Yu.E. Berezkin, E.N. Duvakin

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K54A. Kick to the legs. 40.-.43.

A man and his friendly giant live together. A friendly man fights with another giant, asks a person for help. The help consists in hurting a hostile leg.

Northern Alaska Inupiate, Copper, Netsilic, Igloolik (Repulse Bay), Tanaina, Athna, Kuchin, Upper Tanana, Helmet, Hea, Taltan, Tsetsot, Chipewayan, Tlingits, Quarry.

The Arctic. Northern Alaska Inupiate: Jenness 1924, No. 36 (Point Hope) [a man drops a piece of ice on a giant who thinks it's a snowflake; brings him to his house; gives a piece of copper Tesla, asks him to shout, that the son of two giantesses has only one tooth; giantesses jump out and ask who screamed; a man hits each heel, both killed; in their house, a giant kills their son, an old man; a man hits the heel and giant, thereby exterminating them all]: 66-67; Ostermann 1952 (Kotzebue) [four brothers disappear one by one; after conceiving a fifth son, their father allows sparks to fall into his wife's vagina before copulation; tells a boy to swallow hot stones, making him invulnertoq; a young man named Qajartuarungnertoq travels, meets many strange people; meets a giant for whom it is a year; two wives the giant is fighting for the right to lie down with him first; the giant asks the young man to trim women's tendons to calm them down; after three years (=days), the hero leaves the giant]: 237-239; copper: Jenness 1924 , No. 79 [a giant adopts a person, goes fishing with him; another giant catches higher on the rock; mocks the first, saying that a squirrel with teeth has caught two toothy (i.e. two fish); the first tells stab a second person when he himself drags him down a cliff; a man kills a second giant]: 83; Rasmussen 1932:218-219 [(excerpt from the same story?) ; the giant adopts a boy; asks to wake him up with a stone on the head if a bear comes; the first time it's a lemming; next time the boy sees a mountain; it's a real bear, the giant kills him], 258-259 [man is a giant's adopted son; a giant meets another with two teeth, he catches salmon; giants fight; a man helps his adoptive father by striking at his opponent's veins; the first giant kills the second]; a netsilic [giant Inugpasugsuk adopts a young man; they come to a frozen lake, where another giant, Inuaruvligasugsuk, is fishing; he has two teeth; giants fight; a young man helps kill the second and his wife by cutting their tendons; their little son rises to heaven, becomes Sila (Narsuk), the owner of bad weather, snow, rain; four women can sit side by side on his penis; someday he will kick down the pillars of peace]: Rasmussen 1935 [short version]: 182-183; Rasmussen 1931:229-231.

Subarctic. Tanaina [Kuzhagaken travels; a friendly giant carries him in his pocket, asking him to hit his ice-hole fishing enemy with a stone; the enemy dies; when a giant sits by the fire, K. shoots him in the back; the giant complains about sparks, then dies; K. continues his journey]: Tenenbaum 1984:73-83; atna [the giant asks the boy for help defeat the giantess; while they are fighting, boy cuts the giantess's veins; the giant kills her]: Smelcer 1997:97 —98; Kuchin [one giant asks Giateaquoynt to help him defeat the other; D. hides in a cave but has to agree when a giant blocks the exit with a bunch of his excrement; the giant carries it under his clothes under his arm; during a battle, D. cuts the enemy of the first giant, he is killed; D. remains alone with his wife winner; says he wants something; she offers him a drill, paint, knife, etc.; finally understands; while copulating, her vagina is swallowed by D.; the giantess jumps up and shakes him out of herself]: McKennan 1965:107-108; Upper Tanana [Giant Goath kills Giant Yatko's family; Chickadi Man hides from Y. in a porcupine hole; agrees to help Y. when he threatens. block the way out with their excrement; moose for Y. rabbits; Chickady becomes Y.'s friend; giants fight, Chickady cuts G.'s tendons; same episode with G.'s wife; after killing the giantess, Y. copulates with her ; Chickady almost drowns in a stream of sperm I.; the lice on my head are muskrat; I shove the sky away from the ground to where it is now; Chickady returns home]: McKennan 1959:197-199; helmet [sky It was low, the Giant picks him up; two brothers meet the Giant, hide in a hole; the youngest refuses to go out, the Giant tells her to close; asks the elder to help return the wife kidnapped by another giant ; carries it under his arm; kills a huge beaver, a man makes an ax out of his tooth; another giant is fishing; the first tells a man to bark with a dog; the other runs in fear; giants fight; man with an ax cuts down the enemy's veins; the Giant kills the enemy; the same episode with the enemy's wife; the giant also kills the enemy's children; sends the person home, giving a wand that shows the way and a bone that always grows meat; one day the whole sky turns red; man knows that the Giant is dead; it's raining, it's Giant's tears]: Teit 1917a, No. 7:445-448; hea [hunter hides in a porcupine hole; giant Anna-Guhini asks him not to be afraid, carries rabbits around his neck; deer for him are rabbits, spruce trees are straw, rats are lice; he fights the evil giant I-no-Kfvi Odinsa; a man cuts him with an ax from the fang of a huge beaver first a penis, then a tendon on his leg; I. dies, then they kill his wife and children; a man goes home, E. gives him his stick; animals (these are Y. dogs) drive a man into a tree; E. comes to the rescue; the man returns to his parents; one day the sky turns red, which means that E. died]: Petitot 1886, No. 12:132-141; taltan [two brothers are hiding in a porcupine hole from the Giant; the eldest does not go out, The giant fills the entrance with his excrement, it becomes stony; the porcupine opens a new way out; the Giant carries his younger brother in the basket; comes to the Ogre Giant, pierces his wife's heart with his penis, kills her child too; two Giants fight; a young man puts beavers at his feet, they gnaw through his tendons, the angry one falls, is killed; the good man gives the young man a wand that shows the way to home, giving him inexhaustible supply of fat; at home, the older brother finds and swallows this fat; it grows in his stomach, tears it apart]: Teit 1921a, No. 69:346-349; Chipewayan: Birket-Smith 1930 [one giant was fishing on the lake, another started fighting him, knocked him down, he filled the whole lake, the caribou walked through it (without further details)]: 95; Lowie 1912 [the giant kills people, takes the boy with him, carries him to mitten; moose are hares for him; the boy teaches him to eat beaver tails; another giant catches fish, they fight; at the decisive moment, the boy cuts the fisherman's tendon with a beaver's tooth; the corpse of the defeated turns into an isthmus; deer migrate along it from the island to the mainland]: 188; Petitot 1886, No. 18 (Lac-Froy) [a man becomes friends with a giant; he fights another giant; a man cuts a beaver with a tooth the tendon on the enemy's leg; he falls, dies; his spine turns into the Rocky Mountains, the deer's road]: 423.

NW Coast. The Tlingits [a friendly giant asks the boy to throw a club at his enemy; the club cuts off his legs; the boy wants to return home; the giant gives him a stick to point home]: Swanton 1909, No. 57:212-214.

The coast is the Plateau. Quarry [see motive H12; a young man returns from the afterlife; meets a giant, they live together; another giant is fishing in the lake; they fight, the young man cuts his legs with a second ax; the first predicts that if large white and red raindrops fall, the giantess killed him; this is what happened; the young man kills the giant's two wives and his children; comes home, following the instructions of the wand, given to him by the first giant; see motif K27]: Jenness 1934, No. 1:100-104.