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K56a8. Eaten by a boa constrictor .14.21.-.

A girl marries an animal or brings with her an animal that turns into a handsome man (or a young man marries an animal, it turns into a girl). Her friend or sister tries to imitate her but dies or suffers damage (another young man tries to imitate the former).

Egyptian Arabs, Syrian Arabs, Angami, Garo, Khmer, Khmu, Sre, Katu, Zyaray, Kukong, Arakan, Bengalis, Sinhalese, Western Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina), Persians, Coastal and Reindeer Koryaks, itelmen, St. Lawrence.

North Africa. Egyptian Arabs [The serpent husband and the jealous girl; a stepmother's own daughter is killed when she imitates her stepsister's fortunate marriage to a snake]: El-Shamy 2004, No. 433C: 216.

Western Asia. Syrian Arabs [a woman asked God to give her a third daughter when she broke almonds; named her daughter Hab el Loz ("almonds"); her older sisters envy her; took her to the forest for fruits, put it in her basket was left alone; she was taken away by an ogre, but she refused to marry him and ran away; during her wedding to her cousin, the cannibal took the form of a horse and took it away when she sat in the saddle; for 20 months turned it into the dog; swans see its true nature, feed it with their eggs; the queen also fell in love with the dog; being alone with the swans, HL takes off her dog skin; the prince found her bathing; ordered him to marry him dog; after the wedding, the cannibal went out to meet him, but the prince told HL to shed his dog skin and threw it on the ogre himself; when he heard of the dog becoming a girl, the prince's relative also ordered him to marry him on a dog; she bit him]: Abu Risha 2015:66-68

Tibet is the Northeast of India. Angami [a snake on the trail blocked the girl's way; she asked her not to bite, promised to marry her; becoming a husband, the Snake bit her chest, where jewelry appeared, bit her leg - bracelets ( leggings); another girl was jealous, went along the path, offered herself to marry the snake; she bit her hand, the girl died]: Hutton 1914, No. 12:490; garo [Jerang boy, orphan, climbed into the woods on fruit tree; a pair of Matchadus (werewolf tigers) came up; they asked them to shed fruit; said that they were in the mud, let J. hand them the fruit, holding it between their toes; they stole it, brought it home, told their son to cook, and they left; the son of cannibals asks why people have light skin; J.: we wash in boiling water; the cannibal let J. out of the cage, undressed, and he scalded him to death with boiling water; put on his clothes and smeared him with soot; his parents ate their son, thinking that J. was eating; the imaginary son asked where his parents had hidden their treasures; they answered and left, and he hid them across the river; asked the cannibals to teach him how to swim; swam across the river and said who they ate; said that the river could be crossed in leaky jugs; the cannibals drowned; J. brought the treasures they had obtained to the cave; there was a boa constrictor, J. . killed him, filled his skin with treasures and climbed into it himself; two daughters of a peasant chased parrots; J. answered the one he liked best; she went into the cave, J. got out of the skin of a boa constrictor; taught the girl asked her parents to pass her off as a boa constrictor; her father resettled her, brought a boa constrictor from the cave, which contained a young man and treasures; on her wedding night, the servants spied: a young man with a girl, wealth in the house; her older sister also demanded that she be passed off as a boa constrictor; he ate her at night; and J.'s descendants became kings, queens, and brave warriors]: Rongmuthu 1960:100-194.

Burma - Indochina. Khmer [the girl regularly sacrifices to spirits; the spirit of the tree learns from Indra that his karma is to unite with the girl; taking the form of a snake, comes to her house, turns handsome at night; tells her parents where the treasures are hidden; neighbors recognize this marriage; other spouses are jealous; the father brings his daughter a boa constrictor, arranges a wedding, the boa constrictor swallows the bride; in the morning the father extracts swallowed, she throws herself into the water, turns into a dugong]: Thierry 1977:169-171; ahem [a mother with her youngest of seven daughters makes dams on the stream to fish, but the water breaks through; woman the daughter promises the one who makes dams; they are made by snakes, the youngest daughter marries a snake; one day he takes off his skin, comes to her on the river in the guise of a handsome man; for a long time she does not believe that he is her husband, to him I have to show the remnants of the scales under her arms; the couple are rich; another woman decided to get rich, passed her daughter off as a boa constrictor, who swallowed her the first night]: Lindell et al. 1978, No. 7:79-82; cre [in The hunter puts a snare in the forest, Boa blocks his way, demands a girl; does he offer one of his sisters - Ngi, Nga, Nai Tölui? (she is the youngest, married to the crap); the serpent requires only NT, otherwise he will swallow the whole village; NT comes to him, he becomes handsome, they come to live with cravings; when leaving, the husband tells NT not to leave the house; envious, Nga cuts NT's throat, pushes her into the water; she has an orange, a knife, an egg with her; a crocodile swallows her; she gives birth to a son; the crocodile goes ashore, the son cuts it from the inside; from an orange a tree grows, a rooster emerges from an egg; NT rises to heaven; the husband returns, finds a son, his ancestor The sun helped him identify the boy; Nga pretends to be NT, NT's son hits her; NT descends from the sky; Nga also wants a Snake, finds, raises a stranglehold, he becomes big, swallows it from his feet, she first takes it as a game; the NT husband takes the form of a snake, finds the swallowed one, pulls her ashore, extracts Nga, she is in worms, the NT husband makes her whole, forbids her to go out in the sun; she goes out, melts, turns into a termite; (same or similar text in Nikulin 1970a: 263-270; turns into a lizard rather than a termite)]: Dournes 1977:113-114; katu: Dournes 1977:118-119 [a hunter shoots birds that are on a banyan; a boa constrictor from a banyan tells him to give one of his daughters; The eldest Nga refuses, the younger Ngi father brings to the banyan; the boa constrictor turns handsome; the young come to Nga's house, light comes from their bedroom; Nga wants Boa for herself, grows a snake, she grows , swallows it; Nga's husband pulls the swallowed person out of the water, extracts, revives Nga, tells her not to leave the house, she goes out to look at the roosters, turns into a termite mite; Nga is the genus Kon Tac, its members are forbidden to eat banyan fruits (i.e. figs)], 119 [Bông wants a girl Pôt, turns into a dragon snake, parents build a house for them at a distance, where the snake becomes handsome, on them the rice field grows by itself; P.'s older sister grows a snake, it grows, she lies down with it, the snake swallows it; B. pulls out the swallowed one, pulls out the swallowed one, does not tell the snake to step on the bones; that goes to them, steps, dies on the spot]; a zyaray [Mother Brousse woman digs a wild yam in the forest; a boa constrictor from a tree causes rain, forcing a woman to climb his tree; in the morning she returns home, asks H'Bia's granddaughter (B.) to marry Boa, she refuses, her younger sister H'Lui? (L.) agrees; on the River, Boa sheds her snakeskin, turns out to be handsome; in the water, L. attacks the branch, her husband revives her; the older sisters B. and H'Kruah (K., she is the oldest) also want such a husband; L.'s husband finds another boa constrictor, who swallows B. and everyone in the house; L.'s husband finds him, rips his stomach open, revives B.; going to the coast to the Vietnamese, tells his wife not to go out if she is called a strange thing; B. calls her to swing on a swing, she goes out, B. throws her into the water, is swallowed by a crocodile, in his womb she gives birth to a boy; when the crocodile goes ashore, the boy rips open with a knife his stomach, goes out with his mother; in short, he creates a house, his rooster sings, her husband returns, L. tells him about what happened]: Dournes 1977:108-109; Arakan people [after living many lives in heaven, the celestial is punished: he must live as a snake on a fig tree for three months; the laundress and his wife have daughters Shwê Kyên and Dwê Pyâ; the mother washed under a fig tree, jokingly said: I will give it DP, if you throw off my figs; the snake called them to their house; at the fork regretted her words, asked the stump to remain silent, gave him a fig; the same happened to the anthill; the stump answered the snake that he did not see anything, but saw the snake fig and understood everything, I had to say; the same anthill; the serpent wrapped around the woman's hand, the mother told DP to go with the snake; once the zmnya was summoned to a meeting of the gods; the wife found empty skin, decided that her husband was dead; in order not to make a fuss, the skin was burned; the serpent appeared when it felt fire; remained human; the Virgin herself gave the former snake a wand that fulfilled his wishes; warned that snake blood should not owe him touch, otherwise he would become a snake again; the HK became jealous of DP, pushed her into the river and took its place; she was caught and brought to the nest by an eagle, where she gave birth to a son; the snake prince heard voices, took his wife and child giving the eagle a lot of fish for this; put his wife in a chest and gave it to her imaginary wife who came out to meet her; opening it, the SC was disgraced; asked the father to get a snake as her husband; in bed, the boa constrictor became swallow HK; father refused to help; DP begged the prince to kill the boa constrictor, who cut it, but a drop of blood fell on him, he became a snake himself and crawled into the forest; DP followed him; {"to be continued," but it's not in the next issue}]: Houghton 1893b, No. 1:98-102.

South Asia. Bengalis: Bradley-Birt 1920, No. 9 [after her husband's death, the eldest wife and her daughter Shookhu took all the property, and the youngest and daughter Dukhu earn money by weaving a simple canvas; once He was blown away by the wind; D. followed him, fed a cow along the way, ripped off the vine from the sycamore tree, fed the horse; the wind led her to the house of the mother of the month, who instantly produces a huge amount of cloth; D. swims in the river, comes out beautiful; chooses modest food, a modest chest; on the way back, the horse gives her a fast-footed foal, a cow a heifer, a tree a basket of gold; from the received chest Prince comes out; S. also follows the wind, does not help anyone, demands gifts, becomes covered with warts after swimming; chooses the largest chest, a snake crawled out of it, ate it; S.'s mother committed suicide]: 191-195; Wagner 1933 [the weaver has two wives, the eldest daughter Sukhu, the youngest Dukhu; the weaver loves the eldest and her daughter; when he dies, they live happily, and the youngest and D. only work; D. has the wind carried away the yarn; invites D. to go with him - there will be yarn; on the way, the cow asks to clean her stall, the banana to be freed from the vines, another tree to clean the roots from debris, the horse to give her grass; D. does everything; came to the house, where Buri is the gray-haired mother of the Month; she greeted D.; she plunged into the water three times, became beautiful, wearing luxurious jewelry; she chose the smallest chest; on the way back, the horse gives D . a winged horse, a tree is a pot of gold, a banana is golden bananas, a cow is a calf that looks like a heavenly one; a prince came out of the chest at home; S. went to get the yarn away; does not pay attention to the requests of the cow, etc.; Storm becomes a freak after diving; she takes the largest chest; on the way back, the oncoming people beat her; her mother left S. in the room with the chest; from there snakes crawled out, S. began to swallow; S. screams why different parts of the body hurt; mother: these jewelry is crushing (etc.); in the morning there are only bones and snakeskin in the room, and the snake crawled away; the mother hit herself with a log and died]: 163-169; (cf. Marathi [rani gives birth to puppies, dog gives birth to two girls; fears that Rani will take them away and take them to the forest; they are met and married by two princes; after many years the dog finds its eldest daughter, she takes care of her ; goes to the youngest, she throws a stone at her, the dog comes to the eldest and dies; the woman hides the corpse under the basket, the husband looks in, there is a golden dog in diamonds; trying to hide from her husband that the dog is hers mother, wife says that the golden statue was sent by her parents living in the forest palace; knowing that the deception will be revealed, the wife goes into the forest, sees a cobra with her mouth open, puts her finger in her mouth to bite her, but pulls out a splinter; the cobra creates a luxurious palace for her; the husband who arrives is delighted, and when they leave the forest, the phantom palace burns down; the younger sister also goes to the cobra, puts a finger in her mouth, dies from a bite]: Frere 1868, No. 2:18-24); Sinhalese [spouses bring pumpkin, covered it with pots, they shook, python in a pumpkin; marry him; six sisters refuse, the youngest seventh agrees; says that she has no place to lie down, the python consistently releases the seven beds on which she lay; the girl does everything wrong (she sprinkles rice not in the pot, but outside, etc.); by doing so she provokes the python, that explains how to do it; everyone goes to the temple with their husbands; python takes off his skin, comes in human form, his wife recognizes him, runs home, burns his skin; now the older sisters want him to be husbands, the younger one drives them ; the oldest asks her father to bring her another python from her husband; at night he eats her]: Parker 1914b, No. 163:401-405 (translated to Volkhonsky, Solntseva 1985, No. 62:127-130).

China - Korea. Kukong (Yunnan) [a woman sat under a mango tree, jokingly said: Whoever drops me a ripe mango will get one of my two daughters; the mango fell, and she saw a boa constrictor on the tree; he came to house; the eldest daughter refused, the youngest agreed; the boa constrictor took her to the cave, there was a palace, he himself became a young man, the lord of snakes; the snake's wife visited her mother, the older sister envied; went into the forest, brought boa constrictor, took it to bed, he ate it at night; in the morning his mother saw what had happened, set fire to the house, the boa constrictor burst, the pieces turned into all kinds of snakes]: Miller 1994:153-157.

Central Europe. Western Ukrainians (Hutsulshchina) [when the wife finally gave birth, the daughter looked like a pig; one day she returned - a basket of mushrooms on the bench; so several times; the guy in the woods came across pigskin; a naked girl came out, she was picking mushrooms; agreed to marry a guy; he married a woman to her pig daughter; after the wedding he burned her skin, everyone is happy; the neighbor's boyfriend married a pig elders; and she is a pig with a pig; and do not slaughter, since she is married]: Zinchuk 2006a, No. 223:377-379.

Iran - Central Asia. Persians [the teacher lured the merchant's daughter; she asked for permission to go out, tied the rope from her leg to the handle of the jug, ran away; bought a dog, put on its skin, became a dog; to wash head, asked the old woman for a comb and sour milk; so several times; the prince heard their conversation, followed the dog: she threw off her skin and became beautiful; told him to marry a dog; when he found out that hers the mystery is solved, the girl threw off her dog skin; everyone is happy; the padishah's other son bought a dog and married it; she tore it to pieces and ate it]: Osmanov 1987:374-376.

SV Asia. Coastal Koryaks (Karagin dialect) [Tinienevvut picks berries; the bear tells her to go to her; she carefully kneads the bears at home; the bear sends her home, teaches her not to be afraid if any of the bears chases her; the bear catches up with her, rides, she immediately gives birth to a child, the Bear becomes human, brings her to himself; they visit T.'s parents, who are delighted with her son-in-law; her Rara's sister wants the same thing to happen to her; scared of the Bear, screams, her brothers kill a bear; a man jumps out of her skin, runs away; R. missed the groom because of laziness, cowardice and disobedience]: Changers 1974, No. 136:419-422; reindeer Koryaks [the daughter of the Creator Yineanyeut goes to feed the dog, and he tries to hug it; he comes to her at night; he is killed, thrown into an ice-hole, cut into pieces, but he every time she revives and comes to her as a man; remains her husband, kills many deer; her cousin Kilu pretends to be rushing at her; no one pays attention; she she drowns him herself, but no one comes; she lives alone]: Jochelson 1908, No. 33:183; Itelmen [Kuth has daughters Sinanevt and Sirim, sons Ememkut and Sisilkhan; E. tells Sinanevt not to watch him makes arrows; she looks, the arrows break, E. breaks her arm, Sinanevt cries, goes into the forest; Volkov's old mother heals her hand; tells her not to take anything on the way, if she finds a torbaza, put insoles in them , tendons - loosen threads; Sinanevt does so, does not take meat and fat from the booth; the wolf sister throws it up without causing harm, hides it from the brothers; tells her to run, turns her younger brother into a bear, tells her to catch up; E. shoots a bear, a handsome guy is inside, takes Sinanevt as his wife; Sirim repeats everything, but eats meat and fat, takes veins and torbaza, tells the she-wolf that she injured her ; none of the Wolf Brothers are chasing Sirim, they send their dog, Sirim asks Sicilkan and Sirim, they send their brother, even, a buret; they try to kill her, but there is no groom inside. Sisilkhan throws Sirim into the forest, it has dried up there]: Menovshchikov 1974, No. 178:533-536.

The Arctic. The island of St. Lawrence [a smart girl sews, drops a thimble, it fell on an arrow made by her brother, the arrow broke; her brother hit her sister, she went to the tundra; saw her shoes wet, dried it and fixed it; cleaned the fish prepared for cleaning; came to the old woman; she tells her not to go into the next room; sending her home, she gives a lot of beads and tells her not to look back, even if the stalker will push her in the back; she does everything, her brother and other people see a grizzly bear following the girl, shoot him, a handsome young man jumps out of his grizzly skin, takes the girl as his wife; her stupid friend tells her brother to hit her with an arrow on purpose, breaks an arrow; starts and quits drying shoes, cleaning fish; gets few beads; runs home in horror; an old man jumps out of the grizzly, takes girlfriend for wife]: Slwooko 1977:66-69.