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K56a4c. Wash black white. .16.30.-.32.

A person is instructed to wash white something black or daughter something white (yarn, clothes, board, etc.).

Irish, Germans (Pomerania), Serbs, Slovenes, Bulgarians, Lurs, Persians, Norwegians, Swedes, Mordovians.

Western Europe. Irish [stepmother pushed her stepdaughter into the well; there is a sunny meadow; the fence asks you to step over her carefully; the buns in the oven are to take them out (they have been baked for 7 years, they will burn); the girl is all performs; buns are told to take one of them with her; the girl shared the bun with a hungry woman; then the apple tree asks to pick her apples, the ram to cut her, the cow to milk; she does everything; comes to a fanged bearded old woman, her daughter is also fanged; the old woman advises her to stay with her, no one else lives; she tells the cows to be milked; they kick, but sparrows sit on their ears and the cows freeze; sparrows: this is for giving us crumbs; now the witch demands that the black wool be washed white and the white hair is daughter; the old woman, to whom the girl gave the bun, did everything instantly; third task: bring water with a sieve; sparrows: plug holes with moss and cover them with clay; the witch tells you to choose one box out of three as a gift: gold, silver or lead; sparrows: take lead; girl took he ran, the witches are chasing him; the cow hid the girl, sent the pursuers into the forest; the same ram; the apple tree hides under a pile of apples, and holds the witches with branches; the fence let the girl pass and detained witches; the girl woke up on the ground by the well; opened a box at home with treasures in it; the stepmother threw her own daughter into the well; she did not respond to requests, could not complete the tasks, chose gold box; snakes crawled out of it at home, toads jumped, stepmother and daughter died, father stayed with his daughter, the king married her]: Kennedy 1875:33-37; Germans (Pomerania) [the miller's daughter is not at all he knows how to spin; he spreads a rumor that it can turn straw into gold threads; the townspeople laugh, but the king believed, brought him, left straw for the night and told him to spin; an hour before midnight he appeared little man and promised to turn straw into gold if the girl paid; she gave the ring, fell asleep, and in the morning gold instead of straw; the same the next night (gave the jewelry); the third time she had nothing more no; agreed to the little man's offer to give his first child if a boy is born; seeing gold, the king is delighted, celebrates the wedding; a boy was born; an hour before midnight, a man came, but the queen did not gave him the baby; he disappeared; Prince Alvin grew up and had guests gathered for his 14th birthday; the prince rode with his peers to the sea and disappeared into the water with his horse; under the water was sunny plain; by evening A. rode to the house where the woman; she is the wife of the one to whom A. was sold; he would be able to return to earth if he completed errands; he must boil bones and potatoes, fill 300 bowls, serve them to three hundred cats, then take the bowls back to the kitchen, wash them and wipe them off; A. fell asleep at midnight, and at 3 the witch woke him up, gave him black wool, took him to the lakes and told him to sunset wash it white; a girl in a black dress came up, warned that he would not make the hair white; A. fell asleep, and when he woke up, there was white and dry hair next to him, but the girl was gone; in the evening he was cat again dinner, go to wash his hair again in the middle of the night; A. is hungry because he cannot eat cat food; again, but in the morning another job: clean the stall to shine; when he opened the door, they rushed at him snakes, toads and rats - the door had to be closed; the girl in black promised to do everything; warned not to touch the food that the witch would give; she would offer to choose one of the cats as a reward; we must take a little colorful one who will sit in the corner; the witch is happy; tells me to feed the cats for the last time and then A. will return home; in the morning the witch let me sleep for the first time; offered a roast goose, but A. did not was tempted and hid the goose in the oven; said he ate it with seeds; the goose screamed that he was here; witch: it's too tough; the same with the cock and the pig; since A. chose and takes her favorite cat, the witch refused to show him the way home - let him look for himself; by the lake, the cat turned into a girl in black, promises to help if A. marries her; he should not eat or drink for 3 days; took his hand and they found themselves on the shore; the girl disappeared, and A. returned home; it turned out that he had been absent not for 5 days, but for 10 years; A. could not resist tasting the dishes offered and forgot what happened to him at the bottom; he was chosen as his wife princess; a girl in black came to the wedding feast, two pigeons on her shoulders, they began to talk; A. remembered everything; addressed the guests: I lost the key to the casket, ordered a new one, and then found the old one; which one to use? everyone said he was old; A. married a girl in black]: Jahn 1891, No. 1:1-9.

The Balkans. Serbs [stepmother tyrannites stepdaughter Maritsa; sent her own daughter to bleach her hair - gave her own daughter white, M. - black; by the river, a beautiful woman comes up to M., turns black wool into white; in winter, stepmother sends M. for berries; towards 12 yunaks, asking which month is the best; M.: everyone is good, but especially March; the Yunaki are happy, they showed where to pick berries; when it got warmer, the stepmother sent her own daughter; she says that the months are all bad, and March is the worst; the thunderstorm began, the girl barely reached home; the master came to marry M.; the stepmother hid her under the trough, showed her daughter; the rooster sang: Maritsa is in the trough! the matchmakers took M. away; she died an easy death because she was friends with a pitchfork for 12 months]: Tesic 2017:56-60; Slovenes [stepmother sends Maritsa to wash black wool white, her own daughter white; beautiful a woman whitens M.'s hair; in winter, her stepmother sends M. for berries; she meets 12 yunaks, replies that all months are good, and March is the best, picking berries; her own daughter replies that everyone is bad, barely flees from the weather; the master comes to marry M., the stepmother hides her in the trough, offering her own daughter, but the rooster shouts where M. is; wedding]: Wratislaw 1890, No. 57:298-301 (=Arkhipova 1962:117-119); Bulgarians : Daskalova-Perkovska et al. 1994, No.*480 4 [stepmother sends stepdaughter to the river to wash black yarn white; the elder (Lord or the Old Mother of God) makes the yarn white; asks you to look insects, she says that there is gold and silver, lice turn into gold; the stepmother sends her own daughter, she is rude, refuses to look for insects, her body is covered with male genitals, bowel movements, or she turns into a bear; stepdaughter marries a prince]:; Schishmanoff 1896, No. 15 [stepmother sends stepdaughter to wash white black yarn; polite to the old man who comes up, her yarn becomes golden; stepmother sends her own daughter to wash the white yarn to black; she is rude to the old man, he tells her to throw yarn on her back, the yarn turns black, the girl turns into a bear (bear origin) ]: 16-17.

Iran - Central Asia. Lura [ahund saw a cucumber floating in the stream; brought home, ate, became pregnant, gave birth to a turtle son; he asks to marry him a princess; the vizier advises him to be angry and give the impossible assignment; the king orders to bring 7 camels loaded with gold and gems, and a golden rooster on top; the turtle did everything, got the princess, got out of the shell at night, became handsome, told no one tell; once a husband said he wanted to visit his relatives; his wife asked permission to go with him; he turned his wife into a needle and stuck him in a hat, turned himself into a pigeon and flew; told his wife to venerate his mother's breasts and not let go until she swore by her father's pain and mother's milk; the demoness mother agreed not to touch her daughter-in-law, but asked her sister to kill her: she would send bring her daughter-in-law a mortar; but her husband is a magician himself and found out everything; gave his wife sleep powder to throw at the inhabitants of the house where they were sent for a mortar; then her mother-in-law sent her daughter-in-law to wash the black board is white; the husband has turned the black board into a white cloth; the demoness insists that the son take another wife {probably niece}; he pretends to agree; as soon as he goes to her, with his earthly wife's clothes were torn off, thrown on a pile of manure; the husband cut off the new bride's head, took it again, dressing up his first wife; they flew away together in the form of pigeons; when they found the beheaded bride in the morning, the demonists chased; the husband turned himself into a lousy shepherdess, his wife into a calf; next time into a flower and a tree; the husband brought his wife to her parents, and he became a grenade on the back of the king's hand { the wife's father is the king}; the demons asked to give them grenades; the king, as his daughter's husband taught him, threw him on the ground; he crumbled in grains; the demonets became chickens, began to peck for grains; one grain became a rooster, he turned the chickens cheeks; it's all right, wedding celebrations again]: Amanolahi, Thackston 1986, No. 15:71-76; Persians [a childless woodcutter wants to kill a snake, it promises to be his son Sabzkaba (" green caftan"); orders the ruler's daughter Shakarhava to marry ("sweet wish"); he requires 70 bags of jewelry, etc., S. sends, receives a wife, takes off his snake skin at night; warns her do not burn it; otherwise, in order to return it, you will have to wear out seven iron dresses, shoes, staffs; Sh. Sh. came, threw her skin into the fire; S. goes in search; meets women, girls, everyone says that their father S. went to S. and disappeared, they would kill her; one girl carries water to S., S. throws a ring into the jug; S. meets S., tells him to venerate his diva mother's chest; mother-in-law tells him to water floor with tears (S. performs); wash the black bag white (dip it in water when white water flows); bring a sieve from her diva sister, she must tear Sh.; S.: there are bones in front of the horse, straw in front of the dog, we must shift it; put cotton wool in every bell on the door; S. grabbed a sieve and ran away; at the wedding of the divas, S. and S. put hot candles in their arms, but they did not throw the candles; at night S. killed the bride and groom, runs with Sh.; brother S. pursues, S. became a broom, S. became a rope; uncle (garden and gardener); father (mill and miller); mother (cypress and dragon); S. killed his mother, everything is fine]: Osmanov 1987: 301-306.

Baltoscandia. Norwegians [stepdaughter and own daughter are spinning; agree that whoever breaks first will climb into the well; she is torn at the stepdaughter, because she does not spin flax, but thistle; she goes down to a well, walks through a green meadow; at their request, 1) gently climbs over the wattle fence without damaging it; 2) milks a cow, drinks milk, pours the rest on its hooves; 3) shears the ram, wraps its neck with wool; 4) she tears apples from an apple tree, eats, puts the rest at the roots; comes to the old woman, she tells 1) to bring water with a sieve; birds at the well are advised to cover the holes with clay and straw; 2) sweep out the manure, milk the cows; the birds tell them to take revenge with the broom handle (everything is clean right there), give them a drop of milk (the cows stop kicking); 3) wash the black wool white (the birds tell them to dip the wool into the barrel); the birds tell you to choose the reward is not red, not green, but a blue barrel; when leaving, the girl dodges a red-hot iron bar thrown by a witch (the birds warned); the witch and her daughter are chasing, Apple Tree, Ram, Cow , The wattle fence hides the girl, the pursuers stop chasing; the stepmother sends her stepdaughter to live in the pigsty; she opens the keg, there is gold, the pigsty turns into a beautiful home; now her own daughter is spinning thistle, thread breaks, girl goes down into the well; breaks the wattle fence, drinks all the milk, takes all the wool with her, breaks apple tree branches; does not listen to birds, cannot complete the old woman's tasks, chooses red keg; opens at home, reptiles and parasites crawl out of it, snakes and toads fall from her mouth]: Dasent 1970:113-124; Swedes [king and queen are childless; queen loved boat trips; the ship stopped suddenly; voice: give what was under her belt; she agreed, not knowing that she was pregnant; the ship sailed again; when he found out what was going on, the king assured his wife that he would protect her from the siren (Meerweib); The prince grew up, playing with two cousins, the sons of the neighboring king; his horse carried him into the sea and they disappeared into the waves; the prince at the bottom of the sea walks along the path to the golden castle of the siren, the lady winds and waves; the siren designates him as her page; if he serves well, she will return to her parents; first task: wash her daughter's white yarn and white black yarn; princess: my name is Messeria; promise to be faithful to me, I will do everything; but don't tell anyone; I called my mother's little men, each took one hair and washed it properly; the second task is to separate the two types of grain (wheat and Korn); the little men were divided; the third task is to clean the barn in which oxen had been standing for 20 years; now the young man must choose one of her daughters; all of them in the form of different animals; the princess warned what would happen kitty; the siren sent the young man to her sister to borrow her wedding dress for his daughter; M.: there will be a grille in the gate, apply ointment from this horn, you can open the gate; then the two men will cut the oak tree with wooden axes, give them iron axes; then the other two threshing with iron flails - give them wooden ones; give meat to two eagles; sister does not eat sirens; the prince did everything; hid it imperceptibly the food offered; but the food answered the siren's sister's question: I'm here under the bed; the next time the prince hid the food in the oven - the same thing; the third time he hid it under his clothes on his body; the siren's sister believed that the prince ate everything; gave him a box with wedding dresses; when the prince left, the siren's sister consistently ordered the guards (eagles, woodcutters, etc.) to detain him, but they say that he helped them and they did not they would detain him; on the way to the siren, the prince opened the box slightly, although M. did not tell him to do so; a sheaf of sparks broke out; the prince remembered the little men M. had summoned; knocked on the stone, asked help them; they jumped out, each grabbed a sparkle and returned them to the box; the siren asked for the prince's luxurious wedding with M.; then the young went to the prince's homeland; when he arrived at the king's city, the prince insisted to go alone first; M. ordered not to eat anything; but he succumbed to persuasion and ate cookies (Pfefferkorn); immediately forgot M. and everything that happened to him; they decided to marry the princess next door; during At the wedding feast, M. came in as a maid and released two doves; the dove tells the dove three times that he will forget her, as Prince forgot M.; the prince remembered everything, hugged M. and called her his only bride]: Hyltén-Cavallius, Stephens 1848:255-274.

Volga - Perm. Mordova [stepmother tells you to wash black onuchi white; pike advises going to a forest hut; on the way, the girl helps the cow to calve, necklace the mare, hug the sheep; the old woman gives her mirror, says that she left home three years ago, the girl sees that she has grown and is prettier; on the way back, shepherds give her cattle with three years of offspring; the dog barks that she is beautiful; the stepmother's daughter scolds pike, shepherds, cattle, old woman; turns ugly; the dog barks that an ugly woman carries a bag for her bones; dogs tore it apart in the village]: Samorodov 1972:78-82.