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Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K36. Turned into an animal, (ATU 449).


The hero (heroine) is temporarily turned into an animal (usually a dog/coyote or a donkey withered from the first's face]: 151-152 tons to the ground; and 99 people's strength; if she took the hundredth, would remain a woman; if the young man watched, the horse). When he or she is helped to regain his or her former appearance, an antagonist is turned into an animal. In terms of texts, metamorphosis is experienced either only by the hero or only by the antagonist.

Joluo, Lango, Somalis, Arabs of Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Latins, Ladins, Scots, Irish, French, Bretons, Dutch, Germans (Oldenburg), Babylonia, Thousand and One Nights, Arabs of Palestine, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Jibbali, Tibetans, Sichuan Tibetans, Sindhi, Punjabis, Rajastans, Kashmiris, Ancient India, Hindi, Himachali Pahari, Santals, Agaria, Baiga, Kannada, Chinese, Koreans, Hungarians, Slovenes, Croats, Macedonians, Romanians, Moldovans, Greeks, Croats, Bulgarians, Russians (Terek coast, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Gorkovskaya, Voronezh), Ukrainians, Belarusians, Slovaks, Czechs, Poles, Crimean Tatars, Kabardian, Abazins, Abkhazians, Adygs, Balkarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Chechens, Avars, Lezgins, Megrelians, Georgians, Armenians, Turks, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Turkmens, Persians, Tajiks, Tajiks of Sistan, Sarykol, Parachi, Pashtuns, Counselors, Veps, Karelians, Western and Eastern Sami, Finns, Livons, Latvians, Lithuanians, Udmurts, Mari, Kazan Tatars, Mordovians, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Karakalpaks, Kyrgyz, Uighurs, Dungans, Buryats, Mongols, Darhats, Mansi, Dolgans, Japanese, North Ryukyu, Sanchi, Omaha and Ponka, Iowa, Navajo, Hopi, Zunyi, Seama, Laguna, Tiwa, Tsutukhil.

Becoming a dog (coyote, fox): Joluo, Lango, Punjabi, Himachali plowmen, Kannada, Slovaks, Russians (Arkhangelsk, Gorkovskaya, Voronezh), Ukrainians, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Adygs, Kabardian people, Abazins, Abkhazians, Ossetians, Chechens, Ingush, Avars, Lezgins, Kumyks, Megrelians, Georgians, Kurds, Turkmens, Persians, Pashtuns, Udmurts, Kyrgyz, Navajos [in coyote], hopi [in coyote], zunyi [in coyote], tiva (Taos [in fox], Isleta [in coyote]), tsutuhil [dog].

Sudan - East Africa. Joluo [girls compete in beauty, the latter is the most beautiful; others turn it into a basket, but men say that although all girls are beautiful, the basket is even better; they turn it into a stick, a rope , other items are the same; then into a dog; men chose wives, Obong'o's mother took the dog; someone grinds grain; children say that the dog takes off its skin, turns into a girl; O. is enough {and destroys?} skin, gets married; one day all men are hunting; the wife goes from one group of hunters to another, bringing her husband food; each time she is sent on; the last group of men says O. is dead; she brings home his corpse, buries him]: K'Okiri 1970:52-66; lango [girls go to the river to choose their husbands; the most beautiful is turned into a dog; it goes to a lame boy; his mother scolds him for such a choice, cruel to a dog; while mother-in-law is away, daughter-in-law takes off her dog skin, does housework; mother-in-law finds out the truth, realizes that her daughter-in-law is beautiful]: Wight 1960:110; Somalis: Uther 2004 (1), No. 449:


North Africa. Tunisian Arabs [a poor fisherman catches two fish every day; once he did not sell it, but exchanged it for a bird, put it in a cage; the bird lays an emerald egg every day; the merchant sees the glow, gives for 10 eggs all the goods; the fisherman got rich; left on business; his wife has a Jewish lover; he tells me to cook poultry, including his stomach and heart; the sons of the former fisherman Muhammad and Ali returned from school and ate them; Jew orders the boys to be slaughtered to reach the bird's stomach and heart; the brothers ran away with the maid; at the fork, M. and the maid went one way, Ali went to the other; began to live with the old woman; every morning he finds gold on his bed, spends on a living and giving it to an old woman; buys a mule, and in the morning he comes back to the seller; the person advises buying with a bridle and feeding it with almonds; the mule turns into the woman, she tells me to grab Ali, take him to the basement; her whole house is full of cats, donkeys, pigeons; the woman turned Ali into a peacock; Ali turned to God, the bird took him to the city, gave him medicine, he became human again; the bird tells you to buy a mule again, but not to release the bridles; Ali brought a mule, the bird turned into a magician, he whipped and ordered the mule to be beaten; not to release bridles even at night; Ali arrived on a mule to one city, stayed at an inn; the mule became a woman again and Ali married her; M. came to the same city; three birds, a female and two males, flew to the local sultan, but he does not understand what they ask, promises a reward to those who understand; M. says he knows bird language (apparently, this is the result of eating the stomach of a magic bird}; asks to put him on the throne first and dress him in royal clothes; then tells the female to fly with the male she loves; after that, all the animals come to him as a judge; the sultan handed him the throne; the innkeeper sees Ali's beautiful wife, the boss wants to take her and Ali put her in prison; it comes to Sultan M, who recognized M.; their father returned, but neither his wife nor children; he recognized his wife in the Jewish house, but she denied everything; it came to Sultan-M, he brought an old maid; the brother's mother and Jew were burned]: Stimme 1893, No. 6:93-106; the Arabs of Egypt, Libya: El-Shamy 2004, No. 449:2118-221.

Southern Europe. Ladina [=Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, No. 7:352-359; the fisherman could not catch anything for a long time; when he caught the fish, she told his wife to eat her heart, she would give birth to twins; gills to a mare, liver - a dog; they give birth to two foals, puppies; the twins Jakob and Josep have grown up, indistinguishable from each other, their dogs and horses; when they go wandering, they parted at the fork in the road, leaving a sword: if it rusts, the visitor finds out that his brother is in captivity; Josep came to the inn; the hostess said that 24 robbers come here every night; they don't want to break the door, they dig a dig into Josep's room, everyone cares the queue cut off his head; promises the hostess to return in a year and marry her; she gives a rod that will revive anyone if you hit them in the bones; Josep came to another inn, there is also a hostess and three a robber; he splashed a hot punch into their eyes, killed them; also promised to marry; came to a city where the dragon demands a girl to eat every 7 years; the princess's turn; Josep cuts off 3 first, then the remaining 4 heads; cut out his tongues, promised to return in a year; the royal servant attributed the victory over the dragon to himself; a year later Josep returned; the next day the princess's wedding with the imaginary winner of the dragon; Josep sent a letter with his dog to the princess; showed his tongues, and the deceiver only his heads; he was driven away, Josep married a princess; he sees a house through the window; his wife says he does not return from there; he goes, old woman threw a bridle at him, turned him into a horse; tied his horse and dog; Jacob sees that his sword is rusted; comes to the hostesses of the first and second hotels, each mistaking him for Josep, but he says that must still be hurt; the princess takes him for her husband, he puts his sword in bed; goes to that house in the morning; throws off the bridle, she ends up around the old woman's neck, she turns into a horse; Jacob threatens to kill her, the old woman restores the human form to the bewitched; after learning that Jacob was in bed with his wife, Josep pushes him off the cliff with his horse and dog; after learning from his wife about the sword, he revives them given to him with a rod; everything is fine]: Uffer 1973, No. 24:93-100; Latins [Lucius travels to Thessalia, on the way he hears stories of witchcraft and transformations; in the Thessalian Hypata stays in the house of the mean rich man Milon; there she meets the maid Photida, who reveals the secret of her mistress Pamphila, who, with the help of ointment, can also turn into an owl; L. wants to try, but F. mixed up the ointments and L. turned into a donkey; to transform him back, he must eat rose petals; the robbers robbed M.'s house and took the donkey, making it work; in this form, L. hears various stories (including Cupid and Psyche); finally, Donkey L. runs, turns to Isis Selena, who directs him to a sacred procession, he has eaten rose petals and regained his human appearance]: Apuleius 1959:101-316.

Western Europe. Irish (Galway County) [(first-person story); the man learned the language of birds as a child from his mother; laughed while listening to the voices of the birds, the wife was surprised, the husband told; asked to cut a stick for her and hitting her husband with it, turned him into a crow; promised to pay money for every crow killed, but the man sat on the chimney; flew up to his wife, believing that she would make him human again, but she turned him into a horse and forced him to carry stones; his wife said that her husband had died and buried an empty coffin; the husband, in the form of a horse, began to mutilate suitable crops and trample on crops; the wife turned the horse into a fox; the fox became destroy his wife's poultry; then she turned him into a wolf, the wolf slaughtered sheep; among the hunters was the king, he took the wolf to him; the king had 8 sons and 3 daughters, but each child disappeared after birth; the wife was pregnant again; the wolf remained to guard the newborn; his hand came down from the fireplace and grabbed the baby; the wolf gnawed off his hand, fell asleep; the baby was gone, the cradle was covered in blood; the king ordered release the wolf; the wolf led to the house, to the chest in the house; it contained a hand and a sleeping baby; the child grew up and disappeared, the wolf was no longer fed; the wolf saw his wife with that child; broke into the room saw that stick, hit the child, and the child got angry and hit him; the wolf became human again; he promised his wife not to tell anything; returned to the king, but there was only an old woman and her son with one eye in forehead with a gnawed hand; the man promised to cure the one-eyed man, but let him return the kidnapped princes and princesses; told the old woman not to enter, because the treatment would be painful at first; burned monster eye with a hot iron; having received the kidnapped, brought everyone to the king and queen; the child whom the man saved in the form of a wolf was given to him by the king]: Larminie 1893:17-30; the French (Nièvre; also Niverne) [the princess wears out 12 pairs of satin shoes every night; the king promises half the kingdom to whoever finds out her secret; and whoever does but fails will be driven backwards on a donkey; many princes try to follow the princess but fall asleep; the soldier took his 12 coins and went to Paris; 6 gave to an old woman, the remaining 6 to an older woman, bread to the last and oldest; these are fairies wanted to test the soldier's nobility; the oldest tells us not to drink the wine that the princess will offer, gives an invisible hat; the soldier quietly poured out the wine and pretended to fall asleep; 12 more princesses appeared they all went down the underground passage, the invisible soldier followed them; they go through a copper, silver, golden forest; a soldier in each breaks off a branch; princesses hear but see no one; they sail in boats through water space; the princess's transporter is surprised that she is so heavy; there is a castle on the island, music; couples are dancing; a soldier eats from the princess's plate, drinks from her glass; she is worried, decides to return; the soldier returns first; in the morning he shows the broken branches and the goblet he took with him unnoticed; the princess is disgraced: the next night those 12 would take her for good]: Delarue 1957, No. 306:167- 169; Flemish, Germans (Oldenburg): Uther 2004 (1), No. 449:265; Scots [widower married, stepmother treats his two sons, they leave; caught a beautiful bird; stranger asked to look; under the feathers it was written that the one who ate the heart would get the best wife, and the one who ate the liver would find gold under the pillow in the morning; he bought a bird from the boys, led him to him, told him cook his heart and liver for him; his younger brother accidentally ate the liver, the elder heart; the cook tells them to run; they live with an old woman for a year, she collects gold in the morning; tells them about their happiness; daughter the king takes the elder as husband; the youngest marries the widow's daughter; she vomits, the wife swallows the bird's regurgitated liver, drives her husband away; he works for a miller; his wife teaches how to wear a hat on the traitor , carrying them anywhere; they find themselves on a distant island; the wife asks her husband to get fruit, puts on a hat, returns home; the younger brother eats the fruits, his horns grow; eats others, horns disappear; eats red lettuce, becomes a horse, green lettuce becomes a man; returns home on a passing ship; sells fruit to his ex-wife, she grows horns; heals others for taking vomiting , regurgitates the liver; swallows the liver himself; the wife returns to him; he gives her and mother-in-law a red salad, both become mares; he gives them to the miller, becomes lord]: McKay 1925:131-159; Bretons [ Louis and his older brother go begging; his brother is given more generously, he drives Louis away; he comes to the fairy's castle; she lets him eat a roasted pigeon and in the morning he finds 50 coins under his head; he does not take them; the fairy tells you to return, educates and teaches Louis; promises to help him marry a princess; she is sick and will recover if she is laughed; the fairy gives a self-propelled cart, each wheel of which spins with using mill blades; the princess laughs, Louis marries her; the princess wants to have money on her pillow in the morning; her godmother advises her husband to vomit; Louis regurgitates a pigeon's heart and the princess swallows it; the fairy who helps Louis gives him a wish-fulfilling hat in return; on the advice of the godmother, the princess takes Louis into the forest, steals the hat and leaves him alone; when he wakes up, hungry Louis takes him in the mouth is the roots of the lily (Lilium martagon L.) and turns into a donkey; after seven years he comes to his fairy, she restores his human appearance; Louis collects the roots of the lily; unrecognized, gives them to the princess under the guise rejuvenation products; the princess and her godmother turn into donkeys; they work for seven years and then the fairy Louis returns them to their human appearance; the princess has improved]: Orain 1904:50-63.

Western Asia. One thousand and one nights [the merchant throws out a date stone; sees efreet with a sword; efreet accuses him of killing his son with a bone; the merchant asks for time to finish the business; efreet takes an oath from him and lets go; the merchant returns; three elders take turns coming up: an old man with a gazelle, an old man with two dogs, and an old man with a mule: the merchant tells them his story; the genie returns: the first elder offers buy one-third of the merchant's blood, if the story he tells seems amazing; the story of the first elder; the merchant has no children, buys a concubine, she gives birth to a son; when the merchant leaves home, the wife turns the concubine with her son into a cow and a calf, and on her return tells the merchant that the concubine is dead and the son has left home; the merchant decides to slaughter the cow; the cow roars; the merchant does not want to slaughter this particular cow a cow, but his wife persuades him to do so; the cow does not have meat - skin and bones; the merchant decides to slaughter the calf, feels sorry for him when it rubs against his leg; tells the shepherd to pick it up; the shepherd's daughter recognizes a man in a calf, splits with water; turns the merchant's wife into a gazelle; efreet recognizes the story as amazing; the story of the second elder; three brothers inherit equally; two brothers travel for a year; spend the entire inheritance; return, the elder divides the money earned during the year into equal parts between the brothers; two brothers offer to go on a trip; the third brother buries half of his money in the city, shares the other half between himself and his brothers and goes with them; meets a girl in rags, she promises him help, he takes her wife; brothers envy his happiness, throw her overboard from the ship; the girl turns into an efritka, saves her husband; wants to kill her brothers; her husband persuades her not to commit murder; wife invites a sister who turns brothers into dogs for 10 years; efreet recognizes the story as amazing; a man returns home finds his wife with a slave; the wife turns him into a dog, kicks him out of the house; the butcher brings the dog to the shop; the daughter is shy of the dog, recognizes him as a German man; spells with water; gives the person water to bewitch his wife; turns his wife into a mule; efreet gives the remnant of the merchant's sin to the elder]: Salle 2010, night 1:19-22 (introduction), 22-26 (the story of the first elder), 27-29 (the second elder's story), 31-33 (the story of the third elder) elder); Iraqi Arabs [Hassan is the only son of a wealthy merchant; his father married him to a worthy bride, but in the morning H. disappeared; his daughter-in-law asks her father-in-law to allow her to act as his son; became famous for her hospitality; Sheikh Hatim at-Tai (HT), who is also famous for her hospitality, invited her to marry him; she agreed to the condition that he find out what happened to her missing husband; HT went in search; in one city he ordered a new saddle to a saddle named Hasan as-Sarraj; HT was happy with the new saddle, but the craftsman suddenly cut it to pieces and returned the money; promised to explain his behavior, if HT tells him the story of the shoemaker Yusuf al-Iskari; HT found him and saw him go up to the minaret every now and then and then and then and look around; the shoemaker promised explain his behavior if HT describes to him the story of the blacksmith Yakub al-Haddad; HT saw him; standing by an anvil, he hit his head with a hammer not at it, but on his head: first on the forehead, then on the temple, then on the top of his head ; he fell down and was taken home; HT came and started questioning; but the blacksmith demanded that HT first tell him the story of the fisherman Dawud as-Sammak; he was standing on the riverbank and directing the crowd: people threw handfuls of wheat and lentils into the water; the fisherman is willing to explain if HT says what causes wind and rain; HT rode into the desert; two fought by raising clouds of dust; they argue over the carpet- airplane, let the man judge them; HT threw a stone: who would bring it first; HT got on the flying carpet and he brought it to the marble palace; there is an old man and a dog tied so that he cannot go to shade from the scorching sun; the old man reluctantly agreed to tell about himself; he is a genie in Suleiman's service; he gave him two mares; if you ride one, it would rain, the wind would rise on the other; gave a magic wand to turn people into animals; a dog is the wife and daughter of an uncle, whom the narrator raised and married; one day he woke up, but his wife is gone, like the rain mare; in the evening he cut his hand in order not to fall asleep, and secretly followed his wife in the wind; saw a terrible efreet ask at the cave what had detained the woman: her children were crying and hungry; when his wife flew back, the narrator cut off the efrita's head, put it in a bag and flew home, having time to go to bed before his wife returned; in the morning he asked his wife for fruit; wife: it's not the season; husband: look what's in the bag; the wife began to beg for forgiveness, but he turned her into a dog, keeps her on water and bread, and whips her; the dog cried; the narrator was going to kill HT because he found out his shame, but HT asked permission to go to the roof for last prayer; flew away on a flying carpet; returned it to the genies, told the fisherman about the rain and wind, who spoke about himself; one day he pulled out a huge fish; it regurgitated a diamond and jumped back into the water; fisherman sold a diamond for a thousand gold dinars, but wasted it all to find that fish again; so he hits himself with a hammer - let HT kill him; HT: God punished you for refusing to spend money is good, I'm not your judge; HT told the fisherman's story to a blacksmith; he began the story by asking HT to hack him later; he was a wealthy merchant, went with a caravan, leaving his pregnant wife for mother's care; having increased his fortune, returned many years later, looked into the house: his wife and boy were there; he hacked his mother, wife and alleged lover; in the morning he found out that it was his son; gradually he went broke and became a blacksmith; strikes himself three times when his mother, wife, son stand in front of him and ask him what they did wrong; HT: May God increase your suffering, you brought it on yourself; when you heard it the story of a blacksmith, a shoemaker also asks to kill him when he finishes his story; one day a huge bird sat on a minaret; a shoemaker got up and grabbed her leg, but she soared into the air, carrying him; flew in into the garden, everything for a feast, a man tried 39 dishes, but could not from the 40th; 40 colorful birds flew in; everyone: whoever ate from my plate will become my husband; the fortieth bitterly: my brother; this is 40 the enchanted daughters of a genie; a year later, the man has 39 sons and 39 wives; and then he encroached on the 40th; she flapped her wings and he is where he is now; HT: God gives chestnuts to the toothless; I won't wrap my sword with the blood of someone who rejected God's blessing; HT gave this story to a saddler, who also asked him to take his life when he finished his own; he was married to the most beautiful girl, but in the morning she disappeared; every saddle he makes, he paints a portrait of her, and then cannot part with it and destroys the saddle so that the customer does not take it away; HT realizes that Hassan is in front of him and returned it to his wife; everyone is happy, and HT was still famous for his generosity]: Bushnaq 1987:94-104; Saudia [disappointed in girls, the merchant decided to marry someone he would raise himself; his aunt just had a daughter, he followed her watch; after the wedding, she notices one night that his wife is not there; watches her and sees an old woman eating a dead man in the cemetery; when she told his wife about this in the morning, she turned him into a donkey, sold him; one day a donkey bought a beggar, touched it with a stick, turning the donkey into a man again; the merchant decided to take revenge, but his wife noticed that he climbed under the bed in the evening and turned him into a crow; the same beggar again restored his human appearance; drew three circles and told him to erase them - now the witch is powerless; she gave the merchant her wand; he turned his wife into a donkey and tortured her with the hardest work]: Juhaiman 1999:126-131; Palestinians, Arabs in Kuwait, Qatar: El-Shamy 2004, No. 449:218-221; South Yemen [disappointed in girls, the merchant decided to marry someone he himself will raise; his aunt just had a daughter, he began to watch her; after the wedding, he notices one night that his wife was gone; watches her and sees an old woman devouring a dead man in the cemetery; in the morning with his wife no appetite; the merchant said he saw, his wife turned him into a donkey, sold him; one day a donkey bought a beggar, touched it with a stick, turning the donkey into a man again; the merchant decided to take revenge, but the wife noticed that he climbed under the bed in the evening, turned him into a crow; the same beggar regained his human appearance; drew three circles and told him to erase them - now the witch is powerless; she gave the merchant her a wand; he turned his wife into a donkey and tortured her with the hardest work]: Canova 2002:135-138 (=Juhaiman 1999:126-131, where the text is called Arabian, but this collection includes many other non-Saudi fairy tales); jibbali [mother died, leaving two sons; boys came to the grave, from there a bird flew to them; the elder invited his father to remarry; the stepmother decided to lime the stepsons; put poison for food; the bird reported this to the boys; the old woman advised her stepmother to pretend to be sick; the husband asked the old woman what to do; she ordered the bird to be killed; the maid cooked it; the elder brother ate her head the youngest is the heart; the brothers left home; parted at a fork in the roads; the youngest came to the city, fell asleep in a mosque; the minister found a purse of gold at this place, gave it to the boy; he began to live with an old woman, each in the morning I found gold under her head; the old woman said this to the Sultan's daughter; she called the young man, offered to spit, he regurgitated the gold ring, she swallowed it; he bought a flying carpet at the bazaar, came to daughter of the Sultan, flew with her to the island; when he left the carpet, the Sultan's daughter flew home on it, and the young man stayed on the island; found three varieties of berries: some turned into donkeys, others grow horns, still others regain their normal appearance; he swam to the mainland, came to town, offered a pregnancy remedy; the old woman ate, became a donkey; he freed her when she returned the chest to him {apparently with with gold, which she took}; offered berries to the Sultan's daughter, she grew horns, he freed her when she returned the ring and the flying carpet; he built his own house; his elder came with a camel caravan brother; when the caravan was leaving, the younger one put an expensive dish; then sent people, they accused the elder of stealing; he was brought to the younger one, the brothers recognized each other, told them what happened to them, stayed together]: Müller 1907, No. 13:52-58; Babylonia [Ishtar offers himself to Gilgamesh, promises him wealth and abundance; he rejects her, describing everything she did to previous lovers; the wife of her youth, Dumuzi, is doomed to sobs; the shepherdess bird has broken its wings, he lives in the woods, screams where his wings are; she has dug traps for the lion; has made a horse a slave to man; she has turned a cosopace shepherd into a wolf, he is driven by his own backup, bitten by his own dogs; Ishullana turned the gardener who rejected her into a spider; after hearing this, I. tells her father Ana to create a bull that will kill G., otherwise threatens to open the doors of the underworld so that the dead devour the living; the bull begins to kill Uruk's citizens, but Enkidu grabs his horn, G. kills him; in Uruk, a holiday]: Deaconov 1961, Table VI: 39-45.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans (written memorials): Yeongdong 1989, No. 33 [a friend came to his wife in his absence; the wife drew a field on the ashes, sowed seeds, harvested crops, ground and roasted the grains, treated the guest; then hit him with a staff, turning him into a donkey; another man spied on her, swapped bowls, grabbed a staff, turned the woman into a donkey, drove her to him; their husband met them, recognized them in donkey wife, believed rumors about her sorcery, returned it, disgraced]: 70, Table 1; Waddell 1931 [(one of the "ghost stories"; turquoise and golden frogs give water only in exchange for sacrificed ones people; the prince and his friend kill frogs, they tell them to eat them, they will regurgitate turquoise, gold; the inn owner and her daughter solder them to regurgitate more gold; friends take away, supposedly resolving their dispute, an invisible hat for children, speeding boots for demons; a prince is chosen as king, a friend is chosen as a minister; the prince marries the daughter of the former king; the minister watches how the prince's wife comes to the old a fortress on a date with Togkarko, flying in the form of a bird; the minister lures a bird into the palace, burns it; finds a carpet lying on which it turns into a donkey and back into a person; puts inn owners; three years later, the king orders that the hard-worn donkeys be turned back into women]: 187-192; the Tibetans (Sichuan) [the king's son, the son of a nobleman and the son of a tarkhan (master) went wander by planting a tree; whoever is unhappy, his tree will wither away; the sons of the king and the noblemen married; the son of Tarkhan saw three devils arguing over an invisible hat, a stick and a bag; a young man tells them to race, puts on a hat, takes away objects; sees a person collecting red leaves (turned into a monkey) and white leaves (regaining their human appearance); takes a supply of leaves both kinds; told the stick to take him and that man's daughter to an island where there were no people and many fruits; a child was born; the young man went to get the eggs of the Garudi bird, and the wife told the stick to carry her and the child to her father; the young man fed three poultry chicks: one with meat, the other with tendons, and the third with bones; only the third was able to fly across the sea; the young man flew over it; rubbed the faces of his wife's children with red leaves, they became monkeys; disguised as a llama, he said that there was a dangerous object brought from across the sea in the house, it was the cause of the misfortune; the wife returned the stick, and the young man returned its children to their human appearance; received a drawing of a donkey, who turns him into a donkey; the tree of the nobleman's son is half dry; the young man has found him, he has an evil mother-in-law; the young man turned her into a donkey, sold her for hard work; comes to the king's son; his wife at night locks it and disappears himself; the young man, wearing his hat, follows that woman to the son of Tengria; he senses bad things, promises to come to the woman himself, forbids her to make a fire and hold the cat, tries hand over the ring, and the young man intercepts it; the prince pretends to be sick, tells him to make a fire and give him a cat; Tengria's son arrives in the form of a bird, the cat caught it, the prince threw the bird into the fire; The prince had a feast; the young man appeared, wearing that ring and bringing the dog; when he saw the ring, the prince's wife thinks that she has her former lover in front of her, but the dog is embarrassed - suddenly he is a shepherd; she has grown cold to lover, fell in love with the prince]: Potanin 1912:421-424.

South Asia. Sindhi [the king falls ill with leprosy, no one talks to him; the parrot promises to bring medicine if the king releases him; climbs into the crack of the rock from the rain; there is a myna (locust starling, Acridotheres tristis) promises to bring medicine from Persia (these are the flowers of a local tree) if the parrot marries her daughter; she brought it, took the parrot, flew away without fulfilling its promise; the myna and her daughter flew then; the king recovered, and the myna and his daughter complained to him about the parrot; he responded with a story of two brothers; one lived with his wife and children, the other was wandering, and came to his brother's place to eat once a month; his wife is unhappy; when his brother came, she put a bandage around his neck, turning him into an ox; told her husband that his brother had brought the ox to work; one day an ox at a watering hole, the participants of the wedding procession approach, the bride says that this is not an ox, but a man who was turned into an ox by his daughter-in-law; she took off her bandage and became human again; the groom thought that the bride was a witch herself; he and both brothers went to another country; the king made them guards in the palace; married against their will; the abandoned bride and former wives of both brothers flew in the form of black cocks; the new wives understood everything, became colorful roosters, started with those fight, telling husbands to finish off blacks when they fall; husbands killed all six and left; protecting women, Myna tells a different story in response; a jealous merchant does not sell for fear of leaving his wife; she gives he has white clothes: if stains appear, I am wrong; in one city, the princess offers to play dice for property; the merchant loses, like everyone else before him, sold to work in an oil mill; the king is surprised that the worker's clothes remain snow-white; when he finds out what is going on, he orders the merchant's wife to be brought to him; the courtier arrives by ship, the merchant's wife tells her people to throw those who come in the chest into the sea, sails away to the court's ship, dressed as a man, comes to play dice with the princess; finds out that the princess has two mice; one extinguished the lamp, the other at that moment turned the enemy's bone over if she fell there six; the merchant's wife releases the cat, wins, frees the prisoners, buys her husband, they return home; the king offers Maina to stay at court: maybe the parrot will still marry her ugly daughters; the offended myna and her daughter fly away, the parrot remains]: Schimmel 1995, No. 21:177-187; the Rajastans [after the death of his wife, the king took a new one; the stepmother ordered the two princes to be expelled; they came to the city where they were adopted by another king; the elder married a princess and became king himself; went to war; his brother sees the king's wife sit on a marble elephant standing in the palace at night and fly away; returns in the morning; the next night the young man found a secret door inside the elephant, flew with the queen; they flew to the wedding; the young man is asked to replace the groom because he is ugly; after the wedding, the bride insists that he was her husband; they exchanged rings; when the young man returned, the queen, who followed him, threw a string around his neck, turning him into a deer; when his older brother returned, a deer went up to him, the rope accidentally broke, he became a young man again, told his brother everything; he first put his wife in prison, but then returned him because only she could control the elephant; both brothers were wearing him flew to the place where the youngest married; the wife's father was shown rings, the wedding was played again; the elder forgave his wife, but ordered the elephant to be destroyed]: Roy Chaudhury 1972, No. 19:106-111; Santals [6 brothers married, the youngest seventh sees their wives climb a banyan in the absence of their husbands, fly away in it to devour people and commit atrocities; when they return, the witches notice the young man, pierce two needles into his feet, turning them into a dog; the king's three daughters reject the suitors; he allows them to choose their own husbands; each ties a thread to her husband (the eldest is white, the middle is red, the youngest is blue); flies with white and red They sit on men with threads, on a blue one on a dog; the younger princess agrees to marry the dog, notices needles, pulls it out, the dog turns into a young man; the young brothers push the witch wives into the well, fall asleep by land]: Bompas 1909, No. 43:281-284; Kashmiris [the fakir gives Bahadur Khan the ability to move into other people's bodies, leaving his body dead for a while; the vizier gains the same ability; persuades BH become a parrot, moves into BH's body, destroys its own; the parrot hides with the fakir; the imaginary BH chases the doe and becomes a bear to catch up with it; BH leaves the parrot's body and takes its own, orders to kill and burn a bear in which the soul of the vizier]: Stein, Grierson 1923, No. 2:5-11; Punjabi [Mahmud Ghaznevi returns to follow his wife; rides after her; sees a minister in the temple hits her, breaking her bracelet (she lingers), then teaches witchcraft; when MG later asks his wife why she has a new bracelet, she turns it into a dog, tells everyone to chase her; the dog comes to live with butcher; his daughter also learns witchcraft, restores the Sultan's human appearance for promising to marry her; MG marries, turns his ex-wife into a mule, tells him to carry weights, the mule soon dies]: King 1921, No. 1:211-213 (same or similar text in Sheikh-Dilthey 1976, No. 9:45-47); Himachali plowmen: Dracott 1906:186-193 [in the shoemaker's garden, the fairy tore her wing against a thorn, the shoemaker adopted her, passed him off as Raja; Raja Puran's son had just come out of 12 years in prison (the fortuneteller ordered to spend 12 years without people); when she saw R., the king's wife decided that she should have married him, not Raja; therefore decided to lime R., accused her of encroaching on her; the Raja invited her son to put his hand in boiling oil, he lowered it, his hand was unharmed; but Raja's wife still demanded that R. tear out his eyes and cut off arms and legs; the servants brought Raja the animal's eyes, and R.'s arms and legs grew back when he was thrown into a dry well; the guru pulled him out, he did not return to the raja; (further story); the guru did not tell the disciples go to the witches, they went, the witches turned them into bulls; the guru dried all the wells but one; the witches came there, the guru turned them into donkeys; then disgraced the disciples; everyone hit the donkey with a stick, that became a woman again; but 5 donkeys remained donkeys as a reminder], 174-179 [(false stories); 1) the man took a new wife, she gave birth to him a son; the former wife turned them into a cow and a calf; insisted on to sacrifice a cow; she also wanted to slaughter a calf, but the man felt sorry for him, sent him to the herd; the girl guessed everything, split the calf, married a young man, turned her angry wife into a deer; 2) his wife turned a man into a dog; one girl spoiled him, then a potion, who turned his wife into a donkey]; agaria [three witches lived in Bengal, including Dhowan Dhobnin; Guru Daugun went there, his 12 boys tried to go to the pond, got entangled in the grass, DD turned them into stones and DG into a cat; at home, his son broke an old woman's pot; she says that his father is the guru of the whole world, not was able to avoid turning into a cat; the boy reports this to Guru Danantar; he, becoming a fly, flies to DD, restores the cat's human appearance, throws rice at stone figures, all turned come to life; DD came, gave rice, it turned into iron sawdust, but Guru Daugun ate them, won]: Elwin 1949, No. 9:461-462; baiga [Bhimsen discovered an alcoholic beverage, this is where the city of Bara Bathi grew Bengala; women witches ruled there, and men were crippled and flawed; Daugun Guru sent 12 students there; witches turned them into cats, regained their human form at night and made love to them; DD flew there in the form of a bee, restored his disciples to their human appearance]: Elwin 1949, No. 11:462-463; Ancient India: Vladimirtsov 1958 (Mongolian translation of Twenty-Five Vetal Tales" [blue and the yellow frogs have closed the water, demand sacrifice; the prince, his friend, comes with him; the frogs say that if you hit them on the heads and swallow them, you will vomit gold and jade; the prince understands the language of animals, that's what it does; friends go to another realm; on the way, two women (mother and daughter) solder them to vomit gold and jade; they go on, get an invisible hat, speedboat boots; their elected tsar and minister; the prince marries the daughter of the former tsar; a friend in an invisible hat spies on how the prince's wife meets a celestial who takes the form of a bird, burns him, the queen is now loyal to her husband; a friend extracts paper that turns a man into a donkey; turns those two women into donkeys, torments them with work; the king feels sorry for donkeys, a friend turns them back into women]: 24-30; Lorimer 1931 [(retelling German translation of the Mongolian "Geser" by I.J. Schmidt); the giant comes to Geser's wife Rogmo Goa under the guise of a llama; turns G. into a donkey; at the request of G.'s friends, one of his former wives Aju Mergen pretends to be the giant's sister, takes WG and the donkey away, restores G.'s human appearance; G. burns the giant in the house; during this time, G.'s mother died, her soul went to 18 hell by Erlik Kagana; G. brings her soul to Khormusda, makes her queen of Dakin (goddesses); turns Rogmo Goa into a lame one-eyed beggar]: 113; Bawden 1976 [in a Mongolian narrative, a liar wife is forced to smell a black flower, turning she is tied to a donkey; she is tied at the entrance to the house, and everyone who comes in and out hits her]: 491 (note 13); India (translated from Hindi) [there was a city of women north of the Narbada River, ruled by Rani Jwala ("fire"); if a man got in, Rani turned him into a dog; she fell in love with one young man, hid him, gave birth to a girl named Maya, gave the same name to the city; the prince came, who had a flower that made him invisible, ash, making you dance, a sword that cut heads himself; the magician told Rani that the one who killed the prince would be immortal; the prince fell in love with M.; Rani took the form of a prince's teacher, lured magic objects, I wanted to kill, but he hid in M.'s place, became a garland of flowers; M. stole magic objects, a sword cut off her head, and grooms were found for the girls of the city]: Zograf 1964:373-374; Ocean of Tales [son Brahmana Vāmadatta got married; his uncle warned that his wife was meeting a shepherd; he broke into his lovers, his wife threw dirt in his face, turned him into a buffalo, told the shepherd to beat him, sold him merchant; the witch guessed the transformation, restored V.'s human appearance, married her daughter; ordered him to throw mustard seeds at his ex-wife; V. killed the shepherd, turned his ex-wife into a mare, everyone the day beat her; the guest advised him to stop torturing, it is better to ask his mother-in-law for other benefits; his descendants became famous]: Tawney, Penzer 1926b, No. 162:4-7; kannada [Alakanna's older brother went to war; his wife seduced his single younger brother Malakanna, but he refused; she turned to the sorcerer; the sorcerer gave jasmine, which M. smelled, and a thorn; when M. realized that his brother's wife was in front of him again, who stuck a thorn in his forehead, turning him into a dog; when A. returned, his wife said that M. had molested her; A. caressed the dog, felt for the thorn, took it out, the dog turned into M. again; A. whipped his wife and her maid, kicked them out of the house, found another wife]: Ramanujan 1997, No. 14:46-50.

China - Korea. Chinese [(Cyril Birch, Chinese Myths and Fantasies, p. 89, parallel to the Japanese story); at night, a merchant spies on the inn's owner plowing the floor with a tiny plow, plowman and ox; immediately harvests, makes flour, bakes cakes; those who eat turn into donkeys]: Ikeda 1971:153; Chinese [the elder gives poor young man Zhang Cai a hoe digging silver and a hat , who wears by air; the landowner's daughter lures the CC, deceives both gifts, leaves it in the forest; after climbing a tree, the CC hears a monkey telling the fox that he eats the fruits of a peach tree becomes a fox, plums a handsome person; CC picks up peaches and plums, the old man takes him home; CC gives the landowner's daughter a peach, she turns into a fox, her parents fall, die; CC takes the moth and a hat]: Riftin 1972:201-207; Koreans [lazy man leaves so that his wife does not bother him with asking him to work; asks the person he meets what he is doing, he gives him an ox mask, coats his skin, lazy turns into an ox; a man sells it, telling him not to feed radishes, otherwise the ox will die; in despair from a hard life, an imaginary ox rushes to eat radishes, turns into a man, returns to his wife, is done hardworking]: Cho 2001, No. 91:156-158.

The Balkans. Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 449 [an unfaithful sorceress wife turns her husband into a dog; this dog saves sheep from wolves, the king's child from lamia; the wife turns the dog into a bird; another sorceress restores a human form to a bird; husband turns his wife and her lover into animals (oxen)], 449A [husband sees his wife eating dead at night in the cemetery; she turns him into a dog; dog lives with a peasant, shows extraordinary abilities (recognizes counterfeit money, etc.); another sorceress restores the dog's human appearance; with her help, the husband turns his wife into a mare (donkey)]: 155; Moldovans [a poor man finds a bird with golden feathers in the forest; brings it home, it lays golden eggs, he sells them to a merchant; a merchant reads to a bird's goiter that whoever eats her heart will become king, whoever is the navel will find a purse with gold under the pillow, the liver will be lucky; the merchant persuades his wife to kill the poor man, marry him, fry a bird; the woman's three sons accidentally eat giblets birds; the merchant wants to kill the children, they run away; the elder becomes king, the middle becomes rich; the younger one is lazy; the sorcerer leads him into the forest, asks him to go underground, bring a key and an iron stick; boy collects golden apples; refuses to give the wizard the key before he raises him to the ground; the sorcerer covers the ground; the boy rubs his wand, the Iron Man appears, promises to lift him to the ground if the boy will feed him in flight; he cuts off the last piece from his own thigh; on the ground, the iron man says he would eat the boy if he knew how delicious he was; disappears; boy returns to his mother, bringing golden apples and a key; this is the key to hell; if it is rubbed, the servants grant wishes; the boy sends his mother to marry the king's daughter; the king demands 1) to create a palace, a road overnight with birds and trees; 2) come on horses that eat coals and drink flame; the servants perform everything; the princess's first fiancé and herself are taken to the courtyard and basement for the night; wedding; the sorcerer asks the young man's servant bring a rusty key in exchange for a gold one; the young man loses his magical helpers and everything they have created; goes to wander around the world; rubs his wand, the iron man teaches him to turn into a fly, get the key from under the pillow the sorcerer; the young man returns everything; the wife is ill; the sorcerer turned into a holy maiden, told his wife that she would recover if she took the marble egg out of the center of the earth; the servants of hell say that he had all their strength they teach instead to kill a sorcerer; a young man kills; helps the brother-king defeat enemies; the Beauty of Peace, who has swallowed his navel, he belches him, loses everything; rides through the meadow, his horse eats grass, becomes a donkey; drinks water again as a horse; he lets a woman smell grass, she becomes a donkey; he rides it, meets brothers, forgives a woman, makes her the Beauty of the World again]: Moldavian tales 1968:172-184; Romanians [while the husband is at war, the wife has a lover; the eagle gives her husband a wish-fulfilling pen; the lover advises the wife to reveal the secret and then, taking the pen, turn her husband into a dog; the dog husband runs away into the forest and He hears two birds talking; they scold him for giving the secret to his wife; they turn him into a cat to steal the pen; by doing so, he becomes human again; turns his wife and lover into a pair of oxen, whom he puts into hard work]: Bîrlea 1966:422-423; Hungarians, Croats: Uther 2004 (1), No. 449:265.

Central Europe. Russians (Olonetskaya, Voronezh), Ukrainians, Belarusians: SUS 1979, No. 318=AA315B*=K 568 [Unfaithful wife: takes possession of her husband's wonderful shirt (flint, sword, etc.) and gives it to her lover; after turning into a horse, a tree, a drake, the husband kills his wife and marries his assistant], 449=AA 449A, B [King's Dog (Sidi Nauman): a witch wife turns her husband into a dog; alone a woman (witch) restores the dog's human appearance; the husband turns his wife into a horse. - A special type among the Eastern Slavs: a dog husband lives with shepherds, saves royal children, returns from an award to his wife, who turns him into a sparrow]: 117, 134; Russians: Putilov 1957 [{Hilferding collection, Olonetskaya Gubernia}; Dobrynya and Marinka epic; Dobrynya shoots pigeons in Kiev; misses, an arrow breaks a window in Marina's house; M. scolds him; the next day he does not let him into the house, D. sees that Zmey Gorynych is sitting at M.; D. breaks the door, ZG runs away; M. turns D. into a tour, lets him into the fields, where nine rounds are already wandering; boasts of what he has done; D.'s mother grieves, his godmother Anna Ivanovna beats and tramples M., promises to turn her into a dog; M. turns into a swallow, flies to tours, makes D. human again, converges with him; in her house, D. cuts off her arm, leg, lips and nose (hand hugged ZG, lips kissed him, etc.), then her head]: 292-298; Miller 1891 [before doing Good tour, Marina turns him into a magpie, a crow, a pig; in another version, an ermine and a falcon; one Hilferding epic (1327), Dobrynya, before getting the view of the tour, "walked exactly as a dog knots"]: 1-2; Russians (Teresky Bereg) [a rich daughter, a poor son; the guy ran to that girl, she whipped him: well done, become a stallion; 40 such girls ride stallions, and in the morning they turn them into boys again; the stepmother asked me to tell me how it happened, gave 6 bricks, a rooster, an awl and three iron pans to cover her head; while they are gone, sit on the floor, bricks along the wall, pans on head, rooster in one hand, awl in the other; they fly off, the rooster must be poked, he will scream, they will jump out of the bathhouse, she will be left alone - hold the braid when she wraps in mice, rats and others creatures; when you become a spindle, you have to break it and say, "There is a red girl at one end, a pile of gold on the other"; slap the girl with a lash and say, "There was a girl, become a stallion"; he rides her, and that it is not clear whether he is on her or she is on it; they sent a lame girl far away to bring the boy first, then the girl, unbaptized, unprayerful; the boy did not know, the girl said that he was on her; son the poor man hit the stallion with a lash: there was a stallion, become a girl; girl: now marry me, made me a man; wedding, the parents of the rich bride did not mind]: Balashov 1970, No. 50:172-174; Russians (Arkhangelskaya) [the old man caught a pike, the old woman cooked his ear; the old man started eating, but there is no fish in his ear; talks about it in a neighboring village; another old man tells a story in response: wife wrapped her husband in a dog, did not let him go; the dog stood on its hind legs, opened the door and ran away; yard dogs began to tear him up; he ran to the shepherd; it was so good to herd the sheep that the shepherd bet that the male was without The cattle will protect him; the male dog has overcome the wolf and saved the herd; the merchant bought a male dog to protect himself from the thief; the male let the thief go, but returned the stolen goods; the king bought the male dog; the male took the king's baby from the thief, but let the thief go; the king ordered the dog to be gilded and commanded him to bow; the male dog found his wife with her lover; the wife wrapped the dog in a sparrow; the sparrow was pecked by street sparrows; the thief that tried to rob a merchant, caught a sparrow, thanked him for letting him, his son and wife go, threw him on the floor and wrapped him in a man; gave a belt to turn his wife and lover into horses; when the horses were tired, their husband restored their human appearance and began to live with his wife]: Smirnov 1917, No. 2:12-20; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [in the evening, two fishermen began to catch an ear; voice: Should I untie it? brothers: untie it; in the morning the seine is unwound, the threads are rolled into balls, the floats are in a bunch; the next evening: Should I tie it? they ask to tie; in the morning the net is as good as new; when they returned home, the older brothers to the younger: you, Peter, are single, go look for another miracle; they say that Nikiforovo's miracle is so wonderful; Peter went and asked a young man; he does not know about N., but he began to talk about himself; and calls the old people who are nearby sons; he noticed a girl who immediately: you wanted to meet me; then: well done, become stallion; drove all day, and in the evening she regained her human form; so three times; stepmother gives a cinder of a Christmas candle, you have to hit her with a bridle, saying: there was a girl, become a mare; he's like this for three days; then her sisters ask to leave the girl alone and give them a towel; he has been worn out and since then he is 25, although he is actually 90; P. went on; another story; the guy lived in a monastery, his father married him, and he ran away with weddings; the wife hit him with a rod, turned him into a dog; the city was attacked by a bear, the turn of the royal daughter, the dog drove him away; he lives well; but the wife found it, turned it into a drake; he fell into the prince's snare; prince: was drake, well done; this prince was that bear, now disgraced; now P. came to Nikifor; N.'s story; he got lost in the forest, went out to the fire, there was an old man telling him to send his son to work for a year; so 8 nights - gave 8 sons; old man: you would not ask to warm up, but show the way; there's a stump - there's a road; jump only into the ninth sleigh; wife shakes: why are you raving: and I'm at home on the floors; here's Nikiforovo's miracle ]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:172-178; Russians (Voronezh) [An elderly woman works as a cook, takes care of a child. Before his death, she gives her son a portrait, orders him to find a wife who would look like her. The son finds a "cleaning lady in the hotel" who looks like his mother and marries her, despite the fact that she is older. The husband notices that she cooks food for him, but does not eat herself, and leaves at night. He watches her and sees her tearing up graves and eating dead people. He tells her what he saw (during breakfast she refuses to eat with him, "cooked"), she whips him and turns him into a dog. He meets a shepherd, who feeds him and keeps his sheep to herd. The shepherd trusts the clever dog with a herd and boasts of his assistant. A shopkeeper suffering from theft asks a shepherd to borrow his dog for the night. The dog sees the theft, watches the thieves, and the next day brings the owner to the place where the stolen goods are hidden. The king loses two children, he is afraid that the last one to be given birth to the queen will be stolen, asks the shepherd for a dog. The dog sees the Serpent carry the baby, sit on his back and gnaw on it, he drops the baby. The dog saves the child, the king comes to his cries and praises the dog. At christening, the dog is put in a place of honor, and vodka is poured. All the guests are surprised that she is drinking like a human being, the dog is crying. The guest advises the king to steam the dog well in the bath. He performs and the dog becomes human again. The king wants to keep him as his second son, but he goes to take revenge on his wife. It turns him into a sparrow. The sparrow flies into the possession of the Snake Wizard, it is caught by the king's stolen children, they want to tear its head off, but the sparrow promises to be useful, it is hit on the floor, and he becomes human. Children hide the guy in a conic. The serpent feels the spirit, the children will assure: "He flew across Russia..". The snake falls asleep, the guy finds a "sleeping book" in the closets, reads and the Serpent falls asleep. The guy calls the children for a walk and takes them to the royal garden. The grateful king again invites the boy to remain his "senior ruler", but he returns to his wife with a book. He is ahead of her spell, is the first to quilt her and turn her into a mare, harnesses her into a plow and makes her plow six acres. She ties her tail to a horse and drives her "over the stumps" until she breaks her bones. The Tsar marries a boy]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 63:215-220; Russians (Gorkovskaya) [the merchant gave birth to a son Ivan; beggar: at the age of 18 he will disappear; at the age of 18 I. decided to leave himself; hears near a birch tree and a stone bed voice; he tells how he married on condition to obey his wife; once he hit her, she turned him into a dog; this dog easily kills others; the princess asked her, but his wife found it, took it away and again made him a man; I. hit her again, she turned him into a drake; the queen took him, his wife came; I. told the queen to become a birch tree, his wife a stone bed, and he himself a stone; I. became a path to the birch tree and stone]: Borovik, Mirer 1939, No. 98:247-250; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [the poor man finds an egg, it turns out to be golden, catches a bird; the teacher fell in love with the owner's wife, said he would recover if he eats the heart and heads of that bird; the owner's children accidentally eat them; the teacher asks him to eat the heart and head of the children; the forester lets the boys go, brings the dog's heart and head; the brothers live with the old woman, on Yurk's head falls down with a crown, he is elected king; Vasil helps him, finds gold at the head in the morning; the beauty solders him, he belches his head, she takes it; V. takes the plane saddle from those arguing for he is devils; collects jewelry overseas; beauty rides with him, is carried away in the saddle; V. finds a pear, an apricot, a plum, turning her into a horse, a deer, back into a person; sells to a beauty, turns her into a mare, chases; brothers come to their mother, talk about themselves, her heart breaks; fly with her father and sister to their kingdom]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:217-223; Poles [Baba Yaga gave her daughter married, turned her son-in-law into a dog, drove her out; he guarded the cattle of the warlock, the king's son; returned, was turned into a bird by his mother-in-law; the warlock's son caught her, the warlock regained his human appearance; the man hit her turned his wife into a horse, tore his mother-in-law with a harrow, married a warlock's daughter]: Sumtsov 1892:154-155; Czechs [a hunter shot an unusual bird; a woman in the forest explains that the one who ate his head the bird will become king, and the heart that eats will find money under the pillow in the morning; the hunter tells his wife to cook the bird; she leaves her sons Fortunate and Alex to watch her; head and heart fall out, F. eats the heart, A. the head; the mother is furious, the brothers run away; in the house where they spend the night, the owners find gold coins in the morning; the same in the landowner's house; he decides to keep the children with him, sends to the city to study; sends a servant to pick up gold, intending to return it to the brothers when they grow up; the brothers do not return to the landowner, go to another city; A. becomes the old king's favorite; F. wanders; in one of the places where he, unknowingly, left gold, the hostess goes to the witch, who explains that F. ate the heart of the bird of happiness; lets the hostess eat the heart of an ordinary bird, who believes that gold She will now be under her pillow, drives F. away; in the forest, F. eats a wild apple, turns into a donkey; after eating an apple from another tree, it restores its human appearance; in a dream, a woman explains to him its secret; unrecognized F. gives an apple to an evil mistress, who turns into a donkey, jumps over the fence, breaks; F. saves a big fish on the shore; becomes the king's favorite; an envious courtier says that F. promised to get a beautiful woman living in the sea; the fish brings F. to the king of the sea, telling him to kidnap his daughter and take her box; F. brings the princess to the king; she does not want for the old man, but says that the ointment in her box revives the dead, making them young and beautiful; F. offers to cut off his head; the ointment makes him whole again; the king agrees to be beheaded; he is not revive, F. receives the throne and his wife; comes to the city where A. left, who married the king's daughter there, also received the throne; the brothers visit the good landowner and parents; everyone is happy]: Nmcová 1970:12-28; Slovaks [Janko nobleman notices that his wife eats only with a small spoon; watches her, sees her digging up and eating a dead man with some monster in the cemetery; tells her so she splashes water on him, turns him into a dog, hits him, drives him away; the dog lives with the baker, is smart, the baker gets rich; the lady brings her to her daughter, so splashes water on the dog, the dog turns into Me again; the girl says that she studied witchcraft with his wife; gives a bottle of water to splash on her wife; I. turns my wife into a mare, takes her to the stable]: Bogatyrev 1955:102-109.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars (Bakhchisarai District, Karalez) [Memet hunter shot a roe deer; brought it to the cave, cut it, began to cook meat; the head of the roe deer looked at him and said: What are you looking at? This is no miracle. Ask Memet, a merchant in Istanbul; a hunter came to Istanbul, found a merchant; he says he was rich and persuaded to marry; a week later he refused to get up in the morning, and when he returned, he hit him with a belt and turned it into a dog; called a lover; the dog came to the shepherd, bit to death 15 wolves at night; she was taken by a padishah; his daughter has 40 maids, but every night a cat comes and bites her; dog she attacked the cat, but she called him a merchant Memet and promised to serve; in the morning, the padishah's daughter is healthy; the dog was released with a purse of gold tied to her neck; she came to his wife; she took the gold and turned Memet into a roe deer; the roe deer ran away, the hunter caught her, his wife asked her to give it to her; she was that cat, restored the merchant to his human appearance; gave the belt to hit his wife and lover; M. turned his wife into a donkey and stabbed his lover; gave the donkey to his friends: whoever slaughtered him could only eat bones; an apple and a pomegranate rolled down the hill; a pomegranate to the one who told the fairy tale, and an apple to the one who told her recorded]: Zherdeva 2020, No. 27; Adygi: Kerashev 1957 [Baimuko Baimurza Stary (BB-za) began to fry the heart and liver of a slaughtered goat; pieces of meat joined into a goat, she ran away saying that this was not a miracle, but a miracle happened to Baimuko Baimet ((BB-t); BB-za met a shepherd, asked him for a horse and a dog to destroy wolves; the owner asks not to set the dog against the beast unless it rushes itself; when he sees Khasamurchech (a non-existent predator), BB-za said "bite" to the dog, it rushed, the beast swallowed it, but BB-za pulled the dog out of its mouth and cured it; the shepherd said that BB-za is a little slow; BB-za is coming to BB-tu; he tells how someone called him on his wedding night, turned him into a horse with brushwood and drove him all night, and turned him back into a human in the morning; so twice; the third time a stranger turned BB- she became a dog; she became famous among shepherds as the best; pshi borrowed it; when he saw something grabbing a pshi child, the dog grabbed the creature, forcing him to return the brushwood; becoming BB-tom again, he assured Say that his children will no longer be kidnapped]: 188-193; Huth 1987:29-33 (bzhedugi) [Shabatynyko and Sausoruko shoot a black fox at the same time; animal owner Mezitha promises to give the skin to whoever she is more needed; S. says that his beloved demanded black fox skin from him; he brought a gray one, she whipped him, turning him into a dog; he bothered the shepherds; at night he grabbed him as a sorceress, who has arrived to suck the blood of the owner's wife; she teaches him to cure the sick; the woman recovers; the S-dog comes to her ex-lover; she drinks with men, beats him again, turning him into a rooster; a neighbor (that the witch herself) steals a magic whip, turns S. into a person; S. whips his former lover and her lover Araksha, turns them into donkeys, tortures them with work; S. needs a skin to sew hats for children widows; M. gives his skin to him], 176-179 (shapsugi) [after the wedding, Bambet's wife whips him, turns him into a rooster, later into a dog, makes a lover herself; Psha's wife gives birth to a child every year, takes him away wolf; B.-dog catches up with the wolf, saves the child, the wolf asks him to let him go; B. -The dog comes to his wife's house, her lover turns him into a turkey; the old man is going to slaughter him, sees that the rooster is crying; says that he was that wolf and his sons were kidnapped pshi children; teaches him to make a magic whip fall on him; becoming human, B. turns his wife and lover into a donkey and a donkey]; Kabardian people : Lopatinsky 1891a [Hagor's wife has a lover, turned her husband into a dog with a whip; the dog forces the witch to restore health to the shepherd's wife; the witch is grateful that she was not killed; the wife turns husband into a rooster; the witch stole the magic whip, restored X. to human appearance, H. turned his wife and lover into a donkey and donkey, married, worked for these donkeys]: 78-80 (retelling in Sumtsov 1892:156); Sokolov, Broydo 1936 [Hagur got married, his wife whipped him, turned him into a dog, got a lover; the dog left, bothered the shepherds; one of them has a wife dying; the old man advises leaving the dog with her for the night; he sees how a witch who has arrived stabs a sick person with a fork, drinks blood; on the second night he grabs the witch by the leg; she promises to restore X. to human form, but he orders the patient to be cured first; the witch regurgitates blood, tells wash the patient in it, she recovered; H.-dog returned to his wife, who turned him into a rooster; the witch asked H. to wait another night; stole the whip and restored X. to human form; he whipped his wife and lover, turned him into donkeys; forced him to work; after many years he hunted, went into a cave; a one-eyed hoarder came, filled the exit with a stone; fed him lamb, promised to eat it raw tomorrow; at night H. burned him his eye spit; in the morning he felt every ram, H. clung to the goat's belly and returned home; his second wife has 8 sons and 2 daughters; the sons asked to show them the cave of the frost; he grabbed them with one hand , ate; one hunter began to fry a doe, hung his skin on a tree; the skin fell off, became a doe; shouts that it was not a miracle, the miracle happened to H.; the hunter found H., ordered them to lead to frost; they began to drive each other into the ground, the hunter hammered the frost up the neck; ordered the sons of H. to be revived; the hoarder revived them from their bones; the hunter cut off his head, took his cattle; H. gave him his youngest daughter; when he undressed her, he saw a scar; the girl says that she is the same doe: she became a doe to save her brothers; everything is fine]: 94-100; Tambiev 1904 [Hasan the hunter killed a deer, gutted it, was going to fry, he jumped up, ran away; Hasan the mower he met replied that an even greater miracle had happened to him; on his wedding night, someone called him, whipped him, turning him into a horse; the stranger rode it all night, made him man again in the morning; and the next night; on the third G. is turned into a dog, runs away to the steppe; sees two witches sucking blood from two girls; rushes at them, making them regurgitate blood; they turn him back into a person (by stealing that whip) with with a promise not to talk about them; he cured those girls with blood, took a whip, turned his unfaithful wife and her new husband into donkeys]: 4-6; Abaza [hunter Hasan cut a goat, she jumped up and ran away, shouting that a real miracle happened to a man named Khabalya; he tells how a man whipped him into a horse, then a dog, then an owl; an old woman took an owl from her children, stole whip, restored Khabala to his human appearance; he turned that man and his wife into donkeys, now rides them]: Tugov 1985, No. 41:107-108; Abkhazians: Bgazhba 2002 [as in Chursin; roe deer comes to life; name turned into a dog by Ahi Zourym]: 229-230; Shakryl 1975, No. 43 [Apsny-Khasan killed a hare, and when he approached him, the hare rushed to run, shouting that a real miracle had happened to Kuban-Khasan; he said how on his wedding night a man hit him with a stick, turning him into a dog, and took his wife; the CS dog came to the shepherd, drove away wolves and bears; someone strangles the prince's six-month-old sons, the prince takes the CS- the dog is a watchman; he rushes at the cat, she vows not to kill children anymore, but to bring the stick that the COP turned into a dog; she brought a stick, hit the dog; becoming human, the KH found his wife a man, turned them into donkeys, and since then they have been working for him]: 229-233; Chursin 1956 [a man's liver flies off a skewer; he wants to meet Myd; Myd harrows on a donkey and a donkey; says that his wife and lover turned him into a dog; M. - the dog beats off the wolves; grabs a woman who tried to take the prince's newborn; she restores his human appearance, gives him a whip with which M. turns his wife and lover into a pair of donkeys]: 223-224; Shakryl 1975, No. 23:106-112; Balkarians: Boziev 1962, No. 1 [the hunter killed, cut a wild goat, began to fry kebabs; meat and skin returned to their own place, the doe ran away; "What a miracle!" , - exclaimed the hunter; the doe turned around and said that he would see a miracle if he went to Baev Bat; the hunter goes from one kosh to another, with goats, horses, geese; each time he is told that it is Kosh Bayeva Bata is a miracle himself; BB carried firewood on a couple of donkeys and, without feeding them, drove them into a dirty barn; what he does to them is no miracle compared to what they did to him; these donkeys are his ex-wife and hers lover; BB found them, his wife whipped him with a magic whip, turning him into a mare; from the stallion, the mare gave birth to a foal; then the wife turned BB into a female; when she heard that there were many wolves in the pastures, the female went there , took a walk with the males, bit to death a wolf, then again; she was appreciated; one wolf asked him to let him go, promised to thank him; the female with the puppies returned to her wife, who turned BB into an owl; she was caught by a man, gave her slaughter his wife; but the wife turned out to be that wolf; she taught him to go take that whip, regain her human appearance and take it away from his wife and her lover; BB told the hunter that the goat he killed was now girl; gave her to him as his wife and gave him all his cattle and golden house]: 28-31; Kapiyeva 1991 [three emegens fight over an unauthorized truck, golden gum (gives coins), invisible hats; the young man invites them to run races, picks up his things, gets to the khan's daughter; she gives him a drink, finds out a secret, tells him to take him to the forest; the first time he has a cart with him, the second time nothing; he finds pears that turn him into a nag , and apples that make handsome; under the guise of a merchant, sells pears to the khan's daughter, she makes a nag, drives her away; the young man takes his items, makes the oath work; turns her into a beauty again, gets married]: 91-98; Malkonduev 2017 []: 283-284; Karachays or Balkarians [Khan's daughter insists that Akhmat marry her; he agrees, but does not want to live in Khan's house; Khan beats A. with a magic whip, turning him into a donkey; the wife takes the donkey to A.'s parents, let him work; the donkey is happy; the khan's daughter asks him if he will live in the palace if he becomes human; he shakes his head - not will be; she turns him into a dog; he lives with a shepherd for three years; turns him into a bird; Bird-A. flies into the palace, hits the whip herself, becomes human, turns his wife into a donkey, drives him to parents; then brings two more donkeys - father-in-law and mother-in-law]: Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983:52-56; Ossetians: Abayev et al. 1957 [Uryzmag is fascinated by Aldar's wife, she whips him first, turning him into a mule, then into dog; dog gives Aldar sheep to wolves; once in front of a widow, protects her rams; one of the wolves turns out to be a turned girl jealous of Aldar's wife; teaches the dog to steal a whip; becoming human, W. turns Aldar into a mule, his wife into a dog, then a donkey, gives them to work for a widow]: 105-112; Britaev, Kaloev 1959 [Soslan fried a roe deer, she came to life, ran away; advises going to Bath, the son of a Rich Man, if S. wants to know a real miracle; he tells how a young man arrived on the night of the wedding, turned him into a working ox with a whip, made him human again in the morning; the next night into a horse; then into a dog; the dog lives with a woman, the shepherd borrowed it, she kills wolves; the rest teaches to annoy the man who made him a dog; he whipped the dog, thus regaining its human appearance; the hero whipped that man he made a donkey, turned his wife into a donkey, has been torturing them with work ever since]: 234-240; Dzagurov 1973, No. 99 [Bayev Kazi talks about what happened; when he got married, the best man hit the whip on the first night turned him into a bull, the second into a horse, and the third into a dog; he serves faithfully, but when the new shepherd gave him only bones, he called the wolves, ran away; the woman knows it's BK, tells him to steal the whip from the best man, then you'll be human again, and you can turn your wife and best man into whoever you want; he turned them into donkeys and worked for them for 60 years until they died, at which time Baji came to him and told him his story; he killed a deer, cooked a barbecue, the deer came to life and ran away]: 415-419; Miller, Ossetian Tales, p. 117-121 in Chursin 1956 [a killed and roasted deer comes to life and runs away; says to a surprised hunter that it's not a wonder, let him ask Tsopan; C. tells how his wife turned him into a duck, then into a dog; as a dog, he freed the rich man's daughter from Satan; Satan gave him a whip, which he regained human appearance, turned his wife into a donkey, her new husband into a donkey, invited neighbors to carry firewood for them]: 225; Chechens: Collection of material. d. description of places and tribes. Kawk. IV in Sumtsov 1892 [the lover of the Sultan's wife turned him into a black dog with a whip; with the help of a witch, the sultan stole the whip, regained his former appearance, turned his unfaithful wife and lover into donkeys]: 156; Malsagov 1983, No. 21 [six brothers go to marry a girl who has the sun and a month in her forehead; they cannot answer what Bainal-Busani means, turn into stones; the youngest seventh has grown up, came to a woman named Jera-Baba, After the girl asks her question, she tells her to ride away to 9 Nart-Orsthoys (father and sons), ask them the meaning of the name; the young man killed 7 sledges, fought with the eighth for a long time, he agreed explain everything; he brought him to the cave, where there is a black dog, this is his wife Busani, who became a dog for treason, and he himself is Bainal; a young man comes to the girl and tells her that Bainal and Busani are her parents; petrified people come to life, a young man marries a girl]: 119-121; Ingush: Dalgat 1972 [Solsa invites three comrades to give the killed hare to the one who tells the most amazing story; Pataraz Khamcha stopped with the widow, insisted on intimacy, she whipped him, turned him into a female; she defeats wolves; she is given to the widow; at night the female pulls out a whip, regains her human appearance, turns widow into a mare; Orzmi wins, who hid under the shroud of his mistress, who died of illness to be buried with her; in the grave he killed a snake, the other revived the one killed by grass; O. revived the one killed by grass with the same grass mistress, married her]: 159-160 and 290-291; Tankieva 2003 []: 248-250; Avars [=Dirr 1920, No. 13:71-80; after the death of their father, three princes consistently go to marry the king's daughter on the south side; the eldest and middle say to the old woman that the bride is more valuable to them than her advice; the groom must defeat the princess in order to marry; but she defeats them, they are beheaded; the youngest listens to the old woman, she explains that The princess wins because she shows her opponent's chest; the prince did not look at her chest, the princess promised to become his wife, but took out her golden shoe and asked to find her pair; the prince came to the beautiful a valley with tents, but no people; a young warrior appeared, they fought all day long; the shepherds told the prince that there was a princess in the fortress, guarded by two dragons; the prince threw half each a ram, recognized the princess as yesterday's warrior, won, she gave him a second golden shoe, he brought it to the first princess; now she asks to know what happened between Balay and his wife Boti; a three-headed serpent crawls to the nest of a huge eagle; a young man kills a snake, an eagle brings him to Balay; Balay gives the leftovers left after the dog to a half-petrified woman; makes her eat with the blow of a whip; this is Bati; Balai's story: When Bati lay down with him, she was icy; Balay was watching her; at night she leaves in the wind horse, he chases on a horse cloud; seven sledge giants play with her; Balay kills six, cuts off the seventh's leg; Bati returns first, turns Balai into a female for seven years; then into a horse; then into a hawk; the hawk throws on the whip, restores human appearance; turns Bati into a female; from a horse; into a semi-petrified woman; the young man's bride is Bati's sister; the eagle takes the young man away from Balai's arrow; the king kills his daughter, the young man kills the lame sledge in the dungeon and his son, born of a sledge as a royal daughter]: Saidov, Dalgat 1965:269-280; Lezgins [=Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 18:214-219; Jahan Shah sees a girl coming out of the sea, cannot catch it, goes blind; tells me to get it the clay from a place where his horse's hooves did not set foot will then see the light; the eldest, middle son will soon return; the youngest's horse carries him across the sea; on the way he grabs the pearl, its brilliance is noticed by the vizier, invites the king to tell the young man to get the second one (the horse pulls out), to get their mistress; the young man catches a sea girl, who teaches him to pour milk on the khan's back, he turns into a dog; the young man becomes king , marries a sea maiden, brings clay to his father, he sees the light; decides to kill his son to take his wife; they run, the boatman transports the girl across the sea, she gets to the robbers, puts them to sleep; puts on men's clothes; a bird sits on her head, an imaginary young man is chosen king; the girl tells everyone to show her portrait, bring those who recognize her; they bring Jahan Shah, his son, and the robbers, boatman; she lets the robbers and the boatman go, gives her husband the kingdom, puts D. on a lousy donkey, lets go]: Khalilov 1965, No. 40:88-93; Kumyks: Mazaev, Kasumov 1997 (2): 29-37 [(=Khalilov 1965, No. 49:126-136); the wife gives birth to forty sons, writes a letter to the merchant husband who has left; he replies that he will kill her if she finds at least one child upon her return; she hides them in a hole; after 15 years, the merchant finds them He leads his sons home; leans over the spring, Azhdaha grabs him, tells him to give the youngest; tells the young man 1) to bring Bermes, the daughter of Almas Khan; on the way, the shepherd in the service of Azhdakh promises to help; to the young man a sharpshooter, a deer milker, a speedboat, a sea drinker, a wolf join; win Almas Khan's competitions (defeat the dog, win the run, spend the night in a hot room; the young man brings a woman; a shepherd tells her to break a millstone on the mound, there are eggs with the soul of Azhdah; a young man kills him, takes his wife and wealth; 39 brothers are jealous, offer the father to send the youngest for a bull buried by the sea; that brings him together with the herd; the same is a horse; the father orders to bring a golden pole from the dead from the dead; he gives and teaches them to turn the young man's parents into wild boars (the origin of pigs), brothers in dogs], 38-48 [about the same; brothers as goats; father - Khan Kara-Batyr; Azhdakha demands what you don't know at home; these are forty sons born; but the khan gives away an unloved freeze born to his late wife ]; megrels (p. Chakvinji, Zugdidsky University) [{substitch; sometimes not entirely clear}; the visitor promises the childless king that he will have a son Jimushieri, but he should not see an egg or hear such a word in his life; one day J. hears the word, tells tell her parents everything, leaves; the girl will marry someone who explains that there are "roses of hearts and longing hearts", the loser head to head for a goal; J. comes to the sad king, who will talk about it, but then he will cut off his head; the horse promises to carry J. over the wall; the king says that his wife fell in love with a 12-headed giant; the king's sister found out, his wife turned her into a white dog; the king cut off the giant's head, turned his wife into a falcon; J. rode away, married that girl, returned to his parents]: Petrov 1894:78-89; Georgians: Glonti 1974 [two hunt, one goes to look for fire, the old man invites him to take a look to the moon to find out the weather; turns him into a donkey; the second replies that he would be king if he could predict the weather; brings the donkey to his house; he sees his wife with his lover; a friend takes him back to to the old man, the old man restores his human appearance; he drives his wife away]: 296-267; Jidziguri 1971, No. 7 (khevsuri) [the hunter killed, began to fry the tour, he came to life and ran away, shouting that the story should be surprised Batira; B. told how he feasted with devils, collected the bones in a heap; B. hid his shoulder blade, the devils cut a wooden one, the tour came to life; later B. killed the tour with a wooden shovel; second adventure: daughter-in-law, warming up with a whip, turned B. into a dog; as a dog, B. dealt with a wolf pack, then became human again]: 82-83; Chikovani 1954, No. 13 [the poor have three sons; the eldest found two beautiful eggs in the nest; merchant wants to buy for a lot of money, the poor man did not sell it, put it under the chicken; after that, the other eggs became precious; the man became rich; and of those two pigeons hatched; to take possession of them, beardless became the lover of the man's wife, ordered the pigeons to be roasted; the maid fed the pigeons to the children and served the chickens; the beardless demanded the hearts of the children; the maid told the boys to run; the elder came to the blacksmith, every morning he finds gold on his bed; the middle one goes to the merchant, with diamonds underneath him; the youngest finds his gold under him, a dove sat on him, he was chosen king; the middle brother found his gold came to marry the royal daughter, built a golden tower, received a princess; the elder marries the sorceress; built a golden bridge; she orders to bring stones from a distant mountain; a bear and a deer tell them to hit them with a club , turn into young men (they were bewitched by that sorceress); with the blow of a club, the young man turned the sorceress into a donkey, flew to the mountain on her flying carpet, the eagle gave him three stones; the young man disgraced the donkey for she removed the stones that stuck to the carpet; all the brothers united, the beardless man and his wife were hanged], 17 [the poor man left home to die; the three people she met consistently ask him not to do so and give him a gift a pipe, a hat and a bag; unaware of their properties, the poor man returned home; his son went to sell eggs, put money in his bag, they doubled; then tripled; the family became rich; wearing a hat, the young man became invisible; he played the pipe, the army left her; the young man came to the old woman, she says that the king will give his daughter to someone who will fill his palace with gold; he did it, let the princess slip, she stole the bag and threw it out; then she also took the pipe and hat; the young man sees three fighting over the flying carpet; invites them to race, flies away on the carpet, flies away on the carpet, flies to the palace, takes the princess, took him to the forest, but she drank it with wine, sat on the carpet and returned to her place; in the forest, the young man ate red grapes and became a donkey, ate white grapes, became human again; picked grapes, went to the palace to sell; The princess first sent maids, then went by herself, each tried it, turned into a donkey; the young man hired the king, carried bricks on donkeys, beat the princess donkey; then fed the donkeys with white grapes, The princess was the last to regain her human appearance]: 79-85, 99-103; 1985, No. 159 (Khashuri district) [hunter Nanat climbed a tree at night; animal pastors gather for a feast, a shepherd from a tree, where N. takes him from by themselves; the shepherds promise to bring two deer a day into N.'s house; there are too many deer, N.'s brother and wife are dissatisfied, the wife whipped her husband, turned her into a dog, sells for a jug of wine; at night, the dog is N. kills wolves who attacked sheep; the king's son fell ill; N.'s wife advised him to feed the prince with the heart and liver of that dog; the dog was left in the prince's room for the night, she grabbed the Kaji, who came to torture that; let go for promising to restore human appearance, to give a whip that turns into a donkey; N. beats his wife and brother with it, sells both donkeys for hard work]: 328-329; 1986 [the hunter cuts the killed roe deer, pieces of meat come together, the roe deer comes to life and runs away; a voice from the tower says that the hunter from Lilo saw real miracles; the first hunter finds him, hears his story; when he was a teenager, his stepmother beat him, then whipped him, turned him into a dog; turned his father into a pigeon; the merchant takes the dog to guard his little son, because someone steals children; the dog grabs the old woman; she knows that this the dog is a young man, promises to repay it well if he lets her go; the dog brings the gold received as a reward to her stepmother, but she is ruthless; the dog goes to the shepherds; kills wolves; brings some sheep to his stepmother, but she only turns it into a quail; he was caught by a guy, gave him to his grandmother to fry; it was that old woman; taught him to fly in through the window, rub himself against a whip, hit her stepmother; the young man becomes human, turns stepmother as a donkey, she still works for him]: 69-72; Wardrobe 1894, No. 10 (Guria) [a man killed and refreshed a deer; while he went to wash his hands to the stream, the deer came to life and ran away; traveler: it's not a miracle, nearby a lake of living water; but what happened to Dervish is really a miracle; the hunter found Dervish, who tells us how he found out that his wife was cheating on him with a neighbor; when he reproached her, she hit him with a whip, turning him into a dog; becoming a dog, D. became friends with the village priest; he came to the shepherds; at night D. killed three wolves to protect the herd; the shepherds bought him, he became famous; he was brought to the sick princess; at night he killed 10 swans that trampled on her, and the 11th asked her to let her go, promising to help; the king gave the Dog D. a gold chain, but he ran away to his former wife; she turned him into a duck; the peasant caught her in the field, gave her wife to cook; she took the whip and restored D. to her human appearance; explained that he killed 10 sisters, she was the 11th, and his wife was the 12th; gave a whip; the man turned his wife and a lover with a pair of donkeys - here they are; the hunter ran away in horror]: 168-171; Armenians [the dervish tells the childless king to eat an apple in half with the queen, two sons will be born, one must be given to him; gives them names Nazar and Kazar; N. grows up, the dervish takes N.; leads to the rock, reads prayers, the rock opens, N. must take an old candlestick from there, not touch the gold; N. also took coins, the rock collapsed, N. got out and the dervish died; N. stops at the caravanserai, discovers that the candlestick is producing gold; the Beauty Girl opens her face for 1,000 coins; promises to marry N. if he goes 1) to Izmir and finds out why Abraham-aga's horse eats flints; N. promises A. to fulfill the request, otherwise he won't eat with him; he has to tell him everything; his wife was picky, but he found her hugging him with as a watchman in the hayloft; he covered them himself so as not to freeze; his wife hit him with a pipe, turning him into a stray dog; the priest's daughter guessed it, stole the pipe, restored A. to his human appearance, and he turned him the watchman at the donkey and the wife at the horse; when the donkey died, the horse began to fight, and since then A. feeds him with flint; 2) in Kayseri - why did Majnum-Khoja go up to the minaret and say, "There they are, thank Allah", and coming down groans; M. says that the peri doves took him to heaven, alone became his wife on the condition that he would not groan; one day groans with homesickness; King Peri forgives him and lets him visit house on the condition that M. would not say anything there; M. let it slip; when he climbed the minaret, seeing his family in the sky and said, "There they are," his wife accused him of breaking the word, disappeared with her children; he went down, began to groan; 3) to Kars - why, after fulfilling the order, the saber maker returns the money every time and breaks his sword; when he got married, he went to make money, was absent 20 years old; when he returned, he saw a rich house and a wife and a young boy in it; killed both, but it turned out that the boy was his son; every time the Beauty Girl asks if Nazar still wants to marry her; yielding to his request, he comes with him to his father; everything is fine]: Nazinyan 2014:82-93; Azerbaijanis: Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:67-82 [boy Iskender understood the language of birds; stepmother boiled clothes, I. laughed; explained what the nightingale was singing about: he would become king, his stepmother would bring him pilaf, and his father would pour water on his hands; the stepmother told her husband to kill I.; he put him in a chest, let him go to sea; the fisherman pulled him out chest, adopted by I.; at school he fraternized with a boy named Yahya, they look like twins; fraternized with a vizier; told the fisherman to throw a net for his luck, caught a goldfish, I. took it to the vizier, who gave money; the fisherman is delighted with I.; so many times; when the king is in court, crows arrive, rumbling, nothing can be heard; the king tells the vizier to find a person who understands bird language in 40 days; I.: crow complains that her raven husband left her, she raised many children, and now the raven claims their rights to them; the king awarded children to the crow; the vizier asked I. to give I. a job: to bring pilaf to the royal daughter in the morning ; she fell in love; I. stopped going into her rest, left pilaf at the entrance; while he was ill, I was replaced by me, he talked kindly to the girl; when I. again, the princess was indignant why he suddenly stopped with her talk; I. told the vizier that he was the king's son and wanted to leave; the king wanted to marry him to his daughter, but I. refused; he was given a detachment of soldiers, he came to his hometown; the king died there, and his daughter was on the throne, she asked I. to marry her, he agreed; one day I. came: the hostile king demands the princess whom I. refused to marry, as well as a tax for 7 years; I. hurried there, mixed night with day, day at night; broke the contract they had signed, killed an enemy hero; the king married his daughter to him, believing it was me; at that time I, disguised as I., slept in bed with his wife, but put his sword next to him; when I. returned, his offended wife turned him into a hungry animal, he went to the forest; at this time Y. became king instead of the dead king; I.-the animal met his servants, asked me to bring him; he found the magician who cured I., giving it its original appearance; I. cut his wife into four pieces; sent him to tell the shepherd, i.e. his real father, that a king would come to him; his stepmother and father brought pilaf, and the father began to water into his arms; I. opened up, his stepmother called him a dog's son; I. ordered her to be executed, and raised her father; three apples fell from the sky: one mine, the second my own, the third a fairy tale teller] (=Akhundov 1955:217- 229), 145-154 [poor Mammad marries the king's daughter; the king orders to find out what Gul Sumanu and Suman Guli have done; M. sees a tailor who sews suits and immediately cuts them with scissors, asking the same question out loud; the same - a saddle (breaks saddles), a blacksmith (breaks forged knives); M. tells each that he will answer this question; three divas cannot share a flying carpet, a magic tablecloth and an invisible crown; M. fires three arrows to make the divas race, picks up wonderful objects, flies to Suman; he agrees to tell you, but warns that he kills those who hear; feeds the dog well, gives the mule bones, He hits his skull with a stick; says that his wife went to bed cold; the groom says that every night she puts on S.'s clothes and jumps somewhere; S. rides after her; there are 40 robbers in the house, them the head of Harami-Bashi asks why the woman was late - S. should have been killed; S. kills 39 robbers entering the stable one by one, defeated HB, put his head in a bag; when they returned home, his wife turned S. into a dog; she was taken by a butcher, the dog showed him the gold stolen by his assistant, the butcher's mother restored S. to his former appearance; his wife turned her into a crow; the butcher's mother regained her appearance; then into a donkey (the same); for the third time S. managed to turn his wife into a mule; dog S., who helped him fight HB; S. is going to kill M., tells the doors to close, the carpets to curl up, but M. escaped wearing an invisible crown; because the mystery opened, S. killed a mule; the king gave M. a daughter]; Kurds: Jalil et al. 1989, No. 8 [the dervish tells the childless padishah to eat an apple in half with his wife, the wife will give birth to twins, one dervish will take for himself; Mirza Mahmood goes with the dervish, Ismail stays with the padishah; the dervish tells MM to take a lamp from the cave, not to take gold; he takes it, manages to jump out, the door slams shut, the dervish dies; MM lives with an old woman; the lamp creates gold; to see Princess Dunya-Guzal's little finger, you have to pay ten gold; MM pays thousands to see her face for a month, wants to marry; she tells 1) to find out why does Useini-Kösa feed his horse sea pebbles in Istanbul; he tells how his wife cheated on him with an arap, turned him into a dog; the neighbor's daughter takes W.'s wife's whip, turns him back into a man; he turns an arap into a donkey, his wife into a horse, he eats pebbles, flies to Tehran in an hour; 2) why does a blacksmith break his swords in Baghdad; he went to work for 15 years, returned and mistook his son for a new one wife's husband, hacked both; 3) why does the mullah cry in Telavi when he comes down from the minaret; three peri sisters flew to the minaret with doves, took the mullah as the youngest's husband; their father ordered him never sighed at home; he broke the ban, he was returned, his wife flew back; MM married DG], 10 [brothers Mir and Meshtari go to pick up their brides Sugardan and Nazlibadav; on the way back and forth they spend the night in Peri's house ; The world is sleeping, and Meshtari listens to what they say; on the way there: everything will be fine; on the way back: the brothers' father is in love with N., will try to kill his son; 1) offer artificial horses who sit on such a horse will burn; 2) send greyhound dogs when the World throws a rope around the dog's neck, burns; 3) sends a wolf to the room of Peace and N., he will swallow Mira; dangers can be eliminated, but the one who discovered the secret will petrify; Mashtari killed horses, dogs, wolf; The world thinks he wants to take possession of his wife and kill him; Mashtari told and petrified; S. and N. drove Mira away: until Meshtari comes to life, don't come back; The world stays in Peri's house, hears their conversation; if Mir marries the ugly daughter of an old witch woman, brings both, and the daughter kills her mother near Meshtari, he will come to life; the world came to the witch's daughter, but refused to marry her, she hit him with a stick, turned him into a donkey; a year later, the donkey nodded, he regained his human appearance, he complied with the requirement; the witch's daughter killed her mother with a potion, became beautiful, Meshtari came to life, and Mir now two wives], 28 [the mule rider caught up with the rider on horseback, rode together; saw a whip on the road; whoever has suffered more hardships in life will receive it; the story of the equestrian; he went to be hired as an employee; the old man invites him to marry his daughter; at night he leads his son-in-law to the well, asks him to go down and get the gems; threw the rope and left; around the bone of the dead; the young man dug a way out; unrecognized came to that old man, he gave his daughter again; his son-in-law pretends to be afraid to go down into the well; the old man went down himself, the young man threw the rope; the old man's daughter and daughter-in-law, whose husband died, agreed to be his wives; the story of the mule owner; the rich emir does not understand why his horses are dying; the groom tells him to pretend to be asleep and secretly follow his wife; the emir rides after her unnoticed; sees her hugging the ugly arapa in the desert; cuts off his head, is ready to forgive his wife; she hit him with a wand, turned him into a dog; comes to live with good owners; they guessed who he is; gave him the heart and liver of a cow, it gave him back human appearance; the hostess tells you to come to his wife incognito under the guise of a merchant, quietly pick up the magic wand; with this, the emir turned his wife into a mule; this is his mule; the equestrian gave him a whip]: 108-117, 129- 134, 272-278; Farizov, Rudenko 1959 [a dying father tells his sons Suleiman, Osman, Ismail to be on duty at his grave; younger I. injures a diva who has come to dig up the grave; the brothers go to look for a diva, the mother follows, drinks from a donkey's hoof, gives birth to Long-Eared Harzam; he finds brothers, they are afraid of going down into a hot failure, H. goes down; the youngest of three daughters, the diva shows Golperi's sword, H. cuts off the diva's head; G. predicts that the brothers will cut the rope, tells them to jump on a white ram; after picking up the girls, S. and O. cut off the rope; H. jumps on a black ram, falls through seven worlds; instead of water, an old woman brings him urine, water is given by a dragon in exchange for girls; H. kills the dragon, saves the padishah's daughter; he says that the dragon has been eating Simur's chicks for many years; H. kills the dragon, the chicks explain everything to their mother, Simur takes H. to the ground; during flight he feeds and waters the bird, cuts off the last piece from the leg, it regurgitates, puts it back, gives a pen; H. finds G. and I., around their tent the dragon wrapped around, he tells us to know the story of Gule and Sinam; Sinam Padishah tells how he changed clothes with a groom, accompanies his wife unrecognized at night to the robbers cave; turns the traitor into a crow, chieftain into a horse, then hangs incense with his lover's ashes around the crow's neck; wants to kill H., he pulls out Simur's feather, she takes him to the dragon; when she hears the story, the dragon turns into a girl, she makes H. normal; H. marries her, reigns, forgives her brothers]: 60-72.

Iran - Central Asia. Turkmens: Sokali et al. 1955 [Mirali and Sultan-Soyun argue who suffered more (he will receive the gold bar they found); M. tells what the employee did to bayu; he fed him for five days, then sewed him up at the cliff in bull's clothing, the eagles lifted him to the rock, bought him to drop the gems on top, left; M. grabbed the eagle, he lowered it down; M. told Bayu that found a descent; bai wanted to climb the rock himself, where he died; the SS rides his wife at night to a diva who teaches her witchcraft; the diva turns him into a black dog; after many trials, the mullahs return the SS his appearance; he turns his wife into a donkey]: 188-194; Stebleva 1969, No. 42 [the owner tells Esen that if a sick horse lies down, he must be finished off; a healthy horse lay down, E. stabbed him; E. hired to work for a rich woman widow; stole eggs and butter, hid it under his hat; oil flowed in the heat, the widow hit him, the eggs also broke; Esen enters the house where her husband and lover; E. jumped off the roof and kicked Bayu on his stomach, he died; his sons took E. to the cadia; on the way, E. asked the woman for water; after drinking water, he threw away the mug, she hit the woman in the stomach, she threw it away; she also went to the cadia; the donkey was stuck in the quagmire, E. became help pull it out, tore off his tail, the owner also went to the cadia; E. listened to Kadiy doing an inappropriate job; both were frightened; Kadiy handed down a verdict; let the sons of Kadia jump off the roof on E. otherwise they will pay; let other women throw them into a pregnant mug, if they do not get there, they will pay; let the owner of the donkey also tear off his tail, otherwise he will pay; E. took the money and left; he is sent to carry the chest an old woman, who gives a drink of water, turns E. into a dog, pushes him to other dogs like him; the dog-E. ran away, others followed him; he threw himself into the river, became a man; one man took him to him; his daughter gave sand to turn an old woman into a dog, her daughter into a donkey; the old woman regained her human appearance; to bring her daughter back, she restored her human appearance to all the dogs she enchanted]: 214-222; Tajiks ( Lower Quraish Yah-su, descendants of Arabs) [the comedian teaches King Shir-Zaman a spell that allows the soul to enter any body that does not have a soul; warns not to tell anyone; the king talks the vizier; he invites the king to enter the murdered gazelle, enters the king's body himself, goes to his wife, whom he is in love with; the king's wife learns the substitution, because the husband has changed, rejects the imaginary husband; he does not allow her leave the house; the king's soul from the gazelle entered the corpse of a parrot; the parrot asked the hunter not to kill him, to sell him; the king's wife sent a slave to buy a parrot; he teaches his wife to persuade the vizier to enter the corpse chickens; returns to his body, the chicken has been beheaded]: Semenov 1900 (2): 32-34; Sistan's Tajiks [the woodcutter found an egg in the forest, the merchant gave a lot of money for it; the woodcutter began to do it But every day, he brought an egg; then caught a bird; went to his relatives, telling his wife to take care of it; the merchant promises to marry her himself, asks to fry the bird; the eldest son accidentally ate the head, and the younger heart; the merchant ordered the children to be killed at night, taken out of their bellies; the brothers heard and ran away; the youngest in the morning began to find a hundred mists under their heads; he gave everything to the elder and they parted; a bird sat on the elder's head three times and was elected king; the youngest came to the city, where the princess shows her face for 50 mists and her chest for a hundred; the youngest pays her every day; the princess I guessed that he ate the egg of the bird of happiness; invited him, vomited, swallowed the bird's heart herself, kicked the young man out; three brothers share the inheritance: an invisible skullcap, a flying rug, a bag that gives any food; the young man fired arrows - whoever comes first, second, third will receive items in turn; flew away on a flying carpet; flew to the princess and began to live with her; told his wife about the rug, she was wearing it flew away; a young man hears pigeons talking; plane tree leaves will cure blindness; whoever puts on a bast and makes shoes will walk in them across 7 seas; whoever makes a tree a stick will turn a man into a donkey by hitting one at the end, and again at the man, hitting the other; the young man cured the blind princess with leaves, received her and half the kingdom; came to his former wife, turned her and her maids into donkeys; she returned everything and the young man left her; found a brother king; tied his mother by her hair to a horse's tail and opened it along the thorns; found a new wife for my father]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1981, No. 10:131-141; Persians: Rosenfeld 1956 [firewood collector widowed, took a new wife; gave the beggar the money he had earned from the firewood; the next day he left some of the brushwood in the cave; when he returned, he saw that he had burned down, a shining bird was sitting on the ash; he brought her home she lays golden eggs; the jeweler Sham'un, who bought them, realizes that the one who eats the bird's head will become a shah, the one who eats the liver and heart will find a hundred gold eggs under the pillow in the morning; when the firewood collector leaves, W . sends the old woman, the collector's wife agrees to receive him in the evening, fry the bird; stepsons Saad and Said eat their head, heart and liver; when they hear that S. demands to cut them and get what they eat, they run away; W . ripped a woman's stomach, killed; brothers hear doves talking about the dignity of the bird; they disperse after reading on a stone at the crossroads that those who went together will die; a falcon sits on Saad's head, his they make a shah instead of the deceased Shah; anyone who wants to see Princess Delaram must give 100 coins; Said gives; D. has 40 maids like her, she sends one of them every night; wonders where Said has so much money; solders, beats, he belches the bird's heart and liver, D. swallows them; Said leaves; S.'s three sons argue over his inheritance (flying carpet, magic casket making Suleiman's antimony invisible); Said: let the one who comes running first get; fly away, picking up wonderful objects; flies to D., deceived again and left on Mount Kof; hears the conversation of doves: rubbing bark tree legs, if you cross the sea, the stick will turn into a donkey and back, the leaves will cure blindness and deafness; Said comes to the city, heals the Shah's deaf daughter, marries her, comes to D., turns her into donkeys , her maids and servants; D. returns everything, becomes human again; Said heals his blind father; finds a brother; everyone is happy]: 41-51; Osmanov 1958 [the vizier is in love with the padishah's wife; for gold the dervish teaches both to leave their bodies when entering the animal's body; when hunting, the padishah moves into the gazelle, and the vizier moves into the padishah; the padishah moves into the parrot, lets himself catch the dervish whom the vizier has deceived, having promised a daughter for his studies; the vizier gives the parrot to the wife of the padishah; she offers the vizier (imaginary husband) to move into the dead dog, and the parrot padishah moves into his former body; the dog was beaten until exhaled]: 50-57; Sarykoltsy [a childless person sees a pomegranate in the river, takes it; a dragon comes out, gives two grenades, let his wife, a mare, a dog eat them; a son, a foal, a puppy must be sent to him; then all three give birth again, these people can keep for themselves; Joneyhair is born; after finding out what is going on, he rides a horse and with a dog to the river; the dragon orders to get the princess; wins, takes the beast as an assistant Ice Bear, Fiery Beast, Shooter Beast, Shovel-Bearer; does not crush ants, their king gives his mustache to summon it on occasion; the same with mice; the princess's father offers challenges; 1) sit in a cold house (The Fire-Bearer warms, 2) in a hot house (the Ice Maker cools down), 3) turn the forest into arable land (Lopatonbearer performs), 4) collect millet scattered across the field (ants collect); 5) bring firewood to donkey (the witch turned into a donkey, then became a bird, flew away with firewood, but the Shooter hit her, she became a donkey again); mice gnaw through the wall into the princess's room; she warns that her father will expose his horse against horse J., dog against his dog, tells him to cut the iron deck with a wooden ax; gives a bunch of his hair, they help cut; horse and dog J. win; king gives daughter; sends then the old woman to turn J. into a donkey; J. changed the potion, it was eaten by an old woman and a dragon, became donkeys]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 273-285; parachi [Sultan Mahmud had two horses, one called Wind and the other Cloud; M. noticed that they looked bad; the grooms said that his wife came at night and left on one of the horses; at night M. followed his wife; saw that she meets his lover in the cave; M. quietly dripped oil on her clothes and went home; when his wife returned, he pretended to wake up and said that he had a dream: his wife rode off on the Cloud, he he followed her in the Wind, saw that she was meeting her lover, and smeared oil on her clothes; the wife said it was just a dream; M. ordered her clothes to be brought, which was covered with oil; the wife read a spell, turned M. into a black dog; ordered the guards to beat this dog and drive it out of town; M. ran to the mountain, found a treasure cave; returned to the city a few days later in search of food; the baker fed him bread, M. stayed with him; took the baker to the cave, who found treasures; the baker's daughter, when she saw M., covered her face; explained to her father: this dog has the eyes of Sultan M.; the baker's wife read the spell restored M. to human form; taught M. the spell and ordered him to use it against his wife; M. came to the palace, turned his wife into a donkey, ordered his servants to beat her; made the baker a vizier;" They attached the object of their wishes, and the tale is finished, too"]: Morgenstierne 1929, No. 11:165-171; Pashtuns [the vizier tells the padishah how the fakir pushed him into a well with snakes and scorpions, he clung to the board, the caravans pulled him out; the fakir meets the rescued man, cries that he did not feel sorry for his children, left him hungry; the man himself invited the fakir to bend over the well, pushed him there, he was eaten by reptiles; in response, the padishah says how he noticed that his horses were driven; watches his wife, she goes to the cave to see a black man, the black man beats her for being late; the wife promises to get him the head of the padishah; the padishah cut off the head of the sleeping black man, showed his wife at home, offering to take a watermelon; his wife turned him into a dog; he came to the witch, who split him, gave him a handful of land throw him into a wife; he turned his wife into a mule, put him to work]: Lebedev 1972, No. 4:19-21.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Vėlius 1998:230 [stepmother hates stepson; when he was an adult, she turned him into a wolf; he lived with wolves for three years but could not get used to their lives; stayed in the pigsty when the other wolves rushed away; the owner told him to jump over the pole, the man took on his former appearance; the owner taught him to let his stepmother be the first to enter the house, say that let her do it But what happened to him; she became a wolf, ran away], 231 [the girl was tired of her old lover when another one appeared; she gave him a sash; when he put it on, he became a wolf; he was ten years old, became a man jumping over the ditch; but people chased him like he was still a wolf]; Latvians [A witch turns her husband into a dog. 1) A witch turns her daughter's husband into a dog. The dog grazes cattle, saves the king's child, returns to his wife with a reward. A witch turns a dog into a sparrow. The shepherds catch it and are going to fry it. An old man saves a sparrow, restores its human appearance, and turns his wife and mother into mares; 2) The wife turns her husband into a dog, then an owl. Another witch turns an owl into a human being, for which he must marry her. They are attacked by their first wife in the form of a wolf. The second witch also turns into a wolf, both fighting. The husband hits both with a whip, the witches turn into stones; 3) The husband finds out that his wife is a witch, spies on her eating dead at night. His wife turns him into a dog. The dog herds cattle, saves the king's child - as in (1)]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 449:286-287; the Livs [wife turns her husband into a dog]: Loorits 1926, No. 449': 16; Finns: Uther 2004 (1), No. 449:265; counselors: Uther 2004 (1), No. 567:336-337.

Volga - Perm. The Udmurts [the witch turns her husband into a sparrow after death; he flew with sparrows to the goblin, the goblin turned him into a man, made him the husband of a witch; he returned home, his wife turned him into a dog; it was bought by a clerk, did not sell it to the tsar, the goblin returned the hero to his human appearance; he drove an aspen stake into the grave of his ghoul wife]: Vereshchagin, Votyaki, Sosnovsky Krai, 91-92 in Sumtsov 1892:154; Mordovians (Erzya): Evseviev 1964, No. 40 [his wife has a lover; she hit her returning husband with a whip, he turned into a yellow dog; she began to serve the shepherds, they are happy; the merchant bought a dog, she beat off the thief a chest of money; the thief was the wife, who turned her husband into a dog; she also stole the king's two sons; when she came for the third, the dog beat him off; she ran to his wife, who turned the dog into a bird; the wife caught her, restored her human appearance, ordered him to take two royal sons under the bridge; the king rewarded him; his wife invited her husband to build a house, but he turned her into a mare, began to carry stones on it; then he made it again woman; everything is fine]: 282-285; Marie [when dying, the father tells his son Ivan to cut his head, the dogs Katay and Valyay come out of it; sister I. Avdotya sees a guy behind the lake; he tells her to hit the water with her father's whip, forms a bridge; the guy becomes A.'s lover, asks her to kill I.; teaches her to pretend to be sick, ask for 1) milk bears, 2) lionesses (they give, the bear gives the bear cub), 3) grind flour in the mill that she grinds herself; I. leaves with flour, and the animals that remain licking the flour remain locked up; A. and her lover are preparing eat I.; he asks to let him take a steam bath; the cuckoo says that the animals have already broken 11 of the 12 doors, tells him to wash more slowly; dogs and a bear have torn his lover to pieces; I. chained A. in the bathhouse, promised let go when she eats the coals, spits a vat of saliva; comes to the city, where 3-, 6- and 9-headed snakes are given the royal daughters; I. kills snakes, hides their heads, the coachman makes the princess say that he is the savior; the coachman was exiled to hard labor, I. takes the younger princess; I. brings A.; she kept her lover's tooth, puts I. in her ear; I. is buried, the animals tear the body out, the old woman takes a tooth out of her ear, I. comes to life; the old woman warns that A. will appear as a wife, try to give him a child, you can't take it; I. takes it, turns into a dog; she is sold to a merchant, animals beg for the dog, the old woman returns I. the appearance of a person; he whips A., she turns into a horse; then again into a sister; ties a horse to his tail]: Chetkarev 1948:45-54; Kazan Tatars [father bequeaths his son not to give up his sister married until she marries himself; but the sister married a one-eyed man; the brother met a beautiful woman at the bridge, brought her wife; the sister says that at night she flies through the pipe, becomes a dog and eats dead; husband I was convinced that this was true, said to his wife, she turned him into a dog; the shepherds appreciate her; the padishah's wife was losing newborns; the dog beat off the child from the creature that came out of the chimney; the padishah let go the dog, she ran home, his wife turned it into a sparrow; he flew to 11 horsemen, with them the old man, turned him back into a man; the young man took the old man's magic rod, turned him into a horse; explained horsemen, that they were the children of the padishah kidnapped by an old man; he turned his wife into a mare, began to carry the forest on it, she drowned herself in the lake]: Zamaletdinov 2008a, No. 56:254-258; Bashkirs [two soldiers with a non-commissioned left the service as an officer, spent the night with the old man, his daughters gave them an inexhaustible pouch with money, an invisible overcoat, a stick calling servants (warriors); the soldiers disappeared, the non-commissioned officer met with the girl, she replaced magic objects with fakes; he came to the garden, ate an apple, became a goat, another man again; sold apples to that girl, she became a goat; came to heal, beat her, told her father to bring stolen magic items, gave another apple, the goat became beautiful, the non-commissioned officer married her]: Zelenin 1991, No. 104 (99): 447-450.

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Daurenbekov 1979 [=Tursunov 1983:253-257; Bibisary promises to marry Akbay if he brings five herds, each of a special suit; he is brought in, sees B. in the arms of a herd, B. turns A. into a dog; A. the dog leaves with the caravan, returns, sister B. returns him to his human appearance, tells him to throw a handful of earth at B., but she throws first, A. becomes a lark; sister B. frees him from his snare, orders him to steal the ring from under B.'s braid; he kidnaps, becomes a man, turns B. into a female, a herdsman into a wild boar; A. loses his ring, lives alone; Sumergen ("cruel hunter") kills one of the three marals, roasts his liver, a piece falls on a carcass, the maral revives, runs away; shouts for S. to come to A.'s yurt; S. tells his story, A. returns his mind; S. repents that he killed many animals, grows a garden together with A.; three marals come running, praise him, S. and A. find a lost ring in their hoof print, it fulfills their wishes]: 218-223; Potanin 1916, No. 40 [Abi's elder brother followed the leopard Koehler road ("if you go, you'll come"), Tabi's younger brother Kelmes ("if you go, you won't come"); A. married the daughter of a wealthy merchant; T. hires a shepherd, sees the sun going down, gold coins appear under his mattress; disguised as a black boy, she comes to a girl who rejected her suitors; she wants to marry him, his father refuses; they fly away on their father's throne; the wife returns to their father; 40 sparrows say that this branch turns into a flying throne, and the other turns people into animals; T. turns Khan's people into mares; meets A.; turns mares back into people], 47 [bai went to three sides, died on the way to the fourth; before his death he tells four sons (the youngest from his youngest wife) to go there; the brothers spent the night in an empty a yurt with meat in the cauldron and kumis in the sub; first Zadà's younger brother went to bed, then he began to guard the elders' sleep; killed the seven-headed old woman Jalmaus Kempir; another old woman said that the prince was building the princess living between earth and sky reached the stairs; Z. was not afraid to get up, killed the dragon who was about to swallow the princess, returned to the brothers, leaving a note; the other dragon grabs Z. turns into a woman, tells me to find out what Saduar did to the rose and what the rose did to Saduar; the old woman sends an answer to the mullah, who sends him to the cherry plum kara-gus (bird hero); Z. swims to the island, lies under with a tree, kills a dragon crawling to eat chicks; their mother arrives with storm and wind; brings Z. to the city of Saduar, leaves her pen; S., the local king; tells how he rushed at the black slave - his wife Rose's lover; his wife hit him with a cane, turned him into a crane for three years, three more into a pole; into a cat; Rosa's six-year-old son touched the cat with a cane, restoring S. to human appearance; S. turned his wife as a donkey, then her and her lover in pigs, people beat them to death; S. wanted to execute Z., but the Alyp-Kara-Gus took him away; that woman was S.'s daughter, S. passed her off as Z.; the king of heaven passed him off as Z. and his daughter; the brothers buried Z. in a hole to take his wives; he burned the pen, the bird brought him home; he fired arrows into the sky, they fell, pierced the brothers]: 144-145, 159-162; Karakalpaks (Takhtakupir) district) [the shepherd and the vizier saw a golden ring on the road; the vizier suggested: the find will go to the one who experienced more suffering; told how in his youth he was grabbed by a biy, put him in the skin of a bull and threw him on at the top of the mountain; a bird that flew in pecked his skin - so he was free; the shepherd told how his witch wife got angry and turned him into a black dog; he ran to the bay, who was about to migrate; saw the forgotten ax and sword, buried them; when bai sent a man for them, brought them to him; bai took the shepherd to town; the shepherd ran to his sister-in-law; she realized that it was not a dog, but her son-in-law; turned him back into a man; the shepherd finished his story, received a ring]: Baskakov 1951:25-26; Kyrgyz [before marriage, the mother advises her son to ask the khan to talk about Gulbar; khan tells how he loved his wife G. when he was young; in the morning he found the horse in soap; the groom says that G. leaves at night; the khan follows G. to the ugly sorcerer's house in the woods; he beats G., the khan kills him , G. swears, runs away; at home G. looked at Khan, turning him into a dog; tells him to exterminate all dogs in the city; Khan Dog runs away; in the forest house Sabir (hunter's wife and sister G.) realizes that the dog - the bewitched khan, splashes him; teaches Khan witchcraft, who turns G. into a bird; now she is in the khan's cage; the mother reproaches her son for marriage, but he replies that he married daughter S.]: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1963:108-111 (=197:157-159, =Muchnik 1944:13-15); Uighurs: Kabirov 1963:154-159 [Khan promises to give Shamshizhamal for whoever beats her at chess; everyone loses, they are executed; After offering the two peries to resolve their dispute, Tair takes their invisible skullcap, a flying carpet, a cane giving food; puts S. to sleep with a long game, carries her away on a flying carpet; she flies back while T. sleeps; he finds four apple trees, their apples turn people into animals and back, into women and men; appearing as a beggar, turns S., her father Sh. dit, four apple trees, their apples turn people into animals and back to women and men; appearing as a beggar, father and courtiers in maral, horses; restores human appearance; marries Sh., flies with her to her mother], 320-331 [stepmother torments with work Khazhyarkhan's stepdaughter; H. spins, grazing cows, cotton blows away by the wind, she comes to the old woman's cave for him; she tells her to cook thick noodles, pour the garbage into a hole in the roof, pull her hair out; H. does everything wrong ( thin noodles, gently takes out rubbish and garbage, washes and combs the old woman's head); gets a ball of ready-made threads, her hair turns golden, gets the old woman's hair to burn it if help is needed; stepmother sends daughter Patyamkhan, who does everything wrong, steals gold, dandruff covers her head; (hereinafter, pp. 324-329, Cinderella story); becoming the wife of the padishah's son (his name Adil), H. visits the house, P. with his stepmother they pour boiling water over her, bury her; P. attaches her braids to himself, puts on her clothes, comes to her husband; a drop of H.'s blood fell, turned into a bird; she flies into A.'s garden, shouts that there is a secret in the house; A. pretends to be sick, will recover if she eats a bird; bones and feathers are buried, two roses have grown; the wife pulls them out of A.'s hands; poplar grows in the same place, the wife demands to cut it down; the sliver stuck to the gardener's beard, falls to the floor of his house, turns into H.; she talks about everything to A., her tears became a river, her stepmother and P. drowned in it]; Dungans [brushwood collector Shynbor finds two eggs in birds nest, a stranger buys them for a lot of money; Sh.'s wife goes with him, brings a bird home, S. sells eggs, gets rich; Sh. leaves, his wife takes a lover named Sychyn, he asks to slaughter and cook a bird; sons Shynmyn (younger) and Shynfu (elder) accidentally eat the heart and head; S. demands that a woman let him eat the heart of his youngest and the head of his eldest sons; they run away; Shynfu goes down to get it out of a well of water, cannot get out; Shynfeng goes to get a rope, blind old people find and adopt Shynfa; gold coins are found under his pillow every morning, he does not know about it; says that a person driving along the western road will return with gold, sing, blind old people find and adopt Shynf on the eastern one - on the same day, along the southern road - without clothes; a widow lives on the east, beats the travelers; Shynfu beats her; the fortuneteller says that if Shynfu vomits, he will regurgitate the bird's heart; the widow gave him drink, swallowed his heart, Shynfu lost everything; three fight for a bag (gives gold), a table (food), a stick (will take him where he needs to go ); Shynfu invites them to run to the distillation, picks up objects; tells the stick to take the widow's house to the desert; the widow takes the stick, returns the house, Shynfu stays in the desert; hears three pigeons talking (under poplars on an apple; the one who smells the first will be covered with red hair; the second will become beautiful, the third will turn into a donkey or a mule; Shynfu gives the second to the maid (becomes beautiful), the third to the widow (done donkey); the donkey comes running to the council, officials decide that he has come to complain; the governor is Shynfeng; orders the widow to return to her human appearance by letting her smell the first apple, give her a drink, she regurgitated the heart of a bird, Shynfu swallowed it again, married a widow]: Riftin et al. 1977, No. 6:62-68.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. The Buryats (probably Trans-Baikal, were first published in the works of the Troitskosavsko-Kyakhtinsky Department. Russian Geographical Society, 1901) [when he dies, the father bequeaths a rug and a scourge to his three sons; they cannot share the inheritance; the traveler fires an arrow: whoever brings it back first will receive things; sits on the rug, hits with a scourge, flies away; flies to a meadow where 6 khan's daughters; one of them sat down on a rug, a man flew away with her; one day she finds a rug and a scourge, flies away; a man meets an old man, he gives him drugs; what's in in a red knot, turns it into a horse, in a blue knot it returns to its former appearance; a person turns a dog into a horse, goes to the khan, hires a cook; turns himself and the khan's daughters into horses, chases them, then restores human appearance; returns his wife]: Dugarov 1990:363-366; Mongols (written monuments) [in the absence of her husband, his friend came to his wife; the wife drew a field on the ashes, sowed there seeds, harvested, ground and fried grains, treated the guest; then hit him with a staff, turning him into a donkey; another man spied on her, swapped bowls, grabbed a staff, turned the woman into the donkey, drove them to his place; they were met by their husband, recognized the donkey as his wife, believed the rumors about her sorcery, returned them, disgraced them]: Yeongdong 1989, No. 33:70, Table 1; Mongols: Mátéffy 2014 (Mongolian version of Geser, published in Beijing in 1716; the text is folklore, not bookish) [the cannibal in the form of a llama comes to Heser; turns him into a donkey; G. Rogmo meets the cannibal; people seek help from Mrs. Aju Mergen; she takes the form of an ogre's sister, she has eyebrows to her chest, chest to her knees; lures R., she rides Osle-G; G. regains human appearance; G. and AM go hunting; AM tells you not to miss, shooting at the flame on the head of the fallow deer; the arrow pierced the entire body of the fallow deer, but it galloped away and disappeared into the fortress; G. broke the gate with an ax, turned into a boy, saw an old woman (this is the cannibal's sister) with an arrow through her body; the boy agrees to pull out an arrow if the woman agrees to become his wife; she swears that G. pulls out an arrow the old woman swallows G. and AM, later burps; G. lures the ogre, who has become a llama, into the hut, burns him in it]; Potanin 1883 [Rogmogoa, Hesser's wife, turns him into a donkey with the help of a mangus guest; another his wife Absumergen destroys the spell, restores G. to her former appearance; G.'s mother dies of sorrow, but her son frees her from hell and takes her to heaven (this is the end of G.'s adventures)]: 818; darhats [man caught a bird, then the animals began to come by themselves, the hunter became rich; the wife met with the merchant, who asked to cook a bird, her two sons accidentally entered, the youngest ate the head, the elder wing; mother they began to beat them, they ran away, lost each other; the youngest lives with an old woman, sells hay, is paid at exorbitant prices; Noyon's daughter lures him to her, got him drunk, he regurgitated gems first, then the bird's head; Noyon's daughter threw it away, he returned to the old woman, happiness is gone; the young man leaves, undertakes to judge his father arguing over the inheritance: who will get an invisible hat, a wish-fulfilling box and a staff with which you can walk on the water; he threw a stone, told me to race, took possession of things, came back to Noyon's daughter, she took everything again, leaving only a staff; he came to live with another old woman, pretended to be sleeping, saw that it was a shulmusikha with one eye in her forehead; pretended to wake up, shulmusikha took the form of an old woman again; replied that the flowers on her box made her wishes come true ; fell asleep; the young man burned her eye with a hot staff, ran away, crossed the sea with the help of a staff, shulmusikha rushed after her and drowned; the young man came to Noyon's daughter, turned her flowers her horse, maids as donkeys; promised Noyon to find his daughter if he gave him her box; it contained all the magic objects; the young man restored Noyon's daughter to human form, but left only one eye; gave a second after receiving Noyon's daughter as his wife; noyon made him a senior dignitary; he found his father and mother, made his father a boss, his mother a maid; his older brother caught forty, agreed not to kill, she became a girl, her father gave a piece of cloth, she fulfills her wishes, the fabric was changed in the ail; then she gave a baton, she began to beat the deceivers, they returned the matter; servants and cattle came out of her]: Potanin 1883, No. 160:535-539.

Western Siberia. Mansi [Endir-hum ("Yendyr man") tells Nizyam-humu that his wife is unfaithful; N. finds his wife with her lover, who whips him, turns him into a dog; the Tobolsk merchant took the dog to him, gives it to the governor, he to the king; she beat off the royal baby from the crow; the king awarded the dog, returned it to the governor, he gave it to the village. Nizyama; ex-wife wants to take away the award, whips the dog, turns her into a crow; the old man caught her, whipped her, N. became human again, the old man gave him a whip; he hit his wife and lover with it, turning into horses; I rode them, did not feed them, they burned down in the fire]: Kuzakova 1994:112-115.

Eastern Siberia. Dolgans [two orphan boys meet a man; he tells how he was a king's son, ran away, married Abaasa's daughter; she turned him into a horse; on his mother's advice, he is the daughter of Abaasa turned him into a mare, rode it; she turned him into a puppy; the puppy ran to the old people, caught game, they got rich; drove the wolves away; got to Abaasa's old daughter, she turned him into a bird; she caught her royal daughter; at night he is her husband, they have a son and daughter; the daughter of Abaasa comes, fights with her current ayyi wife; the boy turns the ayyas into a spruce, the abaas into a birch tree, the son into a candle, the daughter into a litter, himself into a worshiper; Both orphans come; they turn everyone into people except abaasa; she is burned]: Ergis 1967b, No. 128:190-191.

Japan. Japanese (including northern Ryukyu) [two, three or seven travelers spend the night in the mountains in an inn; one spies on the owner or hostess sow seeds in the ashes of the hearth, of which immediately plants grow, cakes are baked from seeds (porridge is cooked), guests are given to eat, they turn into horses; only the person who looks is saved, the cannibal hostess runs after him, stops the persecution after sunrise; a person finds an antidote grass, lets his comrades eat, who become human again; unrecognized, he gives magic food to the hostess, who turns into a horse]: Ikeda 1971, No. 567:152-153.

Plains. Santi: Riggs 1893 [Badger easily kills buffalo with his magic arrow; Gray Bear begins to take all his meat; after picking up a blood clot, Badger turns him into a young man in the steam room; he kills the Bear first with an arrow, then his wife, hitting their little finger; kills the Bear's children, except the youngest, who was kind to Badger; Badger does not tell the Blood Clot to talk to the old one on the way Ungtomi; a young man violates the ban, falls asleep; W. turns him into a black dog, puts on his clothes; in the village he is mistaken for a Blood Clot; the text ends]: 101-104; Wallis 1923, No. 22 [The spider wears daughter's clothes, meets her fiancé, lies down with him, turns him into a dog, puts on his clothes, takes his form, marries the eldest of two sisters; comes from hunting empty-handed; the dog turns a stump into the bear's carcass; the spider says he killed the bear, but his carcass becomes a stump again (the same with river stones that the dog turns into beavers); the hero's first wife restores his human appearance; agrees for a good little sister to become a second wife; Spider turned into a black dog, banished]: 90-92; Omaha, Ponka [see motif K27; villains offer to compete; older brothers perish; the youngest wins; the last villain stays alive, turns into a woman, puts his head on the hero's lap, steals his magic pen, turns the hero into a black dog, marries his daughter chief; in the steam room, her sister returns the hero to his former appearance; he marries her, takes his pen back, turns the villain himself into a black dog; crows pecked the eyes of the hero's parents; older sister (the imaginary hero's ex-wife) restores their sight; for this, the hero agrees to marry her]: Dorsey 1888b: 74; iowa [see motive J12; the chief sends his two daughters to marry Wagre Cagre (White Feather, Eagle); various forest animals come, pretend to be VG; sisters ask about their lifestyle, reject them; a man with a white feather lies as if he kills deer, bears, moose; older sister marries him, the youngest refuses; marries a real VC when he appears; VG brings big game, false VG rabbits; asks VG to get a raccoon out of the hollow, turns him into a dog; the dog continues hunt for his wife; asks him to be taken to the hollow; comes out on the other side in his old form; sleeps with a false VG in the winter forest; he says his clothes are burning this month; VG pretends to be sleeping replaces parcels of clothes; false VG throws his own into the fire; freezes in the forest; he was the last of the giants]: Skinner 1925, No. 7:458-461.

The Great Southwest. Navajo [turned to coyote]: Johly, B'yash 1958:8-14; Haile 1950:1-82, 151-154; Hopi [turned to coyote]: Wallis 1936, No. 21:60-68; Zunyi [turned to coyote]: Cushing 1901: 132-146; tiva (Taos) [turned into a fox]: Parsons 1940a, No. 1:5-7; Navajo [see motif K21; pueblo enslaves a young man, called Scavenger; lowered onto a rocky cornice, ordering him to throw it off they are eagles; the Wind and the Talking God advise them not to abandon their chicks; pueblo leave the young man on the rock; eagles bring him food; wrapped in a cloud and tied with lightning and rainbows, they carry them to the heavenly hole; they get tired; they give feathers to the heavenly lightning snakes, which help carry the burden into the hole; Eagles warn not to touch the blue vessels in the house; the young man opens them, the rain begins on the ground; the young man runs in fear, his the Spider catches; the Eagles help him out; when he touches the young man, the Coyote turns him into a coyote; the eagles find him, let him through the hoop, the young man takes on his true form; the swallow knocks stones over him Eagles revive him; a young man helps the Eagles defeat enemies, marries, stays in heaven]: Reichard 1977, No. 4:26-36; Zunyi [young man hunts rabbits; sorcerer turns him into a coyote; Eagle picks him up to heaven, regains its former appearance; Eagles give him their feathers; he first lives with them, then descends to earth; they take feathers while he is still in the air; he falls but wakes up; eagles kill him ( because he broke his promise to leave them meat?)] : Parsons 1930, No. 17:49-51; see motif K33. Eastern (Seama) and Western (Laguna) ceres; tiva: Goldfrank 1926 (Isleta) [the wife's lover receives strength from the Spider; when hunting, he throws his belt; the husband touches him, turns into a coyote; a lover disguised as a husband comes to his grandmother, sleeps with his wife; a coyote comes to the village, dogs do not touch him; two shepherds recognize him as a man; a shaman tells him to jump through the hoop, returning him to his old one appearance; the husband offers to jump through the form of a lover, who turns into a rattlesnake]: 77-78; Parsons 1932c (Isleta), No. 36 [1) a worthless hunter envies good things; goes hunting with him, offers grab his belt, thus turning him into a coyote; returns home with a deer; a young coyote comes to his grandmother, he is driven away; people see tears in his eyes, understand that he is human; let him jump through the hoop, he returns to his former appearance; he turns his enemy into a rattlesnake; 2) like Goldfrank]: 432-437; 1940 (Taos), No. 13 [the young man envies a friend's hunting luck; puts his belt in a ring , offers to jump through it, a friend turns into a coyote; Aquatic Men restore it to its former appearance, give it a turquoise hoop; an envious person jumps around him, becomes a coyote forever], 14 [1) Tididipobiana chooses Flower as his wife, rejects Yellow Corn and Blue Corn; out of jealousy, they ask him to jump through the hoop, turning him into a coyote; the Turquoise old man destroys witchcraft by giving him jump through a turquoise hoop; gives turquoise bracelets; wearing them, angry girls turn into a double-headed rattlesnake (from calebass to rattles); 2) a young man marries White Corn; Blue and Yellow turn her into a coyote, letting her jump through the turquoise jug stand; the husband takes his wife somewhere, restores her former appearance; angry girls turn into snakes]: 49-52.

Mesoamerica Tsutukhil [husband does not know that his wife is a characotel (witch); she is ill because she cannot bring the Master of Death the necessary number of sick souls; her husband is trying in vain to give her medication; neighbor explains that on Wednesdays and Fridays, the man's wife goes to the cemetery to gnaw the bones of the dead; the husband secretly follows his wife, hears her conversation with the Master of Death; at home he reproaches his wife, she throws hers at him a skirt, turns her into a dog; threatens her mother-in-law to do the same to her; on Friday brings her husband to the cemetery, makes her human again; the Master of Death tells him not to tell anything, otherwise he will die; husband becomes an idiot; the Master of Death takes his wife's soul because she did not bring him the souls he needed; after her death, her husband talks about what happened and becomes normal again]: Sexton 1992:127-132.