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K38. The hero helps the chicks, B364.4.


For doing good to chicks (rarely: flying snake cubs), their grateful mother does a favor to a person.

Kordofan, Kabila, Arabs of Algeria, Tunisia, Maltese, Germans (Pomerania), Sumerians, Palestinians, Arabs of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tibetans, Tibetans Amdo, Mustang, Bhutan, Hindi, Warli, Marathi , Nepalis, Himachal Pakhari, Bengalis, Oriya, Telugu, Tamils, Gondas, Kondas, Baiga, Maria, Sinhales, Koreans, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians, Moldovans, Hungarians, Bosnians, Serbs, Albanians, Gagauz, Czechs, Slovaks, Russians (Tersky Bereg, Arkhangelsk, Olonetskaya, Vologda, Moscow, Kursk), Belarusians, Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Transcarpathia, Hutsulshchina), Crimean Tatars, Kalmyks, Stavropol Turkmens, Kabardian people, Abazins, Adygs, Abkhazians, Karachays, Balkarians, Ossetians, Terek Cossacks, Ingush, Nogais, Kumyks, Dargins, Avars, Lezgins, Udins, Armenians, Svans, Pshavas, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Bakhtiyars, Tajiks, Tajiks Sistan, Baluchis, Uzbeks, Yagnobs, Vakhans, Sarykol, Munjan, Bartangans, Turkmens, Latvians, Lutsi, Veps, Estonians, Setus, Karelians, Finns, Komi, Chuvash, Mari, Kazan Tatars, Astrakhan Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Karakalpaks, Uighurs, Salars, Dungans, Baraba Tatars, Altaians, Chelkans, Tuvans, South Altai Tuvans, Baikal and Trans-Baikal Buryats, Mongols (Inner Mongolia), Darkhats, Dagurs, Dongxians, Mansi, Northern Khanty, (Northern (?) Selkups), Evenks of Katanga District, Central (?) Yakuts, Asian Eskimos (Naukan).

The hero helps the young, a grateful mother takes them to earth from the lower world or to their homeland from a remote place.

Algerian Arabs, Palestinians, Arabs of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Tibetans, Bhutan, Romanians, Moldovans, Gagauz, Hungarians, Greeks, (Serbs), Bosnians, Albanians, Bulgarians, Czechs, Slovaks, Westerners Ukrainians, Crimean Tatars [makes it possible to fly], Kalmyks, Stavropol Turkmens, Kabardian people, Abkhazians, Adygs (Temirgoyevtsy), Karachays, Balkarians, Ossetians, Terek Cossacks, Ingush, Avars, Lezgins, Udins , Armenians, Pshavas, Svans, Georgians, Turks, Azerbaijanis, Kurds, Persians, Yagnobs, Shugnans, Uzbeks, Turkmens, Komi, Mari, Chuvash, Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs, Tuvans, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats, Dongxians.

The hero helps the chicks, the grateful bird brings him to the remote place he wants to go.

Tunisia (saves bird eggs from snakes), Sumer, Syrian Arabs, Iraqi Arabs, Tibetans, Bengalis, Telugu, Tamils, Gondas, Kondas, Marias, Tamils, Sinhales, (Serbs), Greeks, Kalmyks, Abaza, Adygs (Shapsugs), Avars, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Turks, Kurds, Persians, Bakhtiyars, Tajiks of Sistan, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Vakhans, Sarykols, Munjans, Bartangs, Bashkirs, Turkmens, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Uighurs, Dagurs, Mansi, Ingarigd Evenks, Asian Eskimos (Naukan).

The hero helps the chicks, the bird rewards him in a different way.

Kordofan [brings and inserts back torn eyes], Palestinians [helps hide], Mustang [gives a chick], Hindi [gives a chick], Varley [takes it to the river to recruit sand, teaches you to get a bride], Marathi [refers to the place where the soul of an evil wizard is kept], oriya [gives a means to revive a friend], baiga [gives a chick], Greeks [gives a pen], Moldovans [calls the Wind Sons, those help find a sister, get a wife], Albanians [gives three hair; gives a pen], Russians [gives a pen], Kalmyks [returns foals, helps hide], Stavropol Turkmens [gives chicks], Dargins [gives a chick], Avars [barks a pen], Azerbaijanis [gives a feather; gives a chick], Kurds [gives a pen], Persians [gives a pen], Baluchis [gives a chick, gives a feather], Uzbeks [gives a pen], Turkmens [gives a pen], Kazan Tatars [gives a magic ring], Kazakhs [gives a pen], Karakalpaks [gives a pen], Kyrgyz [gives a pen], Baraba Tatars [gives the desired object - fish bone], Altaians [gives a pen, helps with advice], Chelkan people [ gives a pen], South Altai Tuvans [warns of danger; gives a pen to call her to help], darhats [brings poisonous foam - the bride's father's task], Buryats [gives a pen, gives a magic object], Mongols Inner Mongolia [not a decree, but it's not about flying from the lower world to land].

The bird lures the hero to kill the monster that threatens its chicks.

Altaians, Tuvans, South Altai Tuvans, Buryats (Khorin); see motive K38b1.


bird brings the hero to its nest to kill the monster that threatens its chicks.

Kazakhs, Assiniboine, Crowe, Hidatsa, Arikara, Kogi.

The hero accidentally finds a bird in the nest and teaches you to kill a boa constrictor


Sudan-East Africa. Kordofan (language not specified) [man's son, Faris (strong-dzhigit hero); went to pick up the bride; found a girl at the camp; she said he would find them in his footsteps; Faris returned home, and I went to pick up a girl in the morning; every evening he finds bread in the parking lot; one day the bread is still warm; but in the dark Faris lost his way; came to a house where 7 brothers sleep in one room and in the other - girl (not the one he met before); the seat next to him on the bed is empty; Faris lay down, but put his sword between himself and the girl; fell asleep; the girl woke up and called her brothers; they realized that Faris was not plotted evil, told her to continue to sleep; in the morning they told Faris that the robber and his men were trying to get their sister; asked her to fight him, because they themselves were tired of fighting; when Faris arrived at enemies, who rushed to take away his weapon and horse, but he killed many and returned to his brothers; again fighting enemies and returning to his brothers; on the third day, Faris killed the leader, took his men to slavery, took possession of the fortification and treasures, brought everything and brought everyone to the brothers' house; their sister lies down with Phariz and asks them not to put the sword between them anymore; the next day he went to look for that first the girl and on the same day reached the place where her people stayed for the night; her sheikh father promises a daughter to someone who would pick her up at a gallop and bring her on horseback; only Fariz did it, got a wife, brought her by 7 brothers; he now has 2 wives; he takes them to his parents; on the way, the fortress that Saidi And built from his severed heads; Faris knocked out one skull with a spear and promised SA to plug a hole in his own with his head; Faris easily defeated him; he said that he was born a slave; asked to take him as a slave and assistant, Fariz agreed; seeing Fariz with two wives, his father decided to kill his son and take the women for himself; Faris understood this; told the SA not to let anyone into the fortification where wives, when he himself, at the suggestion of his father, went with his father's men to bring a tree to build a new house; the father promised his people that his son will not take a weapon with him; let them poke out his eyes and pierce his heart; let them bring the eyes and blood vessel of the victim; they pulled out their eyes, but did not kill, but brought blood to the gazelle; the SA does not let Phariz's father to women; he sends his men, but SA kills many every day; at this time, Pariz heard a snake crawl to the bird's nest to eat a chick; crushed a snake; a grateful mother bird she brought her torn eyes, put them back in; accidentally changed places, making Fariz even more beautiful; because of this, SA did not recognize him at home; Fariz went to his wives (and apparently killed his father in the morning)]: Frobenius, No. 16:179-192 (this text was translated into Russian and named Nubian in Katznelson 1968:323-345).

North Africa. Kabila [a sick father tells his seven sons to bring the hearts of their wives - he will eat them and recover; only the youngest refuses, leaves with his wife; going for fire, he comes to 99 Wuarssen (devas), those they cook 99 dead people in a cauldron, offer to remove the cauldron from the fire; the young man picks up and overturns the cauldron, kills the devas, throws him into the hole; brings his wife into the house of the devas, tells him not to enter the same room, leaves hunt; the wife comes in, sees that one dev is only injured, heals him, converges with him; the young man comes to the cannibal teriel, puts on her chest, now she is his mother, promises to help; to get rid of The woman's husband, Dev, advises her to ask him to bring rejuvenating apples from overseas; T.: meat in front of the ox, change straw in front of the dog; there is a black bull nearby, he will furiously throw horns, you will fly across seven seas, fall on an apple tree, pick apples; an eagle's nest on the apple tree, give meat to the chicks, the eagle will bring it back; when he returns, the young man gave 4 apples to T. and 4 to his wife; dev to the woman: tell her husband that You are afraid if he is not weak, let him tie himself; when he can't break his fetters, I'll get out and kill him; he tears all his fetters; T. young man: they will kill you, ask you to put your bones in a bag, load it on a donkey, he will come, I'll revive you; when he came back to his wife, she offered to tie him with her hair, he couldn't escape, the devil killed him and ate him, but the bones were sent on a donkey; T. folded her bones, covered him with wool and silk, gave him milk, his body recovered, she revived him with a rejuvenating apple; allowed him to return home when he could easily lift a bag of salt and a bag of iron; he comes disguised as a beggar, dev lets him in; offered to tell a fairy tale; while he is telling his story, Dev and his wife sink into the ground, he cuts their heads off; kills their deva son; wants to return to his father, T. gives the box (do not open on the way) and a black man; he opens outside the house, there is a beautiful daughter T., she has a ring that creates a palace; the young man's father sees his wife, wants her for himself, promises a Jew a reward for killing his son; he leads the young man hunts, feeds salty meat, gives water in exchange for eyes, brings them to the young man's father; he goes with the warriors to take his wife, but the black man does not let him in, kills everyone; the young man hears the conversation between the old eagle and the chicks; the old one has lost his feathers, asks to cover him; chicks: suddenly our father will treat us like a man with his son who is under a tree; eagle: let the young man rub his eyes with the leaves of a tree; the young man saw the light, the chicks covered an eagle; the young man came to the old woman, changed his clothes, his father did not recognize him, promised to give him his power as an elder if he killed a black man alone; the young man agreed with his wife that the black man would be tied to blood, blood will spill, he will fall; witnesses: this man killed a black man; the father hands over power to his son without knowing who it is; before that, asks the wise men if the father can marry his daughter-in-law; 6 say yes, the seventh, that no; the father orders him to be killed, the young man kills him himself, orders him to kill a Jew and punish six wise men]: Frobenius 1922a, No. 2:11-24; kabila [the king has three wives: a black woman, an Arab woman, a cabin; an apple tree in the garden it blooms in the morning, bears fruit in the evening, but the apples disappear; the son of the cabin is guarding, did not notice anything; the son of an Arab woman is the same; the son of a black woman grabs a bird by the tail, the feathers remain in his hands; they bring them to the father, everyone sings; the father demands to get the bird itself; the mother gives a ball to follow; the brothers refuse to follow the son of a black woman; meets an old woman; she teaches him to go to town, take a bird, but without a cage; he takes a golden cage; the ghoul tells you to get the horse of perfume; the old woman teaches not to take bridles; the young man took it; the king of spirits orders to get the cannibal's daughter; the old woman teaches to venerate the cannibal's breasts; the cannibal demands for her daughter a hundred camels and a hundred camels; an old woman teaches to take no more than a hundred; he brings camels to the cannibal; she gives a daughter and leaves the camels to the young man too; the same with everyone, he gets everything he gets; meets brothers ; they let him down the well to get water; there's a different world; women are afraid that the cannibal will eat the young man; one warns that the cannibal will give a choice of two daggers: with a golden handle and a wooden one; the young man took gold and cut the ogre in half, refusing to strike a second blow; the young man sends the woman upstairs; she gave her ring: the brothers will betray you; they really cut off the rope; the young man comes to the old woman; goats black milk: she eats coal and earth, there is nothing else; tells her not to herd it on foreign land; the young man goes there with the goat, the milk has turned white; the eagle's nest, the snake crawls to eat the chicks; the young man killed the snake with a knife; the bird ordered meat to be harvested, carried the young man to the ground; he came to his father; the brothers were tied to the horse's mane; their heads were used to make stones for the hearth, and coal mixers from their hands]: Rivière 1882, No. 10:235- 244; the Arabs of Algeria [Emhammed, the youngest of the Sultan's three sons, hunts lions and panthers, the elders bring partridges; the brothers envy him; tell their father that he can bring an apple stalk whose the fruits are rejuvenating; the father sends E., who brought a stalk, the apple tree soon grew, brought three apples; the sultan ate and became younger; by the end of the year he aged again, but new apples arrived in time; one day someone apples stole; the eldest son guards, efreet takes away both the apples and himself; a year later, the same with the middle son; when E.'s turn, he cuts off the efrita's hand, but he takes the apples; on a bloody trail, E. comes to the hole ; goes down the rope; there is a city; E. consistently meets three beauties, each on a golden bed, kidnapped on her wedding day; E. cut off the head of efrita, freed the brothers whom he beat and walled up; found 9 stolen apples, divided them between beauties; sent brothers, then women upstairs; the youngest gave a ring: if E. is not picked up, let him open the chest, there are two reeds in it, they must be thrown to the ground, they will turn into black and white goats; white will carry it to the ground, black will lower it even deeper; the brothers cut off the rope; E. touched the black goat, which carried it down; there is an old woman with her dog, a donkey, two goats and a goat; in front of the dog straw, in front of a donkey, a thistle in front of goats; E. gave thistle to a donkey, straw to goats, bones to a dog; the old woman said that goats should not be taken to good pastures, they have owners; E. began to herd goats there; lions, panthers, jackals attacked, but E. killed them all; saw the snake crawl to the vulture nest; chopped it into 7 pieces and gave them to the chicks; mother bird grateful, the snake was her worst enemy, the mother bird takes E. to the ground; the three rescued women do not want to marry the E. brothers, who called themselves saviors; the youngest requires a caftan sewn without scissors and needles, let him stand and dance; the sultan tells the tailor to make a caftan; E. lives with a tailor, turned the ring given to him, 7 girls appear, they perform everything; now the girl demands a silver chicken with golden chickens; the same; the girl agreed with E. that at the wedding she would throw the apple not to the Sultan's eldest son, to whom he wanted to give it, but E.; E. appeared on a white horse, cut off two to his elder brother finger; the next day against his middle brother on a black horse; the sultan slightly wounded E. with an arrow to identify him later; everything was clarified; the sultan gave the throne to E.; he forgave the brothers, married them to their elders beauties, and he married his youngest]: Filleul de Pétigny 1951:39-63; Tunisia [the sultan wanted to marry his son, but he only wanted to marry Muhabbil; taking his closest friend, he went in search of the girl; they came to town, where they were told that M. was the king's daughter, but he hides her and her sister from everyone; then the prince dressed in the skin of a gazelle, and his friend pretended to be a clown, took the drum, so they entertained everyone; the king invited them and took them to the princesses he hid under the throne all night; the prince took off the ring from M.'s finger, put his own on it instead; the next day, the prince with the friend changed into normal clothes, came to ask M. and her sister for hand; the king made a condition to find brides; they pretended to be looking for, on the seventh day they said that princesses could only be under the royal throne; the king was distracted, friends grabbed the princesses, ran away; a friend distracted the pursuing warriors, took them with him, and when he returned, he saw that the prince had turned to the waist into stone; this is with him made a genie who took the princesses; a friend found a genie, got a job as a shepherd for him, persuaded the princesses to agree to marry a genie if he told me where his spirit was; he said, a friend of the prince went in search, saved the eagle's eggs from the snake, the eagle carried him across the seven seas, and he gave him the meat of a snake, divided into seven pieces; found a camel, took out his heart, a chest from it, and a sparrow's chest; The prince's friend divided the camel's meat into seven pieces, crossed the seven seas again on an eagle; the genie disgraced the prince, but the prince's friend killed him anyway; they took the princesses, returned to the prince's father, Sultan invited the princesses father to the festival; wedding]: Al-Aribi 2009, No. 87 in Korovkina MS

Southern Europe. Maltese (many options; it is difficult to restore specific texts in detail from the paraphrase) [someone steals golden apples; the elder, middle princes fall asleep (or for some other reason I can't grab the thief), the younger one injures a many-headed monster, follows a bloody trail to a cave, a failure, etc.; brothers lower him down on a rope; brothers leave and carry the rope; or companions, not brothers, they they throw a rope, but the hero tied a stone instead of himself just in case; each of the three rescued princesses gives the hero a small object in which her luxurious dress is an almond, a walnut and a chestnut; the hero the many-headed snake defeats, which glows because it eats gold; the last princess advises you to get up first and then pick it up, but the hero does not listen; the companions cut the rope; the shepherd tells the hero jumps on a white ram, but he accidentally jumps on a black sheep, falls even lower; he feeds the hungry chicks of the mighty eagle, they explain how to open the heavy iron door; or explains everything their grateful mother; this eagle is the guardian of three girls; one of them tells you to choose the rusty sword to fight the monster; his body glitters because he eats gold; the eagle takes the hero and girl to the ground, he feeds and gives her water, cuts off the last piece from her leg, the eagle puts it back; the elder prince wants to marry the youngest of the rescued girls; she requires the groom to have a seamless dress, etc. hero); the king asks the youngest son to punish the elders; they are boiled alive or skinned, used as a rug or napkins]: Mifsud-Chircop 1978, No. 301:33-41.

Western Europe. The Germans (Pomerania) [a son born to a peasant immediately walks and talks; tells the pastor to call him Sonderbar ("extraordinary", Z.); his parents gave him supplies and sent him to wander; carries loaded carts through the water; ordered a huge iron club for the blacksmith; bent it, hitting a rock; ordered a new one - even harder; meets, takes as companions 1) putting mountains one on another; 2) uprooting trees; juggling millstones; gives everyone to hold their club: they cannot do it; noticing a light from the tree, the strongmen came to the house; it has a kitchen and a room; they they hunt and take turns cooking; a dwarf comes, asks for food, beats the cook and eats everything; Z. pinched the dwarf's beard, split the tree and knocked out a wedge; he tore off his beard and left; a bloody trail reaches for a hole in the ground; there is a rope with a basket; satellites can't, Z. descends; he went down so long that winter and summer changed; to test the satellites, Z. sent a stone in the basket up; those the rope was cut off, the stone fell and shattered; the princess in the castle, there were three bridges to it, along which three-, six, nine-headed dragons; Z. easily killed the three-headed and hardly the six-headed; princess gave to drink strong water, Z. managed to raise the sword that hung above the well; Z. waited for the 9-headed man to fall asleep with his heads on the princess's knees, threw it away and cut off his heads; the dwarf: to return to earth, we must feed the chicks of a huge bird; its flight to the upper world takes so long that the chicks starve to death every time; Z. fed the chicks, they hid it, and it opened after the father bird promised that he would not eat it; he took Z. and the princess in his claws and flew; Z. threw food for him, a piece was not enough, cut off his legs from his calf; this piece is especially tasty; when the bird found out what was going on, the bird regurgitated it and put it back; Z. killed traitors and companions with a club, brought the princess to her father and married her; they are alive unless they die]: Jahn 1891, No. 19:120-128.

Western Asia. Palestinians: Lebedev 1990, No. 19 [the king gives his barren wife three apples to eat, she gives birth to a son three times; seeds grow three apple trees; every year the wind tears off their petals; the elders Sons Raid and Zaid guard, flee from the cloud; the younger Said shoots, follows a bloody trail to the well, descends; the kidnapped princess Dumia explains that a sleeping wounded giant can be killed only with his sword; S. kills; D. gives his dress and ring, tells him to sit on a white ram; S. sends D. and treasures upstairs; seeing D., R. and Z. throw a rope; S. accidentally sat on a black ram, got into seventh lower world; kills a snake that tried to kill piglets; the pig promises to take S. upstairs if he prepares 40 rams and 40 wineskins of water; the water is closed by the evil spirit of efreet, gives for girls; S. kills and. saves the princess; the pig takes S. to the ground; he puts lamb demand on his head, is hired as an apprentice; R. became king, expelled Z., is preparing a wedding with D.; she demands to make a ring and clothes; S.- the apprentice gives them to the owner, D. recognizes them; during the wedding, the elephant trampled R., S. killed the elephant (and the bear), D. recognized him, he reigned], 24 [Sabir and his son Zafir caught a huge fish; she asked Z. her let go, gives two pearls as ransom and a hair to summon her; Z. left the pearls to his father and left; killed a snake that was about to eat eagles; a grateful eagle gives a pen to summon her; an old woman milks sheep and camels, milk and blood, pastures were captured by a giant and a monster; Z. hired a shepherd, killed a tiger, an eight-headed serpent and a giant; asks the Sultan's daughter; she will marry a groom who can hide from her a thousand dinars; Z. calls helpers; the eagle hides behind the clouds, the fish in the sea; the princess knows that the money is not on earth; for the third time Z. pours blood in the pelvis, puts gold chain mail on top, puts it under pomegranate tree; princess does not understand what she sees, Z. marries her]: 109-117, 130-138; Palestinians [the king has elder sons Ahmed and Mohammed and younger Khalil; the king wants them to marry; sons go on a journey; on the way, H. kills a monster and a seven-headed serpent; H. sees a beauty on the roof from a distance; comes to town; this is the youngest of the king's three daughters; H. kills four guards, enters to the princess's chambers and kisses her; confesses to the king that he killed the monsters and kissed his daughter; the vizier advises to agree to give his daughters to the princes, but for the youngest, let H. get a crown of gems from jeweler Mahmud; H. comes to the green plain, there is a tree, he kills a snake that is going to devour the eagle's chicks; the eagle brings him to M.; he is the brother of the monster and the seven-headed snake, but 40 times stronger than them; I agree to give a crown if H. gets Aika, the daughter of the sorceress Lahhuj; the eagle flew to A.; she turned her into stone, and H. bewitched her half; but regretted and disgraced both; asked for her release from L.; they flee, taking the castle with them, L. pursues; A. created the sea behind her, L. drank it; L. cut the glass mountain; extinguished the mountain of fire;; A. gave H. a fiery sword, he killed L. with them; they flew to M., H. and killed him, took all the necklaces; now the king asks to cross the sea; the eagle turned into a horse and H. rode across the sea as if by land; received a princess; after the wedding, everyone said goodbye to king, but H. is not, because of this his wife cries; H. returned to say goodbye, while the Jew took his wife; H. went in search; the shepherd became his companion; they killed the camel, H. climbed into his shoes and the Jew believed that the shepherd was with the camel; the shepherd lured the Jew out of the house; at this time H. learned from a girl kidnapped by a Jew {not his wife} that the Jew's life was outside his body; asked him to find out where; first he said that broom; the girl began to take care of her; Jew: no, his soul was in the claw of a lion; H. killed a lion, there was a box in his paw, a bird in it; the girl asked for a bird to be given to her; began to tear it up, tearing off the Jew's hands first, then legs and then head; H. returned to his father {apparently with three wives} and he handed him the throne]: Littmann 2016:5-26; Syrian Arabs: Bushnaq 1987 [the king has a rare flower garden, it has an unusual only one in a flower in the world; every night someone picks a flower; three princes take turns guarding; the eldest two fell asleep; the youngest cut his hand and rubbed salt into the wound; a huge marid appeared, the prince wounded him with a sword; in the morning, the brothers came on a bloody trail to a bottomless well; the elder brother begins to descend, frightened, asks him to pick him up; the same middle brother goes down to the bottom; in the marble palace, the girl: on her chest stolen flowers, the head of a sleeping marid on his knees; the prince cut off his head; an old man appeared: we must sit on a ram to return to the ground; the white and black sheep began to butt; the prince planted the girl on a white one, and he took her to the brothers' father's palace; the prince sat on a black one and he carried him seven tiers down; the prince lay down under a tree; a griffin's nest on the tree; the snake crawls to eat the chicks; the prince cut off the snake head and fed her meat to the chicks; the griffin mother flew in and wanted to throw a stone on the prince who fell asleep, but the chicks explained that the prince had saved them; she agreed to raise the prince to the ground - to eat the sheep to fly to every next tier; after the sixth, one sheep slipped off and the prince cut off his leg for the bird; on the ground, the griffin put her leg back and it grew; the prince married the rescued princess, and older brothers are disgraced]: 104-108; Kuhr 1993 [the fisherman caught nothing, and the next day he caught a huge fish; she gave him three scales that must be burned if help is needed; the fisherman killed the snake, eagle, who was going to eat the chicks; the eagle gives three feathers; the fisherman drove away the dogs chasing the fox, the fox gave three hairs; the fisherman came to the city, where the princess's grooms heads on the walls on the stakes; on it the one who can hide from her marries; the fish takes her to the sea, the eagle to the clouds, both times the princess sees everything; the fox hides the young man in the chest in the princess's room; her mirror sees everything but this chest; after weddings, the fisherman became a vizier and ordered the skulls to be removed from the stakes]: 89-95; Oestrup 1897 (6): 82-96 in Semenov 1930 (Damascus) [the tsar gives three sons a golden pen; promises the throne to whoever brings the bird itself; the eldest, the middle, stay with the owner of the garden, who asks to tell a lie; as soon as they open their mouths, they are told that this is not a lie, they are thrown into prison; the youngest sleeps at the spring under a tree, kills the devil, who drank from the spring and is about to eat the eagle's chicks; she brings the prince to the castle, tells him to take the sword from the wall, touch nothing else; he touches the walls, 40 devils tell him to return the sword, pull the sheath, the sword remains with the young man; the bird brings it to the girl who has the bird; he puts the girl to sleep, takes her and the bird; the lie to the garden owner begins with the words, "When I was three years old and my son 50.. "; gets a garden, frees the brothers; they ask them to go down to the well for water, leave it at the bottom; the girl manages to give a chain and a bracelet; the Bedouin leader pulls him out and sends him to Damascus; the young man changes clothes with a poor man, is hired by a Bedouin; the girl makes it a condition to make a chain and a bracelet; the jeweler brings them, the girl realizes that the prince is in town; the prince defeats the brothers in equestrian competitions by knocking them down horse; forgives, gets wife and throne]: 194-199; Iraqi Arabs: Stevens 2006, No. 8 [Shamshum al Jabbar (Shamshum the Great) married a merchant's daughter; she has fun in the desert at night with 40 devas, plays with they play chess; her son sees it, tells his father that he easily overcomes the devas, returns his wife; the devas ask her to know what her husband's strength is; he lies that in birds (devas kill all birds), in a broom (they burn everything brooms), S. does not weaken; in his hair; his wife cuts Sh. In a dream, the devas shackle him, bury him waist-deep in the desert; S.'s son frees him, brings him his sword, he kills the devas one by one, cutting off their heads; the last two heads, only one is cut off, he escapes, becomes the lover of the Caliph's daughter overseas; S. and his son come to the shore, where snakes regularly eat eagles, S. kills him with a sword, eagles say mother, that S. is their savior, she agrees to transfer S. and her son to the island, her son dies there, S. reads sacred books; the caliph's daughter finds out about him, magically transfers herself to the island; S. asks to cut off his head, bury him next to his son, the Caliph's daughter fulfills his wish]: 30-35; Lebedev 1990, No. 20 [the king is blind, grass across the seven seas will help him; three sons travel along three roads, Muhammad on the middle road; kills a snake crawling to the bird's nest; the bird first thinks that M. killed its chicks, the chicks explain; the bird carries it across the seven seas, he returns with grass; meets brothers; goes down to the well, brothers cut off the rope; the voice tells M. to grab a white ram, and if he grabs a black ram, he will go even lower; M. grabs a black one; an old woman: a black giant gives water in exchange for girls; M. wakes up from a girl who fell in a tear, killed a giant, rolled back the stone, the water poured; the tsar gives him his daughter, brings him to the ground; the brothers repented, the father saw the light]: 118-123; Yaremenko 1990, No. 17 [the tsar has a tree with wonderful flowers, someone steals flowers; three sons take turns guarding; Ahmed, Mahmud fall asleep, younger Muhammad sees Marid (evil or good spirit) tearing flowers, following him to the well; elder sons they lower them, they ask them to be lifted back; the youngest goes down to the girl who has the bouquet; she points to the sleeping marid and the sword, the young man kills him; they go to meet the old man, he explains that the white ram will lift her to the ground, the black will lower her to the seventh lower world; the girl sat on white, the older brothers brought her to her father, said they released her; she asked for the wedding to be postponed; Muhammad sat on black a ram; in the lower world he killed a snake trying to swallow an eagle; an eagle wants to kill M., eagles explain that he saved them; she takes him to the ground; older brothers run away, Muhammad marries the rescued girl, gets the throne]: 103-105; Saudia [the king has a tree, someone steals flowers from him; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep; the younger Muhammad noticed Marida, followed him, he disappeared into the well; the older brothers are afraid, M. came down; there was a girl, holding flowers from the royal garden in her hands; a sword on the wall; M. hacked marida with them; he managed to close the door, M. and the girl went and met the old man; he herded two rams; white will take them to the ground, black will lower them to the seventh underworld; M. put the girl on white; the older brothers attributed her salvation to themselves; the girl asks to postpone the wedding; M. saw a snake, who is trying to swallow an eagle; M. killed a snake, threw snake meat to eagles; an eagle flew in, wanted to pick up a stone and kill M., the eagle told her everything; M. asked to take it to the ground; when he saw M. the older brothers ran away and he married the rescued girl]: Juhaiman 1999:50-53; the Sumerians [King Uruka Enmerkar organizes a trip to the mountainous country of Aratta to persuade her king to submit; Lugalbanda goes with his brothers to Aratta; he falls ill and his brothers leave him; he climbs into the nest of the huge Anzu (Anzud) eagle with shark teeth, feeds honey and decorates the chick; male and female the eagles return; when they do not hear the chick's response, they think that it has been kidnapped; when they find the chick decorated, Anzud offers L. a reward; he asks A. to take it home to Uruk; Anzud does so]: Afanasyeva 1997:192-203; (cf. Akkad, the Sumerians [according to the "royal list" (c. 21st century BC), Ethan is the ruler of Kish; Akkadian legend came in fragments in versions of the beginning, middle, late 2nd and early 1st millennium BC; the eagle, having entered into an alliance with the snake, breaks it by devouring one of its cubs, for which it is punished as a violator of the "Shamash Oath", judge and guardian of contracts; the snake, on the advice of S., hides in the carcass of a bull and attacks at an eagle that has flown up to the carcass; throws it into the hole, plucking down and feathers; E., on the advice of Sh., saves the eagle; in gratitude, the eagle promises to raise it to heaven to get the "grass of birth", for E.'s wife cannot to be born; apparently, the "grass of birth" was obtained, because tradition mentions E.'s son named Balich (Palich); Elian (3rd century AD) attributes eagle flying to Gilgamesh]: Afanasyeva 1982c: 671.

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Tibetans [the poor man has a deformed son; he grows up, sees a white drake on the lake; catches him in a noose; he says he is the ruler in heaven, promises his daughter; sends the youngest to marry a young man and live with him for 9 years; she goes down, creates a palace and treasures, after 9 years everything disappears; the young man wanders, sees griffin chicks on a rock by the lake, a dragon crawls towards them, a young man kills him with a sword; a grateful adult griffin brings the young man to heaven; the wife sees him, asks his father to send her back to earth; the gods agree, but take away the girl's immortal properties; the griffin brings the couple to earth, they are happy]: O'Connor 1906:92-102; Tibetans (Amdo) [a mare gave birth to a boy, an old lady adopted him; with two friends he hides from the rain in a cave; they see 3 turtles fly in, steel girls, prayed, flew away again; the same day on August 15 the following year; two years later, the young men grabbed and destroyed the pigeon bodies, took the girls as wives; wives wither away; the young men saw a kite flew in, became a copper-billed witch, she drank the girls' blood, flew away, the mare's son managed to injure her with an arrow; the young men follow the bloody trail, the companions let the mare's son down, cut off the rope, Garuda picked him up; a local shepherd says that a witch was wounded by an arrow; another shepherd herds many goats; this is the son of a witch; replies that in order to tie goats, you must tell them to "Contact"; to cross the river, tell the river to retreat up and down, cross the dry; after bringing goats, he will lick the wound on the mother's back inflicted by the mare's son; the mare's son offers to remove his lice; son witches: I have a black mole around my neck, my mother's strength is in it, be careful; the second part of my mother's life is at home in a needle in a salt bag; a mare's son crushed a mole {and obviously killed a shepherd}, put on his clothes, took a yak tongue with him; told the waters to part, the goats to contact him; the witch takes him for a son, asks him to lick the wound; he explains that his tongue is hard because he did not drink water today; breaks a needle, witch dies; leaving the witch's house, the son of a mare killed a snake that was about to eat Garuda's chick; the chick explains to its mother that the man saved him; the mare's son asks to be brought to the ground; the garuda asks prepare 100 bird carcasses and 100 wineskins full of water; carries the mare's son across the sea; he forgives his companions, reigns, everything is fine] Kajihama 2004, No. 28:117-123; Mustang: Kretschmar 1985, No. 27 [ the eldest queen is childless, the youngest is pregnant; when the king returned, the eldest said that the youngest gave birth to a puppy to lick the king's brains and pest to break his head; the king ordered the youngest to be sent away, the eldest expelled her from countries, the baby was thrown to be eaten by a guard dog; she has been raising a baby for three years, losing weight herself; the kennel tells the king that a child eats everything; the king orders to kill the dog; she has managed to pass on the child to the cow; she is losing weight, the shepherd made sure that everything is eaten by an Otrung Gepo child with a golden top, a silver bottom, a mother-of-pearl belt; the king orders to kill the cow, she managed to pass the OG to the horse; the same is with her ; she tells OG to bring a saddle, reins, bow and arrows, he got on a horse and rode away; killed a snake with an arrow that was about to eat three cubs; adult tigers came, saw the cubs sleeping, thought that their man was theirs killed; the cubs woke up, told everything, the tigers gave the OG one tiger cub; three Garuda's chicks had their eyes stuck together, OG washed them, the chicks fell asleep (the same as with the cubs - adults gave one chick); the old man herds the herd, says that in three days the elephant will choose a groom for the royal daughter; OG killed the shepherd, put on his wrinkles, the elephant chose him; the king expelled the young to live in the forest; OG tells his wife bring a copper cauldron, benches with tables from her mother, invites the king and the people to the feast; the king tells her daughter to follow her husband; in the evening she pretends to fall asleep; when OG takes off the old man's skin, she threw her into the fire; father-in-law and everyone is happy; OG comes to his father, who says he does not have a son; oh demands that his mother be returned; she is covered with hair like a tiger, calls her son every time; she was given food with with alcohol, she fell asleep, she was smeared with flour and butter, the wool came off; OG ordered both queens to be planted on mats, each with an egg on her head; killed the eldest queen with an arrow, ruled two kingdoms], 28 [old woman, Lhawa Döndrub, who sheltered the boy, said that the demon killed his father and took his mother away; he goes to take revenge; another old woman tells the demoness to fall to her chest and call her mother; she tells her to shove big the demon's fingers in his mouth, then he will not eat it; he tells him to go only during the day, the young man's mother is across the river; the demon senses that his wife's son has come, advises him to pretend to be sick, send his son 1) for the tigress's milk; After shooting at the tiger, LD shot him a goiter, a grateful tiger gave him milk and a medium tiger cub to boot; 2) behind Garuda's pen; LD killed a snake that was about to eat Garuda's four chicks; she gives a feather and one a chick; 3) a golden pen from the demon brother's forehead; the tiger jumped on his chest, Garuda grabbed the pen, the demon shouted that he would go; they brought him in, LD killed his mother and her demon husband; went to look for the bride; from the king three daughters, LD chose the youngest when they came for water, but the king did not give it up; Garuda found the heavenly fairy's home, LD married her; they planted two trees: if someone was in trouble, it would dry up; while LD was hunting, an old woman came to the fairy to watch the dogs and cattle; she guessed that the LD's life in a golden dagger threw it into the fire, LD fell dead; then the old woman invited the fairy to feed the fish rice, drowned it; Garuda I saw that the trees had dried up, a friendly demon (who had a pen on his forehead) threw the amulet, found out that the old woman was to blame; she was tied, nailed to a tree, the remnants of the golden dagger were taken out of the hearth; everything good {no details}]: 158-164, 165-168; Bhutan [a smart and resourceful guy was wandering; two fighting over an invisible hat; the guy tells them to step away and run to him whoever gets there first he will receive a hat; puts it on himself, leaves; he also gets a wooden vessel that gives any food and a drum-plane; marries; told his wife about the vessel and the drum; flew with her across the lake to the mountains to pray; she sat on the drum, took the vessel and flew to her parents; pieces of food fall from above into the cave; it was the garuda who made a nest in a tree and feeds the chicks; this is what the guy eats; one day he sees him crawl to the nest snake; killed her; grateful garuda parents carried him back across the lake; he saw a hermit pick up a yellow flower, become a monkey, climb a tree and eat fruit, and then pick up a white one and again becomes a man; the guy picked a flower, came to his wife in an invisible hat, turned her into a monkey; then appeared in the guise of a soothsayer; said that there was stolen goods in the house;; he was given a vessel and drum, he restored his wife to her human appearance and left]: Choden 1994:73-77.

South Asia. North India, Bijnor County, Hindi [the prince took care of the snake and let it go; she gave him an iron chain to make his wishes come true; he went to hunt for the Silent Princess; took a splinter out of the tigress's paw , she gave one of the cubs; saved Garuda's chicks from the snake, she gave one of the chicks; they all swam in the river and covered themselves with gold; the prince appeared at the princess's swayamvara in rags, but she threw a wreath at him; the prince became king; went again to get the Silent Princess; tasks: a bridge over the river; create an unprecedented garden; with the help of helper spirits from his chain, the prince laid a mountain across the river and lowered Indra's garden to the ground; made the princess speak; to do this, he begins to talk not to her, but to the objects next to her; they say that the princess does not wash or clean them; the princess is indignant; becomes his wife; while walking, the prince sees rubies in the river; goes upstream; there is another princess who is bewitched by the Rakshasa; the prince awakens her; peri reports that the heart of the Rakshasa in the parrot is on on the top of a tree beyond seven seas; he is guarded by rakshasa, snakes and scorpions; the prince picks up peri and two other wives on his way home; (animals do not play a role)]: Crooke 1895, No. 475:172-175 (a shorter retelling this or a very similar text in W.H.D.R. 1896:408-409); Varley [the hermit adopted a baby girl; she has grown up, he does not want to part with her, poses unsolvable tasks for grooms; tells quietly get fruit from a tree in the middle of the village, where it is always crowded; the son of a poor widow sees a snake crawling into the cranes nest, killing it; the chicks tell the mother who has arrived that they will not eat until she will not ask their father to find out how to help the young savior; the father-crane puts the young man on his back, flies to the river, they collect sand there, return to the tree; the crane tells those looking to throw at The eyes are sand and, while they rub their eyes, collect the fruit; the young man gets the daughter of a hermit]: Satyawadi 2010:45-46; Marathi [rani died leaving seven daughters; the youngest Balna is smarter than others; widow Every time the vizier comes for fire, throws dirt into the food; the Raja watches, summons the culprit, who persuaded her to marry her; tyrannites stepdaughters; a tree has grown on their mother's grave, sisters eat fruits; the stepmother pretends to be sick, tells him to uproot the tree, make a decoction; the pond at the grave is filled with bread; the stepmother tells him to fall asleep, kill his stepdaughters, bring their eyes; the Raja takes her daughters to the forest, brings deer eyes to his wife; seven princes see seven sisters, marry; first the youngest, then the rest disappear; B. gives birth to a son; the wizard Punchkin comes to the palace, turns B. into a dog, takes him away; the boy grows up, goes to look for his father's parents and brothers; finds P.'s castle, where his mother has been locked up for 12 years; his father and uncles are turned into trees and stones; the gardener disguises the young man as his daughter; she is told carry water for B.; the son shows the ring, the mother recognizes it; he asks to know what P.'s soul is; B. pretends to be almost ready to marry P., he says that his life in a parrot under clay with vessels, demons around; a young man kills a snake that regularly eagles; a grateful eagle gives them to him; they bring the young man to the vessels, he grabs the parrot, flies away again, the demons did not have time to attack; the young man returns the eagles, comes to P., orders them to revive those turned into trees and stones first, then tears off the parrot's wings, legs and head; P. died, everything is fine]: Frere 1868, No. 1:1-17; Nepalis [the judge's son and the minister's son are friends, born on the same day; the judge's son is married; he wants to find a bride for the minister's son; friends travel, spend the night under a tree; the judge's son sees how the serpent swallows their horses, but lost the jewel in which his life was; the judge's son took the stone, the serpent died, the judge's son cut his stomach, the horses came out alive; with this stone friends come to the lake, the water recedes, they see palace, take the daughter of the serpent king as his wife to the minister's son; she goes to mourn the serpent father; the other king hunts, sees the girl, is blind with love; the old woman finds the girl, calls the warriors, they refer her to this king; son the judge finds out that the old woman has a fool son covered in ash; takes his form, takes the girl away; both friends and the girl spend the night under a tree; the judge's son sees a snake crawling to the falcon's nest, killing a snake; falcons they tell their mother about this; in response, she talks about the threats that await the young; a tree will fall on them, a bridge will collapse under them, they will be buried by a landslide, elephants will trample, wedding food will be poisoned, at night A snake will crawl into the bedroom; if the hearing tells, he will turn into stone; the judge's son forces the minister's son and girlfriend to travel before dawn, wade across the river, etc.; the minister's son every time dissatisfied; the judge's son broke into the bedroom, killed the snake, the minister's son thinks he wanted to kill him; the judge's son says everything, gets stony; manages to say that he will come to life if the minister's son spills blood on him first child; wife killed newborn, judge's son came to life; went to live in another country]: Heunemann 1980, No. 5:67-75; himachali plowmen [Bhinwa is a wealthy peasant and his brother Hinwa has been working for him for 4 dry cakes a day; B.: this is because your Destiny sleeps across 7 seas; H. went to look for it; saw a snake crawling to an eagle's nest on a big tree; killed her; parent eagles flew in; grateful eagle- the father agreed to take H. to his Destiny; before that, the Tree asks Destiny to know why its leaves are dry; upon arrival, H. woke up Destiny; the tree dries because a snake guards its roots treasures: let him kill the snake and dig up treasures; having learned this, H. returned to his land on an eagle; killed a snake, took treasures, the tree turned green; H. tamed and saddled a wild horse; found out that the princess was sick, cured her, got her married; returned home with treasures and wife; brothers healed well]: Seethalakshmi 1960, No. 15:56-57; Bengalis: Day 1914, No. 8 [=Porozhnyakov 1990:100-107; merchant asks seven daughters, whose money they are going to live on; six say that his own, the seventh youngest; he tells her to be taken to the forest; the old nanny leaves with her; at night the tree hides them in the hollow from wild animals, teaches them to scatter crumbs near a pond; at night, peacocks come to peck at them, drop their feathers, the girl makes fans, the old woman sells them, the expelled get rich; the merchant is broke; his daughter greets him, gives him money; when he goes sailing, he asks what to bring each daughter; the youngest answers the servant "Sobur" ("wait"; the Muslim name Shobur is "patient, persistent"), who realizes that she needs something called Sobur; a man sells Sobur, this is a box; when left alone, the girl finds a fan and a mirror in it; touches the fan, Prince Shobur appears; takes the girl as his wife; envious sisters pour him there is crushed glass on the bed; his servants take him to his country; his wife, in men's clothes, calling herself Sannyasi (sannyashi, religious devotee), goes looking for him; cuts a snake that regularly eats chicks birds Bihangama and his wife Bihangani; they arrive, the chicks talk about what happened; the male explains that the prince will be healed by their crushed dry droppings; brings the woman to the prince's country; unrecognized, she heals the prince, asks for his ring as a reward; returning back on the bird, touches the fan; S. appears, sees his ring; everyone is happy]: 124-137; Devi 1915 [The king's 7 wives finally gave birth to a son; they grew up and the king decided to marry them to the seven daughters of another king; six sons went to pick up the brides, and the youngest remained to watch over the affairs and sent his sword in his place; the king led the sons into the kingdom of brides along a long but safe road, but on the way back he chose a short path; a sorcerer came out and turned everyone into stone; however, the younger princess's palanquin was at the end of the caravan and the sorcerer did not notice him; servants they ran forward and petrified, but the princess herself escaped; she ran to the house and started knocking, but the same sorcerer lived in the house; because she called him father, the sorcerer spared her; the younger prince went to look missing father and brothers and came to the same house; he promised that if a man opened him, he would become his brother, or if a woman, a sister; the princess opened it; although they had married, now they I had to become brother and sister; when the sorcerer came, the princess turned the prince into a fly; asked the sorcerer that petrified people could be revived with living water from a well in his house; then asked what life was like a sorcerer; he replied that the egg contained a bird caged in a tree and a tree on a distant island; the prince went in search; when he was resting under a tree, he saw a snake crawling to the nest of large eagles; hacked her; the chicks told their parents that the young man had saved them; they flew to the island and brought the prince a bird cage; a sorcerer appeared, but the prince tore off the bird's legs, and the sorcerer was also left without legs; then crushed the egg and the sorcerer died; the birds brought the prince to the princess; they revived the petrified; since the princess performed the ceremony with a sword, she plunged it into her heart]: 117-126; oriya [friend The prince is the son of a clergyman (mantri), sees a pool and a painted female portrait in the forest; tries to hide it from the prince, but he sees and falls in love; a snake with a diamond on his head crawls out of the pond, leaves him, swallows horses, rushes at the prince, a friend kills a snake; with the help of a diamond, they enter the pond, there is the prince's daughter, she has promised to marry someone who sees her portrait; the prince takes her as his wife; the king sees it, demands that a ship be built under water, otherwise he executes carpenters; the vulture tells his children that such a ship can be made of the wood they sit on; the ship is built, the king takes the prince's wife; a friend finds the prince's wife, takes him back in a self-propelled ship; the guru's two heirs share his property: sandals that will take him to the right place, a pot that gives food, a cane when hitting which can create a village with people about land; a friend invites arguers to race, take away property with the prince and his wife; a friend hears a conversation between celestials; when the prince enters the palace, his the wall will crush it; it can be knocked down in advance, but the one who discovered the secret will petrify; spirits from the land of the dead: the prince will be thrown off by a horse (killing a horse is the same); people from the mountains: a cobra will crawl into the newlyweds room (same); friend orders to destroy the wall, kill the prince's horse; the stepmother gives the prince rice, a friend tells him to bury him; a friend kills a cobra, a drop of blood fell on the prince's wife, the friend tried to wipe it off, the prince woke up, demands an explanation; a friend told everything, petrified; the prince sees a snake crawling to eat vulture chicks, kills a snake; vulture mother: a friend will be revived by the earth from under this tree; a friend comes to life, everything is fine]: Mohanti 1975:24-29; Telugu [son of a carpenter, son of a kotwal, son of a minister and son of a king went in search of adventures; spent the night in a deserted place; the son of a carpenter was the first to guard; a girl appeared; seeing that someone awake, left in a moment ok; after reading the young man's thoughts, she approached again, put him to sleep, ate him and the horse completely; the same with the sons of the cauldron and the minister; but the prince noticed that the man could not in a blink of an eye to leave hundreds of meters, and climbed a tree; the cannibal began to shake the tree; then another king and his entourage arrived; the cannibal replied that she was waiting for her crazy husband by the tree; agreed go with the king; he made her beloved wife; at night she devours elephants and horses; she moved her bones under the bed of her main wife, who is pregnant; the king orders her to be executed in the forest, the soldiers let her go, brought her eyes fallow deer; the woman gave birth to a son, who grew up, went to the city, she gave him a ruby; he dropped him, the priest refused to give it back, brought him to the king; the young man promised to fill the pond with rubies if the king filled the same pearls; on the way back he killed a snake under a tree; she was going to eat the chicks of white crows, as she did every year; the mother crow wanted to kill the young man, but the chicks explained that he saved them; the female brought him to the palace of the rubies princess, and the male covered it while flying from the rays of the sun; the crows gave a pen to summon them if necessary; the princess, sitting in a cage in the form of a bird, manages to turn the young man to a fly before Rakshasa came; he gave the princess a human form; a young man tells the princess to find out what Rakshasa's soul is; in a parrot on an iron pole in the middle of the 7th sea; the crows brought him there, he killed him the parrot took the princess and returned to his mother; remembered that he had forgotten to take the rubies, but the princess said that they were her tears; the young man filled the pool with rubies, but the king could not fill it with pearls; he came to the young man recognized his mother as his ex-wife; he burned his Rakshasi wife a long time ago in a lime annealing oven; everything is fine]: Venkataswami 1923, No. 7:21-31; Tamils [from the Raja and the Minister for the Son; the Tsarevich asks father to allow him to see the world first and only then marry; went with the minister's son; the minister sees a statue of a girl with a bouquet in the temple; decided not to show it to the prince so that he would not fall in love; but he saw; priest: this is the daughter of a ruler named Chettiyar across the 7 seas; the minister's son left the prince in front of the sculpture, and he went after the woman; killed a snake that ate birds; the parent birds carried He was across seven seas; he saw gems below; asked him to be lowered for a while to relieve his need, and collected gems; C.'s daughter fell in love with him; he passed her off as his wife, and C.'s father did not recognize his daughter; she walked down the underground passage from the palace to the house of the Minister's son; C. let them go, believing that it was not his daughter, but the guest's wife; they flew back to the temple on birds and the girl gave the prince a bouquet as this was depicted; said that the minister's son died; then the prince died and then the girl; whose death was justified?] : Blackburn 2005, No. 10 (about the same No. 77); gondas [gondas multiplied, killed animals, lived in mud; Mahadeo imprisoned them in a cave, four stayed outside; born from a flower Lingo taught them farming, hunting, and using fire: the youngest gonda could not steal fire from the cannibal Ricad Gawadi; L. himself came to the WG, played the violin, got his seven daughters for it, gave them away gondam; the youngest got one wife, the others two; the wives flirted with L., he rejected them; they accused him of trying to rape them; the brothers killed L. with arrows and began to play with their eyes out; The creator sent the Raven with live water to revive L.; M. agrees to release the gonds if L. brings the Bingo chicks; L. killed a sea serpent eating chicks; adult Bingo brought elephant brains to the chicks and camels; agreed to take L. and the chicks to M.; the gondas came out of the cave, L. became their priest, then god]: S. Hyslop in Zograf 1971:8-11; condas [the king and queen have a son; they decided that there were more children they don't need it; but after 10 years they wanted another child, made sacrifices to the gods; however, immediately after the birth of their youngest son, both died; he was raised by his aunt; the baby cries and falls silent all the time after as she promises that he will marry a maiden who touches stone into gold and earth into cereals; at school, the prince quarreled with another boy; he called him a sorcerer whose fault his parents are responsible for died; the prince was shocked, climbed into the cave, stayed lying down; when he was found and brought to his aunt, he reminded her of her promise - it was time to fulfill it; he was married to a princess, but at the wedding he offered she could not turn the stone into gold; she could not, the prince rejected her; she was sent again to look for the bride; the servant, who went north, stopped in the village with a brahmana and saw his daughter turn a brass plate into golden; her name is Geiramma; the brahmana was brought in a palanquin to the queen (i.e. the prince's aunt) and she ordered him to bring her daughter, otherwise he would be executed; G. agrees to marry provided that she is with the prince during the day, and return to her father for the night; after the wedding, the prince and aunt thought that this would not last long, but even after a few years, G. still sat in the palanquin and went to her parents at sunset; The prince dressed as poor, followed her; when G.'s parents fell asleep, she opened the magic book, after which a white elephant descended from the sky for her; the prince grabbed his tail; at Indra G.'s palace, joined to 6 other heavenly maidens; the prince asked the old drummer to give him his seat; 7 virgins began to dance in front of I.; as a reward, G. asked I. for permission to always stay on earth if he wanted, or in heaven; he gave her a ring to do so; she came to thank the drummer without recognizing her husband; he asked for an I. ring as a reward and G. gave it to him; G. returned to the ground on an elephant's back, and the prince clutched his tail; in the morning they were both in the palace; the prince began to tell G. his supposedly dream, describing everything that happened at night; G. asked to show her the ring, persuaded her to give it to her, put it on and flew to sky; the prince went on a journey; saw a snake crawl through the tree to the nest, going to eat the chicks; he cut the snake apart, they turned into three mountains; parent birds flew in, each in their claws and elephant beak; chicks to parents: we will not eat until you help our savior; one of the birds put the prince on his back and, accompanied by another bird, brought I. to the palace; i.e. G. polluted By communicating with a mortal, I. sent both to earth; G. no longer left at night and, as a heavenly fairy, became the ruler of the country]: Schulze 1922, No. 23:113-123; Baiga: Elwin 1944, No. 8 [ A sadhu promises both wives a raja for a son if the Raja gives one to him; wives eat mangoes, give birth; first the raja sends the adopted young man; the sadhu threatens to kill both sons; when he comes to the sadhu a real Raja's son, the severed heads in his house advise the young man to ask him to do everything himself when the owner asks him to do everything himself; the young man cuts off the head of the sadha; on the way home, a tigress saves tiger cubs gives him one; kills a snake that devours the chicks of the Rai Gidal bird nightly, which gives him one; he marries a princess; chasing a deer together; kills a snake that eats birds nightly asking him to do it himself; with a tiger cub, a bird falls into a hole, breaks; his brother is indistinguishable from him, comes to the Raja, puts his sword between himself and his brother's wife at night; throwing his severed little finger into the hole, revives the dead; thinking that the second brother slept with his wife, the first kills him; learns the truth from his wife, she revives her second brother with living water], 22.3 [the widow Raja asks two sons whether to marry them or marry himself; sons ask their father to marry; one day the stepmother pretends to be raped by her stepsons; the son's father expels; they spend the night in the woods; while the elder sleeps, the youngest hacked down a snake that devoured the chicks a couple of birds living in a tree; grateful birds threw two chicks to the brothers so that they could eat; now the youngest fell asleep, and the eldest left unnoticed; came to the city where Rani has a new husband every day, who is found dead in the morning; the young man got married, killed two snakes that crawled out of his nostrils at night; stayed with her; the younger brother began working for a potter, found a beautiful wife; the potter left the young man under the potter's wheel, replaced his freak son; the wife found her husband and they ran away; came to their older brother; everything is fine]: 34-36, 448-449; maria [six brothers marry six sisters, the seventh is being taken home for her seventh, younger brother; Rakshasa turns six into stones, picks up sisters; the youngest comes, asks the sisters to find out where the life of the Rakshasa is kept; she is in a golden bird on a banyan across the seven seas; on the way, a young man kills a snake that devours another bird's chicks; it brings it to the banyan, then back; the young man tells the Rakshasa to revive the brothers, then finishes off the bird; the brothers pull out the youngest's eyes; he he is hired to guard the field from birds; maidens coming out of the water play with the young man at night, give him eyes for this time, take him away in the morning; the owner and fellow villagers help drive the maidens away, the young man remains with his eyes; the young man's bride promises to marry the one who sends an arrow into the sky; the young man, disguised as a beggar, wins, takes on his true form; the father expels six brothers, hands over the throne to the younger]: Elwin 1944, No. 13:53 -56; Tamils [Raja's son and minister's son went hunting; when he entered the temple on the mountain, the prince saw a portrait of a beauty with a bouquet in her hands; stunned: he must get a woman and a bouquet; the priest sent his son minister to the artist; he said that he bought a radiant female nail from a hunter and recreated the appearance of someone to whom the nail could belong; the hunter referred him to the banyan, under which he found the nail; the minister's son remained under the banyan; every day the snake eats eggs in the nest while the parent birds fly across 7 seas for food; the minister's son hacked a snake, the chicks told the mother about this; she told how she picked it up a shining nail across the seven seas; took the young man there; he picked up diamonds and gold on the roof of the palace; the bird gave a pen to summon it when it was time to fly back; the young man began selling jewelry near the Raja's house; he dug a secret passage there; told the Raja that he would leave for a week, and he made his way to the palace, made an agreement with the princess, and the Raju warned him that he would bring his wife to him; Raja's face seemed familiar, but when he went to the palace, his daughter was there again; the minister's son flew away in a male bird and the princess on a female; to check on the prince, the minister's son told the princess to say that he had been torn to pieces by animals; the prince immediately cut off his head and the princess stabbed himself after him; the minister's son brought the coffins home; the minister's son and prince had wives at home; the minister's son's wife promised to cut off her right hand in the temple of Kali if her husband would return alive; Kali stopped her and, for her piety, gave her strength to raise the dead; the prince's wife decided that the minister's son killed her husband and demanded his execution; the minister's son warned his wife that the birds vowed him; if he tells us what happened, he will fall to pieces; but if they are folded, he will come to life; the minister's son is forced to tell everything; his wife revived him and revived the prince and princess; his former wife was burned alive in a lime kiln]: Blackburn 2005, No. 47; Sinhalese [two sons of one king and the daughter of another came to swim from different sides of the river; the elder hid his clothes the princess, brought her to the palace; the king drove him away with his wife; they stayed with the widow, the prince told her to hide his wife's clothes, she persuaded her to return them to her; said that the prince would not see her until elephant chicks (Aet-Kanda-Lēniyā, at Kanda Lihini); the prince came to the forest, killed a cobra that crawled to the elephant's nest, fed the chicks; they asked their mother not to kill their savior; she took him to the princess's palace (he grabbed a branch, the bird held it in its beak); the prince buys and releases elephants, pigeons, fireflies; women carry water to wash the princess's hair, the prince throws it in jug ring; the princess calls him, agrees to return if he completes the tasks 1) clear the area in the forest for peas (elephants have completed), 2) sow (pigs), 3) collect peas (pigeons); the king orders 4) identify a daughter in a dark room among eight girls (fireflies); prince gets a wife]: Parker 1910, No. 51:291-299 (translated to Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 78:169-173).

China - Korea. Koreans [1) a man kills a large snake that is about to eat magpie chicks; throws it into the river; the end of the sickle with which he hit the snake breaks off and remains in its body; a few years later he I bought a sea eel; when I started eating, I swallowed the sickle in the eel, felt pain; at that moment a magpie flew in, pulled the sickle by the end of the man's mouth; 2) a man was fishing in the pond, killed with a knife a snake about to eat a heron chick; the blade broke off and remained inside the snake (referred to as in (1)]: Choi 1979, No. 121:41.

The Balkans. Romanians [dragons stole the sun, moon, stars, and the king's eyes; two elder princes went in search, but traded, lost money and were detained as debtors; younger Dragan Chenusha ("chenushe" means "ash"), who had previously been sitting in ash, got on a horse that ate hot coals, took weapons and armor, as well as ash cakes given by his mother, and went in search; bought it the brothers, taking gold from the horse's ear; while the brothers were sleeping, killed the dragon on the copper bridge that stole the stars, they returned to heaven; on the silver bridge, the moon; the long battle on the golden bridge; DC promised the crow more meat, than promised by the dragon, he sprinkled it with cold water and the dragon with hot water; DC killed the dragon, freed the sun; chipping in with his mouse, penetrated to the mother of the dragons and took away the box with his father's eyes; the dragon sent her two daughters to look like an apple tree and a well, and starved and thirsty on the brothers; DC crossed them with a sword, bleed; sent the brothers home to carry their father's eyes, and came to Mark Armenash himself, asked for 99 quintals of hot coals; when the dragon tried to stick her head, poured coals into her mouth and it exploded; DC went with MA to get a bride, the daughter of the Green King; they meet they accompany someone who hears oats grow and sees what is happening in another world; an arrow, a tree destroyer; drank; eaten; capable of freezing the sea; this latter covered the sea with ice to go to the country of the Green King; they were put in a hot iron house, which froze it; drank and ate and ate everything they were offered; to compete in the run with an old woman, she put the runner to sleep , putting a dragon bone under his head; the shooter knocked out the bone; they got the princess, crossed the ice, the freezer melted the ice again, the king and queen who rushed to pursue drowned; DC met the old man: There is no water, the dragon has closed the spring, allows you to take water in exchange for people, the princess's turn; DC killed the dragon, cut off the tips of his tongues; a dwarf with a long beard came to his hut, ate all the meat; DC split the beech, pinched his beard in the trunk; the dwarf pulled out the beech, disappeared into the lower world; DC came on a bloody trail; ordered him to be lowered into the black world on a rope; pretended to be a musician; devils promise a lot carts of gold, if he can free their king's beard from the beech; DC cut off his head, ran up to the rope, twitched, but no one picked up the rope; he hears the squeak of the griffin chicks: their dragon crawls to the nest eat; (killed the dragon); the griffin swallowed it and regurgitated it, making it stronger; agreed to take it to the ground; along the way, the meat ran out, DC cut it off piece by piece from his feet and from under his knee; the princess recognized DC by the dragon's severed tongues; the brothers' wives poisoned DCH's wife out of envy; he went for living water; the old man gave him a staff and a sheep, telling him not to leave them in the forest where the entrance to hell is located; a bird flying, dropped three feathers (her wife's hair) and three drops of blood (which fell from her wife's cheeks); DH left her staff and sheep in the woods and went home; turned into a walnut tree]: Bîrlea 1966:384-387; Moldovans: Botezat 1981:89-105 [childless old woman eats wheat grain, gives birth to son Golden Seed (ZZ); baby stops crying when mother promises to marry him to Steppe Beauty (SK); goes to look for her betrothed , on the way, as a sign of heroism, eats a whole ram, a bull; wins, takes Drevolom, Kamnedava as companions; twins cook in turn, SAM-with-Beard-with-Elbow (SB) eats lunch while sitting on horseback cook; ZZ defeats him, he runs away; someone cooks in the house; twins are waiting for three doves turning into fairies; one marries Drevolom, the other for Kamnedava, SK for ZZ; wives are losing weight, brothers they take turns guarding, becoming a sliver, a stone, the SB comes, hits them, demands their wings from the fairies, eats lunch; ZZ turns into a sword, pinches the SB beard in the trunk of an oak tree, he pulls out an oak tree, goes into the abyss; only ZZ dares to go down, finds SK, rearranges barrels of living and dead water, SB drinks dead water, ZZ cuts off his head, sends beauties upstairs, puts a stone in the basket for sample, brothers cut off rope, basket falls; ZZ kills the snake, grateful eagles hide it from its mother so that she does not swallow it; she swallows and regurgitates three times; carries it to the ground, feeds and water her in flight, the last cuts off a piece from her game, the eagle puts it back; Woodcutter and Stonedav made SK a maid, starve her son; ZZ tells her brothers to throw the club up, she falls on them, kills them; their wives they fly away with doves; ZZ brings his wife and son to his mother], 265-275 [in old age, the royal couple had a son; counselor: old people get younger after swimming in Saturday water; the king and queen came to Saturday water and they are younger, but the serpent took the queen as payment for her youth; the prince is grown up, extremely strong, the advisers whisper that this one would take the queen from the serpent; the prince asks the father who his mother is; the king: a white flower; The prince does not believe, he is ill; promises to recover by drinking water from the base of the palace; raised the palace and lowered it into the king's arm; he had to tell the truth; the king teaches to ring a bridle by the sea; went out a thin horse with his side torn off; jumped so that the rider hit the ninth heaven; on the way to Saturday water he jumped over the abyss; the prince found his mother, tells the snake to ask the snake where his strength is; the serpent: under the table; prince: clean it up; on the doorstep; prince: gild the threshold; snakes: across 9 seas and kingdoms, a dairy lake with blood Kabanikha with steel teeth, two rams butting in it, sparks are flying, quail in sparks, there is a box in it, three crickets in the box; on the way to the forest, three eagle chicks ask for help: they will be eaten by Leia Palea; a witch flew in, the prince defeated and killed her; the chicks hid the prince in the younger pen so that the mother, when she arrived, did not swallow it right away; the eagle brings it to the lake, leaves the pen to burn if necessary; the prince killed the wild boar, the sheep, summoned the eagle, flew to the snake, it is sick; when the prince tore it off the head of the second cricket, the serpent agreed to give him the whip of luck; the prince tore off the third's head; the whip of luck brought the prince and his mother home, his father gave him the kingdom]; Moldavian tales 1968:185-194 [God and St. Peter was walking by, Peter baptized the peasant's third son, who became prophetic; the godson of God (KB) plowed a furrow from the kitchen to the arable land so that his sister would walk along the furrow; the dragon recognized, held out a furrow to his home, the girl took lunch, got to the dragon; KB goes looking for her, throwing an iron core forward; the chicks say that the dragon from the well is eating them, 24 has already eaten them; KB cuts off both heads of the dragon; mother asks the chicks, where their savior is, they send her in the wrong direction so that she does not swallow KB in joy; she finds, swallows, belches, KB becomes handsome; asks the bird to find her sister; she calls her sons- Winds; Eastern self with a nail, a beard with an elbow on a lame hare; Southern tall, blind, gives hairs, if burned, will come to the rescue; KB meets Obivala, Opivala, South Wind; East and South Winds tear the dragon in half; three brothers fight for their father's inheritance - an invisible hat, a whip to fly on, an awl that lifts him to a glass mountain, where the king hides his daughter from the dragon; KB promises to throw things into the lake (whoever gets them faster), takes them himself; the king promises a daughter for killing the dragon; KB overhears Scaraosky (the devil's boss) telling the hell that KB should spray water on them from his baptisms, then he will take the treasure; so that KB does not sprinkle them with water, the devils bring him a dragon in a barrel; KB brings the barrel to the king, kills the dragon, faints; the king puts him in the barrel, drops him; KB burns hairs, a man with a nail on a lame hare frees him; the king demands for his daughter 1) a flower from the Flower Mountain (a man with a nail gives); 2) eat a herd of cows (Oat eats); 2) drink a well water (Opivalo drinks); 3) collect all the mosquitoes (South Wind collects); the king threw the awl to hell into the lake; KB again threatens them with baptismal water, they give them an awl; KYU climbs a glass mountain, marries on the princess], 266-275 [=Botezat 1981:200-210; dying, the mother tells her daughter to marry whoever the ring fits; the monster Peasant with-nail found out the size of the ring, forged his grandson's finger in size; girl complains about her mother's grave that she should go for the Snake; she advises to demand a dress from the groom like sunset, noon, dawn; like morning; like night; the serpent brings three times; on the advice of the mother, after the wedding, the girl says, Light is ahead, darkness is behind and disappears; spends the night in the forest; Snakes find her with dogs, cut off her hands, give her to dogs; the girl tries to cover the fallen chicks, a grateful bird turns it into a chick, raises it with others; chicks peck Green King's apples; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep, the youngest is an armless beauty; the prince goes to fetch water from under the dragon rock; three traits fight over boots to walk on water, invisible hats and a musical instrument (transfers them to any place); the prince invites them to race, takes away wonderful objects; at the spring, the invisible The prince hits the snakes, they think at each other, fight; the prince puts the last one in prison, brings water to the girl, her hands grow; the prince finishes off the snake, the girl manages to rip off his finger her ring, serpent turns to dust]; Hungarians: Gidash 1953 [a white horse gives birth to a boy, goes on a journey; meets Koroder, Stone Crusher, Iron Flexor; everyone answers what they would like measure his strength with the Son of the White Horse (SBL), defeated, comrades; each takes turns cooking porridge, Bakarast (a little man with a big beard takes it away); the SBL ties him by the beard to a tree, he pulls out a tree, hides in a hole; only the SBL decides to go down on a rope; pours porridge on B.'s stomach, eats it, leaves him tied; kills three-, six-, twelve-headed dragons, freeing him princesses of a copper, silver, golden castle; companions raise princesses, leave SBO underground; SBO covers the vulture chicks from the rain with its fur coat; their mother takes him to the ground; there is not enough food taken, SBO feeds her right hand, right leg; on the ground, she gives him wine, her arm and leg grow back; SBO kills traitors, takes girls to their father, marries the youngest]: 81-89; Ortutai 1974, No. 5 [ the old woman advised a childless woman to swallow legumes that she would sweep out of the house; the woman found, swallowed three grains, gave birth to sons named Evening, Night Owl, Dawn; they grew up, went seek service; the king asks to clean the well, promises three daughters; the brothers did the job, but the king admitted that his daughters were guarded by dragons; in the forest, the brothers saw a hole, stopped, and stood by queues to cook; every time the little man knocks down the cook, eats everything; when Dawn was left, he pinched the little man's beard with a tree; his brothers let him go for promising to show him how to go down into the hole; Dawn descended, the queen gave a multiplying ring, Dawn demolished 9 heads to the dragon; hitting the table with this royal stick, turned the palace into a silver apple; the same with the other two queens (12-headed dragon, golden apple; 18-headed, diamond apple); sent the queens upstairs; tied a stone instead, the brothers cut off the rope; Dawn sees blind spouses handing food to each other; their eyes the 24-headed dragon pulled out; the dawn quietly took the meat; then opened; the couple ordered not to herd sheep under the dragon's dominion; dawn killed the dragon, returned his eyes blinded; one eye of the woman was swallowed by a cat, Dawn put a cat's eye in the woman, she began to catch mice at night; Dawn hid the vulture birds from the hail of chicks; the mother bird tells me to cook meat and wine, brings Dawn to the ground, there was not enough meat, he cut off the meat from the calf; the bird: it was delicious, I would know it ate you; under the guise of a beggar, Dawn came to the king, the brothers did not recognize him; they answer that whoever brings his brother must be tied to the tail the horse, and the queen who saved must be married to her; the royals recognized their rings; Dawn forgave the brothers, married a younger princess]: 141-150; Macedonians [someone steals apples; older, middle brother they guard, fall asleep, the younger one injures the thief; the brothers go to the hole in the ground; they begin to lower the older, middle, they are afraid; the youngest goes down, kills the lamia, sends the gold stolen by the lamia, the harvest, girl; when the brothers begin to pick up the young man himself, they cut off the rope; he kills a snake that devours the eagle's chicks; the eagle tells him to prepare meat and wine for a month; takes the young man to the ground, the last piece He cuts off the meat from the leg behind the heel; the eagle heals the wound, but people still have a recess in their leg; the young man returns his treasures and his wife; (var.: a young man gets three girls in the lower world for himself and his brothers)]: Tsenev 2004:16; Bulgarians: Daskalova-Perkovska 1994, No. 301 [lamia, a snake steals golden apples (grapes, hay, etc.); two older brothers guard, fall asleep; on the third night, younger brother (sitting on ash) manages to injure her, goes to a hole, a well, where she goes to the lower world; she goes down, there is a girl or girls, the most beautiful gives him a ring; a young man kills a lamia; brothers take the girls upstairs, leave a young man downstairs; by mistake, a young man jumps on a black (not a white} ram, finds himself in a world even lower; there he kills a snake (lamia, hala), which annually devoured the chicks of a large bird (usually eagles); the bird lifts the hero upstairs, in flight he feeds her meat, cuts off the last piece from his own leg, from his thigh; the young man shows who he is by presenting the princess's ring or obtaining magic items ; marries the youngest saved princess], 301A [the hero is the son of a bear, a horse, sat on the stove for 25 years, etc.; wanders, takes heroes with different abilities as companions (can drink the sea; winds a rope out sand; very strong); while others hunt, everyone takes turns cooking; every time a demonic character (man, old woman) comes, eats all the food; the hero kills or injures him; follows his trail descends into the lower world; there he receives a ring from the youngest and most beautiful of the girls who own magic objects; there he kills a snake (lamia, hala), which annually devours the chicks of a large bird (usually eagles); the bird takes the hero upstairs, in flight he feeds her meat, cuts off the last piece from his own leg; on earth, the hero fulfills the marriage conditions of three girls; punishes sister traitors; marries youngest]: 96-98, 98-99; Klyagin-Kondratyeva 1951 [as soon as the old man's apple tree brings golden apples, the lamia steals them; the eldest, middle sons guard and fall asleep; the youngest pierces the lamia with an arrow tongue, brings an apple to his father, follows a bloody trail with his brothers to the well; the elder, middle brothers cannot go down because of the heat, the younger one goes down on a rope; there is a garden and a beautiful young man sends her upstairs, she gives him a wishful ring, tells him to jump on a white ram, while the black one will let him down into a world even lower; at the top, the brothers fight over a woman, she promises to marry , whoever gives a dress that fits in a walnut; a young man hits a black ram is downstairs; an old woman pours tears into flour instead of water, lamia closes the water, gives a jug for a person; an old woman fed her 6 sons, today she sent her daughter; a young man killed lamia with a dogwood truncheon, remained under a tree; a three-headed snake crawls to eat eagles, a young man killed him, the chicks told their mother who saved them; an eagle I agree to take them to the ground, it is necessary to prepare water, meat and bread; the young man cuts off the last 2 pieces from his feet; on the ground, the eagle returns these pieces; the young man tells the ring to appear a nut with a dress; brothers recognize the superiority of the younger; wedding]: 44-52; Bulgarians []: Leskien 1916, No. 18:73-77; Greeks: Dawkins 1916 [the king has three sons, the youngest is bald; someone steals apples; the youngest guards, The maiden hits me with a sword, he asks to hit me again; young man: my mother gave birth to me only once; the virgin disappeared into an underground hole; the young man went down there; the woman tells me to sit on a white ram, he will take me to the ground, and the black one will go deeper down; the young man sat on black, lay under a tree; the snake devours chicks every year, the young man killed her; the bird first decided that he was the one who killed the chicks, the chicks explained; the young man asks to raise him on land; poultry tells us to harvest meat and water {p. 375 not available in pdf}]: 373-375; Hahn 1864 (1), No. 61 [the hunter let the fish on the shore into the sea, which gave scales; killed a snake that was about to devour the chicks eagles, she gave a pen; did not shoot the fox, she gave fur; the princess will marry someone who can hide from her, the losers are executed; the hunter summoned the fish with scales, she hid it in her mouth; the eagle summoned with a pen, she hid it under her wing in the clouds; both times the princess sees the hunter in her mirror; the foxes dig a passage under the chair in which the princess is sitting, she does not see the hunter; he marries her and gets the throne]: 301-306; Megas 1970, No. 33 [the king sails on a ship, finds himself on a foreign shore, goes to a shepherd; baptizes his newborn son; leaves a ring and a note; it does not tell him to take a lame man as a companion, blind, beardless (baldchin); the young man goes to look for the godfather; takes the lame, the blind, but they are slow, he leaves them behind; the beardless offers to let him down into the well for water; raises him after an oath, that he will give him a ring and a note, will remain silent to death; the king sends a young man to herd cows, mistakes the deceiver for his son; the young man understands the language of birds and animals, laughs at swallows; the deceiver persuades send the king to bring him 1) the Pipiree bird from India; the maid teaches him to fly a flying horse, avoid the fire, the young man brings a bird; 2) bring the Gold-haired; the maid tells us what to take with you; the horse wakes up the young man, he kills the snake that devoured the eagle's chicks; she first thinks that it was the young man who killed the chicks, the chicks explain; the eagle gives a pen; the horse tells them not to trample ants, the young man feeds them with grain; the ant gives its wing; the young man saves the fish aground, which gives a seed; he saves bees from the water, feeds honey, they give a sting; the king promises to give his Gold-haired daughter if the young man 1) gets the abandoned a ring (fish bring) into the sea, 2) will separate a mixture of different grains (ants perform), 3) bring water of life; the eagle tells you to go to the interpreting mountains, fills the young man's golden vessel with water; the king believes, ordering to kill Moor and reviving him; 4) identify the bride among 40 girls (the bee sits on her); the young man brings Gold-haired; the beardless tells him to take an apple from the very top, the young man falls, breaks, the beardless buries him; the gold-haired revives him with living water; the young man is released from his oath; the beardless is tied to the horse's tail]: 83-93; Paton 1899, No. 1 (Lemnos) [the king's tree brings three apples every year; someone kidnaps them; only the youngest son is not afraid of the roar, cut off the ogre's hand, brought it and the last apple to his father; the brothers are on a bloody trail, the youngest asks him to be lowered on a rope into the dungeon; consistently meets three girls; each says that the cannibal sleeps with his eyes open; the young man cuts off the head of cannibals, contrary to request, does not hit twice; the last girl warns that If the brothers don't pick it up, you have to jump on a white ram, he'll take it to the ground; he gives him three nuts, dresses with flowers, fish, stars; a young man jumps on a black ram, falls even lower; the old woman says that the seven-headed monster gives water in exchange for girls; the young man cuts off all seven heads, cuts off his tongues; the king wants to marry him off his rescued daughter, but he asks to be brought to earth; spends the night under a tree where all the birds rest at night; kills a monster crawling to the birds; birds carry him to the ground; he sits on an eagle, he runs out of supplies, he cuts off a piece of his own leg; the eagle puts it back on the ground; the young man's elder brother wants to marry the third rescued girl; she demands dresses with flowers, fish, stars; the young man pretends to be a merchant, hangs out dresses ; this is how the bride finds out that he is back; wedding]: 495-498; 1901, No. 23 [the priest's cattle died; he went on a journey, met a carpenter and a tailor; they came to an empty house with food; after eating, they lay down sleep, the watchmen take turns; the carpenter carved the statue, the tailor dressed it, the priest revived it; the cadius awarded the girl to the priest as a daughter; she promises to marry the one who brings her the handkerchief that the princess embroiders on the Death Road; the poor young man agrees to go there drunk, kills a seven-headed snake in the forest, which is about to eat eagles; adult birds first want to kill him, the chicks explain that he is their savior; they agree to take him to the Death Road (they must be fed and watered on the way), leave their pen; everyone in that country seems to be frozen; he finds a princess, takes a handkerchief; only the priest is alive asks the one who has exhausted them to return; when the young man returns, talks about his adventures; after listening, the girl flies away as a dove, tells them to find her; her soul was taken to revive the statue; when the young man comes back to Death Road, everyone is alive there, he marries a princess]: 317-320; Bosnians [when he dies, the father tells the three brothers to give three sisters the first to come for them; strangers take them away sisters; brothers go to look for them, find them from the giant, who tells them to make a fire before they return, they cannot, he chained them to a pole; the mother sees a grain of pepper, asks God for his fourth son, let at least as small; The pepper is born, tells to forge a huge iron club; the giant makes a fire with his flint, the giant becomes his slave; P. wins, takes giants with two and with three heads; each one cooks in turn, the dwarf takes food; P. pinched a dwarf's beard in a split beech tree; he tore off his beard, went underground; P. goes down, there are three girls with a golden loom, chickens, herds, hoops; tell them to kill their dwarf brother with a wooden sword; servants pick up girls, cut off the rope; P. comes to the spring, where the dragon provides water in exchange for the girls, the royal turn daughters; P. falls asleep, wakes up from the girl's tears, kills the dragon, cuts off his ears; the arap tells the king that he killed the dragon, P. shows his ears, the arapa is executed; the king advises saving the giant chicks from the dragon birds; chicks tell their mother that P. did not attack them, but killed the dragon; the mother bird tells them to collect a supply of meat, bread, water, feed her on the way to the upper world; the last piece of P. is cut off from the thigh, the bird belches it, puts it back; P. kills giants, marries and gives princesses to his brothers]: Arkhipova 1962:30-42; Serbs [the king has an apple tree with golden apples, every night the dragon takes them away; sons by queues were guarding; the older brother saw the dragon and was frightened; the middle brother too; the younger brother took nuts with him, began to eat so as not to fall asleep; wounded the dragon, the blood trail to a deep hole; the brothers began to let down the eldest on the rope, he was frightened; the same middle one; the youngest came down, the three daughters of the dragon are ready to help him; he finished off the wounded dragon with a club; sent the girls upstairs; seeing that the youngest is the most beautiful, the brothers cut off the rope; the youngest noticed the door, went out; there the snake was going to eat the eagle's chicks; killed the snake and fell asleep; the eagle wanted to peck out his eyes, but the chicks told me everything; the prince asks the eagle took him to his city; there was not enough prepared food, the prince cut off a piece from his buttock; when they arrived, the eagle put what was cut back; the prince immediately met his betrothed; wedding]: Eschker 1992, No. 27:140-144; Albanians: Elsie 2001 [Peers tell the young man that his brother is a Pasha in Baghdad; his mother admits this is so, she is afraid for her son; he goes, meets barefoot, comes back; goes again , meets him again, he becomes a companion; the young man is thirsty, lowers him barefoot into the well; pulls him out for his promise to recognize him as Pasha's brother and to become barefoot; Pasha accepted them; the imaginary brother wants get rid of the present; persuades Pasha to offer him difficult assignments; 1) kill Kukshedra (dragon; young man kills); 2) get the daughter of the Persian Shah; the young man goes on a journey, meets, takes companions of a river drinking, a runner (catches up with hares); kills a snake that tried to eat an eagle's chicks, she gives her pen; he does not step on an anthill, the queen of ants gives a wing; the shah demands 1) eat 300 plates of food (drinks); 2) overtake riders (runner overtakes); 3) separate wheat, barley and millet (ants separate); get live water from a cave on a mountain at the edge of the world (the eagle brings); Pasha's imaginary brother kills the present with a sword; the Shah's daughter splashes living water on that, he comes to life; Pasha reveals his secret, since the dead and alive do not have to follow his oath to remain silent; the deceiver was burned in the stove], 17 (without pagination); Lambertz 1952 [when dying, the father tells three sons to guard an apple tree, the fruits of which are stolen by an evil spirit; the elder, middle brothers are afraid, the younger Kjelani injures the kidnapper; by On a bloody trail, the brothers come to the crevice; the elders are afraid to go down, K. goes down the rope; three kidnapped girls give white, red, black scarves; fighting the spirit, you have to wipe the sweat off your face with them the spirit will lose its strength; K. cuts off his head; sends the girls upstairs; when he gets up himself, the brothers cut off the rope; old woman: the white goat will carry him to the ground, the black goat will lower it even lower, there is still a red one; two slip out of their hands, K. grabs black, falls deeper; kills a snake that was going to eat the chicks; Corshun mother is going to eat K. first, the chicks explain who their savior is; K. asks take it upstairs, the bird tells us to prepare meat and wine; K. meets the princess, she is eaten by Kutschedra (a woman with a tail and 9 tongues, connected to black clouds), who closed the water sources; K. cuts off her head, the water is free; the grateful king gives meat and wine; there is not enough meat, K. cuts off a piece of caviar from her leg; on the ground, the bird puts a piece back, gives the pen to summon her; K. is hired as a servant; girls refuse to marry until they are given breast jewelry made without scissors and needles (they gave them to K. in the lower world); K. gives them; tells the bird to give him a white horse, clothes and a sword, wins the competition between the older brother; the same is the middle brother (red horse, etc.); is on a white horse, marries the youngest of the girls]: 37-49; Albanians [the monster (lamia) crawls out of the well, eats golden apples; the king promises his eldest, middle, youngest son to marry him if he kills the monster; the arrows of the elders break against the monster's skin, the youngest kills him with a club, it falls into the well; the queen asks him to be lowered on a rope, finds the Beauty of the Earth at the bottom, sends it upstairs, then the dead monster; when he gets up himself, the servants cut off the rope; the queen goes, sleeps under the oak tree, kills a snake that has come to devour eagles; a grateful eagle takes the Queen to the ground, he feeds her on the way, cuts off the last piece of meat from its own caviar, the eagle regurgitates a piece, puts it back; gives red (a winged horse will arrive), white (a palace will appear), black (servants will appear) hair; the king has locked the Beauty of the Earth in the palace, gives it to whoever jumps over the ditch and fence; the queen jumps to winged horse; the king gives him a girlfriend, recognizes his son at the wedding, executes servants]: Dozon 1881, No. 5:35-39 (=Serkova 1989:33-36); Gagauz [brothers followed a strange trail, came to a dried well, white and black sheep were fighting at the bottom; Wanchu's younger brother offered to go down, the elders refused, lowered him on a rope; wanted to sit on a white ram, but the black one pushed him, V. found himself on black, fell into the dark kingdom; saw a snake crawl to the nest of a huge eagle, killed it; the eagle father is grateful; says that the five-headed fire-breathing Goguzhu-Moguzhu closed the waters, passes it off as people given to him to be eaten, now it is the turn of the padishah's daughter; you have to wet your clothes so as not to burn; V. cuts off two heads, four grow up; V. suggests that GM show how he sleeps; he puts his central head on two, the other two hide behind; V. cuts off all 5 heads at once; the princess orders to cut off tongues; the impostor brings the padishah the heads of the monster, V. shows his tongues; the impostor is expelled, V. gets the princess; the padishah lets them visit V.'s parents; the bird carries V. and his wife, during the flight he feeds her meat, bread, water; the meat ends, B. cuts the meat from his soles; the eagle did not swallow them, reaching land, put it back, but since then people have a depression on their soles; brings V. and his wife to V.'s parents; after staying, V. and his wife return to the lower world]: Syrf 2013:138-145.

Central Europe. The Czechs [Janko's ninth son is the strongest; leaves home, wins, takes Vyrvidub, Lomayiron as his sister brothers; dragons kidnap the king's three daughters, brothers go looking for them; each in turn cooks; a dwarf with a huge beard knocks down the cook, eats porridge; I. hits a dwarf, who shows a hole where the dragons have disappeared; only I dare to go down; kills three-, six-, twelve-headed dragons, freeing the princesses of copper, silver, gold castles; sends them upstairs, then the stone, the twins cut off the rope, the stone falls; I kill a snake ready to eat the chicks; they explain to their mother that he is their savior, not their enemy; the bird carries me on itself, he throws meat into its beak, pours water, cuts off the last piece from her leg; on the ground it spits it out, applies it; I beats, but forgives my brothers, everything three marry three rescued princesses]: Karaliychev, Todorov 1969 (4): 71-88; Slovaks [an old woman gives birth to a son Lomidrevo at the age of 90 (=Valibuk; Valigora), breastfeeds him until the age of 7, then, according to him request, another three years; he is incredibly strong, easily pulls oaks, goes wandering at the age of 17; meets, wins, satellites 1) rearranging mountains named Valivrych (Kopivrych, Scalilamay; The jelly is digging wells), Meat and iron; they contracted to threshing the grain; the fee is how much they will carry; they demolished the grain and carried them away; the rich man sent after the bull, then a boar; L. killed them, carried them with him; he chased the servants on the wagon, but L. piled oaks onto the road; told M. to make him an iron club; threw him up, put his back up, the club fell apart; ordered him to make another one; the king lost three daughters, dragons dragged them into a hole in the ground; three promised to return the princesses; settled in a hut in the woods, cook in turn; a dwarf comes out of the chimney, a beard from his elbow, hits the cook, dumps hot porridge on him stomach and eats; when L.'s turn, he pinched a dwarf's beard in the log, beat him with an iron club until he gave his beard with his strength; the dwarf disappeared into a hole under the stone; the companions envy L.; V., M. they try to go down, but tell them to lift them back - there are frogs and snakes; L. promises the dwarf to return his beard, for which he tells him to show the way to the older princess; there is a copper lock on his magpie's leg; L. stomped, he stopped shaking; the 6-headed dragon throws his iron club, L. throws it back; the dragon eats lead bread, calls for lead current, offers to drive each other into lead; they drove each other into lead; they drove each other belt; then L. drove the dragon up to the neck, demolished his head with a club; the princess turned the castle and all the riches into a copper apple, L. sent it to the ground; the same in the silver castle (9-headed dragon, iron bread), in in gold (12-headed, steel bread); before asking himself to pick himself up, L. sent a stone upstairs, his companions cut off the rope; L. came to the Knochta (Knofta; a giant mythical bird), killed a snake , which always devoured the chicks; or protected the chicks from the rain, one drop of which always killed them; the chicks told their mother about L., who did not swallow it, but promised to help; tells them to stock up a hundred rams and a hundred barrels of water; flying with L. to the ground, there was not enough lamb, L. cut off a piece from his thigh; bird: if human knew that human beings were so tasty, they would eat you; but regurgitated a piece and put it back; in town weddings are being prepared, but the princesses demand the same dresses they had underground; L. hired a tailor; at night he took out copper, silver, golden apples, took out their dresses; let the princesses follow them themselves they will come; L. called the elders freaks and drove them away, gave the youngest a golden dress, married her; took out the locks from the apples; gave the two older princesses to his companions (forgiving them)]: Dobšinský 1970, No. 10: 50-66; Russians: Balashov 1991 (Teresky Bereg) [the childless tsar promises half the kingdom to whoever will hide from him; Gol Kabatskaya (GK) fell asleep with his horses, the tsar found him from the book, executed him; another fell asleep on a story - the same; the third fell into 303 pieces of grass in the field; the king found (but did not execute); next time the GK of grass gathered in a ball, became a dove, then into the sky at 303 stars; the king again I found it; then the GK went wherever he was standing; the weather fell terrible, there were chicks on the oak with an aunt's foot, GK wanted to eat one; chick: you won't be full, but your mother would find you; then he removed the shell and covered them; chicks they did not freeze, grateful N. stuck the GK in her hat with a pen that made him invisible; the GC came to the tsar, he could not find him; brought the Civil Code closer to him, and after death handed him the kingdom]: 26-32; Russians ( Olonetskaya, Prionezhye, the epic Vanka Udovkin son is known in a single record) [Vanka Udovkin's son marries Volshan Volshansky's daughter; if he manages to hide, he will receive Marya, if not, he will executed; turns into an ermine, penetrates M., returns, sits behind an elm tree; BB learns everything from the book; the episode repeats; the third time after visiting M. WU comes to an oak tree on the seashore, shelters the Mogul bird from the cold; the grateful bird gives three feathers, he must anoint them with BB, the spell of his books; VU does so, hides under the bed, BB him does not finds; VU receives M., reigns after the death of BV]: Putilov 1957:316-323; Russians (Arkhangelskaya, Pomors) [the doctor tells the tsar that there is a fish - if you eat it, a child will be born; the tsar was delivered the fish, the queen ate, the cook tasted it, gave the cow a swipe; Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan Kukharkin's son, Ivan Korovich, were born; they grew up and came to the kingdom where miraculous people ate; the brothers cut off the miracle of the head, to whom take the princess? The Tsarevich and the cook's son threw Korovich into the abyss; eagles are squeaking in the nest, he fed them crumbs and warmed them; the eagle promises to help; Korovich came to the old man; he says that the worst Miracle Yudo is here, only his relatives, we need to change the tubs with living and dead water; after drinking dead, the Miracle weakened, Korovich killed him; immediately the birds sang, the kidnapped princess nearby; the eagle carries them upstairs, it is necessary to feed the prepared meat, it was not enough, Korovich cut off the meat from his leg, gave the eagle his own blood; when he reached the ground, the eagle regurgitated this piece, brought Korovich and the girl to life with live water; Korovich forgave his brothers, married a rescued woman; wedding; I was there, ate and drank, flowed down my mustache, but didn't get into my mouth]: Razumova, Senkina 1987:104-108; Russians (Vologda, Belozersky Krai) [princes Fedor, Vasily, Ivan; whoever brings a jug of twelve stigmas with living water from the Blue-eyed girl, the tsar promises half the kingdom; F. reached the intersection, on the slab there are inscriptions: hungry; he himself is full, and the horse hungry; sleeping with the girl; driving along the third road; the girl put him against the wall, he fell into a hole; the same with V.; I. turned to the road where he was hungry; a hut on a chicken leg, on a dog's shank; turn your back to the forest and in front of me; there Baba Yaga, Blue-eyed, is her niece, her brother's daughter; gives her horse, he is better than I.'s horse; I. comes to the second sister Yaga, she gives an even better horse; third; she teaches you to jump over the wall, take water; I. sinned with S., so the horse, jumping back, hit the strings; S. after one baba yaga to another; "I'm not sorry that the horse got drunk, but it's expensive that He did not cover the well"; S. caught up, they got engaged, she promised to come in three years; girl I. shoved her down, took her brothers out of envy; they threw him into a hole out of envy, he flew for three days and three nights; Nagai birds squeak oak by the sea, I. covered them with a robe; they tell their mother about this, the bird is ready to raise I. to the ground, let him cook meat; almost enough, he cut off his fingers and toes; bird: did not know what was so tasty; regurgitated, I. put them back with live water; S. came, demands "guilty"; F. goes, then V.; sons think that this is the father, S. does not; and when I. comes to the image of a drunkard is him; wedding; older brothers were expelled]: Azadovsky 1934, No. 8:186-199; Russians (Vologda, Kirillovsky U.) []: Sokolov, Sokolov 1981, No. 54:204-209; Russians ( Moscow; book borrowings are likely in the computer repertoire; V.E. Dobrovolskaya, personal message 19.09.2020) [three princesses went to the garden, the whirlwind took them away; the tsar promises one of the daughters and half the kingdom; son the peasant went in search; meets, takes Ivan Kamnelom as his companions, Ivan tear an oak tree; they cook in the hut in turn; a man comes in from his fingernail a beard from his elbow, eats everything, cuts out the cook's back belt; when Ivan the peasant son (I.) remained, he pinched his beard into the stump; he escaped, they followed the footsteps, under the hole stone; there was first cold, then fever; only I. endures, went down; I. killed the three-headed snake at copper palace, saved the princess; the silver (six-headed), gold (nine-domed) palace had the same; each princess turned her palace into an apple; the princess picked up, the youngest gave the golden apple to Ivan; the brothers became To pick it up, cut off the rope; I. did not break; there are three chicks in the oak nest, a snake crawls towards them, I. killed her; for this the bird carried him to the ground; the king promises the youngest daughter to the one who gets the gold rings, who she had in the lower world; I. built a palace with rings in it; her brothers were forgiven]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 24:61-65; Russians (Kursk, Valuisky District) [The only son of a poor widow I have to beg for alms, then he hires a rich old man, promises to do it for three. He grinds his life, agrees with two men to work together. At night, they look for fire in the field, the grandfather by the fire agrees to give fire in exchange for a fairy tale, the men can't tell, he cuts a belt out of their backs. The widow's son agrees to tell the story, on the condition that the old man does not interrupt him. He tells stories for a long time, then says that his grandfather rode his old grandfather in the next world. The old man shouts "you're lying", the widow's son clamps his beard into the crevice (in the stump), takes the fire. Guys want to see an old man running away with a stump. They follow the trail from the stump that leads them to a bottomless hole, the widow's son comes down and finds himself in another world. In the mansions, three beauties warn him of an evil old man, the youngest shows kegs with weakness and strength, he swaps the contents. The grandfather returns, senses the Russian spirit, the widow's son goes out to fight with him, then both drink from kegs. The widow's son wins, takes treasures and three beauties, but men only pull girls out. He sees that the chicks are threatened by thunderstorm and rain, and covers them with a cloak. In gratitude, their mother promises to take them out of the dead, he is collecting meat for her on the road. The meat runs out on the way, and the man is forced to cut off his thighs. When a bird lands and finds out what it has eaten, it spits it out and returns it to its place]: Aristov, Pavlov 1939:73-76; Belarusians (West in Bryansk Gubernia) [The mink beast destroys cattle; only the king's youngest third son goes to guard, fights the beast, which goes underground; brothers on a rope bring the prince down; there a horse is waiting for him; he comes to the princesses in copper, silver, gold (younger) palaces, they teach their brother Norka to cut off his head; he sleeps on a stone in the middle of the sea, the prince kills him; the sisters place their palaces in three eggs, give it to the prince; brothers they raise their sisters, cut off the rope; the prince suspected this, tied a stone to it, did not break; during a storm, he covers the chicks of a mighty bird from the rain; their mother takes it to the ground, on the way he feeds the bird ; is hired by a tailor; he says that the princesses agree to marry only the one who sews the dress they used in their kingdoms; the prince pulls everything out of the eggs; the youngest identifies him among the beggars by the ring; three weddings]: Afanasiev 1938 (1), No. 132:247-251; Belarusians [the tsar's polar bear from the dead steals horses every night; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep; the youngest Ivan the Fool tells him to dig up a club for 10 pounds, throws up, puts his finger - broke; 15 pounds, knee - the same; by 25 - bounced off her forehead, did not break; I. hit the bear with it, he went back into the ground; I. descends on a rope into the hole, tells the brothers to wait for him for a month; he came to the copper court; there is a bear's daughter, complaining that he, three daughters, is slaughtering; she showed the way to her sister in the silver palace, she told her sister in gold; she ordered a replacement barrels of strong and weak water; the bear is sleeping, I. pulled out the keys from under it to the basement, where the barrels are; when I drink water, the bear loses his strength, I. grows; each of the sisters turns her kingdom into an egg; the brothers picked up the girls, removed the rope; there was a nest on the oak tree, there were 4 chicks in it, one snake had already eaten; I. killed her; the chicks hid I. from their mother under the shell; the bird agrees to take I. to the ground if he prepares wine and meat; the 6-headed serpent must eat the princess, I. killed him; then 9- and 12-headed; for this the king gave 18 cows and 8 barrels of wine; the last piece of I. cut off his legs from the calf, the bird coughed him up and put it on back; the shoemaker complains that the saved princess demands diamond boots from the groom as she had in the underworld; I. unfolded a golden egg, took her boots; the princess recognized them; I. opened everything three eggs, gave two princesses to his brothers]: Romanov 1887, No. 10:78-85; Belarusians (Mogilevskaya, Western 1888-1891, d. Novaya Bych, Bykhov. u., from kr. Pavel Ivanova, 45 years old, illiterate) [The wife gets lost in the forest, she is carried away by a bear, after 3 years she gives birth to her son Ivashka a bear ear; after 3 years he grows up and leaves, meets Duba-Dubovik and Gora- Gorovik, three of them go; they find a house, leave Goro-Gorovik to cook dinner, go hunting themselves, Kashchei ("Koschey") appears, demands to bring him into the house, put him at the table and serve food, eats the ox, flies away, Gora-Gorovik cuts another ox, puts it to cook, comrades come, the meat is raw, Gora-Gorovka does not talk about Kashchei; the same is repeated with Dubo-Dubovik; Ivashka remains to cook dinner on the third day, Kashchei arrives, Ivashka refuses to obey his orders (does not bring him into the house or sit down at the table), drags Kashchei into the forest and pinches Kashcheev's beard in the oak crevice, his comrades return, Ivashka feeds they follow Kashchei, but he flew away; the three of them go after Kashchei, come to the forest, Dub-Dubovik clears the road, Gora-Gorovik digs up a mountain, find a huge stone and a hole under it, make cowhides belt, Ivashka goes down, agrees that in a year his comrades will be in the same place; Ivashka goes underground, finds a copper house, where the girl says that they have not seen a Russian person here, they live behind Kashchei the Immortal, the girl offers to marry, but Ivashka spends the night and goes to look for Kashchei; she reaches the silver house, there is also a girl sitting there, the story repeats; Ivashka reaches the golden house, there the girl warns Ivashka that Kashchei is stronger; Kashchei arrives, senses the Russian spirit, the girl calms him down and finds out where Kashcheev's death is hidden (there is a casket in the sea, a hare in the casket, a duck in a hare, an egg in the duck, Hit Kashchei on the forehead with that egg); Kashchei flies away, the girl tells Ivashka, he takes a gun, wants to kill a wolf and a kite (and eat it) on the way, but the animals ask for mercy and promise that they will be useful, Ivashka sees sea cancer on the shore, does not kill, but helps him sail into the sea; in gratitude, the cancer brings Ivashka a casket from the sea, Ivashka breaks the lid, the hare runs away, the wolf catches the hare and tears it, the duck flies away, a kite catches her, tears her apart, Ivashka carries an egg to wash it in the sea, but drops it, the cancer returns the egg; Ivashka comes to Kashchei, hits the forehead with an egg, Kashchei dies; Ivashka takes the girl, regrets leaving her a golden house, a girl takes an egg, rolls it around and the house gathers in an egg, Ivashka puts the egg in her pocket, the second girl collects a silver house into an egg in the same way, the third a copper house; they come to going upstairs (exactly a year has passed), comrades pick up the girl from the copper house, argue who will marry her, she assures that she is "more beautiful" than her, raise girls from silver and gold houses, decide marry them, and the first as servants, and Ivashka cut off his belt on the rise so that he breaks; Ivashka ties a stone instead of himself, his comrades cut off his belt, the stone falls back, Ivashka grieves and leaves; hides from the cloud under the oak tree, birds scream, he climbs an oak tree, covers the chicks from the rain, then gets off and hides, the bird Half-Gritsa arrives, promises to thank his chicks for saving his chicks deliver it upstairs, Ivashka must prepare 2 barrels of any meat; Ivashka collects 2 barrels of snakes, frogs, mice, ties the barrels under the wings, they fly, Ivashka throws meat from barrels, meat into the bird's mouth ends, Ivashka cuts off his caviar; the bird takes him out into this world, finds out what kind of meat was at the end, expectorates, caviar grows; Ivashka comes to town, is declared a shoemaker ("Ivanichka Drunkard"), She does not know how to sew, she lives with a Jew; a girl from the golden house promises to marry someone who sews the shoes she had in her golden house, Ivashka takes an order through a Jew, drinks for two days, on the third day, she rolls a golden house out of the egg, pulls out her skulls, the Jew takes her skulls; the girl asks for the same dress - the story repeats, the third condition is the same crown; Ivashka goes into service to to the blacksmith, pulls out a wreath in the same way; the girl comes to the blacksmith, finds out who made the wreath; they get married; Dub-Dubovik and Gora-Gorovik marry two other girls, each living in their own house]: Romanov 1901, No. 36:340-347; Belarusians (Mogilevskaya, West 1888-1891, d. Novaya Bych, Bykhov. u., from kr. Pavel Ivanova, 45 years old, illiterate) [The wife gets lost in the forest, she is carried away by a bear, after 3 years she gives birth to her son Ivashka a bear ear; after 3 years he grows up and leaves, meets Duba-Dubovik and Gora- Gorovik, three of them go; they find a house, leave Goro-Gorovik to cook dinner, go hunting themselves, Kashchei ("Koschey") appears, demands to bring him into the house, put him at the table and serve food, eats the ox, flies away, Gora-Gorovik cuts another ox, puts it to cook, comrades come, the meat is raw, Gora-Gorovka does not talk about Kashchei; the same is repeated with Dubo-Dubovik; Ivashka remains to cook dinner on the third day, Kashchei arrives, Ivashka refuses to obey his orders (does not bring him into the house or sit down at the table), drags Kashchei into the forest and pinches Kashcheev's beard in the oak crevice, his comrades return, Ivashka feeds they follow Kashchei, but he flew away; the three of them go after Kashchei, come to the forest, Dub-Dubovik clears the road, Gora-Gorovik digs up a mountain, find a huge stone and a hole under it, make cowhides belt, Ivashka goes down, agrees that in a year his comrades will be in the same place; Ivashka goes underground, finds a copper house, where the girl says that they have not seen a Russian person here, they live behind Kashchei the Immortal, the girl offers to marry, but Ivashka spends the night and goes to look for Kashchei; she reaches the silver house, there is also a girl sitting there, the story repeats; Ivashka reaches the golden house, there the girl warns Ivashka that Kashchei is stronger; Kashchei arrives, senses the Russian spirit, the girl calms him down and finds out where Kashcheev's death is hidden (there is a casket in the sea, a hare in the casket, a duck in a hare, an egg in the duck, Hit Kashchei on the forehead with that egg); Kashchei flies away, the girl tells Ivashka, he takes a gun, wants to kill a wolf and a kite (and eat it) on the way, but the animals ask for mercy and promise that they will be useful, Ivashka sees sea cancer on the shore, does not kill, but helps him sail into the sea; in gratitude, the cancer brings Ivashka a casket from the sea, Ivashka breaks the lid, the hare runs away, the wolf catches the hare and tears it, the duck flies away, a kite catches her, tears her apart, Ivashka carries an egg to wash it in the sea, but drops it, the cancer returns the egg; Ivashka comes to Kashchei, hits the forehead with an egg, Kashchei dies; Ivashka takes the girl, regrets leaving her a golden house, a girl takes an egg, rolls it around and the house gathers in an egg, Ivashka puts the egg in her pocket, the second girl collects a silver house into an egg in the same way, the third a copper house; they come to going upstairs (exactly a year has passed), comrades pick up the girl from the copper house, argue who will marry her, she assures that she is "more beautiful" than her, raise girls from silver and gold houses, decide marry them, and the first as servants, and Ivashka cut off his belt on the rise so that he breaks; Ivashka ties a stone instead of himself, his comrades cut off his belt, the stone falls back, Ivashka grieves and leaves; hides from the cloud under the oak tree, birds scream, he climbs an oak tree, covers the chicks from the rain, then gets off and hides, the bird Half-Gritsa arrives, promises to thank his chicks for saving his chicks deliver it upstairs, Ivashka must prepare 2 barrels of any meat; Ivashka collects 2 barrels of snakes, frogs, mice, ties the barrels under the wings, they fly, Ivashka throws meat from barrels, meat into the bird's mouth ends, Ivashka cuts off his caviar; the bird takes him out into this world, finds out what kind of meat was at the end, expectorates, caviar grows; Ivashka comes to town, is declared a shoemaker ("Ivanichka Drunkard"), She does not know how to sew, she lives with a Jew; a girl from the golden house promises to marry someone who sews the shoes she had in her golden house, Ivashka takes an order through a Jew, drinks for two days, on the third day, she rolls a golden house out of the egg, pulls out her skulls, the Jew takes her skulls; the girl asks for the same dress - the story repeats, the third condition is the same crown; Ivashka goes into service to to the blacksmith, pulls out a wreath in the same way; the girl comes to the blacksmith, finds out who made the wreath; they get married; Dub-Dubovik and Gora-Gorovik marry two other girls, each living in their own house]: Romanov 1901, No. 36:340-347; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [Ivan worked, earned a calf, she brought a calf, I. began to suck milk himself, was nicknamed Cow Son; goes to wander, wins, takes in companions Razotristone, Debrilom; they hunt, cook in turn; grandfather with a fingernail, a two-meter beard asks for food, puts hot meat on the cook's stomach, cuts the belt out of his back; I. pinches his grandfather's beard in a beech tree; he leaves, dragging a tree; his companions lower I. into the well, he kills his grandfather, sends three captured princesses upstairs; the companions want their youngest, cut off the rope (I. suspects this, ties a stone instead of himself); I. covers three snakes on the tree from the fiery rain; the grateful Serpent agrees to take it to the ground; in flight, I. feeds him, cuts him off the last piece from his leg , The Serpent puts it back; I. is hired by a tailor, works with a magic needle, scissors, etc., received from princesses; princesses bring an order for the grooms, recognize I., invite them to a wedding; I. beheads traitors, marries a younger princess]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:181-188; Ukrainians (eastern Slovakia) [a son under 16 sucks his mother's breast, becomes a hero, pulls one out and drags a beech, goes wandering; meets, takes companions 1) Pulling oaks, 2) A month old iron; they are given jobs, but they have so much strength that they break everything; they take turns cooking in the woods, hell comes, eats everything, hits the cook; Messiiron asks the devil to help split the log, knocks out the wedge, the devil's hands are clamped; M. hits him, making him say where the three kidnapped princesses are; hell runs into the hole, Vyrvibuk, Vyrvidub is afraid, M. goes down, hell says princesses have 6-, 9-, 12-headed dragons; the 6-headed one smells a man, the younger princess says her brother has come; they are fighting, M. drives the dragon into the ground, cuts off heads, cuts off tongues; this is how he frees all the princesses, Vyrvibuk and Vyrvidub pull them out, throw them out; he covers the chicks from the fiery rain, their mother takes them to the ground; to feed her, he cuts off the meat from his leg, on the ground she puts it back; the king gives her daughters, M. shows dragon tongues, rings donated by princesses, takes the eldest]: Kettlebell 1978 : 215-237; Western Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina) [the cow gave birth to a boy; the owner is going to slaughter her; the cow named the boy Belokorov (B.), tells him to run, flies with him under the clouds; orders him to pull him out sycamore root; B. cannot; the cow raises B. for a year, again orders to pull out the sycamore, B. pulled out; the cow flew away, B. found a golden sword; meets, takes Lupaikamen, Krutibuk, Hitaygora as companions; leveled the mountain and they built a house; they hunt and cook one by one; every time Liqutibeard comes, eats everything; B. remains the last, split the sycamore, pinched L.'s beard; he uprooted the sycamore and ran away; the twins are walking along trail to a hole in the ground; everyone tries to go down, afraid; B. went down; comes to the house, there is panna and L., he cut off L.'s head; there are three more girls; B. took them out, burned down the house with L.'s body; sends girls to his brothers upstairs; Suspecting his companions of infidelity, B. puts stones in his place, his companions cut the rope, lifting the stones to the middle; B. kills the 12 bears who attacked him; crawls out of the well the snake devour the eagle; B. killed the snake, the eagle hides it from its mother, then explains to her that B. is the savior; the eagle agrees to bring B. to the ground, let him store water and meat; there was not enough meat, B. cut off a piece from playing her leg; on the ground, the eagle asks what kind of sweet piece was the last; regurgitated and raised; B. meets the boy, this is his son from that panna, she is others cook; B. tells his companions throw a golden sword; when Krutybok and Hytaygora were thrown, the saber pierced the ground; when Lupaikamen cut off his head; Lupaikamen's wife became a cook]: Zinchuk 2006a, No. 104:311-325.

Caucasus - Asia Minor. Crimean Tatars: Potanin 1883 [(zap. Sergei Tumanov in Feodosia); when he dies, the father orders his three sons to pass off their three sisters as the first to marry; the younger brother insists on fulfilling the father's will, gives the older sister for a lion, the middle sister for a tiger, the youngest for the huge Black Crow (CV); the youngest sees three women at the well, shot through the youngest's wineskins, who tells him to suffer from love for the daughter of the Sun and Moon; the brothers give the prince a golden bridle on a campaign , a diamond saddle, the best horse; he sleeps with an old heroic woman living in the country of CV; she goes to his wife CV, throws meat to 40 lions and tigers guarding the passage, the latter was not enough, the old woman cuts off her leg ; the young man's grateful sister made the lion regurgitate the meat, put it back, sends an invitation with the old woman; the brother comes, his sister hides him; eclipsing the sun, the Raven arrives, becomes a man; convenes creatures find out where the daughter of the sun lives; the latter knows; the prince sits on her with his horse, feeds her meat and water on the way; leaves her in his nest; every year the snake kills her chicks; the prince cuts the snake, feeds the chicks; the bird swallows and regurgitates them, allowing them to fly; the king catches the princess bird, gives them to his daughter; at night he turns into a man, drinks her sorbet; she guards; he becomes her lover; marries; they go to his house; at rest, a Black Arab takes her away on a tripod horse; the prince comes to his city, stays with an old woman; she receives the keys to an Arab, releases the prisoner, the prince takes her away; the CA asks the horse whether to go now or after he is drunk; the horse: I will have time to sleep; the CHA catches up, cuts the prince into pieces, puts him in a bag, the horse takes the bag to the Raven; mother The crow glues the pieces with pomegranate juice, revives them with pomegranate; the captive pretends to love CHA, he talks about a tripod horse; in the ninth meadow, the mare runs north, gives birth, four wolves come demand food; CHA is not enough for the fourth, he ate the leg of the foal; the prince feeds all four, receives a four-legged foal from the same mare, takes his wife; the tripod drops the CA, he was killed]: 725 -729; Zherdeva 2020, No. 30 (Bakhchisaray district, Karalez) [the padishah has two sons; he does not order to hunt in the west and east, let them go towards the Kaaba; there is no game there, the elder suggests going east; in the well can be seen for a month; the youngest begins to lower the elder, he tells him to pull it out: he burns; the youngest comes down, does not tell him to pull it out; below the door the beauty has a golden tray, on it a golden greyhound chases a silver hare; then a man nailed to the wall, the young man freed him; the dove at the spring tells him to return to the beautiful woman; she is the daughter of the seven-headed Azhdakh, gave Zulfikar the sword; the young man drove Azhdakha into knee-deep, cut off 6 heads; the seventh refused to cut - you are not my father's pair of oxen; the young man sent the girl and the treasure upstairs, then the older brother threw the rope; at home told his father that the youngest was gone to seek his fate; the youngest plunged into the spring and found strength; in the city, the old woman gives her urine instead of water; the seven-headed ajdaha gives water in exchange for the girls; the turn of the padishah's daughter; the young man fell asleep at her place on his knees, woke up to her tears; the young man and Azhdaha drive each other into the ground; the young man drove him to his knees, cut off six heads; abandoned the daughter of the padishah, who gave him gold; he crawls to the nest of the bird Chan-Kushu a three-headed snake, the young man chopped it, fed the chicks meat; Chan-Kushu thinks that he killed her chicks every year, but the chicks explained everything; the young man asks to take him to the ground; took a barrel of meat and a barrel with him water; the last piece was cut off from his thigh; on the ground, the bird put it back; the young man came to the wedding of his older brother; the bride: I have been in mourning for 40 days; the young man sees a young man under his window; the young man pointed a mole to in his body, his father recognized him; his older brother was beheaded, the youngest married a rescued girl]; Kalmyks: Badmayev 1899 [a mare gives birth to a boy, the umbilical cord is cut off by a stone that has fallen from the sky; Haradai- Mergen and Uladai-Mergen become his brothers; the boy kills the husbands of three women; they are daughters of the sun, the moon, the stars; he marries the daughter of the sun himself, brothers to the other two; they envy the youngest, for his face wives glow; leave a dagger at the kibitka, the youngest cuts off their legs; blind and armless come to him, help each other; kidnap the girl, make him their sister; tell him not to put out the fire; the fire goes out, she comes to an old woman for fire; an old woman sprinkles ash and coals into her hem, pierces a hole in her hem; on an ash trail she comes to the girl, spoils her; cripples catch a witch, she makes them and the girl healthy, swallowing and spewing everyone; when he swallows a legless, he does not spew; others cut it, the sparrow screams, the little finger, the brothers find a healthy brother in the witch's little finger; the horse's son comes to the pit, which his brothers are sitting; their wives are kidnapped by a 15-headed mousse; brothers let the son of a horse down on a rope, he kills Musa, brothers pick up women, cut off the rope; he falls, is maimed; the mouse sucks his wounds, he she breaks her leg, she eats leaves, recovers; he also eats, recovers; on the one hand, people cry (snakes will eat them today), on the other they have fun (tomorrow); the snake crawls to the side by three eagles in the nest; the horse's son kills him, the eagles explain to his mother who their savior is; for getting rid of the snake, people give him food for the eagle; he flies on an eagle, feeds, and finally cuts off a piece of his flesh; limps; the eagle swallows him, belches him healthy; he comes to his brothers; they decide to put arrows up; whoever is sinful, the arrow will nail him; the older brothers die, the horse's son owns everything]: 23-33; Basangova 2002:67-81 [old woman Nalkhan-Tsagan-eeje gave birth to a heroic son named Naikhal; her 7 brothers persuade Zagir-Bogdo Khan to destroy him; he sends a Crimean cauldron and a tripod to bring him; N. cuts the musa with a staff, the lower part falls into a hole; N. goes down, where the kidnapped daughter of Hormust-Tengri explains that parts of Musa's body are now held together with steel, it remains to make one eye, one ear, one hand ; N. kills Musa and his mother, if Musa's body became full, he would be invincible; you can climb to the ground on a hairless horse, N. takes off on it, but towards the mousse, N. beats him, but falls and breaks him thigh; the mice want to eat it, he broke the mouse's thigh, the other brought white clay, cured it; N. ate clay himself, recovered; mousse arrives every day, people don't know who he will eat tomorrow, who today; seeing N., he turns into a hare, N. into a dog; grain is a chicken with chickens; the mousse takes its form, N. defeats him, cuts his stomach, live people and cattle come out of there; the yellow-headed snake always eats chicks eagle; N. kills the snake, the eagle swallows it, the chicks tell her to regurgitate; she takes N. to the upper world, which feeds it with horse meat and koumiss, cuts off the last piece from its thigh; the eagle applies this a piece back; N. kills a hare, but the guy takes him away; N. wants to kill him, he says that N.'s mother suffers from Zagir-Bogdo Khan; N. covers Khan and Khansha with a Crimean cauldron, they die], 81-94 [girl passed off as an unloved one, she agrees to run away with the shepherd; when she secretly leaves the house, she is carried away by a bear; she gives birth to a son Alvat Khar; he pushes back the stone that blocked the entrance to the cave, kills a bear- the pursuer, together with his mother comes to her parents; the grandfather brings him an iron staff on a cart, he goes on a journey; wins and takes the son of the mountain (moves mountains), the son of the ear (listens), the son of the ear (listens) ), the son of water; they take turns cooking, the old woman eats everything, ties the cook with her hair; when AH remains, he ties the shulmusk with his hair behind the bush, but she goes into the hole; the brothers lower him on rope; there, the daughter of the khan of the upper land Talvat explains that the eyes and soul of an old woman in three chicks in a chest in a wild boar in a reed swamp; AH kills a wild boar, takes out the chest, knocks down the chicks that have flown out with an arrow , kills one at a time, shulmuska dies, AH sends three girls upstairs; when it's AH's turn, the companions cut off the rope, he injured his thigh; broke the mouse's thigh, the other brought leaves, cured; he cured his own; in three poplars, a yellow snake ruins Khan Garudi's nest; AH hacked down a snake, the chicks told their mother, she tells them to prepare meat and water, brings AH to the ground; he cuts off the last piece from his leg; the bird puts it back; AH comes to the country of Khan Talvat, where his rescued daughter is given for one of the heroes; the rescued one recognizes him, he drives his companions away]; Lörintcz 1979, No. 130 [khan says bring the lost cauldron and tripod to the young man; on the way, the young man kills the demon, descends in his footsteps to the lower world; there he frees the girl stolen by the mangus; he cannot get out, the mice heal him; he kills a snake that threatens the eagle's chicks; he brings it to our world, feeds the eagle with its meat on the way; punishes the khan who oppressed his mother]: 77; Vatagin 1964:39-60 (Orenburg merchants) [Zalta-Mergen- Baatr is vulnerable only in sleep, sleeping three days a month; a copper-billed witch on goat's feet and Ak-Sakal have been guarding his sleep for 377 years; Alachi Khan persuaded them to let him see Z.; horse Z. Zol-Tsookhor saved him by taking him to bed; Z. took the form of a 15-year-old boy, instead comes to Khan's daughter to lick her heels before going to bed, uses a severed dog tongue; while sleeping, accidentally time takes on its true form, the princess decides to marry Z.; the father settles them on the edge of the ulus; tells her sons-in-law to find out who is kidnapping foals; sons-in-law see how the born is carried away by a haruda bird, Z. (all in the guise of a shepherdess) cuts off the foal's tail with an arrow; the khan sends his sons-in-law to find the kidnapper; in the guise of a hero, Z. promises his older sons-in-law to get the foal from across the sea, for which he cuts off from his right hand thumb and forefinger, cuts off the belt from the back; Z.'s winged horse flies across the outer ocean; a white serpent eats Garuda's chicks, which she hatches every three years; Z. kills him, Garuda spits Z. in her mouth, making her mouth three times stronger; she kidnapped foals so that a hero would come to pick them up one day; carries Z. with his horse and foal back across the sea, the herd follows; sons-in-law throw Z. into a hole; the horse Zol-Tsookhor tells the dogs Khasyr and Basyr to drive animals into the pit, the owner's two talking parrots to drive fresh air into the pit; resorts to Nomin Khan, allows herself to be locked; the khan's daughter finds out about the horse, asks for permission It seems that the horse is taking her away; she has a braid of 99 fathoms, only it can be used to get out of the pit; Z. takes the girl as his second wife; for the holiday on the occasion of the return of her sons-in-law with a herd, Z. is in true form; at the feast, he tells what happened, shows the cut off tail of the foal, fingers and skin of his sons-in-law; tells them to shoot up, the arrows of his sons-in-law kill them; Z. returns home with his wives, it's empty; comes to Alachi- Khan, takes his stolen wife and property; persuades his wife (now A.'s wife) to cry, asks the father to tell him where his soul is; a deer goes to the spring, with three sparrows in it; Z. rips open a deer (he is grateful for relieving him of the burden), kills sparrows; unites uluses; finds his son who has fled from A. in the steppe, who becomes a hero], 175-178 [Sahak's boy hides a fox from hunters, kills a snake crawling to the nest of a huge eagle, saves a pike, a saiga; Khan's daughter will marry someone who can hide, if found, executes; sees S. when he hides in the sky on the back of an eagle, under water by a pike, in the steppe by a saiga; a fox turns into an old woman in a beautiful dress, hides S. in her sleeve, puts her daughter in her sleeve, she does not understand where S. is; marries him]; Stavropol Turkmens: Bagriy 1930 (2): 109-114 [the hero takes two brothers and their families; the youngest son of one, Aygyr, was in the steppe at that time; grew up with a shepherd, met a hero, killed him; wanders, takes in companions of a clever thief and runner; each takes turns cooking dinner; a bearded dwarf eats meat, hits the cook; A. cuts off his head, she rolls down to the mound; companions descend there on a rope A.; there are three the girls mourn the death of their father; A. promises that he will not kill them, sends them upstairs on a rope; the companions cut the rope, A. stays below; in the underground city of Azhdakha took water; A. kills him, the khan passes him off as A. daughter; A. wants to go to the ground, he is advised to go to the oak tree; two eagles say that every year Azhdaha devours chicks; A. kills the arrived Azhdakh; the eagle raises A. to the ground, flies for 40 days; A. forgives his companions, takes the most beautiful of three girls], 146-152 [the girl Sas is kidnapped by a bear; she gives birth to a boy with bear ears; he rolls back the stone with which the bear blocks the exit from the cave , comes with his mother to the village; plays with his peers, maims them; the khan sends him to the forest to buy firewood, he brings them on a bear (his father), kills him; he is pushed into a hole leading to the lower world; he kills a crocodile that held water; people send it to the tree where the eagle lives; Bear's Ear kills a crocodile ready to eat eagles; the Eagle takes it to the ground; he feeds it with meat and water the last piece is cut off from his leg; on the ground, the eagle belches it, puts it back; at home, Bear's Ear killed all residents except his family]; Stavropol Turkmens [the tsar has three sons from first wife; she died, he remarried; the new one gave birth to a daughter; mares disappear in the herd at night; the eldest, middle sons fall asleep; the youngest comes, cooks dinner; the old woman comes, then leaves; disappears under a stone; a young man goes down there; 40 robbers sleep there; a young man hit one with a boot, hides; then said that he is the son of a thief and wants to steal with them; promises to get three daughters of the king; killed the guard, went to the princesses; each had a sword; he hit his own, cut the first two, when he hit the youngest's sword, his sword crumbled; the young man took this sword; called the robbers and killed one each, ears strung it on a thread; killed an old woman, taking the keys to the pantry; shot into a black cloud, a shot child's finger fell to the ground; at home, the queen says that her daughter's finger was cut off; the young man gave his finger - in the steppe found; the king (the one who is the father of the three princesses) summons people, looking for a hero, only the young man's sword came to the sheath; three princesses are presented as three princes; the stepmother orders to drive the younger one away; he came to the tree; the snake crawls to the eagles nest, he killed her; for this, the eagle gave him two out of three eagles; the young man went on, took the splinter out of the lioness's paw, who gave him two lions out of six; left the lions and eagles to guard the horse, he put on lamb skins and tripe himself, went to the city; the youngest of the king's three daughters realized that it was a prince; invited the sisters to send three apples to the king: green, half-ripe, ripe; the king ordered everyone men walk outside the window, let every daughter throw an apple at whoever she wants to marry; the elders threw the viziers at the sons, the youngest into an imaginary beggar; the king lodged them at the stable; the king is sick, he needs kulan meat; an imaginary beggar in his true form, with the help of his lions and eagles, obtained a kulan, gave the meat to his older sons-in-law, who allowed them to be stamped on his sacrums; what his elder sons-in-law had brought to the king worse; and from the fish guts cooked by his youngest daughter, he recovered; at the feast, the prince truly said that two slaves had run away from him, his elder sons-in-law had to show stamps; the prince gave slaves to the king; everything was explained; the prince decided to visit his home; let the eagles go, but the lions said that they would still be useful, stayed with the prince's wife; the city was intact, there were no people; in the werewolf sister's hut they were thin father, stepmother, brothers and wives; sister consistently asks if the brother came on horseback with three, two, one legs, whether he came on foot; tells me to play the balalaika; the fox volunteered to play for him, and let he will hang his boots, which can be seen from the kitchen - as if he is still sitting; his sister is chasing, the prince turned three arrows into trees, climbed the first one, his sister gnawed at him, it fell, the prince moved to second, then to third; the lions feel something, their wife released them, they tore up the cannibal; brought a lot of cattle; at home, the prince handed over power to his older brother; he himself began to live with two wives (when he married first, not said)]: A.K. 1875, No. 1:1-13; Kabardian people [the same or very similar Adyghe text in Kerashev 1957:153-164; childless old people had a son, took him away, raised by a bear , called Batyr, made him strong, sent him to his parents; princes want to lime him, give difficult assignments; 1) a multi-headed serpent takes water, demands girls to eat; B. won, saddled, killed him; 2) harnessed cannibals, plowed the ground on them; 3) harnessed ferocious boars, brought firewood for them; two hunters became his brothers; all three chased the deer, he disappeared into the crevice; B. goes down, there are three girls, one cries (her friend will eat her today), the other laughs (her tomorrow), the third song sings (her the day after tomorrow); B. kills him, brothers lift women upstairs, throw off the rope; white sheep will throw seven tiers up, black - down, B. accidentally grabs black; kills a boa constrictor crawling to eat three eagles; Eagle arrives with a cloud and storm, eagles hide B., tell his mother about his feat; she promises to take him to the upper world if he earns buffaloes for food; snakes do not provide water, demands girls; B. kills a snake, gets buffaloes; there is not enough meat, B. cuts off a piece of leg when he reaches Orlitsa heals his wound; B. killed traitors and their wives, married the youngest, whom they kept as a slave]: Aliyeva 1978, No. 11:111-119 (=Khut 1987:208-218); Abkhazians: Bgazhba 2002 [brothers they envied Sasrkva, offered to jump over the abyss, put up her leg; in the lower world, an old woman complains that the dragon eats those who come for water; S. cuts off the dragon's head, two grow up, then three; he sprinkles ash on them, the dragon dies; the Eagle says that the dragon devoured her seven eagles every year; brings S. to the ground; S. cuts off the last piece of meat from his leg; the Eagle heals him, he returns home]: 58-59; Inal-ipa et al. 1988, No. 24 [the brothers envied Sasarkva, pushed him into an "otherworldly pit"; in the lower world, S. came to an old woman who drinks donkey urine, says that the dragon provides water only in exchange on people; S. cuts off the dragon's head; the snake crawls to the eagle's nest, S. kills it; the grateful Orlitsa takes S. to the ground; there is not enough meat and water, S. cuts off a piece of his thigh; on the ground, the Eagle tells run her with a pen over the wound, the thigh heals]: 143-150 (about the same as Salakai 1976, No. 10:192-195); Abkhazians [Adaui son finds out that his mother is a kidnapped girl; demands that his father allow him to see them relatives; in order not to quarrel with his son, the father rushes into the abyss; the mother is horrified: other adaus will take revenge; then the son leaves, hires a mullah, brings a pile of trees on his shoulders, drags an elephant by the ear; people ask the mullah to calculate the employee, who gives money, the adaui buys the prisoner for them; takes adaua with a mill on his big toe; another who is on his thumb turns the trough; cooks one by one; a bearded man arrives on a rooster, ties up the cook, eats everything; when Adaua's son remains, he pinched the dwarf's beard with a tree; but he pulled out the tree and went into the abyss; The companions brought Adaua's son down there; three girls say the dwarf is dying; the son of Adaua sends them upstairs; the youngest warns that if his companions don't pick him up, he must jump on the white ram, who will take him to the ground, and the black woman will lower it even lower; the companions left the son of Adaua below; he accidentally jumped on a black ram; old woman: an elephant guards the water, once a week allows him to take it for what he brings girl; Adaua's son overcame an elephant, brought him by the ear; only a kite can carry it to the ground; an elephant attacks the chicks, Adaua's son killed him, a grateful kite promises to take it upstairs, tells them to stock up on meat and with water; the meat ran out, the son of Adaua took the last piece out of his hand; on the ground, the kite healed the wound; the son of Adaua killed his companions and made their wives slaves to his wife]: Shakryl 1975, No. 78:353-361; Abaza : Tugov 1985, No. 27 [the giant (Ainizh) took the girl, a boy was born, the Son of an Ainizh (S.); after the death of his father he went on a journey; met and accompanied the Grinder with a grain, holding millstones on his knees, holding a tree on his finger; they take turns cooking; a long-bearded dwarf riding a rooster ties the cook with beard hair, eats everything; when S.'s turn, he split the tree, pinched the dwarf's beard; he uprooted the tree, went to the dungeon; S. went down on his belt, there is a girl, he sends her and the treasures in the basket upstairs; she warns that if his companions refuse to pick it up, let S. fall on the white ram, he will take it to the ground, and the black sheep will lower it to the seventh bottom of the earth; the satellites did not lower the belt; S. fell on the black ram; there the snake closed the water, gives it out in exchange for girls; S. sees crying a girl killed by a snake; he was shown where the eagle lives; every year a snake kills her chicks; S. was killed by a snake, the chicks hid him from their mother, then showed him; she ordered to prepare meat and water, flies upstairs with S. There was not enough meat, S. cut off the last piece from his leg; the eagle put it back; S. tied traitors to the tails of his horses, married a girl], 33 [Katashch and his two older brothers were sent by his father to look wives; brothers fell asleep, K. noticed the tents and went there; the Ainizh sits in each and played with an apple; one repeats "Arzan", the other "Urazan", the third "Surazan"; the Ainyzhi say that these are the names of the prince's daughters, whom they cannot kidnap; K. tells the Ainymen to send him to the fortress, takes a handkerchief, bracelet and ring from sleeping girls, tells the Ainyzhs to go up the wall, kills one at a time; the brothers marry these girls ; the serpent asks K. to find out why Mukhtar Pasha is angry; K. goes, kills a snake that ate Orlitsa's chicks, which takes him across the sea to Mukhtar Pasha, teaches him what to do; we must ask why he died state; he will answer, but ask him to pray; M.'s answer: the eldest daughter turned into a snake, ashamed of her father's crimes; the youngest lives with him, but does not show her face; the eagle picked up K. and took it away, and both the seas merged and swallowed up the island with M.; Orlitsa brings K. back, the serpent turns into a beauty - daughter M., K. takes her as his wife; at home K. returns sight to his father blind with tears]: 46-51, 75-80; Adygs : Maksimov, Kerashev 1953 [=Kerashev 1957:194-209; Psha Zedem has only son Zedeb (Z.), his father holds him for a lazy and a fool; hearing his father's words, Z. tamed the best horse and became the first among young people; his father married him; according to custom, Z. (with his wife) left his father's house for a year; his father also left; when Z. returned, found the doors of seven rooms locked, asked his mother for keys; she gave the keys to six rooms, which were empty; Z. broke the door of the seventh, there three doves asked them to be released, Z. released them; when he found out, the father ordered Z. to be thrown into the steppes; Z. realized that his father kept pigeons and left him for Suret (Su-Isuret, "written beauty" in Nogai), whom no one can force him to speak; after killing a bastard who was about to eat eagles, Z. lost consciousness; the chicks told the eagle that he was their savior; the eagle carried Z. and his horse to a distance that Z. I would have passed a month before coming back because she couldn't leave the eagles without food; in an empty village, the old man says that a creature with 8 legs and one eye in its forehead ate ate people and cattle; it crawled out of the swamp, Z. hit him in the eye with an arrow and killed him; the old man warned that S. had already put 99 stakes on stakes, the last one was left; Z. lay down under the apple tree, those three pigeons flew in; they told S. to tell S. the story of how the carpenter carved the figure, Goochips (a name for blacksmiths) revived, the cutter dressed - who owns the created person; only S. can answer - let him say; second question: only S. can know who stole the gouache belt (searched maids, drovers - they did not find); the third question: Pshi fell ill, and two people did not grieve, one whispered to the other that there was half of the oxalis from which to cook the broth for treatment; the half-deaf old woman heard the farsighted saw oxalis in the gorge, the quick-footed brought it, the doctor made medicine, the pshi recovered; only S. knows who to reward for this; on the way, Z. stayed with the khan, amazed everyone by playing the violin and by making a saddle out of leather overnight; Khan gave companions; Z. asked S. the first question; three pigeons flew in: 1) the figure that came to life will serve each of the three for the same number of days; 2) the one who they search, quietly hand over the belt to the one who is not being searched; 3) the fee should be divided not between four (farsighted, runner, doctor, old woman), but between 6 participants (including whispers); S. each time He is silent, but after the third time, after changing his clothes, he throws Z.'s ring and promises to be a good wife; on the way home, Z., while taking S., also took the daughter of Khan and the daughter of an old man who lived in a village ravaged by a monster; the father invited Z. to play checkers: the winner will blind the loser; Z. wins many times, but does not want to maim his father; the old woman advises Pshi to force Z. to spend the night with him; Z. will think about wives and will be distracted; the father won, blinded Z., ordered him to be thrown into the forest; tried to take his son's wives, but they destroyed his army; Z. hears the pigeons talking: if Z. breaks the fetters and tears off the oxalis, he will see the light; Z. did; his wives did not let him in until he talked about how he married them; tomorrow it was S.'s turn to fight with psha; Z. will help, but the son cannot kill his father, let S. do it; she cut off her head, Z. took his father's men into his service]: 91-116; Huth 1987 (shapsugi) [Prince Zedem considers his son Zedeb worthless; he tames the horse; in the absence of his father, he takes the keys to locked rooms from his mother; in six empty; he hacks the seventh; there three tied pigeons ask them to let them go; he lets go; the father tells him to take his son away and leave him asleep; three pigeons invite him to marry Silent Suret; she will marry the one who makes her speak; Z. kills a snake that eagles; the Eagle takes him under his wing, flies with him part of the way to MC; in an empty village, an old man says that the eight-legged monster of all devoured, you have to get into his only eye; Z. kills a monster; three pigeons teach you how to ask the MC how to resolve three disputes; in the presence of the MC they give answers themselves; the MS is forced to say that the answers are correct; Z. returns with MC and two other girls married on the way; his father plays with him, wins, gouges his eyes out, throws him tied up in the woods; three pigeons teach him how to eat an apple, he sees the light; together with kills his father with his wives]: 96-111; Bagriy 1930 (2) (Temirgoevtsy) [the bear took the beautiful Sas, she gave birth to a son; he grew up, pushed back the stone that closed the exit, his mother brought him to people, his Bear Ear (MU); while playing, he maims other children; the old man advises the khan to send MU to the forest to bring firewood, harness two bulls of unequal strength; the undersized bull does not move; the Bear comes to the noise, MU harnesses him instead of one from bulls, brings firewood; everyone is horrified, the old man advises sending MU to the forest, pushing him into a bottomless hole; MU falls into the lower world; kills a crocodile trying to prevent water from the river from drinking; locals residents are grateful but unable to help them return to earth; advise killing a crocodile that eagles every year; MU kills him, eagles hide it from his mother, tell him who their savior is; Orlitsa promises to raise the MU to the ground, tells him to stock up water and meat; cuts off the last piece of MU from his leg; seeing that he is limping, Orlitsa regurgitates a piece, puts it back; the MU killed all the residents of the village, began to live with mother, grandfather and grandmother]: 146-152; Karachays, Balkarians: Aliyeva 1994, No. 47 [in order for Yoryuzmek to recover, he must eat goldfish from the pool owned by a beautiful woman overseas in the forest; two sons go west, the younger Sosruk to the east; the herd gives him a plain foal; the blackbearded sends to the middle brother, the youngest to that evil beauty; each of the brothers gives the horse a ride to the next one; while the beauty sleeps, S. takes the fish; returning, changes from horse to horse; the stalker is ready to grab a plain foal, he soars to the sky; S. meets brothers; they take fish from the sleeping person, throw it into the abyss; on the ledge of the cliff, a woman says that two rams will butt; the white one will throw it on the ground, black down; S. accidentally grabs the horn of the black ; in the lower world, nine-headed emegen closed the water; S. asks a woman to make him 8 scarecrow heads; emegen hits them with arrows, S. hits all 9; the grateful ruler says that eagle chicks every year eats the dragon; S. kills the dragon with an arrow and sword; the chicks explain that the rain is the tears of their desperate mother; warm rain in half with the sun - she hopes for salvation; the Eagle orders to fill wineskins with buffalo meat and blood, takes off from S.; almost at the ground the supply runs out, S. cuts off a piece of leg; on the ground, the Eagle regurgitates it, puts it; S. stops at the shepherd; comes to his wake, talks about what happened; his arrow falls right in the middle of a sheep's shoulder blade; his brothers' arrows pass by; people believe S.]: 383-387; Lipkin 1973:68-77; Aliyeva, Kholaev 1983 [a sick old man tells his sons about a beautiful woman across the seas, a golden trough in front of her, goldfish in him, if he eats one, he will recover; the older two go one way, the youngest to the other; the man gives an unsightly stallion, he says in a human voice; the blackbeard sends to his middle brother, then to his younger brother, the youngest is gray because he lives near that girl; the blackbearded teaches how to change horses, otherwise the girl will catch up; he catches fish, the girl cannot catch up, finds herself near home; his brothers throw him into the lower world; he kills a dragon, grateful residents teach him to kill a jelmouth snake that devours eagle chicks; he the monster kills, the eagle arrives, its wings are overshadowed by the sun, the rain is her tears, when the sun comes out, the eagle hopes to save the chicks; the grateful eagle takes the young man to the upper world, his foal brings home; he explains to his father that he, not his brothers, caught the fish; let everyone shoot up; the arrows of the older brothers fall and pierce them]: 43-52; Balkarians (Western 1967) [the childless khan had a boy; he was given to Myrzaev Kanmyrze; he matured; MK does not tell him to run after the hare into the hollow; the young man violates the ban, there is a portrait of the girl; he asks MK to get her; MK penetrates the fortress; the girl teaches how to cover the horse with buffalo skins, mix glue with sand; her father's horse will fight with the MK horse, but will peel off his skins, and this horse will cut off his meat; the horse is tamed, begins serve MK; brought his wife to a young man; now MK decides to get for another young man who showed him the entrance to the fortress, his wife's stolen from him; lay under a pine tree, heard a noise; it was the dragon who wanted to eat two eagles; MK killed a dragon; eagles: every year the dragon devoured our mother's chicks; when she arrives, her tears will rain and cause mudflow, and the wind from the wings of the summit will bend; the eagle brought MK to the fortress of Dzhansyza- Mujiza ("soulless, lifeless"), who stole a woman; MK teaches the kidnapped woman to ask what DM's soul is; DM: in a broom (she dressed a broom like a girl); (hereinafter referred to as a pass in the story); DM reports that his soul is in (what- then), in a deer, there are three pigeons in it, they have three flies; the eagle catches up with the flying ones each time; the MK crushed the flies, DM died; the eagle takes the MK to the upper world; the meat supply is over, the MK cuts off a piece from its calves; the eagle swallowed MK and regurgitated healthy; KM and her pupil son and daughter-in-law go home; hears two voices: the bridge will fail; MK does not enter the bridge; the next night: the khan wants to take away the bride from the pupil; in marriage, MK killed five attackers and then turned to stone; let the daughter-in-law give birth to a boy, he must be slaughtered, the stone washed with blood; it happened, but the boy is alive; MK killed everyone who tried to destroy his pupil]: Malkonduev 2017:442-447; Ossetians: Byazirov 1971, No. 1 [the son of a witch from the Borata family (SK) and his son Malik (SK) go to marry the sister of seven giants, send their matchmakers arrows; giants and UK go hunting, tell sister and UK not to open the seventh door; SM threatens to leave, the bride opens, Waig from Black Mountain (UCHG) is released, takes the girl away; SK goes to look for her; meets , takes the Sea Drinker as his comrades (he shoots after the UCHG, tears off his leg), Zorky, Carrying mountains and valleys on his back, each says in response that he is not amazing, but SK and SM; UCHG goes underground; only The UK was able to push the stone away, go down on a rope through the flame; sends the girl upstairs, the comrades remove the rope, fill the exit with a stone; the UK tells an old woman whose fang touches the sky, the other in the ground rests, tell me how to kill the UCHG (burn it, it burns), get upstairs (grab the horn of a white ram); SK grabs the black horn, which takes it even lower to the world of Donbettyr; there the dragon closed water; swallows the UK, it cuts it from the inside, refuses to be belched, spit out, goes out over its side, the dragon exhausts; Tsar Donbettyrov sends the UK to the black eagle; the UK hears one of her daughters singing ( her snake will eat the day after tomorrow), another laughs (her tomorrow), the third cries (she will be eaten today); SK is killed by a snake; a downpour begins (eagle tears), the sun shines (eagle sees that her daughters are alive), a whirlwind (flies); the eagle takes the UK to the ground, which feeds it with supplies given by the Donbettyrs; there are not enough of them, the SK cuts off the meat from its thighs; the eagle puts it back; the swineherd says that three brought the sister of seven giants, the king took her away, marries; the UK changes clothes with the swineherd, the elder princess chooses him when she sees his golden curls under her hat; everyone tries the SK quiver and arrows; the SK takes them, puts on gold clothes, exterminates guests with arrows, takes his wives for himself and SM], 15 [Aslan decides to test his sons in old age; the eldest, middle return from distant, dangerous places, but A. says that he got there in a day ; younger Kaurbek pulls out a horse and heroic weapons from under the mound; meets his father's brother, who fought with the army of Donbettyr's daughter; K. injures her, kills the horse, makes belts out of his skin, goes down to sea; the old woman teaches to change blood vessels with living and dead water; K. defeats daughter D., gives her to her uncle, revives the horse with living water; takes out the sword stuck in his grandfather's skull; he teaches him to hit the khan with it, not to strike a second blow; K. kills Khan, takes his daughter; eternal night in Khan's country; K. comes to the sea, across it a whale bridge; K. moves along it to the house of the Sun; his mother hides K., asks the Sun Son questions for K. to overhear answers; The sun does not illuminate the khan's possessions, because he tried to kidnap his daughter; the whale lies on a bridge because he swallowed ships; K. goes back, answers the whale, who releases ships , is released; K. takes away the daughter of the Sun, the light spreads in the Khan's possessions; the Sun sends fire-breathing cannibal mares with steel jaws to the kidnapper of the daughter, K.'s horse destroys them; daughter of the Sun insidiously tells K. to milk the remaining mares, bathe in boiling milk; the horse advises K. not to rush into boiling water, but to walk along the crossbar on which the cauldron hangs; the daughter of the Sun believes, swims herself, goes out unscathed, the darkness above the earth dissipates; Zaliag Kalm in the sea (!) does not give water to drink, demands a boy and a girl a month; K. kills him, blood turns the sea yellow, now the sea is called "Yellow"; older brothers kill sleeping K. and his horse; daughter The sun sends Donbettyr's daughter to revive K. with live water; K. forgives his brothers, gives one Donbettyr's daughter, another a khan's daughter, washes his father with living water, he is getting younger; K. decides to marry Khadija; with difficulty defeats the warrior; the hawk says that this is H., she will lose her heroic power if she is kissed; K. kisses, brings H. to the wife of her fathers; the older, middle return from distant, dangerous places, but A.]: 5-19, 156-173; Dzagurov 1973, No. 45 [A childless person is ordered to slaughter a black chicken, his wife must eat a goiter; a female eats a crawler, gives birth to a golden-haired boy, a wife an ordinary one; a female's son performs the tasks of seven waigs (cannibal giants), who give their sister for the woman's son; tell him not to open the eighth ward; the woman's son opens, releases the seven-headed Waig, who takes his wife; the son of a female goes looking for her; finds three comrades (one carries the church, the other runs with millstones on his feet, the third takes a sip of the sea), they bring him down on a rope to the lower world, he sees a kidnapped woman; she learns that the soul of the Waiga is in the swallows, the ones in the casket, the casket in the hare, etc.; the son of the female killed the soul, the comrades pulled the woman upstairs, threw off the rope; in the corner of the house, the female's son found her mother, one fang above the sky, another in the underworld; she tells him to grab the right horn of a ram, which accidentally grabs the left horn, does not rise to the ground, but falls into the seventh lower world; there the dragon does not provide water, devours women; the son of a female kills a dragon to save the prince's daughter; he advises to contact Orlitsa, who flies to earth once a year; the Zaliaga serpent devours her three chicks every year; the female's son kills him; the chicks hide her son females; the rain gushes, then the sun shines, then the wind blows; the chicks explain that the rain is their mother's tears, the sun rays from her eyes when she sees that the chicks are alive, the wind is from her wings; the bird plants the son of the female on his back, he throws her wineskins of beer, bovine carcasses, at the end cuts off a piece of leg; she does not swallow, when she reaches, puts his muscles back; the female's son kills traitors, reunites his brother with his wife, revives when the devils turned them into stone]: 162-177; Terek Cossacks (v. Borozdinskaya) [the tsar's eldest daughter asks to let her go to the "unhappy" garden; there a storm rises and takes her away; the same with her middle daughter; when the youngest began to ask, she was chained to bed, covered with iron canopy and left in the garden in a room with 12 iron doors; a 12-headed serpent arrives, takes the girl along with the bed; Ivan Tsarevich calls to find the kidnapped, takes three generals as assistants; sees how 12-, 9- and 6-headed snakes fly out of the passage to the underworld one by one; I. tells the generals to lower him on a rope into the underworld and wait above; comes to a city where all tailors; those they give I. a ball of thread and tell him to throw it in front of him; the ball leads to the palace; the princess says that her husband is a 6-headed serpent; hides I. in the room, in it a tub with strong and a tub with powerless water; I. tries both; changes tubs in places; takes a kladenets sword from the royal daughter, hides; a 6-headed serpent who has arrived drinks powerless water instead of strong water and falls asleep; I. cuts off his heads; princess gives I. a ball of thread; he rolls to the palace in which her sister; I. drinks strong water, moves the tubs of water, kills the 9-headed snake; the princess gives a ball of thread; warns that the younger sister's husband - 12-headed serpent, he shackled his 12-headed father in the basement; with the help of a ball of thread, I. finds a crystal palace; meets the princess there, drinks strong water, changes the tubs; a snake that has arrived falls asleep; I. cuts off his 9 heads; the serpent growls, his father hears, breaks 6 chains; I. princess: "Run to your father-in-law soon; if he asks what this noise is, you say that a strong storm has risen, turned it around The root is a large oak tree that stood by the window: this oak tree hit the palace and broke all the windows; yes, take an iron pitchfork, hot; when my father-in-law says: "Raise my eyelids with a pitchfork, I'll see what is being done" , if you are in the eye with a pitchfork, and I will come to help you; the princess runs to the basement; I. cuts off the remaining 3 heads of the snake; the princess says to her father-in-law what was ordered; father-in-law: "Take a pitchfork, yes raise my eyelids - I'll see what is being done"; the princess stabs his eyes with a hot pitchfork; I. comes running and killing him; regrets not seeing such a palace on earth; the princess gives him a silk shawl with with the words: "Wave them - I give you this palace"; I. waves his handkerchief, a golden egg appears in his hand; with the help of a ball of thread, I. returns with the princess to her sister; she also gives him a silk shawl; I. waves at them, gets a silver egg; throws a ball of thread in front of him, goes with both princesses to their older sister; waves her handkerchief, receives a copper egg; when he gets to passage, I. alternately ties the sisters to the rope, the generals raise them; saying goodbye to the third princess, I. takes off her personalized ring; I. ties a stone to the rope; the generals raise it to the middle and let go; they tell the king that they saved his daughters; the younger princess refuses to marry the general and tells the truth; the king does not believe, but postpones the wedding; I. wanders; the time of rain climbs into a huge nest in a tree; there are three chicks; I. covers them with his last hollow and warms them; the chicks tell the vulture bird about their savior; she offers I. help, orders to prepare 12 barrels of game and 12 barrels of water; during the flight, I. feeds and wateres it: "When the bird looks to the right, it will splash water on it; if it looks to the left, he will throw a piece of meat"; there is not enough meat for the whole journey; I. cuts off meat from both calves, feeds the vulture bird; it flies into the light, falls to the ground; asks I. what kind of delicious meat was the last time: when she finds out, she expectorates both calves and puts them on I.'s legs; he heals, goes to the king; the youngest princess recognizes I. by the ring on her hand; the king orders the generals to be tied to horse tails and let them go across the field, the youngest daughter marries I.; I. waves silk with scarves; three palaces appear; one of them I. gives to the elder princess, the other to the middle princess, and lives with his wife in the third]: Butova 1889, No. 3:128-141; Ingush: Malsagov 1983, No. 1 [=Kibiev, Malsagov 1973: 155-171, =Tankiev 2003:159; the prince has a tree with golden leaves, someone steals them; three sons take turns guarding; only the youngest does not fall asleep, cuts off someone's finger and head; follows a bloody trail; in the companions take a sharpshooter pulling trees, drinking the sea; they lower the prince's son into the hole; the girl says that they are three daughters of a three-headed eagle, someone cut off their father's head and finger; she asks her father what he can kill him; he replies that there is a ram around the corner, there is a hare in it, a duck in a hare, there are three chicks in a duck; the prince's son kills them all, the companions take the girls upstairs, the youngest leaves the prince's son a ring; tells him to touch the white horse, he will take him to the upper world; red - stay here, black - you will find yourself lower; companions cut off the rope; the prince's son touches the black one; the old woman says that the Sarmak (dragon) closed the water, passes him off as girls he must bring every day; the Sarmak gives water three times, then the prince's son kills him; the padishah sends him to the eagle on black mountain; a young man kills a snake that devours chicks every year; the eagle takes it to the ground; there is not enough meat, he cuts off his flesh from his leg, on both hands; the eagle regurgitates the meat, puts it back; under the guise a young shepherd comes to the wedding of rescued princesses; the youngest recognizes him by the ring; the young man kills traitors, marries, marries two princesses to his brothers], 3 [the bear took the girl, she gave birth to a son, his name is Chaitong; he companions a man playing with a log and a second one listening to ants talking; he takes turns cooking; yeshap comes, eats everything, ties the cook; when C. remains, he himself ties the yeshap by the mustache; friends follow the bloody trail to the pipe that goes into the ground, C. goes down, wins, kills the yeshap, lifts his three wives upstairs; companions drop the rope; C. touches not white , and a black stallion, is not in the upper world, but in the lower world; further as in (1); companions run away from revenge C.], 3 [the girl was kidnapped by a bear, she gave birth to a son Chaitong ("bear"), he grew up, his mother brought him to his parents; he did not enter the house, but went on a journey; met a log throwing up his little finger; he met: it's nothing, the bear's son C. does miracles; C. took him as a companion; the same with a man who listened to the ants talking; all three stopped in a forest hut, cooking one by one; yeshap came, ate everything, tied the cook to the bed with a hair from his beard; when his comrades returned, the cook, who was struggling to free himself, replied that he was ill; the same with the second companion; C. tied his mustache to a pole; on a bloody trail, friends came to the pit; only C. decided to go down; there at three three wives of yeshap in the rooms, the youngest he put his head on his knees; C. hardly won and killed yeshap; sent three women upstairs, the youngest gave him a ring, told him to touch the white stallion, he would take him to the ground ; forbid touching black and red; the companions did not raise C., took the women away; C. went into the stable, accidentally touched the black stallion, found himself in the lowest world; there the old woman was cooking, using dirty water; Sarmak at the spring gives clean water in exchange for girls; Sarmak forgives C. twice as a guest when he collects water; leads the girl, C. killed Sarmak with a dagger; "Let the dagger pull out the one who stabbed him"; tells the rider to say that he saved the girl; but no one can pull out the dagger; C. did it easily; grateful padchah advises killing Sarmak, who regularly devours chicks eagles; the chicks hid C. so that the returning eagle would not think that he was the one who killed the chicks; the eagle orders to cook meat, bread and water for 12 days; there was not enough meat, C. cut off a piece from his leg and arm; the eagle put pieces back on the ground; the girl recognized C., former friends ran away; =Tankiev 1997, No. 12:257-263)]: 23-28, 33-39; Tankieva 2003 [the mother and father of the three brothers died, the stepmother left them in the forest; they found a hut, began to cook one by one; Biydolg drove up on a rooster, himself with a fist, a beard like a harrow, the strength of seven horses; eats everything, beats his older brother; the same with his middle brother; the younger one pinched him a beard in a tree; he uprooted it, left; on a bloody trail, the brothers came to the hole, B. was dead near it; lowered the youngest, picked up three girls, did not lift the youngest; the youngest girl had time tell you to touch the white ram, he will take it to the ground (the black one will lower it even lower, with the red one you will stay where it is); the young man has reached the black one; came to Zhera Baba's house; she has three daughters; a source of water the Sarmak blocked; the young man cut him down; the pacci gave his daughter to the young man; he wants to go to another, to the ground; the wife teaches: every day the falcon has three chicks, and the Sarmak devours them, crawling along the pole to the nest at the top , pillars supporting the nest in the middle of the sea; the young man killed the Sarmak, the chicks hid him so that his mother would not accidentally kill him; when he learned that he had saved the chicks, ordered him to store water and meat; the young man tore off the last piece from hands; the bird healed him, raised him to the ground; there the young man's brother wants to marry his fiancée by force; the young man changed clothes with the shepherdess; offered the bride a bowl of wine, throwing a ring in it; she recognized him; wedding; brothers were driven away]: 339-343; Nogais [the woman rolled out the dough (kamyr), covered it with a tablecloth, and when she took it off, the boy Kamyr Batyr was there; he grew up, took a horse from his father, went wander; meets, companions several dhows, everyone says that he is not amazing, but K.; one pulls trees, the other throws rocks, the third drinks the sea; they put up a hut, along queues are cooking; a rider is an inch tall, a 40-inch beard eats everything, ties the cook with his hair; when K.'s turn, he tied the dwarf between the trees; he uprooted them, the trail led to the well K. went down on a silk rope; there were three daughters of a dwarf, one gave K. strong water, he killed a dwarf, sent the girls upstairs, his companions threw the rope; K. came to the old man; he teaches him to sit on white a ram, but K. accidentally sat on a black one, who threw it even lower; below, the old man advises killing Azdag, which eats the chicks of the Caracus bird, which will take it to the ground; K. killed Azdag, the chicks hid it; the wind rose (from the wings of the mother bird), an icy tiny (her tears) fell from the sky; the bird tells me to cook meat and water for 9 months; the last piece of K. cut off the thigh; the bird swallowed it and spit it out healthy; K. executed treacherous companions, took the girls]: Kapaev 2012:209-218; Kumyks [the dervish gives the childless khan an apple, let his wife, mare, dog eat, each bring twins; one boy, stallion and puppy should be given to the dervish; the eldest was named Arslan Khan, the youngest was named Batyr Khan; the dervish takes A.; at the source, the skull teaches: this is a black maiden, you have to pretend that you can't do anything do; let him show how bread is baked; push the maiden into the oven and fill it with oil; after killing the maiden, A. rides his horse and with her dog; the counter orders to put his finger into the stream when he meets; A. took out a splinter to the lioness, she gave a lion cub; killed a snake that crawled to the eagle's nest, which gave an eagle; dipped his finger, it turned gold; poured that water on a lion cub, an eagle, a dog; releasing the animals and wearing a hat, A. hired a gardener to the khan; knitted the bouquet with his golden hair; the younger princess saw and understood who the worker was; the sisters sent her father three apples, rotten, half rotten, ripe; vizier: it's time for daughters to marry; khan told his daughters throw an apple at passing men; the elders threw the vizier at the sons, the youngest at the worker; the khan placed them in a collapsed hut; the khan fell ill, they needed reindeer meat; A. sat on the oath, then accepted his true his appearance, summoned an eagle, killed a deer, poisoned some of the meat; gave it to his older sons-in-law, for which he stamped the youngest of them; the khan scolded his older sons-in-law for bitter meat, and he liked what A. had brought; bring lion's milk; the same (A. poisoned milk in one wineskin), a seal on the back of his elder son-in-law; A. Khan recovered from milk; enemies attacked, A. defeated them, said that his older sons-in-law were his slaves, presented seals; Batyr Khan followed in his brother's footsteps; received a lion cub, an eagle, poured gold water; A.'s wife mistook him for her husband, but B. beat her; when A. arrived, she began to accuse him; A. caught up with B. and killed, then repented; saw how one mouse killed another and then revived it with grass; A. revived his brother with it; everything is fine]: Barsov 1882, No. 1:121-128; Dargins [one-eyed promises the childless khan the birth of three sons, if he promises to give one to him; gives him an apple, the peel must be fed to the mare, the core of the dog, they will also bring three foals, three puppies; only the youngest son agrees to go to the one-eyed one; every time he asks him to show him how to do something; he pushes him into the tarum (to bake bread); frees the kidnapped daughter of the khan, sends her to her father, promising to return for her; on the way pulls out a splinter from a lion, kills a snake that regularly devours eagle chicks; the eagle arrives, raising the wind with its wings, the rain its tears; gives the young man one eagle to help; changing clothes and hiring to the gardener, asks the khan's bathing daughters to comb their hair; the youngest gives it, he leaves his golden hair on it; the gardener tells the khan to give rotten, half-rotten, fresh apples (symbols of daughters) of different ages); Khan's daughters throw apples at the chosen ones, the youngest chooses a poor gardener; he smashes enemies twice in his true form with the help of a horse, a dog and an eagle; the khan is sick, he will be cured lion meat, the lioness gives the young man one of the lion cubs, the right half is poisonous; the older sons-in-law buy meat for a stamp on the buttock; the khan drives his older sons-in-law with poisonous meat, greets the younger one; he appears in in his true appearance, shows his stigma on his older sons-in-law, making them slaves; lives with his wife; goes to visit his father; goes to Shirim-Shahir, whose visitors turn to stone; his brother comes for him (according to the road puts his sword on the bed, spending the night with his wives), his words pity the SHSH, all the stones are disgraced; all the brothers get married: the first plays an unplayed (when he was a gardener) wedding, the second at the school, the third on one-eyed daughters]: Mazaev, Kasumov 1997 (1): 401-413; Avars: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 2 [the bear stole the pachah's daughter, the son of Bear's Ear grew up, killed a bear, hired a pachah worker, dragged a hundred trees, breaking walls in houses; pachah sends him to Hart, supposedly for an unpaid debt; Hart tries to stuff MU into the chest, he shoves it himself, brings it back, he tells him to take it back; the same is azhdaha must be a bull; pachah tells him to take him back, on the way, Azhdaha swallowed a herd of horses; pathah went to MU by war, he destroyed his army, went to wander; meets, takes the Tree-Carrier as his companions, Millstone; they take turns cooking, a bearded dwarf rides a hare with his hair, eats up the cook; MU clamps his beard in a tree trunk, he pulled out a plane tree with roots, went into a hole in the ground; MU goes down, kills a dwarf, sends the kidnapped princess upstairs; she warns that his companions will abandon him, we must jump on a white ram, and the black one will take him even deeper; MU accidentally sat on a black one, found himself in a village where the nine-headed ajdaha locked the water; MU cuts off his heads, brings his ears to the pachaha of the underworld; he offers a daughter, but MU wants to go to the ground; in the forest, an eagle, MU kills a three-headed snake, devouring chicks, the eagle takes them upstairs; there is not enough meat, MU cuts off her leg, the eagle puts a piece back; MU kills traitors companions, marries the rescued princess]: 50-57; Saidov, Dalgat 1965:174-183 [Ali Aigurova is so strong that he harnessed dragons into the arba; takes a river swallower and a sharpshooter as companions; the swallower, then the shooter remains cooking, the dwarf ties them with his hair, eats lunch; AA pinched the dwarf's beard with a plane tree; he escaped, went into the hole; the companions are afraid to go down, it's hot; AA kills the dwarf, sends his captive upstairs; she warns that if the rope is cut, AA must jump on a white ram that comes running to butt with black, he will take him upstairs; AA hit a black ram, fell lower; there the 9-headed dragon closed the water, gives in exchange for girls; AA kills him; khan says that only a kwankwa bird can carry to the ground; a three-headed snake crawls to its nest, AA kills it; a grateful kwankwa picks up AA, who feeds it with buffalo meat, gives it water; cuts off the latter a piece from the leg; the kwankwa belches it, puts it back; AA kills the swallower and the shooter fighting over the girl, marries], 240-246 [the young man lets go of the fish, the deer, they promise to come to the rescue; kills the snake, crawling to the nest of a huge eagle; she arrives with wind, cloud, rain; gives her pen to summon it; a young man saves a fox; the khan's daughter invites him to hide three times; the former suitors could not, their heads on stakes; fish, deer eagle hide in the sea, in a cave, in the sky, the princess finds; allows you to try it for the fourth time; The fox turns into a morocco merchant, makes the young man a flea on the princess's chest; he marries a princess], 269-280 [=Dirr 1920, No. 13:71-80; after the death of her father, three princes consistently go to marry the king's daughter on the south side; the elder, middle say to the old woman that the bride is more expensive to them than her advice; the groom must defeat the princess in order to marry; but she defeats them, they are beheaded; the youngest listens to the old woman, she explains that the princess wins because she shows her opponent's breasts; The prince did not look at his chest, the princess promised to marry him, but took out her golden shoe and asked him to find a pair of her; the prince came to a beautiful valley, where there were tents, but no people; a young warrior appeared, they They fought all day; the shepherds told the prince that there was a princess in the fortress, guarded by two dragons; the prince threw half a ram to each, recognized the princess as yesterday's warrior, won, she gave him the second golden shoe, he brought it to the first princess; now she asks to know what happened between Balay and his wife Boti; a three-headed serpent crawls to the nest of a huge eagle; a young man kills a snake, an eagle brings him to Balay; Balay gives the leftovers left after the dog to a half-petrified woman; makes her eat with a whip; this is Bati; Balai's story: when Bati lay down with him, she was icy; Balay watches after her; at night she leaves in the wind horse, he chases on a horse cloud; seven sledge giants play with her; Balay kills six, cuts off the seventh's leg; Bati returns first, whipping For seven years, he turns Balai into a female; then into a horse; then into a hawk; a hawk throws on a whip, restores his human appearance; turns Bati into a female; from a horse; into a semi-petrified woman; the young man's bride is a sister Bati; an eagle carries a young man away from Balai's arrow; a king kills a daughter, a young man kills a lame sledge in the dungeon and his son, born of a sledge by a royal daughter]; Lezgins [Zulum Magoma eats and works like giant; his fellow villagers are afraid of him; his mother pretends to be sick, asks for lion meat; he easily completes the task, goes to fight dragons; on the way she meets a lion pulling trees and leveling mountains ; companions cook; the long-bearded dwarf ties the cook with his hair every time, eats everything; Z. throws him up to the sky, the dwarf falls, hides underground; companions can't go down, there it's hot; Z. descends, kills three dragons (3-, 5-, 7-headed) sleeping on the knees of three girls; companions lift the girls to the ground, leave M. below; the youngest manages to say that he must grab the leg of a white gazelle, which will take it to the upper world; M. mistakenly grabs black, he takes it to the black world; the seven-headed dragon closes the water, gives it for the girls; Z. kills him; the king advises to go to the plane tree, where a parrot's nest; Z. kills a snake that is about to eat chicks; a parrot carries it to the upper world; Z. cuts off the last piece of meat from his leg, a bird puts it back on the ground; Z. comes to the wedding , kills traitors, marries, gives two other girls for laborers]: Mazaev, Kasumov 1997 (2): 79-91 (=Khalilov 1965, No. 34:54-68); Udins [the shepherd's son Rustam, very strong playing with other children , maims them; the old woman advises to send R. to the forest where three divas live for firewood; the king sends, R. easily kills divas, brings firewood; the king sends R. to the white diva; after a hard struggle, R. kills him too ; decides to leave; meets and companions a man who holds a uprooted tree over the plowman to create shade; who ties a millstone to his feet and grinds grain with them; drinks a river; everyone, not knowing whoever is in front of him says that his abilities mean nothing, but R. is a hero; they live in a hut, each one cooks in turn; Azhdakha comes, asks for pilaf broth, the cook asks him to wait Azhdaha ties him with hair from his beard, eats everything; when R. remains, he cuts off his head, which rolls into the crevice; the tree holder tries to go down first, but shouts that it burns, his they pull it out; the same with others; R. tells him not to pick him up if he screams; at the bottom R. opens 7 iron doors, sees a sleeping diva on the girl's lap; kills him; so four girls and four divas, R. kills divas and Azhdakha's head; sends three girls upstairs; the last most beautiful one is afraid that his companions will not raise R.; leaves him two feathers: if you hit one another, a white ram will appear ( will take her to the ground) and a black goat (lower it even lower); the companions picked up the girl and left; R. called the animals, accidentally sat on a goat, was downstairs; asked the old woman for a drink, she said that the snake in the well gave water only in exchange for gifts, now it is the turn of the royal daughter; she brings a bowl of pilaf to the snake; R. was chopped by a snake, the princess put her blood-soaked hands on R.'s back; the king called everyone together, made sure that the hero was R .; cannot understand him to the ground, but says that the snake eats the bird's chicks; R. kills the snake; the chicks tell the bird, so agrees to take R. to the ground, he must ask the king for meat and water; R. cuts off the last piece from his thigh; on the ground, the bird sees that R. is limping, puts the meat back; gives two feathers to summon it; R. forgives his companions, leaves them beauties, takes the best one for himself; companions change rings; if the stone on the ring turns black, the owner is in trouble; R. comes to another country, kills a diva, takes his wife as a second wife; the local king also wanted this woman; the old woman asks make a flying chest; asks R. to take her into service; persuades R.'s second wife to find out what his strength is; he says that without a ring he will weaken and die in two weeks; the old woman took off the ring from the sleeper R., invited his wife to sit in the chest, the chest flew to the king; companions came, water bread drank water in the well, found a ring there; R. defeated and killed the king, returned his wife]: Dirr 1921, No. 58:210-218; pshavas , swans [apparently like Armenians; the Pascunj bird is grateful to the hero for saving his cubs and brings him from the lower world to ours]: Marr 1918:2088-2089; Georgians: Kurdovanidze 1988, No. 31 [ the younger brother kills the devas, marries the woman they have kidnapped; the older deva takes her away, falls into hell; the older and middle brother let the younger brother down on a rope, pick up the woman, throw her rope; his wife warned that the white horse would take him to the upper world, the black horse even lower; the white horse ran away, the hero sits on the black one; there the gveleshapi gives water only in exchange for people given to him to eat; the hero kills g with a bow; the king says that only the Eagle can lift him to the upper world; the chicks hide him, explain to their father that the man killed G.; in flight, the Eagle swallows pieces of meat folded in a basket, which the hero throws at him; the meat runs out, the hero cuts off a piece of his leg; when he reaches and finds out what he has swallowed, the Eagle says that he would not lift a man to the ground if he knew what he would feed him; the hero killed traitor brothers, married his betrothed]: 79-83; Chikovani 1954, No. 3 [=1985, No. 3:19-22, =1986:129-136; someone steals wonderful apples from the royal garden; the elder, middle princes are guarding, sleeping; the youngest injures the deva with an arrow, a trail of blood leads under a stone; the older brothers are afraid to go down, the youngest mother of the deva says that her son is injured; the young man advises to pour boiling oil into the wound, takes out his arrow ; the devil dies, the young man kills his mother, frees three beauties; the youngest warns that if his brothers betray him, he must sit not on a black sheep, but on a white sheep; she will carry him to the underworld, it must be said, "Babkin's roof is soft, cotton", will fall on the soft one; the brothers pick up the beauties, cut off the rope; on a sheep, a young man gets to a crooked old woman, eats porridge from the side where she has a blind eye; the old woman adopts him, says that the dev took the water; the young man cut off his head; asks the king to lift him upstairs; he says that only Pashkunji can do it; P.'s chicks are constantly eaten by Gveleshapi; one The baby cries, it will be eaten today, the other laughs tomorrow; the young man kills Mr. with an arrow; there is thunder, it is raining, it is the mother of the chicks that cries, thinks that the children are swallowed; the children first hide the savior, then they show the mother; she tells her to stock up meat; in flight it ends, the young man carves meat from under his knee; P. says she would eat it if she knew that people's meat is so tasty; heals the young man's wound; the swineherd says that the king's eldest son marries his youngest bride; the young man asks for his clothes, one can pull on his bow; the bride recognizes him; he kills his brother with an arrow, marries]: 28-33; 1986 [vizier promises to find a boy indistinguishable from the prince; finds among the tushin shepherds; the king's wife is afraid that the shepherd's son will take the throne, the king orders to weave an extra thread into her son's dress; the shepherd's son is offended, both the young men are leaving; the Gveleshapi surrounds them, tells them to bring an unborn girl, leaves the prince hostage; Tushin's son comes to the old woman, she throws a tree into the sea while the waves surround, tells grab a reed from the bottom, there is a girl in it; they are captivated by virgins, the son of the carcass gouges out his only eye; gives food and water to a bearded dwarf chained by a maiden, who breaks his chains, takes the girl away; the son of a carcass kills hangers, who once every seven years devoured the chicks of the Pascunji bird; a grateful bird brings them to the entrance to the underground forest; he raises a stone, under it a foal's bridle and a bottle with the soul of a dwarf; she crashes, a dwarf dies, a foal carries a boy and girl to the ground; Gveleshapi turns out to be a girl bewitched by a dwarf; to be disgraced, she had to see the miracle of an unborn man girl]: 88-94; Armenians: Ganalanyan 1965 [=Nazinyan 2014:117-129; someone steals fruits from the king from the Magic Apple Tree; the eldest, middle son falls asleep, the deva devours apples; the youngest sprinkles salt on the wound, the deva injures, he disappears into the well; the elder, middle brothers can't go down to the well, it's hot there; the younger brothers come down despite his screams; he kills 7, 12, 24-headed devas, frees three princesses, the brothers take them upstairs, the youngest gives them a talisman, tells them to tear them out of black, red, white horses; the brothers throw the rope; contrary to the warning of the younger princess, the younger brother jumps on Friday not at the black sheep, but on the white sheep; she throws him at the red sheep, the red sheep on the black one, that into the dark realm; there the old woman says that the 7-headed vishap took the water, he is given to eat girls; a young man kills a vishap, saves the princess; the king says that only the Emerald Dove can take him to the ground; vishap devours its chicks every year; the prince cuts the vishapa into pieces, lets it eat to the chicks; they explain to the Emerald Dove that the young man saved them; the dove tells them to take 40 wineskins of water and 40 fat tails with him, brings them to the ground; the prince changes clothes with the shepherd, pretends to be bald, wearing on sheep's head giblets; the girl promises the king to marry if the groom brings three gold trays; the prince hires a jeweler, pulls out a talisman, creates trays; before the wedding, the girl burns red hair, wins on a red horse; marries, asks his father to pardon his brothers]: 22-36; Trever 1937 [the young man forgot how to get out of the dungeon with the help of black, red, white rams; jumps first on white, he throws it to red, black, and thrown into a dark country; only Sinamahawq ("Sinama Bird"), which raises chicks every ten years in a tree nest, can bring it to a bright country; every year, the vishap eats her chicks; the young man cuts the snake into pieces with a sword; S. says that she needs forty liters of wine and forty liters of fat tail to fly; the fat tail has dried up, the young man cuts off the meat from his leg; S. hides this a piece under his tongue, returns, the young man recovers]: 23; Armenians [the king wants to get a precious pheasant; the dragon kills hunters who try to do this by throwing a star from the sky at them; Ovchi- Nazar ("sheepskin" means "hunter") thinks that his father was a farmer; his mother admits that he was a hunter and was killed by a dragon; HE crushed a star with a bullet, the dragon fell from the sky out of grief and was killed; HE brought the pheasant home; the old woman told the king; HE begged not to execute him; then the king orders to build a tower for the pheasant (HE built a relative); the old woman persuades the king to send HIM for the princess; HE goes on a journey; three devas fight over an invisible hat, a flying carpet, a magic tablecloth; HE invites them to race, picks up wonderful objects; HE feeds the other two devas, they promise help, give hairs; HE killed a snake that crawled to the Zumrud-kushi nest; she gives a pen, promises to help; HE feeds ants, they give a wing, promise to help; the princess's father demands to defeat his two strongmen ( the devas won); his two zumrud gushi (Zumrud gushi, whose chicks he saved, and his husband kill the king's zumrud gushi; separate poppy, millet and colza seeds in a dark room (ants shared); rise to the tree and go down with a full glass of water (the princess gives a gold and silver ring; they can freeze water and thaw water again); at the top of the tree HE shed a tear, remembering his mother; doctors confirmed that it was a tear, not a drop of water from a glass; to identify the princess among 111 girls (HE named 101); when she arrived at the king, the princess quietly pushed him into the ditch, he called him her new husband]: Kagan 1898c, No. 21:175-184; Armenians [the king will heal only apples from the tree of immortality in India; the elder, middle sons fall asleep, the demon takes apples; the middle finger cuts his finger to stay awake, injures the demon, brings apples, the father recovers; three brothers follow the demon's bloody trail to the cave; only the youngest is not afraid to burn when he is lowered on a rope; kills three demons, freeing three princesses; sends treasures and princesses upstairs; the brothers leave the young man himself below; the youngest girl taught him how to jump on a black ram, he will jump on red, red on white, carry white to the ground; a young man jumps on white, white on red, red on black, black down; the old woman says that the dragon gives water in exchange for girls; the young man kills the dragon, saves the princess; the lower world is dark: the dragon the eagle devours the chicks, the eagle closes the light; the young man kills the dragon, the chicks tell their mother who their savior is; the eagle orders him to be fed and watered on the way; the father of the rescued princess gives supplies; the last piece is a young man cuts it off from his leg; on the ground, the Eagle puts it back; the young man is hired by a jeweler; with the help of a magic ring, makes a golden mouse and cat alive, and other animals; during the wedding of princesses with brothers are handsome on a horse; kills brothers, the king, takes the princess]: Wingate 1911, No. 6:351-361; Turks: Dmitriev 1967, No. 1 [apples disappear from the padishah's garden; elder, middle son the storm is frightened, the youngest hits one head of a double-headed dragon with an arrow; the brothers follow the footsteps to the well; the elder, the middle one is told to drag them back, the youngest goes down to the bottom, cuts off the dragon's second head; three girls are pulled out of the well; the youngest warns that if the brothers leave the young man, he must fall on a white ram and climb it to the ground; it falls on the black one, falls into seven layers down; the old woman says that every year they give the dragon a girl while he eats her, take water; it is the turn of the padishah's daughter, the young man cuts off seven heads of the dragon; the girl identifies the savior, the young man asks the padishah He cannot bring him to the ground; the dragon eats the chicks of the Sumuranka bird; the young man kills him, the chicks tell their mother that the young man saved them; S. orders to immerse 40 rams and 40 wineskins of water; the last piece the young man cuts off his leg, Sumuranka puts it back; the young man pretends to be a bald poor man; the sisters agree to marry if they get a gold spinning wheel, a hoop, a hen and chickens (they had it, now a young man); the young man pretends to make these items, the sisters understand that he is back; he looks like a handsome man in green clothes, comes to the palace, receives a wife and kingdom from his father; brothers are forgiven], 2 [ the three-legged deva swallows his sister, two older brothers, the youngest kills the deva and his female, releases the swallowed ones from the womb; the brothers let him down the well to get water; he kills the deva, frees three girls; (hereinafter about (1); on the ground, the young man picks up his bride, the bird carries them both, gets tired, then the young man cuts off her meat from her thigh; when he reaches, the bird puts a piece; they arrive at the padishah, the young man marries both his beloved and the daughter of a padishah]: 31-39, 39-48; Stebleva 1986, No. 19 [the father tells his sons that he fell ill because the Uyuz padishah took three nightingales from him; the youngest son goes to the road along which they do not return; kills the dragon, freeing three sisters; the giant makes the distant close, the young man enters the country of Uyuz Padishah; everyone sleeps there, he unzips the gates of the beautiful woman, takes nightingales, brings wives to himself and his brothers; older brothers cannot go down to the well for water, it's hot there; the youngest goes down; the betrothed tells him to jump at the bottom on a white ram; the young man jumps on black, he takes him down; dev hides water, eats girls, gives only a little bloody water; a young man kills a deva; a padishah sends him to an eagle that can carry him upstairs; a young man kills a snake devouring eagles; the eagle carries it, he gives it meat and water, cuts off a piece from its leg; on the ground, the eagle puts a piece back], 72 [the padishah has forbidden lighting the fire; three orphan sisters break the ban they have to work; if the padishah married her, the eldest would weave a carpet on which the army and all the inhabitants would sit; the middle man would cook a pot of pilava, everyone would have enough; the youngest would give birth to a boy with a month and a girl with the sun in her forehead; the padishah hears this, tells me to bring sisters; the eldest two confess that they only wanted to marry, were sent to a goose stable; the youngest became the wife of the padishah, gave birth to the promised children; sisters tell the midwife to lower the babies in the chest down the river, the mother to put the puppies; the padishah tells the wife to be buried waist-deep at a fork in the roads, no one cares about her face; the old dervish found children; when he died, he left them a ring (in it a willing arap), a skin and a whip (if you sit on the skin, hit them with a whip, the arap will deliver them anywhere or destroy what is ordered); brother and sister are transferred to a fork in the roads to the padishah's country; their mother's sisters find out about this, send a midwife to persuade her sister to ask her brother to bring 1) a poplar with playing leaves; the arap brings to the borders of that countries, teaches you to politely treat the half-blind Balkis Khan, she sends him to the Nailan, the young man grabs the poplar, N. does not have time to turn the person who came into stone, B. does not detain him, because he was kind to her; 2) a bird from that tree (the same; you have to drink it from a source of blood and a source of pus, praise, they do not detain the kidnapper); but the tree does not play, the bird does not sing; 3) the mistress of the poplar; the young man picked up those who fell out the nests of the Zumranka bird's chicks; their mother spat in the water he prepared for him to die of the poison, but the chicks explained that he helped them; Z. poured water, gave 4 feathers; N. gradually turns the young man into a stone, but he burns feathers one by one; after the fourth he is alive again; N. returns with him by his wife; calls the padishah to visit, tells him to put a golden spoon in his pocket, accuses him of theft; how The padishah could not steal the spoon, and the woman could not give birth to puppies; the padishah tells his wife to open and buy, return the children, execute his wife's sisters and midwife at the top of the mountain]: 57-62, 293-299; Kúnos 1901 [ two older brothers went to work in the field, told their mother to send them lunch with their sister; the three-faced devil made the girl turn to his house; his wife tried to hide her, but hell right away swallowed it; the older brother went to look; the people you met: you won't break the line until you've eaten all the bread from this oven; you don't drink all the wine from the cauldron; the young man takes one bite, a sip, can no longer; crosses the river across an iron bridge, picks sweet apples; swallowed by the line; the same with the middle brother; the youngest orders a mighty spear from the blacksmith; eats all the bread, drinks all the wine, crosses a wooden bridge, picks sour apples; kills the line with one blow of the spear (refusing to do the second), cuts the line and his wife, there are living brothers and sisters; each of the brothers takes turns descending into the well on a rope get water; the elders tell them to pick them up immediately; the youngest finds the Sultan's three daughters below; the youngest advises you to get up first, only then send it; gives a box of flint, in which an efreet servant; the brothers throw the rope; the young man touches not the white ram, but the black ram, goes down even lower; the snake crawls to eat the chicks, the young man kills it with a spear; their grateful mother Anka (mother of birds and padishah peri) tells stock up meat and water, then raises it upstairs; he cuts off the last piece from his leg, on the ground A. puts it back; the younger brother gets all three daughters of the sultan]: 84-96; Walker, Uysal 1966, No. 1 [The blind padishah will see the light if he gets the land from where he has not been; the eldest, middle son gallops for three, six months, returns; the younger Kerloghlan ("bald") threatens his mother to kill her; she gives a bridle to call his father's horse from the bottom of the reservoir; on it K. comes to one old woman, then to the second, takes their daughters out for the older, middle brother; the first old woman: the land unkempt by the father is under her head lying monster; horse: the monster can burn everything, the father is blind from its fire; the monster promises to give land for the girl Khoja Kyz; seeing her, K. goes blind; she heals him, but his eyes become dark, without proteins; HC promises to go with K. if he brings a mare with six foals living in the river; these are the horse's brothers K.; the horse rushes into the river; if red foam pops up, it means he's dead; a white one pops up; the mare goes beyond her foals; HC recognizes the strength of K., the monster gives land, leaves the young man HC, father K. immediately sees the light; HC gives K. two nuts, inside one dress, the other a gold tray with moving figures; gives ring, teaches what to do; brothers put K. on the carpet above the hole, he falls through, they pick up the girls; K. licks the ring, white and black rams appear, K. tries to jump on white, black takes him to the seventh lower world; the old woman has only bad water, the seven-headed giant took the good one, gives it in exchange for the girls being eaten; it is the turn of the royal daughter; K. cuts off six heads, the giant dies; if cut off seventh, he would come to life; the princess's hands were covered in the blood of a giant, she put them on K.'s back, so they found that he was the hero; K. kills the snake that devoured the bird Anka's chicks; she agrees to take him to earth; the harvested 40 kg of meat and water runs out, K. cuts off a piece of flesh from the caviar; on the ground, Anka puts it back; K. is hired by a tailor, then to a jeweler; they bring the dress, the tray that HC demanded as a condition for marriage; HC knows that K. is back; a tournament is held twice (jirit); the first K. wears black clothes, kills his older brother, the second in red, kills the middle brother; HC tells the padishah everything; the wedding is 40 days and nights]: 10-24; Birkalan, Lenx 2005 [the hero spends the night in the mountains in a tree, there is a nest of the bird anka (zümrüd-u anka); the snake wants to eat the chicks, her prince kills; the chicks tell the mother who has arrived; she covers the prince with her wing, brings him to a distant country; food runs out on the way, the prince cuts off a piece of his flesh, the bird does not eat, heals his leg]: 81; Azerbaijanis: Akhundov 1955 [the Shah's apple tree brings one rejuvenating apple every year, someone takes it away; the elder, the middle one fall asleep, the younger Melik-Mamed injures the diva, the brothers follow the bloody trail; because of the heat, the elders cannot go down to the well, MM consistently meets three girls and three divas at the bottom; each indicates a bottle with a diva's soul, MM breaks it; sends the girls upstairs; the youngest says that if the brothers cut the rope, MM must jump on the white ram; cuts the rope, the white ram drops MM on the black one, which takes it to the realm of darkness; there the dragon devours every year Zumrud's chicks; MM kills him; the bird promises to take MM upstairs if he gets forty oxen carcasses and forty wineskins of water; MM kills the dragon that closes the water that gives it for girls; the king gives it to him meat and wineskins with water; the last piece of MM cuts off his thigh, the bird puts it back; MM is hired by a tailor; in its true form, on horseback, cuts off the head of his older, middle brothers; opens, marries, two other girls are given for courtiers]: 50-63 (=Mazaev, Kasumov 1997 (2): 463-474); Bagriy, Zeynally 1935:103-110 [someone is ruining the royal vineyard; the elder, middle prince they fall asleep, the youngest shoots an arrow at the diva, who disappeared into a hole under the stone; the prince asks the brothers to lower him into the hole; there are three girls; the prince broke the vessel in which the soul of the diva, the diva, died; the prince sent girls upstairs; the youngest warns that the brothers may try to get rid of him; if you sit on a white ram, he will throw him into the world of light, and the black one into the world of darkness; the brothers cut off the rope; the prince accidentally sat on a black ram, found himself in a world of darkness; there the dragon closed the water, he was fed, water was collected while he was eating; the prince killed him; the girl who was carrying food to the dragon dipped her hand in blood, left a mark on the prince's back; the prince fell asleep under a tree; killed a snake that crawled to ruin the nest; mother's chicks: this man saved us; the bird ordered us to cook meat and milk to feed and water it on the way up; The prince asked the local king for the girl who had left the mark; the tsar was convinced that the tag was there and gave it back; the prince cut off the last piece of meat from his thigh; on the ground, the bird put it back; the wedding; The king punished the elder brothers], 256-261 [when son Ibrahim finished school, the padishah distributed all the horses; I. bought a thin skate from the old man who got it; he eats sweets; the stepmother decided to get rid of I., ordered the doctor to add poison to him, then added her own; both times the horse warned him; smeared his body with saffron, demanded horse skin to heal; I. rode off on horseback; the padishah told his wife to wash her hands, the paint came off, he executed his wife and doctor; I. fell asleep under the plane tree; when he woke up, he saw Azhdakha going to eat the chicks of the Zumrut bird; fed them her meat; the chicks explained to their mother that I. was their savior; Zumrut gave one chick; I. pulled a splinter out of the tiger's paw, he gave a tiger cub; one padishah demands a seven-year-old tribute from the other and daughter Khurshud; I. defeated enemies, married H., went to his father's country with his wife and gold ]; Bogoyavlensky 1899, No. 9 [younger Tsarevich Ibrahim dreams how the moon descended on his herd; tells Brother Rustam and others; after giving his share of the inheritance and taking a heavy staff, he goes to travel; in another city, the son of the vizier Ibrahim agrees to flee with Princess Kul-Shad; at the last moment he changes his mind, and the imaginary shepherd I. accidentally finds himself in his place, KS runs away with him; they they tell each other about themselves; I. picks up a stone, the KSH says that it is expensive; builds a palace; the KSH gives a stone to King Melik-Aslan; the vizier Mamed-Ali is jealous, suggests demanding new stones; I. returns to the spring, where he found the stone, goes under water, where Princess Shah-Sanam ("queen of beauties"), kidnapped by the diva; stones are formed from her blood; I. kills the diva, takes the SHS with his wife; when she beats herself on the nose, drops of blood form gems; the king orders to get an atri-lala rose; I. kills a snake that is about to eat chicks; the chicks tell their mother not to drop millstones on I., he is their savior; the bird teaches how to get a rose; two girls in the form of doves fly to a tree by the lake, throw off their clothes, swim; you have to climb a tree, get clothes, change them for a rose; one girl laughed at her laughter a bouquet of roses was formed, the girls gave their hair; if burned, they will come to the rescue; I. brought roses to the king, the vizier advises sending him for pears from across the blue sea; the bird carries across the sea; there are apples, from which form a tail, and the pears from which he disappears; the king declares war on I., he kills him, the vizier and the warriors, reigns himself]: 71-81; Azerbaijanis [Para-Bash finds the diva's home and so far he sleeps with his ears under him, takes away treasures; when he went again, the diva swallowed him; son Shamil grew up, went to look for a deva; killed a snake that crawled to eat the chicks of the Zumrrud gushi bird; Z. gives his pen; Sh. hit a rock with them, formed a passage to the diva's house, where he forced his daughter to tell him where her father's soul was; in the bank; S. broke the jar, the diva died, S. took his living father out of it; on the way home, the father pushed S. into the hole, to take possession of everything; S. got out, cut his father, came to his mother; the king will give his daughter to someone who will give her on horseback; S. calls the horse with a pen, gets into his ear, becomes handsome, admits that he killed terrible diva; wedding]: Bogoyavlensky 1899, No. 8:65-71; Azerbaijanis ("Tatars") [divas took the son and daughter of a man, he was born hero Hasan; he kills the diva, tells the witch to spell Brother turned into a donkey; on the way home, brother kills sleeping G.; mother is happy because G. was too strong; pigeons revive him; G. kills his brother; mother reports this to the king; the king sends G. to the forest to him animals are torn to pieces, he kills animals; Aga-Kerim splashes water from the river for several miles; Gul-Mamed throws stones; G. defeats them, takes them as companions; each one cooks in turn, the old man connects the cooks with his hair, eats everything; G. remains, tears off the old man's head, head and body roll; on a bloody trail G. goes to the well, goes down; sends three girls upstairs; the latter tells him to jump on a black ram, he will throw it at a white ram, a white sheep up; his companions threw a rope; G. jumped on a white sheep, was thrown on a black one, then into the lower world; there the snake gives water in exchange for the victim, the princess's turn; G. kills the snake; the king offers the princess, G. asks him to be taken upstairs; the king sends him to the bird Roch, her crocodile eats her children; G. kills him, Roch carries him to the ground, supplies run out, G. cuts off from thighs are a piece of meat; on the ground, the bird regurgitates it, puts it back; G. burns the bird's feather, it arrives, gives a horse; at the wedding, AK and GM G. kills them while horseback, passes two girls off as others, He takes the youngest for himself]: Stamboliev 1896, No. 1:1-8; Azerbaijanis [the king is ill, he can only be cured by the presence of the bird Murgi-Guli-Khandan; his son goes in search; after adventures he finds out that the boa constrictor devours baby kite every year; kills the boa constrictor, the kite brings it to the sorceress who owns the bird; the prince takes the bird cage, kisses the sleeping sorceress, returns, his father recovers; the sorceress tells the devas to return the kidnapper; falls in love with him, becomes his wife in his kingdom]: Agababayev 1894:242-261; Kurds: Jalil et al. 1989 [older and middle brother they fall asleep, only the younger Kuchuk Avdla cuts off the tail of the dragon that has ruined the garden; with his brothers he follows him into the gorge, they lower him on a rope, the youngest daughter of the dragon teaches that her father should be hit with a sword only once; he kills the dragon, the brothers raise three dragon daughters upstairs, cut off the rope; before that, the younger sister explains to KA that black and white sheep will eat grass, black sheep will turn white, and white turns black, you have to jump on the white's back; the KA does the opposite, the ram does not lift it up, but lowers it even lower; the dragon hides the water, gives halva and the girl in exchange for two cauldrons, the KA kills him, marries on the Shah's daughter, whom the dragon was supposed to eat; another dragon devours Simr's chicks every year; the KA kills him, the bird agrees to raise him to the ground, tells him to prepare seven sheep fat tails, bread, wineskins of water; KA drops one fat tail, cuts off the meat from his thigh; when he arrives, Simr returns the meat to him, it grows; the KA takes the form of a bald tail, wins competitions incognito, comes to the wedding his fiancée, marries, kills enemies], No. 2:46-59; Rudenko 1970, No. 51 [Krale Kafyr agrees not to kill orphan Zalia and his sister; Zal defeats a sea monster, under the skin of the beast appears beautiful Rudabe; KK is afraid of the monster, everyone converts to Z., he establishes Islam; passes his sister off as Kambar; R. cannot be born, the Simurg bird gives a sword to cut R.'s stomach, Rostam is born; K.'s wife gives birth to a son by named Bedran; K. - patron and companion of R.; while R. sleeps, the dragon draws K. in, who cuts him with a sword from the inside; the next night K. kills the diva, cuts off his ears; R. does not believe, offended K. leaves; diva Hungrman hides R. in a dungeon by the sea; Orynj son R. goes in search; the old woman gives urine instead of water, the dragon closes the water, gives it for the girls; O. kills the dragon; the king says that only Simurg knows where Div H.; O. kills a dragon crawling to Simurg's chicks; she brings O. to H.; O. turns H. into a mule, R. rides it, Simurg carries O. by air; the husbands of the padishah's daughter are found dead after marriage nights; O. remains instead of the groom, cuts off the diva's steel hand, his sister releases 300 petrified horsemen during his life; O. and R. free Bedran, who has fallen into the dungeon; exterminate the infidels]: 155- 174; Trever 1937 [Ozman saw a snake crawl to the Simyr bird's nest to eat the chicks; cut it with a sword, throw it to the cubs; the snake ate the cubs every year; S. gives O. three of his feathers if put them on fire, she will come to the rescue; O. calls S. in this way, she takes him to a distant country]: 22; Farizov, Rudenko 1959 [the dying father tells his sons Suleiman, Osman, Ismail to be on duty at his grave; younger I. is injured by a diva who has come to dig up the grave; the brothers go to look for a diva, his mother follows, drinks from a donkey's hoof, gives birth to Long-Eared Harzam; he finds brothers, they are afraid to go down into a hot hole, H. descends; the youngest of the three daughters of the diva shows Golperi's sword, H. cuts off the diva's head; G. predicts that the brothers will cut off the rope, tells them to jump on a white ram; after picking up the girls, S. and O. cut off the rope; H. jumps on a black ram, falls through seven worlds; instead of water, an old woman brings him urine, water is given by a dragon in exchange for girls; H. kills a dragon, saves the padishah's daughter; he says that the dragon has been eating Simur's chicks for many years; H. kills the dragon, the chicks explain everything to their mothers, Simur takes H. to the ground; during flight he feeds and waters the bird, cuts off the last piece from her leg, she regurgitates, puts it back, gives a pen; H. finds G. and I., a dragon wraps around their tent, he tells them to know the story of Gule and Sinam; Sinam Padishah tells how he changed with clothes with a groom, unrecognized, accompanies his wife to the robbers cave at night; turns the traitor into a crow, the chieftain into a horse, then hangs incense with his lover's ashes around the crow's neck; wants to kill H., he pulls out Simur's pen, she refers him to a dragon; when she hears the story, the dragon turns into a girl, she makes H.'s ears normal; H. marries her, reigns, forgives her brothers]: 60-72; Shamilov 1967 [the old woman saw the lioness who fed the baby; when the lioness left, she brought the boy to her place, called Aslan; he is incredibly strong, other children complain about him; the padishah takes him to the palace; during the races, A. overtakes Mirza Mahmud is the son of a padishah; he calls him a forest foundling; offended A. leaves; MM repents, catches up with him and goes with him; while sleeping, A. easily defeats two giants, throws one into the swamp, He plants the other on the top of the tree; the other three giants cannot free them, A. does it easily; A. and MM come to live with the giants; they want to kill them; they chase a monster at him, A. kills him; remains cook dinner; the dwarf comes, offers to fight; A. defeated him, the dwarf ran and disappeared into the hole; the giants lowered A. there, he killed the dwarf, sent upstairs two princesses, whom the giants had previously been giants gave it to a dwarf; older sister: if the giants cut the rope and lift A., let him jump on the back of a white ram; white and black butt until each changes color to the opposite; A. confused the black ram carried him even deeper underground; A. met the plowman, killed two divas he feared; the serpent gives water for the girls, it is the turn of the padishah's daughter; A. threw a bag of wool into the snake's mouth and cut off his hair head; plowman: ask the padishah for a white mare, she will take it to the ground; the padishah did not give; A. killed a snake that wanted to swallow the chicks; the bird orders to prepare lamb and water, there was not enough meat, A. cut off left leg eggs; on the ground, the bird grafted him back; when they saw A., the giants rushed into the abyss, died; A. and MM married the rescued girls]: 77-94; the Kurds [the king found the box, the boy in it, named Nachar Ogly (NO); the queen gave birth to her son Mirza Mehmet (MM); they are friends; BUT very strong; after he tore off one boy's ear, his mother scolded him and called him a foundling; after that, both BUT and MM, left; at the night BUT went away, saw 7 divas sitting by the fire and killed them; met and accompanied a diva who lay down on a bridge over the river so as not to miss the BUT, whose fame he had heard a lot about; another diva, who ran around the village with millstones on his feet; at rest, the divas with millstones remained to cook; the dwarf, the father of the murdered divas, beat him and ate everything; the same with the diva bridge and MM; BUT defeated the dwarf, he fled in the cave; BUT filled the exit with stones; everyone tried to lower it on a rope, but immediately back: it's hot; BUT went down, killed three divas, freeing three girls; slept with his sword between himself and the first girl, because it is intended for his brother; the third, which is intended for him, warned that his brothers would leave him; but in a week the white and black rams would come to butt, he must jump on the white one, he would raise him earth; black will lower 7 tiers; he jumped on the black one; asked the old woman for water; there is no water: the dragon has closed all the springs, passes water off as a girl a day, the princess's turn; BUT killed the dragon; the princess celebrated the savior by running her hand covered with dragon blood over his back; the local king: the dragon devours the chicks of the bird Taire Semer; if he is killed, the grateful bird will carry him to the ground; killing the dragon, BUT fed its meat to the chicks and fell asleep; the chicks asked the mother not to kill the man: he saved them; she asked for water and meat to be harvested; the meat ran out, BUT cut off a piece of flesh from his leg; the bird grafted a piece back; BUT cut off the heads of traitors, returned to his parents with MM and brides]: Chalatianz 1907:411-413.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians: Marzolph 1984, No. 301E (Khuzistan, Mazendaran, Khorasan, Yazd, Isfahan, Azerbaijan, Hamadan, Markazi) [a young man kills a snake that devours Simurg chicks every year; a grateful bird gives him a pen with which he summons it and flies where he needs to go; or she picks him up to the ground from the lower world; in this case, the young man feeds and waters the bird in flight; when the meat runs out, he cuts off a piece of its own flesh; when it reaches the ground, the bird puts it back to the young man and immediately heals him]: 61-62; Korogly 1991 [Dastan "Gul and Senuber", popular in Iran and Central Asia; literary the source is a Persian novel from the 13th and 14th centuries, translated into Russian by N.P. Ostroumov in the 19th century; the authorship of the Turkmen Dastan is attributed to a poet of the 18th century. Sheidai; Khurshid Shah's son dreams of a peri, goes to look for her; his ship sinks, he enters the garden, turns into a deer, Mehrengiz (the sorceress's daughter) shatters him; continuing his journey, he comes to blacks; the guts ask them to be raised on a tree, entangled it with their legs and guts; he sticks their heads between the branches, tears them off; grabs the Simrug bird by the legs, she leaves it at the nest; the dragon with With one lip to the ground and the other to the sky, he ate two chicks every year; the prince kills him; grateful Simrug, whom he feeds and wateres on the way, brings him to Gul-peri; on the way back they take M.; Khizir revives drowned sailors and Ziver, a friend of the prince; he appoints Z. Vizier]: 12 (comm.), 112-126; Osmanov 1987:56-71 [Malek-Mohammad, Malek-Jamshid, Malek-Horshid are the sons of the Shah; MM's mother died, others are alive; someone steals grenades; MM cuts off a finger stretching from the clouds; on a bloody trail, the brothers reach the well; only MM goes down to the bottom, kills three divas, frees three girls, marries a third; brothers pick up treasures and girls, cut off the rope; betrothed before that tells a white ram to jump on the back, he lifts seven tiers up; MM jumps on the black one, falls seven tiers down; the lion lets him approach the water if he is given a girlfriend that day; MM harnesses the lion into the plow; the ploughman says that only the Simorg bird can help him; MM kills the lion to be eaten who was given the princess; she smeared MM's shoulder with lion blood; this mark recognizes MM among the many who attributed heroism to himself; MM kills a dragon crawling to eat Seamorg's chicks; chicks mothers say that MM is not an enemy, but a deliverer; on the way, MM throws Simorg meat, gives water; cuts off the meat from his thigh, Simorg hides it under his tongue, puts it back on the ground; gives MM his feathers, if burned - will come to the rescue; named MM is given off as a vizier's son; MM pretends to be a tailor to sew dresses for brides; Simorg sews his youngest dress for him; girls recognize MM, his brothers are forgiven], 109-124 [father tells after his death does not go hunting the mountain; the elder, middle brother go, the green rider kills them; the youngest puts a wooden figure on his horse, sneaks into the mountain after the rider; the ploughman is afraid to talk to him, MM harnesses two lions; the fish in the well provides water in exchange for the girl to be eaten; MM kills the fish, refuses the crown and the daughter of the padishah, asks for help to return home; the padishah tells you to turn to Simorg; MM kills a dragon crawling to her nest; Simorg carries MM up, he feeds and wateres her, cuts off a piece of her thigh, on the ground she puts meat back; MM enters the fortress, ready to kill the green rider, he turns out to be the daughter of Padishah Peri; they fall in love; the divas takes her away, MM burns Simorg's feather, she tells you to ask the horse for eight legs at the seashore stone, disagree to the six-legged one; MM He takes a six-legged, Peri sends him back, he brings an eight-legged (between that, the divas grabs him, MM replies that he wants to be thrown into the mountains, he throws him into the sea, he swims out); Peri's father takes her away; MM takes away Soleiman's flying carpet, invisible hat, magic bow and arrows from the divas; Peri's father returns his daughter to him; her relatives tell him to instruct his son-in-law to find out the secret Garden and Sanoubar; MM performs task, gets a wife (a series of episodes - one character will answer if the hero answers a new question)]; Rosenfeld 1958 [three brothers hunt, the eldest chases a gazelle, ends up in the beauty's palace, that tells him to divide the egg into three parts, the whip into four, answer what Rosa said to Senoubar; he cannot, he is beheaded; the same with his middle brother; the old woman tells the younger woman that the cousin knows the answers Senoubar girl's brother and fiance; the Simorg bird must help; the young man cuts the dragon crawling to the bird's nest, falls asleep; the bird wants to throw a rock on him as a killer of chicks, they explain that he is their savior; Simorg brings him to Senoubara Castle, gives his feathers to summon her if necessary; Rosa and Senobar agree that if anyone finds out their secret, they will separate; they want to know execute, Simorg takes him away, asks him to feed him harvested sheep, give him water; the young man cuts off a piece of his thigh, Simorg sticks meat back to him; Rosa revives his brothers, marries the hero, gives him his palace] : 112-117; Bakhtiyars [the only son of a rich man saw the face of a merchant's daughter and fell in love; her father will give her away on condition that the groom finds out why a merchant keeps his wife on a chain and feeds her like a dog; The young man went in search, fell asleep in the forest; heard the chicks squeak; killed the dragon when he hit the head with a stone; every year he ate the offspring of the Simurg bird; Simurg sees a sleeping man under a tree, thinks it is he killed chicks, grabs a stone to throw at a person, the chicks stop her; Simurg promises to help the young man; says that the merchant beheads everyone who tells his story; teaches , how to avoid death, gives his feathers to summon her; before the merchant is going to kill him, ask permission to go to the roof to pray and burn the pen; she will fly and carry him away; takes the young man to a merchant's castle; he treats the dog like a wife and a woman like a dog; warns that he will kill a young man if he hears his story, unsuccessfully tries to dissuade him; once he let fish into the pool, began to swim; his wife was shy: there are males among the fish; poisoned the fish; noticed that his two horses, Wind and Cloud, were losing weight; groom: you order them to ride them every night, one or the other; when his wife, as always, offered him wine and sleeping pills in the evening, the merchant quietly poured it out, pretended to be sleeping; his wife pulled out his seal from his pocket, ordered the horse to ride in his name, and galloped to diva cave; began to caress him; husband rushed at the diva; his wife ordered the diva to kill him; because the merchant's dog bit the diva, the merchant managed to cut off his head; at home he chained his wife, and favored the dog ; the young man went up to the roof, burned the pen, Simurg took it away, the young man got a wife]: Lorimer, Lorimer 1919, No. 36:236-243; Tajiks [blacksmith's son Halim tells his father to tie him a 40-pound iron chain, goes on a journey; meets, wins, companions Sadakan, who uprooted trees; someone ate all the supplies, took away animal skins; at the bottom of the divas gorge, H. kills him with his chain, heroes they go down, release the captives, the most beautiful X. takes the most beautiful as brides; throws a chain to the edge of the gorge; S. rises, followed by a girl, then he drops the chain over H.'s head; a cloud flies up, throws H. a ram , he eats, recovers; threw the chain up again and got up; saw that the chain helped him pull out a huge bird; came to a city where the dragon devours a camel, a ram and a girl every day; when the dragon comes out of the river, H. kills him with a chain, saving the daughter of the padishah; Padishah: the bride of H., kidnapped by the insidious S., can only be found by the bird Simurg; H. killed a snake crawling to devour the chicks with a chain; Simurg suffered H. to the island where his fiancée is; on the way, H. feeds her sheep, cuts off the last piece from his thigh; when he reaches, Simurg touches the wound with his beak, the wound healed; H. raised S. and threw it so forcefully that he went all to the ground; returned home with his bride]: Amonov, Ulug-zade 1957:103-108 (=Ulug-zade 1967:103-112); Tajiks of Sistan [the king has two wives, one has a son Malik-Muhammad; the second wife offers him he refuses herself; she complains to her husband that his son wanted to take possession of it; the vizier stands up for him, his father expels him but does not execute him; the pregnant mother leaves with her son; asks to catch the bird, he follows her, he was swallowed by a diva; his mother gives birth to a son Hanjarsho ("king dagger"); his mother and tells him to catch the same bird; he defeats the diva, throws him into the well; the mother finds a diva, raises him, takes him as a lover; kill his son, asks to bring 1) lion's milk (the son takes out a splinter to the lion, he gives milk); 2) dates from the White Diva Garden; H. kills the dragon, which annually eats the Simurg bird chicks, the chicks eat meat, Simurg brings him to the White Div, defeated Div becomes his friend; kills his mother and her lover when she tried to poison her son; gives H. to his peri wife; the old woman kidnaps her for another king, breaks the dagger in which H.'s life was; the diva repairs the dagger, returns his wife X.]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1981, No. 2:24-39; Baluchi: Zarubin 1932, No. 6 [the blind king hears parrots talking, finds out what he will see from the leaves from the garden of Nushirvan; asks his sons to get it; the third son of Sha-Niyaz Khan is bald, from the other wife; the stone says who will go to the right will return (two went brothers), who to the left will not return (Sh. went); the old man teaches S. to take a saw and an ax, remove the splinter from the lion's paw; this is the lion king, sends another to help S.; S. kills a snake crawling along the trunk to the nest Simurg birds, which devour chicks every year; Simurg wants to kill a person, chicks explain that he is a savior; Simurg gives companions to one of the chicks; S. collects leaves, kills 40 buzlangs guarding lock; unzips the sleeping beauty's clothes, leaves a letter, returns; his brothers lost the property to the girl, became servants; S. wins, takes the brothers, puts their stigma on them; they are his they find out; they tear out his eyes, take his leaves; the lion gives him water, finds him, returns his eyes; the owner of the garden comes with an army and tells him to give him the thief; the brothers cannot explain how they got the leaves; S. marries beautiful, his father gives him the kingdom], 14 [the king has three sons, two have a mother alive, the third does not; the horse is screwed, someone pulls the foal into the water, the prince does not give it, someone orders to give black milk to the foal sheep; the stepmother wants to take possession of the foal, he warns the owner that the bread has been poisoned; that a well covered with straw has been dug; the stepmother pretends to be sick, requires the skin from the foal's chest as medicine; that tells the prince that he must be saved at the eighth nearing, otherwise both will die; the young man rises to the sky on a foal, throws a letter to his father, it says about his stepmother's machinations; in seventh heaven he takes out a splinter from a diva woman, she gives hairs to burn, calling on divas for help; a young man kills a snake crawling along the trunk to devour Simurg's chicks; she wants to kill him, the chicks explain that he saved them; she gives feathers; let him burn if help is needed; the young man asks the shepherds for the stomach of a sheep, is hired by a gardener; three royal daughters notice a beautiful bouquet; find a young man's comb; pigeons fly to the betrothed; the son of a vizier for the eldest, the governor is middle; the young man hides in the stove, bald; the king puts him and his youngest daughter in a donkey stable; the young man collects all the gazelles, the older sons-in-law come to ask them without recognizing him; he gives for permission to stigmatize both; the young man's horse, divas, Simurg smash the enemies that have approached, build a golden house; the tsar hands over the kingdom to his son-in-law]: 69-90, 173-190; Uzbeks: Ostroumov 1906 [Umar - King Iron's son; And does not tell him to hunt in the east; W. goes east, is carried away by the Bear, keeps him in her cave, gives birth to a son with him; this is Jackova Palvan, his legs are covered with hair; a man walks by, D . asks him to draw a trail to Tsar I. with a sword; pushes back the stone, kills the Bear, brings his father to I., they were greeted with joy; D. is very strong asking I. to send him to war; I., wanting to destroy D. tells me to bring firewood from the swamp (wild animals and spirits bring); D. goes on a journey, meets a throwing mountain (Tah Palvan), boulders (Khyrs Palvan), trees (Chinar-Palvan); everyone replies that he is coming fight D.; he defeats everyone, takes turns cooking dinner; kills seven, then three Bab-yags, eats their soup of many rams; at rest, each takes turns cooking lunch, an old man is tall at the top, a beard at 40 The tops come on a goat, eats everything; when D.'s turn, he tears off the old man's head, she rolls, disappears into the hole; the satellites are afraid, D. goes down the rope, kills all the divas, sends them to the ground treasures and two peri; when companions pick up D., they throw a rope; in the lower world, D. meets a plowman, tells the animals to plow his field, obey him; kills the Mundurha-ajar snake; then two idroim- azhdargi, tames animals; the old woman says that Alpan-azhdarga kills the chicks of the Simurg bird; D. kills him with an arrow, feeds the chicks, they hide them from their mother; grateful Simurg tells me to cook meat and water; there is not enough meat, D. cuts off part of his leg; on the ground, Simurg belches it, puts it back; kills traitors]: 157-182; Afzalov et al. 1972 (1): 434-444 [=Sheverdin 1984:167-177; at the king Muhliyo's daughters, Muhabbat and younger Iqbal; the king wants to pass them off as richer than him; sisters run wearing men's clothes; at the Y. fork, he chooses the road to the right with the inscription "If you go, you won't return"; sisters they go straight and to the left ("you are unlikely to come back" and "come back"); sisters promise to marry the one they meet; I. meets a bear; gives birth to a son with the legs and body of a bear; at the age of 14, the son pushed back the one who closed a millstone cave, defeated and killed a bear; I. and his son return to his father, who arranges a holiday, gives his grandson the name Aikpalvan ("hero bear"); playing, A. injures his peers; the vizier advises that I. pretended to be sick, and A. went to the land of divas for the leaves and roots of the tree of life; A. meets a man playing with millstones; he trains to overcome A. (whom he does not recognize); A. defeats him, makes him a companion; the same applies to a man who moves mountains; they come to an old man; he explains that the land of divas can only be reached by riding a diva; twins hunt, cook in turn; a dwarf comes out of the plane tree himself with a quarter, a beard 40 quarters, ties the cook's hair, eats everything; when A.'s turn, he kills a dwarf; twin brothers find failure in the ground; everyone tries to go down, but tells him to pull him out right away; A. goes down to the end; comes to the castle, where the princess kidnapped by the diva; A. sends her upstairs in the chest; when he begins to climb himself, twins cut off the rope; the old man advises killing the dragon, which eats two Simurg chicks every year, she will thank you for this; Simurg brings him to the ground, tells you to go to the tree, the top of which rests on heaven; asks ploughmen to bring food; harnesses two divas who tried to attack, plows them; the old man explains that a tree to heaven is the tree of life; meets former brothers, they fight over the chest, believing that it contains gold; A. throws them into the abyss; brings the mother's tree, kills the viziers, finds and marries the mother's sisters, plows divas], 489-496 [the king has 40 wives, no children; the vizier advises to take another one, she gave birth to a son and a daughter; the older wives, out of envy, bribed the midwife, who replaced the children with puppies; the king tells his wife to strip naked and bury her waist-deep in a hole in the steppe; the puppies prowled steppes and fed the woman, and the bear raised children; the king noticed a girl sitting at the entrance to the cave; the wives guessed that the children had been saved; the midwife came to the girl and advised her to ask her brother to bring a shiny clay bowl for her; the old man teaches her to find a horse, jump to the mountain, call the bowl and jump away; something sparkling will follow and, if it catches up, melts; but the young man galloped off, and when he returns, he picked it up bowl; the old woman advises his sister to send his brother for the magic mirror; the young man stopped under the plane tree; there the dragon climbs to the nest of the chicks; the young man flew into the dragon's mouth with a naked sword, ripped apart the monster from the inside; the Simurg bird ordered to take a wineskin of meat and a wineskin of water, feed it along the way, brought it to the king, who had a splinter in his hand; with Simurg's pen, the young man pulled out a splinter, asked for a magic mirror and a chronicle, in which the king, looking in the mirror, wrote down everything that had happened in the world; when the young man brought the mirror and the chronicle, the king came, the brother and sister went with him, and the king read the chronicle in front of everyone; 40 wives with a midwife thrown into the zindan; the wife, buried in the steppe, refused to return, promising to let the dogs down; the viziers went, the dogs gnawed at them; the son went, the dogs attacked him too, he screamed, the mother recognized her son's voice and recalled dogs; mother agreed to return on condition that an arba with golden wheels was sent for her, carpets were laid to the palace and remarried; they feasted for 40 days and 40 nights]; 1972 (2): 15-19 [three brothers they cook one by one; someone eats dinner; the younger Kenje batyr does not sleep, cuts off the head of the visitor, she rolls into the hole; the older brothers are afraid, K. goes down into the hole, the kidnapped princess shows the box, there a worm, K. presses him, his head dies; older brothers pick up treasures, a girl, cut off the rope; the old man advises killing a dragon that eats the Semurg bird's chicks; she carries him to the ground, he feeds it with meat, cuts off the last piece from his thigh; on the ground, Semurg belches, puts a piece back to his leg; K. finds brothers, they argue who will get the girl; he chases them away], 59-64 [hunting the padishah met three peri; the first replied that she could sew a robe from rose petals, the second to remove the pattern from a bird of heaven, the third to give birth to a son with a golden pigtail; the padishah passed off the first two as viziers, he married the third himself; the first asked the old woman to replace the boy with two puppies, the padishah ordered his wife and puppies to be thrown into the zindan; the old woman left the child in the desert, the steppe doe fed him; the boy wandered into the palace, the old woman put him in a chest, threw him into the river; the fisherman caught him, raised him; the padishah notices him hunting; the old woman tells him that the padishah will take him to the palace if he 1) gets a flower gulikakhkah; a man guarding the dream of divas hides a young man, shows where flowers grow; 2) 40 boilers cooking different dishes; an old man teaches 40 divas to carry 40 boilers; 3) a mirror in which you can see the whole peace; the dragon under the plane tree is ready to eat the chicks, the old man teaches him to kill him by hitting him with a stone; a grateful bird brings the young man to heaven, teaches him to take away the shepherd's staff, the mirror in it, leaves its feathers; the padishah enters the young man's house, everything is revealed; the wives answer that they do not want a knife, but 40 mares; they and the old woman were tied to the tails of horses, the padishah appointed the fisherman as a vizier, gave the throne to his son, and his mother freed him; a young man sees another padishah's daughter in the mirror, burns feathers, a bird appears, brings him to the top of the minaret to the girl, brings them back; wedding], 498-507 [Zabunshah's messenger asks for help against the diva Aquon, demanding Princess Zubaida Zulfikor; Kahramon (the youngest son of the king of Mir) rides a rhino, enters a cave, his name is written on the iron gate; K. frees 12 divas led by Sanghas, chained by his grandfather Sakwon; they help overcome the diva from Z.; K. cuts off his little finger, the divas disappear; fortunetellers say he is in a sunny country beyond seven seas of darkness; the old man tells him to kill a flying dragon, which devours Semurg's chicks every year, she will bring him to the city of Cavus; K. kills the dragon with arrows; the storm is Semurg's breath, lightning is the gleam of her eyes, sighs are thunder, hail is drops of sweat, rain - tears; chicks first hide K. from their mother so that she does not accidentally kill him; during the flight, K. gives Semurg food and water; A. entangled the city of Cavus with wire, she rings with touch; throwing stones, Semurg helps to defeat divas, K. cuts off A.'s head, Semurg takes him back, he marries ZZ]; Yagnobtsy: Andreev, Peshereva 1957, No. 10 [an unloved wife pushes her beloved into the pond; feeds her son Well, the stepson is bad; the ram tells him to feed him rough bread, gives him delicious things from his horn; the stepmother pretends to be sick, will recover if he eats his stepson's meat; he goes to the pond, complains to his mother; she makes the knife turn into nightmare and dough; the king orders to drain the pond, the wife is alive at the bottom, the twins Hassan and Hussein are on her knees; the feast; the divas took the king's daughter from another wife and the daughter of another king; princes Juices and Boky find them, B. kills one, the second diva; S. envies, lowers B. into the abyss for a gun, cuts off the rope, he falls on a gray horse, with gray on a bull, from a bull in front of an old woman; kills a fox, who ate her chickens; kills tigers that devoured the plowman's bulls; wolves that ate the shepherd's cattle; they all send them to the plane tree on which the Simurg bird's nest; the dragon comes out of the pond, kills every year chicks; B. kills a dragon; Simurg asks for meat for 40 lambs, 40 wineskins of wine; a shepherd, a ploughman gives; Simurg takes him to the ground, there was not enough meat, he bites off a piece of B.'s leg, belches and takes root on the ground; B. takes his gun, which S. could not take away, kills a dragon in a village on earth, which provided water in exchange for people left to eat; the king asks B. not to kill his brother, marries the vizier's daughter], 27 [ the bear stole the princess, she stuck a thread, threw a ball out of the cave, the Grandfather Collector of Thorns found it, told the king, the princess was returned, she gave birth to a strongman; people complain about him, because in games he maims others children; he goes on a journey, his name is Hirs-al-Din ("hirs" is a bear); he meets, wins, companions Chanor-al-Din (wears plane trees), Sang-ed-Din (rotates a millstone on his finger); they stole a girl made a maid, ordered to always feed the cat, otherwise she would extinguish the fire; the cat was late for eating, filled the fire with urine, the girl saw smoke, came to the barzanga, she gave fire and a handful of grains; on the trail of grains the barzangas came, sucked the girl's blood; C., S. remained guarded, frightened, hid; H. cut off the head of the barzanga, but his head disappeared in failure, promised to harm; H. descends on a rope, there is a captured peri; she learns that every diva's soul is in a locked room, in a pair of pigeons, in two worms; gave divas drunk, H. took the keys, H. unlocked rooms, killed worms, divas died; peri warns that companions will cut off rope; peri agrees to marry someone who picks up a knife, gun and purse X., no one can; in the lower world, H. tells tigers not to touch a peasant's bulls, kills a fox that strangled an old woman's chickens; an old woman advises killing a dragon that devoured Simurg's chicks; in flight, H. feeds Simurg with eggs given by the old woman, lambs given by the peasant; Simurg bites off the last piece from H.'s leg, belches, puts it back; gives a white and black pen to become old or young; only H. picks up a knife, etc.; the brothers are tied to the tails of horses; a feast, the king awarded the Grandfather Collector of Thorns], 42 [the king has three sons; the mullah advises not to see the sun and moon; one day a ray of sunshine entered the school; the brothers went on three roads; the older, middle became impoverished, became servants; the youngest met three women, killed three dragons, found brothers; they left his sword at the door, his leg was cut off, they lowered him into the pond, threw him; the youngest went underground; the plowman is afraid of two bears; the young man harnessed him, a lot plowed; killed the dragon that ate Simurg's chicks; he took him to the ground, the meat supply ran out, the young man cut it off from his leg, Simurg spit it out, stuck it back; gave him a black feather to summon, white - turn into a calandara; unrecognized, tells the king his story; regains his youth with a black pen; the eldest sons are tied to the tails of horses, the horses tore them to pieces]: 79-87, 131-138, 189- 192; the Vakhans [the maid tells the king that his three beloved sons are sleeping, and the son from his unloved wife wants to go to Mount Kaf to bring the Pearl that Shines at Night; the king sends sons, the loved ones go on the way from where you come back, the unloved ones, from where you won't come back; kills black, white, red divas, three wagers are left waiting for him; the latter sends him to the Simurg bird; she has a nest on a plane tree; every year the dragon comes out of the pond, eats its chicks; the prince cuts off his three heads, the chicks tell their mother that he saved them; Simurg carries him, runs out of meat, he cuts off some of his caviar; on Mount Kof Simurg regurgitates a piece, puts it; explains how to take the Pearl and the White Falcon from the Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov; the scorched garden should be called blooming, the crooked bridge and the crooked gate should be called straight; under the dog there is hay, in front of the horse, the bones must be changed; the hair of the sleeping Queen with Hair in Forty Gyazov must be nailed to 40 pillars; the pearls in the legs and heads, the inner and outer trousers should be swapped; in the inside keys, you have to unlock 40 rooms, take the Falcon and the Pearl; the Queen wakes up, tells the guards (gate, bridge, etc.) to hold the kidnapper, they refuse; on the way home, the prince buys the brothers out of slavery; they tied a sword to the doors of the tent, the prince stumbles upon him, remains without legs; his brother pulled out his eyes, put him side by side; the dog and the horse take care of the prince; the voice tells him to hold on to the dog's tail, that leads to the spring, her legs grow back, her eyes grow in the eye sockets; the brothers bring the Falcon and the Pearl; the Queen with Hair comes to Forty Gyazov and asks each of the brothers how they managed to get things; she cuts off one nose, another arm, and a third leg; makes him find the prince, takes him as a husband, his father gives him the throne]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 8:113-125; Shugnans [bear takes the hunter away, makes her husband; she has a son Bear (M.), 3 years later as a 20-year-old boy; he kills the Bear, comes to his house with his father; kills the royal hero who offered move his leg off the gold bar; forced; meets, wins, takes Saxifram, Tree Uproot, Mill Straightener with his little finger; twin brothers live in the fortress, cook in turn; every time an old woman comes, eats all the pilaf, beats the cook; everyone is silent about what happened; when it is M.'s turn, he cuts off the old woman's head, she hides in the crevice; his companions lower him on a rope after him; sends the princess and treasures upstairs; the companions leave, leaving M. below; there is a horse: whoever whips twice will take him to the upper world, some once to the lower world; M. hit once, is below; sends a peasant to buy bread, tames lions, plows lions, kills them; they killed two people a day; he is made king; Simurg sees the chicks of the bird, one cries, he will now be eaten by a werewolf; M. kills a werewolf, Simurg takes him to the upper world; he takes the rescued girl, drives away his brothers, becomes king]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 3:74-84; Sarykoltsy [the tsar sees in in a dream, the beautiful bird Murgi-Zarin, his three sons go to look for it; whoever goes through the right and middle gorges will return, but not on the left; the youngest Malik-Khasan rides on the left; the old woman turns him into a gazelle, her daughter disagrees with him; explains that the Simurg bird's nest on the plane tree, every year a dragon crawls out of the lake, eats chicks; MX kills the dragon, for which Simurg carries it through seven terrible rivers to the mountain Kof, where Murgi-Zarin lives; the meat he takes runs out, MX cuts off his thigh; Simurg regurges, puts a piece; MX brings the queen of Mount Kof and the cage from Murgi-Zarin, his granddaughter gives him a bullet to kill his grandmother; he frees her brothers from slavery, they throw him into a hole; the queen asks Murgi-Zarin who got it; on her orders, the devas kill the deceiving brothers, MX marries, takes the throne]: Pakhalina 1966:203-207 (= Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 9:125-132); Munjans [the king's son goes to look for a wife; half of the people in the city cry, half laugh; the dragon in the lake devours a young man and a girl every evening, turn for the royal daughter and son of the vizier; the prince kills the dragon; promises to marry the royal daughter, leaves, kills a snake that was going to eat the Simurg chicks; she did this every year; chicks they tell the mother about this; she brings him to the betting garden, he kills the diva, he returns from the bet, takes one of the chicks Simurg gives, returns home]: Grunberg, Steblin-Kamensky 1976, No. 10: 132-139; Bartangans [the king has three sons, nothing to eat, the eldest went hunting; the goat is chasing, the master comes out; the prince: I did not know it was yours; the owner indicates where there are many goats; the prince goes, there a beautiful house with a girl in it; she will marry someone who says what Gul did to Sinavbar and what S. did to G.; the one who did not find an answer will be executed; in three years, the elder prince has not found an answer; a girl cut off his head and threw his body into the well; the same with the middle prince; the youngest came to the tree by the pond; there was a three-headed dragon in the pond, the Simurg bird's nest on the tree; the dragon eats a cub every year, the last one is left; the prince cut off the dragon's head; Simurg tells us to prepare food: she will take the prince to Mount Kof, where you can find the answer; there was not enough food, they returned; next time they almost flew The prince cut off the meat from his hand; when they arrived, Simurg regurgitated it and grafted it back; gave a hair to call her; the prince met the old woman and asked a question; the old woman: S. - tsar, G. - his wife; the prince came in to them; S. sits on the ottoman, his wife in a cage; S. feeds the dog and throws the leftovers to his wife; S. agrees to tell his story, but after telling it, he will kill the listener; G. goes every night to 41 divas; S. with a dog quietly follows her, spies; each diva slapped G. in the face, and she laughs; asks her to go tie up her horse so as not to be free; S. kills 40 divas one at a time; in combat with the main overcomes, but G. sprinkles sand under the diva's feet; after that, the diva knocked down S., but the dog saved him by squeezing the diva's throat; S. tells the torturers to execute the prince, but he lit Simurg's hair, she took him away; brought him to that girl; the girl is sister G.; the Tsarevich tells them to revive the brothers, otherwise she will tell everyone about G.; the girl pulled them out of the well and revived them, the prince returned home with her and her brothers]: Sokolova 1960, No. 9:47-55 ; Bartangans [three princes ask their father to marry them; the king orders to shoot - whose house the bullet will hit, take the bride there; the eldest married the daughter of the vizier, the middle married a merchant, the youngest's bullet hit three times lake; a frog came out, the young man did not know that it was peri; ordered her to be taken home; at night there was a girl next to him; when the king called his son, his wife became a frog again; the king was angry but agreed to marry; brothers saw that the youngest's wife was the sun on one side of his face and the moon on the other; the elder decided to kill the youngest to take this woman; the king agreed to help the eldest son; the elder advised to send the youngest for the Simurg egg to Mount Koy; the wife teaches how to climb into the skin of a slaughtered bull; Simurg will lift the carcass up the mountain, fly away by herself; the Simurg eggs were devoured by a bird that arrived; the young man killed the bird, Simurg gave one of the eggs; when he learned that the youngest's wife was peri, the father left him alone and his older brother also stopped harming]: Sokolova 1960, No. 12:60-64; Turkmens: Stebleva 1969, No. 22 [the sick padishah asks get the sons of a nightingale whose singing was heard in a dream; the elder Gulyam and the middle Veli dev throws into the well; the younger Mammadjan kills the deva with a stone, frees the peri; to finish off the deva, you must kill his soul, she is in a bottle in the dragon's right ear; M. makes the dragon sneeze, finishes off the deva; Peri tells the black maiden to take M. to his sister, the captive of the two-headed deva; seven sisters in total, each next a deva captive with a large number of heads, up to seven; M. kills everyone up to the sixth, everyone keeps a bottle of soul with a goat, an old woman, etc. (just like in the first episode); the sixth girl explains: a dragon crawls to the plane tree every year, devours chicks; the grateful bird Zamyr will bring the dragon that has killed the dragon to where the nightingale is; we must give millet to the chickens bones for dogs, salt for camels, tie the tongues of bells with rags on the 40 steps of the stairs; M. did everything, the chicks ate the chopped dragon, the youngest left a piece under his tongue to prove to his mother that the dragon was killed; Zamyr brought M. to the room with the sleeping devas and the nightingale; M. first met with the sleeping beauty, so the nightingale raised the alarm; but M. took him and managed to sit on the bird; with the beautiful M. changed rings; Zamyr throws cooked meat and water; the meat is over, he cuts off a piece of caviar; Zamyr keeps it under his beak, puts it back; M. takes seven girls and treasures, finds it in the brothers' well; the brothers dazzle him, throw him into the well; they catch the dog's eyes, but it keeps them, takes care of M.; the padishah's nightingale does not sing; the nightingale's mistress finds M. on the ring, lowers him into the well puts his braids back in order for M. to get out; the nightingale begins to sing, the father recovers, the brothers are abandoned in the desert], 24 [the padishah has 40 wives, no children; two heroes are sent far to the sage; he promises that the 40th wife, the slave Guljemal, will give birth to two sons; when the padishah goes to bed with her, the dervish enters, tells him to eat an apple in half with his wife, and then give one son to him; G. gives birth to him two glowing boys; their father hides them in an underground crypt; 13 years later, a dervish comes, plays the dutar, the boys go out to him, he takes the youngest; parrots tell him it's a dev, he's his will collide into a boiling pot; the boy collides the deva himself; comes to the plane tree, where the black dragon devours the Simurg chicks every year; kills the dragon, Simurg gives him a few feathers; takes out a splinter from the tiger's paws, he gives hairs; the young man pulls his stomach over his head, hires a gardener in front of the Shah's three daughters; asks them to comb their hair, the elders drive him, the youngest gives him; when he gets back, sees silver and golden hair on him; the padishah convenes the people, tells the daughters to throw a stone at whoever they like; the eldest marries the son of a vizier, the middle for the son of Vekil, the youngest for a pleshivets; them they settle in a barn; the sick padishah asks for keik meat; when hunting, tigers and Simurgs drive all the keyiki to the pleshivets; the other two son-in-law get meat, for which the young man stigmatizes them; appears in glory, takes sons-in-law as slaves, the padishah admits that he made a mistake; the young man fights the peri, is thrown into the well by her; the elder brother goes to the rescue, everyone takes him for the youngest; he puts the sword between himself and the younger's wife; wins peri, both brothers return home], 33 [bay's son, merchant's son, and orphan see traces of a virgin at the well; bay's son, merchant's son, cannot go down because of the heat; an orphan descends, kills a deva, tells his companions to raise freed peri; they throw away the rope, the son of bay takes the peri, the merchant's son takes treasures; in a dream, someone tells the young man that white and black sheep will fall from above, he must jump on the white one, he will carry it upstairs; he accidentally jumps on black; the daikhanin lets him plow, tells him not to make noise, tigers rush at him, he harnesses them; the dragon crawls to eat the chicks on the plane tree, the young man kills him, Simurg gives him his feathers; in The dragon locked the water in the city, demands the girls to eat; the young man kills him, the grateful padishah adopts him; Simurg takes him to the ground, he throws her meat and water, cuts off the last piece from his thigh, that hides it under his tongue, puts it back; at home, the young man turns into an old man, restores his mother's eyesight with a Simurg pen, becomes young again, his mother recognizes him; he kills the sons of the merchant and bay, takes it both wives]: 71-92, 94-124, 170-179

Baltoscandia. Latvians: Niedre 1952:92-103 [The elderly couple had a hairy son, Jan Bear; he asks his father three times to forge an iron staff for him; each time he throws him into the sky; he takes him who hardly bent, picked up when he fell with his finger; meets, takes as companions a digging mountain (Kalnuratseis) and fishing with a rod - a mast tree; stopped in an empty castle; one by one cook, every time an old woman beats the cook, takes food; when it's my turn, an old man comes up, MYA drove his beard into a block, hit the old woman with a staff; guards three nights by the bloody river; kills three- and six-headed on a silver, golden horse; when fighting a 12-headed diamond horse, help is needed; the companions are sleeping, I woke them up by throwing his staff into the castle; by this time, the water left in the vessel blushed (a sign of danger); killed a 12-headed; rolled back a stone, tells him to lower it into the abyss; there is that old man, I killed him; in silver, gold, diamond cities, three girls sew clothes out of silver and gold , diamonds; each collects its own city in an egg; the companions raised everyone; I returned the line behind the hat; the satellites began to raise, thought they let go of the rope; I fell, breaking through three worlds; in the fourth thunderstorm, he sheltered the eagles; the eagle promises to raise them to the ground - let MYA kill the monster and feed it with meat in flight; at first there was not enough meat, they returned; the second time they almost flew, I cut out the last piece from the calf of the leg; I married a girl from the diamond city, the companions to the other two, each living in his own city from an egg], 116-146 [the fish tells the childless widow to cook and eat her; the maid ate the piece, giblets are a mare; each gives birth to a son, the son of a mare is the strongman Kurbad; all three go to free the house from evil spirits; on the first night K. killed a three-headed giant on the bridge, a six-headed giant on the second; on the third the night is nine-headed, his heads grow back, he drives K. knee-deep, then to his armpits into the ground; the brothers are sleeping, they do not see that the water in the bucket has become blood; K. threw pastals (shoes) at them; the brothers ran, they began to burn their severed heads; K. hears insects talking in the cracks: killed our husbands; let one wife become a bed, the second a spring, the third a cannibal snake; K. does not let us lie down, get drunk, cut the bed, the spring; the king lost three daughters when they were washing in the bathhouse; K. pinched the line in the door, he gave a pipe (10 dwarfs would come out to do the job), said that there was a stone in the swamp, under he had a hole, stolen there; K. threw off the stone, told the dwarfs to bring a rope; the brothers were afraid, K. went down, cut off the line; in the princess's silver, gold, diamond castles; gave K. strong water, and the six-headed drank weak instead of her; the sisters turn their locks into diamond, gold, silver eggs, give them to K.; K. sent the girls upstairs; the wife of the 9-headed giant cut off the rope and filled it with a stone hole; K. comes to the old man, who says that the cannibal sucked his eyes and beats the giant bird's children with hail; K. killed the cannibal, smeared the old man's eyes with a potion, he saw the light; covered the chicks from the hail; the bird promises to carry K. across the sea, tells him to prepare meat; K. cut off the last piece from his caviar; K. opens his eggs, lives with the youngest queen in a diamond castle; the wife of the 9-headed must be killed; K. came to the forge, where Debess Kaleis forged a golden crown, a silver belt and a diamond ring for the daughter of the Sun; forged a horse for K. to catch up with the witch, told him not to look back; K. looked around, thunder and lightning, the horse was gone; K . fell asleep, the witch changed the vessels with strong and weak water, K. drank, lost strength for a year; went to hell as a worker, whoever gets angry, cut three strips of meat from his back; 1) herd hares, 2) cows; the dwarfs gathered everyone from the pipe; K. beat off each cow's leg; the devil has to answer that he is not angry; 3) horses (the same; cut off their lips); 4) plow how much the white female will run (beat the female, she lay down); 5 ) clean the stable (the dwarfs cleaned it); 6) bring firewood to the mare (the mare is the mother of hell, K. threatens to cut her belts from her sides, the mare is lucky); 7) slaughter the sheep that looks at you (everyone looks, everyone looks at you stabbed); 8) eat a pound of dumplings; K. lowers the dumplings by the shirt, and the devil ate his pud, it's bad with his stomach; K. pretends to rip open his stomach, the dumplings fell out; 9) the devil leads K. to the forest to cut an oak tree; K. brings the hare is the younger brother; the devil can not catch up with him; agrees to carry the felled oak together; hell carries, K. rides an oak tree; killed the devil; pulled out his mare's eyes; put a pot with sour cream, hell and his mother think they broke K.'s head; hell and his mother run away to the witch, K. hid in his belongings, here again; at night they decided to drown K. in the river, K. swapped places, damn drowned his mother; K . killed the devil; the power returned, K. killed the witches, threw the ogre into the fire, killed the ogre eagle; enemies attacked; the witch poured bile on K.; K. killed her and the ogre, but died himself], 147-156 [the blacksmith forged a son for himself - Iron Martyn; he told him to forge a giant club, went on a journey; met and accompanied the Overturning Mountain and the Overturning Oaks; they climb into a hole, there is a palace, each in turn cooks; The copper beard asks for food every time, drinks all the soup; JM pinched his claws in the log; he broke the log, went to the cave; only JM agrees to go down; killed the Copper Beard and the other devils sent the kidnapped princess and gold upstairs; the companions wanted them for themselves, did not pull them out the ZhM; he killed pigs, cows, horses; girl: devils muddy the water in the lake, do not allow the shirt to be washed; JM killed devils; covered the eagles from the rain; the eagle orders to prepare meat, carries it across the sea; cut off the last piece of JM from its leg; the eagle regurgitated, put it back; ZhM took the girl and gold from the companions, found the king, whose daughter was stolen, reigned after his death]; Lutsi (1893; the informant heard a fairy tale from people who did not know Estonian) [the couple are childless, the husband died, the widow cried, her tears grew peas, in a pod the only pea; she ate it, gave birth to it nine months later; the boy is a strongman; mothers: if she waited to eat, he would have been even stronger; ordered a five-pound iron club from the blacksmith, threw it up, the next day she fell, he put his finger up, the club split; the 10-pound one bent; the 15-pound one remained intact, good; Pea meets, takes 1) pulling oaks; 2) rearranging mountains; they were hired to the owner for the right to carry what they could; he ordered the mountains to be razed; they began to make ropes out of sand, throw them over the mountains, pull them off, now a flat field; one took all the flour from the owner, the other all the grain, the third of all cows; set up a farm for themselves in the forest; the demoness (mustabaaba) began to go to them, eat everything; he stayed to guard the trees; she spat in his eyes, ate everything; the one who moved the mountains was However; G. beat her with a club, she grew to the clouds, he continued to beat, she shrunk again, he tied her to an oak tree; she pulled out an oak tree and went to the lower world; only G. decided to go down; killed the woman's five-headed son; the girl knits stockings, G. pulled the rope, both picked it up, he gave it to the oak puller, went down again; killed the 1-head, gave the second girl to the mountain rearranger; the third time she fights with the 15-headed; drove he was waist-deep into the ground, and he was up to his neck; agreed to take a break; G. drank strong water, and gave the enemy weak water, killed him; they went upstairs, but G. went down for the fourth time; it's a shame for the companions that G. took it for himself the most beautiful girl, threw the rope down; thunderstorm, eagles on the Christmas tree say that whoever protects them from the weather will help their mother; he covered them; chicks: don't leave until their mother arrives; eagle: I know G. when he was born, the earth trembled for three days; the eagle agrees to carry him across the Sea of Fire, but let him fill three barrels of forest bird; he spit them; there was not enough meat in flight, the eagle first tells cut off and throw her little finger, then her calf; then her little finger legs; flew; G. caught the little girl, began to twist; ordered the daw to bring living water from the island in the sea of fire; his body healed with this water; his body healed with this water; I came to my wife, forgave my companions, but drove them away; they began to live, they probably live now]: Annom et al. 2018:93-100; Estonians (Yuri; recorded in Sukhum-Kala) [the king of the north (CS) saved the crows, the raven to him helps; says that the King of the South (KYU) has a beautiful daughter, but refuses everyone; the COP went to marry her, and his three sisters were kidnapped by a lion (he is the king of beasts), an eagle (king of birds) and a whale (king of fish); CS's mother decided that it would be better for her son to die in front of her than to disappear in a distant country, took out poisonous drops from the witch and dripped on the CS during the farewell; but the drops fell on the horse; the COP made 12 pies with this horse meat, sat on another horse and left; 12 robbers attacked, each ate a pie and died; the COP came to his older sister, she feeds the baby; her husband is a lion for 3 days and a man for 3 days; gives his hairs: if burned, he will come to the rescue; his handkerchief will also show if the CS is in trouble, it will turn red; the sister herself gives a magic tablecloth; the same for the middle sister (the eagle gives feathers); for the younger one (the whale gives scales); near the Sea of Fire a tree with a hawk's nest, chicks squeak there; the raven teaches: their mother will return in 3 days, they will starve to death and hail will kill them; we must slaughter the horse, feed the chicks with meat and cover them with skin; let them be rewarded the mother will carry them across the sea; the mother bird orders to prepare 12 barrels of poultry meat and 12 barrels of water; KYU's daughter put the COP in prison, where other applicants are on her hand; he feeds them all thanks to a tablecloth- magic; sells a tablecloth to Kyu's daughter for the opportunity to look at her bare neck; says there is nothing to look at; pulls out a tablecloth received from her middle sister; same (Kyu's daughter shows her chest); same; KYU's daughter agrees to spend the night with the COP; first he turns away, then agrees to hug her; wedding; wife gives keys, does not tell me to unlock the seventh room; once he unlocked; sorcerer locked there three times asked for water, promised to forgive the Constitutional Court three times for this; flew away and took his wife away; the raven said that the sorcerer has a flying horse that sees and guards far away; the Constitutional Court took his wife, but the sorcerer easily caught up and took it away, said that one forgiveness was less; so three times, and the fourth time the sorcerer tore the CS to pieces; the lion, the eagle and the whale collected the remains, brought living water; they tried it on the crow: they tore and revived him; then the COP was revived; he did no harm to flies, horseflies, cancers, they promised to help; the COP met an old woman, who offered to herd her 12 horses; these are her 12 daughters; flies brought horses on the first evening, flies brought horses, on the second - horseflies; on the third day, horses climbed into the water, but they were driven out by crayfish; the witch agrees to reward one horse; the raven: if you sit on it, you will die; demands the son of a toad; this toad is the mother of a flying horse the sorcerer, and the toad is his brother; the toad horse tells him to wait three days for him to gain strength, three more to learn from his mother, the last three to take an invincible weapon; the COP cut off the witch's head, but she has grown again, and he hardly rode away from her; the wife found out that the sorcerer's soul was in the egg, the egg was in the duck, the duck was flying over the sea; the COP called the eagle, he grabbed the duck, the whale took out an egg that fell into the sea, the COP crushed it, the sorcerer died; The Constitutional Court began to rule the north and south]: Mälk et al. 1967, No. 79:246-264; Seto [the man walked with the bear, he danced; in the house where he spent the night, the bear became pregnant with a girl; she gave birth to a son with bears ears; he is incredibly strong; he was nicknamed Ivvan the Bear; he took three companions, went on a journey; they made a living as woodcutters; each one takes turns cooking, a dwarf with a big beard comes, eats up the cook; when he remains IM, he hits the dwarf, lets go, he hides in a hole; IM goes down there on a rope; consistently meets three kidnapped princesses, one spins copper, the other silver, junior gold; on the way to each two lions, IM kills them by hitting each other; each replaces bottles of strong and weak water; the devil kidnapper drinks weak, IM kills all three, driving them into the ground; sends the princesses upstairs, the youngest gives him a ring, it splits in half, the princess and IM take half; the companions did not lower the rope to pick them up; he comes to the pine tree on a hill, from under the pine tree devils climb like mice, they kill them all, cut off their tongues; there is an eagle's nest on a pine tree, they feed them with damn tongues, they are incredibly tasty; when a giant eagle arrives, eagles do not want what it brings horse, they say that food was better; the grateful eagle agrees to take THEM to the ground; he throws her cooked food when flying across the sea, it is not enough, he cuts his meat off his calves; almost a year lies down while she can walk again; comes to the king when the younger princess must marry an imaginary savior; she recognizes half of the ring; the deceiver was left in a barrel in the forest, the wolf lowered into it tail, the deceiver got out, was happy to be alive; after the death of Tsar IM inherited the throne]: Sandra 2004:270-275; Veps: Vinokurova 2006 [a soldier saves the royal daughters, because of the deception of officers finds himself in the underworld; saves hawkish chicks from starvation; for this, the hawk takes them to the ground; the bird eats pork and bovine meat from barrels made from the skin of 40 cows, drinks 40 a bucket of water; the soldier cuts off the last piece from his buttocks; when he reaches the ground, the hawk spits back the soldier's flesh]: 70; Vlasyev 1941, No. 2 (told in Russian) [son of priest Diy Popovich too strong; brings a log on a bear from the forest, collects water tax; meets and companions Dubynya, Usynya, Gorynya; they cook one by one, "by himself from the nail, the beard from the elbow" hits every time cook, eats everything; D. wants to cut off his head, but cut off only his beard, the dwarf fell into the dungeon, D. tells him to lower him on his belts after him; killed a dwarf, freed three princesses, each collects the palace in a handkerchief; the companions raise the princesses, cut off the rope; D. covered the chicks from the cold, fed them; their mother kite takes D. to the ground, he throws her pieces of meat, the last piece of his caviar, the bird belches it, puts it on; two princesses have married their companions, Elena from the golden palace is waiting for D., demands the same shoes and dress; D. unfolds the palaces, pulls it out; Usynya was shot, Dubynya, Goryn demoted]: 15-25; Karelians [a childless man carved a doll out of an aspen tree, she came to life, this is Osinovich, very strong; he leaves his parents, meets, takes an angler as his companions (chain - forests, horse - bait), knocking a rock on a rock; they take turns cooking; a dwarf with a two-cubed beard comes out of the ground every time, eats everything; when O. remains, he pinched the dwarf's beard between the logs of the hut; tells bring him down the dwarf's hole; his daughter is there; he sends her upstairs in the cradle; the companions cut the rope; O. sheltered the crows from the cold rain; they ask his mother not to harm him; the crow carries him to the ground , he feeds her cow meat, it ends, cuts off the last piece from his leg; the crow disappears his leg; O. takes the bride, drives away his comrades]: Concca 1959:23-26; Finns [the king has three sons , the eldest is a fool; the king (the other), the general and the courtier lost their daughter, the king sent his sons to look for them; the fool has 7 pounds of sword; they reached the cliff, it failed, the brothers lowered the elder there; he came to the copper palace, in which one of the missing girls; her husband has 7 heads and 10 horns; he came and offered to drink; the young man pours out quietly, and the 7-head drank fell asleep, the young man cut off his heads; the palace turned into an egg, the young man put it in his pocket and they came to the silver palace, where the general's daughter; the same (the monster has 8 heads); the same in the golden palace (10 heads and 15 horns); the brothers picked up the girls; the young man put a stone in the basket instead of himself, the brothers cut off the rope; there were naked eagles in the nest, he covered them with a cloak, they fell asleep; for this, the eagle carried him to the ground; he dressed as a musician to play at his daughter's wedding general {should have been: princess}; she recognized him, his father ordered the brothers to hang, the eldest married Genetal's daughter]: Löwis of Menar 1927, No. 28:81-84; Finns [man carved out of alder a boy and seasick for three years; he came to life, eats a lot; the man sent him to work; he is so strong that they try to lime him, but everything is useless; asked to go down to the well and threw him from above millstone - he threw it back; finally left; met and accompanied a fisherman (threw his huge hook into the sea), a boulder thrower; they reached a hole in the ground; the satellites tried to descend, but it was cold first, then hot; Olkhovnik went down, sent back two girls, but his companions did not pick it up; he saw an eagle's nest, covered the eagles with a frock coat; the grateful eagle carried it to the surface; he cut off his companions]: Löwis of Menar 1927, No. 32:96-97; the Finns [standing on guard, a sergeant hears a woman scream from the swamp; crossing the girl, pulls her out; she is an overseas princess, who took the hell away; let the sergeant come to the pier, she would take him away by ship; but the devil, disguised as an officer, came up and quietly stuck a sleeping pill needle into the sergeant; so three times; after the third time the princess sails away on the ship, and the sergeant must find her himself; not knowing what to do, the sergeant is about to hang himself from an oak tree; a thunderstorm has begun, he hears a squeak; it is the dragons who suffer from the rain; sergeant covered them with an overcoat; the dragon flew in and wanted to eat it, but when he heard from the cubs how it was, he told them to sit on his back and took it to the princess; there the sergeant hired a gardener; dug up the bones a giant and buried in consecrated land; an enemy attacked; the giant came to life, grateful to the sergeant, teaches him to find a bottle of strong water, weapons and clothes in the dungeon; hay in front of the lion, and meat in front of the horse , the sergeant swapped them; jumped on his horse and defeated the enemy; he was given an order; when he returned, the sergeant drank weak water and took on his former form; the enemy attacked again, this time the sergeant came with the lion, defeated the enemy again; the princess recognized him; wedding]: Concca 1993:111-122.

Volga - Perm. Komi [in many Zyrian fairy tales, companions leave the hero in the lower world; he saves the Eagle's chicks devoured by the Serpent; the grateful Eagle takes him to the ground; stocked bulls and kegs with there is not enough water (9 or 30), the hero cuts the meat off his leg, gives the Eagle his blood and flesh; on the ground, the Eagle regurgitates them, puts them back]: Konakov 2003:183; Marie (mountain) [the princess descends them at night windows to her beloved rope; one day an unclean one comes earlier, penetrates her instead of a guy; next time she thinks that downstairs is unclean again, and this is a guy, she cuts off the rope; the guy is ill for a long time; The serpent sits on the princess's clothes when she bathes; she has to agree to marry him; a recovered lover with soldiers goes to look for the princess; three sisters consistently show the way to the abyss, where is the descent to the lower world; the guy goes down the rope, picks up the princess while the snake is away; she is picked up; the officer tells him to be considered his savior; the princess throws down a letter, promises to wait; the guy ties to a stone with a rope, the officer cuts off the rope; the guy hides the chicks of a huge bird from the rain; she lifts it upstairs; on the way he feeds it meat, cuts off the last piece from his leg; on the ground, the bird regurgitates it , puts it back; the guy comes to the bride's wedding, exposes the officer, marries, reigns; the officer is tied by the legs to the horse's tail]: Aktsorin 1995:142-147; marie [{text literary processed, heavily distorted in places}; a childless old woman sculpts her son out of dough, he comes to life, becomes a Nenchyk-patyr (Hero from dough); neighbors complain that he maims other children in games; he goes travel; wins, takes Kurtne-Patyr (Iron Hero), Pyunche-Patyr (Pine Hero) as companions; they take turns cooking; each time a dwarf with a long beard hits and eats up the cook; NP himself wraps his beard on a pine tree; he breaks down, goes into a hole in the ground; there, three-headed Azhdakh has three kidnapped girls; three heroes follow; NP throws a dwarf into the lake, he turns into a tornado ; Azhdakha is going to eat eagle chicks, three heroes fight them, almost die; the chicks ask their mother for help, because the heroes tried to save them from Azhdakh; Azhdakha is killed, the eagle takes everyone to earth]: Aktsorin 1984:23-55; Chuvash: Grigoriev 1971:57-64 [the tsar asks his sons to see who is stealing his horses; the youngest of three sees a copper bear hiding under the ground with the horse; brothers dig a well, lower the hero; he meets the princesses of the copper, silver and golden kingdoms; kills a bear, the brothers raise the princesses upstairs, raise the hero, think it's a bear, throw it a rope; the old man gives the hero a sword, he kills a snake crawling to an oak tree, saves eagles; the eagle takes him to the ground; on the way, the hero feeds and water her, finally cuts off a piece of his flesh, the eagle heals him; brothers marry three princesses], 78-89 [the old woman makes her son Chusta Patar out of dough; he goes to travel; frees Yuman Patar and Tar-Patar from oak and osokor; a dwarf with a huge beard every time eats food, beats the cook; C. ties him with his beard to a tree, he breaks down; C. goes down into the dungeon, Yu and T. untie the chain; in the copper palace, the girl teaches him to replace tubs with living and dead water, the three-headed serpent is defeated; in silver - 6, in gold - 9-headed; the serpent holds water, C. kills it; hides the eagles under the grass, the three-headed serpent does not find them, flies away; the eagle carries C. to the ground; when meat runs out, C. gives her flesh, the eagle heals him; he kills Yu and T., marries]; Chuvash tales 1937 [spouses are childless; god Pigambar tells the old woman to put a piece of oak in sauerkraut in a dream bark; their son Ivan appears; wins, makes copper, silver, golden eagles brothers; each takes turns cooking food in the hut; every time a bearded dwarf comes, says that his bulls, eats everything, ties the cooks together, that evening says that he does not remember anything; I. defeats the dwarf, hangs it on a tree; a beard remains, a bloody trail stretches into the pit; the Eagles lower I. on a belt into the lower world; that kills Chiga an old man, a hursukhal 'a, the father of three sisters; the eldest gives I. a strength-increasing ring; Eagles lift women upstairs, drop their belt; I. kills a 12-headed snake, frees fresh water and people; the snake crawls along the pine tree to the nest of the Vagrant Eagle; I. kills the snake, the Eagle agrees to raise it to the ground; in flight, I. feeds him meat, it ends, he cuts off a piece of his thigh; kills sister traitors, marries his eldest sister, who recognizes him, lets others go]: 67-83; 1994 (=1989:50) [when the girls he rescued are lifted up, the young man's companions cut off the rope, he falls to the bottom crevices; an old man in a dream tells you to look through a handkerchief, there you will see a bull rushing at you; if you grab your right horn, he will throw you into a white light, if by the left one, he will send you seven layers lower; the hero grabs the left, gets down]: 233; Shurtakov 1984 [the old man exchanges one thing for another, a horse for two posts; the old woman hits him with his squads, they turn into a boy Toy-Tubal; he goes hunting, meets, companions the Son of the Sun, the Son of the Month, the Son of the Bear; they take turns cooking, the old man eats everything; TT hangs him by the beard on a tree, he runs away without a beard; TT goes down into the pit for him; his three daughters say where barrels of living and dead water are, TT replaces them, kills the old man; companions pick up girls, cut off the rope; snakes don't give water from the well, TT kills him; three snakes are ready to eat three Eagle chicks, TT kills snakes; Eagle takes TT to the ground, feeds and wateres Eagle in flight, cuts off the last piece of meat from his thigh; Eagle sticks it back; TT drove his companions away, married youngest girl]: 47-56; Eisin 1993:197-207 [about Chuvash tales; the bird's name is Amart], 207-218 [the old woman sends her husband to sell peas; he sells, buys a goat with the proceeds, changes it to a cow , a cow on a horse, a horse on a staff, it is easy to walk with them; the old woman beats her husband with them, puts the wreckage in a bag; the boy Tui-Tubala ("from the staff") emerges from them; grows up as a hero, goes to wander, meets and companions men named Hwetke (Son of the Sun), Uip (Son of the Month), Udaman (Son of the Bear); they hunt, take turns cooking in the hut; the old man comes and eats the cook; when TT stays, he hangs the old man by the beard on an oak tree; he breaks down, goes into the hole; the companions go down, afraid, tell them to pick them up; TT sees Chige-Khursugal lying wounded by him; they fight, three girls tell them to replace the barrels with with strong and weak water; TT killed, burned CH; companions picked up the girls, threw the rope, lifting the TT; the old woman drools the dough, locked the water; allows TT to collect the bucket three times, gets out of the well, TT rips his belly open, swallowed people go out; it is said that an eagle on an oak tree could raise to the ground; one-, three- and nine-headed snakes crawl to the nest, TT cut them down; the chicks explain to the big eagle (or eagle), who is their savior; the eagle picks up the TT with a supply of meat and water, the meat runs out, the TT cuts off the thigh, puts a piece back on the ground; TT drives his companions away, marries the youngest daughter CH], 282- 289 [The elderly do not have children; the sorcerer advises making the child out of dough; he has come to life, grew up quickly, this is Chusta Batyr ("chusta" means "dough"); he went on a journey, hears a voice from an oak tree, then from an osokor with a request free; C. broke trees, Yuman-batyr ("oak") and Tar-batyr ("osokor") came out; all three stopped in a house, cooking in turn; an old man with an elbow with a planted beard beats the cook, eats the bull; when C. was left, he tied the old man with his beard to a tree; he cut off his beard and ran away; three companions came to another house, where the princess was lost; they came to a hole in the dungeon; C. began to descend, the satellites untied the chain; in the underworld there is a copper palace, the girl orders to change the tubs with strong and weak water, C. killed a three-headed serpent; the same in the silver (six-headed) and golden palaces (nine-headed) snakes); C. came to the village where the serpent is not allowed to enter the water; C. killed the snake, asks people to help them get out; they advise them to go to the tree on which the eagle; C. hid the eagles, covering the nest with turf, the snake that has arrived did not find it; the eagle tells me to prepare water and meat; C. cut off the last piece from his leg; the eagle regurgitated it and put it back; Yu and T. are still arguing over the girl; C. killed them and married a girl] ; Kazan Tatars: Davletshin 1979 [a common motive in Tatar fairy tales: Semurg takes the hero from the underworld to the aboveground world]: 49-50; Basilov 1980 [karakosh is a huge bird, who, in gratitude for saving the chicks, puts the hero on his back and takes him to remote lands]: 622; Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 42 [after the death of his parents, the young man leaves, taking a cat with him; kills a snake, who devoured the young bird Semrug; they tell her to ask her for a ring as a reward; the owner commands all pearies and genies; the young man asks to be moved to Mohit Island, where there are many fruits and no people; orders build a palace, bring the padishah's daughter of flowers; the witch promises to return her; sails there, tells the young man's wife to lure him the ring; the wife tells the genies to carry her with the palace to her father, and throw her husband and cat in nettles; the cat tells them to make a raft, they arrived in the flower state; the old woman recognized the young man; the vizier saved him not by throwing him into the well, but by lowering him there on an arcana; the cat began to kill mice; promised not to kill again if they took out the ring; it was tied to the hair of the padishah's daughter; the mice gnawed off, brought it to the young man; he returned everything, began to beat his wife three times every day; the old woman arrived again I learned how to give the young man tobacco, he sneezed the ring fell out, he was left with the cat in nettles again; the cat died; the young man swam across the sea again, found berries that make horns, tail and hair grow, and from which they disappear; asks the old woman to sell the first berries to the palace; the princess became a monster; the padishah executed a sorceress; the young man came, first beat his wife with a stick, took the ring, then cured; threw the palace into the sea; took as a wife who helped him]: 344-358; Bashkirs: Barag 1988, No. 10 [an old woman eats a grain of barley, gives birth to Arpa Batyr; he wanders, throws a mace at Semera's bird, she flies away; A. meets He takes a Mountain Fighter (pounding mountains against each other), a Water Fighter (collides lakes and rivers); an old man with a long beard defeats the Water Fighter; A. hangs him by the beard; he goes to the underworld; only A. dares to follow him; the old man's three daughters blow at him to recover; A. promises to heal him if the girls follow him; cuts off his head, tells the girls that he has cured them father; companions pull out the girls, cut off the rope; A. kills the ajdaha dragon, which is going to eat Semere's two chicks; the chicks first hide it from their mother, then ask her to take A. to the ground; he shot birds, S. feeds them on the way; kills companions, takes three wives], 12 [poor elderly spouses cut down a birch tree in the courtyard of the mosque; for this they were exiled to Siberia; they were born Akyal-batyr; he meets , takes Tau-batyr, who overturns mountains, transplanting trees in Urman Batyr; satellites take turns cooking, an old long-bearded dwarf defeats the cook, eats meat; A. hangs the old man for beard; he breaks off, goes into a hole; only A. decides to go down; the former old man owns water in the lower world, gives it away sparingly; A. cuts off his head; hits the target with an arrow, gets the daughter of one khan, then the daughter of another; having defeated the hero, makes her the third wife; sends them upstairs; when he climbs himself, the companions cut off the rope; kills Azhdaha, who devoured the chicks of the Samrug bird; she takes him to the ground; he feeds her sparrows and starlings, cuts off the last two pieces from her legs, the bird puts the pieces back; A. forgives his companions, gives them a wife, keeps the hero for herself; the old mother of the devas persuades wife to find out where A. has a second heart; takes out his second heart, a heart of stone from under his arm, A. falls asleep, the devas take his wife away; T. and W. find a heart of stone in the stream, revive A.; all three go to war against the devas ; A. puts the ring in the porridge that is prepared for his kidnapped wife; frees his wife, kills devas], 23 [a childless old woman makes her son out of dough, this is Kamyr batyr; he is strong, maims other children, father He drives him away; he meets him, takes Namyan Batyr and Tau-batyr as companions; they sleep in a hut, three girls cook, leave; on the third day, the warriors catch them; in their absence, Uvirly-karsyk comes to their wives, tells search in her hair, sucks their bone marrow; I., T. guard, everyone sees, but is afraid to say; K. cuts off the old woman's head; she promises that there will be a thousand heads; every day there are more demon troops, batyrs defeated, their wives kidnapped; K. descends to the lower world on a rope; women pinched a baby deva, they say he cries to be at his father's soul; dev: she is in a pigeon, that in a chest, a chest in a mare; K. a deva kills, companions pick up women, cut off the rope; Azhdaha does not allow him to approach the sea, a girl is donated to him every day, K. kills him; kills a snake crawling to eat the chicks of the Samrigush bird; she agrees to bring K. to the ground; on the way he feeds her starlings, cuts off the last piece from her leg, the bird puts it back; K. offers I. and T. to shoot up, fallen arrows kill them, K. gets three wives], 57 [the merchant gives King Abdullah a portrait of a beautiful woman; son A. Dandan finds him, finds Princess Narkes; she is kidnapped by Dev Kahkaha; D. heals Samrug, a bird burned by a deva, who carries it across the sea, feeds her goat meat on the way; kills a snake crawling to her nest; the bird brings D. to deva K.; D. kills the devas and their mother, the bird carries him back, N. and another girl he released named Malikbanu (she helped defeat the Devas); a counselor friend gives D. a daughter, now with D. three wives]: 75-78, 81-99, 154-158, 403-406; Bashkirs: Barag 1989, No. 30 [vizier Urtan-Sultan is going to marry; the horse advises choosing the most unsightly of the three doves that the sorcerer king will show him; she turns into a girl; takes a copper kumgan with her, the water from which can turn her ugly and beautiful if desired; US lives with his wife in a bathhouse on the outskirts of the city, but the king saw his wife, decided his lime; the wise men advise him to get 1) three lions; his wife teaches how to bring lions; 2) a music box from the cave (the same); 3) an iron box; the wife gives a towel, the old woman is the lady of the winds he learns from him that the US is the husband of her older sister's daughter; the winds do not know where the box is, the old woman sends birds to the lady; birds say that the lame frog knows; in the underworld in a stone bath a cup of human milk; we must pour it; 60 pahlavans will return in the evening, think that someone ate human, kill each other; you must kill the last guard, drink water from his bottle, you will become strong, raise the stove, under it the box; the US covered the Samrigush bird from the thunderstorm, which for this lifted it to the earthly world; there was not enough meat, the mustache cut off the piece from the leg; S. regurgulated, put it back; from the warriors came out, killed the king, threw his head to the wolves; the US and his wife went home], 43 [Bulansy-Mergen laughed at the devil, who took his sister Akbikyas; B. goes to search, cleared the sheep's head of worms, she gave three hairs; saved the pike - three scales; killed Azhdah, who crawled to eat the chicks of the Samrug bird; she gives three feathers; B. comes to the old woman, greets him, she does not eat him; sends him to his middle sister, she to The eldest, she tells A. to ask the deva where his soul is; he first replies that it is in the broom, then that there is a poplar in the middle of the lake in the nest; B. burns feathers - S. brings it to the nest; he drops the egg into the water - the fish gets it; B. broke the egg, but before dying, Dev filled B. and A. with a mountain; B. burned the hairs, the sheep's head rolled, he smashed it against the mountain, and the passage opened]: 153-159, 199-202; (cf. Ilimbetov, Ilimbetov 2009 (written authors, 1969) [the old man's black cow did not return in the evening; the eldest daughter goes looking, goes to the Bear, who forbids opening the chests, she opens it, there is gold and silver, the Bear ate her; the same with the middle daughter; He did not eat the youngest, he married him; he tells her to bake gifts, he will take the gift to his wife's parents; she sits in a bag herself, the bear leaves it at her parents' house; a son Ayyukək ("bear cub") gives birth; strong, cripples his peers, his grandfather sends him on a journey; in the underworld, A. kills a dwarf as tall as the top, a beard a thousand tops; marries his three daughters; gets chosen with the help of Samrigush into the white world; offspring from wives are the ancestral unit of Aiyu peanuts]: 110-111).

Turkestan. Kazakhs: Marchenko 1993:150-152 [the golden eagle takes the mergen (shooter) to its cave; he lives there, eating, along with the golden eagle's chicks, the meat that their mother brings them; every year the Aydahar dragon comes to devour the chicks; mergen kills him with an arrow, makes belts out of his skin; ties himself to the grown chicks, they lower him to the ground; he returns home, where his relatives are preparing a wake; mountain with this cave has since been called "Mergen Peak"]; Potanin 1916, No. 47 [bai visited three sides, died on the way to the fourth; Zadà (the youngest son with his youngest wife) guards the sleep of his three older brothers, kills a seven-headed old woman Jalmouth Kempir; another old woman said that the prince was building a ladder to reach the princess living between earth and sky; Z. was not afraid to get up, killed a dragon that was going to swallow the princess, returned to the brothers, leaving a note; another dragon grabs Z., turns into a woman, tells me to know what Saduar did to the rose and what the rose did to Saduar; the old woman sends for an answer to the mullah, he to the cherry plum kara-goose (bird hero); Z. swims to the island, lies under a tree, kills a dragon that crawled to eat the chicks; their mother arrives with storm and wind; brings Z. to the city of Saduar, leaves his pen; S., the local king; tells how he rushed at his black slave, the lover of his wife Rose; his wife hit him with a cane, turned him into a crane for three years, a pole for three more; into a cat; Rosa's six-year-old son touched the cat with a cane, returning S. to human appearance; S. turned his wife into a donkey, then her and her lover into pigs, people beat them to death; S. wanted to execute Z., but Alyp-kara-gus took him away; that woman turned out to be S.'s daughter, S. married her to Z.; the king of heaven married Z. and his daughter; the brothers buried Z. in a hole to take his wives; he burned the pen, the bird brought him home; he fired arrows at the sky, they fell, pierced the brothers]: 159-162; 1972, No. 1 [Bulat-Pai had horses that ate people; people avoided him, he took a hundred horses, migrated, leaving nine sons at home; horses flew away like birds he held one by the tail; his 70-year-old wife became pregnant, ate this mare's tostyuk (breast), gave birth to a son Yer-Tyustyuk; people ask why he is not looking for his nine brothers and nine thousand horses ; he clamps his parents' thighs, makes them tell the truth; comes to nine brothers, takes an eight-legged horse; the youngest, then the rest of the brothers recognize E.; the brothers return to his father, now he rich again; they put him on a sixth horse, told him to find ten brides-sisters; the old woman indicates where to look; B. and nine sons take the brides home; the youngest is Kenjackay; the old woman warns not stop at the Bai-Terek tree; B. stops, sees a lung on the water, hits with a stick, it turns into an old woman (kempir), grabs B. by the beard, lets go for promising to give E.; K. asks E. where his goldmoney; he thinks he is left by the Bai-Terek tree; K. talks about an old woman, gives a chain mail she took from home, a horse; E. grabs the grandmother, the old woman chases him, he falls under the horse land, where 80 old women promise to let him go if he brings the khan's golden braid; on the way, E. takes as companions a mountain raising, drinking a lake, finding out fate; the khan tries to burn them in an iron house, a drink fills the fire; in another house, a knowledgeable person says that an iron mountain will be thrown at them, the strongman catches it; the khan orders them to get the cauldron out of the well; they take it out, he gives his daughter; E. cuts off his head, brings him old women, they let him go; the young birds of the Alyp-Kara-Gush bird are crying in the Bai-Terek tree; the dragon (Azhdagar) is approaching, E. kills him with a sword; the cubs say that the mother will come with a storm; she swallowed and E. regurgitated; takes her to the upper world, he gives her water and feed her, and finally cuts off the meat from her thighs; on the ground she regurgitates meat, puts it back, gives her a pen; the man in whose house E. stopped dug a hole, E. fell there; burned the feather, the bird carried it upstairs; E. returns, his wife is the first to recognize him, everyone is happy]: 104-116; Radlov 1866-1907 (3): 306-313 to Zhirmunsky 1974 [Kan-Shentey is the son of 90-year-old Kyrys Kara and his 80-year-old wife; from the old woman who adopted him, he learns about Aina Khan's daughter; the horse carries him across the Sea of Fire; on the advice of the horse, he becomes a bald bastard, the horse becomes a brown stallion; Ana-Khan gives his daughter, wise Synchi Sary-Kyz recognizes the bastard as a hero, on her advice, the khan's daughter demands a competition between suitors; the hero wins; when he returns to his homeland with his wife, the hero of the underworld Kara-Tyun swallows Khan's daughter along with her companions; KSH descends to the lower world, defeats the seven-headed Jelmouth, frees his wife and others swallowed; saves the Alp-Kara-Kush chicks from the dragon that threatened them; for this the bird raises them to the ground]: 277-278; Rodionov 1982 [the giant bird Shynyrau incubates chicks on the branches of a huge tree or on top of a cliff; the snake hunts its wonderful chicks]: 153 (according to Kazakh animal tales (Almaty, 1979:222); Sidelnikov 1971 (1): 7-33 [=Daurenbekov 1979:15-15; after starving horse toast, the old woman gave birth to a son Yer-Tostik; he injures a sizhik, he confused the old woman's yarn, the old woman tells ET to better look for his missing 8 brothers, who starved the cattle south; ET clutches a handful of hot wheat in her mother's hand, she admits that he has brothers; ET goes looking for them, finds them leads; their father Ernazar marries them to 9 sisters, ET to the youngest Kenzhekei; Peri Bectori wants ET for himself; tells Baba Yaga to grab E., he promises her a son; leaves the sharpener in the old camp, ET follows him on a six-legged horse, takes a seminogy on the lead; K.'s wife gives him her father's horse as a dowry; ET, grabbing a sharpener, runs away from Baba Yaga, falls into the lower world Bana's snake khan; he promises him a daughter if ET gets Temir Khan's daughter; ET meets, takes Thief, Windropog, Sensitive Ear, Gorokat, Lake Swallower, All-Seeing Eye, thanks to them, wins in competitions (1) The lake swallower drinks everything, eats everything, the Sensitive Ear hears about the intention to poison the guests, the Thief replaces dishes; 2) the ET horse wins the race: 3) The windbreaker overtakes the old woman Mystan-Kempir, who tried to put him to sleep; 4) the horse pulls the cauldron from the bottom of the lake; first there is white foam on the surface, which means he grabbed it; then the red one does not lift it; in the end it pulls it out), gets a woman; grateful Bany Khan shows the way up; on the way, the wife dies, ET goes with her slave Kunkey; kills a boa constrictor crawling to the chicks; a double-headed eagle (one human head, the second is a bird) carries him and K. to the ground; peri throws him into the well, the double-headed eagle saves him; ET saves Kunkey, married to Shoin-Kulak (Baba Yaga's son), eavesdrops where the soul of the ShK (in a goat, in a box, in a chicken); kills the ShK; returns to Kenzhukey], 33-45 (Iletsky district, Turgay region) [=Daurenbekov 1979:35-45, =Sidelnikov 1952:178-190, =Tursunov 1983:180-189; Khan's son overheard from the yurt how his older sister promised to weave him a golden carpet, the second to feed the people with one egg, the youngest give birth to a son with a golden head, a daughter with a silver head; the khan's son marries, in his absence, the older sisters tell the witch to replace the children with younger puppies, throw babies in a chest into the river; the khan orders to leave wife with puppies in the desert; fisherman catches a chest; the boy was named Kudaibergen, the girl Kunslu ("sunny beauty"); old people died; Kud. kills saigas, Khan gets nothing; older wives send a sorceress to persuade Kunsla to ask her brother to get it; 1) a self-playing dombra (Zhalmauyz-Kempir helps to get it here and then); 2) everything showing a mirror; one Simurg chick cries ( the dragon Idahar will eat today), the second frowned (tomorrow), the third laughs (last); Kum. kills the dragon, Simurg carries him between the crushing mountains, he takes a mirror, on the way back the mountains are torn off Simurg tail; 3) Tassheelar's daughter as his wife; this is Aislou, taught underwater by Kudaibergen's late fisherman adopted father; at Kood's house. A. turns the sorceress into a needle; Kud. became friends with his father khan; A. tells the demons to build a canal, a bridge; the khan returns his wife, the sorceress burned, the older wives are asked if they want 40 knives or 40 young mares; wives: why do we need knives, we want mares; we tied them to the tails of 40 mares], (3) [=Sidelnikov 1964:84-90; Khan dreams of a bird, flowers fall from its mouth, pearls fall from its eyes; three sons leave it look; Asan is driving along the road will return, Usen may return, younger Hasan will not return; H. sees the gazelle, wants to shoot her, but the gazelles surrounded him, looked plaintively; the old woman Zhalmayuz Kempir turns him into a gazelle; her daughter regains her human appearance, gives an arrow to kill her mother, sends him to the tree where the bird Samruk's nest; H. kills the boa constrictor crawling to the chicks, those they eat pieces of the boa constrictor's body, they say that the rain is their mother's tears, the wind is from her wings; Samruk does not eat H., brings virgins to the country, he cuts off the meat from his thighs, lets her eat, she heals his wounds; he takes the bird, leaves a note to the sleeping daughter of Khan Virgins, returns to the bride; the brothers lower H. into the well, cut off the rope, the girl runs away to the steppe; the daughter of the Khan of the Virgins accuses Asan and Usen of lying, they are executed; finds Hasan and his wife, leaves the bird to his father]: 66-75; (cf. Daurenbekov 1979 [Sarytai is the elder, Torytai is the middle, Karatay is the younger brothers; they take turns cooking while hunting; the long-bearded dwarf eats everything from S. and T., K. ties him by the beard to a tree, that of hers cuts off, goes to the cave; the brothers let K. down, there are three girls; when K. fights a dwarf, they give him strong water, the dwarf weak; K. wins, sends the girl upstairs, the brothers do not let him down rope; the old man turns into a swan, takes K. to the ground; he marries the youngest girl, leaves the elders to his brothers]: 93-96); Tursunov 1983:50-54 [the old woman's daughter was stolen by an ogre; she went to look for her on salty horse ("sary at"), did not find it, became pregnant, Saryat named her son; he is strong, playing maims others, he is advised to go look for a sister; his mother admits that S. had a sister; on the way he consistently meets and companions three giants from whom the cannibal stole their mother, sister, younger brother; they take turns cooking; an ogre as tall as an inch, a 40-inch beard eats meat, beats the cook; C . began to strangle him, but he ran away, went to the well; the giants lowered S. on the arcana; his sister orders the sleeping cannibal to be cut off with his sword, which hangs on the wall; S. insists that his sister be raised first; the giants picked it up, S. left it at the bottom of the well; her sister managed to say that two cats (a ram producer) would be taken, the white one would take it to the ground, the blue would lower it into the underworld; S. touched blue sleeve, I was downstairs; two people are chasing a cow, it mooing (the dragon will eat it today), one person is sad (it will eat tomorrow), the other laughs (will eat the day after tomorrow); the dragon swallowed S., he went out with At the other end, the sword cut the dragon, he died; the khan asks S. to help the Samruk bird, whose chicks are eaten by the dragon every year; S. killed the dragon with a sword; when the bird arrived, the wind rose, the stone hail; the bird swallowed S., but regurgitated when it found out that he had saved the chicks; carried it to the ground, there was not enough meat, S. cut off a piece from his leg; the bird grafted it back; S. returned his sister, cut it off to the giants heads], 54-69 [], 99-112 [Algan-bay has sons Bergen, Mergen and younger Kuim; he wants to give them cattle, they refuse, he and his wife leave, the cattle turn into wild animals; B. and M. dream that they herd other people's cattle, K. - that Urker (Pleiades) looks into the yurt; he refused to tell a dream, the brothers drove him away; K. lives with an old man, he herds Khan Shigai's oxen; K. kills them, cuts them; he goes to the khan himself, he tells me to spend the night in the stable; the girl tells me to saddle horses, runs away with K.; realizes that he is not the one she was going to run with; reads in a divination book that K. is her betrothed; the khan falls in love with K. the viziers suggest pretending to be sick, sending K. to die for medicine; when K. leaves, the wife of the creators around her 9 fortress walls; Khan's people destroyed 8, went to bed, by morning the walls were intact; K. must bring 1) aiboken milk (if it is chased, she runs to the moon); the horse says that she swallowed its former owner; iboken sends Lan from K., she contains aiboken milk; khan says that recovered; 2) the milk of a water cow of three genies, they are beyond 6 dangerous mountains, one is fiery; iboken tells K. to kill the dragon that devoured the chicks of the Samruk bird; she takes him to the house of giants; in the house each daughter, her mouth shut so that she does not eat alone; K. cuts off the heads of giants, removes locks; brings a water cow and three girls; khan died, K. became khan, all wives gave birth to him sons; the eldest son Arpalys kills a giant, finds and brings K.'s parents, other sons find and bring his brothers]; Coyaud 2012, No. 72 (Xinjiang) [Khan is a well-aimed shooter, but did not get anything in 7 days; shot on the eighth duck; when he saw a lonely yurt, he sent a vizier to fry it; a beautiful woman came out of the yurt; the vizier was so amazed that the duck turned into coals; the girl laughed and turned the fritter into a fried duck; the duck was enough for the king and his entourage, but the duck did not end; the king went to see and decided to take the beauty away from her husband; suggested that everyone hide three times; if the woman's husband lost, he would give his wife to the khan; khan turned into a dog, his wife told her husband to beat her with a whip, the khan asked for mercy; next time a camel (same); the third time a horse (the same); now the husband must hide; the wife teaches; in the upper reaches of the stream poplar, there is a phoenix bird's nest on it, the dragon devours its chicks every year, it will crawl tomorrow; we must kill it, for which the phoenix mother will hide it in seventh heaven; before the phoenix mother flew, the wind blew it rained; the chicks: drops - her tear; the bird ordered her to prepare food, throw it to seventh heaven, but the khan saw a man in his magic mirror; the fisherman asked to pull a huge goldfish out of the water; the fish says that she is the third son of the fish king; she hides the man in his mouth, and the other fish muddy the water; but the khan saw; the fox led the man down the hole and he was just under the Khan's feet; he could not find it]: 188-198; Kyrgyz: Brudny, Eshmambetov 1989:19-24 (=1981:19-23) [Khan lost the wonderful bird Zymyryk; the slave's son Bekjal met six argali, they said they were human; he went in into a yurt, ate, became an argali; the girl restored his human appearance, said that her evil mother was turning people into argali; said that at the top of the poplar that reaches heaven, there is a nest of a doodle bird; every year, a one-eyed dragon eats chicks; B. killed the dragon with an arrow, climbed into the nest; the chicks said that the mother's tears were rain, the storm was the flapping of her wings; the chicks explained to the mother that B. killed the dragon; for this bird carried him across the pass, forest and sea, ordered him to drink water and feed him with harvested meat; there was not enough meat B. cut a piece out of his thigh; everyone in the city was sleeping, B. took the Zymyryk bird, a bracelet from the hand of the khansha , the doodle brought it back, he gave the bracelet to the girl who saved him; two khan's sons pushed him into the water, the girl became a swan; the Zymyryk bird spoke only when K. came with the girl who saved him]; Sabyr uulu 2008 [Three orphan brothers have a blue ox. The elder lived on his horns, the middle one on the ridge, the youngest on the repitsa. One day, the younger one noticed that the ox began to defecate kyuchala ("a poisonous plant, perhaps referring to the ox defecating with hard and dry discs similar to the roots of this plant), went to report Brothers, by noon I got to middle ground, by evening both reached the eldest. The elder decided that the ox should be given a drink. They took him to the lake and drank it in one fell swoop. One fish on the dry bottom swallowed the ox, and three orphans fled. The Alpkarakush bird came down from the sky and carried away the fish. Where fish hits a mountain, a mountain collapses, where a stone hits, a stone bursts. She flew to an old man herding a herd of goats and sleeping in the shade of a goat leader. The bird sat on the horns of this goat and started eating fish. One ox shovel hit the old man's eye. All the shepherds and other neighbors made a lasso out of their goatbeard, tied their shoulder blades to the head, pulled their shoulder blade out of their eyes, put it on the ground, and covered the whole city. Forty merchants were going to spend the night and found an open space, but the ground began to move and roll. It was the fox who pulled the shoulder blade in her teeth. The travelers shot a fox, peeled off the skin on one side, and God cannot turn the carcass over to the other. The old woman turned the fox over with one hand and peeled off her skin; there was not enough fur for the newly born boy's hat. The boy, once seeing mountain sheep hunters, asked his father to make him an iron club. He threw it up to the clouds, too light. Master Dev forged him twice as big a club. The boy took two horsemen and went to the mountains. They take turns cooking at night. A man appeared, his eyebrows were covered with snow, his mustache was covered with ice, tied the horseman to a pine tree, and ate everything. It's the same with the second horseman. The boy tied that man himself, but he pulled out a pine tree and disappeared into the ground. The boy after him has overcome that man's daughter, but doesn't know how to get back to earth. A dragon wrapped around the plane tree, and at the top there is an Alpkarakush bird's nest, with three chicks in it. A boy killed a dragon. The mother bird tells us to stock up on 40 sparrows and 40 water bubbles, and promises to take them to the ground. Calf-sized sparrows. The supply ran out, the boy threw both his eyes to the bird, pulled out pieces of meat from under his knees and squeezed the bird's blood. On the ground, the bird restored his legs and eyes. The boy bothered the lion and came to the ruler. He got scared and gave me the gold. The boy fed his two horsemen and those three orphans]: 71-74; Er Toshtyuk 1958 [Alp-Karakush bird with bronze claws and an eagle's head in the desert in a nest on the tree of life, whose branches support the sky, hatches chicks; every year they are devoured by a horned dragon; Er Toshtyuk kills him with a sword, feeds pieces of body to chicks; the bird flies with rain and hail, brings forty deer on each wing; swallows and He belches ET, gives him a herd of horses and a magic pen]: 144-155; Kyrgyz (Issyk-Kul Province) [Nurzhan, his daughters Aykyz, Gulkyz, Nurkyz, and a son Sarytai; his wife dies, Nurzhan suffers and wants marry again, but it's a pity for the children; in a dream, a voice tells you to give daughters without dowry, someone hands Kyzyr Niyaz a ring, it makes wishes come true if you turn to him by name; in the morning, a ring on the right thumb hands; to check, Nurzhan demands good food from the ring; the family has healed for pleasure; Nurzhan announces a will to his son during his lifetime: after his death, three dervishes will appear who will wash his body and they will be buried, the son must give them sisters without dowry, as well as all the goods that are at home; let him keep only the ring, do not tell his name to anyone; S. fulfilled his father's will and went to distant lands; he I forgot that the ring makes wishes come true; it almost drowns in the river, the fish takes it ashore; in the forest he hides from predators in a tree, by morning they eat each other; S. reaches the mountains, cannot pass them, falls asleep; perishte spirits carried him across the mountains; S. finds himself in an area where the wind is raging, clouds of poisonous insects in the air; in some old courtyard he finds an old man and an old woman, offers them to become their son; those they ask not to go outside at night; he goes out and sees two moons in the sky; one goes out in the morning, becomes darker; the old woman says that the ruler has a married daughter named Sahipzhamal, she plays in the courtyard of the palace with her friends and so beautiful that the radiance from her face is the second moon; S. falls ill with love; notices a ring on her hand, remembers, tells her to fill the house with food; asks the foster staff parents to marry him to Sahipzhamal; the old woman comes to ask her to marry S.; the vizier advises to give an impossible task: to bring 40 precious stones; S. orders the ring to deliver 40 camels, 40 horses, 40 mules and 40 donkeys loaded with precious stones; be accompanied by 25 beautiful people whose clothes are decorated with gem buttons, and decorate their horse bangs with bells made of gems; mother to allocate a separate horse, let her clothes be luxurious, like the harness on horseback; the ruler is shocked, asks the groom himself to come; wedding; S. tells the ring to create a new palace for a cloud, and under it a lake of milk and a lake of butter; the vizier persuades Sahipzhamal to find out her husband's secret; S. tells the name of the ring; the vizier says it, he orders to move the palace and Sahipzhamal to the seventh sky; S. is looking for sisters, their dervish husbands help him; the eldest's husband is guilty of sleeping for 40 days and 40 nights, all this happened when he slept, takes S. to his younger sister's husband, who reports that The Zymyryk bird can take it to the palace, the Zymyryk bird lays 2 eggs every year, but the dragon eats the chicks, you need to kill the dragon, save the chicks and Zymyryk will help; the dervish gives the young man a sword one long an span, which, when waving, extends to 40 fathoms, and takes it to a tree with a nest Zymyryk; S. drinks from a spring at the foot of the tree and falls asleep in anticipation; wakes up from the rain, these are the tears of chicks, that the dragon is preparing to swallow them; he kills the dragon, feeds its chicks with meat, after eating a leaf from a tree, begins to understand the language of the chicks; they say that their mother will arrive soon, hide it under their wings ; storm, wind, tornado, rain and hail notify the appearance of the bird Zymyryk; seeing that the chicks are intact, the bird is happy, ready to fulfill any wish of the savior; S. asks to be delivered to seventh heaven; take 40 wineskins with water and 40 with meat; the bird teaches: if you look to the right, you should throw her a wineskin with meat, if to the left, a wineskin with water; supplies run out, S. gives the bird meat from the right thigh and moisture from the left eye; Seeing himself at the palace, she sees through the crack how the vizier pulls Sahipzhamal to his bed, and she shouts that she has a husband; after waiting for the vizier to fall asleep, S. says "Kyzyr Niyaz" and the ring is at him on his finger; he orders them to be transferred to Father Sahipzhamal; shows him the sleeping vizier and Sahipzhamal, the king orders the vizier to cut off his head, scolds his daughter; calls him to imitate Sarytai, true to his word] : Sabyr uulu 2008:119-125; karakalpaks [the khan does not have a son, he gives his daughter Gulziba to a boy; hands over the throne to his imaginary son, the vizier's son becomes a vizier; finds out that the young khan is a girl; they agree to flee, but at night the vizier is replaced by the chieftain of the robbers; G. offers the robbers to race, she will marry the winner; runs away; marries the shepherd Meytin; sews skullcaps, M. sells they are expensive; the merchant finds out about this, the khan takes M. into service, gives difficult assignments to seize G.; 1) build a palace of tiger fangs (M. takes out a splinter from a lion, who tells the tigers to give fang); 2) a palace made of feathers of the king bird; the Aydarkha serpent devours her two chicks every year; M. is killed by a snake, a storm begins with rain; rain - the tears of birds, the wind - from their wings; all the king birds give a pen; Khan wants to burn M. at the stake to say hello to his parents in heaven; M. burns the king bird's feather, which brings it to her place, gives fruit to the khan; khan and viziers behave to burn themselves, M. becomes khan]: Volkov, Majorov 1959:3-13; Uighurs: Kabirov 1963:49-64 [The padishah has two sons with his elder wife, one Hamra from his youngest; the padishah fell ill after dreaming of a Bulbugia bird living on Mount Kaf; will recover if it will be brought to him; sons are called to get poultry; H. goes south from where you won't return, older and middle brothers go west and east ("you'll come back"; "maybe you'll come back, or maybe you won't"); Black Div owns the country on his way to Kaf; the old man orders to kill the Black Diva's mother first; H. kills her, throws her stone-eyed into the spring, the stones turn into people again; then H. kills the Diva; Peri says her kidnapped by a seven-headed dragon; he devours the chicks of the Kara-Kush bird, takes strength from this; H. kills the dragon, Peri gives his braids to pull the rope, Kara-Kush brings him to Mount Kaf, H. goes down the rope in the dungeon, the guard blinds the Owl, takes the bird away; finds impoverished brothers; they gave him drink, threw him into the well, brought the bird to his father, but it is silent; the merchants take H. out of the well, he burns Peri's hair, that arrives, he takes her as his wife, returns to his father, the bird sings, the padishah recovers, the brothers are thrown into prison], 125-153 [the girl is kidnapped by a bear, she gives birth to a hero's son, he kills a bear, returns with his mother to people; his name is Tugluk-Batur; the khan is afraid of his strength, the vizier offers to give difficult tasks; 1) kill the dragon; T. rushes with a sword into the dragon's mouth, cuts it from the inside; 2) kill diva; along the way, T. consistently wins and companions heroes named Er (earth), Chol (desert), Su (water), Tag (mountain), Ashlyanpu (cold noodles), Muz (ice), (Uighur name is not given) (millstone) ), Tomir (iron) -batur; without recognizing T., A. brags that he will run easily, is defeated himself; in the house, the diva remains guarded while others hunt; the diva binds him with snake hair, sucks his blood; the next once T. remains guarded, the diva injures, follows a bloody trail to the well, descends on his belt; frees the two daughters of the diva, whom he was ready to kill for pity for his victims; they explain where their soul is father (kill two roosters with green beans; go down to the basement, a fish swims in the chest, an egg in it, a box in it); T. burns the box, the diva dies; T. sends treasures upstairs, diva daughters, more four women; A. cuts off his belt, T. falls, divas heal him; T. kills a snake that devours the Simurg bird's chicks; she brings it to the surface, cutting off the last piece of meat for Simurg T. from his leg; the diva's daughters turned four women into cats, they scratched A.; T. married the diva's daughters]; Malov 1956, No. 10 [the king's three sons went on a journey, went to three roads; there was a drum; two hit drum; a girl came out and asked: what did Gyal-Gyal and Gul-Sambek do; they could not answer, they were thrown into prison; when his younger brother came, he saw an old woman turning a cotton ginning machine, he asked her this question; she told her to go to the steppe, where an elm tree, on which the Simurg bird's nest, the chicks are being eaten by a dragon; the dragon is three days away; we must take a sword; the young man came up and the dragon is resting; The young man came into the dragon's mouth with a sword and he died; he fed his chicks with his meat; Simurg: what do you need? young man: what Gul-Gul did and what Simurg did (sic!) ; Simurg told me to stab two yaks, take meat and water; did they fly three days and three nights to the upper universe; when they arrived, Simurg: did he give me meat from his chair? gave the young man fluff to summon him (the fluff must be burned); the young man went to the same land, the sound of a drum rang; young man: play tambourine! Why don't you play? What did Gul-Gul do and what did Semir-Gul do? he kicked and chased {it's not clear who}; {he finally tells}; Semir-Gul had a wife; she had a cloud horse; and a wind horse; those horses Wind and Cloud walked and came back; he caught them and tied them up; went to a woman; horses are standing in the yard by the dog's trough, below the maize tops; this woman has seven divas; when he started fighting with those relatives and fighting with the diva (?) Gul-Semer-bek, then this woman Gul-Semir-beku poured one fur into his legs; he overcame the diva and tied it; then the woman was given seven divas, he returned home; that young man Gul-Gulu did and did what he did Semeru (?) ; they were my younger brothers; and they gave one iron rod; go to his house, pierce it with a rod; then that cauldron screamed {not at all clear, cut off}]: 63-67; salars [in the mountain village of a mare swallowed a piece of red cloth, gave birth to a boy, named Atentsigen Masymu ("a child born to a horse"); he became a hunter; he was an excellent archery; one day in late spring and early summer stopped on the bank of the river and began to sing smoke from the crevice. "Hey-hey-hey, what kind of little guy is this freaking out here? If a passer-by, then go your own way, if you are looking for relatives, let's get to know each other"; a young man in white clothes came out of white smoke; M. said he was looking for relatives, offered to become sister cities; the young man took the name Dashitentsigen Dashidagu ("a child born from a boulder"); young men came to the forest, saw fog come out of the grove; M. shot, a young man came out, also became a sister, his name was Agaishitentzigen Munigu ("child born from a tree trunk"); the brothers began to cook; three white doves sank to the lake shore, removed their plumage, turned into girls, threw them into the water to swim; these are the celestials of Guni-ana , Ie-ana, and Yulutusa-ana. ("Sunny Maiden, Moon Maiden, and Star Maiden"); the brothers took their clothes; the girls agreed to marry them; three married couples returned home and began to enjoy life; but G., M.'s wife, suddenly she became gloomy and taciturn, and frowned, refused to explain why; one evening her fire went out; she saw smoke from the chimney in the distance, went to ask for fire; old woman Mansikhanyer was in her house ( nine-headed demon); gave fire, but put sesame seeds in her pocket so that they would fall through the hole on the road; began to come to G. to comb each other's hair; G. began to think how from her to get rid of it, told her husband; was the first to guard; Dashidag; he turned into a pillow and sat on the doorstep; Mansikhanyer came, sat on the pillow; when she left, D. complained that it was terribly heavy, he was nothing could not do it; the next day Munigu turned into a broom; Mansihaner swept the yard with it; G. told her husband that Mansihaner could only be defeated by cunning; Masymu hid and shot only when Mansihaner turned into a nine-headed six-armed blue-faced fanged monster; Masymu and Mansihanyer began to fight, Mansikhanyer went to a hole under the mill; Masymu ordered him to be lowered on a rope; G. broke the mirror and gave it half; in the lower world, M. met an old man who told him not to scream; M. shouted, a tiger appeared, M. killed him with a sword; elsewhere M. was attacked by a boa constrictor, he shot him and hacked him; they were two Mansihaner commanders; M. exchanged clothes with the shepherd, drove cows and sheep; Mansihanier: "Go faster, faster! Finish eating and go to lick your wounds faster"; M. 8 heads wounded with an arrow enjoyed being licked by shepherds; M. prepared cow tongues in advance and began to stroke Mansikhanyer's wounds with them; she screamed from The sword hurt, and M. hit her sword, but Mansihanyer slipped out and ran, and then rushed at M.; feeling that M. was stronger, she emitted a cloud of black smoke, rushed to run, but M. pointed a mirror at her light and killed with arrows; I heard a scream, an iron cage came up, inside the eagle, asking for release, around the bone; this is the real Mansikhanyer nest; an eagle flew in, the eagle first hid M. under the wing, then told his mother who saved him; the eagle agrees to take M. to the ground, tells him to harvest 100 sparrows; the last sparrow was not enough, M. cut off the meat from his leg; met his wife they recognized a friend a friend in half of the mirror, so changed from exhaustion; Dashidag and Muniga forced G. to work when she refused to be their mistress; under the guise of a beggar, M. offer to entertain them with archery; pierced both with one arrow; prosperity was established among the people, M. and G. are happy until old age]: Chen, Wang 1989:420-439; Dungans [the snake crawls to the swallow's nest, the poor brother kills the snake, cares for a chick with a broken leg; returning in spring, the swallow gives three pumpkin seeds; food, fabrics, gold in the grown pumpkins; the rich brother breaks the swallow's paw on purpose; water in his pumpkins ( floods the house), fire (burns it)]; Riftin et al. 1977, No. 12:104-107.

Southern Siberia - Mongolia. Baraba Tatars [khan tells a young man named Pyuryush 1) to bring the bones of the cous fish; P. frees the white fish nailed to the mountain, which gives the cous bone; 2) the bone of the fish is zus ; P. kills a dragon that jumped out of the river and attacked an eagle's nest; for saving their two chicks, Orla's father and mother brought him a zus bone; 3) deliver the girl to Aksyl; The old man who had helped before turned into a falcon, brought P. to a stone house without a door; P. opened the house with a sword, A. was inside, he brought it to the khan; A. turned the khan into a crow, his people into a crow, and married P.]: Dmitrieva 1981, No. 1:67-68; Altaians: Garf, Kuchiyak 1978 [wolves took the cow and goat Yuskuzek a; it is carried by the Kaan-Kerede bird, pulls him out of the abyss; Wolves invite him into the mountain; there their mother feeds on cow milk, a husky puppy plays a goat; Wolves reluctantly give him a puppy; someone cooks at his house; Yu watches, hides dog skin, marries Altyn-Chach (Golden Braids); she says that while hiding from Karata-Kaan a, her brothers became wolves, she is a puppy; K. demands 1) to hide three times (A. helps Yu, he finds K., who has become an onion, a stallion, a birch, K. does not finds); 2) get the Kaan-Kerede egg; its nest is on an iron poplar with nine branches; its roots rest on the lower world, the branches touch the third heaven, a seven-headed serpent crawls along the trunk; one chick cries, the serpent will eat him now; the other laughs, he will be eaten tomorrow; Yu cut off the snake's head with an ax, the blood formed the sea; the chick held out its wing, Yu crossed into the nest; Kaan-Kerede flew in, her tears fell in warm rain; recognizes his claw marks on Yu; says that K.'s soul is in the golden egg, but she does not know where it is; brings Yu to his poor old parents; K. takes A.; Yu fights him for seven years; wolves killed K.'s horse, Kaak-Kerede took him to heaven; A. found a golden egg in K.'s palace, threw it into the fire, K. died; A. and Yu began to rule Altai]: 215-239; Potanin 1916, No. 59 (western from the baptized Altaian to villages. Onguday in the river valley Ursul) [Altai-Buchi went to fight Demichi-ter; his wife Edil-Jebil and sister Edil-Kojil wrote a letter with the duck to Aranai-Charanay, Elden-Chaldan's son, that they would be better off without Ab; they gave Ab wine with sweat workers and a horse; Ab fell into a hole; AH ordered Ab's six-legged horse to be tied, his thumbs cut off; three more horses, two dogs and two golden eagles Ab were also confused and taken away, but Demichi-Jeren's horse (DD ) tricked them into freeing them, becoming a sparrow, took Ab's thumbs; Ab's wife gave birth to Kan-Sorysh, DD, becoming a sparrow, carried him through the smoke hole in the yurt; the mother managed to cut off her son's leg, but DD stole his leg; the sky from the milk lake, where the birch tree is in bloom, brought the girl Temene-ko, she revived everyone, put it back, married the CS; Ab tied his wife to the tails of nine horses; went underground to fight with Aranai-Charanay; fished with a fishing rod with a bait of 6 bulls, this fish is gone; marries Kan-Jackpay's sister; goes to look for his missing son; the serpent climbs into the nest of the Kan-Gerede bird, Ab kills him; the chick replies that when his mother arrives, it will rain a little, there will be wind; the bird sends Ab to Yerlik to look for Altyn-Gerel; the wife gave needles (stick in front of two camels, have time to pass between them) , a hundred eyes (let two crows and two magpies bite), threads (give two girls so that they do not tear them out), coals (give coal burners so that they do not burn themselves), iron (to blacksmiths, so as not to split themselves); a woman, a goat and a foal in front of her, she stole them from a mare and a goat during her lifetime; it is not enough for some spouses to hide 9 sheepskins, others feel good under one; children who looked sideways at their parents are hooked for eyes; the woman who killed the child is hanged by the navel; who condemned people, and freestyle himself, the soles are pinned with iron; the woman has a man's bone, the man has a female bone, both freestyle; the murderers boil in sulfur; Ab beats E. with twigs that have grown out of her hands, she promises to help him; Ab made a live head go to Kutai, dead to Yerlik; (etc.); Kan-Jackpay nailed Jergenis-Boko's lower lip (boko is a strongman) to the ground, lower to the sky; Kan-Sorysh cut his stomach inside and got out]: 181-186; Yutkanakov, Tokmashov 1935 [see motive K27; Karaty-Kan gives Kuskun-Kara-Matyr difficult assignments; get seven foals kidnapped by the Kan-Kerede bird; KKM comes to heaven, where Kan-Kerede's nest on a silver poplar; its chicks are eaten every year by a seven-headed snake; one chick cries (it will be eaten today), the other laughs; the snake comes out of the sea, the cash register cuts off its heads with an arrow; the elder chick stretches out its wing, the cash register crossed it across the sea into the nest; the chicks reply that their parents will arrive with rain (tears) and wind ( wingflapping), hide the cash register under their wings; grateful birds give foals to the cash register; then Kan-Kerede saves him; he destroys the KK country; takes Kan-Kerede's chick daughter as his wife]: 129-171; Chelkans: Kandarakova 1988 [after being called a shaman, the wife of childless Ak-Kaan gives birth to seven sons; after the second vocation, six-eyed Karagys; the eldest son Maka-Maatyr sees as a girl gets up from the cradle, devours animals, lies back; MM runs away, marries the youngest daughter of the great khan; two other sons-in-law are persuaded to give MM difficult tasks, the wife explains how to do them; 1) get the golden eagle's feather; MM cuts off the heads of a seven-headed snake coming out of the lake to devour the golden eagle chicks with an arrow; they hide it from their parents; their father arrives with rare snow, their mother with heavy rain (these are the tears of golden eagles), carry deer in their claws; the chicks explain that MM saved them, the golden eagle does not kill MM, but gives a feather; 2) get the tooth of a monstrous wolverine (one of its horns is stuck in the ground, the other supports the sky; MM jumps between horns, wolverine runs under the clouds, cannot shed it, gives two teeth); sons-in-law do not know how, MM makes a cauldron, working with these teeth as tools; 3) bring Altyn-Tan, the daughter of God; wife gives MM fur coats to have them, the AT brothers ask her to show MM face, drink araki from a thimble; AT loses consciousness, MM takes her away; brothers catch up, she sends them back; turns Khan into a fox, his people and property in the black ground; MM climbs the mountain, sees his camp, cries; says that the branch, the pipes, the wind hurt the eye; AT punishes them, the mother of the wind explains what's going on; MM gets to home on a six-legged horse; six-eyed K. ate everyone, chases MM, tears off all the horse's legs one by one; AT tells her not to touch her husband, K. leaves]: 44-72; Sadalova 2002, No. 20 [after contacting a shaman and horse sacrifices, the wife gives birth to seven sons, the elder Maka-Maatyr; next time she asks a girl, but donates not a mare, but a dog, gives birth to a six-eyed Karagys; MM sees K. gets up from the cradle, eats the calf, lies back; then the foal, the goby; MM says he will leave for a while, leaves altogether; marries the youngest of three daughters, Ulug-Piya; other sons-in-law advise Tell MM's father-in-law to bring 1) the feathers of the Purush bird; the wife says that her nest is on top of one of the seven larches; a seven-headed snake crawls from lake to nest, MM kills seven heads with arrows, climbs into nest; chicks say that this snake always eats chicks; Father P. flew in with wind and light snow, then the mother, with wind and rain (these are her tears), gives two feathers; 2) the tooth of a wolverine living at the fusion seven rivers to make a tagan; the wife says that one horn is stuck in her ground, the other is raised to the sky, you have to cling to both; wolverine gives two teeth; 3) Kuday's youngest daughter Altyn-Tana; wife teaches make a home where K. takes water; his three sons will come; ask for half of his sister's face for a fur coat made from collected from the mountains; for a button under his arm sewn from the meadows; from rivers, let will drink araka from a thimble; AT is drunk, MM takes her away; the brothers who have received the fur coats catch up, AT sends them; turns the UE cattle into black ground, them into a fox; MM marries AT; she says that at her father's camp MM remains only six-eyed K.; AT gives him a six-legged trotter; K. swallows his parents' bones, sees MM on the chimney, chases, cuts off, eats the horse's sixth and fifth leg, fights with his brother; AT tells her to leave she returns home; AT and MM live on]: 173-201; Tuvans: Samdan 1994, No. 2 [the son of a woman and a bear, Iygylak-Kara, takes Uzun-Saryg Larch Urover and Ulug Rock Ulug- as twin brothers Kara; everyone takes turns cooking; Adygyr-Kara shulba comes with copper claws and nose, heats them, fights with the cook; younger brothers do not talk about what happened, YK wins, hurts shulbus, he goes to the cave, to the lower world; the brothers lower the YK on the arcana; below the woman says that she must give the shulbus her daughter to be eaten; YK finishes off the wounded shulbus, marries the youngest of the sisters, takes the other two for the brothers, lifts them upstairs; the brothers cut off the lasso; the girls' mother advises to help the Khan-Hereti bird, which lives on the average of three iron poplars; every year a 15-headed serpent crawls out from the lake, devours chicks; YK cuts off all 15 heads with an arrow; one chick cries, the second laughs, the third sings (thinks it will be eaten last); wind and rain are the whiff of wings and the tears of the mother of the chicks ; she carries YK on her back to the upper world, he throws her shot ducks; run out, threw his hat; lasso cut his mustache, he also took his younger sister as his second wife; YK killed him on larch; with UK and wives both of them came to their mother YK]: 227-248; Hadahane 1984:59-65 [El-Saryq has an Ege-Shyrban horse; mother asks not to go to sunset, his father left and did not return; ES goes, kills a monster with an arrow; at this time three wild geese fly over the yurt, asking if ES is at home, if his horse ASH is tied; the mother was so surprised that she cut her nose with a knife; the geese are flying again, S wounded one in the paw; goes in search; asks the old man allow one camel to be slaughtered; that: if the khan finds out, it will be bad; but allows; another shepherd with calves; asks ES to drive them to the khan; they ran away by the river; khansha: is it really difficult to say "Khan's cattle, wade across the river"; ES says the calves are crossing; the khan has eyelids to nose, he raised one finger, told the servant to serve whey; hansha: the cows are not milked; ES milks, they do not give milk; hansha: "Is it really possible it's hard to say, leisya, khan's wealth"; milk poured; at night khan tells him to lick his heels; ES cut off his tongue from the cow's carcass; khan asks why it's hard; ES says it's from serum; khan tells feed ES with cream; ES cuts off the tongue of a dead dog, Khan liked it, he fell asleep; ES marries Khan's youngest daughter; Khan tells seven sons-in-law to save the foal; the mare gives birth every three years, the Khan bird Hereti carries away; sons-in-law are sleeping, ES shoots, bird drops its glowing feather; Khan orders to bring the bird itself; ES goes to the lower world, there are three poplars on the island, they have nests with birds; mangys and chicks came out of the lake screamed; ES climbed into the throat of the mangysu, ripped it apart, jumped out; it rained, the bird XX flew in, ES asks her to return the foals; she tells her to prepare food, throw it in flight; they flew, XX releases 9 horses with nostrils; ES met his older sons-in-law, sat on the carpet, fell into a hole, his sons-in-law took his horses away; the ES horse comes running to his wife, tells everything; his wife pulls him out; the khan tells everyone to shoot up; arrows their sons-in-law are killed, ES is unharmed; he gets half of the cattle, returns to his mother with his wife], 66-71 [Tazhy ("tazhy" - prince) has the wife of Aldyn-dangyn and Humush-dangyn ("gold" and "silver"); they leave food for him, but they leave; the sage explains that HT is destined to live with Chechen-Nogaan, "born in a flower", she is in the east overseas; two geese are crying by the sea, now a water rat will come out and eat them; a rat swallows TX, he rips it open with a knife, goes out; the goose will carry TX across the sea; he pulls out a golden flower in the clearing, the goose carries it back where his horse was resting; at night, the albys (werewolf) stole the flower, threw it into the river, turned into a girl herself; he married her, but lost his luck, the only thing left was Koge-Shagaan's horse; HE came to the old woman, she found a flower, he turned into a girl, she grew up quickly, TH took her; she gave birth; the eldest wife killed the child, said that the mother killed him herself; ordered her to be taken in a sack to the ends of the earth; slandered CHN: let her head become taiga, tears streams, bones with stone scree, eyes with two black crows, they will tell TX the truth; TH comes, eats herbs and berries in the taiga; crows tell everything; under the rock there is a tent, in which CHN; she gives a gun; let the werewolf will shoot EX, you have to fall and laugh; the werewolf will also want a merry bullet; TX kills the werewolf, CHN comes back], 72-78 [the bear took the woman, closed the exit from the cave with a stone; she gave birth to Son Bear (SM), he grew up, pushed back the stone, went on a journey; meets, wins, takes the Mountain Raising, the Forest Uproot as his companions; they live by the koshara, eat sheep, cook in turn, the rest hunt; albys (a witch with red claws and a copper nose) carries meat; both companions say they are sick, did not have time to cook; SM stabs the witch, she disappears into the crevice; SM asks him to let him down; below two princesses bandage Albys's leg; SM killed Albys, sent the princesses upstairs; The mountain-raiser cut off the lasso; SM sees a poplar, there are three chicks on it, one cries (his mangys will eat today), the other sings (tomorrow), the third sleeps (the day after tomorrow); the six-headed serpent crawls out of the lake, the SM kills him; the bird raises him to the ground; he kills the Mountain Raising, takes the second princess for himself]; South Altai Tuvans [ a childless old woman picked up a frog with a scoop, which promised to become her son (he was the youngest son of God Gurmustu); the old man feeds him meat; at night there is a rainbow in the yurt, by morning the frog turns into a boy; he grazes goats; tells his youngest daughter Haraathay Haan to be married for him; for the first time an old man is killed, burned, the Frog revives him; on the second, Khan demands that a sugar tree grow on his left hand and a sugar tree on his right golden poplar with a golden cuckoo; The frog turns his sword and sheath into them; gets a wife; to her he seems like a young man in a white yurt, a stranger a frog in a hut; three sons-in-law go hunting, only the Frog shot the game; the sons-in-law take the meat, leave it giblets; but his dish is the most delicious; the khan asks to find who is kidnapping the foals; they are dragged away by the Han Gardy bird, whose snake eats eggs; Frog kills a snake crawling to two chicks; their mother swallows and regurgitates him; returns the horses, warns that his sons-in-law have prepared a carpet hole for him; he throws them into a hole himself; cuts off their heads Khan, Khanshe, and their daughters, they were Mangys and Mangysikhs; he is leaving]: Taube 1994, No. 20:196-202; South Altai Tuvans [Bai Nasar's 8 sons drove 800 horses and did not return; when BN and his wife ate a horse breast, his wife gave birth, a son was named Er Töstük ("brisket man"); he grew up; an old woman wove it, he stepped on a thread and tore it; the old woman told him to look for brothers better; the father said that he had no brothers, he was deceived; another old woman's grandson pulled ET's bow, ET hit him, the boy died; and this old woman told him to find better brothers; ET found brothers first and then horses, they returned home; BN went to look for their nine sisters to marry; found them; their father did not tell them to spend the night at the Chushurlug Chuduk on the way back, but BN did not listen to his younger sister's warning, intended for ET, and spent the night there; she sent a man to her father asking her to give her a hemp shirt for ET and the best mare and camel; he did not want to, but gave it away; in the morning there was no mare; BN went to a place to sleep at the Salt Well: the mare is there, and next to the jelbege, covered with one ear, put the other under her; BN asks to give the camel; the jelbege says that he cannot get up, let the BN come by himself; he comes up, she grabbed him, threatens to eat him, refuses to let him go in exchange for his 8 sons, for 800 horses, agrees to let him go if he gives ET; BN promises to leave Jelbig's son's triangular file, with whom he sharpens arrows; says he has forgotten and sends ET after him; the bride tells ET everything; he asks his father which horse to ride; BN: sit on a six-legged and take an eight-legged with him; bride: no, sit on the horse my father gave me to wear that hemp shirt; 8- and 6-legged horses won't last 6 and 8 years; when ET sits on a horse, he tells me to shout to Jelbig: What kind of children do you have with your back? she will look around, grab the file and jump away; they run away and find themselves in the underworld of the serpent Bobbuk Khan; the horse tells you not to be afraid of snakes that crawl inside ET and go out; because ET was not afraid, two snakes turned into khans; ET says he came to get Temir Khan's daughter for Bobbuk Khan; he is happy and lets him go; ET meets people, everyone answers (at first not understanding who is in front of him) that he would like to become ET's companion; the first knows how to catch birds on the fly; the second hears everything; the third eats a lot; the fourth drinks and pours the sea back; T. will give his daughter to the winner; ET the mare wins the run; the mountain carrier wins the fight; eats the most; drinks three sips, but the sea level has fallen by only three fingers; the ET horse dives: if black blood flows, he died, and if colorless, he took out a cauldron; first colorless blood rises, then black blood rises, but then the horse swam out, brought a cauldron; the listener heard that T. was going to burn the heroes in the house; a mountain raiser turned the house upside down, they went out unharmed; T. ordered to serve the poisoned meat, the heroes changed their portions and portions of the khan's subjects, they died; ET brought daughter T. Bobbuk Khan; he gave a girl to Chünkee and five men in return; on the way, the men died; ET and her girl spent the night under the larch; it rained, and Khan Gärdi birds in a tree A snake crawled; ET shot the snake with a bow; in the morning hail began and Khan Gerdi flew in; when she found out what had happened, she carried ET with girl S. and the horse to the ground; but Jeelbege's son Schojun Gulak (SG) was already waiting there; he took C. and the horse and pushed ET into the hole; the horse managed to throw a flint into the pit; ET cut out the fire, burned the pen given to him by Han-Gerdy, who appeared, lowered its wing into the hole, and ET got out of it; ET and C. agreed that ET will hide under the cradle in which C.'s son is from SG; she will stab the baby, he will cry, SG will begin to ask why; C.: the baby says he is ET's son, not SG, since SG does not want to leave him around with him his soul (the receptacle of life); SG whispers to the baby (and ET hears) where his soul is; 70 moose will come to the Saltwell, inside a brown box, in a shower box; ET is waiting (moose are afraid to approach, but SG calms down: he killed ET), ripped open the brown man's stomach, 9 birds in the box; he killed 8, left one, came to the SG, began to fight him, ordered C. to kill the ninth; there were 9 birds in the box again, but C. killed everyone and SG died ; his son jumped up, but ET threw him into a 70-planted hole; when ET returned home, making a camel, as predicted, gave birth to a camel; the bride waiting for ET became 15 years old again; holiday]: Taube 1978, No. 37:192-206; Buryats: Baldayev 1960 (in drill): 365-371 in Ulanov 1974 [the girl was kidnapped by a bear; she gave birth to a son, returned to people; Son of a Bear (Baabgayan hübüün; next SM) went to see the land; became a sister city of Sabudai Mergen (threw up a hammer), Babudaya (threw up a tree), Habuidai Batora (moved mountains) each one in turn stays cook meat; a bearded old man eats meat, throws the owner into the vessel; each of the three brothers is ashamed to confess to shame; SM crushed the old man; he leaves his beard, goes through the crevice; CM descends to the lower world; the girl replies that her father went to earth, returned sick; SM promises to cure him, burns him on fire; three daughters of Hardig birds say that their father is forced to give them to the monster Arkhana; SM cuts off his head; H.-the bird takes him to earth; SM performs feats, marries Ermen Khan's daughter, takes his possession]: 39-41; Barannikova et al. 1993, No. 5 (Khorin) [wolf ate an orphan horse; he goes looking for him; old man: when you defeat Shono Khan ("shono" is a wolf), ask for the red dog and the blue chest; he did so; returns to the yurt - the corner of the chest is burnt, one leg the dogs are broken; the next day - the second corner, the second leg; on the fourth - four; he beats the dog; in the morning he wakes up in the palace (came out of the chest), next to a beautiful woman (that dog); S. calls for a wedding; the wife warns not to step on the carpet (there is a hole under it), not to sit on the bed, eat nothing; the orphan touched the food with his finger, died; the 25-headed Hongil Shara Shebshehei put it in the coffin, threw it into the sea; wife mangadhaya: if you catch the coffin, put it on the shore; the coffin is found by three daughters of the khan, inside the baby grows rapidly; every day the khan's mare is killed with a golden foal, it disappears; the khan asks the suitors for his daughters guard; they fall asleep, the foundling shoots at the cloud that has descended, the bird's feather falls to the ground; the foundling gives it to the grooms, for which he cuts off everyone's ear; the khan sends for the bird; the foundling sees the nest, alone the chick laughs, the other sings a third cries; while Khan Garaudy's father and mother are flying, the chicks are eaten by a fire serpent (the crying person will be eaten today, the singing tomorrow, the laughing one the day after tomorrow); they deliberately steal gold foals hoping that the strongest man will go looking for them; the foundling kills the snake with an arrow, Han Garaudy gives them 9 foals; the foundling gives them to the grooms, for which he cuts their belts off their backs; they throw it into a hole; the horse digs it, revives the foundling with his tear; he comes to the khan, shows his belts; the khan hangs the grooms alive on the branch to feed the crows; the foundling smashes Sh.'s army, crushed him himself, clamped him in crevice for insect food; he fought with Hongil Shara Shebshehei for 4 months, the son of the foundling grew up, came to his father's aid, the body of the SHSH was burned], 9 (the informant is unknown) [parents want to get rid of Tyshhe Bishe, they send for a black bull; this is a bear, TB brings him, leaves him in the barn, he has picked up all the cows; they send him to bring a cauldron supposedly given to the forest owner; TB brings the cauldron and the associated owner; leaves; meets, companions a person raising rocks, raising mountains, stepping across the sea (he is fishing with his beard); everyone first replies that he is not strong, but TB is powerful; they take turns cooking, a bearded dwarf hits the cook, eats everything; TB hits him himself, pinches his beard, he cuts off his beard, leaves; friends come to the crevice, TB descends on a rope; there is a beauty in the copper hut, the other in silver, third in gold; TB tells the beauty from gold to find out what the life of a mangadhai is; in the horns of a ram; TB breaks the horns, presses the wasps in them, except two; the beauty changed the barrels with a strong and with weak water; TB kills mangadhai, sends women upstairs; when he gets up, his companions throw it; he falls, breaks his leg; sees the speaker break the leg of an ermine, he ate the root, recovered; TB also ate, recovered; Khan Garudi's chicks by the sea, one cries (a serpent coming out of the sea will eat it today), the other sings (eats tomorrow), the third laughs (the day after tomorrow); the serpent tells the chicks to fly into his mouth; TB kills a snake with a stone; Khan Garudi arrives, hides TB from poison; takes it to the ground; eats and drinks the prepared food in flight, cuts off the last piece of TB from his leg, the bird regurgitates a piece, puts it back; TB kills companions, lives with three wives]: 93-109, 147-167; Burchina 2007, No. IV.7 (Unghin, Nukut District) [Uliger episode: Eltarhey Tarkhi sees aspens with Khan Hardag's chicks sitting on the tops of which are sitting; they say that they will be swallowed by the Abarga snake in the morning; ET shoots at the snake - cuts off its head; chicks cover ET with wings for three days; on the fourth day, when they remove their wings, it turns out that snake venom has burned down all trees and stones; the chicks thank ET, and he sets off; he is caught up by the Han Herdag bird accompanied by other birds; they promise to help him in the future; ET meets the elders brothers who give him archi; when he gets drunk; brothers throw him into the well dungeon; ET falls on a ledge and breaks his femur; an ermine and a ferret come running, gnaw ET's rotting thigh and start fight; after breaking the ferret's thigh, the ermine runs away; the ferret crawls up to the grass and heals his leg with dew; ET also crawls to the grass and heals his leg with dew; then comes to the khan's palace, marries the khan's daughter; Han Hardag birds fly to ET; he puts barrels of meat on one of the birds, sits on the other by himself and goes up; on the way, he runs out of meat supplies; ET cuts off the meat from his thigh and throws it to the birds; when they reach the upper earth, the birds fly away; when they return, they cure ET; he returns home]: 335-337; Dugarov 1990 [Tsar Bogdor has a son Khan-Khuzhir in old age, the upper body is golden, the bottom silver; brother B. Zoton-Hara tames his horse for him; XX goes to marry Gonok-Gohon-duhe, daughter of Guli Khan (GH); wanting to test the groom's insight, the bride gives poison, XX does not drink; GH demands 1) defeat the 58-headed mangadhai; that comes out of the sea, his dog, mutter and kite sense danger, he kills them in anger, XX hits him with an arrow; 2) bring the dog Gunir; XX comes up when she sleeps, puts on a collar, leads, GH is terrified, XX lets the dog go, it promises to help; 3) the feather of the Han-Heregde bird; its chicks say that a 25-headed snake will come out of the sea to eat them; XX turns into a birch tree by the sea; the snake comes out, XX becomes human again, a snake hits all heads with an arrow; a drop of blood the size of a tick chases him, catches up, XX dies; the dog Gunir comes running, swallows XX, spews out a living, and dies from poison; the bird gives a feather, GH is terrified, the feather remains with XX; 4) Naral-Garel's liver, which has edible oil; on the way XX, he sees Khokhodoy-Mergen, who fought NG, and now has only the upper half of his body and below is only the bone; XX turns into a poor veal shepherd, comes to NG; he sends him to bring a knife that remains under XM's body (he himself is afraid to approach it for fear of this knife); XM gives knife, XX cuts through NG for them, takes their liver, revives XM oil, he flies to heaven, promises to help; 5) get back from the heavenly Esege-Malan-Tengir what GH has sacrificed to him over the years; then lightning destroyed GH, the ashes were scattered by the wind; XX takes the bride, goes to her father, falls asleep; the monster stole half of the subjects and cattle, flew away; XX woke up from the bride's tear, fired an arrow and jumped after him; the sky hits the ground, cutting the swallows in half; XX slips, only the horse's tail is cut off; the servants in the palace reply that the hostess returned with an arrow in her back, died, her four sons went to bury her; XX defeated and killed them, took everything; towards him 4 younger brothers, they are looking for him; XX they fire an arrow: if brothers read his name on it, if strangers, an arrow will hit them; they caught an arrow; everything is fine]: 223-244 Dugarov 1991 [(synopsis); on the branches of a tree or in a nest on its branches, sit doomed Garuda's chicks, or less often another mythical bird; under a tree in the water lives a monster in the form of a giant snake; at regular intervals, the serpent comes out of the water and swallows the chicks; they are saved by the hero of an epic or fairy tale (AT, 300-301)]: 138;; Zabanov 1929 [old man Irensei kills 77-headed Mangadhai, who took him away from the herd, returns home, and his wife Untan-Durai gives birth to a boy, Hanhan Sokto, and a girl, Agu-Nogon. I. hunts, his horse tells him that during this time his wife met Mangadhay; during the fight, UD throws black millet under M.'s feet, and I. fell and killed, he was thrown in an iron barrel on the bottom of the Black Sea; the horse saves the children; the owner of the forest, Orjol Bogdo Khan, takes them home; HS kills M. and his betraying mother; After becoming a fish, Abarga Shara Zagahan pulls the remains of his father from the bottom, revives them with living water; rides marry King Ghazar Khan Nalkhin's granddaughter; fights Mangadhai, his soul is in the nest of the Khan Hirdeg bird on an aspen on a mountain; the bird sends her to HS in the form of a pebble with an arrow, HS breaks a pebble; the soul of another M. in the yellow sea of his one-eyed, one-toothed mother-in-law, HS comes to his mother-in-law under the guise of M., the soul takes on various forms (animals, birds), HS chases in the guise of other animals, kills M.; marries his daughter Gazar- Bayan Khan; performs difficult tasks; 1) defeat the hero; 2) bring a puppy (for this purpose he gets iron fetters from heavenly blacksmiths); 3) bring the feather of the Khan Hirdeg bird; in the palace one girl cries, the second plays, the third sings; these are the daughters of a bird, the serpent Abarga Sharga must come out of the Black Sea, eat them; HS kills a snake with an arrow, XX gives him a pen, he marries]: 14-19; Tugutov, Tugutov 1992, No. 2 [son Khartagan -Khan Altan Shagai-Mergen pursues a roe deer with a golden chest, a silver ass; on the way he kills a bull and a stallion, feeds wolves and crows, gives tendons to two girls; Garudi's bird children kills the serpent Abarha Yehe mogoi; ASH kills him with an arrow, saves children; Guuli Khan's daughter rejects suitors; ASH pursues her, she turns into a fish, a bird, a grain, ASH into a pike, an eagle, chicken; the girl becomes that roe deer, then takes on her true form, marries ASH; her father gives ASH his kingdom]: 30-33; Khangalov 1960, No. 107 [Uta-Sagan-batar drives up to a tree, riding it Han-Haregde-bushun bird's nest; nine chicks say that a snake with a star on its forehead will come out of the yellow sea, open its mouth; every day one of the chicks will have to enter it (today the serpent will eat the one who cries, tomorrow - who tells a fairy tale, the day after tomorrow, who sings a song, etc.); if you kill a snake, the yellow poisonous fog will clear; W. hits the snake with an arrow at the star on his forehead, hides in a hole from poisonous fog; the parents of the rescued give him a golden whip that provides food and drink, and a silver whip that binds any enemy; (more about the victory over the fifteen-headed mangathay Ashura-Shara, marriage sons W. on a girl and a frog, the plot of "The Frog Princess")], 111 (Balagan Buryats) [Khan Guzhir marries King Guli's daughter; he demands to bring the feather of the Han-Haregde bird; HG comes to the yellow sea; three children of the 20th bird say that the twenty-five-headed serpent Horto-Shart Way ate their six brothers, their father cannot defeat him; HG turned into a golden birch on seashore; kills a crawled snake with an arrow; dies from his black blood; his dog resurrects him, dies himself; bird XX gives its pen, buries the dog; when the pen is leaning against the palace of King G., the palace wobbles, G. is afraid; (then HG gets King Naran-Garel's liver for G., kills G., takes his daughter)]: 156-158, 250-253; Eliasov 1973, No. 8 [(Western Decembrist N.A. Bestuzhev in the 1850s); Ubugun goes to look for a wife; he consistently meets three people, each of whom, without recognizing the hero, replies that he is trying to face off with W. (the first tore the bark with his fingernail, the second drank the lake, the third raised the cliff); each one takes turns cooking; a gray-haired old man with a huge beard eats everything, beats the cook, everyone is silent about what happened; W. hangs the old man by the beard; he breaks down, leaving his jaw, hides into the abyss; the companions lower W. on his belt, he sees three beauties crying over his deceased father, W.'s companions pick them up, throw them off belt; in a huge nest, one chick cries (a flying serpent will eat it today), the second sings (tomorrow), the third laughs (it will be eaten later than anyone else); W. kills a snake, the bird tells you to prepare meat, raises W. the ground; the last piece of W. cuts it off from the thigh, the bird expectorates it, puts it back; W. takes beauties, executes traitors]: 78-81; Mongols (Inner Mongolia): Neklyudov, Riftin 1979 [land on the water was established, the Galbarragcha sandal tree grew from the navel of the earth, the Galandava bird (named from Sanskrit, but the specific source is not known) nestled on its branches, sucked its three eggs by a poisonous boa constrictor, into its Geser-Bogdo shot his open body, the snake ate similar meat to flour]: 105-123; Neklyudov, Tumurtseren 1982 [the murder of a snake by Geser, who ate the eggs of the wonderful bird Galandava (Kalavinka, Kalpinka), nesting on the branches of the Galbarragcha tree (Sanskt. Kalpavriksha) is a fragment of the fairy-tale epic story "The Winner of the Snake" (AT 300-301), presented in Mongolian folklore (Lörintz 1979, No. 129.III; 130.V), where it is not associated with named after Geser, for whom this kind of adventure (usually in the Lower World) is completely unusual at all]: 58; darhats [Dzaluta Mergen sleeps for three years and has been awake for three years, he has dogs Khasyr and Basyr is evil in three years, horses in three months, camel in three days; they all raise the alarm; Ebögun Mangys ("old mangys", SM) comes, the shepherd tells him where the DM weapon is; his wife wakes DM up, he jumps into the steppe; horses tell him to return; on the ashes he finds his wife's note; she writes where the weapon is buried, promises to help kill EM; DM meets the hero, fights him, turns out to be his son; DM comes to EM, meets his wife, she has seven sharp-headed children with EM, she promises to persuade them to find out where their father died; this is a red-pieked tiger, a golden bogshiro, etc. (seven, according to the number of children); EM destroys all the receptacles of EM's soul, he dies, he takes EM's wife and property; goes to marry Narsyn Guali, daughter of Lusay Khan; under the guise of a poor man, he competes the winner will get NG; only DM pulled out his bow; shaking out bags of ash, sand and snow, caused a blizzard and dust storm, won the race, won the fight; L. does not want to give his daughter to the poor man, demands to tame stallion (tamed), then bring foam from Hangai-talay (informant: Lamaists sacrifice sea foam when worshiping Lusai Khan); this foam is poisonous; DM sees a Dzandyn Modo tree along the way, with a nest Khan Garidi, Abaga's snake, wrapped around the trunk, is going to eat the chicks; DM killed the snake with an arrow; the chicks say that only their mother can get foam; she arrives with wind and rain; the bird brings , DM returns alive; Lusai Khan invited food to sit down, he fell into a hole; horses found him, brought a girl with a scythe in 90 fathoms, she lowered them into a hole, DM got out, killed Lusai Khan, Narsyn Guali gave them wife to son]: Potanin 1883, No. 147:507-512; Dagurs [the official has six sons crippled, the youngest seventh is well done; someone kills people; the official wants to ask for resignation, but the youngest son asks wait for him; receives a precious ancestral knife from her father; comes to the giantess, she hides it, her five sons return; they tell her that people are killed by a dragon; when sons fall asleep, their mother speaks a young man who must first find the nest of a huge hawk; a young man sees a snake crawling to a nest in which five hawk chicks are; killing a snake; a grateful hawk is ready to take it to where the dragon is; There is not enough food route, the young man feeds the hawk with his fingers; when he arrives, he regurgitates them, his fingers grow; the young man comes to the dragon's house when he sleeps; cuts off two heads, fights, cuts off and third; comes to a village where another dragon or snake has locked the water; a young man goes down into a well, kills a dragon; a spirit comes that eats 99 people, if he eats the hundredth, becomes immortal; a young man with him made friends, prevented him from eating his child, the newlywed; that man is happy, now he will get the position; the young man returns to his father, inherits his position]: Stuart 1994:120-122; Dongxiang [woodcutter the tornado hit her with an ax, women's shoes fell out, blood flowed; rich Jan promises his kidnapped daughter to her savior; the woodcutter follows a bloody trail, a friend lowers him into the hole; the old woman hides from a seven-headed monster, learns how to kill a monster (cutting off heads, pulling out veins, killing centipedes); a woodcutter sends kidnapped women upstairs; picking up daughter D., a friend cuts off the rope; the snake gathers eat the Kite's chicks; the woodcutter kills the snake; the Kite tells you to catch a hundred birds, puts the lumberjack on his back, which throws birds into his beak, a little short; next time the woodcutter stores 99 birds says that a hundred; throws his knee into the Kite's beak; on the ground, the Kite regurgitates his knee, since then the kneecap has been separated from the other bones; the imaginary savior of daughter D. drives her away, passes her off as a lumberjack]: Todayeva 1961, No. 4:90-93.

Western Siberia. Mansi [Ekva-pyris lives with her grandmother; shows her her invisible hat, goes to see people; meets four old men, one gives him a ball of thread, the other gives him an ermine skin, and the third a mouse skin, the fourth is a hatchet; Usyng-Otyr promises a daughter to someone who 1) kills two cannibal birds Tovlyng-Kars; they live on top of larch in the middle of the hot sea; E. climbs the trunk with an ermine, with a mouse; kills the Heart-Free Iron Frog with a hatchet, who lived under the nest and gnawed the feathers on the chicks when they were about to take off; for this T. promises not to kill people anymore; first, a female flies into the nest, followed by a male, brings people; E. makes sure that when they fall down, the released people do not crash; grateful T. takes E. to W.; 2) catch a golden perch (T. brings E. to icy sea, catches perch); 3) get Satnematur cones (T. brings E. to the ends of the earth, catches a bird); E. gets a wife; carries the ends of the horns broken by T. to the mammoth, brings T feathers from the mammoth ., snatched from him; now both are still strong]: Lukina 1990, No. 134:346-352 (according to Chernetsov 1935:47-57); northern Khanty (b. Kazim, 1961) [two brothers are hunting, the third youngest, Ratparho-Hishparho, is sitting in ash; the eldest went to look for people; when the arrow he left bleeding, the middle one went; same; RK went to look for them; Kirp-nyulup-im carried him in a boat, told him not to sit in the middle of the boat, but he sat down; sees human bones in her hut; she threw a hare head at him; RK caught her on the fly, threw it at K., hit, K. was killed; RK burned her and scattered the ash; chicks are screaming in the eagle's nest, the RK fed them fish; they tell them to hide, their parents will arrive now; they are surprised that the chicks do not want meat; they talked about RK; grateful eagles offer help; RK asks to revive the brothers; the eagles grabbed the crow's chicks, ordered them to bring living and dead water; she brought it; they tore the crow, revived it, then released the chicks; brought water, revived the brothers RK; brothers live together]: Lukina 1990, No. 85:211-213; (cf. Northern (?) Selkups [Pachka's old wife disappeared, returned with Corka Pachka's child Iya; disappeared again, her son found her in the bear's den, brought her home; went traveling, took Sea- closing the Stump, the Felting Forest, the Quickswamp; a stranger comes to the person who remains at home, scalds him with boiling water; when Iya remains, he cuts the alien with a knife; asks his companions to lower him on a rope to the lower world; there is an old man wounded by him sitting there, I. heals him, marries his daughter; I. sends her upstairs when he gets up himself, his companions cut the rope, he falls to the seventh lower lands; an old man and an old woman are sitting there, they say that their grandson dies every time the plague thunder thunders; I. shoots an arrow, the Thunder disappears; the old men tell you to sit on the seventh of the seven cranes, that takes I. to the ground, he finds his wife; they walk around the cauldron, sink into the ground, Mount of Spirits (Lozyl Lakka) appears at this place]: Golovnev 1995:495-498).

Eastern Siberia. Central (? ; a summary of three archival texts, no place of recording) Yakuts [The merchant's wife gave birth to a boy. Baba Yaga tore the child in two and threw one half into the water. The maid found this half of the child, went out and raised her like a son. Airaapa boy Suoh goes west, saves an ant from hunger along the way and saves eagle chicks from flooding with him. The eagle heals the boy with live water, and he becomes a hero. They come to Baba Yaga and fight. Baba Yaga runs away and eats the boy's parents. The eagle gives the guy berries that give extraordinary strength. The hero frees the hero Turantz from the captivity of Abaasa. For this, the hero gives him a magical substance that turns a person, at his request, into a hero giant, a hawk, etc. Arriving in the city of Baba Yaga, the guy turns into a ten-planted hero and kills Baba Yaga and her sons. Turning into a hawk, the guy flies home. It turns out that his parents were saved by an eagle, and left for him a wise horse and a heroic weapon. The hero goes to Tsar Ivan's possession. There, he defeats all the heroes in the competition and marries a princess. Tsar Ivan gave him a magic snuffbox that is heading to the city. The hero becomes king]: Ergis 1967b, No. 110:185; Ingarigdov Evenks of Katanga District [Charchikana saves the children of the Kingit bird (the name of one of the Mongolian families in the 12th century by Rashid ad- Dina; the text does not say exactly how he saves); C. is ready to deliver C. to any land for this; he wants to the heavenly hole (North Star); C. prepares two moose, feeds K. meat; K. asks not to say in heaven that she brought it; C. comes to a beautiful woman; she thinks that the fire is bursting; sees C. only after copulating with him; says that there is no earth in heaven, sends C. on a winged horse to bring land to the middle world; the horse falls on the path, the old woman asks to pick up the fallen sledges, holds C.'s hand; the horse flies away]: Vasilevich 1959:187-188.

The Arctic. Asian Eskimos (Naukan) [a man goes to look for his missing son; on the mountain he sees a nest of eagles, warms and feeds the chicks; they first hide him from their mother, then explain to her that their man is their saved; a grateful eagle carries the hero to the "mountains of heaven", where the eagle that kidnapped his son lives; on the way, a man feeds the eagle with whale meat, and when it's over, cuts off a piece of his own flesh]: Menovshchikov 1985, No. 41:97-101.