to drive them to the young the wife is left harvested and processed; she reaps only a good field, a bad life leaves straw; neighbors tell her husband that his wife has not squeezed his life; the husband comes home drunk, scolds his wife, calls her as a viper, she turns like a snake and crawls onto the stove; in the morning the husband apologizes to his wife, she invites him to follow her and crawls away from home; takes him a long time to his father's house and warns him to the reward (for buying the viper) did not take gold and silver, but asked for a ring from his hand (then he will be happy), he does everything; the snake leads him back past other reptiles and tells him how to handle ring: if you throw it from hand to hand, 20 servants appear and make wishes come true; they say goodbye, the son returns to his parents; the parents are impoverished, the house is squinting, the son calls the servants with a ring, have dinner, the second time he calls the servants to build a new house and move his family, dog and cat there, everything is fulfilled; the son sends his father as a matchmaker to the king, who orders his son to appear in a golden carriage with 12 shelves, servants from they perform the ring, the son and his parents come to the king, the son threatens to dig up the entire kingdom, the king gives him his daughter; a serpent appears to the princess and persuades her to steal her husband's ring; the princess hands over her husband's ring to the snake, the serpent takes it to the thirtieth kingdom; orders the royal son-in-law to be transferred to his old parents' home; the king puts his son-in-law in prison; the cat and dog go to get a ring, swim across the sea, reach the golden house, the cat strangles the mice to lure the mouse king, the mice are called to bring the ring that the serpent hides in its mouth at night; the mice steal the ring, the dog and the cat they come back, the cat drops his ring into the sea; the dog and the cat strangle crayfish to lure the fish and crustacean king, the fish king gives the order, they look for crayfish with one claw in the sea, give the ring to the dog, the dog brings the ring to the owner in prison, he calls the servants to bring food, destroy the prison, dissolve the prisoners, return his wife, the royal daughter with the snake; the king executes his daughter and the snake, his son-in-law can to marry whoever he wants, he finds an equal and marries]: Romanov 1901, No. 44:404-412; Russians (Vologodskaya) [the merchant and his wife died, Ivashka's son began to live with his aunt; she gave him a hundred rubles, he bought a dog; next time a cat; then a snake from the braids; she tells her father not to ask for gold, but for a ring from his right hand; if you change it to your hand, the living and dead creatures will do everything; I. sends his aunt to marry princess, the king demands a palace like his; in the morning the palace is ready; the king demands a crystal bridge between the palaces over the milk river with jelly banks; the king agrees to give it to Mary, but for black horses to be , the carriages are golden, and the coachman is young; M. asked where I. holds the ring in his mouth; she tickled it, the ring fell out, M. ordered the palace to disappear, Ivan to the swamp, her to her father's house, her aunt to her former house; his cat and dog came to I., said that Maria had the ring; went to her; Masha was sleeping, the cat tickled her tail, the ring fell out of her mouth; the cat refused to give the ring to the dog; when the dog took the cat across the river, decided to push it into the water, the cat dropped the ring; the fishermen caught the fish, the cat began to eat its guts, found the ring; I. returned everything, forgave Masha, began to live well]: Gura 1965, No. 22:234- 136; Russians (Voronezhskaya, ca. 1940, Toyda village, Anninsky District (b. Bobrovsky Uyezd, Voronezh Gubernia) [Martyn's father, a hunter, dies. The mother asks her son to take the neighbor's horse and buy bread in the city. In the city, for a hundred rubles, he buys a dog from butchers, which they beat (they laugh at him). The mother scolds her son, who goes back to buy bread, but buys a cat that the boys are trying to drown. Martyn is hired as an employee for his ass, who promises a large reward after 3 years of work, but after the expiration of the period he gives only a bag of sandpaper, advises never to be hired “without ranks”. Martyn sees a burning girl in the clearing and covers her with sand. She turns into a snake and asks her to be taken to her father in the underworld, and advises her to ask for a ring from her right little finger as a reward for her salvation, and give up the rest. Martyn soared into the air and found himself in the underworld (did she move him?) , gets a ring. Six fellows appear, offer to fulfill any wish, and take Martyn home. He asks his mother to marry him a royal daughter. The king is angry at the peasant woman's audacity, but the nobleman suggests ordering Martyn to build a golden palace, if he fails, to cut off his head. Martyn “throws the ring”, calls the fellows (“voice to voice, hair to hair”), they are building a palace. The king orders you to come in a carriage drawn by brown horses with golden manes. Martyn performs (with a ring). The king's last condition is “a caftan that does not exist in the whole kingdom”, the peasant fulfills, and the king must give his daughter. The Tsar and Princess are not happy with Martyn; on the advice of her father, she asks her husband how he managed to complete all the tasks. The princess steals the ring, asks to be transferred to her royal son, but finds herself in the mouse kingdom. The Tsar punishes Martyn for not saving the princess, walled up in the wall and starving him. Vaska the cat and the dog Bug steal “buns” and bring them to the owner (the dog distracts the owner with noise, the cat takes the bread). Animals go to the mouse kingdom, a dog carries a cat across the river, he can't swim. In the mouse kingdom, the cat rushes at the inhabitants, eats them, the mouse king offers to fulfill his every wish, he asks for the princess's ring, and the mouse is called to get it. At night, he tickles the princess's nose, she sneezes and releases the ring from her mouth. The ring is delivered by a cat, he promises not to touch the mice “this time”. On the way back, Vaska crosses the water on Bug's back, holds the ring in his mouth. A crow hits him on the head, tries to grab it and drops the ring into the water. The bug catches crabs, they ask for mercy, the cat orders them to catch pike. The cat eats the pike's belly, pulls out the ring. The animals give it to Martyn, he demands a “formidable army”, puts him against the king, kills him, disperses bishops and nobles. Martyn marries a peasant girl]: Korolkova 1941, No. 4:24-29; Russians (Voronezhskaya, p. Bolshaya Vereyka, 1925) The old woman sends her son to the bazaar three times to buy spoons, cups and brooms, instead he buys a dog, a cat and a ram (so that the animals are not killed by the former owners). Mother scolds her son. The son is getting rich and asks his mother to marry Anna Queen for him. The king agrees on the condition that the groom builds the same palace as his. The dog advises the owner to take the cat's ring and put it on one hand and then on the other. He does, 12 fellows appear, they promise to build a palace. Then the king asks to build a bridge with an apple orchard between the two palaces. Twelve fellows carry out the owner's task. The king agrees to give his daughter if the groom arrives in a carriage drawn by horses with golden horseshoes and silver bridles. After the wedding, the young people cross the bridge for 3 days: they listen to songs in the garden. The princess sees that her husband's house is richer than the king's and asks where his wealth comes from. She steals the ring, orders her to be returned to her father, and her husband and mother-in-law to the old hut, the wish comes true. The cat and the dog go for the ring, the cat climbs through the window into the princess's bedroom, brings a paw full of tobacco to her nose, she sneezes, the ring falls out of her mouth. The cat gives the ring to the dog when they swim across the river, the dog is bitten by the “drunkard pike”, which drops the ring into the water. On the shore, a cat catches crayfish, and he says that a pike took the ring, that it is celebrating its discovery in a tavern. The cancer takes away her ring, gives it to the cat. The animals return the ring to the owner, he makes a “crown and love to fix”, the young get married, burn the ring]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 18:105-112; northern Ukrainians (Chernigov, Nezhinsky U.) [the mother gave her son 100 rubles to buy cattle; he bought a dog that was tortured; the next time he bought a cat; the third time he bought a viper; she leads to her father, tells him to ask for a ring as a reward; it contains three well done, wishes come true; the guy first asks for good food, then sends his mother to marry the princess; the king demands a golden and silver road; gave his daughter, but she does not love the boy, goes to another king; the guy told her about the ring, she moved the palace to that king, the guy was left with nothing; the cat and the dog went to get the ring; the cat tickled the princess, she spit out the ring; when the dog was transporting the cat across the sea, she dropped the ring; the dog offered to beat the water for the crayfish to take out the ring; the ring brought the last clubfoot cancer; the guy re-creates the palace, the princess and that king shackled them in stone poles, he married a neighbor's daughter himself]: Malinka 1902, No. 35:311-315.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars: Useinov 1992, No. 12 [Asan, the son of a poor old woman, sees a bull spewing flames fighting a rainbow-colored snake; she has a turban with a diamond on her head; A. killed a bull; the snake leads him to their father, the king of divas; they pass through the womb of the father and mother of the snake; the snake tells them to ask for the talisman that is under her father's tongue; in the mascot, askers who fulfill any wishes; A. tells the mother marry him the daughter of a padishah; he demands to build a palace larger than the Padishah in 40 days and nights and connect the two palaces with a bridge; A. did everything, received the daughter of a padishah and was made a vizier; the viziers were bribed the princess's slave and found out the secret; they sent a merchant to persuade the princess to give her a lot of goods for that talisman; the princess pretended to be sick, told A. that his talisman would cure her; having received this red handed it over to the merchant; he did not give it to the viziers, but he himself moved the palace and the princess far away; A. spared the cat and the rat; they promised to return the talisman if A. gave them his dog as horses; the cat began to caress the princess, she took her to bed; the rat gnawed through the hole, brought snuff; at night the merchant sneezed, the mascot fell out of his mouth; when the dog swam across the sea, the cat and the rat quarreled and dropped the talisman; A. told about it; he began fishing, caught a gold one, she asked her to let her go, for which she brought a talisman; A. moved the palace back and showed the padishah his eldest daughter in the arms of a merchant; they were beheaded, the viziers were imprisoned, A. received the youngest daughter of the padishah]: 153-175; Kondaraki 1875, No. 5 [the Jew persuaded the padishah's wife with gifts; asked her to take possession of her husband's mascot; the wife pretended to be sick; to heal her, the padishah let her wear the ring; after taking possession of it, the Jew moved the palace to the bottom of the sea; the padishah set off in search; on the shore he saw marching mice; his dog began to kill them; the mouse king offered to grant every wish; only a tailless mouse knew about the palace at the bottom; the mice tickled the sleeping Jew, the ring fell out of his nose; swimming to the shore, the mice quarreled, dropped the ring; it was swallowed by fish; one of the mice recognized the fish, it was caught; the padishah returned everything; the Jew and the padishah's wife were burned in a desecrated palace]: 62-68; Kalmyks [the son of the poor earned pennies from the prince, went to buy a horse with a cart, but bought a cat that the owner was carrying to drown; an old dog; a snake tortured by the children; the snake took him to his parents, told him to ask as a gift, a gem to the golden ring, do not take a ring without a stone; the stone fulfills wishes; builds a palace, a golden bridge, a young man receives a khan's daughter; she asks for a stone for a while, carries a young man overseas, and himself to the khan's son; the cat and the dog found the owner, then they came to his wife, the cat threw a mouse at her, she dropped a stone from her mouth; at the sea crossing, an eagle hit the cat, the stone fell into the water; the cat promises the crayfish to lick the sea dry, the lame cancer brought a stone; the young man returned everything, ordered his wife's head to fall off without a knife]: Jimbinov 1962:68-72; Ossetians [the boy goes to sell to the city of threads, buys them for a puppy, kitten, snake tormented by children; the snake becomes a young man, leads into his world, tells his father to ask his father for a ring from under his tongue; in it three araps perform any desires; the young man marries the daughter of Aldar, who takes a lover servant with her; after drinking her husband is drunk, takes the ring, is transported with her lover to a tower in the middle of the sea; the dog and the cat return the ring (cat tickled her lover's tail, the ring fell out; the cat dropped the ring into the sea, the dog dived without noticing it, put the ring on his finger, the cat noticed); the young man moved the tower to Aldar's courtyard, he ordered tie his daughter and lover to the tails of stallions; the young man married an equal, he has a whole family]: Dzagurov 1983, No. 102:428-447; Nogais [the poor young man has a dog and a cat; the cat broke its claw while playing; the young man also found a ring in this place that fulfills his wishes; married the khan's daughter; the wife stole the ring, disappeared; the cat and the dog found her across the seven seas, she has a new husband; at night he sleeps, a bird a ring in his mouth; the cat made the mouse tickle it, the owner sneezed, the ring fell to the ground, the cat carried it away; when the cat on the dog's back swam across Yaik, it dropped the ring; the dog began to walk on shore; one woman found a ring in the caught fish; the dog barked, the woman dropped the ring, the dog picked it up; fell asleep on the way; the cat grabbed the ring and brought it to the owner; he punished his wife and married another; the owner fell in love with the cat, and the dog ran to the wedding and lay down in the corner unnoticed]: Ganiyeva 2011, No. 102:247-248; Stavropol Turkmens [the poor young man bought from children kitten, puppy, snake; snake: I am the son of the king of snakes, let's go where I'm going; in the forest, the snake told me to put it on the ground, crawled, became huge, met the same one, then came back and became small again; it was the snake's brother; then a meeting with his parents; the snake tells me to ask for a pebble under his father's tongue; the serpent father gave the pebble, he fulfills wishes; the young man sends his mother to marry the princess; the king demands a palace and from him a road with trees along the edges to the royal palace; the king gave his daughter; his wife's servant persuaded her to find out her husband's secret; the husband told, gave his wife a pebble, the slave lured him from her, moved the palace and the young man's wife to the other side of the sea; the dog transported the cat across the sea, which caught the son of the mouse king, who tickled the sleeping slave, he coughed, the pebble fell out, the mouse brought it to the cat; the dog persuaded the cat to give it to her a pebble, but he fell into the water; well done bought fish from the fisherman, his pebble was alone in his stomach, returned everything; the king ordered the slave to be hanged; everything is fine]: A. K. 1875, No. 7:41-49; taty [the lazy son does not leave the house and does not get up, the mother does everything for him; the doctor orders him to be locked in the house for a few days, leaving a supply of food; unable to stand it, the young man goes out to the yard, the children mock him, he goes on a journey; at the crossroads there is an inscription: on one road you will come soon, on the other you will return late, on the third you will go, you will not come; he took the third; pulled the snake out of the fire pit, he turned into a prince; tells him to go to his parents and ask for a black bar as a gift, he fulfills his wishes; having received a bar, he fell in love with the princess; bought a dog, a cat, whom the children wanted to kill; became rich; asks for the princess's hand; the king demands to build a seven-story house out of jewelry, fulfilled the bar, the king gave his daughter; the witch promises his wife a meeting with her former beloved, but we need to know her husband's secret; she found out that the witch took out a bar, the young man stayed with the dog and cat; they found the castle where the witch, the princess and her former lover lived, took the bar, but there was a storm and a bar at sea fell into the water; he was found in the stomach of a fish washed ashore; the king gave the young man another daughter and throne, and ordered his first daughter and those with her to be torn to pieces]: Miller 2013:615-639; Georgians (1878, Dusheti) [the king gives his son money, he buys the mouse that the woman is going to drown; next time a cat and a puppy; then the prince, whom the robbers were going to kill; he tells him to ask his parents a gem; this stone fulfills wishes; after the death of his parents, the young man asks the beggar to marry him to the queen of women; he tells her to stab the goat with an awl in front of her windows; the queen sent the wet nurse to show how to slaughter a goat; the same is to cook meat (they beat meat against tagan); eat meat (spank them on the tagan); sleep (one goes to bed, the other gets up immediately); the queen shows how to go to bed, got married to a young man; he tells her about the wish stone; she takes the young man to the square and her palace to the sea; a cat and a mouse swim across there on the dog's back; the cat knocked over a vessel of vinegar, the spray hit the face queen, at that time the mouse carried away the stone; the dog barked at the catfish, dropped the stone; the man saw the catfish and killed, leaving the entrails to the animals, that stone was in the intestines; the wife made peace with the young man, everything good]: Kurdovanidze 1988 (2), No. 82:72-77; Armenians: Ioannisian 1968 (Ararat Valley) [when he died, the king bequeathed the kingdom to his eldest son, and a cat and a rooster to the youngest; the youngest came to the village and met Beardless; he knew the secret rooster; agreed with his son that he would hit him during lunch, the boy would scream and, to calm him down, he would have to slaughter the rooster; but when the prince left, the wife Beardless, not knowing about her husband's plans to eat this particular boiled rooster, gave it to the prince; there was a ring in the rooster, with two Arabs in it; the prince ordered him to be transferred to another kingdom, settled with the old woman; asked to marry the royal daughter; the king demands the palace overnight; then a carpet from the palace to the church with willows on the sides, nightingales on them; the wedding dress is not sewn, not cut; wedding; Beardless came, exchanged with his wife the prince has a rusty ring on corals; ordered to move the palace and princess to an island in the middle of the sea; the prince goes in search; in the country where the mice were tortured, he let a cat on the mice; the king of cats agreed to get the ring, if the prince removes his cat; after returning the ring, the Tsarevi orders him to drown the Bearded, return the palace and the princess]: 99-109; Khachatryants 1933 (Turkish Armenia) [=Karapetyan 1967:151-154; the old woman teaches her son not to anyone to cause harm; the son bought a cat, a dog, a snake; the snake turned into a young man, who said that he was an enchanted prince, ordered to ask his father for a ring as a reward; the old woman's son sends his mother to marry the princess; the king demands a golden treasury, a palace, a carpet spread out, trees and horsemen around the edges; the young man created everything; the old man learned about the magic ring, received it from the young man's wife for three new rings, moved the palace and the princess to an island beyond the 7 seas; the cat forced the king of mice to send swimming mice, they transported him and his dog across the sea; gnawed a hole in the wall of the palace, tickled the sleeping old man, he sneezed, the ring fell out of his mouth; the cat and the dog returned it to the owner, he returned his wife and palace]: 85-89; Azerbaijanis [the grandmother sent Kechal's bald grandson to buy bread, he bought the dog; then the cat; went with them to forest; seven-, three- and one-headed divas argue over a flying carpet and a wish-fulfilling ring; K. tells them to bring a stone thrown from the mountain, picks up magic objects; descended on the way; mother fish gave he had two of his children; K. fried them, gave one to a cat and a dog, but they accused K. of being cruel to fish, did not eat, predicted that K. would be punished; he dropped the ring in the sea; a fisherman caught a huge fish, there was a ring in his guts; K. asks the ring for a palace; the shah and the vizier send a witch, she steals magic objects, K. finds himself in the old hut; the cat and the dog tell the mouse enter the Shah's palace, the mouse tickled the Shah's nose, he sneezed, the ring hidden in his mouth jumped out, the cat and the dog brought K.'s ring; the vizier advised the Shah to leave K. alone]: Nabiev 1988:65-73; Turks: Eberhard, Boratav 1953, No. 58 III [brushwood collector (porter, bald (keloglan) saves dog and cat; receives a wish-fulfilling ring (wand, etc.); padishah promises to give him daughter, if he gets a diamond dress, will build a bridge and a palace in 40 days, go to herd 40 birds with one stone and bring 80 birds back; will take out a shirt without seams; etc.; with the help of a witch, the padishah steals the ring or it kidnapped by the princess herself; the hero is transferred to the Kaf Mountains, thrown into a dungeon or well; the cat makes the rat tickle the owner of the ring in a dream, he sneezes; the cat and the dog quarrel, the ring falls into water, the fish swallowed it, but was caught]: 65; Kúnos 1901 [when he died, the woodcutter tells his son to continue his craft, but not to cut the cypress on the edge; the son did not obey, but when he took the ax and went to the cypress, he began to move away from him; the young man caught up with him in the evening, tied his donkey to the trunk, climbed upstairs himself; in the morning there were only bones from the donkey; on the third day, continuing to follow the cypress, the young man saw a snake that I tried to swallow the elephant, but the tusk was stuck in his throat; both asked the young man for help; the serpent: I will reward you more generously, and you only have to cut off the tusk; the young man did so; when the serpent was swimming in the river, everything rattled; the serpent ordered not to drink coffee or eat the meat offered by his mother, but to ask for a piece of mirror hanging at the door; in the mirror, efreet, one lip to the ground and the other to the sky, follows any orders; he asked the palace and the princess; the sultan is looking for her daughter in vain; the old woman orders to throw her in a box into the sea; fishermen caught her overseas, she came to the young man's palace, begged the princess to shelter her, to find out her husband's secret; stole the mirror, turned the palace into ash, and transferred herself and the princess to the Sultan; the young man hired the Sultan to work in the kitchen; the princess recognized the piece he had prepared; the old woman recognized him and sent him back; the young man's cat kills mice mercilessly; mouse padishah promises to help if the young man kills her; {the last 2 pages are skipped in pdf}]: 176-187.

Iran — Central Asia. Lura [when he dies, the father tells his son (his name is Tajbakhsh) that if he is completely impoverished, let him look over the door; T. is left with a donkey, a hunting dog and a blind sister; three dervishes came, he was them he gave them away; he found a rag above the door, with King Solomon's ring in it; T. asked for wealth, the palace, the king gave him his eldest daughter; with her a black slave, he persuaded her to beg T. for a ring; moved himself, the palace and the princess in the city of mice; T. went in search; in the palace there is a woman, this is that dog; her husband is a demon, he is friendly with T. to his brother, he to another {not directly said, but there are probably wives of others a donkey and a blind sister}; the latter brings mice to the city; lets two cats in; the mice get the ring, give it to the demon, he gives it to T.; T. returns everything, shows the king his daughter in the arms of a black man; the king hacked both and gave T. a youngest daughter]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 6:35-38; the Bakhtiyars [before his death, the father gives his son Malik Ibrahin three hundred mists, tells him to spend them on three tips from the advice seller and follow them; the son does the father's will; “Do not go out in winter when it is cloudy”; “When you see a pigeon, a dog and a cat, buy for any price”; “Do not tell anyone about advice, do not allow a stranger enter the house”; in the mountains, seeing the cloud, MI refuses to go with others; the companions died in the snowstorm; MI took their money, it turned out to be 300 mists; MI bought a pigeon, a hound and a cat with them; everyone is surprised by the price, they believe the young man is crazy; in a dream, MI sees King Solomon's ring wrapped in green cloth, fulfilling wishes; when he wakes up, he finds a ring; asks for a palace; from the palace he sees the princess, falls in love, marries; the king orders the groom to be beheaded, but the vizier advises that it is better to demand from him 500 camels loaded with jewelry, a white slave and a black slave, a white and black slave; the ring fulfills everything; the king asks gold and silver palace; in the morning the palace is ready; the king asks 500 identical horsemen to accompany his daughter, they appear; MI gets the princess; when MI is hunting another prince sees his wife, falls in love; asks the old woman to arrange a meeting; the old woman persuades her to find out her husband's secret; MI gives her a ring; the old woman replaces him, transfers the palace and the princess to the prince; princess: we have a custom to keep 40 days of mourning; the prince goes hunting; MI recalls that he broke the advice not to let someone else's woman into the house; the pigeon flies, the dog swims across the sea, putting the cat on his back; on the 39th day, the cat catches the king of mice and tells him to steal the ring, gives it to the princess; she moves the palace back; the foreign prince was beheaded, the old woman was cut along, the halves were hung on the gate]: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 40: 269—283; (cf. bakhtiyars [the poor man cannot pick up a bunch of brushwood; it has an unusual egg; the wife sells it for 200 mists; on the second day, the husband sees a beautiful bird lay an egg, picks it up again; the merchant , to whom his wife sells eggs, learns that the one who has eaten the bird's head will become ruler, and the one who eats the liver will find a hundred mists under his pillow in the morning; the merchant asks the old woman to bring him together with the poor man's wife, promises to give her flour and molasses every day for food; the woman falls in love with the merchant, who demands that she convince her husband to catch the bird; he brings the poultry, the merchant tells her to make soup with it; two sons women see soup, eat some food, Ahmad took his head as a talisman, and Mahmad took the liver; the brothers hear the merchant talking to their mother, they understand that he will kill them, run away; parents are desperate, father goes blind with grief; brothers come to the fork; the inscription on the stone; if two go together, they will die; the one who goes to the left will achieve what he wants; the one who goes to the right will get his own faster; M. goes to the left; The sons of a merchant and khan sitting in the dust by the road say that each spent the night in the castle; the mistress of the castle has slaves like her, she sends them to guests over 100 mists; in the morning M . says she will stay; the hostess saw that M. came with nothing, tells the slave to find out where his money came from; she sees him take money out of under his pillows; the hostess tells M. to drink, takes his talisman, tells M. to be thrown into the desert; M. meets three sons of a merchant who share the inheritance: a wish-fulfilling bag, a flying carpet, an invisible antimony; M. shoots: whoever brings the arrow first will get everything; says that he takes things rightfully, because the father of the debators threatened his life and forced him to flee; flies away on a flying carpet; returning to the owner of the castle, he takes him to an island in the ocean and marries him; says about wonderful objects; while she is washing, the woman flies away, taking them; through sleep, M. hears two pigeons talking: if M. wakes up now, he will help him, and if not, he will stay on the island to die; M. wakes up ; dove: the bark of a tree, if wrapped around its legs; will allow you to walk on water; a tree branch will make everyone a donkey by saying “haush”, and if the name “Adam” brings back a human form; the leaves of the tree restore sight; A. comes to the castle by water; the owner orders not to let me in; M. turns the servants into donkeys, the mistress into a donkey; she cries; M. took the bird's liver, disgraced the woman, stayed alive with her; Ahmad approaches the city where the ruler died; the hawk sits on his head three times, he is elected king; he finds his brother, parents, both blind; M. restores their sight; mother repents]: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 31:197-211); Turkmens [lazy Ovez went with a caravan; the merchant is willing to pay 1 tenge of honest money and 1,000 dishonest money per month; O. hired for honest ones; bought a cat in 1 tenge, sent the caravan home; the caravan stopped in a village annoyed by mice; the residents bought a cat, filled the bag with gold, the caravan took it to O.'s parents; next time O. bought a dog; on the way home, the dragon ordered him to be reconciled with his father; O. did it easily; the young dragon advised him to ask for a wish-fulfilling ring as a reward; O. sent his mother to marry the padishah's daughter; he ordered to build a gold one palace; everything was done by the power of the ring, O. received a wife; the old woman promised the padishah to fix everything; came to O.'s wife, offered to buy her, she took off her ring, the old woman ordered Ovez to kill, beat the princess, everything return the padishah; the cat made its way to the padishah, made the mouse tickle him in his sleep, the padishah spit out the ring, the cat took it away; crossing the river, the dog took the ring in his mouth, dropped it; the cat found a ring in the belly of the fish; revived O., he destroyed the padishah and his entourage, rose]: Stebleva 1969, No. 35:184-191; Bukhara Arabs: Vinnikov 1969, No. 7 [the son of a firewood seller sees how a black snake defeats a white snake, he killed a black one; white is the daughter of the serpent emir, her father gives him a ring; the emir tells 1) to fill the house with gold, 2) build a palace; angels do everything from the ring, the young man gets a wife; a beggar comes to them, persuades his wife to find out her husband's secret, takes possession of her ring, moves the palace to the emir, the young man is buried waist-deep in the ground; a dog, a cat, two pigeons return the ring, a young man executes a beggar], 8 [the firewood seller separated his son, gave him a chicken, she laid eggs; once she became a stone; the son thought that the father killed his chicken, but the stone began to move, offered to fulfill his wishes; the boy sent his father to marry the emir's daughter; the emir demands to catch 40 mares, make them a nursery out of gold, bring 40 camels loaded with money and rice; otherwise he executes; the stone did everything; the young man received a daughter emir; she found out the secret, gave the stone to her father, the emir; the dog and the cat went to return the stone; the cat made the mouse tickle the emir's tail in the nose; on the way back, the stone from the cat's mouth fell into the river; the fisherman caught a fish, the dog found a stone in its giblets, brought it to its owner; a stone to the owner: why did you tell your wife? the man returned everything; surrounded the emir with a river, gouged out his eyes, ordered him to eat carrots]: 59-62, 65-67; (cf. No. 61:333-335); Uzbeks: Afzalov et al. 1972 (2) [when father dies, elder, middle sons they say they want wealth, the youngest wants advice; the father tells not to torture animals, gives an assistant named Mulla Pankush, giving the young man a knife; when he leaves home, he buys a kitten and a puppy from the children; sees two moons; old woman: the one in the west is the daughter of a padishah; a young man sends an old woman to marry her, the padishah tells her to be cut into pieces; with the help of MP, the young man revives her; the padishah demands a silver palace, gold in boilers - everything arises, the young man gets the princess; she already had a fiancé, Karakhan, he sends old woman Maston, who advises the princess to find out her husband's secret, takes the knife, tells her to move the palace to Karakhan; a cat with they stole a knife with a dog, ordered the palace to be moved back; the young man hacked K., drove the old woman into the steppe]: 78-83; Ostroumov 1906b (Kokand) [], No. 5:25-29; Tajiks [the poor young man saved money, but went to the bazaar , bought a cat, a dog and a chest containing a snake; she gave a note to the main diva and ordered him to ask for the bird Tutibini as a reward; the young man sent his father to marry the padishah's daughter; he demands a golden castle and a caravan of goodness; T. did everything, the young man got a wife; the vizier's son sent the old woman to persuade the young man's wife to give her T. for the night; the old woman took her, moved the palace and the princess to where the vizier's son needed it; a cat and a dog stole T. but dropped her into the river; she was carried ashore by a fish; the young man killed the vizier's wife and son with a dagger, threw the old woman into the river, and he lived in a golden palace with his dog and cat]: Niyazmukhamedov 1945:116-119; the Vakhans [the old woman gives her grandson money three times, he buys a dog, a cat, a snake; the snake leads him to his parents, tells her to ask for Suleiman's ring; he asks his grandmother to marry him a daughter padishah; creates a palace with a waterfall of milk, nightingales in the trees; the king does not give her daughter, the young man takes her; the old woman came to the young man's wife, stole the ring, took the princess to her father; the cat and dog were returned ring, the young man returned his wife]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 28:285-293; Persians (Mazendaran, Khorasan, Isfahan, Fars, Luristan, Markazi) [after the death of his father, the young man buys the last money a dog, a cat, a snake, (other animals); thanks to a grateful snake, receives Solomon's ring; with its help he creates a palace, gives what the king needs, gets a princess; another prince sends an old woman, she steals the ring, the prince takes the princess and the palace; the cat makes the mouse tickle the one who hides the ring in his mouth, the ring pops up, the cat and the dog bring it; the young man returns the palace and wife, punishes enemies; throws a ring into the sea]: Marzolph 1984, No. 560:118-120; Pasha'is [ATU 560 story]: Morgenstierne 1944:40-60 in Thompson, Roberts 1960:84; (cf. Mountain Tajiks (Darvaz, upper reaches of Vanja) [the vizier's son must marry the Shah's daughter, but the vizier is dead; the son asks his mother at least to ask the Shah for some money, he gives three gold coins three times; the vizier's son buys a cat for the first time, then the puppy, then the dragon in the chest, the dragon falls from earth to heaven; the dragon father gives a ring to save his son, the young man sells it for a lot of money, the shah gives him a daughter]: Semenov 1900 (2): 6-7 (= 1903, No. 3:100-103, =Rosenfeld, Rychkova 1990, No. 27:112-113).

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [the poor man sent his son to work; he was hired for three years so that at the end of his term, the owner would go to the mountains twice and buy the first one he saw; then he would go; these three purchases and will be a salary; the owner bought a basket for the old woman, there was a dog in it; the second time a cat; the young man bought it from the same old woman; opened the basket, from there a lizard told her to hit her neck, became a prince; he was bewitched, the old woman wanted to drown him in the sea; the prince took the young man to his father, advised him to take a ring as a reward; it fulfills his wishes; the young man came to his father, ordered him to marry him the king's daughter; the king commands create in the fjord exactly the same ship as it is now; the ship appeared; build a castle; the castle appeared; becoming the young man's wife, the princess found out the mystery of the ring; wished the young man to be in the trash a bunch, and she herself had a castle and a prince charming; the cat and the dog decided to get a ring; the cat caught a rat; the princess put the ring in her mouth for the night, choked, coughed, the ring rolled out, his rat took it away, gave it to the cat; the young man is waiting in the tower for execution; the cat tried to get there, but it was carried away by an eagle, the eagle was attacked by a hawk, the cat fell into the sea, dropped the ring, climbed to land; the ring was swallowed by a fish, seemed on the shore, the dog ate it and swallowed the ring; the rat took the ring out of the dog's belly, the cat brought the ring to the young man; he put the king, queen and princess in the tower in which he was put, became king; the dog became a prince and the cat a princess, a young man, i.e. now a king, married her]: Stroebe 1922, No. 23:250-264; Veps [with the help of a magic ring donated, the guy performs tasks the tsar and marries the princess; she steals the ring, puts her husband in prison; the dog and the cat return the magic ring to him]: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 134:210; Karelians [old men sent their son to buy bread, he bought a kitten from an old man; the next day — a puppy, the third — a snake; the guy is afraid to return home, goes to work, buys bread; the same old man gives bread a ring in which two men perform desires; the boy asks his mother to marry him the royal daughter; creates a church that does not hang on his belts or stands on the ground; a canal with ships and a park; a palace as royal; the king gave his daughter; she found out a secret from her husband rings, stole it, transferred everything she had created and herself overseas to another queen; the king put the guy in prison; the snake crawled there, promised to return the ring; the cat and dog swam across the sea, the cat caught the shrew, who told her young to tickle the princess's nose, the ring fell out of her mouth; the cat made the shrew the queen of mice, neither dogs nor cats eat shrews; when the sea was almost swam, the dog asks if the cat has a ring in its mouth; she answered what was in its mouth and dropped it; the fishermen caught the fish, gave the cat a ring in its intestines; the snake brought it to the boy; he ordered the royal palace to be burned down together with the king , return the princess, reigned himself]: Onegin 2010, No. 36:339-346; Swedes, Livons: Uther 2004 (1), No. 560:328-329; Western Sami [dying, the merchant leaves his wife three bags of silver Her son tells Ándaras to give 100 coins when he is old enough to play on the street; the mother does not give it away for a long time, although the other boys already have money; after receiving it, A. for 100 coins buys a cat, a dog for the other 100, a gold ring for the last 100; the owner took A. into the forest, there is a hole in the ground, a staircase, a hall where the coffin is, and there is a corpse with a golden ring in it; you can't take it off your finger, I had to cut off my finger; the exit was closed; someone promises to release if A. returned the ring; A. refused; accidentally put it on his ring finger, a wish-fulfilling servant appeared; A. wanted to return home, become an adult and smart, get a princess; the king requires the groom to build a castle, a golden bridge, move the castle to the royal one; everything is done; the princess wants to return to her former lover prince; Having learned about the ring, put it on, moved to her lover; the king put A. in prison; the dog and the cat decided to save the owner, swam across the river, the dog found the princess's chambers, she did not recognize them, let them into the room, the ring in her mouth; the dog and the cat pretended to be cold; the room began to be heated, the window was opened; at night the cat took out the rings, ran away through the window; the dog persuaded me to give the ring to her , barked at the swallow, the ring fell into the river; the dog and cat stayed with the fisherman, found the fish in which the ring was; the fisherman decided to take it for his daughter, but the cat took it away; the dog gnawed through the lock door, the cat brought it ring A.; he showed the king his daughter in her lover's bed; daughter was forgiven, lover hanged; A. hid the ring from his wife, stayed with her]: Pollan 2005, No. 26:100-106; Lithuanians [son of a poor widow he buys, giving the caught fish, a puppy, a cat (the old man carries them to drown), already (the man beat him with a stick); he asks to let him go into the forest and brings a ring that fulfills any wishes; the guy sends his mother marry the queen; the king demands to build a palace and a bridge from it to the royal palace overnight, on the sides of the apple tree, so that they bloom in the morning and the fruits ripen in the evening; everything is done; the guy received the queen, but the king persuaded her daughter to find out the secret from her husband; she took off her husband's ring, moved the palace overseas; the cat and the dog swam across the sea, the cat caught the mouse queen, the old mouse said that she was royal sleeps with the ring in her mouth; the mouse tickled her, the ring fell out, the cat and the dog brought it to the owner; he returned everything, forgave his wife, and put the king in a barrel and threw him from the tower into the sea]: Lébite 1965:217-220; Latvians [The Magic Ring. The son gives money for a dog, a cat, saves a snake from death, receives a magic ring (mirror) from it that makes all wishes come true. The son marries (also: tells me to bring) the princess, performs all her tasks (build a church, plant a garden in one night, grow wheat) and marries her. The princess steals her husband's ring and throws him into prison. A dog and a cat steal the ring that the princess keeps in her mouth and return it to his son]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 560:331-302; the Finns [mother sends her son to buy food; with this money he buys the dog, a cat, a snake they want to kill; receives a magic ring {obviously from the father of the rescued snake}, it creates a palace for him and a bridge to the royal castle; gets the princess; she stole the ring, returns to another country to his lover, and the young man's palace disappears, the king put him in prison; the cat and dog took out the ring, the young man returned everything]: Heartland 1894, No. 7:322-323; the Danes [from the peasant Son Hans, then three daughters were born; he works even at night; someone comes up, gives a wishful box for promising to give his daughters when they are three years old; takes the girls away; their parents are dead ; G. finds the box, the giant fulfills all requests; G. asks for a violin, plays, the lambs dance, the princess promises to marry him, the king tells him to keep his promise, but the princess does not love him; learns the secret boxes, tells them to take the castle away and hang it over the Red Sea; G. consistently comes to his missing sisters, they are married to a bear, an eagle, a fish; they bring him to the castle, he takes possession of the box, tells the giant throw the princess and her lover into the sea; he has fur, feather and scales in his hands; when the queen, whose sons were turned into animals, receives them, the spell fell apart; G. himself marries his sister brothers; releases a giant servant]: Grundtvig 1920:42-57; Lutsie (West 1893) [the poor widow sent her son to sell a ball of wool; he sold it, with this money he bought a cat from the children; next time dog; then little girl; girl: my mother will come, take nothing but a ring from her finger; tigebaba (devil) came, reluctantly gave a ring; the ring fulfills the wish, they have healed well; son tells his mother to marry him King Auuli's daughter; king: either a castle and a garden like mine, or both heads off my shoulders; done; king: an iron bridge across the sea, along the edges of the apple tree: in bloom, ripe, ripe; done; king: but so that horses, carriage, church, bells ring themselves in the morning; after the wedding, the wife asked her husband's secret; she hates him, but wanted to marry the Mouse King; at night she took her husband off her finger the ring, carried everything to the Mouse King, and the guy stayed in the hut; the king walled up the guy in the tower; the cat and the dog dug a dig; the owner: get the ring from the Mouse King; swam across the sea, the cat held on by the dog's tail; the cat grabbed the mouse king; he says the ring is in the princess's mouth; the mouse king tickled her, she spit out the ring, the cat and the dog ran to the sea, the cat does not give the dog the ring ; while they were swimming, the cat dropped the ring, almost drowned himself; the dog grabbed the cancer, he called all the crayfish and fish, found the ring, brought it back; the guy returned everything; the king himself ordered his daughter to be tied to the horse's tail]: Annom et al. 2018:272-277; Estonians [the widow sent her son to sell oil and buy whatever he wanted; he bought a cat for the first time, a dog the second and a snake the third; people were going to kill them; a snake turned into a girl who was bewitched, gave a stone that fulfilled wishes; the master asked to show the stone, took it for himself, began to live in a castle on an island in the middle of the sea; the cat and the dog sailed there the cat spat in the mouth of the sleeping master, he coughed, the stone flew out; the dog and the cat quarreled over who would give the stone to the owner, dropped it into the sea; when they found out what was going on, the fish took out the stone and gave it to the boy]: Yakubinskaya, Turkina 1965:240-244.

Volga — Perm. Chuvash: Chuvash Tales 1937:122-130 [the widow's son studied to be a stove-maker; hired to work; returning home, he bought a dog, a cat, a snake; the mother of snakes gives a wish-fulfilling ring; I. tells mother to marry his master's daughter; tells the fellows to build a rich house for him out of the ring; a glass bridge from house to house; the master has to give her daughter; the young wife found out about the ring on the very first night, told well done to return it to her father's house, and destroy I.'s house; the dog and the cat ran to get the ring; the cat caught the mouse, the mouse asked him not to destroy him, gnawed a hole in the chest where the ring was kept, took it out him; when crossing the river, the dog dropped the ring; the fisherman caught a pike, found a ring in his stomach, the cat grabbed it again, returned it to the owner; he returned everything, did not show his wife the ring again], 138-151 [], 188 -196 [=Sidorova 1979:113-119; his mother sent Pader to buy bread, and he bought a kitten from the boys; then a dog; a lizard; a lizard leads to his grandfather, tells him to ask for a gold ring, he performs desires; two servants create everything from the ring, marry P. to an overseas princess; the wife found out the secret, stole the ring, P. woke up in the old hut; the dog and the cat came to the court of the Indian Sultan, where The princess ran away; at night she holds the ring in her mouth; the cat tickled her tail, the ring fell out, the cat took it away; when crossing the Volga, the dog tells me to give her the ring; dropped it into the water; persuaded cancer get the ring from the bottom; everything is fine]; Eisin 1993:141-148 []; Mordovians [the son of Raw's widow went to work; bought a puppy from the children, then a kitten; the mother is dissatisfied; the frog; she tells her to ask her father reed pipe; if you start playing, 30 fellows perform everything; S. decided to marry his master's daughter; he demands a glass bridge from the porch to the church; along the edges of the apple tree, so that when down the aisle, they bloom, and when from the church, then with apples; S. got a wife; she found out about the pipe, called the fellows, ordered her to be moved far to her lover, and S. left in the impoverished house he had; the master put S. in serving; the cat and the dog went to look for his wife; the cat broke into the house, the old woman told her to be thrown into the river; there were rats; the cat began to strangle them, they pulled her out and promised to get a pipe; two rats gnawed a hole in the barrel, the third tickled the old woman in her nose with her tail; they took the pipe away; the dog was swimming, the cat was on her back, the dog told her to show the pipe, the pipe fell into the water; the cat began to strangle the crayfish, told them to get a pipe; handed the pipe to S.; he returned everything, kicked his wife out, married another]: Samorodov 1972:149-151; Marie: Beke 1938, No. 26 [an important gentleman hired a teacher for his daughter; she asks someone else to be taught with her or; the teacher finds a poor boy named Mikesh, who lives with his grandmother; the teacher brings M. to the forest, there is a house; asks M. to come in and bring one of the pillows from home, but not to lie down on them; M. lay down and slept for three years; when he wakes up, he sees a big cat, he tells him to take him with him and gives him a ring; they come to grandmother M.; the cat teaches you to turn the ring, three devils will appear, fulfill any wish; M. sends his grandmother to marry him the girl he studied with; her father tells him to build a manor three times better than his (the devils from the ring perform), 2) create a fish pond in the yard and geese (the same); gives a daughter for M.; they settled in that house created by M.; M.'s wife used to have another, rich groom; when M. was sleeping, his wife took off the ring from his finger, ordered M. to be covered with a stove, and hers move it to another city to her lover; while she was living with M., she got used to the cat and told the hell to move it to her; at night, the cat took the ring, returned to M., scratched a hole in the oven, stuck the M ring .; he returned his wife, did not take revenge, left his wife; when he later told his father-in-law, he scolded his daughter; the couple have children, everything is fine], 27 [long text; the episode with the return of the ring is more standard than in (2): cat and dog swim across the sea, drop the ring, it is found in caught fish]: 170-189, 189-209; Mordovians []: Samorodov 1972:236-251; Kazan Tatars: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 34 [(long a story about the adventures of a retired soldier); the soldier received a magic ring; buy, in the guise of an old man, took it; the horse, good clothes immediately disappeared, the soldier was beggar again; another old man chained him to a tree; the cat, the dog and the wolf came to the sleeping bay, the cat tickled his nose with his tail, he sneezed, the ring flew out, the cat took him away; crossing the river, the dog swims on a wolf; the cat replies that he is also tired, drops the ring; grabbed the fish, forcing it to find and bring the ring; when the soldier received it, the chain broke, the stallion appeared; the three pigeons that arrived turned out to be three girls, the soldier married the middle one; cut off bayu head], 42 [after the death of his parents, the young man leaves with a cat; kills a snake that devoured the young Semrug bird; they tell her to ask for a ring as a reward; the owner commands all pearies and genies; the young man asks to be moved to Mohit Island, where there are many fruits and no people; tells his wife to build a palace, bring the daughter of the padishah of flowers; the witch promises to return her to the padishah; sails there, tells his wife the young men to lure his ring; the wife tells the genies to carry it with the palace to their father, and throw her husband and cat in nettles; the cat tells them to make a raft, they have arrived in the flower state; the old woman found out a young man; the vizier saved him not by throwing him into the well, but by lowering him on an arcana; the cat began to kill mice; promised not to kill again if they took out the ring; it was tied to the hair of the padishah's daughter; the mice gnawed off, they brought it to the young man; he returned everything, began to beat his wife three times every day; the old woman arrived again, taught the young man to give tobacco, he sneezed the ring fell out, he stayed again with the cat in nettles; the cat died; the young man again swam across the sea, found berries that make horns, tail and wool grow, and from which they disappear; asks the old woman to sell the first berries to the palace; the princess became a monster; the padishah executed a sorceress; a young man came, first beat his wife with a stick, took the ring, then cured it; threw the palace into the sea; married a girl who helped him]: 271-286, 344-358; Yarmukhametov 1957 []: 62-67; Udmurts [the old woman's son went to hunt, brought a kitten from the forest, then a dog; one day he went with them, spent the night with an old woman, a cat and a dog ate old “fleas” (rats and hamsters); for this she gave a ring from which they come out three people and make wishes come true; the hunter created a palace; told the mother to marry the princess; the king demands a glass bridge with canals and flowers; the king gave his daughter; she stole the ring, the palace was gone, the hunter they were imprisoned; the cat and the dog made their way to him, he told them to find the ring; in the palace of his runaway wife, the cat and the dog began to kill the mice, they took out the ring; swimming across the river, the cat demanded give the ring to her, dropped it; the fishermen caught a goldfish, the ring was in kinshki; the hunter returned his wife; “only the Soviet authorities dispossessed the royal daughter”]: Kralina 1960, No. 58:157-160; Komi ( Troitsko-Pecherskoye) [Ivan, the widow's son, bought for a hundred rubles the cat they wanted to kill; then a dog; a man; he took him to his father, his father gave a wish-fulfilling ring; I. asks his mother to marry him the princess; the king orders to build a palace by morning; in the morning the palace is ready, I. gets a wife; when she learned about the ring, she took it off the finger of her sleeping husband, ordered her and the palace to be moved to the island; I. sent a dog and a cat they returned the ring; I. returned everything, continued to live with the day]: Wichmann 1916, No. 43:120-121; (cf. Bashkirs [two soldiers with a non-commissioned officer left service, spent the night with the old man, his daughters gave them an inexhaustible pouch with money, an invisible coat, a stick calling servants (soldiers); the soldiers were gone, A non-commissioned officer met a girl who replaced magic objects with fakes; he came to the garden, ate an apple, became a goat, another man again; sold apples to that girl, she became a goat; he came heal, beat her, ordered her father to bring stolen magic items, give another apple, the goat became beautiful, the non-commissioned officer marry her]: Zelenin 1991, No. 104 (99): 447-450).

Turkestan. Donggang (Xinjiang, Quan County) []: Shujang Li, Luckert 1994:172-177; Karakalpaks: Baskakov 1951 (Kegeli District) [the old woman gave her son a hundred tillas, sent him to the city; he saw that two guys are going to beat a cat; bought it for a hundred tillas, returned home; the father gave him another hundred; the guy bought a puppy tormented by children; the father gave money again; the guy bought a chest with a snake in it; she wrapped him around his lower back, told him to put it back and take it to her country; the boy did so; brought the snake to a house that was underground; her father was a snake padishah; the snake said, “If you If you bring me, my father will give [you] whatever you want, if he gives [you] cattle, you don't take it, if he gives till, don't take it, if he gives gold, don't take it, my father has a stone called a hurr stone, a stone of happiness; it's under his palate, if you want to get (for yourself) wealth, take it.” The guy got a happy stone, put it under his palate went home; asked for a horse, a falcon, a wife and a manor at the stone; all this appeared; the Khan's son was swimming in the lower reaches of the river; he got his hands on a piece of golden hair belonging to the boy's wife; Khan's son asked his father to bring this girl; the khan threw a cry, the old woman responded to him; she sailed to the boy's place; the guy took her into his house; the old woman asked his wife, found out about the stone happiness; told her to take this stone from her husband; his wife begged it, gave it to the old woman; the old woman moved with the boy's wife and the estate to her country; the boy returned from hunting, found that everything was gone; the cat and the puppy promised to help, went to the khan's house; the cat, sniffing people's mouths, found an old woman; put its tail in her nose; the old woman sneezed, the stone fell to the ground; the cat caught him on the fly, brought it to the guy; the guy he used a stone to return his wife and home, and then went to his parents]: 184-189; Volkov, Mayorov 1959 []: 21-24; Kazakhs [{it is difficult to understand the details from the paraphrase, but the plot is present}]: Ders. III, No. 10:395 in Aarne 1908:23-24.

Southern Siberia — Mongolia. Shors [hunter Panyugesh finds a huge white snake in his house; he tells him to close his eyes, brings him to the clearing; tells him to shoot at a black snake he will fight against; P. shot Moreover, at the site of the struggle of snakes, the ground is red hot; the snake brings P. to his parents; tells him to eat snakes and frogs - what they will serve (the food turned out to be delicious); take a dirty wooden cup as a gift; P. throws her on the ground, two warriors appear; P. tells them to take him home, build a palace, a hard-working heavenly maiden as a wife; in P.'s absence, a man comes, calls himself brother P., gives gold a cup, asks P.'s wife to give a wooden one, leaves; the next morning the palace, the wealth disappears; P. goes hunting, comes to the elderly, stays with them; they have a dog and a fox, accompany P. on the hunt; praise old people, but they don't know why P. climbs the cedar and cries; when P. is accompanied by a kitten, he says that P. saw a distant palace from the top of the cedar; old people send P. to the palace to return the cup, animals to help; the kitten took the cup, at the river crossing, the animals quarreled over who to carry the cup, it drowned; the old fisherman had a net, P. caught a cup with it; wealth, wife returned; P. sent warriors- helpers to help the poor]: Arbachakova 2010, No. 2:513-551; (cf. Siberian Tatars (Tara, Tobolsk, Tyumen) [the son of a poor old man bought a dog, then a cat, saved a snake from the fire; the snake turned into a girl, put a pebble in his mouth, thanks to which he is always full; the snake's father gives gold]: Radloff, IV, no. 7:162 in Aarne 1908:23); the Altaians [white and black snakes fight; the prince's son kills black; white leads him to him, where all snakes look like people; the father of the snake gives a bowl {from which, apparently, an assistant giant appears; telegraph retelling}; the young man's father marries Sara Khan's daughter; he requires three larches, each needle has a bell, to fill the island with bears and wolves; helper giant: now I'll fall asleep for 9 years; in one yurt there is a girl, a cat, a dog; a cat and a dog swim through sea to the Karang Attu Kaana yurt; the cat makes the mice help; when they swim back, the ring falls into the sea, found in the caught fish; the young man returns the palace, he has both wives]: Ders., I, no. 8:88 in Aarne 1908:24; Teleuts []: Radloff, I: 88 {link in Taube 1978:381)}; South Altai Tuvans: Taube 1994, No. 24 [old Ends Dandz sends his son shopping, gives a purse of gold each time; son buys 1) dried fish, 2) a cat, 3) a cat; his parents drive him away; he threw the fish into the sea, it came to life, became a goldfish; an old man comes out of the sea, says that the young man is calling Luzut Haan; tells him to ask the reward is a red box, and open it in the steppe on the seashore; a city appeared, next to the daughter of LH; two hunters wounded gazelle; the old man replies to them that a woman with a face red as blood is the wife of Sun Khan for by sea; you can swim across the sea on the Boom tree; sparrows hear the crows sitting on this tree talking, tell the khan; they made a raft, the elder swam across the sea, turned into an old woman, stole the key and took away the casket; young man stayed in the open air with his dog and cat; they swam across the sea, the cat caught the mouse khan, the mice dug an underground passage, the cat grabbed the old man's eyes, took the casket, the young man became Sun Khan again], 25 [The elderly couple had a son, grew up; he was sent shopping, he bought dried fish, a cat, a dog; his father kicked him out; he threw the fish into the sea; the old man tells him to go down to the White Khan Luzutov, ordered to ask for a red casket, to open it in the middle of the steppe; a palace and a girl, the khan's daughter, appeared; further as in (24); the sea burns everything that is put into it; the old woman orders to make a raft out of Donduud wood Bohm swam across, carried away the casket; the sea does not burn the cat and dog to the young man; the cat first brought food to the young man from his kidnapped wife, then caught the mouse khan; the khan burned down, the young man with the cat, the dog, the wife live in palace]: 210-216, 216-224; darkhats []: Sanzheev 1931:71-98 {link in Taube 1978:381}; Buryats: Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 19 (Khentei aimag of Mongolia) [Borolzoy regretted letting the bear go, a mouse, a fox; parents are forced to slaughter the last goat; each one takes turns sleeping wrapped in goatskin to have a prophetic dream; father and mother see that they will live happily; B. says he saw nothing ; parents wrap it in their skin, tie it up, throw it into the sea; the mouse, then the fox, the bear pulls it out; they come to the burkhan, the owner of the wish-fulfilling stone; the mouse makes a move, carries it away stone; at the river crossing, she holds it in her mouth; the bear asks her something, she drops a stone; the fox advises her to beep by the river, will come out in the Lusai river, I must tell him that the river is polluted, heavenly khan is going to shoot an arrow at it; L. tells the fish to throw all the dirt from the bottom to the shore, and throw away the stone with it; however, B. changes the merchant's stone for goods, in the morning no stone or goods; parents they throw B. into the sea again; two khans hide in an argument, the loser will give up the property; first one, then the second khan finds B.; he both times indicates where to look for the hid (one khan is a bow on the wall, the other — a ram in the herd); both khans give him the throne]: 231-247; Gomboev 1890, No. 11 []: 29-36; (cf. The Buryats, probably Eastern, were first published in the works of the Troitskosavsko-Kyakhtinsky Department. Russian Geographical Society, 1901) [when he dies, the father bequeaths a rug and a scourge to his three sons; they cannot share the inheritance; the traveler fires an arrow: whoever brings it back first will receive things; sits on a rug, hits him with a scourge, flies away; flies to a meadow where 6 khan's daughters; one of them sat down on a rug, a man flew away with her; one day she finds a rug and a scourge, flies away; a man meets an old man, he gives him drugs; what's in in a red knot, turns it into a horse, in a blue knot it returns to its former appearance; a person turns a dog into a horse, goes to the khan, hires a cook; turns himself and the khan's daughters into horses, chases them, then restores human appearance; returns his wife]: Dugarov 1990:363-366); Dongxiang [young man sees black and white snakes fighting, breeding them with a stick; old man: black is a monster, white is a young son sea Lunwana; if a man in black clothes invites, do not go, if in white, go; Longwang's son advises to ask his father for a wish-fulfilling gold ring; a girl comes out of it, cooks everything, then hides; he stops her, marries; the old woman asks the woman about the ring; after receiving it, she moves the palace and the farm to the shallows at sea, takes the woman for her son, the young man stays with his mother; the dog they come to the kidnapper with the cat, the cat makes the mouse gnaw a hole in the old woman's box and pull out the ring; across the sea, the cat swims on the dog's back; the dog is gone to eat, and the cat brought the ring to the owner; the man returned everything, killed the old woman; beat the dog, since then dogs have not been allowed into the house]: Todayeva 1961, No. 6:98-101; Khalkha Mongols: Amsterdam 1940, No. 3 [the boy received a bar of tea for his work , a piece of cloth and a sheep; he gave the sheep for a dog, the cloth for the pecker they wanted to kill; the parents were dissatisfied; they sent him to pick berries on the mountain, and instead he took two in different directions all day fighting snakes — black-striped and yellow-striped; a llama in a red coat arrived, this is Shara Lusun Khan (Khan of Yellow Dragons), telling you to choose what you want to save his son; the boy asked for a rosary head ( the biggest ball in the rosary); she fulfills wishes; the parents married their son, died themselves; in his absence, five Tanguts exchanged his wife's rosary head for gold and silver chess; man woke up in the middle of the red sea; the dog, the pika and the snake went to the 5 Tanguts; one of them sleeps with his head in his mouth; the snake bit him, the pika grabbed the rosary head that had fallen out, they delivered it to the man ; he returned everything; feast]: 38-41; Mikhailov 1962 [the old men gave the last three gold coins to their daughter-in-law and died; she gave her husband one coin, sent it to the market; he bought a cat tortured by children with a coin; the same with the dog; the last coin was spent, the wife fell ill; the cat and the dog went to look for a stone that fulfills their wishes; there is a mountain of fire ahead, the dog turned its tears into a downpour, it flooded the fire; ahead rock; the cat clenched into a ball, told the dog to hold on to it, jumped on a rock; on a dry dung they swam across the sea; went down to the underworld; saved a bird grabbed by the mouse; let go of the mouse, telling she could get a stone; the mouse dug into the palace, the bird extinguished the lamps with its wings, the dog put sheep bile under the king's nose, he spat in disgust, the dog grabbed the king who had fallen out of his mouth gem; the cat swam on the dog's back, opened his mouth to grab the fish, the stone fell out, the fish swallowed it, the fishermen caught it, the cat and the dog found a stone in the intestines; after swimming across the sea, the dog decided to sew it a stone in their temple; they asked the children to give them a knife, needle and thread; the children grabbed the dog and cat, but the parents told them to let go and give them what they asked for; the dog and cat brought the stone, all is well]: 208 -213; the Mongols of Inner Mongolia [the poor man collected and sold firewood; saw a metal ring growing on a tree branch; brought a branch home, threw it in the back; since then, no matter how much he took grain, it did not decrease; the predictor found out about this, came to buy unnecessary metal things, the hostess also gave the ring; the husband began to beat his wife, promised to beat him to death if she did not return the ring; the dog and the cat felt sorry for the mistress; the cat came to live with that fortuneteller; found out that the ring was in the chest; threatened the mouse to eat it — let it gnaw through a hole; the cat took out a ring and brought it to the owners, forgetting about the dog; and the dog continued to wait for the cat at that time; when he returned, he began to reproach her; since then, the cat in the house on the cana, and the dog in the yard, are no longer friends]: 1981.

Eastern Siberia. Evenki Buryatia [mother gave the boy money, he bought a cat, another time a puppy, for the third foal; the old man gave a ring for the foal; the guy asks to marry the king's daughter; he demands 1) build across the silver river, the golden bridge; 2) create a lake with silverfish; 12 heroes from the ring perform everything; after 6 years, the wife begged her husband to entrust her with the ring, ordered her to move her and her children overseas to King Arsalan; the old man tells me to ask the dog and cat to be transported across the sea; but well done, the cat and the dog went on their own; the cat took the ring, but at sea began to argue with the dog which of them would give them to its owner, dropped into the sea; turned into boys, began fishing, caught huchen, found a ring in his guts; well done, returned his wife and children, and Tsar A. began to herd his deer]: Voskoboynikov 1958:108- 112; central (? ; a summary of one or two texts, links to the archive and publication in Yakut; probably central) Yakuts) [merchant son Vaska Beliya buys a puppy and a kitten that are missing; then saves an eagle from a lion; the eagle turns out to be king of Bethensut; the king gives a magic ring and a ship; WB becomes the princess's fiancé; the king {another?} gives difficult tasks: build 44 churches, build a swimming pool, make a road with golden rails; the WB does all this; Princess Tsarevich Simieris's lover steals the WB magic ring; the WB falls into a hole; when With the help of a puppy and a kitten, he escapes and finds a ring; the cat drops the ring into the sea, it was swallowed by a whale, in whose womb the ring then finds; with the help of the WB ring, he marries and becomes king]: Ergis 1967b, No. 122:188-189.

Amur — Sakhalin. Nanais [old people feed the dog and cat fish bones; the caught crucian carp tells you to peel off the scales, cook it, and let it go into the river; the old woman did so, the cauldron is full of fish; the cat with they ate their fill with the dog; at night, the old men woke up from the light: there was a glowing pouch on the wall; since then the house was full of food; two girls came, tickled the old men, they had to show a pouch, they took it away, I became hungry again; the cat and the dog decided to return the pouch; at night they looked into a rich house, the pouch on the wall was screwed with wire; the cat grabbed the rat, made it gnaw through the wire; took the pouch, jumped up on the dog's back, they returned home, swimming across seas and rivers; old people got rich again]: Medvedev 1992:204-209.

Japan. The Japanese (all of Honshu and Kyushu) [from a monkey or fish he saved (raised to a huge size) or from a sea deity, a hero (most often an old man) receives a wish-fulfilling item (a ring , bag, wand, coin, etc.); a neighbor, a beggar, a servant, a wife steals an object; or the wife accidentally changes the item for sweets; the dog and the cat return the object (telling the mouse to tickle the person holding the object in the mouth); the dog drops the object into the water, but the cat finds it in the caught fish; that's why cats are at odds with dogs, or that's why cats are allowed into the house but dogs are not]: Ikeda 1971, No. 560:148-149 (also Seki 1966, No. 172:91-92); the Ainu [a rich man has a puppy, a fox, and a silver ship model; a giant has stolen a magic object and keeps it in a box; the puppy and fox go in search; the rat gnawed hole, took out the object, the puppy and the fox returned it]: Folk-Lore Journal, VI, V, 15 in Aarne 1908:38.