Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

Thematic classification and distribution of folklore and mythological motifs by area

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K46. A woman rushes into the sea..

In a fit of fear or shame, a woman or girl runs to the sea, throws herself into the water or hides on the shore. The contender for her hand tries in vain to catch up with her.

Ancient Greece, Vasco, Yakima, Pomo, Oloni, Pachakamak, Uarochiri, Nazca.

The Balkans. Ancient Greece. Hera sends madness to Eno (daughter of Cadmus) and her husband Afamant, King Boeotia. A. kills Learch's son. Saving his second son, Melikert, I. rushes with him into the sea, becomes the sea goddess Leucofeus, M. becomes the deity Palemon; both help sailors (Myth 1:125, 545); Pausanias 2 30.3 (1994,2:190) [from Zeus and Karma, daughter of Eubula, was born Britomantis; she loved running and hunting, she was dear to Aphrodite; fleeing from Minos in love with her, she threw herself into the sea; Artemis made her a goddess; she is revered in Aegina under the name Afaya and in Crete under the name Dictinna (Network Manager)].

The coast is the Plateau. Vasco [Coyote is a handsome young man; the chief's daughter agrees to marry him if he gives her a bath where strangers will not look at her; he fulfills the condition (Multnomah Falls on Colombia); gets married; they swim together; two old women see them from mountain peaks, laugh at a woman; out of shame she sails in a boat down the river; Coyote follows; catches up at the mouth, but both turn in a couple of ducks]: Edmonds, Clark 1989:8-11; yakima [Eagle is son of Coyote; two sisters Amushy óy (Monetaria seashell) and Wuxinshy áy (Abalone shell) live on an island at sea; their grandmother sends them to marry Eagle; you have to go in the morning, but V. insists on going in the evening; the Eagle wants to sleep, hits those who come to the nose, they run away; then finds sea shells where she dripped blood, realizes that these are his girls, follows; old Heron refuses to stretch his leg like a bridge to the island; five Ducks go looking for the Eagle, see that the Heron insults him, spits on him; Wolf, Grizzly, Hawk, Snake, Salmon come to the rescue; Coyote swims on Salmon, sinks; they clean Eagle's clothes, he takes off, kills the Heron; the Salmon brothers make a bridge; V. goes first, Salmon rightly believes that the Eagle does not need she dumps her, she sinks; A. goes from the island to the mainland; whoever gets V. from the bottom will marry her; no one can, the Coyote brags that he got it, but his tail is above the water; the turtle pulls it out; says that he does not need a wife, asks for beautiful clothes; he is given (patterns on his shell); since then, a woman has been following a man, should not be aggressive]: Beavert 1974:3-8.

California. Pomo [Coyote is Thunder's father; hides in the forest, rapes his wife; Thunder throws him into an earthen furnace; asks his wife why she cries; kicks out of the house; she falls into the sea, gives birth; Thunder asks She can't bring her baby, she can't catch her in the water; turns her into a seal; throws all her beads and necklaces into the sea, they turn into shells, fish, etc.; marries a Duck]: Barrett 1933, No. 41:193-195; Oloni [ during the flood, the Eagle, Hummingbird, and Coyote climbed to the top of Pico Blanco; when the water got there, the Eagle carried the Hummingbird with the Coyote to Sierra de Gabilan; the water descended and the Eagle sent the Coyote to see if it was dry the ground; he came back and said he was dry; the Eagle tells Coyote to marry a girl; the Coyote asks how to conceive children; consistently suggests (inserting the penis) under the knee, under the elbow, into the eyebrow, into the back of the head ; The eagle disagrees every time; the hummingbird points to the place in the lower abdomen; the Coyote wants to kill the Hummingbird, but he hid under the Eagle's wing and Coyote did not find him; Coyote came to the girl, asking him to look for him in head; she finds a tick, throws it away in fear; Coyote tells her to see it, swallow it; she swallows, becomes pregnant; runs in fear; Coyote creates a good road for her, but she runs through shrub; Coyote creates flowers along the edges of the road so she can stop picking them; she doesn't want to; he almost grabs her, but she runs to the sea, rushes into the waves; turns into a shrimp or sand flea]: Kroeber 1907a, No. 1:199-200 (=Margolin 1978:134-135).

The Central Andes. Pachacamac (dep. Lima) [the parents of the boy and the girl are at odds; the young man turns into a bird; the girl catches her, is pregnant; the father wants to kill the daughter; she runs with the child; the lover runs after her; she thinks he is disgusting; she and baby becomes islands]: Arguedas, Izquierdo Rios 1947:41-42; Uarochiri (dep. Lima) [Kahui Lyaka rejects suitors; eats the fruit into which Cooney Raya Vira Kocha, taking the form of a bird, injected his seed; KL gathers male first ancestors to find out who the father of her child is ; Kuniraya comes in the guise of a beggar; a boy crawls towards him; Cavillaca considers himself disgraced, runs to the sea; KR puts on his golden robe, runs after him, but she does not look back; KL turns into a rock into the sea; the Kyrgyz Republic asks Condor, Skunsiha, Puma, Fox, Falcon, Parrots and other oncoming birds and animals (not named) how long has KL passed by; Condor, Puma, Falcon answer that he will soon catch up with her; Skunciha, Fox, Parrots - what is not; KR gives a good share to the first, evil to the second (the condor will always find food, they will not kill him; if Puma or Falcon is killed, their heads will be worn in time hat dancing; the falcon who killed the falcon will sacrifice a llama; the skunk will hunt only at night, smell bad; the fox will be despised if killed, it will be thrown away; parrots will be driven away with contempt fields like thieves; the Kyrgyz Republic came to where Pacha Kamaka's two daughters protected by a snake lived; their mother Urpay Huachak just went far to sea to meet in KL; KR seduced (or raped) the eldest daughter; tried to sleep with the youngest, she flew away as a dove; so the name UU means Dove Born; all the fish were at the UU in the pond; the Kyrgyz Republic released her into the sea, saying, Why did she go to KL, a marine woman depths? Ooo chased him, looked in his head; was about to push him into the abyss; KR said he would go to ease and ran away; continued to deceive local wakas]: Salomon, Urioste 1991, ch. 2:46- 50; Nazca (western 1941-1950) [Illakata is the lord of the mountains, Tunga is the coast; comes to I., gets caught in a storm, asks for shelter, since then he has been visiting frequently, receiving gifts; seduces I.'s wife, lies to her, as if he came on behalf of the Lord of the Sea, Apu-Yaku, calling him to run with him to the coast; when he hears the chase, the woman asks to leave her, but T. hides her with cornmeal; I. did not catch up with his wife, but cursed her, cornmeal turned into sand dunes, this hill is called Ilacata; T. turned into Mount Marcona on the shore from which iron is extracted]: Rossel Castro 197:39-41 in Silverman, Proulx 2002:205- 207.