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K56a5d. Conversation with Frost.28.31.

A person kindly answers the question of a character who embodies the cold, praises him, and is awarded. The other one expresses his discontent and has been punished.

Poles, Russians (Karelian Pomorie, Vologda, Pskov, Moscow, Kursk, Voronezh), Ukrainians (Poltava Region), Belarusians, Eastern Sami, Lithuanians, Lutsi.

Central Europe. Poles [stepmother sends stepdaughter to get fire; on the advice of the Mother of God, she turns to three (frost, wind, month) or 12 characters; when asked which one is better, she replies that everyone is good; the reward goes to the coals, which turn into gold at home; the stepmother sends her own daughter, who praises only the month she likes; gets fire and he burns her, or brings the coals that are at home turn into reptiles and they devour her with her mother]: Krzyżanowski 1962, No. 480B: 153-154; Russians (Karelian Pomerania, Virma) [stepmother tells her husband to take her stepdaughter to the forest; he left her under the forest; Frost: are you warm, girl? - And God's warmth, God's cold; Frost threw her fur coat and a chest of wealth; her stepmother sends her husband to bring her frozen body, her stepdaughter has returned rich; the stepmother tells her daughter to be left in the forest; she answers Frost, that she is warm; - Well, warm up; she froze to death; stepdaughter married richly, stepmother was stupid]: Razumova, Senkina 1974, No. 36:212-213; Russians: Gura 1965, No. 14 ( Vologodskaya) [the old man and the old woman have three daughters, the eldest Marfusha is an old woman's stepdaughter; when she grew up, she tells her to marry Morozka; he is rich, and a hero; the father left his daughter under a pine tree; Frost: is it warm, girl? - Warm, Father Frost; after the third time M. ate alive; then Frost wrapped her in fur coats, warmed her up; in the morning the old man arrived - his daughter has fur coats and rich gifts; the old woman tells her daughters to be taken; they swear each other with a friend, they answer Frost that it's cold, they scold the frost, they are ossified; the old man brought the dead girls; made peace with the old woman, they passed M. off as a neighbor]: 221-222; Kuzmina 2008, No. 52 (Vologodskaya) [stepmother in winter tells her husband to take his stepdaughter to the forest; he took her daughter to a birch tree; at night the girl: "You are frost, frost, God has killed you, Frost, throw me a knife"; a knife fell from the sky, she cut the ropes; then asked for clothes; a chest with different clothes fell; when the father arrived and took his daughter back, the dog yaps, "The girl is lucky, only the money is strumming"; the stepmother beats the dog, tells her husband to take her to the forest her own daughter; she turns to Frost (her stepdaughter taught her so), "You are frost, frost, damn you"; Frost froze her; dog: "My grandfather is lucky, only the bones are strumming"; stepmother is upset, but then she fell in love with her stepdaughter]: 131-133; Afanasiev 1958 (1), No. 95 (Vologda) [the old man's eldest daughter Marfa, stepdaughter, the old woman harasses her two with work, pampers her two; tells them to take M. to the pine tree, pass it off as Morozko; at the pine tree, M. answers Morozko that she is warm, he wraps her in fur coats, gives a box with gifts; in the morning the old man brings M. alive; the old woman tells her daughters to be taken; they are rude to Morozko, they say that they it's cold, they freeze; the old man brings the dead; the old woman scolds, but puts up with her stepdaughter, marries her], 96 (Kursk) [the old woman tells her husband to take her stepdaughter to the cold; Frost gives her a fur coat for clever speeches, dowry chest; the dog barks that the old man's daughter is being taken in gold and silver, but the grooms do not take the old woman; the old woman tells her own daughter to be taken, she freezes; the dog barks that the groom's daughter is the old man they will take it, and the old woman's bones are taken; the old woman cries]: 140-143, 143-144; Ploschuk 2004, No. 32 (Pskov) [the stepmother told her husband to take her stepdaughter to the forest; he tied a plaque to the birch tree, she knocks in the wind, as if he was still cutting wood, but he left; a horse's head rushed, asking for food, putting to bed, the girl did everything; Frost gave the girl a fur coat, felt boots, horses and a chest of goodness; the dog barks: grandfather's daughter she goes home; the woman sent her own daughter; she is rude with a horse's head; in the morning her head tells her to get into one ear, get out into the other; the girl is old; the frost froze her very much; the dog: the grandfather of the bone is lucky; the woman I saw my daughter without wealth and cried]: 98; Russians (Moscow) [stepmother tells her husband to leave Masha in the forest in the cold; she repeats: Frost, didn't Buog hurt you; Frost gave her a fur coat, flour, outfits, dog, chickens; stepmother sends her husband to pick up the body, bury it; dog: their lady's daughter is being taken; stepmother tells Dunya to be taken to the forest; Dunya Moroza: did they kill you? he froze her]: Vedernikova, Samodelova 1998, No. 46:103-104; Russians (Voronezh) [Stepmother does not love her stepdaughter Natasha (a pleasing girl who is praised by everyone), orders her husband to take her to the forest that performs. The girl clears the ground from snow, sits under an oak tree. At night, Frost-Red Nose comes to Natasha and asks if she is cold. She says it's warm and that God brought Frost. Frost Blue Nose and Frost Grey Nose come. The girl is respectful to everyone, she answers the same. The eldest, Gray Frost, leaves the girl a coat, a shawl, galoshes and a chest of goodness, and the girl gets dressed. The stepmother bakes pancakes at her stepdaughter's wake, makes Natasha's dog bark about being taken dead and giving a pancake, but the dog barks that the girl is being taken alive and rewarded. The stepmother forces her husband to take her daughter Masha to the same place. At night, the girl talks disrespectfully to Frost, says that he "brought the hell", he hits her forehead, she freezes in the snow. The stepmother bakes pancakes again, retrains the dog again. The stepmother sees her frozen daughter, reproaches herself]: Baryshnikova 2007, No. 38:162-165; Ukrainians (Poltava) [The poor widow cannot feed her children, she goes to beg. A white old man in black shoes asks her: "Why, babo, frost?" , she says, "God multiplies yogo." Frost liked the old woman's sincerity, he does not freeze her, gives her good things, she gets rich, builds a new hut, and takes care of the poor. A neighbor is trying to find out how she got rich. He goes to the same place, when asked by frost, he answers "I won't take yogo". The old man freezes her]: Samsonova 1914:317-318; Belarusians [wife tells her husband to take her mother-in-law to the forest; Frost% why, grandmother, frost? "Don't panic; Frost gave her a fur coat and a handkerchief; when her husband brought her richly dressed, her wife ordered her mother to answer too; she is rude to Frost: if only you burst! he froze it; option: for the first time Frost roasts a fur coat, the second time he roasts his boots, the third time a handkerchief]: Romanov 1887, No. 90:361.

Baltoscandia. Veps: Onegin, Zaitseva 1996, No. 47 [mother died, Alyonushka remained; the man took another wife, that daughter Masha; stepmother took A. to the field, put him on a haystack; A. had one shirt and shoes, and frost is cracking; Frost: is it warm, girl? A.: warm, but not summer, good, but not her own mother; Frost gave felt boots; the next morning he gave the same coat; then a warm handkerchief; stepmother did not find A., and the father found and brought home; his wife spread out, tied it to a haystack , she froze there], 54 [the stepmother has her own daughter; in winter she tells her husband to take her stepdaughter to the forest and leave her there, putting her on a haystack; Frost asks the girl if she is cold, she replies yes; he gave her felt boots, a fur coat, a handkerchief, mittens; the father brought his daughter dressed as a lady; the stepmother sends her own daughter; she responds rudedly to Frost (Toad in your mouth!) , he froze it; the dog barks: the old man's daughter was brought in gold and silver, and the old woman's daughter's bones are carried in a sack]: 166, 185-186; Lithuanians [in order not to take care of her mother-in-law, her son-in-law left her in winter in field; a man came up and asked if it was cold; she replied that let it freeze, it was now his time; Frost liked it, he gave her warm and beautiful clothes; when he found out, that man's brother, who stayed with mother, took her to the field; she replied: let him die, frost; he should freeze her]: Kerbelite 2014, No. 112:278-279; Lutsie (West 1893) [the husband has a good mother, his wife is evil; the wife tells her husband to take him on his winter night on the mountain; God asks why the old woman is crying, if it is not cold; she answers: how it is cold, how it is warm; repeats these words all night while God takes off all her new clothes; son brought her with great goodness; the wife tells her husband to take her mother; she replies: it's cold, it's cold for you to crack; froze to death]: Annom et al. 2018:196-198.