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K35a1. Don't pick up a firebird feather.


Once on a journey, a person (often against the advice of his horse) picks up a precious pen. After learning about this, the powerful character gives him difficult assignments.

Spaniards (Murcia, Ciudad Real), French, Bretons, (Irish), Germans (Westphalia, Pomerania), Palestinians, Transylvania Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Albanians, Serbs, Croats, Slovaks, Poles, Ukrainians (Transcarpathia, Kharkiv), Russians (Voronezh), Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Abazins, Ossetians, Ingush, Chechens, Kumyks, Terek Cossacks, Avars, Archins, Georgians, Armenians, Turks, Lithuanians, Danes, Chuvash, Udmurts, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs.

Southern Europe. The Spanish (Murcia) [childless spouses have promised the witch that they will give her son if he is born; on the eve of the promised term they send their son away; the young man meets the rider on a miserable horse and agrees to swap horses with him; is hired by the king; one day he takes glasses without asking (so!) the king and sees them as three beauties; the king tells him to get the most beautiful one, otherwise he will fry the young man in oil; the horse teaches him to pretend to be dead; when the people, three princesses among them, run away, what is between the other two; and in order not to touch the bridle; the young man grabbed the princess, but took up the bridle to pick up the pen he decided to give her; the king is going to marry the princess; to avoid this marriage, she asks for the bird that owns the pen; with the help of a horse, a young man catches a bird; the king is going to burn it; the horse orders him to be stabbed and redeemed in his blood, then the fire will not hurt; seeing this, the king also threw himself into the fire and burned]: Hernández Fernández 2013, No. 531:112-113; the Spaniards (Ciudad Real) [the count is ill; a doctor from a distant country: only King Gijón's fat will cure him; his son went in search; the poor old woman asks to exchange his horse with her; the young man at first refuses, but then feels sorry for the old woman and agrees; it turned out that the old woman's horse is flying; by the seashore he shoved into the water of a whale washed ashore; crossed the sea, fed a hungry eagle; contrary to the horse's warning, picked up a horseshoe, a letter; stopped for the night; the owner saw a horseshoe; if the young man did not get it the beast from which this horseshoe is executed; the horse leads to the cave of the beast, the young man kills him; now they have found a letter, it is from the Queen of Wisdom (Reina Sabiduría), the bride of King Gijón; deliver it, otherwise they are executed; they come to her; she will marry a young man if she cannot find him in three nights; the young man hides in the belly of a whale; in the morning the queen knows about it; the next night the eagle took the young man to heaven - the queen again knows everything; the horse teaches to give bread to the fox, she will take her to the queen's chambers, she must hide in her bed; the queen did not find it, she is ready to marry the young man; but she is Gijon's bride; boiled a boiler of oil: who will get it out of it flower, I'll go for that; the king tried, cooked it, they collected its fat, brought it to the count, he recovered; wedding; and the young man changed his horses with the old woman again]: Camarena, Chevalier 1995, No. 329:148-153.

Western Europe. French: Cosquin 1887, No. 73 [a person with many children cannot find a godson for a newborn; the Lord meets him, offers to be a godson, and in 7 years he will take the boy; in 7 years takes; turns into a mule (the transformation is not described; but the godson is no longer a question, and the boy rides a mule who helps him with advice); tells him not to raise the pen - he will many troubles; but the boy picked up; when he came to the king and waved his pen, the bad stable became good, the king's bad hair was beautiful; he was in the mercy of the king, the courtiers are jealous; it is said that the boy promised to get the bird whose feather he found; mule: this will be the first bird we find on the boundary; the boy brought it to the king; the bird died soon; the courtiers: he undertook to revive it; mule: cut off my head, there there will be living water; revive the bird and then me; new task: get Gold-haired beauty; mule: hit the drum, the first girl to stand up will be her; on the way back across the sea Gold-haired threw a ring and a key into the sea; agrees to marry the king only if he brings her parents; the king demands it from the young man; the same drum episode; Gold-haired demands her ring and key, king sends a young man; a mule: they will be in the belly of the fish caught by the first fisherman; Gold-haired: first let the young man hang, then I will marry the king; mule: ask the king for tobacco on the scaffold, throw it at others everyone gets dead; only Gold-haired, the young man married her]: 290-294; Sébillot 1894, No. 32 (Haute-Brittany) [Jean's mother is sick; a big man (this devil) tells his father give his wife broth made from the meat of a seven-year-old child; Jean runs to his godmother; she takes him back to his parents, he sees his sister in the cauldron; runs into the forest, meets a giant (it's the devil again) who has a horse as tall as a dog and a doe; he brings Jean to his underground castle; tells him to watch the fire under the cauldron; sinners, including Jean's godmother, in the cauldron, tell him not to drown while the devil is gone; the skate tells Jean that he himself will turn into the same skate; the skate, following the doe, carries Jean away, the devil pursues; they throw a scraper (river), a crest (lattice), reach the holy land; in the forest, Jean, despite the prohibition a horse, picks up something shining; the horse tells you to hire a groom to work in the castle, promises to appear on demand; the pen illuminates the stable, the servants tell the king that Jean can bring the bird itself; on horseback and With a doe, he comes to the spring, tells him to cut off his head, throw him into the water, the bird arrives to peck carrion, he grabs her, the horse is reborn; the servants persuade the king to tell Jean to bring the princess; he She takes her by ship, she throws a ring into the sea; she will marry only if the ring is returned; the horse tells him to cut off his head, throw him into the sea, the fish splash, he pulls out the swallowed ring, revives; the princess tells the king to kill Jean, revives his pen; now tells Jean to kill the king, does not revive him, marries Jean; the horse and doe turn into a prince and princess, get married; (ending)]: 275-277; Bretons: Luzel in Cosquin 1887 [the son of the French king got lost hunting, spent the night with a coal miner whose wife had just given birth; left a letter that the boy Louis (Petit-Louis) when he grew up must bring him - he will be admitted to the palace; when sending his son, his father tells him not to deal with the humpback, lame, leper; L. left the first two; contrary to the advice of the horse, picked up a shining feather ; when he leaned to the spring, the leper pushed him, took the horse and the letter, and was received at the palace; L. was hired there as a groom, found his horse; the leper notices the light spreading from the pen; tells the king that L. boasted that he could get a princess with golden hair; various animals join L. on the way; with their help he completes the princess's tasks; she, when she arrives at the king, demands for her silver castle to be delivered to her; she threw the keys to it into the sea; the king of fish pulls them out; the princess demands that the groom be young, this requires living and dead water; the horse teaches L. how to force the crow bring them; the princess sprinkled dead water on the king and married L.; (hereinafter referred to as the cliff, living water does not appear)]: 294-295; (cf. Luzel 1995 [the Marquis finds the boy Noon Doare, adopts him; he asks to buy him a rusty sword, a thin mare; she takes him to Paris; does not tell him to pick up a glowing crown; he picks him up; is hired by the king by the groom; the king steals the crown; the boy says that the crown belongs to Princess Belledore; the king tells ND to bring B.; on the way, ND saves a fish, a bird, a chained demon king; ND lures B. to sit on a mare, she brings them to Paris; B. tells her to bring her forgotten ring (birds bring), her castle (demons bring), the gate key, he is at the bottom of the sea (they bring fish); at B.'s wedding king, the mare turns into Princess of Tatarstan, goes beyond ND]: 47-56); Germans (Pomerania) []: Jahn 1891, No. 9:50-61; Germans: Cosquin 1887:297 [popular German song (L. Bechstein, p. 102); the father takes a boy as godfather, and this was the Lord Himself; he leaves a white horse to his godson; when the young man grew up, he went on a journey; the horse did not order to pick up a peacock feather, the young man listened; but for the first time; the third time he picked it up and, when he came to the city, became king there; if he picked it up not for the third time, but for the fourth time, he would have become emperor], 297-298 (Westphalia) [the young man picks up his pen, but it doesn't play the same role as in other texts, he uses it for writing]; (cf. Irish [stepmother drives away stepson; he is hired by the owner for a promise to give a horse; a blind man teaches to take a plain bay; the horse tells the young man not to pick up shining hair, he picks it up, has dinner in the light of it with the new owner; this is noticed by the king's son; tells the young man to get a woman with similar hair; the horse frolicks in front of the woman's palace, she sits down for a ride, he takes her away; she promises to marry the king's son if he gets three bottles of water from a cow spring; the horse tells the young man to kill him by the sea; crows fly, hang bottles around their necks, they will bring water from across the sea; the horse rushes to the sword himself; with this water, the young man heals the crows worn off from the rope, revives the horse; the woman sprinkles herself with the same water, bathes in boiling water, promises to marry someone who also swims; son the king is cooked, the young man, sprinkled with water, is not injured, marries a woman with shiny hair; the horse also turns into a woman (she was bewitched), disappears]: McManus 1915:182-185).

Western Asia. Palestinians [the king's unloved wife has one son, the young and the beloved has two; a young son comes to his father and asks for the kingdom to be given to him during his lifetime; king: first you must work just as hard and To endure as many difficulties as I did; the same with his brother; Ballan is the son of an unloved wife, his king beats, but for the third time the courtiers advised me to tell him the same thing as his half-brothers; mother gave B. a horse and he set off; on the road a sparkling feather; horse: you'll pick it up, you'll regret it, and you won't regret it; B. picked it up, came to the city, stopped in the caravanserai; the local king and the vizier went out check whether all the lights are extinguished, for this is the royal order; light is visible in the caravanserai; the vizier came there in the morning; the young man had to hand over the pen; the vizier advised the king to send B. for the bird itself; horse: this easy: let the vizier give a cage of gold and silver from the treasury; the horse flew to where the bird lived; at dawn she flew to the cage, said that such a thing was for her, entered it; B. brought a cage with bird; vizier: let B. get the owner of the bird; horse: let gold and silver be given from the vizier's treasury to build a large ship; B. led the ship to the city where the princess lived; she boarded the ship to see it, B. sent the ship from the shore; she threw her ring into the sea; when they arrived, she told the king that she would marry the one who would get the ring; the horse: asked the ship with flour, it should be poured into the sea where the princess threw the ring; the fish ate and the fish leader asked how to thank for such a meal; B.: get the ring; take it out; vizier: let him get the princess's horse; horse: let the vizier give a bridle from gold and silver; that horse in the cave, he would kill B.'s horse, but let himself be curbed in that bridle and come on it; the princess cut the horse apart and demanded that it be made whole and revived again; horse: let the vizier will give a gold and silver bucket; they flew to the sea of living water; getting water, the horse lost consciousness, but the spray fell on his face and he came to life; B. should have sprayed it, but forgot; the horse ordered pour some of the water into bottles and hide it; princess: now let B. be burned at the stake; horse: rub yourself with living water and demand that they add firewood; king: who are you? It turned out that the king was Father B.'s brother; he ordered the vizier to be thrown into the fire; they rode to Father B. and he handed him the kingdom]: Muhawi, Kanaana 1989, No. 5:69-82.

The Balkans. Romanians [the old man advises the childless emperor to send a fisherman to catch a fish; if the Empress eats it, she will give birth; the fish does not bite, the fisherman asks God or the devil to help catch it; water monster gives fish for promising to give what he does not know at home; a fisherman brings fish, the Empress gives birth; the fisherman's wife was also pregnant, gives birth to Peter; he grows up, goes to a monster; a monster in the form of a man meets he is on the way, telling him to go to him on horseback; the horse advises him to run, along the way of P. picks up a golden pen, is hired by the emperor as a clerk, writes the pen for him; other servants report this to the emperor, persuade him to send P. to get 1) the bird whose pen it was; along the way, P. feeds people who eat each other, they promise to help; the same thing feeds fish in the sea; the horse advises P. to lure the bird with food and wine, P. brings it to the emperor; 2) marry Emperor Slava-Mir; P . brings it, she promises to marry the emperor if they also bring her glass palace; those people bring the palace, the fish get the lost keys from the bottom of the sea; Glory Peace asks for the Water of Life, the Water of Beauty, Water Deaths; their mistress tells P. to divide wheat, barley, oats in an hour; the birds that P. used to feed are separated; Glory Mira gives the emperor to drink the Water of Death instead of the Water of Beauty, he dies, P. receives wife and throne]: Browne 1915:320-329; Hungarians [the queen is dead, the king has married another queen with her own son; everyone loves the king's son, he is smart and kind; the queen slander him, his king kicked out; a horse appeared, they galloped, the horse told him to look only between his ears, not to react to what was around him; but the young man noticed a gold-framed diamond pen and decided to pick it up; horse: if you pick it up, misfortune, and if you can't find it, even more; the same twice more; they came to the city, the horse ordered them to be hired as a hunter for the king, became a miserable nag; the king and entourage did not get anything, and the new hunter got many animals; the king regrets losing the diamond pen, the young man offers any of his three; noticing that on each pen of golden hair, the king orders to bring him the owners; the horse orders to demand a ship with food for 7 years and 7 measures of hot coals; the horse swallowed them immediately; 12 Truths arrived, the young man fed them, they promised to help; the ship sailed to the island, the horse taught them to enter the castle, where the ring would become a girl, but you have to keep quiet; she will hit and then become a ring again and be on his finger; so three times; they came home, the rings became girls, the third is the most beautiful; the girls refuse to become the king's wives, let the castle deliver them first; 12 Truths delivered; the girls locked themselves in their castle and demanded living and dead water; 12 Truths were delivered; the girl promises to marry the king if he will allow it to be cut to pieces and revive it again; a young man, for example, cut a horse, and when he jumped off with living water, Prince Charming appeared; now he has cut and revived the young man, he is even more beautiful; and when the king ordered him to do the same, the girl sprinkled dead water on his remains, they turned to ash; the most beautiful married a young man, the other married a prince, and the third married a royal general]: Curtin 1914:151-174; Albanians [the dervish gives the childless king an apple: let the queen eat him and the peel be eaten by a mare; a boy and a foal are born; the queen is dead, the new one does not love her stepson, hears him talks to the foal; pretends to be sick, tells his husband to slaughter the foal; he tells the young man to ask for permission to ride one last time, pull three hairs out of his mane, jumps through a locked gate, jumps away; does not advise the young man to raise his pen, but he raises it; refuses to give the pen to the vizier, gives it to the king; the vizier becomes the enemy of the young man, invites the king to send him for herself a bird; the horse advises to lure the bird into the cage with pearlescent beads; the bird sings while he thinks that the young man has caught it for himself; when he finds out what is for the king, he falls silent; vizier: let Oru bring this bird; young man asks a ship, two daughters of a vizier and 12 maids similar to each other; now the vizier says that the bird does not have Ora, but the king is adamant; the vizier's daughters think they have the same maid, but in fact every day is different; the young man tells the maids to pour poison into the food, on the 12th day, the vizier's daughters were killed; the ship entered the harbor, the vizier's daughters complained to the cadia, but could not determine which of the 12 the maids are guilty, they died; the young man left the maids in the city, swam on; the distance of food to the herons, flies fighting for food, they promised to help; comes to Oram, they promise to let the owner of the bird go with him, if he will separate oats from barley and revive dead fish (flies separate, heron brings living water from across the sea); when Ora came to the king, the bird sang, grabbed its feather, both (the bird and Ora) flew away; the young man said to the vizier that his daughters fell ill and died; the vizier advises to send the young man for the Kjühelane mares; the horses identified the horse as their young man, followed him; the king orders to milk the mares, boil milk - let the young man swims in it; for a short time the mares made the milk cold, the young man came out refreshed and full of energy; the king and the vizier rushed after them, cooked; the young man called his father and stepmother, the mares tore his stepmother , returned to themselves]: Lambertz 1952:91-106; Serbs, Croats [Serbs (Jagitch, No. 58), Croats (Krauss, p. 528), Slovaks (Leskien, p. 528), the hero picks up various shining objects - pen, hair, horseshoe; in a German text from Transylvania (Haltrich, no. 10), the hero, on the advice of the horse, and not in spite of it, consistently selects three feathers - copper, silver, gold]: Cosquin 1887:296.

Central Europe. Slovaks: Dobšinský 1970, No. 8 [the peasant has 12 sons, 11 despise the younger Janko; hired by the king, a year later they each received a free will; the next time a cow; then a horse; I am afraid to choose a strong horse; a thin horse advises him to choose one; brothers galloped off; horse: will we jump like the sun or like the wind? I.: so as not to suffer; a brass horse and a copper horseman, I. ends up in the inn before the brothers, who say they saw the bronze horseman; next time he saw the bronze horseman; the next time he was silver; gold; the brothers ask their father to marry them; he sees an old witch plowing on 6 horses; she says that she has 12 daughters; whips horses, they turn into 12 girls; before the wedding, I teach the horse: I do not sit in in the middle, say that he is the youngest, must watch the horses; do not drink wine, eat soup, roast, pour them out unnoticed; wine will become a piece of glass, soup with a brush, roast with a comb, hide them under clothes; let the brothers lie in the place of the witch's daughters at night, and they in the place of the brothers; at night, the witch cut off the heads of her daughters, thinking she is killing young men; the horse tells them to jump away, pick nothing up along the way; the witch throws a golden horseshoe, Y. asks if to pick it up; horse: pick it up, it will be bad, you won't pick it up, even worse; I picked it up; the horse tells you to throw the comb (a mountain covered with dense forest); then the same: a witch throws a golden pen, I. throws a brush (prickly thickets); golden hair - glass (sea, the witch stops chasing); reconciled with his brothers, the skate tells him to be hired to serve the king; other grooms (in some versions these are brothers Y.) burn candles, but I. did not; the grooms saw that I. illuminated the witch's golden horseshoe stable; the king demands a horse whose horseshoe; they rode to the witch and while she was sleeping, I stole from under. pillows keys, took the horse away, hid his sword; shouted about it to the witch, she chased, but could not cross the sea; the grooms reported that Y.'s stable was bright again, the light from the pen; the king demands a bird; I took it off my waist The witch's sleeping keys, broke her sword, took the cage with the duck laying the golden eggs; the third time, golden hair, the king demands a girl; the sleeping witch holds the keys in her teeth, I carefully took them out, broke them the witch's sword, unlocked the third room, took the golden girl away; from across the sea shouted to the witch that he would not return to her again; she turned into tar out of anger; the girl only wanted me, the king was going to execute him; the skate tells me to boil the pot of milk, absorbed the heat, I swam, turned gold; the king also decided to swim, the horse regained the heat, the king cooked; I became king]: 36-46; Cosquin 1887 [from the Serbs (Jagitch , no. 58), Croats (Krauss, p. 528), Slovaks (Leskien, p. 528), the hero picks up various shining objects - feather, hair, horseshoe]: 296; Poles: Dombrovsky 1992 [three elders find a baby; they call the Three Son; a cow appears, they feed the boy with her milk; when they die, the cow teaches him to summon a miracle horse; T. orders him to be brought to the palace; on the way he pulls out the firebird's feather; the king appoints T. as a guard; other guards turn off the lights; T. illuminates everything with the firebird's pen; appointed chief of the guard; the guards persuade the king to bring the bird itself; the horse carries it to its dwelling, the bird follows them voluntarily; the month is eclipsed, the guards say that T. can find out why; the horse carries them to where the palace of the month hangs above the ground, the firebird raises it there; the mother of the month is afraid that her the son will kill the guest; a month says that one princess fell in love with him, and her sorcerer father made her queen of the sea, so the month sent all the rays into the sea; T. tells the king about this, he appointed him voivode; envious people say that T. can get the princess herself; they call her three times, the princess comes out of the sea, tells her to give the king a ring and sword, let the king defeat her; during the battle, the princess cuts off the king's head, makes T. her husband, he becomes tsar; a cow appears - she is T.'s mother, now she has atoned for her sins, disappears underground]: 252-266; Shcherbakov 1980 []: 128-131; Ukrainians: Ivanov 1894, No. 1 ( Kharkiv) [Three daughters take turns volunteering to serve instead of their father, the elders go to the field, where everything rumbles, and return. The youngest does not return, ends up in the forest, where snakes and frost fight, she responds to the latter's request for help, together they cut down three snake heads, put the ashes in their pockets. Frost asks the hero's name, plucks the "Burkunets" grass, calls him Roman. Roman goes on alone. He finds a Firebird feather on the road, the horse warns not to take the pen, but Roman does not listen. The grooms pay attention to the beauty of the horse and (cleaned with a pen) inform the king. The grooms are ordered to take the iconostasis out of the sea. Roman grieves, asks frost for help, he freezes the sea and pulls out the iconostasis "on the dry days of the sea." While the horse was pulling out the iconostasis, the monist scattered, the grooms demand to be extracted, the frost helps Roman again, freezes the sea. The grooms demand to get 9 mares and the tenth stallion out of the sea. The horse asks to wrap it in four skins and coat it with resin, and goes to sea by himself. After the sea water turns red and then turns blue, the horse leaves the sea, where it defeats a stallion whose skin is beaten, while the horse is protected by resin and skins, and brings out mares "the earth trembles". The grooms order them to milk while the horse laughs, they stand as if dug in, Roman milks them. The grooms order Roman to cook in milk, the horse blows at him, and he leaves the vat handsome, the commander repeats the same thing, cooked]: 139-141; Verkhovyna's Tales 1970 (Transcarpathia) [wife gives birth to 12 sons- twins, younger Dolmanes; they go along 12 roads; D. frees a tied fox, is hired by the owner of the mares to herd them for three years; if at least one is missing, his head will be cut off; the hostess puts D. to sleep turns mares into clods of earth, the fox tells clods to be hit, they become mares again; the same with haystacks; with mares turning into hens with chickens; D. takes a foal for his service, that turns into Tatosha's horse; T. orders to marry 12 sisters from the kingdom of far away; after collusion, orders the woman's sleeping brothers and daughters to be swapped; the woman cuts off the heads of daughters; 11 brothers return home, D. goes on; contrary to T.'s advice, picks up a horseshoe, golden feathers, three golden hairs; D. is hired by the poganin king, whose servants report golden hair, king orders their owner to be brought; the horse cuddles the mother, D. takes her 13th daughter; she agrees to become the king's wife if he gets the horse whose horseshoe D. has; T. orders him to cover him with skins, tows, and ash, fights with another horse, D. throws a bridle over him, brings him; get the bird whose feathers; T. turns into a drake, begins to drown gold, D. is enough; bring the woman whose daughters D. killed; T . in the image of a person tells her that she wants to make a barrel in which to drown D., invites the woman to climb into it, whether she is strong; closes it, brings it; the girl wants D. to swim in boiling milk, T. his cools down, D. comes out handsome; the tsar jumps into milk, cooked]: 224-231; Ukrainians (Kharkiv, Bumeri Lebedinsky, ca. 1878) [Parents and son come to plow in the field, the boy is taken by an eagle to your nest. Three brothers living in the forest find a child, calls Trem Son Boris. The boy grows up, asks for a little horse and sets off. A shiny firebird feather is found in the forest, the horse asks to leave it, but the boy takes it. In a foreign kingdom, he is hired by the king as a groom, he is placed to look after ordinary horses, he combs them with a pen and puts his horses in the royal stroller. The grooms ask him and peek him, report to the king that TB is boasting that he can catch a firebird, and the king orders him to do it. The horse asks to dig a hole, pour vodka and peas into it, the bird arrives, drinks and eats, lies down, turns its legs upside down - they grab it and bring it to the king. He rewards Boris. The grooms tell the king that TB is boasting that he can catch a beautiful girl at sea, and the king orders her to do so. The horse asks for nets, mirrors and dresses. Nastasya comes out of the sea, tries on all her outfits, is caught in the net and brought to the king. She demands to get her 12 necklaces, which she tore and threw into the sea. Beef is laid out by the sea, crayfish crawl up, the boy takes white crayfish and demands that the whole necklace be brought to him, and then promises to let go of the cancer. Crayfish find the pike in which the necklace was kept, the white crayfish is released. The princess asks why the sun is red in the morning when it rises, and then white. Boris rides a horse to the sun, garden guards are asked to know why the garden used to feed the whole world, but now he cannot feed the watchmen; soldiers: how long should they stand chained; husband and wife on an oak tree: for a long time whether they should catch pigeons; cabatchica: how long should she pour water from a well into a well; whale fish: how long will people ride on it. TB walks into the sun's old mother's hut, asking questions. She hides him, tells his questions to the Sun in the morning, as if she were telling her dream every time. Sun: the garden will bear fruit when robbery money is dug up in it; soldiers will be free when this money is distributed to the poor; people will catch pigeons while the sun is shining, because when they were young they killed their own children; a woman will pour water while the sun is shining - she overflowed or underfilled in her youth; the whale fish will be free when it spits out the swallowed ship. The sun turned red - shy when his girlfriend came out of the sea, now she is gone - the sun is white, it gets up and sets late. Boris comes back, giving answers along the way. The Tsar gives him half the kingdom, treats him like a brother]: Chubinsky 1878, No. 76:285-290; Belarusians (Mogilev, Western 1888-1891, Vysokovskaya vol., Orsha district, from the Kyrgyz Republic. Yakov Ignatova, 76 l, illiterate) [The old man and the old woman have no children, the old man sends her to the city to buy 12 eggs to incubate, raise 12 sons, baptize him on 11, forget on the 12th, come back, the pop baptizes him with Kashevar and a good fellow; sons they grow up quickly, help in the field, the elders mow, the cook cooks; while the older brothers sleep in the afternoon, the Kashevar mows the most, the brothers think that God helps; it also repeats when they shovel and put haystacks; every night someone steals a haystack, 2 older brothers can't do anything, Kashevar is called; 12 pounds are forged for him, the first mace breaks into Kashevar's hand, the second withstands the test, the Kashevar goes to guard the haystacks at night; at midnight a mare with 12 foals comes running, picks up the haystack and leaves, the Kashevar falls off the haystack; the next night a mare comes again with foals, the Kashevar jumps at her from the haystack, the mare takes him by air to the thirtieth kingdom, the Kashevar hits her with a mace, the mare returns him to his father's yard, he instructs the brothers to build a stable for 12 stall; The cook flies again on the mare until it gets tired and agrees to do his will - brings 12 foals to the yard; the Kashevar gives the mare to his father, the foals to the brothers; the brothers go to choose their brides; The cook gets the weakest horse, lets it get caught in the field, then saddles and drives the others through the air; the cook flies up to the hut on a chicken leg, and there are 12 pillars with rings near the hut ( horseback riding), ties a horse, enters the hut, the grandmother says that her sister has 12 daughters; Kashevar leaves and goes to the next hut on a chicken leg - history repeats itself; Kashevar goes to the third hut on a chicken leg, there is a grandmother ("legs in the garden, tits under the table"), a mother of 12 daughters, sit down to talk, brothers come; Kashevar goes out into the yard, meets Nastasya Priokrasya, she tells how recognize her among 12 doves and 12 girls; grandmother calls to the upper room, 12 doves appear, Kashevar finds out, then everyone turns into 12 identical girls, and he finds out again (Nastasya gives a sign every time) they get married; Nastasia gives her husband a handkerchief to call her when it is difficult; after the feast, the young go to the barn, Kashevara's horse warns that her grandmother has already sent for the torturers to cut their heads; on the advice of the horse , change clothes, Nastasya goes out into the garden, Kashevar's horse takes him (and his brothers with him), his grandmother in a stupa goes in pursuit; on the River of Fire, using Nastasi Kashevar's handkerchief, is building Kalinov Bridge , crosses, destroys the bridge with a wave of a handkerchief, grandmother cannot cross the river, it is agreed that Kashevar will visit again; brothers let horses out into the meadow, horses slaughter each other, brothers start from - argue for this, they kill each other, the Kashevar takes their bodies to the river, cries and drives away on his horse; on the way, Kashevar finds a shining feather, the horse discourages them from taking them because they are in the pen" an ax and a chopping block, a mortal shirt", Kashevar takes a pen for himself for beauty; the landowner exchanges a shining feather from Kashevar, offering his daughter as his wife, but Kashevar goes after Nastasya and brings her to the landowner's house; On the way back, the grandmother on the stupa tries to catch up with them, cannot cross the fiery river, again persuade that Kashevar will be visiting again; the landowner falls in love with Nastasya, wants to marry, sends Kashevar to grandmother (witch) for a wedding dress (the witch herself) for Nastasia; Kashevar arrives on horseback, turns into a black cat, steals the witch's keys, takes the dress, repeats the chase story; Nastasia requires a wedding ring (the story of turning into a cat, stealing a ring from a witch and then chasing is repeated) and wedding candles from the church, the Kashevar flies to the witch, changes clothes with a shepherd, his horse turns into a lamb with gold and silver hair, distracts attention, Kashevar steals wedding candles from the church, the story of the chase repeats; for the 4th time Kashevara is sent (Nastasya demands) for self-dancing harps (the story of turning into a cat, stealing, chasing repeats); Nastasya demands horses, Kashevar, on the advice of his horse, lures a mare (who returned from his father to witch) and the rest of the horses, animated by a mare, during the chase near the Fire River, Kashevar promises not to come to visit again; the cook goes to the kitchen to relax, he is cut into pieces, boiled and fed for dogs, Kashevar's horse cries, asks Nastasia to collect bones, the little finger is on the second time, the horse breathed 3 times: the cook becomes whole, moves and rises, becomes more beautiful than before; the landowner ("pan") decides to become more beautiful in the same way, but he is simply eaten by dogs; the Kashevar remains on the estate]: Romanov 1901, No. 39:360-370; Belarusians []: Romanov 1887, No. 38:233-238; Russians (Voronezhskaya) [An old man kills a bird with 21 eggs while hunting. The old woman orders him to incubate them. After 21 weeks, 20 sons hatch, and a week later, the last son, Ivan the Boltun, appears. The old man gets rich, notices that someone steals ricks, sends his sons to guard at night, the older brothers fall asleep and do not see the thief, and Ivan's turn comes the last night. He prepares a hammer and iron bits. Ivan does not sleep and catches a mare and its 21 foals (hit between his ears with a hammer). The father praises Ivan, takes the mare, the brothers sort out the foals, Ivan gets the weakest. Father and sons go hunting. Four times Ivan lets the foal go into the field to gain strength (he bends first at hand, then under his foot, under a sitting rider). Ivan catches up with his brothers, sees fire on the third day, finds a golden pen, despite the skate's warnings, and takes it with him. The father orders all horses to be cleaned, Ivan waves his pen - his horse turns gold. The father praises Ivan and shames the rest of the brothers. The brothers are jealous and tell their father that Ivan boasts to catch a toy cat, a dancer gander and a tsimbalka fox, the father sends his youngest son for animals. With the help of a horse, he does everything. The brothers tell their father that Ivan can get samogudes. Ivan finds himself at Baba Yaga, who gives him a ball, he brings him to Yaga's middle sister, the mother of Snake Gorynych, who keeps harps. The mother feeds her son, puts him to play cards with Ivan, and the players agree that the winner will eat the loser. Ivan wins in two days, asks to give him the harp, the Serpent gives it back, rejoices that he remains alive and has not been eaten. The father again, out of slander of his elder sons, orders Ivan to get Mary Queen. He comes by ship, lures the princess to him by playing the harp (I've never heard it), and brings it to his father. The father then gives all orders to his son at the request of the bride and demands to bring her box. Ivan distracts the palace guards by releasing his golden horse, pulls out the box and bringing it back. He hunts 12 mares on his father's orders: he wraps his horse with twine and pours resin over him - he drives horses out of the sea, his protection is torn by the teeth of horses. By order of his father, he milks mares, boils their milk and jumps into it after the horse's conditional signal. Ivan is getting handsome. Marya demands that her father also swim, but he dies in boiling milk. Ivan marries Marya]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 17:97-105.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars (Bakhchisaray) [the poor man fell ill, his wife died; asks his daughter not to bury him properly {incomprehensible; a hint of the motive "At night at his father's grave"?} ; the neighbors buried him, sorted his things out, the mullah took the girl to her place; she grew up, put on her man's clothes, got on her horse and left; the snake asked her not to kill, brought her to her father; he ordered the snakes take on a human form; the snake insisted on giving the girl a damn horse with a golden mane; the girl drove off in it; the horse does not tell you to pick up a bird's wing, but she picked it up; came to the padishah; the boy took the wing, gave it to the padishah, said that the guest had brought it; the padishah told me to bring all the bird; the horse told me to ask for a bag of millet and blanket; lie under it and scatter the millet; the girl grabbed one bird by the legs; the padishah demands to deliver the owner of the birds; the horse asks for a dogwood trough, a barrel of wine and a jug of raki; the mistress of the birds flew in, ate dogwood, drank wine and crayfish, fell asleep; the girl snatched two from her hair (horse: now she will come to us); returned to the palace, the horse ordered me to burn the hairs, the hostess appeared, the padishah tells us to prepare the wedding; the mistress of the birds: let the one who got me first take out the comb and the mirror that the witch stole when I was 13 years old; the horse brought the girl to the witch, she took the comb and the mirror; now the owner of the birds tells me to get sea mares; the horse brought to the sea; came out black stallion, the horse began to fight with him; he has blood from his throat; tells him to anoint the stallion with it; then the girl turned into a young man, brought the stallion and mares; the owner of the birds boiled a pot of milk; the young man stayed unharmed, the padishah is cooked; a young man's wedding with a bird mistress]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 4; Kalmyks [the old man says he will be cured if he reaches a country where no person has set foot, bring a thing which no one saw; the eldest, the middle, return quickly; the youngest saw a snake that swallowed the ram, but the horns were stuck; the young man pulled out the ram, saddled the snake, it became a khan; his daughter tells me to ask for Hamar-Hara horse award, a black stone in which the horse's strength and itself; a young man goes to the XX, contrary to the advice of the XX, picks up the wings of the most beautiful bird; he comes to another khan; who if he wins chess, he will kill another; the young man wins three times, spares the khan; he offers to get the most beautiful girl; the young man brings, the khan sends for horses from the kingdom of water hads; the horse orders to lubricate him with sealing wax, lying on the sand, becomes like flint, defeats a water horse, a young man catches him, followed by other horses; a woman demands that the groom swim in boiling milk; the young man swims, became handsome, the khan cooked; a young man and his wife come to his father, the wife opens the casket, a palace appears; the young man is chosen khan]: Basangova 2002:146-150; Abaza [father asks three sons to get it a sea horse; the youngest comes to the old woman Kart, falls his lips against her chest, then she cannot eat it, shows the way, teaches how to catch a horse; the young man picks up a golden pen, The Shah orders to bring the bird itself; the horse says that the three daughters of the Shah of the Sea turn into pigeons, swim in the lake; the young man hides the youngest's feathers, the girl agrees to go with him; tells the Shah that will marry him if he jumps into a well with milk from red cows; calls cows, the Shah drowns, the young man gets a girl; meets brothers, they throw him into the abyss, they want the daughter of the Shah of the Sea themselves; she calls the horse, ties his braid, the horse pulls the owner out of the abyss by the braid; the brothers run away]: Kapiyeva 1991:28-35; Ossetians [the hunter finds a golden pen; the officer suggests sell it to him, but he insists that he will give the pen to the padishah himself; the officer's wife reproaches him for not being able to deceive the hunter; the officer suggests asking the hunter to bring 1) the goldbird itself ( the hunter meets a girl, she gives a bird), 2) water from a gold spring (the wife teaches the officer to get a horse, the hunter reaches the spring on it), 3) the daughter of the Sun (the officer is forced to equip the ship; at sunset, those who came are dancing, the daughters of the Sun come to watch, one is caught); the padishah awarded the hunter, the officer went bankrupt]: Britaev, Kaloev 1959:136-140; Ingush [prince is old; to visit his friend, his son rode his horse; the horse tells him not to pick up a golden pen, the young man picked it up; a father's friend asked to bring a bird that had lost its feather; on the way, the young man, again contrary to warning a horse, picked up a golden apple; brought a bird, a father's friend demanded an apple tree; a dragon, a horse slipped around it, a young man brought an apple tree, picked up golden hair, a father's friend demanded a woman; she once a year descends to the ground from the tower; the horse slipped through, the young man grabbed the girl, but brought his father not to his friend, but to himself; married her]: Tankieva 3003:298-300; Chechens [the father is blind, the eldest son reaches his place where the snow is red, it brings medicine from there, the streak is dissatisfied; the middle one is where the white grass is the same; the younger father tells him not to pick anything up on the way, he picks up a golden pen, a ball of thread; 1) seeing the pen, the prince demands to get a bird; the horse teaches him to tell the bird that Timar (the young man's father) is blind, pour intoxicated into the river, scatter millet; the bird got drunk, came to peck, the young man brought it; 2) seeing a ball, the prince wants the girl who has wrapped him up; the horse teaches that the ball will lead to the girl; I must tell her that T. is blind; the horse prances, the young man picks up the girl; 3) she promises to marry the prince if he he buys himself in the milk of a sea mare; the horse tells you to wrap himself in cloth; in a battle with a horse that has come out of the sea, he gnaws at its meat, and he only tears off the cloth; the sea horse agrees to drive mares out of the sea with foals; a young man is the first to bathe in hot milk, the horse cools the milk; kills the prince with a hot breath; with a bird's feather, the son restores his father's sight and youth, passes the girl off as him]: Malsagov 1983, No. 15: 95-100; Terek Cossacks (Naur, Terek Oblast) [the tsar goes blind, sends his sons to bring land from the country where he was, he will see the light from it; the eldest, middle son brings land where it is covered with gold , where the tree exudes milk and water; the king says he was next; the youngest chooses a frozen gelding, comes to the right place; on the way back he picks up a golden pen; stops at sultan; wanting to take possession of the pen, the vizier suggests 1) sending the prince for a sea maiden; at the bottom (all on the advice of a horse), the prince gives the wolf, in front of which lay hay, meat; ram instead of meat - hay; those they let them into the palace; oils 90 doors; the queen tells the doors, the wolf, the ram to detain the prince, they refuse; the prince brings it to the Sultan; 2) get the bird whose feather was golden; the horse tells sprinkle cereals, replace water in the lake with wine, hide in the camel's carcass, leave the other to the birds; the prince grabs the intoxicated king bird pecking meat; 3) the milk of the sea king's goat; at the bottom of the sea a horse fights with a goat, wins (the horse is covered from goat bites by camel skins); 4) bathe in sea goat's milk (it's boiling); the horse spewed water into the cauldron, cooling it; the sultan began to swim - cooked; The prince puts the vizier in prison, marries the queen of the sea, treats his father from blindness]: Vostrikov 1904, No. 1:66-74; Kumyks [(written in 1902). A.E.Gren, from L.G. Lopatinsky's materials); apples disappear from the miller's garden; the eldest, middle sons are sleeping, the youngest sees a bird, picks up a fiery pen; the father sends his sons to pick up a bird; at the fork, the younger one walks along the road from where you will not return; the wolf calls to help him; tells him to kidnap the bird from the palace, carry it upside down; he puts the bird in his arm, it flies away; the second time his they grab; the king promises to give the bird in exchange for a wonderful horse; the wolf tells not to sit on the horse, the young man sits down, the horse returns to the palace; the horse will be given for the girl; the wolf becomes a horse, the young man swims over him across the sea; the princess sits on an imaginary horse, he carries her away; the wolf turns into a princess, then into a horse, the young man exchanges a horse, a bird, returns with the princess, the horse and the bird; finds impoverished brothers; they gouge out his eyes, take his prey; a bird flies up, waves its wing, the young man sees the light; comes under the guise of a herd to the wedding of a princess who promised to marry the one who pulls the bow; she recognizes the young man; he asks who to get into, a rooster or a chicken; the princess replies that he is a rooster; he kills both brothers, marries]: Bagriy 1930 (1): 25-29 (=Khalilov 1965, No. 45:105-109); Avars: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 11 [Pathah dreams of a sea horse, three sons go to get it; at the fork there is a table with the inscription that whoever goes right or left has nothing to fear, and whoever is straight will die or find happiness; the youngest goes straight, gets to the giantess, around a steel palisade with his heads set; because the young man sticks to the giantess's chest, she cannot kill him, vomits and swallows the cat out of anger; hides the young man, asks seven sledge sons who have returned about a horse, the youngest shows the way; the young man tames the horse, rides it, picks up a golden pen; the city sees a pen, demands to get the one for whom it is belonged; the horse explains that the three daughters of the sea king come to swim at the lake, take off their pigeon plumage, we must hide the youngest's plumage; the young man brings the girl to the pachah, she promises to go beyond if he swims in a hole of milk and gets younger; the pachah sinks; the young man takes the girl, finds the brothers, they push him into the well, the girl makes a rope out of her braids, gives the horse, he pulls him out brothers run in fear, young man gets married]: 155-166; Saidov, Dalgat 1965 [the tsar dreams of a sea horse; the elder and middle brothers go right and left; the younger one goes forward (it is written that the traveler will die or will find happiness); puts on the giantess's chest, she hides it from her sons; asks her sons, the youngest knows the way to the horse; the prince hears, catches the horse; picks up golden fluff; falls asleep near the city; the king of the city demands to bring a creature that makes fluff; the horse says that these are three doves, the daughters of the sea king, come to swim; tells the youngest to take the removed plumage; the prince brings her to the king, she fills the hole with cow's milk; the elderly spouses rejuvenate in it, the king drowns; the prince takes his wife home, the brothers push him into a hole, keep his wife locked; the wife gives the horse a rope out of his hair, he pulls the prince out; the brothers run away]: 311-323; Archins [{the text is confused in some places}; the shah became sad, told his three sons that he dreamed of a white horse in the sea, who was the moment turns around the world three times; the sons promised to find out what kind of horse it was and set off; reached a place where the road went three ways; saw a stone with the inscription: "Went to the right will remain alive, and so will the one who goes to the left. But the one who leaves in the middle will either die or be happy"; the older brother went to the right, the middle brother went to the left, and the younger brother went through the middle; the youngest reached the forest, met a witch; asked her about the white horse; she promised to ask her youngest son about it, advised the hero to hide in the yard; when her three sons arrived, she asked the youngest about the white horse; he told him exactly where on the shore sometimes this horse; the hero came to that place, put his saddle there; saw a white horse sleeping, grabbed it by the mane; the horse obeyed; it was a horse that the Shah let go; the hero found a golden pen; the horse advised me to hide it; the hero took the pen, {did the shah take it away from him then?} , said: "I was ordered to find a bird with these feathers"; the horse: "This Shah's youngest daughter comes here every day. You tell her, "Give her the pen you have." Whatever she does, don't give her this pen"; the girl came, gave the hero the pen, he didn't return it to her; took the girl with him, came home; the older brothers decided to destroy him; during the races they pushed him off the horse; told the father that the brother had gone on a dangerous road; they could not catch the brother's horse, the girl was locked; she threw the horse a red handkerchief, he took her to where her younger brother was thrown; younger brother jumped on his horse; at the sight of his elder brother fled east, his middle brother fled west; his younger brother arranged a wedding]: Mikayilov 1967:161-163; Georgians (Kakheti, Pshaviya) [the king asks for sons get a "rejuvenating wonder" for him; the elders could not, the third youngest finds his father's bird horse; {contrary to warning} picks up a red apple and a feather along the way; comes to his father's friend; the courtiers are jealous, they tell the king that the young man wants to destroy him and for this purpose carries an unusual apple in his pocket; the king demands to show the apple and then get the apple tree itself; cannibal snakes on the roots of the apple tree; the horse pushed the serpent away and took away the apple tree; the king asks for the bird that dropped the feather; the horse catches (this is a golden chicken); the king demands to get the beautiful owner of the chicken; in front of her home there is a fetid spring , a poisonous apple tree, black crows, wolves and a creaky door; the young man praises the taste of fruit and water, feeds wolves and crows with bacon, lubricated the door with it; takes the beauty, the door, wolves, etc., refuse him detain; the king wants to marry a beautiful woman, but she demands milk from her horses, like wind and storm; the young man gets it; the beauty tells me to boil milk: whoever comes out unharmed will be her husband; first she bathes himself; then the king dies; when it is the young man's turn, the horse throws ice into the milk; the young man brings the beautiful woman to his parents, who rejuvenates them with a magic towel]: Razikashvili 1909:94 f in Tikhaya-Tsereteli 1909:143-145; Armenians [the king is blind, he will be healed by a handful of land from where his horse did not set foot; the elder brings apples that have ripened on a tree that was dry the day before, the king replies that he went afternoon there; the middle one brings treasures from a hill of precious stones (the king was there too); the youngest hears a command in a dream to ask his father for his horse, sword, ring; the horse warns not to pick up a golden pen; he picks up, gives it to a foreign king, he tells him to bring all the bird; the horse brings where the peri bird comes to swim, teaches him to grab it when it throws off its feathers; she explains to the king that she is a virgin, asks her maid to be rescued from the Red Maiden; the king sends the prince; on the advice of the horse, he sends his father's sword towards the sea, the waters diverge, the young man goes dry, kills the deva, brings a girl; the bird tells the king to bring 40 mares from the Red Sea, bathe in their milk, who sends the prince; the horse explains that 39 mares are his mother and sisters, he is the 40th in the family, teaches him to tame mother, others follow her; teaches her to milk, put a ring in it, bathe, take out the ring; the king also bathes and cooks; the prince reigns in his place, marries a peri bird; she explains that his father went blind because he tried to catch her; the prince, his wife and mares come to his father, his wife anointed his eyes with her blood, he saw the light and handed over the throne to his son]: Harutyunyan 1986:20-28; Azerbaijanis [The king has a son, Melik-Mamed, and two other sons; when he dies, he tells his brother to give his daughter to MM, but he ordered the brothers to be expelled; they worked as grooms, then began to mow hay; someone scattered the cattle; MM guards, caught three horses that came out of the sea; brothers came to the old woman in them; the MM spotted horse teaches her daughters to exchange hats; in the morning the old woman stabbed not her brothers, but her daughters; spotted the horse teaches MM to hit it so that mother's milk spills out of his nostrils; the brothers came to the city, hired the king by grooms; the elders were jealous of MM; told the king that he could bring news from the sun, why eclipses occur; the horse tells you to take a written order from the king; give the mother of the sun; her son replies that he is hiding from shame when he sees Peri, the daughter of the king of angels, who goes for a walk; king demanded that MM deliver this peri; the horse teaches how to lure the peri into the tent; peri demands that the king fill the pool with mares milk, swim to get younger; gives MM a handful of land to throw into the pool, where the king bathes; he turned to the ground, and MM is younger and married Peri], 348-354 [the king has sons Mammad, Ahmed and Samed; when hunting, the king and vizier see a monster, it requires a little lamb; as soon as receives consent, turns into a black snake; vizier: the lamb is the younger prince, Mamed; the vizier took M. to the cave of the king of snakes; the daughter of the king of snakes liked him, she killed the previous 40 kings; when M. wanted to go back to his father, his wife told her father to ask her father for a black horse; his wife rode it; she did not order to pick up the pen, but M. picked it up; they stopped at Kaziy's; the watchmen noticed the pen, from whom the light was taken to the king; he said that it was the feather of the Shah Shongar bird, ordered M. to bring the bird itself; the wife ordered millet to be poured where they found the feather, M. grabbed and brought the bird; the vizier advises to order the daughter of this bird to be brought; M. deliberately turned the cauldron over and tried to fry meat on it; the girl came to teach her how to do it, M. took her away; she told the king that Peri's husband should be peri himself, poured over him hot water and it melted; Peri went after M., he and his two wives went to his father; at the locked gate of one fortress they saw a chest with a beaten girl in it; M. cured her; she called herself the queen of the city, the slave occupied her throne; M. killed the slave, took the queen as his third wife; one of the brothers wanted to poison M., but the daughter of the serpent king gave the dog a try, she died; the brothers were executed, M. reigned; three apples fell from the window in the ceiling: one for the narrator, the other for the audience, the third looking out the window]: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:262-269; Turks: Stebleva 1986, No. 20 [padishah is blind; dervish: the cure for your eyes is land from where not Your horse has set foot; the eldest son brings land from a hill from behind seven mountains; padishah: I hunted partridges there; the middle son from the bottom of the abyss for seven mountains (went there to hunt ducks); younger; younger feeds the foal with barley and raisins; rides at night, sees the light, raises a shining wing; horse: it will bring misfortune; shahzade stopped at the old woman, his wing instead of a lamp; local the padishah forbade lighting the fire; the servants came to the shahzade; he gladly gives his wing to the padishah; he tells us to get the bird itself; this is the padishah of the birds; we must hide in the remains of the mule; grab the padishah of the birds, when carrion arrives to peck; shahzade brings a bird; the vizier advises the padishah to tell the young man to build an ivory palace; horse: you need to pour raki into the pond, the elephants will become drunk; shahzade brought tusks, built a palace; the vizier advises to send him for the Most Beautiful in the World; the horse taught her to sneak up on her from behind and beat her with pink bars; this girl demands that the padishah bring her mares and swim in them milk is even younger then; the horse teaches you to cover it with 40 buffalo skins; by the sea shore he will fight the sea stallion and he will not gnaw the last skin; he will take mares to the island, we must take the red bay and dark bay; the girl began to wash the padishah with the milk of a dark bay mare, and only the skeleton was left of him; she began to wash the shahzade with red nest milk, he found eternal youth; shahzade brought land his father saw the light; they had achieved their wishes]: 62-69.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 154 [199 options; after the death of their father, 7 sons drank the estate, were hired as laborers; someone steals mowed hay; only the youngest Jonas manages to catch a mare with seven stallions; J. got the most inconspicuous; decide to marry the 7 daughters of the Bone Woman, who is on the island; the horse teaches Y. to wave a handkerchief, the waters have parted; tells them to exchange blankets with the girls at night; the saber cuts off their heads; the end tells them to run; the sea has parted and closed behind, the bone woman cannot cross; the skate does not tell them to pick up the pen, J. picked up; the brothers tell the king out of envy that 1) J. can also get a bird; a bird from a Bone Woman; J. became a cat, a bone woman brought him into the house, he took a cage with a bird; 2) a sword that cuts and defeats attacking enemies; J. became a bird, The bone woman brought her into the house, she took her sword; 3) the sea maiden (while she was at the ball, the moon and sun could not be seen for three days); the horse teaches me to put a table of wine on the shore, the maiden came out of the water, became intoxicated, fell; the maiden King: I'll go out when you're handsome, you have to bathe in boiling milk; J. jumped and became handsome, the king disappeared in milk; J. married a virgin, became king]: 401-408; Lebite 1965 [king tells Juozapelis that he will take him hunting when the horse rides himself; the plain horse rides himself; does not tell him to pick up a pen, Yu picks it up; the king orders to bring 1) a bird, 2) it nest, 3) the sea princess; each time the horse brings Yu to them, the princess tells them to lure them out by spreading expensive cloth on the shore; the princess promises to marry the king if Yu 4) brings her ring from the sea (the horse tells catch a crustacean, give it to the cancer for the ring), 5) a necklace (the skate tells him to kill him, get into the stomach, crows will arrive, catch a crow, in exchange the raven will bring a necklace; the skate comes to life); 6) cut Yu. (the skate promises to revive it); the princess suggests that the king also cut and revive him, the king agrees; he is not revived, Yu marries a sea princess]: 187-190; Danes: Bødker 1964, No. 7 [ a rich and childless man meets an old man, who promises him a son on the condition that he will be named Hans, and the first person he meets will be made godfather; he had to make a beggar; G. grew up, went wander; sees a house in the forest without doors and windows, climbs over the roof, there is a horse under a saddle with spikes; G. leaves on it; the horse tells not to pick up a pen with a portrait painted on it beauties, G. picked up; comes to the king, is hired by a groom; he sees G.'s pen, he has a portrait of the missing queen on it, the king sends G. for her; the horse tells him to take pearl barley (birds, they promise to help, the main - Fanus bird), bread (giant guards), meat (bear guards); on the way, she helps the sea woman return to sea, she promises to help; at the Queen's castle, the horse tells you to take food only from the middle of the table, sleep in his stall; otherwise the spirits would kill G.; the Queen agrees to go if G. finds her in one of the three silk dolls, in straw sheaves; the horse says where to look, tells me to pretend that G. pierce the doll, the sheaf; the queen tells her to get the Bissefalius horse, he jumps both underground and on the water; the horse tells her to ask for a bridle, says which one to choose; the horse comes running, G. throws a bridle; they leave ; the queen tells me to move her castle to the king's castle (the giants perform); the queen says she lost her bunch of keys along the way; the mermaid assistant calls fish, the herring says she slept on these keys; the queen demands living, dead and beautiful water; the bird Fanus brings; the king drenched in beautiful (prettier) water, then alive, then dead; the Queen poured dead water on G., then alive, then beautiful; became his wife, he became king; the horse tells him to cut off his head, turns into a prince; he was bewitched by his stepmother, and his bride into a pillar of salt; the bride could not be spelled]: 57-68; Grundtvig 1920 [=1879:1-21; poor people have a son, they cannot find a godfather; the beggar agrees to be them, gives the boy the name Willy Faith; leaves a rusty key; when the boy is 14 years old, a house appears, he opens it with a key, there is a talking horse; V. leaves in it; the horse does not tell you to pick up glowing feathers, V. picks it up; is hired by the groom to the king; he forbids light the light at night; the feathers glow like fire, V. paints a portrait of a beauty; the groom brings it to the king; the king: this is the daughter of the king whom I killed and who ran away; tells her to get it; horse: she has become a bird these were her feathers; she ordered the king to give the ship; on the way, worms were thrown to the fish, barrels to play for whales, meat to wolves and bears on the other side, bread to giants; in the castle, a bird turns into a girl; the dog helps to find it among fabrics, straw; on the way back, she throws away the keys, but the fish find them and give them to V.; the girl demands that the king bring her castle to her; the king also tells V. (giants bring); girl: I need keys; V.: I have them; the girl demands the water of life and the water of death; the horse with V. jumps into the forest, tells me to kill the crow, the raven brings the water of life to revive it, V. takes the bottle ; the horse tells us to let the viper go to the nest; the raven brings the water of death to kill it, the young man takes it; the girl sprinkled V. with the water of death and then the water of life, he has become handsome; the king wants the same, she does it; he wants to again; but the water of life is over; V. becomes king, marries a girl; the horse tells him to cut off his head, turns into a prince - the brother of his wife V.; everything is fine]: 9-26.

Volga - Perm. Chuvash [someone tramples on wheat, father tells sons to guard; the eldest, middle fall asleep, the youngest Ivan catches a horse; sells to the king for 3 carts of gold; picks up a golden pen; is hired by the king as a groom ; cleans the horse with a golden pen, he becomes prettier; another groom to the king: I. boasts to get the golden bird itself; the horse advises to put wheat and a barrel of wine on the bird, she is intoxicated, I. brought it; groom: I. boasts get the water's daughter; the horse orders to make a ship moving on water and on land; the water's daughter enters the ship, he takes her away; the water's daughter refuses to leave without a dowry; I. returns to water, he turns into a bull, I. defeats him, brings his whole herd behind him; the water's daughter tells him to swim in boiling milk; I. takes 3 hair from the horse's tail, unharmed; the king is cooked; I. became tsar, married a water daughter]: Chuvash tales 1937:280-283; Udmurts [the couple are 70 years old; a passerby came in and left; after that, the old woman and the mare became pregnant; the old people decided that in their age a son no longer fed, they threw him into the field with the foal; both grew up on their own, the boy rode on a foal; the horse persuades him not to pick up the golden pen, but the boy picked it up; joined the king's service; others out of envy, the servants told the king about the pen; the king demanded that the bird itself be brought; the foal brought the boy to the tree on which the hawk, who had lost its feather, was sitting; ordered him to leave the wine trough, the golden hawk got drunk, the boy brought him to the king; the servants told about the foal, the king ordered him to get a herd of the neighboring king; the foal took the boy there, told him not to look while he fought with the local stallion; the boy looked, the foal fell with its belly bursting; a crow flew on the carrion; the boy caught her; she asked her to let her go, brought live water, the foal came to life; after that, the boy did not watch the foal fights; he defeated the stallion, the boy brought a herd; then the servants persuade him to send the boy for the princess's ring of the kingdom where the herd came from, and then for the princess herself; then the narrator did not remember; at the end The king tells the boy to dive into a cauldron of boiling resin; he dived with a foal, whose snot protected both from tar; then the king and his servants dived, died; the boy reigned and married the princess]: Potanin 1884:227-229; Kazan Tatars [stepmother cares for her own son, stupid and lazy Tuktar, hates Timur's stepson; the horse bequeathed by his mother warns that the stepmother put poison in the cake , Timur gave the cake to the dog, she died; the horse saves his stepmother from several attempts to kill Timur; she pretended to be sick, demanded the horse's heart; the horse told Timur to ask his father for permission to take a ride for the last time; laughs three times, T. manages to run from the madrasah, they jump away; contrary to the horse's warning, T. picks up the golden wing; they come to the White Kingdom, T. is hired as a groom to the padishah, if you touch the horse with its wing, it immediately becomes fat; the vizier spied, the padishah demands the bird that owns the wing; the horse teaches you to cover yourself with a white cloth, grab the legs of the fire eagle, which will go down; seeing that T. did not let him go, the eagle released a golden bird from under its wing, T. brought it to the padishah; the padishah demands a sea maiden; the horse teaches to leave a jug of wine on the shore; the maiden went out and got drunk, T. grabbed her; the maiden sets the condition for marriage: to bring a herd of her sea horses; the horse teaches her to roll and tame the mare, the herd follows her; the maiden tells her to milk the horses: horse: everyone must be hit with a whip, they will run out of their own; the maiden tells you to get her ring out of the cauldron of boiling milk; horse: rub dewgrass under a birch tree; T. took out a ring, the padishah also dived and cooked, T. married a virgin]: Yarmukhametov 1957:3-9; the Bashkirs [the late son of the elderly and the foal born at the same time are constantly defecating; the old man leaves them in the steppe, the caravans pick them up and give them to the old woman to raise them; children they tease the boy without a father; he asks his adoptive mother to eat peas, clamps hot peas in her hands; she admits that she is not his own mother; the boy leaves in his foal, which has become a horse; contrary to his warning, he picks up a golden pen; the king's servants notice the light emanating from the pen, the king calls the young man to live with him; his associates say to the young man that he despises the king, boasting to get everything the bird; the fox shows the way to the bird; the young man catches it, the king covers the palace with its skin; the servants advise that the king's daughter be married to the king; the wolf teaches her to catch; the sea maiden promises to marry the king, if he gets her ring that has fallen into the sea; the young man saves the fish, the fish brings the ring; the maiden tells her to bring her sea stallion; the fox teaches him how to stick; first the young man's horse is bitten by a sea horse and dies; The young man hides in his belly, grabs the crow that has descended; returns to the crow when it brings living water, revives the horse; he defeats the sea; the king tells the young man to swim in boiling water and boiling milk, if he does not cook, he can take the sea maiden for himself; the young man bathes, becomes handsome; the king is cooked; the young man marries, becomes king]: Barag 1988, No. 46:314-334.