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K56a4a. While the demon brings clothes, ATU 480A.


Left alone with a demon in the bathhouse (at the mill, etc.), the girl demands that he bring her more and more clothes, jewelry, etc. and while the demon brings them, it comes morning.

Portuguese, Ladins, French, Bulgarians, Russians (Nizhny Novgorod), Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Bukovina, Transcarpathia, Galicia, Podolia, Kiev, Poltava), Belarusians, Poles, Tabasarans, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Setus, Kazan Tatars, Bashkirs.

Southern Europe. The Portuguese [stepmother sends Maria to a mill or other secluded place; M. takes a cat, dog, rooster or other animal with her, shares food with them; when the devil knocks at night, animals (scare him away with screams) tell him not to unlock, ask him to bring gifts first, fill a leaky jug with water, etc.; in the morning M. returns home with the gifts that the devil left her; his own daughter stepmothers do not share animals, the devil comes in and eats them or takes them away]: Cardigos 2006, No. 480B: 116-117; ladina [the mill makes bread; she is angry and disliked; her husband is dead; she has the ugly daughter of Ursigna, and from her husband and his first wife, the kind stepdaughter Maria; to get rid of her, her stepmother sends her in December for lingonberries; snow; M. comes to the house behind the forest; the man calms down her; he is only one of the 12 bewitched ones speechless; the rest sit silently at the table; the man fed M. well, filled her basket with lingonberries; put something in her apron — let her look at the house godmother; leave everything with her and then take it away; there are jewelry and jewelry; M. returned to her stepmother; she sent her to the mill for the night to protect bags of flour from the mice; hopes that Mary will be eaten by a dragon; for one hour before midnight, a mouse with mice appeared, asked them to eat; M. shared everything she had; mouse: the dragon would knock at midnight; I must ask: let her bring her brocade dress and everything she had first to him, and then blue, and then another one; you have to ask again and again to take time; then send him water in two pots; in the dark, the dragon does not see that they are full of holes; it is one o'clock in the morning and the dragon disappeared; after waiting for five in the morning, M. opened the packages, wearing luxurious dresses and jewelry; when W. saw this, W. went to the mill herself at night; her mother gave her the best food; she did not share with the mouse; the dragon broke in, ate it; in the morning, on the roof of the mill, the mother saw her daughter's crucified skin; out of grief she jumped into a cauldron of boiling water; the godmother brought Mary the treasures given to her by that man; let M. throw the largest parcel into water; there was a rumble and those 12 men came out; this is the son of the Austrian king and his friends; the dragon's witchcraft was destroyed; M. stayed with his godmother, and then that prince came for her; wedding]: Brunold-Bigler, Widmer 2004, #6:53-69.

Western Europe. The French (Poitiers) [the father sends his youngest daughter to the mill for the night; she is afraid; St. The virgin gives bread and a dog, tells the dog to be fed; at night there is a knock on the door; the dog says every time that he will respond to the demon; let him bring a wind-colored dress; then a shawl, shoes; let him drag the whole with a sieve the river; the demon dragged until morning came; the girl brought home a dress, shawl and shoes; the eldest daughter went, ate almost all the bread herself, the dog advised me to open the door, the demon took the girl away; {more list from a variety of sources}]: Delarue, Tenèze 1964, No. 480B: 200-201.

The Balkans. Bulgarians [in the evening (on a cloudy day), the stepmother sends her stepdaughter to the mill; thanks to the help of a cat, dog and rooster, or her own intelligence and courage, she escapes from the devil ( vampire, spirit); to do this, he consistently tells him to bring more and more new items of clothing, jewelry, etc., and when the rooster screams, the devil disappears; becoming rich, the girl returns home; stepmother sends her own daughter, but she asks to bring everything at once, the hell tore her to pieces]: Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No. 480 1:167-168.

Central Europe. Ukrainians (Eastern Slovakia, Bukovina, Transcarpathia, Galicia, Podolia, Kyiv, Poltava), Belarusians [Stepmother and stepdaughter: sent by stepmother to the forest (bath), stepdaughter makes the devil (goblin) wear her one at a time different things, spends time until the penis of the roosters; her own daughter dies]: SUS 1979, No. 480C**: 142; Ukrainians (Poltavskaya, p. M. Borispol, Pereyaslavsky, ca. 1878) [Stepmother makes her stepdaughter do all the work, her own daughter is resting. The grandmother tells her husband about his daughter's laziness, sends both girls to spin for gatherings. A woman's daughter plays with boys, her grandfather spins, a woman unwinds a thread from her ball when she gets distracted, and her ball grows bigger. On the way back, the woman's daughter offers to hold her sister's ball while she climbs over the fence, runs into the house without waiting, and shows her parents threads. Grandma says that her daughter works for two, she is afraid that she will become lazy, the grandfather takes his daughter to the forest, leaves her in the hut, hangs a deck there, she taps like he is cutting wood, the daughter listens — determines which side the father is from. Without waiting for him, she collects firewood herself, heats the stove, cooks dumplings, treats the mouse from the oven. The mouse warns her not to dance when the mare's head forces her to dance. We must set a condition that she will dance when she gets the shoes, and after receiving them, ask for a dress, etc., list everything she does not have until the rooster sings: her head will disappear, but the gifts will remain. Mara (vision, hell) and a mare's head come into the house, ask to dance, the girl acts on the advice of a mouse, comes home with new clothes. Grandma orders her grandfather to take her daughter to the forest too. She cooks dumplings, refuses to treat the mouse. When a mare's head asks a girl to dance, she immediately says everything she wants to get. Having received her, dresses up, her head pulls her kerchief, ties her bones and hangs her on a peg]: Chubinsky 1878, No. 14:63-67; Ukrainians (Transcarpathia) [grandfather's daughter is good, the woman is grumpy, lazy; takes away the grandfather's spindle of yarn, passes him off as his own; his grandfather drives him out; in the forest in the hut, the old man asks him to be carried over the threshold, fed, combed, washed, the girl does everything; leaves for the night, telling him not to open it leggings when they call to dance; at night, the girl pretends to agree to go out, but requires the leggings to bring her clothes, jewelry, gold shoes, a carriage, etc.; then begins to dress slowly until a rooster sings; comes home in a treasure carriage; Babina's daughter goes, does not fulfill her requests, goes to her leggings, they took her into the hell]: Verkhovyna's Tales 1970:413-417; Belarusians: Vasilenok et al. 1958 [stepmother sends her stepdaughter to spend the night in the bath; well done — evil spirits, offers to marry; the girl demands from him a feather bed with a pillow, then a fur coat, shirt, skirt, sundress, shawl, threads, looks, loom, money; slowly dresses, sings a rooster, the hell is gone; the girl tells her father to harness the horse to bring goods from the bathhouse; the mother sent her own daughter, she answered the line that he is unfit; hell tore her skin off, and tore her body to pieces, scattered it on the floor]: 276-278; Romanov 1887, No. 93 []: 365-366; Russians: Chudinsky 1864, No. 13 (Nizhny Novgorod) [stepmother sends stepdaughter rye at night to guard; a man comes in, calls to marry; the girl says that she has nothing, every time she sends to bring some of the garments; the rooster who has come missing sings; she carries home what he has brought; dog: stepmother's stepdaughter carries and is lucky; stepmother with a frying pan; sent her own daughter; she asks for everything at once, damn it, tore the girl; dog: stepmother's daughter carry bones in the basket]: 67-69; SUS 1979, № 480C** {other records outside the old Russian ethnic territory: Vyatka Gubernia, Lithuania, Smolensk Gubernia, where a Belarusian source is likely}: 142); Poles: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 480C [ stepmother tells her stepdaughter to spin (disassemble the grain); hell comes, calls to dance; the girl demands that he first bring different pieces of clothing, also carry water in the sieve; returns safely in the morning home; my own daughter, seeing the gifts brought by her stepdaughter, goes to spend the night in the same house in the forest, but tells the line to bring everything at once or goes to dance with him; the devil tears off her head]: 155; Lifshits-Artemyeva 2017 [y the farmers are their own daughter and stepdaughter; the stepdaughter went to the edge of the village, noticed the light in a hut; there the master promises that she will strain her more than the other girls, but then let her go dancing with him; she asks him to bring her food first, then drink, then make the firewood in the fireplace burn and light; the rooster sang; walk like this every evening, the girl brought a lot of yarn; went own daughter, but asked for everything at once; the devil began to dance with her, unscrewed his head, put her on the windowsill, and took her soul away; the mother came, saw her head, decided that her daughter had strained a lot, stood and laughed]: 236-238; Shcherbakov 1980 [stepmother wants to lime Marysya, loves her daughter Yagusya; sent M. to the sworn mill; the gentleman offers to dance; M.: no skirt; pan went to get a skirt; then the same shirt, apron, boots, stockings, earrings, a comb, water to wash and bring it in a sieve; damn it, M. brought a bag of flour; stepmother sent Y.; she asked for everything at once and water in the tub; hell tore off her head, hung her body out the window; after This stepmother fell in love with M. more than I.]: 151-154.

Caucasus — Asia Minor. Tabasarans [stepmother tells her husband to slaughter his stepson, drops of the boy's blood turned into two birds; the father takes Kiskhanum's stepdaughter to the forest; she comes to the mill, where the devils gather, they tell me to dance; the girl demands that they first bring her jewelry and expensive clothes; disperses the devils with burning smut; returns rich; the stepmother orders her own daughter Fatmahanum to be taken to the forest; she begins to dance, the devils kill her, K. brings her bones to her stepmother]: Ganiyeva 2011b, No. 48:432-435.

Baltoscandia. Lithuanians: Kerbelite 2014, No. 46 [one of the sisters stayed in the bathhouse; hell came and offered to dance; she says she must first brush her hair, wash her face, wash her face, let the hell she will pour into a sieve; while the devil was carrying water, the rooster sang; the girl was showered with gold; the next evening another daughter was specially left in the bathhouse; in the morning they found her bones in a bag, skin under the bathhouse door], 47 [ When Elyanele's stepdaughter went to the bathhouse, her stepmother took her clothes and locked the door from the outside; the hell came and offered to dance; she asked me to bring her clothes and jewelry, one item at a time, then build palace — three houses with roofs made of silver, gold, diamonds; a rooster sings, the devil leaves E.; stepmother leaves her own daughter Mara in the bathhouse; she asks for all her clothes at once; hell began to dance with her, bore oh glasses]: 108, 109-111; Lebite 1965 [stepmother sends stepdaughter to sleep in a ravine; there devils offer to dance; she asks to bring her water first to wash, soap, then piece by piece various garments and jewelry; this is how time passes until the first roosters, the devils disappear, the clothes and jewelry remain; the stepmother sends her own daughter, she asks for everything at once, she has to dance, in the morning the stepmother finds her dead]: 226- 228; Latvians [An orphan in a bathhouse deceives the line. The stepdaughter is the last to wash. The damn master arrives and calls her with him. The stepdaughter makes the devil wear her different things one at a time (also: water in the sieve); this lasts until the roosters sing, and the hell should go away. The stepdaughter is getting rich. My own daughter tells the line all her desires at once, the devil brings everything and breaks it]: Aris, Medne 1977, No. 480:290; Estonians [the poor girl is the last to wash in the bathhouse; the carriage arrives, hell ( vanapagan) tells her to marry his son; the mouse advises the girl to ask for things one at a time; she demands a silk shirt; the devil's wife asks her sons who will bring faster; one says he is fast like the wind, the second is like water, the third is that he is here — there; he brings a shirt; the girl demands a belt, boots, various ornaments; tells me to bring hay to sit in the carriage; the rooster sings, the devils disappear, clothes and jewelry remains for the girl; the owner's daughter does not listen to the mouse, asks for everything at once, the devils take her away]: Juhan Kunder in Raud 2004:140-143; setu [when everyone is already in bed, stepmother sends stepdaughter to a bath for a bucket; the devil (vanapagan) arrives, demands that the girl marry his son; she replies that she does not have shoes, the hell sends her son for shoes, he brings him; the girl asks for other items one at a time clothes and jewelry; then asks for permission to say goodbye to his native places, sings, Barking, Harmi's father, sing, sing, father's rooster; the rooster sings, the devils disappear, clothes and jewelry go to the girl; the stepmother sends her own daughter; she was cruel to the dog and the rooster, they did not give a voice, the devils took the girl away]: Normann, Tampere 1989:58-62.

Volga — Perm. Tatars [stepmother left her stepdaughter in the bathhouse for the night and told her to spin; an old woman came and called her — they have fun; the girl replies that she does not have a dress, shawl, shoes, etc.; old woman every time brings; when she brings a chest of goodness, there is nothing more to ask for, but the rooster sang; the stepdaughter became rich; the stepmother sent her own daughter to the bathhouse; she began to say that she did not have a dress; old woman: I'm you yesterday she hit everything; killed her]: Zamaletdinov 2008b, No. 21:193-196; Bashkirs [stepmother tells her husband to lime her stepdaughter, who leaves her flax spinning in the bath, with her rooster; a little kikimora girl enters, says that the stepdaughter is expected to visit; she replies that she does not have a dress, shoes, etc., kikimora brings everything, finally the cock screams, the kikimora disappears, the girl is left with rich clothes; the stepmother tells her to take her away own daughter, who demands all her clothes at once; in the morning, the father found his daughter's intestines on the walls, her head on a stove; asks his wife if she wants 12 foals or a woodpile of 12 fathoms; she wants a woodpile, burned alive ]: Barag 1989, No. 36:181-183.